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November 2013

HELLO GOODBYE Say hello to Xb ox

One and PS4, b oth

due this month

...but don’t say goodbye to your old systems just yet.

See page 15 for our head to head look at the 2 new consoles coming your way in November.

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Welcome to Live Magazine and our NOVEMBER edition! In 1844 poet Thomas Hood wrote a poem entitled November. It’s a depressing piece of writing that basically describes November in London... cold and overcast. Our November promises to be much more cheery thanks to the launch of the new Xbox One and Playstation 4. We’re in for a golden age of gaming with powerful new systems that promise so much. New games, new controllers and exciting new ways of interacting and playing games are the promise. We thought we’d take one more look at what the consoles both offer gamers and do a side by side comparison. Plus we get those in the know to look back at the 360 and PS3 and also give us their thoughts on the new systems. This month we also take a peek at what’s coming out with a flood of previews including Dead Rising 3, Mad Max, Need for Speed Rivals, The Sims 4 and tons more. Plus a special look at what could be an epic new release - Wolfenstein : The New Order. We’re also looking at some hot new graphic novels, anime, retro and of course our Cosplayer of the month - Callie all the way from the U.S.A. Speaking of the U.S, we’ve also started our new columns from our U.S and U.K correspondents as we grow our reader base and our content. So say hello to hours of great gaming with hot new consoles and goodbye to your social life - thanks Microsoft and Sony! See you soon with our mega Christmas edition...

Rob Jenkins - Publisher

THE LIVE TEAM Rob Jenkins: Publisher (Gametraders Operations Centre)

Elliott Buddo: UK Writer Serwa Aboagye: US Writer

Giselle Capozza: Art Director (Gametraders Operations Centre) Nick Getley & Kylie Tuttle (Sticky Trigger): Game Review & Preview Editors Paul Monopoli: Retro Writer

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uk talk

GAMING: ANARCHY IN THE U.K playing one of the heavy hitters: GTAV, Splinter Cell Blacklist, or Fifa 14. Of course, there are the games which have yet to be released, entire systems for that matter. From what we can see there is an even distribution of gamers on both sides of the spectrum, some want the Xbox One and others want the PS4. There are a myriad of reasons Like the rest of the world, the for this. Both sides argue better U.K has been swept by the exclusives, that much is clear. roaring hurricane that is GTA V But what interested me was leaving very little competition. that a vast majority of those Not surprising considering it’s in favour of the PS4 claim to the 12th biggest selling game have flocked to Sony after the of all time in the U.K. However, what is surprising is that this has outrage sparked by Microsoft’s questionable approach to the marked the first climb in the Xbox One, despite Microsoft retail of boxed games in the U.K since 2008! At this point you reconsidering and rectifying these approaches. The stigma may be wondering “What the is sure to have long term effects heck is going on over there”? on consumers and companies I am here to answer that very alike. question. Our heroes did stand upon the hills that overlooked the sodden valleys known as the United Kingdom. A voice carried from afar, riding the winds. The voice bore a promise of a bright future, a better future. That promise had a name: Grand Theft Auto V.

next few months as told by gamers of all stripes. Please note that this is in no particular order, believe me when I say that such a monumental task would be impossible with the stellar line up we have this year. • • • • • • • • • •

Wolfenstein: The New Order Dark Souls II Dead Rising 3 Project Spark Watchdogs Forza 5 Call of Duty: Ghosts Halo 5 Metal Gear Solid 5 Destiny

It’s looking to be an interesting year in 2014 for gaming to say the least. A redux of both games and gaming systems may be just what we need to

“Like the rest of the world, the U.K has been swept by the roaring hurricane that is GTA V leaving very little competition.” As far as games go the situation over here is pretty standard. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock (which seems to be less and less people these days) has been

But I digress. Games from all systems are being hounded after by the U.K gamers, and in no small amount. Below is a top ten list of highly anticipated games set for release over the

launch ourselves into a new golden age of gaming. Let us hope that the sun doesn’t set on THIS empire.

WRITTEN BY elliott buddo (WWW.STICKYTRIGGERentertainment.COM)

us talk

GAMING IN THE USA The dawn of a new console generation is rapidly approaching and the wallets of gamers all over the country are preparing to welcome the Xbox One and Playstation 4 into their homes. The anticipation for new technology reached an all-time high after the Microsoft and Sony presentations at E3 over the summer. Instant battle lines were drawn between gamers who preferred one console over the other. With Americans living with an uncertain economy and a dysfunctional government, the final quarter of the fiscal year is shaping up to be a conservative one; most American homes will only be able to afford one of these consoles despite the

console they’ll enjoy more and avoid buyer’s remorse at all costs. However, despite loyalties on all sides of the playing field, Sony is currently the undisputed front-runner in the American console wars. When Sony’s Playstation 4 flies off store shelves faster than any other console this holiday season (and I’m predicting it will), most of the credit will be due to Microsoft’s polarizing performance at E3 2013. To put it plainly, Sony’s new console is rather conventional when it comes to industry innovation, and it’s easy to view the Playstation 4 as the next logical progression from the Playstation 3. Gamers wanted a console and Sony has

power, so the war will be rightly won and lost with what all us gamers truly care about: the games. Multiplatform games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, WatchDogs, and The Division are generating significant buzz on their own merits as great games for either system. However, the hearts (and wallets) of American gamers will be won over with the power of exclusives. TitanFall, Infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Order 1886, Ryse: Son of Rome, Halo 5, The Last Guardian, and Destiny will be the games that sway the minds of American gamers. As the launch dates for both

“We live in the best generation for gaming so far, and it can only get better from here.” temptation to splurge on the upcoming holiday season. It’s no wonder fanboyism is running rampant across American based entertainment websites such as Gamespot and IGN. Understandably, gamers want to be sure they’re spending their money on the

delivered. Meanwhile, Microsoft is trying to steal the market share lost by Nintendo during their transition from Wii to the Wii U; a move which may prove costly next month. It is generally acknowledged among American gamers that each system has equal technological

Playstation 4 and Xbox One grow closer, gamers prepare to shell out hundreds of dollars for the opportunity to own elite gaming experiences. To say expectations are “high” would be an understatement. But even with

the immeasurable hype behind the launch of a new console generation, masterpieces such as The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, and Grand Theft Auto 5 are still fresh on everyone’s mind as talk of which release deserves the title “Game of the Year” begin to stir; and it would be foolish to discount sleeper favorites such as Gone Home, Guacamelee!, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the honor of GOTY. The tail-end of 2013 has been (and will continue to be) an interesting one. For those excited by new technology, Sony and Microsoft are prepared to seduce you away from your hard earned cash. For those waiting until the holidays before embarking on new hardware, there are still plenty of amazing games in need of players. Either way you look at it, gamers around the world are ultimately winning. We live in the best generation for gaming so far, and it can only get better from here.

WRITTEN BY Serwa Aboagye (

november 28
















r releases 13TH

















r releases










Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Battlefield 4 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Call of Duty: Ghosts Carmageddon: Reincarnation Contrast The Crew Crusade Daylight Deep Down Destiny Diablo III Dragon Age: Inquisition DriveClub Doki-Doki Universe Don’t Starve Dying Light EA Sports UFC The Elder Scrolls Online The Evil Within FIFA 14

Final Fantasy Project Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Galak-Z Human Element Infamous: Second Son Just Dance 2014 Killzone: Shadow Fall Kingdom Hearts III Knack LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mad Max Madden NFL 25 Mercenary Kings Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Mirror’s Edge 2 NBA 2K14 NBA Live 14 Need for Speed Rivals Octodad: Dadliest Catch Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

The Order: 1886 Outlast Secret Ponchos Shadow Warrior Skylanders Swap Force EA Sports UFC Sniper Elite V3 Star Wars Battlefront Thief Tom Clancy’s The Division Transistor Trials Fusion Watch Dogs Warframe War Thunder The Witness Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Whore of the Orient The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Wolfenstein: The New Order


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Battlefield 4 Below Call of Duty: Ghosts The Crew Crimson Dragon D4 Dead Rising 3 Destiny Dragon Age: Inquisition Dying Light EA Sports UFC The Elder Scrolls Online The Evil Within Fable Legends Fantasia: Music Evolved FIFA 14 Fighter Within Final Fantasy XV Forza Motorsport 5 Halo Xbox One

Just Dance 2014 Killer Instinct Kinect Sports Rivals Kingdom Hearts III LEGO Marvel Super Heroes LocoCycle Mad Max Madden NFL 25 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Minecraft Mirror’s Edge NBA 2K14 NBA Live 14 Need for Speed Rivals Peggle 2 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Project Spark Quantum Break Rabbids Invasion Ryse: Son of Rome Skylanders Swap Force

Sniper Elite V3 Star Wars Battlefront Sunset Overdrive Thief Titanfall Tom Clancy’s The Division Trials Fusion EA Sports UFC Watch Dogs The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Wolfenstein: The New Order Zoo Tycoon Zumba Fitness World Party


Xbox One & PS4 games at any of our stores!

future releases 6TH







hello goodbye We’re almost there! Hello to Xbox One and PS4 and goodbye to Xbox 360 and PS3? New consoles are just

hailed as heroes, true friends of gamers everywhere. A few months have passed since those announcements and now we’re about to be able to buy, play and try out

We also asked some industry writers what their best memories of this gen’s consoles are and what they look forward to with the new consoles. Let’s dive in...

we’re about to be w o n d n a ts en m unce since those anno ed ss a p e es.” av h s th stems for ourselv “A few mon sy e es th t u o y tr and able to buy, play around the corner and gamers everywhere are debating the merits of the two powerhouse consoles about to hit stores globally. In one corner we have Microsoft who mis-stepped at their launch and back pedalled when gamers everywhere hit the web voicing their complaints about proposed new rules for owning the new Xbox One. To their credit, they quickly changed but it shouldn’t have gone down the way it did. In the other corner Sony seemed to say the opposite of everything Microsoft announced and were

these systems for ourselves. Our editorial team has taken an in depth look at just what you get for your hard earned money.




22 November 2013

29 November 2013




what’s included

• Xbox One Console • Kinect Sensor for Xbox One • Wireless Controller • Chat Headset • HDMI Cable • Power Supply

• PlayStation 4 Console • DualShock 4 controller • Mono headset in earbud form • USB cable • HDMI cable • Power Supply As you can see, the Playstation 4 does not come with the Eye Camera and is an added extra you will need to pay for if you want to play Move games.

hard drive space

500 GB

500 GB


The controller remains traditionally the same as the 360, however it has had some cosmetic improvements such as the redesigned D-Pad and Thumbsticks. An added new feature is the Impulse Triggers which will give better feedback.

Sony have redesigned the DualShock controller to now include a trackpad in the middle of the controller. The trackpad will assist with navigation (similar to that of a smart phone) and Sony have integrated their ‘Move’ technology into the controller.


The two consoles are similar in their hardware specifications, especially when it comes to the CPU and GPU.


Both the Microsoft and Sony have chosen well known and trusted, AMD for their processors. However the PlayStation is slightly more powerful.


Again, both consoles are very similar here. Both the XBox One and PlayStation 4 will come with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, optical out and USB 3.0. Each console also comes with one HDMI slot.


This is a big one for the success of both consoles. Exclusive releases for each console could sway the decision of a once dedicated Microsoft or Sony fan! Sony and Microsoft are almost ‘even Stevens’ if you will with respect to exclusives on their respective consoles. Microsoft has Halo and Dead Rising 3 for example, where as Sony has Gran Turismo and KillZone: Shadowfall. What games you really want to play and own is going to play a big part in your decision!

Microsoft has joined the bandwagon and included and BluRay/DVD drive as standard. This was always a given with the PlayStation 4.

Whether you are a Microsoft or a Sony fan, both consoles are set to impress. The decision really is in your hands when it comes to purchasing the next gen consoles!


“what are your memories of this gen’s consoles and what do you look forward to with the new console”

IN D U S T R Y C O M M E N T “..Interested in seeing how the next generatio n of consoles continues after their initial releas to develop e.” I was most impressed with how the PS3 and Xbox 360 were able to make online multiplayer capabilities accessible to the customer-base by refining their online services to create a greater sense of community. The development of these services meant customers no longer needed to repeatedly update their personal computer’s hardware over time just to keep up to date with the latest games, let alone to participate in the online community at all. This also resulted with the current generation of consoles being able to streamline the nature of multiplayer gaming and quickly found itself merging with online popular culture. From being able to share custom-made maps to a wide audience of gamers, to being an integral part of the “Let’s Play” and “Fail” clip trend of YouTube Videos. I am looking forward to seeing how the next generation of consoles will deal with the indie game market in the long term. While both Sony and Microsoft have expressed interest in making certain indie games readily available to their console customers, the PC -as a platform- still has that market effectively cornered. Though there has been an effort to make specific indie games obtainable to the current generation of consoles (eg Braid, Limbo, Super Meat Boy), an evolution does need to occur in the design of the console markets to accommodate products of independent studios as freely and easily as the PC does for its customers. Not to mention the recent influx of Early Access Games available through Steam as well as other online digital stores have introduced a new way for costumers to not only pay for a product, but to invest in a similar fashion to crowd funding, thereupon making gamers more involved in the development process. To this end I will be interested in seeing how the next generation of consoles continues to develop after their initial release.

sean fox (

“what are your memories of this gen’s consoles and what do you look forward to with the new console”


IN DU ST RY CO M M EN T ing what could be “..There’s no tell vironments” and immersive en

eative content

tles through cr done for future ti

What really blew my mind with the current generation of consoles, was the boom of online multiplayer. I remember the day when I first ejected the DVD tray, popped Gears of War and entered a whole new world. I was a young kid that had just gotten ADSL2+ in the home, and for me to enjoy the gruesome experience of Gears of War with players from around Australia and the world whilst laughing and joking away in my headset, was something else. As the years went by, games included more features for online play and it wasn’t until Halo 3 that I felt the same sense of awe I did with Gears of War. The creative nature of most gamers came to life when organising Community nights with Halo 3, as players created levels in Forge that defied gravity and induced humour. Pyramids which needed to be climbed to reach the flag and driving through Zanzibar in a Mongoose to win races to name a few, the accessibility of multiplayer on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live injected a much needed life for online play. It’s why I’m excited for games such as Titanfall and Forza 5 because with the power of the cloud there’s no telling what could be done for future titles through creative content and immersive environments. Forza 5’s Driveatar is a small example of how the cloud can be used to provide players with a whole different type of multiplayer experience. If you had told me in 2006, this was this direction multiplayer was heading in I would have stood their bedazzled. “We can barely enjoy a game of online without the problem of drop outs and constant lag there’d be no way this would be possible” I would have said to you, but alas it is happening and it’s only a short time away from actually happening. Regardless of which console you’re picking up, giving gamers a single player experience doesn’t cut it anymore when providing the whole package. Extending the life of your product by way of multiplayer and new updates is how you keep gamers happy. Just look at the Call of Duty franchise. Activision manage to pump out one title a year through their developers who provide a years worth of content until the new one and the cycle is repeated. New games modes, DLC maps packs, weapons, skins, again, the accessibility of multiplayer through console for me is what I enjoyed about this generation of consoles and why I’m looking forward to the Xbox One and PS4.

Arthur Kotsopoulos (


“what are your memories of this gen’s consoles and what do you look forward to with the new console”

IN DU ST RY CO M M EN T “This generation has seen some amazing games, both indie and mainstream.” This generation has seen some amazing games, both indie and mainstream. A few games stood out against the onslaught of Call of Duty clones and made us remember just how damn good gaming can be. Journey has shown us that we don’t need highly intricate stories and complex multiplayer. Sometimes we just need to go back to basics and take out all that voice acting and text box spam. No need for dreaded lock-picking or quick time events. Just the journey itself, fulfilling and mysterious. Journey was a game that stripped back all of the shiny graphics and intricate story lines. It stripped back complex gameplay that we have become used to that publishers think is somehow so amazing and filling to our gamer bellies. It was simple yet entertaining and enjoyable. No in game voice chat really locked it in as a personally defined user experience. Definitely a one of a kind title. On the other end of the spectrum, you have Bioshock Infinite, who reminded us that a solid story and interesting visuals can take a game from decent, to amazing. The story in itself was amazing to play through. It made you WANT to play the whole game in one sitting rather than in a few hours over a few weeks. The addition of the Vigors and the effects from these made the game shine even brighter. Mix in some gun play and a twist at the end, and many reviewers and consumers alike sung its praises. As we wave goodbye to the third gen of the console giants, we waive hello to the fourth generation consoles with an energetic smile, eyes filled with glee. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are shaping up to be phenomenal machines and some of the previews we have seen thus far, have made some of the toughest cynics refreshingly surprised. Games such as Titanfall have showcased what this generation will be all about, bigger, better, faster and far prettier than gen three. Titanfall is the type of game we have been waiting for. Multiplayer? Check. Gunplay? Check. Mech suits? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! The visuals of the game, from all we have seen, are spectacular. The game play is addictive. This is a great title to ring in the new generation of gaming.

Al Caynes (

“what are your memories of this gen’s consoles and what do you look forward to with the new console”


INDUS TRY COMM ENT “The answer to bo

th those question

s is simply the ad

vancement of tech


What have I enjoyed the most about the current console generation and what am I looking forward to the most about next gen? Easy; the answer to both of those questions is simply the advancement of technology. In the last 6 years, we’ve been subject to some absolutely stunning leaps in game design due to the advancement of new game engines and technologies that the power of the current consoles allowed to be researched and developed. And it’s with these new feats that we’ve been able to have most of the experiences that I cherish made possible. More than anything, I am a fan of storytelling. Everything else in a game comes second to good story and delivery. The power of the current consoles allowed the gaming medium to be skyrocketed up to the highest level of storytelling quality. Of course, a story itself doesn’t need a powerful machine to be given, but in a game – and in fact the reason games excel in this field – you need everything to work in unison. That’s everything from the atmosphere to the sound design and art direction, and most importantly, graphical prowess. Cases in point; LA Noir, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Uncharted, Mass Effect, BioShock – all games with better storytelling than almost any other medium could possibly hope for, and almost entirely due to the capabilities of modern gaming consoles. If it wasn’t for the advancement in technology that came with the new consoles all those years ago, and still to this day, we wouldn’t have been graced with such quality. With the new consoles just around the corner, despite some rocky launch titles that will struggle to satisfy my needs as the type of gamer I am, I cannot wait until we finally start seeing some of the new advancements these powerful new machines allow for, and even more excited to see intelligent developers put the power to good use and give me more lasting tales to sink my teeth into. Bring on the new generation of gaming!



“what are your memories of this gen’s consoles and what do you look forward to with the new console”

INDUS TRY COMM ENT “We approach bigger and supposedly better games than ever before..” With the end to previous console generations, I’ve always had a strange kind of sadness come over me. Sure, we approach bigger and supposedly better games than ever before, but we also become very attached to the consoles during their respective runs. So much has happened during this console generation that it’s almost staggering. With the Xbox 360 further developing Xbox LIVE, the console saw a stellar amount of titles with online gameplay. Games such as Phantasy Star Online, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Perfect Dark Zero finally saw the boom of online gaming on the home console. As someone who played online games on his PC, but always wished for a decent online experience with his home consoles, I still don’t take online gaming for granted. Even just communicating with friends in a party on Xbox LIVE is something I am constantly grateful for. With the next generation of consoles releasing in just over a month, online gaming will boom even further, as we have even greater games with online capability at the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, such as Titanfall, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4. Hopefully titles like these can introduce a whole new generation of gamers to the fun of online gaming, and hopefully soon, Australia will finally see a boom in e-sports and competitive gaming. With Microsoft increasing the number of Xbox LIVE servers from 30,000 to 300,000, the reliability and quality of online games is sure to increase. Online gamers have a lot to look forward to with the new consoles.

Nick GETLEY ( “..cannot wait to

see what the tale

nted people in th

is industry come

up with!”

At the end of November we start the process of saying goodbye to our current generation consoles and hello to what is now the 8th generation of gaming with Nintendo’s Wii U already out we now just wait for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 did many good things and some not so good here’s what I think were the best and the worse of both consoles. My best memory of the Xbox 360 would have to be its online structure which is where we are at in the industry now, Microsoft’s online structure is superior to Sony’s but it does come with a price although I do believe you get what you pay for. The worse thing with Microsoft’s console is the dual layer DVD, faster read speed was good at first but multiple discs are a bit of a pain especially when it’s more than three discs Sony made the right decision with using Blu-Ray even if load times are longer. The PlayStation 3 took a while to take off but it has shown in the last few years with great exclusive titles, my best memory of the PS3 would have to be the PlayStation Plus subscription and the value you get from it, even with Microsoft’s late inclusion of Games for Gold it just doesn’t compare to Sony’s PlayStation plus. The thing I won’t miss on PS3 is its slow operating system and layout it’s just not as fast and easy to navigate as it should be. Best software for the Xbox 360 would have to go to Halo 4 and on the PlayStation 3 you can’t go past The Last of Us. Moving forward and saying hello to the Xbox One on the 22nd of November and the PlayStation 4 on the 29th November we will have new exclusive software to look forward too and the truth is these machines are a lot more on a level playing field than last generations. I’m most looking forward to the upgraded power for multi-tasking during gameplay, more online opponents and hopefully some nice constant 60fps gameplay. The extra power will make a difference and should make for some interesting software in the next five years I’m excited and cannot wait to see what the talented people in this industry come up with!

Nick pearce (









dead rising 3 The Dead Rising franchise has gone from a niche product to a console frontrunner. Not bad for a franchise that Capcom never wanted to release. According to Keiji Inafune (creator of such iconic Capcom franchises as Mega Man and Resident

Capcom Zombie franchise, Resident Evil. Taking influence from the iconic George Romero zombie films, Inafune-san wanted to offer gamers and zombie fans a different type of zombie game. Instead of a survival

was released in the console’s infancy, it pushed the console to its limits. Arguably ahead of its time, Dead Rising managed to have competent graphics met with a large and open shopping mall, littered with weapons,

“If you are a fan of zombie or open-world games, be sure to pick up a copy of Dead Rising 3 with your Xbox One..” Evil), Capcom did not see the potential in Dead Rising (or Lost Planet) as a series and instead, wanted their developing teams to focus on refining and developing sequels to existing games, such as Street Fighter. Thankfully, Inafune-san was able to convince Capcom to take a chance on Dead Rising, which he promised to be a truly different experience than the other long-standing

horror title (where ammunition is scarce and combat is largely in cramped small rooms and corridors) Dead Rising takes place in large, open areas with hundreds of zombies on screen at once.

equitable items and up to 800 zombies on screen at once. There was nothing else like it at the time. It was an instant classic.

With Dead Rising 1 and 2, a certain element of comedy Because of this, difficult design was present. Whilst certainly choices had to be made. After violent games, they contained all, there was only so much that elements of comedy that saw the Xbox 360 could handle many dub the games as “fun, and even though Dead Rising but silly”. With Dead Rising 3,

game’s single-player campaign mode, but friends of players controlling Nick will be able to play as him when they join their friend’s game. Details are scarce, but at the very least, there are co-op vehicles and naturally, the fun and chaos can only be doubled with a friend.

many zombies on screen at once, which looks to enhance the nightmarish atmosphere established in previous games. Dead Rising 2 introduced us to “combo weapons”, deadly Dead Rising 3 is a an Xbox One weapons created by mixing 2 weapons together, such as a exclusive, and also a launch water pistol filled with gasoline, title. It takes place in a new or a slegehammer tied to an location, the fictitious city of axe. These weapons return in Los Perdidos, California, and Dead Rising 3, but players also features a new protagonist, Nick Ramos. In it, Nick must use now have the ability to create “combo vehicles”, modified his skills to find survivors and find a way out of the city before vehicles which looks to truly decimate zombie hordes. a military strike wipes out the Also making a return, is the city and its inhabitants. co-operative multiplayer from Instead of a mall or casino strip, Dead Rising 2. Instead of Dead Rising 3 takes places in a player 2 simply being a clone of the game’s protagonist, whole city, which is reportedly “larger than the worlds of Dead Capcom have introduced a new character, Dick, into the Rising 1 and 2 combined”. game. Dick will also exist in the There are also three times as there looks to be a significant change in gameplay, while still retaining the elements that made Dead Rising a huge success.

format: XBOX ONE


In addition to the new vehicles and weapons, Capcom have also utilised the Kinect and Smartglass. Kinect will be used to shout to survivors and distract zombies but be careful; omit a sudden noise and you may attract a horde of hungry zombies. The Smartglass functionality includes the ability to mark the map with highlights, as well as calling in airstrikes and other military actions. With so many titles coming this November, gamers could be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices available. If you are a fan of zombie or open-world games, be sure to pick up a copy of Dead Rising 3 with your Xbox One, you won’t want to miss out.

WRITTEN BY nick getley (WWW.STICKYTRIGGERentertainment.COM)






Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One Zombie Outbreak Hydro Bugout Tactical Backpack Zombie Green Tactical Tomahawk



Selected stores only.While stocks last. Must be 18+ to purchase.Ask staff for details.



NOw available!

Overworld Deluxe Set! $ .95

Minecart Set



Hostile Mobs


Snow Set


pop! fold! play!

Utility Pack


Animal Mobs

Shelter Set

$14.95 $19.95





MAD MAX Max is back, and boy is he mad…someone’s taken the Interceptor, he doesn’t even have an Australian accent, and everything he knew and experienced has ceased to exist.

this time it isn’t a Pursuit Special with a fake supercharger. It’s something that the game call a ‘Magnum Opus.’

Whatever that is. Mad Max is, as the game designers put it, an open world, postAt least that’s what Avalanche apocalyptic vehicular combat game. Players have the will have you believe in their upcoming title Mad Max. Whilst opportunity to design, find parts for, and build their very cashing in on the famous own Mad Max vehicle, which Aussie franchise, they’ve they can customize and build already confirmed that the

weird and sinister characters. Max also has a mechanic sidekick named…Chum Bucket (Avalanche warned that many of the names throughout the game are a little left field), who helps Max throughout his quest. Just what exactly the end result of this quest is, we are yet to find out. The wasteland is your own, eradiated playground. There are seemingly infinite side

“Having the guys who brought us Just Cause 2 behind it, you can expect a heck of a good time exploring the environment.” storyline will be an original, all new adventure, with virtually no tie in to any of the movies. That’s okay though, because I think Mel Gibson and Tina Turner are far too old for a comeback anyway! Max does have his faithful car, although

to their own style of combat. Whilst the game is marketed as vehicular combat, fear not, this isn’t the original Driver where you’re stuck in the car. Being open world, you can stroll throughout the wastelands at will, discovering all sorts of

quests, random encounters and settlements to either make friends with or burn to the ground. Mad Max’s developers also promise an immense and broad single player experience, something that a lot of games tend to leave out

nowadays. Multiplayer hasn’t been confirmed or denied, though with the single player promising to be hours of exploring and fighting this may not be an issue. Since when did Max have friends anyway?


Having the guys who brought us Just Cause 2 behind it, you can expect a heck of a good time exploring the environment. The map has been confirmed to be the same size as the immense JC2 map, only this time it isn’t all islands and tropical paradise. You’re alone, in the desert, surrounded by death, destruction and weird people. This is the Bad Lands, and you can either fight those who populate it…or become one of them. JC2 also didn’t feature multiplayer, and we all saw how much of a hoot that was. This time around though, don’t expect any Zeppelin strip clubs…well, at least that we can confirm anyway. Max will have access to weapons, both on foot and for his motorized arsenal, which he can scavenge for as he explores the world’s most violent sandbox. And from what the developers have promised so far, he is certainly going to need them… Mad Max will be out across all next gen and current gen platforms and PC. Exact release date is yet to be announced.

format: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PC | XBOX ONE | PS4

Out: 2014 TBC



NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS There’s a touch of irony to the name of the newest Need For Speed offering, Rivals. In the market of open world street racing titles Need For Speed is practically the only participant, and it has shown in recent years with Hot Pursuit, The Run, and the 2012 rehash of their famous Most Wanted title (which was kind of a letdown. Where was Cross and his ‘vette?)

bars (and seem to have a seemingly infinite budget. How does the government afford these things? I guess that’s why the U.S shut down recently…). More importantly, each title stuck to its ancestry of exotic police chases, with a few simple changes each time. Rivals looks to be a similar offering, only this time they’re looking to make it more interactive, more personalised

throughout career mode. As usual the line-up of vehicles is pure automotive porn, which also features a return to the series for Ferrari after 7 long years. There’s the usual Muscle cars, Tuners and ‘you’ll never see one in real life’ exotics, with both the racers and police having access to them. Car customisation has also improved from Most Wanted, with players now able to paint

“As racer you have access to the fastest cars in the world, and some little tricks up your sleeve to make sure the 5-0 doesn’t ruin your leisurely drive in the countryside.” Each title has promised the same thing-the fastest, most exotic cars on the planet, high speed thrills and spills as you tear apart the road and a police force that will stop at nothing to throw you behind

and with more ability to choose their vehicles, install aftermarket a side than ever before. wheels, and create their own custom paint jobs and liveries Rivals features the ability to which can then be saved and play as both the Police and shared. the racers, with the ability to switch between to two Career mode looks to be more

personalised than ever, with several different ways to level up and earn cash/points as you progress. As racer you have access to the fastest cars in the world, and some little tricks up your sleeve to make sure the 5-0 doesn’t ruin your leisurely drive in the countryside. As the police, you too have access to the ‘sexy enough to marry’ car collection, with some tricks of your own such as spike strips, EMPs, roadblocks and helicopter air support to make sure you can stop those hoodies in the stolen Datsun. Playing as the police was lacking in Most Wanted, so it’s nice to see them make a playable return. A new feature for the police includes the ‘undercover car’, who’s trailer reminded me somewhat of the intro for the original Most Wanted. As you become more infamous as a racer, the police will begin to recognize you, and call you out as a marked man/woman during chases, meaning you can’t always rely on other racers to distract them. Rivals is looking to be more intense and action packed than previous titles, with a police force hell bent on your destruction. Don’t like that idea? Jump the fence and be the fastest arm of the law instead. Risk Everything, Trust No One!


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ryse: son of rome A new console is all well and good, but what use is it without any games, especially exclusive titles, to play? Famed developer Crytek and Microsoft look to be attempting to answer this question for the Xbox One with gorgeous and brutal looking Ryse: Son of Rome. Ryse: Son of Rome follows the story of (fictional) Roman

the past wrongs done to him and his family. Real excitement has been generated around Ryse’s gameplay which looks to be an interesting and innovative hybrid between action game, quick time event, and a pinch of grand strategy. However, these aren’t your daddy’s quicktime events. Marius often finds himself surrounded by

on the success of his block. Crucially, the combat feels powerful and weighty; the player can feel the raw power behind each of Marius’ moves in both his parries and thrusts. When he’s finally defeated an enemy combatant Marius can perform an extra bloody and over the top attack: an execution. There are over 100 of these special moves and they are dependent

“with a combination of interesting story, visceral and exciting looking gameplay, and gorgeous visuals, Ryse: Son of Rome must just become a conqueror in the vein of its namesake..” General Marius Titus. Players take control of Marius and will follow his life from childhood till he fulfils his destiny as one of Rome’s greatest military leaders, and all the while hellbent on gaining revenge from

enemies and has a variety of equally brutal and stunning moves to despatch all of them. The combat is reactive as Marius blocks and parries the opponent; he can exploit openings he creates based

on environmental context and the success and flow of the combat; a suitably epic execution will accompany Marius flawlessly disarming and mortally wounding his enemy. Promisingly, Crytek has

employed Roman combat experts teach them how Romans actually fought so that the motion captured brutality of Marius is just as accurate and visceral as it would have been for real Romans. There are also some light RPG elements in the Perk system which allows players to tailor Marius to their own fighting style and allows them to gain rewards in either XP, health or focus, Focus is a special resource that, when a sufficient amount is amassed, can be unleashed to allow Marius to truly unleash his killer techniques. Ryse also allows for the player to control Marius’ legion simultaneously via Kinect voice commands, adding an extra layer of strategy, though not too much about this feature has been revealed so far. Additionally, Ryse also boasts a recently announced co-op multiplayer function where the player creates their own Gladiator and enters the arena and fights alongside their friends for Russell Crowe levels of glory. With 11 maps available at launch and a veritable legion of exciting modes, Ryse looks to have lasting potential beyond its epic campaign.

Since the release of Crysis Crytek has become synonymous with games that have truly gorgeous graphics, and Ryse looks like this reputation will remain justified. New consoles often don’t have the best of graphics at their launch but Crytek looks like they have pushed the Xbox One into already exciting territory. Made with the proprietary Crytek Engine, live demos of real-time gameplay have yielded visuals as dynamic and exciting as the pre-rendered cut-scenes of this generation. As an exclusive launch title, Ryse is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for Microsoft trying to get you to hand over your hard earned cash. But with a combination of interesting story, visceral and exciting looking gameplay, and gorgeous visuals, Ryse: Son of Rome must just become a conqueror in the vein of its namesake and a compelling reason to pick up the Xbox One.

WRITTEN BY alex holmes (WWW.STICKYTRIGGERentertainment.COM)

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DARK SOULS II Dark Souls. The name alone is enough to send some into a horrific Vietnam style flashback reel, and not without reason. Dark Souls (and its spiritual predecessor for that matter) are incredibly notorious for their punishing difficulty, harkening back to some of the more old school RPGs of decades past. Demon’s Souls, the original title of the Souls series, was primarily cult driven.

the series have been rejoicing these past few months upon hearing of Dark Souls II. That’s right. Namco Bandai is giving this bad boy a sequel. Of course, when a game is slated for release in March 11 2014 it leaves you enough time to debate possibilities. But debate in excess can lead to panic. Panic made no less prevalent when you hear

task of unravelling the world in the hands of the player who would have to eke out details from item descriptions and cryptic dialogue with less than trustworthy characters. The directors have since apologised for the casual use of ‘accessible’ and went on to say that the implementation of accessibility in no way makes the game any less challenging. The issue with Dark Souls and

“Dark Souls II seems to be shaping up nicely. The fears of it being made more casual have been put to rest, leaving only fears of the despair that made Dark Souls the monster it is today.” It was Dark Souls that was the defining moment for the series. This may boil down to the fact that Dark Souls ended up as a multi-platform game, whereas Demon’s Souls found itself restricted to the PS3. Veterans of

the new directors Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura talking of making the game “more accessible” and “more understandable”. This came as a shock to most of the fans, as its predecessor left the

(to some extent) Demon’s souls is that many of the core mechanics of the game baffled first time players. For example, the covenant system of Dark Souls (basically a PvP mechanic) was something

‘human effigy’ which replaces Dark Soul’s ‘humanity’ item.

decent physics in addition to the iconic grimy and bleak environments of the series. The art style doesn’t look to disappoint either. The beta has revealed enemies such as hulking, sickle wielding brutes and dark, sinister skeleton lords. There have even been some enemies that make a the player had to accidentally return from previous games. stumble across in order to Namely: Bonewheels. You access, some needing preheard it. Frustration incarnate requisites such as items or stats. is coming home. The system of The game made no attempt to ‘Humanity’ has been altered. point out to the player how the Instead of unintentionally system worked or how to even rewarding players for being access it. This is something the undead and avoiding online directors want make significant conflicts, those who die will alterations to. not become undead but will lose a segment of their total We have already seen some health upon respawning and footage from the trailer at E3 remain under threat of online 2013 and more recently in invasions. Total health will the beta. It looks absolutely decline every time you are stunning. We get more fluid killed until you have only 50 animations, breath-taking percent remaining. This can lighting and (surprisingly) be restored by consuming a

As was previously mentioned, the covenant system returns. All players can aid others in the form of ‘white phantoms’ to give hosts that extra bit of help when progressing through an area. But this time there is a catch. Phantoms only have a limited time in the host’s world. With every enemy killed, the timer jumps down by a number of seconds. This removes the possibility of phantoms babying players through entire areas as with Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. There have been 3 covenants revealed so far. One covenant that sends players into other player’s worlds as a black phantom, tasked with slaying the host. Another covenant sends players to the worlds of those who are at the mercy of black phantoms, tasked with defending the host and defeating the black phantom before returning to their world. The final covenant can be joined in order to receive the help of blue phantoms. With dedicated servers, we can expect to see the same high octane PvP action that has dominated the community of Dark Souls.

Not much information about the plot has been revealed. The story will allegedly follow the player who is attempting to find a cure for their curse. Presumably this curse is the curse of the undead which plays a very important part in Dark Souls. Whether or not Dark Souls II is a prequel or a direct sequel remains a mystery for now. We can only hope that the story remains cryptic, something which has greatly pleased veteran players due to the lack of hand holding and the added replay value. Dark Souls has dealt with the idea of parallel worlds and time travel as a way of explaining the PvP system. It’s entirely possible that Dark Souls II may be both a sequel AND a prequel. We’ll just have to wait and see. Dark Souls II seems to be shaping up nicely. The fears of it being made more casual have been put to rest, leaving only fears of the despair that made Dark Souls the monster it is today. ‘Prepare to Die’ was the lesson Dark Souls taught us, and no doubt we will have need of it again. But this time it will not be enough. Now we must go even further. It’s time to ‘Go Beyond Death’.


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THE SIMS 4 In 2000, Maxis introduced the world to The Sims. A franchise which has seen a multitude of expansion packs, updates and additional game play and after 13 years, The Sims are still going strong. Earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced they would be releasing the next addition to The Sims ‘family’ with The Sims 4. The Sims Studio vice president quoted that The Sims 4 will be the most

considering when creating the latest instalment and rebuilt The Sims 4 from the ground up. They simplified basic tasks such as trying to build a house which used to be a monotonous and frustrating task at times! Many a player (myself included!) would throw in the towel and look for a prebuilt home to move into. However, the inclusion of easy to use control options will allow

to room sizes with a simple drop and drag motion and have the game automatically apply the finishing touches with furnishings! Graphically, Maxis have come leaps and bounds with respect to the, well Sims. In the previous instalments, modifying and tweaking your Sim was done by moving sliders back and forward, however in The

“You still need to get a job, create friendships, make relationships, feed and clean your Sim to keep them happy... or depressed if that’s how you roll.”

So what’s in store?

those who would normally shy away from building a house from the ground up a reason to experiment and get creative.

Maxis have taken what avid Sim fans said they wanted hated and suggested into

For the first time, players can create a house with varying room heights, make changed

ambitious and best game they have ever made!

Sims 4 you have a handy tool called Create-A- Sim. Players will be able to manipulate and shape the face, body and features by the simple click of a mouse. The possibilities and personalities are only limited by the imagination!

The traditional gameplay hasn’t changed that much. You still need to get a job, create friendships, make relationships, feed and clean your Sim to keep them happy... or depressed if that’s how you roll. Emotion plays a HUGE part of the gameplay. Every relationship is interwoven to create a ripple effect that shapes the life journey of the Sims. For example, if a Sim is angry, they won’t socialise and the option to get into fights or be a total S.O.B will become available! The Sims 4 will be an single player game and will not require an internet connection to play, however you will require one for the initial installation. The added ability to play online with friends could have been a big bonus here, however there is nothing to say that this option won’t become available at a later stage. So whether you love them or hate them, there is no way you can deny the success of the worldwide sensation that is The Sims and they will be coming your way in early 2014!


format: mac | PC

Out: 2014 tbc



TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISON Everyone loves a good apocalypse. Whether it’s by pathogens, parasites, or paramilitary, some of the most compelling stories can come after everything has fallen apart. It’s in this spirit that we enter the newest chapter in the Tom Clancy conglomerate, The Division, bringing the series into the massively multiplayer fold.

collapse it does. As part of the eponymous Division, you are tasked with keeping order in a New York City crushed under the weight of its own infrastructure. With civilians fighting to survive, all power knocked out, and no authority to speak of, the entire city leans on you as its very last chance at survival. You are not safe – not even from fellow agents.

format. Despite the chaotic nature of a major city fallen to pieces, the tone seems to be a much quieter one than the standard MMO fare, far removed from the elbowjostling bustle of any World of Warcraft-style hub. Expect a lot more running than gunning and a strong focus on working together as a team to keep yourself and others alive. RPG

“The Division has no rules of engagement and no-one to answer to, so it’s down to the player to decide how they will interact with this new, stunningly bleak view of social ruin.” The hook this time is the fragility of society. An extremely stylish trailer released for this game paints a bleak picture of the world as it is today: a bloated, out of control nightmare of complex systems ready to collapse – and

What you do next is how the story unfolds.

elements mesh into this with a strong focus on scavenging, trading, and customization: Gameplay thus far looks to upgrading, crafting, and hold true to the tight covercustomizing an array of based shooting we have thousands of different weapons come to expect from this series and tools will allow you to merged smoothly into a larger make your agent truly yours, all

layered in via your smart-watch and go-bag without breaking the all-important immersion into this new world. Forging into new territory again, The Division will integrate with your smartphone or tablet as well. A friend can pilot a flying drone into battle alongside you, marking enemies, providing fire or buffing you up before soaring away. Where these crossplatform integrations often fall down is in benefit versus bother: simply put, if you have to stop playing, it had better be for something worthwhile. Ubisoft seem to have understood this, adding a fun and useful (but not vital) perk for the tablet crowd.

What it comes down to in the end is choice. The Division has no rules of engagement and no-one to answer to, so it’s down to the player to decide how they will interact with this new, stunningly bleak view of social ruin. This is not a world focused on you: when you see a building explode five blocks away and rain rubble onto the car-choked street, that’s someone else going about their own business, and it may not spell good news for you. Brimming with potential and tense atmosphere, the game looks to be asking one question: how do you save what remains?


format: Xbox ONE | PS4

Out: 2014 tbc



the elder scrolls online MMO fans have a lot to look forward to when Bethesda’s ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ launches, as do RPG fans and casual gamers. Imagine a world bigger than the phenomenal Skyrim, which visits all of the famed locations from previous Elder Scrolls titles. Imagine a living, breathing world, full of dungeons, treasure, beasts and towns. Imagine rewarding gameplay

Elder Scrolls games with the community-driven experience from MMOs, Bethesda are on track with creating one of the greatest gaming experiences ever. Players will be able to create a character from nine different races and join one of three factions, but tht’s not all. In the Elder Scrolls franchise, there are multiple guilds to join, such as the Fighter’s Guild, the Mage’s Guild, The Thieve’s Guild

series that the game has taken place during a time of great conflict. Set 1000 years before the events in Skyrim, TES Online sees three factions all fighting for control of the Ruby Throne. At the same time of this conflict, the daedric prince, Molag Bal, is attempting to merge his plane of Oblivion (basically, his region in the elder scrolls’ verion of Hell) with Nirn (the earthly realm in which

“One of the more interesting features of the combat in the Elder Scrolls Online is the “Synergy System” which encourages and rewards co-operative combat amongst different character classes.” that encompasses stealth, action, magic and exploration, and imagine being able to do all of that with your friends. That is the Elder Scrolls Online. Combining the rich lore of the

and more, each with their own the nine races reside), so there ranks and quests to undertake. are two main conflicts taking place within TES Online. Whilst all the Elder Scrolls games take place at different In addition to the usual timelines in Tamriel’s history, quests and MMO mechanics, this is the first time in the Bethesda are also looking

monsters and enemies on quests, players can join forces against other players in a competitve atmosphere, usually vying for control of an area or stronghold.

to integrate rewards for exploration, in a similar fashion to Guild Wars 2. As the Elder Scrolls games are always littered with various caves, ruins and various other mysterious locations ripe for exploration, it’s great to see Bethesda finding additional ways to reward the player’s wanderlust. Bethesda also stated that the player will be frequently confronted by choices, as with previous Elder Scrolls titles. Remember when you were meant to do something simple in Skyrim, such as deliver a letter, but you ended up at the top of a nearby mountain, or deep underground, searching for treasure and avoiding the perils of the creatures within? You will now have more incentive and more rewards for deviating off the path of a quest, should you choose, and as always, you can always come back to the quest later. One of the most popular features of a modern MMO game is the PVP (player Vs player) mode. In addition to the normal game, where players join forces and combine their skills against

(albeit much more refined) to the popular Mount and Blade games, but with more strategy.

One of the more interesting features of the combat in the Elder Scrolls Online is the “Synergy System” which In other MMOs, players encourages and rewards conormally have to be a certain operative combat amongst level to stand a chance or different character classes. even gain access to PVP A rogue can drop a bottle modes. With The Elder Scrolls of oil, which a mage can Online, Bethesda have made PVP accessible from the start of then ignite with a flame spell, the game, with measurements causing sustained damage in place to ensure that the gae against an enemy. There are many more examples of this, remains balanced between and I’m partcularly excited as players of vastly different the prospect of more direct levels. Details have not been divulged, but it is a noble goal, teamwork in co-operative gameplay in MMOs. In games and if pulled off, will certainly like World of Warcraft, you prove to be popular with normally have one or two players. classes that can “buff” another player (a buff is a positive Also different to other MMOs, status effect, like extra defense is the way Bethesda are for a short duration), but I designing the combat of the Elder Scrolls Online. In addition haven’t seen something as fun as the synergy system before in to the usual “quick skills” an MMO or an RPG. (where payers can customise their skills for easy access One of the problems that on the numerical pad of the player’s keyboard) all combat plagues MMOs is the lazy player. In other games, a player is live, with the left mouse can cruise through quests with button striking an enemy and other players and not really the right mouse button being ever need to help out because used to defend. It looks similar

loot and experience is divided equally. The Elder Scrolls Online is no different, but it does have a new system to weed out lazy players and ensure the existence of teamwork. “Finesse” is rewarded after combat in TES Online, and is a measure of one’s skill in combat. The more finesse you show, the greater your rewards for combat will be (including extra experience!). Each class has different actions that will reward finesse for different actions, such as well-timed blocks and strikes, interrupting an enemy’s attack, etc.

One and Playstation 4 sometime in 2014 (a release date has not been confirmed as of yet). If you’re new to MMOs or the Elder Scrolls, there’ll be no better time to join in than with the Elder Scrolls Online. It might just be the biggest and best Elder Scrolls yet.

WRITTEN BY nick getley (WWW.STICKYTRIGGERentertainment.COM)

It might sound like TES Online is complicated, but it looks to be rich in lore and highly accessible, and fairer to new players than other MMOs. It will launch with a subscription fee of $15 a month (with Bethesda hoping that Microsoft will allow Xbox silver members who subscribe to play the game too) and is coming to PC, Xbox

format: PC | XBOX ONE | PS4

Out: 2014 tbc


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WOLFENSTEIN: THE NEW ORDER I’ve always found it’s important to know your roots as a gamer. Just as music, TV and movies have important roots, so too does the video game industry. All great game genres have various iconic games and franchises that created them; Space Invaders gave birth to space shooters, The Legend of Zelda gave birth to RPGs and Wolfenstein 3D gave birth to first-person-shooters.

something different and mature from their games, and gave birth to a phenomenon.

a number of games including The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness) Wofenstein: The ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ New Order looks to further marks the ninth installment in incorporate the science the long-running series, and fiction elements from 2009’s the story takes place in an Wolfenstein, as well as add alternate version of the 1960’s, more variety the gameplay, after the Nazis won World War II. such as stealth gameplay and Players once again assume the puzzles. role of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz as he battles the Nazis across I recently sat down with some

“ has everything that a World War II fan and an FPS fan would like, namely precise and fun shooting mechanics, well-varied levels and over-the-top action, with a few puzzles and stealth thrown in.” Beginning on DOS, Wolfenstein 3D was not the first game to feature first-person gameplay, but its unique mix of labyrinthian castle levels and violent Nazi shooting won over gamers who wanted

Europe, acquiring Nazi superweapons to help he reclaim the world for allied forces. Developed by MachineGames (a newly-formed studio whose staff have developed

Bethesda staff as they took me through one of the levels from Wolfenstein: The New Order. While I enjoyed 2009’s Wolfenstein, I wasn’t particularly blown away by the game. MachineGames looks to be

better suited to the Wofenstein franchise, who have created a dark and clever title, with overthe-top action, fun exploration mechanics and rewarding gameplay. The level I saw was inside the castle, and finished at a Nazi weapons facility. Immediately noticable was just how good Wolfenstein: TNO looked. The guns looked great, the lighting was fantastic and the A.I were clever. We saw one particular section of the level multiple times, and in it, the enemies adapted their tactics to counter the player’s tactics accordingly. They attempted to attach from a distance behind cover when B.J. wielded a shotgun, they tried flanking when B.J. shot his assault rifle sparingly, and they tried other things to gain an advantage over the player. One part of the level saw B.J. needing to cross a gap between two platorms. As the bridge was destroyed, B.J. had to improvise. Taking his laser cutter, he then cut the supports for a model satellite, which fell from the roof and wedged itself between the two platforms. B.J. then accessed an elevator shaft. Climbing steadily towards the top, we were constantly barraged by falling debris and Nazi soldiers, which demanded quick thinking. These exploration sequences and puzzles added some needed variety to the Wolfenstein franchise. Another part of the mission involved a massive shootout with a Nazi mech (large bipedal assault robots) with a number of different approaches available. At one point, we

rained down on the mech with two shotguns that we dualwielded. Yes, you can dual-wield primary weapons in Wolfenstein: TNO and its an absolute blast. When we played the section again, we chose to cut the support links of a large V2 gas missile that was hanging from the ceiling. It crushed the mech instantly, and proved to be a much smarter tactic on our behalf. To say I was pleasantly surprised by Wolfenstein: The New Order would be an understatement. It came as a total surprise to me that the game looked as fun as it does, and it has everything that a World War II fan and an FPS fan would like, namely precise and fun shooting mechanics, wellvaried levels and over-the-top action, with a few puzzles and stealth thrown in. Put this game on your radar if you’re looking for an FPS with an entertaining campaign to play.

WRITTEN BY nick getley (WWW.STICKYTRIGGERentertainment.COM)

format: Xbox 360 | PS3 | PC | XBOX ONE | PS4

Out: 2014 TBC



TITANFALL Titanfall has the potential to be the ‘Next Big Thing’! It’s a brand new game, not a sequel but a fresh new setting, free to fully realise its own universe. Importantly it’s brought to us by Respawn Entertainment. You might remember them as the majority of the Infinity Ward Team who turned Call of Duty into the monster franchise it is today with CoD4: Modern

mech walker AKA Titans or a freerunning player sans Mech. Curiously, the game doesn’t feature any single player campaign; the game is purely online multiplayer. However, Respawn has promised that single player elements will be incorporated into what appears to be an expansive multiplayer experience. With the calibre of the developers behind it – these are the

the same time. All the regular FPS shooting mechanics are accounted for, but now it’s got a fresh coat of paint, new and exciting weapons, and everything polished to the nth degree. What makes Titanfall unique is its combination of Titan and pilot (the freerunning player) combat. Titans can fight Titans and pilots can fight pilots, but also titans can fight pilots. This results in

“Graphically Titanfall looks spectacular, and will be truly a sight to behold when the player is fully integrated into its immersive world. Warfare. So yeah, Titanfall is a big deal and looks to make a big impact on the First Person Shooter scene. Titanfall takes place on a wartorn planet and casts the player as either a pilot of a

people who made CoD the multiplayer phenomena it is today – a multiplayer only game with the scope of a single player campaign looks to be very exciting indeed. The gameplay is familiar and yet both fun and unique at

battlefields that are forever in flux and creates constantly unique battles and firefights. Pilots can often exit and enter Titans at will, allowing players to change their strategy as they see fit. Titans themselves are not heavy mechs, but rather

nimble walking one man tanks that are able to move fairly quickly. Titans possess a range of special abilities and unique weapons; among these come the ability to stop enemy ammunition in mid-air, and forms of anti-pilot countermeasures. Pilots themselves are faster moving than the Titans, able to run along walls and double jump and jet pack around thanks to some nifty technology. If Respawn’s pedigree is anything to go by, expect the controls to be sharp and responsive, as well as the weapons to be exquisitely balanced. Graphically Titanfall looks spectacular, and will be truly a sight to behold when the player is fully integrated into

format: PC | XBOX 360 | XBOX ONE

its immersive world. The world looks realistic yet retains its own style. The world design and colouration are a welcome deviation, however slight, away from the other top shooter franchises of CoD and Battlefield. Graphical lines look sharp and clean and give the world a sense of grit and realism, without making a muddy and dirty colour palette. Titanfall looks like it’s going to live up to its namesake: big, powerful, and exciting. If Respawn’s game lives up to their promises and the demos that have been shown so far, there will be a new king of FPS next year, as well as a compelling reason to get an Xbox One.


Out: MARCH 2014


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AION 4.0: DARK BETRAYAL The Dragon Lord Tiamat has died, but with her passing her evil plots to rule with an iron fist remain. Her betrayer, another Dragon Lord, Berita has control of one of the darkest secrets Tiamat didn’t take to her grave. If this secret is revealed, a weapon so powerful could be released which would allow the return of control the Balaur. With an abundance of MMORPG’s on the market

something different, something that excites them, something that steps outside of the square. NC Soft has delivered this with Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal. Since its release in June this year, Aion has been able to maintain the hype created at the E3 presentation by offering a sustainable, visually stunning world for gamers to explore. Aion not only has the traditional offerings and

Atreia where magic and combat coincides, you must choose a side and fly into action - on a dragon! As the hero, you will complete quests, fight monsters, participate in fierce PvP battles and conquer over a powerful race of dragons to claim territorial rights. Like many faction MMO’s, Aion requires you to grind away at several levels to

“These cards not only allow you to budget your in game spending, make a great gift for a fellow Aion player, but also stop the need for putting in credit card details online.” today claiming to be the best out there, the standard of game play, presentation and the expectations of the MMO players rise. They want

elements that an MMO player would expect, except game play has a twist - you are on the wings of a dragon! Set in the mystical world of

get your skills, abilities and ally levels up. However, is no pointless grinding in Aion as you converse with nonplayable characters and carry

out quests and objectives to collect, deliver and kill as part of your quest to thwart Berita’s plan. Now if you are like me, you may spend all the money you have collected along the way on silly things like a nice new pair of pants or a spiffy looking hat for your character. Your character may look fantastic; until you find out that at the next battle you kind of needed that money for some equipment! Never fear! Superior, Heroic, and Fabled grade equipment from the many vendors throughout the game can be purchased using NC Soft NCoin cards. Whilst the game is free to download, to make the most of it, sometimes you need a helping hand and the NC Soft cards are brilliant for this. Preloaded with a dollar nomination, these cards can be purchased from your local Gametraders store, redeemed online and the balance is credit to your Aion account!

These cards not only allow you to budget your in game spending, make a great gift for a fellow Aion player, but also stop the need for putting in credit card details online. If you are a fan of MMO’s, but you are looking for something different to the norm, I definitely recommend that you look into Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal. Aion is a beautifully presented mystical game with gorgeous environments and an enthralling story line that you will want to see through until you have victory!




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NCSoft NCcoin card review

lineage ii Since launching the original Lineage, NCSoft has enjoyed a lot of success with its series of MMO’s, and their latest title in the series looks to continue this. Set as a prequel to the original game, Lineage II has over 14 Million players worldwide, and their latest launch of the game, Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction was launched in

players have the option to customize and create their own unique character. There are over 30 classes and races to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, before launching into a world of split states struggling to be unified, with the players fighting to control each and every territory. As

squire! If you’re unsure where to start there are also several quests to help you acquaint yourself with the brave new world and the quests it involves. Alternatively you can jump straight in and begin murdering countless beats and enemies at will, whichever you prefer. Whether you’re a hardened veteran of sieges,

“Whether you’re a hardened veteran of sieges, quests and ye old beast slaying, or a wet eared pup who dreams of conquering the world, Goddess of Destruction has everything you need to defeat all those who oppose you across the land.” 2011 as a free to play, free to download title with the option of purchasing various in game items and themed packs.

with many MMO’s you will find yourself doing a lot of exploring, a lot of killing and a lot of looting.

Set 150 years prior to the events of the original Lineage,

Long nights of Red Bull and snack food lay ahead young

quests and ye old beast slaying, or a wet eared pup who dreams of conquering the world, Goddess of Destruction has everything you need to defeat all those who oppose you across the land. And it’s

you’re battling throughout a land of states trying to become a unified nation. Think of it as a medieval Soviet Union, only without the vodka and errant rocket mishaps.

8/10 quite a land to explore. Vast landscapes with many different terrains, it’s not an accident they refer to it as a Massive Multiplayer Online. Gameplay wise, the game focuses on battles against your various foes, and more of the player versus player combat that made the first Lineage such a hit with the online community. Players also have the option to acquire

a ‘pet’ through various quest completions. These pets are not the average household cat or dog, and these adorable monsters can accompany you on your travels and assist you along the way. Along with the combat systems there are also strong underlying themes of politics, economics and socialism, with various systems, attitudes and quests within the storyline focusing on them. It’s no surprise really, being as

The various theme packs and purchasable content available from NC Soft that can assist the player and enhance the gameplay, but isn’t required to complete your journey. It’s quite easy to download and play for free, however if you aren’t patient and can’t deal with the grind that happens in MMO, I recommend picking up a prepaid NCSoft Coin and top up your loot bags! So what’re you waiting for young pup? Pick your race, mount your steed, and ride off into the fray.

WRITTEN BY ben rachow (WWW.STICKYTRIGGERentertainment.COM)

$25 NCSoft LINEAGE ii Cards available in store NOW!




TMNT, POWER RANGERS & SMURFS assorted figure & coin pack


Red Genesect Collection Box


Legendary Dragons of Unova Collection Box



Kalos Starter Set Deluxe Decks

Black & White Legendary Treasures Booster


SWAPPz INTERNATIONal An awesome new collection of augmented reality toys are coming to Gametraders! First up, grab your free TMNT Mutant Rumble, Power Rangers Megabrawl and Smurfs World game app from the iTunes or GooglePlay online store to test the game out for FREE.

In the TMNT and Power Rangers game you can progress through different worlds, all the while building your character’s strength and abilities to level-up. Each free game consists of over 20 hours of game play. Want your strength to progress faster in the game? You will find PowerUp Coin foil packs in stores, each pack comes with 4 coins to help you fast-track your character’s abilities, get more bonuses and extend your game play!

The Smurfs World game and figures work in a similar way but instead of combating enemies you are collecting all the Smurfs characters in your village and taking care of them Tamagotchi-style! Keep your Smurf character happy by feeding them, washing them, playing the mini games to add more character attributes to your Smurf. Is your Smurf struggling to stay strong and healthy? Scan in some coins from the Power-Up Coin packs for an instant boost!

Head into a Gametraders store and find the new collection of Swappz figures so you can scan it in and unlock the character in the game. You need to do this to play the full game so get collecting! Find the entire Swappz Interactive figure and coins range at your nearest Gametraders store!


midnight launch Midnight launches are continuing to grow in popularity within the gaming industry for major releases, and Call of Duty Ghosts will be no exception! Gametraders Mildura and RGL Australia are teaming up to bring you the best midnight launch in town. The addition of the Gametraders Live room sets the store apart

monitors and 8 x Turtle Beach headsets! Between 10pm and midnight Tony, Lynne and the Gametraders staff will take care of your pre-orders and other gaming purchases, while we will be helping to entertain gamers with some mini competitions and more using some of the older Call of Duty titles. There may even be a few

to play some multiplayer matches against each other. Again if the interest is there, we will facilitate a competition and possibly have some prizes as well to spice things up! So if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of CoD Ghosts from Gametraders Mildura, we suggest you do ASAP. Then make sure you attend the midnight launch where there

“gametraders mildura and rgl australia are teaming up to bring you the best midnight launch in town!” from everyone else when it comes to gaming events and midnight launches. RGL Australia will be making the most of this new space, setting up our main stage equipment for gamers to use during the night - 8 x Xbox360’s, 8 x BenQ

prizes thrown in depending on the level of interest shown. Once it reaches midnight and gamers have picked up their copies of CoD Ghosts, they have the opportunity to use the RGL main stage setup,

will be plenty to see and do as we celebrate the release of the latest Call of Duty title. See you at the store around 10pm Monday 4th November! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!



This might be you. You wake up at 6. Another day another dollar as they say. You’re tired. You’ve been working for years making another person richer. Everyday is the same. Get up, go to work. Lunch if you’re lucky, then feel guilty when boss-man sees you taking your five... Then back at it. Suppose to leave at 5 but too much to do. Boss-man wants results, wants reports, wants their pound of flesh. Tired, tired, tired. Is this it? Is this what I studied for all those years. What about time for me? Enough.

TOMORROW This could be you. You wake up. Another day another great day. I’m my boss. I make the call. I decide. You jump out of bed. You grab breakfast and you’re thinking about that new game coming in today and all those customers who pre ordered to collect. You think about how much people rely on you cause they love games. Those new DVDs came in from the supplier too. Plus those very cool new figurines. It’s gonna be a good day. Your staff turn up, they’re happy to have a job, a boss that is fun. It’s gonna be a good day. Yeah you work hard. But it’s all yours. Yeah you’re busy. But you keep the money. You’ve got games, movies, collectables and consoles surrounding you. Microsoft and Sony about to launch new hardware. It’s going to be a golden time again. Excitement, powerful new consoles. All new games - life is good. Go play. Ready to take control of your life? Find out about owning your own Gametraders franchise and changing your today into an exciting tomorrow. Contact Managing Director and founder, Mark Langford on or call (08) 8338 2557.


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graphic novels



Gestalt Publishing

Milk Shadow Books

Story First. We have an abiding love of the comics medium. Our passion is evident in every title we publish.

Milk Shadow Books aims to publish the weirdest trips, strangest journeys, and assorted stories that make you laugh, think and gag.

Here are some of the Gestalt Publishing books now available at your local Gametraders store!

Here are some of the Milk Shadow Books now available at your local Gametraders store!


rwby Monty Oum, known for his dynamic animated action sequences, as seen through his hit online series Haloid and Dead Fantasy on YouTube, comes his latest project - RWBY. No you didn’t read that wrong, the ‘W’ in the title is not a mis-type but an acronym, whereby RWBY stands for the first letter of our four main heroines of the series Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang who all form as a team in their study at Beacon Academy. The series is set in an alternate fantasy universe where monsters run amuck and we source our power from what is known as dust. In this world Beacon Academy is a school that trains the country’s best and brightest to become Hunters and Huntresses to fight the monsters that roam this world and so focuses on their experiences.

There are clear influences from anime in both animation style and plotting that is sure to entice all you anime fans out there. Meanwhile the monsters and weapons are equally as creative as each other and lends itself to some breathtaking action sequences between them. Whether you’re a fan of Monty, himself, Rooster Teeth or anime in general RWBY is a series not to be missed. It’s a much watch for the sheer creativity and fun of it all.

AVAILABLE NOW on dvd & blu-ray!


RED VS. BLUE season 11

Your favourite rag tag group of good for nothing soldiers are back in the latest installment of Red vs. Blue!

After Project Freelancer has come to a close, all was right in the world‌except in the cases of both Red and Blue Team where peace and simplicity will forever be short lived. Just as they were in the process of being transferred back to headquarters our heroes find themselves to have crashlanded in the very same valley that they sought to escape from the very beginning. With no means of transport or communication they are forced to set up camp and hope for a rescue team that seems more unlikely as the days go by.

This series takes us back to the charm and humor that was in the very first season and serves as a brilliant segue way in to a new arc of misadventures for our favourite teams. Animation is once again brilliant and the action picks up pace near the climax and is sure to not disappoint.

Whether you’re a Red Team or Blue Team supporter this season is a definite must watch for all you fans and is sure not to disappoint!








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retro round up

BEST CAR GAMES OF ALL TIME! When we think of car games we traditionally think of race tracks and who can reach the finishing line first. In a computer game however, the humble motor vehicle is used for more than just racing. For this month I present to you my pick for the best retro games featuring cars (some that race and some that don’t) that have ever graced our computer or TV screens. In 1987 Software Invasion

in the fastest time possible. The graphics are colourful and the car is easy to control, though it is prone to breaking down. When this happens you have a minute to repair it and be ready to move on. Even though there was a track to race around there was a real ‘open world’ feeling to the game. The Amstrad, Commodore and Spectrum home computers also played host to the rather

world city. Often heralded as a precursor to Grand Theft Auto, this game still holds up after almost 30 years. The objective of the game is to take down the drug dealers by shooting or ramming their cars. If an innocent gets in the way, well... that’s collateral damage, isn’t it? Just be careful not to do it too often as you lose points! Carvup; released on the Amiga and Atari ST in 1990 was a

“..With an isometric viewpoint, a multitude of cars, weapons and upgrade options, Rock and Roll Racing would be my pick for receiving a 4 player HD release.” released Street Machine for the Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64. Street Machine was a fun rally car game that allowed you to drive around the countryside, trying to get around the track

excellent Turbo Esprit by Durell in 1986. This was the first game I played that gave you the ability to destroy other cars, deal with real life traffic situations and roam around an open

platforming game where the car had to drive around a wraparound level changing the platforms it drives over in a similar vein to Q-Bert. Simplistic in its execution, the game

entices you to keep having just “one more play”. Carvup also features speech, screaming at you “Uh Oh, Turbo!” when you have run out of time. When the timer hits zero the demon ‘Turbo’ is summoned to try and stop you. One of the first ‘battle racing’ games I ever played, Super Cars, was also released in 1990 for a multitude of systems, including the popular home computers of the day and the Nintendo Entertainment System. This was an overhead racer which allowed players to use a variety of weapons to destroy the other cars on the track, but watch out! If you didn’t buy yourself some armor as well you could end up being destroyed by your opponent’s missile! Featuring multiple cars and upgrade options, Super Cars set the standard for battle racing games for years to come. The sequel, Super Cars 2, released a year later improved on the formula, but its release was restricted to 16 bit computers and the Commodore 64.

Interplay’s 1994 classic Rock and Roll Racing would best be described as the love child of Super Cars and Super RC Pro Am. Well, I say ‘love child’ but it would be better described as ‘rebellious teenager’, as the One of the first 4 player games game has an attitude as well released on the little handheld as some of the greatest rock tracks to ever grace a classic in 1992, Super RC Pro Am for console. With an isometric the Gameboy features some viewpoint, a multitude of cars, of the best head to head racing you will ever experience. weapons and upgrade options, Rock and Roll Racing would be Viewed from an isometric 3D my pick for receiving a 4 player perspective, the game is a HD release. sequel to RC Pro Am on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Released on the Saturn in 1994, Finding 4 Gameboys with a 4 Sega’s classic racer Daytona Player adapter, 4 copies of the is my final pick for this list. The game and link cables can be difficult, but the end result is well arcade version was released worth it. All you need to do then a year earlier and allowed is to find 4 friends and you’re in up to 8 cabinets to be linked for hours of fun!

up for some great multiplayer action. Sadly the home system was limited graphically and in terms of multiplayer fun, but the Dreamcast featured some improvements. With that said, the Saturn port still is a good solid racer and is well worth adding to your video game library. Those are some of my picks for the best games to feature a car, though there are many more out there. If you have any you feel deserve to be shared with the gaming populace then let us know on the Gametraders Facebook page.



SPOTLIGHT ON HOT TOYS! If there’s one thing that brings the pop culture community together, it’s the love of movies – although gaming and TV are arguably as huge. And if there’s anything movie lovers crave, it’s memorabilia – those collectibles that you can display in your home that bring a nostalgic smile to your face, that geeky giddiness, and those positive brain waves as you remember your favourite quotes and scenes from the movies you love! That is why movie merchandise of all types has such a huge following, from kid’s toys to posters, all the way to hard-core prop replicas and costumes.

action figure arena, but not in the usual smaller action figure range that we’re all familiar with. The area that has grown in leaps and bounds, both in terms of the variety and technical prowess, is the 1/6th scale figure community. 1/6th scale figures – those figures that are a replica of a movie character at 1/6th the size – used to be a pretty niche market. However slowly but surely, more and more companies began making these figures based on characters in classic, cult, or even recent popular movies (and games too!!).

the benchmark in quality and accuracy is Hot Toys. In their early days around 10 years ago, Hot Toys made 1/6th scale figures based on older action classics such as The Terminator, Aliens, and Rambo. As their techniques improved, they acquired licences for some of the biggest movie series of the past decade. The Dark Knight trilogy, Alien vs Predator, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more recently the Marvel movies of Iron Man, Wolverine, and The Avengers have seen Hot Toys release some of the most accurate, detailed, and sought after

“The amazing detail in the head sculpt, articulation of the body, and the materials used for costumes has improved so much over the past few years.” One aspect of the collectible business that has shown massive growth over the past few years has been in the

Companies such as Sideshow Collectibles, Enterbay, and ThreeA are extremely popular, but the company that sets

movie collectibles in recent memory. So popular they are these days that they have a huge presence at some of

the biggest conventions in the world, such as the San Diego and New York Comic Cons. The amazing detail in the head sculpt, articulation of the body, and the materials used for costumes has improved so much over the past few years. From beautifully moulded hair to rooted hair; leather, rubber, and soft cloths of different textures; amazingly jointed and even seamless bodies; all aspects of the figures are so accurate these days it’s like having a little Christian Bale or Avengers team right there in your hands! And there’s no end in sight! Already for 2014, Hot Toys have announced 1/6th scale figures from hugely popular movies such as Man of Steel, Robocop, Iron Man 3, and Thor:The Dark World. Recently they’ve even branched out into the gaming realm, releasing figures from titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. Gametraders showed off a wide range of Hot Toys collectibles at this year’s Oz Comic Con, and will definitely be showing off more at the 2014 conventions! But be warned – once you start, it’s a very slippery slope and extremely addictive!! ;)

Well, I hope you liked that WRITTEN BY KHAI quick intro into the world of (kool kollectibles) 1/6th scale figures. My name’s Khai, from Kool Kollectibles, and in collaboration with Gametraders I hope to bring you more reviews, articles, and upcoming news on all that is kool and kollectible!! Make sure to check out the Gametraders and Kool Kollectibles Facebook pages for all the latest news, and subscribe to the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel so you don’t miss the video reviews and podcasts coming soon! Thanks everyone, and talk to you all soon!



Photography by David Love Photography

cosplay profile

Photography by David Love Photography

COSPLAYER: callie The popularity of cosplayers is growing and you need look no further for evidence then Callie Cosplay. Based in the U.S Callie is our interview of the month with photography by David Love Photography. Callie is not only a popular and accomplished cosplayer but she’s also a music management student, computer technician, model, artist and costume designer among other things. Live

Callie - tell us abit about yourself. Where do you live and what do you do with yourself when you’re not cosplaying? I live in Kissimmee, Florida and I’m currently a music management major in college. Besides Cosplay and being completely obsessed with super heroes, I am a classical musician, a writer, an artist, and a true geek!

Widow for the Avengers Premiere. There was an event called the “Marvel Movie Marathon,” and my husband had gathered a group of friends and family, designing our own costumes so that we were our very own Avengers group. For some reason, he put the most time and effort into my Black Widow costume. I remember the very first time I put on the costume and looked in the mirror, I didn’t

“ part about being a well known cosplayer is inspiring and encouraging others. People will share with me what they do, what they get excited about, and really welcome me into this great community.” Magazine took a digital trip across the net to talk to Callie about her passion for cosplay and her favourite characters.

Where and when was your first cosplay? Tell us about that. My first Cosplay was Black

recognize myself. It was in that moment that I fell in love with Cosplay, and all of the possibilities raced through my


Photography by David Love Photography

Photography by David Love Photography

mind altogether. It was the greatest feeling I’d ever had. I FELT like a superhero pulled straight from the pages of a comicbook. How was the experience? Did you find it overwhelming? The amount of picture taking and difficulty being able to walk from one place to the next without being stopped was very overwhelming at first. I remember coming back from a bathroom break and not being able to get back into the theatre because a mob of people with cell phones had cornered me, Nick Fury, and Black Panther. When that crowd passed, a new one was on the way, and Director Fury whispered into my hear in haste, “You better get out of here now. You have three seconds to spare. Go!” Do you have a favourite costume?

My favorite costume changes with the more I make. Currently, I would have to pick my 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora costume. The costume design is so unique and designing something in real life that looked so cool in 2D was quite the challenge. How long does it take for you to make your own costumes? They take weeks! The devil’s in the detail, and I start off making all of my costumes by taking care of all accessories first. I give myself about a week on all the accessories, and then I spend anywhere from 3-12 hours sewing the actual fabric of the costume. Tell us about the cons you visit - what’s been your favourite event? I’ve actually only been to one con, which was Supercon in Miami. It was so awesome, and getting into the con world

is a whole new thing from other smaller events and picture taking. When do you start planning your costumes for a con? As soon as possible. Costume planning is the most vital part of actually making a costume. It’s always good to decide what to do in advance, and then know what I need to do and give myself plenty of time. What’s the best part about being a well known cosplayer? The best part about being a well known cosplayer is inspiring and encouraging others. People will share with me what they do, what they get excited about, and really welcome me into this great community. It’s all a learning process, and the more we give to others, the more joy there is to be spread and shared.

Photography by David Love Photography

Photography by David Love Photography

Do you feel there is potential for being a cosplayer to be a career or at least provide an income? I Cosplay because it’s my passion...I love it. I’m blessed to have such an amazing family and fanbase, all of whom I consider friends, who are willing to invest time and money into my art. Right now, Cosplay pays for Cosplay. If in the future it grows to be a source of income to support myself and my family, then that’s fantastic. What advice do you have for people starting out in Cosplay? Perhaps tell us about some of the things to avoid and the things they should do when they are starting out. Avoid cell phone pictures! Also, manage your time when making the costume. Don’t

wait untitled the last minute to do something. Finally, what’s coming up next for you... do you have some events in the future you are planning to attend? Oh, yes. I’m going to be a special guest at AniCon in Guatemala. I’m also looking at scheduling other cons for the 2014 year.


Photography by David Love Photography

Max Usage 500Ml Daily: not recoMMenDeD for chilDren, pregnant or lactating woMen anD inDiviDUals sensitive to caffeine

Terms and CondiTions: CondiTions apply, see sTaff for full Terms & CondiTions. 1. The promoTion will be open from 06:00am ausTralian CenTral sTandard Time (aCsT) 30 sepTember 2013 unTil 12:00pmaCsT on 4 november 2013 (promoTion period). enTry in The promoTion is only open To sa residenTs aged 18 years and over; and aged under 18 years, who have obTained Their parenT or guardian’s ConsenT To enTer The promoTion. pre order Call of duTy ghosTs or buy a moTher aT evenT/greaTer union Cinema To reCeive a promoTion enTry form, CompleTe The enTry form (providing all deTails required) and plaCe iT in The enTry box provided aT The parTiCipaTing ouTleT. parTiCipaTing ouTleT is The greaTer union Cinemas arndale, evenT Cinema marion, gameTraders marion and eb games arndale (parTiCipaTing ouTleT). manual random prize draws will be ConduCTed aT The Cinema evenTs on The 4Th november from 9pm-12am from all eligible enTries reCeived during The promoTion (draw). winners will be drawn from The ToTal pool of enTries. The winners will reCeive The opporTuniTy To play Call of duTy in The nominaTed Cinema ThroughouT The nighT for a limiTed Time. seaTs are limiTed and CoCa-Cola amaTil CannoT guaranTee seaTs in The Cinema if aT CapaCiTy, The winners will be given prioriTy. promoTer is CoCa-Cola amaTil (ausT) pTy lTd (abn 68 076 594 119) of 40 mounT sTreeT, norTh sydney, new souTh wales 2060.

industry profile

Adrian and Michelle at the 2013 Gametraders Conference in Sydney


This month we caught up with Adrian from Gametraders Blacktown to see what’s what in the world of gaming, collectables and more. Here’s what Adrian had to say...

EzyDVD, which we ran very successfully for 5 years.

I am an extremely positive person, if you ask anyone that knows me well they will tell you that nothing ever phases me, I Blacktown is one of the newer just simply don’t see the point Sydney stores, how long has it of looking at any situation in a negative way. been opened? We opened our doors for the first time on Wednesday 28th July 2010. So our store has been opened for over 3

We have an incredible team of staff members that work for us, they certainly make each

With Christmas just around the corner and the new consoles coming out - do you feel this will be a new “golden time’ for gamers? I really hope so!! This will be the first time since we opened that a “big console” will be released. The only thing that concerns me is the likely lack of availability of them this side of Christmas.. but once availability settles down I am confident the two new consoles will be HUGE!!

“We have an incredible team of staff members that work for us, they certainly make each and every day at the store run as smooth as butter.” years already!! The time has certainly gone very fast! Tell us abit about you and your staff - what are your favourite games? I am 42 (yeah I know hard to believe!), married to my best friend ever Michelle and we have two fantastic children, Chloe and Blake. Gametraders is my second business we have owned, the first being

and every day at the store run as smooth as butter. It’s a great feeling that if needed I can spend a few days away from the store and know everything will go just as well as when I am there. My current favourite game is Grand Theft Auto 5, but my all-time favourites are – Portal 2, Bioshock, Jedi Knight “Dark Forces 2” and the Halo series.

Any thoughts on the new consoles? Will it be a neck and neck race again between Sony and Microsoft? Pretty sure they will take console gaming to the “next level” but I feel that the true potential for the new hardware will not be seen for at least 2 years. My feeling is that Sony will take the early lead in this race, but once people realize all the early negativity of Xbox One is not

Anime has always been a very popular category for our store. But the last 12 months has seen a large decrease in AAA Anime titles. Naruto Shippuden, One Piece and the Bleach series continue to be the biggest sellers but we need something new and fresh to really get things going again. Talking with Madman entertainment recently has me optimistic that Anime will be a lot stronger again in the near future.

justified, I do believe over time Microsoft will come out on top. What about Nintendo - any comments? I really do think that Nintendo has shown a lot more innovation than both Sony and Microsoft with the Wii U and the 3DS, but I feel the lack of “big name” titles has hurt them. Having said that Pokémon X and Y plus the new 2DS console has turned their fortunes around for now, I am very positive that we will be selling a huge amount of 3DS and 2DS consoles this Christmas.. can’t say the same thing about their WII U console at this stage.

pushing boundaries. These days games are starting to resemble movies which is pretty cool. I still have a soft spot for my retro games including Donkey Kong on Game Boy, Plok on snes & Tombi on PS1. Some of my favourite games include Need for Speed series, Battlefield, Uncharted & Tomb Raider. Favourite genres: Racing, shooters, action/adventure & retro. Shaun: What I love about games is that they provide a source of relaxation, after a long day. It enables me to visit places/time periods that I’ve never been to. Some

Walking Dead is pretty popular too - what sort of products does your store have for the fans? Yes, Walking Dead is continuing to go from “strength to strength”. We stock plenty of Walking dead merchandise - figurines, console games, graphic novels, swords, posters and board games. Finally, what have you got planned for the Christmas holidays - will there be events for customers? We plan on building on our experience we have gained this year, but just doing everything “bigger and better!” Since last Christmas we have introduced a lot more into the store including Comics,

“just doing everything ‘bigger and better!’ Since last Christmas we have introduced a lot more into the store including Comics, Warhammer and just recently board games.” We’d love to hear from your staff on what they love about games - What games and genres do Stephanie and Shaun love? Stephanie: The thing I love about games is that there’s so much variety out there and developers are always

of my favourite games include Hitman, Batman arkham series, Metal Gear Solid, GTA V and the Assassin’s Creed series. Favourite genres: Stealth, shooters, action/adventure & RPG. What about anime - any particular movies or TV shows really popular at the moment?

Warhammer and just recently board games. Events? Just in the planning stages right now, but will continue with our Trading card tournaments till at least the second week in December. So keep an eye on our Facebook page for lots of updates soon!


sony pictures

CARRIE Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) is a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore), who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom. Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King.

Only at the movies! November 28. © 2013 CTMG. All Rights Reserved.

we’re giving away 20 doubles to ‘CARRIE’! TO WIN A DOUBLE PASS, Watch the trailer FROM THE WEBSITE ABOVE & FB inbox us the answer to this question! 1. What flag does Carrie move when she looks out the window? Please note: You must be 15+ to enter. Trailer is kind of scary!






























































Ingle Farm

No current tournaments.


Weiss Shwarz - Saturday 2pm

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Tuesday 6pm

Macarthur Square

Yu-Gi-Oh - Wednesday 6pm

Yu-Gi-Oh - Wednesday 5:30pm

Magic the Gathering - Friday 6pm (Arrive 5:30)


Mt. Barker

Yu-Gi-Oh - Thursday 6pm, Saturday 2pm

Yu-Gi-Oh - Sunday 4pm

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Sunday 2pm

Magic the Gathering - Saturday 4pm

Weiss Shwarz - Saturday 10am School Holiday Additional Tournaments:


Yu-Gi-Oh - Monday, Wednesday & Friday 2pm

Yu-Gi-Oh - Wednesday 4pm

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Tuesday & Thursday 2pm

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Friday 4:30pm Pokémon - Monday 4pm


Magic the Gathering - Monday 6pm

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Saturday 12:30pm

Yu-Gi-Oh PRO (Paid - $10) - Sunday 1:30pm





Yu-Gi-Oh - Saturday 10am, Tuesday 6pm

Magic the Gathering - Thursday 5pm, Sunday 2pm Yu-Gi-Oh - Sunday 10am Cardfight!! Vanguard - Sunday 12pm All TCG Casual Play - Sunday 10am - 4pm TCG WEEKLY SPECIAL: 15% off TCG Stock every Sunday!

HIGHPOINT Yu-Gi-Oh - Sunday 5pm Magic the Gathering - Sunday 5pm

MILDURA Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering and Cardfight!! Vanguard every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Click here for times and event details.

Yu-Gi-Oh - Saturday 10am, Sunday 10:30am Cardfight!! Vanguard - Sunday 2pm

Pokémon - Monday 6pm

Yu-Gi-Oh - Saturday 12.30pm

in-store tournaments!

Magic the Gathering - Thursday 6pm




Yu-Gi-Oh - Sunday 12:30pm


Chermside Please check their facebook page.

Logan Hyperdome Magic the Gathering - Friday 6pm Yu-Gi-Oh - Sunday 3pm (Register 2:45pm, book in advance to secure a spot). Cardfight!! Vanguard - Dates announced on FB Pre-Releases and Special Tournaments announced on facebook.

Mackay Yu-Gi-Oh - Sundays 3:45pm Cardfight!! Vanguard - Monday 5:45pm Magic the Gathering - Friday 6:15pm

Morayfield Please check their facebook page.

midnight launches SA



Call of Duty Ghosts: Held at Event Cinemas Monday 4th November 9pm - Midnight For your chance to play games on the big screen at Events Cinema Marion pre-order Call of Duty Ghosts from the Marion store & head along there Monday night!

SEAFORD Call of Duty Ghosts: Monday 4th November Check facebook page or see staff for details! Xbox One: Thursday 21st November from 9pm


Macarthur Square Xbox One: Thursday 21st November from 9pm

MILDURA Call of Duty Ghosts: Monday 4th November 10pm - Midnight Xbox 360 LAN Set up!

click on the stores name to check out their facebook pages!







Find your nearest store... South Australia Ingle Farm.................................. (08) 8265 7283 Marion....................................... (08) 8296 1144 Mt Barker................................... (08) 8391 6300 Salisbury.................................... (08) 8281 0966 Seaford...................................... (08) 8327 1966 ACT Hyperdome................................ (02) 6293 3751

New South Wales Gametraders LIVE Penrith.........(02) 4731 3894 Blacktown................................. (02) 9676 1411 Macarthur Square (Campbelltown) (02) 4620 0750 Parramatta................................ (02) 9633 2833

For more info visit: Queensland Chermside................................. (07) 3861 5000 Logan Hyperdome..................... (07) 3801 5599 Mackay...................................... (07) 4944 0998 Morayfield.................................. (07) 5495 7705

Victoria Bacchus Marsh......................... (03) 5367 0717 Highpoint................................... (03) 9317 0188 Mildura....................................... (03) 5023 7702

Gametraders L!VE Mildura Opening Soon!

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