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THANK YOU This magazine is your creation, without you the content would be non-existent, little monsters define what is covered and what isn’t. Without the support from you as a fanbase the magazine would not have been operational, the likes, the reblog and now the buys have all helped progress us as a group of creators and now as a charity donator. Slowly we are developing a strong team that collectively contribute to make the magazine what it is. Recently we have appointed a very special member of our team; Sales Director and Website Developer - tumblr: Because of this member we have been able to branch out to Print media. Some of you may be reading this physically because of our Sales Director. This is a thank you to him, without him we would not be able to donate the profits made to the Born This Way Foundation to make a difference. The more copies we sell the bigger the donation to the charity we can give. Thanks to you, without the readership we have we would be nothing. Thank you Little Monsters. BK Editor of GAGAMagazine


Kanye West and Gaga were set to go on a tour of a lifetime. That was until the VMA’s of 2009, one of the most eventful to date. Gaga had just bled to death on stage and the crowd were pumped; this is until Taylor Swift walked on stage. Kanye interupted her speech as I’m sure you know, Gaga decided that pulling out of the tour was the best option. She decided to venture out on her own. The tour was set to be groundbreaking, the stage was different to the normal stage of a tour. Gaga said the shows would feature an unusual stage that extended from one end of the arena floor to the other. “The stage is called a traverse,” she said. “It’s something that we designed together. Instead of being on just one end of the arena, the stage traverses the entire arena. It’s not really in-the-round; it’s more of a runway. … [It extends] from one end to the other so the audience can see everywhere from 360, but it’s like a rectangular runway shape.“We’re on each end of the stage, and

I want to get to where Kanye is, which is ‘the fame,’ ” she continued. “He wants to get where I am, which is home and humble beginnings. For the whole show, we are battling each other [for their positions]. It’s been a really incredible creative experience.” We did not do this tour for each other,” she added. “We did this tour for everybody else. We wanted to do something that no one has ever seen. We wanted our fans to feel like we were doing something special and we wanted to merge two groups of fans — two different [groups of] music lovers into one room. He’s going to play every Kanye West hit, which is a lot, one after the other. I’m going to play all my hit records which, knock on wood, I had a lot this year. And then I’m going to play all my new music and then do a ton of duets. Several pictures of the stage design were leaked onto a fan website including the one below. Tickets were sold and delivered to people who had bought them, but refunds for the tour were available.

Gaga said she enjoyed designing Fame Kills with West, calling themselves “creative kindreds.” She explained that they did not plan to tour for themselves, but rather for “everybody else”; the goal of the tour would have been to bring two different groups of fans and music enthusiasts together. “I make pop music and Kanye’s fans love pop music because he has changed what hip-hop means,” she said. “For me, the tour is more about just bringing people together and having a big dance party. The show is a celebration of creativity, art, fashion and choreography.”She also noted that West showed her a lot during the creative planning of the show, such as one instance where Gaga wanted to put side panels on the stage that would have obstructed the view for some fans. “He was like, ‘I’m not selling a ticket to a fan who can’t see the show,’ and he’s right,” she said.

Recently and Twitter exploded when @eyelovegaga posted a brand new song called ‘Fame Kills’. The catchy ballad is accompanied with the playing of a swanky piano reminscent of 1950’s broadway. Recently we interviewed the artist behind the phenomenom. The artist Maryanne has had huge YouTube success since she posted the song, covers of Scheisse and The Queen can also be found by the artist .With such a refreshing voice and big personality we know she will do well. You will know her as @eyelovegaga. Read what she has to say here.

addiction to attention inspired me to write it, and Gaga in ALOT of ways too.

What inspired you to write the song?

Plans? Hmm... well I’m working on some new songs, I want to make an EP, and hand it out to some record companies. I won’t stop until someone notices me, I want it so bad and I will do whatever it takes. I want to sing, it’s all I want, I want to go to New York too and sing there.

Mostly my longing for fame, since I was little I always wanted to be someone who could change the world with a single lyric, or a single word. Fame inspired me to write the song, a strong passion for music and an

How do you think people have reacted to it? People have reacted so positively to it, it actually blew me away and was too much for me to cope with, it was crazy, I really didn’t think people would love it as much as they did. I was so happy and I still am. And also very thankful for all the support monsters have given me :) Do you have any plans for the future?

What would you suggest for someone wanting to write a song? When I write songs, it helps to take an experience or a longing for something, make a ton of metaphors and use it. Music is pretty much our lives and experiences put into metaphors. If you want to write, look deep into your mind and it will just come to you so naturally. That’s what I do, it also helps to have a musical instrument to come up with a melody :) Tell us about meeting Gaga. Meeting Gaga was probably the most amazing experience I have ever had. During TEOG we were all taken from the pit and moved to the side of The stage, during teog me and my bestfriend Ida cried so much. When MTN came on we had this sudden boost of adrenaline and we were jumping and getting so excited, I kept saying to Ida “We’re finally meeting her, that woman *pointing at gaga* we’re finally meeting her”. Backstage was -so- intense. Waiting for her to come to us was so tedious. I was standing against the wall holding my head because I was in shock, this was actually happening to me. Everyone at the end of the corridor started moving around, at that point I knew it was because Gaga was coming. She appeared, walking through people, my whole life slowed down and it

actually felt like a movie, she was so beautiful and like an angel, I started hyperventilating, the key holder met her first, then his sister, then my best friend. Watching my bestfriend meet Gaga was the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life, watching someone you care about, watching their dreams come true before your eyes is the most amazing thing ever. I was last, Gaga walked over to me, and I began to walk backwards because I was so stars truck. “Hi sweetie! What’s your name” Gaga said, I couldn’t speak. We had an eye contact that lasted for what felt like 20 seconds. It was so amazing it was like she was looking at my soul and trying to figure me out. I eventually mumbled my name to her, she walked forward and have me the best hug I have ever had, she said “Hey Maryanne” then she signed my ticket and we spoke abit, then we got our photo after the photo I got another hug, then my left hand got caught in her hair it was so funny. We said our goodbyes and as she was walking away I said “Gaga… I love you so much” she turned around, came back to ME, and gave me the biggest, longest, tightest hug ever and right before she let go of me she said right into my ear “I love you too”. My 2 weeks of chasing Gaga around paid off, I went to 5 shows, one of them in Brisbane and 4 here in Sydney. It

was stressful, but I can’t thank Gaga enough for giving me the tour of a life time. Anything you’d like to add? One day I wish that I could perform and sing on the same stage as my idol, Lady Gaga. My music skills wouldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for Gaga, she showed me this whole new world and helped me discover so much more that I have to offer.

HELEN GREEN oped and became quite popular, especially her drawing of Gaga. Being a Little Monster herself, her dream (like most of us) was for Gaga to recognize her, and see her artwork. Soon enough her dream came true.

Lady Gaga has been idolized through art for many years, by many different artists. Many of them were drawings of Lady Gaga herself. The most recent and well-known artist of them all is Helen Green. At 20 years old, Helen is probably one of the most successful artists in the Little Monster community, and was the first Little Monster to be welcomed into the prestigious Haus of Gaga. Ms. Green started posting her artwork of celebrities on Tumblr in July of 2011. As the year went on, her artwork devel-

February 9th 2012, Lady Gaga tweeted a drawing of Helen’s asking Little Monsters who drew it! After the thousands of replies that Helen had drawn it, Gaga had figured it out. These life-like drawings of Gaga skyrocketed, and became constant top posts on Not much later, Gaga asked to meet Helen at the Born This Way Ball she was attending. A while later we learned Helen was the first Little Monster to be accepted into the Haus of Gaga. The Haus of Gaga is Lady Gaga’s immediate team of workers and friends. They are choreographers, hair stylists, make-up artists, creative directors, you name it! As much as it seems

like a crazy bunch, it is very difficult to get into. The reason being is that you don’t apply, you are chosen. The Haus members are all handpicked by Gaga herself because they all share the same vision of art. They all appreciate art like Gaga. So, when we learned of Helen getting in, it was something very special. It was quite significant because this meant that Helen had something Gaga wanted. Little Monsters to this day wonder what Helen and Gaga have been planning, but we are positive it is something huge, unlike anything before! So next time you are on, stop by Helen’s profile and take a look at some of her work! Helen, we are so proud to have someone as talented as you in the Haus. We know whatever you are working on will be fabulous! Much love, LM. Helen’s artwork is available on items such as phone

cases, T-shirts and much more. This is all available for a small price, not only does Helen sell art of Gaga but numerous other artists such as Lana Del Rey, Emma Watson and several others, She is famously known on tumblr as dollychops. Take a look at her tumblr.

launch in which Helen was asked to draw Gaga as she arrived in her carriage. Many monsters would love to be in the position of Helen being a member of the haus. Here at GAGAMagazine we are so glad that such a talented young artist has the opportunity to show her skills to the world. Not only is Helen Green talented she is such a lovely person and monsters all over the world aspire and imitate her work. This article was wrote by a monster: Therese! Thank you so much for helping us out with your great work, we appreciate it greatly.

When Helen is working on a new piece of art she often posts the creative process being- e,g unfinished photos and photos that have not been coloured. Gaga and Helen have met on separate occasions, a Born This Way Ball, The FAME

Lady Gaga, the said-to-be Queen of Pop, is more than the musical genius that we love her for. She is an orb of positive energy that surrounds Little Monsters with hope and happiness. Truthfully, the public has no idea how much she has put in for her fans. The public eye does not see the amount of work Ms. Gaga has done for Little Monsters, but more for the meat dress she had worn to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Since the beginning of 2008, Lady Gaga had started a revolution. She promoted the outcasts of the group. She stood for those who did not qualify for the requirements of being “cool” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Soon enough, those outcasts came together to become a fan base, dubbed “Little Monsters” in 2009. As much as she was a star, and we, Little Monsters, were a well-known group, outsiders had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.

‘Born this Way’ is about being yourself, and loving who you are and being proud. Gaga herself was bullied for being different, for not applying herself to that mold of popularity, and for being herself. For our generation, that has been an unbelievable struggle. We have lost more people

due to suicide today than ever before. As a society, we have added a pressure to be a size 0 and have flawless skin, hair and personalities. Society has outputted so much of this fake nonsense that the children of today feel obligated to be perfect. On top of that, many have taken advantage of modern technology, such as the internet we love ohso much. Cyber-bullying has become a problem globally. Bullies found an easier way of harassing people by sending others anonymous messages of hatred, and posting embarrassing pictures. It’s sad that this is what has become of the world. But, there is still hope.

I just am committed whole heartedly to theatre with no intermission. In 2011, the record Born This Way had been released. The public didn’t really understand what Born This Way meant though. For them it was another Pop Artist churning out catchy tunes to satisfy the music industry. But, this album was dedicated to little monsters to be free. To release yourself of those horrible insecurities that this generation created and to be born the way you are, because you are beautiful that way. Gaga wanted her message to be out there for a reason.


The message spread throughout the fan base like a wildfire, creating an empowerment unlike anything else this world has seen before. As victims of this horrible disease called hatred, this album created a safe haven for Monsters. Somewhere you felt safe, somewhere you KNEW you were loved. Many of us felt alone, sad, and broken. Some dealt with body images, eating disorders, self-harm, losses, divorces, you name it. But when you heard Born This Way, it was almost like we were all holding each other’s hand, walking them through this. I am almost positive every Monster has screamed the lyrics to Born This Way on the top of their lungs. Why, you may ask? It was the song of liberation. It told Monsters that if you were in the dark, you were not alone. It was a reminder that things will get better, that there will be a tomorrow, and that it was okay to be you, and not what society wanted you to be. It represented that imperfections were more beautiful than a prettyface. It was the anthem to our LGBT, because it preached that it didn’t matter who you liked, or what you liked, but that you were accepted for it, and that they not any different than the rest of us. The most important message of them all though, was to breed love and compassion. That love was more powerful than hate and that if you breed love and compassion you will succeed in whatever you dream of doing. We were now free, and braver than ever.

I live halfway between reality and theater at all times. And I was born this way. I don’t think that the feelings in our hearts for Lady Gaga will ever be expressed into words. This woman made revolutionary music, created a fan base that opposes the typical and changed fashion. She taught us to overcome our fears, to chase our dreams and to LOVE.

I like pushing boundaries. She made sure that we could fight all the hate, TOGETHER. Gaga taught us the most valuable lessons in life, and gave Little Monsters a basis which to work off. One woman, 3 Albums, 3 Tours, and 35+MILLION Little Monsters. We are on the road to love Little Monsters; we are on the road to love. This article has been wrote by a monster. We thank you Therese for your submission.



Thank you to these 4 monsters: From their LittleMonsters accounts. - lukemaundre - justas123 - simalex - marriedthenightgirl

FANFASHION Thank you to these 4 sketches from the accounts - btwamandine - drawingmonster - meleesa.lorett - anurakmiprasert


Happy Birthday Lady Gaga South Africa loves you so much. Keep inspiring this and many more generations. - @HausofSJay Happy Birthday @ladygaga wishing you a year of happiness and an ARTPOP explosion of awesome music. Love you :) - @arayix Happy 27th, you crazy diamond. I love you with my entire heart Happy Birthday Lady Gaga aka Stefani Germanotta I wish you the best day ever and to have an extremely successful year with ARTPOP little monsters wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t leave you we just want you to be healthy and come back STRONGER THAN EVER <3 cheers to a new era - Matt

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