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LEE KANG WOOK SO LO EXHIBITIO N Paradoxical Space : Gestural Abstraction

Gallery Huue Sinagpore

The Gesture 16023 2016, mixed media on canvas, 80×130cm

The Gesture 16020 2016, mixed media on canvas, 80×130cm

The Gesture 16030 2016, mixed media on canvas, 61×91cm

The Gesture 16029 2016, mixed media on canvas, 61×91cm

The Gesture 16016 2016, mixed media on canvas, 90×146cm

Installation View at Gallery Huue Sinagpore

The Gesture 16010 2016, mixed media on canvas, 97×162cm


Paradoxical Space : Gestural Abstraction

Artist Kang-wook Lee has been chosen as the selected artist of Gallery HUUE’s

Paradoxical Space: Gestural Abstraction | The major subject of Lee’s abstract

first exhibition in 2017. In 2013, Lee successfully finished his solo exhibition at

painting was a study on the invisible world or of the imaginary world where

Gallery HUUE, and numerous collectors now own his works. We look forward

the two contrasting concepts co-exist. In his new series, The Gesture, the artist

to seeing the success of yet another exhibition of Kang-wook Lee at Gallery

solves his concerns about the essence of painting, and leaves traces of his

HUUE – three years after his first solo exhibition in Singapore.

painterly-like actions. The artist stated: “I asked some basic questions, such as what painting is and why I am painting.” To Lee, a lot of these questions

Lee began to stand out among many young artists after he swept various

were raised when studying in London. His paintings are created by using

significant prizes in the leading contests across South Korea in his mid-20s

traces of paints which are repeatedly spread by a sponge, or blown by mouth

Crystal Cho

where he managed to sell all of his submitted exhibition works. After his

on top of colorful backgrounds. The resulting colors, from numbers of layers,

Creative Director, Gallery HUUE

initial success, he went to study in England in order to expand internationally,

exist like individual tones rather than colors. The detailed drawings on top of

and spent the duration of seven years finishing his master’s and doctoral

those layered colors look like they are showing off a special technique which

studies. While studying in England he continued his career as an artist, and

required great effort at a glance, but they are actually the ones that reveal the

participated in several group exhibitions. He held a solo exhibition not only in

identity of painting while creating ‘illusory’ spaces. Color is not just a visual

England and South Korea - but also in Japan and Singapore. Upon his return

phenomenon, but an organic being which arouses abstract feelings and gives

to Korea, after finishing his studies in his final year, Lee signed an exclusive

an opportunity to reconsider existing meaning to the artist. Therefore, although

contract with the Arario Gallery, run by one of the world’s top 100 art

the artist uses diverse colors in his works, each work is completed in a single

collectors, Chang-il Kim, and became a professor at the prestigious art school

tone with delicate touches, and leaves his audience’s eyes glued to the canvas.

at Hongik University. The course of his life henceforth demonstrates how

Contrasting concepts of the world depicted in his works allow organic

sincerely Lee has built his career as an artist.

beings to exist neither too heavily nor too lightly within his painting, as referenced within the title of his thesis for his doctorate in London, Aesthetics

I first met the works of Kang-wook Lee nine years ago at an acquaintance’s

of Moderation. In Kang-wook Lee’s painting, when moderation and

business space, and finally had the opportunity to meet with the artist when

discernment, contemplation and echoes of the inner side, and painting-ness

I opened my gallery and invited him to participate in one of the group

and decorativeness coexist, the gestures in the paradoxical world are seen like

exhibitions. In 2013, I grew more and more interested in his painting world

forms of imagination beyond their original meanings.

after taking the initiative to invite him to the solo exhibition at the gallery in Singapore.

The New World | Abstract paintings can typically be divided into two groups, depending on their purpose. One group is subjective abstraction, with the

My first impression of Kang-wook Lee’s abstract painting was the image of

enthusiastic expressions of an artist’s inner world in irregular forms and colors,

some sort of refinement, which was neither too light nor too heavy. There

and the other is hard-headed abstraction, with a minimum form and color in a

was no specific form in his abstract painting, but small and big dots were

moderated background with typical elements such as vertical and horizontal

repeatedly drawn like some kind of a cell in layers, and they visually broke the

lines and circles. Unlike many abstract artists, who rely on imagery and

flatness of the surface and created a new form within the distance. I observed

expression rather than a story, Kang-wook Lee’s works can have philosophical

how much those visualized forms finely glittered under sparkling beads, or on

and scientific explanations. Lee’s current paintings even feature a double-

top of spreads of paint in Lee’s abstract painting. This exhibition in Singapore

sidedness which enables him to continuously study his basic action of painting.

aims to examine the changes and aspects of Lee’s works in the existing series,

Thus, his paintings which evoke both emotional and intellectual aspects must

Invisible Space, and a new series, The Gesture.

be considered the new neo-abstraction. His very structured yet free, cold but soft, and empty yet full works convey both primitive and modern feelings,

Invisible Space | The artist has consistently established his art world, since the

dependent on the change of colors. As the opposite or contrasting elements

1990’s, by studying macroscopic and microscopic worlds. When the artist

are layered and mixed in one space, new originality is created, as if the thesis-

worked in the subject of the similarity of those two worlds, he understood that

antithesis-synthesis paradigm has been applied.

the elements in both of these worlds could be seen as one, based on what he had continuously studied in the Upanishads, the ancient Hindus collection of texts of religious and philosophical nature. His paintings, with delicate lines and light colors floating upon surfaces, initially resemble cells in an extremely abstract image, but as they are viewed more closely they seem to represent a big space which cannot be estimated if it was viewed from its wideness, or from the unified space of macroscopic and microscopic worlds. Kang-wook Lee’s painting, Invisible Space, studies the imaginary world where his two contrast concepts of space exist, and simultaneously visualizes traces of senses.

The Gesture 16011 2016, mixed media on canvas, 97×162cm

The Gesture 16012 2016, mixed media on canvas, 97×162cm

The Gesture C16001 2016, mixed media on canvas, Ø40cm

The Gesture C16002 2016, mixed media on canvas, Ø40cm

Installation View at Gallery Huue Sinagpore

Invisible Space 15060 2015, mixed media on canvas, 80×130cm

Invisible Space 15063 2015, mixed media on canvas, 90×90cm

Invisible Space 15064 2015, mixed media on canvas, 90×90cm

Invisible Space 15061 2015, mixed media on canvas, 80×130cm

Invisible Space 15062 2015, mixed media on canvas, 90×90cm

Installation View at Gallery Huue Sinagpore


1976 Born in Ulsan


2001 Graduated from Department of Painting, College of Fine Arts,

Before Becoming Renowned, Gallery Mano, Seoul

Sketch-Incompletion for Completion or Completion for

Hongik University (B.F.A), Seoul, Korea

2013 SURFACE, Chelsea Futurespace, London

2003 Graduated from Graduate School of Department of Painting,


Cutting Edge, Seoul Auction Center, Seoul

Hongik University (M.F.A), Seoul, Korea

Generation, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul

Red Heaven, Changdong National Art Studio, Seoul

2004 The 3rd Resident Artist, Changdong National Art Studio

2012 R.E.D(Reality Equals Dream), Art On Gallery, Singapore

The 10th Contemporary Art of Korea and Japan,

(National Museum of contemporary Art, Korea)

2011 Graduated from MA in Fine Art,

Moorhouse Art / Albemarle Gallery, London

Chelsea College of Art and Design, UK (M.A)

2015 Graduated from Professional Doctorate in Fine Art,

Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy

Seoul Gallery, Seoul

University of East London, UK

2011 Korean Collective Basel 2011,

Leonhard Ruthmuller - Contemporary Art, Basel, Switzerland

Gyeonggi Arts Center, Suwon, Korea

An Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art, Korean Collective Milan

Korean Collective Den Haag 2011,

Invited Exhibition by Gallery Demain,

Incompletion, Gallery Demain, Seoul

Chikyudo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2003 Self-demonstration, Gallery Chang, Seoul

Inspection of Contemporary Arts, Tokyo-ten, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan


He works and lives in London and Seoul.

Galerie Boordeinde Noordeinde, Den Haag, Netherlands

Professor of Department of Painting,

College of Fine Arts, Hongik University

2010 Korean Collective London 2010,

Albemarle Gallery, London, UK

Jongro Gallery, Seoul

Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK


2009 Artist of Tomorrow, Gallery Rho, Seoul

2017 Gallery Huue, Singapore

2016 ARARIO Gallery, Seoul

Andy's Gallery, Seoul

63 Art Museum, Seoul

Lee Kang-wook & Hong Sung-chul Exhibition, Lee Kang-wook & Ban Joo-young Exhibition,

2014 Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo

Gallery MANO, Seoul

2013 Art On Gallery, Singapore

2012 Asia House, London

Woorim Gallery, Seoul

Hada Contemporary, London

The Light of Korean Contemporary Painting, The True of Retina, Interalia, Seoul

2011 Gallery Rho, Seoul

2008 Project Overview - New Landscape, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2007 Gallery Rho, Seoul

Emergentism, Edge Gallery, Hong Kong

KAMI’s Choice: The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art,

Hino Gallery, Tokyo

The 9th Contemporary Arts of Korea and Japan,

2002 Curator Museum of Xi.an, Xi.an History Museum, Xi.an, China

Invited Exhibition by Jongro Gallery - ‘Yea.Dong.Jeon.Wha’, Multifarious Colours in Shinchon, Hyundai Art Galley, Seoul

2001 G.P.S ‘4 Inductions’, Hongik University Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

Jeongok Archaeology Install Art Festival -

Connection-Chongoknian, Jeongok Archaeology Museum, Yeonchun, Korea 2000 The 11th Misulsegae Grand Art Exhibition, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul

The 31st University Art Festival,

Sungkyunkwan University Art Gallery, Seoul

2006 Spring Gallery, Shanghai, China

Insa Art Center, Seoul

2005 Galerie de Temps, Tokyo

Avenuel Exhibition ‘The Blooming Soul’, Gallery Avenuel, Seoul

2003 The 3rd Songeun Grand Art Exhibition : Support Prize

Cheltenham Art Center, Philadelphia, U.S.A

25 Key word showing Young Trend of

2002 The 24th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition : Grand Prize

Gallery Will (Gana Art Center), Seoul

Korean Contemporary Art, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2002 The 25th Dong-A Art Festival : Dong-A Art Grand Prize

2004 Gallery Rho, Seoul

2007 Art Arco, Madrid, Spain

2001 The 15th National Grand Fine Art Exhibition : Grand Prize

Gallery Ju-ichi Gatsu, Tokyo


Lee Kang-wook & La Yoo-seul Exhibition, Gallery MANO, Seoul

2002 Total Art Museum, Jangheung, Korea

H · art ‘Speed Up’, Hyundai Motor Company, Seoul


55 Contemporary Artists Selected by Critics under

Ho-am Art Museum

Hanjeon Plaza Gallery, Seoul

The Sponsorship of Monthly Chosun, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

Seoul Museum of Art


2006 Small Painting · Large Mind, Rho Gallery, Seoul

National Museum of Contemporary Art

2016 Art Stage, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Beijing International Art Exposition,

The 34th Korea Galleries Art Fair, COEX, Seoul

Exhibition Hall of China World Trade Center, Beijing, China

Art Basel Hong Kong,

Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong

Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh,

National Theatre Auditorium, Bangladesh

Contemporary Art of Korea and Japan,

ONO Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

We Meet Prague-Korea, Contemporary Art 16 Artists

Joint Exhibition, Galerie Passage, Prague, Czech Republic

A Trio Exhibition, Gallery Happiness of the Art, Seoul

Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), COEX, Seoul

2005 Blue, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2015 Art Stage, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Organic Form, Chosun Art Gallery, Seoul

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Samsung Medical Center Hyundai Motor Company Korea East-West Power co., Ltd. Ulsan District Court Samsung Hotel LS Industrial Systems co., Ltd.


LG Fashion

Touching Moments in Macau, Insa Art Center, Seoul

Seoul Young Artist Exhibition - Portfolio 2005,

KyoWon Group

Doctorate Degree Show, AVA Gallery, London

Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

Urban Eco - 3rd Vornado Art Fan Show, Insa Art Center, Seoul

Beyond the Visible, Nook Gallery, Seoul

Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul


2014 Power of Five Young Artists, Rho Gallery, Seoul

The 1st Seoul Young Artist Biennial, For the Mutual Understanding of Contemporary Arts

between Korea and America,

Minimum vs Maximum, Art Center White Block, Paju Heyri, Korea

Cheltenham Art Center, Philadelphia, U.S.A

Showcase, AVA Gallery, London

Ode to Youth: Korean – China Young Artists Exhibition,

2004 Happiness-Art Travel with CJ & Eleven,

Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul

My Private Gallery, Gana Art Center, Seoul

Josun-ilbo Art Museum, Seoul

Marriott Hotel Coreana Cosmetics co. Ltd City 7 Hotel Centum Leaders Mark KASCO

LEE KANG WOOK SO LO EXH IBITI O N Paradoxical Space : Gestural Abstraction 12 January - 24 February 2017 Gallery Huue Sinagpore

OPENING RECEPTION 17 January Tue. 6pm GALLERY OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm Saturday, Sundays and public holidays (by appointment only)

Presented by

Gallery Huue creative director

Crystal Cho curator

Shinae Hwang photography by

Jung Hyun Mok Ho Hyoung Lee design by

zisangegi print by

Top Process, Seoul

HUUE PTE. LTD. 17B Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore, 238966 T +65 6334 2805 E info@galleryhuue.com W www.galleryhuue.com | www.huuecraft.com © Gallery HUUE 2017 Copyright concerning the exhibition leaflet belongs to Gallery Huue. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the prior written permission from the publisher.

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2017 Jan. Lee Kang Wook Solo Exhibition ㅣ Gallery Huue  

2017 Jan. Lee Kang Wook Solo Exhibition at Gallery Huue ㅣ 12. Jan - 24 Feb 2017

2017 Jan. Lee Kang Wook Solo Exhibition ㅣ Gallery Huue  

2017 Jan. Lee Kang Wook Solo Exhibition at Gallery Huue ㅣ 12. Jan - 24 Feb 2017

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