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N at u r e -i n s c a p e Jinah Sohn S o l o

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15 January Fri. - 20 February Sat. 2016 Gallery HUUE Singapore

I Director’s Note I

Nature-Inscape Jinah Sohn, who spent almost two decades creating art with chair as a motif, boldly adopted a very different style with “lines and patterns” in her solo exhibition last year, turning around her identity of “chair artist”. She introduced new pieces configured with figurative elements and elaborate patterns. If her previous solo exhibition was a warm-up session of her transition into new series of works, “Inscape Scape” series to be exhibited at Gallery Huue features a more mature combination of perfected patterns with new nature images. Her recent works are not unfamiliar to us anymore despite the absence of chairs that were a longtime symbol of the artist. Sohn ceases to obsess over the meaning provided by an object. Rather, she concentrates on the basic instinctive act of drawing and on painting as a tool of expression, and shows it meticulously and laboriously in her works. Having played with countless drawings and combining various patterns and shapes for several months in preparation for the new exhibition, artist Jinah Sohn brings us more interesting and more vibrant new works possessing the harmony of colors and patterns. These new works are filled with dots, lines, and planes, which are essential figurative elements, but as nature gets combine with these elements, Sohn creates sophisticated and gorgeous works urban sentiment. Pictures express various patterns repeatedly to join with flexible lines representing the nature’s images. Such interesting and vibrant contrast and harmony among colors make for a more rhythmical picture. Dots, lines, and planes in the background that surrounded Sohn’s artistic world of chairs now take the role of creating patterns to uniquely narrate the image of nature that contains abstract gesture accompanying intense emotions. Sohn touches on the basic feature of painting from multiple angles to create uniqueness exclusively based on her own tastes and sensations. A world reimagined by herself, created by her own tastes and sensations, represents another brand unique to Jinah Sohn.

Crystal Cho creative director, Gallery Huue

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 180 x 160cm 2014

that transform the landscape into lush nature peppered with deep

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80cm 2014

Primary Structures of Line & Pattern Sohn pays attention to the most basic formal elements and structures drawn out by the dots, lines, planes, and patterns that convey the afterimages of a certain change. Sohn’s works that have now returned to lines and patterns seem to have arrived at a point of change and transformation that seeks a silent something through a repetitive performativity. The act of filling out the screen is in itself a composition of loose and tight lines and planes, in the manner of seeking to liberate something. Although not a rhythm of the strict lines and planes that Mondrian had pursued, Sohn’s art hints at the restrained aesthetics of theosophy that seeks spirituality through the most fundamental combinations of lines and planes. However, while Sohn’s lines are infinitely repeated as if immersed in something, nothing is obsessed with repeated forms or patterns. The brush repeatedly loosens and generates tension as if it has been liberated, but these structures are visualized as patterns. At such a moment, the artist resists the repeated pattern yet again and produces an ocean of infinite patterns between the flowing lines and the nervous lines. The representation of form or allegory is now gone. However, the decorative structure and the drawing-like nature of the numerous lines in Sohn’s art depend on one another and reconcile, and at certain points stand on guard and produce tension. Like a structure of yin and yang, the positive space and negative space dance to the rhythm and dominate the screen. Different elements depend on and harass one another. The art that has returned to primary structures does not convey any specific story. all abstract paintings that each encounter chance. The world of abstract paintings conveys not just the plane, but a peculiar depth as well. What would be the next step for Sohn, now that she has returned to lines and patterns. We sometimes forget that artists go through the process of endless labor and bodily movements. The beautifully expressed flow of lines, splendidly located dots, colors reminiscent of the Mediterranean’s intense light are convey the time, sweat, and labor that the artist had to devote. Would not the term “performativity” be an expression to be used at such moments. At such point of transformation, would not Sohn’s basic structure signify the artist’s heart that has returned to the degree of zero. With the structure that has returned to zero, the artist has come back to the basics. As Roland Barthes’s Writing Degree Zero, Sohn returns to degree zero and writes or paints with lines and patterns. At this exhibition, the artist’s art is already headed toward yet another zone. Material or spiritual, loud or silent, line or pattern. Yeon Shim Chung Professor at Hongik University (Quote from Lig art space solo exhibition 2015)

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 180 x160cm 2014

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 162 x 97cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 91 x 61cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 70 x 70cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 91 x 61cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 117 x 73cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 90 x 145cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 90 x 90cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 194 x 97cm 2015

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 200 x100cm 2014

Inscape scape Acrylic on canvas 140 x 40cm 2015

Jinah Sohn


Education B.F.A, Major in Painting, Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea M.A.E, Major in Art Education, Hongik University, Korea M.F.A, Major in Painting, State University of New York, U.S.A M.F.A, Major in Sculpture, State University of New York, U.S.A. Selected Solo Exhibitions 2016 Gallery Huue, Singapore, Singapore 2015 Gallery LIG Art space, Hannam, Seoul 2014 Gallery Migo, Busan 2013 FORCE Gallery, Beijing 798, China 2011 313 art Project ,Seoul.Korea 2009 Mad museum of art and design Mandarin, Singapore, singapore Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea 2007 Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea 2006 Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State university of New York, USA 2004 Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea 2003 POSCO Art museum, Seoul, Korea 2002 Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea Sungkok Art museum, Seoul, Korea 2001 Yeemok Gallery, Seoul, Korea Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea Kojimachi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan Gallery Saoh & Tomos, Tokyo, Japan 1998 Gallery May, Seoul, Korea Hotel Intercontinental, Seoul, Korea 1996 Gallery Siuter, Seoul, Korea 1995 Gallery Jo Sung-Hee, Seoul, Korea College Art Gallery, State University of New York, USA 1992 Gallery Yoon, Seoul, Korea 1991 Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea Art Fairs / Selected Group Exhibitions 2016 Art stage Singapore, Singapore 2015 After 10years, Gallery Mano, Seoul G Seoul Art fair, Seoul 2014 Art Asia Shanghai, LongMuseum, Shanghai, China Identity, FORCE Gallery, Beijing, China Xinjiang biennale, Xinjiang International convention center, Xinjiang, China busan art show, Bexco, Busan East Bridge Lanzhou Station, Lanzhou convention center, Lanzhou, China Art Beijing, Beijing, China Crashing world, SongZhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China The 17th Beijing International Art fair, National agriculture exhibition center, Beijing, China 2013 Huyn,Hyun, LIG art space, Seoul Art stage Singapore, Singapore Art Shenzhen fair, Shenzhen convention center, Shenzhen, China FORCE Residency artists, FORCE Gallery, Beijing, China To the happiness, Xiamen art museum, Xiamen, China Joy palace opening exhibition, Joy palace, Beijing, China 2012 Kiaf, COEX, Seoul Two person show : Kim chanil & Sohn Jinah, Gallery White block, Heiri Art Beijing, Beijing, China Art Edition COEX,Seoul 20 x 20cm ,Gallery MANO.Seoul 2011 Elephant parade, Singapore Asia top gallery in hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Seoul Kiaf, COEX, Seoul Korean Art show, Newyork 2010 Art in the city, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore Asia top gallery in hotel, Shilla Hotel, Seoul

2010 Kiaf, COEX, Seoul HongKong international art fair, HongKong SAIC, HongIk museum of art, Hongik university, Seoul Imagine and Media , E-hwa artcenter, E-hwa university, Seoul Invitation to a Wondrous House, Seoul museum of art, south brunch, Seoul 33THAnniversary Exhibition, Sun gallery, Seoul 2009 Pocheon Art Valley Sculpture symposium, Pocheon Happy Memories, Seoul university hospital, Seoul Singapore international art fair, Singapore Pocheon Art Valley Sculpture symposium, Pocheon Asia top gallery in hotel ,Hyatt Hotel, Seoul Mad for furniture, Nefs space, Seoul We Now, Insa art center, Seoul 6th Anniversary Exhibition, Yoo Art Space, Seoul, Korea Woolim 35th Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Woolim, Seoul, Korea Korea Galleries Art Fair, Bexco, Busan, Korea Scene from Contemporary Art, Lotte Avenuel Gallery, Seoul, Korea Beauty & Beast Jinah Sohn and JungPyo Hong exhibition, Gallery 123, Seoul, Korea 2008 Merry Colorful Abstract, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea Beyond Definition, Interalia, Seoul, Korea ACAF, Newyork pier 92, New york, USA MGA, Montrix, Swiss Sung sangeun, Sohn Jinah 2 peoples show, Pyo gallery, Seoul SIPA, Seoul Artcenter, Seoul Singapore international art fair, Singapore Kiaf, COEX, Seoul Asia top gallery in hotel, Tokyo, Japan Scope Hampton New York, New York, USA HollyHoops –Shinsegye Artfair,Shinsegye Department store, Seoul Art Chicago, Merchandise market, Chicago, USA Seoul Art Fair, Bexco,Busan, Korea ARCO artfair,Madrid, Spain Let a Thousand flowers blossom,Gana art gallery, Seoul, Busan, Paris 2007 merry Christmas and a happy new year ,Gallery Mano, Seoul Incheon International womenartist Biennale, Incheon, Korea ACAF, Newyork pier 92, NewYork, USA Seoul Artfair,Seoul artcenter,Seoul, Korea Blind mind Hyundai department store, Seoul, Korea Shingapore International artfair,Shingapore Private collection, Ganaartcenter, Seoul Invited from daily life,Shinsegye artwallgallery, Seoul Seoul auction art show,Coex, Seoul Tuning Boloni, Beijing, China KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), COEX, Seoul, Korea CIGE(Beijing International Art Exposition), Beijing, China Art Chicago, Merchandise market, Chicago, USA 2006 Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai, China Artist-in-Residence in Gana Open Studio, Seoul, Korea Window Gallery, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea Seoul Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea Art Chicago, Merchandise market, Chicago, USA 2005 Eight Faces, Zhu Qi Zhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China The Five Senses Experience, COEX, Seoul / BEXCO, Busan Korean Contemporary Art Festival (KCAF), Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea Participated in over 130 group exhibitions 1991-2016 Collections National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea / Seoul Museum of Art POSCO / UBS / Meritz / St,REGIS Hotel, china / Hotel Mandarin Taipei, Taipei CJ, Sangam / Pocheon art valley sculpture park / Novotel Ambassador Hotel, Busan Shinhan Bank, Seoul / Hana Bank, Seoul / JW Marriott Hotel Yoido Park Center Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade / Hyatt Hotel Jeju / Walkerhill Hotel ASEM Building / Rhombus Chengdu Hotel by LFK group, china / Sheraton Hotel, Seoul

Jinah Sohn S o l o

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15 January Fri. - 20 February Sat. 2016 Gallery HUUE Singapore Opening Reception 16 January Sat. 5pm Gallery Opening Hours Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm Saturday 10am - 5pm Closed on Sundays and public holidays (by appointment only) Presented by Gallery HUUE

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