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The Impression of Line Since the founding in 2010 as Art On Gallery, we’ve introduced Korean artists to Singapore via an array

K I M S o l o

C H A N I L E x h i b i t i o n

of enriching exhibits featuring renowned and up-and-coming artists. Now with the new name Gallery Huue, we plan to continue on our journey with a rejuvenated effort, largely thanks to our newly renovated space designed specifically for the purpose of showcasing Korean art. Kim’s artworks effortlessly embody the understated elegance, and we specifically selected Kim due to

Exhibition Period | 1 Nov – 20 Dec 2014

the fact his artwork captures the artistic direction of our gallery. His works evokes a calm and medita-

Exhibition Venue | Gallery HUUE

tive first impression that eases the mind into a tranquil state. This emotion soon gives way to astonish-

Opening Reception | 1 Nov 2014 3pm to 7pm

ment as the viewer draws in closer to observe the small pieces of board that have been laboriously erected one by one on the canvas. The juxtaposition of calm then awe brings the viewer into a euphoric state moved by the polar emotions reminiscent of the calm after an earthshaking thunderstorm. The most prominent characteristics of Kim’s work are the irregular contour and unique forms of lines that run across the flat canvas in such a way that the forms pop towards the audience. Since his earlier works which used puncture and protruded dots, Kim’s developed a style utilizing the more evolved contoured, uneven lines. Kim’s works consist of the essence of any painting- simple dots and lines. Then he takes these simple forms to the next level by revolting against the status quo concept of ‘painting on a plane’ via literally creating away from the plane. His line series exist somewhere between sculpture and painting, so that critics often refer to the works as ‘post painterly’, ‘drawing objet’. Kim creates his work by first filling the canvas with small black paper board pieces of various heights which are adhered to the plane in regular gaps under a meticulous plan. Next the paper is repeatedly layered then peeled off of oil paint or pigment powder making for an extremely arduous process. Lastly, a layer of metallic monotonous color is carefully laid out for a final touch. What starts as a somewhat busy-looking mass of innumerable lines soon transforms into an intellectually stimulating and elegant display of art. The end result is an artwork with the form of ‘Bas-Relief painting’ that goes beyond a flat plane painting. As such, it can be said that Kim creates something close to three-dimensional structure through an innovative use of a traditional painterly medium. This unique approach is a trademark that Kim has nurtured over the years. The countless short lines, erected meticulously, seem to fall in good order to produce various expressions. In effect this creates distinctive visual illusions of light and dark and of concentration and dispersion, which contrast to form wave-like vibrations that resonate with the primordial visual instincts. His recent paper works, in contrast, makes lines of punctures on paper, which is then covered with corrosive material to make the paper look like metal. The metallic hue births an interesting materialistic variation to the theme of his existing relief painting. The aggregations of lines expressed in various forms are the foundation of Kim’s artworks that evokes figurative imaginations that let the viewer run wild in their interpretations of the art. This solo exhibition showcases not only Chanil Kim’s latest works but a variety of works that he has continuously worked on over the years. We hope this exhibition will serve as a rare opportunity where audiences can immerse into Kim’s evolving artistic world of waves that undulates above and onto the surface of two-dimensional plane.

Crystal Cho Creative Director, Gallery Huue

LINE Acrylic, Pigment on canvas 120x170cm 2014

Drawing lines with Objets The recent works of Kim Chanil emphasize much more on objets and post painterly abstraction. He adhered objets and oil paints doggedly and then minced them thinly. The skin-like canvas dramatically stimulate the viewer’s senses of touch and sight. Kim’s works are flitting on the boundary of sculpture and painting to obscure it. Eventually, they have a new physical property. These bas-relief paintings are not only optical but also kinetic. Interestingly, Kim is riding the crest of art history and at the same time getting his own way. As a matter of fact, the recent paintings pursue visual attention in the wake of hyper realism. Many artists struggle to make extreme visual effects with mighty decorative stimuli. Under the influences of the old-fash-ioned optical art and the dazzling web images, they attempt to dramatize situations using optical illusions. They transfer sensual illusions from a computer monitor to a plane canvas. They create the unconventional and intense images that stimulate the viewers’ retina. It is interesting that the illusive plane paintings make a reappearance in the digital era. Fundamentally, paintings have pursued making visual effects stirring up the viewers’ vision. Paintings have stimulated the viewers’ retina with optical illusions, then with no illusions, and then with extreme illusions. Also, they have continuously reformed and redefined themselves absorbing other contemporary popular visual images. Kim stimulates the viewers’ sense of touch setting up vibrations on the canvases. Recently, his focus has moved from dots to lines. His canvases are not the habitats of the paintings but toe newly-developed materials. In other word, he regards a canvas as an objet with a special skin (or a physical property). He does not repeat the fixed images nor express his thoughts or feelings directly. Instead, he creates illusive virtual images with some strange texture that strongly stimulates the viewers’ retina. As encountering with kim’s paintings, the viewers will clean forget to identify the objet and the meaning, the way of expression. The canvas, on which all the desires for description and expression are retrained and evaporated, causes a ripple and leaves an afterimage in the viewer’s mind. He experiments in pictorialism which completely depends on the sense of sight, researching a new creative expression method. His canvas has not only post painterly modifications but also painterly appeal. He makes a new start to pictorialism at the end of pictorialism. Kim draws a painterly but post painterly painting in the alchemistic process, which nobody has not tried yet.

Park, Young Taek Art Critic, Kyonggi Univ.

LINE Acrylic, Pigment on canvas 150x150cm 2014

LINE Oil,Pigment on canvas 90x90cm 2014

LINE Acrylic, Pigment on canvas 60x60cm 2014

LINE Oil, Pigment on canvas 110x110cm 2013

LINE Oil, Pigment on canvas 110x110cm 2013

LINE Acrylic, Pigment on canvas 40x40cm 2014

LINE Oil, Pigment on canvas 70x70cm 2013

LINE Oil, Pigment on canvas 52x60cm 2014

LINE Oil, Pigment on canvas 97x145cm 2009

LINE Oil, Pigment on canvas 140x140cm 2008

LINE Oil, Pigment on canvas 200x140cm 2007

LINE Oil, Pigment on canvas 120x120cm 2010

Paper works give way to new endeavors thematically and technically. Uneven lines in the canvas are illustrated through punctured holes. I made a conscious effort to create a unique property matter that is close to an objet through the use of corrosive materials together with paint, and by doing so I have produced color variation that makes the paper look like a metal plate or a piece of objet. Unevenly contoured lines of punctures, combined with the diverse materialistic feel of the paper works, unleashes a newly expanded space for imagination by the viewers. The display evokes a meditative impression through the color variations which alter depending on the viewpoint, and the lines which are repetitive, yet ever changing, and continuing while attempting to discontinue. All of these elements correspond to the viewer’s emotions and make way for continued imagination. Kim, Chanil

LINE Silk Screen on Painted Paper 50x150cm 2012

LINE Silk Screen on Painted Paper 50x150cm 2012


EDUCATION 1995 Graduate School of Fine Arts, State Univ. of New York, at New Paltz. Print Making, (M.F.A.) 1994 Graduate School of Fine Arts, State Univ. of New York, at New Paltz. Painting, (M.F.A.) 1990 Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Painting, (M.F.A.) 1986 College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Painting, (B.F.A.) SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2014 Gallery Huue, Singapore 2013 Gallery Shin Hwa, HongKong 2012 Gallery White Block, Heiri 2010 Gallery Mano, Seoul 2008 Gallery Rho, Seoul 2007 Galerie Bhak, Seoul 2006 Gallery Pfo, Busan 2005 Galerie Bhak, Seoul 2002 Galerie Bhak, Seoul 2001 Gallery S.P, Seoul 2000 Garam Gallery, Seoul 1999 Fusion Gallery, Seoul 1998 Dong Ah Gallery, Seoul 1997 Moran Gallery, Seoul 1996 Kong Pyong Art Center, Seoul Gallery 2000, Seoul Gallery Grimshy, Suwon, Korea 1994 College Art Gallery, New York 1991 The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation Art Center, Seoul Tae Baek Gallery, Taegu, Korea Gallery Icon, Seoul 1990 Hilton Art Gallery, Seoul 1989 Batanggol Gallery, Seoul Indeco Gallery, Seoul 1988 Batanggol Gallery, Seoul GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2013 New City Art Fair, H.P.F, Taipei KIAF, Korea International Art Fair, Coex, Seoul Landscape+Nostalgia Gallery Harbour, Hongkong Busan International Art Fair, Bexco, Busan Re.Now, Gallery Choi, Seoul Generation, HOma, Seoul 2012 Art Edition2012 Coex, Seoul City Garden, Posco Gallery, Song Do KIAF Korea International Art Fair, Coex, Seoul Mentor,Mentee Hanwon Art Museum, Seoul HongIk International Art Fair,HongIk Art Center, Seoul 2011 Existence and Change, Donghai University Art Gallery, Taiwan Seoul Art Association Exhibition, SeMA, Seoul 2010 Busan Biennale, Now ! Asian Artist, Busan Cultural Center, Busan Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai Mart, China HongIk Univ Professor Works, HongIk Musium of Art, Seoul KyungKi Art Project KyungKi Art Musium, KyungKi-Do Financial News Art Exhibition,SeJong Art Center, Seoul 2009 Peace Dream Art Festival, Andalucía, Spain Korean Contemporary Art , HanWon Musium, Seoul Korean Contemporary Art by 100 artists,WooRim Gallery, Seoul Sees a poem from picture inside,Aka Gallery,JeonJu Yoo Art Space, Seoul Origin Painting Association Exhibition,HanJeon Art Plaza, Seoul Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul 2008 N Gallery Opening celebration preview, N Gallery, Seoul Direction of Contemporary Art, Suwon Art Gallery, Suwon Practice of love, Gallery Wa, Yang-pyung Catholic artist association, Seoul

2008 Sympathy, Zero field gallery, Beijing, China Mano’s friends, Gallery Mano, Seoul Hello, Noam Gallery, Seoul Love flowing, Chung-Jak Gallery, Seoul KIAF2008, COEX, Seoul Korean Middle East forum 2008 “Beauty of Korea”, Egypt Cairo Opera House, Egypt 2007 Art Family in Korea, Korea Art Center, Seoul Art Chicago 2007, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, U.S.A Tong-In Gallery, Seoul Seoul Art Festival, COEX, Seoul NewYork Asia Contemporary Art Fair, NewYork, U.S.A Sees a poem from picture inside, IN-Sa Art Center, Seoul Mano Preview, Gallery Mano, Seoul LIVING&ART, Gallery Yoon, Seoul 2006 Art Chicago 2006, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, U.S.A Big paintings, Gallery Mano, Seoul Paju Open Art Festival, Kyoungkido Aspect of Korean Contemporary Art by 23 artists, Gallery Chai, Heyri ARCO, Galerie Bhak, IFEMA, Madrid, Spain Art Cologne 2006, Kolnmesse, Germany Heyri Art Festival, Book Art Gallery, Kyoungkido 2005 Interchange, National Art School, Sydney Art Cologne 2005, Galerie Bhak, Koln Messe, Germany Art Chicago 2005, Galerie Bhak, Navy Pier, Chicago, U.S.A San Francisco International Art Exposition 2005, Galerie Bhak, Fort Mason Center, U.S.A Seoul Art Festival, Seoul Museum of Art The New Stream of Korea Art, Moran Gallery, Seoul 2004 Friendship : Japan-Korea, Motozabu Gallery, Japan Art Cologne 2004, Galerie Bhak, Köln Messe, Germany The Maternal Affection in Painting, Chung Jark Gallery, Seoul The Path of Contemporary Art, Kyongki Art Center, Suwon The Formation of Contemporary Art, Suwon Art Center, Kyongkido Art Chicago 2004, Gelerie Bhak, Navy Pier, Chiago, U.S.A San Francisco International Art Exposition 2004, Galerie Bhak, Fort Mason Center, U.S.A Traveling Art Museum, National Museum of Art, Seoul KIAF 2004: Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul Origin Painting Association Exhibition, Danwon Art Museum, Kyongkido Contemporary Art From Korea, Kenya Embassy 2003 Art Chicago 2003, Gelerie Bhak, Navy Pier, Chiago, U.S.A San Francisco International Art Exposition 2003, Galerie Bhak, Fort Mason Center, U.S.A NICAF 2003, Galerie Bhak, Tokyo, Japan Print Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul KIAF 2003 : Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul Origin Painting Association Exhibition, Jebiwool Museum, Kyongkido Gallery Mano Opening Show, Seoul Inner Resource and Beauty of Contemporary Art, Hyundai Arts Center, Woolsan 2003-1999 More than 45 times selected for group exhibition COLLECTION National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea / Seoul Museum of Art, Korea Swiss Embassy at the United Nations / Turkey Embassy / Argentina Embassy / Financial Service, U.S.A Walker Hill Hotel / Samsung / Hyundai I-Park / Hyundai I Office / ASEM Tower,Seoul Scott Squre, Singapore / Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei / Le Meridian Hotel,China AWARD 1996 The 3rd Kongsan Art Festival : A Public Competitive Exhibition in Two-dimension Division, Grand Prix 1996 Moran Grand Prix, Moran Prize 1989 The 8th Korean Art Grand Exhibition, Special Prize 1988 The 7th Korean Art Grand Exhibition, Special Prize 1987 The 6th Korean Art Grand Exhibition, Special Prize 1985 The 8th Joongang Art Grand Exhibition, Special Prize PRESENT A Professor of Fine Art, Hong-Ik University, Korea

A Specialist in Contemporary Korean Art & Craft We at HUUE (formerly known as Art On) specialize in showcasing and consulting the realm of contemporary Korean art & craft. Founded in 2010, Gallery Huue serves as the one and only gallery in Singapore that focuses solely on this particular genre. Our mission is to bring the magic of art to everyday spaces and enrich people’s lives. We do this through various projects and exhibitions curated in delightful and easy-to-understand ways that feature diverse array of artworks. Frequently, our exhibitions feature the most reputable artists in Korea today, but we also branch out from the mainstream names to support young artists through shows like our annual exhibit “Young Revolution”. When one visits our Gallery Huue space in Singapore, they are immediately immersed into a comfortable residential space- a two-level condominium remodeled and designed to fit our vision of the gallery. The gallery feels more like a home than the typical cold and cubic space of a white-cube gallery, and one can really feel at ease as they enjoy the collections. As visitors journey from one floor to another they observe a harmonious space with an accumulation of fine art and crafts around every corner. In Korean “Huue” means to purposefully stop and admire beauty in a restful, meditative state. We want our gallery to be a place where visitors can experience the meaning of the word by escaping the busy world to retreat into a relaxed atmosphere dedicated to art, tranquility and beauty.


K I M S o l o

C H A N I L E x h i b i t i o n

1 NOV - 20 DEC 2014 Gallery HUUE Singapore Opening Reception. Sat 1 Nov 2014. 3pm to 7pm Gallery Opening Hours. 10am - 7pm Mon to Sat (Appointment only on Sunday)

Presented by Gallery HUUE

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2014 Kim Chanil Solo Exhibition  

2014 Kim Chanil Solo Exhibition

2014 Kim Chanil Solo Exhibition  

2014 Kim Chanil Solo Exhibition