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Senior Fall – 15 credits 3 Liberal Studies Science 3 Social Science 3 Internship/COMM 490 OR 3 Practicum/COMM 162, 262, & 362 (over several semesters) 3 Electives

Spring – 14 credits 3 Contemporary Issues in Art and Architecture/FINA 281 3 Senior Seminar and Thesis (LS Capstone)/ARTS 400 3 Production and Performance in the Arts/ARTS 360-376 3 Principles of Play Directing/THEA 310 2 Electives

Courses Descriptions ARTS 101-106: Mixed Chorus 1-6 Reading, rehearsal and performance of sacred and secular choral literature. Open to all qualified students. One hour rehearsal weekly. May be taken on a non-credit basis. 1 credit ARTS 151-159: Band 1-9 Opportunity for qualified students to perform in the Concert Band. Two-hour rehearsal weekly with performances at the end of each semester. May be taken on a non-credit basis. 1 credit ARTS 111: Introduction to Theatre A foundations course which specifically considers Theatre as a Liberal Art, focusing on theatre as a multi- cultural phenomenon. 3 credits ARTS 112: Scene Technology An examination of the technologies and practices of theatrical production. Emphasis is given to the interrelationship of the production team and the processes team and processes by which theatre is created. 3 credits ARTS 140: Fundamentals of Acting A laboratory course exploring the fundamental craft of acting. Development of skills in creativity, improvisation, imagination, concentration, and text analysis. 3 credits ARTS 201-208: Instrumental Ensemble 1-8 Opportunity for students with instrumental background to perform in small ensembles (string, wind, etc.) 1 credit ARTS 210: Contemporary Issues in Communication and the Arts An introduction to academic theatre and media scholarship forming a critical foundation on which students can formulate opinions based on factual observation and argue various points of view relating to current production in theatre, radio, television, digital communication, and performance studies. This course is both writing intensive and argumentatively provocative. 3 credits ARTS 212: Issues in Theatre History A historiographical survey of the forces which have related theatrical forms. Emphasis on Aesthetic, Social, Political, and Economic influences. 3 credits ARTS 213: Issues in Music History An in-depth study of the interactions between European and American musical life and gender. Students will gain an understanding of the changing ideas of gender roles and performance and how these work together with the development of musical style in various periods. This course explores how women acted as patrons in early music, gender performance, and male vs. female composers. 3 credits ARTS 215: Problems in Contemporary Art and Culture The role of modern art criticism, the desacralization of modern art, and the demise of the art object. One seminar meeting per week. 3 credits

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Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019  

Gannon Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019