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Volume 61, Issue 2

The Helping Hand A Michigan District of Circle K International Publication

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Update from the MICKI E-board……2 2017-2018 MI CKI Chairs…………...…4 President’s Retreat…..……….…...…..6 Keeping Up With Summer Service....7 Promoting Circle K on Campus…….8 Upcoming Events……..…….……..….9

By Gabriella Byars District Bulletin Editor

Update from the MICKI E-board

Note from the Governor Howdy, (in spirit of CKIx17 San Antonio) For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Sean Nauss your 2017-2018 Governor. In the time since the last helping hand, I hosted our 17-18 Presidents Retreat at Central Michigan University. This meeting proved to me that this year will be better than ever with the strong leadership throughout the district. On July 3rd, 10 of us will be descending upon San Antonio to represent the Mighty Michigan District. At the convention, we will cast our votes to decide the next international board and vote on amendments to the bylaws. In addition to voting, we will all attend workshops acquiring valuable knowledge to bring back to our clubs. The week will truly be full of Service, Leadership, and Fellowship! Have you signed up for our professional development program? This is an opportunity for CKI members and Kiwanians alike to grow and learn together! Whether you are still undecided on your major or you're looking for valuable job shadowing and work experience, we have the program for you! Sign up at to be paired up with a local Kiwanian in a field of your choice. It's never too late or too early to gain real world experience in a career that interests you! Yours in Service, Sean Nauss 2017-2018 Governor Michigan District of Circle K International 906-553-1682

District Secretary

My primary job as the District Treasurer is to work towards the continued success of the District through the financial well-being of both the district and the clubs. Each year I assess the effectiveness of the District finances and propose changes for the upcoming year through the annual budget. I also reach out to all of the Club Treasurers and make sure they are prepared to serve in their roles within their clubs. The strength of the District comes from the strength of the clubs and the financial health of a club can drastically affect that success of that club. This year I will be focusing most of my attention on supporting the Club Treasurers, especially with the newly chartered clubs and the struggling ones.

District Treasurer

District Bulletin Editor Hey everyone! Since I have been elected to District Bulletin Editor, I have been working hard on creating the first two editions of The Helping Hand, contacting club Bulletin Editors, and working with the Executive board every week on our weekly phone calls. My primary job is to create a bulletin bimonthly, which I have done successfully so far! My next step after publishing this issue is to finish working on a document that will have a lot of tips on creating bulletins and will help club Bulletin Editors create their bulletins.

Updates from the MICKI E-board

So far I have set up a Facebook group and a GroupMe group with the club secretaries. This makes it more efficient when I have to remind them about MRFs and keep them updated. The past few weeks I have been helping the club secretaries get used to the new MRF system and making sure everyone is able to log in and submit the forms. I have also been working on updating the directory. Which I will be sending out very soon. In the near future I plan on setting up individual meetings with the secretaries, likely a Skype call or a phone call, to ensure they are settled into their roles before the school year starts.

2017-2018 MICKI District Chairs

Dakota Cook Kiwanis Family Relations Chair Plans to create a calendar of events including Kiwanis, Circle K, and Key Club events. Currently working on Kiwanis Family event at a Tiger's game

Christian Wire Club Building Chair Goal is to create one new club and strengthen existing clubs

Tristin Nguyen Rules and Regulations Chair Plans to increase the basic knowledge of motion to make caucusing a smoother process

The 201 MICKI

Emily Williams Events Chair Currently working on Fall Rally that will be at a different camp. She plans to increase interest in Circle K by visiting recruitment events and explaining district events to club members, and plans to provide support with Snowpia, Lovepit, and DCON planning

Plans on obtaining a 10% increase from last year's membership and plans on visiting recruitment events, especially for the struggling clubs in order to help this goal.

17-2018 I Chairs

John Duetschman Technology Chair Plans on updating the website with the new district board information.

Sanaya Irani Service Chair

Plans to coordinate to help organize Fall Rally, to organize a large scale project in April, and to create a worksheet to help clubs organize local service events and hit the district service goal.

2017-1018 MICKI Chairs

Noah Stoffel Membership Development Chair

President’s Retreat

The President’s Retreat was on Sunday, May 21st at Central Michigan University. At the retreat, the entire district board including the executive board, administrator, chairs, and presidents met to give updates on what they have been doing and what they are currently working on. The board then went on to talk about the District Budget, District Goals, and updates on District Events.

Budget Update

District Goals

Membership: 500 Service Hours: 20,500 Kiwanis Family Relations Events: 350 Interclubs: 200 Club Building: Build 1 new club and strengthen existing clubs Donations Raised: $25,000 Future District Events Goal: 100

District Events Update

• • •

New Budget goes into effect in October District receives $10 per person in dues and $100 for a newly chartered club Decrease of $50 in board expenses $100 funds for new club building and membership committees to cover costs of visits and a surplus of $500 in the budget The budget was approved


Fall Rally:

Will be held by Northwood University on 11/18

Will be at YMCA Camp Ohiyesa from October 20-22 with the theme as aviation

Will be held by Grand Valley State University


DCON: Will be held by Oakland University on March 23-25 with the theme of Around the World

mean that service stops! Try to keep connected with your Circle K family and try to do some service events. Even if you can’t stay and go to events with your club, do service with your friends at home! Here are some things to consider doing with some friends this summer: 1.Picking up trash at a beach or park 2.Gleaner’s Food Bank 3.Ronald McDonald House 4.Go to a soup kitchen 5.Volunteering at a nursing center

Hey Circle K’ers! In case you missed me last time, my name is Micki, and I will be located in every issue of The Helping Hand this year. Whenever you find me you get a treat! For finding me this time, you can get your favorite candy bar. All you have to do is e-mail Gabby Byars at, tell her what your favorite candy is and she will get it to you. Thanks for reading!

Keeping up with Summer Service

Keeping up with service in the summer! Just because it is summer, that does not

Promoting Circle K on Campus

It’s time to start thinking about how your club is going to be promoting


K on Campus for the upcoming year!

If you want to gain new members, then you’re going to have to promote your club and tell students what you’re all about.

Write in chalk all over campus on the sidewalk to let everyone know when and where meetings will be. And if you have a snapchat or Instagram, write the club’s name so they can follow Flyers around campus about what Circle K is, and it may also help if you put Key Club on the Flyer so students may recognize what your are Setting up a table at orientation for freshmen Visit Marketing_PR_Guide_2.sflb.ashx for some more

great ideas on promoting!

• •

• •

CKIx in San Antonio, Texas on July 3-9 Sunday, July 9th at 11:59 PM is the deadline for Chair Committee applications Summer District Board Meeting on August 5th at Camp Ohiyesa Detroit Tigers Kiwanis Family Charity Baseball Game on August 13th, 2017 at 1:10pm Kiwanis DCON September 8-10, Crystal Mountain Tomorrow Fund Applications due December 1st where you can receive $200-$2000

Committee Applications

The deadline for applications have been extended until Sunday, July 9th at 11:59 PM. This is a great opportunity to see the way the district board operates. You will have the ability to work closely with a Chair on their committee until April 1st, 2018. For more information and to apply, go to a/ /1FAIpQLScRYnm07BoENv o8wJlMjLulBtmPnQfUxUFHcM4UTJXcA8IAg/vi ewform.

Detroit Tigers Kiwanis Family Charity Baseball Game The "Eye of the Tigers" Game will be on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 1:10 PM. You will be able to go to the game with your Kiwanis Family! Kiwanis, Circle K, and Key Club are all invited to go to the game which gives everyone an opportunity to meet people from other branches of the Kiwanis family. The game is only $25, and if you would like to learn more or sign up, go to

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

The Helping Hand Volume 61 Issue 2  
The Helping Hand Volume 61 Issue 2