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PR PER ICE £59 UNIT ,900

Sunbridge Halls Invest in student property with different options for NET

guaranteed returns. This is an unmissable deal with investment of £59,900.

Property Highlights Fully furnished and managed investment A choice of rental guarantee options of 10% for 2 years; 8% for 3 years; 7% for 5 years or 6% for 10 years Interest free finance available for 5 years on 40% balance Buy back option after 5 years, with 10% on purchase price Ideally located just 10 minutes away from the University Purchase a Leashold property with a new 150yr lease Fastest Growing UK University with around 13,000 Students Property Ref: SUN0812V2

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Rod’s view Dear investors, Gaining certainty of income is really important to many investors. So when you are offered - as you are here - a selection of guaranteed returns, then you grab it with both hands! We’ve never offered a student investment opportunity that provided such an extended period of assured income so don’t miss out. Two other points are particularly good about this investment. Firstly, Bradford is the fastest growing university in the UK. That’s great because it means even more pressure on the existing, inadequate, student accommodation and rising demand for your rooms at Sunbridge Halls.



Secondly, rooms here are at a very modest £59,900, one of the lowest prices in the UK right now for student rooms of this quality.

he well-known University of Bradford has a growing

We anticipate high demand for these units so if you are seriously interested call us for the Buyers Pack today. It contains everything you need to know.

reputation for its high quality technology, scientific and computer based industries

Live with abundance.

which builds upon its long tradition of innovative, high skill levels and quality

Rod Thomas FCA

products. The University was ranked in the Top 50 English Universities based on research funding.


Bradford University •

It is a British public research university

Fastest growing university in the UK, with



around 13,000 students •

22% of students are international from 110 countries

They are currently investing £84 million redevelopment program i.e. SU, social and study zones, bars

convenience of location







The deal Sunbridge Halls will be a thorough refurbishment of an office building to create beautiful high-end student accommodation over six floors which will comprise of 113 luxury studio rooms. This well designed and conceived conversion is expected to complete by June 2013.

It will offer fully-furnished, state of the art accommodation, which will include LCD TV, Work Stations, Free Wi-Fi and Integrated Kitchens in the Executive Studio Accommodation. The building also benefits from laundry facilities, bicycle storage and on-site parking.

This is a simple way of investing within the largest growing sector of the Investment market with guaranteed returns for 5 years. There is a choice of price levels to suit budgets.

Key financials - Luxury Studio CASH PURCHASE – BASED ON 7% NET GUARANTEE PA


Purchase Price Legal Fees (Approx) Axis Finders Fee Total Investment

Purchase Price Developer Finance 40% 0% Interest 5 years Investor Price Legal Fees (Approx) Axis Finders Fee Total Cash In

£59,900 £1,000 £1,800 £62,700

5 YEAR INCOME Guaranteed Net Return Income PA

YR1 7.00% £4,193

YR2 7.00% £4,193

YR3 7.00% £4,193

YR4 7.00% £4,193

YR5 7.00% £4,193

EXIT OPTIONS AT YEAR 5 BUYBACK OPTION Buy Back Option 10% Investment Price Total Return 5 Year Income Total 5 Year Return

Total £65,890 £62,700 £3,190 £20,965 £24,155

* Based on 6% per annum increase

GROWTH OPTION Projected Value* Investment Price Equity Created 5 Year Income Total 5 Year Return

Total £80,159 £62,700 £17,459 £20,965 £38,424

£59,900 £23,960 £35,940 £1,000 £1,800 £38,740

5 YEAR INCOME YR1 YR2 YR3 Income PA £4,193 £4,193 £4,193 Yearly Finance payment £4,792 £4,792 £4,792 Total -£599 -£599 -£599

YR4 £4,193 £4,792 -£599

YR5 Total £4,193 £4,792 -£599 -£2,995

EXIT OPTIONS AT YEAR 5 BUYBACK OPTION Buy Back Option 10% Investment Price Total Return 5 Year Income Total 5 Year Return

Total £65,890 £38,740 £27,150 -£2,995 £24,155

GROWTH OPTION Projected Value* Investment Price Equity Created 5 Year Income Total 5 Year Return

Total £80,159 £38,740 £41,419 -£2,995 £38,424

Next steps for success...


1. Please review all information carefully. 2. Call us to request a Buyer’s Pack 3. Call us with any questions, to check availability and reserve.


+44(0)1273 447 300 or email

specialises in sourcing below market property in the UK and USA and delivers a fully-managed service for property investors. Axis is registered with The Property Ombudsman and the Office of Fair Trading; and is a member of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). Axis was founded by CEO Rod Thomas FCA, an international property investor with 30 years’ experience. He is a well-regarded speaker at national

Request a Buyer’s Pack Request a copy of our Buyer’s Pack from your portfolio manager. Our buyer’s pack contains all the expanded information that is relevant to support this investment. This may include data on the student sector; frequently asked questions; financial charts and supporting information; purchase process; floor plans; price points; unit availability; and more.

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property exhibitions, workshops and seminars; and author of The Property Investment Profit System (PIPS), the buyer’s pack

first major home study course for aspiring investors.

sunbridge halls Sunbridge Road, Bradford West Yorkshire BD1 2HF

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Contact us Talk to us about any other aspect of property investment. You can reach us on the contact details below

DISCLAIMER This is not an offer to solicit investment, but a presentation of available property. Actium Property Ltd is not a regulated or licensed investment or financial advisor. We do not provide financial or investment advice about whether this property is suitable or appropriate for you. We strongly recommend that you take appropriate professional advice before entering into any contract. Actium Property Ltd acts as an Agent and not a principal. If the product is suitable and you choose to invest through a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), we will introduce you to our approved Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) who is licensed to provide advice on the regulated aspect of your investment. This presentation is subject to the terms and conditions of Actium Property Ltd, contained in: a) The Client Engagement Agreement (CEA), which contains disclaimers and restriction of warranties. Clients must acknowledge agreement to the CEA prior to entering into any business with Actium Property Ltd. b) This Investment Guide and the Buyer’s Pack (available on request), which may contain specific terms and conditions that are additional to, or may vary, from the standard CEA. c) The Reservation Form. Whilst we endeavour to provide accurate, up to date and complete information, we make no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness or otherwise of the information and assume no responsibility or liability for any omissions or errors. Information provided by Actium Property Ltd should be regarded as an indicator and general guide and not be relied on as a statement, recommendation or representation of fact. As with all investment products, clients should be aware that property prices can go down as well as up and that rental returns can be affected by voids, non-payment and other issues. Therefore any potential return is subject to normal investment risk and investors should be aware that they may not get back the amount invested. © COPYRIGHT 2012 Actium Property Ltd. All rights reserved worldwide. No part of this publication can be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a data or retrieval systems without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

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