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Sébastien BOUCHARD (France/Senegal - painting) & Siaka Soppo TRAORÉ (Burkina Faso/Senegal - photography)



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Saturday 11th February at 8pm, meet the artists, «Jazz» and cava cocktail 11/2 – 2/4/2017 Out of Africa Gallery, C/ Major, 7, 08870 Sitges (Barcelona), Spain Sorella Acosta, Director – sorella@galeria-out-of-africa.com - +34 618 356 351 www.galeria-out-of-africa.com Out of Africa Gallery @OutofAfrica_Art @outofafricagallery GGAC (Guild of Art Galleries of Catalonia)


It's happening in Dakar, the culture capital of Africa With fashion shows, art exhibitions, concerts, literary cafés, conferences and artist residencies, the Senegalese capital vibrates and dazzles throughout the year In the sphere of photography, by means of exhibitions and gatherings, the talented young compete in creativity and audacity. This young generation compares its methods and techniques against the works of their elders. They produce a daily, realistic chronicle of a dynamic Senegal, while avoiding clichés. Painters and sculptors are equally engaged. In the “Village des Arts”, in the many art galleries of the capital Dakar, in the Théodore Monod Museum and other art institutions of Senegal, exhibitions and gatherings are plentiful. The development of artist residencies and the numerous collaborations in this field are evidence of the vivacity of its participants and their entrepreneurial spirit. In 2013, sculptor Ousmane Sow was welcomed into the very exclusive circle of immortals: he was the first African to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. This entrepreneurship gives rise to collaborations in contemporary art. The will to share, exchange and find common ground are the focus of this new configuration that supports the development of new poles and new players promoting intercultural activities. It is in this atmosphere of artistic energy that Out of Africa gallery has chosen two artists to exhibit their work, a photographer from Burkina Faso and a Franco-Senegalese painter, giving proof of a contemporary, urban, present-day Africa, rich in artistic creativity.

Sébastien BOUCHARD, cultural comings and goings and mixed influences Sébastien Bouchard was born in 1971 in Le Loroux-Bottereau, a small town in the wine region of Nantes. His father was a riding instructor and instilled in him an interest in drawing and painting. His mother was an enlightened amateur photographer. A musician, keen on surf, skate and indie rock culture, he began his studies in Fine Arts in Nantes where he quickly abandoned the formality of the conceptual framework to concentrate on graphics and the discovery of new digital tools. From 1994, in the school's digital workshop and with internet just starting to take off in France, he taught himself and produced his first flyers, posters and t-shirts for bands and local music festivals.

Sébastien Bouchard – Welcome Home II - 2016 – 90x90cm – Painting/Mixed media on canvas

His courses were interspersed with stays in Senegal, where he encountered the local art of recycling and outsider art that his father, resident there at the time, collected. As soon as he had pocketed his degree in 1996, Sébastien Bouchard distanced himself from contemporary art, which he considered far from his concerns, and he began his professional activity as a graphic designer and travelled. During his stays in Brazil, where he furthered his capoeira training, he filled many notebooks. From 20012003 he settled in the Republic of Guinea and began a series of paintings produced on school blackboards, built by local Conakry artisans. When the opportunity arose to live in Senegal in 2005, he left his work as graphic designer in the studio that he had jointly opened a few years earlier.

He then established his home and workshop in the village of Palmarin, in Sine-Saloum, in southern Senegal. However it was in Dakar where he interacted with the local artistic scene, upon which followed numerous exhibitions and projects. In 2010, upon his return to his birthplace, Nantes, he continued his exhibitions and collaborations with artists from Dakar and between the years 2014-2016 he co-directed the workshop gallery Prisme, along with other artists from Nantes.

Sébastien BOUCHARD – « Octopus III » - 2016 – 90x90cm – Painting/Mixed media on canvas

Using a variety of pictorial references and the multiple mediums he favours, the artist tries in his own way to overcome the separation between folk art and the "learned art" of fine arts schools. His work makes reference to painting and to graphic arts, as well as to urban and pop culture. From 2005, Sébastien Bouchard paints a series of characters and portraits that question cultural identity, revealing a strange Africa, modern yet elusive. "On his canvases, the planes become confused; the background, surface and volumes merge, generating strange depths; their beauty to be discovered by a wondering eye, a viewer's own suggestions and using imagination." Emmanuelle Chérel, art historian.

Biography Studies -

Graduated DNSAP (Superior National Diploma of Fine Arts), Nantes School of Fine Arts - 1996 Graduated DNSEP (National Diploma Fine Arts), Nantes School of Fine Arts - 1993

Solo Exhibitions 2016 - Zeinart Gallery - Nouakchott (Mauritania) - "Révélations" - French Institute, Nouakchott (Mauritania) 2013 - "L'art prend L'air" - Nantes (France) - "Afro-Remix" (video projection) Soul Weekender - Biscuiterie de Medina - Dakar (Senegal) 2012 - Mame Tiouth Gallery - Dak’Art Biennale Off, Saint-Louis (Senegal) - Pannonica - Nantes (France) 2011 - "Sampled lives" - La Galleria, Dakar (Senegal) - "L'histoire n'existe pas" - Château de la Gournerie - Saint-Herblain (France) - "Tarmacs" - Espace Agora Gallery - Dakar (Senegal) 2010 - Espace Agora Gallery - Dakar (Senegal) - Lodge des Collines de Niassam - Palmarin (Senegal) 2009 - "Vive la Delocalization" - Nantes (France) - "Art Nomade" - Ngaparou (Senegal) 2008 - Le Jardin de Verre - Cholet (France)

Sébastien BOUCHARD – « Crowned » - 2016 – 120x120cm – Painting/Mixed media on canvas

Group Exhibitions 2016 - "Rentrée d'artistes" - Atelier 26 grammes – Nantes (France) - Dak’Art 2016 Biennale - Agora Gallery - Dakar (Senegal) - Salon ART3F – Nantes (France) - La Nuit des Galeries - Atelier Prisme – Nantes (France) - La Vinaigrerie - Le Pellerin 2015 - "Mochewpa" - Atelier Prisme – Nantes (France) - "7 au Coteau" - Galerie 18 - Nantes (France) - "Wild Life" - The Little Art House - Dakar (Senegal) - "Regards sur cours" - Maison IFAN - Gorea Island (Senegal) - "13th visual arts exhibition", Museo Théodore Monod, IFAN - Dakar (Senegal) - Arte Galerie - Dakar (Senegal) - "Regards sur Cours" - Isla de Gorea (Senegal) 2014 - Galerie Loic Vallée - Nantes (France) - "l'Art prend l'air", Atelier Prisme - Nantes (France) - WOW, Dak’Art Biennale Off, The Art House - Dakar (Senegal) 2013 - "Part' court - l'Art dans la cité", The Art House - Dakar (Senegal) - Out of Africa Gallery - Sitges (Spain) - "MVMNT / Creation in Motion" - The Art House - Dakar (Senegal) - "Etats des Lieux" - The Art House - Dakar (Senegal) - "12th visual arts exhibition" – IFAN - Dakar (Senegal) - "Regards sur Cours" - Gorea Island (Senegal) 2012 - "Part' court - l'Art dans la cité - Agora Gallery - Dakar (Senegal) - “Rostros de África” - Out of Africa Gallery - Benasque (Spain) - "Dakar Junctions"- The Art House – Dakar (Senegal) - Dak’Art Off Biennale - The Art House - Dakar (Senegal) - "11th visual arts exhibition" – Sokhamon - Dakar (Senegal) 2011 «Singuliers Pluriels» - St Antoine Gallery - Clisson (France) «Regards sur cours» - Historical Museum, Gorea Island, (Senegal) «10th visual arts exhibition» - Sokhamon - Dakar (Senegal) 2010 - "Parcours des créateurs" - Nantes (France) - "Arts & Designs contemporains" - National Institute of the Arts - Bamako (Mali) - "9th visual arts exhibition" - Cercle de la Rade - Dakar (Senegal) - "DK-KO" - Agora & Timtimol - Dakar Biennale (Senegal) 2009 - «Regards sur cours» - Gorea Island (Senegal) - «8th visual arts exhibition» - Cercle de la Rade - Dakar (Senegal) 2008 - Biennale d'Art Contemporain de Dakar - Dak'Art OFF - Maison de L'IFAN, Gorea Island (Senegal) - «7th visuals arts exhibition» - Cercle de la Rade - Dakar (Senegal) 2007 - «Regards sur cours» - Town Hall, Gorea Island (Senegal) 2002 - «Art numérique, Art tout court» - Gallery of the Regional School of Fine Arts, Nantes (France) 2001 - «Une fenêtre sur le Brésil » - Espace International Cosmopolis - Nantes (France)

1996 - «Untel invite Untel» - Group Exhibition - Gallery at the Hotel Temple du Goût - Nantes (France)

Sébastien BOUCHARD – « Narcisse » - 2016 – 40x40cm – Painting/Mixed media on canvas

Other experiences 2015/2016 - Art teacher - Académie du Moulin, Nantes (France) 2010/2016 - Guitarist and composer of the band Just Higgins - www.justhiggins.com (soul) 2001/2010 - Co-founder of «Lelab» www.lelab.net (collective graphic arts project) 1999/2005 - Graphic designer - CNSX, Nantes (web agency) 1999/2001 - Co-founder and webpublisher, Naoweb.com (city guide) 1997/1998 - Graphic design teacher, Le Grand T (formerly the Loire-Atlantique Cultural Centre) 1995/1996 - Responsible for the "Digital Workshop,” Regional School of Fine Arts, Nantes (France)

Siaka Soppo TRAORÉ fights against prejudice towards street dance Hailing from Burkina Faso, Sika Soppo TRAORÉ was born in Doula in 1986 and is a newcomer to the Senegalese photographic scene. He was raised in Togo where he developed his graphic abilities through drawing and painting. His studies later took him to Senegal where he discovered and practised hip-hop and capoeira. All these artistic disciplines improved his observation skills.

Siaka Soppo TRAORE – “Sacré Jackson” – 2016 – 100cm H x 150cm W – 5 copies max. - Diasec

After earning the title of civil engineer, in 2011 he began to teach himself photography. Fascinated by dancing, his photographic work naturally focuses on the scene and body language, although at the same time his interests keep expending into new fields. He is also highly sought after by many stylists in Dakar for fashion photography.

Siaka Soppo TRAORE – “Political Bodies 1” – 2016 – 60cm H x 90cm W – 8 copies max. - Diasec

In 2014, during OFF Dak’Art, the African Contemporary Art Biennale, Atiss gallery showed his exhibition titled SUNU Street (Our Road). Sunu street is our road, known by all, shaped by those who cross it, those who occupy it, those that despise it, love it or ignore it, those that live it... The street is at our mercy. And yet after having taken to the street millions of times, we often forget to stop and take the time to observe it. Permanently bustling, the street is a hive of hidden treasures. Through the eye of his lens, Siaka Soppo Traoré takes possession of these treasures to distinctly transmit the energy of the Senegalese street dancers. Like a visual and audible beckoning, his work is the fruit of human interaction and artistic expressions that combine contemplation, light and kinetic art. Precisely with their immobility, these clichés invite corporal fluctuations of the body and push the boundaries of photography to the frontiers of movement. In constant ebullience, the street is a place of positive values, effort and passion for the young urban dancers, who are not always understood and especially not recognized. Siaka's work lays bare this activity so we may get even closer. Like super heroes with really impressive moves, Siaka Soppo Traoré draws our attention hoping to shift ways of thinking.

Siaka Soppo TRAORE – “Political Bodies 2” – 2016 – 60cm H x 90cm W – 8 copies max. - Diasec

The artist, himself a dancer, takes his time to choose his models, to observe the manner in which they move, to understand their style. He searches for locations with them, to find the most appropriate setting for both the performance and the photograph. Most of the time, he takes photographs of the dancers in action. Beacause of his knowledge of the subject, he knows by instinct when to take the shot. Siaka Soppo Traoré says of his approach that "it is both aesthetic as it is sociological". " Beyond the visual effect, I am interested in the social impact of this form of artistic expression", he states. By capturing the skills of these performers, by making them known, he offers us a way to understand Sunu Street in its most dynamic expression.

Siaka Soppo TRAORE – “BBA action” - 2016 – 80cm H x 120cm W – 5 copies max. - Diasec

Siaka Soppo Traoré published his photographs in L’insensé-Afrique magazine in 2014. In 2015, he exhibited at the 5th Biennale of Photography of the Quai Branly Museum in Paris, as well as at the MAM Gallery during the 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London.

Siake Soppo TRAORE – “BBoy Yaya” - 2016 – 100cm H x 150cm W – 5 copies max. - Diasec

Exhibitions 3/5-2/6/2016 – MAM Gallery & Donwahi Foundation – OFF African Contemporary Art Biennale – Dakar (Senegal) 3/5-2/6/2016 – ATISS Gallery – OFF African Contemporary Art Biennale – Dakar (Senegal) 3/5-2/6/2016 – Agencia Caractère – OFF African Contemporary Art Biennale – Dakar (Senegal) 15/4-26/5/2016 – MAM Gallery – Duala (Cameroon) 18/12/2015 – 13/2/2016 – Group exhibition «Abidjan Art Actuel» – Donwahi Foundation – Abidjan (Ivory Coast) 22/12/2015 – Retrospective exhibition – SUNUSTREET Association – Blaise Senghor Cultural Centre – Dakar (Senegal) 15-18/10/2015 – Group Exhibition – 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair – MAM Gallery – London (United Kingdom) 22/9-22/11/2015 – Group Exhibition – Photoquai 2015 – Quai Branly Museum – Paris (France) 9/5-8/6/2014 – ATISS Gallery – OFF African Contemporary Art Biennale – Dakar (Senegal)

Publications Omenelick2ato 2015, magazine (Brazil) We are Family, Photoquai 2015 – 5th Biennale “Images du Monde” (France) Wings (Journal ARIK), July/August 2015 L’insensé - Afrique 2014 A nous Paris, newspaper (France)

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Press release expo actual africa sébastien bouchard & siaka soppo traore  

It's happening in Dakar, the culture capital of Africa With fashion shows, art exhibitions, concerts, literary cafés, conferences and artist...

Press release expo actual africa sébastien bouchard & siaka soppo traore  

It's happening in Dakar, the culture capital of Africa With fashion shows, art exhibitions, concerts, literary cafés, conferences and artist...