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JUNE 14, 2017


ERTH MINERALS Enhances Natural Beauty


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President and Publisher PAMELA HENSON

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ON THE COVER: Vanessa Blanchette and Brenda Coughlin Photo by Mike Peters

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from the editor A lone caterpillar begins to wrap itself snug into a homemade silky cocoon. As time passes, it transforms completely, first heading into what looks like a rather risqué form if you were unaware of the entire process. Once it is finished, a marvelous butterfly emerges ready to accomplish things it had only ever dreamed of in its caterpillar form. Every day, we take another step closer to emerging out of our own cocoon to stretch our wings and really allow ourselves to soar. It’s crucial to always keep expanding your knowledge while allowing yourself to grow in splendid as well as invigorating ways. We are excited to announce that we are planning our very own wonderful transformation in order to bring you even more relevant and stimulating content. We’re going to make our future publications longer as a quarterly publication while focusing on the topics you care most about. This is a spectacular community with so much to celebrate.

In this issue, we delve into a natural side of beauty. Vanessa Blanchette and Brenda Coughlin understand the importance of only putting the very best on your skin so they began crafting products with worry free ingredients. All of Erth Mineral’s products are nanoparticle, cruelty and talc free. From beauty products without the harsh chemicals to going without makeup altogether. Far too often, women are told we are not beautiful enough or beautiful simply on a skin deep level. However, beauty is far more than just skin deep. Simple things like massage therapy, energy work and wellness all contribute to feeling beautiful naturally. You are breathtakingly gorgeous just the way you are and no one has the right to tell you that you need to adjust or change merely to appease others. If you want to head out sans makeup and let your hair air dry to rock that natural curl, do it up with no regrets. Life’s too short to be concerned with how others view you aesthetically. Let the beauty of your soul shine through and inspire others to be comfortable in their own skin as well. There’s no need to change, you are lovely and perfect just the way you are.

Starla Golie

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Dance Intensive: June 22-25 Summer Session Begins - June 26. Fall Session Begins - Sept 5



Online registration available at 2490 Lineville Rd, Green Bay - 920-661-9212 June 2017 | | 3

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Flawless Coverage

Summertime Stargazing BY STARLA GOLIE

Not much beats laying underneath the stars shining brightly while you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the moon shadows. Take advantage of the warm weather and head outdoors for a magical evening. The Perseid meteor shower will be here before we know it so make sure you are prepared.

2 3 Made To Last

Bring Along Your Must Have Beauty Products

5 Long Hair Don’t Care

4 Floral Paradise

1. Flawless Coverage, Concealer, Starting At $10, Erth Minerals, De Pere. 2. Bring Along Your Must Have Beauty Products, Reversible Recycled Tote By Mixt Studio, $35, Bella Umana Boutique, Suamico. 3. Made To Last, $25, Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain, Au Naturale, Green Bay. 4. Floral Paradise, Lilac Lotion, $5, Merci Naturel, Green Bay. 5. Long Hair Don’t Care, Aubrey Organics Chia Hairspray, $10.39, Natural Healthy Concepts, Appleton. 4 | | June 2017

9 Summer Hue


Time To Snuggle


Bugs Be Gone

10 A Gift That Keeps On Giving

7 Feminine Details

6. Time To Snuggle, Berkshire Blanket’s PrimaLush Elite Blanket, Starting At $49.99, Bed Bath & Beyond, Green Bay. 7. Feminine Details, Brenda 8. Bugs Be Gone, Good Earth Squito Spray Bug Repellent, Starting At $6, Good Earth Soap, Green Bay. 9. Summer Hue, Pink Off The Shoulder Dress, $48, Apricot Lane, Green Bay. 10. A Gift That Keeps On Giving, Giving Bracelet Where

By Aetrex, $129.95, The Heel Shoe Store, Green Bay.

10% Of The Proceeds Are Donated To The Green Bay Chapter Of CASA, $28, Bella Umana Boutique, Suamico.

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The Recipe For Clean Beauty Natural Mineral Makeup And Skin Care Products Take The Worry Out Of Your Regime STORY BY MEGHAN DIEMEL PHOTOS BY MIKE PETERS

Erth Minerals, owned by Vanessa Blanchette and Brenda Coughlin, started in 2006 after Blanchette was introduced to the benefits of mineral makeup. “I absolutely loved it because it felt really light and nice, but the brand I was using made me break out and I never break out,” says Blanchette. “I was trying to figure out what was in there that was causing it. I started doing research and discovered it was one of the fillers they used that was probably causing the breakout. I looked at that and thought, ‘How hard can this be to make? Maybe I can just make my own.’” And make her own she did, growing an idea that was a necessity for her health into an international mineral makeup brand over a decade, with the help of Coughlin. It is a feat the duo accomplished while Blanchette balances her career as a psychotherapist with motherhood and Coughlin balances her role with the company with motherhood as well. Though their plates are more than full outside of running Erth Minerals, it is a passion for Blanchette and Coughlin. They want their consumer to know exactly what they’re putting on their skin.

It’s no secret that Americans have become more conscious in recent years about what we put in our bodies. From a wider range of organic choices, to food delivery options with nutrients carefully measured out, it’s a booming business. Makeup and skin care lines offering fewer ingredients and chemicals have also experienced a surge in popularity. One such line is made locally in De Pere.

“When people flip a jar over, they don’t know what a lot of the ingredients actually are,” says Blanchette. “There is a cosmetics dictionary you can get and you can look up all the ingredients, but I don’t think the average consumer should have to do that. We try to limit our ingredients. For instance, if you pick up one of our foundations and flip it over, there are only usually four or five ingredients, if that. In the makeup itself, we don’t use cheap fillers. It’s just easier to know what you’re getting.” Though the market now offers several options of mineral makeup brands that promise relief for those with sensitive skin and allergies, Blanchette stresses that you still need to be aware of the ingredients list and how it is manufactured. Bismuth oxychloride is an ingredient used in some of the big brands of mineral makeup and is considered a filler. Often that is what can cause breakouts and she believes caused her breakouts. “We also don’t use nanoparticles,” Blanchette furthers. “Nanoparticles are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier. Our smallest micron size is half of a micron which is not considered a nanoparticle. You’re putting this stuff on your skin, which then can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Your skin is BEAUTY CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 >>> June 2017 | | 7

your spotlight >>> BEAUTY CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7 your biggest organ so with nanoparticles you really have to be careful.” Erth Minerals also has a skin care line, which Blanchette says they outsource to a highly eco-conscious company in the United States. The company uses wind energy and green manufacturing processes. “Their products are so high quality and we knew we couldn’t do it on a large-scale business in addition to the makeup line, so we needed to find someone else,” she explains. “The only thing we make in house is our toner. Otherwise, they make our products for the skin care line.” Blanchette says the skin care products are as natural as they can be while maintaining a decent shelf life. Many of the products they sell are free of scents or colorants, outside of those that may exist naturally. Blanchette believes everyone needs to be careful about what we’re putting on our skin because it does get absorbed into our bodies. “It doesn’t just sit on top of our skin and not go anywhere,” she adds. “People put things on our faces and don’t think about what it’s doing to our health. We wanted to do everything we could to ensure that what people were putting

on their biggest organ, their skin, was a pure product they didn’t have to worry about.” For more information about Erth Minerals, visit

When people flip a jar over, they don’t know what a lot of the ingredients actually are. There is a cosmetics dictionary you can get and you can look up all the ingredients, but I don’t think the average consumer should have to do that. We try to limit our ingredients. For instance, if you pick up one of our foundations and flip it over, there are only usually four or five ingredients, if that. In the makeup itself, we don’t use cheap fillers. It’s just easier to know what you’re getting.” Vanessa Blanchette

8 | | June 2017

SATURDAY JUNE 24, 2017 10 AM - 4 PM Arnie Wo Sports Complex 3240 Humboldt Rd. Green Bay, WI

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10 | | June 2017

That’s because owner Angela Bain and her staff strive to create a higher connection with each client through the use of energy work. Opportunities for acupressure, Reiki and guided meditation are listed alongside salt scrubs and clay masks. “Anyone can give a pedicure,” says cosmetologist and life coach Amy Baker. “It’s that emotional connection that I really crave. When they leave, I want my clients to feel powerful like they’ve been filled up.”

Your average day spa will offer services such as massages, facials and pedicures. But there’s nothing average about the services at Lifespa Wellness Center in Howard.

Bain didn’t always have an intuitive, holistic approach to massage: “My training was very traditional, very western,” says Bain, who rented space from a Howard chiropractor when she began her practice in 2003. It wasn’t until she began studying myofascial massage that she started picking up on the subtle energy centers of her clients. “I couldn’t explain it,” she says. “I started getting emotional responses and all these stories from my guests.” Further research into this type of acupressure energy work led Bain ALIGNING CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 >>>


June 2017 | | 11


to develop her trademark LIFEWORK™ Therapy, now a signature service at Lifespa Wellness Center which moved to its location on Cardinal Avenue about five years ago. Bain adds that her clients have been so receptive to the overall wellness aspect of the center that she is steering away from such traditional spa services as nails and cosmetics to better hone their energy work practices including craniosacral therapy and reflexology. Bain credits the “pioneering spirit” of the Green Bay area to the growing success of her center. “As a practice, we are only getting busier,” she adds. Baker, who uses a range of cleansing and grounding techniques in her signature “heaven and earth” massage, says she’s not at all surprised that Lifespa Wellness Center is thriving here. “I think there’s a growing awareness” about the mind, body and spirit connection, says Baker, who is also a motivational guide. “People are understanding there is more to life than what we can explain through science.” She adds that her clients, ranging from young professionals to empty-nesters, appreciate the Lifespa Wellness Center for what it’s not. “It’s not a psychic pony show. We’re not here for entertainment,” Baker says. “It’s more than just the services that are performed; our goal is to maintain a level of intimacy with our clients,” she adds. “And people keep coming back for the experience.” Longtime massage therapist Janice Proski has created her signature experi-

ence as a reflection of her career path. She’s long used aromatherapy as part of her massage experience. Today the mental health therapist in training also offers counseling to her Lifespa Wellness Center clients.

345 Cardinal Avenue, Suite 6, Howard (920) 434-2204

In her integrative mind/body awareness therapy, Proski schedules time to consult with her clients before the service which incorporates Reiki energy healing, essential oils and reflexology. Afterward, “We talk about anything that might have come up during the massage,” she says. “I think they really enjoy it.” The integrative technique allows her a deeper connection with her clients, she says. “Massage and counseling go together really well. I feel they are very much connected.”

Boutique Items Available For Purchase During Center Hours Gift Certificates Available Online Complete List Of Services Offered Can Be Found At

Bain’s holistic approach to self-care emphasizes a connection to a higher awareness that we can be our best, truest selves when all elements of mind, body and spirit are in alignment. She acknowledges this means different things to different people. “That’s probably the biggest challenge and at the same time, what I love most about what I do,” Bain says. “It’s really mysterious, a little bit on the edge but not an exact science.”

LIFESPA WELLNESS CENTER Monday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Closed Sunday

12 | | June 2017

For clients who want to try energy work for the first time, Baker says Lifespa Wellness Center is the ideal place to start. “We are a very safe environment,” she says. Bain also encourages first time clients to put some thought into what they hope to achieve at the center because energy work holds a range of meanings: “For some people, energy work is about the medical aspect. For others, it’s about the practice itself or a more spiritual purpose,” she says. “Find out what makes sense with your system on a personal level.” She also encourages clients to find a practitioner with whom they feel comfortable. “It’s about finding a connection,” she says. “It’s a two-way street.”

Rigorous. Transformative. Remarkably affordable. THE DONALD J. SCHNEIDER School of Business & Economics

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Beauty Care In Motherhood BY HANNAH FENN

The gift of motherhood both fills us to the brim and drains us completely. Our hands are as full as our hearts and the wide avenue once reserved for our own self-care has probably narrowed. Long salon appointments, coffee with a friend, time to work out or read a book have all traversed the line between regularly occurring activities and rare luxuries once little ones are in the picture. For some, learning a simple makeup routine, going in for a fresh haircut or instilling wholesome skin care habits back into our lives can rejuvenate us. “I am in love with the look and ease of something called the five-minute face,” says Aj Miller, owner of the makeup and wardrobe styling studio VAMP, located at The Draw in Appleton. “This is a must have routine for busy folks and moms. It’s a monochromatic look that will always be timeless and gorgeous.” THE FIVE-MINUTE FACE • Start with a great skin care balm for moisture and follow up with a light coverage foundation. Focus on dark under eye circles or red spots. Miller recommends against covering the entire face. Let some skin show through, some imperfection is more beautiful than skin masked with foundation, she explains. • Next, highlight and brighten for a fresh look. Use a liquid or creamy highlight-

ing product, unless you have a natural sheen to your skin, then a powder would be best. Highlight the top of the cheeks, inner corner of the eyes, and above the cupid’s bow of the lip. • Apply a neutral lip color. • Lastly, a few coats of mascara complete the simple look. “In reality if you are ever in doubt, put on a bold lip color and sunglasses,” says Miller. “It’s my favorite summer trick to looking chic without any effort.” Miller puts an emphasis on nourishing our skin before anything else. It is our canvas, our foundation for beauty. “We are living in a moment of ‘anything goes’ so I do encourage my clients to experiment with their beauty routines and go with what brings them the most confidence,” she says. “The rule I want my clients to live by is skincare first, color second.” Another voice echoing this philosophy is mother, singer and co-founder of the Clary Collection skin care line, Adriel Denae. “Prior to becoming pregnant, I began a slow journey towards more conscious consuming behaviors,” says Denae. “I went down a rabbit hole of realizing how many of my products and habits were harmful to myself and the environment. I felt paralyzed by what I was learning. Then some advice unlocked that paralysis, just start with one thing. So, I changed my toothpaste!” After Denae became pregnant with her son, she shifted into high gear and stopped using commercial lotions and soaps. Eventually tiring of ‘natural’ beauty products on the market that just weren’t working, she started making her own and that’s when Clary Collection was born. “Nothing we make is fancy or complicated. But they work for me and it feels luxurious to my mind and body.” Denae and her business partner started experimenting with herbs and oils recommended by friends and found in old books on herbalism and midwifery. They started with flowers and herbs that were easy to find and native to their home regions. “We chose ingredients that had been used medicinally for many generations by many cultures. With the onslaught of information we were sifting through, we did our best to keep our focus on simplicity and effectiveness.”

14 | | June 2017

Denae recommends Clary Collection Bath+Body Oil and Clary Balm for busy mothers. This multipurpose balm can quickly become a family staple. It has just six ingredients: calendula, chamomile, lavender, plantain, olive oil and beeswax. “I use the balm on my eyes morning and night, on my lips throughout the day, my hands in the winter, and it goes on every scrape, bug bite and cut my wild two-year-old son gets,” says Denae. “We use the oil in place of lotion and it makes my whole body feel good after a bath.” The trend in non-toxic beauty products and skin care is perhaps not so much a trend as it is a return to what mothers intuitively know is best for their bodies and their families. It seems that is here to stay. “There is a shift in the beauty industry and people are focusing more on the whys and wheres than ever before,” says Miller. “I want to continue to evolve with this movement and see myself working towards helping flip this idea in the beauty industry. I love knowing why each ingredient is present in my products and what its purpose is.” Apart from skincare, Miller recommends eyelash extensions for moms who don’t want to spend much time applying makeup in the morning. “Lash extensions have become a popular option as you no longer have the need for mascara,” she explains. “Lashes last roughly three to four weeks after your initial appointment and then a fill appointment is recommended after that. These are amazing for busy individuals who may not have time to get ready each day, but can balance the upkeep appointments.” While a few hours away at the salon feels like a vacation for most mothers, spacing out upkeep appointments when it comes to lashes or hair is often a priority. Hair styles that don’t require popping in for a root touch up or bang trim are usually the most appealing to those of us juggling the schedules of multiple family members. MOMS ON THE GO MAY WANT TO CONSIDER THESE TRENDS IN HAIR • Longer razor cuts with movement and body that require little styling. This look is great as it can still be thrown up into a top knot or worn in a long braid. • Shorter, choppy bobs that can be given some wave with a curling iron. This hip, slightly messy look is easy to attain and great for summer. • The balayage and ombre color trends are ideal for mothers as the upkeep is minimal and you can go months in between color appointments. From a wholesome skin care approach to minimalist makeup and quick hairstyling, taking a few moments to invest in ourselves as the sun comes up and before the tiny hands reach up for mother’s comfort, may give us the extra fuel we are looking for to thrive for the day.

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YOGA FOR ATHLETES By Ryanne Cunningham

From the gridiron to the hard court, today’s top athletes know the benefits of yoga. It’s why so many have made it an essential component in their training and conditioning programs. Now you can too with Yoga for Athletes. Author and instructor Ryanne Cunningham has worked with some of the top names in sports. She’s helped keep some of the toughest NFL players on the field, and top endurance athletes run longer and stronger. Her step-by-step instruction, expert advice, and pose variations focus on active muscles and movements across sports such as these: • Golf • Swimming • Football • Baseball • Cycling • Soccer • Basketball • Tennis • Running

FLOW YOGA STUDIO 421 George St. Suite 102 De Pere, WI 54115


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Best Face Forward BY LAURA BROULLIRE When Alicia Keys appeared without makeup in a magazine photo spread last year, she spearheaded a movement that inspired women across the country to ditch their cosmetics and adopt a minimalist look. But natural faced beauties in the Green Bay area say they have their own reasons for giving up makeup and none of them is about keeping up with Hollywood. “Suddenly I’m trendy,” says Stephanie Kabat of Howard, who stopped wearing makeup about a year ago. When Kabat worked full time for a title insurance company, she says she would only go into the office “with a full face” including eye makeup, foundation, lipstick and blush, which she admits took a lot of time and energy. After a change in her skin care routine, she decided to scale back. “I started wearing just a sheer mineral powder instead of liquid foundation,” she says. “I didn’t feel the need to cover up.” Kabat says she ditched makeup for good when she changed careers and began 16 | | June 2017

doing operations support for an IT company out of her home office. “Partially it’s out of sheer laziness,” Kabat laughs. “And partially because I do work from home and I don’t meet with clients anymore. I’d gotten so used to the way I looked without makeup I was like, ‘Why bother?’” Kayla Walechka of Maribel also says she prefers a clean face. “I haven’t worn makeup in about five years,” she says. “I just prefer the way I look without it.” Walechka says that while she did wear a lot of makeup in high school, keeping up


with trends such as the specific ways to contour eye shadow is no longer a priority, especially since she has a 6-month-old son. “Maybe it’s out of laziness,” she says, “but I’m no longer willing to wake up half an hour earlier just to assemble myself.” Makeup is also no longer a priority for Melissa Wojcik, a mother of two young boys and Bay View Middle School science teacher. “I would never wear more than eye shadow and a little mascara, maybe some foundation,” she says, adding that “probably about a year ago, I stopped wearing it altogether.” There was an adjustment period, but now she says, “My students have stopped asking me if I’m tired.” Not only is Wojcik a busy teacher and mom, she also contributes to the “Green Bay Area Moms Blog” and owns an organic produce farm with her husband, Luke. Her high school sweetheart has never liked a lot of makeup on her, Wojcik says. “He’s a big proponent of the natural look.” Going natural is not only a huge part of their business, Twin Elms Gardens in Pulaski, they also strive to keep a natural home environment, says Wojcik, who avoids chemicals wherever possible. “Even the little eye shadow that I do have is mineral based,” she says. For Kelly Behnke, the decision to give up makeup came after

years of struggling with acne. “I was never taught how to wear makeup,” says Behnke, a single mom who lives in Ashwaubenon. “When I would try to wear it, I was very self-conscious.” Using a lot of heavy products to cover breakouts did nothing but exacerbate the problem, Behnke says. “The more I tried to hide it, the worse it got,” and the cycle was making her miserable. “I was always worried about what other people think,” Behnke says. “I would spend half my day worrying about my face. And that was time I could have spent with my son.” About a year ago, she had enough. “I needed to accept what I had,” says Behnke who now uses a skin care regimen to treat and care for, not hide, her face. “No one is going to remember if you wore makeup a year from now or 10 years from now,” she says. While these women have separate reasons for ditching cosmetics, their overall message is the same: The clean face you see in the mirror is the one the world wants to see. “My thought is, ‘Yep. This is me,’” Kabat says. “My biggest thing is telling yourself ‘You are beautiful,’” Behnke says. “Be who you are.”

Divorce & Family Law Elizabeth Kremer Flanigan Named Rising Star (Family Law) by Super Lawyers 920.432.3381 (toll free: 888.432.3381)

115 S. Erie St., DePere • 336-8611 • Monday-Friday 9-5 June 2017 | | 17

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The Glow Of Entrepreneurship Arabella Spa And Salon Is Geurts’ Dream Come True STORY BY MEGHAN DIEMEL PHOTOS BY ALICIA COLLEGNON AT APHRODITE VIDEOGRAPHY & STUDIOS LLC Michaela Geurts, aesthetician and owner of Arabella Spa and Salon in Green Bay, has skin that would make anyone envious and an aura about her that glows from within. It wasn’t always that way for the entrepreneur, however. An aesthetician herself since 2004, Geurts says she struggled with acne as a teenager. It was only when she started seeing an aesthetician in her 20s that she saw a difference in her skin.

really inspired me – seeing how happy she was, seeing her make a difference and love her job.”

“I tried prescriptions and creams and all sorts of things, and seeing the aesthetician really made the big difference,” says Geurts. “She was the one who

Now in its third year, Arabella offers laser hair removal, electrolysis, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, oxygen facials, anti-aging and acne services, body treatments, reiki, massage, Botox, injectables and hair services.

18 | | June 2017

BRINGING A DREAM TO FRUITION Geurts, 37, opened the doors to Arabella in 2014, something that had long been her dream. After working for doctors, renting spaces and serving as a director at another spa, she drummed up the courage to move forward on her own. With the support of her husband, Jason, they made her dream a reality.

your life

“I wanted a place where I felt comfortable sending people, so I thought it made sense to find the best people I could and have them all under the same roof with me, so I could refer in house and not outside as much,” she explains. As a mom of four kids – Kaia, Mercedes, Jase, and Evera – having her own business also helped her better manage and balance the priorities in her life. “Definitely there is more control [with my schedule],” she says. “With four different ages and the running around, it’s hard. I only worked part time for quite a while, and I just wanted that balance for myself, to be able to see my clients but also be with my family. This is where I found my balance.” TREND WATCHING AND FORECASTING With the large impact social media and pop culture make on beauty trends in today’s market, Geurts says she stays on top of the trends and does her best to make sure her spa has the latest in skin care services, but they’re kept within the expectations and needs of the clientele in northeastern Wisconsin. Microneedling, for example, is perfect for those who want to see a difference, but cannot take a week or two to recover. “Microneedling is something that if someone has acne scars, pigmentation, redness and just overall wants their skin looking good, it’s skin resurfacing with minimal downtime,” she explains. “So if they want big results, but they don’t want to hide in their house for seven to 10 days, it’s great.” Geurts is also a fan of Botox and injectables. While she doesn’t perform the procedures on clients herself, instead putting that in the capable hands of her registered nurse on staff, Denise Winek, she does have them done to her face. “Here, our approach is a lot more conservative with natural looking results,” she furthers. “I think Botox and injectables are more acceptable now than in the past and not everyone wants to go to a hospital setting. What [Winek] does is artistry – not everyone’s face is exactly the same. So, it really takes a good eye to get a great natural look, which she definitely achieves.” Having medical director Dr. James Kemmerling on staff enables Geurts to offer services like laser hair removal and microplaning at Arabella as well. They now have a brand new laser in the spa and Geurts

says it is producing amazing results. “As a mom, just having to not shave is pretty amazing,” she laughs. “I don’t have to do that anymore and I think a lot more people are doing that now, too.” SKIN CARE IS SELF-CARE Though some of these services may seem like they’re more Hollywood than Green Bay, Geurts stresses that’s absolutely not the case. “Skin care isn’t just about treating yourself, it’s about taking care of yourself,” she says. “We try to go to the gym, we try to eat healthy but our skin is our biggest organ and the first thing people see. I believe in early prevention, why not stay looking younger longer? Keep on top of the acne, keep it at bay. It’s never too late to take care of your skin and feel good.” In addition to making people feel good about themselves, Geurts has had the unique opportunity to learn lessons other entrepreneurs can make note of. “I have learned to be patient, you don’t always start out with the best equipment,” she explains. “You don’t always start out with a full schedule or have the size space you always dreamed of, but you learn from all of it and make the changes to meet your goals. I guess I just want to inspire people to believe in themselves and to be able to make that step, and that if that’s something they’ve always wanted to do, to show them that it is possible.” Arabella will be expanding this fall, adding two new hair stylists, an aesthetician that does lash extensions and a microblader, which is the semi-permanent tattooing of eyebrows. With so many goals coming to completion and new ones in the works, it’s not hard to understand why Geurts carries that glow with her. “I really love what I do,” she says. June 2017 | | 19

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Are you tired from the busy hustle and bustle of daily life? Are you looking for a break from your same old tired routine? Well, spring has sprung and it’s time to hit the trails! And there is no better place than the great state of Wisconsin! Did you know that Wisconsin has 66 different state parks? That is over 60,500 acres of hiking trails, camping facilities and breathtaking scenic views. While I can’t cover all the parks in this article here are a few parks in each area of the state to give you an idea of what the state has to offer. First off, we have Copper Falls State Park. It is located in Ashland County, roughly two miles northeast of Mellen, Wisconsin. The park was established in 1929 and in the years to follow the trails to the falls, complete with bridges and other structures, were built which still remain in the present day park. There are two branches of the Bad River that intersect to form the three main falls 20 | | June 2017

in the park. They are Copper Falls, Brownstone Falls and Tyler Forks Cascades. The main trail called “The Doughboy Trail” offers the best views of Copper and Brownstone falls and overlooks the bad river and Tyler Forks. At just under 2 miles round trip, the hike is definitely worth the trip. The park also offers camping with 55 sites and showers with flush and vault toilets. The park is also pet friendly and offers a few trails for your four legged friends. Next we have Door County. Located in the tip of the “thumb” of Wisconsin, Door County is home to over 300 miles of shoreline, five state parks, countless wineries and many art galleries. Door County has it all. One of my favorite spots to visit in Door County is Cave Point. It is just north of Whitefish Dunes State Park and is often overlooked by many because it is a county park not a state or national park. When the tide is out you can explore beautiful underwater caves and gaze upon the wave worn limestone cliffs. The park also features picnic and grilling areas, bathroom facilities and many gravel hiking trails for easy shore access. From there we head south to Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo Wisconsin. Nestled along 12 miles of the Ice Age Trail, Devil’s Lake has over 30 miles of hiking and biking trails in addition to massive bluffs, all which overlook a 360-

acre lake. The lake is believed to have been made during the melting of the last ice age some 12,000 years ago. Around the lake on the bluffs, there are many quartzite rock formations such as, balanced rock and devil’s doorway. The hike up to devil’s doorway is a popular and challenging hike. It is very steep and covers many different types of terrain but once you climb the 500-foot bluff, the view is absolutely astounding. If that isn’t enough, Parfrey’s Glen, Wisconsin’s first state natural area, is located just east of the park and offers amazing views as well. Lastly, we head west to Perrot State Park in Trempea-

leau, Wisconsin. The park is named after Nicolas Perrot, a French explorer who was the first to write about the area while exploring on the Mississippi River. Situated alongside the Trempealeau and Mississippi River, the 1270-acre park is home to a great variety of wildlife and lots of scenic hiking trails enjoyable for the whole family. With spectacular views of river valleys and limestone bluffs the “Brady’s bluff” trail is one of the main trails which at its peak over looks Trempealeau Mountain. The Trempealeau Mountain and Brady’s Bluff Prairie are also state natural areas traditionally considered sacred by Native Americans. Although this isn’t nearly all of the places in Wisconsin to see, it gives a pretty good idea of what the state has to offer. Now it’s time to get out there and explore!

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Planning A Productive And Fulfilling Summer BY LAURIE KIMPS

The start of the summer always seems to be one of the busiest times of the year.

The excitement starts when all the invitations to grad parties, weddings and summer events start showing up to get added to the calendar. The summer to do list is always longer than the days we have to get them done. Fall creeps up and you find yourself thinking, “How did the time go by so fast?” Making a calendar and using your time wisely really helps keep you on track. With the busy lives we all have, you have to look at it as kind of a puzzle that you piece together day by day until you squeeze all the pieces in. Number one, plan your vacation first and mark those days off your calendar for fun. How many times have you let the summer slip away and then realize at the end of August that the days are all filled in? Also, having something to look forward to is a great way to stay motivated. If you struggle to find a time that works for everybody, plan separate times. It may be just a day here or there but fill in those pieces before something else does. Of course, you have certain chores that need to be done while you have the weather to do so. Your list may look something like this: clean the garage, plant the garden, keep it weeded, cut the grass, maintain the yard, paint the shutters, stain the deck and finish the landscaping. It seems like an impossible mission. Here are a few ideas to help you piece all this into the puzzle and get them off your to do list. Start with cleaning up and organizing the garage. That will save you time looking for all the tools you need for the projects you have on your list. You will also relocate all the fun stuff you need for the summer as well. This one should be easy to fit in since you don’t need great weather or even daylight to get it done. If you’re into gardening and don’t have a lot of time you may want to try some container gardening. Grow the thing you like best and save yourself the time you would spend weeding. Any garden you have will require less weeding by using a weed preventer first. Now you can take that Wednesday evening off to go to the farmer’s

22 | | June 2017

market for fun instead of weeding the garden. Perennial gardens will also save time. Once these plants are established you will enjoy watching how they grow each year. Most perennials are also more drought tolerant so not so much watering either. You will have a little work cleaning up the beds but nothing that requires a lot of time. Keep in mind that gardening is good exercise and gives you a chance to get out to enjoy the weather. Any yard work or landscaping that needs to be done usually is easiest with the right equipment to do the job. What you save by doing it yourself verses hiring it done will well cover the charges for the equipment. Nothing is worth more than opening some time up on your calendar. Maintaining the lawn is more of a weekly chore or so we think. Cutting the grass real short isn’t always the best. Keep it fertilized and it will look better even if it isn’t cut as often. Get your kids involved by using rewards to get it done. For example, if you get your chores done today, tonight we will go mini golfing for fun. More quality time you can fit in the puzzle. Don’t have any kids, you would be surprised how many kids are looking for some kind of summer work. When it comes to painting and staining the deck, it’s all about the prep work. Don’t look at these projects as something that will be done in an afternoon. Use the best products that will give you the longest life, so that it’s not back on your list next year. Add this to your calendar as you can. Frankly, you have to go with mother nature anyway. Looking at it overall, there should be plenty pieces of the puzzle left to fill in the days of summer with camping, swimming, biking, golfing, going up north and you know the fun stuff. It’s not really an impossible mission, it’s just how summer fits together. So, get your calendar out and start putting the puzzle together. It’s all about getting organized, working smarter and playing harder. Happy summer! Laurie and Craig Kimps are third generation owners of Kimps Power Center in Green Bay.




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YOU DESERVE A SMILE YOU CAN BE PROUD OF At Fox View Dental we combine our expertise in traditional dental care with the latest techniques and technologies dentistry has to offer. No matter what your general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry needs, we can help your smile shine brighter and healthier. After


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LOCALLY & NATIONALLY RESPECTED Your smile is in good hands. Dr. Chad Yenchesky is a clinical educator and mentor to dentists across the country and Green Bay’s Smile Maker. Curious to see what we can do for your smile? Schedule your free consultation and take your first step towards a healthy, confident smile today.

Smile Design Makeover

Dental Implants - replace missing teeth

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Sleep Apnea - snoring and sleep relief

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for a complimentary consultation at 920.278.5233 or visit our website at 2310 Oak Ridge Circle | De Pere, WI 54115 920-278-5233 |

Chad V. Yenchesky, DDS

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