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gair rhydd Monday May 14 2012 | freeword – Est. 1972 | Issue 979

Oliver Smith Editor

Above: Harry Newman, Societies Officer

The Society Awards saw an impressive turnout on Friday May 4, when almost 300 students came to be recognised for all the passion and dedication they have given over the last year. 19 awards were up for grabs during the evening and most were highly contested with over (200) societies and individuals up for nomination between them. The caliber of shortlisted nominations could not have been higher with the likes of the Malaysian Society’s Festival of Diversity (an annual cultural event celebrating the Malaysian culture through drama and dance) and the Tea Party Society’s Tea Crawls (similar to a pub crawl but with tea drinking as the primary objective) in the running for ‘Best Cultural Event’ and ‘Best Society Activity’ respectively. Ultimately only a few Societies could win awards, however, some took the challenge to heart by scooping multiple awards. The Pole Dancing Society were able to take three awards from the evening as well as ‘Best Committee Member’ for Grace Kenall’s work on their executive committee this year. Harry Newman, Societies Officer, on the subject of Pole Dancing’s wins said that, “Each award is based on merit, the number of awards won by

a society is not something we focus on. Clearly Pole Dancing winning so many awards is a testament to how successful they are across the board.” Other Societies that received considerable recognition included Cardiff RAG & SVC for their work developing Cardiff ’s first Jailbreak earlier this year when 29 teams competed to see how far they could hitch-hike from Cardiff and back in 48 hours, all for charity. For their hard work RAG & SVC were awarded ‘Best Fundraising Event’, Roshan Dean, RAG President, accepted the award and told gair rhydd that, “It was amazing to see RAG win so many awards, it’s been such a fantastic year with so many successful events from clowning to Take Me Out to Jailbreak, so this was a wonderful way to finish the year and celebrate our achievements. The success of Jailbreak this year was testament to just how far we’ve come and exactly what student fundraising can achieve.” Roshan was also awarded with the Guild of Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Harry Newman said on the presentation of the award that, “Ro’s dedication to the Guild of Societies is unsurpassed by any other. As a volunteer she has put in many hundreds of hours for the betterment of RAG.

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Dedication & Determination

Last weekend, the Union played host to the annual AU and Society Awards. The Great Hall was infused with glitz and glamour, as over 700 students came to find out who would receive the coveted awards. Henry McMorrow News Editor

Above: Lauren Smith collects the President’s Award

The Athletic Union Awards returned to Cardiff Students’ Union on Saturday May 5. The evening followed the same format as previous years with over 400 guests filling the Great Hall to celebrate the year in sport at Cardiff. As the largest awards ceremony, The AU Ball is the jewel in the crown of the Cardiff University calendar and did not disappoint this year with a record-breaking amount of nominations and people in attendance. The celebration was an inclusive affair. Over 100 awards were presented on the evening right across the spectrum of sports available to students. The nomination process was student led with members of clubs or teams naming their contemporaries for awards. Ollie Devon, AU President presented the evening claiming that it was “A daunting but thoroughly enjoyable” task, he continued to explain the decision to host the ceremony was borne out of a desire to reflect the student-led nature of Cardiff sport. Devon and a team of three AU staff judged the awards this year, a task made harder by the increased amount of nominations. The four deliberated each of the chosen nominees to ensure that the winners were truly deserv-

ing of the accolades bestowed upon them. The plethora of awards is organised into three groups. Half colours are awarded to outstanding members of sports teams, whilst full colours are for those who fit the above but also play at a national level. Club honours round off the categories and are awarded to the individual who contributes the most to each club in the year. The evening crescendoed in an intense finish when the six main awards were announced for ‘Fresher of the Year’; ‘Sportsman and Woman of the Year’; ‘Team of the Year’; ‘Club of the Year’ and the much coveted ‘AU President’s Award’. Devon explained that this section forms the crux of the AU Awards and is the part that most people await throughout the evening The six awards were hotly contested. Swimming and Water Polo outshone other teams with two of their members taking awards home. Morgan Hirsch became ‘Fresher of the Year’ for his role in the club. Devon explained, “I interviewed [Hirsch] for the High performance Programme and his sheer enthusiasm for Water Polo struck me then. He’s already fully dedicated himself to the Cardiff Club and is Captain for the under-20s for Great Britain.”

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Monday May 14 2012


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Opinion explain why Homeland is the best thing on TV right now

Science explain why the blocking of The Pirate Bay last week has led to higher traffic than ever


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Sport roundup the end of the year for BUCS badminton




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In addition, Elizabeth Heatherington, a fellow member of the club, won 'Sports Woman of the Year' for her performance at BUCs. “Swimming is really very competitive at university level and she achieved a bronze this year which is an amazing achievement,” explained Devon. 'Sportsman of the Year' was awarded to Ioan Nickson from the Basketball team. His performance had been noted this year by Zac Cole, Sports Editor of gair rhydd: “He has been an immense prescence on the court and a phenomenal player to watch." Nickson was pleased with the award, claiming that he "couldn’t have done it without [his] teammates." Ollie Devon confirmed this point by explaining that the strength of Nichson’s teammates’ support held great sway over the judges. He said their decision was

Soc ...Continued from front page

"She’s a joy to have around, and her graduation will be a great loss to RAG, but we wish her the very best in her future.” Roshan told us that "my work with RAG has been such a huge part of my time in Cardiff and I literally cannot imagine my University experience without it. I’m so proud

Monday May 14 2012


Awards 2012

also based on his points-leading record and his versatility as a player. Swimming and Water Polo aside, two other teams were recognised during the awards. Women’s Fencing won 'Team of the Year', much to the initial consternation of the Men’s rugby team who ultimately ended the evening on a high, winning 'Club of the Year'. The two teams have performed consistently well throughout the year, both exceeding performance of previous years. Devon explained, “Ladies’ Fencing have gone undefeated all year and have also got to the premiership. They’ve not just beaten but smashed every team they’ve played.” (see Sport back page for more information). After their initial reaction, Men’s Rugby were seemingly delighted to win 'Club of the Year'. The team have had an incredible year. They have enjoyed their highest league finish in their history and secured a strong victory at the Varsity game at the beginning of this month. Devon explained the decision was extremely hard to make: “It’s so hard to compare one sport to another. The decision was made

before Varsity because not all clubs compete there. But the Men’s Rugby varsity win really cemented our choice.” The President’s Award was perhaps the most anticipated as the scope of recipients was seemingly limitless. Devon said the sheer volume of nominations made the decision that much harder. “There is no official criteria by which to judge it so I looked at what nominees had done for their club and then what they had done for sport as a whole at university.” Lauren Smith was the student announced as the winner of the award. The third year Journalism student is President of the Volleyball Team, a ‘prominent’ member of cheerleading; on the AU executive and is also the chief editor of UNDOD, the AU magazine. Smith is also involved with a number of other clubs and has worked at the Millennium Stadium, for WRU TV and the BBC in sports production. Smith said, “I have had the most incredible three years at Cardiff University and the AU. It’s been a privilege to be involved with all of the people. “This year, the Olympic year, has

been a great year for sport at Cardiff University, with the pinnacle being thrashing Swansea at Varsity. For me, it has been sensational to be a part of it all. “I was honoured to be given this award. I never expected it for a second, and yes it did make me a little teary. I can only hope that the freshers coming in to the university can enjoy the same experiences I have experienced by joining a sports club.”

of what we’ve all achieved and feel privileged to have been involved with everything we’ve done.” ‘Best Cultural Event’ is an award often hard-fought between ambitious projects, which seek to encompass whole cultures and traditions within a number of hours. This year saw the Asian Society beat the Malaysian Society to the award with their new-style event ‘Elements: The Ball’ which took the format of a ball, dinner and dance to express the Asian culture. Harry Newman commented that both the Asian Society and the Malaysian Societies ventures “were exceptional. For cultural societies to put

on performances of such high quality shows the multitude of talent within the Guild of Societies. The Malaysian Society’s 'Festival of Diversity' would not have seemed out of place in a national theatre. While the Asian Society impressed their audience with a new take on their annual show, turning it into a ball, dinner and dance, truly expressing their culture.” The award for ‘Best Society’ was given to Act One, which Georgia Bradley, President of Act One, told us was a huge honour. "It has been an incredible year for Act One with more productions than ever before, but with the same great standard.

The hard work, talent and dedication of our members has made Act One great and the recognition of this award has meant so much to every single one of them.” This win broke the Malaysian Society’s three-year winning streak for ‘Best Society’, but Georgia offered her congratulations to them for “their many wins in the past and their runner-up award this year.” Other winners included; Debating Society for ‘Best Society Activity’; Harsha Sinha of the Asian Society for ‘Best Society Member’; Welsh Pharmaceutical Student Society for ‘Most Charitable Society’; Slash Hip Hop Society for ‘Best

Global Village Performance’; Mental Wealth for ‘Student Led Service of the Year’ and the Sports and Exercise Medicine Society for ‘Society Achievement Award’. At the end of the evening’s ceremony, Harry Newman concluded, “Every person who makes societies happen is unpaid and balances the responsibilities with their degree. We have time only to recognise but a few of these outstanding individuals, so many more go unsung and I hope tonight goes some way to thanking everyone involved.”

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SDU recruits learn 'How to train the trainer' Oliver Smith Editor Nine Cardiff students have joined the Union’s Student Development Unit (SDU) as part of a peer-training team for the 2012-2013 academic year. The students were recruited in order to increase the number of sessions available at the SDU, which currently offers courses in communication, personal effectiveness and leadership. John Steele, Training and Development Co-ordinator at the SDU, said that the involvement of peer-trainers would “provide a much greater opportunity with an expansion in the number of sessions and timings available.” The students were recruited onto the programme after a selection process that tested their presentation and group facilitation skills, but Kate Traish, a second-year Business Management and Marketing student, felt it was worth the hard work “To be able to go to interviews and tell them that I have taught employability skills to other students will truly set me apart from the rest.”

So far the new recruits have undergone a four part training programme that culminated in the delivery of their own session to the rest of the peer-trainers, in order to prepare them for next year. Paul

Victoria Williams News Writer Oxford student Madeline Grant, 19, has caused some controversy at the university recently with her campaign to become the debating society’s librarian. Madeline was made to stand before a committee and defend her campaign’s slogan ‘I don’t hack, I just have a great rack’. After the four-and-a-half-hour long trial, the Oxford Union fined the student £120 for bringing the Union in to disrepute over the issue. Madeline Grant has claimed that the slogan intended to be a humorous jibe at the ‘hacks’ who only apply for senior positions in order to enhance their CV and increase their probability of successful em-

Thompson, a second-year Social Policy student, said that the 20+ hours of training he had received so far had been a “diverse experience, something very different from a traditional skills improvement course.” On completion of the training course of the new peer-trainers, John Steel, who has headed up this

ployment. Madeline has since hit back at the ‘pompous’ and old-fashioned way that the situation was dealt with, comparing the ordeal to a scene from To Kill A Mockingbird. She also continued to defend herself by questioning why a male candidate had not been put under similar fire for his campaign slogan ‘bring sexy Jack’, adding fuel to the sexism row. Madeline’s mother, BBC journalist Sally Jones, apparently ‘collapsed in giggles’ when she heard her daughter’s slogan and the resulting uproar, attacking the ‘humourless’ Union for not modernising since she attended the university in the 1970s.

initiative, said “I am especially proud of these students who will join the existing team members for 2012-2013, and I look forward to helping them develop their skills even further in this vitally important role.” Sophie Morris, a second-year Psychology student, told gair rhydd that the new recruits were keen

Bethan Jones News Writer A leading medic has expressed her ‘deepest concern’ for the Leeds University student behind the ‘Man vs. Booze’ videos. The 21 year old art student, who has to remain anonymous under the Leeds University Union (LUU) policy, has become a YouTube sensation after posting nine videos of himself completing a range of ‘alcohol challenges’. However, medical specialist, Catherine Walsh, has warned that the student could end up causing “irreversible liver damage” if he continues with his boozy challenges. Walsh notes that the “man clearly hasn’t a clue about the ramifications of what he is doing.” Astonishingly, the rugby playing

to increase the promotion of the courses offered by the SDU, “the SDU is not very well known in general, but the new team is trying to get the word out and we’re hopefully going to continue to do this in fresher’s week next year.” John Steele added that with these new peer-trainers and the SDU’s improved capacity, many more

student is believed to have drunk close to 160 units of alcohol on screen in the past two weeks; this is almost four times the maximum suggested amount for that period of time. The second-year student was first noticed on YouTube, when he posted a video of himself, wearing a balaclava to conceal his identity, downing a litre of Bacardi Breezer and a bottle of squash within a minute. Since then, videos of the student show him drinking a pint of vodka in seven seconds, and five pints of Guinness and a pint of gin, both, on different occasions, within a minute. One of the students’ most impressive challenges was called ‘Rainbow Wine’, which involved him downing a bottle of red, white and rose wine; he man-

students can now benefit from the work of the SDU, he encouraged all students to “Come along and learn more about the sorts of skills and essentials the employer wants you to possess.” More information about the SDU can be found online at: http:// about/

aged to drnk all three within a minute. The student starts every video breaking the seal of his drink, to prove it is real. When asked if she had seen anything like this before, specialist Walsh replied “No, and I’m amazed he hasn’t ended up in hospital yet.” Walsh said: “liver damage may not be irreversible, yet he’s clearly not aware of the other damage the alcohol will have done and will be doing.” Walsh also points out that if the students’ identity is revealed, the videos could leave a lasting negative impression for any future employer. Currently, the boozy antics of the Leeds student have seen him gain 2,500 fans on Facebook. When asked to comment on his recent videos, the student just said: “I’m worried all this attention is going to my head.”

Competition! Coca-Cola are putting on a gig in Cooper's Field on May 25 to celebrate the Olympic Torch Relay. The event includes names such as You Me At Six, Emeli Sande and Kids in Glass Houses. gair rhydd has eight tickets to give away for the event (2x 4 tickets). To enter simply answer the following questions: - Which continent has never hosted the Olympic Games? - How many medals has Great Britain won at the Summer Olympic Games since their start? - How many countries are yet to win an Olympic Medal at the Summer Games?

Send your answers to:


Monday May 14 2012


One Doctors support denial of treatment tattoo too many? Lisa Grace Opinion Writer Tattooing in the West has been used to express personal identity since the eighteenth century. It has been burdened with many negative connotations in its lifespan, such as a symbol of identity with criminal groups or Nazi power. However, in our generation tattoos are often seen by older generations as vulgar expressions of rebellion and misguided youth, emblematic of a wider breakdown in society, and considered by many of the younger and more naive as painfully edgy, particularly so for those who manage to escape the clutches of parental control and legal restrictions by using a fake ID to ‘get inked’ aged 16. Despite the stigma attached, tattoos are becoming more acceptable as they become increasingly ubiquitous. There are thousands of websites dedicated to tattoo designs, hundreds of tattoo parlours, and the equipment is now fairly cheap and easy to access, meaning that more people are beginning to tattoo themselves. Because tattoos have become increasingly common, the level of individuality for those people who have them has been severely decreased. Nowadays they no longer demonstrate exclusivity or evidence that someone feels strongly enough about something that they have their caused inked on their skin forever. With tattooing so readily available now many tattoos are based on designs that have little meaning or significance. However, on an individual level I believe that most people get tattooed for a reason special to themselves. Personally, I have a treble clef tattooed on my wrist to symbolise the huge role music and performing takes in my life. It is also a symbol of strong friendship, as within my friendship group several of us have had the same tattoo. This has become part of me as though it has always been there. Popular tattoos today involve song lyrics. I think that this is a great example of self-expression because different songs speak to different people in very particular and unique ways. I believe that music is in the soul and to express this on your body is a natural way of showing personal strength, love, and courage without having to disclose your soul. Ultimately, while looking at tattoos on a whole, they have lost their status of exclusivity, but for the individual they still remain a prominent opportunity for self-expression.

Opinion writer Ellie Woodruff considers the controvesial concept of 'lifestyle rationing' which could see doctors denying non-emergency treatment to patients who choose to smoke or are obese.

A majority of doctors have voted in favour of withholding non-emergency NHS treatment to smokers and the obese until they change their unhealthy habits. 54% of the 1,096 doctors surveyed online by UK doctors network, answered affirmatively when faced with the question: “Should the NHS be allowed to refuse non-emergency treatments to patients unless they lose weight or stop smoking?" The controversial results have led to accusations of ‘blackmail of the sick’ and ‘a denial of human rights’ by critics who have expressed their anger at the findings. With the NHS facing an extortionate budget cut of £20 billion by 2015, it’s easy to see why obese women who are asking for costly breast reduction procedures may be at the bottom of medics’ priority list. IVF for childless women who smoke is only half as successful compared to those who don’t; surely it’s only natural to ask them to change their lifestyles in order to increase the chance of the procedures’ success, before devoting expensive and limited NHS resources? This process of so-called ‘lifestyle rationing’ is not an entirely new concept. 25 of 91 primary care trusts (PCTs) in England have introduced treatment bans since April 2011 on procedures such as IVF, breast reductions and hip or knee replacements. For example, North Essex PCT obliged obese people to lose five percent of their body weight and

keep the pounds shed for at least six months before receiving treatment for hip or knee procedures. Whilst this may not eradicate the need for surgery, it may reduce the risks as operations on obese people are anaesthetically harder and rehabilitation takes longer. Senior doctors and patient groups, however, have expressed their outrage at the findings of the survey. Dr Clare Gereda, chair of the Royal College of General Practioners has dubbed the findings ‘very disturbing’ and followed that ‘there is no medical justification that giving up nicotine would necessarily enhance an operation’s chance of success.’ Tam Fry, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, claimed the results were ‘totally out of order’ and that ‘there are many reasons why people are fat and gluttony is just one of them.’ Opinion on the matter has been divided amongst Cardiff University Medicine undergraduates. One first-year student believed that ‘it makes sense to expect people to change their unhealthy habits be-

fore spending the UK tax-payers’ money. People need to take responsibility for their own health.’ A second-year opposed to this statement, and said that ‘as a doctor, it is your responsibility to treat every patient, regardless of their lifestyle choices.’ The Department of Health took the most neutral stance on the subject and said that ‘the individual needs of patients must be taken into account’ and this seems like the most sensible approach. To reduce the pressure on the already underfunded NHS, adopting a preventionover-cure mindset seems the most rational, and surgery should be viewed as a last resort only. However, each case should be treated in isolation and doctors should only ban treatment if the unhealthy lifestyle of the patient has a direct and substantial effect on the need for surgery and on the outcome of the procedure. Banning treatment for economic or social reasons, such as to simply ‘make people healthier’ cannot be justified; people need to make their own choices.

as a doctor it is your responsibility to treat every patient regardless of their choices

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Monday May 14 2012

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Homeland finale delivers a dazzling end to a gripping first series Daisy Payne Opinion Writer

Homeland’s twelve part run on Channel 4 was nothing short of thrilling. Its beginning depicted a CIA analyst bribing her way into an Iraqi prison, extorting information from a condemned al-Qaeda bomb maker. He informed her that an American prisoner of war has been “turned’. This established a rousing plot which impressed even Barack Obama, who named it amongst his favourite television dramas. An impressive accolade indeed. In January’s Golden Globes, the series won two of the big three awards, both Best Drama and Best Actress, which went to Claire Danes for her role as analyst Carrie Mathison. Damian Lewis was also nominated for his portrayal of Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody. It was an interesting casting decision to place two British actors, Lewis and David Harewood, in leading roles in this American drama, but one that has confirmed the quality and adaptability of our acting talent. One reason for the success of the series is its contemporary relevance, peering into the incredibly complicated and blinkered world of American politics. Ten years after the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre, America and the world are still unnerved by the events that changed everything. The series played on these

uncertainties as well as universal issues of trust: for a wife, a boss, the security forces, even your own self. Before watching the final episode, it was announced that there is to be a series two of Homeland, but did this spoil the denouement? Absolutely not. With almost every character retaining secrets, with al-

most every character having another ‘side’ to them, it was hard not to be gripped by the series and eagerly anticipate the next. The series did not shy away from showing the realities of human nature, there were no perfect heroes or heroines. It commented on the fact that we each have fundamental flaws, that it is a part of

our human nature to love, to want to protect. It also signified the importance of family. Indeed, it is Saul’s flaw that he must chose work over love for his wife and Carrie’s too. Although her love for Brody was only ever going to be problematic. What the series did show, was how at times we can become victims of our own sense of self.

Throughout the series, the character of Carrie had been a focus. Viewers cared about her and her complex character and her descent into mania was made more uncomfortable viewing by the very fact that she was indeed proved right. An hysterical Brody had every intention of blowing himself up. The importance of ‘home’ threaded throughout the series too, perhaps expectedly from the title, but again, even the title has a double meaning, a duality that was threaded neatly throughout the series: Where is home? Where your family are, or where your politics are?With al-Qaeda using Brody’s American values against him in order to turn his allegiances, will the time Brody is set to spend at home re-acquaint him with his home in the second series? Will anyone ever know how right Carrie was? Will she remember Issa’s name when she wakes from her therapy for manic depression? The second series will without doubt be as exhilarating as the first. Whilst viewers had the relief that Brody didn’t blow himself up, having pledged his allegiances to both sides, he surely must inevitably pick one, so which will it be? After such a superb and thrilling first series, how can the second series possibly live up to the hype? I’m unsure whether it will be able to, but, like Brody, I’m willing to be turned.

The Dutch government attempt to weed out pot-smoking tourists Felicity Box Opinion Writer Dutch judges have come to a decision which will ban tourists from using cannabis cafés. The possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use has been decriminalised in the Netherlands for over 35 years but recently there have been calls to tighten these laws. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting over 4.63 million visitors each year from all over the world, and this figure doesn’t include the annual 16 million people who just visit the city for the day. Recently there have been growing concerns that many of these tourists come simply to take advantage the country’s tolerance towards the use of cannabis. There is evidence to suggest that large numbers of dealers travel from neighbouring countries to purchase drugs to sell back home. From the beginning of May, cannabis cafes in the north of the Netherlands, regions bordering Belgium and Germany, will become mem-

ber’s only clubs, being allowed to issue up to 2000 ‘weed passes’ to residents over the age over 18. The

new rules will then be extended to the whole country by January 2012. There seem to be two opposing

schools of thought on whether the ‘weed pass’ system is a good idea or not. It will inevitably lead to a dramatic fall in revenue for all cafés concerned; tourist trade makes up a considerable amount of their target market and native consumers will be forced to register – meaning that they will be traceable to the purchase of a substance which is still technically illegal in the Netherlands. The centre-right government, elected just over 18 months ago, is extremely keen to clean up the country’s reputation, saying that they want to cut down on the level of criminal activity. They wish to change the reasons for people visiting their country, arguing that their rich culture and history is often a secondary reason for people visiting the Netherland. By banning the sale of cannabis, there is a hope that this will lift a veil allowing tourists to see the ‘real’ Netherlands. However, considering these include the Sex Museum, the Red Light District and the Condomerie, the government may have a way to

go if they want a truly ‘clean’ reputation. Banning tourists from buying cannabis legally seems to be a strange move towards a cleaner country. No matter how hard it tries, the government will not be able to wipe out the long established tradition of cannabis cafés in a matter of months. It is estimated that the cafés generate $2.6 billion in business a year, generating $503 million in tax revenue, 90% of which comes from foreign consumers. If sales to tourists shift to the black market, the government will see none of this. It is incredible to think that with Europe’s economy in its current state, the Dutch government can afford to lose so much valuable revenue. With Amsterdam notorious as a haven for stag weekends, drinking holidays and of course the infamous Fresherdam, it is hard to imagine that attitudes towards the Netherlands will change overnight.

If you feel strongly about any article you have read in gair rhydd this week, and wish to respond, please contact us at




will try to answer this question to the best of my ability. Right, so 74% of FHM readers are aged between 16 and 34 and the average reader’s age is 29. With most readers male and the magazine’s tagline ‘GOOD NEWS FOR MEN’ we are firmly in the realms of testosterone. What is it that men like? Take a moment. Ok, with that established, let us continue in our quest to find out why Tulisa is the sexiest woman around. With the demographic in mind and the majority of readers earning £20,000 a year, what does that equal? A bunch of young, horny blokes, perhaps. And what do most young, horny blokes want? Boobs and sex most probably. (I’m just surmising. Some of them might want a cup of tea and or a walk in the park, but I’m thinking that when it comes down to it... They’d quite like boobs and sex.) Well, that is what Tulisa Contostavlos gave them (indirectly, it wasn’t her fault, she felt violated by the whole thing, she isn’t one to sit down and keep her “mouth shut” when she hasn’t done anything wrong) in the style of a cheeky sex tape that has proved the best PR ploy of the year so far. She has consequently managed to pull off a number one single with insightful lyrics that state “forgive me for what I have done, cause I’m young, yeah I’m young” Brilliant. To be honest Tullz, I couldn’t have said it better myself. With Tulisa number one sexiest,

FHM readers placed Cheryl Cole in second place - Tulisa knocked her off the top spot! Oh Tullz, wasn’t it enough to replace her on X-Factor? Now you’re replacing her as the sexiest woman in the world. You go girl! Incidentally, FHM readers voted Rihanna 3rd and Megan Fox in 7th, both women high on sex appeal. Hence, they are very sexy laydeees.

Oh Tullz, wasn’t it enough to replace her on X-Factor?

In response to the FHM Sexiest women vote, Alexa Chung tweeted: “Why didn’t I make it onto FHM’s Sexy List? *glances down at dungarees and converse* Oh.” Alexa makes a good, intelligent indirect point, (can't understand why she didn't make it on the list with a brain like that. Oh wait...) which makes me wonder... Is it literally just boobs and sexy dancing on the telly that makes women appealing to men? Is that all I have to do to be attractive to a man? If so, that just proves that this whole year in my hunt for a man friend, I have been doing things so very wrong. So I don’t actually require a personality? I don’t need a brain? It doesn’t look like Tulisa’s got

Monday May 14 2012

much going on up there if you look at some of her tweets: ‘when Im sober im like hello darlin... 1..2 drink... ello famalam hahahaha is wat it is.... f a hater love a lover! eeeeeey x’ and yes, I know Twitter restricts how much you can say, but check this one out: ‘Way 2 early 4 me 2day, not a good nights sleep hate starting a day thinking I cant wait till tonight night when I can go back 2 bed lol’ Oh yes Tulisa, I hate starting a day thinking to myself “I can’t wait till tonight night when I can go back to bed, lol”. NO. I don’t think like that, because I have a rough grasp of spelling and grammar. I’d think something more like: “Already looking forward to going back to bed tonight”. The FHM Sexiest Women list did however, offer me small glimmers of hope. Kate Garraway was placed at 97. Ok, so she has been papped with her boobs out quite often, and has that happy go lucky kind of thing that Tulisa also appears to have, but she does have a brain. A further offer of hope was presented in the fact that Kate Middleton came in at number 32. Middleton is beautiful, she has class and style. Compare and contrast with Tulisa and I think I’d rather not be the sexiest woman in the world thank you very much. If however, it was your hope to be very sexy in the eyes of men, I have compiled a step by step guide in how to become the world’s sexiest woman alive. Good luck. And start saving for that boob job!


1. Start a band with a cousin and friend. (Make sure they have ridiculous names) 2. Make some distinctly average chavvy music 3. Name your band after your post code making quite sure that it is phrenetic, for example: CF would need to more like “SEE.EF” 4. Make sure you can dance a little like a gangsta would. This is key if you hope to one day make your own solo music video. 5. Become friends with Simon Cowell 6. Drop your previous bandmates. Try to make it on your own. 7. Get Simon to ask you to replace Cheryl Cole. This is a win win situation. Everyone loves Cheryl, therefore you will be a straight replacement. 8. Get excessive extensions in your hair and weird colour the front of it (and only the front) blonde. 9. Win X Factor with a fairly chavvy band of four girls who are as grounded as you for the young people to relate to. 10. Make excessive use of the word ‘muffin’ when referring to them and/or anyone else whom you perceive lesser than you. 11. Go away for a while and use your success on the X Factor as a propeller for your debut solo single and album. 12. Become the ‘victim’ of a sex tape. 13. Come back and declare that you are ‘not one to keep your mouth shut’. 14. Explain that you feel violated in an attempt to retain your younger fan base. 15. Make that sexy music video you had always dreamed of, making sure that you are on a boat at some point, with your breasts on full show. 16. Play the ‘fun loving’ victim when on the promotional trail for your single. 17. (Give your single a ‘fun loving’ title. Something like ‘young’ or ‘too young to care’ or ‘i’ll do whatever I want because I’m so young and careless’. 18. Be seen in a bikini wherever possible. 19. Be heard on the radio wherever possible 20. Do a full circle, perform on Britain’s Got Talent and there you have it: You are officially the sexiest woman in the world.... 21. Remember class is unimportant and that half of it is just luck.


Monday May 14 2012

Matt Bradley Politics Reporter

candidate, Marine Le Pen surprised commentators by receiving nearly 18% of the vote, with over 6 million voters.

In a damning verdict on the supposed Eurozone consensus on austerity, the French people have voted to oust centre-right incumbent Nicholas Sarkozy in favour of France’s first socialist president in nearly two decades. President elect Francois Hollande pipped his rival to the post in the second round of voting, with a reported 51.9% of votes cast, in an election with a turnout of over 80%, that the UK and US can only envy. It is only the second time in the 54 year history of the Fifth Republic that an incumbent has failed to be re-elected for a second term.

Hollande revelled in his role as a sober no frills "Mr Normal"

Hollande is replacing the most unpopular French president ever

Set to take office on May 15, Hollande, who has never held political office before, is replacing the most unpopular French president ever to run for re-election. Sarkozy had been widely viewed as somewhat of a snob, with expensive tastes and a Hollywood lifestyle, who pandered to the rich, while ignoring the needs of France’s 2.8 million unemployed and its workers. His aggressive political style and ostentatious manner offended many, and


of the grand promises he made as he swept to power in 2007, few materialized. In contrast, Hollande revelled in his role as a sober, no frills, “Mr. Normal”, garnering votes from those who were unimpressed by Sarkozy’s pageantry. Declaring “the world of finance” his enemy and promising to create 60,000 teaching jobs in the waning French school system, as well as raising the minimum wage, and reducing the retire-

ment age for some workers from 62 to 60, he appealed to the spirit of “égalité”, in a France that has been increasingly disillusioned with the austerity measures intended to keep the eurozone afloat. Hollande’s victory marks a decisive challenge to the rising tide of xenophobic, far-right sentiment in France. Intimations of this insidious trend were seen in the first round of voting, where the far-right, anti-immigration National Front

Sarkozy had already sensed the potential importance of the farright, whom he been attempting to court by stressing right-wing approaches to national identity and the family. But his attempts to win over the far-right escalated in the run up to second round of voting, as he scrambled to convince Le Pen’s voters that he was the next best thing. Some polls suggested that Sarkozy needed to convert up to 80% of Le Pen’s voters in order to win. In a radio interview he claimed that the country was taking in too many immigrants, and that attempts to integrate them had failed. Nonetheless, Sarkozy’s fervent attempts did not save him, and Hollande correctly recognised that employment was more important to French voters than the spectre of immigration, even viewed in the apocalyptic terms of the far-right. But Hollande has no time to rest on his laurels. During his election campaign, he promised to put growth and employment before austerity, a position that has brought

Trisha Chowdry Politics Reporter ‘To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil’ is the message that an Argentine advert gives in line with the Olympics. What makes the advert controversial is the fact that it was filmed in the Falklands and with complete secrecy. The advert is titled ‘Olympic Games 2012: Homage to the Fallen and the Veterans of the Malvinas’; Falklands being recognised as Las Malvinas, a territory belonging to Argentina. The advert stars Fernando Zylberberg, the captain of Argentina’s hockey team. The backdrop of the advert is Falklands' capital, Port Stanley. It has been filmed at the break of dawn and shows Fernando Zylberberg training and exercising at various locations across Port Stanley. Some of the shots include exercising outside the Globe tavern, using the granite steps of a British First World War memorial to exercise and running past the Penguin news. The advert was filmed in complete secrecy and even the locals were unaware of the filming. The advert echoed the nationalist sentiments that Argentina has regarding the Falklands. Confirming this, Fernando Zylberberg said, "The message is that to every

Argentine the Islands belong to Argentina. To me to be training in any other province or to do it over the islands is the same." The Falklands War was a result of Argentina failing to accept the Falklands as a British colony and Argentine military forces invading the islands. Nevertheless, they were no match for the British task force, who put up a strong fight and continued their claim on the island. April 2012 marked the 30th anniversary of the day the Falklands War began and the occasion was used by Argentine President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to reignite the controversy and reassert Argen-

tina’s claim on Falkland. The issue has become an on-going debate between the two countries over the last couple of months. On one side, Argentina wants sovereignty for the islands and is pressing on the UK to accept their demand. However, UK’s stance on the issue is that any decision regarding the island will occur only with the agreement and the consent of the residents of Falklands. Young & Rubicam, one of Argentina's leading advertising agencies produced the video. What may raise eyebrows is the fact that the firm is owned by British advertising giants WPP. WPP is headed by Sir Martin

Sorrell, whose reaction to the advert was that it was "totally unacceptable" and that he was "appalled and embarrassed" at the 90-second advert. He condemned his own firm for being involved with such a controversial project. Once the video was produced, it was offered to private companies. Sensing the nature of the advert and the controversy it could create, the producers did not find any takers among the private players. However, this advert caught the notice of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who brought and broadcast this. The advert was a great success among the Argentine

him into conflict with Germany’s hegemony and Angela Merkel’s plan for the eurozone recovery. There are questions about whether Hollande’s policies are even feasible. Even with his proposed 75% tax rate on millionaires, balancing the French budget is going to be quite a task, given that France’s public debt repayments are second only to its spending on education. Nonetheless, Hollande has called for a renegotiation of the budget treaty championed by Angela Merkel and his predecessor to include a clause about growth. Some are doubtful that, given Germany’s position and power, such a compromise is likely – Merkel herself is quoted as saying that the fiscal compact is not “up for grabs”, and it was well known that she was hoping for a Sarkozy victory.

Sarkozy had been widely viewed as somewhat of a snob

As some of his other first acts, Hollande will be heading to the G8 summit at Camp David, before visiting Chicago for a NATO summit, where he is expected to disappoint many by announcing plans to pull France’s 3,400 troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2012, a year before originally planned.

people, who felt inspired by the nationalist sentiments that had been conveyed. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the people outside Argentina. For starters, the Falkland islanders are disappointed that the advert was filmed under secrecy and without their consent. Authorities had no idea that the video was being filmed and this fact was admitted by Fernando Zylberberg . The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been a great critic of the advert. They said, "The Olympic Games should not be a forum to raise political issues and the IOC regrets any attempts to use the spotlight of the games for that end.”. Right after the release of the advert, the IOC contacted the Argentinian National Olympic Committee were reassured that the 2012 Games will not be used as a platform to communicate political sentiments by them. The controversial advert has made the impact that its creators wanted. The present situation clearly indicates that the Falklands debate will not end anytime soon; especially with both the participating sides holding their ground strongly. It can only be hoped that prestigious events such as the Olympics are not used as a stage to gain global attention for political issues.

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Monday May 14 2012

Sport 34 - 40



Political Reporter Cerith Rhys Jones examines the recent voting results in which the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru parties lost vast support in a move that turned Wales red


odney Berman’s face got longer as the night went on at the Cardiff Central count on May 3; he knew he’d lost the leadership of Cardiff Council as Labour swept the board, but it was later the next day that he finally conceded that he had lost his seat as a councillor for Plasnewydd. The Liberal Democrats have been all but wiped out across Wales, and gaining Cardiff really must be the jewel in the crown for Welsh Labour. Cardiff was one of the Welsh Lib Dems’ prized assets – so much so that Kirsty Williams launched the party’s manifesto for the election in Cardiff last month. Cardiff has been governed by a Liberal Democrat-Plaid Cymru coalition since 2008, with the nationalists’ six councillors joining the Lib Dems’ 34. Both parties suffered huge losses in Cardiff, with Plaid Cymru being cut down to two members – in the Fairwater ward – and the Lib Dems to 16. There are 75 seats on Cardiff Council, and Labour blew all their opponents out of the water, winning 46, and therefore gaining overall control. It wasn’t just in Cardiff that Labour swept the board; they gained majorities on 10 councils in South Wales. The Welsh Labour leader and First Minister, Carwyn Jones, seemed proud of the fact that Labour used this election as a means

Max Eshraghi Politics Reporter The dust has settled on the 2012 council elections and things are looking good for Labour and bad for the coalition. But this was the lowest attended council election since 2000 with a 32% turnout. So it seems that most of us didn't even care. Reports pinpoint 38% of the vote share was claimed by Labour, allowing them to steam ahead of the Tories' 31% and Lib Dems' 16%. Overall, Labour gained an impressive 823 councillors. Meanwhile the Tories lost 405 and the Lib Dems 336.

Only 32% voters attended the council elections

Amid continuing accusations of elitism, the ongoing News International scandal, and an unexpected economic slump, it's been a disappointing few weeks for both sides of the coalition. And within these

Comment As a candidate in the recent local government elections I attended my local count and was afforded a front row seat to a show that would be staring the Labour Party centre stage. The count is the finale of what has been months of campaigning for many. For anyone who has never been before they are somewhat exciting events. The anticipation and nervousness can be felt by all and these feelings only increase as the ballot boxes are emptied and the counting begins. For most at Cardiff West and across the UK however, nervousness soon turned to disappointment as it became evident that the night's winners were the people wearing red rosettes. In Wales, Labour gained control of eight councils and had their ranks swelled by 231 extra councillors. So what now for Welsh politics? Combined with Assembly success last year, Labour now has Wales back in its hands and will do so for

the considerable future. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are both electorally suffering by being in coalition with each other and this latest defeat is not going to improve their current predicament. I think the Welsh Conservatives reached a high watermark in 2010 after the General election but should be prepared for the worst in the next election cycle. The Lib Dems have internal difficulties to overcome before they can consider beating Labour, so they can be discounted, and Plaid Cymru with Alex Salmond-esque leader, Leanne Wood, will be too extreme for most Welsh voters to elect. So, the future for Wales? My guess; continued Labour success and a standing order to the 'offy' nearest Transport House for bottles of Bollinger and Dom Pérignon by the case load.

for voters to pass judgement on the coalition government in London. Others make the point that local elections ought to be fought on local issues, not used a quasi-referendum on central government. That, however, is what Labour did. This election did turn into

an anti-coalition protest vote and whether that’s right or not, it was certainly politically smart. Plaid Cymru ran a campaign based on electing so-called ‘local champions’, hoping that the election of its new leader Leanne Wood would give the party an advantage in the South

Wales Valleys. That effect is still to be seen. Either way, Labour took seats from all parties in Cardiff. The Conservatives and Lib Dems in Cardiff suffered as a result of London, and it could be argued that Plaid Cymru did too. Plaid Cymru opted to fo-

cus on the local rather than paint themselves as an alternative to the coalition and in doing so, failed to succeed in Cardiff and throughout Wales. No matter what, Cardiff can be sure that it will now have a Labour council for another five years.

elections it is difficult to assess who has it worse - the Lib Dems or the Conservatives. Clegg oversaw an unprecedented defeat for his party. The number of Lib Dem councillors has fallen below 3,000 for the first time in the party's history. By early afternoon on May 4, it was clear they had lost 200 seats - a third of the figure they were defending. Perhaps most painfully of all they have lost control of Liberal Democrat stronghold Cambridge. It has been suggested that these losses threaten to put the party back 40 years in terms of support at local council level. Meanwhile, the Conservative party had lost control of 13 councils - a net loss of more than 350 councillors - with Great Yarmouth, Dudley, Plymouth and Essex marginal and Harlow falling to Labour. Perhaps rather embarrassingly for Cameron, Labour even won seats in Witney, the Prime Minister’s local council in Oxfordshire, and nearby Chipping Norton. But there was a Boris-shaped silver lining to the Conservative's cloud. Cameron's golden boy and

favourite for the next Conservative leader, won his expected second term in office as Mayor of London, just in time for this summer's Olympics.

pleased with Labour's cracking result it seems. Of course Conservative leaders and trend watchers have been quick to point out that this mid-term slump is a 'normal' loss for the government. Both Blair's and Brown's governments saw similar declines in their mid-term council elections. But that's not what the 'Ed's' would want you to think. Whilst Miliband touts this as evidence that the government is out of touch, Ed Balls points out this “proves Osbourne's economic policies aren't working”. These results do not indicate a totally comprehensive victory for Labour however. The party failed to push through the psychologically important 40% barrier, suggesting this is not indicative of the next general election result. They are also not a ringing endorsement of Miliband as party head. Despite giving his credibility as Labour leader a boost, many still believe he is unconvincing as a potential Prime Minister. Elsewhere, UKIP gained a partybest 13% of the vote. But that failed to translate into more seats. They

saw a gain of five councillors but equally lost another five. Meanwhile six BNP councillors have lost their seats whilst the Green patty added five to their ranks.

Labour's morale saw them gain 22 councils

Labour's morale boosting victory saw them gain 22 councils and hold a further 39 they already controlled. Throughout the UK, Labour support seemed to grow. In Scotland they gained a majority in Glasgow, while in Wales their results were the best since 1996. Quick to capitalise on his party's success, Ed Miliband undertook a victory lap across the counties where Labour had done well. This meant whistle-stop tours of Birmingham and Southampton. Despite a healthy reception in the latter city, Miliband's celebrations were slightly tarnished, when one unhappy voter smashed an egg on his shoulder. Not everybody was

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Monday May 14 2012


Sport 26 - 28


Features writer, Helen Wilson, writes about what it is like being a practising Mormon


ormons: they’re not Christians, they have loads of wives, they can’t do anything remotely fun, all their women are oppressed, and well, the religion is American, secretive and cultish. It seems there is quite a lot of press coverage regarding Mormons at the moment, and most of it is not exactly what you’d call positive. Well, my goal for today is to illustrate to you that it is completely possible (and actually quite common) to be a NORMAL, fairly intelligent (?!), somewhat feisty 20 year old Mormon girl living in society. I realise that one article is not enough to cover all of my beliefs, how I live my life and tackle the misconceptions concerning the Church, but, hey, I’m going to try and outline the most important aspects of my faith and attempt to dispel the idea that being a practising Mormon and juggling a student lifestyle is impossible.

“ So, a bit about me: I have a beautiful little sister and four brothers whose ages range from 2 to 23 years old (my parents are legends), my dad is a children’s heart doctor and my mum trained to be a physiotherapist. I’m in my second year studying English Literature and French, I love to learn and have always desired to know everything; I enjoy pretty much every sport and just generally love to be around people. Sounds pretty normal huh? Ok, so here’s the more exciting part, I am a practising Mormon! I’m not your ‘typical’ Mormon; my mum was a convert to the Church but is no longer practising and, throughout my life, has been quite vocal about her opinion on the matter. My dad comes from about 8 generations back of Mormons and has a very strong faith but has NEVER forced his beliefs upon me. With this kind of opinion clash, I was left to my

own devices and to figure out my own path and for that, I am grateful. As a child I was taken to church, at the age of 8 I chose to be baptised (we do not believe in baptism for children under the age of 8 as they are not responsible for any wrongdoing). I continued going to church but made my own decisions about how I wanted to live my life and from about the age of 10, decided I would do my own daily personal scripture study and say personal prayers twice every day (we have no set prayers, except for baptism or taking the Sacrament- partaking bread and water in remembrance of the body and blood of Jesus Christ). I kind of plodded on through teenage years, carrying on praying and attending church and getting on with life, as you do, until there came a point when I had to decide for myself what I wanted; whether being a Mormon was something I just did or something that I believed to be true. The fact that I’m writing this today stands as a witness of my personal conviction. It’s never been

easy, I am not a of person; I sire to know straight

‘blind faith’ type have the deeve r y t h i n g away and

when it comes to God that is not really possible! The Mormon religion is not just a religion; my faith is not just dormant, something I whip out every Sunday, oh no, it is most definitely a way of life. I choose to follow the council of Prophets (we

believe that as in past days, God chooses righteous men to act as a mouthpiece for Him), I choose to keep the Word of Wisdom (a law of health revealed by the Lord for the physical and spiritual benefit of His children, advising against tobacco, alcohol and any addictive substances and encouraging a healthy balanced lifestyle). I choose to keep the commandments and try to serve as much as I can. In fact, I’m currently serving on the presidency for young adult members of the church aged 18-30 in the South Wales area. My role involves organising activities which take place three times a week and have ranged from salsa to welsh appreciation night (wrapping people up in toilet paper to make them look like sheep - quite hilarious!) I also teach a Sunday school class for the same age group every Sunday, so, I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty full on! But, why do I do it all? Basically, after that longwinded introduction about myself and my life, I want to outline the basis of my faith. Firstly, 'we believe in God the Eternal Father, and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost'. Voila,

I am, in fact, a Christian! We ‘speak of Christ and we rejoice in Christ’. My essential goal in this life is to be as Christ-like as I can, to ‘Love the Lord with all [my] heart…soul and mind and love [my] neighbour as myself, which is like unto it'. In summary of life (quite a biggy, I realise); we believe we are literal spirit children of Heavenly Parents; we lived with our Heavenly Parents before we came to this earth. We came here to gain a body and to have the opportunity to learn and develop. This life is a place where we ‘prepare to meet God’. Of course, we all make mistakes (pretty much daily), and so, in order to live with God again, there ‘must needs be a sacrifice eternal’ that would pay the debt for our mistakes so that we can be made clean and return to our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, our older brother, having the power of a God but a body of flesh and blood, was the only one who could perform this eternal sacrifice. Out of love, he willingly took upon himself all of our sins, ‘pains and affliction and temptations of every kind’, to overcome spiritual death and then gave himself up on the cross to overcome physical death, enabling us, to live again after this life. His life offers us a template for how to live and be happy in this life whilst preparing for the next. My beliefs, I feel, push me to work hard and make the most of the talents with which I am blessed. I love to question and work things out for myself and so every morning I wake up and spend about half an hour studying the scriptures and saying personal prayers; I feel this sets me up and gives me the strength to do everything I need to during the day. I genuinely have a great love for people and really enjoy meeting as many as possible. I try to bring as much light into others’ lives as I can, whilst getting helped by everyone else around me daily. I choose not to go out on nights out, which is somewhat unusual as a student, but, when I get the chance, I involve myself as much as I can in University life: to have fun, meet new people and just generally do what students do! Basically, I am trying to live the most Christ-like life that I can. I realise I have so much to learn and so many ways in which to improve. I have an endless stream of questions but, that is the point. I’m here to learn and grow and it is the greatest comfort to me that I am not doing it alone and everything will be ok in the end! And, reader, if you have any questions please just check out, the site explains our basic beliefs and you can read about the experiences of others like me, thanks for your time!


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This week in Features, Kayleigh Chan


hopping is a necessary part of student life, and not just the trip into town when your student loan comes through. We’ve had seven months to adjust to the national 5p bag charge but what affect has it actually had on our shopping habits? As a first-year student living in Talybont North, I spend a lot of time in Tesco. Back in October, when the charge was first introduced, I figured that I’d need to buy a ‘bag for life’, but everyone else had had the same idea and it was as difficult as trying to find Tesco Value vodka during Fresher’s Week. I ended up paying a bit extra and bought a tote bag which has served me well on big food shops. However, on those little trips, when passing by a small supermarket or popping into town, I always get caught out and find myself desperately trying to squeeze everything into my rucksack to avoid buying a carrier bag. As first-year English Literature student Rose Morgan comments, ‘the bag charge certainly makes me and my flatmates remember to re-use bags.’ The more prepared folk out there will be carrying an extra bag with them everywhere and it’s this mentality that the Welsh Government wants to encourage. When first presenting the idea, the Welsh Government envisioned that the charge ‘should be enough to reduce how many bags are given out without creating a burden or preventing you from impulse buying.’ The recent figures, released six months after the bag tax, highlight how well the public have taken to the change. Morrison’s have reported a 60% decrease in plastic bags being bought whilst Sainsbury’s boast an impressive 90% drop in bag usage. Is this aversion to carrier bags because we want to help the environment or are we just cheapskates? As students, we have a reputation for being a bit stingy and it is perhaps then unsurprising to see people walking back from the shop carrying all that they can

in their arms and even witnessing trolleys making their way into flats. Although, as Dave Mason, first-year English Literature and Language student suggests, it’s not all about the money: "I think the charge for bags is a really good thing, it makes you think twice about all the plastic that is being wasted on them and how unnecessary it is." Furthermore, Zoe Grafton, a firstyear Spanish and Italian student makes t h e

means that not a single plastic carrier bag that has been used or created has rotted away yet, or will for some time. Over four billion bags are thrown away every year and the European Commission

90%: point that "the charge has helped make me more aware of the environmental issues surrounding the excessive use of plastic bags." On average, a carrier bag is used for 20 minutes but it then takes 1000 years for it to decompose. That

have released figures that the average EU citizen used 191 plastic bags in 2010, of which only 6% were recycled. Wales is not the first country to have put a tax on the bags, with the Republic of Ireland initiating the charge back in March 2002. Scotland and Northern Ireland are looking to follow suit in the near

future and putting on a bag tax, leaving just England behind in the struggle to curb this environmental problem. The fact that England is yet to take any official action against the growing number of plastic bags used is problematic, to the point where the number of bags used in 2010 saw a five percent increase. It is especially jarring for students who come f r o m England. I

know when I go home and see all of the bags at the selfcheckout and use one that I feel guilty, almost like I’m stealing it. Second-year Law with French student, Louise Collings, notes that "although 5p doesn’t seem much, it makes a fair bit of difference when you think how often you accept a carrier bag if it’s free. I often had a couple of spare bags in my handbag before the charge was brought in and now I consider it a necessity." What can the future bring for carrier bags? More and more

people are using the ‘bags for life’ and other re-usable options. Some places are considering an outright ban on bags, however, there are questions surrounding how viable this route would be. In addition to levies, other countries have banned non-biodegradable bags and/or ultra-thin bags. I believe that bag tax has a win-win situation by not only lowering the number of bags used but also raising funds for environmental charities and other causes.

“ The bag charge is quite obviously working well to help the environment and the knock-on effect is that the proceeds of the bags all go to ‘good causes’. Tesco are donating their entire bag levy to RSPB Cymru, supporting the project, ‘Together for Trees’ to help protect rainforests around the world. There are many other charities to benefit from the bag charge including Keep Wales Tidy, Wales Air Ambulance and the mental health charity Llanelli Mind. It’s not only the big charities to benefit from this, anyone who is a ‘good cause’, including schools and local community groups can apply to businesses for a donation. Overall, the student perspective on the bag charge seems to be positive. It has worked as the Welsh Government have hoped that it would and hopefully, by adapting our shopping habits, future generations will also follow in our footsteps. Maybe another seven months down the line, we’ll be able to see not only further reductions in Wales but further steps taken across the rest of the United Kingdom.

18Science David Mason Science Writer The Pirate Bay has been a domain familiar to many as a key player in the world of online file-sharing since its 2004 launch. Based in Sweden, the site plays host to millions of torrent files and operates through peer to peer transfer. As one of the largest facilitators of illegal downloading, the High Court has ruled now that it must be blocked by major UK Internet service providers.

In ironic fashion, The Pirate Bay has received a record traffic boost of 12 million hits

Sky, TalkTalk, O2, Virgin Media and Everything Everywhere have all been affected by this ruling, alongside BT, the only provider to request additional time to consider their position on the status of the

Luke Slade Politics Editor So, the time has come to bin your ‘Tom Tom’ and your ‘Garmin’ in favour of an onboard pigeon. Well, maybe not - but it turns out that pigeons have something in the way of a GPS of their own. It has long been debated as to how

The research suggested pigeons navigate using an internal map of sorts - a biological GPS

pigeons are able to find their way around but scientists now have further insight into how these wonderful flying bundles of joy (that’s the pigeons - not what they like to drop when flying through the streets of Cardiff) are able to navigate. When winter (or spring/summer if you live in Wales) is upon us, pigeons are able to use the Earth’s magnetic field to reach the warmer

Monday 14 2012 #gair

site. This enforced blocking follows a campaign spearheaded by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The six affected providers were requested to block access to the domain by the BPI back in November 2011, yet refused unless a court order was passed. Six months on from their initial request, the BPI has successfully managed to obtain a High Court ruling to block the site. The BPI argues that torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay “undermine investment in new British artists” and have welcomed the High Court’s decision. Despite the move being expected to considerably reduce illegal downloading, it has received minimal support from the affected providers. Virgin Media, in particular, have suggested that despite complying with the request, such measures will not provide long term solutions. The combination of high charges for music and video along with a relatively small market of legal, purchasable downloads have led some UK customers to consider illegally tormenting music and television as a reasonable solution

parts of the world. It is still a mystery as to where they hide their magnets to allow them to do this, almost as illusive as a neutrino’s mass (tenuous link I know, but it wouldn’t be the Science section without them), but at least we are now able to tell how the pigeons’ brains are able to use these magnetic field to get around. David Dickman and Le-Qing Wu of the Baylor College of Medicine collected seven homing pigeons and inserted electrodes into their brains to record the activity of individual neurons. The birds were then placed inside an artificial magnetic field (masking the Earth’s natural magnetism). The test conditions were also completely dark to prevent the birds from using visual signals to navigate. The researchers then measured how the pigeons’ brain activity changed as the intensity and the angle of the magnets was adjusted. They found that in one area of the brainstem 53 neurons were particularly active. It is suggested that these cells probably link to an internal map of sorts, a kind of biological GPS. The findings also suggest that rather

free publicity. “Another thing that’s good with the traffic surge is that we now have time to teach even more people how to circumvent Internet censorship,” the insider added.

We now have time to teach even more people how to circumvent Internet censorship

around these issues. For many, this is not a case of boycotting payment of the artists, but rather a necessity to receive continued enjoyment of one of the UK’s most expensive forms of entertainment. Some, however, have argued that for The Pirate Bay, illegal file-sharing has become less about helping the consumer and more about continuing to be one of the most pro-

nounced anti-copyright campaigns worldwide. The site displays backlogs of legal warnings and threats from various companies to remove illegally shared files, accompanied by the rude refusals sent in return. In ironic fashion, The Pirate Bay has received a record traffic boost of 12 million hits and one insider from the site even told a prominent tech blog that they should “write a thank you letter to the BPI” for the

The ruling has not gone unnoticed by anti-censorship communities. Internet hacktivitst group Anonymous last week claimed responsibility for taking Virgin Media's website offline in retaliation to their acceptance of the ruling. With no plans to cease file-sharing, The Pirate Bay has since used its Twitter account for this very purpose suggesting the recent ruling is potentially going to change very little in the world of illegal file-sharing.

have lost it due to brain injury or neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's. The paper is a wonderful step forward and points towards more promising results than previous hypotheses. But the questions as to how they actually detect the magnetic field still looms. It only follows then that this is Dickman’s ultimate goal. Another outstanding question, he says, is how the pigeons don't become con-

fused when they tilt their head (because it would alter their relative orientation to the Earth's magnetic fields). One possibility is that they use a combination of the magnetic GPS and the pull of gravity to triangulate their position. The mechanics of magnetic navigation has been up for rigorous debate, so all joking aside this is a step forward, just don’t ask me in which direction - I’m not a bloody pigeon.

than the eye or beak the magnets are most likely to be situated in the ear. Most surprisingly, Prof. Dickman says, is that the birds could do more than simply detect changes in the angle of the field, which would tell them their position relative to the equator. The pigeons were also able to tell when the researchers inverted the magnetic field meaning that the birds can rely on their magnetic sense alone to ensure they are not inadvertently flying in the wrong

In the future it may be possible to restore navigational ability to those suffering from neurodegenerative disease

direction. Learning about this magnetic GPS may have implications for human health. Dickman says it may one day be possible to restore navigational ability to those who

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Rhys Clayton Science Writer Since the beginning of time humankind has been obsessed with cheating death. For centuries now, even millennia, hoards of men have travelled the world in search of the Fountain of Youth, the Holy Grail, and the Philosopher’s Stone – the supposed givers of eternal life. Whilst discoveries of such are yet to made, radical new medical trials in the UK are underway which are bringing us a little bit closer to the quest for immortality. The idea behind it is seemingly simple – whilst it could easily be

assumed that by increasing the size of the heart, you will be increasing its ability to pump, this procedure works the other way. As the heart ages, its ability to pump decreases, filling it up with blood, and overtime there will be a consistent stretch, making the symptoms worse. In an attempt to combat this, researchers have devised a device similar to a pacemaker which would act to protect the heart by omitting adrenaline into the Vagus nerve, which runs to the heart. As a ‘shock to the system’ it would cause the heart to pump faster, and harder, and keeping it operating as a healthier organ, the decreased pressure would allow it

to shrink back to a size much closer to its original size. With close to a million people in the UK currently living with some degree of heart failure, this new procedure, if successful, would be the answer to many patient’s prayers. With a decrease in size, symptoms would absolve and allow suffers of heart failure to have a much better quality of life. However such a procedure does not come without it controversies. Some doctors are warning that constant use of adrenaline will react poorly with the heart, eventually causing it to become toxic. If this is the case, the procedure is really only a band aid solutions, though

the health risk could far outweigh the benefit Regardless of whether the trail

procedures prove to be a success or not, it’s not going to stop humanity's quest for immortality.

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Isabelle Roberts Societies Editor Cardiff University’s Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society are undergoing the Three Peaks Challenge in just 24 hours to raise money for Wales Air Ambulance on Saturday May 26. This already gruelling challenge has been made even more difficult, as the WEMS plan on carrying a ‘pretend patient’ up each mountain on a spinal board! Joe Hickman, the Media and Grants Officer at Wales Air Ambulance, confirmed that “the team has to make a rapid ascent of Ben Nevis’ 1344m peak with the aim of making it back down before nightfall. From there they have to drive 265 miles to climb 978m up Scafell Pike in the pitch black, early hours of the morning. The last peak, 225miles away, is Wales’ own Snowdon with a 1085m climb. In order to complete the Three Peaks Challenge in 24 hours the Society has to reach the summit no later than 14.00 on the 27th.” Wales Air Ambulance is an all-Wales charity providing vital emergency air cover for those who face lifethreatening illness or injuries. It is 11 years old, and the service has carried out over 15,000 missions to date since its launch on St David’s Day 2001. Each mission costs approximately £1500. From its airbases in Swansea, Caernarfon and Welshpool, an air ambulance can be anywhere in Wales within 20 minutes of an emergency call. The fast response times and ability to reach difficult locations increases the chances of getting to a hospital within the ‘Golden Hour’. This is the first sixty minutes after trauma, and a patient’s survival and early recovery are greatly improved if they receive the most appropriate care within this crucial hour. This leap year, Wales Air Ambulance has launched the campaign Leap into Action, appealing to supporters to help in the upgrade of the charity’s third helicopter. In 2012 WAA needs to raise an extra £600,000 to introduce a new generation aircraft. Visit the campaign site at The cost of sustaining the three helicopters currently stands at £6 million each year. As a registered charity the service is wholly dependent on public donations, and does not receive any support from the national lottery or the government. Text LEAP43 to 70070 to make a £3 donation for

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Wales Psychiatry AGM

the three helicopters today. Mark Stevens, Fundraising Manager, said: “It’s lovely to see people so engaged with fundraising for Wales Air Ambulance. Several of the members of WEMS also fundraised for us in the Tough Guy Challenge, which took place in February. Many people forget that Wales Air Ambulance is a charity and we rely on fundraising events to raise donations for us, from taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge, to holding a coffee morning, everything is appreciated! You can help support Wales Air Ambulance by sponsoring the WEMS Three Peaks here: http:// For more information on how you can help support Wales Air Ambulance or if you’re planning on fundraising for the charity please contact: 0844 85 84 999.”

8.00pm - 1.00am, The Heath Pub

Are you: Putting on a play? Playing inBall a concert? HostSSAGS Society 1.00pm - 1.00am, Clare Colledge Cambridge ing an event? Doing a workshop? Raising money for charity? Going on a trip? Then write about it! Email: If you would like to join a society, or see a full list of opportunities, visit:

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What's On in Cardiff

Buffalo Bar, 8:00pm, £8.00


Feb 13th- 19th 2012 Ten talented dancers, a band of live drummers and electric guitarists help create and the atmosphere of an electrifying rock gig, coupled with superb choreography. Political Mother draws audiences into Shechter’s world where his raw and honest physicality have marked him as one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years. A former drummer in a rock band, Shechter creates the music for each of his dance creations alongside an exhilarating soundtrack, emphasising this company’s unique movement style, that has earned his work acclaim around the world.

This band are well on the way toward the top , having spent the year touring and gaining ever increasing levels of exposure. Citing K-pop and Vanilla Fudge as their primary influences the band headlined the BBC's Introducing section at the Reading and Leeds festival. and have been compared by many to the Beach Boys in some respects , Fixers have enjoyed huge levels of critical adoration for their album We''ll be the Moon which is due to be released in all formats later this week.

Chapter Arts Centre , 5:30pm, £6.50

Bob Marley loved women, football and marijuana and he was a staunch supporter of the Rastafarian movement, but his first love was the music, which enabled him to escape a life of grinding poverty in the townships of Kingston. Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald gained access to countless documents and information presented here alongside rare archive material in order to successfully chronicle the artists life. "Such an honest depiction can only contribute to a deeper appreciation of this remarkable man" - Time Out.

There is a cracking line-up at the Glee Club this week as Ian Moore headlines a group of very talented stand-ups. After a failed career as an Elvis impersonator at weddings, birthdays and bartmitzvahs Ian Moore decided to try stand-up comedy and has never looked back. Ian is currently working both the London and National circuits where he has spent the last two years supporting the likes of Lee Evans, Mark Lamarr and Jack Dee. Supporrt comes from Gareth Richards, Gar Murran and Martin Mor.

Roald Dahl Plass, 10:30pm, £12.00

CF10, 7:00pm, £7.00

So long as you are responsible, a day at the beer festival can be an immense amount of fun. The German beer festival has worked its way round to Cardiff and will be offering a selection of ales to wet your appetite. Situated at the Roald Dahl Plass, in the city centre, there will be a wide selection of German foods, merchandise, and of course, beers accompanied by a talented Edelweiss ompha band to help create that feeling of authenticity and comfort. Tickets on the door may well be a little more expensive so it is best advise to buy in advance.

Formed in 2010, Continents spent their first 8 months writing material that they were passionate about, and have since quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in an ever growing hardcore scene. In the short time that they’ve been playing live they’ve toured the UK in support of their debut EP and shared the stage with bands such as It Prevails, Awaken Demons, Heart of a Coward, Yashin, House Vs Hurricane, and First Blood. Set to make their debut at the huge European festival Ghostfest

If you are looking for a decent day out and to do your good deed for the day. energy for, then turn up to Bute Park for a sponsored run this Sunday to raise some money for Diabetes Cymru, There will be hundreds of people joining in, to track through the gorgeous scenery that Cardiff's finest park has to offer, but there can be no promises that the weather will be all sunshine and rainbows. Over 160,000 people in Wales suffer from the condition ,so a small jog of a little over 5K shouldn't be too much trouble to help a good cause.

Gareth Johnston

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edi’r etholiadau lleol ar Fai’r 3ydd, nid gormodiaeth fyddai galw Caerdydd yn fôr o goch. Yma yn y Brifddinas ac ar draws De Cymru, difethwyd pob plaid heb y gair ‘Llafur’ yn eu henwau; y mae gan y Blaid Lafur yng Nghymru reolaeth dros 10 awdurdod lleol yn y wlad bellach. Yn wir, Llafur yw’r unig blaid yng Nghymru yn awr sydd â’r hawl awtomatig i reoli unrhyw awdurdod lleol heb orfod cyd-drafod gyda phleidiau eraill. Mae grwpiau annibynnol bellach yn rheoli Powys a Sir Benfro. Llafur yw’r blaid fwyaf ond heb fwyafrif ar gynghorau Bro Morgannwg, Wrecsam, Sir y Fflint, a Sir Ddinbych. Plaid Cymru yw’r blaid fwyaf heb fwyafrif ar gynghorau Sir Gaerfyrddin, Gwynedd a Cheredigion. Ym Mynwy a Chonwy, y Ceidwadwyr yw’r blaid fwyaf heb fwyafrif. Wrth droi i edrych ar y Brifddinas, ac i raddau helaeth, Abertawe hefyd, fe gafodd Llafur lwyddiant enfawr wrth ddisodli’r Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol. ‘Roedd bod mewn rheolaeth ar Gyngor Caerdydd yn destun balchder i’r Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol, yn ogystal a’i partneriaid clymbleidiol ar gyngor y Brifddinas, Plaid Cymru. Yn draddodiadol, y mae Caerdydd yn ddinas sy’n pwyso rywfaint yn fwy tuag at y Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol nag at y pleidiau eraill ond ar ddiwrnod yr etholiad, fe gollodd y blaid honno 18 o seddi, tra fod y Blaid Lafur wedi chwyddo yn ei phresenol-

deb ar gyngor y Brifddinas, o 13 sedd i 46. Er mwyn cael mwyafrif ar Gyngor Caerdydd, ond 38 o seddi byddai wedi bod eisiau ar Lafur, felly teg yw dweud bod ganddi fwyafrif cyfforddus ar gyngor mwyaf ac, o bosib, pwysicaf Cymru. Mae’n siwr mai uchafbwynt y noson yng Nghaerdydd i’r Blaid Lafur oedd disodli Arweinydd y Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol a oedd yn rhinwedd y swydd honno hefyd yn Arweinydd ar y Cyngor ers 2008, Rodney Berman. Yr oedd ef yn Gynghorydd dros Blasnewydd, sy’n cynnwys ardal Y Rhath, ond fe gollodd ei le ar y Cyngor yn erbyn Llafur o 51 pleidlais. Noson hir oedd hi i Mr Berman, am iddo orfod gofyn am ailgyfrif y pleidleisiau teirgwaith oherwydd mor agos oedd hi. Siomedig iddo fe, wrth gwrs, ond i Arweinydd newydd Cyngor Cadeirydd Heather Joyce, fe berodd aflwyddiant Mr Berman reswm i ddathlu hyd yn oed yn fwy. Cyn yr etholiad, ‘roedd Plaid Cymru’n ceisio awgrymu na fyddai’n profi llwyddiant etholiadol oherwydd etholiad Leanne Wood fel arweinydd yn syth, ac fe bwysleisiodd y Blaid nad yw cyfnod o chwe wythnos rhwng etholiad Ms Wood a’r etholiadau lleol yn ddigon i awgrymu mai refferendwm arni hi fyddai perfformiad gwael y Blaid ar ddiwrnod yr etholiad. Mi fydd nifer ym mhencadlys y Blaid yng Nglanfa’r Iwerydd yn hapus, mae’n siwr, na wnaeth y cyfryngau fawr o gysylltiad rhyngddi hi a chanlyniadau gweddol wan y Blaid ar draws Cymru. Yng Nghaerdydd dim

ond 2 aelod sydd gan y Blaid bellach, sef Neil McEvoy a Lisa Ford a ail-etholwyd yn gynghorwyr dros Y Tyllgoed. Yng Nghaerffili, fe gollodd y Blaid reolaeth ar y Cyngor, a dyma gic enfawr mewn sir a oedd i Blaid Cymru, hyd y gwn, yn debyg i Gaerdydd ym meddwl y Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol. Unwaith eto yng Nghaerfyrddin ac yng Ngheredigion, fe fethodd y Blaid wrth geisio ennill mwyafrif, er mai’r Blaid yw’r blaid fwyaf ar y cynghorau hynny. Yn ychwanegol at Gaerffili, collwyd rheolaeth ar Wynedd, sydd wrth gwrs, yn gadarnle traddodiadol i’r Blaid. Byddwn yn meddwl y bydd Leanne Wood a nifer o rai eraill ar frig Plaid Cymru’n ystyried pam nad yw Plaid Cymru’n gallu ennill rheolaeth ar Gaerfyrddin a Cheredigion a pham, a hwythau wedi cyflwyno polisïau cymharol boblogaidd megis rhewi treth cyngor yng Nghaerffili, nad yw’r Blaid yn gallu cadw rheolaeth ar y cynghorau hynny y maent yn rheoli yn barod. Ond, wrth gwrs, mae esboniad ar gyfer llwyddiant ysgubol Llafur. Unwaith i’r sefyllfa ddod yn gliriach fore Gwener wedi’r etholiad, ‘roedd y Prif Weinidog Carwyn Jones ac Ysgrifennydd Gwladol yr Wrthblaid dros Gymru Peter Hain yn y Brifddinas yn dathlu’u llwyddiant. Yr hyn a ddywedodd Carwyn Jones bryd hynny a thrwy gydol yr ymgyrch etholiadol yw y dylai pobl ledled Cymru ddefnyddio’r etholiad fel cyfle i anfon neges at David Cameron a Nick Clegg. Peth gwleidyddol glyfar iawn i’w wneud am wn i, yn sicr tra bod Plaid Cymru yn y cwestiwn. Trwy dynnu’r etholiadau lleol hyn o’u cyd-destun naturiol a’u rhoi mewn cyddestun Prydeinig, fe llwyddodd Llafur bortreadu Plaid Cymru fel rhywbeth amherthnasol. Y mae hefyd rhaid cofio nad oes gan Gymru wasg go iawn ei hunan gan eithrio’r Western Mail, felly dyma etholwyr ar draws Cymru’n bwyta’u gwrawnfwyd a’n yfed eu coffi fore Mai’r 3ydd, yn edrych ar brif dudalen y Daily Mail, neu’r Mirror, neu’n waeth byth y Sun, ac yn gweld straeon am David Cameron, Ed Miliband a Nick Clegg ac yn gweld

popeth sydd i wneud â’r etholiadau lleol mewn cyd-destun llawer ehangach nag y dylai fod. Etholiadau lleol oedd y rhain, a dyma’r Blaid Lafur yn defnyddio’r etholiadau lleol i frwydro brwydrau San Steffan. Os nad dyma binacl ar frad y Blaid Lafur y bobl Cymru, pwy a wyr beth fydd? Gelwir yr etholiadau lleol yn etholiadau lleol am reswm: dylai fod pob plaid yn siarad am faterion lleol. Ond na, fe fynnodd Llafur troi’r peth yn refferendwm ar y glymblaid Llundeinig, ac i raddau helaeth, dyma’r Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol a’r Torïaid yn gwneud yr un peth, er mwyn ceisio dadlau yn erbyn Llafur. Wedi’r etholiad, ‘roedd Carwyn Jones yn llawenhau yn y ffaith fod pobl Cymru wedi ymuno ag ef drwy anfon neges at David Cameron; ar Heol y Frenhines, Caerdydd, dyna’r oedd Mr Jones a Mr Hain yn dathlu gyda chynghorwyr neges y Blaid Lafur ar gyngor Caerdydd. A ydych chi’n meddwl y cymerodd David Cameron unrhyw smic o sylw? Os yw Carwyn Jones wir yn credu bod llwyddiant Llafur yng Nghymru’n poeni David Cameron o gwbl, yna yn anffodus, mae gennym yng Nghymru Brif Weinidog mwy twp a mwy naïf nag oeddwn i’n meddwl. Gallai Cymru gyfan droi’n goch dros nos, a ni fyddai hynny’n achosi unrhyw beth yn fwy na chyfarfod i drafod y peth ar Heol Downing. Dodwch Aelodau Seneddol o’r Blaid Lafur yn seddi’r sawl o bleidiau eraill, ac mi fyddai clymblaid rhwng y Ceidwadwyr a’r Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol yn dal i fodoli, byddai David Cameron yn dal i fod yn Brif Weinidog, a’r unig beth fyddai Mr Cameron yn ei wneud yw godi ei ysgwyddau a chwerthin ar ein Prif Weinidog ni yma yng Nghymru. Felly, dyma neges i Carwyn Jones, dyn a aned ger fy nghartref i yn Ne Orllewin Cymru. Llongyfarchiadau! Da iawn chi. Ond plis, a wnewch chi gydnabod mai’r unig rheswm fe lwyddoch chi yn yr etholiad oedd oherwydd eich bod wedi defnyddio tactigau anheg, dan din, llechwraidd ar bobl Cymru. Maent yn haeddu gwell.

16eg Mai. Volente (Lansio sengl ''Hollow''), Blaidd, Y Rwtch, DJ Hefin Jos. 8yh. Ten Feet Tall. £4

17eg Mai. Allan yn y Fan. Theatr Richard Burton, Coleg Cerdd a Drama Cymru.

18fed Mai. Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog, Huw M. Duke of Clarence, Treganna. 27ain Mai. Cwis. 8yh. Y Mochyn Du, Treganna. £1

3ydd Mehefin. Gwyl Nyth - Creision Hud, Trwbador, Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog. Gwdihw Cafe Bar. Mwy o fanylion i ddilyn.

16eg Mehefin. Al Lewis, Paper Aeroplanes. Snails, Caerdydd.

23ain Mehefin. Ffair Tafwyl. Cerddoriaeth, Llenyddiaeth, Celf, Bwyd a Diod, Comedi a mwy. 12yh-8yh. Castell Caerdydd. Am ddim.

23ain-26ain Mehefin. Tafwyl. Lleoliadau amrywiol o gwmpas


13eg Gorffennaf. 'Sneb yn Becso Dam.Cwmni theatr ieuenctid yr Urdd. Canolfan Sherman Cymru.


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Monday May 14 2012


Having dominated varsity, racked up some huge wins Badminton end the season by thrashing Glamorgan Darren Wong Sports Writer After an outstanding win against University of Glamorgan, to top off a magnificent year, Cardiff mens Firsts make history for the first time by being promoted to the Premier division. Having just competed in the Welsh Universities Cup, a two-day team tournament; where Dominic Brown, Darren Wong, Nick Ward, Roshani Mann and Jess Shotton won gold medals in their respective categories, Cardiff mens Firsts faced their final challenge of the year, University of Glamorgan. Dominic Brown and Nick Ward were Cardiff ’s singles players of the day where they both downed Glamorgan’s only singles player, a former Welsh junior champion, in straight sets to earn Cardiff two valuable wins. Huw Bowen, Yee Wai Lim and Darren Wong, Richard Townsend were Cardiff ’s doubles pairs. Wong and Townsend, having established a formidable partnership this sea-

son, brushed past both of Glamorgan’s doubles pairs with ease, winning the first game 21-10, 21-13 and the second game 21-5, 21-9.

The doubles pairs brushed past Glamorgan

Bowen and Lim, another partnership that had blossomed this season, made easy work of Glamorgan’s first pair, beating them 21-10 and 21-13. Glamorgan’s first pair had come alive slightly against Cardiff ’s pair, however, they were no match for the powerhouse that is Bowen and Wai, the Cardiff pair smashing past their defenses to win 21-13 and 21-18. Cardiff Badminton could not have asked for a better way to finish the season, with an 8-0 annihilation against Glamorgan they earned league promotion.

Rocket Ronnie wins fourth world title Tom Parry-Jones Sports Writer

Ronnie O’Sullivan won his fourth Snooker World Championship last weekend with an 18-10 victory over Ali Carter in the final. However, the 36-year-old has threatened to walk out on professional snooker over fears that the tournament calendar is becoming too congested. O’Sullivan reached his first world final for four years with an emphatic 17-10 win over Matthew Stevens in the semi-finals. In the five victories recorded by O’Sullivan in the tournament, three were against players seeded higher than his 14th seed. However, the low seed belied O’Sullivan’s impressive track record – he has been world number 1 for a total of five years in his career, and he has won all four World Championship finals in which he has appeared. Nevertheless, O’Sullivan is currently only ranked number nine in the world and is not getting any younger – at 36 years and five months old, he is the oldest player to win the World Championship since his mentor Ray Reardon won it in 1978. This fact, combined with the ever-expanding professional calendar, has resulted in O’Sullivan announcing a six-month sabbatical from snooker, and potentially following Stephen Hendry into retirement if snooker bosses do not stop “blackmailing” players. Claiming that the increasing

workload resulted in a bout of illness last December, O’Sullivan criticised World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn for the massive increase in ranking tournaments since he began his tenure as the sport’s head honcho in 2010. At that point, there were only six ranking tournaments, but this is due to rise to 10 in 2013 as part of Hearn’s plan to implement a 50-week tour comprising 27 events.

O’Sullivan announced a six-month sabbatical from snooker

Hearn, however, has dismissed claims of burnout among players, despite the complaints from highprofile players such as O’Sullivan and Hendry. Hendry’s retirement came after his quarter-final defeat to Stephen Maguire, saying that he was no longer able to combine his career with his personal life, while Maguire himself speculated that players had come into the tournament feeling under-par because of the number of tournaments. However, Hendry marked his final professional tournament with his 11th maximum break and his third at the Crucible, both records he shares with O’Sullivan.

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Monday May 14 2012

Sport 26 - 28



Your Pitch: Thuggery in boxing Jack Blakiston-Houston gives his opinion on the recently

sanctioned boxing match between Chisora and Haye

Haye nor Chisora have committed crimes of this magnitude, but they have not been punished for their brawl - Chisora still has an appeal date with the BBBoC to attend to.

The motivation behind the fight is unashamedly financial


ow will we view David Haye and Derek Chisora in twenty years time? At present, it is more likely to be as two of the finest patrons of thuggery than the champions they both had the chance to become. Haye has appeared in a t-shirt showing him holding the heads of both Klitschko brothers, branded

Nicolay Valuev a ‘circus freak’, and was involved in a brawl at a press conference with Chisora. Chisora is as unsavoury; he has spat water in the face of Wladmir Klitschko, slapped Vitali Klitschko at a prefight weigh in and that brawl (and that was in a single weekend). Despite neither fighter holding a license to box from the British Boxing Board of Control a deal has been signed, undoubtedly brokered by Frank

Warren, for them to meet in the ring on July 14 at Upton Park. The fight has been sanctioned by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation, who, before Haye and Chisora, hold no professional fighters. And before you ask why they are allowed to fight in Britain - EU law sanctions it. The motivation behind the fight is purely, unashamedly, financial – Warren delightfully appeared on

television on Thursday to tell us that half the tickets have sold already. Those of you who are aware of boxing’s history, and some aren’t, may ask what should stop these fighters from earning a living? The infamous promoter who revolutionised boxing, Don King, served a jail sentence for killing a man, and now earns a pretty packet from promoting boxing matches. Don King served his time. Neither

Now I do not expect sports stars to be saints – they work in a highly pressurised environment and are often expected to behave in a manner that would be alien to you and I, purely because of their status as people who play sport for a living. This is of course an unfair situation, but many manage to maintain dignity. Even those who do not manage it are often accepted in the public eye because they try to – no one would blame Martin Johnson for taking his frustrations out on a chair at Croke Park in 2009, or Ricky Ponting for taking his out towards the English balcony in the 2005 Ashes, because both had been trying to contain their actions, and under great stress, they cracked. Haye and Chisora do not even attempt to control themselves. This state of affairs, and the behavior of Chisora at the press conference last week, effectively means that if you tune in on July 14 instead of a honourable boxing match you will witness two thugs ignoring their responsibilities to young people as sportsmen in a never-ending bid for more cash. There is so much British sport to celebrate this year but this brawl is not on that calendar.

Sport Fencing prove their metal gair rhydd take a look at the crowning moments which defined a dominant season for women's fencing

Above: Cardiff battle it out, Inset: Cardif ladies accept their AU award Tom Brien Sports Writer

The Fencing Club’s Womens Team have been unrivalled over the past seven months. Competing across three different BUCS events they were undefeated in every competition; running up a colossal points difference of +467. The season started with the BUCS Western conference with matches against: Plymouth, UWE, Exeter, Southampton,

Swansea and Aberystwyth and formidable teams from Bristol and Bath. Last year, the women narrowly finished in second place. This year was much more successful for the women as they rapidly clocked up victories, including a strong 128-110 victory against Bristol and a dominating 135-28 display against Aberystwyth. This year they ended up with a comfortable three-point margin over rivals Bristol and winning the league in style.

gair rhydd would like to congratulate fencing on their very impressive season

The next event for the team was the BUCS Trophy. Last year they won this for the first time against Glasgow. This event saw some of the top teams from all over Britain take part in a knockout competition. In the semi-finals they beat an excellent team from Royal Holloway that featured several GB fencers and they then faced top-seeds Dundee in the final, held at the English Institute of Sport. True to form, Cardiff won this match with

a 33-point difference, making them the first team, in BUCS/ BUSA history, to retain the Trophy. The same weekend, saw members of the team compete in the individual championships. This was a hugely successful event that saw the women collect three top ten finishes, well above that predicted by BUCS. Next came Varsity. This saw a slightly reduced Cardiff team comfortably beat the team from Swansea and contribute to what was an amazing day for Cardiff across all sports. This left only one more event for the women to compete in, the BUCS premiership playoffs. In the first round Cardiff faced the team from the University of London Union, an immense force in Fencing, having won their league in a style similar to that of Cardiff. In a two-way match, finished with a final score of 251-203, brushing aside ULU. This meant they would face the Premier Leagues bottom dwellers, Queen Mary’s University, a team on the back of fierce competition in the Premier League and featuring a current Swedish International. The match started slowly with Cardiff maintaining a narrow lead throughout, although this did slip at times. In the end, Cardiff managed to hold their opponents to a score of 45-38 in all three weapons, giving them a final victory of 135-114, earning a place in the Premier League next year. gair rhydd would like to congratulate the impressive displays throughout the year from the fencing team, compromised of Dhania Haron, Ladan Rowaichi, Katie Halil, Rosie Beeston (a novice who has excelled at the sport), Alice Maurel, Lydia Fuller (GB Junior), Lucy Ridsdale (Scotland Commonwealth team), Eryn Spinlove (Team GB) and captain Tessa Lomax (Wales). Their success recognised by the Athletic Union who awarded a number of awards to the team and named them Cardiff University Team of the Year.

gair rhydd - Issue 979  

gair rhydd - Issue 979