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INTRODUCTION In February 2009, with the support of the MISSONI family, this internationally-known brand has been poured out onto the city, sharing their passion for colours and materials with Madrid. The Museo del Traje houses the exhibition “Las Rayas cuentan, desde el Ovillo a las Artes Aplicadas”, while the Istituto Italiano di Cultura houses “Moda y Cultura del Tejido, un Viaje entre Tradición e Investigación”. At the Istituto Europeo di Design, we were lucky enough to have a series of activities organized with the presence of Mr. Luca Missoni. One activity was a workshop for the European Design Labs 09, with the tutorship of Gala Fernández. Mr. Missoni spoke to the group about the family company, its origins, and the way they work in their company, using the exhibit at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura as visual aid.

For the workshop we were asked to work with tutes, one-piece Missoni bodysuits that cover the entire body including feet, hands and head. Their main characteristic is the dynamic pattern created by a weaving process called “space dying” – some in black and white, and some in colour. MONDAY: Workshop brief presented. Brainstorming session and ideation of concepts and keywords for both individual and group projects. TUESDAY: Projects development and planning time. Selection of the locations for group project and the schedule that would follow. WEDNESDAY: Series of public performances done by the group wearing the tutes in several iconic locations of Madrid, while working on the individual projects as well. THURSDAY: Compilation of booklet designed to present the results of the three-day Missoni workshop. Opening of the exhibit at El Palacio de Altamira. FRIDAY: Presentation of the projects to receive feedback. Finalization of the workshop.

MISSONI - our opinions Missonis work is like the t铆meless movement of art inspiring even the contemporary works. Art and nature are an inevitable part of their lives and the family infuses an aesthetic blend of the same in their work. With the brands ethics rooted deeply in culture,the material emerges as the most important ingredient. Innovation is the benchmark of this brand. The abstract harmony of forms and patterns lay the foundation for imagination. The use of color expands the possibilities and captures the essence of nature in the true sense. Missoni, infused within us the music of art whose vibration was felt by each one of us. The experience gave us the freedom to individual expressi贸n. We as designers are liberated by the idea of freedom in the creative room. This joyful experience alienated us from the day to day life making the sweet taste of rapture linger on. Through this workshop our vision moulded into free flowing ideas. The bodysuits provided us the conspicuous identity which brought to surface, the superheroes in us.When we put the body in motion it initiated a spark within to explore far and beyond.

We have been thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of the Missoni universe, and we hope that you enjoy looking at these projects as much as we enjoyed making them.

Agustin Plancarte Fexas TITLE: MISSONI DNA MEDIA: Images CAPTION: The tutes represent a portal to the Missoni world, a second skin that allows us to liberate ourselves and show our true self. Analyzing its DNA, we find that this skin is made out of movement, a harmonious contrast between black and white and vibrant colors, and an organized chaos of lines. The title of the work also emphasizes the familiar tradition that surrounds this well-known brand.

Anna Tomich TITLE: WallPeople MEDIA: Video CAPTION: Imagine walking into a room. The walls are covered in a colorful texture. They begin to move, breathe. You then realize its colorful people on the wall moving around. I wanted to recreate this sensation with an installation using projections using the Missoni texture in a space. Projected would be videos taken of people in the tute starting still and then slowly coming to life. The videos would have different filters, contrasts and filters depending on the effect desired. It interacts with the spectator by means of a performance giving the Missoni texture another dimension, including movement. I wanted to play with this and how the spectator feels experiencing this.

Enrico Romo Neuh채usler TITLE: Colouring your World MEDIA: Postcard series CAPTION: My work is inspired by all the colors that Missoni uses in their clothes and I imagined that these clothes were giving color to our gray urbanism!

Keira Burgess TITLE: The Missoni Family MEDIA: Photo series CAPTION: These Family Portraits incorporate the many meanings of family – from a family-run business to a family of pattern and colour. They also portray the contrast from normalcy created by wearing the suits. Even the most classic and typical representation of a ‘Family’ can have such a different meaning by changing a single variable. They are an elegant record of a specific moment in time which shall never reoccur – created specifically for this reason – documentation.

Teng Chong TITLE: Patterns MEDIA: Images CAPTION: Experimenting and creating different patterns with images of the bodies in the suits.

Sonal Verma TITLE: Rhapsody MEDIA: Print CAPTION: This illustration delivers a dialogue between the viewer and the artist as it takes through the enchanting evolution of Missoni designs. The truth of beauty lies in nature and it inspires us in many ways. This transformation is expressed through the flow of patterns and forms and how they compliment each other. The bodysuit has been juxtaposed in the shadow of Buddha, which symbolizes the epitome of creativity. I have tried to capture the essence of the brand and its current world positioning through an international viewpoint, an individual religion. Hope this piece of art directs you in the direction I took for expression.


Ivna Vukelic TITLE: Seductive by Nature MEDIA: Poster Series CAPTION: Inspired by beautiful textures and color combinations of Missoni fabrics. They instantly reminded me of movements and fluctuations in nature, especially butterfly wings. I wanted to show that there are almost no physical boundaries between nature (natural textures, colors) and Missoni textiles. One is inspired by another and one is a part of another.

Tatiana Jordan & Rafael Zaragozรก TITLE: Missoni Invasion MEDIA: Photo Series CAPTION: The Invasion will not be short or easy. We just want to break your monotony. Missoni Invasion Announcement.

Tatiana Jordan & Rafael Zaragozรก TITLE: Missoni Undercover MEDIA: Photo Series CAPTION: Discover your new skin cells.

Carlos MatĂŠ TITLE: Indeterminacy MEDIA: video CAPTION: This work is based on the effect that many Missoni designs have, you get the impression that the line between different colors is not really define and you get the illusion of mixing in the eye. It is like one color gets into the other and they all make a really interesting effect. I wanted to study this effect and try to apply it not only on the color but also on the shape of the elements. I worked on the idea of breaking the lines between different elements, mixing and expanding their physical limits and to create an undefined border and undefined transition. I added a cover to the Missoni suite, using a transparent fabric and drawing on it the same Missoni motive in a transparent code looking for that effect.

LucĂ­a Grompone TITLE: transMISSONI MEDIA: video CAPTION: TransMISSONI, is a succession of photos, that tries to show the transition, the movement, the change...

Claudia Caviezel TITLE: Missoni Trans Arte MEDIA: photo series CAPTION: MISSONI in Madrid, MISSONI in the Prado-Museum, MISSONI and Art‌ It is an experiment to play with the strong relationship of MISSONI and the Art-world. I see it as a fusion of color and shape, which changes the message of the original paintings or drawings sometimes ironically, sometimes artistically. - A series of pictures for postcards, a campaign - Or just to be showed and framed as they are

Isidro Pérez Carrión TITLE: MISSONI te atrapa MEDIA: poster series CAPTION: Each poster represents the sense that MISSONI declares in its designs, “to trap the people”, with lines in movement, contrasts of color, to wrap you with seduction, to have a new skin, to break the static, to integrate us into nature... pure mysticism.

Francesco Sillitti TITLE: Rythmics MEDIA: video CAPTION: Con il video da me realizzato ho

cercato di comunicare l’essenza dell’arte Missoni; naturalezza, artigianalita´e movimento, utilizando un particolare del corpo umano, le mani. Colgo l’occasione per comunicare la mia emozione per aver collaborato con la vostra azienda, símbolo dello stile e dell’arte italiana, con la speranza di poterne avere altre.

Victoria G. Exposito TITLE: Urban forests MEDIA: video CAPTION: A Forest/ A place under the sky/ made out of fragments, fragments of memories and colours/ The same space full of different perceptions/a forest drawn with every way of looking, with every individual/ The MISSONI textile as a [re]collection of the fragments of the forest: a new CONTINUOS landscape. The fabric as a landscape. The loom as a catalyser of the inspiration. The fabric as a catalyser of the individual. The city is then transformed into an URBAN FOREST thanks to these fragments of memories and colours/ Now a new way of looking at the city / A city drawn wih every way of looking. With every individual/

Victoria Ovin TITLE: Missoni landscapes MEDIA: Photos / animation CAPTION: Hope you enjoy the road trip as I did.

Olga Olivares TITLE: Skinning MEDIA: photo series CAPTION: process of transformation

Rafael Zaragozå TITLE: Invasion MEDIA: Product/Furniture CAPTION: Missoni invader lamp consists of a light structure of aluminium and covered with Missoni’s fabric for the creation of lamps with an ultralight weight and new textures of light. This type of structures allows us to create different spaces, simultaneously that we show of different form the fabric of misoni for explanatory spaces

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people for their support and extend a warm gratitude to Mr. Luca Missoni. We would also like to pay our tribute to Gala Fernandez and IED for organizing, inspiring and leading us in this workshop.

Keira Burgess Claudia Caviezel Teng Chong Victoria Exposito Lucia Grompone Tatiana Jordan Carlos Mate Olga Olivares Vic Ovin Isidro Perez Agustin Plancarte Enrico Romo Francesco Sillitti Anni Tomich Sonal Verma Ivna Vukelic Annye Wyss Rafael Zaragoza




Microsoft Office Rhinoceros (3-D Modeling) Adobe Photoshop Final Cut

October 29, 1984 in Mexico City, Mexico.



I enjoy working as part of a team, because I consider that every person has something important and valuable to contribute to the projects. I really enjoy the conceptualization process and I am always looking for new inspiration in movies and in everyday life.

Cerro de la Paloma 37, Colonia Copilco Universidad, Delegación Coyoacán, C. P. 04360, México D.F., MÉXICO e-mail: STUDIES: August 1988 - July 2003: Modern American School in Mexico City, a bilingual school where classes are taught both in English and Spanish. August 2003 – June 2004: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) – School of Architecture August 2004 – December 2008: Centro de Investigaciones de Diseño Industrial (CIDI) - Industrial Design August – December 2006: Social Service (480 hours) - Molding and Materials Lab, in the CIDI. As a teaching assistant, I got familiarized with new materials, such as silicone, fiberglass, cast, clay, resin. December 2008: Professional degree with the thesis Redesign of the Center Stack of a Cadillac CTS. • This project was developed for E310, a master course given at Stanford University (Palo Alto, California). It was a global interdisciplinary group project, where I worked with other industrial designers and mechanical enengineers from different parts of the world (Finland, United States, and Thailand) to find an innovative solution to the problem given to us by General Motors, the sponsor of this project. LANGUAGES: Spanish_ Native tongue · English_ Oral - 100% / Written – 100%

Anna Lorraine Tomich CURRICULUM VITAE Place and Date of Birth: London, United Kingdom, October 11, 1986 Nacionality: American Address: Calle Santa Bårbara, 2, 3 B. 28004 Madrid Contact numbers: 91 5232429 – 639 747824 e-mail: Education High School - Academia Cotopaxi, Quito, Ecuador. 2005. Degree on Interior Design - Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid. 2008. Master at European Design Labs. Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid. 2009. Languages English: Native tongue. Spanish: Advanced oral and written levels. Computer skills Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word and Powerpoint), Adobe Design Premium CS3 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Flash), Autodesk (Autocad and 3D Studio Max) and Internet. Other Interesting Facts I have a gift for easily learning and using new computer and design programs. Ability to draw (carbon, pencil) and paint (acrylic, watercolor and oil painting) by hand.


Keira Burgess CURRICULUM VITAE CANADA 43 Balmoral Drive St.Albert, Alberta T8N 0C1, Canada +00 1 780 458 2531 SPAIN Calle Imperial 5, 3D Zona 3, 28012 Madrid, España +00 34 652 68 44 62 EDUCATION: ‘European Design Labs’ Masters Research Study Program, 2009-present Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid, España ‘BDes’ Bachelor of Design Degree, 2003-2007 University of Alberta, Edmonton AB Canada Major in Industrial Design - Product & Furniture Design Minor in Visual Communication Design & Photography ‘Web Design’ Level I & II - Arts Outreach Courses, 2008 Grant MacEwan College, Edmonton AB EMPLOYMENT: ‘Junior Kitchen Designer’ 2008 Cucina Bella - Kitchen Design & Supply, Edmonton AB ‘Project Manager & Office Assistant’ 2007-2008 DiGiuseppe Interior Design Ltd, St.Albert AB ‘Freelance Designer’ 2005-present Graphic Design & One Inch Buttons production, Canada

EXHIBITIONS: ‘International Contemporary Furniture Fair’ May 2007 Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York USA ‘Bachelor of Design Grad Show’ April 2007 FAB Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB ‘Universal Design & Design for the Aging Workshop’ December 2006 Lister Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB ‘Evening of Design’ November 2006 The Timm’s Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB SKILLS: Computer Programs: Adobe - InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator & DreamWeaver, Corel - Draw & Photopaint, Rhino - 3d CAD Modeling, Rendering & 3d Printing, Microsoft Office Model Making & Workshop Prototyping: Paper, Plastic, Wood & Metal Visual Presentations: Sketching, Drawing, Painting, Rendering, Orthographics, Photography, Digital & Paper Layouts Languages: English - Native Language, French - Intermediate, Spanish Basic

Teng T. Chong CURRICULUM VITAE c/ Imperial 5, 3D Madrid, Spain 28012 Movíl: 34 644 35 02 66 Education Undergraduate, Bachelor of Design Program Industrial Design. Spring 2007 University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. Canada Professional Experience LightForm. Richard Assaly. Edmonton, AB. CANADA Data entry clerk. August 2008 – December 2008 Inputing images, and information onto largest e-commerce website in Canada. Lightform is Canadas leading provider of designer lighting. GMH Architects. David Hamilton. Edmonton, AB. CANADA Junior Draftsman. October 2006 – August 2008 Making changes on plans and elevations, at times handling several projects at once. Color rendering on client proposals. Projects have included apartment buildings, residences, and businesses locally and in other provinces. Exhibitions & Trade Shows 19th Annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair(ICFF), May 18th - 23rd 2007 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

University of Alberta, the first Canadian school to be accepted into the fair with the booth concept of "Decay". This concept explored design as both a poetic and philosophical construct. Each project included in the exhibit reflects an individual experience of a common concept as contained in one word, decay. Objects resulting from designers' creative processes are meant to form a metaphysical bridge between creator and user, one that grows ever stronger through the act of discovery and the use over time. Plastic vacuum mold of shape derived from furniture piece, HiLo Entrance and Side Table. Evening of Design, November 15th 2006. CANADA Hosted by the Student Design Association. An evening of showcasing student design work (industrial design and visual communication design) and a silent auction to fundraise for the Toronto Home and Interior Design show and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. Set up and take down of show. Alvar Aalto inspired bent plywood coffee table on display. Other Information: Computer Skills comfort level is high, able to learn computer software quickly. programs I have experience with: Rhinoceros (3-D modelling program), Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), Corel Photopaint, CorelDraw, Microsoft software (Power Point, Word, Excel), Internet, AutoCAD Visual communication design photography [digital, 35mm SLR, color, black & white] typography, combining image and type , presenting a coherent presentation Industrial design research [materials, user, sustainability, anthropometrics, field research etc.] 3-D modelling in computer space, 3-D printing, prototyping [building model in workshop, working with power tools, etc.] presenting a coherent presentation

SONAL VERMA CURRICULUM VITAE A-59, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi – 110049 + 91- 9810840487,011-41640521(Delhi) 0034 633 176 798 (Spain)

PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE To obtain a challenging work opportunity to fully utilize the knowledge and skills acquired in the design field. If given an opportunity, I will work, step by step through my commitment, knowledge & foresight because continuous and consistent progress ensures great results. EDUCATION Honours degree in Bachelor of fashion technology with specialization in Leather Design (Fashion &Apparel) Under Graduate course at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY, NEW DELHI 2003-2007 ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Featured in the international magazine L’Officiel India as an upcoming Indian designer in the month of December issue.( 2007 ) • Won the ‘MOST INNOVATIVE DESIGNER’ award on graduation from the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY, NEW DELHI.( 2007 ) Participated in LINEAPELLE Young Designer’s Contest ( 2006 )

• Was chosen for a cultural exchange program from school and traveled to Russia, St. Petersburg,to New York and Ohio, US as well as Sweden. • Participated in over hundreds of competitions in the field of art, crafts, sports, drama, dance and other extra-curricular activities and have won over 75 trophies and medals CURRENT STATUS Worked as a Fashion Trend Analyst for The National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India.(2008) Working with renowned Indian designers’ Currently doing the accessory line for Ritu Kumar’s ‘Label’. Done tour seasons for the Wills India Fashion Week.(2008-09) Also doing the line of bags and belts for Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. Done 5 seasons so far for Wills India Fashion Week.(2008) Doing the accessory line for the brand Ashii by Ashima Singh debutante at the Wills India Fashion Week, New Delhi,2008. Worked for designers Asheema Leena as an assistant designer for clothes and accessories for their India fashion week collections as a free lance designer. Also doing projects with an export house in Delhi-Leather worldwide as well as with Global India exports respectively as a free lance designer. Worked as an assistant Visual merchandiser under Mr. Manu Mansheet for his brand and projects taken therein. Summary of skills

• Participated in the art/poster making comp. called south Asian masculinities in the year2006 and won the third prize.

• DESIGN • Develop concepts, color stories, and silhouette. • Trend spotting and analysis • Forecasting and styling • Analyze market trends for research and presentation • Source material for appropriate applications • Create original designs • Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, and communicating ideas clearly and effectively. • Enthusiastic to continuously innovate in design

• Was awarded with the ‘artist of the year’ trophy for three respective years.


• Participated in the international Korean children’s painting exhibition


• Represented National Institute of Fashion Technology, In IFFTI (international Fashion illustration competition), conducted by Bunka University Japan.( 2006) • Took part in the precious Mittel Moda Italian beachwear competition.( 2006 )

• Was awarded the first prize and recognized as the best artist from the govt. of India at a national level competition held on the occasion of international SUN DAY.

Antoinette Wyss CURRICULUM VITAE c/Piamonte 2, 4planta exterior Chueca 28004 Madrid, Spain Mobile: 0034 635 606 808 Email: Myspace: Successfully graduated from Central St. Martins University of Art and Design in London with a BA HONS in Fashion Design in 2006. Fully trained in haute couture tailoring, pattern cutting, print making and work experience in all fields. Additionally worked as Stylist on different occasions for several magazines and labels. Also qualified as English teacher CELTA teaching degree and 1.5years working experience.


Studying fashion and art history

NOSS University of Economics, August 1998 – June 1999 (Spiez, Switzerland) - 1year degree in economy Atelier “Goldene Haende”, January 1997 – July 1998 (Thun, Switzerland) - Haute Couture tailoring for private clients University of English, September 1996 – December 1996 (Sydney, Australia) - Studying English Schlossbergschule Thun, August 1993 – June 1996 (Thun, Switzerland) Gewerblich Industrielle Berufshochschule Bern, August 1993 – June 1996 (Bern, Switzerland) - Combined degree in tailoring and art

Other workexperience

IED Madrid - currently studying for the Master Degree Bright School of English, May 2007 – present, (Madrid, Spain) - English teacher

- - - - - -

International House London, March 2007 (London, UK) - CELTA teacher training course

Language skills


Linguatec, September 2006 – March 2007 (San Luis Potosi, Mexico) - English and German teacher Central St. Martins University of Art and Design, September 2001 – June 2006 (London, UK) - BA HONS degree in Fashion Design - Various styling projects in collaboration with several photographers and labels - Shop stylist and sales assistant at “Yellow Submarine” Covent garden, London Hochschule fuer Gestaltung und Kunst Zurich, August 1999 – June 2001 (Zurich, Switzerland)

Freelance stylist in corporation with Thomas Zanon Larcher (photographer) Teaching at a ISIS Summerschool in London (London, UK) Workplacement at Jens Laugesen, Designstudio (London, UK) Project coordinator at NOP Marketing Research Company (London, UK) Holiday activities coordinator for INSIEME (Luzern, Switzerland) Horse riding instructor at Trumpf Buur, (Nebikon, Switzerland)

German/English: mother tongue Spanish: fluent French/Italian; basic knowledge Personal Date of birth: 13. July 1977 Nationality: Swiss Interests: Sports, traveling, yoga, latin dances, fashion and art



Address: Gracansko dolje 6A, Zagreb, Croatia Telephone: +385 91 542 42 11 e-mail:

I work in programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign. Excellent team worker, also capable of working for deadlines and under pressure. Systematic and complete approach to every client and every design work, a lot of investigation, following trends and competition. Creativity, imagination and passion for design.

Personal information


Nationality: croatian Place of birth: Zagreb, Croatia Birthday: 08/06/1978

Croatian English - excellent Spanish - very good German - good

graphic designer

Education: 1996 - 2004 University of Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia) master of graphic technology Professional Experience 2003-2004 - design studio Pictoris (Nova Cesta 171, Zagreb, Croatia) graphic designer 2004-2005 (3 months practice) - design studio Soho (Av. Amazonas 1641 y La Pinta, Quito, Ecuador) graphic designer - I won this professional design practice on an international competition organized by IAESTE. Soho is one of the best South American design studios. There I worked on my own projects which included creating visual identities of different firms. 2005-now - design studio Pictoris (Nova Cesta 171, Zagreb, Croatia) graphic designer - in Pictoris I work on a wide range of design areas, for many companies. I do branding and visual identities, magazine design, adverts, packaging of different kind (food, water bottles and other), covers of books, bags, wide range of promotional materials, etc.

Interests: Design Art and history of art Photography Literature Languages Fashion Traveling Experiencing different cultures Writing

TATIANA JORDAN CURRICULUM VITAE QUALIFICATIONS Result-oriented Fashion Industry Professional with over six years of experience in textile/clothing development and product coordination. High taste level, strongly fashion minded with the ability to create and adapt designs to changing market conditions. Experience in knitwear/performancewear design and strong knowledge of garment construction, fabrications, technical processes, and trend analysis. Adept in researching, analyzing, and interpreting the behaviour of consumer groups. Highly skilled in client and vendor relations and negotiations. Creative, determined and result-oriented individual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Manufacturas Eliot. Bogota, Colombia (2004-2009) Fashion Designer/ Consultant • Successfully designed and coordinated collections from concept to completion, for men, women, children, junior and plus-size divisions. • Worked closely with clients to create vision, conceive designs, and consistently meet deadlines and requirements. • Managed-Sampling and Design involving development of product as per buyer’s specifications in terms of construction and quality right from fabric development, selection of trims, construction and finishing details, costing to final product. • Conducted quality control, handled inventory, stocking and maintenance of supplies. • Coordinated and developed collections for International buyers in Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador. • Provide trend analysis of colours, styles, silhouettes, and details for the Departments of Fashion, Sales and Marketing.

Accomplishments - Established trusting relationships with key clients - Fostered and maintained strong communications and business relations with all suppliers - Increased exportation sales in 20% - Formulate design solutions based on trend, forecasting and market research EDUCATION • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles, Universidad los Andes, (1996-2001)

Victoria Ovin CURRICULUM VITAE móvil: +34 608 670 660 Education

products, new packaging and modificated standard automotive parts to local production. La Sonámbula producciones 1996 / 1997 Freelance for designing and producing the prototypes for the movie “La Sonámbula”, directed by Fernando Spiner and Vera Español as the artistic director. Language skills

Succefully graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Industrial Design, summer 2000. And 3 years later I studied for a 2 year Master in “Lógica y Técnica de la Forma”.

English: advanced written and oral; Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). French: written and oral. Italian: advanced written and oral. Spanish: mother tongue.

Teaching & investigation

Computer skills

Assistant professor for Patricia Muñoz in “Morfología” the last 6 years till came to live in Madrid.

CAD/CAM, 3D modelling, CATIA V4 y V5. ALIAS, Studio Tools, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, 3D Max, Solid Works. Graphic design: GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. Web design: XHTML/ CSS

Career & work experience Tsu cosméticos. Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2004. I worked as an Industrial Designer being part of the engineering team in Packaging developing. Independent design projects as freelance designer in association with Daniel Levy’s studio. Buenos Aires, 2007 to present. Produc designs, supplier’s scouting, production following looking forward quality. Web design for 2007 to present Responsible for the design, arts and blog of the site http://hoopshype. com, a successful web site in the USA and Canada dedicated to the NBA basketball. Cardix s.a. Buenos Aires, Argentina, as an industrial designer. 2000 to 2004 In charge of the Packaging department where we developed new

Seminars & Exhibitions V Encuentro Regional de Investigación, september 2008: we exposed our investigation progress about digital fabrication. Interdisciplinary Workshop as a assistant professor with graphic designers at the University of Buenos Aires, winter 2000. Second prize, Ambientar Contest 2000: won by a cabinet design called “Trama”. Personal Date of birth: 1st. April 1975 Nationality: Argentinean Interests: Sports, sailing, art, drawing, cooking.

Rafael Zaragozá Álvaro CURRICULUM VITAE Studies 2008-Master in Product design, “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia” 2006-Graduate in Industrial design, “UCH-Ceu San Pablo, Valencia” Adwards 2009- Winner Muji-Milkmil scholarships for EDL 09, Madrid. 2008- Blou, winner LG-himacs adwards, 2º place european Level. - Selected Prizes in INJUVE Design. Prizes “Ministerio de igualdad de España”. 2007- Ahhh Pillow, selected in “Premios VOILA, Servei estaciò, de Barcelona”. 2006- Evolution Collection, selected in CDIM Adwards, Habitat Valencia. Exhibitions 2009- Granma Lamp & Drombo Collection, Green house ,Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008- Adwards INJUVE Design in “Circulo de bellas artes de Madrid” - Collection Blou, Tortona Place, Milan Fair, Stand LG-Himacs. - Collection Blou, NUDE Habitat Valencia. - Collection “Four Stories” by Panelate, NUDE Habitat Valencia. - Collection Drombo, NUDE Habitat Valencia. 2006- Evolution Collection, CDIM Adwards, Habitat Valencia. Personal Projects 2008- Creation of te group “ La mamba studio” - Organization of “ Pechakucha Valencia Night”. www.pechakucha Contact 0034 665398617 www.


países asiáticos, siguiendo siempre el objetivo de conseguir una selección de producto exclusivo, personalizándolo en muchos casos o diseñándolo ex profeso.


Dirección de diseño. La Colección Casa & Vida- Peyma Muebles s.l. — 2003-2006

Fecha Nacimiento 22 Agosto 1970

Paralelamente se crea una empresa para la distribución a escala nacional del producto propio. Funciones Diseño de producto, imagen y comunicación de la empresa: Catálogos, revistas y publicidad, elementos de comunicación. Presentaciones en ferias, desde el Diseño del stand hasta la realización de toda la presentación. Diseño y supervisión de espacios de venta, puntos de exposición, córners y tiendas. Logro. Diseño e implantación de todo el concepto de la marca. El proceso de compras se realiza en su mayoría en países asiáticos (indonesia, India, Thailandia y Vietnam). lo que implica frecuentes viajes y contactos en la zona.

Dirección Calle Villanueva 15 4ºE Madrid 28001 Spain Teléfono (34)91 435 9428 Móvil (34)649 026 888

PERFIL Marcado carácter creativo, predominantemente dentro del sector de la decoración e interiorismo.

Experiencia DIRECCIÓN DE TIENDA, MUEBLES CLAUDIO S.A. — 1996-1998 Funciones. Gestión del punto de venta y del personal a cargo. Compras producto. Merchandising, arquitectura interior y decoración. Marketing. Supervisión proyectos decoración. Logro. Remodelación de una tienda de mueble tradicional hacia un comercio de decoración integral, introduciendo un concepto tienda nueva. Equipo 18 personas

Dirección Comercial, Muebles Claudio s.a. — 1998-1999 Funciones. Dirección Comercial de un grupo de 5 tiendas. Gestión de los puntos de ventas y de los Recursos humanos. Compras, Marketing y Comunicación. Logro.Renovar el modelo de negocio, creando nuevos punto de venta y rediseñando todo el concepto, desde la imagen y el planteamiento general hasta el producto y los puntos de venta. Equipo 40 personas.

DISEÑO INTERIORES. DIRECCIÓN DE TIENDA,CASA & VIDA- PEYMA MUEBLES S.L. — 1999-2004 Funciones Diseño de la arquitectura interior, imagen corporativa, selección producto,Marketing, comunicación. Gestión punto de venta y personal tienda. Realización Proyectos interiorismo. Logro. Diseño e implantación de una marca de decoración integral del hogar. Desde el concepto, planteamiento comercial e imagen corporativa hasta el diseño del espacio, arquitectura interior y producto.Las compras se basaron en la importacion directa desde

Dirección de diseño. La Colección Carlos Maté- Peyma Muebles s.l.—2006-2009 Se centra la gama de producto exclusivamente en mis diseños añadiendo mi nombre a la marca. Eleva nivel de producto iniciándose la fabricación de productos en España bajo unas exigencias y un control mayores. Crea la marca Carlos Maté Studio para introducirse en el mercado del “contract” e instalaciones, además de realizar también proyectos para particulares. En esta nueva empresa mis funciones consistían en realizar y coordinar los proyectos decoración.

PROYECTOS Simultáneamente a los trabajos realizados en los últimos años y de acuerdo con la empresa que trabajo he llevado a cabo Trabajos de diseño e interiorismo a modo particular para diferentes clientes: Diseño de concepto, merchandising e interiores de puntos de venta para la cadena Chambao en Almería. Diseño de programas de mobiliario Juvenil para Claucama S.A., Diseño colecciones cuadros para Dosfer s.l., Elementos de Tapicer ía para Novadec S.A.. Proyectos de interiorismo en hoteles rurales, residencias y casas particulares. Reforma Parador Argómaniz.

FORMACIÓN Universidad Antonio Nebrija — Licenciado Administración y Dirección de Empresas, 1996

IDIOMAS Inglés Nivel alto (hablado y escrito) Permanencia de un año en Boston (USA) y distintas estancias en los meses de Verano en USA e Inglaterra TOEFL test, Pittman.

Lucía grompone larghero CURRICULUM VITAE Industrial designer e-mail: Portfolio:

studies: 2004-2008 Centro de Diseño Industrial industrial ( – (Monetvideo, Uruguay) 2003-2004 Ecole d´ Architecture Luminy Marseille (France) 1998-2006 Facultad de Arquitectura. Universidad de la República, (Montevideo, Uruguay)

professional activities: 2007-2008. First grade teacher, Graphic Design subject, Centro de Diseño Industrial ( 2008. Internship at Industrial Design Study, Gilles Belley ( París, Francia. 2008. Pratt. Communication. ( 2007. Internship (Industrial Design Center) Walmer amoblamientos ( 2004-2007 Estudiotre. Design and visual communication (

Claudia Caviezel CURRICULUM VITAE 18. 08. 1977 - 9 born in Zug / CH studies 2009 Master RSP/ European design labs at IED Madrid 2002 Diploma Textildesign HGKL, Master graduated with honors 1997 - 2002 Textile Design, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art 1997 A-levels (type B with Latin) in Zug 1994 / 1995 Highschool diploma in Oceanside, CA / USA work experience 2004 - 2008 2003 - 2006 2001 2000

Jakob Schlaepfer, Textile Design, St. Gallen Productdesign (milani d&c // Rady‘s >> technical clothing) Styling, Department Store Quartier 206, Berlin Stage at Studio Edelkoort, Magazine ‘In View’, Paris

award 2008 IKEA scholarship Encouraging Award, Zug 2007 Swiss Federal Design Award 2004 ‚talente‘ international Design Award, Munich 2003 Swiss Federal Design Award Artist in Residence, New York 2002 Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award Encouraging Award, Zug exhibitions 2007

Swiss Federal Design Grants, mudac, Lausanne

2006 2004 2003 2002

Loft Gallery, Hamburg ‚Talente‘, international Trade Fair Munich ‚Flick Gut‘, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur // Aarberghuus, Ligerz Swiss Federal Design Grants, mudac, Lausanne Slauer Baal, Löwenbräu-Areal, Zürich ‚Designers saturday* berlin‘, wallpaper design, Berliner Backfabrik ‚Auf die Taptete gekommen‘, Swiss National Museum, Zürich ‚tape it/ scotch the bag‘, Shop Museum Bellerive Zürich Museum of Modern Art, Zug ‚Georgette, Trevira, Serge & Hugo‘, HGKL Erfrischungsraum Lucerne

publications (selection) 2006 2005 2003 2001

Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture // Birkhäuser Verlag TAPE - An Excursion Through the world of Adhesive Tapes // Die Gestalten Ohne Nadel und Faden // Design Report (6/2003) form 189 - The making of Design (march/april 2003) IN VIEW - flatland Nr. 17 (1/2001)

Isidro Pérez CarriÓn CURRICULUM VITAE Date of birth: October 4, 1975. Place of birth: Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. Address: Priv. España 2225-1 Las Hadas cp. 72070 Puebla, Pue. México e-mail: Contact Number Spain: 0034 699126090

October 2008 "El Diseño a Volar" - Conference given at Universidad Hispana, on the Semana de la Hispanidad, Puebla, Pue.

Group exhibition "CARTEL POLITICO Y SOCAL" (CASA DE CULTURA, Cordoba, Veracruz, May 26th) Museographic design and graphic concept of the "CINE Y FERROCARRIL EN LA REVOLUCIÓN MEXICANA" exhibition, MUSEO DE LOS FERROCARRILES MEXICANOS, PUEBLA, June 16) "THE LITTLE PRINCE" Group exhibition at Museo Interactivo IMAGINA (Puebla, June 30) Museographic design of the photographic exhibition "COEURS URBAINS" by ERIC MARICHAL, ALIANZA FRANCESA gallery, Puebla, July 14 Group exhibition "CARTEL POLITICO Y SOCAL", at the gallery of EL ANONIMO bar, Cholula, Puebla, July 15. Web design of the MUSEO NACIONAL DE LOS FERROCARRILES MEXICANOS - Puebla 2004

2006-until now Chief of the Graphic Design Department of the Secretaria de Cultura del Gobierno del Estado de Puebla. Freelance designer to develop museographic projects for the Museo Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos, Puebla.

Creative agent of ABRACADABRA, a graphic communication agency in Puebla, Mexico. Museographic design of the realization of posters and the exhibition for "Rediseñando el SIDA" CASA DE CULTURA - IMAGINA Interactive Museum" "El otro Toulouse Lautrec" - Group exhibition at Alianza Francesa,Puebla.

Development of graphic concepts for several expositions.

40 x 60 Exhibition at the "Erasto Cortez" Museum and Workshop, Puebla.

Teacher at Instituto de Estudios Superiores incorporated to the BUAP, teaching the PRINTING SYSTEMS subject.

Support for the "ASOCIACI”N DE LAS CULTURAS FRANCO MEXICANAS" at Marsaille, France, (April - July) 40 X 60 Exhibition at the "AGORA DE LA CIUDAD" (Xalapa , Verarcruz)

2005 Creative agent of the graphic communication agency ABRACADABRA in Puebla. Group exhibition "CARTEL POLITICO Y SOCAL" at the Universidad Iberoamericana (Puebla, February 6th) Ecological group exposition "MANIFESTA" (Universidad de las AmÈricas, Puebla, March)

Interests: Design Expositions Art and history of art Photography Traveling Experiencing different cultures

FRANCESCO SILLITTI Currículum vitae Mi sono laureato in Disegno Industriale presso l’Universita’ di Architettura di Genova nel 2006 (102/110) con una tesi dal titolo; Creazione dell’Immagine Coordinata del Museo Etnografico Alfredo Majorano di Taranto. Due anni fa mi sono trasferito a Valencia, Spagna, dove ho seguito un Master di disegno presso l’Universita’ Politecnica. Terminato l’anno scolastico, ho cominciato una collaborazione presso lo studio di architettura “ Soloarquitectura “ di Jose Louis Soler, per la realizzazione di una linea di mobili per esterno, utilizando il materiale velico messo a disposizione dal team di Mascalzone Latino al termine della 32º edizione dell’ America’s Cup. Questa metodología di lavoro, segue ispirandomi da molto tempo e sono pienamente convinto dell’importanza di riutilizzare i materiali in disuso, che gia’ esistono, per dar loro nuova vita. La scelta del Master EDL( European Design Labs), uno tra i piu’ qualificanti del settore in Europa, e´dettata dall’interesse di approfondire il percorso da me gia´avviato, grazie anche alla collaborazione con aziende leader del settore, come e’ la vostra.

November 22nd 1981 Madrid, Spain San martín de Porres, 53 5A , 28035, Madrid (+34)669558483

following competitions - Restricted competition for an urban devlelopment in Zhong Bang Village, Shangai. (2nd prize) - Competiotion for the Ford Calumet Environmental Center, Chicago. (1st prize) Development of the exhibition at the ART INSTITUTE of Chicago:“The History of Chicago through Baseball” Development of the Studio/Gang/Architects stand in the United States pavillion in La Biennale di Venezia. “Trascending Type/ Baseball in the city”.


jun’05- nov’05 Collaboration at Juan de Ávalos architecture studio in execution projects for residential buildings.


1986-98 1998-99 1999-2003 Marzo 2003 2003-2004 2004-2006

Primary studies and high school at St.Anne´s School,Madrid. verano 1996 Exchange program in Gordonstoun School, Scotland. High School final year at “La Fundación”. Grade A. Beginning of the Architecture degree at the “Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid”. One week course in Plastic Analysis of Metallic Structures at the Budapest Technic University , obtained by means of an Athens Scholarship. One academic year at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, USA, obtained by means of an Erasmus Scholarship. Final grade: A. Final academic years at the “Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid”.

Noviembre 2008 Graduation. Thesis project:“RECONSTRUCTION OF THE TRACES OF AN INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITY; Multi-program infrastructure on the harbour perimeter of Avilés”, under the tutelage of Luis M. Mansilla. GRADE NOTABLE 8.

PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATIONS May’01- sep’01 Collaboration at Javier Climent Architecture studio. Development of an architecture competition for Banco Santander in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Jun’02- nov’02 Collaboration at Javier Climent Architecture studio in the project for an office building in “Ciudad del Banesto” in Madrid. Oct’03- jul’04 Collaboration at Studio/Gang/Architects in Chicago in the

may’06- nov’06 Project for residential refurbishings and in-site management in particular homes in Madrid. COLABORACIÓN EN CONCURSOS DE ESTUDIANTES DE ARQUITECTURA Collaboration with Gonzalo Pardo Díaz in the following architecture competitions for students: - V National Architecture competiotion for Young Architects. Culural Centre in Las Tablas, Madrid.(finalist)2005 - National SIKA Competition.2005. “Un nuevo Madrid en siete días”. (2nd prize) - International 2006 Skyscrapper Competition. EVOLO Architecture. Continuous Vertical City, NY, US.(2nd premio).2006 - National Competition Fundación Asprima. ARRANGEMENT PROTOCOL FOR THE SUPERBLOCK OF A.Z.C.A.,Madrid.(Special mention).2006

Olga Olivares CURRICULUM VITAE Education Black and white photography workshop, Academia de Artes Visuales(Avii). Fashion design degree, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Moda, Casa Francia. ( just for 1 year and a half ) “ Tribus” photography workshop given by Michel Mallard, Centro de la Imagen. Fashion Accessories and Footwear workshop, Centro de Diseño Cine y T.V. Fashion and Textile design degree, Centro de Diseño Cine y T.V. (in course). Toxico Workshop given by Eric Ravelo (Colors Magazine) y Andres Reymondes (Fabrica). Exhibitions and Fashion Shows (selection) 2004 Vestimenta Vagabunda. Ludens (design and architecture Studiogallery) Mexico city. Música, Arte y Vestido, Pasagüero. 2005 Materia Prima. Ludens. Mexico city (collective exhibition) Matrimonios Caprichosos. Ludens, Mexico city. (collective exhibition) Proyecto EMERGENTE. 2006 México Diseña. Oaxaca, Mexico. Lacoste 12.12, Mexico city. 2007 Lancome Colours Awards México. Fashion-Forward, Fashion Week Mexico. Work (selection) Costume designer in La promesa, a short film by Erwin Jaquez. 2007. Costume designer in La última partida by Naím Galindo, 2008.

Workshop Missoni  

Missoni Workshop