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about us Welcome to Sevenoaks Energy Academy Ltd. Specialist trainers with proven expertise in delivering courses in:

• Plumbing • Renewable Energy • Domestic Energy Assessor Our clients include major UK companies, PLCs, SMEs and Sole Traders where they utilise our training facilities for maintaining all legislative training requirements for their staff and contractors. We cater for all our customers’ needs and our quality ensures all our customers return to Sevenoaks Energy Academy for further professional development. No matter what size of organisation the training you receive will be market leading. We live by our values and our quality speaks for itself.

why train with us? Sevenoaks Energy Academy is a modern, nationally approved training centre and the finest, most comprehensively equipped plumbing & renewable energy training facility in the UK. It has been designed, built and equipped at a considerable cost, resulting in an ideal learning environment offering the highest range of training equipment and is recognised as being able to deliver the solution to the UK’s long term shortage of properly qualified plumbers and renewable energy installers. The academy boasts unique custom-built training areas divided into separate training bays enabling you to work in your own bay, including bench work areas and lead working bays. Hi-tech, air conditioned classrooms each equipped with teaching screens and ergonomically approved furniture ensure the theory part of your course is delivered with your education and comfort in mind. The exam centre has been sound proofed to ensure that when students are undertaking their exams, there is no noise interference from outside. Our internet café located on the first floor is available for all students to use for extra study time or to simply rest and relax whilst surfing the web or catching up on emails during course breaks. An impressive selection of hot and cold food is available as well as drinks machines located throughout the academy for your convenience.

renewable energies training In an era of increased Government and European legislation and rising energy bills, renewable technologies are becoming increasingly important as the homeowner looks to alternative ways to heat their homes and provide hot water. Via Bpec or LOGIC Certification we can offer the plumbing and heating engineer a range of renewable energy courses and will continue to update and add to this portfolio of products. This market sector has an estimated 75% growth rate over the next few years. Our Renewable Energies training combines knowledge and practical experience to good effect, resulting in a nationally recognised qualification with Bpec & LOGIC. We can combine a number of courses to provide you with a tailored solution to your training needs, minimise disruption to your earnings by “earning while you learn” be able to maintain your normal service to your customers.

courses Bpec Solar Thermal Installer - 2 days £345.00 inc VAT

• 2 day Solar Thermal Installer Course • Nationally recognised certificate from Bpec • Combines both practical and theory solar thermal hot water training

• Previous plumbing experience is required (see below) • Nationally recognised certificate, manufacturer independent training • Open book multiple choice examination • Includes manual and certificate from Bpec • Full and Defined Scope available Other courses available, which compliment Solar are:-

• Bpec water regs • Bpec building regs • Bpec unvented hot water systems • Bpec Part L energy efficiency The market for trained solar domestic hot water installers is growing rapidly in the UK, however we are still 000`s of installers short for government targets. The Bpec course has been developed in conjunction with the Solar Trade Association (STA), the UK trade association for solar water heating systems. The course is aimed at already qualified or experienced domestic heating engineers and plumbers. The course usually takes 2 days to complete including theory, practical and assessment. The course provides the knowledge required to install a solar domestic hot water system. The course takes into consideration the majority of systems installed in the UK investigating the different system configurations, components and operating characteristics. The course targets aspects which are particular to solar domestic hot water systems giving operatives the confidence to select, install and maintain systems. The course is not intended for those without any experience of heating or plumbing installation experience.

I felt nervous about going in to Green Technology, after attending some of the courses here at SEA, I have nothing to worry about” Dennis Newton

Ground Source Heat Pump Installer (GSHP) Bpec 2 day course £472.50 inc VAT

• 2 day Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) training course

• Combines both practical and theory on latest technology • 2 days training and assessment • Small class size, up to 6 delegates • GSHP Association and Government grants approved course • Covers system design, sight survey, installation & commissioning, fault finding • Experienced staff with installation experience • Reassessment or extra training included This training package is designed to provide installers the skills and knowledge required to correctly install ground source heat pumps. The course has been developed in conjunction with the Ground Source Heat Pump Association ensuring that the training is recognised as demonstrating competence for the Micro-Generation Scheme. Included in the course

• Pre-reading of training/reference manual • Attendance at a 2 day practical training course • Completion of a practical and written assessment The content of the manual includes:

• Ground source heat pumps in context • How a ground source heat pump works - principles and components

• Insulation, heat losses and the effect of heating system design • Horizontal ground heat exchangers • Health and Safety • Ground source heat pump installation • Maintenance and fault finding • Glossary • Model answers The training is designed to cover all the above topics including in depth practical work

target customers The course is targeting candidates who have a number of years’ experience in plumbing or conventional heating engineering, hold a formal qualification at NVQ Level 3 in plumbing or heating engineering or are currently undertaking a course in plumbing or heating engineering, which will lead to a formal qualification such as NVQ Level 3 in plumbing or heating engineering. Other courses available, which compliment GSHP are:-

• Bpec / LOGIC unvented hot water systems • Bpec underfloor installer • Bpec underfloor designer • Bpec / LOGIC water regs • Bpec / LOGIC building regs

Bpec Rainwater Harvesting Course - 1 day £224.25 inc VAT

• 1 day Bpec Rainwater Harvesting course • Nationally recognised certificate from Bpec • Practical and theory training followed by multiple choice assessment

• Full working rigs, covering direct and indirect systems This Bpec Rainwater Harvesting course is a 1 day training and assessment course held at SEA’s newly refurbished training academy. Aimed at existing plumbers, builders and ground works engineers who are looking to extend their knowledge and scope of their activities into Rain Water Harvesting. The course is nationally accredited to Bpec and was designed in partnership with Bpec and the RWHA. It covers the collection, storage and use of rainwater for such activities as domestic washing machines, WCs and flushing urinals and garden watering. The main course objective is for all students to be able to identify, select and install the most appropriate Rainwater Harvesting system. The course concentrates on the two most common types of Rainwater Harvesting system, direct and indirect. The course looks at each system in depth allowing you to judge for yourself the pros and cons of each design. Unlike many training centre’s, our tutors all have experience of actual installs of these systems so you will be well placed to receive answers to any of your questions. Other courses available, which compliment RWH are:-

• Bpec water regs • Bpec building regs

“Having hands-on experience with the training rigs made me feel more confident” Paul Dorling

Part L Energy Efficiency 1 day course £247.50 inc VAT Approved by CORGI, the Energy Savings Trust and the Heating and Hot Water Information Council, the Bpec Certification Ltd Energy Efficiency qualification has been developed in order to offer an easily administered alternative to the City & Guilds 6084 Energy Efficiency course. The content and focus of both the training and assessment have been made appropriate to the requirements of plumbers and gas engineers whilst still aiming to satisfy the requirements for compliance with Approved Document L1. We are one of the UK’s Bpec Certification Ltd centres who are now approved to offer this qualification which only takes one-day to complete. The one-day course consists of detailed training session which includes the issue of a comprehensive set of documentation to all candidates; this is followed by a 30 question multi-choice open-book assessment. Other courses available, which compliment Part L are:-

• Bpec water regs • Bpec building regs • Bpec Solar hot water installer • Bpec Underfloor design or Installer • Bpec Ground Source Heat pump installer

“I can now register with the MCS, which will give my customers access to grants” Dave Johnson

Bpec Renewable Energy Awareness 2 Day Course £356.25 inc VAT This course is aimed at ‘interested’ individuals who wish to know more about existing and emerging renewable energy technologies. The target market is householders, housing associations, teachers, local building control officers, housing developers, installers wishing to know more before committing themselves to a full course, etc.

can tailor this to modular format to best suit the needs of the delegates. Participants will be tested on their retention of knowledge at the end of the programme and successful candidates will receive a certificate of achievement.

The course consists of 7 two hour sessions covering: • Getting started, cost of fuel, climate change and energy efficiency • Solar thermal water heating • Domestic scale biomass systems • Heat pumps • Wind power • Photo-voltaic systems • Micro-hydro

appropriate in different circumstances • Explain which end uses can be met by each technology, i.e. space heating, power and lighting • Discuss the various motivations for using renewable energy • List energy efficiency home improvements and behaviours • Distinguish between different types of system • Understand how systems work and their components • Know where to access grants and the levels available for each technology • Calculate typical costs (including installation, running costs, savings and payback times) • Understand the issues to consider when installing technologies in your own home (sizing, storage, grid connection, maintenance) • Understand planning and building control issues • Calculate the CO 2 saving for each technology

The course aim is to give background knowledge to each of these technologies, to explain what each will do and will not do and to cover costs, payback periods and grants, etc. Individuals wishing to know more after attending this course can progress to either the Full or Defined Scope courses, depending upon their existing skills and qualifications. For example a heating engineer could undertake the full Solar Thermal Hot Water course whilst an architect could undertake the Defined Scope Solar Thermal Hot Water course. The course is designed to be as flexible as possible and the sessions can be run as evening classes, day classes or weekend seminars dependent upon customer preference. Sevenoaks Energy Academy

Participants will:

• Identify which renewable energy option(s) might be

Student materials As the course aim is to provide an overview of each technology there is no course manual supplied, however there is a student handout provided for each of the technologies covering the key learning points.

Bpec Underfloor Heating Design 2 days - £477.50 inc VAT

• Bpec Underfloor Heating design course (2 days) • Aimed at people involved with the design Bpec Underfloor Heating Installer - 2 days £477.50 inc VAT

• 2 day Bpec Underfloor Heating course (installer) • Aimed at people involved with the installation of UFH systems • Purpose built UFH training rigs at our academy • This is a nationally recognised underfloor heating certificate • Domestic and commercial installation The course covers:

• Introduction to Underfloor Heating Systems • Different types of UFH systems , floor construction types • Operation of underfloor heating systems and alternative heat sources • Basic design theory • Installation including practical session on installing underfloor heating systems • Testing and commissioning UFH systems • Troubleshooting and fault finding • Customer information regarding UFH systems The aim of the practical underfloor heating course is to equip the installer with the skills required to install underfloor heating systems, to ensure they have the required knowledge and are confident to work on domestic and commercial projects. The course is 1 day theory and 1 day practical and assessment. The last day concentrates on the practical installation methods for the various types of underfloor heating systems

side of UFH, or wishing to improve their existing installation knowledge • Small groups no more than 6 students • Purpose built UFH training rigs within the academy • Both domestic and commercial designs • Compliments the use of GHSP and ASHP systems • Experienced tutors who have actually installed these systems. • Level 3 course This course has been developed by Bpec in association with the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association (UHMA). It is an underfloor heating system design course, therefore principally catered for the professional who is responsible for design of systems. However it is also a very useful addition to the underfloor installers course and provides much greater detail on the systems design and therefore installation requirements. Course content:

• Principles of warm water underfloor heating (UFH) systems • State the advantages of UFH systems over alternative heat sources • Identify the design conditions and relevant standards appropriate with UFH systems • Carry out heat loss calculations and design specs • Identify the pros and cons of certain designs • Describe the floor systems and finishes associated with UHF systems • Provides an overview of all UFH systems and components • Carry out UFH system design using worksheets, including working on a project building • Practical design sessions and assessments

business start-up packages Our business start up division is designed to take away the stresses of new business set up, leaving trainees to “just get on with the job� by offering a full business start up solution for all new plumbers and Domestic Energy Assessors. Our training co-ordinators can aid you in organising a website, marketing, legal processes and access to a client base. Once the trainee is qualified we can offer the opportunity to gain experience with our partners undertaking renewable energy installations, plumbing or Domestic Energy Assessments. All business start up services are available following an in-depth one-to-one meeting to discuss and tailor the specific requirements.

our trainers Our trainers have been carefully selected, and in our opinion, the leaders in the field of training delivery (student testimonials available on request). All trainers have an exemplary record of excellent pass rates, an elite team selected to meet the various trainer requirements of Bpec, Logic and City & Guilds chosen not only for their skills, expertise and knowledge also because of their ability to connect with trainees and ensure training delivery is undertaken to the highest standards set by the academy and admired by our partners, accreditation schemes and trainees.

how to find us We are ideally located to offer ease of access to all trainees, conveniently situated a short distance from the M25 with the nearest train station just two minutes walk away, for all trainees arriving by car the academy offers ample secure parking. As part of our long term goal in making a difference in reducing carbon emissions we encourage and support the “car share scheme� and would be delighted to connect you with other trainees that register their interest in the scheme, ensuring both environmental and financial benefits.

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how to book a course Our team of training co-ordinators based at the academy are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your course, they have a comprehensive knowledge of the course inclusions, training processes, qualification and accreditation. They are responsible for fostering ongoing relationships with our trainees, ensuring your training experiences are delivered smoothly and seamlessly. Booking your course is simple call us now on 0844 5678026. Payment can be made by debit or credit card, bank transfer or cheque. We can also offer advice and assist in the completion of documentation in application towards government grants and career development loans.

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