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Issue 124 | September 17th 2012

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issue 124 | freshers 2012

23 21 9

15 Editorial


Welcome to Quench, and the rest of your life


5 · FRESHERS WEEK: DO’S AND DON’TS Follow these basic instructions on how to survive those

6 · BEEN TO ANY FESTIVALS THIS SUMMER? Micro-reviews Because music sounds better in a

7 · CARDIFF: THE BUCKET LIST Tick off these essential experiences and really get to know your new city

Columnist 8 · ARE YOU NOT

ENTERTAINED? Rachel Moloney wonders whether the Bourne franchise will survive without Bourne

Fashion & Beauty

9 · CITY OF STYLE The ultimate guide to shopping in the Welsh captial 10 · FRESHERS FASHION stylists’ picks of the latest trends 11 · BEAUTY Salon Spy reviews Tans & Hands, and Jacqueline Kilikita recommends her tried and tested Beauty Must Haves. Your hangover never looked so good


12 · WE LOVE CARDIFF The affordable way to experience Cardiff’s highlights 13 · BRILLIANT BRISTOL Top quality culture, street art and nightlife is just across the water

16 LGBT+

14 · AN INTRODUCTION to your

The Culture Review

15 · IN THE SPOTLIGHT... Two of Cardiff’s freshest theatre companies, National Theatre Wales and Dirty Protest 15 · FIFTY SHADES OF OBSCENITY? Jess Rayner attempts to make sense of the mummy-porn phenomenon

12 Film

20 · FIVE FILMS FOR... FORMING FRIENDSHIPS Amy Pay suggests perfect movies to break the ice 21 · LIGHTS. CAMERA. LECTURES. Becky Johnson talks to Cardiff gradutae Fraser Isaac about the transition from university into the


Monsters Inc.

something for the geeks

Food & Drink


16 · CARDIFF MUSIC SCENE So many venues, so little time 19 · ALBUM REVIEWS Alt-J, Passion Pit, Hot Chip and more


THE SURVIVAL GUIDE Whether you’re craving a full english breakfast or a fancy cocktail, Quench have got it covered | @quenchmag

Q three



YO U r e a dy ?

Quench Editors: Laura Evans & Jo Southerd Creative Director: Luke Slade Features: Helen Cameron, Johannes Laubmeier, Rebecca Newby & Charlotte Wace Columnist: Rachel Moloney Fashion & Beauty: Sophie Chamberlain, Vicky Gadsden, Jacqueline Kilikita & Olivia Reidy Travel: Heather Arnold & Helena Lins LGBT+: Thomas Leeming Culture: Jess Rayner

Congratulations: you made it. Welcome to Cardiff, welcome to university, and welcome to the next three (or so) years of your life. Whether you work hard this year or not, you’ll almost certainly play hard, and Freshers Fortnight is just the beginning. There are friendships to be made, memories to be lost, and neighbours to sleep with. We of beer, sweat, and bruises that is uni life. Already forgotten your

Music: Rosey Brown, Kit Denison & Stephen Springate Film: Becky Johnson, Amy Pay & Becky Wilson Food & Drink:

No worries. Quench, your student magazine, is here to hold your hand the best of times. Trust us. guide to Cardiff’s best fashion outlets, music venues, cultural hotspots and more. In the process of making this magazine, the two of us fell in love with Cardiff all over again. It’s a bloody brilliant city, and we know you’ll have an incredible time here. Our one piece of advice would be: do everything. Uni is what you make of it, so explore Cardiff and rinse it dry for everything it has to offer. Talk to as many people as you can. Play sport, go to gigs, and get involved in awesome things like student media. There’s a newspaper, TV and Radio Station all gagging for fresh meat, and if you think Quench We’re on the hunt for writers, photographers and illustrators, so if you union and say hello. Happy reading,

Laura & Jo (the editors)

Cover Photo: Jo Southerd Lots of hard work went into this issue. And lots of supernoodles. And lots of coffee. Soundtrack: Sam & The Womp ~ Bom Bom The xx ~ Angels Man Like Me ~ Squeeze

four Q | @quenchmag


Freshers’ Week: dos

& don’ts

Words: Helen Cameron | Photo: Rebecca Wilson So here you are, all alone in the vast and treacherous land that is Cardiff. Let the best years of your life begin, and let them begin in style. Right now your life’s all packed up in boxes and has shifted its way to Cardiff. Mum and Dad have waved you goodbye, and there you sit in your or having drunken races around campus, Freshers is about doing it all.

do talk to strangers.

Strangers are your new friends and friends are what you need right now. Talk to everyone, ask them questions, and listen to their stories. Some of the people you meet in Freshers will turn out to be life long friends, as well as brilliant drinking buddies.

do have an open door policy.

mates and leave your door open to give the vibe that you’re approachable and free to chat. First impressions are important, so the bonds you build now can be crucial. Don’t worry if you end Freshers feeling like you haven’t met a friend for life; you’ve got three years or more who those frenemies really are.

do explore.

Whether it’s checking out who and what Union, or working your way through every club and bar in the city, get out and explore. Cardiff is a shopping hotspot and there are more than enough malls, vintage arcades and record stores to keep you entertained.

do make your room a home from home.

Whether it’s that hot poster of Megan Fox or some cute fairy lights, get to it and make your room your own. Personal touches help make your new home feel that bit less daunting. Everyone gets a little kick of the homesick bug over Freshers, and having a space that genuinely feels like yours can really help.

do join clubs and societies. involved in, from Football to the Harry Potter Society; there really is something for everyone. Nurture an existing interest or try something new. Societies hold socials throughout the year, helping you make new friends and gather memories, as well as those nights you’d rather forget.

do party every night.

Stay up till dawn and end the night with the obligatory kebab (somehow induced by too many shots). Get your fancy the sun comes up. With a different club event every night you won’t be stuck for things to do, and it is your duty to tackle them all.

do photograph every shred of detail.

When Freshers week is over you can laugh, cringe and cry at those drunken nights out and all your adventures. No photo is too revealing, no photo is to be deleted. These are the memories of all those crazy antics; reminders of what will be missed come the end of your degree when maturity, responsibility and work beckon.

do succumb to Freshers’ flu.

Your ‘crash and burn’ at the end of Freshers is unavoidable. Have the paracetamol that Mum lovingly packed on hand, along with plasters for those mysterious cuts that appear after a messy night out. Whack out the pillow, snuggle up in your duvet and try to recount those hazy days of Freshers. YOLO. | @qfeatures


s l a v i est this summer?


Been to any


Words: Rebecca Newby

Whether the British summer brings rain or shine, festivals are where we tend to excel. And despite the Olympics stealing the limelight (and most of our portaloos), 2012 has been no different. So, as we leave our stages, tents and wellies behind for another year, here’s a snappy rundown of some of Summer 2012’s stand-out fests...


Dates? 9-10 June USP? Still fairly fresh as far as festivals go, but hosts a line-up to make its bigger brothers and sisters madly jealous. Crowd-pleaser? On Saturday the Flaming Lips played an explosive set (literally) with frontman Wayne Coyne blasting a confetti canon into the crowd. Disappointment? Although Azealia Banks dropped out last minute, her disgruntled fans were consoled with the likes of Labrinth and the ever energetic Dizzee Rascal. Something unexpected? There is a skate ramp in the Desvoured oxygen shots. Tip for next year? The organisers have decided to move location away from Platts Field Park due to complaints from the locals, so keep an eye out for Parklife 2013 news.


Dates? 14-18 June USP? A giant, thoroughbred student party. Crowd-pleaser? Headliners Chase & Status proved their worth with an electric show on the Friday night, pumping the crowds out of the mud and into high spirits. Disappointment? Ben Howard’s sunshine set was cut devoted fans’ frustration. Something unexpected? Good prices. You can grab a Europe’s biggest toboggan ride. Tip for next year? Don’t forget your raincoats and wellies. This year some of the less waterproof festival-goers were forced to leave on the Friday due to the adverse weather conditions.


Dates? 12-15 July USP? A chilled version of other major festivals with a showcase of unfamiliar sounds. Crowd-pleaser? Relative unknowns the Alabama Shakes were fantastic, with front woman Brittany leaving half the audience in tears with her breath-taking vocals. Disappointment? If you’re not a fan of beer and cider don’t expect to pay less than £13 for your favourite cocktail. Something unexpected? Many eccentricities: from artists arriving to a stage by boat, a mad hatter’s tea party, to hoe-downs, yoga workshops and a poetry takeaway stall. Tip for next year? Be open-minded and do something you wouldn’t normally. The Faraway Forest and Pandora’s Playground offers plenty of surprises after the sun goes down.

six Q | @qfeatures


Dates? 6-9 September USP? Rob da Bank conducts a weekend of weird and wonderful things culminating in a spectacular fancy dress parade on the Sunday. There is something for everyone. Crowd-pleaser? Stevie Wonder. Need I go on? Disappointment? With so many great acts and too many Something unexpected? The new Amphitheatre Stage deep in the heart of the Ambient Forest delivered some captivating spoken word performances and the arena was full of members of the Invisible Circus and their interactive theatrics. Tip for next year? Try and see something different, there is so much more than just the music.

ONE TO WATCH? After a year off for the Olympics, Glastonbury is back for 2013. With the Rolling Stones hotly tipped to be making an appearance, the world’s biggest festival is set to return with a bang...


Cardiff: The Bucket List Charlotte Wace gives you the low-down on what Cardiff and its surroudings have to offer. Tick these off and experience your city... Probably the most pressing issue currently at the forefront of your mind is whether you have enough alcohol for tonight’s pre-drinks, or how to remember so many names. But when everything settles, remember that Cardiff has been recognized by the British Tourist Authority as the most normally spend your time - from white water rafting to all-day PlayStation marathons – be sure to slot these few must-dos into your schedule.

Cycle the Taff Trail: If you’ve been at university longer

than a day, you are probably familiar with Cardiff’s clubbing scene already. But when everything has calmed down a bit, perhaps think about slotting this into your schedule: cycling the epic Taff trail. At 55 miles, I wouldn’t recommend hitting the jaegerbombs too hard the night before; but it’s worth the sweat, I promise.

Visit Cardiff market: Think Hogsmeade (for all the Harry

Watch a rugby match at the Millennium Stadium: Although a famous venue for music concerts, football, motorsports and boxing, it is a pivotal experience to watch a Welsh rugby match here. Seating over 74,500, the atmosphere in the stadium is electric and cannot be matched elsewhere. If you don’t understand why the Welsh regard rugby with the utmost importance, here is the place to learn!

Potter fans out there) combined with the vibrancy of a modern fashion

Take a trip to Barry Island: If it was good enough

costume, a present for a fussy friend, a new saucepan or a vintage hand-

for students too, and only 35 minutes away by train. Forget deadlines

Swim in the river at Bute Park: Edge through the

diff’s gems. Get a group of you together, and chill by the river; jump in if the sun’s out. Enhance the process by making a cider stop at Tesco and dragging someone who can play guitar along with you.

Embrace Fancy Dress: Cardiff clubs are particularly hot

thusiasm for themed nights where fancy dress is obligatory. Combined with tequila shots as cheap as a pound, you know you’re onto a winner. The concept of fancy dress is a fantastic icebreaker: the more outrageous the better.

Drop by at The Millennium Centre: This Arts Centre situated in Cardiff Bay is prerequisite for those with a passion encompassing Jimmy Carr, Dirty Dancing and The Welsh National Opera. Most famous for celebrating Celtic culture, the Centre gives you an opportunity to get some Welsh into your vocab whilst being thoroughly entertained. With frequent free performances and workshops, you have no excuse not to drop by.

park tokens and take lots of pictures of your friends getting soaked by unexpected waves.

Eat a Welsh Cake:

If you’re not man enough to stomach other famous Welsh dishes like faggots (meatballs made from lamb or pigs liver) or laver bread (a sort of seaweed pancake), then this is for you. Nearer to a scone than cake, these buttery babies are fried on a griddle, and then doused in sugar. For best results, eat fresh and warm from the popty (Welsh for oven. You’re welcome).

Indulge in a Sunday Roast at The Taf: Chatting over a lovely meal is a great opportunity for bonding. However, tired, over-partied students combined with a hot stuffy kitchen is a far from win their friendship, so head to The Taf, where for a very reasonable outlay, you get a break from frozen pizzas and washing up, and can chat without the distractionons of loud music and alcohol. | @qfeatures

Q seven


Are you not

entertained? by Rachel Moloney

As Quench welcomes new Freshers to our lovely Welsh city, we must also say a fond farewell to the third years who have just graduated. Trust me, it will come sooner than you think. The inescapable truth is that everything must move on in a process not dissimilar to The Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ (although forget the bit about lions becoming the grass and antelopes eating the grass). We do all move on, nothing ever stays the same and the world just keeps on changing. The same can also be said of the entertainment world. For instance, no-one wants to play Doctor Who forever; even the steady and hefty pay-cheques couldn’t keep David Tennant on board the Tardis and he’s now widening his repertoire by appearing in Virgin Media ads. Shame on you Tennant. Ultimately there will also come a day when Matt

a huge impact that it becomes impossible to imagine life without them. It wasn’t the same when the original My Family left the Harper household, especially their gormless son Nick (Kris Marshall) who has since gone on to advertise BT. Seriously, what is it about telecom ads that so entices actors? And in my personal opinion, it wasn’t the same when I’d got through Caribbean: On Stranger Tides without sight of Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley. Take that notion further and you reach the blasphemous idea of the without Johnny Depp. Disney wouldn’t dream of it. The problem is that we often get too attached to Sometimes it’s easy; I mean how fed up did we all become when Sugababes changed their line-up so much that it became ridiculous? Eventually I lost interest, but now the original members Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan want to reform after 11 years apart. One thing’s for sure, they can hardly call themselves the Sugababes as that name ceased to stand for anything a long time ago. I think that’s the issue I have with The Bourne Legacy. Its very title implies that we will once again see Matt Damon effortlessly leaping onto high-rise buildings, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. However that’s not what the latest saga is about, as it follows new action-man Aaron Cross whose life has been affected by

seems a long way off. Instead it’s Karen Gillan who has decided to move on to greener pastures, which is acter incredibly irritating. Her story will come to an end in episodes which are due to air this Autumn, as we head towards the inevitable Christmas special. Smith, Gillan, and her replacement Jenna-Louise with much of the action taking place in and around

eight Q

are a particular highlight; well what else did you expect in Wales? Another franchise not immune to a bit of regeneration is James Bond. Without the technological wizardry of Doctor Who, 007 constantly reappears on our screens and it doesn’t even matter if he leaves lously returns as Daniel Craig. Seeing him emerge from the sea in his speedos probably put many viewers’ doubts to rest and he will be back to save the world this October with Skyfall, Bond’s 23rd bigscreen outing. But Doctor Who and James Bond are the key exceptions to the rule and sometimes the media industry should just let things be. Characters can make such

(the one in Avengers Assemble who was pretty nifty with a bow and arrow) has a lot to live up to but I feel tage. Although it welcomes back many familiar faces to the tense control rooms of American intelligence, can

“Seriously, what is it about telecom ads that so entices actors?”

Only time will tell and if audiences respond well to the re-imagined story, it may become just as successful and enduring as the Bond franchise or Doctor Who series. But for the moment, I feel rather lukewarm about the whole thing and my sentimental streak has most like everyone else in this world, I’ve got to accept that it happens; just as much in the entertainment industry, as it does in everyday life. Enjoy Freshers.


city of


Cardiff is the hub of all things trendy and unique, with countless hidden gems in the form of boutiques and vintage stalls hailed as Wales’ best shopping destinations. Jacqueline Kiliquita [For vintage lovers...] Morgan Arcade is the home to Broken Girls’ Club Vintage and Penny Lane Boutique, two vintage havens which have recently merged in order to ply Cardiff’s fashion crew with a cornucopia of amazing garments. From well looked after 60’s leather bags to brooches spanning a number of eras, this boutique has an unimaginable amount to offer at incredibly reasonable prices. Don’t be afraid to rummage through old trunks and battered boxes as you’ll ful twenties costume jewellery or a silk scarf to top off any than not, items at this boutique can be bought for considerably less than their asking price. We are students after all...

Hobo’s Vintage, in High Street Arcade, is another fashion favourite. As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel as though you have been catapulted into a fantastic retro retreat. Hobo’s is run by two chaps with a passion for sixties and seventies fashion, especially. With a keen eye for men’s wear and bursts of colour there is never a dull item in sight. Hobo’s will automatically change the minds of lads who are weary of buying into vintage trends as most items are spetheir range of women’s skirts, dresses, jumpers and accessories is virtually unbeatable. Vintage items can be worn with modern, high street clothes for an individual twist.



the agenda of the girls at Soraya’s, as they go out of their way to the place to stock up on your going out clothes, and with most dresses at bargainous prices, what better way is there to spend your student loan? Those in Uni Halls are lucky to live close to Soraya’s, but for others, don’t let the distance put you off. [For the boys...] The Pretty Green fashion chain is just one of Liam Gallagher’s many career ventures. A lot of the clothes draw on what is arguably the most fashionable era, the 60’s. were always bound to be a culmination of cool. Garments start from £40 for shirts and £50 for footwear; not the cheapest of shops, but ideal for a cheeky splurge. Look out for the live bands commissioned by Gallagher himself, who often put on fantastic gigs for customers and window shoppers alike. Find the shop in Morgan Arcade. [For high-street style...] The shops on Cardiff’s Queen Street and in St David’s shopping centre are good enough to give London’s Oxford Street a run for its money. Both places boast a plethora of high street shops from River Island and New Look, H&M to Miss Selfridge, all large enough to hold both men and women’s fashion. The Topshop has been labelled one of the best outside London, stocking both the Kurt Geiger and Ofing mid-season sales that often take place in order to give your ragged student wardrobe that much needed overhaul. | @quenchfashion

Q nine


FASHION Shorts: £32, Top: £48, both Topshop Shoes: £27.99, New Look Clutch bag: £20, Dorothy Perkins

Shirt: £32, Jeans: £40, both River Island Canvas high tops: £24.99, Belt: £7.99, both New Look





Dress: £17, Miss Selfridge, Bag: £20, H&M Shoes: £27.99, Earrings: £2.99 New Look

Blazer: £60, Jeans: £40, both River Island T-shirt: £12.99, Boots: £34.99, both New Look

Jacqueline Kilikita

Not Feeling so Fresh?

Brighten up with our pick of the hottest accessories in this season’s tangerine tones. 1. Pyramid Lock Satchel: £55.00, Topshop This coral pyramid satchel is the perfect cohort to any night out. With enough space for your purse, keys and phone, Topshop’s generously sized coral companion will even allow you to take your make-up out for any touch-ups.




2. Contrast Panel Belt: £12.00, Topshop Topshop have created the ideal accessory to spice up your LBD into a backdrop for summer’s hottest colour. Wear around the waist to create an enviable silhouette, or wear around your hips to transform a pair of jeans. 3. Triangle Gem Doorknocker Earrings: £18.00, ASOS These doorknocker earrings have been made by ASOS Collection. Incorporating oversized orange gemstones set with a gold-tone trim and drop charm detailing. Gorgeous. 4. Casio Watch: £15, Casio Have a contemporary tangerine twist on this classic Casio watch. There are only so many times that you can wear that LBD, so draw the attention away from your dress and onto your cool wrist-wear. As well as ticking the colour-trend boxes this freshers, you will also never miss a lecture.



ten Q | @quenchfashion

5. Pastel Bead Collar: £12.50, Dorothy Perkins Tick two trend boxes this fresher’s with Dorothy Perkins collar necklace. In the soft tangerine hue engulfed with white and gold this necklace is easy to match as well as ensuring that you are on trend. Olivia Reidy


Salon Spy:

Tans & Hands

Crwys Road, Cathays

diff I went through the usual process of cheapest place to buy food, the best club to go depending on which night of the week, and also, where to get my eyebrows waxed? There are many advertisements and recommendations as to which restaurant serves up the best hangover breakfast and which pub has the cheapest cider and black, but I found nothing about where to get the best spray-tan or pedicure. South, the only places I used to walk were to lectures or into the city centre. Therefore, every three weeks I used to walk the forty minutes into town to endure the process of getting my eyebrows waxed: which took all of ten minutes. After a month or two I was thinking there must be somewhere nearer which

can do the exact same job. Tans and Hands is a salon located on Crwys Road in Cathays. They do pretty much any beauty procedure from both female and male waxing to manicures and pedicures. You can also top up your tan there ranging from a full body to a legs-only spray tan. If you want to glam-up your look for a night out, you can also go to Tans and Hands for eyelash tinting, perming and extensions. You won’t break your student bank account by going there either. Waxing, eyebrows, eighteen pounds to get a full leg wax and only eight pounds for your bikini line. Plus they accept student cards, so you can get a 10% student discount on any procedure! I went to Tans and Hands once every four weeks for the whole of my sec-

ond year and I don’t have a bad word to say about them. The girls that work in there are very friendly and always professional. When ringing up the salon for an appointment they have rarely open until 7pm from Tuesday to Friday so you can always book in an appointment after a late lecture. Plus it’s such a shorter walk from the Talybont halls of residence and even closer to anyone living in a student house in the Cathays area. So girls (and boys!) if you’re stuck for somewhere to get your tan on for a night in Tiger Tiger or you’re in desperate need of a manicure after an intense exam then pay Tans and Hands a visit. They also have their own Facebook page with new beauty procedures and offers of the week. Sophie Chamberlain

beauty must-haves

Let’s face it–

studying and endless socialising will eventually result in a beauty SOS. But luckily for you newbies, the team at Quench has tried and tested a number of products that are soon set to become your beauty staples. You may have had a late night, butyou’ll look the freshest of them all. St Ives Apricot Blemish Control Scrub, £3.99, Superdrug, contains natural exfoliates to give tired, stressed out skin the radiance it deserves. At just £3.99 a pop, this miracle scrub will keep spots and blemishes at bay without breaking the bank.

Simple Radiance Moisturiser, £6.99, Superdrug, contains skin illuminators to help conquer dull and worn-out complexions. It’s a known fact that drinking and excessive partying can damage skin, but applying an energising moisturiser like this one will give your skin an instant boost. Apply twice a day for best results.

Touché Éclat concealer, £20, Amazon, holds the secret to banishing dark circles at the click of a button as it contains highlighting light to brighten under eye areas. You can also use it as a highlighter to create a set of cracking, model-worthy cheekbones – result!

Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara, £8.49, Boots. The fantastic bullet style wand allows you to reach every single lash. Apply lashings of mascara to both the top and bottom lashes to create a wide eyed look that screams, ‘Hangover, you have been defeated!’. Jacqueline Kilikita

Simple Facial Wipes, £1.29, Superdrug. Falling asleep in your make-up is a massive night out no-no. No matter how exhausted you are, make sure you remove all traces of make-up before your head hits that pillow! Your skin will thank you in the morning when it’s clean and spot free. | @quenchfashion

Q eleven

Bute Park


Cardiff Castle and Bute Park

With 2000 years of history, Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ most popular visitor attractions. Located at the heart of the city, within beautiful parklands, it encompasses a Roman fort, Norman traces, lavish Victorian apartments and wartime tunnels from the Second World War. In 1766 it became Bute family’s property who transformed the castle into a Welsh Victorian Camelot. However, after the death of the 4th Marquess of Bute, the family decided to give the castle and most of its parklands – Bute Park – to the city of Cardiff. Nowadays, visiis followed by a walk with a personal audio guide telling the story of the Welsh soldier over the last 300 years. Guided tours of the apartments’ opulent interiors are also available and there are special events throughout the year. The best thing is that as a resident of the city you can have a castle key that gives you free access to all the castle, plus discounts for your friends and on souvenirs at the gift shop. (All you have to do Perfect for: Getting some fresh air on a hangover. Fancy it? Go to

Cardiff Bay & Wales Millenium Centre

Before known as Tiger Bay, Cardiff dockland district is Wales’ oldest multi-ethnic community. It has also been the cradle of famous individuals such as the former rugby star Billy Boston and singer Shirley Bassey. After a period of destruction and displacement of the area’s community, the Bay was regenerated as a leisure and business hot-spot. Nowadays, visitors can stroll around the fresh-water lake derived from the Cardiff Barrage which connects to both the Taff and Ely Rivers or even do a boat tour from Mermaid Quay. Cardiff Bay is also the location of the prestigious Wales Millenium Centre, a stunning international arts center. Other attractions in the area innumerous water activities, Skate Plaza, the Techniquest Science Discovery Centre, the Welsh Assembly, the Butetown History and Arts Centre, the Golelong 2000 Lightship, the Norwegian Church Arts Centre, as well as a fantastic range of bars and restaurants in a gorgeous waterside location. (30 minutes walk from the city centre or 10

twelve Q | @quench_travel

Cardiff Bay

Roath Park

Perfect for: sleep with. Fancy it? Go to &


WE LOVE CARDIFF Itchy feet but empty pockets? Dying to explore the brand new city you now call home, but don’t want to fall too far into that overdraft? Trust Quench Travel’s list of



and discover some amazing places in and around the Welsh capital. Words: Heather Arnold & Helena Lins | Photos: Helena Lins

Roath Park

Castle Coch

self in Bute Park’s shadow. However, this cultivated Victo- will meet the fairytale sight of its beautiful gothic towers poking up through the trees of the forest. This enchanted environand deserves to be appreciated independently. The park is ment grows stronger as you walk up the winding woodland thoughtfully put together with different sections creating a road to the castles moat and draw bridge. The castle’s interior different character: there is a Wild Garden full of winding is equally impressive: highlights include a nature room with a stunningly painted mural over the ceiling and walls, and fabuwhere you can play basketball and tennis; Roath Recre- lous views from the top towers. Unfortunately, the entrance fee ation Ground with rugby and football pitches; all of which is unavoidable and you don’t get a huge amount for your moncentres around the park’s picturesque lake and its iconic Lighthouse. When the sun is out, pick a seat on the lakeside a sunny day, take a few beers, and sit back and enjoy the fabled and you can sit back and watch the world go by all day long. lands. (Get the 132 stagecoach bus from Cardiff to TongwynPerfect for: A sunny picnic. Fancy it? Go to the ‘Roath Park’ page, Perfect for: An escape from the city. Fancy it? Go to

Cycling City Tour

A great introduction to the city of Cardiff, its history and its Penarth culture, is the Cardiff Cycle Tour. With a maximum price of Known as Cardiff’s “Garden by the sea”, Penarth is a small £15 for a whole day’s ride (including entrance into Cardiff seaside town just outside the city. It’s a pretty place to walk around, especially with its Victorian pier, and it has fun way of getting to your new home. The friendly tour guide some great attractions too. There is the Turner House Galwill provide you with a bike, so you all you need to bring is lery which features changing exhibitions of photography, yourself. Cardiff Cycle Tours run two routes: The Bute Tour, video and new media art; right now they’re showing a disa beautiful winding route from the Bay to the Castle, and play by Ffotogallery, the national photography developThe Bay Tour which explores the areas around Cardiff Bay. ment agency for Wales. Penarth also contains an old VictoPerfect for: rian park named Alexandra Gardens and some striking cliff Fancy it? Go to top walks nearby. (Catch a bus or a train from the city centre, or for something a bit more special grab the Aquabus “One of the top 10 things to do in the UK for under a tenner!” – Essential Travel magazine, March 2011. For the more adventurous ones here is a suggestion: a two hour night walk in one of Britain’s oldest Christian sites while listening to ancient and modern ghost tales. A mournful white lady, seen for generations near the river; a sinister, hooded and faceless man in black who watches and follows visitors; a hideously ugly witch-like demon, a portent of death, haunting the lanes and woodlands; and curious ghostly children, seen, heard and felt throughout the route are some of the stories that you will hear whilst walking near the banks of the river Taff and across an old graveyard. The village of Llandalf is just a 15 minute bus ride from the city centre and if, at the end, it was too much to handle, you can always relax in one of the village’s pubs. Perfect for: Thrill-seekers and horror fans. Fancy it? Go to

Perfect for: Arty types. Fancy it? Go to

Cardiff Cycle Tour

The Llandaff Ghost Walk

Lavernock Point

For breathtaking views of both the Bristol Channel and the Somerset Coast, head to cliff tops of Lavernock Point. To get there, an easy, scenic walk from Penarth takes you along multi-coloured cliffs and a popular fossil hunting trail. Lavernock Point also holds its own piece of history, as it is over open sea in 1897. It was in May of that year that inventor Guglilmo Marconi transmitted and received the wireless signals in morse code: the message, which can be read in the National Museum of Wales, read “Are you ready?”. Perfect for: Photo opportunities. Fancy it? Go to

brilliant bristol

The city of Bristol is famous for its vibrant and varied artistic scene. Being less than an hour’s train ride from Cardiff, it is a colourful and exciting place to go for a change of scenery: whether it’s just a day out or a longer jaunt. Bristol has many great attractions for students to explore, such as the big and beautiful Aquarium, Bristol Museum and Gallery, and Bristol Zoo. But what makes it a fascinating city to visit is its artistic character and unique events. One of the biggest city’s highlights is its street art. Nelson Street in the city centre was once a dull and grey walkway that offered little interest. Now it is home to an ambitious and exciting street art project: See No Evil. The project, started by music promoters Team Love, brings together the world’s leading street artists to completely transform the face of ten multi-story buildings from grey facades to striking murals. One of the world’s best known street artists began his

Bristol also has a diverse festival schedule that includes the International Balloon Fiesta (Europe’s biggest annual Festival and, among many others, a Slapstick Silent Comedy Festival. Keep an eye on this city’s events calendar for these one-of-a-kind experiences all year round. The nightlife in Bristol is buzzing, with a whole host of bars and clubs. Perhaps the most exciting of these is Thekla, bour. Inside there is so much more than just cargo: the boat plays host to an award winning nightclub that often holds live music events and has been at the base of Bristol’s drum

‘Bansky Tours’ you can do around the city, and they don’t

events and offers check out their website, www.theklabristol. With heaps of attractions and an endless list of events to choose from Bristol is a great place to travel to without having to get out your passport or damaging your bank balance

works on the Visit Bristol website and then wander around on your own arty treasure hunt.

what it can offer go to Heather Arnold | @quench_travel

Q thirteen


gay? straight? bisexual? transgender?

or just unsure?

this is the city - and the section -

for you -

Sarah Jack Oakley

fourteen Q

Thomas Leeming


The Culture Review - ArtLiteratureDanceDrama -

In the Spotlight... National Theatre Wales


Chapter Arts

Dirty Protest

Sherman Cymru







Jess Rayner

Caitlin Maggs

Fifty Shades of Obscenity?

not. -

Jess Rayner


cardiff music scene whistle-stop tour of all of the glorious venues our city has to offer.


What better place to start our guide to Cardiff’s music venues than our university’s very own students union? Every year the union hosts a large number of diverse acts across a number of gig spaces within the building. The biggest venue is the Great Hall which is generally the venue of choice for any touring band which isn’t

line-up this year included Two Door Cinema

being perfect to see a range of medium sized acts in a very intimate setting. Solus has recently seen such diverse

DEMPSEYS you’re after great live jazz music and some de-

and Ghostface Killah and is one of the phantly headline last October. SS

Wednesdays typically) and you can expect to see some Prize nominated pianist Kit Downes and the locallywarned that this is more of a ‘sit down and listen’ venhaps wait until you reach Live Lounge before having any full-blown pseudo-philosophical discussions. KD

CLWB IFOR BACH music hotspot is surely one of Cardiff’s most -


The outside might suggest some thriving music -

also cater to wide range of musi-

huzzah for convenience! KD

fun. Just don’t go in with high expectations. SS

sixteen Q | @quenchmusic


GWDIHW stands out. Gwdihw is a bar which puts on gigs of astounding variety and vitality. The range of musical tastes catered

with the band at the tops of their voices. Truly awesome. RB

THE FULL MOON worthy contender. They’ve styled themselves as “purveyors


your spirits strong and your music loud. RB

THE COAL EXCHANGE you didn’t get that from the name) The Coal Exchange is one of Cardiff’s most historic and atmospheric music venues. Don’t let the remote locafrom Queen Street Station. You’ll be rewarded with a diverse range of acts from established cult legends such as Gary Numan and Patti Smith to and the Diamonds and Guillemots playing in recent -

will offer a great and varied selection. SS



KD | @quenchmusic

Q seventeen




Cry Like a Ghost’s reGossamer -

Gossamer taken in thinking Gossamer



trasts. Mirrored Sea’s catchy open-

Like this? Try... Royksopp - Junior




Face That Ain’t My Trip


Like this? Try… Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul




ECHO LAKE WILD PEACE tempos. SS Like this? Try… My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

songs such as shimmering opener -





In Our Heads is no

Don’t Deny Your Heart


Motion Sickness


Look Night and Day

At Where We Are Cry Me a

Like this? Try... Friendly Fires – Pala





or not is uncertain. KD


Like this? Try... Django Django - Django Django



6/10 PORTICO QUARTET PORTICO QUARTET rich and organic acoustic approach -

audience. KD Like this? Try... Submotion Orchestra – Finest Hour

8/10 | @quenchmusic

Q nineteen



Words: Amy Pay


4. Toy Story (1995)

1. The Breakfast Club (1985)

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

2. Anchorman (2004)


Important note: To avoid being classed a creep/ serial killer/ bore/ hater, steer clear of anything that falls into these categories: :

Anything painfully discriminatory

Anything in a foreign language

Anything dependent on knowledge of its prequel

Anything gross, graphic, grizzly or gory,

Anything too long, dry or serious,

twenty Q


5. School Of Rock (2003) -




Words: Becky Johnson





ten different places at once ten different things.�



Q twenty-one


Trailer Trash


Becky Johnson

in a cinema near

you Holy Motors Dir. Leos Carax

Resident Evil: Retribution Dir. Paul W.S. Anderson



Here’s something for the geeks...

Dir. Oliver Stone

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Dir. Stepen Chbosky




Taken 2

Dir. Oliver Megaton


Dir. Rhian Johnson

Liberal Arts Dir. Josh Radnor

C. Love Bite

Dir. Andy De Emmony


Dir. Jay Roach


The Campaign


D. C.



twenty-two Q

Freshers’ food:



When you need...

... a trusty local The Woodville

... a quality cocktail selection 10 Feet Tall Buffalo Bar

... to French it up Madame Fromage Thé Pot

... a proper cuppa

Waterloo Tea Gardens

...cozy quirkiness Milgi

... a hangover cure Cafe 37 ... a  shopping-induced  coffee  break   The Plan

... to do it yourself (properly) Cardiff Central Market

Q twenty-three

Issue 124 | September 17th 2012

Quench - Issue 124  

Laura Evans and Jo Southerd's first issue

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