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AlumniFocus James J. Weber ’62 by Maggie M. Irvine

“Find a job that you like.”

The power, precision, and presence of the B-2 Stealth Bomber fascinates aircraft enthusiasts around the globe. They may not realize that electronics manufactured by 1962 Gannon graduate James J. Weber keep it aloft. Weber says that his education at Gannon University provided the foundation he needed to get him where he is today. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management, but recognizes that the liberal studies courses— particularly philosophy and business ethics—enrich the decisions he makes on a daily basis. During his last two years at Gannon, Weber was a cadet in the ROTC program. After graduation, he spent eight years serving the U.S. Army as an artillery officer in the Far East, Germany, and Vietnam.


James J. Weber

Grad year

Gannon University 1962


Owner of Wyvern Technologies, Inc., Santa Ana, California


Wife, Annie Weber; daughters Hope and Shelly; grandchildren Khara, Bryan, Joshua, and Zachary


Wyvern Technologies, Inc., is the sole licensed manufacturer of all OEM electronics for the F-5 Fighter and the B-2 Stealth Bomber aircrafts.


After resigning his commission and earning a series of promotions through a variety of manufacturing, sales, and marketing positions of greater responsibility, Weber decided to open his own business in 1984. He founded Wyvern Technologies, Inc., which is the sole licensed manufacturer of all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) electronics for the Northrop Grumman F-5 Fighter and B-2 Stealth Bomber. Weber fondly remembers several professors and friends at Gannon who greatly influenced his life, including Father Dipre, Professor Schmaltz, and Father Russell. He once sought advice from Dean Kraus of the Engineering School. “Although I wasn’t doing well in calculus, I explained that grade would be more than offset by the As I expected in epistemology and religion. He looked at me and said, ‘Weber, if those are going to be your best classes, perhaps you should be looking to buy different collars for your shirts.’” To his wife Annie’s relief, Weber brought up his grades in math. Weber visits Gannon frequently, and will increase those visits to four per year as of January 2004, when he joins Gannon’s National Alumni Board. “I am absolutely amazed each time I visit to see how far Gannon has progressed,” he said. “I am certain with Dr. Garibaldi’s and the Trustee’s thoughtful leadership, the school will continue to grow and continue to graduate wellrounded students who are able to compete at any level in this increasingly difficult job market.” Weber’s key to success and advice to current students is simple. “Find a job that you like and you will never work a day in your life.” His pleasure in his work is apparent and contagious.

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Fall/Winter 2003  

Stay in touch and see the history of Gannon as it’s made! Gannon Magazine is published three times annually (Winter, Spring and Summer) by t...