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t’s hard to believe that the Xbox 360 was released almost 8 years ago, with the Playstation 3 launching shortly later in 2006 (Japan) When the Xbox 360 came out, Nokia was still king, and the iPhone wasn’t released for another 2 years. How the world changes in such a short period of time. It’s still early stages, but we’ve been teased by both Sony and Microsoft on their upcoming consoles – The Playstation 4, and the Xbox One. The Sony presentation focussed on games and being a unit for gamers, with notes on how much easier it will be for developer to program on the platform. The Xbox One launch was significantly more broad, with the unit attempting to be the one (pun not only intended, but reiterated throughout the launch conference) unit that people will need for entertainment, with strong media interconnectivity. Without a doubt more features will be fleshed out come E3 2013, but for the meantime see below for a round-up of the upcoming systems.

Xbox One

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With a strong push on doing more than just gaming, Microsoft is trying to position the Xbox One as the single (read: One) console you will need in your living room. They showed off various media features such as TV integration, movies, cable TV, music and more, and all with the user able to instantly switch between them instantly using the controller or voice commands. The Xbox One will ship with an updated Kinect unit, complete with a 1080p camera, advance motion detection and microphone. The preview demonstrated how users will be able to speak commands to the Xbox One to switch between a game you’re playing and a movie you’re halfway through. You’ll be able to turn the console on with a simple command such as ‘Xbox on’.


With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Skype, as expected it has been integrated from the get-go into the console. You’ll be able to have a Skype session running simultaneously during a game, or while you’re watching a movie, including group sessions.

With TV integration being a key feature, Xbox One will feature a full TV guide that details program listings, as well as allowing you to control it using voice command. Want to watch channel 7? Not a problem, just say ‘Go to Channel 7’.

Gaming Terms such as “Cinematic realism” were used to describe the gaming experience and it is expected that a next generation console will up the graphic performance of gaming. The Xbox One is promising high end graphics to immerse the gamer in their gaming experience. During the reveal Microsoft showed off two new first party games, Forza 5 and Quantum Break . The latter mixes real video footage with gameplay and should be an interesting experience so long as the game footage keeps you immersed in your experience. Microsoft are investing in first party development to bring strong titles to the system and EA took to the stage during the reveal video stream to show off FIFA 14, Madden, NBA Live and a new UFC game. Finally Activision gave us a look at the new Call of Duty:Ghosts. Jump on to the official Xbox site for trailers so you can see the quality of the games. The new controller has been updated with over 40 design innovations and looks similar to the older controller but sleeker. The current 360 controller is a joy to use so we shouldn’t expect anything less with the Xbox One controller. No information on if SmartGlass may be used in the same way as the Wii U tablet. One cool feature revealed is a Game DVR where a player can capture a great gaming moment and share replays on social networks and Xbox Live. You’ll also be able to check out what your friends are sharing on Xbox Live.

Cloud Microsoft spokesman for Australia confirmed that Australia’s internet capabilities are more then adequate to deliver for Xbox One. Also confirmed that Xbox One doesn’t require an always on connection but it does require an internet connection to deliver certain things. This means that watching Blu-ray movies and TV and playing games won’t be interrupted if you lose your internet connection.

YEAR OF THE CONSOLES SPECS FOR XBOX ONE: FROM XBOX.COM... • 8 Cores An 8-core x86 processor lets you instantly switch between a game and your entertainment apps with ease.

• HDMI Pass-Thru Connect your cable or satellite box to your Xbox One and prepare for lift off. HDMI pass-thru enables you to watch TV through your Xbox, which makes switching inputs seem almost pre-historic. • Loaded with Memory C 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive give you plenty of memory for your games, demos, movies, apps, music, and more. • Blu-Ray Watch movies and play games in stunning HD with a Blu-ray player. releases when the 360 was in stores. The Xbox One is not backward compatible and will play pre owned games but we are not yet clear on the details.

PS4 Sony’s next console also promises great gaming thanks to the new AMD “Jaguar” 8 core processor and 8 gig of super fast memory. The Quantic Dreams demo showed off amazing lifelike facial graphics so you can expect even more realistic games then the current PS3. We’re still to have confirmation on what the new PS4 looks like but it’s likely this will be revealed at E3. Sony also featured a lot of game demos during their reveal but didn’t concentrate on the system being your total entertainment system like Microsoft did. The PS4 has a new controller with a touch screen and features a “share game button” allowing gamers to share gaming and have a friend jump into to your game to help through a difficult section.

Microsoft has also committed to stick with the current 360 Like the KInect system that monitors your movement and voice commands, Sony has the new Eye system which platform and support it for many years to come unlike is a camera that utilises two cameras with wide angle the original Xbox which was quickly dropped from new

YEAR OF THE CONSOLES lenses that monitor movement. The PS4 will again feature a Blu-ray drive but it’s 3 times faster then the PS3 player. Sony is also promising more synergy with their Vita system and it remains to be seen if they follow Nintendo’s lead of how games work with the smaller hand held and the console. The Wii U allows you to walk away from the Wii U and continue gaming on the tablet controller, will the Vita offer the same? We’ll see. Like the Xbox One, the PS4 will also have instant on as a feature, so no long start ups in the next generation of consoles. For the PS4 we are told a number of launch titles will be available including Driveclub, Final Fantasy, Kilzone: Shadow Fail, Watch Dogs & more. Check out our Facebook page for more from E3 in June from 11th - 13th.




eadpool is due in store on the 26th June, Deadpool promises to be a fun romp featuring the “merc with a mouth”... meaning he never shuts up and has two other voices living inside his head that constantly argue so you get the feeling Deadpool is insane but in a comical and fun way. The game is a non stop blast with lot’s of humour, sometimes a touch on the rude side but it’s all in good fun.

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Out 15th June

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the last of us.

Teased, previewed and shown off worldwide, June will finally bring us one of the most anticipated games of the year, The Last of Us. The PS3-exclusive title, centers on Joel and Ellie, two survivors trying to work their way through a post-apocalyptic America. Naughty Dog, the developers of Uncharted, Jak and Daxter and the original Crash Bandicoot games, have really outdone themselves here, with dynamic gameplay, incredible visuals, original character designs and a strong emphasis on story telling. The game focuses on the survival of Joel and Ellie who have met one another, after the United States declared martial law following an outbreak. The game follows the two as they move through different cities and encountering creatures, bandits and other citizens


hoping to just live another day. Things get even more chaotic as the military begin to show an interest in Ellie, and Joel grows worried about what she can do, how he can save her and why they want her back so much. The game has the usual gameplay you would expect from a survival style game. This includes inventory management, a bullocky melee system and finally, a very interesting AI system known as the “Balance of Power”. The “Balance” creates a dynamic flow of actions to give the enemies a level of realism and difficulty, while also adjusting to the players skills. The evolution in game mechanics have brought us so far and Naughty Dog is determined to take it even further by letting the players actions and available weaponry change the gameplay on the fly.

The game has a grim but distinctive style to its world taken from other apocalyptic films and books such as I Am Legend, The Road and The Walking Dead series. The story and how it’s told are key features to Naughty Dog and they have vowed to keep the focus around Joel and Ellie, while still creating a game truly about the preservation of life. Joel and Ellie will see humanity at the best and worst in the most dire of circumstances. The Last of Us has already won awards from almost every major game convention worldwide and early hands-on previews have said the game is engaging, fun, chaotic and indescribable experience that I’m sure most of the gaming population cannot wait to get their hands on. Written by Harrison Engstrom.


remember me: special preview.

Last month we reported on Capcom’s exciting new upcoming IP, Remember Me. And now so close to the games release, we’ve been being teased and hyped with new info and screens day in, day out. Capcom seem to really putting a lot of faith in this title, so we thought it fitting to take another look at what could be one of 2013’s true sleeper hits, and bring you a special Remember Me preview to show you just why this is one to be keeping a close eye on when it releases this month.

Setting the Scene Remember Me takes place in a futuristic vision of Paris, in the year 2084. Taking on a cyberpunk setting has been risky business in the last few years, the genre usually reserved for smaller titles aiming at niche audiences. But Capcom’s latest, developed by the indie studio Dontnod Entertainment, is trying to bring the stylish setting to the

masses. In the future, a global corporation – MEMORIZE – has developed a way for 99% of the population to actually access their memories, to file, arrange and even upload them through use of a brain implant. This has given the corp a true taste of control over almost the entire population, which they use and abuse to their will. Of course, with any powerful machine, comes an opposition. Enter the ‘Errorists’, a group of rebels fighting the man, and although doing it all the while with a terrible name, this bunch pose a serious threat to MEMORIZE, and play a major part in our tale. Players take the role of Nilin, a former ‘Memory Hunter’, who has had her own memory erased. Memory Hunters essentially deal with accessing other people’s memories, and stealing, altering or simply erasing them to suit their own, that is to say employers, needs. Who wouldn’t want the ability

xbox 360 . ps3 . pc

to go into the brain of another and make them remember something so very differently that it could well change their very persona? Powerful stuff, you see. Anyway, our heroine has her memory erased, and finds herself allied with the rebel group Errorists to fight her former employees and get her own life back. While not an entirely original premise, with the big corps, rebels groups and a thirst for revenge, Remember Me has an underused and wildly underappreciated style going for it which hopefully provides enough of an original quality to make the experience worthwhile. The storyline here is built upon a somewhat heavily developed backdrop, which to me gives the feeling that the developers are creating a universe here which they feel they’ll be able to revisit.

Be it direct sequels, or just the overarching setting being reused, I think Remember Me will be the start of something big for Capcom if it reaches the commercial success needed. Of course, a game aiming for the stars won’t often succeed with just a politically charged story. There usually needs to be a degree of the supernatural or a scare tactic. Cue Leapers, Remember Me’s answer to those who go bump in the night. Leapers are ‘memoryaddicted’ humans, who have become so warped from the abuse to their implant that they’ve grown into mutated, for lack of a better word, freaks living in the sewers below Paris. We’ll have to wait until the game hits shelves to find out if these Leapers are anything more than a generic addition to fit the common recipe for success, but I think if worked into the storyline well, could be a well implemented factor to both gameplay and pacing.


remember me: special preview.

Same old? Innovation. It seems a rare thing lately, with games coming out left, right and center all built upon the same archetypes and picked and plucked apart, rearranged and given new names to end up delivering the same old experiences with a new layer of polish time and time again. So what are Dontnod doing to ensure their title stands out? That’s an interesting question, as what Remember Me is promising is an ambitious mix up of gameplay styles, topped off with a little originality of its own. The core gameplay is a fairly standardized affair, allowing players to explore the areas and find their own path. We’re given choices for how to approach most scenarios, and can take some time to enjoy the scenery if we so wish. I’m not sold on the delivery of the gameplay at the moment, as from what we’ve seen it’s nothing that every developer and his dog haven’t been throwing together for years. Combat comes down to an intriguing new system though, letting the player actually create and edit their own combos from a number of attack and move types. You can test, reorganize and arrange your chains to fit your playstyle, and experiment to find the best combinations.

While I love the idea of what Dontnod are trying here, I am anxious to see it in a little more detail and experience it firsthand to see if it works as well in execution as it does in theory. But unlocking new moves and experimenting with countless combos certainly sounds like a fun way to add a layer of depth to the gameplay, which will hopefully give the game its own identity. After all, there’s only so much that can be done with a simple controller. Not all brute force though, Remember Me breaks things up with elements of stealth and platforming built into the exploration. Again, this is stuff that is certainly nothing we haven’t seen time and time again from all over the market, but is definitely a recipe for success when done right. If the developers can make the sandbox elements all work well with one another and offer up these personalisable experiences in a fluent and – most importantly – enjoyable manner, Remember Me will be a game that lives up to its promises.

xbox 360 . ps3 . pc

replay his or her memories. But not just content with watching them play out, players will be in control of manipulating the way the subject remembers the scene, by recreating it with slight differences. And through the butterfly effect, a little difference can have big effect. Some of these will be more open ended than others, allowing you to play around with the memory and have a bit of fun with establishing the outcome. Of course, others will have strict guidelines and require specific outcomes needed to advance the story. We’re yet to see the full effect of if choices here can effect much of the game or stories, but it’s a neat addition to an otherwise generic action formula.

Whonod Entertainment?

has some incredible industry talent working behind its doors, from Ex-Ubisoft and Quantic Dream staffers, to fresh industry talent. With a team of 70 minds working to bring Remember Me to life, I think it’s safe to say that although the name hasn’t been proven, Dontnod has some talent that I hope to see exercised here. With the release of the game so close, Capcom have to be crossing their fingers and hoping for the best with this, as for a title many years in development, Remember Me is shaping up to possibly be a very special game. With so much faith being put into a new IP with a niche setting, the game will have to be seven shades of awesome to deliver the goods of what we’re being promised. But with the titles unique features, and narrative driven gameplay, this could well be 2013’s sleeper hit. Stay tuned next issue for our full review.

Some may question the credentials of a developer who have come from obscurity, and seemingly don’t have any Written by John Elliot. published titles under their belt. But in my experience in this market, that can sometimes lead to the best titles when given the backing of a big name publisher. Need I remind Remember Me has another you of Rocksteady and their feature that will play a major groundbreaking Batman: part in the story and gameplay Arkham Asylum? itself. In an ‘interactive cinema’ styled mode, Nilin enters the It’s worth noting that while mind of her target, and can a new studio itself, Dontnod


metro last light.

Metro: Last Light is the second game in the Metro franchise and is based off of novels written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The premise is simple; a postapocalyptic Russia where humanity has been forced underground to live in the metro system and forge a semblance of normal life. As one would expect, a metro system is a dark and dreary place, and living there is not for the faint of heart. When pressed to describe just what the Metro games are like, I often say they’re a little bit like Fallout with a hint of Resident Evil. The first Metro game, Metro 2033, has an almost cult-like following. Some gamers have never even heard of the series before, but I believe Metro: Last Light has the potential to introduce many more people to this wonderful, vibrant, and challenging world.

xbox 360 . ps3 . pc

setting, you will need to scavenge for ammo and supplies. This is one area where I truly believe Metro separates itself from other shooters. You search for the common items such as med packs, ammo, bombs, throwing knives etc., but you will also need to find gas mask filters to use when you go above ground or venture into “hot zones. You have a meter on your left wrist that shows how much time you have left on the filter you are currently using. Once it reaches zero you either have to change it or quickly or get to a safe area - or you will die. It adds another dynamic to an already cruel, dark world.

Stealth in the metro is also a very viable solution to tackling a situation. If you are a fan of the run-and-gun style you can certainly play that way, although ammo will become At its core, Metro is a first scarce. Personally, I love person shooter with some sneaking through a tunnel, survival/horror elements unscrewing a light bulb, and sprinkled in. It plays exactly moving past my enemies so as you would expect a FPS stealthily they never knew to handle. To be honest, I was there. There are even the gameplay here is not achievements and trophies groundbreaking, but it doesn’t related to going an entire need to be. Metro is, and playthrough without killing always will be, greater than the anyone you don’t have to. As sum of its parts. Individually, much as I love stealth-based the parts of Last Light may be games, the one aspect missing average or just above average, from Last Light is the ability to but when they are combined distract someone. You can, they offer a visceral, engaging to an extent, by shooting shooter. lights or, but the true ability to As this is a post-apocalyptic distract a guard and get them

people who are looking for a run-and-gun, shoot everything and have big amazing set pieces like Call of Duty or Battlefield, this game may not be for you. However, for those gamers who have said at one time or another that they wish the gaming industry would try something new and fresh where endless gun fights do not define the story then this is certainly a game that should be on your radar. Few games offer such a rich setting with the epitome of suffering and survival that Metro does. It forces you to plan ahead with things like ammo In a survival/horror game ambient noise, in my opinion, is and filters and not rely on brute one of the most critical aspects force to pass a level. While there may be a few things that could of the game. It’s those little noises that make you hesitate, have been done better, the beauty of Metro is truly greater look around, and peer into than the sum of its parts. the dark depths of a corner hoping something doesn’t Written by Andy Gray. come charging out at you. One memorable experience for me was finding a colony of Watchmen. I could hear them all around me, growling, moving, and even eating. Yet, I couldn’t see them because they were in the walls. With the weapons and ammo that I had at the time, I became very anxious of what I was walking into. That combination ratcheted up the suspense of the entire encounter. to investigate, allowing you to choke them out or simply sneak past them, could have raised this game to a whole new level. While the graphics in Last Light will not measure up to heavy hitters such as Crysis 3, the visuals can be equally stunning. Looking over Moscow with a cracked gas mask, wiping rain away from your mask really draws you into the moment and you realize the extent of the devastation that you are living in.

I have made no secret to friends in the past that I am a big fan of Metro 2033. I have been looking forward to Last Light for quite some time. For



the walking dead.

After much praise online for the original PC release, the incredible emotional experience of The Walking Dead is now on consoles. The award winning game puts you in the shoes of Lee Everett. Lee joins a group of people surviving the undead apocalypse one day at a time, despite his own murderous backstory. Drama and conflict arise constantly as the game uses an interesting choice system to envelope you more and more into the story as it plays over five episodic stories focused around Everett and a young girl called Clementine. The gameplay isn’t too different from other TellTale interactive story titles. Much like the PC version, the controls are very swift and intuitive when you need to make a decision. Movement feels restricted but very rarely will you be stuck in The Walking Dead and it keeps

xbox 360 . ps3 . pc

the pace of the story running incredibly well up until the final moments. While some have decried the game as a mere point and click adventure title, the game’s story is so emotional and enjoyable, it’s hard not to shed a tear or two after each episode. To some it may be limiting, but often it’s really to keep everything on track and to keep the story moving along. The game employs an interesting animation style, closely resembling the comic book the games are originally based off. The cel-shaded animation very rarely detracts from the look of the characters and the emotion in their faces. The animators clearly used the scripted story events to their advantage by having the most amount of detail they could portray in the faces, especially when you’ve made a good or bad choice. I admit, it may

not be for everyone, but the graphics definitely are a background feature to the game; the focus is in the story and the characters. If you’ve ever wanted to look into a career in voice acting, pay attention to the work of the cast in The Walking Dead. The voice acting is astounding in this game and helps bring you closer to the characters. The music is not dissimilar to the wonderful work by the TV composer, Bear McReary, as it employs a lot of tense and moody tracks that create an atmosphere of despair and panic which always fits the situation. The main thing with The Walking Dead is there is always tension even in the silence. The ambient mix between the quieter moments of the game leads the more cautious of us to believe that the worst is yet to come. Overall, the sound of The Walking Dead is a natural, if depressing mix of

rural ambience and musical panic. While fans of the TV series may be disappointed with the lack of addition to the storyline, The Walking Dead video game stands alone as a memorable, moving and engaging experience that is hard to forget days after playing. Written by Harrison Engstrom.








Out 17th September


Out 5th November



TBC 2013

Out 21st November

Out 31st October

Out 30th August










HALO 4 FORWARD UNTO DAWN RUNTIME: 84 minutes RATING: M Special features: • Pre-release Vignettes • Corbulo Academy of Military Sciences Recruitment Video • Awakening a Sleeper: The Making of Halo 4 • Built for Battle Featurette Special features exclusive to Blu-Ray & DVD: • Behind The Scenes • Bringing Halo Into Reality • The Perfect Spartan • Rendering the Real: the Design • One Epic Tour: The Stunts of Forward unto Dawn • A Drive with Warthog Pete • Outfitting the War: The Costumes of Forward unto Dawn • The Final Arc • Tether to Digital Space


nchor Bay Entertainment is set to release the eagerly anticipated HALO 4 FORWARD UNTO THE DAWN on Blu-ray and DVD on 19 June 2013. Based on the record-breaking fourth instalment of the multi-billion dollar video game series, this is the first ever full-length live-action feature film for the


franchise. With

60 minutes of gripping special features and over 30 minutes of never-before-seen footage exclusive to Blu-ray and DVD.






For generations, humans travelled the stars and worked together to settle worlds under the banner of the United Nations Space Command. Peace is now shattered by insurrectionists causing a galaxy-spanning civil war. Cadet Thomas Lasky and his fellow students at Corbulo military academy now train to make this war their future. But Lasky is conflicted about his path, and his resolve is tested



when the academy comes under attack from a terrifying alien assault. Lasky and his fellow cadets fight for survival, only to find assistance from a mysterious ally – a mythic, armored supersoldier known as the Master Chief.

“..Never-before-seen footage exclusive to Blu-Ray & DVD” From the writers of TV’s SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND and SMALLVILLE, HALO 4 FORWARD UNTO DAWN stars Australian actor Tom Green (BENEATH HILL 60, HOME AND AWAY), Anna Popplewell (THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA SERIES), Daniel Cudmore (THE TWILIGHT SERIES, X-MEN THE LAST STAND) and Enisha Brewster (FOOTLOOSE). HALO 4 FORWARD UNTO THE DAWN will appeal to both long-time fans and newcomers to the Halo Universe.

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MANGA! What is Manga? Literally translated from Japanese, manga means “whimsical or humorous pictures”. It is the term that refers to comic books, often Japanese in origin and rendered in black and white. Manga refers to the format of the book and should not be confused with the genre. You can find many genres such as romance, mystery, science fiction as a manga. Manga is always a book; anime is the Japanese term for animated films that use a similar art style.

How to read Manga Traditional manga from Japan is the Japanese right to left reading format. To maintain it’s authenticity and stay true to the artist’s original creation, most

publishers will keep manga in that right to left format.

Types of Manga Manga can be broken down into several types of categories of manga. Two main categories are: Shojo (also known as shoujo): Manga aimed at a young female audience. Typically written by women, these stories are often romantic comedies or magical girl series. Shonen (also known as shounen): Manga aimed at males readers, typically action oriented and featuring a male main character. You can find all the latest Manga news on Madman’s pages on Facebook and Google Plus!


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ave a fancy for the supernatural wrapped in a mystery? Then look no further than in Dusk Maiden of Amnesia anime. The story focuses on Teiichi Niiya, a boy who can see ghosts which is perfect when his school has a legend of a deceased student named Yuko wandering the school’s halls. Yuko, however, does not

live up to her legend and is in fact more of a flirtatious ghost missing her memories than anything else. First impressions, however, can be deceiving…

the highlights of this series with its fantastic colour palette that truly reminds you of that twilight hour where everything takes an unearthly edge to it.

A unique blend of supernatural mystery and high school comedy, Dusk walks that fine line balancing the secret of Yuko’s past and the fun hijinks that can ensue in everyday high school life. The animation is one of

“A unique blend of supernatural mystery and high school comedy” Overall Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a title not to be missed with Yuko leading the charge you’ll know you’ll be in for a fun ride.

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ack in 1933 a couple of high school students created one of the most loved and famous superheroes of all time, Superman. Writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster created the character and sold their creation to Detective Comics (DC Comics) in 1938. While there’s been a number of retelling of the Superman story during what’s known as the “Golden Age” and the “Silver Age”, the basic story behind Superman is as follows: Superman is born on the planet Kyrpton as Kal-El and his parents knowing of their planets’ coming destruction, build a spacecraft to send the baby boy to safety. The space craft takes the baby to Earth where he lands in rural United States. The Kents, Jonathon and Martha, find the craft and the boy and name him Clark. In time they discover their adopted son has super powers but they teach him to use these powers responsibly and for good. Clark Kent chooses to keep his powers secret and creates Superman as his alter ego so that he can freely do good and fight crime whilst keeping his real identity secret. Eventually as Clark grows into manhood he moves to Metropolis and becomes a reporter for the newspaper, The Daily Planet. There he meets co-workers Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, along with the papers’ editor, Perry White.

Lois Lane, a journalist for The Daily Planet starts covering the sightings of Superman and although she is considered to be a top notch reporter she was unable to see through Superman’s disguise as the reporter, Clark Kent. In 1996 Clark proposes to Lois and they marry in the special edition comic, Superman: The Wedding Album.

“ 1933, a couple of highschool students created one of the most loved and famous superheroes of all time” In 2011 DC Comics relaunched the series with Lois now working for a media division of the Daily Planet and is not married to Clark Kent. Clark is her friend and Lois respects Clark as a journalist but she sees him as a bit of a loner. In this relaunch (or reboot) of the series Lois no longer knows that Clark is Superman but has suspicions. Want to know more about Superman? Check out the DC Comics pages at www. or read the many references on Wikipedia. Source for information - Wikipedia

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The Mirror newspaper reported in December 2011 that actor Nicolas Cage sold his very rare Superman comic first issue for around $1.5 million! Cage had bought the original which is in mint condition in 1997 when he was set to appear in a film about the Man of Steel.

NBC news online reported in January 2011 that a rare and pristine copy of a first issue of Action Comics which featured the first appearance of Superman sold for $2.16 million U.S. It was auctioned and reported to be the first time that a comic sold for more then $2 million. How much did it originally cost... just 10 cents!

Superman did die once in a battle with Doomsday. He saved the city Metropolis and defeated Doomsday but died in the battle. He was resurrected by the Eradicator shortly later.

The “S” on Superman’s costume isn’t just the S for Superman or his family crest, it is also a Kryptonian symbol that means “hope”.

Superman didn’t always fly! In the first 2 years of his adventures it was said he could leap an eighth of a mile which is 1.2 km. In 1941 he was given the ability to fly. He has amazing powers including heat-vision, incredible strength, X-Ray vision, arctic breath, super speed as in faster then a speeding locomotive (from the early days of Superman) plus many more powers.

Did you know Superman had a high school sweetheart called Lana Lang? He also had a number of other girls in his life but especially Lois Lane. Their marriage is recorded in the 1996 comic - Superman: The wedding album. But in 2011 the continuity of the DC Universe had been revised and they are no longer a married couple.

You can see the original first Action Comics cover showing Superman here!

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t seems like eons since there has been a Tenchu game. It has been 5 years since the release of the decidedly average Tenchu: Shadow Assassins on the Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP, and 7 years since Tenchu Z and Tenchu: Dark Secret were released on Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS respectively. It can be difficult at times being a Tenchu fan as many would argue that the series has been brushed aside while other more recent stealth-action franchises have gone on to see successive releases and increase in popularity, while the Tenchu franchise sits idly by, only fading more and more into obscurity.

While the last incarnation of the series, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins was met with a lukewarm reception from critics and series fans alike, this does not necessarily mean that Tenchu is no longer relevant. Far from it, with Stealth-action games making a recent comeback with Deus Ex, Hitman, Assassins Creed 3, as well as the upcoming releases of Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Watch Dogs, the time is right for Tenchu to make a glorious return. The Tenchu series began with Tenchu: Stealth Assassins on the PlayStation 1, with players assuming the roles of Rikimaru and Ayame, undertaking various missions in service of Lord Gohda. Tenchu was the first 3D stealth action game, with the roots of stealth gameplay going as far back as Metal Gear (1987), though some would argue there was a degree of stealth in Castle Wolfenstein (1981). Tenchu, however, utilized stealth in 3D environments and developed its own unique stealth gameplay, which would influence future titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Hitman and Splinter Cell. Players chose to play as either Rikimaru or Ayame, Rikimaru equipped with a single ninjato (ninja sword), and Ayame with two tantos. Rikimaru was deadlier

in combat, and Ayame being more agile, though weaker in combat. Both Ayame and Rikimaru could choose various items and traps to bring into their missions such as caltrops, smoke bombs and the legendary grappling hook, which acted as more of a zip-line, though capable of launching players onto rooftops and along gaps.

Generally, most missions involved either procuring a particular item, reaching a checkpoint, or assassinating a target, many of which acted as boss characters if the execution didn’t go as planned (which the story often dictated). Tenchu: Stealth Assassins was

succeeded by the prequel Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins, which depicted the ninja protagonists now as teens in their training. A third ninja, Tatsumaru, goes missing after a failed mission, loses his memory and defects to the Toda empire, threatening to cause a civil war if Rikimaru and Ayame fail to stop him and lord Toda. While the gameplay remained largely the same (although refined), one of the best new features present in Tenchu 2 was the mission editor, which enabled players to create their own missions, save them, and hone their skills or challenge a friend. The series then bounced development between developers Acquire Software and K2 Software, as well as publishing rights between Activision and From Software. Unfortunately, few of the later games have matched the critical success of Tenchu 1 and 2, and despite still being enjoyable games as well as the series flirting with concepts such as multiplayer and handheld

versions, Tenchu has been declining in popularity since the series’ inception on the PlayStation 2 and later consoles. A number of factors can be attributed to the decline in of Tenchu, from the rise in popularity of other stealth franchises such as Splinter Cell, to the major decline in popularity of Japanese games and traditional Japanese culture in video games. Gamers began caring less for a roughly translated story involving ninja, and more and more about stealth gameplay met with more familiar and more western settings, such as spies and open-world stealth-action games such as Hitman and Assassins Creed.

However, there is no direct competition with Tenchu nowadays, and having a ninja stealth-action game would be unique in today’s games marketplace. Considering how well From Software have done (both critically and financially) with the Demon and Dark Souls franchise, a similar open-world story could be told within the Tenchu universe, albeit with an emphasis on stealth and training. Upon playing the Tenchu games in preparation for this article, I’m happy to say that the gameplay still holds up today, even if the graphics are dated. The soundtrack is still fantastic and atmospheric, and the thrill of nailing a perfect execution (particularly on Tenchu Z) is still present. Imagine a Tenchu game with online features, such as a game mode where you have to infiltrate each other’s castles to assassinate each other’s rival lords, or another rooftop races. I can only hope that From Software realise the appeal for a new Tenchu is still there, and announces plans for a new Tenchu with online features and multiplayer soon. Hell, I’d even accept a single-player linear experience, as long as I get to lurk in shadows as a ninja again.



ith all the hype and excitement about a new Wolfenstein game coming out, I thought this might make for a good segue into mentioning that the unexpected has been done. By that, I mean making an Atari Lynx game based on the Wolfenstein 3D engine. Luchsenstein 3D is a tech demo for the Atari Lynx which includes two levels. Of course due to hardware restrictions like the limited RAM and processing speed, there are some things expected to be missing like secret rooms due to the additional bits in the game engine that the Lynx can’t handle. Otherwise the game itself runs on around 18-30fps on original hardware, which is pretty impressive considering the hardware. You can grab a copy of the ROM over at the Atari Age Forums The remake to Putty Squad has been announced by System 3. For those of you who don’t know, Putty Squad is an eccentric platform game series which has picked up quite a

cult following since its debut on the Amiga in 1992. Super Putty came out on the SNES in 1993 with a remake of the original Putty Squad coming out in 1994. The premise of the games revolves around Putty’s planet being taken over by an evil wizard, following which Putty must enlist the help of robots to build a tower high enough to get to the Putty Moon to reclaim his planet. The remake will be available on Playstation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Wii U, 3DS, Windows and OSX. For those of you who own a Wii U and are fans of the Famicom, you will want to keep an eye out for some newly released retro faceplates for your Wii U Gamepad. These aluminium faceplates will not only protect your front of the Gamepad but they also don it with the classic colours of the Famicom controller. Check with your local Gametraders store to see if they can get one of them in for you.




(Adelaide) Mega Toy Fair

Saturday 1st June Wayville Showgrounds 20th Mega Toy Fair held and each year there’s loads of old toys, collectibles, video games and consoles for sale and display. (Adelaide) Retrospekt 5th Anniversary Party Saturday 8th June Ghost Ships Bar (18+) Live chiptune acts & DJs, launch of new indie game Thrust Control, cosplay competition, high-score retro game competition with prizes, free to play retro game consoles around the venue. (Sydney) Pixel Sounds

Saturday 8st June Campbelltown Arts Centre 8bit music event featuring artists Little Scale, cTrix, Abortifacient, 10kfreemen, and Dot.AY performing live. Pixel Sounds is part of the International Symposium of Art (ISEA) and presented by SoundBytes. For more info check out their Facebook event here!

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hicago - It’s the name of an American city, a stage play and a well known band who have been performing for over 4 decades. Chicago was also the codename for Windows 95, the operating system designed to make using a PC easier for the average user. No longer did you have to configure your autoexec.bat and config. sys files to get the most out of your computer. Windows 95 was designed to be an all inclusive operating system that made it easy for the user to customise the layout, connect to the Internet, watch videos and play games. The first PC game which was advertised as a Windows 95 exclusive was Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure. A direct port of the Super Nintendo and Megadrive versions, the game also featured the original Pitfall hidden within one of the levels.

Sega’s legendary blue blur made several appearances on Windows 95. The legendary Sonic CD was the first game to be ported with Sonic 3D Blast and the Sonic and Knuckles Collection making appearances shortly after. Finally you could get the epic Sonic 3 with Knuckles on a single CD and not have to worry about buying both cartridges and having to lock them on to each other. The only problem with this collection is that the music from Sonic 3 that was composed by Michael Jackson was replaced in this version.

“ all inclusive operating system that made it easy for the user to customise the layout, connect to the Internet, watch videos and play games.


Other console ports that reached the Windows 95 platform included Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Battle Arena Toshinden 2 and Rayman among others. However the power of a PC with Windows 95 far exceeded that of a console, and there were plenty of games released that took advantage of this. There is no way possible to name all of the games released for Windows 95 in this short space, but here are a few of my favourites:

this one as this real time strategy game was initially playable in DOS.The map editor however had to be used in Windows and I spent a lot of time plugging away at map design. Unlike a lot of later real time strategy game map editors this one was very easy to use. The beauty of creating maps for real time strategy games was that you could play the map multiple times and the game would play differently each time.

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns. Lode runner was already a classic game which had been ported to a wide variety of platforms.The game is a single screen platformer which allows you to drill into the ground to either drop down to lower levels or trap enemies.You had to be careful though as these holes would quickly fill back up which could leave you trapped.

Little Big Adventure 2: The adventures of Twisen continued in this amazing game. Featuring breathtaking 3D environments this game allowed you to roam freely within most areas.Today it feels like a precursor to what is known as the “sandbox game” eg: Grand Theft Auto, Just Cause etc.

Warcraft 2: Actually I’m cheating a little bit with

for DOS? The answer is simplicity. Playing a game in Windows 95 meant no messing around with audio or controller options as these were managed by the operating system itself.This gave Windows 95 games a real feel of “pick up and play”, a trend that continued with Windows 98 and continues to this very day.


But what made Windows 95 the platform of choice when games up to this point had been made






ach month we’ll be talking to someone involved in the world of gaming, cosplay, anime or pop culture...

This month we’re profiling Cosplayer Black Cat who’s a regular at Sydney events. Gametraders: Tell us why you love cosplay so much? Black Cat: I love cosplay because it’s fun. It’s pretty simple! I always used to pretend to be a super hero when I was little and not much has changed. I grew up, made new friends, improved on my creativity and decided that I didn’t care what people thought of me! I wanted to do what I wanted without worrying about people calling me crazy or strange. Thanks to cosplay and it’s huge community, I get the opportunity to do just that! Gametraders: How did you get involved with cosplay and how did it grow from there?

Black Cat: Like a lot of cosplayers, I started by going to a con and looking around at all the people that worn costumes. I remember seeing people dressed from some of my most loved games and thought to myself,“I gotta get in on this action!” And get in on that action I did! Cosplay quickly became my favourite hobby so I started a fan page dedicated to the progress and growth of my cosplays. Gametraders: What is your favourite Cosplay look? Black Cat: It’s a tough choice! I’ve never done a cosplay I didn’t like but I think my favourite so far would be Lady Deadpool AKA Wanda Wilson. She’s such an awesome character with a lot of traits that I see in myself. She’s kind of crazy - Just my type! I tend to favour the comic genre of the popular japanese anime and manga cosplays. Gametraders: You attend quite a few events in NSW - what is it that you enjoy most about attending?

Check out more from Black Cat by visiting her Facebook page Big thanks to Andy Wana & Kris Ezergailis for allowing us to use photographs of Gabbie. Check out more of Andy’s work at: or Find more of Kris’ work at:


Black Cat: I attend as many conventions as I can, the atmosphere really makes me smile. I love watching people with similar interests under the same roof, talking about what they love and showing off the costumes that they’ve slaved over for months. I feel at home in these sorts of places so I make the most of them when I get the chance. Gametraders: Are you a Gamer too, and if so, what do you like to play? Black Cat: I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember! When I was young, I was always playing Ridge Racer and Tekken. As I got older, the racing games didn’t excite me like first person shooters, so I started playing Halo. Now, I’ve grown up even more and taken a liking to slightly more challenging games like Portal. My most loved game is Team Fortress 2. It’s always a laugh when you’re awake at 3am, wired on energy drinks and listing to hit songs from the 90’s.

It’s dark. You’re being hunted. React, hide... But don’t get caught. Grab it now on iTunes.



ustralia has some amazingly talented artists and we’re fortunate to catch up with Jin who’s a comic book artist who’s now released his own comic - High School Romance.

materials for varying clients. As of 2012, I have been developing my own independent comic series, High School Romance, which I have already released the first 2 issues. Issue 3 will be released late June.

Gametraders: Tell us a bit about who you are - where you started with comics..

Jin: Dragon Ball Z is what got me into drawing when I was a kid, but when I received my first ever comic (which was a Batman comic) I fell in love with the medium. You can literally create what ever story you want within the comics medium and for me, that’s way too enticing to pass up.

Jin: I’m a freelance comic book artist based in Canberra. I started off doing comics as a hobby, but as I drew more and more, I knew that this was my passion. Previously I had been a contributor to the very popular Sonic the Hedgehog fan web comic “Sonic the Comic Online!” I’ve also done freelance strips and artworks for magazines and promotional

Gametraders: What got you into creating your own comics?

Gametraders: Who inspires you? Jin: There are a lot of Marvel, DC and Manga creators that I look up to, but the people who inspire the most are my close friends who also work within

the industry. When I see them achieve something cool, it makes me want to go out and do better. Gametraders: What favourite comics are you currently reading? Jin: I’m loving a lot of Marvel stuff. Uncanny Avengers, All New X-Men, Deadpool and Daredevil. At DC I particularly love Batman and Flash, but currently my favourite comic is Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man crossover. It’s amazing. Gametraders: What do you hope to achieve in the future with your art? Jin: I’d love to work on some of my favourite characters at Marvel, DC, or even IDW. But mostly, I would like to see my IP like High School Romance recognised worldwide.

For more of Jin’s work and to purchase High School Romance check out




avengers fragrances



amers love talking games. They love discussing strategies, high scores, what they liked and what they didn’t. Social media sites such as Facebook gives all gamers a voice. In the past gamers were limited to how they could express their views on the latest game they bought. A letter to the editor or talking amongst friends face to face has changed to sharing experiences on social media and including pictures and video. Gametraders uses social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to share gaming news, show off the latest products hitting shelves and giving fans a place to hang out online and talk games!

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hen the game of Yugioh was first launched by Konami in 1999, a new era had begun in the trading card world. Since then, 47 different sets of boosters have been released, starting from the iconic first booster pack ‘Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon’ to the recent game changing set ‘Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy’. The game has certainly become more complex since it first began and 14 years later, it has evolved into a fiercer, competitive stage where it takes more than just luck to win games. It involves critical thinking of possible plays as well

as knowing what your deck is capable of in certain situations. It also comes down to how well you know the current meta decks being played and how you deal with it during game 2 with your 15 card side deck to minimize your opponents plays to your advantage. Seriousness aside, you can still enjoy the game by playing with randy themed decks from the show. Since I’m taking a break from the competitive side of Yugioh, I’ve decided to explore Winged-Beast type decks and what better way to show off Winged-Beasts is to play Mai Valentine’s most favourite monster, Harpie

Ladies! And with the new support from Lord of Tachyon Galaxy, this deck is able to compete with most Meta decks. If you’re interested in becoming a better a duelist, I urge you to attend our Yugioh tournaments held instore because the more you play with other experienced duelists, the more you’ll learn. And of course, don’t forget to take some advice from Yugi the King of Games and yours truly to always, always, ‘Believe in the Heart of the Cards’!

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Mock up of our first L!VE store. Final design may change.

New L!VE gaming experience coming soon! Gametraders are opening the first of their new “L!VE� stores in Penrith, New South Wales. L!VE is a brand new gaming experience, specialising in games, trading, cards and tournaments, Warhammer, cosplay, anime and much more! Gametraders L!VE is about you and what you love. Opening soon - stay tuned!

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