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Volume 61 Issue 3

The Helping Hand A Michigan District of Circle K International Publication

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Governor’s Note……………………..........2 CKIx……………………………………..........3 Membership Development……….……..4 New Club Building Chair ………………...6 Kiwanis Family Tigers’ Game ……………7 Dues ……………………………….….….….7 Fall Rally…………………………..………....8 Upcoming Events.…………………………9 Mud Pit Dues Haunted House Fall Rally 24 Hours of Service Chipotle Fundraiser Snowpia Youth Opportunities Fund

Note from the Governor


Hello everyone! Since our last bulletin there

been many exciting things happening. In July, 10 of us went to San Antonio for International convention (CKIx). At convention we served our hearts out, met new friends and elected new leadership. During CKIx our new signature project was unveiled, WASH. This project will be taking place of the Eliminate project. the WASH campaign, standing for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. WATER - 663 million people around the world currently are forced to use unsafe drinking water, which results in a large number of deadly diseases, especially for young children. In fact, every single day 800 children under 5 years old die from diarrhea linked to unsafe drinking water. SANITATION - 2.4 billion people around the globe do not have access to improved sanitation, with 1 billion of those people still practicing open defecation. This aspect focuses on providing those in need with toilets and latrines to reduce disease, as well as improve gender equality for women who face danger and discrimination and find it difficult to attend school under these circumstances. HYGIENE - This aspect of WASH focuses on improving general hand washing education that kids can take back to their families, promoting behavioral changes in schools and communities. Regular handwashing with soap can reduce incidents of diarrhea by 50%. CKI is partnering with UNICEF in this wonderful movement in the goal to raise a total of $240,000 in five years. Any money you raise in your meetings or during various projects throughout the year such as Trick or Treat for UNICEF will go towards WASH. Within the week there will be an update on Fall Rally coming out so keep your eye on the sky for it! Yours in Service, Sean Nauss 2017-2018 Governor Michigan District of Circle K International 906-553-1682

CKIx 2017 At CKIx 17, Circle K

International voted for the new International board!

Membership Development

Recruitment is essential to clubs because that is how Circle K clubs continue. If we don’t obtain new members each year, then how are our clubs suppose to grow and stay around? Even if you do not hold a position on your club’s board, you

need to

recruit your friends and strangers! Please keep reading to here from our Membership Development and Education Chair, Noah Stoffel, and to get ideas for recruitment.

Hello Circle K members! Welcome back for another great year of service. First I’d like to wish everyone good luck with recruitment. Also I'd like to extend a helping hand to any club that would like me to assist with recruitment events. It's important to remember how great district members from other schools can be at recruitment events. It's important that new students see how large and involved Circle K is on the district scale. Please e-mail me at or fill out my Google form at with recruitment events that I can assist with and bring promotional materials to. I love helping out and hope to go to as many events as possible! Yours in Service, Noah Stoffel Membership Development and Education Chair of MICKI

Wear Circle K apparel around campus with the K because some Key Clubbers will be able to recognize the logo and will ask

Chalk up the campus meaning take some chalk and write on the sidewalks on campus when meetings will be

Shake people’s hands: When

promoting Circle K, instead of saying ”Hi, how are you?” start off my shaking their hand because they will be more focused on what you’re saying

Contact local high schools around your campuses to see if they have had Key Clubs and get a list of Key Clubbers who are entering your school

Membership Development

Ideas On How To Recruit New Members

New Club Building Chair

Please welcome our New Club Building Chair: Morgan Brown! Here are some of Morgan’s goals for the year!

“My goals as the new chair will be to charter at least one new club, specifically visiting colleges on the west side of the state while also helping newer clubs like my own to continue to thrive throughout the next year.”

Hello fellow Circle K’ers! In case if you have missed me in the past, my name is MICKI! Congratulations for finding me! If you message the District Bulletin Editor on Facebook (Gabby Byars) and tell her your favorite service project and why, she will give you your favorite piece of candy at Fall Rally! So better hurry and message her!

phenomenal Kiwanis Family Relations Chair successfully organized the Kiwanis family event where we all went to a Tigers’ game on August 13th. Over 40 people from Kiwanis, Circle K, and Key Club went. We were all able to sit together and enjoy the game. Great job Dakota!

Dues! On October 1st, clubs can start to pay

their dues and update their members in the Membership Update Center. Make sure that you pay your dues by November 30th is the last day that you can pay your dues. Make sure that you pay your club your dues so you can be a member of Circle K!

Did you know that when you pay your dues, a portion of it goes towards your club to help fund service projects and then the other portion goes towards the Michigan District and Circle K International so that they can run? Dues are important! If we didn’t have them, then Circle K wouldn’t be able to function on a district or international level. So make sure to pay your dues as soon as possible!

Kiwanis Family Tigers’ Game and Dues

The Kiwanis Family Tigers’ Game was a success! Our

Fall Rally 2017

This Fall, fasten your seatbelts and

place your tray in the upright position, because we've got your ticket to a weekend full of service, fellowship, and high-flying fun! Join us October 20th-22nd for the Michigan District of Circle K International's Fall Rally 2017-- Service Takes Flight! The event will take place at Camp Ohiyesa in Holly, MI, which gives us access to numerous new amenities, including a high ropes course, zip lines, and scenic lakefront views! Enjoy making new friends through service projects, workshops, and so much more! We will also be fundraising for the St. Baldrick's Foundation as two of our District Chairs Brave the Shave! Registration is open! The event costs $65, which covers lodging for the whole weekend (arrival on Friday evening, departure on Sunday ), 4 meals, and camp amenities like teams' courses, high ropes, and zip lines. Registration deadline is Tuesday, October 10th at 11:59PM! Register at the link below! 3I2 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Emily Williams at We can't wait to see you there!

Emily Williams our Events Chair who is planning out Fall Rally

Our Brave the Shave Participants: Noah Stoffel and Emily Williams

Mudpit Volleyball

Fall Rally

Starting on Saturday, October 20th-22nd, service takes flight at Camp Ohiyesa. More information is on page 8.

Chipotle Fundraiser

From Friday October 13th-Halloween, The Haunted Yard will be in Mount Pleasant. Look on page 11 for more details!

24 Hours of Service

Circle K at University of Michigan will be holding their annual service day on November 11-12

Key Club is hosting a Chipotle fundraiser on Thursday, November 16th. For more information look on page 12.


On November 18th, Northwood University will be holding Snowpia!

Tomorrow Fund Applications

Applications are due December 1st where you can receive $200-$2000 for a service project. For more information visit morrowfund

Upcoming Events

Saturday, September 30th from 12-5 at Northwood University. Contact Kristy Dues Godley at Make sure to pay your dues between with questions October 1stNovember 30th!

The Haunted Yard

Get ready for a lot of mud, and a ton of fun!!! Circle K International of Northwood University will be hosting our annual Mudpit Volleyball Fundraiser on September 30th at noon in Chippawassee Park! It is $5 per player, so $30 for a team of 6! All Northwood students that attend or play will get excel credit! Proceeds from this event will go towards UNICEF's WASH Project and Northwood Circle K's Kids Against Hunger Project that will be on November 3rd. Contact Kristy Godley at with questions or post here!


AN EFFECT Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support Michigan District of Key Club, Inc.. Come in to any Michigan Chipotle location on Thursday, November 16th between 5:00pm and 9:00pm. Bring in this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the cause to make sure that 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Michigan District of Key Club, Inc..

If placing an order online during your fundraiser, please note you must choose the pay in-store option and inform our cashier of your participation before paying. Gift card purchases during fundraisers do not count towards total donated sales, but purchases made with an existing gift card will count.

Thank you for reading The Helping Hand! If you have any questions pleas contact the District Bulletin Editor or anyone on the Executive board. Their contact information is listed below

Sean Nauss ∙ District Governor (906) 553- 1682

Maryam Safdar ∙ District Secretary (248) 759-0364

Ben Strandskov ∙ District Treasurer (989) 400-3550

Gabriella Byars ∙ District Bulletin Editor (586) 216-2722

The Helping Hand Volume 61 Issue 3  
The Helping Hand Volume 61 Issue 3