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Galt Toys inspire learning through play and are fun, colorful, and imaginative while also supporting all areas of child development. From a newborn reaching out to explore the textures and sounds of the innovative Playnest to the aspiring artist crafting their first handmade pottery creations, Galt Toys grow with your child.

Many Galt Toys products are Good Toy Guide recommended and built to bring joy to generations. Our products comply with or exceed all American, Canadian, British, and European Standards for toy safety and are quality controlled for your complete assurance. But behind the engaging toys, games, and puzzles that Galt Toys is renowned for, there is a story that began over 185 years ago when James Galt, born in Stewarton, Ayrshire, set up as a school bookseller in Manchester in 1836 before expanding into printing and publishing in the 1850s. A century later, the business relocated to Cheadle in Cheshire in 1957, where you can still find Galt today.

In 1961 the Galt Toys Retail Division was formed in response to the increasing demand for quality educational toys. To showcase these inspirational and innovative products, the first Galt Toy shop opened in Great Marlborough Street, London, in 1961. In 1966 a Royal Warrant was granted by HM Queen Elizabeth II. Today, Galt Toys are available in over 5,000 outlets worldwide.

The Jumbodiset Group has been developing, manufacturing, and selling innovative and affordable products for over 165 years. Games and pu zzles, including the classic strategy board game, Stratego, and adult puzzles from brands such as Wasgij and Jan van Haasteren, are recogni zed and enjoyed by fans worldwide.

In 2019, the Jumbodiset Group embarked on an exciting new journey by forming a partnership with James Galt & Co. As we grow, we continue to embody the inspiring company motto of ‘sharing playful moments’ and are proud to offer Jumbodiset products alongside Galt Toys in the US.

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1836 - 2023
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Playnest® Farm

• A fabric-covered inflatable ring that provides a soft resting area and self-contained play environment for babies and toddlers.

• Partially inflated ring offers head and neck support to very young babies when lying down.

• Fully inflated ring supports an older baby in a sitting position.

• Baby can reach out and explore the 8 multi-sensory features around the Playnest® safely.

• Playnest® activities stimulate touch, vision, and hearing.

• Provides an excellent place for baby to sit while playing with other toys.

• Deflate to fold up for travel.

• Fabric cover has a soft quilted center for comfort.

• Machine washable.

• Outside diameter: 36".

1004057 furry sheep squeaky duck velour face peep-o cabbages shiny wheel crinkle nose peep-o door cord tail Supports baby during rest and play 8 multi-sensory features to explore Fabric-covered inf latable ring First Years 2

Playnest® & Gym Farm

A soft supportive multi-sensory environment for baby.

• Features a farm scene with the Gym as the sky above.

• The four toys are different on each side to provide visual stimulation.

• Toys can be rearranged at different heights according to baby’s ability to focus on them.

• Features 8 activities that encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

• Playnest® will have an important role in baby’s physical and play development.

• Deflate to fold up for travel.

• Playnest® cover, sky frame cover and soft toys are machine washable.

• Outside diameter: 36". Height: 28".

chime bird plane rattle crinkle butterfly See page 2 for Playnest® activities sun mirror
and play Colorful activity
Years 3
Supports baby during rest

3-in-1 Playnest® & Gym

• A double-sided Playnest® featuring soft rainbow Gym with 3 toys.

• Supports baby during rest and play from birth, lying down and later sitting up.

• Soft velour resting area with harness cradles baby over inflatable ring.

• Soft rainbow Gym stimulates baby with bright colors, patterns and sounds.

• Turn Playnest® over to reveal padded seating area for an older baby in sitting position.

• 8 multi-sensory features help stimulate touch, vision and hearing.

• Deflate to fold up for travel.

• Playnest® cover and Gym toys are machine washable. Gym is sponge clean.

• Outside diameter: 36". Height with the gym: 23".

1 2 3 from birth lying down sitting up Supports baby during rest and play Double-sided fabric-covered inf latable
First Years

Playnest® Car

• A big red racing car with detachable electronic dashboard.

• Fabric-covered inflatable toy that provides a soft, self-contained play area for imaginative play.

• Put key in ignition to hear the engine start up, turn on the radio and sound the horn.

• Children can also pack toys into the boot pocket, open the crinkle doors and look in the mirror.

• Features soft quilted center for comfort.

• Car cover and dashboard are machine washable.

• Approx. size: 36" long x 31" wide x 7" high.

• REQUIRES 3 x AA 1.5V (MN1500/LR6/HP7/AM3/R6HP) BATTERIES. 3 x AA batteries are included. 1003871

Activity Ball

• Large fabric-covered inflatable ball with 6 multi-sensory activities and colorful ribbon tags.

• Soft and lightweight for ball games and for baby to cuddle while exploring textures and sounds.

• Ideal for days out. Deflate ball to fold up for travel.

• Machine washable.

• Diameter: 11". 1005089

Fabric-covered inf latable car

squeaky wing flower teether in a pocket shiny wing crinkle petals peep-o leaf furry caterpillar Def late the ball and fold up for travel!
Electronic dashboard with car horn, engine sounds and radio First Years

First Years

Soft Books Assortment

• Counter display box containing 12 books, 3 each of Farm, Garden, Jungle and Pets.

• 8-page fabric books featuring colorful pictures each with an activity or texture to explore plus ribbon tags.

• The padded pages are filled with crinkle material to engage baby.

• Each book has a handy link to attach to a stroller, cot or car seat.

• Machine washable.

• Book size: 4" x 4".

• Individual book packaging size: 8" x 4" x 1". 1004576

Wiggly Worm

• A soft friendly worm with 3 hanging toys to attach to a crib, stroller or car seat.

• Wrap the coil around and secure with the straps.

• Features crinkle hat, squeaky head, mirror ladybird, crinkle butterfly and bee rattle toys to encourage early sensory development.

• Machine washable. 1003481

With activities and textures to explore!

Attach to car seat, stroller or crib

With textures and sounds!
10" x 10" x 4"
Garden Pets Jungle Farm

Tummytime Ted

• A soft, fabric-covered teddy inflatable that supports baby during tummy time play.

• Features detachable apple rattle, cake with squeaker, and crinkle sandwich.

• Ideal for days out. Deflate cushion to fold up for travel.

• Machine washable.

• Width: 16". 1004993

Wrap Around Rattle

• The Lion rattle wraps comfortably and securely around baby’s wrist.

• Stays in place as they move their arm to hear the gentle rattle sound.

• The two soft teethers are perfectly positioned for baby to reach and chew as they grow.

Ideal for babies who can’t yet hold

• Machine washable. 1005233 7
Def late the cushion and fold up for travel!
3 detachable toys With a rattle and two teethers First Years

Soft Blocks

• 6 colorful foam-filled fabric cubes that are soft and lightweight for baby to throw, squeeze and build with.

• Progress to matching the 12 pairs of animals, joining up the road with vehicles, and building a beanstalk tower.

• Packed in a reusable travel bag with carry handle.

• Machine washable.

• Size: 4" cubes.


Jungle Pals Skittles

• A fun bowling game for young children.

• Each skittle contains a rattle and the ball has a jingle bell.

• Packed in a reusable travel bag with carry handle.

• Machine washable.

• Size: 6" high.


6 colorful foam-f illed cubes! With reusable travel bag Numbered 1 to 6 First Years 8
Jingle ball and rattle skittles

Water Playmat

• A soft and colorful fabric-covered water mat that encourages tummy time play.

• The characters inside swim when baby puts pressure onto the mat’s transparent surface teaching cause and effect.

• When water is removed and completely dry, mat can be folded up for travel.

• Fabric cover is machine washable.

• Size of playmat: 10" x 14". 1005359 Fabric-

Magnetic Farm Puzzles

• 6 two-piece magnetic wooden animal puzzles.

• Encourages development of fine motor skills and color recognition.

• Supplied in a reusable cotton bag for easy storage.

• Crafted in quality wood for durability.

• Size of each puzzle: 4" x 2" 1105551

covered inf latable water mat
With a reusable cotton bag! Fun magnetic wooden pieces!
First Years

Follow Me Ball

First Years

A color changing ball that can roll, stop, and change direction.

• Lights up and changes color as it moves to engage baby’s senses.

• Younger babies will track the ball with their eyes and reach out for the toy.

• Older babies will be encouraged to crawl towards the ball.

• REQUIRES 3 x AAA 1.5V (MN2400/LR3/HP16/AM4/R03P)

BATTERIES. Batteries included.

• Size: 4" diameter. 1005059

Rolls along, stops and changes direction

Encourages baby to crawl towards the ball

Feely Farm Puzzle

• Colorful first wooden puzzle with various textures to stimulate baby’s senses.

• Supports sensory development.

• Encourages hand-eye coordination and introduces color awareness.

• Crafted in quality wood for durability.

• Size of puzzle: 9" x 9". 1105548


Dual front wheels for stability

Tiny Trike

• Tiny Trike is a Galt classic and firm favorite of young children for generations.

• Ideal first ride on toy with safety steering lock and dual front wheels for added stability.

• Built from quality hardwood for strength and stability. Packed in a strong display carton with carry handle.

• Easily assembled and has a seat height of 8".


First Years

Galt classic f irst ride-on toy!

Pop-Up Toy

• Fun wooden toy with 4 colorful figures.

• Wooden figures bob up and down on hidden springs.

• Encourages coordination and introduces color awareness.

• Crafted in quality wood for durability.

• Size: 4" high x 6" wide.


Made from quality hardwood


Ambi Toys

Designed in the 70s and 80s by award-winning British designer Patrick Rylands, Ambi Toys continue to stand the test of time. These high-quality, dependable, and durable toys offer imaginative features that are vital to a child’s sensory development – from color recognition to developing fine motor skills and tactile awareness, providing a boundless source of learning and fun to inspire and entertain.


First Keys

Four brightly colored keys held together by a sturdy ring.

Perfect for teething and for little hands to shake.

Length: 5".


Ambi Toys

For shaking and teething

Twin Rattle

• Smiley twin sun rattle that encourages hand-eye coordination.

• Captivates little ones with fascinating movement and gentle rattle sound.

• Length: 6".


Sunflower Rattle

• Lightweight sunflower rattle ready to spin, shake, touch and then turn.

• This 2-in-1 rattle is ideal for little hands and mouths and can be used for teething.

• Height: 7".


Spin, shake and turn

Smiley suns spin around each other

Ambi Toys

Building Beakers

• Classic Building Beakers that can be stacked, filled up, or built up and knocked down.

• Encourages curiosity, persistence, and builds the confidence to solve problems.

• Height: 3". 31139

Baby Mirror

• Chunky, flower-shaped mirror designed for little hands.

• Teaches self-recognition as baby discovers their reflection and learns who they are.

• Length: 6". 31082

Doublesided f lower mirror
Colorful beakers to stack and nest

Activity Case

• Colorful activity center with 6 engaging sensory tasks.

• Spin the stripy roller, pull back the blue bird to ring the bell and look into the mirror.

• Encourages manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and the learning of cause and effect.

• Length: 9".


Ambi Toys

Activity center with 6 fun activities

Ted and Tess Carousel

• Colorful carousel with teddy characters that spins with a gentle press of the yellow top.

• Encourages independent play and the learning of cause and effect.

• Height: 8".



Ambi Toys

Magic Man

• Unique roly poly toy that can balance and roll along any smooth surface.

• Colorful, captivating and provides hours of enjoyment.

• Height: 6". 31154

Pop-Up Pals

• Fun peep-o game featuring four colorful Pop-up Pals.

• Tap a button with the hammer and the matching colored pal appears.

• Helps develop hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity and color recognition.

• Length: 9". 31085

Tap a button and a pal pops up! Man magically balances on the ball as it rolls!
Pops back up when he's knocked over!

Tick Tock Clock

A colorful smiley clock with a friendly face little ones will love.

• Turn the handles to move the clock hands with a click and chime of the bell. Watch as the eyes roll around too.

• As children grow, Tick Tock Clock can help them to learn the time as well as improving fine motor skills and understanding of cause and effect.

• Height: 6". 31235

Ambi Toys

Focus Pocus

• Look through the viewfinder and press the squeaky button for a surprise.

• When button is pressed a cheeky clown pops out for hours of fun with this ideal first camera.

• Length: 5". 31145

Learn to tell the time! With a squeaker button and see-through viewer
Turn the handles to move the hands!

Lock a Block

Ambi Toys

Durable lockable box with two sets of chunky sorting blocks.

• Provides hours of shape sorting and color matching fun.

• Height: 5". 31151

Baby’s First Car

• Chunky yellow car with eyes that move up and down as it rolls. Also makes a fun toot sound when red button is pressed.

• Perfect for fun and imaginative play.

• Length: 5". 31205

Shape matching toy with lock and key Car's eyes move

as it goes!

Max Pull Along Dog

• Pull Max along and watch as he shakes his head and wags his tail.

• Ideal for imaginative play. Also encourages children to imitate what they see and hear.

• Length: 9". 31211

Ambi Toys

Lock-Up Garage

• Turn the key to unlock the doors of this colorful garage to reveal three chunky vehicles.

• Each part is designed for little hands to grasp for hours of independent play.

• Encourages color recognition and matching and develops gross motor skills.

• Length: garage – 10", cars – 4". 31244

Max shakes his head and wags his tail!
Color match the cars to the garage


• Colorful and easy to use trumpet that produces two clear and independent tones.

• An ideal introduction to playing a musical instrument for very young children.

• Length: 5". 31202

Tommy Toot

• A colorful pocket-sized character that gives a whistle when a child blows into his hat.

• Easy to carry for imaginative play on the go. Also helps introduce cause and effect.

• Height: 4". 31199

Fish Wheel

• Fun water wheel with detachable scoop. • Pour in water and watch the fish wiggle and spin around. • Both parent and child can enjoy for essential bath time bonding.

12m+ Pocketsiz
• Height: 8". 31175 Easy to use with two different tones Whistles when you blow into his hat!
the f ish spin as
water pours
ed pal! Ambi Toys

Duck Family

• A family of ducklings that can be stored inside the mother duck or kept separate for independent play at bath time.

• Helps develop manual dexterity and fine motor skills.

• Length: 7".


Ambi Toys

Ducklings hide inside the mother duck

Fishing Boat

• Fishing boat bath toy with brightly colored captain.

• Steering wheel doubles up as a life ring and the masts can become a fishing game with space below the deck to store all the fish.

• Length: 8". 31178


Nursery Trampoline - Unicorn

• Nursery Trampoline featuring a magical unicorn.

• With easy-grip handle for children to hold as they bounce.

• Helps to develop confidence as well as encouraging co-ordination and balance.

• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

• With tubular steel frame and durable coated finish.

• Padded cover around the mat cushions the frame and rubber feet protect indoor flooring.

• Handle and legs detach for easy storage.

• Full assembly instructions enclosed.

• Assembled dimensions: 24" from floor to handle, 27" diameter frame.

• Maximum user weight 44lbs.

Ideal f irst trampolines
y With an easy grip handle 22
Active Pl a

Nursery Trampoline - Turtle

• Nursery Trampoline featuring a fun turtle.

• With easy-grip handle for children to hold as they bounce.

• Helps to develop confidence as well as encouraging co-ordination and balance.

• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

• With tubular steel frame and durable coated finish.

• Padded cover around the mat cushions the frame and rubber feet protect indoor flooring.

• Handle and legs detach for easy storage.

• Full assembly instructions enclosed.

• Assembled dimensions: 24" from floor to handle, 27" diameter frame.

• Maximum user weight 44lbs.

coordination and balance
Durable steel frame with padded cover
y 23
1004471 Active Pl a

Folding Trampoline

• Junior trampoline with an easy grip handle.

• Encourages children to exercise and keep fit.

• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with tough waterproof mat and tubular steel durable coated finish.

• Padded cover around the mat cushions the frame and prevents children from stepping through the bungee cord for extra safety.

• Handle simply screws off and the legs fold down for easy storage.

• Adult assembly required; detailed instructions included.

• Assembled dimensions: 32" from floor to handle, 34" x 34" frame.

• Maximum user weight 55 lbs.


easily for storage Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
children to exercise Active Pl a y

Marble Run

• Brightly colored pieces in 4 different shapes to slot together into a marble run.

• Children can devise a variety of routes for the marbles to descend to the end of the course.

• Contents: 6 chutes, 6 curves, 9 tubes, 3 bases, 6 marbles and color guide.

Exciting marble run fun!

Super Marble Run

• Construction set with colorful slot-together plastic pieces.

• Children can create simple marble runs or progress to more complex structures.

• Marbles disappear inside columns, roll down chutes, through a paddle wheel and around the roundabout.

• Building a variety of structures will provide hours of fun.

• Contents: 9 chutes, 9 curves, 24 tubes, 6 bases, staircase, rotary drop, paddle wheel, vortex, 'S' shaped chute, 8 marbles and color guide.

60 pieces M
A0555K 30 pieces
a rble Run

Marble Run

Mega Marble Run

• Giant 100-piece construction set with a variety of slot-together plastic pieces.

• Children can create simple marble runs or progress to more complex structures.

• Marbles disappear inside columns, roll down chutes, spin paddle wheels and ring the bell.

• Contents: 8 chutes, 42 tubes, 5 bases, 3 starter tops, 2 see-through tubes, 3 vortex, 2 vortex joints, wiggly chute with bell, staircase, staircase support, curved chute with horizontal wheel, two way chute with alternating piece, 180 degree turn, ‘S’ shaped chute, 3 paddle wheels, wheel casings, vertical wheel chute, 20 marbles and color guide.

With full color guides!

Glow Marble Run

• Glow-in-the-dark marble run construction set with transparent colored pieces and glow-in-the-dark marbles.

• Watch marbles as they travel down the see-through chutes and swirl around the vortex.

• Turn off the lights and the glowing marbles look as if they are flying through the air.

• Contents: 6 chutes, 6 curves, 11 tubes, 3 bases, 2 glow-in-the-dark starter tops, 1 vortex, 6 glow-in-the-dark marbles and color guide. 1004672

With see-through colored pieces...

Glow Super Marble Run

• Expanded glow-in-the-dark marble run construction set with transparent colored pieces and glow-in-the-dark marbles.

• Marbles travel down see-through chutes and tubes, spin through paddle wheels, bounce down the staircase and swirl around the vortex.

• Turn off the lights and the glowing marbles look as if they are flying through the air.

• Contents: 4 chutes, 3 curves, 29 tubes, 4 bases, 2 glow-in-the-dark starter tops, 2 vortex, staircase, curved chute with horizontal wheel, vertical wheel chute, paddle wheel, 180 degree turn, 10 glow-in-the-dark marbles and color guide.

1004675 60 pieces 35 pieces ...and glow marbles!
a rble Run

Marble Racer

• Exciting marble racing game for up to 4 players.

• Features 3 special racing pieces – a starter gate, racing vortex and podium.

• Also includes a variety of chutes and wheels.

• Players track their marbles and watch them as they enter the 3 racing vortex which change the racing order as the marbles spin around the dish.

• Fully compatible with all Galt Marble Runs.

• Contents: starter top, starter base, finish, 3 racing vortex, wiggly bell chute, staircase, staircase support, curved chute with horizontal wheel, vertical wheel chute, paddle wheel, ‘S’ shaped chute, 4 straight chutes, 37 tubes, 4 bases, 20 solid color racing marbles and color guide.

Starter Gate Racing Vortex Podium Finish
Build an exciting race for up to 4 players! 80 pieces With full color guide!
Marble Run

Marble Run Reactions

• Create exciting chain reactions with this popular Marble Run construction set.

• Marbles swirl around the vortex, spin paddle wheels, knock over dominoes and jump from drum to drum to raise the finish flag.

• A hands-on way to learn about cause and effect as well as introducing forces and energy.

• Build a chain of challenging obstacles for the marbles.

• Follow the numbered instructions on the chain reactions ideas sheet to build each tower and obstacle.

• Progress to designing and constructing new chain reactions.

• Fully compatible with all Galt Marble Runs.

• Contents: 34 tubes, 10 bases, starter top, vortex, ramp, support bar, rope swing, paddle board, spiral base, chute, curve, paddle wheel, paddle wheel chute, slalom, domino track, 4 dominoes, 2 drum bases, 2 drum covers, marble catcher, finish, flag, 7 marbles, chain reaction ideas sheet and guide. 1005155

With full color guide! Early STEM learning from 4 years! 3 diff iculty levels Build challenging chain reactions for your marbles! 75 pieces With full color ideas sheet Marble Run 29

Puzzles, Games a nd Le a rning

Giant Floor Puzzles

• 5 extra large floor puzzles with colorful illustrations featuring fun Farm, Jungle, Construction, Ocean and Dinosaur scenes.

• Each puzzle has 30 pieces including 8 templates in the shape of animals and objects.

• The large, easy to handle pieces are made in thick board with a wipe-clean surface.

• Size of puzzles: 24" x 36".

8 Template Pieces 8 Template Pieces
Farm A0857D Dinosaurs A0866B Extra large f loor pu
les with colorful illustrations
8 Template Pieces 8 Template Pieces Jungle A0858B Construction A1013K Puzzles, Games
Learning 31

Puzzles, Games a nd Le a rning

Giant Snakes & Ladders Puzzle

• A giant 36-piece floor puzzle of this traditional game for 2 to 4 players.

• Make the puzzle then play the game with a large foam dice and 4 chunky counters.

• The game has 48 large squares to give a shorter game for younger players.

• Encourages children to count while having fun.

• Game instructions included.

• Size of puzzle: 31" x 31".

Counting Creatures

• 30-piece puzzle featuring a variety of ocean animals arranged in groups of 1-10.

• Helps children to learn to count.

• Includes a Number Frieze as a look and find guide to go on the wall.

• Size of puzzle: 24" x 36". 1005371

Size of frieze: 39" x 8"

36 36 Includes
frieze 2-in-1 puzzle and game
a number
8 Template
Large foam dice and 4 counters

Counting Puzzle

• A colorful 6-piece board puzzle with 15 wooden animal pieces.

• Encourages number and color recognition.

• Children learn to count from 1 to 5 by placing the wooden animals into the correct spaces in the board puzzle.

• Crafted in quality wood and thick wipe-clean board for durability.

• Approx size of puzzle: 22" x 12".


PuzzlesPuzzles, Games and Learning

Discovery Puzzle

• A 3-in-1 puzzle with 25 chunky pieces.

• Use the turtle and fish lenses to find hidden pictures within the puzzle.

• Once completed, look at the images on the edge of the puzzle and find the matching pictures.

• Size of puzzle: 23" diameter.


hidden images in the puzzle!
Learn to count from 1 to 5
With chunky wooden pieces
25 chunky pieces

4 Puzzles in a Box

• Colorful first puzzles of vehicle and animal scenes, each with a different number of pieces.

• Encourages the development of matching and sorting skills as the child progresses.

• Ideal first jigsaw puzzles that are easy to handle and quick to build.

• Size of puzzles: 6" x 8".

Animals 1005239 Vehicles 1004009 3 6 5 12 4 8 2 4 Sets of 4 colorful f irst puzzles 7" x 9" x 2" 18 m + 3 + Puzzles, Games a nd Le a rning 34
Dinosaurs 1004735 12 16 20 24 Jungle 1005071 12 16 20 24 4, 6, 8 and 12 pieces 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces Farm 1003913 8 6 12 4 Puzzles 3 + 3 + 3 + Puzzles, Games and Learning 35

Puzzles, Games a nd Le a rning

Learn Maths

Fun and exciting set that helps children learn maths.

• Encourages children to learn to count, add, subtract and multiply.

• The specially designed self-correcting tiles allow children to practice independently.

• Contents: 90 self-correcting number tiles, 15 cards with 83 exercises at 6 different levels of difficulty and handy carry case.


83 exercises over 6 levels Early numeracy skills With practical carry case for storage and travel

Learn to Read

Fun and exciting set that helps children learn to read.

• Encourages letter and word recognition, builds spelling awareness and increases vocabulary.

• The specially designed self-correcting tiles allow children to practice independently.

• Contents: 90 self-correcting letter tiles, 15 word cards with 90 exercises at 3 different levels of difficulty and handy carry case.


90 exercises over 3 levels 36

Early literacy skills

Learn to Draw

• Children can learn to draw in 4 easy steps using this drawing case with a light projector and 30 different images to create.

• Encourages fine motor skills and creativity.

• Turn on the projector, choose a picture disc and place it on the turntable. Next, lower the drawing board and place the chosen background scene on top.

• Trace the image that appears on the paper and turn the turntable through the 4 steps to build up the complete image.

• Contents: drawing board, 30 drawing templates, dry-erase pen, 10 x A4 background sheets and guide.

• REQUIRES 4 x AA 1.5V (MN1500/LR6/HP7/AM3/R6HP) BATTERIES. 4 x AA batteries are not included. 1105602 AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY

30 drawing templates Learn to draw in 4 steps

Puzzles, Games and Learning

Snakes & Ladders and Ludo

• Two traditional family games for 2 to 4 players.

• Jungle animals will help or hinder progress on the Snakes & Ladders board.

• When playing Ludo players become an explorer in the Arctic, African Plains, Tropical Rainforest or Coral Sea.

• Contents: double-sided playing board, counters, dice, shaker and guide.

A0528E Traditional games for 2 to 4 players 2.5 lbs
37 NEW DESIGN 2023

Puzzles, Games a nd Le a rning

3 Little Pigs Game

• A fun game for 1 to 4 players where the 3 little pigs must get home before the wolf.

• Roll the dice to move the pigs towards the house before the wolf climbs in through the roof.

• Encourages color recognition, storytelling, game play and team work.

• Duration of game approximately 10 minutes.

• Contents: 6 wooden double-sided counters, 3 wooden pigs and 1 wolf, dice, game board pieces, 3D house and guide.


Ideal f irst game!

Memory Friends

• A memory game for 1 to 2 players.

• Children can improve their memory through tactile learning as they study the position of the animals on the 20 cards and build the scenes from memory.

• Crafted in durable, quality wood and thick board with wipe-clean playing cards.

• Contents: 8 wooden pieces, 2 tree trunks, tree backdrop, 20 playing cards and guide.


A fun memory game for A fun memory game for players
With chunky wooden pieces

Inspired by vintage Galt Toys products, the Classic Galt range is giving a new lease of life to traditional games adored by generations. Featuring bold colors and charming illustrations, this collection of family favorites suitable for ages 4 to 5 years and up is sure to continue to bring joy to customers of all ages.

Find It

• A fun advanced lotto game.

• Players must pick up cards and describe the object they see. Then, everyone must search for the matching item on their playing board.

• The first player to collect all the cards that match their board wins. • Contents: 4 playing boards and 40 picture cards. 1005395

Puzzles, Games and Learning

Picture Dominoes

• Colorful version of this well-loved game. • Contains 28 card dominoes that help develop picture recognition and matching skills. • Contents: 28 dominoes and guide.

50 11979615503 50 11979615688
28 illustrated dominoes
Look at the
0.6 lbs
9" x 10" x 2"

Picture Lotto

• The original Galt lotto game.

An easy to learn game that teaches children the concept of following rules.

First, a player picks up a card and calls out a description of the image, and then the player with a matching image on their board keeps the card.

The first player to collect all their matching cards wins.

Contents: 6 playing boards and 54 picture cards.

1005401 For up to 6 players Be the first player to collect yourcardsmatching to win! Encourages observation and memory development NEW PRODUCT 2023 NEW PRODUCT 2023 50 11979615565 50 11979615626 1.8 lbs 1.4 lbs 40 Puzzles, Games a nd Le a rning
Remember • The
• Encourages
9" x 10" x 2"
original Galt matching pairs card game.
observation and memory development.
Especially enjoyed by children who often win against adults.
Suitable for any number of players.
Contents: 120 picture cards.

Water Magic

• These chunky spiral books feature 6 reusable pictures to color with the water pen.

• Fill the pen with water and use to reveal the hidden pictures.

• The colored pictures will appear and later disappear time and time again. Ideal for travel.

• Book size: 8" x 6".

Use the water pen… …picture appears… …then disappears!
Animals A3079H Farm 1003163 Dinosaurs 1004660 Use over and over again Water pen makes colors and pictures magically appear Water Magic 41
Use over and over again Water pen makes colors and pictures magically appear 6 reusable pictures on thick board Pets 1005035 Unicorn 1005152 Pirates 1005443 50 11979617484 NEW PRODUCT 2023 Water Magic 42
Fairies 1004399 Under the Sea 1004918 Vehicles 1004933 Safari 1004927 Water Magic 43
Baby Farm Animals 1005299 Baby Dinosaurs 1005296 First Water Magic • A younger Water Magic range now with 6 reusable picture boards on a sturdy loop with a chunky water pen. • The colored pictures will appear and later disappear time and time again. • Ideal for travel. Baby Ocean 1005347 Use over and over again! With chunky water pen Ideal for travel! Water Magic First Water Magic range for 18m+ 44 NEW DESIGN 2023

Flip Jewellery

• Create a selection of necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

• Combine picture changing discs with round, heart, and pony beads to make unique jewelry.

• Contents: 10 picture-changing discs, 120 round, 40 heart and 40 star pony beads, silky cord, elastic, 2 rings, sticky pads and guide.


Activity Packs

Bouncy Balls

• Create bouncy balls from the supplied colored crystals.

• Layer the crystals and place in water to make 2 large balls or 8 small ones.

• Contents: 8 x 10g packs of glow-in-the-dark crystals, 2 ball molds and guide.


Sparkle Jewellery

• Make unique sparkly necklaces and bracelets.

• Create picture beads with holographic stickers and combine with glitter and pearlescent beads on the silky cord.

• Contents: 15 round picture beads, 5 heart picture beads, 5 flower picture beads, holographic stickers, 40 heart and star beads, 120 round beads, silky cord, elastic and guide.


10 picture changing discs! Sparkly beads with stickers to add!
With glow-inthe-dark crystals!

Foil Badges

• Make 10 shiny badges with foil sheets.

• Add foil to adhesive sections of supplied stickers, stick onto badge backing and add badge pin to finish.

• Contents: 10 assorted foil sheets, 10 adhesive badge stickers, 10 badge backings, 10 badge pins and guide. 1005332

Friendship Bracelets

• Create plaited and woven friendship bracelets.

• Use the foam braiding wheel to create cord bracelets with the colorful threads, beads, and ribbon.

• Contents: 65yds of cotton threads in assorted colors, satin ribbon, assorted beads, stickers, foam braiding wheel, bodkin and guide. 1004393

Nail Art

• Create a selection of unique nail art designs.

• Paint nails with colored nail varnish, and add gems, glitter or holographic strips. Can also decorate hands and fingers with tattoos.

• Contents: 3 colored nail varnishes, 2 glitter nail varnishes, nail gems, holographic strips, tattoos and star-shaped emery board. 1003286

5 nail varnishes, stickers and gems! Create 10 shiny badges with fancy foil sheets NEW PRODUCT 2023 50 11979607454 With foam braiding wheel! Activity Packs 46

Lucky Laces

• Customize shoelaces with 6 charms and 3 types of beads.

• Decorate blank charms with supplied enamel paint and thread onto shoelaces along with beads.

• Contents: 6 blank charms to paint, 15 star beads, 15 pony beads, 10 striped beads, 1 pair of lilac shoelaces, 5 paints, paintbrush and guide. 1005419 50 11979616166

Glider Planes

• Make and fly 4 foam planes.

• Color the printed designs using supplied fiber pens, construct planes, add nose weight and customize with stickers.

• Contents: printed foam pieces to make 4 planes, 4 nose weights, 8 washable fiber pens, stickers and guide. 1004705

Color, make and

Fab Foil Art

• Create 8 sparkly foil art pictures.

• Peel off a section from the picture, place the foil over a sticky area and rub with your finger. Lift up foil sheet to transfer sparkly foil to the picture.

• Contents: 25 assorted foil sheets, 8 pictures –size 7" x 5" and guide. 1004582

f ly!
8 adhesive pictures and 25 foil sheets!
Paint 6 charms to decorate fun laces! NEW PRODUCT 2023 Activity Packs 47

First Knitting

• Create a knitted bumblebee, pompom bunting, octopus, and pompom keychain following the detailed step-by-step guide.

• Use the supplied French knitter, knitting needles and pompom tool.

• Decorate finished creations with beads, felt details and sew on wiggly eyes.

• Contents: 7 balls of wool, knitting needles, French knitting tool, knitting hook, pompom tool, stuffing, keyring, felt pieces, beads, 4 wiggly eyes, bodkin, needle and guide.


With French knitter and pompom tool

First Sewing

• Make a butterfly bag, neck purse, picture frame, notepad cover and pencil case.

• Children simply stitch the pre-punched sections together with the cord.

• Decorate creations with foam shapes and stick-on gems.

• Contents: 5 sewing kits of pre-cut foam pieces and cord, plastic bodkins, gems, notepad, 2 pencils and guide.


Fabulous Foil

• Create 12 foil pictures and 25 foil stickers.

• Peel off a section from the chosen picture, rub area with your finger and lift up the foil sheet.

• The foil will transfer to the picture or sticker with no glue required.

• Contents: 40 foil sheets in 8 assorted colors, 12 pictures, 2 sheets of 25 stickers and guide


12 sparkly foil pictures
sewing kits!
Knit a bumblebee, bunting and keyring!pompom
Creative Cases

Paint a Tea Set

• Paint a miniature tea set with colorful ceramic paints.

• Children can follow the designs on the box or create their own unique set.

• Contents: white ceramic miniature tea set comprising teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 4 cups, 4 saucers plus 12 x 3ml ceramic paints, paintbrush and guide.


Creative Cases

Brilliant Hair Bands

• Make 8 hair braids by plaiting together colorful fabric strips with flowers and beads.

• No stitching required – simply thread on the flowers and beads while plaiting and tie to elastic hair bands.

• Ideal for parties, sleepovers and festivals.

• Contents: 30 assorted fabric strips, 25 fabric flowers, 25 beads, 8 elastic hair bands and guide.


Mega Mosaics

• Make 12 mosaic pictures with colored and glitter foam tiles.

• Simply match the tile color to the number on the picture.

• Peel the backing off the tiles and stick on the picture. No glue required.

• Contents: 20 foam sheets (colored and glitter) with over 7500 self-adhesive ¼" tiles, 12 tile by number color pictures –size 10" x 7" and guide.


Decorate with 12 ceramic paints 12 pictures and 7500 foam tiles!

Creative Cases

Animal Pottery

• Make and paint six clay animals including a puppy pot, snail dish and bird.

• Children will learn basic pottery techniques to create pinch pots and coils with air-drying clay.

• Decorate dry creations with ceramic paints and finish with cord legs, pipe cleaner tails and wiggly eyes.

• Contents: 2.65 lbs air-drying clay, 12 x 2.3ml ceramic paints, modeling tool, 10 pipe cleaners, 4 lengths of cord, 12 wiggly eyes, glue, paintbrush and guide.


Make and paint 6 animal pots!

First Pottery

• Make and paint a variety of clay pots from air-drying clay.

• Children will learn basic techniques of pottery to create pinch pots, slab pots and coil pots.

• Decorate the dried pots with colorful ceramic paints.

• Contents: 2.65 lbs air-drying clay, rolling pin, modeling tool, 12 x 2.3ml ceramic paints, paintbrush and guide.


Make and paint coolpots!clay

Baking Set

• A fun, real baking set with colorful utensils.

• Children can bake cupcakes and cookies, decorate them with the icing set and display them on the cake stand.

• Includes 4 simple recipe cards.

• Contents: rolling pin, spatula, whisk, 5 measuring spoons, 4 cookie cutters, 4 reusable silicone cupcake cases, 2 reusable piping bags and 5 icing nozzles, cake stand, 8 cake toppers, 4 recipe cards and guide.


Bake cakes and cookies!

Hair Design Case

• Create a range of unique hair styles with friends.

• Contains a collection of hair chalks and metallic hair tattoos.

• Accessorize by making braided hair bands and bows with the simple bow making tool.

• Includes stylish carry case.

• Contents: 4 hair chalk compacts, foam bow making tool, holographic foam bows, 4 lengths of ribbon, 12 assorted fabric strips, 12 fabric flowers, 12 flower beads, 4 elastic hair bands, 3 sheets of metallic hair tattoos, 4 charms, 4 hair clips and guide. 1005269

Creative Cases

Sewing Case

• Create a cottage cushion, puppy in a handbag, decorative bunting, cupcake box, hedgehog pin cushion and a lavender heart.

• An ideal introduction to sewing with 5 simple stitches and step-by-step guide.

• Includes stylish carry case.

• Contents: patterned cotton fabric, pre-cut felt pieces, embroidery thread, pompom trim, wavy braid, stuffing, assorted buttons, pompoms, card pieces, lavender beads, needles and step-by-step guide. 1004270

Easy to make with 5 simple stitches!
sleepover case!

New for 2023 is the Create and Discover range from Galt. Children can explore a world of knowledge as they craft with these bumper sets. These fun kits for young creative thinkers include a full color project book with themed activities. Create and Discover Craft Kits for children aged 5 to 8 years encourage early STEAM learning, problem solving and creativity.

Ocean Craft

• Create seabed critters, make a glowing angler fish and build origami boats.

• Make a wave tube, create bubble art coral scenes and learn about deep-sea creatures.

• Includes 8 ocean-themed activities.

• Contents: plaster of Paris, 5 x 5ml paints, 1 x 20ml paint, paintbrush, plastic bottle with lid, seabed creatures mold, 3 bags of colored sand, 2 paper straws, glow-in-the-dark ball, ocean-layers card, ocean layers vinyl sticker sheet, 2 adhesive sand pictures, origami boat paper, 35 x A5 sheets of recycled paper, card pieces, balloon, wooden peg, pipe cleaner, white glue, sticker sheet, sketchpad and 28-page guide.


NEW PRODUCT 2023 Create seabed creatures, model a feisty fish and f loat origami boats! With full-color project books! Early STEAM Learning Encourages Problem Solving and Creativity Supports National Curriculum Education NEW RANGE 2023 1.7 lbs Create and Discover 52

Dino Craft

• Make a 3D dinosaur scene, create fossils and mold a stegosaurus.

• Create a flapping pterosaur, make a volcano wall hanging and draw life-size dinosaur footprints.

• Includes 7 dinosaur-themed activities.

• Contents: 2 skeleton models, green and red air-drying clay, plaster of Paris, fossil mold, 3 paints, paintbrush, felt volcano picture pieces and labels, 5 mini fiber pens, tape measure, 2 chalks, white glue, cotton cord, double-sided sticky pads, dino neck model card and paper pieces, 3D dino scene pieces, dinosaur footprint poster, pterosaur card and paper pieces, sticker sheet, sketchpad and 24-page guide. 1005434




Space Craft

• Make a constellation model, build a planet mobile and model the Earth’s core.

• Build a day and night model, create a hidden aurora sky picture and make a rocket slider.

• Includes 7 stellar space-themed activities.

• Contents: 6 x packs of non-drying clay, 10 assorted polystyrene balls, wooden strip, 10 paints, paintbrush, constellation model, day and night model box, white glue, torch picture pieces, transparent sheet, black card, dry erase pen, 2 paper straws, string, 9 eye hooks, scratch paper picture, wooden scratch tool, 11 thin wooden sticks, foam piece, card pieces, sticker sheet, sketchpad and 20-page guide. 1005416

1.2 lbs Create and Discover 53

Explore and Discover

With the Explore and Discover range, children can uncover the wonders of science and learn about the world around us. These exciting kits for young scientists all include a full color lab book with exciting experiments. Explore and Discover Lab Kits for children aged 5 to 8 years will encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun!

Slimy Lab

• Young scientists can learn how to mix up glow-in-the-dark slime, mold 3 creatures including a slimy silver snake and discover how to make slime change color.

• Includes 4 fun experiments.

• Contents: make your own glow slime powder, metallic slime powder and color changing powder with pots, slimy creature mold, 4 wiggly eyes, 3 mixing sticks, stickers and full color 12-page Lab booklet.


Dino Lab

• Young scientists can dig up a dinosaur fossil, experiment with amber slime, make dinosaur tracks and discover more about these prehistoric creatures.

• Includes 3 fun experiments.

• Contents: dig out dino fossil excavation stone, excavation tools, play goggles, amber slime with dinosaur, air-drying clay, dinosaur tracks mold, stickers and full color 16-page Lab booklet.

Dig out a dinosaur fossil!
1005131 3 make your own slime powders!

Magnetic Lab

• Drive a racing car without touching it, make rattlesnake sounds and perform an amazing levitating trick.

• Design marble mazes and create funny hairy faces.

• Includes 9 fun experiments.

• Contents: magnetic wand, plastic racing car, racetrack poster, 4 ring magnets, levitation stand, iron filings capsule, 2 vinyl face stickers, 2 rattle magnets, bar magnet, marble maze board, marble, stickers, printed card pieces, notepad and 24-page Lab book.


Science Lab

• Young scientists can make a floaty ghost, test tube kaleidoscope and bouncy ball.

• Play a skin crawling game, discover how to stack liquids and make lively lava.

• Includes 20 fun experiments.

• Contents: 3 test tubes, test tube rack, goggles, ball mold, 3 bags of bouncy ball crystals, magnifying glass, spinner, slime, 3 food colorings, Petri-dish, pipette, funnel, pH scale, universal indicator paper, printed card pieces, tissue paper, 2 balloons, 3 mixing sticks, 3 cotton buds, 2 rubber bands, paper clip, stickers, notepad and 32-page Lab book.


Perform amazing magnetic tricks! Learn about the power of magnets experiments First science kit! Explore and Discover 55

Explore and Discover

Rainbow Lab

• Experiment with color mixing and grow jelly-like crystals in many different colors.

• Create a rainbow in a test tube and see the world through rainbow glasses.

• Includes 12 fun experiments.

• Contents: 3 test tubes, test tube rack, goggles, color mixing tray, pipette, potassium polyacrylate crystals, 3 food colorings, rainbow glasses, 3 plastic cups, filter paper, plastic mirror, mixing stick, plastic scoop, stickers, notepad and 24-page Lab book.


Slime Lab

• Create a glow-in-the-dark slimy alien, bouncy putty ball and gummy bug.

• Test different slimes, make tubs of goo and try out the funny noise pot.

• Includes 7 fun experiments.

• Contents: glow-in-the-dark slime, noise pot, glow bouncing putty, make your own slime and putty powders with pots, make your own gummy bug powder and pot, slimy alien mold, gummy bug mold, 4 wiggly eyes, pipette, 2 mixing sticks, stickers, notepad and 16-page Lab book.


Glow Lab

• Experiment with glow sticks, make a flashing glow bouncy ball and mold a slimy glow bug.

• Make glow glasses and reveal messages written in invisible ink.

• Includes 11 fun experiments.

• Contents: 22 glow sticks and 13 connectors, UV pen with black light torch, ball mold, 3 bags of glow bouncy ball crystals, flashing LED capsule, make-your-own glow slime powder and pot, glow bug mold, 2 wiggly eyes, 15 glow stars, white tack, plastic cup, 4 lolly sticks, stickers, printed card pieces, notepad and 24-page Lab book.


With 22sticks!glow 56
Glow slime, putty, noise pot and more!

Space Lab

• Make glow-in-the-dark constellation models, build a telescope and launch a rocket.

• Experiment with shadows, mix up galaxy slime and create a solar system in a room.

• Includes 12 fun experiments.

• Contents: 22 glow stars with 46 glow connectors, 10 constellation straws, rocket bottle and fins, nose cone, rubber stopper, valve, galaxy slime powder, 3 telescope lenses, 2 paper straws, white tack, split pin, plastic sheet, A3 constellation guide, printed card pieces, glow planet stickers, sticker sheet, notepad and 24-page Lab book.


Giant Science Lab

• An exciting kit for young scientists that includes a lab coat, play goggles and a 52-page full color Lab book.

• Contains 30 experiments to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun.

• Explore chemistry by powering a clock with an apple, investigate biology by examining fingerprints and discover physics using magnets.

• Contents: lab coat, play goggles, test tube rack, 3 test tubes, apple clock parts, iron filings capsule, reusable vinyl face sticker, bar magnet, 2 rattle magnets, bouncy ball mould, 3 bags of bouncy ball crystals, flashing LED capsule, Petri-dish, pipette, funnel, 3 food colorings, potassium polyacrylate crystals, plastic syringe, ink stamp pad, 2 fingerprint ID sheets, pH scale, universal indicator paper, tape measure, magnifying glass, measuring scoop, 2 balloons, 2 rubber bands, paper clip, organ and skeleton cards, reusable bone and organ stickers, printed card pieces, tissue paper, stickers, notepad and 52-page Lab book!


A bumper science kit for young scientists! Lab coat and playincluded!goggles
Explore our super solar system! 57
Explore and

Horrible Science

Frightful First Experiments

• 18 first experiments for budding Horrible Scientists.

• Discover how to stack liquids, perform illusions and make food fly.

• Find out how to mix up molecules and learn about the power of static electricity.

• Contents: 3 test tubes, test tube rack, goggles, ball mold and crystals, magnifying glass, spinner, slime pot, squishy eyeballs, 3 food colorings, Petri-dish, funnel, pipette, pH scale and paper, printed card pieces, stickers, tissue paper, 2 balloons, 3 mixing sticks, 2 rubber bands, paper clip and 40-page Lab Notebook. 1105470

f irst-time experiments

Based on the bestselling books written by Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony De Saulles

Explosive Experiments

• Create and launch a rocket, watch a volcano erupt, make a lava lamp and mix up some seriously slimy snot.

• Contains 8 exciting experiments.

• Contents: plastic rocket, nose cone, fins, plastic volcano, sand, safety goggles, sodium hydrogen carbonate, tartaric acid, litmus blue powder, slime powder and pot, glue, green and red food coloring, tub with lid, rubber stopper, valve, small and medium scoops, 2 mixing pots and 36-page Lab Notebook. LL10341

Horrible Science® is a registered trademark of Scholastic Ltd and is used under authorization. All rights reserved. Licensed by Scholastic Ltd through Rocket Licensing Ltd.

Horrible Science

Bulging Box of Experiments

Learn how to make chemical cocktails, excavate fossils and make a racket with rattle magnets.

• This kit includes a Horrible Science lab coat and glasses so children can dress like Horrible experts for added imaginative play.

• Investigate how planes fly, blow up a volcano and make a bar of soap with a creepy-crawly surprise.

• Contents: lab coat, safety glasses, 3 test tubes, test tube rack, red, green and blue food coloring, Litmus Blue powder, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Tartaric acid, funnel, volcano, 2 measuring scoops, 2 foam glider planes, 2 rattle magnets, dino fossil excavation kit with tools, brain mould, plaster of Paris, mixing stick, glycerine soap pieces, beaker, microwave tray, soap mold, plastic cockroach, 3 acrylic paints, paintbrush and 52-page Lab Notebook.

Make an explosive chemical volcano!
Based on the bestselling books written by Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony De Saulles
62 68 73 75 61
Wasgij Jan van Haasteren Puzzle Mates Games
NEW Ref. 25019 Wasgij Original 40 Garden Party! Put yourself in the picture and think outside the box! Humorous illustrations, wrapped up in unique brainteasing puzzle concepts. Puzzlers use their imagination to piece together the ‘solution’ to the illustration on the box. The Original Brainteasing Jigsaw! wasgij.com FREE1000PIECEPUZZLE OFTHEBOXIMAGE Ref. 25020 Wasgij Original 41 The Restore Store! NEW Ref. 25011 Wasgij Original 39 Chinese New Year! NEW Wasgij 62 Not Available in Canada.
Don’t puzzle what you see on the box... Puzzle what the people on the box see! How does it work? Ref. 25017 Wasgij Christmas 18 Gingerbread Showstopper! Ref. 25004 Wasgij Original 37 Holiday Fiasco! NEW Ref. 25010 Wasgij Original 38 Market Meltdown! Wasgij Original 36 New Year Resolutions! Ref. 25000 Wasgij 63 Not Available in Canada.
How does it work? Don’t puzzle what you see on the box ... Puzzle the future! Ref. 25013 Wasgij Destiny 24 Business as Usual! NEW Ref. 25005 Wasgij Destiny 23 Theme Park Thrills! Ref. 25001 Wasgij Destiny 22 Trip to the Tip! Wasgij 64 Not Available in Canada. Ref. 19180 Wasgij Destiny 21 Highway Hold-Up!
NEW How does it work? Don’t puzzle what you see on the box ... Puzzle what will happen next! Ref. 25018 Wasgij Mystery 23 Pooch Parlour! Ref. 25012 Wasgij Mystery 22 Wasgij Winter Games! Ref. 25006 Wasgij Mystery 21 Trouble Brewing! Ref. 25002 Wasgij Mystery 20 Mountain Mayhem! Wasgij 65 Not Available in Canada. Ref. 19182 Wasgij Mystery 19 Bingo Blunder!
Wasgij Retro Destiny 7 Rock Around the Clock! Ref. 1110100017 NEW 8 710126000175 Wasgij Retro Original 7 Bear Necessities! Ref. 1110100016 NEW 8 710126000168 Ref. 1110100018 Wasgij Retro Mystery 7 Everything Must Go! NEW 8 710126000182 Wasgij 66 Not Available in Canada.
Wasgij Retro Destiny 6 Child's Play! Ref. 25015 Wasgij Retro Original 6 Blooming Marvellous! Ref. 25014 Ref. 25016 Wasgij Retro Mystery 6 Camping Commotion! Wasgij 67 Not Available in Canada.
Not Available in Canada. Puzzle your own Jan van Haasteren adventure! Join the Jan van Haasteren family on their adventures and puzzle the detailed and humorous illustrations created by the master Jan van Haasteren and his team. Join the Jan van Haasteren community www.janvanhaasteren.com JAN VAN HAASTEREN IS MORE THAN JUST A PUZZLE! Ref. 20071 Sand Sculptures NEW Ref. 20067 Futureproof Fair NEW NEW Ref. 20065 The Craft Brewery NEW Ref. 20053 The Soapbox Race 200th Puzzle Jan van Haasteren 68
Not Available in Canada. Ref. 20025 Eurosong Contest Ref. 19199 The Pharmacy Ref. 19075 Cattle Market Ref. 19065 Winter Games Ref. 20022 The Art Market Jan van Haasteren 69
Ref. 20035 Children's Birthday Party The Missing Piece Ref. 20041 Jumbo Goes Shopping Ref. 20028 Ref. 20038 South Pole Expedition Ref. 20046 The Dutch Craft Market Jan van Haasteren 70 Not Available in Canada.
Not Available in Canada. Ref. 20043 La Tomatina Grand Prix Ref. 19093 The Winery Ref. 19095 Ref. 19092 The Library Ref. 19090 National Championships Puzzling Jan van Haasteren 71
Jan van Haasteren 72
Toy Shop Ref. 19073 Ref.
Not Available in Canada. Ref. 19086 Camping in the Forest The Film Set Ref. 19074 The
19072 Magic Fair Cruise Ship Ref. 20021
Puzzle Mates is the one-stop-shop brand for puzzlers to purchase puzzle accessories to help build, sort and store their puzzle.
not included. Portapuzzle Standard Portapuzzle Deluxe Ref. 10806 Ref. 01039 27x19 Portapuzzle Board Portapuzzle Standard Ref. 17957 Ref. 10715 27x19 27x19 35x24 8 710126 108062 8 710126 107157 8 710126 010396 8 710126 179574 Puzzle Format 1000pc Puzzle 2x1000pc Puzzle Portapuzzle Board 1000pc Portapuzzle Deluxe 1000pc Portapuzzle Standard 1000pc Portapuzzle Standard 1500pc LxH inch LxHxD inch lbs Quantity in outer carton Outer Carton LxHxD inch Outer Carton lbs 15x11x9 15x11x9 30x22x5 25x33x9 23x32x4 26x37x5 5.8 9.1 29.3 44.2 25.3 35.8 3 3 12 5 5 5 1.7 2.8 2.4 8.8 4.7 7.2 15x11x3 15x11x3 27x19 27x19 27x19 27x19 27x19 35x24 30x21x¼ 32x24x2 32x23x¾ 36x26x¾ lbs Puzzle Mates 73 Not Available in Canada.
Puzzle Mates 74 Not Available in Canada. 35x24 48x33 Puzzle & Roll up to 1500 pcs Ref. 17690 Puzzle & Roll up to 3000 pcs Ref. 17691 Puzzle Accessory Format Puzzle&Roll 1500pc Puzzle&Roll 3000pc LxH inch LxHxD inch lbs Quantity in outer carton Outer Carton LxHxD inch Outer Carton lbs 28x22x13 28x23x20 22 31.5 12 12 1.6 2.3 12x11x5 20x11x4 35x24 48x33 Jigsaws not included.

Chrono Bomb

Attention all secret agents – we need you! Use your evasive skills to quickly weave your way through the course without touching the string. Pick up all the Object cards on your way and defuse the bomb before it explodes! Play again and again, building new courses to challenge friends and family. Be the fastest to defuse the bomb before the time runs out, but be careful; touch the string, and the timer speeds up!

NEW PRODUCT 2023 Games 75 1+ 10" x 10" x 4"
Not Available in Canada. Ref. 1105623 50 11979622495


Original Attack... And capture the flag! The classic game of strategy is now completely refreshed and redesigned. The same exciting game play in a new, exciting design. Start with the journal of Lieutenant Jack Sunderland and play the fight between the Redcoats and the Bluecoats!

2 10" x 10" x 3" Product video available! 76 Not Available in
Games Ref. 19852


Assassin’s Creed

Let battle be joined between the most legendary Assassins and their nemesis the Templars in this special Stratego Assassin’s Creed edition. Secretly deploy your army...Who will have the strength and strategy to capture the Apple of Eden to safeguard peace and freedom for the citizens of the world?

Games 77 2 10" x 10" x 2"
Rights: NCSA, EMEA © 2020, Ubisoft Entertainment Not Available in Canada. Ref. 19815

Galt FSDU*


Marble Fun FSDU*

Made from corrugated board.

not included *FREE STANDING DISPLAY UNIT Alternate configurations available depending on products purchased
from corrugated board. Height: 63" (Including header) Width: 25" Depth: 16" 1105416 *product
*product not
Holds 12 packs.
configurations available depending on products purchased
Height: 63" (Including header) Width: 21" Depth: 16" 1105422 *FREE STANDING
UNIT Alternate
Merchandising Materials

Activity Pack FSDU*


*product not included *FREE STANDING DISPLAY UNIT Alternate configurations available depending on products purchased
Made from corrugated board. Holds 72 packs. Height: 71" (Including header) Width: 19" Depth: 11" 1105419
Pack Assortment
please contact your sales representative or customer service
with Spinner Rack 20 facings, 5 pcs per facing. Holds 100 packs. Height: 79" (Including header) Base diameter: 22" M00004 For
Merchandising Materials

Galt Logo



Merchandising Materials
Pack Spinner Rack 20 facings, 5 pcs per facing. Holds 100 packs. Height: 79" (Including header) Base diameter: 22" L9903G
Galt Header Card Galt logo printed both sides. Size: 8" x 39" L5064A
Playnest ® Triangular Replacement Inner Tube C6000C Playnest ® & Gym Poles and Connectors CC0041 Playnest ® Car Replacement Inner Tube CC0062 Folding Trampoline Replacement Bungee CC0042
self-adhesive shape. Size: 8" x 11" L5065K
x 11"
Shelf Sticker Self-adhesive strip.
Galt Window
logo. Size: 8"
1004039 Galt
Size: 1" x


Active Play 22 - 24

Activity Ball 5

Activity Case 15

Activity Packs 45 - 47

Activity Pack

– Assortment with Spinner Rack 79

– FSDU 79

– Spinner Rack 80

Ambi Toys 12 - 21

Animal Pottery 50

Animals – 4 Puzzles in a Box 34

Animals – Water Magic 41


Baby Dinosaurs – First Water Magic 44

Baby Farm Animals – First Water Magic 44

Baby Mirror 14

Baby Ocean – First Water Magic 44

Baby's First Car 18

Baking Set 50

Bouncy Balls 45

Brilliant Hair Bands 49

Building Beakers 14

Bulging Box of Experiments 59


Classic Galt 39 - 40

Construction – Giant Floor Puzzle 31

Counting Creatures – Giant Floor Puzzle 32

Counting Puzzle 33

Create and Discover 52 - 53

Creative Cases 48 - 51


Dino Craft 53

Dino Lab 54

Dinosaurs – 4 Puzzles in a Box 35

Dinosaurs – Giant Floor Puzzle 30

Dinosaurs – Water Magic 41

Discovery Puzzle 33

Duck Family 21


Explore and Discover 54 - 57

Explosive Experiments 58


Fab Foil Art 47

Fabulous Foil 48

Fairies – Water Magic 43

Farm – 4 Puzzles in a Box 35

Farm – Giant Floor Puzzle 30

Farm – Water Magic 41

Feely Farm Puzzle 10

Find It 39

First Keys 13

First Knitting 48

First Pottery 50

First Sewing 48

First Water Magic 44

First Years 2 - 11

Fish Wheel 20

Fishing Boat 21

Flip Jewellery 45

Focus Pocus 17

Foil Badges 46

Folding Trampoline 24

Follow Me Ball 10

Friendship Bracelets 46

Frightful First Experiments 58

FSDUs 78 - 79


Galt FSDU 78

Giant Floor Puzzles 30 - 32

Giant Science Lab 57

Giant Snakes & Ladders Puzzle 32

Glider Planes 47

Glow Lab 56

Glow Marble Run 27

Glow Super Marble Run 27


Hair Design Case 51

Horrible Science 58 - 59


Jungle – 4 Puzzles in a Box 35

Jungle – Giant Floor Puzzle 31

Jungle Pals Skittles 8


Learn Maths 36

Learn to Draw 37

Learn to Read 36

Lock a Block 18

Lock-Up Garage 19

Lucky Laces 47


Magic Man 16

Magnetic Farm Puzzles 9

Magnetic Lab 55

Marble Fun FSDU 78

Marble Racer 28

Marble Run 25 - 29

Marble Run 25 Marble Run Reactions 29

Max Pull Along Dog 19

Mega Marble Run 26 Mega Mosaics 49 Memory Friends 38 Merchandising Materials 78 - 80


Nail Art 46

Nursery Trampoline – Turtle 23 Nursery Trampoline – Unicorn 22

Ocean Craft 52


Paint a Tea Set 49

Pets – Water Magic 42

Picture Dominoes 39

Picture Lotto 40

Pirates – Water Magic 42

Playnest Car 5

Playnest Farm 2

Playnest & Gym Farm 3

Playnest & Gym, 3-in-1 4 Pop-Up Pals 16

Pop-Up Toy 11 Puzzles – 4 in a Box 34 - 35

Puzzles, Games and Learning 30 - 40 R

Rainbow Lab 56 Remember, Remember 40

Safari – Water Magic 43 Science Lab 55

Sewing Case 51 Slime Lab 56 Slimy Lab 54 Snakes & Ladders and Ludo 37

Soft Blocks 8 Soft Books Assortment 6

Space Craft 53

Space Lab 57

Sparkle Jewellery 45 Sunflower Rattle 13

Super Marble Run 25 T

Ted and Tess Carousel 15

Three-in-One Playnest & Gym 4 Three Little Pigs Game 38 Tick Tock Clock 17

Tiny Trike 11

Tommy Toot 20

Trampolines 22 - 24
















13 U Under the Sea – Water Magic 43 Unicorns – Water Magic 42 V Vehicles – 4 Puzzles in a Box 34 Vehicles – Water Magic 43 W Water Magic 41 - 44 Water Playmat 9 Wiggly Worm 6 Wrap Around Rattle 7 JAN VAN HAASTEREN Camping in the Forest 72 Cattle Market 69 Children's Birthday Party 70 Cruise Ship 72 Eurosong Contest 69 Futureproof Fair 68 Grand Prix 71 Jan van Haasteren 68 - 72 Jumbo Goes Shopping 70 La Tomatina 71 Magic Fair 72 National Championships Puzzling 71 Sand Sculptures 68 South Pole Expedition 70 The Art Market 69 The Craft brewery 68 The Dutch Craft Market 70 The Film Set 72 The Library 71 The Missing Piece 70 The Pharmacy 69 The Soapbox Race 200th Puzzle 68 The Toy Shop 72 The Winery 71 Winter Games 69 PUZZLE MATES Portapuzzle Board (up to 1000 pieces) 73 Portapuzzle Deluxe (up to 1000 pieces) 73 Portapuzzle Standard (up to 1000 pieces) 73 Portapuzzle Standard (up to 1500 pieces) 73 Puzzle & Roll (up to 1500 pcs) 74 Puzzle & Roll (up to 3000 pcs) 74 Puzzle Mates 73 - 74 GAMES Chrono Bomb 75 Games 75 - 77 Stratego 76 - 77 Stratego Assassin's Creed 77 Stratego Original 76
36 New Year Resolutions! 63
37 Holiday Fiasco! 63 Original 38 Market Meltdown! 63
Trumpet 20 Tummytime Ted 7 Twin Rattle
WASGIJ Original
Chinese New Year!
25th Anniversary Garden Party!
Store! 62
The Restore
Highway Hold-Up!
22 Trip
to the Tip!
Theme Park Thrills!
Destiny 24 Business as Usual! 64
Mystery 19 Bingo Blunder! 65
Mystery 20 Mountain Mayhem! 65
21 Trouble Brewing! 65
Mystery 22 Wasgij Winter Games! 65
Mystery 23 Pooch Parlour! 65
Destiny 6 Child's Play! 67
Mystery 6 Camping Commotion! 67
Original 6 Blooming Marvellous! 62
Destiny 7 Rock Around the Clock! 66
Mystery 7 Everything Must Go! 66
Original 7 Bear Necessities! 66
62 - 67
O P 81 Index
Christmas 18 Gingerbread

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