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What Kids Say About Carole Marsh Mysteries . . . “I love the real locations! Reading the book always makes me want to go and visit them all on our next family vacation. My Mom says maybe, but I can’t wait!” “One day, I want to be a real kid in one of Ms. Marsh’s mystery books. I think it would be fun, and I think I am a real character anyway. I filled out the application and sent it in and am keeping my fingers crossed!” “History was not my favorite subject till I starting reading Carole Marsh Mysteries. Ms. Marsh really brings history to life. Also, she leaves room for the scary and fun.” “I think Christina is so smart and brave. She is lucky to be in the mystery books because she gets to go to a lot of places. I always wonder just how much of the book is true and what is made up. Trying to figure that out is fun!” “Grant is cool and funny! He makes me laugh a lot!!” “I like that there are boys and girls in the story of different ages. Some mysteries I outgrow, but I can always find a favorite character to identify with in these books.” “They are scary, but not too scary. They are funny. I learn a lot. There is always food which makes me hungry. I feel like I am there.”

What Parents and Teachers Say About Carole Marsh Mysteries . . . “I think kids love these books because they have such a wealth of detail. I know I learn a lot reading them! It’s an engaging way to look at the history of any place or event. I always say I’m only going to read one chapter to the kids, but that never happens—it’s always two or three, at least!” —Librarian “Reading the mystery and going on the field trip—Scavenger Hunt in hand—was the most fun our class ever had! It really brought the place and its history to life. They loved the real kids characters and all the humor. I loved seeing them learn that reading is an experience to enjoy!” —4th grade teacher “Carole Marsh is really on to something with these unique mysteries. They are so clever; kids want to read them all. The Teacher’s Guides are chock full of activities, recipes, and additional fascinating information. My kids thought I was an expert on the subject—and with this tool, I felt like it!” —3rd grade teacher “My students loved writing their own Real Kids/Real Places mystery book! Ms. Marsh’s reproducible guidelines are a real jewel. They learned about copyright and more & ended up with their own book they were so proud of!” —Reading/Writing Teacher “The kids seem very realistic—my children seemed to relate to the characters. Also, it is educational by expanding their knowledge about the famous places in the books.” “They are what children like: mysteries and adventures with children they can relate to.” “Encourages reading for pleasure.” “This series is great. It can be used for reluctant readers, and as a history supplement.”

by Carole Marsh

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30 Years Ago . . . As a mother and an author, one of the fondest periods of my life was when I decided to write mystery books for children. At this time (1979), kids were pretty much glued to the TV, something parents and teachers complained about the way they do about web surfing and video games today. I decided to set each mystery in a real place—a place kids could go and visit for themselves after reading the book. And I also used real children as characters. Usually a couple of my own children served as characters, and I had no trouble recruiting kids from the book’s location to also be characters. Also, I wanted all the kids—boys and girls of all ages—to participate in solving the mystery. And, I wanted kids to learn something as they read—something about the history of the location. And I wanted the stories to be funny. That formula of real+scary+smart+fun served me well. I love getting letters from teachers and parents who say they read the book with their class or child, then visited the historic site and saw all the places in the mystery for themselves. What’s so great about that? What’s great is that you and your children have an experience that bonds you together forever—something you shared; something you all cared about at the time; and something that crossed all age levels: a good story, a good scare, and a good laugh! 30 years later,

Carole Marsh

Hey, kids! As you see—here we are ready to embark on another of our exciting Carole Marsh Mystery adventures! You know, in “real life,” I keep very close tabs on Christina, Grant, and their friends when we travel. However, in the mystery books, they always seem to slip away from Papa and me so that they can try to solve the mystery on their own! I hope you will go to www.carolemarshmysteries.com and apply to be a character in a future mystery book! Well, the Mystery Girl is all tuned up and ready for “take-off!” Gotta go...Papa says so! Wonder what I’ve forgotten this time? Happy “Armchair Travel” Reading,


About the Characters Christina: Mysterious things really do happen to her! Hobbies: soccer, Girl Scouts, anything crafty, hanging out with Mimi, and going on new adventures Grant: Always manages to fall off boats, back into cactuses, and find strange clues—even in real life! Hobbies: camping, baseball, computer games, math, and hanging out with Papa Mimi is Carole Marsh, children’s book author and creator of Carole Marsh Mysteries, Around the World in 80 Mysteries, Three Amigos Mysteries, Baby’s First Mysteries, and many others. Papa is Bob Longmeyer, the author’s real-life husband, who really does wear a tuxedo, cowboy boots and hat, fly an airplane, captain a boat, speak in a booming voice, and laugh a lot! Travel around the world with Christina and Grant as they visit famous places in 80 countries, and experience the mysterious happenings that always seem to follow them!

Books in This Series #1 The Mystery at Big Ben • (London, England) #2 The Mystery at the Eiffel Tower • (Paris, France) #3 The Mystery at the Roman Colosseum • (Rome, Italy) #4 The Mystery of the Ancient Pyramid • (Cairo, Egypt) #5 The Mystery on the Great Wall of China • (Beijing, China) #6 The Mystery on the Great Barrier Reef • (Australia) #7 The Mystery at Mt. Fuji • (Tokyo, Japan) #8 The Mystery in the Amazon Rainforest • (South America) #9 The Mystery at Dracula’s Castle • (Transylvania, Romania) #10 The Curse of the Acropolis • (Athens, Greece) #11 The Mystery at the Crystal Castle • (Bavaria, Germany) #12 The Mystery in Icy Antarctica #13 The Rip-Roaring Mystery on the African Safari • (South Africa) #14 The Breathtaking Mystery on Mount Everest • (The Top of the World) #15 The Mystery of the Onion Domes • (Russia) #16 The Mystery at the Maya Ruins • (Mexico) #17 The Mystery of the Northern Lights • (Canada) #18 The Mystery at the Taj Mahal • (India)

Table of Contents 1 High Tide at Flowerpot Rocks 2 Lost and Found 3 Incoming! 4 The Mystery Magnet Club 5 You’re It! 6 The Man in Black 7 HONK! HONK! 8 La Ville Souterraine 9 Mole Boy 10 Al Quinn Park 11 Tom’s Poem 12 A City Without Sweet Dreams 13 Hello, Toronto! 14 Pea Soup 15 Midnight Sun 16 Swirling Lights 17 Suspending Suspense 18 Cloned! 19 Animal Carvings 20 On the Cotton Ball Trail 21 A Sticky Situation 22 Blood Is Thicker Than…Syrup?! About the Author Built-In Book Club: Talk About It! Built-In Book Club: Bring It to Life! Northern Lights Trivia Glossary

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1 High Tide at Flowerpot Rocks “Quick, in here!” whispered Christina to her little brother Grant. The brother-and-sister duo scurried into a narrow crevice in the side of a cliff. “Do you think he saw us?” asked Grant worriedly. Wet sand matted down his curly blonde hair. His blue eyes darted from his older sister to the opening of their rocky hideout. “I don’t think so,” replied Christina. “Go see if he’s still out there,” she added, giving her brother a light shove. Grant inched out of their rocky hiding place. His feet left squishy prints in the sand.


The Mystery of the Northern Lights

“Is he gone?” whispered Christina. “I don’t see him—or anyone else!” he exclaimed. “Come on!” The water lapped at their feet as they made their way toward shore. Hungry seagulls landed briefly to pluck crabs off the sand. The kids moved quickly along the sea floor of Canada’s Bay of Fundy, where the tides from the Atlantic Ocean were starting to come in. If they didn’t get out of there, the water would rise as high as a five-story building within a few hours. Christina shielded her bright blue eyes from the afternoon sun. She watched a seagull wrestle with its pinching prey atop one of the tall Hopewell Rocks jutting out of the sand. The statuesque rocks had earned the nickname Flowerpot Rocks because of the trees that grow on top of their twisting rock bases. “He’s coming back!” cried Christina. The kids dashed back to the base of the cliff to hide. Christina’s leg brushed against the fuzzy green moss growing in clumps on the rocks.


High Tide at Flowerpot Rocks

Grant pointed. “I see him! He’s by one of those flowertop, flowerplop, flowerflop, flower whatchamacallit thingamagigies!” Christina put her finger to her lips to quiet her brother. Grant whispered, “He looks like one of those Canadian Mountie Police guys! See his red suit? I bet he carries a gun!” Red Suit stood in the rising seawater. He removed his hat and scratched his head. His snowwhite hair was thick and molded to the shape of his hat. He sloshed around in the water, lifting each leg high before bringing his brown kneelength boot down in front of him with a splash. “He looks too mean to be a Mountie,” whispered Christina. “Mounties are supposed to help people, not chase kids!” “The tide! We have to get out of here!” hollered Grant. Red Suit darted this way and that through the rising seawater. Suddenly, a voice cracked over the walkie-talkie clipped to his belt. He lifted the mouthpiece and spoke into it.


The Mystery of the Northern Lights

“They’re not here,” he said, “but the boy has it! I’m sure of it! Over!” The kids couldn’t hear the response. “I’m going up now!” he barked. “You have something of his?” Christina asked her brother. Grant shrugged. “Come on. There’s a way out through here.” Christina secured her long brown hair in a ponytail and led her brother through a narrow passageway behind the high face of the cliff. She imagined that over time, the Hopewell Rocks, standing tall and alone on the beach, had once been part of the cliff they were escaping into. “No way! Not up there!” Grant protested. “We’re gonna get stuck and end up as crab bait!” “I won’t let that happen,” said Christina, as she began climbing the red-tinged cliff. Halfway up, it happened. They were stuck!


2 Lost and Found “Hey, up here!” called a girl’s voice. Standing at the top of the cliff waving their arms were two kids about the same ages as Grant and Christina. “Grab on!” yelled the girl. A thick rope flopped against the side of the cliff. “Pull yourselves up.” “I’ll go first!” Grant offered. He scrambled up to Christina’s level and grabbed the rope. Halfway up, he began to slip. “AAAAAAAH!” he screamed. He dangled precariously from the rope. His legs kicked at the air. Chunks of rock and mud came loose from the bottom of his shoes. “Hang on, Grant!” Christina yelled, dodging the flying mud. 5

The Mystery of the Northern Lights

Once Grant was high enough up the rope, the two kids pulled him to safety. Christina soon followed. “Thanks…a…lot!” cried Grant, breathless. “Yeah, thanks!” repeated Christina, brushing the dirt off her clothes. “I thought we were crab bait for sure!” Grant remarked. “No problem,” said the boy. He had the same olive-colored skin, dark hair, and brown eyes as his sister, but he was a whole foot shorter. “But, you may want to go out the normal way next time.”

Hopewell Rocks at the Bay of Fundy


Lost and Found

The boy skillfully untied the rope from a nearby tree, coiled it up neatly, and dropped it into a blue backpack. “Wow! Do you always carry a rope around with you?” asked Grant. He nodded. “I’m a Canadian Cub Scout. We’re always prepared,” he answered with a smile. “Cool! I’m a Cub Scout, too—but in the United States!” exclaimed Grant. They highfived each other. Christina quickly scanned the bay below. There was no sign of Red Suit. She breathed a sigh of relief and turned to the girl. “Thanks for helping us. I’m—” “Christina, right?” the girl interrupted. “And this is your little brother Grant.” The girl giggled. “Your grandparents sent us to find you. They said you liked adventure, but I’ve never seen anyone try to climb out of the Bay of Fundy like that!” “Well, we don’t plan to ever again!” promised Christina. “You must be Anana.” “Yes, and this is my little brother Koda,” Anana replied.


The Mystery of the Northern Lights

“Your mom is Mimi’s book agent here in Canada, right?” asked Christina. “That’s right. She’s organizing your grandmother’s book tour,” explained Anana. Christina asked hopefully, “Does that mean you and Koda will be traveling with us across Canada?” Anana nodded and smiled. “That’s great!” said Christina. Mimi was a children’s mystery book writer. She and Papa often took Grant and Christina on trips to other countries while Mimi researched her latest books. This trip was different. It was a book-signing tour, where Mimi would sign her mysteries at planned events across the country. Christina and Grant were thrilled to have friends to travel with—it was always more fun that way! Koda challenged Grant to a race. “Hey, no fair! You got a head start!” shouted Grant as he chased after him. The girls took their time. They walked to the upper level of Hopewell Rocks Park on ground littered with small branches and nuts that crunched under their feet.


Lost and Found

Christina saw Grant and Koda disappear into the Tidal Treasures Gift Shop. Seconds later, they exited the store with Mimi and Papa. Mimi wore a stylish grey pantsuit with a bright red scarf. Papa towered by Mimi’s side in his signature white Stetson hat, coffee-colored cowboy boots, and comfortable jeans. A woman resembling Anana and Koda stood with them. “Hi, Mom!” called Anana. “We found them!” “Grant, Christina,” Mimi said, “this is Mrs. Arnold, Anana and Koda’s mother. Mrs. Arnold will be making all the arrangements for my booksigning tour.” “It’s nice to finally meet the inspiration for your grandmother’s mysteries!” said Mrs. Arnold. “It’s nice to meet you, too,” Christina replied. “Nice to meet you, too,” said Grant with a big smile, “and your kids!” “For the first leg of the trip, we’ll be staying in a Halifax bed and breakfast,” announced Mrs. Arnold. “The limousine will be leaving shortly.”


The Mystery of the Northern Lights

“Limousine? You mean one of those really long, fancy cars?” asked Grant. “That’s right!” said Mimi. “My publishing company is going all out on this book-signing tour across Canada. We’ll be crossing the country, east to west, in style—by limo, train, and even by private jet!” “Yes!” shouted Grant, pumping his fist in the air. Just then, a man wearing a red Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform and a tan hat popped out of the gift shop. A gust of cool air escaped with him. He eyeballed Grant and Christina. “It’s dangerous to be walking around on the sea floor of the Bay of Fundy when the tide rolls in, eh?” “Yes, sir,” said Christina. Her heart was pounding. “Grant!” she hissed, elbowing her brother. “Ouch!” Grant glared at his sister. “Yes, sir!” “Did you take anything from the Bay of Fundy?” Red Suit asked abruptly.


Lost and Found

“Umm, no, sir,” said Christina. “We take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.” “Uh huh. Lots of footprints,” agreed Grant. He stared at Red Suit’s wet boot prints slowly disappearing from the hot pavement. Red Suit didn’t look convinced. He stared hard at Grant. Grant noticed a colorful wooden totempole keychain swinging from Red Suit’s belt. Shapes of animals were carved into the wooden trinket, along with eyes that glowed a swirling, pale green when Red Suit moved. A tall man wearing a black chauffeur’s cap and dark sunglasses emerged from the limo waiting at the curb. As he approached, Red Suit scuttled away.


The Mystery of the Northern Lights


3 Incoming! The limo driver opened the door to the long black limousine. He stopped Grant. “Your shoes,” he demanded. Grant removed his wet shoes and handed them to the driver. In return, Grant got a towel. “Dry off!” the man ordered. “Wow!” exclaimed Grant, as he climbed into the air-conditioned limo. “A whale could fit in here!” “Hey, Grant, check this out,” said Koda. He pushed a button next to a long, pod-like enclosure. The glass swished open to reveal a variety of sandwiches, desserts, and cold drinks. “Help yourselves,” called Mrs. Arnold from her seat. “It’s a three-hour drive to Halifax, Nova Scotia.” 13

The Mystery of the Northern Lights

“Thanks!” shouted the kids. Christina and Anana settled on the butter tart, an Eastern Ontario invention, made of butter, sugar, eggs, raisins, and pecans. “Mmmm! This butter tart just melts in your mouth!” exclaimed Christina through sticky bites. Grant popped the top on a soda can and leaned back. “Aaaah! This is the life! I’ll take riding around in this limo over being stuck on a cliff any day!” Christina winced. “Grant! Keep it down! We don’t want to ruin this trip for Mimi!” When Anana and Koda went to get seconds on snacks, Grant plopped down next to his sister. “Look at this,” he said, handing Christina a wooden totem-pole keychain. “I found this in a crack in one of those tall, twisty-looking rocks down at the Bay of Fundy.” Christina took the keychain. “Its eyes! They glow!” “I know. Red Suit had one like it hooked to his belt,” he said.



“Red Suit had one of these?” she asked, turning over the small wooden trinket. A tiny message was carved on the back. “Yeah, but its eyes glowed a different color and the message carved on the back of his looked different,” he said. Christina read the message:

On the “Mouth” all alone A giant gift, standing tall Holds a sweet clue!

A look of worry spread across Christina’s face. “A clue? You’re just now showing me this?” “I really didn’t think it was important until I saw the keychain on Red Suit’s belt,” whined Grant. “You should have given this to him!” exclaimed Christina. “He asked us if we found


The Mystery of the Northern Lights

anything! What if he is a Mountie, and this clue is part of an investigation?” Grant shrugged an apology. “Sorry, Christina! I just thought it was a cool toy.” Anana and Koda returned to their seats, just as the limo purred to life. Christina noticed the limo driver staring piercingly at them in the rearview mirror. She swung around to tell Grant and accidentally smacked his arm. His soda can flew through the air. “Incoming!” shouted Grant, covering his head. The kids fell to the floor of the limo. Carbonated beverage shot out of Grant’s spinning soda can, covering the windows with sticky liquid. From the corner of her eye, Christina saw the tinted glass separating the front from the back of the limo swish closed.


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Mystery of the Northern Lights  

In the Mystery of the Northern Lights (Canada) you will encounter…. A maple leaf flag! A very high tide! A very cold chill! A “mountie”-frie...

Mystery of the Northern Lights  

In the Mystery of the Northern Lights (Canada) you will encounter…. A maple leaf flag! A very high tide! A very cold chill! A “mountie”-frie...

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