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Game changers magazine is a full color print and digital urban lifestyle magazine with focus in Entertainment, Politics, Education, and Community based initiatives as they relate to the urban audience. Targeting readers between the ages of 18 to 55, the readership is advantageous to advertisers. After years of thorough research and contributing to the best selling Urban Entertainment Magazines, Game Changers has developed a foundation that embodies the best attributes. Game changers differentiates itself from other entertainment related publications by covering the various facets of urban culture in a manner that is not only reader friendly but also well received equally by both male and female audiences. This is greatly due to our involvement in the community and our relationships which includes several of the most well respected community leaders offering a broad range of perspectives for our audiences reading pleasure. Our editorial staff not only writes about the urban lifestyle, we live it. You can expect competitive content due to our relationships with several entertainment/politically related companies. We would like to offer you the opportunity to have your clients, products, or services featured in various sections of our magazine. We support many entrepreneurs, business owners, elected officials, community leaders and small businesses in the community and supporting the fastest growing Independent Urban media outlet.

THE BUSINESS OF MARRIAGE ISSUE 2023 Spring Edition | Volume 6 Issue 29

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Servant Leaders in Every Sense:

Speaks on why Marriage is a Covenant between you, your partner and God,


Andreal Mallard is the Visionary behind Game Changers Media Network. His Vision was to be an African American owned Entertainment and Media company with a trusted and influential voice in the community. Andreal Mallard is Game Changers Magazine's editor in chief, Game Changers Media Network's Founder & President, the heart behind Streetz of Gentlemen & host of Voices of the Village podcast.

With the process of birth comes the process of pain. Marriage, in terms of today's mindset, is something like a relic of the past or a no-go for some people who are not willing to go through the experience of sharing their life with another person. However, God has blessed me with a unique group of individuals who share their stories of understanding the business of marriage. As for me, I've been married to my amazing wife, Tabitha Mallard, for going on 12 years, and the journey has been one I wouldn't trade for the world. We've created two beautiful girls together and have grown in many areas to get to where we are today. It hasn't all been peaches and cream, and it hasn't always been a walk in the park, but together, through counseling and growth with other couples, we've been able to create a system of balance to honor the "I Do, 'til Death Do Us Part." For us, home is the first order of business—before the careers, before the job, before anything else. What we manage every day is making sure home is taken care of. There have been times when I've done it all, times when she has handled everything, and times when we've done it together. Through the process, it was done regardless, underlying the end goal is to win together. It's not a 50/50 thing; it's a 100/100 situation where we bring everything we have to the table as one. 8 | GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE

We started our business as a couple from the day we were married to now building a call center business from the ground up, evolving into a media and advertising company, with additional business ventures in real estate investment, photography, and a little dabbling in the food industry. Some businesses make more than the others and some not as much—it's always been important to pour into each other's dreams and goals, always keeping God first and as the head of our union. I pray this publication empowers relationships and touches somebody's heart, taking them to their next level. I'm thankful for all the couples who shared their stories with Game Changers Magazine and look forward to all the awesome feedback from our readers on what impacted your life by reading this publication. Now that the baby is here and ready, feel free to share our vision and mission with family and friends, and let's shine a positive light on what marriage is designed to be and the purpose it was designed for. I dedicate this 6-year anniversary edition to my father and mother, the late Andrew Mallard and Arlene Mallard, who raised me and taught me to be the man I am today. Daddy, I've got this! #EEEsUp


No Place Like


The Inspiring Journey of Bruce and Toni Holmes: A Power Couple's Path to Success

Community Service and Beyond: The Rise of Bruce and Toni Holmes Bruce and Toni Holmes, a remarkable couple both locally and nationally, have become household names in the South Metro Atlanta area. But how did they get to where they are today? Their journey was fueled by a shared commitment to serving their community, especially families and children in the South Metro. Toni, as President of the Bruce Holmes Youth Foundation, played a pivotal role in taking the non-profit to new heights. She led curriculum development, exposure trips for children, fundraising initiatives, and organized the renowned Bruce Holmes' Commissioner's Ball. Both educated in the Big "10" universities, they united to establish the Bruce Holmes Youth Foundation, a mentoring program that has positively impacted their community for over a decade. Active members of numerous organizations, they dedicate themselves to serving Metro Atlanta communities.

love & marriage

Navigating Challenges and Balance Keeping work from consuming personal space is their main challenge as a couple in business. The Holmes overcome this by designating quality time for each other, safeguarding their personal connection.

From Community to Business: A Dynamic Duo Bruce and Toni aren't just community servants; they are also partners in various successful businesses. As President and Vice President of BIG "10" Development, their construction and media companies thrive under their combined strengths. Their union translates into a winning formula, extending to HR consulting and more.

Balancing Passion, Work, and Love Juggling home, community, and work might seem overwhelming, but the Holmes have mastered the art of balance. Their shared mission and natural alignment in purpose keep their fire alive. They believe in their work and community engagement, but they also value their time as soulmates. Their strong connection naturally extends to all aspects of their lives.

Media & Community: Bruce Holmes' Journey Bruce Holmes' journey into media began with an opportunity to become Executive Producer/Host for The Black Vote on Nubian TV Network. Despite limited experience, his partnership with Game Changers Media led to his introduction to media. Recognizing the need for accurate local news, Bruce ventured into media to provide legitimate information to South Metro communities.

Toni Holmes: A Brilliant Leader Behind the Scenes Toni's brilliance is evident to anyone who meets her. Her innate leadership skills have shone in organizations like the Henry County Chamber and the Piedmont Rockdale Hospital Authority. Currently a lead executive over Talent Management for Rockdale County, her reach extends to national leadership roles with the National Association of Counties (NACo).

Key's 2 Success

in Couple Entrepreneurship

Looking Ahead: The Holmes' Next Chapter The Holmes have an exciting chapter ahead. Their commitment to moving their community forward and contributing to progress drives them. As upcoming elections approach, they continue working towards progress and prosperity in Henry County.

Just Do It: Take the leap. Communication: Keep the dialogue open. Praise Each Other: Acknowledge strengths. Share Credit: Avoid disputes over recognition. Mutual Support: Stand by each other. To learn more about their inspiring work and endeavors, you can follow Bruce Holmes on YouTube and across social media platforms @brucebholmes_10.



Cigars Vodka

Written by Richard Stewart

UNDERSTANDING THE BUSINESS OF MARRIAGE Regi and Pamela Myles are, in many ways, the quintessential definition of the term “Power Couple.” As the owner/founders of Jerome Renee Premium Cigars and Vodka, they know a thing about teamwork, communication, trust, and, well… Cigars and Vodka! When it comes to how they got started, Regi gives all credit to his wife, Pamela. “It was her idea. She did all the research for it. We were both Vodka drinkers, but we couldn't find anything on the market that we enjoyed. We like it neat, like most vodka connoisseurs. We couldn’t find anything that didn’t leave us with headaches, calling in sick the next day. Pam came to me and said, 'Hey, I want to start my own Vodka brand!'"


This decision would be as positively fateful as it is groundbreaking. Pamela is the only Black female vodka brand owner in the entire state of Georgia.

Although it has been a swift rise, the couple has faced their fair share of challenges on the road to success. Everything from being seen as “too small” a company to distill, distribute, and sell their own product, to being questioned on their knowledge of liquor laws when it came to selling their liquor in stores. "How can you sell liquor and not know the liquor laws?" Regi asks incredulously. Like any self-respecting fast starter, Pam had already done the research to begin the process when she first had the idea to create her own vodka brand. “This is my brand, and these are OUR brands as well, so we are top to bottom the brand, the sales, the distributors—we are the ambassadors. We represent our brands from top to bottom. I don’t want to put our brands in someone else’s hands. This is our baby; these are our products that we've put everything into. We are the ones who will care for how they are represented in the brand's image—for ourselves and for the community.”

With this much passion, desire for success, and the willingness to put in the work, it's easy to see why the brand has taken off in such a short time of existence. Pamela says, "We are doing the groundwork. So you’ll see me or Regi on a Friday or a Saturday at a liquor store or restaurant doing a popup, telling them about our brand, introducing ourselves to the community. The response we get is, 'Hey neighbor, nice to meet you. Would you like to give us a try?' I can’t tell you how many people have asked me to sign the bottle because they’ve never met a brand owner. Not just a vodka brand owner, but a cigar owner." It is these personal touches that set this brand apart from everyone else. "When you start a business, it takes on a different feeling when you put your name on it. This is not a one-off thing. I don’t want you to feel as though we are against celebrities speaking about our product, because we have. We've had the privilege to meet a lot of great celebrities. They’ve posted and are consistent with us. But we are building a legacy here. We want to be here 150 years from now. We don’t mind taking the steps instead of the elevator. Great taste lasts forever." TWO BRANDS



However, the couple dedicates just as much time and the same discerning eye toward their cigar business. Regi cleared the market value of his cigars. "To be a true cigar aficionado, you have to have deep pockets. It's like many of our hobbies; it requires dedication.

But the uniqueness is that we're not limited to where it can be carried. How it's packaged ranges from your fine lounges to your package store, corner store, vape shops —anywhere with a license to sell it."

Pamela continues, "With the cigars, Regi took the time to find the brands he liked. Jerome is his middle name, Renee is my middle name. That's how we came up with the name Jerome Renee premium cigars." GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE | 13

The hard work is paying off in massive dividends and growing notoriety as a premier alcohol and cigar brand, ready to dominate the market not just in Georgia, but around the world.

Regi quickly explains that packaging is everything in this business, just like product placement in stores and bars. "In our business, placement can be crucial. It used to be that if you were on the top shelf, you were one of the best products. Now that people are changing the way their bottle is made, it can't fit anywhere but the top shelf. So it's a marketing game," he continues. "Everything about this has a connection to us. That's why we're passionate about it. That's why we're meticulous about it. It cannot be understated how significant it is that Jerome Renee has its own distribution company, making it possible for them to ship their products faster and more efficiently, while keeping that money 'in-house.' The decision was born out of dissatisfaction and being dropped by their distributor at the time. Pamela explains indepth, "We started becoming a distributor because we were with a distributor, and the results we were seeing weren't good for us. After so many setbacks, we had spent so much time and money, and they were seemingly intentionally doing things that would set us back. After the Super Bowl, we said, 'Hey, we will never let someone else control our destiny.'"



Who are the Dixons and how did you get started in the logistics business? We are a blended family from Pensacola, FL, and Philadelphia, PA, who moved to Henry County with a couple of dollars and a dream. We are two passionate entrepreneurs that have put God first and found success in the logistics space. We started off in entry-level logistics jobs as a warehouse clerk and truck driver. We brought our unique skills, strong industry relationships, and combined 30 years of logistics expertise together to establish our business, SCALE Logistics.


Q & A with the Dynamic Duo Behind SCALE Logistics When most people see your story online, they say you’re a couple that makes love look good again. How important was it to learn your partner's love language and pour into each other, showing value in your spouse? We always have people tell us we are "couple goals," and they can’t wait to be blessed with a partner. Behind the cute videos and photos, there's a lot of prayer, tough conversations, and a willingness to be our best selves in our relationship. With a 13-year age difference and very different personalities, it was critical to build a solid foundation of understanding each other's needs, wants, and desires. Understanding each other's love language helped us love, support, and pour into each other the way we individually desired.

What roles do you both play in the business, and how do you ensure your team understands your vision and mission?

With spending most of your time together, how do you prioritize individual growth?

As CEO and COO, we both operate every process in most areas. Shay Lynn handles new customer acquisition, marketing, and new hire training. Demetrius oversees Carrier Partners and compliance. We established standards for company culture, vision, and mission—being transparent, accountable, and proactive. We communicate values in meetings and actions, ensuring our team aligns with our vision.

While we prefer each other's company, we intentionally create space. We maintain separate offices, pursue individual hobbies, and spend time with friends independently. Setting time for selfreflection, self-care, and new hobbies allows us to grow individually and enhance our partnership.

How can couples thrive first at home before going into a business together?

You are active in community service. Why is this important to your business values?

Like a business, marriage requires a strong foundation. Lay this foundation by involving God in every decision and plan. Spiritually connecting helps in moving forward in business and home life. Clear communication, shared goals, mutual trust, and prioritizing individual growth are key. Open dialogue, shared vision, and trust form a thriving partnership.

We believe in giving back and uplifting our community. Investing time and resources uplifts the community's development, making it better for all. Contributing through scholarships, donations, mentoring, and volunteering aligns with our values and strengthens our community bonds.

What was your journey like getting to where you are today? What key factors and times helped you work together as a team?

What are 5 tips for couples going into business together?

Our journey wasn’t easy, but we understood the assignment. With clear expectations, goals, and non-negotiables, we got married after previous marriages. Life events like our son's epilepsy diagnosis, moving to a new state, and pandemic challenges forced us to rely on each other. Adversities united us, building deep trust, increasing our faith, and making us a team. Now, when trials come, we overcome them together.

Be Real: Acknowledge strengths and areas for growth. Assign Roles: Share responsibilities to avoid overburdening one person. Set Boundaries: Balance business, family, and personal time. Have Weekly Meetings: Stay aligned and provide feedback. Leave Work at Work: Define working hours and cherish personal time.


Their Vision What is the process like separating home life from business life, or does it all play into one big ball of success? As busy entrepreneurs who work from home 80% of the time, there is no separating home life from business life. We struggled early on with managing our blended family of 6 kids and 5 grandkids. We felt stretched and overwhelmed. We changed our mindset, structuring our business and home to promote work-life inclusion. This means structuring our days around meals and family activities as much as possible. This way, we are present for each other, available for our kids, and building our business simultaneously. We work while on vacation, find balance that works for us, and invest in technology and virtual assistants to save time.

How can people find out more about your business and follow you online? Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn: @scalelogistics @shaylynndixon. For freight management requests: Email us at or Visit our website: Follow us for the latest updates on social media.




Navigating Love, Ministry, and Marriage




for Starting the Marriage Business at Home 1. Alignment: Ensure alignment between business and home life. 2. Prioritize Marriage: Dedicate quality time to nurture the marriage before business. 3. Mutual Support: Be each other's biggest cheerleaders.


Navigating Love, Ministry, and Marriage Servant Leaders in Every Sense: Brandon and Erica McCrae might humbly claim they're not special, but their commitment to serving God and their community speaks volumes. Leading worship at Gathering of Champions in Marietta, GA, Brandon is also a talented musician, episcopal consultant, and Erica serves her community through various organizations. As project manager at Cricket Wireless, she contributes to her local community through organizations like the National Council of Negro Women, Top Ladies of Distinction, and the NAACP. With their new business, Homewatch CareGivers of McDonough, they extend their service to the senior community.

Pouring Into Others: The Ministry of Love

Ministry flows naturally from the McCraes' shared love for God and their open book approach. Their transparency, an integral part of their ministry, stems from their experiences. Raised in church, Brandon's family background set the stage for his ministry role, while Erica's journey led her to establish a women's ministry and nonprofit. Both understand their roles and their shared calling to serve in the future. Changing the Marriage Narrative: Beauty and Challenges With a commitment to balance and transparency, the McCraes counter the narrative that marriage is either idyllic or laden with suffering. Through Facebook "Lives" and social media, they emphasize that marriage is both beautiful and challenging. They provide a realistic perspective, highlighting the hard work and dedication required for a healthy relationship. Their journey is a testament to the value of challenges in making marriage truly worthwhile. Navigating Struggles and Communication The McCraes openly admit that they're an ordinary couple with their own set of problems. Communication and balance remain areas they consistently work on. Prioritizing quality time is crucial for maintaining intimacy and preventing the relationship from falling into routine.

Love Language of Music: A Harmonious Connection Brandon's musical prowess is renowned, and while music doesn't solely communicate his feelings, it has played significant moments in their relationship. Although not their primary tool, music has created meaningful connections and special memories between them.

Empowering Women: Erica McCrae's Passion Erica's passion for helping women sprang from a divine calling in 2018. From hosting women's conferences to encouraging fellow queens, her journey fuels her mission to empower women in their relationships with God.

Addressing Past Trauma in Marriage The McCraes emphasize counseling as vital for addressing past traumas affecting marriage. They've personally experienced its benefits and recommend it to others, helping them navigate challenges that could otherwise threaten the relationship's foundation. Transparency as a Ministry Asset The McCraes believe in transparency to avoid giving a false impression of perfection. Their honesty reflects their belief that marriage is a daily "yes" to each other, both in good and challenging times. The journey of Brandon and Erica McCrae embodies the power of service, love, and transparency, providing an inspiring model for thriving marriages and impactful ministry.




& her

Navigating Love, Business, and Blended Family:

The Inspiring Journey of Antonio and Margo Taylor

A Chance Encounter: How Their Journey Began Love and Teamwork: The Glue That Holds It All Together

A Real Partnership: The Foundation of Their Success The Power of Relationships: Turning Contacts into Collaborations

From Cops to Entrepreneurs: Building Sheek Studio

The Quest for Personal Freedom: Platinum Luxury Fleet

A Future Built on Love and Shared Dreams

Marriage, work, children, blending a family, and entrepreneurship – a complex mix that might seem daunting to many. However, for Antonio and Margo Taylor, this blend represents an opportunity to excel, both in their personal lives and as entrepreneurs. Hailing from South Georgia, this power couple demonstrates that with determination and teamwork, success is attainable on all fronts. In the words of Margo, "You see couples and people on social media or events, but you really don't realize the effort required to cultivate a strong partnership – especially for those looking to get married." The couple emphasizes that their journey isn't picture-perfect, yet their authenticity and dedication to overcoming challenges have been instrumental in their success. Their journey began when Antonio became Margo's training officer during her transition into law enforcement. Their professional camaraderie blossomed into a deep friendship and eventually evolved into a romantic relationship. Despite their busy lives as police officers and the challenges of raising a blended family, they managed to prioritize their connection.

Written By Richard Stewart Their entrepreneurial journey started with Margo's leap into the world of lash extensions while still serving as a cop. Antonio's unwavering support encouraged Margo to pursue her dreams. Eventually, their combined efforts led to the creation of Sheek Studio, a venture that symbolized their teamwork and dedication to mutual growth. While the success of Sheek Studio is a testament to their determination, it's essential to note that their journey wasn't a quick triumph. After dedicating eight and a half years to law enforcement, Margo's decision to establish her business in their home's basement was backed by careful planning and prayer. The couple's unity was again evident as Antonio supported Margo's transition from policing to entrepreneurship. Antonio's pursuit of personal freedom motivated his business endeavors. For him, the 9-to-5 job lacked the freedom he sought. His dedication to financial independence led him to create Platinum luxury fleets, which provided a safe and luxurious transportation option.

“I love the man that you are and if our sons can be a portion of that I am okay with it." - Margo

Antonio's entrepreneurial spirit also made him realize the value of relationships in business expansion. Collaborations with notable names like Coke and INT are a testament to the power of connections. The couple's commitment to each other and their blended family is a cornerstone of their success. They believe that open communication, support, and carving out dedicated time for each other are vital for both their marriage and business growth. They actively advocate for conversations, empathy, and maintaining clear boundaries between work and personal life. As Margo succinctly puts it, their journey is guided by "a lot of prayer and trust in each other." Their blended family and unwavering support for one another exemplify their faith in their partnership. Their commitment to building their marriage and businesses simultaneously is a testament to their dedication and determination to succeed on all fronts. 24 | GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE

When you've decided on your cover story, come up with a list of topics for your feature articles. This can range from interviews, product reviews, human interest pieces, and even lists. Think about what your audience would be interested in and get writing! Again, choose engaging photos and graphics to accompany your words, as these also help catch your audience's eye. With their strong foundation and unwavering faith, Antonio and Margo Taylor continue to inspire as they navigate the complexities of love, marriage, and entrepreneurship. The sky is truly the limit for this remarkable power couple.


Written by Dominique Huff


hat seemed to look like an abandoned and forgotten home along Second Street in Stockbridge is a hidden Henry County Black History figure.

The GreenFront Cafe occupied the dwelling for over 60 years, from the 1940s to the early 2000s. During segregation, black residents and travelers knew they could eat in front of the house and be treated with dignity and respect. A non-performing asset held by the family of the late Carrie Mae Hambrick, Diane, and Tony Miller sought to shine it and bring back the former glory to the property and the community. “We had discussions with the Hambrick estate concerning the property, and they did not simply want to sell it and hand it over. They wanted it to get into the right hands,” Diane Miller said. “We are preserving the business as if it’s in the family. We want this to become a community resource and asset again.”

The Miller Family


The establishment known for hamburgers and hot dogs is nodding to the past by adding chicken, fish, meatloaf, vegetables, and much more to increase business. With current operating hours from 7 am to 3:30 pm Wednesday through Sunday. The facility has a meeting space for meetings and offers catering. GreenFront Cafe is an area of Stockbridge coined by Miller as the Stockbridge Heritage District that has so many historical hidden figures who used to work and play in the area and reside in Henry County. It is believed the establishment was the first restaurant in the county when it opened in the 1940s. “Black History happened here in Stockbridge and Henry County, not just in Atlanta and Fulton County. We have the church where the late MLK’s father spoke his first sermon in this block,” she explained. “We have so many legacy residents who have stories to tell about their lived history of the community where we need to work on having a historian capture this vital information.” Miller and her family always had a heart and passion for service. She considered hitting the road to serve where her talents were needed, but coming up to Second Street, she saw that she needed to take care of her backyard first, along with her husband. “GreenFront Cafe was a part of the fabric of the community, and we want to continue that legacy,” she said. “We are not here to take, we are here to build and enhance this community.” Future goals include expanding catering services along with extended hours of operation. “With Stockbridge becoming a concerts destination, we want to leverage that to introduce the region to the history of GreenFront Cafe,” she concluded.



BUILDING LASTING LOVE: AC and Chris attribute the solid foundation of their enduring marriage to God. Their unwavering commitment to navigating life's storms together has been the cornerstone of their relationship, allowing them to overcome various challenges. Beyond being life partners, they are also accomplished coauthors, having penned multiple books. In a remarkable feat, one of their releases secured the coveted spot on Amazon's #1 new releases list in 2019. Their journey together spans an impressive 36 years of marriage and nearly four decades of companionship. They are the proud parents of three remarkable children and have joyfully embraced the roles of grandparents to five beautiful grandchildren. Leadership extends beyond their marriage, as AC and Chris serve as dedicated Pastors of Church Beyond Walls Ministries.

Their mission revolves around instilling hope within vulnerable populations and restoring a sense of belonging among the homeless in their community, based in Georgia. Their compassionate approach has led them to not only guide spiritually but also provide tangible assistance to those in need. With a deep sense of commitment to helping others, AC and Chris have become Licensed Paracletos Christian Counselors and Certified Life Coaches. Through these roles, they have established the "Loving You Until" (LYU) Marriage Ministry, a platform designed to nurture and enrich marriages. Interestingly, the name of this ministry finds its origin in the lyrics of a song that has held special significance for the couple—Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud". Their counseling approach emphasizes a crucial aspect that often goes overlooked in the realm of marriage—the understanding of one's spouse's Love Language. This concept, first introduced by Gary Chapman in 1992, has proven to be an invaluable tool in nurturing stronger relationships around the world.

AC and Chris emphasize the necessity of identifying and comprehending one's partner's Love Language to communicate effectively. Without this understanding, communication breakdowns akin to speaking different languages can emerge, leading to misunderstandings and barriers in the relationship. As part of their counseling, they challenge couples to actively apply their love languages, a practice they also incorporate into premarital counseling, viewing it as an essential component of the "Marriage Toolbox".

In an era where marital longevity faces new challenges, AC and Chris advocate for recognizing marriage as a sacred covenant. AC underscores this by stating, “Marriage is a Covenant between you, your partner and God, yet some feel they can leave God out of it.” For them, marriage signifies the unity of two imperfect individuals under the divine guidance of God. This perspective has guided them through their own challenges, helping them surpass obstacles that might have led other couples to dissolution. AC and Chris believe that successful marriages are built on mutual respect and love, adhering to the principles outlined in Ephesians 5:33. Understanding that men seek respect and women yearn for love, they stress the significance of incorporating these values into the marriage dynamic. This belief forms the crux of their counseling philosophy. Their calling as marriage counselors was born out of a desire to address the alarming trend of marriages crumbling, particularly within the Church community. The invaluable lessons gleaned from their own journey, combined with the strong examples set by their parents and grandparents, have fortified their resolve to be instruments of positive change. In their counseling sessions, AC and Chris foster an environment of openness and authenticity. They encourage couples to shed pretenses and confront underlying issues head-on. These sessions delve into personal histories, as they firmly believe that addressing childhood experiences and preconceived notions is pivotal to resolving contemporary marital challenges. For those seeking their guidance and expertise, AC and Chris Scott can be contacted via email at or by phone at (888) 662COACH to schedule an appointment.

Marriage is a Covenant between you, your partner and God, yet some feel they can leave God out of it. - AC Scott




written by Marvella Nesbitt


eorge remembers, after 8 years of employment with a major pest control company, Power House started in 2002, when his then employer gave him a 30-day notice that they were going out of business. Imagine how he felt going home to my wife and two small children to deliver this crushing news. Sitting at his desk considering what to do to feed and take care of my family, he noticed the certification from the Georgia Pest Control Commission. It states that, he, George Burnett “is duly certified as a Structural Pest Control Operator….” Therefore, it hit him that he was authorized to treat residential and commercial accounts for termite and pest control services. His first Power House customers were former clients from the previous employer, 20 who are still faithful today. God used the previous employer to provide his family with the experience, the truck and equipment necessary to do business. Now with over 21 Years, the company is Family-Owned and operated and as they say "Power House Strong!"

Andrea Burnett is the President/CEO of Power House Termite and Pest Control, Inc. Responsible for long-term decisions and day to day management, leadership and administration of business operations. She develops and implement strategic plan to advance the company’s mission and to promote revenue, profitability and growth of operations to ensure quality, service, with cost effective management of resources. Responsible for updating company procedures, policies, and standards annually she implements ongoing marketing efforts for the company while managing financial statements, weekly activity reports and payroll and employee workforce to increase or dismiss when necessary. She is also responsible for presenting company report at Annual Stockholder and Board of Director meetings. George Burnett has Over 29 years of experience in the Pest Control Industry, he is the Co-Owner Power House Termite and Pest Control, Inc. He Oversees all day to day productions and sales with Office Manager and Supervisors while managing operations to ensure quality, service, and cost effective management of resources. However, their son, Destin Kolby, serves as the CFO, He graduated from West Ga University with a degree in Finance. Destin also is a Certified Technician who trains the technicians and the IT components of the office.

From the deeply moving to the purely fun, Beyond Ordinary TV is a daily destination for all Their daughter, Brooke Tyler, handles the phones, t h i n g s t the o p i cschedule, a l a n d a pand l a t f othe r m email f o r v i emarketing. wers to George and Andrea would love to see theirc ochildren continue to run the business. n n e c t w i t h t h e p e o p l e w h o a r e s h a p i nThey g o u rare grooming them to take over so be on the look in w o rout l d tfor h r o Power u g h m eHouse a n i n g fPest u l , e Control n g a g i n g Franchises , and the near future. entertaining conversations. Some of the biggest challenges with a family business are communication, roles and responsibilities, and being patient as we grow. We have overcome by being brutally honest and addressing the concerns intentionally and directly. The personal and business development plays a major role in helping everyone become better leaders. We invest in coaches, seminars, courses, books and retreats to support the team and family as we grow into a mature company. We believe that Serving is the Path to Greatness. Therefore we serve Christ and His church, our community, our customers and our company culture. We believe that we are one. We have always done everything together, Live, Work, Worship Pray and Play. We don’t seek to separate our home life from work. We don’t believe in Balancing but in Integrating. We have created a flow which is how we roll. We enjoy each other’s company. This is who we are, The Power House Couple. By divine design, we follow the example of Christ and His church. We desire for Power House Pest Control to be the best in the Southeast Region. We want three offices in Georgia with one office in Birmingham, Alabama. Jackson, Mississippi, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Jacksonville, Florida. Many of our business decisions are determined by our Core Values. We debate as an Executive Team ideas until we come to the best decisions for the best of the company. We learned this strategy from books we’ve read on leadership, in particular, "Good to Great" by James Collins. You can find out more about this awesome couple and their business, Power House Pest Control, by visiting their website at

Tips to go into business with your spouse: Operate in your zone of genius. Allow your spouse to do the same. Like each other before you start, so that love can carry you through. Appreciate the process. Continue to learn, grow and develop personally and professionally. Treat the business as a real, mature business with Core Values, Standard Operating Procedures, and Company Policies; Celebrate EVERYTHING!!!


Together, Warren and Alicia have crafted a fresh concept for Frozen Smoke. They offer a simple yet delectable menu, along with an ambitious yet attainable plan to establish a flourishing business that lets Stockbridge citizens relish good food and enjoy themselves within the communities they call home.

Written by Andreal Mallard Warren and Alicia Washington are the proud owners of Frozen Smoke Restaurant and Bar, situated in the heart of Stockbridge, GA's downtown district. With Warren's culinary experience spanning six years in the military and over two decades of catering to public and private events in the Stockbridge Area, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His culinary skills have been praised not only by family and friends but also by classmates and the Stockbridge community. On the other hand, Alicia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Leadership, equipping her with the fundamental knowledge needed to run a successful business. She understands the importance of exceptional customer service, effective business management, and motivating employees to exceed daily goals while minimizing losses.

This vision has been Warren's aspiration since his college days. Inspired by his experiences cooking at family gatherings, in the military, and during catering events, he envisioned Frozen Smoke as an integral part of Stockbridge's economic growth. The overwhelming support from the community, family, and friends left him both humbled and exhilarated. The opening of Frozen Smoke Restaurant and Bar felt like a divine calling, and the venture is indeed moving in the right direction. In the Washingtons' perspective, obedience takes precedence over sacrifice. The menu offerings at Frozen Smoke are not only healthy and fulfilling but also irresistibly flavorful. Visitors can expect to leave the restaurant content and satisfied. While they are newcomers to the restaurant scene, their commitment to their craft and customer satisfaction is unwavering. Their aim is not just to mitigate negative experiences but to transform them into positive ones, leaving patrons enriched by the visit. The establishment boasts a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with a distinct southern charm, appealing to those seeking a unique southern dining experience.

The Washingtons don't perceive challenges as obstacles but rather as opportunities for personal and business growth. Their unwavering faith leads them to continuous prayer, firmly believing that prayer yields results and that everything works together for good for those who love God and follow HIS purpose. As ministers, they prioritize seeking God's guidance in all their endeavors. Their commitment to unity is reflected in their approach to blending business and personal life, aiming for harmony and structure in both spheres. Currently, patrons of Frozen Smoke can look forward to karaoke every other Tuesday, live jazz performances every other Wednesday, and business speed dating on the third Friday of each month. With a strategic location amidst the growth of Stockbridge Development, Frozen Smoke anticipates benefiting from their presence in Mainstreet Stockbridge, fostering further expansion for their business. The establishment can be found on various social media platforms under the handle @frozensmokerestaurant, and more information can be accessed via their website at

Tips On Being In Business With Your Spouse Understand that hard work leads to rewarding outcomes. Foster trust in one another; when both voices are acknowledged, harmony prevails. Embrace the vision: Be attentive to customer feedback while staying true to your core vision. When disagreements arise, seek mutual compromises.

by Dominique Huff




Every day, when Erica Bennett operates Smokin' Cues in Downtown Stockbridge, one might liken her journey to that of a Virginia Slim cigarette: she's come a long way, baby. Despite her Barbie-like appearance and rock-n-roll vibe, Bennett's life hasn't been a walk in the park. She started working at the tender age of 15. By the time she turned 20, she was not only working multiple jobs, but also shouldering the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings. This added complexity and stress to her already challenging life. From that point onward, she juggled various jobs to keep food on the table and bills paid. Her journey took her from corporate roles that treated her like a disposable asset to the rapid twists and turns of entrepreneurial pursuits. "I bartended, waited tables, and even repaired pool tables," she shared. "I've been working since I was 15. My family didn't have wealth, and our situation was different from most."

At 18, Bennett ventured into bartending at her uncle's bar in Conyers. One of her gigs involved repairing pool tables to make ends meet for her and her siblings. Like many entrepreneurs, she harnessed her skills and passion to start her own business. Her initial business partner was her ex-fiancé, and together, they ran a pool hall. The convergence of romance and business initially seemed promising, until the economy shifted, accompanied by challenging decisions that tested their partnership. "We organized tournaments and soon realized that the pool industry was on the decline. This realization hit over a decade ago," she recounted. "Pool players were becoming more interested in gambling than spending money."

While many bars and establishments now host pool tables, with a few small pool halls scattered around, Bennett aimed for something bigger. Her aspiration was to put Stockbridge and South Metro Atlanta on the map. "While Atlanta bustles with activity, suburbanites aren't always keen on driving to the city to socialize and have fun," she explained.

This led Smokin' Cues to become a sought-after spot in South Metro Atlanta for music. Previously, the indie music scene centered around Little Five Points, Downtown Marietta, and Downtown Decatur. But in South Metro, there was a gap in consistent entertainment beyond occasional events in bars, clubs, and taverns. Hence, Smokin' Cues took on the challenge of being the go-to destination, offering live music, music bingo, karaoke, open mic nights, and, of course, maintaining pool tables as an amenity. They embraced diversity by featuring a mix of rap, rock, country, and soul genres in their events, setting them apart from others who focused on just one style.

Approaching its seventh anniversary in October, Smokin' Cues, like many businesses, had to adapt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though Bennett had profitable years prior, she didn't apply for federal funding like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). "My employees were able to collect unemployment, giving them some financial stability while we prepared to reopen. I relied on reserves from previous years, but I don't judge business owners who needed those funds to keep their doors open," she noted. "When you put in the effort and see results, it's important to be strategic. It all comes back to believing in yourself and investing in your vision." Smokin' Cues has plans for expansion, although Bennett kept the details under wraps. She assured that she'll make her move when she's confident the current location is ready. Reflecting on her beginnings, Bennett recalled how she started small, scaling up without loans or abundant resources. She left a corporate job as a parts administrator, where she felt undervalued and underpaid, in pursuit of a better life. "I took that job initially because I thought it would provide significant financial relief for me and my family. I was overworked and underpaid by a company that didn't reciprocate loyalty," she reflected. With determination and an unwavering work ethic, Bennett knew entrepreneurship was her path. "I had to make this journey successful; I had no other choice," she declared. "I carved my own path regardless of who supported me or not." So, if you find yourself in Henry County or near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, be sure to stop by Smokin' Cues for live music, great company, and a delicious hamburger! GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE | 37



Archers and Associates' Retreat-Based Therapy for Business Growth" written by Andreal Mallard

Kascey Ifill and Rochelle Darden are Licensed Professional Counselors who offer retreatbased therapy for business owners, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. We provide a safe, comfortable, and peaceful environment, allowing growing businesses to "Refresh, Recharge, and Refuel." However, many business owners hesitate to embrace therapy for themselves and their employees due to the societal stigma historically associated with mental health.

Acknowledging a failed idea or strategy can lead to embarrassment or a sense of defeat. Archers and Associates is committed to offering resources and tools that help teams recognize the value and benefits of fostering positive work environments. Our primary focus is on eliminating external distractions while fostering enthusiasm and commitment, cultivating a shared sense of experience and camaraderie, thus enhancing teamwork within companies.

"Leadership starts at the top and what comes from the head flows to the body. Establish the model of the behavior set you want your staff to exhibit."


All about Breakithroughs The retreat we offer is meticulously designed to dedicate uninterrupted time to enhance problemsolving skills and develop solutions. This allows participants to step back, reevaluate goals and objectives, and engage in a 3-step program designed to Refresh Your Business, Recharge Your Staff, and Refuel Your Brand. This equips business owners with tools to cultivate innovative and healthy work environments. Challenges affecting employees in the workforce can vary based on individual personalities and perceptions of success for the company. Insufficient training, lack of vision boards, or interactive goal-oriented settings can lead to diminished motivation among employees and staff, ultimately resulting in unhealthy work environments. This imbalance can lead to trust issues and undermine self-value. In most businesses, management shoulders the responsibility of creating a conducive work environment and overseeing the hiring process. A healthy work environment is crucial; it boosts productivity, reduces employee turnover, and enhances consumer care. The retreat's objective is for entrepreneurs, staff, or teams to leave with renewed energy, fresh problem-solving techniques, reduced stress, and improved communication skills. Archers and Associates' vision extends beyond their retreats; it envisions a business landscape where mental well-being is integral to success. By championing holistic growth, effective communication, and embracing setbacks as stepping stones to advancement, they're fostering a new narrative—one that emphasizes resilience, collaboration, and the potential for transformation.

"Our focus is to eliminate outside distractions while building enthusiasm and commitment, creating a sense of shared experience and bonding, helping companies work better together."

To register your business for the retreat, visit our website at We also offer sponsorship packages. For the latest updates, connect with us on social media @thearchersandassociates and discover more tips on how to Refresh, Recharge, and Refuel. 40 | GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE

Understanding the unique challenges that employees face in today's workforce, particularly in diverse roles and settings, is a cornerstone of Archers and Associates' philosophy. Ifill and Darden acknowledge that a lack of proper training, vision, and goal-oriented environments can lead to diminishing motivation. This, in turn, can breed unhealthy work dynamics, eroding trust and individual self-worth. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and teams seeking to revitalize their endeavors are encouraged to embark on this transformative journey. By registering for their retreats through the Archers and Associates website at, participants gain access to tools and strategies that not only enhance their professional journey but also empower them to cultivate innovative, healthy, and thriving work environments. As they move forward, Ifill and Darden are committed to providing ongoing support, sharing insights, and fostering a community dedicated to continuous growth. Connect with them on social media @thearchersandassociates to stay informed and inspired on your journey to Refresh, Recharge, and Refuel.






EMPOWERING HEALTHY CHOICES Expert Advice for Parents on Addressing Childhood Obesity

"Modeling healthy habits for your children not only benefits their well-being but also encourages them to prioritize their health." As a Board-Certified Pediatrician, I often engage in delicate conversations with patients and their families. One challenging dialogue centers around weight—a sensitive topic that may evoke discomfort due to its associated stigma and shame. However, creating a safe space for discussing weight is crucial, especially considering the medical complications that can arise from obesity, such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, and more. The alarming rate at which children and adolescents are diagnosed with obesity —19.7% of American children—is concerning. The good news is that obesity can be prevented. Modeling Healthy Behavior: It's vital for parents to lead by example in adopting healthy habits. Demonstrating intentional efforts towards personal health can inspire children to follow suit. Incorporating more physical activity into daily routines, like opting for stairs over elevators or taking post-dinner walks as a family, offers multiple benefits. This includes maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of diabetes and hypertension, strengthening muscles, and improving sleep. Outdoor physical activity also contributes to better mental health for children.


Smart Choices at the Store: With summer here, children spend more time at home, and parents frequent the grocery store. Opt for water over sugary drinks like soda, tea, or juice to reduce sugar consumption. By steering clear of these beverages, you can help your child consume fewer calories and decrease the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, avoiding the center aisles—where processed foods reside—during grocery shopping and opting for whole ingredients when cooking at home can contribute to healthier eating habits. Home-Cooked Meals and Mindful Portions: Prioritize home-cooked meals using whole ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and lean meat. Meals need not be elaborate; simple recipes with minimal ingredients can suffice. Make plates colorful to encourage healthier eating and use smaller plates to control portion sizes. Cooking together as a family fosters connection, and having healthy snacks on hand curbs excessive calorie intake between meals.

Stress Management: Addressing stress is crucial, as it's linked to weight gain. Stress triggers the production of cortisol, a hormone that leads to cravings and increased calorie consumption. Encourage healthy stress management techniques such as physical activity, meditation, journaling, coloring, and writing affirmations. If stress becomes overwhelming, seeking support from a healthcare professional is recommended. Quality Sleep Matters: Adequate sleep is linked to obesity prevention. Establish a consistent sleep schedule for your child, even on weekends. Engage in calming prebedtime routines like reading or meditating, avoiding electronics an hour before sleep, and ensuring a sleep-conducive environment. Ensure your child meets the recommended sleep duration for their age: 10-13 hours for ages 3-5, 9-12 hours for ages 6-12, and 8-10 hours for ages 13-18.

For more practical tips on promoting a healthy lifestyle for your child, follow me on Instagram @DrMonicacares. Visit or call 470-296-0984 for a FREE consultation to explore how I can empower you and your family to achieve optimal health. GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE | 43

written by Shawn Raleigh


Knights in the Courtroom Judge Stephen N. Knights Jr. and his Commitment to Justice Written by Marvella Nesbitt

Judge Stephen N. Knights Jr. is one of Henry County's elected state judges who believes that his role as a civil servant is a noble calling. The passion for the legal profession in this Guyanese-born magistrate began at the young age of five, which isn't surprising considering his father was a judge. This affinity can be attributed to his time shadowing his father and watching legal TV shows like "Perry Mason," "Matlock," "T.J. Hooker," and the infamous O.J. Simpson Trial, all of which fueled his fascination with practicing law. Knights attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, and his extensive career as an attorney underscores his belief in the importance of legal representation. "A lawyer is always a valuable asset in any area and is the best person to guide someone through the legal process," he states. After settling in Georgia, Knights assumed various legal roles, including Assistant Solicitor General for Clayton County in 2006, District Attorney for Griffin County's Judicial Circuit Court as a drug prosecutor in 2007, and Clayton's Senior Litigation Assistant District Attorney in 2009. He also worked at his wife's private practice, Knights Law Group, as a Senior Litigation Attorney. This period overlapped with his time serving as a Clayton County Associate Magistrate Judge, making his transition to a state judge role in Henry County seamless. 46 | GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE

Judge Knights, a respected figure in the legal community, has witnessed numerous judges preside over court proceedings throughout his career. For him, being fair, impartial, respectful, punctual, and lawful are pivotal qualities of a good judge. When individuals step into his courtroom, they can anticipate encountering a compassionate judge who adheres to the Golden Rule: "People are people. They are not just a number, a case on the docket, or merely individuals being accused." Nevertheless, the role does bring unexpected challenges. Amid the COVID pandemic, in-person appearances were suspended, and video communications became the norm. This compelled Judge Knights to adapt to technology. "It was a unique time and gave me a good handle to multitask and a unique skill set."

Beyond his courtroom duties, Judge Knights is attuned to community needs. He firmly believes in the power of education and launched the program "Interacting with the Police" in 2014. The initiative aimed to bridge the gap between law enforcement and citizens. His prior experience as an Auxiliary Police Officer with the New York Police Department provided valuable insights. "Many law enforcement situations stem from misunderstandings. Recognizing this need was important. I initiated this as a volunteer program, partnering with library systems to offer a free one-hour informational seminar." He engaged law enforcement officials and police officers to contribute to the initiative, which focused on educating the public about fourth amendment rights. Unfortunately, COVID interrupted the program's continuation. Judge Knights hopes to revive his mission of public legal education by collaborating with local community leaders and library systems in the near future.

Above - Honorable Judge Stephen N. Knights Jr. in the courtroom

"People are people. They are not just a number, a case on the docket, or merely individuals being accused." - Judge Stephen N. Knights Jr.




JAMES EARL ACEY LODGE NO. 600 PHA The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia has a new Lodge in Henry County. On June 16, 2022, at the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia's 151st Grand Session, through the leadership and vision of Brother Matthew Lewis, Brother Reggie R. Walker and Brother John K. Bailey, James Earl Acey Lodge #600 PHA received their Charter. The Honorable Corey D. Shackleford Sr. presided as their 18th Most Worshipful Grand Master. Rising Sun Foundation is their associated non-profit organization. Their journey started back in September 2018 with an inquiry and request to establish a new lodge. They were issued a dispensation by Grand Master Corey Shackleford Sr. in March 2020. While “Under Dispensation” they focused on serving the community of Henry County and represented this illustrious organization to the fullest. For example, they volunteered at Commissioner Clemmons’ Toys Drive and the Toys for Tots warehouse, donated school supplies and COVID cleaning supplies to Fairview Elementary School, adopted a road in Stockbridge for trash pickup, made donations to senior centers, and held register-to-vote rallies in Henry County. They have established an Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser and completed many other community service projects within the Henry County Community.

James Earl Acey Lodge No. 600 PHA sends appreciation to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia and to the Honorable Corey D. Shackleford Sr. the 18th Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Jurisdiction of Georgia for the opportunity to serve the Henry County community. "Men of Vision” James Earl Acey Lodge No. 600 PHA Stockbridge, Ga. 50 | GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE

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Tan de Cale has one chance at freedom, a chance born of blood. To forever break his chains, he must become a legionnaire, a trained soldier with a singular purpose: to kill the Rane Empire's enemies. Galland Alerian, one of the greatest relic bearers of the age, will lead Tan and thousands more like him into the deadliest war Rane has ever seen. To save the Empire, they must battle monstrous invaders, a sadistic viscount, and traitors to the realm, all while hiding a secret that could tear their world apart.

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