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May 17, 2024


Two fellow Democrats challenge Rep. Lundstrom in District 9 race CANDIDATES AIM TO STRENGTHEN COUNTY’S VOICE

Christopher Hudson is currently the Coordinator for the McKinley Community Health Alliance.

Arval McCabe is a Chapter President from the Red Lake Chapter of the Navajo Nation.

By Molly Ann Howell Managing Editor

Patty Lundstrom has been the House Representative for District 9 since 2003, and she is hoping to keep her seat on the Legislative once again during the 2024 election.


ut t wo other Democrats have hopes of taking their turn on the legislative floor: Christopher Hu d - s o n a n d A r v a l McCabe. The primary election will be held on June 4, and the general election will take place on Nov. 5. LUNDSTROM’S PL A N S F O R REELECTION In an interview with t he S u n, Lu nd st rom said she hopes to continue the projects she’s a lready sta r ted a s a Representative if she is reelected. “I would like to finish some of the projects that I’ve already started,” she said. “Since the New Mexico legislature is a citizen legislature, the only time we can actually take action on things is during a session, and sometimes it’s 60 days and sometimes it’s 30 days, and it’s not a lot of time to get some major leg islatu re done. We are in desperate need of completing certain things, and I’d like to be reelected to complete projects I’ve a lready started.” Some of those projects include preparing Gallup’s infrastructure for the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply project. Some of the city’s pipes are over 100 years old, and need major updates before a new wa t er source is brought in. The wastewater treatment plant also needs u p d a t e s b e fo r e t h e NGWSP happens. A nother continued concern for Lundstrom

is McK inley County’s roads. “I’m also wanting to work on road improvements throughout the county,” she said. “Most of my constituents have been ver y concer ned about poor road a nd travel conditions. We started that, and I would like to continue working on that.” Lundstrom explained what led her to politics all the way back in 2001, when she first ran for the District 5 Representative seat. “ I w a nt e d t o ge t i nvolved because I t hou g ht t h a t Ga l lup and McKinley County and most of rural New Mexico is pretty much lef t out of t he pro ces s,” she sa id. “We only have two House Represent atives t hat represent Gallup, and I think it’s four for the whole county, and then you t h i n k about t he metropolitan area like A lbuquerque where they have 23-27 house members. Clearly, we’re outnumbered.” WHAT HER O PP O N E N TS A R E SAYING A lthough they a re r u n n i ng aga i nst her, McCabe a nd Hud son agree with Lundstrom t hat t he McK i n ley County area is under-represented. In an interview with the Sun, McCabe argued that the area doesn’t always receive important updates from the legislative, such as information about funding opportunities. McCabe is a Chapter

P resident from the Red Lake Chapter of t h e Na v a j o Na t i o n . He said he’s only met with Lundstrom twice since he was elected in 2012, once when he was first elected and then more recently when he announced his candidacy for the District 9 seat. He suggested that the Representative of a district needs to interact with their constituents more. “I think we need more information from the state,” he said. “That position should be attending some of our meetings at the community level and letting us know what’s coming up, what to look for [in terms of state funding opportunities].” McCabe specifically expressed interest in funding for the roads in his part of McKinley Cou nt y a nd possible American Rescue Plan Act funding that could support local art and recreation efforts. He once again suggested that the District 9 Representative could help track that sort of funding down for the area. “But you know, knowing all the red tape you’ve got to go through to get that ty pe of funding, how can the position help us get around those barriers to dip into that funding? Those are some of the frustrations we have, even with our own [Navajo Nation] government,” he said. In a separate interv iew w it h t he S u n , Hud son ag reed w it h McCabe, saying that the

state legislators aren’t doing enough to represent their communities. Hud son ha s f i r sthand knowledge about working with legislators to try and achieve a goal. He is the Coordinator for the McKinley Community Health Alliance, which serves as a hub in the McKinley County community for multi-disciplinary/cross-sector collaboration among its membership as well as an initial point of access t o i n for m at ion a nd / or engagement in community- dr iven hea lth priorities/concerns. In that role, he often meets with legislators and discusses bills that are important to his organization. But it doesn’t always work out the way he hopes. “People I worked with, organizers, community members from the Gallup and McKinley Cou nt y a rea , T w i n Lakes, we would go to Lundstrom a nd [Sen. George Muñoz] or some of the other legislators and they would start to ignore us,” Hudson said. “They just stopped listening to us or their time would be short or they would conveniently have to be somewhere. And we know the legislators are pretty busy, and that you have to advocate beforehand and that there are processes, but even when we went through these processes and things, we weren’t getting the type of response that we thought we’d get.” A FRESH SLATE One of Hudson’s biggest concerns when it comes to the legislature is what he considers the toxicity and staleness of the place. “We have a lot of ideas that run through the legislature that are just the same ideas just regurgitated year after year,” he

Patty Lundstrom is the incumbent House of Representatives District 9 seat. She’s been in the posistion since 2003. explained. “Sometimes when they’re regurgitating the same idea, they’re hurting one another as legislators because they don’t sponsor the bill. It causes not only for bills to become stagnant but also allows relationships to sour.” O ne w ay Hud s on wants to combat the problems he sees in the legislature is by getting more members of minor ity groups into office. He proposed that if he is elected, he would begin working on setting up a system where someone would get paid to be a legislator. “Having a paid legislator goes on a long way for having a more diverse set or pool of legislators,” he said. “As it is now, we have a lot of older generation lawyers and businesspeople — people who have money and can take the time off to be a legislator.”

All of her competitors’ hopes and dreams are all worthwhile, but Lundstrom argued that her seniority and expertise will allow her to level the playing field for McKinley County. “I think what really helps us is my seniority because 90% of success up [in Santa Fe] is knowing how the process works,” she said. “How you get things done up there is not written in some manual. There’s some general procedural processes, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes kind of work. So what I would like to do is use that experience to continue leveling the playing field when it comes to being outnumbered by other parts of the state.” The New Mexico primary election will take place on June 7. Up until then, the Sun will continue its political coverage with more articles about local candidates.

A2 Friday, May 17, 2024 • Gallup Sun


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Gallup Sun • Friday, May 17, 2024


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RMCH cuts ties with CHC



ehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital has officially cut ties with Community Health Corporation. Their contract with the Texas-based hospital management company formally ended on May 2. RMCHC’s agreement with CHC was for a fiveyear period, with what’s called a three-year window. At the three-year mark, either party in the agreement could notify the other of its intent to end the agreement. The hospital board notified CHC of their intent to end the agreement in October. In a May 8 interview with the Sun, the hospital’s Interim CEO Bill Patten reflected on the hospital’s time with CHC and the board’s decision to find a new management company. “CHC saw us through a very difficult time in our history, and as a result had what I would describe as some baggage. …,” Patten said. “So from a practical perspective, it would’ve been difficult for the board to continue the contract with CHC. Also, I think the board was looking for a fresh start. We’d gone through this turbulent time, we wanted to put some of those issues behind us, and by having a new company some of the things from the past wouldn’t have been so in our face every day.” NEXT CONTRACT IN SIGHT Patten said the hospital’s board reviewed five proposals for management

services, including one from CHC. They ended up choo si n g O v a t ion He a lt hc a re, wh ich i s based out of Brentwood, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. Ovation Healthcare’s website states that they are a premier provider of operational services focused on helping hospitals and health systems with financial performance, purchasing supplies, clinical resourcing, workforce solutions, and executive advisement. They have over 375 clients branching over 47 states. Patten actually worked with QHR Health, which is what Ovation was called before it was rebranded in March 2023. Ovation will offer similar services to what CHC did for RMCH, but one big difference is that no one will be employed through Ovation; they will all be directly employed by the hospital, including Patten and the hospital’s current Interim Chief Financial Officer Chris Dover. A NEW OPERATING OFFICER? But Patten may not be around to stay. The board recently interviewed multiple candidates for a Chief Operating Officer position. Patten said they are currently in negotiations with what he thinks is a promising candidate. Whoever the new COO is, Patten said the plan is for that person to serve in the position for whatever period of time the board sees fit. During that time,

Patten will mentor and coach the COO, and then when the time is right Patten will “exit stage right,” leaving his interim position and letting the COO step into the CEO job. There’s yet to be an official timeline for this process, but Patten said he is more than willing to stick around in any capacity the board may need. “I’ve expressed to the board that if they want me to stay on as a support person either to the board or to the CEO, I’m happy to do that,” Patten said. “One of the things that I think would make sense would be for me to continue to

most recent report in April. He estimated the reduction to be around $9 million. Senate Bill 161 from the last legislative session played a part in helping the hospital get out of the hole. The bill, which is titled Acute Care Facilities Subsidies, created a fund for state - or county - owned hospitals and independent not-for-profit hospitals with fewer than 30 beds to tap to cover losses incurred from providing emergency medical care; inpatient services related to maternity, child and family health; increased costs of medical malpractice and property insurance

“We’d gone through this turbulent time, we wanted to put some of those issues behind us, and by having a new company some of the things from the past wouldn’t have been so in our face every day.” – RMCH Interim CEO Bill Patten work with the accounts payable project, working with the city, the county, and the state as far as all of the funds that were appropriated and how those are going to transition to the hospital rather than asking a new person to come in in the middle of a very complicated process.” CHIPPING AWAY AT DEBT In a recent McKinley County Board of Com m i s sioner s meet ing. Patten reported that the hospital was able to reduce accounts payable from about $33.5 million in October to just under $25 million, according to his

premiums; inpatient acute care; and Medicare spending reductions known as sequestration. Patten said RMCH will receive $5.7 million from SB 161. The amount will be spread out between two years, with the hospital receiving a little over $2.5 million the first year and about $2.5 million the next. House Bill 2, which laid out the state’s budget, also provided some resources for the hospital. RMCH will benefit from two line items in the budget bill, both designated for any “non federal hospital in McKinley County.” One provides $12 million

RMCH’s Interim CEO Bill Patten to backfill support money to the county and City of Gallup to ensure the hospital could make payroll from December through the first part of this year. The other provides $15 million to help the hospital pay down its debt. So far, RMCH has seen $8 million of that $12 million; the county and city have each given the hospital $4 million. Patten said he’s not expecting to see the $15 million until the fall. SEARCH FOR E M P L O Y E E S CONTINUES RMCH has recently lost a couple of doctors, and Patten said they’re currently searching for replacements for those roles. Dr. Mat t hew Spiva served as the hospital’s podiatrist and also specializes in wound care.

He had a contract through High Deser t Physician Management, but now he will be going back to the Gallup Indian Medical Center. Dr. Ramon Schafer and Jennifer Schafer served their last day as RMCH employees on May 6. Jennifer is a nurse practitioner, and Ramon is a doctor of osteopathic medicine. Patten said RMCH has scheduled an onsite visit with another podiatrist who may be joining the hospital soon. “That’s an important specialty for us, not just the foot care but also the wound care,” he said. He also said they had another interview with a qualified physician who completed a fellowship in

See RMCH, Page A5

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Gallup Sun • Friday, May 17, 2024

RMCH | FROM A4 wound care. On a more positive note about hiring, both Dr. Chris Gonzaga and his wife Dr. Flor CallabarGonzaga are planning to return to the hospital. Gonzaga retired from RMCH Dec. 8 a fter a 40-year career in medicine that included 26 years at RMCH. Callabar-Gonzaga retired in 2021. Patten said they’ve both signed contracts and will begin seeing patients again at the end of May. Patten said the hospital is also looking to expand the urology department by hiring a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant to work with Dr. Christopher Hoover in the urology department. In total, the hospital has seen seven new hires

so far this year, with four of them being rehires. “We take that as a very positive sign that the work that we’re doing is being received well,” Patten said of the rehires. Patten also explained that he’s trying to reduce the number of traveling nurses the hospital needs in an effort to hire more local people. “During the pandemic we had as much as 51 travelers,” he said. “With the hiring of permanent staff, we’re whittling that down smaller and smaller. I don’t know if we’ll ever get where we don’t have any travelers. In my mind if we have within the range

of four to six, that’s probably the sweet spot.” EXPA NDING SERVICES Patten said he is also actively trying to expand the hospital’s available services. He scheduled a meeting for May 15 with the hospital’s medical staff to discuss what he calls a “medical staff needs plan.” He said the conversation will focus on looking toward the future and discussing what sort of specialized doctors the hospital still needs. For Patten, this year is all about stabilizing and making sure they’ve replaced any staff that have left the hospital. His first priority on his checklist is the cardiology department. “That’s one of the specialties we’re recruiting for right now, because I believe it will improve

the care we provide in the emergency department and on the in-patient side of things today,” he explained. Next year, he wants to tackle the women’s health side of things. The hospital’s Labor and Delivery unit on Aug. 3, 2022. Ever since then, women have had to go to Albuquerque to give birth. Patten said he hopes to hire obstetricians and pediatricians T hen, bot h preg n a nt women and the children they give birth to will be taken care of. In a 2023 study by the National Library of Medicine, 115 rural family medicine residency programs were surveyed about mixing the two practices of family medicine and obstetric care. Of those practices, 85% said they trained residents to provide comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care. Patten said he wants to take on a similar approach, called Family practices with obstetrics, which would provide prenatal and postnatal care. He hopes to hire three FPOB doctors and one OBGYN. The OBGYN would focus mainly on the gynecology side of things and provide backup support for the FPOBs. A n F P OB wo u l d be a ble t o per for m C - sections, but they wouldn’t be qualified to do a hysterectomy. If a woman were suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, the OBGYN or a general surgeon would perform the surgery. Finally, Patten also mentioned the possibility of contracting with Gallup Community Health to bring more doctors to the hospital.

Violent shooting spree leads to arrest of suspect in Gallup Staff Reports


man from Fruitland, New Mex ico i s accused of killing one man — laughing and shooting as the victim begged for his life — injuring another and terrorizing a family on a road trip during an April shooting spree. Rydell Happy, 30, is charged federally with second-degree murder in the April 24 death of the man. According to a criminal complaint, officers were alerted to Happy’s crime spree after a family traveling southbound on U.S. Highway 491, about 40 miles north of Gallup, reported to law enforcement that they had been followed, rear-ended, and shot at by someone sitting in the front passenger seat of a white SUV. The call came in around 10 pm. Further investigation revealed that earlier that day, Happy and two others had been involved in a separate shooting incident in Gallup. After the shooting on the highway, the family continued driving south, and one of the vehicle’s occupants began to argue with Happy. Happy then ordered the group to get out of the car, and once they had done so, he shot the man who had argued with him. Happy then grabbed a baseball bat and began hitting the man in the head. Happy and one of the others that was him then dragged the man’s body over the edge of a nearby cliff. Following reports of the earlier shooting on

Rydell Happy Highway 491, officers from the Navajo Nation Police Department were on the lookout for a white SUV. Officers later observed a vehicle matching the description and pursued. The driver fled, but eventually crashed the SUV, and three individuals, including Happy, were arrested. Through follow-up investigation, investigators were able to find the victim’s body, which showed signs of severe head trauma. If convicted of the current charges, Happy faces up to life in prison. U.S. Attor ney Alexander M.M. Uballez, a nd Raul Bu ja nda , Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of I nve s t i g a t ion’s Albuquerque Field Office, made the announcement on May 10. The Fa r mington R e s ide nt A ge nc y of t he Fe der a l Bu r e a u of I nve s t i g a t ion’s A lbuquerque F ield Office investigated this case with assistance from the Navajo Police Department and Navajo Department of Criminal Investigations. Assistant United States Attorney Eliot Neal is prosecuting the case.

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Join fellow vintage, classic, muscle and street rod automotive fanatics for multiple cruises and a spectacular car show. This is the car event of Northwest New Mexico that you won't want to miss.

All proceeds from this show will be donated to Veterans Helping Veterans CONTACT TED GONZALES FOR CAR SHOW REGISTRATION INFORMATION: 505-870-0431 SPONSORED BY GALLUP BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT, INC A501c3 non-profit organization

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Weekly DWI Report Staff Reports

Gallup Sun Publishing, LLC Publisher Babette Herrmann Managing Editor Molly Ann Howell Executive Director Mandy Marks Design Iryna Borysova Contributing Editor Cody Begaye Correspondents Dee Velasco Photography Kimberley Helfenbein Merrisha Livingston Jenny Pond The Gallup Sun, published Fridays, is not responsible or liable for any claims or offerings, nor responsible for availability of products advertised. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The Gallup Sun distributes newspapers in McKinley, Cibola and Apache counties. Office: 1983 State Rd. 602 Gallup, NM 87301 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Gallup Sun, PO Box 1212, Gallup, NM. Mailing Address: PO Box 1212 Gallup, NM 87305

Featured DWI Evelynn Sweeney May 15, 12:23 am A gg ravated DW I (Third) What began as a routine traffic stop led to a Prewitt woman, Evelynn S w e e n e y, 6 0 , b e i n g arrested and charged with her third DWI. McK i n ley Cou nt y Deputy Aaron Marquez pulled a red Toyota Tacoma over on Highway 371 near mile marker 1. He had run the vehicle’s license plate through his portable computer and was advised that the vehicle’s insurance and registration were both suspended. After the vehicle stopped, Marquez approached the driver’s side and met the the driver, Sweeney. She admitted to consuming a 12 oz. can of Budweiser and a glass of Jack and Coke at a family gathering about an hour prior to driving. During the talk, Marquez saw Sweeney reportedly show signs of intoxication including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and smelling of alcohol. He offered to administer the Standard Field Sobriety Tests, which Sweeney agreed to take. Sweeney reportedly did not have any shoes and admitted that she’d been in the hospital about three weeks prior for a head injury, so she agreed to take alternative testing.

However, Sweeney still performed poorly on the tests and was placed under arrest. She stopped responding to Marquez’s questions and her actions were taken as a refusal to provide a breath sample.

The vehicle was towed by Duces Towing while Sweeney was transported to McKinley County Adult Detention Center, during which Metro Dispatch advised Marquez that Sweeney had multiple warrants for her arrest. Sweeney was booked for aggravated DWI (third), no insurance, and failure to register vehicle in addition to the warrants. Her pretrial hearing is set for June 11. Phone: (505) 722-8994 Fax: (505) 212-0391

Letter to the editor/guest column ACCEPTED BY EMAIL ONLY. State full name and city/town. No pen names. ID required. All submissions subjected to editor’s approval. Guest columnists, email Sun for submission requirements.

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Name: Stephan Francisco Age: 28 Arrested: May 15 Charge: DWI Status: Pretrial hearing on June 11

Weekly Police Activity Staff Reports STEALING BOOZE Gallup, May 8 A wo m a n n a m e d Danissa Smith, 36, is facing robbery charges after she allegedly stole a backpack that had booze in it. On May 8 around 5:45 pm, Gallup Police Officer Gilbert Gonzales was dispatched to the Walgreens at 1870 E. Hwy. 66 after an apparent fight broke out. When he arrived at the scene, he met with a victim who said she’d been behind the store when a woman, who was later identified as Smith, approached her and then hit her in the face before she stole her Da l la s Cowboys backpack. The victim said the wo m a n’s n a m e w a s “Vanessa or something like that” and that she had long hair that was pulled up in a bun. A n of f ic er fou nd Smith in the area with the stolen backpack, which the victim identified as hers. She also noted that a bottle of vodka was missing from it. According to Goza les’s repor t , a n ambulance was called for the victim, and medical staff at a local hospital said she’d probably broken her right leg during the incident. Gonzales also stated that the victim had a bloody nose and a scratch near her lef t eye. The woma n said she’d been injured when she fell after Smith attacked her. Smith’s preliminary examination is scheduled for May 29.

Name: Frederick Koruh Age: 28 Arrested: May 10 Charge: Aggravated DWI Status: Pretrial hearing on May 28 Name: Wilbert Muskett Jr. Age: 58 Arrested: May 10 Charge: Aggravated DWI (Second) Status: Pretrial hearing on June 20 Name: Christopher Chee Age: 31 Arrested: May 7 Charge: Aggravated DWI Status: Pretrial hearing on June 4

Name: Neil Tsosie Age: 35 Arrested: May 6 Charge: DWI Status: Pretrial hearing on May 28 Name: Rozina Holyan Age: 43 Arrested: May 4 Charge: Aggravated DWI (Second) Status: Pretrial hearing set for May 28


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Gallup Sun • Friday, May 17, 2024


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Answers 1. Russia. 2. “Parks and Recreation.” 3. Crust, mantle and core. 4. “Legally Blonde.” 5. Zinc. 6. Rabbit or hare. 7. “Alice in Wonderland.” 8. Ear. 9. James Madison. 10. Books.


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A8 Friday, May 17, 2024 • Gallup Sun

City Manager


The City of Gallup, located in Northwestern New Mexico, is seeking a City Manager. A City Manager is a senior-level position responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and administration of the city. The City of Gallup has a Manager/Council form of government. The next City Manager will be highly motivated and qualified person with a desire to serve the diverse community of Gallup.


Gallup is America’s Most Patriotic Small Town, the Adventure Capital of New Mexico, and the Native American Capital of the World. These recognitions are celebrated every day in the community with exciting cultural events, incredible food, unique shopping opportunities, and a diverse population. Gallup also serves as the gateway to New Mexico with robust access to Interstate 40, Route 66, the railroad, and a Municipal Airport. Economic development and infrastructure are high priorities for the community and the next City Manager will join the City’s partners in creating more community opportunity.

Applications close may 24, 2024 More info: 505-863-1215


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Lady Bengal catcher Jazmine Marrufo (6) grabs the ball during the May 11 game against the Lady Rams. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

The catcher for the Lady Rams grabs the pitch as Lady Bengal Yanabah Harvey (99) takes a swing. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein


FROM KING FEATURES WEEKLY SERVICE, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803 CUSTOMER SERVICE: 800-708-7311 EXT. 257 SPORTS QUIZ #12345_20240429 FOR RELEASE APRIL 29, 2024 By Ryan A. Berenz

School: Crownpoint High Name: Lavontae Robinson Sport: Track and Field Grade: Junior Lavontae is a dedicated track & field sprinter who is naturally good at sprinting. He is one of the fastest runners on the Crownpoint High School Track & Field team. He loves to run and sprint and has an interest in practicing and participating in the long jump too.He commits to showing up at practice every day and gives his practices/workouts as much effort as possible. Lavontae was a State qualifier for 4 x 100-meter relay.

Lady Bengal Morgan Belone (2) crosses home plate for a run during the NMAA State Softball play-in game May 11 against the Lady Rams. The Lady Bengals won 2-0. With that win, they moved on to play the Belen Eagles May 16 in the first round of the tournament. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

Sports scores for May 8 - May 15 Baseball May 8 5-2 (W) Rehoboth Christian v. Laguna Acoma (First Round of State) Softball 5/9 14-7 (L) Thoreau v. Newcomb 5/10 (W by forfeit) Rehoboth

Christian v. To’hajiilee 6 pm Home 5/11 2-0 (W) Gallup v. Portales (Play-in Game for State) 5/11 11-0 (L) Miyamura v. Silver 1 pm Away (Play-in Game for State) 5/15 12-1 (L) Rehoboth v. Mesilla Valley Christian (First Round in State)

coach Bob Knight in 2000 and went on to become president of the NCAA in 2003. 3. John Salley was the first player to win N BA ch a mpion sh ip s with three different franRyan Italian A. Berenz chises. What were they? 1.ByWhat manufacturer became the official tire supplier of the 4. What two college FIA Formula Championship 1. What1 World member of football rivals played in a inthe 2011? 1919 World Series dramatic 2016 game that 2. What Norwegian female long-discha mpion Cincin nati became known as “The tance runner won both the Boston Reds was of MaraBlock at the Rock?” Marathon andhead Newcoach York City the inNFL’s 5. I n w h a t s p o r t thon 1989? Philadelphia 3. Former professional boxer Tony Eagles from 1941-50 and would one find particiBurton first portrayed was enshrined in thetrainer Pro Tony pants using an epee on a “Duke” Evers in what 1976 film? Football Hall of Fame in piste? 4. What American swimmer upset 1969? Australia’s Susie O’Neill to win gold 6. What golf course, Name 200-meter the Indiana located in Louisville, in the 2. women’s butterfly at the 2000 Sydney Summerwho Olympics? University president Kentucky, first hosted 5. What Chicago White Sox pitchfired men’s basketball the PGA Championship

in 1996 and was the site of the 2008 Ryder Cup? 7. What French tennis player won the 1983 French Open and later embarked on a successful music career? (Hint: His son played in the NBA.) 1. Greasy Neale. 2. Myles Brand. 3. D e t r o i t P i s t o n s (1989-90), Chicago Bulls (1996) and Los Angeles Lakers (2000). 4. The Florida State Seminoles and Miami Hurricanes. 5. Fencing. 6. Valhalla Golf Club. 7. Yannick Noah.

Lady Bengal Brenna Becenti (1) takes a swing during the May 11 game against the Lady Rams. Photo Credit: Kim Helfenbein

er recorded the 18th perfect game in Major League Baseball history in a 5-0 win over the Tampa Bay Rays on July 23, 2009? 6. Alan Eagleson, who was conJohn P. Paiz victed of fraud and embezzlement in With 47 years of 1998, was the first executive director experience we are here to serve of what sports labor union? your Insurance needs, providing 7. What Kansas City Chiefs quarfriendly customer care with many terback threw for 504 yards and two companies to choose from … touchdowns and ran for one score in a 49-31 loss to the Oakland Raiders in A FEW2000? OF THE POLICIES WE OFFER INCLUDE: November • Life, Auto,Answers home/mobile home, and businesses AND LET US ASSIST YOU • Liability and Worker's Comp. & Collector Autos 1. Pirelli. WITH YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS. 2. Ingrid Kristiansen. • Medicare Supplements 3. “Rocky.” 4. Misty Hyman. 5. Mark Buehrle. 6. The NHLHours: Players Monday Association - Thursday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Office (NHLPA). 7. Elvis Grbac. Friday 9:30am to 3:00pm | Closed Weekends

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‘Back to Black’ doesn’t provide a deeper insight into Amy Winehouse By Glenn Kay For the Sun Rating: 2 out of 4 Running Time: 122 minutes This film from Focus Features opens exclusively at cinemas on Friday, May 17. London-based singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse lived a wildly successful but brief and tu mu ltuous li fe. T he i m m e n s e l y t a le n t e d musician created a pair of iconic albums in the late 2000s before succumbing to the ravages of alcohol abuse in 2011. In this era of YouTube and social media, her personal problems were often all too visible for the public to see. Back to Black aims to tell the artist’s entire story, but those wanting a deeper understanding of the individual or the reasons for her tragic end won’t find the answers they might be hoping for. Deeply inspired by her g ra nd mot her a nd ex-singer Cynthia (Leslie Manville), viewers see Amy Winehouse (Marisa Abela) performing songs at home and writing original numbers based on her own life experiences. Everyone, including father Mitch (Eddie Marsan) and friend Tyler (Spike Fearn), are quick to recognize her talent. Although many are taken aback by her bluntness and stubborn refusal

to follow their advice, it isn’t long before she finds a record deal. As this is occurring, the singer starts a wildly tumultuous relationship with video production assistant Blake FielderCivil (Jack O’Connell). Her first album is a success in the UK, but Amy begins struggling with alcohol and drugs with Blake. These issues become the source material for the second record, which is an even greater professional success. But sadly, her addictions and public behavior quickly spiral even further out of control. There are definitely some interesting elements to this picture. Lead Abela certainly looks the part and is convincing as Amy Winehouse, delivering an unfiltered brashness as the singer sets off to be a star. She tells managers off and states her opinions on what makes for excellent music without holding back. The beginning of the film also makes the case that grandmother Cynthia is the reason for her love of ‘60s girl groups, as well as her outward appearance. A my’s ea rly i nt erludes with Blake are also interesting to witness, as the pair trade barbs at a local bar before forming an intense but deeply codependent and toxic connection. Unfortunately, that’s as deep as the film gets in explaining its subject’s

7 A RIES (Ma rch 21 situation that has become ARIES (March 21 demanding. to April Also, 19) to April 19) The cau- too You’re doing betterreconsider on a flexibility tious side of your usuthat job move ally adventurous nature you rejected earlier.up a issue, but you still need to loosen stands you in good stead SCORPIO: (October show that you23can be less judgt hbit i s to week. S omeone to November 21) A mental andbemore might, indeed, tryingunderstanding loved one returnsabout after a tocertain pull the wool over the long separation. At work, sensitive matters. Sheep’s eyes. a decision is made that TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your TAURUS (April 20 to could lead to the changes personal aspect continues to for. dominate May 20) Planetary alignyou hoped The next ment causes is uptime to you. thisstill week, butunsettry tostep make to deal tling situations. Consider career-linked S A G I T T A RmatIUS: with important delaying matters that ( N o v e m b e r 2 2 t o tersaas well.until A the change of plans might aren’t priority December 21) This is a weekend. Cheer The good time to set things occur by theup! weekend. nextGEMINI such alignment isn’t straight (May 21 toin your Junepersonal 20) until 2028. relationships. Some deciExcuses are 21not needed for GEMINI (May to really sions might be difficult much of the confusion occurring this June 20) Family matters but necessary if you’re to take precedence. Spend turn things around. week. However, explanations from all more time with those CAPRICORN: parties could help in working things close to you. A career (December 22 to January out sounds to everyone’s move promising, satisfaction. 19) Cupid r u le s t he but CANCER ask for more (June facts Capricorn Goat’s 21 to July 22)heart A before making a decision. this week. It’s a good time surprising (but pleasant) recent turn of CANCER: (June 21 to to start a new romance events continues positive July 22) Your watchword toordevelop reaffirm your comthis week is “tact!” While mitmentfor to your aspects. But be prepared a bitcurrent of a honesty is, another of course, the jolt on issuebeloved. that needs attenbest policy, it’s best to AQUARIUS: (January tion. your tendency 20 to February 18) Travel temper LEO (July 23 22) Creattoward bluntness withto August and entertainment are discretion. favored for the rest ing a fuss might bring you the atten-of L E O : (Ju ly 2 3 t o the month. You earned tion Butgood aretime. youEnjoy pre-it Au g u s tthat 2 2) you Not hwant. i n g this pared our for all theand explaining you’d pleases Leos with friends and have family Leonas more than knowto do? Better to usemembers. more subtle ways i ng t hey’re ad m i red, PISCES: (February to make your bid. and this week, you’ll be 19 to March 20) Someone VIRGOwith (August 23 tobeen September overwhelmed com- you’ve close to pliments. Enjoyeducation the adu- reveals a secret that 22) With continuing tocould be lation. You earned it. put this relationship at a VIRGO strong(August factor 23 thisrisk. week, this could Consider the full the time22)toYou’re start learning some new tobe September impact of the admission making in your before making to a decision. skillsprogress that can later be applied a bid dealings with a troubled BORN THIS WEEK: for a potential career move. loved one. Continue to You have a sense of jusoffer understanding and t ice t h a t somet i me s support. You’ll soon see makes you a mite too positive results. judgmental, but it also LIBRA: (September makes you a trusted and 23 to October 22) Change loyal friend. is favored this week. You © 2024 King Features might want to reassess a Synd., Inc.

psycholog ica l i s sue s. There is a specific reference to the relationship being exactly as described above. Additionally, the protagonist does deny any addiction issues (and later says she believes that she needs to suffer in order to write great songs). The film also shows the many ugly dust-ups and reconciliations between Amy and her partner and attempts to mark the passing of one family member as a reason for some of these self-destructive acts. However, as written, many of these moments feel inauthentic, a problem the movie never fully recovers from. Of course, much of what is shown is what occurred in her real life, but some analysis or a specific look into the reasons for her addictions would have been welcome. As events progress and things become messier, the movie merely resorts to recreations of drunken public outbursts at performances (which can already be found on YouTube and other online outlets). The film doesn’t have any deeper insight into these professional stumbles, nor does it add any more understanding or revelations to her downward spiral. At one point, the character also blames herself for her deterioration, but the movie makes sure to lay much of the blame on her father and Blake as

individuals who seem to be solely taking advantage of the artist and her success. Once again, the final product appears to oversimplify what actually occurred and desperately needs to provide more insight than it ultimately provides. Yes, Back to Black efficiently delivers the general details about Amy Winehouse and her short, tragic life. But sadly, most won’t leave the picture with any fuller understanding about who the woman was, or glean a clearer picture of her psychosis and that’s something of another tragedy for fans of the artist. Instead, most curious parties and fans will be better off returning to enjoying and appreciating the incredible music

she left behind. VISIT: W W W. CINEMASTANCE.COM

Marisa Abela stars as Amy Winehouse in “Back to Black,” which aims to tell the singer’s entire story. Photo Credit: Focus Features

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You might do well to reconsider some of your current priorities before you get so deeply involved in one project that you neglect meeting the deadline on another. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) With an important decision looming, you need to be careful about the information you’re getting. Halftruths are essentially useless. Get the full story before you act. WE HAVE OVER SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Find out what everyYEARS one’s role is expected to be before OF COMBINED accepting a workplace proposal. GetEXPERIENCE! ting all the facts now could prevent serious problems later on. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A flexible position on a workplace matter could be the best course to follow during the next several days. A personal issue also benefits from an open-minded approach. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Involving too many people in your workplace problem can backfire. Remember: Allegiances can shift. Ask trusted colleagues for advice, but don’t ask them to take sides. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Before submitting your suggestions, take more time to sharpen the points that you want to make. The clearer the AUTO •ofHOME presentation, the more a chance it COMMERCIAL has to get approved when submitted. MOBILE HOME • MOTORCYCLE BORN THIS WEEK: Your clear sense of who youBOAT are gives you the • BONDS • RV confidence you need for tackling difficult situations.


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The girl who loved horses is reemerging now. Hadid has taken a break from modeling and calls Fort Worth, Texas, her new home. She’s been dating cowboy and horse How is Celine Dion doing Q: since she wasBy diagnosed with a Jackson Dana trainer Adan Banuelos neurological disorder? Will she ever since the two were seen sing in front of an audience again? — N.G. Q: Is it true that together last October, Two years ago, Celine Dion was A: diagnosedBella with stiff-person synHadid has quit and he’s gotten her back drome, a neurological disorder with an unknown cause and an uncertain modeling? Is she still into riding. prognosis. In an interview with Vogue France, she said that she undergoesfrom Lyme recovering I n Au g u s t , H a d id physical and vocal therapy five days a — S.E. opened up about her week and hopesdisease? to sing again. In February of this year, Dion presentWhen health struggles on an ed a Grammy AwardA: to Taylor Swift. Bella Hadid She looked happy and radiant, leaving first appeared on The I n s t a g r a m po s t a nd her fans hopeful that they’ll hear her angelic voice on stage again someday. ATURES Rea lWEEKLY Hou sew ive s SERVICE, of sha red that she wa s *** Depositphotos healthy” after getIs it trueBeverly that GarcelleHills Beau- alongside Singer Celine “finally Dion Q: vais is leaving “Real Housemother, Yolanda, ting diagnosed with Lyme wives” becauseher her acting career has Presents.” If that name taken Orlando, off? She’s the only levelheade, FLry McMillan 32803 and sister, Gigi, she was disease in 2012. ed one in the bunch, so I wouldn’t sounds familiar, McMillan is the novelist behind some bestselling books that blame her if she quit. — T.S. riding horses,were not mod*** adapted into hit movies, like “How There have been several firings Stella Gotseem Her Groove Back” and “Waiteling. SheBra-didn’t Q: Is it true that A: and voluntary exits among ing to Exhale.” vo’s “Real Housewives” lately, but Gar- 708-7311 RVICE: (800) With all this success,T don’t in following rEXT. abecsury Morgan is celle Beauvais isinterested not one of them — at least not yet. The popular cast member prised if Beauvais does leave the bickering “Housewives” her, but as her mother’s on behind returning to Saturday of “The Real Housewives of Beverlyfootsteps of now, she’s expected to return next Hills” began herthe careerrunway, in front of thebut within a Night Live as part of season. cameras as a model for the Ford agen*** cy before getting bit byshort the acting years, bug. few she and the cast again? — K.S. She appeared in the Eddie Murphy film Is “Russian Doll” ever coming “Coming to America” its sequel,were as Q: back to Netflix, or hasA it :beenT r a c y Morga n her and sister considwell as “The Jamie Foxx Show” and the canceled? — K.S. ered modern-day super-to TVLine, spent seven years as a short-lived Aaron Spelling primetime According the Netsoap “Models Inc.” A: flix drama “Russian Doll” was #12345_20240325 models and fodder for the cast member on Saturday After her career lagged a bit, she joined originally intended to take three seasons “Real Housewives” in 2020. While most to tell its story. However, it’s been two tabloids. Live, but he has no actors look at reality television as a step years since the second Night chapter ended, down, this had the opposite effect on Beauvais’ career. Viewers were charmed

Model Bella Hadid plans to return in that capacity. He has returned to host twice so far and will no doubt host again someday. You’ll likely see him hosting SNL to promote his new sitcom Crutch when it begins airing on Paramount+. Crutch is a spin-off of the hit CBS sitcom The Neighborhood. Morgan has guest-starred on that show before and

but the writers’ and actors’ strikes last

year played a role in its delay. by her wit, levelheadedness and beauty, MARCH 25, 2024 In the meantime, the show’s star Nataand her career in Hollywood was reborn. sha Lyonne found herself with a new hit

attacked a nd killed by a hu nt i ng pa r t y of Comanche Native Americans on the Santa Fe Trail.  O n M a y 2 7,  On May 28, 1983, 1831, trapper-explorer I r e n e C a r a’s s o n g shouting anti-American slogans as Jedediah Smith, who Nixon traveled through Caracas, Ven- “ F l a s hd a nc e ( W h a t ezuela, during a goodwill through a Feeling),” from the established the trip South Latin America. None of the car’s pasPass theandRocky sengers across were injured the driver F l a s h d a n c e m o v i e was able to speed away to safety. Mountains in modern soundtrack, reached • On May 14, 1904, the first Olymwestern Wyoming as a the top of the U.S. pop pic Games to be held in the United well-known States opened in St.and Louis,heavMissouri. charts and helped push The Games had initially been awardily traveled route for the film to the No. 3 ed to Chicago, but were later given to St. Louis to be stagedwas in connection fur trappers, rid- spot on that year’s total with the St. Louis World Exposition. ing alone when he was Unfortunately, the Games were poor- box-office revenue list.

In 2023, Beauvais produced and show on her hands, “Poker Face,” which starred in a hit movie for the Lifetime streams on Peacock. Will she have network called “Black Girl Missing.” time to star in both shows? According She recently inked a deal to produce to Lyonne, there are “potentially more two more telefilms under this franchise, adventures” for “Russian Doll’s” Nadia, which will “continue the imperative but “it’s gonna take some time.” conversations about systemic inequaliSend me your questions at ties where missing girls and women of, color are ignored.” or write President me at KFWS, 628 Virginia MayLifetime 13, 1958, Vice She’ll also star •inOn another Drive, Orlando,and FL 32803. movie, the firstRichard of what Nixon’s hopes to be car was attacked © 2024 King Features Synd., Inc. many with the nearly introductory title “Ter-by an angry overturned crowd

I Do

ly organized and overshadowed by the fair. • On May 15, 2009, General Electric, one of America’s most prestigious corporations, finally began its government-mandated efforts to clean up New York’s Hudson River, after decades of environmental damage and legal wrangling. The company had Marco Antonio Zarate married Arteaga Jazmin dumped harmful chemicals into the river for years and spent aJimenez fortune try- on May 6 ing to avoid a cleanup. • On May 16, 1975, Norma Armistead checkedJoseph into a Los Angeles Calvin Ben, Sr. married Nora Ann Stewhospital with a newborn infant she on May 7 claimed to have given birth to art at home. But when it became clear she hadn’t, and another woman turned up dead nearby with the baby she was carryJulian Ervin Martin married Lucindie Monique ing cut from her body, Armistead was Benally arrested for murder and sentenced toon May 8 life in prison. • On May 17, 1885, Apache leader and medicine man Geronimo escaped Yanik Alexandrovich Parunin married Angelyn from an Arizona reservation. After a Joy Trumbull on May 8 year and a half of running, he and his 38 remaining followers surrendered the following September. Geronimo Muriel Cassandra Enriguez wasSteve relocatedAlex to Florida before married finally being freed two years later. on May 9 • On May 18, 1593, an arrest warrant was issued for Christopher Marlowe after fellow playwright Thomas Kyd Send announcements and birth and claimed that wedding “heretical” documents found in his room were actually writnotices to days gallupsuncirculation@gmail. ten bydeath Marlowe. Arrested two later, Marlowe bailed out but died in a bar com brawl on May 30. • On May 19, 1943, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt set a date of May 1, 1944, for the cross-Channel landing that would become D-Day. Due to bad weather, it was rescheduled for June 6 instead.

It also proved to be the biggest hit of Cara’s career.  On May 29, 2014, LGBT a dvocate a nd Emmy-winning actor L aver ne Cox of t he Netflix original series O r a nge I s t he New Black became the first transgender person to appear on the cover of TIME magazine.  On May 30, 1899, amateur bandit Pearl Hart and her drifter boyfriend, Joe Boot, held up an Arizona stagecoach, making away with over $400 in cash. Although discovered a nd sentenced to prison, neither served their full term, and Hart was pardoned by the governor in 1902, living out the rest of her life in relative obscurity.  On May 31, 1970, an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale off the coast of Ca sma , Per u, in the Pacific Ocean caused an avalanche traveling at over 100 miles per hour that buried the towns of Yungay and Ranrahirca, killing a n estimated 50,000 people and making it the worst natural

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played Calvin’s (Cedric t h e E n t e r t a i n e r) w e a l t h y b r o t h e r, Curtis, but he’ll be playing a completely different character on Crutch. According to the official logline, Crutch is Cedr ic’s cousin, “a Harlem widower whose empt y nest plans are put on hold after his millennial son and free-spirited daughter move back home.” Production on Crutch will begin later this year with an official premiere date to be announced. Send me you r questions at NewCelebrityExtra@, or write me at KFWS, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. © 2024 Kin g Features Synd., Inc.

Flea Onslaught Strikes How long is too long Early in the Season to leave pets at home? DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I can’t

believe — it’s only By SamitMazzota treat orMarch, a puzzle toyand with treats inside (which will myKing cat Syndicate Flicker is already scratching keep him for himself silly with fleas! He occupied has terriE A R P A W ’ S several minutes). When ble skin reactions to flea bites. How C O R N E R : M y you get home, put the can Ineighbor get ridacross of them? Jesse idea B., toy out — of sight.The the hall confronted me is that Cookie will assoOak Ridge, Tennessee yesterday, accusing me ciate your leaving with JESSE: infestations ofDEAR mistreating my dog.Flea an enjoyable treat. are awful, they? As the also seasons She said aren’t that “Cookie” You can desenwhines and barks sitize himwarms to your leavchange and theforweather up, disaster ever recorded hours whenever I am ing by getting Cookie flea activity rises, and pet owners start in the country’s history. gone, and that I need to used to your “departure seeing of fleas on mple, their  On June 1, 1958, take himmore with meevidence rather cues.” For exa following a long politthan and leave around him alonetheir in ifhomes. you always put on a pets ic a l cr i si s over t he the apartment. I work coat and pick up your Fleas aren’t just annoying. They can A l g e r i a n Wa r, fo r full-time at an office keys when you leave, carry diseases that are transmissible mer French President that doesn’t allow dogs. have a training session to petsI travel, and humans. Tapeworms and Charles de Gaulle was When I take where you do the same ca lled out of retire Cookie to a sitter. But is are thing, but two then sit cat scratch disease just ofdown the ment to head a new 8 to 10 hours away too and watch T.V. instead potential ills that a flea infestation can emergency government long for a dog? — Gerald of leaving. You’ll need bring into your home. as prime minister for a in Brooklyn to do this (and probTackle head-on, six-month term in an D E A R aG flea E R A Lproblem D : ably other moves)and for effort to keep the counDog s wait a ren’t— a lway s several weeks, but it don’t because it will continue try together. happy their could help.approachto getabout worse asownthe summer  On June 2, 1920, ers going away for eight These are very basic es. Eugene O’Neill won his hours a day. They can t r a i n i n g e xe r c i s e s , Because of Flicker’s allergic reacfirst of four Pulitzer develop separation anx- and you may need to P r i ze s, for h i s play iety. This can bites, manifest incorporate additional tion to flea he needs direct treatBeyond the Hor izon, as non stop barking, training. Check out the ment to repel fleas and prevent them which was also his first whining or even acting article on www.aspca. from latching to his Talk full-length work to be out (like destroyingon your org, fur talkagain. to Cookie’s to his pooping veterinarian about the most staged. Though he was slippers, in the vet and consider workinitially not happy over living room or worse). ing with aFor professional effective flea treatments. examthe news, his attitude T r y c o u n t e r c o n - trainer to help curb his ple, a monthly or quarterly topical flea improved upon learning ditioning, a training anxiety. treatment may be a good the award came with a method recommended Sendoption. your tips,Oral com$1,000 prize and did not by the ASPCA in itsas artiments or questions— to medication — pills or chewables involve a ceremony. “Separation Anxiety.” isclealso very effective. The vet may also © 2024 King Features Each time you leave 2024 King Features recommend medication© to clear up his Synd., Inc. home, give your dog a Synd., Inc. current skin issues. Reduce the risk of another flea infestation by making your home difficult for fleas to exist in. —Have your home treated for fleas by a pest control service. —Pick up clutter from the floor and replace any plush or felted toys with new ones. —Vacuum twice a week to pick up fleas and their eggs. —Repair or replace damaged window and door screens. —Remove any debris piles near your McKinley County Voters may votewood in person at an home, and shift piles farther early votingaway. location prior to Election Day The following locations are open to Vote in or Person: Send your tips, comments questions to



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Blu-ray/DVD Roundup for May 17, 2024 By Glenn Kay For the Sun


elcome to a not her lo ok at some of the highlights arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. There are a couple of major releases coming your way this week, as well as some interesting independent efforts. So, if you can’t make it out to the movies this week or need to stay indoors for a few days, be sure to give one of these titles a try! B I G N E W RELEASES!

THE A MERICA N SOCIETY OF MAGICAL NEGROES: A young A fr ica nA mer ica n ma n is recruited into a secret group of black people with magical powers. They tell him that they use their gift to make white people as comfortable as possible, all so that race-related conflict can be avoided. The protagonist is assigned to befriend and help a stressed-out white man at h is job. However, compl ic a t ion s a r i s e when the hero falls for a woman at the workplace, taking his attent ion aw ay f r om h i s duties. Critics were unimpressed with this fant a s y/c o me d y. A b ou t one - qua r ter stated that after a slow start, the satirical elements started to work and that it ultimately charmed them. Un for tu nately, the majority thought the story was too busy with comedy and romantic subplots. They wrote t h a t t he e nd r e s u lt felt slight, lacking any sort of bite or memorable comments on its themes. It s t a r s Ju s t ic e Smith, David Alan Grier, An-Li Bogan and Eric Lutz. DEST ROY A L L NEIGHBORS: An a spir ing musicia n struggles for years to c om ple t e h i s d e bu t post-progressive rock LP while working at a recording studio. Just a bout ever yone h a s stopped believ i ng i n his dream and frayed nerves appear to be getting the better of him. After deciding to confront a noisy neighbor, he accidentally kills the man. The lead begins h a l luc i n a t i n g a s he attempts to rid himself of the body and cover his tracks. This horror/comedy debuted on the Shudder streaming site and is now arriving as a DVDonly release. Overall, the press was positive about the picture. Close to one-third of reviews compla i ned t hat t he story became repetitive and they became tired of the gross-out humor. Still, the consensus was that while a bit unruly there was plenty here to enjoy and that the hilarious cast members made the most of the material. It features Jonah Ray, K i ra n Deol, T homa s Lennon, A lex Winter and Kumail Nanjiani.

DUNE: PART TWO: Finishing off the story i ntroduced i n D un e: Part One, this follow-up begins after the fall of House Atreides by the sinister Harkonnen. Hero Paul escapes into the deserts of Dune with his mother and finds friends in the local population of Fremen. As the villains hunt for and attempt to wipe out the remaining population, the heroes plot to take them down and free themselves. Response to the picture was excellent and the picture’s worldwide box office is currently the largest of any film this year. A small number did call the film slow-moving and overly solemn in tone. However, the overwhelming majority thought it was a phenomenal adaptation that delivered stunning action and thrills, jaw-dropping imagery and expertly delivered themes about the dark side of being a leader. The ca st includes Timot hé e C h a l a met , Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Jav ier Ba rdem, Josh Brolin, Austin Butler, F lorence P ug h, Dave Bautista, Christopher Walken, Léa Seydoux, Stellan Skarsgård and Ch a rlot t e R a mpl i n g. Multiple editions of the title are being released in a variety of formats, including a 4K Ultra HD edition, a 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Steelbook, a Blu-ray, as well as a 4K U lt r a H D com b o pack of pa r t one a nd two and a Blu-ray version of both chapters. A HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: A small town hardware store ow ner spends yea r s yearning to own a rundown fixer-upper that has been slowly falling apart over the years. Her friend, a real estate agent, finally arranges for her to purchase the home. But a f ter she moves in, the recently divorced heir to the property shows up with his son. The group are forced to live together i n t he loc a le wh i le legal matters between them are sor ted out. E vent u a l ly t he t wo leads begin to develop feelings for each other. This little Hallmarkstyle romance debuted on streaming sites a few months ago, but is only now arriv ing on disc. Very few critics actually watched t he pict u re when it debuted, so there really a r e n’ t a ny r e v ie w s available for the film. Interested parties will have to go in and watch it cold. Shannon Elizabeth and Daniel Cudmore headline the picture.

I M AG I N A RY: Anyone ever had a close bond with their teddy bear during their childhood? This horror picture follows a young girl who owns one such toy and converses with it. When the kid grows up, she leaves it behind and eventually becomes a children’s author. After the woman returns home with a new husband and his two daughters, one of her stepdaughters takes an extreme liking to the old bear. It soon becomes clear that the stuffed animal is alive and wants revenge for being abandoned. Rea c t ion t owa rd the picture wasn’t very strong. About one-quarter of write-ups thought that while f lawed, it delivered a few jolts and delivered an effectively wild climax. However, the overall consensus wa s that the picture delivered nothing but clichés from better chillers and didn’t make a lasting impression. It st a r s DeWa nda Wise, Tom Payne, Taegen Bur ns, P y per Br ua n, Matthew Sato, Veronica Fa lcon a nd Betty Buckley. ISTIKHARA, NEW YORK: A young American Muslim dreams of becoming a Broadway actor. In order to achieve his goal, he moves to New York City. Of course, he finds it hard to catch a break and finds himself working as a food delivery courier instead. Trouble arises when his job is put in jeopardy. Along the way, he meets new people and tries to find his way in the big city. This independent feature played at a few film festivals back in 2022. Word seems to have been upbeat (there have been a few news articles on the picture), but it had trouble finding a distributor. The film is now debuting on disc as a DVD-only release. No one has seen or officially reviewed the film just yet, so there is currently no critical consensus on it. The ca st includes Nabeel Masood, Faizan Ka reem a nd Kelly McCready. N O R Y A N G : DEADLY SEA: This historical epic from South Korea tells a chapter in the life of Yi Sun-sin, a famed Korean admiral a nd milita r y genera l who rose to prominence in the late 1500s. When Japanese forces including 500 ships sail the Noryang Strait during the Imjin War, the aging protagonist plots and leads his fighters in battle against the enormous and intimidating enemy force. This actually appears to be the third film in a

5RXWĠ 'LQHU Dine-In and Patio Sitting is now open! Or Call for Pick-up or Delivery! Mon - Sat 7 am - 7 pm 2502 E Hist. Hwy 66, Gallup NM Sunday - Closed (505) 726-2800 џ (505) 297-8936

trilogy featuring SunSin, follow ing 2014’s The Admiral: Roaring Currents and Hansan: Rising Dragon in 2022. There haven’t been many reviews for the movie in this part of the world, but the few that have appeared are positive. They all called it a thrilling war epic that effectively closed a trilogy and presented a full picture about the subject and his remarkable military accomplishments. It features Kim Yoonseok, Jeong Jae-yeong

and Yeo Jin-Goo. ONE LIFE: Sir Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Winton is the subject of this British biopic. In the months leading up to World War II, this young London broker visits Prague, Czechoslova k ia a nd sees Jewish children and their families living in destitute conditions and readying for a Nazi invasion. He decides to help get as many children as he can out of the country before forces invade. In the process, 669 kids are rescued. In 1988, the now elderly man is still haunted by the fates of those he wasn’t able to rescue in time. When he’s invited onto

a BBC television show, many of the grown kids appear to thank him, allowing him to come to terms with feelings of guilt and grief. Notices were excellent for this picture. A few members of the press thought the picture was overly sent i ment a l a nd fa i led to deliver a detailed por t r a it of Wi nt on. Everyone else thought the ca st wa s excep tional, the story powerful and that it was an important tribute to a little-known hero. They also commented that it would bring many to tears. A nthony Hopkins, Joh n ny F ly n n, L ena Olin and Romola Garai

headline the picture. QUEEN TUT: T h i s d r a m a /comedy from Canada follows a young Egyptian man who comes to live with his estranged father in Toronto after the death of his mother. His dad i s he av i ly i nvolve d in the loca l chu rch, but the closeted lead wou ld r at her spend t i me developi ng h is d re s sm a k i ng sk i l l s. He finds new friends in the LGBTQIA+ commu n it y a nd t r ies to help them save their

drag queen bar before it is purcha sed by a developer and turned into condos. He eventually takes on a drag persona himself. T h is i ndependent picture earned some award nominations at the Canadian Screen Awards (which is the Canadian equivalent of the Oscars), but hasn’t been seen by many in the U.S. Reviews that have appea red have been generally upbeat, calling the film cute, funny and heartwarming. For the time being, t h i s i s a DV D - on ly release. It stars Alexandra Billings, Rya n A li, Thom Allison Kiriana Sta nton a nd Da ni Jazzar. YOU KNOW, FOR KIDS! If you’re looking for kid-friendly entertainment, this is your best bet this week (and it’s probably for older kids). My Adventures with Super man Season 1 (Warner Bros.) DVD ON THE TUBE! Below is a list of the TV-related releases coming your way. A m e r i c a n Experience: The Cancer Detectives (PBS) DVD Hallmark 2-Movie Co l l e cti o n: L o v e in the Great Smoky Mountains: A National Pa r k R o m a n c e & 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost (Hallmark) DVD Masterpiece: Alice & Jack (PBS) DVD My Adventures with Supe r man Sea son 1 (Warner Bros.) DVD V I S I T : W W W. C I N E M A STA N C E . COM





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NM Democrats can send a message by voting for Williamson By Mike Daly Gallup Citizen


resident Joe Biden has clinched the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Voters in New Mexico still have an opportunity to weigh in on his agenda, however. Marianne Williamson’s agenda is fundamental economic reform; “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people” has become “a government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations” and we must change that. The last 50 years have seen a $50 trillion transfer of wealth from the bottom 90% of our people to the

top 1%, and the message of the Democratic Party should be, “That stops now.” That is how we will beat Donald Trump, and it is also how we will heal the country. A vote for Marianne Williamson in the New Mexico primary is the way to make sure that President Biden will get the message. The Democratic Party should display an unequivocal advocacy for the working people of the U.S, and only a truly progressive agenda will achieve that. With 39% of Americans now reporting that they regularly skip meals to pay their rent, and millions literally selling their blood plasma to pay bills, a message that

the economy is doing well is not the message that will inspire people to vote Democrat in 2024. Shor t t er m prof it maximization for huge corporate interests has become a false god in America, an economic governing principle that has replaced democracy itself as America’s new bottom line. It is the task of this generation to end that trend. We need an Economic Bill of Rights: improved Medicare for All, tuition-free college and tech school, paid family leave, gua ra nteed sick pay, and a guaranteed living wage. We need a U.S. Department of Peace, a Department of Children

and Youth to deal with the many and dangerous risks to our kids, and a mass mobilization for a just transition from a dirty to a clean economy. We also need a ceasefire in Gaza; the U.S. should stand for a robust com m itment to the peace, safety and security of both Israelis and Palestinians. Our campaign in 2024 must motivate people to think that yes, if they vote for the Democrat, it will materially improve their lives over the next four years. The American economy delivers true prosperity to only 20% of our citizens. We desperately need a president who

Marianne Williamson

Mike Daly

is willing to stand up to what FDR referred to as the “economic royalists” that have turned our government into a system of legalized bribery. We need to push back against the corporate overlords who now exercise a system of economic tyranny by which a few keep getting rich and the majority have a harder and harder time just getting by. The American people have been trained to expect too little. Now is the time to make clear that such things as universal health care, tuition-free college, and a guaranteed living wage — all provided to the

citizens of every other adva nced democracy in the world — should be prov ided to ever y American citizen as well. A vote for Marianne Williamson in the presidential primary sends a message that certain issues need to be reflected in his campaign, not only because they matter to us, but because they are key to defeating Donald Trump in November. Marianne Williamson, of Washington, D.C., is a candidate for U.S. president. She appears on June 4 Democratic prima r y ba llots in New Mex ico a long w it h President Joe Biden.

The only problem Biden has is that Heinirch, colleagues urge Senate people think he’s a bad president Appropriations Committee to address illegal weapons traffickingFROM KING FEATURES WEEKLY SERVICE,


resident Joe Biden in the 538 pollh a s su f fered a ing average. By Sen. Martin T he W h it e Hou se a nd cor r upt ion to col lapse i n hFL is 32803 The CNN 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, Henirch National Security Council increase their influs t a nd i n g ge ne r a l ly, poll has Biden’s has identified countering ence in Latin America but, fundamentally, it’s job EXT. approva CUSTOMER SERVICE: 800-708-7311 257 l A S H I N GT O N , and preventing violence, and the Caribbean. The because so few people right there at D.C. — U.S. Sen. illicit trafficking net- U.S. Congress must think he’s doing a good 40%, where it’s THE RICH LOWRY COLUMN Martin Heinrich, works, and corruption act swiftly in stemjob that he’s in such a held steady for D-N.M., a member of the driven by criminal organi- ming the current flow perilous state. about a year, #12345_20240401 Senate Appropriations zations in Latin America of illicit guns from the Other than that, it’s with 60% disCommittee, urged his and the Caribbean as crit- U.S. to transnational going great. FOR RELEASE APRIL 1, 2024 a p p r o v i n g . The absurd four-day colleagues on the Senate ical factors in addressing cr im i na l orga n izaIt’s hard to exagger- The Harvard/ and House Appropriations the root causes of migra- tions who exploit govhow abysmal Biden’s Harris has his approval on Biden. His numbers workweek By Richate Lowry Committees to address tion from the region to ernment corruption polling has been lately. rating a little higher Karl at Marx there are in the tank. would be proud. Bernie illicit weapons trafficking the U.S. Illegal weapons in Latin America and No incumbent presi44%, even though he’s has CNN has his approval Sanders proposed taking another operations in the Western trafficking also increases the Caribbean,” condent should ever want to at 43% in the ballotstep test.toward on the the philosopher’s economy atenvi34% proposing mandate Hemisphere on May 13. violence and corruption, cluded the lawmakers. be near 43% in a head-toIt ’s not ju st sioned t h at utopia andby inflation atto29%. The a four-day workweek. “ R e c e n t l y, m e m - harming democracy and “We urge you to suphead ballot test. Yet here Biden’s job approval is Economist/YouGov poll Marx wrote communist bers of Congress have handicapping economies port the inclusion of is Joe Biden at 43% in low; he’s trailing Trump foundhow the insame thing society, workers would be liberated expressed reasonable – giving people more rea- this report language the latest CNN poll, 43% on the rather crucial — the 39%morning, approval to “hunt in fishon in the the concern regarding fed- son to flee their homes. in the FY 2025 SFOPS in the latest Morning metric of who wasafternoon, or is economy and on raise cattle in the 29% evening, criticize after dinner, just as I have in eral agencies’s efforts to T h e l a w m a k e r s Appropriations bill.” Consult poll, 43% in a successful president. prices. becoming hunter, prevent firearms traffick- urge the leaders of the T he let t er w a s the latest Economist/ Accord i ng tomind, t he withoutInever a normal election, fisherman, shepherd or critic.” ing from the U.S. into Subcommittee on State, led by Sens. Michael YouGov poll, and 43% CNN poll, 55% of the these numbers simply Needless to say, that’s not how comLatin America and the Foreign Operations, and Bennet, D-Colo, and in the latest Harvard/ public now considers wouldn’t bethe survivable. munism turned out. Yet belief that Caribbean. For instance, Related Progra ms to C h u c k G r a s s l e y, Harris poll. (NB: Biden the Trump presidency But witha two extremely work is basically capitalist impois unnatural and bad for recent reports have shown include language in the R -Iowa . A long side ticked up to 48 when a success and 44%sition look thatwell-known, unpopular people stillcandidates, holds sway onthis the is left,not anda that 70% of illegal guns upcoming Fiscal Year Heinrich, the letter Harvard/Harris pushed at it as a failure. Biden, Sanders is, accordingly, proposing recovered in Mexico are 2025 government funding was signed by Sens. respondents to choose in contrast, is upside normal race. to move from a 40-hour to a 32-hour sourced from the U.S.,” bill requiring an inter- Jon Ossoff, D - Ga ., between Tr ump a nd down. Only 39% say his Trump’s history and workweek to make us healthy, wealthy wrote the lawmakers. agency report to moni- M a g g i e H a s s a n , Biden, and presidency has been a personal radioactivity and wise. “Transnational criminal tor and combat weapons D-N.H., Angus King, t h e E c o n o m i s t / success, while 61% “It say give of mateis time to Biden reduce athelotstress level allow Americans to organizations operating trafficking and study its I-Ma ine, Cather ine YouGov poll had RFK Jr. it’s been a failure. in our country rial and to work with. And enjoy a better quality of life,” the Verin Mexico then use these effects on violence, eco- Cortez Masto, D-Nev., in the mix.) People may have all it’s a boon to him that mont socialist insists. “It is time for a weapons to wage their nomic opportunity, and Tim Kaine, D-Va., Mark D e t e c t a t r e n d ? sorts of expectations for workweek his opponent is locked 32-hour with no loss in pay.” drug war through vio- corruption in the region. Kelly, D-A riz., Bob (There are other polls presidents — that they a courtroom The lastdown clause in is the key one. If lence, terrorism, and “ E x p e r t s s u g ge s t Casey, D-Pa., Chris that have Biden a little not get indicted,everyone that several days week. can work less anda produce and earn exactly the same, not? intimidation, often with China, Russia, and Iran Murphy, D-Conn.,and higher.) It’s no mystery they not post on TruthThe problem forwhy Biden is And if this is possible, why stop at four little resistance from have taken advantage of R aph a el Wa r nock, why Biden’s polling is at Social in ALL CAPS, that that many of the attacks days a week? It’d be positively cruel to Mexican authorities.” the economic instability D-Ga.. crisis levels. they accept the results on Trump — especially makeofsomeone work four days when An incumbent presi- elections, etc., etc. — butcan twork ho sethree ba sed on hthe is they days with dent’s level of support in the most importantsame one,outcomes. legal prosecutions — Of course, promise that can a reelection bid is typ- surely, is that they sucfeelthebesides thewe point work less and make the same is the ically tethered closely ceed at the job. compared to the bigger socialist equivalent of Mexico will pay Being considered a questions in the race. to his job approval. It’s for the border wall. It’s not just promnot,a freeAre more going hard to get much more failed president isising lunch, but apeople free breakfast, care with that room Trump has than a couple of points needless to say, a status lunch andtodinner, service deliveringbeen a late-night snack of gratis. convicted feloniabove it. Biden’s job consistent with winning What we earn is not an arbitrary approval is at 40% in the reelection. ous bookkeeping related number, but is linked to what we proRealClear- Politics pollOf course, the econ- to a payment to a porn duce. To simplify, if everyone were to ing average and at 39.3 omy is the biggest anchor agoany or work 20%star less eight withoutyears becoming that they can more productive, GDPthink would he decline We have the best Burgers & Wings in Gallup! by 20%. The wouldjob shrink, even do apie better handling though Sanders is saying everyone’s inflation? And there’s more bad news for Biden: Besides disapproving of his job performance and his economy, people don’t Offering DINE-IN & TAKE-OUT! particularly like him, Give Us A Call! don’t think he’s a strong (505) 722-9311 Hours: leader, and don’t think Tuesday- Friday 11 am to 7 pm 1981 NM-602, Gallup, • A Gallup tradition with over 100 years of he’s fit to be president. am pm Saturday 11 to 5 NM 87301 If all that represents dedicated service. Now under new ownership, the trouble for the incumRollie legacy continues; providing the facilities and bent, the biggest problem, again, is that he’s conveniences that serve families best with dignity, failing at his job. The integrity and understanding. most direct way for Joe Biden to improve his • Rollie Mortuary offers package pricing, accepts Navajo chances in November would be to become Nation Social Service packages and can assist families a good president — with pre-need planning and set up. although it’s unfair to place such unrealistic • Rollie Mortuary offers a genuine desire to be of expectations on him at this juncture in his presassistance to you and your family in this time of need. idency and career. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. © 2 0 2 4 by K i n g Features Synd., Inc.


''A Tradition''

401 E. Nizhoni Blvd. Gallup, NM 87301 (505) 863-4452

slice wo big. It’s c work m tries. F 35-hou strictur worker we do, nomic ed — The ave income Week m wherea If Sa weren’t great d work le probab Sande worker than th are stil time, t In 183 was mo course by almo If we living s all the w week. tive, th housing portatio like imp What writer D book “F ing of L indeed conditio that Am that too ing at a in labo points rate we an add would b increase In sho express Instead and pu ideas, i senator pursuit hours o Rich L Review ©

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ing date and time. Proposals must be submitted through eBidding platform website https://gmcs. The Gallup-McKinley County School Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all bids, waive any formalities or minor inconsistencies, and/or cancel this solicitation in its entirety. Dated the 17th Day of May 2024 By: /S/ Chris Mortensen, President Board of Education Gallup-McKinley County School District No. 1 RFP ISSUE DATE: May 17, 2024 PUBLICATION DATES: May 17, 2024 (Gallup Sun) *** LEGAL NOTICE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Public Notice is hereby provided that the Gallup-McKinley County Schools is accepting competitive sealed proposals for: P21-006 Navajo Pine HS Replacement RFP-2024-46GH Commodity Code(s): 90607, 90638, 90735, 90738

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A Mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 10:00am (MDT). See the proposal documents for instructions on how to request to attend. As more particularly set out in the RFP documents, copies of which may be obtained by downloading from the Gallup-McKinley County Schools eBidding platform website https:// Sealed proposals for such will be received until 2:00 P.M. (LOCAL TIME) on, June 13, 2024. FAX and HARDCOPY PROPOSALS will NOT be accepted. Offerors will not be able to upload proposals or documents after the specified CLOSING date and time. The Gallup-McKinley County School Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive any formalities or minor inconsistencies, and/or cancel this solicitation in its entirety. Dated the 17th Day of May 2024 By: /S/ Chris Mortensen, President Board of Education Gallup-McKinley County School District No. 1 ITB ISSUE DATE: May 17, 2024 PUBLICATION DATE: May 17, 2024 (Gallup Sun) *** CITY OF GALLUP, NEW MEXICO Base Course and Aggregate, Multi-Term Contract Invitation to Bid No. 2024-ITB-004

Newspaper published Fridays. Prepayment required. Classifieds due Wednesday Noon. Deadline subject to change Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Email: Office (505) 722-8994

Public notice is hereby given that the City of Gallup, New Mexico will receive sealed bids for Base Course and Aggregate, Multi-Term Contract Until the hour of 2:00 pm., local time, on Thursday, May 30, 2024 at the office of the Procurement Manager at City Hall, via the City’s eProcurement Portal. Bids will be opened, read and tabulated at that time. No bids will be received or considered if received after the time stated above. Specifications and Bidding Documents may be examined at the office of the Purchasing Director located at 110 West Aztec, Gallup, NM 87301, phone number (505) 863-1334. Additional information regarding this bid may also be viewed at https:// procurement.opengov. com/portal/gallupnm/ projects/95801. Dated this 15th day of May 2024 By:/S/: Louis Bonaguidi, Mayor Classified Legal Column: Gallup Sun Publishing Date: Friday-May 17, 2024 *** U.S. ARMY WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, NEW MEXICO, DRAFT FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT NAME OF THE PROPOSED ACTION: Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Expanded Test Activities at Lee and Yucca Impact Areas at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPOSED ACTION: This supplemental environmental assessment (SEA) is prompted by a need for expanding the size of Lee and Yucca Impact Areas and increasing the amount of missile testing activities into them. Lee Impact Area is located in the Northern Callup Area (NCUA) and Yucca Impact Area is located on the southeast corner of WSMR. Lee and Yucca Impact areas were established through the analysis of previous environmen-

tal assessments (EA). Test activities have been analyzed and are covered under existing NEPA documentation. Environmental analysis of this SEA focused on impacts resulting from the enlargement of the impact areas and increased number of test missions. PURPOSE AND NEED: The purpose of the proposed action is to increase the number of extended range test missions into Lee and Yucca Impact Areas. Extended range testing is essential for the development of effective weapon systems with the capability for precision engagement beyond the range of current systems. Proposed testing includes continued development of STORM family of missiles and similar systems to assure combat readiness of the United States armed services and protect national security. ALTERNATIVES CONSIDERED: Two alternatives to the proposed action were considered, including use of test ranges other than WSMR and the no action alternative. Other military installations have launch facilities and missile impact capabilities located within desirable test distances of each other; however, WSMR, Ft. Wingate Launch Complex, Ft. Bliss McGregor Range and the NCUA have co-developed over time to accommodate missile flight testing and Lee and Yucca Impact Areas were established for extended range testing. WSMR is the largest overland test range in the United States, and the skilled personnel, unique facilities, and instrumentation required are already in place, thus enhancing both test execution and safety. Duplication of this infrastructure and test capabilities at other test facilities is not feasible. The need to recover and analyze post-test debris eliminated consideration of ocean based test ranges. No other nearby test sites can support the desired Distances. The No-Action Alterna-

tive would not increase the size of Lee and Yucca Impact Areas as well as not increase the number of test missions into these areas. If this alternative is selected, the purpose and need of the proposed test and evaluation program will not be met. Not increasing the site sizes or increasing the number of tests prevents the on time accomplishment of seriously needed test events. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSEQUENCES: Potential consequences to the natural and human environments because of the proposed testing and construction activities were evaluated in this EA to provide a basis for assessing their significance. No significant impacts on the environment have been identified. Construction and test activities will disturb soils and vegetation leading to temporary increases in fugitive dust and vehicle emissions. Water trucks will be used for dust control, if necessary. Ground disturbance will be recontoured after testing. To minimize impacts, Yucca impact area will be expanded in smaller increments of 10 to 20 acres. When feasible mowing instead of blading will be used to maintain vegetation cover in the impact areas. Archaeologists surveyed a 361-acre parcel encompassing the existing Yucca Impact Area. Five archaeological sites were identified and recommended as eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. The proposed Yucca Impact Area boundary was revised to a 282-acre parcel that avoids all cultural sites identified. Traffic volume will increase on Highway 380, county and private roads to Lee Impact Area due to increased test missions. Traffic volume at roadblocks will be minimal and will be publicly announced prior to tests activities to reduce traffic issues. CONCLUSIONS:


Effective April 1, 2024, Stephan Chimoskey, MD will no longer be providing services at RMCHCS. We are actively looking for a sleep medicine provider so that we can continue this service, however until we identify this new provider, we will not be providing sleep medicine or cardiopulmonary services after March 31, 2024. Medical records will be securely maintained at RMCHCS and with written patient authorization a copy of your medical record can be obtained from the RMCHCS HIM Department at 1901 Red Rock Drive, Gallup, NM 87301. When needed, RMCHCS will be glad to provide assistance establishing care with a new sleep medicine provider. Please call (505) 863-7301 for additional information.


Gallup Sun • Friday, May 17, 2024 B7



LODGER’S TAX COMMITTEE MEETING 10 am @ Comfort Suites (3940 Hwy. 66.

CRICUT WORKSHOP 4 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Make your own cup with a Cricut engraving tool. Supplies provided. Advance registration at is required. Email ctatsukawa@ or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.

CHESS CLUB 4:30 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Join the chess club at OFPL! Email pneilson@ or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.

GET UP AND GAME 3 pm - 5 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Every Friday, come to the children’s library to unwind from a busy week! Email pneilson@ or call (505) 863-1291 for more information. SATURDAY, MAY 18

DIY CANVAS WORKSHOP 1 pm - 3 pm @ ART123 Gallery (123 W. Coal Ave.).Learn how to build a frame, stretch and gesso a canvas -- make a 16 x 20” canvas to take home! This event is free, but space is limited and advanced registration is required.

KIDZ CINEMA 2 pm every Saturday

CLASSIFIEDS | FROM PAGE B6 Based on analysis present in this EA no significant impacts on the environment were found. Applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations would be followed. Accordingly, the U.S. Army and WSMR have determined that an environmental impact statement (EIS) pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act is not required, and this Finding of No Significant Impact is hereby submitted. To minimize potential impacts the following mitigations would be followed: Cultural sites have been excluded and are outside of the Yucca Impact Area and will be marked with Seibert stakes to ensure no activities take place within them. If ground disturbing activities occur during the active nesting season, then a migratory bird survey for nesting birds will take place before any ground preparation activities begin to avoid disturbing active bird nests. If active bird nests (with eggs or nestlings) are found during surveys the following mitigations may be applied Delay of ground-clearing activities until nestlings have fledged. Some ground-clearing occurs, but with buffers placed around active nests. As a last resort reloca-

@ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec. Ave.) for weekly family oriented film screenings. This week’s movie is Wonka (2023). Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.

GALLUP 9TH ST. FLEA MARKET 9 am - 5 pm @ 340 9th Street. The Gallup 9th Street Flea Market is one of the largest Native American markets in the United States. SUNDAY, MAY 19 MONDAY, MAY 20

LAB MEETING 4 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Join in-person or on Zoom. The meetings are scheduled for the fourth Monday of every month.

FAMILY STORYTIME 11 am @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Join OFPL for Storytime activities, songs, rhymes, fingerplays, and read-aloud stories! Throughout May, the storytimes will celebrate Spring. Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.

EUREKA! 4 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Experiment with physics to see if you can design a car propelled by air! Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information. TUESDAY, MAY 21

ARTIST OUTREACH EVENT 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm @ ART123 Gallery (123 W. Coal Ave.). Staff from New Mexico’s Art in Public Places Program will be in Gallup to announce two new Calls to Artists and to guide

tion of active nests by installation biologists under a federal relocation permit. Installation biologists would be consulted to determine how to best address the situation. POINT OF CONTACT: The environmental assessment which supports this Finding of No Significant Impact is available for public reading at the following locations: WSMR Library, 465 Rock Island, WSMR, NM; Public Affairs Office, Building 1782, WSMR, NM; Octavia Fellin Public Library, Gallup, NM, Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, Las Cruces, NM; the Alamogordo Public Library, Alamogordo, NM; and the Socorro Public Library, Socorro, NM or viewed online at mil/gar/GarrisonPublications/Pages/default. aspx. All members of the public are invited to submit written comments within 30 days of this notice. Address all correspondence to: Department of the Army White Sands Missile Range 100 Headquarters Avenue ATTN: MT-R Range Support White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002-5000 Phone: (575) 678-1941 Comments can also be emailed to james.j.thompson120.civ@

artists through the application process. This event is free and open to the public. No registration required.

CHESS CLUB 4:30 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Join the chess club at OFPL! Email pneilson@ or call (505) 863-1291 for more information. WEDNESDAY, MAY 22

CROWNPOINT AND RAMAH HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATIONS 6:30 pm @ various sites FAMILY STORYTIME 11 am @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Join OFPL

for Storytime activities, songs, rhymes, fingerplays, and read-aloud stories! Throughout May, the storytimes will celebrate Spring. Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.

OPEN MAKERSPACE TIME 4 pm - 6 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). OFPL’s MakerSpace is a collaborative work space for making, learning, and exploring. Participants ages 5 and up can come in to create their own design for the 3D printers or explore the many engineering activities and equipment!

MIDWEEK MATINEE AT OFPL 4 pm every Wednesday @ OFPL’s main library (115 W. Hill Ave.). This week’s film is The Forbidden Kingdom.


CALENDAR 6 pm - 8 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). Gallup Career Academy invites members of the Spring 2024 Cohort to OFPL’’s Makerspace This is your time to create and collaborate! Get help with your Google coursework, or use the MakerSpace equipment. The MakerSpace will be closed to the general public at this time. THURSDAY, MAY 23

GALLUP, NAVAJO PINE, AND THOREAU HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATIONS 6:30 pm @ various sites CRAFTY KIDS 4 pm @ OFPL’s Children’s Branch (200 W. Aztec Ave.). In honor of World Turtle Day, make this fun and easy bowl turtle! For more information email: besitty@ or call (505) 863-1291. SAVE THE DATE FRIDAY, MAY 24



FREE NARCAN TRAINING 12 pm @ OFPL’s main library (115 W. Hill Ave.). A paramedic and a case manager from the First Responders Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act will present available resources and Narcan training. Each individual will get a box of Narcan. A Q&A to follow. Email bmartin@, or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.


Education reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive any formalities or minor inconsistencies, and/or cancel this solicitation in its entirety.


Dated the 17th day of May 2024

Public Notice is hereby provided that the Gallup-McKinley County Schools is accepting competitive sealed proposals for:

By: /S/ Chris Mortenson, President Board of Education Gallup-McKinley County School District No. 1

Published: Gallup Sun May 17, 2024 ***

Architectural and/or Engineering Services Crownpoint HS/MS RFP-2024-44BK

RFP ISSUE DATE: May 17, 2024 PUBLICATION DATES: May 17, 2024 (Gallup Sun)

Commodity Code(s): 90607, 90638, 90735, 90738


As more particularly set out in the RFP documents, copies of which may be obtained by downloading from the Gallup-McKinley County Schools eBidding platform website:

Request for Proposals

Sealed proposals for such will be received until 2:00 P.M. (LOCAL TIME) on, June 13, 2024. FAX and HARDCOPY PROPOSALS will NOT be accepted. Offerors will not be able to upload proposals or documents after the specified CLOSING date and time. The Gallup-McKinley County School Board of

Legal Notice

Public Notice is hereby provided that the Gallup-McKinley County Schools is accepting competitive sealed proposals for: SECURITY SERVICES Re-Bid No. RFP-2024-41RB

PUBLIC HEARING ON LIQUOR LICENSE 6 pm @ City Council Chambers, Gallup City Hall (110 W. Aztec Ave.). Council logo.jpg

REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING 6 pm @ City Council Chambers, Gallup City Hall (110 W. Aztec Ave.). The meeting will also be streamed on the City of Gallup’s Facebook page at City of Gallup, New Mexico Government. WEDNESDAY, MAY 29

PAINT-ALONG: WOODLAND MUSHROOMS 6 pm - 9 pm @ ART123 Gallery (123 W. Coal Ave.). Have a creative night out! Registration is $35 a person, and space is limited. Register at paint-sip. THURSDAY, MAY 30

UNDERSTANDING THE LAW 5 pm @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Attorney David Eason presents the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, aka the Bill of Rights. Email or call (505) 863-1291 for more information. FRIDAY, MAY 31

NAVAJO RUG WEAVING 10 am @ OFPL’s Main Library (115 W. Hill Ave.). Learn the fundamentals and techniques of rug weaving in traditional Diné style, including warping, carding and spinning. Please bring your own weaving materials and/or projects. Email bmartin@ or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.


nities Sealed proposals for such will be received until 2:00 P.M. (LOCAL TIME) on June 13, 2024. FAX and HARDCOPY PROPOSALS will NOT be accepted. Offerors will not be able to upload proposals or documents after the specified CLOSING date and time. The Gallup-McKinley County School Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive any formalities or minor inconsistencies, and/or cancel this solicitation in its entirety. Dated the 17th day of May 2024 By: /S/ Chris Mortensen, President Board of Education Gallup-McKinley County School District No. 1

OFPL will host a teen film-making workshop presented by Holt Hamilton Films. Registration is open now. The workshop will be held on June 12-15 at the El Morro Events Center (210 S. Second St.). Register at

WE READ WE TALK BOOK CLUB OFPL’s book club book for June is Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson. Discussions will be on June 18 and 22 via Zoom or in-person at the Main Library. Email bmartin@ or call 505-863-1291 for more information.

FREE HIV, SYPHILIS, AND HEPATITIS C TESTING @ First Nations Community HealthSource-Gallup (1630 S. Second St.). First Nations Community HealthSource-Gallup offers Free Rapid HIV, Syphilis and Hep C Testing, Monday – Friday from 1 pm to 6:30 pm by appointment. Get your results within minutes. To schedule an appointment call (505) 863-8827.

BUILD-YOUR-OWNBUNDLE OFPL staff who will create a bundle of material specially for you! Let them know what type of materials and genres you are interested in, and they’ll browse for you and create a custom bundle of material for you to pick-up curbside. Email bmartin@ or call (505) 863-1291 for more information.

To post a nonprofit or civic event in the calendar section, please email: gallupsunevents@gmail. com or fax: (505) 2120391. Deadline: Monday at 5 pm.

SERVICES RFP-2024-43HC Commodity Code(s): 95826 As more particularly set out in the RFP documents, copies of which may be obtained by downloading from the Gallup-McKinley County Schools eBidding platform website Sealed proposals for such will be received until 2:00 P.M. (LOCAL TIME) on, Wednesday, June 12, 2024. FAX and HARDCOPY PROPOSALS WILL NOT be accepted. Offerors will not be able to upload proposals or documents after the specified CLOSING date and time.

RFP ISSUE DATE: May 17, 2024 PUBLICATION DATES: May 17, 2024 (Gallup Sun)

The Gallup-McKinley County School Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive any formalities or minor inconsistencies, and/or cancel this solicitation in its entirety.

Commodity Code(s): 99046


Dated the 17th Day May 2024

As more particularly set out in the RFP documents, copies of which may be obtained by downloading from the Gallup-McKinley County Schools eBidding platform website https://gmcs.


By: /S/ Chris Mortensen, President Board of Education Gallup-McKinley County School District No. 1

Public Notice is hereby provided that the Gallup-McKinley County Schools is accepting competitive sealed proposals for: Re-Bid CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT

RFP ISSUE DATE: May 17, 2024 PUBLICATION DATES: May 17, 2024 (Gallup Sun)

B8 Friday, May 17, 2024 • Gallup Sun












220 S. FIFTH • GALLUP, NEW MEXICO 87301 (505) 722-2271 • Length of contract limited. Some customers may not qualify. Not available with lease and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 6/3/24. Available accessories shown. 2MUST BE A CURRENT LESSEE OF A 2019 MODEL YEAR OR NEWER BUICK OR GMC VEHICLE THROUGH GM FINANCIAL FOR AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE NEW •VEHICLE SALE. EXAMPLE ON NATIONAL AVERAGE VEHICLE SELLING PRICE. EACH DEALER SETS ITS OWN PRICE. YOUR PAYMENTS MAY VARY. Payments 220 S. FIFTH GALLUP, NEW MEXICOBASED 87301 are for a 2024 Terrain AWD SLE1-3SA with (505) 722-2271 • an MSRP of $31,695. 38 monthly payments total $13,642. Closed-end lease. Option to purchase at lease end for an amount to be determined at lease signing. GM Financial must approve lease. Take new retail delivery by 6/3/24. Mileage charge of $.25/mile over 32,500 miles. Late payment and early termination fees apply. Lessee is responsible for insuring the lease vehicle. Lessee pays for maintenance, repair, excess wear and a disposition fee of $495 or less at end of lease. Not available with some other offers. 1

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