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„Galenicals‟ is Bristol Medical School‟s student society, representing nearly 1500 medics. We organize all the sports, music, drama and social activities, as well as providing support and welfare, and liaising directly with the department on your behalf. Each year a committee of nearly 20 students is elected and it‟s never too early to start thinking about what you can do to get involved with the day-to-day running of the med school. This guide is designed give you a sneak peak at what‟s in store for you at Bristol and, hopefully, to answer some of the questions and concerns you‟re bound to bring with you. Whilst it may all seem a bit daunting at the moment, we promise that in no time at all you‟ll have settled in, made new friends and be having the time of your life. You‟ll also have a lot of involvement with your Halls of Residence and we strongly encourage you to partake in clubs, societies and activities organized by the University of Bristol Student Union. This guide only represents a tiny fraction of all that goes on here at Bristol Medical School and if there‟s anything more you want to know, or anything that‟s worrying you don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Finally, welcome to Bristol, and we look forward to meeting you in October! The Galenicals Committee




You probably already know a little bit about what to look forward to at medical school, from interviews, open days, speaking to friends (even parents!) or doing a bit of research on the web. If not, be sure to check out the Bristol website, read the prospectus and ask around your friends for hints and tips. Even then, most people arrive not quite sure what to expect, a little excited and a little apprehensive about what they‟ve let themselves in for. This is normal and hopefully the following should demystify the process a bit. The first two years are „Pre-clinical‟ which take place in Bristol. The idea is to provide a good, solid base of anatomy, physiology, biology and biochemistry to support your understanding of how the body works and what can go wrong. You‟ll be living and working in Bristol with occasional trips out to nearby hospitals and GP surgeries. The last three years are Clinical and take place in academies (see below) and teaching is with doctors in small groups of about nine other students. It all seems a bit overwhelming at first but don‟t worry at all; it will all become clear! Year 1: The first two terms are quite heavy going with lectures on the molecular and cellular basis of medicine with some sociology and ethics thrown in. Lectures are broken up with regular sessions in the dissection room learning anatomy, and with an afternoon each week at a GP‟s surgery. The third term changes to „systems based‟ teaching where you learn about a system of the body (e.g. the cardiovascular system) which is then followed by a week in hospitals practicing „hands on‟ what you‟ve learnt in lectures. Year 2: This is a continuation of the systems teaching, with hospital weeks after each block which are both enjoyable and useful. In year two you also have to take “several student selected components” (SSCs). Options include: dissection, a modern language, medicine in the movies, teaching modules, courses in complementary and alternative medicine and many more.

Optional Intercalation Year: This is where you can take a year out of medicine to study for a BSc, and is taken up by about 30-40% of students (entry onto a BSc is competitive). There are many degree programmes to choose from, including: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, cancer biology, microbiology, neuroscience, international health, medical humanities and bioethics. Some people intercalate after third year instead. Year 3: Third year is totally clinical with all teaching carried out in hospitals. You spend half the year in or around Bristol, and half the year placed out in academies away from Bristol. You get given free accommodation by the host university and everyone comes back on Wednesday afternoons and at weekends. It can be a bit unsettling to move about the country, but nearly everyone finds it terrific fun. What‟s more the doctors in smaller hospitals have more time to teach you, and you can really get involved in patient care for the first time. Erasmus Scheme: In third year you have the option of doing two of your four modules at one of the partner European universities (Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Angers, Granada, Alicante and Vienna). It‟s tricky at first but nearly all students who‟ve taken this option have had an amazing time and there‟s plenty of support available if you‟re thinking about going. Year 4: This is probably the hardest year in medical school due to it being so long and having lots of exams. Most of your time is spent in hospitals but there are a few weeks of lectures in between. Year 5: Modules in medicine and surgery prepare you for the gruelling final exams that take place near Christmas. If you pass them, you‟ll head off on a 3 month elective abroad before returning to get ready to be a doctor. Graduate Entry: For graduates in a relevant degree subject, there is a four year accelerated programme. The course structure is the same as above except that first and second year are rolled into one. There are only 19 places so entry is ridiculously competitive.


MEDICS’ SPORT Boasting 12 fantastic teams, Galenicals sports club has something to offer everyone. With the infamous Sports Club Dinners, numerous away block fixtures and playing host to our French counterparts for the annual Nantes Tour, the Galenicals Sports Calendar is rammed with great stuff both on and off the pitch for the coming season. Whether you are a complete novice or a sporting pro, medic sport is a great way to meet people from all years. We highly recommend signing up at Medic‟s Fresh! Chris Huntley & Lucy Whitton (Galenicals Sports Club Captains 10/11) BASKETBALL – Mixed Captains: Asef Zahed - Dave Lanham - Training: Sunday 3pm - Tyndall Avenue Sports Centre After a strong 09/10 season in the intramural league and good performances against other universities, this year is looking to be really successful for the squad. Along with the University Intramural League, we have additional national and European fixtures (against our French counterparts). With regular socials too, make sure you get involved in what promises to be a triumphant year for Galenicals Basketball. See you on the court!

At medics badminton, training is relaxed and gives players a chance both to learn new skills and play games. For those of you interested in more competitive play, there are many opportunities to play matches throughout the year; in Intramural competitions, against other medical schools and in the highly competitive Bristol league. We have members of different standards across all 5 years of Medical school. As well as playing lots of badminton, we have amazing socials. So if you want to play competitively or just to have some fun, meet some new people and get some exercise, feel free to sign up to the club during Fresher's week, join the Facebook group or email us. FOOTBALL – Mens Club Captain: Alex Critchford - Team Captain: Giles Dawnay Training: Sunday afternoon – The Downs Matches: Intramural - Wednesday afternoons Galenicals FC mixes high quality football with a strong social prowess. We play competitive games every Wednesday in the premier division of the Bristol Intramural League. In addition we play matches throughout the year against other medical schools, which as standard precedes a social of epic proportions with the opposing team in the evening. This culminates in the end of year NAMS tournament, attended by all med school teams in the country, followed by a night


BADMINTON – Mixed Captains: Clare Smith & Szico Vii Training: Sunday 2-4pm – Bristol Grammar School


out in the chosen host city. We have numerous socials throughout the year, often with the girl‟s team (added incentive), and often get together to watch the big England games. We would love to see as many of you as possible at our first training session! FOOTBALL – Womens Captains: Beatrix Lovell & Emma Cook Training: Sunday 2.30pm – The Downs „Women‟s football‟ I hear you say, „preposterous!‟ Beginners are welcome more than ever in this team and enthusiasm is our only prerequisite; most of us have kicked little more than a coke can before university! Setting the highest in fancy dress standards, we aim to impress both on and off the pitch and the socials are a great way of meeting people from other years. Over the year we‟ll be playing some of the other medic universities, plus we‟ll be taking part in the yearly NAMS tournament with all the other medic teams. So why not try something a little different and join our merry bunch. HOCKEY – Mixed Captains: Daisy Kemp & Dan Brimfield Training: Monday 7.30pm Badminton School Mixed hockey is one of Galenical‟s largest sports teams; with our ever-expanding membership the club is growing from strength to strength. We play a number of other medicals schools, and field teams in the university intramural league on Sundays. In addition to this we enter several tournaments throughout the year, the highlight of which is the massive NAMS weekend- 3 days of fancy dress and socialising for around 400 hockey-mad medical students. We also have regular socials throughout the year, organised by our very efficient social secretary.

LACROSSE – Mixed Captains: Rosie Harrison - Tom Dowling - Training: Wednesday 2pm – The Downs (opposite the water tower) Medics Mixed Lacrosse, free to join, a relaxed, fun filled medics sport with a not to be missed social calendar! We play some intramural matches against the uni team and play matches in the Welsh league mostly at the weekends. All abilities accepted and everyone gets the chance to play in matches, which are both home and away, and are also a fun day out. Come see us at medics fresh to sign up. NETBALL – Mixed Captains: Gillian Garden & Kelly-Marie Canavan – Training: Wednesday 2.30pm Wills Netball Courts We are very much looking forward to seeing some fresh new talent on the netball courts this coming season. Whether you are an experienced player or a complete novice, Galenicals Netball Club welcomes players of all standards. We play every Sunday in the University Intramural League,


We are a fun and friendly team, with a competitive streak, having achieved first place in the mini NAMS tournament and having won most of our local league matches this year. Everyone is welcome and even if you‟ve never played hockey before there‟s always a spare stick lying around so come along and join us!


as well as the NAMS league where we play other Medical schools, culminating in the league finals every year. We are a friendly bunch, renowned for our impeccable taste in fancy dress and epic socials. So if you fancy a bit of exercise, a chance to meet new people from all year groups and experience our infamous socials, then why not give us a try? Male players are more than welcome! RUGBY – Mens Captains: Felix Gooding - Training: Mondays & Thursdays – Coombe Dingle The UBHRFC is the oldest and proudest of the Galenical's affiliated sports teams. It aims for and achieves high standards both on and off the pitch. The club plays in a local Bristol league against some of the biggest clubs in Bristol and in the NAMS league against other medical schools countrywide. Training this coming season will be under the watchful eye of our full time coach, Chris Leech. Most of our matches are played on Saturdays. The club really is one of the best ways to meet medics throughout the year groups, and in joining players quickly make friends for life with regular and lively socials. Highlights of the season include the Old Boys fixture and dinner as well as the Nantes weekend when we host or visit Nantes Medical School in France (always drawing the biggest crowd)! We are a friendly rugby club looking every season to welcome players who want to join a great standard of rugby and our cracking social scene.

SQUASH – Mixed Captains: Tom Murphy - Training: Saturday – 4.30-6pm Redland lawn Tennis and Squash Club SWIMMING – Mixed Captains: Robin Eames - Training: Monday Evenings UoB Union or Hospital Pool (flexible) At medics swimming, there will usually be a couple of lanes available, and we cater for all abilities, so don't worry if you haven't donned your speedos since secondary school! Last year we went to Birmingham and came second in the annual gala for medical schools, but this year we're looking to host the gala ourselves (and win, of course!). New this year: swimming at Clifton College or Cannons health club. Plus the annual Nantes tour will hopefully include a swimming team for the first time. Medics Swimming is a great way to meet medics across the year groups, and we welcome ALL ABILITIES, so come and get involved!


RUGBY – Womens Captain: Nic Coleman - Training: Sunday – The Downs (opposite the water tower) - 2pm Contact / 3pm Touch With its fast and lively pace, to its challenging tactics and strategy, rugby is the game for everyone. Whether you have played before or have never picked up an egg shaped ball in your life, all ages and abilities are welcome. With the success of our first ever MIXED TOUCH RUGBY team last season both men and women are welcome to join the crowd of budding players. This NON-CONTACT version allows all players to enjoy the game without the fear of injury. Also, for the more adventurous of you ladies why not consider the WOMEN‟S CONTACT RUGBY team. Why not give both touch and contact rugby a try?


TENNIS – Mixed Captains: Nicki Russell & Krishna Navaneetham Training: Sunday afternoons – Coombe Dingle Fancy a game? Medics tennis is a chance to play fun, relaxed mixed tennis,no matter what your standard. We play most Sundays throughout the year at Coombe Dingle, and also have occasional matches. Please come and find us at Medics Fresh!

Alpe d’Huez: New Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the MUST ATTEND winter event of the year, the annual BRISTOL MEDICS’ SKI TRIP. Open to ALL ABILITIES, from beginner to expert and anywhere in-between, you will:  Spend 6 glorious days on the slopes.  Engage in SEVEN NIGHTS of entertainment, tom -foolery and beverage consumption.  Meet medics from all years.  Have the one of the best weeks of your life! GUARANTEED We look forward to seeing you at the MEDICS FRESHERS FAIR. Ski love, Ellie, George and Tom (Ski Captains).



MUSIC & DRAMA Bristol University has a flourishing drama department and several acting and performance societies, in which many medics take part . Each year, we also put on our own inhouse productions, including: two revue shows (a clinical and pre-clinical), an arts festival, a talent show and “Clicendales” - the famous medics strip show, which last year raised over £10,000 for charity! The Galenicals Music Groups provide an opportunity to play music in a relaxed and stress-free environment, and fit around busy medic timetables and hospital placements. Groups that will be offered 2010/2011 include: Big Band, Galenicals Choir, A Capella Group, Flute Choir, Galenicals Orchestra. But if you have any ideas for new groups, let us know! Sign up at medics fresh in the first week of term, or email Big Band: This is the original Galenicals music ensemble and plays at most major medic socials (the biggest one being the Christmas party.) Anyone is welcome, any level, in particular brass, saxophones, clarinets, singers and rhythm. Wide variety of music including classics like New York New York, Moon River, Michael Jackson‟s Thriller and Final Countdown. Non-auditioned. Galenicals Orchestra is one of the newer music ensembles, but has been hugely successful over the past few years playing several concerts throughout the year. Last year music included Fauré‟s requiem, and Gregson‟s trumpet concerto. Standard of Grade 5+. Strings generally nonauditioned, most woodwind auditioned. Choir: The main rehearsal period is in the first term, singing Christmas carols for charity and at the medics Christmas party. There will also be the opportunity to sing with

A Capella: This is a small, auditioned group that rehearses for a couple of hours a week Performing and choreographing pop and musical songs. Come and audition! The flute choir is new for this academic year, and will be playing a mixture of jazz and classical music. Any standard welcome, non-auditioned. Come and sign up at medics fresh!

OTHER EVENTS Careers Evenings: We organize one careers evening each term. Each consists of at least three speakers who talk to students from all years about their specialty and what students can do whilst at medical school to help them on a particular career path. The evenings also encourage students from different years to socialise and are usually well attended. Medics Arts Festival: This all-day event showcases the artistic talents of Bristol medical students, from poetry and sculpture to music and dance and there are prizes for the best in each category. In previous years many of the exhibits have been of an exceptional high standard. Be sure to bring to uni any artwork you want to show off. National Medical Student Society Conference: In November 2009 Galenicals hosted the first national medical student society conference to explore the roles and activities of other societies and help us to improve our own. Over 50 delegates from 15 UK medical schools attended with speakers from the UKFPO and the BMA. This year it will even bigger and boast representatives from some foreign universities too! Get involved early in this amazing event.


the Galenicals and doctors orchestra and the doctors choir during the year. Non-auditioned.


ENTS We‟re Georgie & Jo, your ENTs reps for 2010-2011. We run the social side of things, making sure you all have a brilliant, fun-filled year as a Bristol Medic and to show you that medicine is certainly not all work and no play! We organize all sorts of events throughout the year, so whatever you‟re into there‟s never a dull moment. Your First Event!

FRESHERS’ BAR CRAWL Sunday 24th October Pretty much every medic from years 1-4 comes along - it‟s an event not to be missed! Fancy dress themes this year will be:    

Freshers (including pre-meds) – Babies 2nd Years – Think Pink Intercalators – Geeks and Nerds Clinical Years – Scrubs

In your first term you‟ve also got the black tie Medic‟s Christmas party to look forward to. With over 800 students, it‟s always a HUGE sell out and one of the best (and cheapest!) nights of your year. We‟re also planning a Mums and Dads night, the first EVER medics tour, beach trips, theatre trips. film nights, open-mike nights, The Medic‟s Ball, Medics vs. Vets vs. Lawyers Bar crawl, and numerous year group socials and post exam shenanigans!

We‟re friendly and approachable and want you to enjoy your time here as much as we do. It‟s YOUR MED SCHOOL TOO so if you have any questions or suggestions, however zany, get in touch and we‟ll make it happen. Georgie & Jo


The Galenicals website is going to host a What‟s On diary of events, and to make sure you never miss a beat, look out for our regular emails and posters up around Med School. You can also join the Facebook group „Galenicals Ents‟ for all the latest news.


WELFARE SUPPORT Everyone should have a great time at medical school. It‟s not always easy and things do go wrong from time to time so it‟s good to know that your welfare is in good hands. Take a quick look now at all we can do for you and then file this booklet away somewhere safe, in case you ever need it. The following are completely free of charge: Preclinical and clinical welfare There are two Galenicals committee positions dedicated to welfare. Charlotte Jenkins and Mady Tarrant are fourth years and have seen and done it all before! They‟re the ones to speak to about a whole range of issues and can quickly put you in contact with the most appropriate person to deal with them. Simply email to get in touch. Mums and Dads „Mums and Dads‟ is an age-old pastoral support scheme designed to ensure that Freshers settle into University and Medical School life as quickly as possible. If you want to get involved we find you two (sometimes more!) second year medical students to look after your social and academic needs. Nice parents will have their children round for dinner, buy the odd drink, give guided tours of Bristol and perhaps even hand down revision notes. It‟s a great way to meet medics outside your halls and to quiz second years as to what to expect. They‟ll contact you by email when you get here. Seeing a doctor All Students are automatically signed up with the University Student Health Service and have to attend a registration in their first or second week, after which you can arrange a GP appointment at any time.

All students are offered a personal meeting at the start of the programme. After that, students with concerns can contact the adviser as and when they need to. The adviser can provide advice and guidance on a range of support and programme related issues including MB ChB curriculum structure, MB ChB and University regulations and procedures, extenuating circumstances, accommodation, finance and disability issues. The adviser is based at the Centre for Medical Education 39 St Michaels Hill. 0117 3311848 The UoB welfare pages

Nightline 01179 266 266

The Samaritans 08457 90 90 90

Talk to Frank (drug awareness) 0800 77 66 00

Terrence Higgins Trust (sexual health awareness)

NHS Direct 0845 46 47


Faculty Student Advice Service Life as a medical student is challenging, rewarding and sometimes difficult. The Faculty Student Adviser, Ros Forge, is there to provide help when difficulties arise.


INTERNATIONAL Bristol is a truly international city, and with students from far and wide coming to study here, there is no reason for med school to be the end of your 'gap year moments', multilingual aspirations and commitment to global health issues. Travelling in Medicine As part of the course, there are many opportunities to break out of the 'geeky scientist' mould and relish in arts student endeavours. In 2nd year, language courses in medical French, German and Spanish are on offer and in 3rd year you can take the plunge on a 5 month Erasmus International exchange to one of the 8 European cities on offer. You can also leave Bristol to undertake project work in other UK cities or abroad at the end of the 3rd and 5th year, not to mention the famous 5th year elective. With all these opportunities plus those long summer holidays in 1st and 2nd year, Galenicals is here to give you advice as you plan your next big adventure, with trip reports on the website and a new online directory of useful contacts on the way. International students For students coming from outside the UK to study in Bristol, we appreciate that there are extra challenges and are here to help you settle in. Petra Vojtechova will this year be your international representative. She should be able to help make your time with us go as smoothly as possible. International Health Bristol Medical school is well-known for its commitment in many global health initiatives; a 2nd year SSC course in Global Health and an intercalated BSc in International Health are offered, which is ideal for those with aspirations

GOING ABROAD towards public health and working for Aid Agencies. From day one, you can also be involved through one of many student charities dedicated to issues of healthcare in the third world. Travel Grant Keep your eyes peeled for the annual Galenicals travel grant, exclusive to medical students, which pays out up to ÂŁ400 towards the most innovative travel plans. International Rep As International Rep, I'm here to help you get your travel plans off the ground, be it for an SSC, elective or Erasmus. While in Bristol, I'll be organising socials with incoming Erasmus students and keeping you up-to-date on free conversation classes, travel grants and travel jobs opportunities for med students. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Petra


THINGS TO BRING Books You‟ll no doubt have heard from the faculty, or from friends about the books you need. The truth is that there‟s a great library here – refurbished last year – and a roaring trade in hand-me-downs, so it‟s probably best to hold off until you have a chance to see what‟s available and talk to second and third years about what they found most helpful. We‟ll be organizing a second hand fair in your first term which will be a great opportunity to pick up some bargains. We‟re also liaising with Blackwells, the bookstore here, to arrange an exclusive Galenicals discount. Stethoscopes As a medical student you will definitely need a stethoscope, but when you decide to buy it is up to you. Some people arrive with one, others get hold of one in their second year, others have been known to scrounge and borrow well into third year. The one thing that‟s certain is that you‟ll want a decent model that will last all the way through med school and hopefully beyond, but contrary to popular belief that needn‟t cost a fortune.

We‟ve haggled a very competitive deal with to provide stethoscopes and other equipment.

As galenicals members you‟ll receive a special discount code which will entitle you to order a stethoscope through the med school and receive a further 10% off all orders online. Medscope Sensitivity IV

Littmann Classic II SE

- Excellent sound transmission - Stainless steel brush finished chest piece - Patented multi-frequency ""Deluxe Type"" diaphragm system for pressure sensitive frequency control - Traditional bell function opposite diaphragm - Non-chill rings - Single-lumen tubing - Comfortably angled anatomically correct headset - Super-comfortable ear tips - Recently voted 'Best Stethoscope for a Medical Degree' in an ICSM survey of 4th and 5th year medical students at London medical colleges. - Name tag & spare ear tips included - Presented in an attractive, robust card display box with foam inset - Comes with instructions - Specifically approved by London colleges for use on a medical degree - 3 year warranty

- Stainless steel brush finished chest piece - 3M patented dual frequency diaphragm - Traditional bell function opposite diaphragm - Non-chill rings - Patented 3M Littmann® Snap Tight softsealing ear tips - Single-lumen tubing - Comfortably angled anatomically correct headset - Pair of spare ear tips included (firm) - Presented in an attractive, robust card display box with foam inset - Instructions included - Weight: 135g - Length: 71cm - 3 year warranty

£21.00 + VAT

£48.00 + VAT


MATURE MEDICS Starting medicine as a mature student can be an exciting but sometimes daunting prospect. As a mature student you may have additional financial barriers or family responsibilities to think about. If you‟re on the 2 in 1 course, you may have a bigger work load, or you may be coming back to study after a long break. Whatever the hurdle, you can rest assured that there‟s lots on offer to help you fit right in. For the incoming 2 in 1s, a buddy system exists, whereby you‟ll be paired up with students in older years, who can provide tips and advice for the first year. There‟s welcome drinks at the start of each term, which is a great opportunity to get to know other matures from all year groups (be sure to check the Galenicals website for the venue and time). We also have a Mature Medics Society comprising of „younger‟ matures, older folk, single, married, parents – everyone really – and we organise regular get-togethers and socials. We welcome students from all courses, be it premeds, 2in1s or 5 years, so sign up now....its free!   I‟m Amy Brown and I am the postgraduate representative on the Galenicals Committee this year. I will be acting on your behalf whenever you need help regarding student life. If you have any problems or questions, however small, feel free to get into contact with me by email at: Want to know what it‟s like working in A&E? Considering A&E as a speciality? Join Bristol‟s Emergency Medicine Society and enjoy a variety of lectures, activity days and socials including: Fire Station Visits, Motorsports Medicine and Pre-Hospital Trauma! For more details, come and see us at Medic‟s Fresher‟s Fair OR see our Facebook Group „Bristol University Emergency

Homelessness is a tragic reality for many people in our society and healthcare for the homeless is a major public health challenge. With this in mind, Homed was set up by medical students with the vision to firstly raise awareness of homeless healthcare needs amongst medical students and secondly to reduce stigma towards the homeless which is sadly all-too-prevalent within the medical profession. Homed offers students opportunities to volunteer in the local community in a number of ways, including:    

Tutoring children who have at some stage in their lives been homeless Decorating properties of newly-housed former homeless people Working at a local night-shelter and soup kitchen Gardening with newly-housed former homeless people

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us at or join our facebook group.

Bristol Marrow is one of the many student branches of the Anthony Nolan Trust, which manages one of the largest bone marrow registers in existence. Bristol Marrow has been running since 2000, and aims to give every student in the Bristol area the opportunity to join the Anthony Nolan Trust bone marrow register. We run recruitment clinics and fundraising events throughout the year. Medical and dental students have the unique opportunity to council students through the donation process, which is a great way to improve communication and history taking skills. Helen Nightingale (Bristol Marrow President) Please get in touch at

Kenyan Orphan Project (KOP) was set up in 2002 by medical students to raise money for orphans in Kisumu, Western Kenya. This region suffers from some of the worst poverty in Kenya and has an HIV rate of over 33%. A branch of this tremely worthwhile and expanding charity was set up in Bristol last year with the aim to raise enough money by July 2009 in order to sustain the Kochogo feeding centre for the year. As well as organising many exciting, sociable fundraising events, KOP also gives you the opportunity to visit Kisumu to see for yourself where your hard fundraised cash goes, and to spend time visiting and working at all the other projects KOP supports in Kisumu. This experience is one not to be missed! The British Medical Association represents views of all medical students, doctors and medical academics across the UK to external stakeholders (e.g. The General Medical Council, The Medical Schools Council)

The Medical Students Committee is the only national body to represent medical students. Opinions of committee members and evidence they provide from their individual medical schools is used by external organisations to adapt and improve medical education across the UK. As a student member of the BMA you benefit from….  Local and national representation  studentBMJ and Student BMA news every month  Discount on all medical titles from the Hammicks BMA Medical Bookshop and 15% discount on Dorling Kindersley books  BMA guidance notes on study skills, finances, electives and careers  Access to all areas of the BMA website  askBMA - an information and support phone line  Finance and insurance products and services  BMA counselling service  Your BMA reps for this year will be Petra Vojtechova and Bethan Loveless. You can contact them both at


Treasurer’s treats As a Galenicals member you can make the most of all the amazing things that you’ve been reading about. You‟re entitled to take part in, and come along to all the fantastic music, drama, careers and welfare events. You can join the Galenicals sports teams and are fully insured to play in matches and on tour. You get five year‟s worth of great socials and events and we make sure you look the part in medics pants, hoodies and t-shirts. You save stacks of money shopping and going out in Bristol, from reduced price books and stethoscopes to discounted entry to clubs and bars. Finally, you can join the Galenicals team and have your say how the medical school is run.

HOW TO JOIN Membership is a one off payment of £45, which lasts for the duration your stay at medical school. (N.B. the membership fee rises to £50 after FRESH due to additional processing costs incurred). Just cut out and return the form overleaf.

All membership fees go to help the running of Galenicals and its events – this includes fees we have to pay to other higher affiliations, the ability to place large deposits, to fully underwrite our events, support our sports teams and music ensembles, provide educational events, and produce our biannual magazine. Our accounts can be found online so you can see exactly where the money goes. If you have any questions on becoming a member, or ideas of new ventures we can try out or any other questions regarding this booklet, please get in touch with me at:

Cut out and complete the form below in BLOCK CAPITALS and return it, along with your payment to: Galenicals Treasurer, 33 Hampton Park, Cotham, BS6 6LG Your personalised Membership card will be ready to collect from the membership desk at medics FRESH Cheques for £45 should be made payable to GALENICALS. DO NOT SEND CASH!

 ———————————————————————— Full Name: Date of Birth: Year (1st or Pre-med, 2in1): Home Address: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Bristol Address\Hall or residence (if known) _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Mobile _______________________________________________ Preferred Email _______________________________________________



Galenicals Freshers Booklet 2010  

Galenicals Freshers Booklet 2010