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Sevenoaks Energy Academy Ltd “Training for a sustainable future�

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about us Welcome to Sevenoaks Energy Academy Ltd. Specialist trainers with proven expertise in delivering courses in:

• Plumbing • Renewable Energy • Domestic Energy Assessor Our clients include major UK companies, PLCs, SMEs and Sole Traders where they utilise our training facilities for maintaining all legislative training requirements for their staff and contractors. We cater for all our customers’ needs and our quality ensures all our customers return to Sevenoaks Energy Academy for further professional development. No matter what size of organisation the training you receive will be market leading. We live by our values and our quality speaks for itself.

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why train with us? Sevenoaks Energy Academy is a modern, nationally approved training centre and the finest, most comprehensively equipped plumbing & renewable energy training facility in the UK. It has been designed, built and equipped at a considerable cost, resulting in an ideal learning environment offering the highest range of training equipment and is recognised as being able to deliver the solution to the UK’s long term shortage of properly qualified plumbers and renewable energy installers. The academy boasts unique custom-built training areas divided into separate training bays enabling you to work in your own bay, including bench work areas and lead working bays. Hi-tech, air conditioned classrooms each equipped with teaching screens and ergonomically approved furniture ensure the theory part of your course is delivered with your education and comfort in mind. The exam centre has been sound proofed to ensure that when students are undertaking their exams, there is no noise interference from outside. Our internet café located on the first floor is available for all students to use for extra study time or to simply rest and relax whilst surfing the web or catching up on emails during course breaks. An impressive selection of hot and cold food is available as well as drinks machines located throughout the academy for your convenience.

business start up packages Our business start up division is designed to take away the stresses of new business set up, leaving trainees to “just get on with the job” by offering a full business start up solution for all new plumbers and Domestic Energy Assessors. Our training co-ordinators can aid you in organising a website, marketing, legal processes and access to a client base. Once the trainee is qualified we can offer the opportunity to gain experience with our partners undertaking renewable energy installations, plumbing or Domestic Energy Assessments. All business start up services are available following an in-depth one-to-one meeting to discuss and tailor the specific requirements.

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courses City and Guilds 6129 Certificate in plumbing £3995.00 plus VAT

• City & Guilds 6129 Technical Certificate in Plumbing (Level 2) leading to NVQ 2

• 8 weeks in one go or weekly blocks when convenient • No previous plumbing experience required • Bpec/Logic Water Regulations certificate • Bpec/Logic Unvented Hot Water Systems certificate • Bpec/Logic Building Regs part G • Includes plastering and tiling courses • Optional work placement • 1:6 trainer to student ratio on practical workshop sessions • Both theory and practical sessions each week • Air conditioned training rooms and cyber cafe on site • No further fees if it takes longer than 8 weeks to complete

• Comprehensive free good quality plumbers tool kit and safety equipment • Weekly one-to-one with your tutor for support and guidance.

“The level of support and guidance from my tutor made me confident in my studies and I completed the course with flying colours” Peter Insworth

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City and Guilds 6089 NVQ Level 2 in plumbing £1,995.00 plus VAT

• City & Guilds 6089 NVQ Level 2 certificate • Onsite assessments while working • Self-employed or employed • 4 - 6 months to complete or tailored to your needs • Candidates for the NVQ must hold City & Guilds 6129 Level 2 or equivalent • Includes 3 assessments in UK (mainland) • Dedicated NVQ support number / email • Online pre-course study material supplied from City & Guilds • Flexible start dates so please call us to book • Funding support available You will be assessed while you are working on the following topics: • SAF 1 Confirm Safety Arrangements • SAF 2 Safe Use of Access Equipment • SAF 3 Confirm the Safety of Work Locations • PREP 1 Carry out preparatory work • PREP 2 Confirm the provision of secure storage for company tools and materials • PIPE 1 Copper pipe • PIPE 2 Steel pipe • PIPE 3 Plastic pressure pipe • PIPE 4 Soil & waste pipe • PIPE 5 Gutter & rainwater pipe • SLW 1 Install chimney weatherings • SLW 2 Install lead slates • INS 1 Job 1 (1st occasion) • INS 1 Job 2 (2nd occasion) • INS 2 Job 1 (1st occasion) • INS 2 Job 2 (2nd occasion) • DECOM 1 System type 1 • DECOM 2 System type 2 • MAINT 1 Component 1 • MAINT 1 Component 2 • MAINT 1 Component 3 • MAINT 2 Fault 1 • MAINT 2 Fault 2

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• The onsite assessment will be carried out by qualified Sevenoaks Energy Academy Assessors, working with an onsite workplace advisor and production of evidence and customer statements over a 4 to 6 month period or longer if that best suits your circumstances. • Included in the course fees are 3 on site assessments anywhere in the UK (Mainland). Additional assessments, if required, are charged at £275 all inclusive of expenses. No extra or additional costs will be incurred.

Combined 6129 & 6089 NVQ Level 2 £5,495.00 plus VAT

• City & Guilds 6129 Technical Certificate in Plumbing (level 2)

• City & Guilds 6089 NVQ in Plumbing (level 2) 8 weeks in one go or weekly blocks, or flexible attendance when convenient plus onsite assessments • NVQ done onsite 4 - 6 months while working • No previous plumbing experience required • Bpec Water Regulations certificate • Bpec Unvented Hot Water Systems certificate • Bpec Building Regulations Part G • Includes plastering and tiling courses • Includes registration for NVQ 6089 • Optional work placement • 1:6 trainer to student in workshop sessions • Both theory and practical sessions each week for the 6129 • No further cost if the 6129 takes longer than 8 weeks to complete • FREE good quality plumbers tool kit and safety equipment

• You will be subject to 3 onsite visits and a review of evidence, carried out by our Qualified Assessors. This is included in your course fees.

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Plumbing Introduction £316.25 inc VAT

• 2

day introductory plumbing course (weekend courses available) • An excellent way of easing yourself in to a new career or updating your DIY knowledge • Relaxed training with small class sizes • Refreshments and lunch included over the 2 days • A blend of theory with mainly practical exercises • SEA Certificate of achievement

The basics of Lead Working £517.00 inc VAT Basic welding and bossing techniques - 5 days (can span over a weekend) This course gives a base level of technique and skill in order to dress chimneys, step flashings, gulley’s etc... It combines the two main working techniques into a tailored training programme and includes H&S around lead and safe working methods. On completion of the course delegates should know the health and safety procedures for working with lead sheet and be able to form lead work by use of bossing and welding techniques. While there are no special entry requirements this course would be useful for roofing and building contractors who want to become more skilled in the fabrication and installation of typical lead flashing details / chimney weathering sets. You or your staff will gain skills and knowledge of lead welding and bossing techniques and how to manipulate lead sheet. By the end of the course you will be familiar with lead dressing, bossing and welding techniques and where and when best to apply them. Safety boots, overalls or work wear should be brought with you, or we can loan you some overalls if you prefer. All other tools, materials, and lead sheet are included in the price.

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Bpec & Logic Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems £224.25 inc VAT The BPec Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems course offers the training and assessment for the installation of Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems. The courses are designed to meet the training requirements of the appropriate Building Regulations and Standards. The training materials in the area of Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems consist of two different manuals, targeting England & Wales and Scotland, respectively. The Scottish version is very similar to the English one, however, some regulations differ and candidates north of the border thus need a separate training manual. For England & Wales, the training manual provides an introduction to and understanding of the requirements of the Approved Document G3, Part L1 and Part P of the Building Regulations. For Scotland, the manual is very similar but references Part J of the Building Standards. Both training manuals consist of 4 modules covering: • Unvented systems and their operating principles • Design and installation • Maintenance • Compliance with other Building Regulations The prerequisite for attending the courses is that the person holds a recognised trade qualification or is working towards one (this can include the C&G 6129 cert) or has evidence of a number of

years of experience of working in the plumbing or heating industry. The training course is very comprehensive and kicks off with intensive training in the 4 modules, followed by the completion of three assessments. There is one practical assessment involved in the course. Candidates must successfully pass all three assessments in order to gain the Bpec Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems certificate and competency card. The course is targeting operatives who wish to install Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems. Successful completion of the assessment will allow the installer to demonstrate their competence in the installation of Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems in order to join a Competent Persons’ Scheme which will allow the self-certification of installations. If the installer does not wish to join such a scheme it will demonstrate competency to the local Building Control department when submitting Building Control Notices prior to commencing work. Other courses available, which compliment Unvented Hot Water are:• Bpec water regs • Bpec building regs

• Bpec Solar hot water installer • Bpec Part L energy efficiency • Bpec Ground Source Heat pump installer • Bpec Underfloor Heating Installer

“I enjoyed the courses I attended, the trainers were very knowledgeable and the facilities are the best I have experienced” Richard Dorling

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Bpec & LOGIC Regulations Courses £ 109.25 inc VAT Water Regulations and Byelaws • WRAS approved course • 1/2 day assessment only multiple choice examination • Home study required • Included in course fees for 6129 and NVQ plumbing courses • Includes manuals and certificate • Flexible dates call for availability Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and Water Byelaws Scotland 2003 Regulation 1(2) defines an “approved contractor” as a person who: (a) has been approved by the water undertaker for the area where a water fitting is installed, or, used, or (b) has been certified as an approved contractor by an organisation specified in writing by the regulator; To join a scheme an operative must be competent, have adequate insurance and be knowledgeable on the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 or Water Byelaws in Scotland. All the “Approved Contractor” schemes accept the Bpec Water Regulations Qualification for the purposes of the knowledge element of the scheme entry criteria. The Home Information Pack dictates that people wishing to sell their properties, will also require plumbing certificates and of course many plumbing works now overlap into Building Regulations work.

“My customers feel more secure and assured when I show them my qualifications card”

Bpec & LOGIC Regulations Courses 1 day course £126.50 inc Vat Building regulations Part G -. • LOGIC Building Regulations certificate • 1/2 day training and assessment • Covers main plumbing and electrical building regulations G,H,M and P • Also covers approved document G • Aimed at plumbers require information on building regulations • Included free of charge for City & Guilds 6129 students This nationally certificated LOGIC Building Regulations course covers parts H1,M,P,G1,G2 of the Building Regulations. Course Content • Course content and introduction • Approved document G • Sanitary conveniences and washing facilities • Provision of appliances • Approved document H • Trap types / Macerators / Pan connectors • Ventilation pipes and secondary ventilation • Approved document M • Approved document P • Luminaries and IPX ratings • Showers and bathroom zones • IP codes and drip codes The course is especially important for new entrants into the plumbing industry who may not be aware of the building regulations which will have a legal effect on the work they do. If the building regulations are not followed this can lead to fines or even a criminal record. Therefore this building regulations course is of much benefit to new and existing plumbers. Ignorance is no excuse!

Paul Coggon

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Bpec & LOGIC Regulations Courses 1 day course £ 224.25 inc VAT Legionella Prevention, Testing & Treatment Certificate • LOGIC Legionella Prevention Certificate • 1 day training and assessment includes practical training • Covers ACoP Guidance Document L8 and HSE guidance Included free of charge for City & Guilds 6129 students This course covers the training and assessment requirement for LOGIC’s Legionella and Water Treatment certificate. Legionella is found in all water supplies, its how we minimise and manage the risk that is important. This course offers you the skills and knowledge for you to put in to practise. All property which caters for the public or employees alike have a legal obligation under L8 (Health and Safety Executive Guidance document) to ensure that they have adequate procedures and processes in place to prevent Legionella within their water systems. The course enables operatives to legally offer and carry out this work as a member of a competent persons scheme after certification. The main outcome of the course is - on completion of the course the installer will be able to undertake risk assessments and carry out disinfection using a range of products and methods including bleach, chlorine and silver hydrogen peroxide. Students will understand the process and which local authorities must be contacted to ensure compliance with current regulations.

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SEA Home Improvement Pack 3 day course - £275.00 inc VAT 5 day course - £475.00 inc VAT Courses have been designed to give the home owner an insight and understanding of regulations and common home improvement practices. Trainees can choose from any of the courses below. The 3 day course gives you 3 modules and the 5 day course, 5 modules. Dependant on the modules picked you could receive nationally recognised qualifications. The module options are as follows: • Building regulations • Water regulations • Basic plumbing • Basic Tilling • Joinery for beginners • Plastering and patching up • Electrical awareness • Central Heating • Renewable Energy awareness (2 days) • Loft Insulation • Rain water harvesting • Basic roofing and lead weathering • Awareness for loft conversions cellar conversions


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why become an “approved” contractor?

The Water Regulations / Water Byelaws do not require an “Approved Contractor” to give the 10 working days advance notice before; (i) The extension or alteration of a water system on any premises other than a house. (ii) a bidet with an ascending spray or flexible hose or (iii) a reduced pressure zone valve assembly or other mechanical device for protection against a fluid which is in fluid category 4 or 5. This enables an installer to undertake the above works without having to wait for approval from the Water Undertakers before starting the works.

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Today, more and more companies and organisations are specifying that only “Approved Contractors” should tender for and undertake work. Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Health Care Trusts and many Builders and Developers are making “Approved Contractor” status a pre-requisite. Contractors undertaking plumbing work on behalf of Water Undertakers are also required to be an “Approved Contractor”. The Home Information Pack dictates that people wishing to sell their properties, will also require plumbing certificates and of course many plumbing works now overlap into Building Regulations work.

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how to find us We are ideally located to offer ease of access to all trainees, conveniently situated a short distance from the M25 with the nearest train station just two minutes walk away, for all trainees arriving by car the academy offers ample secure parking. As part of our long term goal in making a difference in reducing carbon emissions we encourage and support the “car share scheme� and would be delighted to connect you with other trainees that register their interest in the scheme, ensuring both environmental and financial benefits.

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our trainers Our trainers have been carefully selected, and in our opinion, the leaders in the field of training delivery (student testimonials available on request). All trainers have an exemplary record of excellent pass rates, an elite team selected to meet the various trainer requirements of Bpec, Logic and City & Guilds chosen not only for their skills, expertise and knowledge also because of their ability to connect with trainees and ensure training delivery is undertaken to the highest standards set by the academy and admired by our partners, accreditation schemes and trainees.

how to book a course Our team of training co-ordinators based at the academy are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your course, they have a comprehensive knowledge of the course inclusions, training processes, qualification and accreditation. They are responsible for fostering ongoing relationships with our trainees, ensuring your training experiences are delivered smoothly and seamlessly. Booking your course is simple call us now on 0844 5678026. Payment can be made by debit or credit card, bank transfer or cheque. We can also offer advice and assist in the completion of documentation in application towards government grants and career development loans.

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Sevenoaks Energy Academy Ltd “Training for a sustainable future�

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