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11.11.11 Gallery Fashion Inked Beautiful Homes Rome

Zombies The Loss of Apple’s Core

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Cover Credits Photography: Danny Evans

Model: Lindsay Martel Hair: Nathan Thomas Hook up with us >

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Make Up: Shanine Levrier


A big welcome to all our readers on this beautiful isle. We believe such a beautiful location deserves a beautiful publication and this is what we aim to deliver. Gallery is without doubt a lifestyle magazine that seeks to make a statement. We aim to provide a good read about all things local and global, whether it be topical, quirky, socially enlightening, business orientated or just plain fun. Sometimes we may even be controversial, we make no apologies for that. Whatever the topic we will have something to say.

Key Contacts Publisher Keiran Wyatt-Nicolle DD : 739854 M : 07911 766620

Some people like to just look at the pictures – well we will have loads of those too, taken by top photographers.

Account Executive Jodie Sheppard DD : 739854

The first edition of everything should be something special and we believe this edition of Gallery is special. We have included articles relevant to the date and the occasion. We haven’t forgotten the relevance of the 11th November and as everyone should, we will wear our poppy with pride. We have several articles relevant to this date and we hope you enjoy them,

Sales & Account Director Viki Stunnell DD : 739854 M : 07911 766621 Design & Production Creative director

Peter Silvester DD : 739854 Mike Chatfield DD : 739854 Editorial Liaison Keiran Wyatt-Nicolle DD : 739854 M : 07911 766620 Staff photographers Danny Evans


Gallery is published twelve times a year as a fresh yet discerning guide to all that happens on the Island and beyond. With quality and style in mind, our tone is not too superior or too serious, written by the people of Guernsey for people everywhere.

In the months and the years to come, we look forward to making the journey with you, to bringing you entertainment and enlightenment to being the best of the best on your coffee tables. As JFK once said, “Once you say you are going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life”. Well we don’t want to be second, we want to be first. So now the Tennerfest is over, the nights have drawn in and Christmas is on the way, why don’t you light the fire, settle down, open a bottle of pinot noir or pour yourself a beer and savour the delights on the pages to come. Now where’s that bottle opener? G

Ettienne Laine other contacts are on the contributors page.

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Are we dreaming

48 Numero Uno Fashion Shoot

20 Inked

86 Paint & Sons

102 Bar Billiards

42 A Roman Holiday

contents Listings: ..................................................................... Misc* Page................................................................5 Whats on with The Best Of............................6 Movember.................................................................7 Community Contribution...............................8

Style Stalker.............................................................55 Ask The Expert......................................................56 Gywneth & Grey....................................................58 Brand News..............................................................60


Beauty News............................................................62 New Brands..............................................................63 Product Review......................................................65 Hair with the Wow Factor...............................66 Hello Boys!...............................................................67 No. 1 in Beauty.......................................................68

11/11/11........................................................................10 Birth Dates and Anette Henry Column.. 11 Horoscopes..............................................................12 Quirky article and 1st Expierences...........13 News In Numbers................................................14 Steve Jobs - The loss of Apples Core......16 Sarnia Paranormal...............................................18 #FF Twitter...............................................................19 Inked ...........................................................................20 The Transgender Chicken!............................30


Siren Warning: Hot Strings...........................32 Are we Dreaming.................................................34 Zombie Forever......................................................36 Monthly Upload....................................................38


A Roman Holiday.................................................42 Mr & Mrs Le Page Hotel Review.................44 My name is...............................................................46

Fashion.....................................................47 Numero Uno Fashion Shoot..........................48


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Beauty....................................................... 61


Signature Dish.......................................................70 Wine Tasting...........................................................71 Consulting Chef - Petit Bistro......................72 The Rock Garden.................................................74


CCD Featured Properties................................78 Location Location, Phil Spencer.................83 Interior Design with Bonsai..........................84 Paint & Sons.............................................................86

Source Recruitment............................................98 Guernseys No.1 Employer...............................100


Bar Billiards.............................................................102 Basket Coaching Academy............................104


New Generation....................................................106 Motoring News......................................................108 Retrorevival..............................................................110 Automatic for the people................................112 Smart............................................................................114


Tnt = Boom...............................................................118 Charge: Last of the Light Brigade!............119 Judge Jules..............................................................120 Dead Famous..........................................................122 Readers Wives Art Show.................................123 Paparrazi....................................................................124

Next month..............................................127 Boardom.....................................................................128


Rocquettes Cider on the couch...................90 Donald Steel Interview.....................................92 Bean 14 on the couch.........................................93 Flying High..............................................................94 Business News.......................................................96


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he yea r you were born has a great impact on what kind of gamer you are. After all, it can make the difference between whether you got to play NES, Mega Drive or dived straight into Wii or Xbox 360 Kinnect. Here’s our top 5* of biggest grossing games to get you going on whether Crash Bandicot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Zelda or Super Mario was the best. And don’t even get us started on Angry Birds. No really, don’t.





Nintendo Entertainment System 1. Super Mario Brothers (40.24 million) 2. Super Mario Brothers (18 million) 3. Super Mario Brothers (10 million) 4. The Ledgend of Zelda (6.51 million) 5. Zelda II: The adventures of Link (4.38 million)

Wii 1. Wii Sports (76.76 million) 2. Mario Kart Wii (28.23 million) 3. Wii Sports Resort (27.68 million) 4. Wii Play (27.38 million) 5. Wii Fit (22.61 million)

Playstation 1. Gran Turismo (10.85million) 2. Final Fantasy Vll (9.8 million) 3. Gran Turismo 2 (9.37 million) 4. Final Fantasy Vlll (8.15million) 5. Tomb Raider 2 (9.37 million)

iPhone 1. Tetris 100million+ 2. Angry Birds (at least 12 million sold 250 million downloaded) 3. Block Breaker Deluxe (8 million) 4. Sonic the Hedgehog (8 million) 5. Fruit Ninja ( at least 6 million sold, 20 million downloaded) *all these games have been tried and tested at Gallery HQ!

Video of the Month

Smiley dinosaur compensates customer A disgruntled Marks and Spencer customer was surprised when a customer service adviser complied with his cheeky request for a drawing of a ‘smiley dinosaur’. Bill Bennett had written to M&S asking for a refund after he was mistakenly charged £3.00 for a £1.90 salmon sandwich at a store in Taunton, Somerset, reports the Daily Mail. He received a reply offering him a gift card, but a few weeks later it had still not arrived, so he wrote again - asking for a ‘hand-drawn picture of a smiley dinosaur’ to compensate ‘for the inconvenience’. He expected his request to be ignored but he reckoned without Steve Jones, a customer adviser who seemed to share Mr Bennett’s sense of humour and sent him a £5 gift card and a sketch. Mr Jones enclosed a note reading: “Please also find a picture of a smiling dinosaur, hand drawn. Unfortunately art was never my strong point, but I hope you will appreciate it.” Now a delighted Mr Bennett is showing off his prize on the internet, where it has gone viral.


Want your man to smell like the man you’re looking at, then get him to use Old Spice. Plus, who doesn’t love a man on a horse with diamonds appearing from his hand:

FACTS (according to girls)

Men like to


Men will cook if DANGER is involved.

Men are VERY


people. When they watch SPORTS on television, they think that if they concentrate really hard, they can help their team. If their team is in trouble, they’ll coach the players from the living room.

Don’t try to teach men how to do anything in PUBLIC. They can LEARN IN PRIVATE; in public they have to KNOW. Every man would still really like to OWN A



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18/11/2011 14:30






Tony Brassell – Writing Extraordinaire

Tony has written many articles for the local media covering a range of topics including travel, business and sport. He has also just published his first book through Amazon’s Kindle. A keen golfer and sport watcher, his interests know no bounds and he is happy writing on a wide range of topics. One day he hopes to write a best selling novel. Nichole Sweetsur – Beauty Writer

Nichole has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Her obsession with lip balm and mascara boarders on the obsessive, but despite the fact that she’s worked with some of the best in the business she is still unable to blow dry her own hair properly. Etienne Laine - Photographer

Etienne’s interest in photography flourished from the first moment he began to take it seriously at 16. Etienne can often be seen around the Gallery offices humouring the team and if he had the chance to photograph anyone it would be Rankin the famous photographer. Amy Murray – Writer

Amy’s enthusiasm for writing began at the age of five, inventing stories for a menagerie of cuddly toys. From here a passion for writing poetry, song lyrics, fiction and blog entries developed. Amy also shares a love of all things creative, especially typography, graphic design and music. Naomi Bishop – Arts writer

Naomi REALLY wants to be a zombie. She’s young, tasty, and has a lovely brain. The most depressing thing about Goldsmiths University, where she studied fine art, was the total lack of zombies. She sometimes thinks she’s cursed never to meet the perfect zombie, as the international brand at which she is an award winning creative has a no un-dead policy. Fascists.

This isn’t a private party and there’s no VIP area (there is a jacuzzi though...). Entertain us with jokes, ideas, youtube clips etc

CONTRIBUTE Rip it, scrap it, comment, critique, research, report. Opinions wanted on politics, business, news, home, property, music, gadgets, sports and culture. Something annoyed you and you want to tell the island? We’re here for you baby. If you’d like to see your name in... er... print, get in touch.


We understand that the medium is the message. The quality of a magazine reflects on the businesses that advertise within it. Gallery is Guernsey’s highest quality magazine and premium print media option for stylish and progressive brands. If you have a business or strategy to promote to Guernsey’s forward thinking consumer, get in touch. We don’t have pushy sales people and won’t try and badger, coerce, harass or try to sell you something you don’t want. Call us on 739854 or drop us an email...





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For more great local events and businesses visit







Stand up for ‘Stand Up Guernsey’! Three nights of comedy at Les Rocquettes Hotel with Sure Smiles featuring Felix Dexter, Sully O’Sullivan, Steve Hall and Geoff Whiting. Don’t miss this show. Limited to only 140 people each night so make SURE you book your tickets now!




Don’t fancy stuffing up the Christmas dinner? Learn the trade secrets to guarantee a stress free and delicious Christmas dinner with Sueco Cookery School on two consecutive Tuesday evenings. Raise your glass.






Enjoy an exciting family day out at Chouet beach watching Guernsey’s only banger racing club in action. Contact is permitted, resulting in TEL: 07911 112807 // plenty of thrills and spills and some PERIDOTTICKETS@GMAIL.COM As seen on Britain’s Got Talent, looking the worse for wear by Channel 4’s Streetdance, BBC 3’s the end! Move like Michael Jackson and the recent MOBO Awards, Peridot are supported by Guernsey Diamond Cheerleaders and Creative Dance.

ST SAMPSONS HIGH SCHOOL £15 / £20 // 13.45 – 16.00


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Dust down those baggy trousers ready for a party at ‘Our House’, presented by the Guernsey Youth Theatre, combining a witty and romantic tale with the energetic songs of Madness including old favourites like, ‘It Must Be Love’, ‘Our House’ and ‘Baggy Trousers’.



BEAU SEJOUR THEATRE £15 (£13 OAP, £11 STUDENT/18 AND UNDER) // 20.00 – 22.00

LA TRIGALE, PLEINMONT £FREE // 10.00 – 16.30


Evoke Productions presents Deadly Murder. Full of bluffs, double bluffs, twists and turns, this thriller is one step ahead of audiences all the way, riveting them to their seats to the very last chilling moment!



MOTOX TEL: 247892

Motorcyclists compete over a course full of jumps and tight corners. Spectators are able to view the majority of the track and watch these skilled riders battle for the best lines.



FROM £5.50 // 10.00 – 16.00

TEL: 254530 //

An impressive display of original artworks from one of the world’s most exclusive books, ‘The Highgrove Florilegium’. Beautiful illustrations of plants from the garden of HRH Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Watch real life heroes who have served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait, with several medals between them, perform songs from their third album ‘Message to You’. £5 from each ticket will go to Help for Heroes.




18/11/2011 14:30




Move over November It’s Movember! A man doesn’t grow a Mo, a Mo grows a man... Is it me or has the world just got a bit more hairy? Movember is upon us and Gallery are supporting this cause and becoming Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for the month.

What’s Movember?

Mo, short for moustache, comes together with November for ‘Movember’ and Men of Movember commit to growing a moustache for 30 days to raise cash and awareness for cancers that affect men. Movember was first dreamed up in 2003 over a few beers in Australia. Inspired by the effort women had made towards breast cancer charities, the Mo Bros set themselves up for a men’s health movement raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer. The Movember campaign has now gone global and last year raised £10.3 million! The UK Movember campaign raises money for The Prostate Cancer Charity (TPCC).



Mo Community Share Mo Stories, Mo Photos, Mo Tweets, get Mo Tips, Mo Music and more with the online Mo Community. ReMoving Raise more dough by celebrating your reMoval. Get your mates together and be sponsored to have your Mo waxed off! Mo Sistas Girls no need to feel left out. We’re not suggesting you do a ‘Julia Roberts’ or anything (unless you particularly want to!), become a Mo Sista supporting your Mo Bros. Why not bake Mo Cookies with Fuzzy Ink’s moustache cutters, design and wear your own fake Mo’s, host a Mo Party with Moscars or organise a Mo Run.

So let’s get you in the Mood.

Mo Phone For Mo Bro’s on the go! Download the Movember Mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod users and update everyone on your progress by posting status updates and photos of your Mo-gress each day. Check your fundraising progress, get some style guides and have some Mo Fun. vxBOTa. 

Mo Inspiration Looking for Mo Inspiration then look no further than the hairy greats themselves; Tom Selleck, Errol Flynn, Freddie Mercury, Poirot, Salvador Dali and of course Hulk Hogan!

Check out female photographer Mia Webb who last year challenged herself to create a new moustache image each day posing as Charlie Chaplin and Super Mario, to name a few:

Mo Space Register and create your own Mo Space. Upload piccies of your Mo Stages and encourage friends, family and even strangers to rate and donate your Mo Space.

So this Movember remember - Grow It, Flow It, Show It! Mo Website – Mo Facebook – MovemberUK Mo Twitter – @MovemberUK

Try the Gallery ‘Mo Show’ Machine for FREE!! & WIN Those clever buggers at gallery magazine have embraced the latest in PDF and Celotape technolgy to ensure that you are sporting the finest ‘Mo’ for your face!! Simply follow us on facebook or visit to download your complimentary cut out and stick on ‘Mo” kit. All photos submitted to will be entered into a tash tickling prize draw to win £100 ... Best of luck folks facebook



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Community Contribution

The Guernsey Festival of Performing Arts has been shortlisted in the Best New Festival category by the UK Festival Awards. Judges from the awards attended the inaugural event in July this year to assess the festival across a number of criteria. Judging began before they even arrived when they rated pre-event communication and travel options. The assessment continued throughout the weekend; everything from camping to catering was scrutinised. Festival organiser, Paul Stephen, said he was pleased to be on the national festival radar at such an early stage. “We are really excited to be in the running for this award. Winning the award would feel fantastic because we put so much effort and hard work into making it happen. We are already well underway with plans for next year. It’s fantastic to be able to do it all again,” he said. The Guernsey Festival has also been listed in the Fans’ Favourite Festival category. Voting, which has now closed, was done online at the UK Festivals website. Organisers Paul and Jon Stephen will attend the awards ceremony on 15 November at The Roundhouse in London.

Charity Sky Dive Raises more than £1,500

Nikki Travis and Dawn Tostevin agreed to do the jump after two of their colleagues did it in 2010. They were originally supposed to take to the skies above the island on 6th September but bad weather meant the jump was delayed by 24 hours. ‘The delay didn’t help the nerves at all but it was an amazing experience and one we’re so glad we agreed to do. It was pretty scary when they opened the doors but as soon as we had jumped then it was impossible to be scared as the views over the island were amazing,’ said Mrs Tostevin. Jim plays to win at Rock Paper Scissors Local musician Jim Delbridge launched his first solo CD on Saturday 22 October at The Fermain Tavern. Entitled Rock Paper Scissors after the game he plays daily with his son, the work is the culmination of 40 years of songwriting and performing and has been produced by London-based local music producer Tim Bran. ‘I have been writing songs for as long as I can remember and have always wanted to put an album of my own work together. Of course this is a vanity project but I also hope it will raise vital funds for a very worthy local charity, Communicate, of which I am a trustee.’ Jim is donating half the proceeds of every CD sale to Communicate, which was set up to help young adults with communication difficulties to gain meaningful employment. The CD, priced £10, will be on sale on a cash only basis at various retail outlets, including Shine jewellery shop in Fountain Street, Kendall’s Guitars in La Charroterie and Avant Garden at Saumarez Manor.

The Lady Taverners’ SilverAnniversary Ball raises £15,000 CHILDREN that are disabled or disadvantaged in Guernsey will benefit from £15,000 raised at The Lady Taverners’ Silver Anniversary Ball. Sponsored by Investec Bank (Channel Islands) Limited, the ball included entertainment by electric violinists and cellists, The Siren String Quartet, UK dance band Pop Fiction and a presentation by representatives of the world’s leading cricket charity, Cricket for Change. Two AO Hall staff who did a sky dive last month have raised more than £1,500 to be shared between two local charities, the Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief and Les Bourgs Hospice.


Numero Uno.indb 10

‘What a fantastic achievement that we have been able to raise £15,000 in one night for children with learning and physical disabilities in the Bailiwick,’ said chair of The Lady Taverners’ Guernsey region Zoë Cousens.

Schroders Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge A team of 5 ladies from Schroders Private Bank (Helen Edwards, Rachel Gates, Emma Harding, Sheila Ozanne and Raissa Sanchez) are participating in the Pembrokeshire Coast Challenge which takes place on 18/19/20th November 2011. The challenge involves running/walking 3 marathons in 3 days along the South West Coast of Wales on remote and rocky terrain, carrying approximately 10 kilos of compulsory kit. This is to raise money for the Down Syndrome Education (DSE) International, the charity is based in the UK however Schroders have organised for all funds raised to be used solely for the benefit of children with Down Syndrome in Guernsey. Their aim is to raise enough to bring the DSE experts to Guernsey to improve facilities and education locally through workshops and also to create a strong support system for families that will have on-going benefits in the future. The team have done 8 months of training and have also each completed a ¼, ½ and full marathon in Guernsey as part of this. They have also been hard at work fundraising and Schroders have a match funding scheme which means they are kindly doubling every contribution received to help reach the target of £10,000. Get along to the Zumba night on Friday 4th November, 7pm-8pm at St Sampsons which will be hosted by Debbie Duport. It is open to everyone and the fee of £6 will go straight to their charity. To donate visit Schroders 2011 or by writing a cheque made out to ‘Pembrokeshire Challenge Donation Account’ and sending this to Schroders (C.I.) Limited, Regency Court, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3UF.


18/11/2011 14:30




OUR UPFRONT BANNER IS NOW AVAILABLE Quality brands need quality media placement. Our divider banners align you with a relevant gallery section and offers a creative design opportunity Call us on 739854 and ask about upfront divider sponsorship

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words | Tony Brassell

6 Numero unos or 3 elevens. Whatever way you look at this number, it means just one thing to us – the first edition of Gallery in Guernsey is here, pause for the loud cheers and party poppers! 11.11.11 will live long in the memory for all of us involved with Gallery, as will the post party headache. We hope it will be memorable for you too. I for one love the symmetry of the number but this isn’t the first time the number eleven in a date has been significant. The most famous date and time in the world, apart from your birthday of course, is probably the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918. On that day millions of soldiers on the western front enjoyed their first quiet nights sleep for over 4 years. The war was over, peace reigned supreme - well at least for the next 21 years. We still mark


Numero Uno.indb 10

that moment in time in silence. That was an end, this is the beginning. We want to mark this occasion as loudly as possible.

the 11th November 1880. His remains were finally identified in 2011 – minus his head! Now where did I leave.......

The last time we had an 11.11.11 the history books tell us that it was the weather making the news. In the United States many cities enjoyed record high temperatures in the afternoon and the same night experienced record lows. In Kansas City temperatures dropped to 11 degrees Fahrenheit, yes 11, on the 11th November and that was after the city enjoyed a record 76 degree high that same afternoon. And we worry about the weather these days!

Route 66, the Republic of Angola and Gemini 12 all share the 11th November as key dates but what of the next big 11.11.11 in 2111. Well I am pretty certain most of us won’t be around to witness the celebrations – or will we? However you can rest assured that the Guernsey Gallery will hold a big party to celebrate its 100th anniversary and the first Gallery Mars issue will be beamed between the planets. Hey why stop at world domination when there’s more than one world!

The number 11 featured highly in the life of the notorious Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly. His father died when Ned was 11 and his family farmed land at Eleven Mile Creek. He was hanged for his crimes on

Well I can dream can’t I?


18/11/2011 14:30



BirthDates words | Tony Brassell

With the “Birth” of Gallery in Guernsey on 11.11.11, it seems appropriate to see who we will share our birthday with.

prohibition in the USA to build a criminal empire which would last for many years. I wonder if he liked a drama or two?

Going back over a thousand years or more the older records are full of emperors and composers, the last 50 years is full of celebrities and rockers. Not much has changed when you think about it!

With my niece due to give birth on the same day as the first Guernsey Gallery is born it seemed appropriate that I went for 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th in the family date and time of birth sweepstake! Now if that comes up I will have to ask her if Gallery can be a suitable middle name for the baby - if it’s a girl.

The notable celebrities who share our birthday, that we all know, are the likes of Demi Moore, Calista Flockhart and Leonardo DiCaprio. The older amongst us will know the delightful June Whitfield, one of the great comediennes of all time. November 11th 1885 saw the birth of “Blood and Guts” General George S Patton, one of the most famous names of World War II and 11 years later Charles “Lucky” Luciano, the notorious Mafia Gangster was born. He went on to become one of the best known criminals of all time taking advantage of

Ghost Story words | Annette Henry

It was always considered to be one’s sacred duty to bury the dead. Failure to do so meant the spirit was doomed to wander about, seeking rest and finding a home. The story was told about a man who went down to tend to his nets down at Rocquaine, at low tide. He came across a dead body stretched out in the sands. He did not recognise the man, but presumed that a terrible storm which had raged for the past 2 days, had shipwrecked a vessel and claimed the lives of its’ crew. The dead man was well dressed, wore a red velvet cloak, laced with gold. The fisherman excited by the prospect of finding a rich merchant, searched the dead man’s pockets and found a purse containing a considerable sum of money. Leaving the body to be carried away with the next time, the man went home. When he walked into his house, he was struck with fear. There in his cottage, seated next to the fireplace, was the ghostly apparition of the dead man he had just left on the beach. The man looked angry and menacing. The fisherman’s wife was nearby, but she could not see the apparition. Immediately, the man confessed to his wife, admitting to her that he had stolen from the dead man, and leaving the body below the water line, rather than burying it. The wife knew that as it was ones sacred duty to bury the dead, failure to do so meant that their house would forever be haunted by the sailor. The fisherman and his wife prayed, and ran to the beach where the body lay, motionless on the shore. They pulled the corpse up the sand and buried it in a nearby field. When they returned to their home, the ghostly, menacing apparition had disappeared. As a Gold Accredited Guide, Annette Henry has been specialising in walking tours and themed guided walks in Guernsey for 8 years.


Numero Uno.indb 11


18/11/2011 14:31



words | Lois Mansfield


Find a special friend. Find a boat. Take them out to sea. Drop anchor. Tie your hands to the mast and sing sea shanties together until your lungs burst.


There’s something about the way you move. Something about the way the light catches your eyes, your hair, shoes. It’s like you keep saying your real thoughts out loud. Other people find you awkward, creepy. Nobody can put their finger on what exactly it is that makes you so different, so sinister, so very, genuinely, malevolent.


There’s things you know. There are things you think you know. There are things you’ll never know. There are things staring at you in your face that you think you’ll never not know but the only things that you do know, mean nothing.


You are your own private cheerleading squad, nobody else made the team.. . you did. You need a new routine, a clean pair of knee high socks and a new toothbrush so that you can bare all of the teeth in your mouth when you are legs above your head high kicking and faking a mile wide smile: b.e a.g.g.r.e.s.s.i.v.e !


You wrote the book on ‘stupid is as stupid does’. It’s time to get that tattoo on your forehead, you know, the one that spells out ‘STUPID’ loud. Enjoy your lack of any real sense, shame or taste it’s got you this far, right?


The muffin taupe brown trench coat you’ve been wearing, sleeping in and smoking cigars with needs a wash as much as your circumstantial speech and increasingly irritating asides need cleaning up. You are not a stranger to actually believing that you are some kind of detective know-it-all, so sit down. You need to hit the showers Sherlock, you stink.


Numero Uno.indb 12


It’s Friday morning again and all of the life has been sucked out of your cheeks by people way more intelligent and hard working than you’ll ever be, the people we like to affectionately call “the big bosses”. You’ll never have nice things like they do, a timeless hairdo or a shred of selfawareness. Quit your haircut and cut your job. Be a full-time stay-at-home wordsearch puzzler?


Time to get cracking on your ‘Dear Santa’ letter if that magical unicorn is going to make it through the highest echelons of existence and evolution to being wrapped up all nicely and pretty and thrown down your chimney on Christ-mess eve for you to play with only the box it came in Christ-mess morning. Use a nice fancy pen and kiss the stamp before you lick it to post. Santa is watching you.


‘Where do I begin?’ you ask. The moon is in the sky at night and your existentialistic wild mind whims eclipse your usual, suspect and suspicious joie de vivre. Sssssshhhhhh...


Don’t open that trapdoor.


Leave the Bible alone. Lay down the Deepak Chopra. Step away from the Paul McKenna ‘Hypnotise Yourself Loveable’ dvd. De-activate your ‘zoosk’ facebook application and cancel your weekly subscription to ‘’. Please return the pet dog you bought three years ago so that you could meet ‘nice single dog owners’ at early morning walks. Re-invent yourself and repeat all of the above in reverse. Buy a pony !


You know nothing more than you did yesterday and less than you will tomorrow.


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Numero Uno – y ¡basta ya! (NUMBER ONE – AND THAT’S ENOUGH!) By Caroline Mauger We all remember our significant Numero Unos: first crush, first kiss, first illicit sip of Granny’s sherry. Like the first pancake, they are often a bit of a mess. Where love, sex and alcohol are concerned, the majority of us will keep on trying – practice makes perfect, after all. As the famous saying goes, ‘You should try everything once except incest and morris dancing’ – it doesn’t necessarily mean you will want to repeat the experience, however. The first first which I knew would also be my last was cigarette numero uno: I was seven years old, and it nearly killed me. Elsa Murray was the name of the fag peddler, aged ten (her name is memorable because of the irritating jingle of the time: ‘Murray Mints, Murray Mints, too good to hurry mints’), who enticed a group of us into a field and encouraged us to have a smoke. The coughing fit which followed that first drag convinced me that I would never do it again, and I haven’t. Despite my tender years, I don’t think I inhaled any smoke, so that wasn’t what made it a near-death experience. So worried was Miss Murray Mint that we would be caught, that her chosen smoking ground was a field which could only be accessed by crossing a railway line. Giddy after our derringdo, we were none too vigilant when we crossed back and, split seconds after reaching the other side, the Manchester-London train thundered past us. I didn’t have long to rejoice in our survival as my parents saw me scrambling down the bank and the ‘warning slap’ I received left my backside smarting for minutes. It wasn’t quite as stinging as the other parental smack of my childhood, when I was caught dancing around the bathroom, naked except for a plastic bag on my head. I didn’t do that again either. Skiing is another leisure pursuit which I am not tempted to repeat. Not being known for any sporting prowess, my goal was not too onerous: to progress from the nursery slopes and go on a green run. To my amazement, I exceeded my expectations and was placed in an intermediate class after a ‘ski off’ in which I managed to stay upright. By the end of the week I was following my instructor down blue runs, despite being in a state of permanent terror. The beauty of the mountains was breathtaking but I was too scared to appreciate it; I couldn’t enjoy afternoons skiing with my husband either, as his ability to ski backwards whilst filming me making a tortuous descent was, frankly, infuriating. In hindsight it was a great experience and I was proud of my achievements, it’s just that there are so many other holidays that I would rather take – preferably involving cocktails and much lighter footwear.

Quirky Article words | Tony Brassell

Who counts how many Rice Krispies they have in their bowl? So do you know the answer? Is it someone on a very strict diet or a mad scientist trying to work out calorie levels in breakfast cereals? No! The answer is identical twins, because one can’t have more than the other! Hard to believe I know, but identical twins do go to extremes at times to ensure one doesn’t get an advantage over the other. Other regimes include a strict rotation as to who sits in the front seat of the car, getting their eyes down to worktop level to ensure one hasn’t more in their glass than the other, and counting out sweets to make sure both have exactly the same, a nightmare at the pick ‘n’ mix stand. Even things like cuddles on the sofa before bed have to be timed to make sure one isn’t being favoured more than the other and if you are in the habit of saying good night when its lights out time, woe betide if you forget and visit one twin first, two nights in a row. When it comes to gifts, parents quite often have to join in with the twin game, carefully totting up expenditure so that one doesn’t have a more expensive gift than the other and of course they can’t have exactly the same birthday or Christmas card. Oh no! You have to get the same type, preferably with a similar design, the same number of words and of course the cards must be the same size. In regards to clothes and contrary to popular opinion not all twins need to dress exactly the same, although it is an easy way of avoiding arguments, especially when they are very young. However as they get older and want to make their own fashion statements things can get more difficult. Obviously whatever you buy, the price must be the same and styles are often similar but the colours are sure to be different. However, if you are reading this and worrying about the future for your twins, there is hope. Whatever you buy they’ll swap them with each other anyway. That’s if they’re both girls!

Whatever your age, seeking out new experiences is lifeaffirming; some won’t be your cup of tea but others will be the start of something wonderful. As my friend Jason says, ‘If you like it, try it. If you don’t like it, try it. You might like it’.


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News in Numbers

Guernsey Festival nominated for best new festival


copies of Guernsey’s first Gallery Magazine released!

25,000 pounds generated for local charities by Barclay’s Wealth Management

350,000 invested into Guernsey Nightlife in 2 years from Fusion Nightclub.


marathons in 40 days for Guernsey marathon runner Stuart Hardie

million pound Charing Cross redevelopment proposed by Co-op


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Cutting through the media clutter.

Guernsey’s Style Magazine

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The loss of Apple’s Core

The Underestimated Ingredient for International Success words | Amy Murray


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How did you learn that the internationally acclaimed American visionary, inventor and entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, had died on 5th October 2011? For many across the globe, this tragic news was delivered via web updates on an Apple device, be it an iPod, iPhone, iPad or a Mac. There is something quite surreal about discovering the passing of the inventor of your beloved tech gadget via the gadget itself. If you’ve ever used iTunes, watched Toy Story, or heard the soundtrack to Finding Nemo, Steve Jobs has affected your life. Even for those who had been unfamiliar with Jobs prior to his death, it would have been virtually impossible to escape the recently saturated media coverage regarding his assets and achievements. Common threads can be identified within much of this media outpouring, including: overviews of Steve’s lifeworks, right from the foundation of Apple Computer in 1976, to tracking every technological innovation Jobs masterminded; heartfelt tributes from US president, Barack Obama, Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates, Facebook chief executive, Mark Zuckerman, and a multitude of other highly regarded individuals mourning the loss of such a ingenious, inspirational man; and speculation on how the Apple empire will now progress without Jobs in the driving seat. Something less widely examined in these reports, however, has been the real key to Jobs’ success: his failures. Without several poignant failures in his life, it is highly likely that our technologically advanced world might not have been shaped in quite the same way as we know it today. So what were these failures and why would they be of interest to you? In 2005, Jobs delivered a truly inspiring commencement address to the graduating class of Stanford University. If you haven’t yet seen the YouTube footage of this speech, take 15 minutes out of your day to view it; it will be time well invested. In his speech, Jobs recounted two stories of failure that determined his own personal development and his fascinating career path at Apple and Pixar. First off was Jobs’ open admission to being a college drop out. While many would deem dropping out of Reed College only six months into his course a failure, the informal learning that followed was invaluable to Jobs’ future career. Jobs remained at college for a further eighteen months, relying on the generosity of friends who allowed him to sleep on their floors and paying for food by saving up payments of five cents for each empty coke bottle he returned for recycling. During this interim study period, Jobs used this time to attend lectures that he was interested in but not formerly registered in. The most significant of these was a calligraphy class where he learnt all about the elements central to beautiful typography.


Numero Uno.indb 17

At the time, Jobs was not to know just how important the knowledge he gained in this class would become; when it came to designing the Mac, he applied all of this typographical understanding to ensure that his computer offered a first class selection of stunning typefaces.

inherent to his character; “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.” His passion, drive and focused outlook rubbed off on his coworkers, motivating each of them to unlock their own true potential.

A second, far more public failing, was the agonising moment in Jobs’ life where he was fired from his own company by John Sculley; the very man Jobs had actively coerced to leave behind his position as CEO of Pepsi to instead join Apple. In 1985, a disagreement between Jobs and Sculley resulted in the Apple Board of Directors siding with Sculley and Jobs being shunted out. Jobs explained the detrimental impact this ousting had “What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating. I really didn’t know what to do for a few months. I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down - that I had dropped the baton as it was being passed to me.”

The best example of this was the dogged determination of the team at Pixar who created Toy Story; a venture that was far from sunshine, lollipops and rainbows in its initial stages. Jobs lost millions of dollars as he ploughed money into a collective vision he shared with creative scientist, Ed Catmull and artist, John Lasseter, adamant in the belief that the investment was worth it. There aren’t too many businessmen who would have so much trust and faith in their team’s capabilities that they would willingly continue to fund a project that was making a loss of over a million dollars a year, five years running.

In the months that followed this major blow, Jobs recognised that despite this heavy disappointment, he had still retained his great passion for his work. He decided to start again, first by creating the company NeXT, followed by a second globally renowned company, Pixar. Without Pixar, the world would have been deprived of the groundbreaking animations Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, A Bug’s Life, WALL-E, Up and the Toy Story trilogy. So, what seemed disastrous at the time, later turned out to be one of the most positive, life-changing experiences for Jobs, for his colleagues at Pixar, and for every person on the planet who has ever enjoyed watching a Pixar production. As Jobs honestly reflected on the biggest failure of his life, he stated: “getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me… It freed me to enter into one of the most creative periods of my life… I’m pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been fired… Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love.” This message should resonate within each of us; now more than ever given the fragility of life hammered home via Steve Jobs’ recent passing. We spend the majority of our adult life at work; if we don’t enjoy our job, life is going to be pretty hard going. With the responsibility of mortgage repayments, education fees and a whole assortment of monthly bills to pay, the average Guern will likely compromise doing a job they love for earning a decent wage. This mentality was not in Jobs’ DNA, with his simple mantra, “don’t settle”, a testament to that. Although Jobs’ zero-tolerance policy on settling for less than the best was undoubtedly heightened after first being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004, this admirable work ethic was always

In the fascinating documentary The Pixar Story, Pixar’s Technical Director, Tom Porter, describes Jobs as “a very forgiving investor” who “had a much longer term view than your average venture capitalist would have had about our young company”. Jobs himself had no concrete evidence that the film was going to pay off – all he could rely on was his gut instinct that the people he worked with could make it happen: “We really felt strongly the movie was going to be a success but even we didn’t have a clue how much of a success it was going to be.” As it turned out, Jobs’ commitment to the long-term goal overriding the short-term financial loss he suffered, resulted in a captivating film that earned more than $350 million dollars worldwide and changed the animation industry forever. While most of us will never experience the triumph of creating a company worth billions on the stock market, nor design technology that changes the world, there is still much to be said for the Steve Jobs philosophy on how to be Number One: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”


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Sarnia Paranormal

Investigation and Research Illuminating the Transcendental Team Background:

January 2010, friends Tim and Paul discuss and discovered a shared interest in the field of paranormal research and agreed that the Bailiwick of Guernsey has plentiful stories of folklore, ghosts and apparitions. “We started out with the mindset that if this activity occurs we want to experience, capture and analyse” Tim - S.P.I.R.I.T GSY Co-Founder. We decided to co-find S.P.I.R.I.T GSY (Sarnia Paranormal Investigation and Research Illuminating the Transcendental) to conduct our own investigations. “OUR AIM: Research and investigate eye witness reports of paranormal activity, attempt to capture any evidence to back these experiences, with a technical and open minded approach to each and every case” – Tim - S.P.I.R.I.T GSY Co-Founder.

Herm Island Investigation: Our first investigation was in Herm Island. “What particularly interested me (not just because of the beautiful Island itself) about this location is due to some of the eye witness accounts that were told by visiting tourists during their holidays of alleged sightings and experiences of a roaming Monk and children that had been heard playing and running through the White House Hotel corridors during early hours whilst none were residing” Tim - S.P.I.R.I.T GSY Co-Founder. Reports dated back to Mr and Mrs Woods and their co-workers and even a visitor. More recently workers had reported hearing footsteps and bangs, noises and general feelings of not being alone when in various unoccupied buildings. In September 2010, after researching as much as we could, we arranged a visit to conduct a set of preliminary investigations, “We pride ourselves on our investigating ethics everything we do is always with owners consent” Tim - S.P.I.R.I.T GSY Co-Founder


Numero Uno.indb 18

As these locations had not previously been investigated for paranormal activity the team had only the reported accounts to agree and decide upon which locations to investigate, which also made it interesting in respect that the teams expectations were not set high for any particular location.

and is essentially a ‘hacked’ portable radio that wont lock in or on to any radio station and constantly scans the AM or FM radio waves. The theory behind the experiment is that “Spirit” can manipulate the white noise generated by the device to enable a real time conversation.

Friday 17-9-10 9:00pm, Team Members present Tim, Paul & Camille

We began the experiment with a sceptical mind, until that evening our ‘Ghost Box’ experiments had some inconsistent but all the same interesting results. About 30 minutes into the experiment and the words “get out” was heard and captured by our audio recorders they were fast but unmistakeable, followed by “go” and a quiet “get out”,

The first vigil was held in building A, we ran an audio experiment with the intention of capturing audio phenomena of either Audible Voice Phenomena (AVP, can be physically heard) or Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP, heard upon playback). Nothing unusual was reported by any team member and we decided to move to location B. The second vigil at location B began with us conducting EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and temperature baseline tests, the average temperature was 20°C with no unusual EMF levels. Tim, Paul and Camille decided to hold a ‘ghost box’ vigil : A ghost box is an experimental device

Tim asked “Did you used to live here?” an immediate reply followed by “Get Out” Camille asked “Do you like being here?” immediately and abruptly the reply: “Out” a few seconds silence followed by “Get out” Paul asked “Are you trapped here?” an immediate reply in what sounds like a European possibly German accent “Get Out”


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Gallery Twitterarti To follow, or not to follow? That is the question. To help you successfully navigate the Twitosphere, Gallery Magazine has compiled a list of top tweeters – The Gallery Twitterarti.

Top Five Twitter newbies should really start with the ‘top five’ tweeters (accorded by the number of followers each person has). They need little introduction. words | Martine Ellis

What The #FF?

Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) Katy Perry (@katyperry) Barack Obama (@BarackObama)

Have you ever wondered what all of the fuss over Twitter is about? Do you have difficulty distinguishing your hashtags from your re-tweets, and your DMs from your FFs? If so, read on, tweeps…


About Twitter

Gala Darling (@galadarling) – international playgirl, radical self-love revolutionary and false eyelash addict.

Created in 2006, Twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking platform allowing users to post short text based messages and images. These are known as tweets. Twitter’s unique selling point is the fact that it’s gloriously concise. Messages must not exceed 140 characters. There is no requirement to ‘tweet’ if you join Twitter. You can simply ‘follow’ people who interest you.

Scott Schuman (@Sartorialist) – street trends as spotted by influential photographer, Scott Schuman.

Twitter Terminology

The Queen (@Queen_UK) – hilarious parody tweeter. It’s The Queen, only far funnier! Includes regular, satirical humour and frequent references to gin.

If you are going to venture into the Twitterverse, you should probably learn the language. DM/direct message: a direct, personal message through Twitter. #FF: Follow Friday. Twitter users often suggest who others should follow on Fridays by tweeting with the hashtag #FF. Follow: to follow someone on Twitter is to subscribe to their tweets. You can follow anyone you like, and they can follow you unless you block them. Hashtag: the # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. Mention: the act of mentioning another user in your tweet by including the @ sign followed directly by their username. Re-tweet: the act of forwarding another user’s tweet to all of your followers. Abbreviation - RT. Timeline: a real-time list of tweets on Twitter. Tweet: the act of posting a message or update on Twitter Trending topic: the most popular topics on Twitter at the moment. BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

Numero Uno.indb 19

WhoWhatWear (@WhoWhatWear) - instant access to the latest celebrity styles and hottest new trends the moment they hit the runway.


Meeting Boy (@MeetingBoy) - the anonymous man who unleashes bitter, yet hilarious rants about his intolerable boss and office life in general. Tremendous News (@tremendousnews) – amusing tweets about culture and technology.

Local Chris George (@GeorgieGuernsey) – local photographer, Chris George, tweets include Georgie’s Pic of the Day. iMake (@iMakeGuernsey) – blogs and podcasts about handmade crafts, photography, food and anything creative. Jenson Button (@JensonButton) – Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 driver living in Guernsey (so nearly local!) Dawn Porter (@hotpatooties) – a loved local writer and journalist

Follow Gallery Magazine we are @gallerymaggsy on Twitter


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words: Lois Mansfield photography: Etienne Laine

Tattooed Everything...’ (Black, Pearl Jam) “We have a consistent ebb and flow of new and old clients through the door each day, people from all walks of life. I’ve tattooed the jobless to the millionaires with equal pleasure. If there’s a particular portrait or painting I’m interested in tattooing, my regular clients have let me borrow their skin. I’m lucky to be able to tattoo ideas and pieces that I respect, most of the time. I’ve retired the swirly foot tattoo motif, it’s just not my cup of tea and I’ve come to accept that now. The thought of beginning an original Polynesian piece will bring me out in a little cold sweat, but I’ll work it out for the client. Some clients don’t know the difference between good and bad, right or wrong. Some don’t even know what they want. But I believe that everybody gets the tattoos they deserve. And people that aren’t prepared to wait will never get a great tattoo.”

From little spark may burst a mighty f lame (Dante) “Strip back all that you were taught about art and re-learn everything: Forget that you know how to draw. Tattooing is like no other art form. No canvas is the same as each person’s skin is different. I’m part of a generation of tattooists with a world class library of tattooing techniques at my fingertips - I can watch and learn from the tattoo artists that have filmed their work. I think because I’ve had ‘lessons’ in tattooing from artists like Joshua Carlton, Guy Aitchinson and Andy Engel, I haven’t needed to leave BlackStar to experience other artists in order


Numero Uno.indb 20

to perfect my style, range and technical ability. I’m prepared for anything and everything that comes through the door and I believe a great tattooist should be open to every genre, traditional or new.” “You never know who’s genuine, most people just want something from you - anytime, anywhere, anyplace. It’s a way of life being a tattooist - it affects your personal life. You’ve gotta love it or you just can’t do it. You’re always tuned into it. People will ask you wherever you go, whatever you’re doing, about the next tattoo they want. My tattoos don’t mean much, some do, some don’t. I don’t ever get my tattoos touched up, how they heal is how they are. I have got tattoos in the past to remind me of something, but it doesn’t. Some days, as every tattooed person will know, you forget you have them.”

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’(Charles Dickens) “I was looking for a way to change my life. I was at a low point and needed something to take my mind elsewhere and my brother gave me a kick in a different career direction. You break up with somebody and you are free to be whatever you want to be, so I chose tattooing. I’m a relative newcomer to tattooing in Guernsey and I arrived late, I haven’t been tattooing for a long length of time. Black and shade realism and portraiture is where I found my niche and I’m happy. I work hard. And I believe that progress lies in continually polishing and perfecting your art, pushing boundaries and taking your work to the next level.”


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Nico, 34, Tattooist.

“My first tattoos were all self-inflicted whilst learning how to tattoo.”


Numero Uno.indb 21


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Heloise, 22, Trainee Accountant.

“I wanted to be a tattooist and this gave me my first.”


Numero Uno.indb 22


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Matt Burdett, 38, Tattooist.

“I just plain and simply like tattoos.”


Numero Uno.indb 23


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Jez Vaudin, 38, Carpenter. “I booked in for my first tattoo after seeing Guns and Roses live!” 24

Numero Uno.indb 24


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Lee Gallienne, 35, Logistics Manager.

“My Mum paid for my first tattoo when I was 18 and I’m still going.”


Numero Uno.indb 25


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Abigail Mason, 20, Deputy Store Manager.

“I guess I was inspired by an artwork by one of my favourite artist and thought where better to put it than on myself then the bug kicked in and it all went from there.” 26

Numero Uno.indb 26


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Seann Bewey, 28, Trust Administrator.

“I first got tattooed to overcome shyness around women.”


Numero Uno.indb 27


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Lois Mansfield, 29, Store Manager.

“I found myself curiouser and curiouser about tattoos so I had to get one of my own to find out what it was all about.”


Numero Uno.indb 28


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Kelly Hindmarch, 22. Fund Administrator.

“My Dad has loads of tattoos and he inspired me to get inked.”


Numero Uno.indb 29


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Damn that’s one BIG GG…?? I know he is rather big isn’t he! Connor stands 17.3 hands, not bad for an eight year old! In fact he is so big that when he arrived we could not fit him in the family stables. We had to build him a bigger one to accommodate him. Word on the street is that you recently fell from the heady heights of Connor and broke your back? Indeed! It was Horse of the Year Show August 2010 … I was busy warming up in the practice arena when a crow-scaring cannon went off and he reared! Splat! I fell badly and broke my back in lower lumber region. Holy Mary and the Hairy Baby Jesus! Did you think that you would never ride again?

The Transgender Chicken!

words | Tony Brassell

When Gran said her chicken had turned into a cock we immediately checked to see if the Christmas Brandy bottle was still half full. It was and she was being serious. We had always been happy with the occasional eggs from her team of hens, the spice girls we called them, but now all of a sudden, Ginger’s voice was on the change and she had developed the habit of crowing at 7am in the morning! She looked different too. Her cockscomb was developing into an impressive mohican and her wattles were hanging down like, well, let’s say they were hanging down like a cocks wattles!

Well yes … I was extremely concerned at first, when the Dr. tells you that you have broken your back your heart drops through the floor. However, I received great medical care and although I would not recommend it I was back in the saddle within 6 weeks (against Docs advice). My recovery continued and in 2011 I returned to the Guernsey Horse of the Year Show and represented BSJA Guernsey in the Senior Team. Connor and myself went on to jump a double clear round, my team mates also had an exceptional class and the Guernsey Team went on to win for the first time in 5 years. So where from here … what’s next? My aim for 2012 is to compete in the Hickstead Derby meeting in Sussex in June. And how are you preparing for this? We are being trained by international show jumper Joao Charlesworth.

Brilliant … may gallery wish you all the success in the world with that and keep us informed of your progress … oh and try not to fall off!

Apparently there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of this happening. It may be due to body abnormalities or in some cases it is a natural development as one hen grows to become leader of the coop! Other creatures can make the transfer too, worms, fish, frogs and shrimps amongst them. The process is called sequential hermaphroditism. Suffice to say it is all rather bizarre but of course we humans know all about gender transfer or trans sexualism but did you know people can also naturally change from one sex to another? This is normally female to male but it has been known to go the other way! It is extremely rare so if you are reading this and feeling a bit strange, don’t worry, it’s more likely to be a touch of the flu. As for Ginger the cock/hen, if she keeps crowing in the morning, she certainly won’t be cock-a-hoop at the outcome! Perhaps her chicken fillets will prove useful for someone and maybe a pull of her wishbone will make someone’s gender dreams come true! What a Cock a Doodle Doo! 30

Numero Uno.indb 30

Melanie Round Equestrian GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE

18/11/2011 14:37


The Rock Garden is located at Fermain Valley and is open from Tuesdays - Saturdays, 5pm - midnight.

For table reservations please call (01481) 235666 or 213570. It is also available for private hire.

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Siren Warning: Hot Strings! words | Nicolle Bromley

Sexy and talented are just two words to describe the stunning Siren Electric String Quartet. Siren is made up of four London based musicians called Kotono, Jo, Llinos and Rosie who are what I guess you could call the Sirensisters, having formed as a quartet whilst touring with Gnarls Barkley. Gallery caught up with them before their set at the Guernsey Lady Taverner’s Silver Anniversary Ball at Beau Sejour and quizzed them about everything from guilty pleasures to their signature bright green instruments.

You featured as the strings in Mark Ronson’s ‘Valerie’ – did you ever meet Amy Winehouse? Llinos – No she didn’t come. The video was based on impersonators of Amy Winehouse coming up to sing like her but it was a really fun day though.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Rosie – Scampi and chips. Spice Girls was my guilty pleasure. Llinos – Too much wine! (The girls all agreed with too much wine).

If you could work with anyone in the music industry who would it be? Jo – It used to be Michael Jackson! Madonna. Kotono – I would love to tour with Beyonce. Rosie – Muse as all my sisters have got to do it.

Pet hate? Rosie – Not putting apostrophes in the right place. (Oh dear. I’d better double check my grammar then!) Llinos – People walking into me with my cello. Jo – Baggage handlers on planes. They dropped our radio on the floor today.

You are based in London, is this your first visit to Guernsey? Llinos – Yes, we’ve been to Jersey a few times but this is our first time in Guernsey.

What’s the largest audience you have ever played to? Llinos – It was with Simply Red. Kotono – There was a venue in a city called Arnhem in Holland where there was so many people. Jo – I went out to stand at the back to see what it looked like and the people on the stage looked like ants. It was just a massive venue with 140,000 people.

You are graduates of the Royal Academy and Royal College of Music in London, is this where you all met? Jo – Yes, two of us did but the other two met through work as it is quite a small community of musicians in London who do our sort of work – session work. You deliver striking performances using your stunning electric green instruments – where did the idea come from to have these? Kotono – Llinos had the first one. Llinos – I just had this cello to try and experiment with from the maker and I ended up buying it. Green was the colour he gave me to experiment with so the girls just decided to get three matching ones. Jo – We were on tour with Gnarls Barkley so we decided that we would get them so we looked like a quartet and that’s how we started Siren. I think they are stunning and I am sure I remember seeing you with them on a TV show. Name some you have you appeared on? Jo – Jools Holland, Jonathan Ross….. You have collaborated and toured with many artists including Gnarls Barkley, The Killers, Jay-Z and Beyonce and even appeared with Gnarls Barkley on Top of the Pops with their no 1 hit ‘Crazy’ 9 weeks in a row. Which was your highlight? Jo – I liked Gnarls Barkley because it was a big tour in 2006 so we got to know them really well and we got to work our show as a part of their show as well so we had our own group and did our own choreography. Kotono – We were allowed to put in lots of ideas into the actual show. Llinos – We felt like we were a bit more part of it. Jo – So we toured with their band which was really nice to be a part of.


Numero Uno.indb 33

So quite a different selection of music? Rosie – We like allsorts pop, rock.

You recently performed at the Royal Opera House supporting Beverley Knight. What was it like performing there? Llinos – It was very, very nice. It was our first time playing there and it had brilliant acoustics. Tonight you are playing at the Lady Taverner’s Silver Anniversary Ball at Beau Sejour, where are you next playing? Llinos – Tuesday at Shepperton Studios just outside of London. Kotono – Then we are going to Vienna next week. Llinos – No, we are going to Majorca next week and then Vienna the week after. Kotono – and then Chester….. All over the place basically? Llinos – Anywhere that will have us. Do you have an album out and if not are there any plans to? Jo – We are recording one at the moment. Kotono – It will be a small one with about four or five songs on. We don’t have a name for it yet. Exciting. When is due to be out? Jo – Probably not until next year. Kotono – Hopefully at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. It will be on iTunes. Will it be covers and original music? Jo – We might have a couple of original songs on there as well.

That wasn’t in Guernsey was it? Llinos – No in London (phew!) Pop star crush? Jo to Llinos – Yours changes a lot. Kotono – I don’t know any pop stars. Rosie – Bruno Mars. Llinos – Mine used to be Lee Ryan (from Blue) but not anymore. Jo – You’re kidding me! Llinos – That was about five years ago now! I can’t think of any. Rosie – I can’t think of any pop stars, more actors. You can name your actor crushes? Jo – It’s a long list, we would be here all day. Complete this sentence, ‘Not a lot of people know that I….. Kotono – play the saw’. I bought my first ever saw from B&Q for £4.99 to try out and see if I would like it or not. I went onto YouTube and within half an hour I was playing a scale. I did play for a few people and they were like “ahh it’s like you are killing a cat!” Llinos – used to clean the inside of buses’, I cleaned the ashtrays, the windows – everything! You will be good then when you go on tour – cleaning the tour bus! Jo – She even cleans service stations! The most important lesson life has taught you? Kotono – Always be honest. Llinos to Kotono – Don’t lie! Jo – Live for today, try not to worry and enjoy life. All – Yeah that’s a good one. Investec kindly sponsored the Lady Taverner’s event and brought Siren over as part of the entertainment.

Will that include the original piece written for you by Una Palliser and Rob Taggart? Jo – Yes.


18/11/2011 14:38



Underwater photographer Thomas Ozanne grew up in Guernsey and, like many islanders, never really got over an affinty for the sea By Naomi Bishop


Numero Uno.indb 34


18/11/2011 14:38


Opposite Reef Octopus getting friendly with the camera, Thailand. This page, clockwise Clark’s Anemone fish, (one of Nemo’s cousins). Submerged Temple, part of a memorial to Thailand’s tsunami victims. A diver devoured by Palau’s Blue Holes. © 2011Thomas Ozanne

Where are you? In Bali, Indonesia. Mainly because it’s so central relative to much of the world’s best tropical diving. Also, it’s a nice place to live. How did you get into underwater photography? I started diving five years ago and was instantly hooked. It was like nothing else and it blew me away. I decided to train as a Divemaster to allow me to make a living from my love of the underwater world. Soon I picked up a compact underwater camera and began taking pictures. I quickly realised I was better at this than anything else I had ever done so I decided to make the significant investment of buying professional level underwater kit. I’d always enjoyed taking pictures on land but was never really that serious about it. For me, it took going underwater to feel passionate enough to want to learn how to photograph it properly. So, inspired by it all, I set about teaching myself how to do it. With the help of a few good books and a bunch of reading on the internet I found a way to capture images the way I wanted. The thrill of diving is such a big part of what I do, and it is this, unlike anything else I have ever known, that keeps me coming back for more.


Numero Uno.indb 35


What about your technique? I shoot almost entirely manually, taking time to carefully balance shutter speed, aperture, ISO, strobe power and positioning to give me the look I want. I use my buoyancy control to hover whilst I compose shots. Being a good diver is almost more important than being a good photographer. If you can’t control yourself in the water you can’t put yourself in the right spot to capture the image you want. The marine environment is teeming with life and the simplest mistake can lead to damage of the reef. I believe that if you’re there to capture the beauty of it you must do so without damaging it. Sadly many photographers get so caught up in taking pictures they don’t realise the destruction they’re causing. A respect for our environment is essential and ensures the preservation of this extraordinary world of awesomeness. One that we a fortunate enough to be a guest of. Thomas runs underwater photography courses for all levels in Indonesia. For information and to see more photographs visit


18/11/2011 14:38


From ‘World War Z’ to zombie parades, the resurgence of interest in the living dead can be seen as a reflection on the gloomy economy, symptomatic of our listless and materialistic society lurching into an unknown future whilst stuck in an unthinking present. But here in Guernsey the zombies are a pretty happy bunch. Perhaps a relatively prosperous and sheltered environment means our local zombies have a positive attitude towards living forever; they spend their time hanging out at the beach, surfing. We decided to make a zombie movie when my sister, Xara Higgs, and I were surfing / flailing* around in the sea last summer. It was sunrise and the light was glinting off my eyes making them glow red. Xara paddled towards me looking a bit disturbed. ‘You look like a zombie’, she said. ‘Zombie surfers!’, we chorused. Let’s make a movie. And that was that. Two friends were also interested in getting involved; Tim Lee (, a special effects genius, and Luke Sheehan (, a film maker who’s OK I suppose. After the initial writing stage we set about finding actors, extras,


Numero Uno.indb 36

runners etc. and luckily various friends were happy to help plus some randoms who turned out to be invaluable. That was a year ago now and ‘The Island Picture Company’ as we called ourselves, is nearing completion of ‘Surfer Got Bitten’. It’s only about five minutes long but it’s taken a few months to shoot and we’ll soon be ready to begin editing and post-production. Hopefully it’ll all be wrapped up by Christmas and we can screen it somewhere. It will also be floating around online so keep your eyes peeled and if this one goes well maybe next year we’ll be making a sequel. In Hawaii. Thanks to Fiona Pollock, Guernsey Organics (, Chris Denton, Jack and Tom McGahy, Kieran Higgs, Oliver Grimshaw, Helen Crabb, Thomas Ozanne (arewedreaming. com), Simon Jackson, Chez Merrien, Tom Bradshaw, Simon Prince, Ali Hando, Tim Wilson, Ed Prow and GAC. *At the time of writing Xara has been surfing in Australia for three months in swell that is ‘$?!@ing massive’, so she’s probably progressed significantly beyond flailing.

i a


18/11/2011 14:38


images Š Thomas Ozanne

Numero Uno.indb 37



18/11/2011 14:38



The Monthly Uploads Photos Want to win £50? All you have to do is email your entry with the subject ‘upload’ to: before the deadline of 20th November, and you’ll be in with a chance.

Make the files nice and big, about 4MB is a good size to aim for as a guide. We print every photo / doodle but we can’t get them all on the page full size unfortunately - they just wouldn’t fit!

Steve Le Cras

£50 winner

Liz Walton

Sarah Griffith

Jack Le Tocq


Numero Uno.indb 38

18/11/2011 14:38


The Monthly Uploads Doodles


In association with

Ryan Du Haaffe

Chantal Marson

Gen Langford

Wendy Shapcott Beth Jarrold

ÂŁ50 winner

Linda Martorella


Numero Uno.indb 39


18/11/2011 14:39



The Monthly Uploads Doodles

In association with

Victoria Robert

Jo Phillips

Andrew woodward

Andrew woodward

Don’t forget for your chance to win £50 all you have to do is email your entry with the subject ‘upload’ to: next months theme is Billionaire.

Anna Mu


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Quality brands need quality media placement. Our divider banners align you with a relevant Gallery section and offers a creative design opportunity Call us on 739854 and ask about travel divider sponsorship

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“Inevitably, the itinerary that I put together so meticulously was soon forgotten as we soaked up the spontaneity that captures you in the Eternal City.”

A Roman Holiday

words | Sarah Hollingsworth

This was going to be my first trip to Rome. It was somewhere I had always wanted to visit, and quite fancied myself as a modern day Audrey Hepburn frolicking about just like in ‘Roman Holiday’. As a result of dropping a few ‘subtle’ hints and numerous link sending of hotels and flights, my mother decided to take me to Rome as a birthday present! Immediately, I started to plan itineraries, research hotels, restaurants and of course, began to brush up on few Italian phrases… ciao bella!

Although walking is a thigh friendly way to explore a new city, I would highly recommend taking an open air bus tour and completely disregard your concerns of actually looking like a tourist, oh the horror! This way, you can see all the major sights whilst hopping on or off, or simply enjoy the ride while simultaneously indulging in some serious people watching. And, let me just tell you, you will not be disappointed in the high quality of people watching there is to be had in Rome.

We were staying at the Hotel Veneto, a charming little place which had an air of Fawlty Towers about it, in the nicest way possible, of course. The rooms were beautifully furnished and to my delight, a glittering gold headboard adorned the wall, taking me a little closer to my Audrey Hepburn dream. I must say, room prices are extortionately high in Rome, so I wouldn’t dwell too long on those mediocre reviews of TripAdvisor. Hotel Veneto is conveniently situated a few minutes walk from the famous Via Veneto which is sprinkled with fabulous hotels, designer boutiques and frightfully expensive cafes, and is approximately a 15 minute stroll to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. Although this area may sound pretentious, it was, in fact, a little piece of heaven in such a bustling city, with its Armani clad Italian Stallions enriching the leafy side streets.

Historical sights like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps appear to be designed specifically for the art of observing fellow revellers, with their various perching places all directing to a constant sea of people. I found there to be a certain tourist etiquette, particularly at the Trevi Fountain, where I watched complete strangers snapping photographs of other visitors pretending to fall into the water or throw that all important coin over their shoulder. The feeling was fabulously touristy, knowing that we were all there for the same purpose and all taking in the wonderful sight together.

Inevitably, the itinerary that I put together so meticulously was soon forgotten as we soaked up the spontaneity that captures you in the Eternal City. Rome is the type of place where a right turn here, and a left turn there can force you to stumble upon even the most well hidden spots, essentially the places that the locals would rather keep a secret.


Numero Uno.indb 42

Now, let’s not forget the culinary delights that await you in Italy, the food is glorious and absolutely everywhere! On almost every corner there is a quaint café or restaurant embellished by countless trays of gelato in mind blowing flavours and colours. My personal favourite was hazelnut, which tasted similar to nutella, minus the calories. As I was informed by a very slim local, gelato contains only half the fat as normal ice cream and inevitably this became a very valid reason to enjoy it twice a day… when in Rome! Despite this, Rome is not the place to be if you are a determined weight watcher as carbohydrates will ultimately get the better of you.


18/11/2011 14:39


Piazza Navona has to be the most atmospheric place to go for dinner; numerous restaurants line the square all facing inwards towards artists at work, violinists filling the air with music and, of course, counterfeit handbags for sale. As all the menus in the area are fairly similar, the most effective way to decide which restaurant to dine in is to simply walk by and wait for one of the immaculately turned out waiters to offer you a complimentary glass of prosecco, and perhaps free wifi. My mother and I, being how we are, made great friends with the staff and as result were treated to after dinner drinks of limoncello and the dreaded grappa… not one for the faint hearted. I would highly recommend Caffe Bernini for their exquisite seafood linguine with octopus, mussels and juicy prawns, not to mention beautiful surroundings. A novel way to explore the city is by horse and carriage; a romantic mode of transport for couples and lovers, but for families and friends, not so much! We felt brave enough to hop onto one of the little carts pulled along by a bicycle riding Italian. For 20 euros, Mario, I believe his name was, ferried us from the Colosseum to Vatican City through quaint alleyways, all the while ringing his bell at unsuspecting gaggles of sightseers. He was very informative and told his own fascinating tales of the city as we endured near misses with double decker buses and irate Vespa riders, all part of the experience. By wandering off the beaten track, we came across some insanely beautiful places. A very shabby looking church positioned in a dark side street, proved to be an intricately detailed piece of art. The inside of the church was like stepping into a treasure chest, where everything shimmered in the sunlight. Heavily detailed religious images danced on the ceiling, and all I wanted to do was lay down and marvel at what was before my eyes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t lie down in the church, and just exited with a sore neck and some priceless inspiration. And that is exactly what I left with, inspiration.


Numero Uno.indb 43


There is so much about the city that would interest even the most stubborn history hater, and I truly believe that each person who visits this magical city will come away with a unique experience. With that thought, I said ‘arrivederci’ to Rome, knowing that I would be back soon.

Details: Hotel Veneto: Via Piemonte, 63 - 00187 Roma Tel - +39 06487801 Fax - +39 0642814583 email: info@hotelveneto. com Cost: £487 based on 2 sharing, room only for 3 nights. Caffe Bernini: Piazza Navano 44, Roma Tel - +39 0668192998 Fax - +39 0691659247 email: Average price for dinner: €60 Flights: Aurigny - Guernsey to Gatwick return: £90 per person incl. taxes Easyjet - Gatwick to Rome Fiumicino return: £126 per person incl. taxes + 1 20kg bag. Dates we travelled 23rd September to 26th September 2011.


18/11/2011 14:39



Mr and Mrs Le Page find out you don’t have to go too far to get away from it all – there’s a whole other world waiting through the gates of Jersey’s Atlantic Hotel. From sipping mohitos in your ocean view room to wandering downstairs for a Michelin-starred supper, a break at The Atlantic is pure luxury.

A world away... but still in sight T

The beautiful family-run Atlantic Hotel in Jersey, all 1930s clean lines on the outside, and crisp New England elegance on the inside, matches its stunning clifftop location with the sort of attention-to-detail service that people tell Tripadvisor about. The result is a boutique bolthole that leaves you feeling like you’ve spent a week away somewhere exotic, instead of just a night or two on the neighbouring island of Jersey. Perhaps it was the sea air, streaming straight in through the hotel’s huge windows or the hotel porter lifting my overnight bag from my shoulder, but as Mr Le Page and I walked into The Atlantic Hotel’s sleek reception we suddenly felt completely relaxed. We understood why when we were shown up a sweeping staircase to our ocean view room, opened the picture windows wide and settled back to the sound of... silence. If you listen really hard, you can hear the far-off crash of the surf on St Ouen’s Bay. A few gulls circling the thermals. But that’s it. 44

Numero Uno.indb 44

The rush hour dash to the airport and the security queues seem like a distant memory. Mr Le Page spotted the tennis court and tried to persuade me to join him for a couple of games, but I was more interested in spending some time soaking in the huge bath and making the most of our room’s Molton Brown toiletries. When we were dressed for dinner, we went downstairs to explore the hotel’s cocktail lounge. It feels like you’ve stumbled into a rather grand New England villa, with its soft sofas in elegant tones of caramel, latte and mocha, statement artwork and gorgeous accessories. Time it right, and you can watch the sun set through the trees as you sip a champagne cocktail. Bliss. It’s not surprising Lord Sugar flew his Apprentice hopefuls over to The Atlantic Hotel last year for a taste of the high life. Dinner menus arrive with pre-dinner drinks, making the whole ordering process very relaxed, and Martinho de Sousa the restaurant manager is happy to organise changes with the kitchen if you have any allergies or dietary GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE

18/11/2011 14:39



Indulge your country house fantasies and stay there all morning if you like, lounging on the sofas, reading the paper, swimming in the pool and perhaps even having that tennis game. Later on, take a drive down to St Aubin’s and stroll along the seafront to The Atlantic’s brand new beachside bistro, Mark Jordan at the Beach. Teaming top class service with relaxed food, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a long and lazy lunch watching the tide come in. When it’s time to drag yourself away from The Atlantic oasis of calm, the airport’s only ten minutes away. You’ll be back in Guernsey before you know it, feeling relaxed and rested after your luxury weekend. Do short breaks get any more stylish than this?

need to know Page Le Mr & Mrs Le Page Love good food? Love hotels?

Would you like to be a hotel reviewer? We’ll be profiling local luxury getaways every month through the winter. Email

requirements. And forget trying to navigate the wine list yourself, the very French sommelier, Sergio dos Santos is an expert at finding exclusive new wines to match your food, and has an almostintuitive grasp of what wine you’d like. Ocean, The Atlantic’s Michelin-starred restaurant is swish without feeling stuffy chef Mark Jordan is famous for using the best local ingredients wherever possible, and the meal is a procession of the finest island produce, all perfectly cooked. From a witty amuse-bouche – a canapéstyle caviar and crab sandwich, to our starters; pan-roast langoustine tails with caramelized bacon, and local ham with maple-baked foie gras and apple purée, the food is delicious. Rich, full-flavoured and so beautifully presented it’s almost a shame to eat it. Almost… A buttery soft and delicate sea bass in champagne foam and a stunning roast fillet of Jersey beef with lobster ravioli and a rich potato dauphinoise, arrive next, all teamed with award-winning wines tracked down by The Atlantic’s expert sommelier. You can opt to have desserts back in the cocktail lounge if you like, nothing’s too much trouble for the restaurant team. BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

Numero Uno.indb 45

The sea air (or perhaps the sauvignon) gave us an incredible night’s sleep on our comfortable kingsize bed, and after making ourselves a cup of tea and reading the newspaper that was waiting for us outside our room, we slipped on our dressing gowns and headed downstairs for a few lengths in the indoor pool before breakfast. There’s a fabulous spread laid out in the dining room, although if you’re feeling like hiding out, you can opt for breakfast in your room. Thick crusty toast, croissants, Danish pastries, porridge, cereals, fresh fruit and yoghurt and a delicious English breakfast are all on the menu; you can choose exactly how you’d like your eggs done, and if you want, the kitchen can whip you up an omelette or kippers. The waiting staff have been specially trained to deal with guests who might be, let’s say a little fragile after a few too many glasses of zinfandel, and pad around noiselessly, bringing you an endless stream of glasses of fresh orange juice and cafetières of steaming coffee. It’s the best way to slowly wake up.

The Atlantic Hotel has been awarded four AA red stars and is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World – the only one in the Channel Islands. The 50-room hotel has been run by the same family since it opened, more than 40 years ago. Ocean Restaurant has four AA rosettes and has held a Michelin star for the last six years. The hotel has recently been shortlisted along with three other hotels for the ‘Most Excellent Hotel’ award at the prestigious Condé Nast Johansens 2012 Awards. Special offers at The Atlantic Hotel Luxury Escape, from £230 per room per night - includes a three-course table d’hôte dinner, full English breakfast, hire car and use of the Palm Club leisure facilities. Minimum two night stay.

Atlantic Christmas Break Festivities commence on Christmas Eve with champagne and a sumptuous dinner. Begin Christmas morning with the renowned ‘Atlantic Christmas Breakfast’ before taking an exhilarating coastal walk in preparation for a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. Christmas evening is informal with a buffet supper, while a relaxing Boxing Day draws to a close with a gourmet dinner and entertainment in Ocean Restaurant. Rates are from £960 per double room and include GST, full English breakfast, table d’hote dinner and a Group B hire car.

The Atlantic Hotel Le Mont de la Pulente St Brelade Jersey JE3 8HE Tel: 01534 744101


18/11/2011 14:39



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18/11/2011 14:40



OUR FASHION BANNER IS NOW AVAILABLE Quality brands need quality media placement. Our divider banners align you with a relevant Gallery section and offers a creative design opportunity Call us on 739854 and ask about fashion divider sponsorship

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18/11/2011 14:40




Uno 1


Photography & styling: DANNY EVANS Make up: SHANINE LEVRIER from Shanine Levrier makeup artistry Model: LINDSAY MARTEL Hair styling: NATHAN THOMAS from Thomas & Miles Car: ALEX FORD


Numero Uno.indb 48


18/11/2011 14:40


Joseph ribbed leggings, Nautilus, £91. Louche vests (buy one get one free), Joy, £16. Louche belts, Joy £12. St Tropez leather jacket, Nautilus, £185.


Numero Uno.indb 49


18/11/2011 14:40



Caliban shirt, Samuel Pepys, £130. Only leather jacket, Clobberbox, £45. Part 2 leggings, Nautilus, £14. Poetic license shoes, Free love, £85.


Numero Uno.indb 50


18/11/2011 14:40


Louche red dress, Joy, £49.


Numero Uno.indb 51


18/11/2011 14:40



Watford body, Samuel Pepys, £99. Supertrash blazer, Free love, £159. Shoes, Miss Selfridge, £47.84.


Numero Uno.indb 52


18/11/2011 14:41



Numero Uno.indb 53


18/11/2011 14:41



French connection dress, Nautilus, £70. Shoes, Miss Selfridge, £47.84.


Numero Uno.indb 54


18/11/2011 14:42



StyleStalker words | Jodie Sheppard and Viki Stunell

We’ve sent our Style Stalker onto the street to hunt down Guernsey’s very own fashionistas!

Jayne Drillot. Cabin Crew

Black Elvis the living legend.

Hannah Spelmen. Student

“Guess boots from Free Love, leopard print jacket Miss Selfridge, bag Karen Millen”

Care worker

“Jacket vintage, shirt Primark, shoes Primark, bag Asos.”

“Hat Joy, jacket Next.”

Style Stalker: Rocking the animal print trend and all the range shearling lined boots offset her designer bag beautifully!

Style Stalker: We like this casual but cool look, the tweed hat gives this outfit a subtle twist.

Style Stalker: We absolutely love Hannah’s vintage 70/80’s style, the sheepskin jacket and brogues make this outfit a favourite.

Emma Matthews. Finance worker

Eloise Fabbri. Sales Assistant at New Look

“Dress Joy, shoes New Look, headphones

“Cardigan mum’s from M&S, shorts Joy, shirt Miss Selfridge” Style Stalker: We love Emma’s relaxed style, and the orange shorts are hot!


Numero Uno.indb 55

Johanna. Manager at Joy

“Outfit is all from New Look.”


Style stalker: The leopard print fur jacket is GRRRR this winter and Eloise absolutely rocks these mixed prints!!

Style Stalker: We love Johanna’s fun retro style and the dash of red lipstick really makes the look pop!


18/11/2011 14:42



Ask the Expert words | Jodie Sheppard

Miss Selfridge (Supervisor)

Berry, Cobalt Blue and Red Jeans. £34.96

Coloured jeans are a must have this season, whether you go for the more subtle tan or berry jeans, or if you indulge in colour with the red or cobalt styles. These are perfect for any casual look or they can look fab dressed up for a girly night out!

Nautilus Town Square

Little Ginger

French Connection black and velvet stripe dress £139.00

Fair Trade womens shop Little Ginger is a local fashion outlet with a art; they sell fair trade clothes so you can shop without a conscience!

The velvet detail on this French connection dress gives a subtle twist on your classic LBD - it will be perfect for the Christmas Party! I would also keep an eye on faux fur and chunky knits this winter; these are going to be very fashionable and versatile just perfect during these colder months.

Land of Green Ginger Remus Uomo Grey Jacket


This jacket is great for wearing out on a Friday night and looks smart over a nice pair of jeans. Also watch out for cords this winter, they’re going to be big!

Dorothy Perkins Navy Cape £69



Numero Uno.indb 56

I think this Superdry jacket is great for this winter, also keep an eye out for chunky old school Christmas knits and big thick coats – its going to be a cold winter!

Capes are a must have item this winter and are a nice change to your classic coat or jacket. The leather piping is also bang on trend, you will be seeing a lot around this winter!


18/11/2011 14:42


New Autumn/Winter collection now in store.

8 Mill Street & 4 High Street


Numero Uno.indb 57


18/11/2011 14:43


Patty Studded Heart Make-up Bag Anya Hindmarch

Sequin Dress Velvet

Faux-fur Coat Velvet

Indulging Gift Set Green & Spring

Woven Metallic Wallet Anya Hindmarch

Gracie Bag Anya Hindmarch

Nappa Leather Gloves Anya Hindmarch

Jewel Buckle Shoe Emma Hope

Jewel Embellished Top Anonymous by Ross + Bute

Woven Huxley Tote Anya Hindmarch

51 Le Pollet, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1WQ Telephone 01481 728377 email:

www. 58

Numero Uno.indb 58


18/11/2011 14:43

This season the simple clean lines of the Huxley Tote from Anya Hindmarch, have been given a luxurious new look. Intricately woven from chic black or stylish metalic leather and finished with the trade mark tassel zipper, this season the Huxley will add a little glamour to your day. Also available in store this season is a fabulous collection of accessories from Anya Hindmarch, including purses, wallets and make-up bags. Many of the small leather goods feature studded hearts making them the perfect gift for someone special.

ChloBo is an exciting and collectable range of designer jewellery. Made from sparkling garnet beads or chic and timeless pearls combined with statement silver charms. The bracelets and an array of necklaces can be layered to create stylish looks for effortless chic everyday.

Using traditional artisan production techniques and signature Zari thread crochet, Swarovski crystal and beading; St Erasmus creates an instantly recognisable three-dimensional statement style with a sophisticated feminine edge. The collection comprises long length necklaces, cocktail rings, cuffs and earrings - which are sumptuous in texture and scream of modern opulence.

Ortigia comprises a range of toiletries inspired by the cultural wealth and natural beauty of Sicily; this is reflected in the colours, scents and aesthetics, which are used to create the product. The range is made from all natural and traditional ingredients. Beautifully packaged the Ortigia range of toiletries makes the prefect gift or an indulging treat.

Known for its incredible range of beautiful stacking rings and stylish jewellery, Daisy is proud to present; in support of Break Trough Breast Cancer, this limited edition Neon Pink Chakra bracelet. With 15% from each sale being donated to the charity, wear your heart on your wrist and support this incredible cause…

This Christmas we will again be offering a ‘Wishlist’ and gift wrapping service to make life that little bit easier. Gifts will be beautifully wrapped ready for that special someone.


Numero Uno.indb 59





18/11/2011 14:43



Brand News words | Ella Pritchard

We must hark back to February of this year to refresh our memories of the Autumn/Winter 2011 London Fashion Week catwalk shows. Trends from these shows filter into our mainstream threads via our high-street chain stores, independent boutiques and, of course, online shopping. All of these options offer our eclectic little island affordable, accessible and versatile fashion. With winter upon us and the cold settling in, our instinct might be to cocoon ourselves in cosy knit cardigans and hibernate in plaited fairisle jumpers. But underneath that woolly exterior we need to incorporate chic winter work-wear, party season pieces and day to day attire. Number one trends on track to hit Island life for A/W 11

Clash of the patterns


Paint the town in print with clashing patterns and colours. With catwalk inspiration from Jonathan Saunders, the cardinal floral has evolved into enlarged placement prints on kimonos, dresses and blouses. In line with this flora and fauna theme animals and birds are strong contenders for repeat print designs. Take note that print is not resigned to clothes but also accessories, scarves, bags and patterned shoes. Create a wearable outfit by juxtaposing a large print against a small repeat pattern. For example, large polka dots with small spot prints, as seen on Stella McCartney.

With velvety, sensuous and soft fabrics on trend for A/W 11 the emphasis is on faux-fur. Fur conjures up an image of decadence but we can indulge in the faux-fur trend with the huge amount the high-street has to offer. Prada went down the colourful fur route with bluebottle and burgundy furs swathed around necks on coat collars but a natural faux-fur may be more wearable. Faux-fur can be found on our high street in varying degrees from complete faux-fur lined coats to furry collars, hems, stoles, cuffs, parkas and gilets. Or you may opt for a subtle luxe trend with a brushed mohair, faux-shearling or soft camel coat.

Be a Sport Sweat not. This trend is more about comfort than playing sport and ties in with the preppy equestrian look. Think of jersey fabrics, tweed elbow patched blazers, drawstrings, hoods and zip fastenings. The main focus of this trend is the legging, which has moved on to a more structured, multiseamed style. Leather and textured fabric form panels in plain jersey leggings so wear these with an oversized belted shirt and brogues for an androgynous look. Leggings fit seamlessly with this season’s Chelsea or riding boot. Add a statement image jumper to finish the look.

All that glitters is not gold With notions of the heavenly and celestial we should take a leaf from Miu Miu’s glitter-dipped book and indulge in the sequins and sparkle this A/W. Channel this trend in anything from a fully sequinned statement LBD to a blouse with beads adorning the cuffs. But the standard sequin embellishment has moved on to mermaid scale skirts, full-on metallic lamé tops and twinkling beaded shoulder panels and collars. This trend is also an excuse to pile on shimmering eye-shadow and experiment with sparkling nail varnish and lipsticks.


Numero Uno.indb 60


18/11/2011 14:43



POSITIVE REFLECTION OUR BEAUTY BANNER IS NOW AVAILABLE Quality brands need quality media placement. Our divider banners align you with a relevant Gallery section and offers a creative design opportunity Call us on 739854 and ask about travel divider sponsorship

Numero Uno.indb 61

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Beauty News words | Nichole Sweetsur

Autumn trends - Get ready to embrace this winter’s make-up trends, from bold lips to metallic eyes there are four key looks which dominated the catwalks:

Garbo Glamour Gucci, Sonia Rykiel, Diane Von Furstenberg, McQueen and Alice Temperley all sent models down the runway with a slick of old school glamour. The star of the show is definitely bold lipstick in classic red and wine shades. Gucci’s matching lips and nails looked ladylike and were the perfect foil for simple eye make-up which relied on nothing more than a fine eye liner and black mascara. Lips are moist without being glossy. For the ultimate red lipstick, try MAC Ruby Woo.

Soft Metal Bronze, copper and shimmery metallics of all hues are definitely one of this season’s biggest make-up stories. Matthew Williamson used bronze across the eyes and to define cheekbones whilst Chanel turned to shimmering blues, aqua, copper and khaki shades over the lid up to the brow for a full-on wow effect. If you’re feeling flush, Chanel Illusions D’Ombres Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows are hard to resist whilst the new MyFace Blingtones are infinitely more affordable.

Boyfriend Brows Brows follow this season’s androgyny trend and I’ve dubbed this look the ‘boyfriend brow’. Check out Christopher Kane and Chloe for inspiration. Thicker brows, squared off at the inner corner and tapering a little at the outer edge make for a bold look that works perfectly with mannish trousers and smart brogues. If you want to work this trend you’ll need to grow out your brows and define using Benefit’s Instant Brow Pencil (£14.00). Keep skin dewy and fresh to avoid looking too masculine.


Numero Uno.indb 62

Nearly Natural Balmain, Blumarine and Sass & Bide worked the almost nude make-up look to perfection. Clever contouring, neutral eye shades and the faintest slick of mascara make it an easy daytime look that is less about fashion, and more about making the most of your own features. Preparation is key – beautiful skin, careful concealing and a little cheek contour is the foundation of this look. Lashes need definition without looking made up, so try prepping with Eyelure Dylash (£7.40) so all they need is a quick comb through.


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BB Creams

Prep skin with the latest beauty buzz product – BB Creams are a multi-tasking skin miracle. Try the new 17 Blemish Balm which hits this stores this month. It hydrates, illuminates, evens out skin tone and protects skin with an SPF25 – all in one lightweight formulation.


Rodial’s NEW Glam Balm Multi


Available at Bella Spa Launched to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the cult product Glam Balm. The new Multi has been formulated to hydrate, soothe and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines. What’s not to love? If you only try one thing this month....make it a bob. This classic cut is on-trend this winter. Keep it one length and cut in a youth-giving blunt fringe.

Beauty maths Nurture hair and nail strengthener supplement + Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser = strong nails that are ready for this season’s must-have metallic shades.


Numero Uno.indb 63

Skin Swap £35.25 Falling temperatures and central heating can quickly unbalance skin....swap your regular face wash for Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm. Packed with wild rosehip oil, use this nourishing balm with the organic muslin cloth to cleanse skin and restore radiance.


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LightSheer™ Diode Laser

The world’s most advanced treatment for effective removal of unwanted hair.


Great news for men and women who want to get rid of excess hair.




Experience exclusive luxury treatments at boutique day spa, Salvation Call now on 240133 to book your appointment, Salvation Spa, Fort Complex, L’Islet e Numero Uno.indb 64

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Numero uno products

The beautiful people from Salvation kindly donated some of their award winning Pevonia treatments for us to test out and we were happy to oblige!

Pevonia Botanica is an awardwinning, 100% natural, eco-packaged professional skincare brand found globally in over 20,000 spas. Pevonia uses unique marine and botanical extracts to give outstanding results for every skin type. They offer a dynamic range of in-spa treatments and homecare products to tackle a wide range of skin conditions and issues. Pevonia has many celebrity fans, including Angelina Jolie, Jodie Kidd, Jermaine Jackson and Alexandra Burke – so if its good enough for them its good enough for us!

Pevonia Ligne Homme Age-Defying Caviar Balm RRP £55.00 Product Description: Pamper your skin by indulging with Age-Defying Caviar Balm, perfect for repairing freshly-shaven skin. Not only does it soften and smooth, it also protects the skin and heals skin damage. Who’s it for: Ideal for men who shave who want to soothe, hydrate, and protect the skin. How to use it: Apply to face and neck after shaving. Key Ingredients: Caviar, Marine Collagen, Marine Elastin, Vitamin C, Allantoin, Lavender, Patchouli, Lemon Verbena

Pevonia Ligne Tropicale De-Ageing Papaya-Pineapple Saltmousse RRP £48.50

Awards: The Green Beauty Awards 2011 “Highly Recommended” Best Men’s Facial Product

Pevonia’s award-winning deAging Saltmousse Mango-Passion Fruit delivers an aroma-sensory experience. Its fluffy lather removes impurities and toxins by gently polishing your skin. As the salt dissolves, negative ions and repairing tropical fruit extracts are quickly absorbed. Your body emerges velvety-smooth.

My Review: Now the other half can feel pampered too! The Age-Defying Caviar Balm is the ultimate luxury in male grooming and really helped to improve skin texture and bring out the very best in your face! The packaging is very simple and the product itself has a lovely woody scent and a silky texture that is easy to apply. The product made skin feel less sensitive and reduces razor burn and reduced inflammation from shaving – definite must have for the more sensitive shaver! The Green Parent Beauty Awards 2011: Best Body Scrub Highly Commended.

Who’s it for: Can be used for all skin types How to use it: Massage the Saltmousse on wet skin, concentrating on rough areas (elbows, knees, heels), add more water throughout the scrubbing process for optimum foaming Key Ingredients: Sea salt, squalane, Carotene, Mango, Passion Fruit Awards: Natural Health Beauty Awards 2010: Best Body Scrub The Green Parent Beauty Awards 2011: Best Body Scrub Highly Commended.



“As close as you can get without going under the knife”. Known as “the glamorous alternative to surgery”, the Rodial philosophy is to deliver unparalleled results to specific skin areas using scientifically proven ingredients. Exclusive Rodial Facials These anti ageing treatments target fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation, tired eyes and lacklustre lips. The intensive ‘face-lift’ massage leaves the face looking sculpted and radiant.

My review: I absolutely LOVE this product! The packaging was very clean and simple and I felt it fit in well with the eco friendly theme. The product is very easily applied, lathers up well and smells amazing! It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, clean and fresh and is a great treat to replenish tired skin.


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Hair with that wow factor flare. Which celebrity-type hair do you have? Take a look at the guide below to see which products can help your hair look its most vibrant, shiny and superstar-esque!

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shampoo

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Spray £24 from

Vidal Sassoon Pure Clean £12.75 available from Avalon

£13.95 from Rio Hair and Beauty

Do you have Alexa Chung’s hair? She is queen of the casual tousled look. However this style can be so hit or miss. It actually takes a lot of work to get hair looking that perfect level of ‘bed head’. The Ojon hairspray will help keep this style looking good all day as well and nourishing hair to stop it drying out. Ideal for girls on the go.

Do you have Gweneth Paltrow’s typical fine blonde hair? It is hard to do a lot with this hair type but she can pull off sexy and sleek dos with perfection; and so can you. The Vidal Sassoon Pure Clean Shampoo has been created for fine hair and will inject it with strength leaving it lifted and full of body.

Do you have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s hair? Is it thick and lustrous but needs to be tamed otherwise it would be a bit too wild and out of control? We recommend the Awapuhi range which is currently getting rave reviews around the world. They contain special blends of keratin that is vital for strong, healthy hair. The shampoo leaves your hair soft and will protect it against sun damage and styling.


Numero Uno.indb 66

L’Oreal Kerastase Elixir K Ultime £33.50 available from Hatley’s Do you have Bar Refaeli’s hair? The supermodel has to tame fly away ends so that her natural loose and down look will shine with health. The Kerastase Elixir is a wonderful product that delivers a powerful cocktail of antioxidant active ingredients for ultimate shine and suppleness. It works by soothing hair fibres to give incredible gloss and puts a full stop to pesky fly away ends.

Aveda Smooth Infusion StylePrep Smoother £17 available from Elmina Salons Do you have Halle Berry’s hair? Is it very unruly curly hair that takes a lot of work to manage? We recommend the Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother which will tease your mane into submission. The product contains organic tapioca which will defend against humidity (and frizz) for up to 12 hours.


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Hello Boys!


one is the stigma associated with using cosmetics to enhance your looks, it’s now every man for himself. Welcome news, I’m sure as it is probably getting a bit tiresome sneaking into the bathroom and blindly applying a random assortment of girls’ products to try and heal dry skin and random spots. If you’re working hard and playing hard you might as well utilise some of the great products for guys out there which will help you cheat aging and tiredness. There are also some good new scents on the market as well. Here is our guide to a few of the essentials...

1. Sisley Eau d’Ikar Do not be put off, this is NOT a perfume. It is a well-known fact that men are far more attractive when they smell good, and if you don’t have time to shower between work and a hot date then this man-fragrance will up the ante with minimum effort and maximum effect.

[£50.75 for 50ml]

Product of the month

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Anti-fatigue cooling eye gel Do you have energetic children? A duvet-stealing wife? A sexually demanding mistress? Inconvenient early-risers as housemates? If black circles have taken up residence under your tired eyes this is an ace product. This eye gel is refreshing and strangely addictive so you can be brighteyed and bushy-tailed and no one will be any the wiser. Also can be combined with Dermalogica Redness Relief for a double attack on the after-effects of a night out. You heard it here first... [£17.50]

2. Aveda Men Pure-formance Exfoliating Shampoo

3. Dermalogica Redness Relief SPF 20 UltraCalming

Dandruff is never a desirable look and shoulder snowfall needs to be avoided at all costs. This shampoo gets rid of greasiness and grossness in one fell swoop, and it smells pretty good too. In a manly way, obviously.

The mid-week hangover can be the bane of your life, but there is no need for the pain to be made worse by everyone at the office noticing reddened skin. Apart from downing water or trying a hair of the dog, and keeping noise and light to a minimum, this product is vastly helpful in calming your complexion to a healthier-looking state. Do not be put off by the fact that it’s green, it genuinely works.

[£17 for 200ml]

[About £27 for 40ml]

5. Sisley Sisleÿum For Men AntiAge Global Revitalizer

George Clooney is the obvious example of the man who ages well. Unfortunately, this does not hold true for all of us. There’s no need to follow in Shane Warne’s footsteps and go for Botox, this moisturiser will take care of your skin without resorting to needles.


8. Guerlain Homme Eau de Toilette This fragrance combines rum, mint and lime. This means it is essentially a mojito. For your skin. Best not to actually drink it. [£33 for




Numero Uno.indb 67

6. Origins for Men Save the Males Multi-benefit Moisturizer

7. Ted Baker The Right Tools For The Job Antiperspirant Deodorant

Some men can wear a beard, others can’t. The grizzled look simply doesn’t work for everyone. Shaving has its perils, but stop your skin misbehaving by using Save the Males moisturizer to calm any razor-induced or other irritations.

For any Casanovas out there who happen to find an unsuspecting female and subsequently don’t quite make it home one evening, this is an office-drawer essential. Effective without being overwhelming, this deodorant also has a rather aesthetically pleasing toolbox-inspired design. [£4.10 for 150ml]

9. Fish Freezer Fishshape Frozen Firm Texturising Cream

10. Origins for Men Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Scrub

An excellently minty product from the range created by Fish Salon in Soho. Very fresh indeed and won’t budge until you wash it out.

Rub-a-dub-dub, pass me the scrub. Sounds potentially vicious but really isn’t, and Origins deliver on their promise of “A buff, new bod when you step out the tub.” [£18 for 150ml]

[£27 for 75ml]

[£5.99 for 100ml]



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No.1 in Beauty words | Nichole Sweetsur

Everyone has a beauty favourite, something they go back to time and time again, whatever the trends. But have you ever wondered what the beauty experts fall back on? We’ve asked some of the best known names in the industry to open their make-up bags and bathroom cabinets to share their number one beauty essential. One of the most revered make-up artists in the industry, Kay Montano, has worked with Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue, Thandie Newton, Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow to name but a few. She has shot with every major photographer and has a score of Vogue front covers to her credit. Kay’s number one is mymix foundation. “I tend to always use myface cosmetics mymix foundation. I always use my fingers when applying mymix foundation, this helps warm the product and makes it look more natural on the skin. I begin around the nose; work outward with fingertips until seamless & invisible.” £12.99 Boots Top stylist Lee Stafford has had over 20 years’ experience as a hairdresser and thanks to numerous television appearances he’s as well known as his famous clients. “Without fail every day I will use my Messed Up Wonder Webb which is a non-sticky, gunkless light shine, light hold and gives great texture for my hair from day to night,” states Lee. £6.19 Boots Jane Cunningham, AKA The British Beauty Blogger is a discerning beauty aficionado with impeccable taste. Her blog is followed by thousands of beauty junkies including other top experts who log on to read her take on the latest launches. It’s a must follow for anyone who loves make-up. “My one can’t live without is BIOEffect EGF Serum, with epidermal growth factors derived from wheat in Iceland. It’s the most impressive skin care I’ve ever used and has meant I can ditch night cream, eye cream, serums and day cream and live with a completely pared-down beauty routine. It’s bliss!” £125.00


Numero Uno.indb 68

Richard Ward has been at the top of his game for over two decades, with three top London salons, a clutch of hairdressing awards and a long list of celebrity clients to his name. The Duchess of Cambridge, Ivana Trump, Kim Cattrall, Pippa Middleton and Tara Palmer Tomkinson all adore the glossy, glamorous hair he creates. “My Couture Hair Energiser Styling Spray took a year to develop and is always in my kit. It’s a dual-action spray with a unique moisture compound to help counteract frizz and damage and increase shine. It’s perfect for blow-drying and everyday hold, and leaves hair feeling strengthened with bounce, frizz-free and voluminous!” £19.00 Liza Smith is the go-to manicurist for British Vogue and has worked with Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham to name but a few. She has worked on campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Firetrap and, most recently, Chanel. Liza knows her beauty products and she currently lusts after Benefit Coralista Blusher.”It is by far the best blusher for all year round, but it’s gorgeous for holidays as it will give me a glow in the day and it’s easy to make more of an impact for the evenings. It also seems to last forever!” £23.50 Creaseys. Dr Leslie Baumann is an internationally renowned, board-certified dermatologist and the author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Skin Type Solution. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of skincare is second to none and when she speaks, British and American beauty editors listen! Dr Baumann says: “Caudalie Premier Cru is my number one for anti-ageing. I love it and find it especially soothing when my skin is dry, red or inflamed.” £78.65 And me? Well my favourite beauty elixir has to be SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF. With pure Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid this serum quickly smoothes fine lines, evens skin tone - it is the gold standard of antioxidant serums. Put simply my skin looks better when I use it. Worth every penny. £142.50 for 30ml.


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APPETITE - Trade enquiries 01481 726681

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National TV cook-off turns up heat on CI rivalry The pressure’s on as top Guernsey and Jersey chefs battle it out on national television to see who is the cream of the Channel Island cooking crop.

nth f the Mo Recocntipribueteod by you local foodies!

l” a c n e v o r P a “Past

Head chef at the Auberge Daniel Green will be pitting his talents against Mark Jordan of the Atlantic Hotel on the popular ITV series ‘Britain’s Best Dish’.


B by Chris

Mary Nightingale presents a new series of the ultimate cookery challenge, which has raised the stakes by featuring professional rather than amateur chefs.

I love to cook this pasta dish, which is delicious, quick, easy and economical. It evolved from Carbonara, but instead of using cream the sauce is formed using the starchy water of cooked pasta, cheese, and mustard to emulsify and give background heat. Fresh herbs of Provence and tomatoes are used to give those lovely fragrances reminiscent of Mediterranean cooking.

From café owners to Michelin-starred chefs the standard has never been higher as celebrated British chefs showcase their signature dishes, all created specifically for the show. Mr Green’s peach tarte tatin with lemongrass ice cream and a sesame seed, salt and chilli praline, made with fresh Guernsey cream and milk, will be up against Mr Jordan’s mille-feuille of cider poached apples with Jersey black butter ice-cream in the ultimate culinary duel.

Serves 3-4, 30-40 mins prep and cooking time


Tasked with deciding the long-held rivalry are Michelin-starred chef John Burton Race, wine expert Jilly Goolden and restaurateur Ed Baines.

Smoked bacon, 6 rashers Cherry tomatoes, 1 punnet Guernsey dairy mature cheese, 200g Shallots, 5 medium size Fresh rosemary, 3-4 sprigs Fresh thyme, 3-4 sprigs Fresh pasta, 500g English mustard, 2 tbsp Dry white wine (red also works), 150ml Olive oil, 2 tbsp

Mr Green said he was absolutely thrilled to be featured. ‘It all came about after the Auberge was mentioned in the Good Food Guide. I was approached by ITV and asked to prepare a dish. The peach tarte tatin actually came to me in a dream,’ said Mr Green. ‘My dish was selected and since then it’s been a complete whirlwind and really exciting to be part of such a big television show. The camera crew came over in the summer to film images of me in the kitchen and showcase the restaurant along with wider shots around the island. We had to keep it completely top secret,’ he added.

Method: 1. Heat a saucepan of water for the pasta. Take a large frying pan and put it on a medium/high heat.

Mr Green, who has worked for the Auberge for the past seven years, is the

only chef from Guernsey to be featured on the show.

Viewers will be able to find recipes from the show on the programme’s website, programmes/britainsbest-dish

Jason Moriarty, Commerce and Employment’s director of Marketing and Tourism said: ‘the team at the Auberge have kept me posted of this excellent opportunity. Culinary is a key aspect of our product and a television broadcast opportunity that showcases the foodie delights that Guernsey has to offer is a most welcome addition to our VisitGuernsey promotions.’

2. Slice the bacon into strips and start frying in the oil.

Email us if you would like to share your culinary delights.

‘There’s a lot of pressure because I know the other chefs will be of a very high standard. But whatever the outcome, it is just fantastic to get such a wonderful validation of my cooking abilities,’ said Mr Green.

3. Chop the shallots and separate the herb leaves from the stems. 4. As the bacon starts to brown, add the shallots and a minute or two later, the tomatoes and the herbs. Cook, turning a few times, until golden brown and partly caramelised to get a good smoky flavour. Avoid breaking the tomatoes too much. 5. Add the pasta to the boiling water. Then deglaze the frying pan with the wine and after cooking off the alcohol, grate the cheese over the mix, cover and bring down to a low heat while the cheese melts and the pasta finishes cooking. 6. Drain off some (250 to 400ml) of the pasta water into the frying pan to form the sauce. Add the mustard and stir to mix. You should end up with a rich, creamy, smoky, and aromatic sauce with the flavour of the mustard coming through. 7. Finally mix the pasta in to the sauce and serve.


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Wine Review

Great wine. With a twist.

Gigondas - Domaine de Font Sane 2008 - £12.80 Rhone Valley, France Crisp winters days are upon us and full bodied reds are order of the day. This southern rhone stalwart has delicious mouthful of black fruits and spice, and amazing with casseroles and roasts. We love this wine in my household and will impress any guests you have invited around.

Primrose Hill - Bacchus 2010 - £9.80

If you love great wine but hate all the snobbery that goes with it, you’ll find we’re exactly your taste. Wines, bubbly and gifts Lower Pollet, tel 713096

Tenterden, England English wine has arrived (well this one anyway). England’s answer to Sauvignon Blanc is a vibrantly aromatic Bacchus with notes of elderflower, nettles, passionfruit & grapefruit charecters; on the palate, fresh citrus fruits & flowers mingle with flinty notes & refreshing acidity. A great conversation starting wine at

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2006 - £18.25 Tuscany, Italy A real treat from the top draw. Deep, dark colour with a complex nose of rich cherry and sweet spice. The palate is full-bodied with concentrated, fleshy black fruit, ripe tannins and well-integrated oak. Quite simply a great wine.



Meals and puddings for your freezer that look and taste homemade

FOR AUTU Curries, Ro MN a & Pudding sts s

Meals for 1 & 2 • Meals for 4 • Indian & Far East Dishes Family & Children’s Meals • Puddings & Cakes Order from the comfort of your home (or office) by phone on 729566 or pop into our shop and we’ll deliver direct to your home 3 Pollet House, Lower Pollet *Minimum order for delivery £35 (plus £5 delivery charge). Orders of £50 and over FREE delivery.


Numero Uno.indb 71


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Consulting Chef! words | Jodie Sheppard


Numero Uno.indb 72


18/11/2011 14:45


Chef Profile Sweet or Savoury: Savoury

White or Red Wine:

Definitely red withcheese!

What’s your tipple:

Beer after work, red wine whilst eating and gin & bitter lemon for when I am partying

Meat or Fish:

I couldn’t decide, I like a bit of both!

some specialty meats or fish so I enjoy doing something like that. I also like making the more inspired dishes, such as fish in a seaweed casserole; this requires a bit more work and is very fashionable at the moment in France. I like to try and find ideas that are relative to Guernsey but also introduce elements that are slightly more lavish and over the top such as cooking with razor fish, not many people do that in Guernsey.

Country or City:

In general we try to stay quite French with the menu but I like to experiment with elements with other cultures too.

Day or Night:

How important is it to you to use local produce in your dishes?

I would like to live in the country and go to the city at weekends Night

Favourite CD:

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Favourite book:

I’m always reading a cook book; my favourite at the moment is Thomas Keller an American Chef who reawakened the vacuum bag method

What is your number 1 dish? I have got so many it is difficult to just choose one! A lot of our customers I think would say the Coq au Vin, we used to cook it using traditional methods but now we have introduced new techniques such as the vacuum bag that are great for cooking tough meats. Now the Coq au Vin will cook for 12 – 15 hours, it is very slow cooking and we take our time to make it really nice. We have some traditional dishes on the menu that I like to make such as the duck and rabbit dishes and also onion soup. However, I am more interested in following seasons, so every week we have a star dish we feature where we manage to source


Numero Uno.indb 73

The local produce here is great and I use as much local produce as I can. I have regular fishermen, divers, butchers that are bringing me sea bass, brill, scallops, pigeon, white rabbit among many other things and this is great to keep the menu exciting and the flavours in the local produce is amazing! I also have a great local supplier that drops in fresh fruit and vegetables and she always supplies different things for me to cook with. It is nice to work with people who are also passionate about food so that I know I am getting the best ingredients for my dishes. We also have a good relationship with other restaurants so if they know that I am looking for a certain produce they will send them my way. Where would you eat if you weren’t going to eat at Petit Bistro? I love food and I like to go out and eat at different restaurants, often on a Sunday we try to go somewhere different. It’s nice to see what other people are cooking and what people are offering on their menus. There are quite a lot of places I like to go,


The Pavilion behind the airport. It’s very cosy and a nice place to go, it’s well cooked and the chef is a really nice guy! L’Auberge is really nice, and we also like Mora as that is French also. I like to try as many foods and recipes from different cultures as possible, I really like Italian dishes and the food in Africa is amazing! . Who inspired you to become a chef? I have always been very interested and passionate about food and cooking and I am constantly reading cookery books to learn new techniques and recipes. I am very curious, if I hear about new chefs or new talent I am always reading up and this and watching menus I also have a lot of cook books… I spend a lot of money on them! Who would be your ideal dinner guest? It would have to be my wife Delphine and my two daughters, and also my close friends. What would you have for your last supper? Mmm, to start it would be a seafood platter using local Guernsey produce accompanied with Delphine’s mayonnaise (you can’t forget this!), then I would have a BBQ with béarnaise sauce to accompany the meat. What do you do on your day off? I spend a lot of time at work and my only day off in the week is on Sunday but now I like to take Saturday morning off too, even when I’m not working I pop in and check how everything is going! Saturday I like to spend with Delphine and my two children, but on Sunday I go out on my motorbike, carting and I’m a fan of Formula One all things involving speed and extreme sports!


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A unique haven, a little bit of tradition with a beautiful twist words | Jodie Sheppard

Forget the bright lights of city life, as when you walk down the steps to The Rock Garden you could be forgiven for thinking that you are about to enter some swanky London cocktail bar. The atmosphere in The Rock Garden is like no other in Guernsey, the elegant wood and dark leather interior makes a beautiful setting for a relaxing night indulging in tapas and speciality cocktails. Gallery were lucky enough to be invited to sample some of the cocktails and snacks on offer and to speak to Yvonne Scott, the driving force behind The Rock Garden… So Yvonne, we absolutely love what you have done with the place! What was your inspiration for creating this area as it is quite unlike anything seen before in Guernsey? In the nicest possible way I have felt for a long time that Guernsey lacked a stylish cocktail bar and restaurant where you could meet friends, socialise and hear yourself


Numero Uno.indb 74

speak! The Rock Garden is more than just a restaurant or bar and not a nightclub but rather tries to offer a perfect in between. What atmosphere were you hoping to achieve in the Rock Garden? Hopefully we have brought a little bit of London or urban sophistication to the island with a venue where people are happy to enjoy an after work glass of wine and nibbles, opt to share a few plates of tapas or treat it as a night out with drinks, dinner and some entertainment. The courtesy shuttle bus service we are offering from town to us is also a bonus for customers. I would like to think that we have catered for a new market and created somewhere where you can go out and have a good time but still feel comfortable. There definitely won’t be any head banging music! We are going to be playing chilled out easy listening music at a level that you can hear and enjoy but also be able to have an audible conversation with your friends. We plan to have live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights and as we

develop this will be available during the week also. What are your hopes for the future? I would like this to become the must go to place on everyone’s list, somewhere that you would recommend to friends or family or a visitor to the island. We would also like to be known for fab food and cocktails, value for money and for our friendly staff. We really want this to be somewhere people can come and unwind and enjoy. The interactive wall you have is amazing and I believe the first of its kind in Guernsey, what made you decide to include this feature? I actually saw this on the internet under the guise of something called urban projection mapping. The example I saw was a projection onto Gorey Castle and I thought it was great!! I had also seen interactive floors in action and thought wow, how neat it would be to have something like that in Guernsey. In figuring out how, my eye hit the wall and I thought ‘bingo’!


18/11/2011 14:45



“…for us our bitters are just like salt and pepper to a chef” We have the sensors near the back wall and, as you walk past, the sensors pick up movement and change the displays on the wall. I think it makes the whole place very visual as it can be seen by everyone and engages the whole room. Lastly, after sampling a small selection of the cocktails on offer we know this a very tough question… but what is your favourite cocktail on the menu? I really love The Rock Garden cocktail made with pear and elderflower, the elderflower is picked from the Fermain Garden and I love the mix of flavours in this drink. Having said that, we have just invented my new favourite – the Oliver Twist that is a real hot little number! I also like Martini, Margaritas and Appletinis… Best of luck Yvonne, I’m sure you’ll be seeing the Gallery Team down here very frequently!!

Cocktail review: The Rock Garden has a good mix of new and traditional cocktails, but everything they have on offer is slightly unique, whether it be their homemade liquors or lavender alcohol, or using slightly different ingredients to produce a new take on the old favourites. After a few tipples here’s our verdict on the cocktails we had to try…

Fermain White Lady – 9/10 This beautiful cocktail is made with home made lavender alcohol and egg white is used to blend the flavours of the drink This was my ultimate favourite! So easy to drink and such a beautiful taste…

Pina Colada – 8/10 Infused with Appleton Rum an alternative to the original method and made with a twist taken from a top London bar where a pinch of salt and coconut syrup which keeps the drink light and makes for easy drinking. I loved this take on the traditional Pina Colada, it was a close favourite with the White Lady!

Classic Mint Julep 7/10 This is made using local Mint from Fermain Garden, they have gone back to the roots with this cocktail and have used clever methods in order to smoothe the sharp edges of this drink This drink was incredibly refreshing, however I preferred the sweeter flavours of the Fermain White Lady. This was just a small snippet of what The Rock Garden has to offer, we can’t wait to sample the seasonal specials! The Rock Garden is located at Fermain Valley and is open from Tuesdays Saturdays, 5pm - midnight. For table reservations please call (01481) 235666 or 213570. It is also available for private hire.


Numero Uno.indb 75


18/11/2011 14:45


Open 5pm - Midnight. Tuesday - Saturday

Call 235666 or 213570 for reservations Fermain Valley. St Peter Port

Courtesy shuttle provided from St Peter Port to The Rock Garden and back at 40 minute intervals. First pick up from North Beach car park at 5.20pm then the Crown and Albert Pier car parks. Visit to download a timetable or check facebook and twitter for details.


Numero Uno.indb 97786 Rock Garden76 Gallery ad.indd 1

18/11/2011 09:22 14:45 03/11/2011

11 09:22


CCD supporting Les Bourgs Hospice Cresswell, Cuttle and Dyke is one of the longest established architectural practices in Guernsey, with a wide-ranging portfolio of projects, we are pleased to support Les Bourgs Hospice.

t: 01481 726461 f: 01481 726098 e:

Numero Uno.indb 77

18/11/2011 14:45



30 years of innovation During September, Guernsey was given a rare chance to view 18 stunning and individual projects from CCD Architects’ diverse portfolio of local architecture. Held in the Royal Court and opened by the Bailiff, Sir Geoffrey Rowland, “Fabulous Houses - The Exhibition” celebrated CCD’s 30th birthday and also helped raise much needed funds for the new Les Bourgs Hospice building which the practice designed and successfully lead through to completion. Cresswell, Cuttle and Dyke, Chartered Architects, was formed in 1981 by Nigel Cresswell, Tim Cuttle and Andrew Dyke. It has always been a busy practice, initially working on a mixture of commercial, cultural, health and domestic projects. Over 30 years many of Guernsey’s landmark buildings have either been created by or worked on by CCD. Following the retirement of Tim Cuttle and Nigel Cresswell, the practice is today led by Andrew Dyke, John Pettitt and Stuart Pearce. They work alongside a vibrant, talented and enthusiastic team, which includes Architects, Architectural Technologists, Draughtsmen and a Conservation Surveyor. They also have a close association with a Garden Designer and a Chartered Landscape Architect. In the last 12 years or so the practice portfolio has changed, due to an alteration of legislation which allowed Open Market buildings to be demolished and replaced with new dwellings. This resulted in a significant increase in new house commissions - including a number of “Fabulous Houses”. As well as domestic architecture the practice is extremely proud to have been commissioned to design the new hospice building. The exhibition gave an opportunity to highlight the project and help raise funds. The design philosophy at CCD has always been focused on fitting architecture into the landscape, whether urban or rural, contemporary or traditional, whilst reflecting the desires and needs of the Clients. Many of the more traditional designs are informed by the large amount of historic and conservation work carried out by the practice, including work on most of the Island’s best known historic buildings. “Fabulous Houses” was able to showcase not only this traditional work but also the wide diversity of all styles of architecture that this experienced and capable, local firm has to offer.


Numero Uno.indb 78


18/11/2011 14:46



Seapines (2003) Village de Putron, Guernsey Arts and Crafts style house overlooking the neighbouring Channel Islands


Numero Uno.indb 79


18/11/2011 14:46



Les Prevosts Farm (2008) St. Saviour, Guernsey Restoration of an historic farmhouse with traditional exterior, thatched roof and contemporary interior.


Numero Uno.indb 80


18/11/2011 14:47



Lumière a la Mer (2008) St. Martin, Guernsey Contemporary design set in the heart of St. Martin’s.


Numero Uno.indb 81


18/11/2011 14:47

Celebrating 30 years of architectural excellence Cresswell, Cuttle and Dyke is one of the longest established architectural practices in Guernsey, with a wide-ranging portfolio of projects. The team at CCD possess the creativity and knowledge to develop and realise outstanding domestic and commercial architectural design. The award winning practice is highly experienced in restoration, heritage projects, high quality contemporary houses and interiors.

Cresswell, Cuttle and Dyke, Trafalgar House, Petit Bouet, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 2AY t: 01481 726461 f: 01481 726098 e:

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18/11/2011 14:47


Location, location, location words | Alison Dodd and Jodie Sheppard

gallery interviews Phil Spencer Phil Spencer is one of the best-known faces on British television, co-presenting the hit Channel 4 series Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation. We caught up with him to ask his thoughts on the current housing situation, how to transform your home and a few more personal questions. With all the bad press the housing market is getting at the moment, are you still an advocate for investing in property? That is a tricky one; it depends on what you’re buying where you’re buying and what you pay for it really. The market is very regional, very polarized, different areas in different price brackets are performing independently from one another. I do believe that property is absolutely still a good investment, there are still certain things that you shouldn’t buy but then that’s the same with any other investment. Homes have a fundamental value that other types of investments don’t simply because we all need to live somewhere, we all need a house. It is increasingly difficult in Guernsey to get on the property ladder, with the price of first time buyers properties starting at around £240,000. Do you think Governments should be doing more to help first time buyers? There are Government schemes but they never go far enough, the Government came up with an enormous figure but overall it actually only helps about 5% of first time buyers. I don’t think there will ever be enough funding to help people. I think it is fair to say that there is a very small amount of first time buyers, even here. People don’t seem to be able to buy without parental help and then that isn’t always available. My boys are 5 and 7 and I bought a house with their name on it when they were born one each on the same street and I was able to do it at the time but not so sure now!


Numero Uno.indb 83

With rents increasing and the cost of living going up it is really tough. There are a lot more tenants so rents are going through the roof, but we haven’t got more landlords as the banks won’t lend them enough money to make it work. That makes it very much harder because it is so much harder to save up for a deposit, I think we have got a situation developing there. I’m a huge fan of you and Kirsty! Would you recommend any tips/hints to try and add value to your property? That’s probably two questions, if you were looking to add value probably make it bigger. If you were looking to sell something in the market now, I think my main piece of advice would be to concentrate on the outside as much, if not more than, on the inside. People have probably watched too many property shows and have dressed up the inside of the house but if you don’t think about what it looks like from the outside no one is going to come in and see the inside, give your property some kerb appeal! Would you prefer to live in a new ultra modern house or an old house full of character? Ohh… do I have to pick one! I’d like to have them both… My ideal scenario would be blending the old with the new – but that is

very difficult to do!! I like an old house with all its character and architectural history but with the modcons such as fitted kitchens and under floor heating. Do you prefer to renovate a property or move straight in? I have never moved straight into a house I have always renovated, both to add value and to put my own stamp on it. This is going to sound weird but I have never been that fussy about the house I have always been more concerned with the location! Some people are fussy about the house but if that’s the case try not to be too fussy about the location and vice versa. Do you prefer the city or country? Definitely country, I’m a farmer’s son born in the country and although I live in London I’m actually much happier in the countryside. Eat in or eat out? I’m going to say eating in because the last 3 months I have been in a different hotel 4 nights of the week so I haven’t cooked a meal. Red or white? Wine… this time of year definitely red!


18/11/2011 14:47



Height: 65 cm Width: 65 cm Depth: 22 cm Tank: 1,825 L Burning time: ca. 2-3 h Fuel: liquid fuel Weight: 45 kg

ROLLFIRE has received the following awards:

Steel black powder coated, components: black coated (heat-resistant wet paint finish), glass-ceramics with black circular screenprint, tank: stainless steel

Design: Sieger Design

Up and Coming Fire in the role of its life: fiercely blazing, steady and yet quite free. ROLL FIRE provides warmth wherever it is installed. Anyone who values variety and is looking for all-over warmth will simply love the independent heat it radiates. As it rolls, ROLL FIRE easily balances its stainless steel tank, mounted on its roller bearings. The two glass panes fitted at the sides render it completely transparent. As it is held in place by magnets, when the tank is being filled with bio-ethanol the glass is lifted off in no time at all. However, that’s not all ROLL FIRE can do: with its wall bracket (available as an option), wall mounting is a simple matter. Alternatively, the bracket can be used to secure the fire to the floor - for those who want to see their ROLL FIRE with rather less of a life of its own. The circular heat-resistant black felt surface cares for absence of friction and a rolling slide. All available from Bonsai


Numero Uno.indb 84


18/11/2011 14:48

Numero Uno.indb 85

18/11/2011 14:48


Chic Finds


achine - £9of50 Games Mcom ens and is es with dozens games tok


Numero Uno.indb 86

ne!! It We loved this games machi office! a gem… we want this in our er, in full working ord such


18/11/2011 14:48



Have you ever taken the time to browse the magical land of Paint & Son Ltd? Gallery explored the hidden depths of this fascinating shop and couldn’t resist playing with these cool objects!

Drinking & Games Set c.1900 - £1,275 We just had to try on this Russian diving helmet from the 1970s, probably best to stay away from this if you’re a tad claustrophobic!

Russian Diving Helmet c.1970 - £1,775

Jewellery Chest - £1,350

We just had to try on this Russian diving helmet from the 1970s, probably best to stay away from this if you’re a tad claustrophobic!

This coromandel wood jewellery casket would be the ideal addition to any girl’s dressing table - the perfect excuse to request more diamonds from any suitable bachelor!

French Ornalo Clock c.1845 - £2,500

Pinfire pocket and Pepperbox Pistols c.1855

Following Guernsey’s close ties with French traits we thought this empire period ‘pret of paris’ french clock was very quaint! The bold figurines and black and gold colouring would definitely make this a feature on any mantlepiece.

We think these would be a real conversation starter at any dinner party,


Numero Uno.indb 87


18/11/2011 14:48

Choose from ceramic, glass, marble, stone, porcelain or mosaic in a myriad of colours and patterns. For walls, floors, worktops and more. The choice is endless!

Great quality and value Local friendly service Best selection on the island

Tiles - Fires - Natural stone - Worktops Paving - and much more at Capelles

0 1 4 8 1 2 4 5 897

Capelles Building Stores, Petites Capelles, St. Sampsons, GY2 4GR

Numero Uno.indb 88(291011).indd 1 Capelles gallery Tiles

18/11/2011 17:13 14:48 02/11/2011

11 17:13


OCULUS LIMITED Roseneath, The Grange, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 2QJ T: +44 (0)1481 723 344 E:

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Guernsey’s Entrepreneurs on the sofa





Malvern College, Worcestershire


Brunel University

First Job:

Graphic Designer


Landrover TD 90


Agony & Ecstacy


It’s a kind of magic


Adjustment bureau



Last holiday:


Hobbies/Enjoys: Surfing Marital Status:


ABOUT THE BUSINESS: Drinking Roquettes cider is a big business in Guernsey so we were looking forward to catching up with James Meller! James set up his Company at Les Fauxquets de Haut, which ironically was an original cider-making site and to date approximately 3000 trees have been planted in the surrounding area. Rocquettes is produced locally using local products; it’s a firm favorite on the island and always in plentiful supply at local festivals. As James kindly bought in a crate of Rocquettes Cider for the Gallery Team to

What did you do prior to starting this business? Very prior to it I was working in renovating and converting properties.

James - I did used to get in with a wetsuit, when I first tried to figure out how to clean a tank, now I don’t obviously recommend that method to the members of staff!!

Did that teach you any lessons that helped you succeed with Rocquettes Cider? Problem solving I would say, there were always different issues arising in properties!

What are your plans for the future? To make more great cider and take it further afield, potentially off Guernsey into the UK and maybe further. Also it would be great to do more cider related things locally and build up the staff so that I am not doing so much myself.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learnt since starting the business? It’s the sort of commercial realities of it all really; it’s wonderful to have all these sort of romantic ideas but to make something work financially can be quite difficult Do you have any funny stories since being in this business that you would like to share with us? Ahh… funny stories… Us - Other than being trapped in the vat when you were cleaning it out and the possibility of it rolling down the hill!

What advice would you give to would be entrepreneurs? Mmm, other than don’t do it!? Well you’ve just got to get on and do it, sometimes you can think of things too much, I mean obviously you plan and think about things but sometimes you’ve just got to go for it, because any amount of thinking will just put you off! So sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go for it!

enjoy, I can safely say if you haven’t tried any yet, you’re definitely missing out!


Numero Uno.indb 90


18/11/2011 14:49

Sites for sore eyes Websites that sell. Designer sites. Lead-generation sites. Sites with attitude. Brand sites. Sites that Google loves. E-commerce sites. Big sites. Small sites. We build, write, design, optimise and promote great websites. Go online and see for yourself. Digital - Direct response - Branding - Marketing - Print Email:

Telephone: 01481 739850


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18/11/2011 14:49




PR, Honesty and why I should have set up my business on Guernsey words | Tony Brassell

The weather wasn’t that welcoming for Donald Steel on his first visit to Guernsey but it was the first time he had experienced flying in a Trislander and we could tell by the smile on his face that the experience had been a good one for a man with worldwide travel experience. Donald had been brought to Guernsey by the Public Relations Consultants Association and would be presentating later that day. His time was precious so we cut to the chase. You were trained and started work in the NHS, how did you move from that into PR? I have had a really strange career because I worked for neurosurgeons in the NHS in Scotland and that was a really important part of my training and it helped me learn how to make quick, good judgements and to be ready because when the patient arrives there’s no time to be looking through the cupboards, you have to be ready for anything that might happen. It taught me that you have to be organised and prepared, something with was useful in my time at the BBC in reputation and crisis management. However I wasn’t sure that I wanted to work for the NHS all my life and left to play the piano. I became a musician and started to do some PR on the side. Through that I got offered a job as a local radio presenter in a local radio station in Scotland, I then did some work in England and was asked to do some work for the BBC. I then became a presenter and producer for the BBC and decided to go back to PR and then went up the ladder within the BBC until I became chief spokesman. What was your first PR job in the BBC? My first PR job in the BBC was as the publicist for the Archers. That was probably the best job I ever had and socially it opened doors. Everyone at parties wanted to know if you knew any of the characters, it was a great talking point. Tell us about the Nano Second Culture, a phrase coined by your friend Julia Hobsbawm? Julia and I both started in PR before the mobile phone was invented, in fact before the bleeper was invented, so I had to call the Press Office every two hours to see if any calls had come in. It is difficult to imagine now as a journalist making a call and being told he’ll get back to you in 2 or 3 hours. It could take hours if not days before you finally spoke to someone who was trying to contact you. Then mobile phones arrived and then the internet and 24 hour news which speeded things up even further. Now with social media a study has shown that the time it takes after a major incident for people to start tweeting is 60 seconds. It is never more than that. Hence the nano second culture.

Would you recommend that every company has a social media capability? I would. I suspect there may be some companies where it might not be appropriate for various reasons but if you look at some of the great social media stories over the last few years, they are characterised by large companies not realising that something was going on until the media got hold of it, and calls them up to find out what is happening. I am surprised how many businesses don’t have a social media capability because as we all know there is no time to set up a twitter account when you are being attacked, you have to be ready. For example in the case of the recent outbreak of civil unrest, the police did an outstanding job with the use of social media and it is very interesting that most of the people doing it were police officers, not civilians. They realised there was no point putting out a statement in the Daily Telegraph or on the BBC evening news, the rioters weren’t watching that. Instead they instigated a very clever campaign that said there are consequences of doing this and you can be traced and we will arrest you. In Greater Manchester people were told if they used social media to incite violence or looting expect a knock on your door because we are coming to get you. My main message for companies is: You need a crisis plan and the value of your business is at risk if you don’t have one and you need to rehearse it to make sure you are ready.

Do you have any tips for young people setting out in business? I think PR is a brilliant career to have but I think it is a career in which you will succeed only if you are prepared to work every hour. I don’t think its a part-time job and not even a 9 – 5 sort of job because when you’re not in the office you need to be consuming media all the time to understand what sort of story their client would be interested in. You should always be watching the television, reading papers and consuming the media. I have a friend in Fashion PR in Washington and she has a rule that everyone has to read seven publications in the morning before coming to work and she tests them on it! I do see younger people in PR who just stick to the internet but you need to read the newspapers and watch the TV because otherwise how do you know what might make a story there. A good PR person is just like someone in journalism, they can’t go into an airport lounge without picking up a newspaper and consuming the news. That is the sign of a good PR person. I also think education is important. Get a good education with perhaps a PR Degree, though it isn’t essential, I don’t have one, but it is really a good thing if you do because then you have something else to bring to the table and education gives you a wider view. It shows you have the ability to research things at a deeper level.

You should consider being in social media as you need to know what people are saying about you. It is also a fantastic opportunity for companies to attract new business. Airlines offer twitter prices and pizza companies offer special deals. It is a fantastic opportunity and it doesn’t cost that much. And perhaps most vital of all is the importance of truth. Trust in public institutions is crumbling and much of this has been caused by behaviour. The core of reputation is trust. Many things have been eroding public trust in institutions and at the root of many of these has been the failure to be truthful. In a commercial institution there has to be some privacy, you can’t just open your doors but if you are asked a direct question and you opt to tell a lie then you shouldn’t be surprised if your reputation is ruined. Who wants to work or engage with a liar. When I worked in the BBC press office what was hammered home was that we must never issue a statement that wasn’t true. It can be tough to tell the truth but in the long term it is better.


Numero Uno.indb 92

18/11/2011 14:49



Chris Bader


Grammar School


Uni: Anglia Ruskin University

words | Tony Brassell

First Job: Teaching Scuba Diving Car:

So, tell us what inspired you to get this off the ground? Bean 14 started as a hobby, however the hobby grew and grew until it wasn’t a hobby any more. It had become a small business and I thought if I don’t do this properly I’ll kick myself. I love coffee but was never completely happy with the taste. I discovered coffee was best drunk within 14 days of opening the bag, hence the name of my business – Bean 14. Noone was producing coffee as I was, so in effect I had created a niche business for myself. Here I am, nearly five years later and we are still going strong. What did you do prior to starting the business? Worked in a bank! Enough said. Did that teach you any lessons that helped you succeed? One thing I did learn from the bank was the “Model Week” concept. We would plan the week ahead and try and achieve all the things we planned. I still use that today, planning the week ahead to try and avoid wasting time. In my gap year in my University days I worked at a small scuba diving business. That helped me understand the ups and downs of running a small business and the challenges that the owner of a small business would face. That stood me in good stead when I started Bean 14. What’s the toughest lesson you’ve learnt since starting the business? I will always remember telling my Dad what I was planning to do and he said to me - if it was easy, everyone would do it – that has stuck in my head and he was so right. It is a bit ironic that when you start a business you get the shortest credit terms, you face the highest costs and you start with a small number of customers. Everything is stacked against you. However once you earn yourself a track record, getting started or starting a new venture gets a little bit easier. BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

Numero Uno.indb 93

Do you have any funny stories? While on a search for the perfect coffee bean I did manage to get myself trapped in a toilet, half way up a mountain in Nicaragua, with no toilet paper. Not very funny at the time but it was certainly memorable. What are your plans for the future? I have no aspirations for global domination and am happy with the business I have created. That said we did just roast our first ton in a week, so now I’m thinking why not! What I am looking forward to is making a cup of coffee from Guernsey grown coffee beans. We have about an acre of glass full of coffee plants and will soon be harvesting our first few beans. Hopefully in the next couple of years we will be producing Guernsey grown coffee. We are also looking to become more sustainable by recycling coffee grounds and using resealable tubs. You could say we have even recycled a greenhouse! I also look forward to the day when people don’t accept just any cappuccino but demand a great cappuccino. What advice would you give to would be entrepreneurs? About a year or so ago I arranged with the Guernsey Enterprise Agency to have a mentor as a sounding board for the business. He has been a great help and I would recommend to people that they try and find someone, totally independent, who they can share their ideas with. It can be a lonely place in business and being able to talk to someone who has a track record and can give advice and suggestions without any axe to grind is a great asset. Above all, be prepared. Right now you have a dream but until you actually start the business it isn’t real. Once you start it becomes a reality and believe me it will take hard work. What I can tell you is that if you make a success of your business, the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Hyundai i30

Book: Life on Air by David Attenborough Music:

The Water Boys





Last holiday:


Hobbies/Enjoys: Cooking breakfast at the weekend with my 2 year old son Marital Status:


ABOUT THE BUSINESS: Bean 14 was established at the start of 2007. At first it was just Chris roasting, blending, grinding and packaging the coffee on his own. However over the last five years the business has grown to the extent that it supports two full time members of staff and three part-timers.


They are continually searching for the best coffee beans from around the world, roasting and grinding them to unlock their flavours and blending them in search of the best tastes.


Based in the Forest, near the Airport, Bean 14 has an acre of glass in which Chris is growing his own Guernsey coffee beans. He recently expanded the business by establishing Bailiwick Vending which brings Bean 14 coffee to offices in a range of vending machines. The business supplies Waitrose, Co-op and Food Hall outlets with the Bean 14 brand and anyone who makes coffee for a living uses their products. Chris is happy that they don’t (touch wood) lose customers and many hotels and restaurants supply their guests with Bean 14 coffee. The brand has recently gone through a redesign which Chris is very happy with and the future looks good for the business. More details about the Bean 14 and some great tips on how to bring out the best of your coffee are available on their website at www.


18/11/2011 14:49



flying high

Acquired in 2004 by the Guernsey-based Healthspan Group, and rebranded to Blue Islands in 2006, the locallyowned airline has taken off in the last few years. Following a management restructure, Rob Veron was appointed as Managing Director of Blue Islands in January this year and since then the brand has grown significantly to bring islanders four new routes this year. Gallery caught up with the high-flying Guernseyman to find out where Blue Islands are headed.

2004 Derek Coates, Chief Executive of the Healthspan Group acquired a major shareholding in the company, and we rebranded to Blue Islands two years later. We went through our first fleet transformation, expanding to include turboprobs and jetstream aircraft, enabling us to launch our Southampton service in 2007. We also launched a Business Advantage account for local corporates with secure online login, and various levels of benefit depending on volume. That’s currently being developed into a follow up scheme, due to be launched in the next few months. This year, we’ve invested heavily in new aircraft and grown our network by 50%, adding London City, Bristol, Manchester and Bournemouth to our destinations. In the last nine months alone our network has grown from eight destinations to twelve, and in terms of growth, it’s phenomenal. Our network has grown more in the last nine months than in the last three to four years.

How has Blue Islands developed? The airline was originally founded in 2000 by Noel Hayes as Le Cocqs Air Link, and rebranded to Rockhopper in 2003. In

What’s your demographic? There’s certainly corporate demand for destinations like Geneva, Zurich , Isle of Man, and London City but there’s a big leisure trade as well, especially to Geneva and Zurich


Numero Uno.indb 94


18/11/2011 14:49

during ski season. We’ve also found there’s a real demand for our service from specialist tour operators in Switzerland – we have a lot of bookings for garden holidays direct from Zurich, they seem to like islands! We’d always hoped to grow an element of inbound traffic, as we knew there was existing trade there, which we are now investing in, for example with our Manchester service.


Quick-fire round… Born: Guernsey Age: 32 School: La Mare de Carteret Car: Jeep / Audi Just read: It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, Lance Armstrong. ‘Inspirational.’ Window or aisle? ‘Both for different reasons.’ Favourite route? ‘Southampton is the one I use the most often, but my new favourite is Manchester, because I’m flying there for a concert soon!’ First job? Trainee accountant Last holiday: Cyprus this summer If he hadn’t been MD of Blue Islands? ‘I’d have carried on being an accountant, or maybe even a chef!’


Numero Uno.indb 95

What makes Blue Islands stand out? Since we started, Blue Islands has been all about competitive , transparent and honest pricing. No, we’re not the cheapest but we’re not the most expensive, and if we advertise a price, you can be sure you’ll actually be able to book and get that price. Our brand values focus around three main USPs which we call our ‘Welcome Difference’; we don’t charge for credit or debit card transactions, you can change your flight for free whether it’s a name or a time change and we don’t charge for baggage, which makes a huge difference when you’re heading to the slopes with your snowboard for example! They’re our key brand values, and that’s how we intend to grow our business. Take our free hot drinks and biscuits in our lounge for example. Our London City flight leaves at 7.25am – that’s an early start, so you can have a coffee in the lounge and then when you’re on the flight you can have a complimentary drink and a croissant. On the return flight back in the evening there’s a bar service, so if you want a glass of champagne on the way back, that’s there as well. They’re small touches, but we think they make a big difference, and sit well with our brand and how we’re trying to make our customers feel. We’re very pleased you’ve restored the London City link…. Yes, and at those times as well. We have peak time slots in the morning and the evening, aimed at getting people in at the right times, outbound and inbound. Thanks to the transport links with the DLR and quick check-in time it makes a trip to the city simple, swift and stress free. It was a significant investment for us, with a deposit for the slots and the purchase of a new aircraft, the ATR 42-500 which will serve the London City route and our Swiss flights. What are the challenges of operating on an island? Obviously the weather! And our limited market, so we need to strike the balance between offering a good number of destinations and still being mindful that we need it to be a sustainable route. Of course we’d like to offer ten new destinations, but we’re pulling from a finite island population. It’s about identifying the right market. What’s the future for Blue Islands? This year has been about developing and implementing our new strategic plan. Phase one has been the shift around in our management structure and addition of four key new routes, and the next phase for us will be to continue the expansion and look at extending routes and where we can further deploy additional aircraft.


18/11/2011 14:49



Rapid growth prompts investment manager to move to new prestige premises Guernsey based independent asset management company, Oculus Investment Managers have move to new prestigious offices in The Grange, St Peter Port after a hugely successful first year’s trading.

Itex realigns its senior management team to respond to forecasts in business growth and to anticipated change in IT delivery

Local architectural projects to be recognised by design awards 2012 will see local architecture projects recognised by the re-launched Guernsey Design Awards, sponsored by Norman Piette. The awards, developed by the Environment Department, Norman Piette and the Guernsey Society of Architects (GSA) will honour the distinctive, original, inspirational and sustainable design of architectural and other built environment projects in Guernsey. Mitch Sneddon of the GSA said: “We’re very excited to be re-launching the Guernsey Design Awards after a seven year break. The island is full of beautiful architectural projects and I’m looking forward to reviewing all the entries to find a stand-out piece of design work, worthy of the 2012 design award.” Design projects eligible for entry include new buildings, extensions, restoration projects, lighting schemes, public art projects and works to protected buildings and monuments. Entries are limited to projects completed between the 1 January 2009 and 31 August 2011. In a new twist to the awards process the 2012 awards will also see a ‘People’s Choice’ award, with a winner to be nominated by the general public from a short-list of entrants compiled by the Design Awards judges. Visit


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Leading IT services provider Itex has announced plans to augment the structure of its business to position itself for what the company believes to be major changes within the IT industry over the next few years. The business has created group functional divisions to ensure a more integrated and standardised approach to client service across its three offices in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. This realignment means new director level roles have opened up within the organisation. Ian Jauncey, who will lead the team as Managing Director, explains:”We foresee substantial changes emerging in the IT world over the next two to five years which will impact every organization. With the rapid development of technologies such as Cloud, for example, businesses will have to adapt to seismic change if they are to remain competitive.” Itex anticipates a significant shift in the way and the speed that organisations purchase and consume IT services and resources, moving from in-house selfsufficiency to consumption-based utility services. The new structure will position the business to accommodate the increase in IT service demand, supporting and facilitating clients through these changes, while at the same time maintaining the high levels of service provision they currently deliver. Gary Bowles has over 30 years experience in IT and has been recruited as Business Development Director responsible for the group’s sales and professional services delivery. A new Market Development function has also been created to focus on new services and markets, to be led by the current Guernsey MD Richard Parker, who will also assume responsibility for group marketing. Tim Wainwright will head up the group’s Managed Services business responsible for the delivery of Itex service activities in all its jurisdictions. Tim Barnes continues in his role as Finance and Commercial Director.

The investment and wealth management company was founded by co-directors Jonathan Wilson and Peter Ellis in the summer of 2010 and has already attracted a wide range of clients including pension funds, trusts and private individuals. Peter Ellis said: “We are delighted with the performance of the business but there’s no secret to our success. We allocate assets carefully in well diversified portfolios which focus on long term performance; we conduct business in a decisive but transparent manner and we maintain high levels of liquidity.” Jonathan Wilson added: “By underpinning a tried and tested asset management model with realistic fees and high levels of personal service we are continuing to win new business. We also benefit from operating in Guernsey which is undoubtedly one of the world’s premier financial centres.” Oculus Limited is licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Chambers UK recognises Carey Olsen as a leading law firm Carey Olsen’s position as a top-tier law firm has been reaffirmed by leading legal directory Chambers UK. Chambers ranked the firm in band one for corporate and finance work, which includes investment funds. The team are described as “the kings of fund practice on the island” and have been especially recognized for their work on fund of hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles and private equity. The directory also reported on the appointment of partner Christopher Anderson as “a boon” for the team as he is considered “very strong in investment funds, especially private equity.” Guernsey managing partner John Greenfield said: “We are delighted that the directory has recognised our growing international reputation and the range of specialists we have in our practice areas. This reinforces our position as a leading law firm in the Channel Islands and we are pleased to have received such positive endorsements from our clients who participated in this research.”


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Interview with Greg Davies – Head of Behavioural & Quantitative Investment Philosophy Wednesday 12th October – 2pm @ Le Marchant House (Barclays Wealth Management Offices)



nce upon a time, share prices could be reasonably predicted by analyzing company financial statements. Financial commentators were universally revered, their data unchallenged and their arguments unshakeable. Bowler hats were omnipresent and the gentlemen transporting them were deemed to be full to the brim with integrity, their facts as straight as their spines. Ah, the days of fundamentals. Since then, fear and greed have become the stronger drivers of market levels. Many have written about the emotional and behavioural influences on investment decision-making but I don’t recall anyone prepared to admit to anything less than total sangfroid in their own investing.

Greg Davies is the Head of Behavioural and Quantitative Investment Philosophy at Barclays Wealth, he is also the co-author of the forthcoming book Behavioural Investment Management to be published by McGraw Hill.

Nowadays, the markets have to contend with being bombarded by the modern missiles of prolific short-selling, the mass communication of the internet and the hype, flung from the trebuchets of hedge funds, investment ‘gurus’ and the media.

Why did Barclays Wealth decide to invest a unit of resources into Behavioural planning? We have had a Behavioural finance unit since December 2006 when I joined and Barclay’s wealth itself didn’t exist much before that, at the time they were launching a brand as well as entering the market. Part of what we were trying to achieve was to look out for new ideas and insights that other more traditional private banks may have over looked. We wanted to bring on board the cutting edge and were excited by our new findings.

All this, even before this column is sullied by the mention of brigands such as the fraudsters, the Ponzi scheme architects and the politicians.

This whole Behavioural finance idea was relatively untouched in 2006 by the commercial world; it was only in 2002 when Daniel Kahneman became the first physiologist to win a noble prize for economics that people started to realise the importance of psychology in economics. How have your investors responded to this way of thinking? Like any change it takes time, there are early adopters at the beginning then there are people who have a resistance to it but overall it has been well accepted by our clients and investors. What is Barclay’s philosophy at the moment with investments in the current climate and do you feel more confident than perhaps some other companies are? I think we do feel more confident, in terms of British banks Barclays came out through the financial crisis extremely well and are in a strong position at the moment. The fact that we have gone out and sought these new ideas before the crisis meant we were able to answer a lot of the difficult questions from clients and investors. Also a lot of the advice we were giving from the Behavioural side is precisely about how to understand your personality, control your emotions to make decisions in times like this, so it was quite targeted advice that resonates with people in these times of turmoil. I’ve noticed until recently you were one of the only banks that had a dedicated section to Behavioural finance, did you notice more interest in this area and is this how your book came about? Our competitors in the US have started to set up these units in the last 12-18months so we have started to notice more interest in this area. I have been studying Behavioural finance for the past 12 years and 5 of those I have been with Barclays. That’s a lot of research and time observing people and seeing how people respond to the realities, so that is where the book came along. I wanted to try and combine something that covered the academic side with the observations I had collated so people can make this method work in practice and make sense of our philosophy. At the moment with the Eurozone and US economic and political risks continue to rise and the pressures on riskier assets may increase further, do you think we may witness a Europe, US or even global recession? To some extent you are asking the wrong person because I’m not the economic expert, but I am very closely tapped in to our economic research and strategy teams and you can never rule anything out but that’s not our expectation. We believe that Europe will stay together; markets at the moment are looking pretty good value even when you take into account the relatively small risk of a double dip. When people are in terms of turmoil or stress our emotional time horizon starts to take over, we may have long term objectives, but emotionally we start to worry about what is going to happen next week and next month. We hope that our philosophy will help our clients overcome this in the decision process and still do the best thing for them in the long term.

So how do we navigate these choppy investment waters? Are there basic concepts to good investing? How liquid are the constituents of your portfolio? You may be happy to wait three, six months until you can redeem but that may be quite painful. For instance, the Paulson hedge fund returned over 500% in 2007. In 2011, it is down 50% as I write. Can you accept this level of volatility? Could you continue to keep your cash in the Paulson boat on such stormy water? Where is the ballast? When will you bail? Can you get out? The smartest guys don’t always make the most money - it is those with ability to control their emotional urges that do better. Looking at long-term total returns of listed shares, we see a minority of stellar performers and a majority of lacklustre alsorans. Some will go bust completely. Tracking a broad-based index will help avoid picking the dogs alone and will ensure that you hold the big winners in the portfolio. You are unlikely to make Mr. Paulson’s 500% in a year but you are equally unlikely to suffer his 50% loss in a year. Equities, bonds and cash are undoubtedly important considerations when constructing a portfolio but investors should consider other asset classes to reduce risk and add to the likely performance: • Gold - a safe haven whose value will never go to zero • Emerging markets - big potential for growth barring political upheaval and natural disasters • Agricultural commodities - increasing world population with growing budget and appetite • Property - the current dip is potentially a good time to get into bricks and mortar • Oil & Gas - intrinsic demand, reducing supply for commodities the world can’t live without The influences on the investment decision-making process are legion but it’s good practice to start with asking whether you are being ruled by your heart or your head.

Peter Ellis

Jonathan Wilson

T: +44 (0)1481 723 344 W: BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

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we’ll put you first Source Recruitment is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Guernsey and offers a high quality permanent, temporary and contract recruitment solution. Through experience and attention to detail we have developed an enviable reputation for providing clients and candidates with a service that fits their individual requirements. Our team of specialists are here to listen, so if you’d like to get ahead of the rest, lets talk.

tel: 701616 email:


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Position yourself ahead of the rest with one of these exciting new opportunities PR Account Manager

Senior Manager / Assistant Director

Business Development Manager

Pensions Manager

Payments Administrator

Operations Manager

Programmes Manager

Senior Trust Officer

Project Accountant

A leading advertising & marketing agency is actively seeking an experienced PR professional. The role will involve PR strategy & planning, project management, media relations, client relationship management, copywriting, event management & market research. This is a great opportunity for a fantastic communicator to provide innovative & strategically focused campaigns designed to strengthen & enhance the reputations of some of the islands’ best-known organisations.

We’re looking to appoint an experienced manager to assist in the establishment of a new pensions department at a local private bank. This is an incredibly rare opportunity that’s both challenging & high profile. Demonstrable knowledge of QROPS and QNUPS is essential along with first class communication skills & an enthusiastic & positive approach to business.

This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious individual to help drive forward an organisation dedicated to developing learning and education. The person appointed is likely to be self-motivated, will thrive on developing new business opportunities and be able to deliver a high degree of quality in their work. Applicants should have a degree or equivalent professional qualification together with previous business experience.

Our client is a leading independent specialist fund administrator with a modern approach. Source Recruitment has been appointed to assist in the selection of a Senior Manager / Associate Director to work in support of the Managing Director in the ongoing development of the private equity business. This role is both operational & client facing – solid technical knowledge is key.

Our client has established themselves to be one of Guernsey’s most sought after places of employment and they’re currently on the hunt for a couple of experienced payments administrators to strengthen one of their small and vibrant teams. This is an excellent opportunity for an enthusiastic individual with experience in the use of SWIFT and CHAPS to join a progressive and forward thinking organisation.

This is a great role for someone with three or four years of experience looking to take the next step up the career ladder. You’ll be appointed to manage a complex portfolio of trusts & companies as well as assisting in the development of less experienced administrators. Our client is considered a market leader & its culture is one that encourages teamwork & promotes ongoing career development. An excellent opportunity for a career minded individual.

Source has been retained by a leading international wealth manager with small offices in Guernsey, to assist in the appointment of an enthusiastic & driven business development professional to drive through new fund administration business. We’re looking for a polished individual with excellent networking and negotiation skills who can demonstrate a proven ability to close the deal. Fund industry experience is essential.

Our client is in the process of setting up a private equity administration arm within its Guernsey office & as such requires a private equity administration specialist to establish & take charge of day-to-day operational matters. An exciting appointment for an individual with solid management experience looking for a rare & challenging opportunity, with the backing you’d expect from a top-tier international finance house.

This is a permanent role within a young and dynamic private equity management & third party administration business. Responsibilities are varied & will encompass involvement in the testing of new systems, the development of existing processes & the development of various reporting. A great opportunity for someone who is motivated by working within a fastpaced environment where no two days are the same.

We provide a refreshingly honest and innovative service to help find the job that’s right for you. For full details on these positions, plus many more. Tel: 701616 email:


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Guernsey’s number one private employer words | Tina Whittaker

FROM an operation started by a couple in their spare room, Specsavers Optical Group has grown into a business success story with its roots still firmly planted in Guernsey soil. It is now the world’s largest privately owned optical retailer; it is also the island’s biggest private employer, with more than 500 staff working locally and playing a key part in its global success. Founded in 1984 by husband and wife team, Doug and Mary Perkins, Specsavers is very much a family run business, with son John and daughters’ Cathy and Julie all working for the company. They passionately believe in providing fashionable affordable eyecare for everyone and that one should treat others as you would wish to be treated. These family values underpin the business and are vital to its continued success. From its inauspicious start with a table-tennis table as the office furniture, the company now has more than 1,600 stores. Expansion into Europe began in 1997, when the company opened its first store in Holland, since then the successful business model has rolled out across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. The company has also diversified, expanding its optical offering to hearing. During the last eight years it has grown the business so successfully that it is now the UK’s largest private provider of digital hearing aids and offers a hearing service from more than 400 locations throughout the UK and Europe. The 100,000 sq ft building at La Villiaze provides a full range of support services to the global chain of opticians, including finance, legal, tax, marketing, retail, IT and wholesale. With such a range of departments, Specsavers is an unrivalled local employer in terms of the number of career prospects offered under one roof. Taking a job at Specsavers offers extensive opportunities for people to further their careers through training and qualifications with the Specsavers Academy, alongside


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intensive on-the-job development. A very successful graduate scheme has been running for the last five years and has lead to many of the participants gaining full time employment in the business. A similar programme for A Level students was launched this September with three sixth form leavers embarking on a rotation programme to gain a wealth of experience across a chosen department. All employees can progress within their roles but are also encouraged to transfer into other departments where appropriate. That, coupled with excellent working conditions and benefits, makes Specsavers a highly enviable employer. One of the most exciting and rapidly expanding departments is creative. Most companies outsource to agencies for advertising and marketing campaigns, but the multi award-winning ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ adverts that grace our TV screens are dreamt up by the locally based, in-house creative department. Often the team make use of their own staff and use them in their campaigns instead of models or actors. The department that takes up the most physical space in the offices at La Villiaze and also at Harbour House in St Sampson’s, is the warehouse. They hold a huge amount of stock to supply the UK stores, with more than a million items stocked in the La Villiaze warehouse and back up stock at the business recovery centre at Harbour House. After being sourced

internationally, the frames are shipped to the island every day and picked and despatched according to demand. The warehouse team are constantly breaking records with an average week seeing 215,000 frames dispatched; their record week so far this year hit a huge 289,600. As well as being one of the most successful retailers in the UK, Specsavers is also a fun place to be. The atmosphere is very much one of ‘work hard, play hard’. La Villiaze has many services and facilities to make working for Specsavers as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. A subsidised onsite café is a hive of activity at lunchtime and a great meeting point. For recreation, there are separate TV and games rooms housing free pool, table tennis and football tables, televisions and video games. For a more relaxing break there is a quiet reading room with internet access. In addition to this the company has a very active Sports and Social Club, which organises numerous social activities throughout the year, including trips to Herm and Sark, quiz and bingo nights and end of quarter parties. Other social events include an annual profit share party, Christmas lunches and a bi-annual staff ball.

For those interested in sport there is no better place to work than Specsavers. It has a number of company-sponsored teams that staff are encouraged to join as a great way to keep fit while meeting new people and socialising with colleagues. Specsavers is so much more than Guernsey’s largest private employer; it is also a keen member of the Guernsey community and involved in countless aspects of island life. This can involve anything from supporting local charities and good causes, sponsoring school and sporting events or helping quietly through its Children’s Charitable Foundation. Every year the company puts on not one, but two Liberation Tea Dances, free of charge, for those islanders who were evacuated, deported, stayed in the island during the German Occupation or served in the forces during the Second World War. It’s a highlight of the year for the attendees and a fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends and enjoy music and dancing from the era. As part of the Guernsey Awards for Achievement, Specsavers sponsors the Unsung Hero Award, which recognises someone who has given selflessly to the local community. It has come to mean a great deal to the island, being a measure of local excellence, achievement and talent. Previous winners include Scout leader Juliet Carre, Bob and Jan Carre, for their outstanding contribution to the Guernsey Athletics Club, and most recently Girlguide leader Jenny Falla. The winners of this award are nominated and voted for by the public, so it truly is a people’s award. The Specsavers Children’s Charitable Foundation is a quiet and understated charity continually working for needy and disadvantaged children in the Bailiwick. Since it was formed in 2000 it has donated more than £150,000. Donations cover a wide range of worthy causes, from supporting large youth groups, to individual families in need of essential household items. Each case is reviewed by the committee and judged on its own merits. One of the major benefits of the charity is the lack of red tape with the committee sitting in house - this means that urgent requests can be processed quickly and have the matter resolved in a few days. So much does the company give back, that its co-founder Dame Mary Perkins received the Queen’s Honour in 2007 – in recognition of her contribution to business and the community in Guernsey. More recently Dame Mary was awarded the Institute of Directors Lifetime Achievement Award. However the level of success achieved by Specsavers has not changed its founders one bit, they are both still actively involved in the business and continue their mission with infectious zeal, guaranteeing that Specsavers will continue to serve the community for many more years to come.


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OUR SPORTS BANNER IS NOW AVAILABLE Quality brands need quality media placement. Our divider banners align you with a relevant Gallery section and offers a creative design opportunity Call us on 739854 and ask about sport divider sponsorship

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Bar Billiards: the rules words | Shambles Rambles

Bar billiards is played on a special bar billiards table without side and corner pockets, but with 9 holes in the playing surface, which are assigned certain point values from 10 to 200. There are eight balls for play - seven white and one red. Potting the red ball in any hole will score you double points. On the playfield are normally placed three pegs (skittles). If a white peg is knocked over then the player’s break is ended and all score acquired during that break is discarded. Knocking down the black peg ends the player’s break and all points are lost.


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A white ball is placed on a starting spot, then another ball (the red ball, if available) will be placed on a spot a few inches in front of that. Players take alternate turns at the table, the ‘turn’ being known as a ‘break. If the player fails to pot a ball then the break has ended and the second player takes his break by placing another ball on the first spot. If all balls are in play, then the closest ball to the ‘D’ (the semicircle around the first spot) is removed and put on the spot. If a player fails to hit a ball, then the break ends and all points earned in that break are lost. The play is time-limited and the last ball can only be potted by getting it into the ‘100’ or ‘200’ point hole after bouncing off one side cushion.


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My first “local sports assignment” takes me to La Fontaine Inn to spend some time playing against, and talking with, three times Bar Billiard World Champion Trevor Gallienne, who last won the title in 2008 defeating Kevin Tunstall from Sussex in a competition that attracted over 500 entrants. Trevor has been playing since 1970 and won his first Guernsey championship in 1975 at the Hubits Tavern. As of 31 May 2011, Trevor was ranked 15 in the world, after having won the World Championships in 1989, 2007 and 2008. His lowly ranking mainly being because he can only attend one or two ranking events per year where in the UK players compete in a dozen or so. This year’s championships would have taken place in Jersey by the time this article comes out and who would bet against Trevor picking up title number four. His results locally are more than impressive. In the 2010/2011 Winter League for his team the Baulkliners, he won 13 of his 15 games amassing 119,690 points. He was also part of the Guernsey team that won the CI Championships in 2011 for the first time in six years. Trevor confided in me that he hadn’t picked up a cue for 6 months although the landlord had earlier told me that he had been in practicing the night before. I grabbed myself a Guinness and he turned down the offer of a drink saying that he couldn’t have anything before a game. Things started to make sense, he was nervous and I could take advantage, and with that I felt a wave of confidence running through my cueing arm. Has the former world champion met his match? Well it can’t be that difficult can it? Hit the ball in one of the holes and don’t knock over one of those peg things! Well 50p, 7,260 points and seventeen minutes later I walked away from the table having been allowed to play seven shots in anger accumulating 830 points. His powers of concentration never seemed to waiver and I was a distinct second best. Eager to find out a little about what makes Trevor tick I asked him several defining questions

Wine and Cheese or Pie and a Pint? Pie and a Pint

Walk or Taxi? Walk

Do fish get thirsty?

They are constantly thirsty!

You are about to be bitten by something venomous, Spider or Snake? Snake, I am not keen on spiders

Let me set the scene, you walked into a pub, brought some pork scratchings and a pint of Guinness and noticed that the Spurs v Arsenal game starts an hour later than you thought. You spot a Billiards table in the corner, and that’s how you first got involved, correct or not? Incorrect! I worked in the Imperial and they had a table delivered, it all started from there really. We entered into the local league in 1973.

Do any of your friends bother to play against you?

A lot of my friends could beat me. In the World Championships I lost against a guy in the first round who should never have beaten me. When the time ticks down, there are more balls on the table and panic sets in, anything can happen.

I spend much of my time working with young cricketers and practice makes perfect, is it hour after hour spent practicing


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at the table or is that something that does not happen in Bar Billiards?

There’s no coaching in Bar Billiards, most players are self-taught, and you have to work out the angles of the table yourself.

How do you keep your levels of concentration when it seems to me it is all about repeating the same shot over and over and boring your opponent into submission?

Like most sports, the game is played in the mind. If you are playing against a top player you just can’t afford to miss. In one of the finals there were two shots in the game, he missed and I cleaned up, you have to be totally focused. In another match my wife rang me on my mobile phone that I had forgotten to turn off just as I was in the middle of a break. I missed because of that!

Your new date Liz Hurley wants you to impress her with your potting action, how would you make Bar Billiards glamorous and sexy like Formula One? It won’t be any sexier than it is now! If you see pictures of my team the Baulkliners in the 1970’s there’s no way that Liz Hurley would get involved!

Describe your feelings when the object ball trickles painfully slowly towards the black peg and you know that there is nothing you can do to stop it, not even blow it!

It happened to me in last year’s championships, I was playing against who I consider to be the best player in the world, Jim Millward. He was 11,000 points ahead when I managed to get to the table. I rattled up 12,500 with a minute or so to go and knocked one of the white pegs over losing all my points. It’s depressing!

I know that you have your fingers in a few sporting pies, one of them being a race-horse owner, how does the thrill of watching one of your horses win compare to when you won your third world championship?

They are both totally different, one you have control of and the other you can’t do anything about. My horse Eshtyaq was beaten at York 50 yards from the line when the jockey dropped his whip. If I have the cue in my hands it’s up to me.

You won your first world title in 1989 and then the next in 2007, that’s a gap of 18 years. Did you get a form of dartitis or the yips similar to Eric Bristow or was it something more sinister? I did play all those years and it was through a range of circumstances that I didn’t win again. Bad luck, losing in the early rounds that are one off games, bad draws and my wife ringing me! On the eve of the 2007 tournament someone said to me that I was one of the best players that had never won the tournament twice. I guess that kind of made me more focused and determined.

Which local sports person do you admire the most and it can’t be me!

Well if it can’t be you then it has to be Graham Jackson who I play cricket with for the Vagabonds. He is well into his 60’s and plays every game with the enthusiasm of a teenager. He is a modest performer with the bat and scored his first ever 50 on this year’s tour to France. He wouldn’t have been any happier if he had woken up to find Cheryl Cole’s telephone number in the top pocket of his pyjama jacket.

Can you give me the first question to ask next month’s interviewee, it will be a golfer? If you had the chance of taking a four-foot putt yourself for £10,000.00 or to get Tiger Woods to take it for you from eight-feet for the same money, which one would you choose? What a great game to play, currently there are over 40 players competing in the local leagues and the new Bar Billiards season has just kicked off. If you want to get involved in a team get in touch with Tom Oliver at Next Month’s Billionaire Edition According to Forbes in 2009, Tiger Woods was sports first billionaire. So we are going for a local golfer!


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Before moving to Guernsey I was involved with the Reading Rockets and the Guildford Heat and a lot of players there coach too and go into schools etc. and create a monthly league. KERRY I’ve played locally, against Jersey, in the Island Games and wherever I’ve New fun basketball coaching and lived in the world so basketball has always been a big factor in my life. After our playing opportunities for girls and experience coaching and working with boys aged 6-16! young people, we’ve noticed a gap in basketball development in Guernsey, which wasn’t being fulfilled. So Future Stars has Sessions on Saturday afternoons grown out of that, the object is not just to at St Sampson’s High School. give people the opportunity to play and to be coached properly, but also to give them New Season starts a base to learn enough skills to promote them to the GBA League th

5 of November.

What do you hope to achieve through Future Stars?

Basketball Coaching Academy

words | Viki Stunnell

25 weeks, 40+ kids, 2 coaches and a whole heap of enthusiasm, is all it takes to revolutionise a sports future, and give youngsters something to focus on. It’s a shame it hasn’t been done before, but thanks to the efforts of two very driven coaches and a gathering of helpful, like minded support, Guernsey Sport Commission has cracked it. Future Stars is for 6-16 year olds, who want to have fun, and on the side maybe even learn to play basketball. At £39.50 for 25 weeks of professional coaching, the opportunity to play in a league and a free kit, it works out cheaper than NBA Live for the XBOX! Gallery had the opportunity to speak to the coaches, Jenny Rees (Captain Ladies team) and Kerry Smyth (Island Mens Team) to see exactly what it’s all about??? What’s your background and how are you involved with Future Stars? JENNY I’ve been in Guernsey a couple of years now but have always been involved in basketball either coaching or as a player, I’ve been a level 2 coach for a few years and wanted to get back into it over here but the setup wasn’t available locally yet.


Numero Uno.indb 104

KERRY We are hoping Future Stars will in 3 or 4 years have the 12-13 year olds from this year entering the under 17’s GBA and will already be skilled meaning the elite level of Guernsey Basketball will be a much higher standard as will how Guernsey represents themselves in the Men’s set up, obviously the girls are doing very well and have had a gold! (Stifled laughter from the Ladies Captain) JENNY The biggest thing is they are going to have fun while learning the basics of basketball and to play in a league environment. It’s a big community thing though and we want parents to get involved too by coming and watching when they can and helping out. What can the kids expect to get from Future Stars? KERRY We have a select amount of assistant coaches with us, and they are all experienced gold medal winners in the sport and the young people on our programme are not only coming to learn the game but coming to learn it from people that love it. It will be fun but it’s not just somewhere to be for an hour, they are there to learn basketball skills. Do you think Basketball as a sport is recognised enough in schools?

So it’s all about having the numbers to create a good league? KERRY That’s what happens in the elite setting of the men’s basketball division 1, with only three teams, you are always playing the same people, and it’s been like that for years. Even if for the next five years there are still only three teams, through Future Stars there could be 100 young people coming up through the ranks, which will lead to a greater basketball community. JENNY Exactly, as it isn’t just about creating an elite set up, it’s about promoting the sport in its entirety. All other sports have great social leagues and this creates a platform for that early on. What do you think the effect sport in general has on a young person’s character? KERRY I think it’s a massive benefit to their development in general, and teaches them discipline, teamwork, manners and fitness. In basketball specifically, it helps to teach children at a very early age and instill skills that then become second nature. We are not talking five year olds taking jump shots, but how to run properly and catch properly. It doesn’t necessarily happen here, but the States and Europe have courts everywhere that are filled with youngsters of 4 or 5 with great skills already. U.K culture is definitely to grab a football. What are avenues are there available to people that do want to pursue a career in basketball? JENNY Locally as soon as they get to a good standard they can get to the age breakdown leagues for the island if they are men, there is currently only one women’s island team which is another reason for the initiative. KERRY Currently there is a local lad Sam Simon at Reading, but historically with guys such as Dan Cavanagh and Martin Yabsley the sports commission wasn’t really in place and the onus was on them as an individual to progress however now with the Future Stars initiative and the aid of GBA there is a process in place to nurture this early and support it going forward.

JENNY It depends on the teacher (especially in Primary Schools), but in Secondary I think it’s a 5-6 week programme, and although some schools do have teams there isn’t any set school league. KERRY Our objective is to promote the GBA League through Future Stars, but we also have an aim to go into schools and provide coaching assistance to the staff. How long do you think it will take to get basketball featured more in the curriculum? KERRY There are restraints within the curriculum but they have to teach it. If we can do anything to help the coaches promote the game of basketball, while giving young people the opportunity to play outside of school before they get to the GBA League then that’s a bonus.

New fun basketball coaching and playing opportunities for girls and boys aged 6-16! Sessions on Saturday afternoons at St Sampson’s High School. New Season starts 5th of November.


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Get your products featured in the island’s hottest gift list... call 739854 and ask about the 2012 Winter Edition gift guide BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

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eople will try to put it down, but regardless, the new Lambretta is a great little scoot to help you get around. Dubious re-appropriation of Who lyrics aside, this bike probably isn’t for the scootering purists but as I discovered during the 100 mile test of the new LN125, that didn’t stop a few of them from talking about it! In fact, whilst stopping to chat to a handful of the enthusiasts over from the mainland enjoying Jersey’s first scooter rally, one chap even spoke of a video taken on a friend’s mobile phone of none other than yours truly zipping about the day before, such is the hype and intrigue surrounding this new entry to the twist-and-go market. Lambretta ceased manufacturing scooters in 1972, with Innocenti selling the tooling to Scooters India Limited, who continued manufacturing some models for their domestic market. This, new Lambretta is manufactured by established Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer Sym, and as far as a twist-and-go getarounds go it’s pretty good. Think Italian and the brain conjures up notions of effortless style, espresso, a crescendo of beeping horns and a generally laid back attitude to life, but think Taiwanese and you’ll be seeing manufacturing, technology, and plenty of drive. With body panel design courtesy of a reassuringly Italian named gent called Alessandro and the bike underneath having been developed in Taiwan, you can expect quirky, retro looks combined with reliability and ease of use. You see, the LN125 isn’t pretending to be a classic Lambretta from the days of old, more a cheeky nod to the past whilst providing easy to use transport to a modern generation. From the flip-out pedals for pillions that fold neatly into the running boards to the throaty exhaust note from its 4-stroke motor and through to


Numero Uno.indb 107

the smaller details such as the ‘Lambretta’ emblazoned handlebar grips, cute dials that echo the look of the originals and a key shaped like the rear panel of an old Li it’s clear they’ve had fun designing it. Something that never failed to put a smile on my face was the almost impossibly loud tick-tocker (that’s a technical term) for the indicators. Whereas it can be all too easy to leave the indicators flashing on most bikes, anyone riding a new Lambretta would have to be completely deaf to manage it, which is definitely a good thing in the eyes of safety. Not being deaf and riding a motorcycle, that’s not particularly safe, I meant more that you’ll never mislead other road users with poor signalling.


between 20-30mph too, leaving a few surprised onlooking faces as I pulled away. The brakes work well enough to inspire confidence and the bike itself isn’t so wide that you worry about scraping anything as you squeeze past buses, lorries and tractors whilst all the time providing you with a sense of smugness that is hard to beat as you cruise past the gridlocked traffic at a cool 30mph. Under the comfortable seat for two there’s also a small amount of storage space, but unfortunately not enough to store your helmet whilst you’re not riding which is a shame, but in practise most likely not too troublesome to live with.

Its part metal, part plastic Think Italian and the brain conjures up notions body construction will of effortless style, espresso, a crescendo of be a winner in the eyes beeping horns and a generally laid back attitude of smaller riders as to life, but think Taiwanese and you’ll be seeing heavier competitor bikes manufacturing, technology, and plenty of drive. could prove a pain to get With body panel design courtesy of a reassuringly onto the centre stand, Italian named chap called Alessandro and the bike although they do look underneath developed in Taiwan you can expect a lot cooler resting on quirky, retro looks combined with reliability and the side stand anyway. ease of use. Small wheeled scooters are always going to be a blast to ride, their low centre of gravity With a range of different, and some quite providing the ability to lean over into bright, panel colours to provide an accent corners at such low speeds you’ll imagine in contrast with the white finish of the main body there’s a new Lambretta to suit all you’re riding something much faster. tastes. I’ve even seen one online with whiteIf you’re fed up of waiting impatiently in walled tyres - something tells me that owner an endless snake of traffic every morning customisation of these little machines is set but feel anxious about getting wet now to take off! that winter is settling in, don’t! You get a surprising amount of weather protection on With an established and reputable local one of these and with a range of accessories dealer for servicing and backup and a 50cc being developed, such as screens as well as version also in the pipeline for the younger racks and other parts to customise your fashionistas out there I’m expecting these to sell like hot cakes did back in the 60s. scoot, things can only get better. Out on the road, things are as you’d expect from a modern 125cc air-cooled twist-andgo. Turn the throttle for nippy acceleration to get you out in front of the traffic you’ve just filtered through and on up to a top speed of around 50mph. Not that I’d know from the test, officer. It picks up well from

The Lambretta LN125 is available from Motorama in Jersey, for £3,147.75 To find out more call 01534 722819 or visit: www.


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Motoring News Must have #1:DAILY DRIVE The first of my three fuel-guzzling boys’ toys must haves is obvious, because you need to get around, right? But I’m not talking about a clapped out smallcapacity hatchback. Oh no, you deserve better than that. Plus who knows, you may even have a dog. Once you’ve sourced a suitable car that is equally at home collecting said canine companion from the vet, transporting lady-friends to and from dinner engagements or being thrashed around a racetrack then you may progress onto one or both of the following items below.

Ultimate toybox Known for being possibly the best group activity for petrolheads, the Palmersport day is one thing you should put on the list to do before you die.

Must have #2: TROPHY TRUCK Most popular in the USA, trophy trucks are mostly found re-shaping deserts at an unholy rate. Take THAT, Mother Nature! Often 2 wheel drive, fitted with a large V8 and loosely resembling a mass-produced pickup truck in body style, and badging trophy trucks are pretty much the fastest off-road vehicles going. Forget the Stateside specials though, because this contender from Volkswagen that dropped into my inbox and straight into the ‘never, ever forget this’ section of my mind where vivid images of all the best Franken-motors reside has got to be king of the hill. Built to compete in both the Baja 1000 and Pikes Peak ‘race to the sky’ hillclimb and very loosely based on the Touareg and with VAG’s 6 litre V12 TDi powerplant putting out unfathomable amounts of torque this is what it looks like in ‘naked’ form, underneath its protective, Touareg-esque shell. Personally, I think it looks ten times as mean like this, resembling a pimped-out Kubelwagen. If this had existed in the 90s, you just know Moesha would have had to have one.

Must have #3:FAST BIKE There are three schools of motoring thought; those who only entertain four wheels, those who like getting cold and wet exclusively on two wheels, and those who prefer to both have their cake AND eat it, regardless of the amount of wheels. With two-wheeled opinions varying so vastly, and despite not being much of a sportsbike kind of guy myself, this is the bike that people just haven’t seemed to stop talking about for the past couple of years: BMW’s S1000RR. 193hp (enough for a car, let alone a bike), stunning looks and breathtaking performance all readily on tap and with extras like anti-wheelie for those of us whose testicles don’t get transported on palletboards it seems like a winner to me.

A full day at their purpose built playground, the 384 acre Bedford Autodrome certainly isn’t cheap, but it looks like so much fun for any self-respecting petrolhead that I’m struggling to type this for shaking with excitement. Running the event for either half or whole days, the whole day package includes breakfast and a waitress served lunch chosen in advance from their set menus as well as your being let loose in no less than 7 different toys over four different circuits, all of which are run at once to reduce waiting times between each session. Let me give you an idea of what they’re offering here; a BMW M3 GT, Porsche 911, Jaguar-Palmer LM two-seater prototype, Land Rover Defender for the off road experience, a Renaultsport Clio Cup car, Caterham 7 for the handling and head-tohead challenges then their Formula Jaguar single seater with its 3 litre Cosworth V6 as the cherry atop the petrol infused icing on top of your motorsport cake. Often used for corporate events, the Palmersport voucher can also be bought as a gift to be used within a year from issue so why not shell out for one to give to your favourite petrolhead or convince a group of your mates to join you for the driving experience of a lifetime? Most of your laps are filmed on the in-car cameras and transferred onto a USB stick for you to take home at the end of the day, and with plenty of time to trash-talk your contemporaries (they refer to it as ‘compare lap times’, but we all know how it works) throughout the day as well as refreshments on tap I’m actually struggling to think of anything potentially more exciting that can be printed without attracting a raft of complaints right now. FULL DAY: £657 + VAT (off peak) FULL DAY: £772 + VAT (peak times) HALF DAY: £400 + VAT See for details


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NEW INTERCEPTOR Worried at first, having discovered that the people who now own Bowler and are planning to produce the new Spyker range will be responsible for the new generation of Jensen Interceptor I’m slowly coming round to the idea. Thankfully, the fishbowl rear window will remain. Phew.


THE BRITISH SUPER SUV Formed by a group of motoring enthusiasts, backed by a selection of international investors, designed by an engineer who was partly responsible for Jaguar’s XJ220 supercar way back when I was of the age to want a poster of such a vehicle on my bedroom wall and with former F1 driver Johnny Herbert on board, Eterniti Motors sounds like a party! Their first offering, the Hemera, sounds a bit like something that could be responsible for a sore bottom, but owing to the docks for two iPads and a drinks chiller in its limousine inspired interior that being reality is rather doubtful. Eterniti say that by combining this luxurious interior with performance and space they will be creating a brand new motoring niche, leading me to believe that it’s probably fair to say they’ve never seen a Porsche Cayenne.

THE START OF A NEW ERA? Having borne the Defender moniker for 21 years and having remained essentially unchanged aesthetically for closer to 31 years, Land Rover have finally hinted at the direction that the original’s successor could be going in the form of the DC100, seen here. At its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Land Rover have confirmed that they will release a new Defender model for 2015, citing this as the beginning of a 4 year journey into the development of the new vehicle.





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Remember the ‘good old days’? Simpler times? It’s easy to look back and reminisce whilst badmouthing modern technology or blaming it for anything the ‘youth of today’ do wrong but in truth there’s nothing wrong with a pinch of progression. This month we look at new and improved versions of old faithful classics. Enjoy!

Payphone in your pocket Yubz mobile phone retro handset. Available from Amazon for £42.50

Okay, these have been around for a little while now but they’re so ridiculous that they had to be featured. It’s as simple as it looks, plug the chunky handset with its retro aesthetic into your handset and speak. Are you managing to keep up so far? Good. You could easily pass the Yubz handset off as a novelty item but when you think about it more carefully there are

practical advantages to using one especially if you’re paranoid about the microwaves eminating from your mobile device, or simply frequently talk on your mobile for extended periods of time. It’s also great if holding a small, slippery, sweltering and sickeningly sweaty handset to your ear isn’t your bag. Whether it’s pure novelty or novelty with a purpose (cradling a mobile when you’re trying to use your hands for, er, whatever you fancy during phonecalls can be problematic, but not so with a full size receiver) they’re not the cheapest of accessories but there must be a calling for them or they’d not exist!

Ping-pong paddles

Brodmann Blades table tennis set. Available from: for $99.95 Table tennis seems to be experiencing somewhat of a resurgence of late, with offices adopting tables and in some cases even imposing compulsory pingpong time upon their staff in order to make them take a break. Sounds fine by me! If you’ve ever thought that the handle on a table tennis bat was just a bit unnecessary then these are definitely for you. Removing the handle means you wear the snug-fitting bat on your hand, essentially playing by slapping the ball, a technique that Brodmann, the manufacturer says provides a purer and more intuitive playing experience as you’re not trying to coordinate hitting the ball with an extension of your body. It sounds intriguing, and if your ability to play table tennis is anywhere near as pitiful as mine you’ll undoubtedly be glad to be given a helping hand. They’re even trying to get them recognised for international competitions - don’t forget you saw them here first!

It’s hip to be square

120 film cameras available from With so much digital photography occuring these days it seems the good ole’ film cameras are being forgotten, but it’s not always about pin sharp, crisp snaps or the pleasurable blur of acres of depth of field - the popularity of flare, white borders, burning and jagged edges is coming back into fashion (see the Hipstamatic app for iPhone and iPod Touch page right if you’d rather cheat to get a similar, albeit less exciting and satisfying than the real thing effect). Lomography is a great resource for toy cameras, marvels of Soviet photography, multi-lens cameras, coloured, strobing flashes and much, much more. Check it out and take it back to the old school this summer. Well, what’s left of it! Featured models clockwise from the most colourful one: Lomo Fisheye Rip Curl edition £65 Holga 120 twin lens reflex £55 Diana Mini £49 Holga 120 3D stereo camera £90


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Bump Like Acne

Dr Dre Beats heaphones now in stock at the brand new and improved iQ store from £129 Forget about other headphones (see what I did there?) ‘cause Dre is in the neighbourhood and his new line of headphones is so good. Tim from iQ says that they ‘ROCK’ and if he says so, who are we to argue? They’re available to demo in store right now so get down there and hear for yourself how amazing these cans are.

Oh and it’s digital, darling!

Roberts revival DAB radio. Prices range from betwen £135 & £160. Available in an almost unfathomable range of colours. If you’ve ever scoured a car boot sale or popular online auction website for old items to decorate your home then you’re probably a bit mental. Not really, the retro revival has been steaming ahead for years now and quirky items can look great on your bookshelf or coffee table. But what about functional items that are also ozzing with the charm of yesteryear?

I can almost smell the bakelite already. These Roberts DAB and Internet radios not only look poetic but also bring the world of digital and streaming radio into your home, or anywhere for that matter, as long as you remember to charge the batteries. With an almost infinite number of stations to choose from there’s something for every musical taste and they’re simple to use too, so the next time your current radio runs out of decent music get online and get yourself one of these.

A few different models are available; the Studio, Pro and Solo (listed top to bottom if you cast your eyes downward), which are all available in either red, white or black. The Solo starts at £129.03 with control talk, the red version costing £159.53. The Beats Studio will set you back £240.89 and the top dawg version, the Beats Pro, costs £301.12. All prices include GST so there are no pricing surprises hiding around the corner. No diggity, no doubt..

It’s app to be square ...

The Hipstamatic app for iPhone & iPod Touch, available from the iTunes store for £1.69 Hardly a brand new revelation, but extremely good fun and bang on theme this month, how could I possibly leave out the highly acclaimed Hipstamatic app? Emulating a 120 medium format ‘toy camera’ with interchangable lenses and films to experiment with you get great digital shots with an old school feel. Everybody’s doing it, so why don’t you?

Make a note

Field notes paper notebooks available as plain, lined and graph layouts from £6.99 for a pack of 3 Amazon. Strictly speaking, a paper notebook isn’t really a gadget - I’m very much aware of this. These little fellas however are pretty natty and are sure to put a smile upon the face of all who spot them whether that be at a coffee shop, supermarket or school desk. Available in a multitude of colours there’s a notebook for every occasion. BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

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Automatic for the people


Words | Phil Le Brun

very rich man, techno freak or lazy boy wants to be able to control their house like a Bond villain controls his secret underground lair and with a little bit of home automation this dream can be a reality. Well… maybe not completely, but it can effectively aid reducing concerns over excessive energy expenditures, or put an end to simply wondering whether you've closed the garage door. What's more is that this can now be achieved without having to rip up your floor boards and rewire your house, as modern "wireless home automation" systems can achieve this through retro fittings and existing power wiring, radio or infrared signals. This rapidly evolving industry has spawned a selection of products from several respected manufacturers. Lets start with Control4 which offers a diverse range of home automation products. Based around a master 'Home Controller', Control4 can provide you with full control of your audio and video devices, lighting, thermostats security systems or third party systems all from one remote control. The Control4 system also offers a MyHome App which enables you to further control your home from your iPhone, iPad, tablet or laptop. This App transforms your existing smartphone into additional interfaces in order to effectively access and manage your Control4 system. Control4 appears to have masterminded a solution which is compatible in new and older homes making it possible for virtually any appliance or device in your home to intelligently communicate with another.

Samsung Smart TV

Another very popular system, albeit less flexible than Control4's offerings, is the Sonos Multiroom Music System. Providing the ability to fully control music within your home, Sonos really is the music streaming solution of choice. It also enables you to expand across your home through the use of wireless technology so less wires and less hassle. Furthermore it is actually possible to play different types of music in different rooms so your teenage son can immerse himself in Dubstep in his room whilst Mum can relax with something more classical in the living room. Sonos also provides a free application that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a fully fledged "Sonos Controller" that works everywhere in your home’s Wifi Network. This means that with a touch of a finger you can find and play a world of music, tune to your favourite radio station or browse through your entire music library.  It is widely assumed a whole-home lighting control system is only reserved for new homes, whilst anyone with a house older than 10 years has to suffer with a jumble of wires and switches in order to achieve any kind of variation in lighting control. However Lutron's Homeworks system provides convenient and intelligent control of your home's interior and exterior lighting and it can be cohesively installed in older or even historic homes as well as additions or renovations. Lutron's Homeworks system can make adjustments or additions to an existing system as existing switches are replaced with Retro-Fit dimmers, RF

switches and RF keypads using existing line-voltage wiring. The features of the Homeworks system are seemingly endless ranging from enhancing comfort and convenience to energy saving and security. The Lutron HomeWorks system has also collaborated with Apple offering an application which allows complete control convenience through the use of an iPhone or iPod touch. Another offering in home automation is scheduled to come in September from the California based company SpeakerCraft with their new Nirv system. SpeakerCraft is touting their new audio and HD video distribution as a highly versatile solution that’s easy for consumers to use. What Nirv can provide is essentially any media content you desire being able to reside anywhere you like within your home or office being able to display all via a single Cat5e wire. The heart of what makes Nirv unique is the WAND. Although not as magical as it initially sounds the Nirv WAND is a sleek remote control that provides all the control you need in just 11 buttons. It’s a good bet you’re never going to look at a TV the same way again once you starting using a smart TV. The Samsung Smart TV is not just a TV with Internet, it's a whole new way to experience entertainment. It enables you to stream movies and TV shows, browse the web, chat with friends, update your Facebook, and use Apps right on the screen. The Smart Hub feature really is like "Mission Control" for your TV and gives access to things like the connected sources, your favourite channels and the electronic


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Beyond Computers

Gadgets of the month

Panasonic Lumix G3 Micro Four Thirds Compact System Camera

Superb image quality and advanced focusing. It features the newly developed 16.0-megapixel Live MOS sensor which offers a big advantage for capturing stunning images, thanks to a low noise processing and a low noise circuit structure. The camera has the world’s fastest Light Speed Auto Focus of approx. 0.1 second, achieved by reducing the detection time for focusing, which doubles the drive speed from 60 fps to 120 fps.

program guide. Furthermore its got built-in Wi-Fi, so it's easy to set up without rewiring. If you have a Samsung Android phone it is also possible to download an App which effectively transforms your phone into a fully functioning remote control. The release of Samsung’s Smart TV heralds the start of a new phase in the competitive television market putting the user firmly in the driving seat of their home entertainment, social networking and internet browsing. Regardless of which home automation system you choose their compatibility with retro fittings and diverse range of functions makes them an exciting piece of technology and makes it possible to "pimp" any house regardless of whether its just been built or was built in the 18th century. So it doesn't matter where you live it won't be long before the dream is complete and you can control every appliance and system of your home/lair from the comfort of your swivelling chair complete with fluffy white cat.

A great advantage is that it is fully interchangeable with LUMIX G / LEICA DG lenses, giving you a system camera with the ability to achieve a wide range of artistic expression. Another fantastic element to this camera is that it can record high-resolution 1920 x 1080 full HD videos. The AVCHD format features almost twice the recording time in HD quality than the conventional Motion JPEG. A stereo microphone, featuring Dolby Digital Stereo Creator, on the upper body of the camera records dynamic, true-to-life stereo audio.

Available for £499.99

Panasonic Lumix GF3 Micro Four Thirds Compact System Camera Lightest camera in the world

Panasonic is proud to announce this new addition of digital interchangeable lens system camera. The GF3 weighs only 222g which again breaks the record of being the world’s smallest and lightest digital interchangeable lens camera it even has a built-in flash. The new camera boasts high image quality with the enhanced Venus Engine FHD and the 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor. Notably, images to be shot in low-lit situations at high ISO sensitivity setting are stunningly clear with highly sharp resolution. The DMC-GF3 records 1920 x 1080 full-HD video in AVCHD format which is superior in both compression efficiency and friendliness with AV equipment for playback.

Available for £399.99


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Words | Enrique Quesadilla


y the time you hold this magazine in your hands, Apple will have bludgeoned the world into drooling astonishment with the announcement of the iPhone 5: literally the most amazing item of consumer electronics since the last iPhone, the phone that tore down the Berlin wall and was responsible for the global eradication of malaria.

The iPhone 4s is a smartphone so desirable that the only way to secure a handset at launch will involve enrolling one of your children in a summer camp staffed by smiling, glassy-eyed Californians and conveniently located on the outskirts of the Foxconn complex in Shenzen, China. Consumers unable to imagine their dull, pointless lives without a trouser bulge caused by the sleek contours of the 64GB model - hand-carved from pure obsidian and featuring a special camera that records images in nine dimensions - will be expected to pledge undying loyalty to polo-neck emperor Steve Jobs and repay the cost of their device with two years of service aboard an artificial satellite orbiting the forest moon of Endor. Security remains tight, but expected features of the iPhone 4s include DNA recognition software, an artificial intelligence (codenamed ‘Keanu’) and the ability to shut down completely if the phone suspects you are entertaining any negative thoughts about Apple or its products. It will be endorsed by Jesus and feature the ability to anger real birds; if you don’t own one, expect to be shunned like a filthy medieval leper.

An eye for an iPhone

Well, I for one am very excited, because I currently have a phone so basic that it overheats if I spend more than five minutes playing Snake. It can just about send text messages, but the capability was clearly added as an afterthought when the engineers were done with the port


Numero Uno.indb 114

in the back to connect it to fax machines and betamax video players. It only has two ringtones, both of which are variations on the Nokia tune as reproduced by an 80s novelty doorbell. My ownership of this phone has made me a social pariah, unable to fully participate in phone poker, the thrilling modern game where people place their smartphone on the table at dinner parties, seeking to outdo each other with progressively flashier handsets, more intrusive ringtones and the biggest selection of apps that make fart noises when the owner is at a funeral. I for one will not participate in this foolish charade, if only because I can’t afford a new handset whilst I’m still locked into a punishing contract I apparently signed in my own blood in the mid 90s. It costs me two quid to send a text and my phone only does roaming if I write a begging letter to telecoms a month in advance. I don’t even have the same phone two weeks in a row, as I’m forced to stick with whichever of my collection of brick-like vintage Nokias has decided to work this week. An unexpected exposure to Jersey’s annual July downpour recently destroyed my fanciest model, so I suffered the twin indignities of losing all of my recent phone numbers and being downgraded to a phone the size of a 200 pack of Marlboros and only slightly healthier - I’m certain it’s pumping out enough radiation from behind its evil monochrome screen to cook a chicken tikka masala in the time it takes me to give people directions to my house.

The joy of text

If you’re one of those people lucky enough to own a modern smartphone, you’ll know that it renders all other means of transmitting information utterly, hopelessly obsolete. In fact, I’d like to personally thank every person reading this, because if you are it means you’ve kindly endured the terrible inconvenience of holding a magazine made out of actual paper in order to do it. You’re probably using both hands too, which means that you aren’t driving a lorry, conducting brain surgery or frying a pancake at the same time. Please accept my gratitude for your continued loyalty to the printed word, and for managing to enjoy my writing without an animated overlay of Zach Galifiniakis and a car advert full of explosions. For my part, I have repaid you by ensuring that this column will not try and sell you a ringtone, will not offer a free clean of your hard drive or attempt to trick you into looking at animal pornography. You really don’t need magazines any more, or books for that matter. Pulp all your maps and manuals; throw your passport into the fire. You don’t even need to remember anything,

because you can consult Facebook any time you’ve played so much Fruit Ninja that you can no longer remember the names of your own children. You don’t need a television, a games console or a Speak-and-Spell, because there’s a tiny device in your trouser pocket that has more functions than a mash up of Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver and one of those futuristic barcode scanners from Star Trek. The modern phone has more power than the computers that run NASA, which is why it demands to be plugged in whilst you’re asleep, secretly plotting to seize control of the nuclear launch codes and destroy its fleshy, obsolete masters in a rain of fire. Don’t look so surprised - if you go back and read the fine print in the iTunes user agreement, you’ll see that you already signed up to this when you downloaded the latest version of Bejewelled.

OMG nu phone is GR8, @ funeral BTW ;(

Although it may end in hot, irradiated tears and a grim future of machine slavery, it would be churlish to deny that the advent of these wondrous devices has benefited the soon-to-be-irrelevant human species. I used to be terrified of the cinema, what with all that concentration in the darkness, but the experience is now thankfully broken up by the strobing illumination provided by numerous phone screens and the harmonious chirp of the Black Eyed Peas ringtone. Oh happy day - the respectful silence of the exam hall, cathedral and cemetery was nothing but dead air, merely waiting to be filled by the theme tune from Knight Rider and a hilarious video of somebody being kicked in the balls. We can now communicate at all times, not just with friends and family but with the connected world at large. Every flash of light in the darkened cinema represents the glowing opinion of some idiot, winging its way to the internet like a tiny, mis-spelled butterfly. The smartphone and its pocket Google may have killed off any remaining pretence of fairness in the pub quiz, but I think we can all agree that it’s a small price to pay for a million Hipstamatic images of discarded shoes and the opportunity for schoolchildren to watch Lady Gaga on the back seat of the bus. Best of all, the longer I avoid the temptation to buy one of these things, the less likely I am to get mugged, if only because the average street criminal is far too busy to fill their pockets with three GSM phones, two cameras, a hardback atlas and a Filofax. That’s why I’m sticking with Snake, unless Steve Jobs sends me a handset for free (see competition to the right everyone!! - Ed.) or launches an app that makes the iPhone5 release so much radiation that I can stun cockroaches with a text message and brew a cup of tea in my trouser pocket.


18/11/2011 14:52


map of the night sky. You can even use it to read books or newspapers and to watch videos or simply play games.

It’s all about Me! The LG Optimus Me P350 is ideal for smartphone newbies who don’t want to splash huge amounts of cash on their first foray into the world of smartphones. The Optimus Me uses the hugely popular Android operating system which works smoothly and intuitively so you stay very much in control of your phone. Android also gives you access to hundreds of thousands of apps so you can turn your handset into anything from a torch to a

As an affordable phone (it costs just £125 from the Sure Store in King St or comes free with the Smart125 tariff or higher) the Optimus Me looks fantastic. Its 2.8” touch screen displays your pictures or movies in vivid colour and with wi-fi and Edge connectivity, you can easily share your pics on Facebook or Twitter. To take pictures of course, you’ll need a camera and this smartphone won’t let you down with its 3 megapixel camera/ camcorder so you can capture those magic moments whenever and wherever they happen. There’s no doubt that the LG Optimus Me is a great first step into the world of smartphones, it’s not scary and yet has all the features you need to live life on the Net. Just pop into the Sure store to find out more.

BlackBerry Bold 9900

Available now at Airtel-Vodafone We’ve seen a revolution in BlackBerry ownership in recent months, as the archetypal business phone has found a cooler niche in the smartphone market place. So while the business community continue to stay locked to a BlackBerry, we’re also seeing a younger market picking them up. We’re expecting the new Bold 9900 to continue that trend, with its smart brushed metal exterior, powerful processor and latest BlackBerry 7 operating system giving a smooth and rapid response. With a touchscreen and QWERTY keypad, it’s great for keeping in touch on social networks, including the increasingly popular free and secure BlackBerry Messenger service.


The most amazing iPhone yet The dual-core A5 chip delivers more power. The 8MP camera with all-new optics also shoots 1090p HD video. And if there’s anything else you need, just ask Siri. Introducing Siri The intelligent assistant that’s there to help. Just ask. Ask Siri to make calls, send texts, set reminders, and more. Just talk the way you talk. Siri understands what you say and knows what you mean. Dual-core A5 chip Even faster everything. Two powerful cores and faster graphics make all the difference when you’re browsing the web, going from app to app to app, gaming, and doing just about everything. All-new camera It just might be the best camera ever on a phone. What’s more amazing than an 8MP camera with all-new optics that also shoots 1080HD video? The fact that it’s on a phone. iOS 5 Years ahead and moving forward. What’s more amazing than an 8MP With over 200 new sortware features, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system is now even further ahead of anything else. iCloud

DID YOU KNOW...? • 80% of UK households contain at least one mobile handset • Around 1000 handsets are thrown away in the UK every day, but this figure is an even more staggering 426,000 in the US. That’s 155,490,000 per year!


Your content. On all your devices. iCloud stores your music, photos, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to your devices. It;s autmatic, effortless, and seamless. And it just works, iCloud is free with iOS 5.

• Yet a mere 2.6% of UK household income is spent on communication


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18/11/2011 14:52 - Trade enquiries 01481 726681 Numero Uno.indb 116

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Quality brands need quality media placement. Our divider banners align you with a relevant Gallery section and offers a creative design opportunity Call us on 739854 and ask about music divider sponsorship

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TNT = Boom

A personal head to head review of music each month

The first album from The Inevitable Pinhole Burns condenses 30 years of indie into 24 minutes and still finds time to add in a genuine pop sensibility along the way. For a fan of music (particularly pop and rock) history like me Lost and Still Confused, the debut full length from The Inevitable Pinhole Burns, is a fascinating listen - sounding as it does like Pixies having a fine conversation with a more mid-2000’s style of indie rock, all with a clear pop ear lent to the finished product as well. This sound is not surprising knowing at least some of the constituent parts of the band who learnt their licks on our own fair shores. Frontman Jim Rhesus and guitarist Dan Haggarty will both be familiar to those who attended gigs in Guernsey in the early 2000s when hard edged indie and (the ever present) metal ruled the roost of Guernsey’s local music scene. The Inevitable Pinhole Burns formed following the demise of Rhesus’s previous band The Subliminal Girls (also featuring a few Guernseymen) whose synth-indie-pop gained them some small attention and radio airplay from the trendier sections of Radio 1 particularly with singles Burn Koko and their cover of Duran Duran’s Hungry Like The Wolf. This 80s pop sensibility is still present in the Inevitable Pinhole Burns but added to this is the harder indie/grunge vibe of bands like Pixies or Sonic Youth and even post punk moments reminiscent of early Joy Division However, where the album presents an issue for me is that it is so rooted in its influences, it can’t stop talking about them with references to (amongst others) Lou Reed, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Bjork, Thom Yorke and Napalm Death all appearing in just one song (and the aforementioned Pixies and Sonic Youth cropping up elsewhere amongst many others). While I enjoy knowing where a band’s sound came from (one of my favourite songs is The Wildhearts’ 29x The Pain, check it out on YouTube) and, therefore, like knowing where all these bits of The Inevitable Pinhole Burns sound comes from, to the more casual listener I think this may be a bit of a baffling list of vaguely alternative musicians without much context. Where the album really works best is when it ignores referencing other bands and settles into making its own noise, which takes the best parts of all them and mashes into a fine sound as heard on the tracks Suitcase and Sparks and Fireworks.

confident in the knowledge that the three minute pop song, played by a real band with real ambition, is far from dead. In the end it’s clear this is a first album and a band still fine tuning its sound and in the traditional world of indie-rock this is a band who are worth watching in the hope that their future development could really be something special and that, on Lost and Still Confused, they may miss the mark slightly, but they do so with grace and aplomb and a clear ear for a great grunge-pop tune that’s been missing from the mainstream for too long. Tom Girard, BBC Introducing Guernsey and Guernsey Arts Commission Music Sub-Committee RESPONSE... Being a fan of musical history myself I cant say I find ‘Lost and Still Confused’ such a satisfying experience. Not so much a ‘fine conversation’ but more like Pixies having a fist fight with The Dandy Warhols, and losing. However you can see what the band were aiming for, and can also pick out some good moments. The opener ‘Finite amount of Lunatics’ (minus a few hitches such as the persistent name dropping) kicks off the album well. It has great charm to it, and along with the purposely moronic vocal style executed by the frontman, it fits perfectly. Other tunes such as ‘Gin’ and ‘Sparks and Firewords’ show off the band at their best. Containing some fairly witty vocal lines and electrifying the album. I imagine these would be great live, they have a great edge and you’re not quite sure what is coming next.

Unfortunately though, what comes next is a disappointment. The album on a whole becomes very predictable for the listener and the lyrics become monotonous. ‘Primavera’ and ‘Suitcase’ being prime examples of the band becoming complacent and self-absorbed. In agreement with Tom here; it’s nice to know some of their influences, but my god not every single one of them. You will find yourself wishing they would sing about something else, anything else! It becomes way too cryptic. I imagine the band can relate to it all, but its almost impossible for the listener. And as the name of the album so aptly titled suggests, you become lost. If the band had released a 3 track EP with the best tracks from this album it would have been a far better piece of work. That would have been intriguing, and it would have kept things interesting. I’m sure it’s tempting to go for more tracks but you’ve got to have the goods. I disagree with Tom, I think the album far exceeds its welcome, like a mate coming over and having a good chat, but doesn’t seem to know when it’s time to leave - you end up cooking them tea. All in all The Inevitable Pinhole Burns must be commended for their efforts here, a good shot at something alternative and original, and thats very hard to come by these days. Unfortunately they have just missed the mark. Don’t get me wrong if they came to Guernsey I would go and watch them, and probably enjoy it, but the songs just lack the integrity and content to stand up against the abundance of bands in the UK attempting the same feat. So I’m afraid to say The Inevitable Pinhole Burns will probably remain lost and still confused for some time. Tyler Edmonds, Singer, songwriter and guitarist Last of the Light Brigade

All this said, at 24 minutes the album never outstays its welcome and shows a band


Numero Uno.indb 118


18/11/2011 14:53


Charge: Last of the Light Brigade! words | Emily Burden

Guernsey born and bred LOTLB have achieved a lot considering the band has only been together for two years. The three-piece has already knocked out an EP; Be My Love and recently released an LP; The Ones You Left behind. Featuring well-known live favourites such as My Girlfriends Been Sectioned, No Ambition and Go Away, the album has already had rave reviews from the local press. As well as releases, the band have also got two Jersey Live performances and The Guernsey Festival of Performing Arts performance under their belt, sharing the stage with the likes of Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene and Plan B.

EB Tell me a bit about the album launch, it was at the De La Rue right? Tyler White Hart, I’m barred from the De La Rue (all the band laugh again). I’ll just put that out there – yeah it was really good actually, a bit D.I.Y – a bit last minute, we seem to always do things that way. Ben It seemed to go really well actually, it was really busy and we sold all of our limited editions of the album. Tyler Yeah we did a few limited editions, each of us did our own artwork on the sleeve of the album – we did 50 of them – and they all sold on the night.

I caught up with them to find out what the future holds for this fresh up-and-coming young band.

EB: Considering you have only been together for two-three years, you have achieved a lot, playing various live shows and releasing an EP and LP. Is it important to you to keep busy like that instead of taking a back seat? Tyler Yeah definitely, there’s always stuff to do. Every time we release an EP or LP, I always have another one already written in my head, its annoying for me as we have only just released one, so I have to wait a bit. Ben We’ve already heard these songs too many times. Tyler Yeah – its just like, while you’re young you might as well keep it flowing.

I haven’t interviewed you guys for ages, since then you have released an album and played Jersey Live, how’s it been going? Tyler “Good, when was the last time you interviewed us? Before Jersey Live the first time? It was just me wasn’t it? EB yeah Tyler The important one (all the band laugh) EB: It was a while ago. Tyler Yeah, well back then we had just released our EP and now we have just released our LP with 10 songs on, all new songs. It’s out on Twist Records and Detour which is an independent label, friends of Mark Le Gallez of Twist.

EB: So you’ve not long played at Jersey Live for the second time, tell me a bit about that – I heard a story that you called the Jersey audience crappauds and got booed at one point? Tyler I don’t think I got booed? Stu We did slightly get booed yeah. Ben Quite a few people left. Tyler This year’s festival was different from last years. everything had changed and we went over there thinking differently to what it was. We were on the T stage, which we knew that anyway, and we were camping but we weren’t allowed in the showers because we didn’t have the passes for the showers, it was all a bit crap really.

It’s been a busy couple of years for Tyler Edmonds, Ben Queripel and Stu Carre. And the band show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.


Numero Uno.indb 119

Ben Because we were VIP last year it was a bit of a shock to the system, as we were just sort of expecting it this year. Tyler Not nessesarily VIP, just being able to use the showers, erm we had to have, what was it, well our pass wasn’t even near the showers. Ben We were allowed to the toilets though! EB: How did the set go though, how was it different from the year before? Ben It went really well actually, until people left. Tyler I was really drunk (band laugh) it started off really well and we sold a few CDs over there. So yeah it was still really good, but not quite as good as the year before. EB: Tyler I hear you’re off the Bristol? Tyler Tomorrow yeah. EB: So whats going to be happening with the band then, you going to be flying back and forth? Tyler Well hopefully we’re going to continue gigging here, but we’re hoping to get a few gigs in Bristol. Ben It will hopefully give us a chance to do more gigs in the UK. Tyler Yeah – we’re definitely going to keep on going. EB: Whats the plan for the next five years? Tyler Five years – God EB: It will come round quick. Tyler The plan is to just keep doing what we are doing really. I think we are doing a fair amount our side, its hard being business minded, that’s not us we’re artists. Stu We are starting to get more people onboard though. The Ones You Left Behind is now available to buy on Amazon and iTunes.


18/11/2011 14:53





words | Viki Stunell & Jodie Sheppard

A lovely invite landed at Gallery Towers to come and celebrate Fusion’s Birthday, and of course we obliged! The bonus with this invite was we got to speak to the renowned Judge Jules, the very man who would be at the decks later that evening showing Guernsey that a career that has spanned two decades is still as fresh as it was when he first took to the decks in 1987. Without being rude there have been a few “celebrities” known to grace the threshold of Fusion, but perhaps none so notorious as the Judge! And whilst I’ll admit I had a slight preconception that he may be a little arrogant, I couldn’t have been more wrong. On time and chirpy, with the trademark specs Jules (and not the “Judge” as I’d secretly hoped to have had to call him) sat down with a smile and filled us in on his year. He’s just finished an eighteen week season in Ibiza, which to me sounds like a hell of a stint! Jules assures us that he’s used to it now, and after so many years the DJ’s the same but the life has changed. In the old days it would have been going out and staying life is a lot more settled with a house in Ibiza for his family to stay in while he’s working, and him getting back as soon as possible to enjoy it with them. Jules says that his kids aren’t yet aspiring DJ’s and that he tries not to play them too much of his own stuff.....preferring to give them a little diversity instead and apparently the “little uns” are quite partial to a bit of Beatles! Jules explains that he has pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to music, but his heart remains in the dance scene. When pressed on whether he thinks dance music and clubbing culture in general is on the decline he is quick to defend the scene. Jules believes that the mid week clubber has perhaps tamed up but there will always be people who just love to dance to good music, and by the looks of the dance floor when Jules took to the decks he has the formula pretty nailed. Jules was in Guernsey for his third visit and says he loves playing fusion and is a fan of playing all size venues in a season, Fusion-goers should count themselves lucky as Judge Jules was testing out four of his new tracks and although untitled, we Guerns got the exclusive.


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did you get shot?


AT FUSION NIGHTCLUB Get paparazzi at your events.


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At The Albion Tavern Get paparazzi at your events.


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did you get shot?

DEATH METAL ZOMBIE ARTISTS At The Readerswives Collective

Get paparazzi at your events.


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SOLID SILVER SIXTIES SHOW Sir John Loveridge Hall , Beau Sejour: 27/10/11 A great evening was had by all at the Solid Silver Sixties Show hosted by Karen Soleway. A whole evening of sixties music delivered by live bands had all attendees shaking their tale feathers!

Get paparazzi at your events.


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18/11/2011 15:00



Get paparazzi at your events.

Get paparazzi at your events.


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Ivory Pictures offers a passionate, professional and tailor-made wedding photography service. We aim to capture those honest and perfect moments that encompass your special day.


Your local Apple experts. Get the full Apple experience right here in Jersey. All the latest Apple computers, iPods and iPads now with training in store !

Design-Environment-Health Your environment impacts on your life, and indeed your health. The World is our environment, our Homes are our environment. House Design is all important in creating the right environment to suit individual needs.

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don’t blame us! BoConcept furniture is modern in design and offers customisation to ensure your functional and aesthetic needs are catered for. Visit Beaumont Home Centre to see our versatile range of furniture. Open Monday - Friday, 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am12.30pm don’t blame us! BoConcept furniture is modern in design and offers customisation to ensure your functional and aesthetic needs are catered for. Visit Beaumont Home Centre to see our


Make one a triple...


versatile range of furniture. Open Monday - Friday, 9am-

5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am-12.30pm BoConcept Beaumont, St Peter. Tel: 822822 • Fax: 822823

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next month

“Billionaire” next month....

the best of the best for Christmas

Maybe being a billionaire isn’t as hard as you thought to achieve... this little beauty could have been yours for 17p. Inflation before they adopted the US dollar was at 231 000 000%. On 18 July 2008, a report on Zimbabwe’s inflation in the Guardian showed an egg to cost $50 billion Zimbabwean dollars... that’s an expensive sounding omelette.


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* boardom



Nara, Banker MY FAMILY

Dan, Smiths Signs

Katrina, Waitress




Carlos, Painter


Jess, Builder

Hollie, Senior Trust Administrator Justin, Interior Designer



Barney, The Edge

Milo the dog



Get your products featured in the island’s hottest gift list... call 739854 and ask about the 2012 Winter Edition gift guide

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Rodial glamoxy snake serum is a highly concentrated formula designed to instantly plump and smooth the appearance of deep set lines and wrinkles. Contains a double dose of dipeptides, inspired by the potent effects of the Temple Viper venom, to help reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles. Available exclusively at Bella Spa at the Bella Luce Hotel Telephone: 01481 235417 Email: Opening Times: Mon - Thurs 9.30am - 9pm - Fri 9.30am - 7pm - Sat 9am - 6pm - Sun by appointment only

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Exclusively available from Bonsai

Bonsai’s stunning ‘Elements’ showroom is now open FLOORS


Give us a call or visit our showroom at Southside, St Sampsons. Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. Floor shown: ‘Tiger Oak’

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Gallery - Numero Uno  

Issue one of Gallery Magazine in Guernsey