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The school’s eighth annual Bridge for Peace charity fundraiser raised money for a public elementary school on Île-à-vache, Haiti.

FBI vs Apple Now that the main legal dispute has been settled, the question that must be addressed is: was Apple right to not cooperate?

Thrifty finds A hidden gem on the outskirts of Wynwood, Rumors Boutique is home to vintage clothing and timeless knick knacks.

Issue 4 \ Vol. 56 \ April 2016


Building bridges

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A deeper look at the web The deep web, full of as much danger as intrigue, is often a source of confusion about true anonymity.

Zika infects Miami-Dade The deadly virus, causing epidemics all over Latin America, has now made its way to South Florida.

Florida’s closed primary

The current primary system leaves a large portion of voters unnaccounted for and maintains partisan values.

Golden State’s greatness While the Warriors head toward a record-breaking season, some ask, are they the greatest of all time?

The Rising Future

Sophomore Wilbert Hernandez speaks about his urban-inspired clothing line, The Rising Future.

Parks, barks and treats

Miami’s best pet-friendly locations for you and your dog.

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highlights \ Vol. 56 \ April 2016

B4P: Bridge for education The school’s eighth annual Bridge for Peace fundraiser raised money for the nonprofit organization Flying High for Haiti, to fund the construction of classrooms for a public elementary school on the island of Île-à-Vache, Haiti. By Maya Iskandarani & Alfredo Wolfermann NEWS EDITOR & STAFF WRITER

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(IB) program to fulfill the global component of the Community, Action, Service (CAS) requirement of the IB diploma. The goal of this year’s dinner was to raise at least $12,000 to help fund the construction of three new classrooms for a small public school on Île-à-Vache, an island off the coast of Haiti with no running water, electricity or paved roads. Last year’s event, B4P Belsonda Ashraam, funded the construction of a well for a girls’ orphanage in Chhattisgarh, India. This year, Bridge for Peace is supporting Flying High for Haiti, a nonprofit organization that takes its name from the children of Île-àVache, who enjoy making their own kites from plastic garbage and sticks. The organization sponsors a public elementary school in Île-à-Vache, providing supplies and paying teachers’ salaries. “Flying High for Haiti has been running for about 5 years now. Ines Lozano, its founder, decided to make a difference after visiting Haiti with her husband after the 2010 earthquake. She started organizing mission trips for high school students about three years ago. In fact, I went on her first trip,” senior Charlotte Leforestier said. The funds raised by B4P will be combined with those of two other fundraisers organized by Flying High for Haiti; if the combined funds total at least $25,000, a company will match the amount and double Courtesy of Flying High for Haiti

On March 31st, the Bridge for Peace International Dinner was held at the Coral Gables Museum in downtown Coral Gables. In its eighth year as a school charity event, Bridge for Peace built upon the foundations of last year’s first-time experience as an international dinner to refine its organization and strive for a higher fundraising goal. Tables were lined along the wall of the museum’s breezeway, buffet-style, laden with internationally-themed food donated by restaurants, students and school clubs. The food selection spanned continents, ranging from Cuban-style croquetas and maduros to Mediterranean baba ganoush dip and French macarons. Guests purchased individual dishes by exchanging one to four of the 10 food tickets included in the $20 cost of admission. Entertainment included a Haitian band performance, a live graffiti artist and an international fashion show. The fashion show featured students modeling traditional clothing from a variety of countries, including Haiti, Cuba, Argentina, Tanzania, Romania and the Philippines. The International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS) has organized Bridge for Peace every year since 2009, supporting a different international charitable cause every year. Attending Bridge for Peace allows students of the school’s International Baccalaureate


It is our duty as global citizens to help those who cannot help themselves. Building a structure for educational purposes will help Île-àVache in a positive way for generations of children. Our efforts now, however small or large, will have an insurmountable impact on this island and its people.

Lauren Noval, IBHS Sponsor

by the numbers

$12,000 $25,000 Fundraising goal of B4P 2016

Total fundraising goal of Flying High for Haiti Compiled by Maya Iskandarani

Insight 6 The internet is like an iceberg—what we see is only the tip. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other web pages that are easily accessible via a Google search are known as the Surface Web; they are what the overwhelming majority of people use every day. Under this tip, below murky waters of encryption and hidden data, lies the hidden side of the internet—home to vast private databases and illicit activities. You’re entering an obscure, mysterious digital realm of misunderstood practices and happenings. Welcome to the Deep Web. highlights asked: Do you know what the deep web is?

No 46%

Yes 54%

Out of 291 students surveyed

The Deep Web is, just as the name suggests, deep. Michael Bergman, CEO of software development company Structured Dynamics, told the Journal of Electronic Publishing the deep web is five hundred times larger than the surface web. The reason for the deep web’s staggering size is the fact that it is largely composed of sprawling databases, records and reports. These documents and figures, often related to corporations, are stored in private servers away from the public eye. The most common method of accessing the Deep Web is using a browser called Tor. Tor, originally called The Onion Router, is a free web browser that uses multiple layers (hence The Onion Router) of servers and relays, getting rid of any trace of the user. The initial computer is routed through multiple highlights asked: Have you ever been on the deep web?

Yes 17% No 83%

Out of 287 students surveyed

others, often spanning multiple countries, before reaching the final website destination. By concealing the source of the original computer, this method of browsing bypasses censorship by getting rid of country-specific blocks and unlocking parts of the internet that one would normally never see. Private browsing opens the door for a new world of political activism. Edward Snowden used the Deep Web to expose the Orwellian datatracking techniques of the National Security Agency (NSA). Another activist, Aaron Swartz, advocated for private browsing and the deep web in the face of legislature like SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) The deeper you go into the rabbit hole of private browsing, the darker it gets. Below the seemingly endless collection of corporate records lies the section of the deep web that most people are familiar with: we are now entering the Dark Web. Here, criminals use the anonymity provided by private

A Conversation Because of the anonymity...a lot of the things that you use it for are...illegal activity...It is really not a place you should be visiting

Nobody has any business there

The FBI goes to the exit nodes so your security can be compromised, even if you are using a browser like TOR. You have to be very careful.

Matthew Monjarrez, Senior

browsing in order to facilitate the trade of drugs, Computer Science teacher Michael Van Dyk illegal weapons, people and much more. Although voiced his support for methods of private browsing, the Dark Web makes up only a small portion of the saying that it “is not intrinsically hurting anybody. Deep Web, it is often portrayed as the bulk of the It allows people to discover the universe of Deep Web. This common misconception paints the information that’s out there, just as a scientist tries to Deep Web with a broad and negative brush. discover and study our universe…the easiest way to “A lot of the web you can access easily, but the motivate people to explore something is to tell them deep web is the stuff you kind of have to work that they’re not allowed to.” around to access…it’s sort of the black market of the Private browsing and the Deep Web have internet,” sophomore Connor Drucker said. multiple purposes that help people in many Anonymous marketplaces such as the infamous fields, from law enforcement to civilian life. For Silk Road, supposedly operated by Ross example, a person living in a country with very Ulbricht, became areas where counterfeit restrictive internet laws, such as China, Cuba, or currency, hard drugs, prescription Iran, can use Tor to bypass blocks and censors. Law pills, weapons and much more were for sale. As the illicit highlights asked: market grew, authorities like Do you think the deep web the FBI and DEA began to is traceable? No Yes monitor the Dark Web and 48% 52% ultimately sought to destroy it. While Ulbricht was Out of 290 students surveyed eventually caught and the Silk Road shut down, other enforcement officials use Tor to gather intelligence enthusiasts soon set up and for secure communications. Political activists their own copycat illegal and Whistleblowers use the Deep Web to expose marketplaces such as Black secrets while protecting their identities. When used Market Reloaded, Deepbay properly, the Deep Web is a useful tool that helps and Sheep Marketplace that still people browse the internet safely and securely. Of operate today. course, not every Deep Web user uses it properly. Deep. Dark. An endless web that connects all aspects of public and private digital life. A conduit that On the Deep Web allows for the free flow of information and ideas. A place where drug dealers and police officers convene You can even find people to assassinate, like for 10,000 euros, to carry out their respective agendas. Private browsas long as they’re not a political figure ing, a growing part of our online lives, has myriad applications for all walks of life. The atom bomb of It’s not as safe as it used to be... the FBI increased their our time, depending on how it develops, can be used security...the main way to get there was using the Tor browser, for anything from the advancement of academic pobut that got updated. tential to the elevation of crime and corruption.

You can be tracked anywhere honestly, it’s not safe. Cesar Rojas, Senior

highlights asked: Were you aware only 4% of web pages are accessible through the internet?

Out of 284 students surveyed

No 71%

Yes 29%

News 8

Zika virus infects Miami-Dade County The virus that has been plaguing Latin America and the Caribbean has found its way to Florida, with almost half of all reported cases in the state in Miami-Dade County. By Araceli Sánchez STAFF WRITER

As of March 17, 30 Miami-Dade County residents have tested positive for the Zika virus. According to the Florida Department of Health (FDOH), Florida has more confirmed cases of Zika than any other state, at 66 cases out of 258 cases in the entire country. Four of these cases involve pregnant women. Miami-Dade County has more cases of the virus than any other county in Florida, with almost half of the cases reported in the entire state of Florida being reported in Miami-Dade County. At this time, all of the cases in the United States are travel-associated infections, suggesting that the spread of the disease in Florida is dissimilar to the endemic spread of the disease in other Zika-affected areas where transmission is occurring at a rapid rate because of the spread of the virus through mosquito bites. On Feb. 1, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika epidemic a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Zika virus is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito of the species Aedes aegypt, which can also carry other infectious diseases, such as dengue fever. Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that Zika can also be sexually transmitted from a man to a woman. The virus has been linked to a birth defect called microcephaly, which manifests in the babies of mothers who were infected by Zika, and also to Guillaum Barre, a potentially fatal neurological disease that causes severe muscle weakness. Microcephaly causes babies to be born with smaller heads than normal, and has been linked to seizures, developmental problems and problems with movement. Nevertheless, health officials have not been able to develop a definitive link between

health Zika virus and microcephaly. The virus reportedly remains in the infected person’s bloodstream for 10 days to a week, and there is no vaccine to cure it. All of the cases in the US have been acquired out of the country, and only seven infected people out of the 66 in the state of Florida are still exhibiting symptoms of Zika, which include rash, fever and joint pain. Four people in Florida were confirmed pregnant with Zika virus but no other information was released about the women. In an executive order signed on Feb. 3, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in the 12 counties that have been affected by Zika virus, which include both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. “Although Florida’s…Zika cases were travel-related, Aedes mosquitos are common in Florida…it is necessary and appropriate to take action to ensure that the Zika virus remains controlled, and that residents of Florida remains safe and healthy,” Scott said. The CDC and FDOH have made several recommendations to help control the spread of Zika virus in the US. These recommendations include draining standing water, covering skin with repellent and clothing and using screens in the windows. In addition to this, the Florida Department of Health is working with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to take proper precautions for environmental control of mosquitoes that might carry the Zika virus. The CDC has also recommended that women who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant avoid travel to Zikainfected areas, and that people who have been in Zika infected areas avoid sexual contact to prevent sexual transmission of the disease. In addition, the Florida Department of Heath will issue a daily Zika virus update.

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by the numbers


Cases of Zika in MiamiDade County

Cases of Zika in Florida



Cases of Zika in the U.S.

Florida counties with cases of Zika



Days Zika virus remains in human bloodstream *As of March 17, 2016 Compiled by Araceli Sánchez


(786) 362-6360 | 130 Miracle Mile

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Florida Department of Health

highlights \ Vol. 56 \ April 2016

U.S. and Cuba to begin regular flights The United States and Cuba will establish a regular flight schedule between airports in the two countries, as part of the Obama administration’s easing of tensions with Cuba. By Maria Ovalle BUSINESS MANAGER

On Feb. 16, officials of the United States and Cuba signed an agreement in Havana, Cuba to establish regular commercial flights between the two countries, according to the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT). This will be the first time in over 50 years that the U.S. and Cuba will have regularly scheduled flights. “If there is no movement on the civil rights issues and human rights issues that are going on in Cuba, there is no reason why we should be doing any kind of relations,” Principal Adolfo Costa said. The DOT gave air carriers 15 days from the date of the

agreement’s signing to apply to be one of the few airlines that will have passenger and cargo scheduled trips to Cuba. Representative of the Office of Public Affairs of the DOT Caitlin Harvey said that applicants and stakeholders of airlines seeking to be approved to fly to Cuba are able to provide the DOT with arguments or evidence that assists their service objectives. American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, United Airlines and Southwest have all shown interest in securing flights to Cuba. Also, all of the parties involved in applying for approval to fly to Cuba can respond to each other’s cases. The DOT will then respond to the applications by March 14 and air carriers will

finally reply back by March 21. Harvey said that, after considering the views of all the parties involved through the process of mutual correspondence, the DOT will make official decisions on which airlines are approved. This new agreement, a product of President Barack Obama’s attempt to build a closer relationship with Cuba, will consist of 110 daily roundtrip flights between the U.S and Cuba. Of these daily roundtrips, 20 flights will be from U.S airports, to Havana Airport, and 10 flights will be awarded to each of the nine other international airports in Cuba. However, Harvey said that the DOT does not expect Cuban airlines to be able to provide similar services in the near future.

According to Harvey, while general tourism is still not allowed in Cuba, all passengers seeking scheduled flights to Cuba must fall under at least one of 12 categories of traveling purposes, which are divided between tourism, carrier and financial services. Some subcategories include family visits, journalistic activity, educational activities and humanitarian projects. “Re-establishment of scheduled air services between the two nations…strengthens peopleto-people links between the two countries,” Harvey said. The DOT plans on having regular flights available by October 2016, but might allow some airlines to begin roundtrip flights this summer.

Opinion 10

Tok 2: a privilege that must be protected Disruptive students who are abusing the liberties that TOK 2 provides may cause the class to be eliminated for future students. Commentary by Dan Leiferman STAFF WRITER

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program at the school provides IB seniors with a class known as Theory of Knowledge 2 (TOK 2) so that certain IB requirements such as Internal Assessments, Extended Essays and the Creativity Action Service project, are given a proper amount of class time to complete. This class is also a place where IB students are encouraged to complete many requirements for college and

graduation. That being said, students are given a fair amount of freedom to complete these tasks, sign out and leave the classroom. Unfortunately, there has been an abuse of these freedoms to the point where it may become problematic for teachers and other students. It is imperative that we understand this privilege and use it responsibly or we face the possibility of losing this essential tool for future seniors. Protocols need to be developed to limit the abuse of TOK 2. Unfortunately, this can only do so much. Although rules can be introduced to reduce the amount of skipping, it is up to the students to follow them. It is on the students to be mature with the freedom they are given.



Second semester “Even my doctor has diagnosed me with senioritis.” -Mia Tolpin, Staff Writer

Senior Spirit Week


“Every security guard’s worst nightmare.” -Danny Delgado, Opinion Editor

This class is something unique to the IB Program that should be appreciated and seen as the administration trusting and understanding its students. It is understandable that as the year lags on and senior year becomes less stressful and rigorous, that students might find it harmless to wander aimlessly in the halls. But, sustaining a level of trust among students, teachers and administrators is crucial to maintaining the freedom that TOK 2 provides. “It is the school very graciously giving these students a lot of freedom and so that’s why it’s really important that they take responsibility for their whereabouts and it doesn’t always work. There are always students that make their own decisions and don’t always use the time wisely,” English and TOK 2 teacher Preston Payne said. “So, in some ways it’s a luxury they’ve

When your name is in a math problem “That’s right, I bought 70 watermelons.” -Alfredo Wolfermann, Staff Writer

got and it would be terrible for bad decisions on the students’ parts to...[cause them] to lose this because it is a luxury.” Seniors skipping class isn’t neccesarily a problem that exclusively arises from TOK 2. However, TOK 2 is a major contributor to the skipping that occurs among the IB seniors. Even if that wasn’t really the case, it is the TOK 2 class that will be the first to go when the administration tries to remedy the issue of skipping should it become more prominent. This is why it is important to acknowledge and address the situation before it gets worse. This isn’t about bashing TOK 2, or about bashing seniors who skip. It is about acknowledging the privilege that the IB senior class has been granted and making sure that a few bad apples don’t ruin it for others.

College Stress “Class of I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.” -Angelika Menendez, Staff Writer

NCAA March Madness

Donald Trump for President

“Watching a kid get his education has never been more profitable.” -Alejandro Prida, Staff Writer

“I’m still waiting for this cruel April fool’s joke to be over.” -Sutton Payne, Staff Writer

highlights \ Vol. 56 \ Jan. 2016

Florida’s closed primary: is it fair? Closed primaries exclude large portions of the voters out of an important part of picking the next president.

It’s kind of fair… because in some way you’re supporting your party but at the same time if you didn’t like who your [primary candidates] were, you would probably want to maybe vote on the [other] side.

-Gabrielle Jo Senior

significant amount of voters are not accounted for in the Florida primary elections, rendering closed primaries unrepresentative of the popular opinion. Open primaries allow those not affiliated with a party to voice their opinion in a fundamental part of the presidential election. Open primaries are representative of the popular opinion. Closed primaries not only isolate a significant chunk of

place. This basically segregates Independents from the entirety of the presidential election and contradicts the idea that it is every citizen’s civil duty to vote for who they believe is the best presidential candidate. This also most likely contributes to a decrease in voter turnout in states with closed primaries. As Independents do not participate in choosing presidential nominees, they probably do not feel as strongly about the election

Before the general presidential election begins, primary elections take place to determine the nominees for each political party. A closed primary is a type of process used to nominate party candidates for the general presidential election. Florida is one of the states that has closed primaries. Only those who register for a party are permitted to vote under their specified party in a closed primary. People who are not affiliated with a particular party are entirely disconnected from this crucial step in the voting process. Furthermore, the separation between parties, apparent in closed primaries, perpetuates partisan politics by nominating politicians solely off the vote of people with a party affiliation, who tend to be more uncompromising. Open primaries, a different type of process used to nominate party candidates, do not require people to vote specifically under their political party. Those who are not affiliated with a party and party members alike can vote under whichever party they choose. There is no emphasis on the separation between parties in open primaries, which reflects how the political system should be; non-partisan. Florida should adapt to an open primary system to improve both the voting process and the political system. One obvious problem closed primaries have is that one must register with a party in order to vote. Independents are not allowed to vote, regardless of the fact that it is considered their civil duty to do so. According to the Florida

the voter population from participating in the primary elections, but they decrease Independent interest in the entire election process. Because Independents do not vote in closed primaries, in the general presidential election, they are required to choose between two candidates they had no voice in nominating in the first

STAFF Editorial:

Division of Elections, approximately 28% of registered voters in Miami-Dade County are listed as Independents as of February 29, 2016. About 24% of the total Florida registered voter population is listed as Independent. This means that a

I feel like closed primaries are leaving out a lot of people in the process of picking a candidate that can run for president.

-Mark Hurtado Junior

as one who had a voice in the selection of the general election nominees. Closed primaries also perpetuate partisan politics. Because closed primaries focus on the separation between political parties, they foster the idea that the government should work that way; disjointed because of political polarization. Parties lose focus on compromising and working with other parties to solve problems in the country. Having bi-partisan politics, which is encouraged by open primaries, promotes collaboration and cooperation between parties. Furthermore, every registered voter, regardless of party affiliation, is a part of the process, and this promotes the election of less partisan candidates. Giving people the ability to vote for whichever primary candidate they choose, allows for a decision that reflects that person’s true selection rather than a choice developed from partisan voting. While closed primaries may have some advantages, they are not representative of popular opinion. A substantial amount of the voter population is restricted from voting in an important part of the presidential election process in closed primaries. Open primaries solve the problems evident in the closed primary system since they encourage choosing candidates that represent a person’s political beliefs rather than choosing candidates because of party affiliation. This in turn promotes bi-partisan politics. Essentially, open primaries are the better option for Florida and all other states. Implementing an open primary system would greatly improve the election process and ensure that the candidates chosen for the general presidential election are truly representative of all who have the right to vote, affiliated with a party or not.

Opinion 12

FBI vs. Apple: a debate in hindsight Amidst the criminal investigation of a terrorist attack, Apple took a stance against an FBI request. Can Apple be faulted for not cooperating? of the usual iOS 8 software to let the FBI in. According to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, that software in the wrong hands would be a “master key, capable of opening hundreds of millions of locks.” Seeking that backdoor was a mistake on the part of the FBI, and Apple was right to refuse. That kind of power is too dangerous to have lying around, and neither the FBI or Apple could have kept it secure enough. However, the story presented by both parties only included two options. One, the feared backdoor solution, or two, no access to the phone at all. The announcement that the FBI broke into the phone, released on March 29, proves

that there was Commentary by Jack Band a solution, a STAFF WRITER real one, that deeply for their wasn’t as apocalyptic as the users. feared “master key.” As much as The blame it was a mistake on the part of can’t be placed the FBI to ask for software that on one party could be used to hack into other entirely, but phones, Apple used the situation neither should to their advantage by loudly and come from this unconstructively refusing to help conflict unscathed. law enforcement. Oddly enough, Apple The decision to be completely is being praised for addressing unresponsive to the FBI’s requests an unreasonable request with an was wise from a branding unreasonable response. What standpoint. Rather than offer the battle between privacy and a reasonable solution, Apple public safety needs is reason initiated a strongly worded and prudence – not underhanded resistance that portrayed them as moves and crafty image an ethical tech company that cared management.


iPhone software use

O TW users with earlier versions of iOS

Commentary by Alejandro Prida STAFF WRITER

In light of the attack in San Bernardino, California late last year, the FBI was attempting to recover information from the perpetrator’s iPhone to no avail. This is because Apple’s new coding system developed for its iOS 8 program provides newer increased security for information stored on the phone as well as the owner’s personal iCloud. Nothing that is stored on the phone can be accessed without the phone first


being unlocked. In response the FBI requested that Apple create a type of software that would give their officials the ability to circumvent these security measures in order to gain access to the phone. Apple declined the request, citing the personal security of their customers as their primary concern. The FBI has since been able to unlock the iPhone but Apple did the right thing in denying the request to create an operating system that would be easier for authorities to break into. The request seemed quite simple at first, relinquish a bit


with iOS 8 or later

5 percent:


95 percent: users

U.S. iPhone users in millions

The high-stakes case between Apple Inc. and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has ended abruptly following news that the FBI has broken into the phone of Syed Rizwan Farook without Apple’s help. While the main source of contention is resolved now that the government is no longer seeking a backdoor into iPhones across America, Apple shouldn’t be let off the hook for being deliberately uncooperative. This case started out with a federal judge asking Apple to provide “reasonable technical assistance” to the FBI in unlocking the shooter’s iPhone. To the government, that meant Apple would need to create an overhaul

100 80 60 40 20 0


of privacy and, in return, you are kept safe. However, if Apple created this software and granted access to the FBI, it would’ve provided an access point for not just law enforcement, but for hackers as well. This case is not simply about this one phone as the FBI constantly repeated. When the FBI requests access into a home, vault or storage unit for an investigation that only requires knocking down one door. The issue with making such software is that a “master key” would’ve been created with the ability to unlock millions of phones around the world. In the world of cyber space that key is easier to obtain and be used by people with ill intentions. The FBI’s problem doesn’t stop




with Apple; there are over 800 encryption apps for the iPhone that will further secure messages, photos and other personal data. The real issue is that people who want encryption will always be able find it, someone looking for a way to keep what they’re doing private will always be able to do so. Similarly, an ordinance for existing encryption providers to lower their security levels will just mean that new ones will surface. Apple’s creation of this software would’ve set a dangerous precedent for security in other countries. They will certainly expect similar access from Apple. Apple’s decision strengthened national security, despite the accusations critics launch.

Sports 14

The legacy of the Golden State Warriors

As the Golden State Warriors cap off an incredible season, they aim to break the record for most wins in a season, raising questions about their legacy. the magical 73 wins, and to hold the record for most wins in a season ever. The question revolving around the team The 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors now is whether it is better than the team have proven to be an elite team in the National widely considered the best of all time: Michael Basketball Association Jordan’s 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. The teams (NBA) this year. are hard to compare given that they played in Shattering the previous different eras of the sport, but if the Warriors record for the best start do beat the record and go on to win the in the NBA with 24 championship, they would have a serious case straight wins to begin for the best team of all time. This team the season (the previous may very well be better than that historic record being 15 games), Bulls team; the Warriors are having a Golden State: the Warriors appear season for the ages, and a season that will to be even better than live on in the record books. Bulls: they were last year, The Warriors’ success may be when they were world attributed to one key player: Stephan champions. Some may Curry. He may just be the best shooter ever Golden State: ask: what’s better than to step on an NBA court, and his statistics the best in the NBA? this year are nothing short of otherworldly. Bulls: How about the best of According to Fox sports, Curry has made all time? The Warriors 35 out of 52 shots from 28 feet to 50 are on track to surpass feet this year which is a better efficiency Golden State: the 72-win 1995-1996 than making 100% of 2 point shots. He Chicago Bulls season, is shooting at a rampant pace and teams which currently holds have no idea what to do with him. Part Bulls: the record for most wins of his greatness is that he can shoot from in a season. With team anywhere, but can also drive to basket energy flowing, and the with ease, making him the toughest guard Golden State: current Most Valuable in basketball today. Jordan may still be Player (MVP) Stephen the best player ever, but Curry is the more Bulls: Curry at the reigns, it prolific shooter and has had a season unlike may be time to break any other in recent memory. Compiled by Dylan Carol and Sutton Payne out the record books The Warriors are capable of breaking Source: and dub this team one the record for regular season wins set by of the best ever. the Bulls, and they have a shot at becoming The Golden State Warriors have not always was not surprising to basketball fans, as they the best team ever. No matter how things end been the best basketball team. Four years were the number one seed in the West with 67 up though, Curry and Golden State are having a ago, this now high caliber team only put up wins. Impressively, this year’s team is arguably season to be remembered, and will certainly go 23 wins in the entire 2011-2012 season, an even better and is looking to not only win down in history as one of the most entertaining unimpressive total out of 82 games. However, back-to-back championships, but also reach and successful teams in the NBA.

By Dylan Carol & Sutton Payne STAFF WRITERS

with new and young players like Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green, and the signature “splash brothers” Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors have improved tremendously. These developing players, along with former NBA player and member of the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls team Steve Kerr as their new coach, won the NBA finals last year. This feat

by the numbers Field Goal Percentages

39.2 40.1

Field Goals attempted

18.1 16.3

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47.1% 47.2%

Field Goals made

83.1 85.1

Turnovers per game

MIAMI COUNSELING & RESOURCE CENTER Kevin D. Scholz, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist Co-Director

111 Majorca Avenue, Suite B Coral Gables, Florida 33134

305-448-8325 ext. 115 Fax 305-488-0687

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Katalina Bartelt: Pinning Down Stereotypes Katalina Bartelt is not only a state champion wrestler, but is also the only female on the school’s team. By Gavi Alzola STAFF WRITER

Many students at Gables may not give the wrestling team a second thought, but they really should take a closer look when it comes to sophomore Katalina Bartelt. Being the only female wrestler on the school team, Bartelt helps draw more attention to team as a whole. Although she has only been wrestling for about a year, she is one of the best on the team, and is the only wrestler in Miami-Dade County to come in first place at the Female Wrestling State Championship. Bartelt was inspired to start wrestling one year ago at the age of 15 by her brother, who also wrestles. Having just quit gymnastics, Bartelt needed something to do in her spare time, and decided to try out for the wrestling team. She now practices every single day except for Saturdays and Sundays because those are usually tournament days.

Even though Bartelt is the only female on the team, she does not let it affect her on the mat. When she first started wrestling, she says that she was looked at differently due to the fact that she is a girl. Other than that, she does not feel as if she is treated any differently than the males on the team. Proving any possible doubters wrong, Bartelt went on to place first at the Female Wrestling State Championships this

Courtesy of Cavaleon

TAP OUT: Katalina Bartelt prepares to take down her opponent.

year. Bartelt says she really enjoys the fact that she won but hopes that more girls from MiamiDade County will compete in states next year. When asked about the team’s overall performance this year, Bartelt said that they are performing “really well.” However, she lamented the fact that nine seniors, who are very important to the team, will be graduating this June, adding, “it won’t be the same without them.” Bartelt has worked incredibly hard every single week in order to be where she is today. Not only does she have to train and practice, but she also has to cut, or stay at a specific weight, in order to have the best chances of success in a weight class. While this is difficult, Bartelt expresses confidence in her ability to juggle the training with the careful weight management. A girl on the wrestling team may not be the most common thing in the world, but Katalina Bartelt loves it and plans to continue in college.

New track coaches hit the ground running Gables has new track coaches that are determined to lead the track and field team, which has begun its season, towards success. “You can’t tell a great runner just by their and the high school level. form, you have to see it in their work and When asked about his evaluation and consistency on the track,” said Coach Ree. spotting of a talented runner, Springer Coach Davida One of her explained, “I don’t Saunsiree McNatte and main goals is measure runners on Coach Carl Springer are to build the the track and field, I the two new track coaches program and measure it through their here at Gables. Each has the team up determination. If they are their own story and they to eventually determined and dedicated recently took some time take on to come to practice, the to explain what it means district, sky is the beginning and to them to be a part of the regional we can always take it to Gables coaching staff. and state greater heights.” McNatte attended competitions. Springer’s main goals Overbrook High School Springer as a new coach are to Cecilia Rodriguez/highlights Cecilia Rodriguez/highlights in Philadelphia and ran is a Cavalier continue to implement track for her school. Her alumnus. He team efforts and to STEP INTO IT: Coach Ree HIGH KNEES: Coach Carl gives primary events were the ran track at the advance to district, regional demonstrates an exercise. warm up advice to his team. 100-meter hurdles, the school before and state championships. 200-meter dash and the graduating in As a Gables alumnus, he is 100-meter dash. She has coaching experience 1991,56yhn and his events were the 4 by 100 sure to have a unique perspective on the track and has her own ideas on what a makes a meter relay and the long jump. He has coached program and he is glad to be back here in this runner a good runner. track at the youth level, the middle school level new position.

By Cecilia Rodriguez STAFF WRITER

Sports 16

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Transgender athletes to compete in Olympics The International Olympic Committee has changed their guidelines on transgender requirements, opening its doors to a new community of athletes.

After meeting in Nov. 2015 in According to the guidelines, testosterone must be below 10 to 12 Lausanne, Switzerland, the International nanamols per liter for at least 12 months before competing to “guarantee Olympic Committee (IOC) changed fair competition.” Athletes who transition from male to female are the guidelines regarding transgender Olympic athletes. The updated eligible to compete without restriction. guidelines were released Jan. 24, 2016 via the IOC’s website. In 2004, The update in guidelines seems to follow in the footsteps of the the IOC decided to allow transgender athletes to participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) new policies, games for the first time. However, they faced many requirements before instituted in 2011. These policies mirror those of the IOC, stating the they were allowed to compete. These included having to undergo sexathletes are not required to undergo “gender confirming” surgery or have reassignment surgery, complete hormone therapy for at least two years, legal recognition of their preferred gender. Yet, like the IOC, transgender and legally women identify as participating their preferred in female gender, all of sports must which was have had extremely one year of expensive hormone and timetherapy prior Foekje Dillema Transgender athlete Kye Allums After transgender golfer consuming. to competing. became first female Renee Richards becomes first Lana Lawless sues the The IOC is The new athlete disqualified denied participation transgender man Ladies Professional Golf known for policies of from competing in U.S. Open until to participate in Association for its “female taking gender the IOC due to testing posicase was brought NCAA Division I at birth” policy, the associidentification guidelines tive for a Y chromobefore the Supreme competition. (US) ation’s members voted to very seriously. were deeply some (Netherlands) Court. (US) remove the policy. (US) It stopped impacted by Courtesy of mandatory transgender DNA tests athlete for women only recently, in 1999. Now with the light that Olympians Chris Mosier, the first known transgender athlete to be identified as his like Caitlyn Jenner and Chris Mosier have shed onto the transgender preferred gender on a national team. A qualified duathlete and triathlete, community, the IOC has concluded that “to require surgical anatomical Mosier decided to challenge the old policies in 2015 by registering changes as a pre-condition to participation is not necessary to preserve to compete in the World Championships without undergoing sexfair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and reassignment surgery. notions of human rights.” Even baseball coach Phillip Wisser had an opinion about the updated “The change is good because not everybody can afford to go through guidelines, stating that, “You can’t control what you become, that’s those treatments, so obviously it’s going to help them out. If you’re a just part of life. There’s no reason people should look differently [at good athlete you should be able to participate no matter what,” said transgender athletes], and I think it’s sad that they do because at the end junior Deylis Perez. of the day it’s who you are.” Just in time for the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janiero, the The new guidelines show the blossoming acceptance of the LGBTQ IOC has declared that transgender athletes are no longer required to community that has developed throughout the past 12 years. The get sex-reassignment surgery. Transgender athletes are now allowed IOC seems to be adapting to a progressing society and has provided a to compete under the gender they identify themselves with. However, growing community of athletes an opportunity to compete in the most transgender women must be tested to measure testosterone levels. prestigious sporting event.

By Natalia Perez STAFF WRITER

Several key dates in the history of transgender sports equality 1950




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Mission mini grant: Special Ed gets physical Special Ed teacher Ivette Feeney purchases excercise equipment for her disabled students using funds from a PTSA mini grant. By Natalie Viglucci STAFF WRITER

[Exercise is important] because it is important to stay healthy, fit, and is good to your health... you can also relax a bit. - Lazarro Iglesias, senior

I hope [this new equipment] helps a lot of people to adjust and develop new skills. - Carlos Vazquez, senior

Walking into the Special because my classroom always Education room, specifically needs money and funding. I for students with autism, one work with the special needs is greeted by cheerful smiles students and we go through and effervescent laughter a lot of supplies… expensive from the few students that things get damaged very occupy the room. Trinkets are easily,” said Feeney. scattered throughout the room Feeney’s plan of purchasand the students are singing ing exercise equipment for and interacting with each her students comes from a other at every turn. A group health unit that she and some of students can hardly contain of her coworkers have started their excitement as special ed- in class. ucation teacher Ivette Feeney “When I take them out to screens a movie, paying no the track field, I would like attention for them I hope it helps a lot of to the to have people to develop new other some mats skills. I’m really excited areas of and other for the unique outdoor the colexercise experience. orfully equipment decoratCarlos Vazquez, so that they ed classcan lay senior room down and where do some something always seems to simple exercises, because be going on. they really can’t do the hardThe majority of the core workouts that regular students sit at a long table in kids can,” said Feeney. the center of the room. Some Keeping the students play games on their tablets, focused and calm is a job in immersed in the puzzles and itself, something that Feeney action, while others conhopes that the exercise centrate on finishing a math equipment will facilitate. The worksheet. One can’t help but students, she says, constantnotice, however, that for the ly asking questions and bulk of the day, the students swinging back and forth in remain seated, with little their seats, need somewhere physical activity incorporated to focus their energy, as they into their daily routines. are usually seated for most of Feeney is one of four the day. teachers at the school to have “The purpose behind it received a $250 mini grant was to try and get the kids to through the school’s Parent become a bit more flexible. Teacher Student Association A lot of my students have (PTSA). Feeney applied certain physical disabilities earlier this year with the inthat impair their capability tention of using the money to to stretch out… I think this purchase exercise equipment is because of the lack of exfor her students. ercise they receive,” Feeney “I decided to apply said.


by the numbers

$2,000 Amount of money budgeted yearly for mini grants

$250 Amount of money rewarded per mini grant

4 Number of mini grant recipients per semester

6-7 Number of applicants per round

Features 18

Gables student with a Rising Future

Inspired by underground artists, sophomores Wilbert Hernandez and Yenson Bustillo launch an urban-vibed clothing line.

RAISING THE BAR: Sophomores Wilbert Hernandez and Yenson Bustillo, pictured right to left, don the Rising Future’s trademark bomber jacket.

By Albert Garcia and Amanda-Victoria Gonzalez STAFF WRITERS

Distinctive pink caps, vintage bomber jackets, and the ever-socommon hoodie, all adorned with a sketch of a gun, have made themselves impossible not to spot around sophomore Wilbert Hernandez’s crowd. Rightfully sporting the UZI pistol as it signature logo, the clothing is all part of a brand coined The Rising Future by its creators Hernandez and sophomore Yenson Bustillo. It features the cartoon-like pistol because, according to Hernandez, “music is [their] weapon.” The clothing line is the stepping stone to Hernandez’s and Bustillo’s larger, ambitious vision: to create a hybrid company, combining

their already-designed clothing line with a hip-hop and raporiented record label. Inspiration struck Hernandez during a conversation with William Norwood, known more commonly as Ray J. “Ray J told me, ‘don’t ever get signed to a record label. Be your own boss,’” Hernandez said. During his travels between Miami and Los Angeles, Hernandez befriended notable rappers— namely, Snoop Dogg, Conceited, Birdman and Chris Brown— who intend to wear his brand’s clothing upon its release. Hernandez already plans to sell

HALL >> talk

The highlights staff records what students are talking about in the hallways during passing between periods.

the brand’s products in a grand total of 12 stores, seven of which will be in Miami, and the rest, in Los Angeles. Although The Rising Future is still in its early stages and has yet to move away from being solely a clothing line, Hernandez and Bustillo are already turning their focus to discovering talented young artists that have yet to find fame. “It’s going to be mostly rappers who don’t have enough money to go to the studio [and] people who haven’t released any type of music. We’re trying to give them a professional studio,” Hernandez said.


The record company will be signing mainly young rappers and hip-hop artists— up-andcoming musicians who are looking to get their voices heard. Although prices for the clothing line have yet to be officially set, awaiting customers can expect a catalog next month featuring all Rising Future products, including hats, sweatshirts and bomber jackets. The latest information on all things Rising Future can be found the brand’s Instagram, @therisingfutureco, Hernandez’s instagram, @vzcash and on the brand’s Snapchat, @TheRisingFuture.


“I’m just commenting on “Janet looks so cute the fact that you look like a dressed up for St. burrito.” Patrick’s day.” “I don’t think Obama did coke in high school.” “Jeb looks like a turtle.”

“I kinda wanted to dress like a turkey. It’s always been a dream.”

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Spotlight: Brian Vazquez

Junior Brian Vazquez pursues his passion for the veterinary field as an assistant at Silver Bluff Animal Clinic. Most high school jobs range from serving fatty burgers to indecisive and impatient customers to mopping up greasy substances from mysteriously sticky flooring. While earning minimum wage and donning a Happy Meal scent are must-haves for a first-time employee, junior Brian Vazquez’s one-of-a-kind job may have more to offer. Since June, Viridian-Briscoletti has been assisting veterinarians at Silver Bluff Animal Clinic. “[I do] examinations on dogs and cats,” said Vazquez. “I run these exams as well as acting as a receptionist, preparing take home medication and assisting in surgery. I interact with animals on a constant basis…there is never a time I’m not busy.” While the job can be challenging to keep up with, Vazquez says that no matter how many times he has to probe canine anuses for fecal samples or check for intestinal parasites, the hard work is ultimately worth it. “I wanted to get an idea of whether or not I was

By Sofia Viglucci STAFF WRITER





prepared to do this,” said Vazquez. “The job is not for the weak-hearted.” Most teenagers spend their Friday nights and Saturdays temporarily patching up neglected sleeping schedules and procrastinating on school assignments. For Vazquez, they are spent working hard at the clinic. Besides teaching him how to draw blood from animals and perform physical examinations on dogs and cats, working at the clinic has taught Vazquez vital social and professional skills. It has also proven his motivation to become a certified vet one day. “There isn’t anything I would rather do with my life. This job is what I plan to dedicate my life to,” said Vazquez.

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul." - Joseph Addison We Agree.






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A playdate with your pooch These three locations offer a mulititude of activities for you and your puppy pal.

for all breeds of dog can be easily found in designated aisles. The beauty and spa facilities of the Dog Bar are located towards the back of the store. The Dog Bar is guaranteed to make your pet feel loved and like royalty, grooming and washing dogs of any shape or size. Lazy Dog Leaving Miami’s beaches and entering Key West’s turf, a leisure activity intended for people is extended to the likes of four-legged friends; owners and their dogs can kayak and paddleboard together at Lazy Dog, a dog beach created for dogs and owners to enjoy different water activities together. Located right off the highway at 5114 Overseas Highway, owners can head into the waters from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. all week long with their pets. Lazy Dog started off as a kayaking and tee shirt company in 1998 and began to offer paddle boarding in 2007. From the start, they allowed dogs to come with their owners, because when the owner arrived to Key West she rescued a border collie, Mollie, that gave her the idea. Customers are able to explore the Key West waters on their own by renting a kayak, which costs only $25 for half a day. If an owner wants to kayak with their dog for the whole day they can pay $35. If exploring alone doesn’t seem like fun, dogs are allowed on their two hour kayak tour for $40. While start times for the two hour tour vary, the four hour tour always begins at 9:15 a.m. and both tours meet at Hurricane Hole Marina. Since 2007, the company has expanded and now has the largest amount of paddleboards available in all of Key West. Each paddleboard rental is $30 for the day, while the tour is $40. If you don’t know how to paddle board, staff members will teach you and your dog before leaving the dock. The paddleboard tour passes by a tropical mangrove environment where all customers will be able to see all the marine life there is to offer in Key West. Online, Lazy Dog has a schedule of classes for owners to take with their pups. They offer a multitudes of classes from paddle yoga to paddle fit, where owners and dogs alike get to work out on a paddleboard for $15. The schedule can be found on their website, lazydog. com. Take a “lazy” day off to spend with your pet and drive down to Key West for some fun in the sun.

By Angelika Menendez & Vanessa Vazquez STAFF WRITERS

Man’s best friend is deserving of the best toys, treats, beaches and parks South Florida has to offer. Close to school, David Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove has amenities for both people and pets, including a dog park. Heading toward South Beach lies the Dog Bar, an eccentric pet boutique that has served as a beauty spa and pet supply store to Miami Beach since 1996. Finally, Lazy Dog in Key West gives dogs the opportunity to paddleboard and kayak alongside their owners. David Kennedy Park Hidden away on the shores of Coconut Grove lies David Kennedy Park, and the lesser known Dog Chow Dog Park can be found inside it. With a view of the ocean, owners can allow their dogs to roam freely, as opposed to having to chase after them. Big dogs colliding with smaller puppies can seem like a scary problem, but Dog Chow takes care of that by having separate areas for different sized dogs. Overall, the area is large so there is always room for everyone, animals and humans alike. There is also lot of room so that owners can play fetch with their dogs. Dog Chow Park is located at 2400 South Bayshore Drive by A.C.’s Icees, a perfect place to drop by if it is hot and you would like a cold drink while at the park. From four-legged friends to crawling toddlers, everyone is welcome at this inviting green space to enjoy a sunny day. The Dog Bar Located at 1684 Jefferson Ave., the Dog Bar is a lively boutique dedicated to all things canine related. Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday, the pet boutique offers numerous local services. The Dog Bar’s main attribute is its ability to provide pets with the right food and toys for a healthy lifespan. However, they also offer a other services such as pet grooming and dog training. The shop sells everything from chic collars and leashes to healthy treats and stylish travel bags. Additionally, their online store has a separate wide variety of products. Upon entering, pet beds and bags of all shapes, sizes and colors hang from the walls of the shop. Toys, leashes and collars start at $9.99 and are showcased in metal centerpieces all throughout the boutique. Snacks and meals

Make your own:

Dog Treats Ingredients • 2 cups whole wheat flour • 1 tsp. baking powder • 1/4 tsp. salt • 1/2 cup water or milk • 1/4 cup canola oil • 1 large egg • 2 Tbsp. honey Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 2. In a bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt. In a smaller bowl stir together water, oil and egg. Add to the dry ingredients and stir until you have a smooth dough. 3. On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough into a rectangle. Drizzle with honey. 4. Starting from a long edge, roll up the dough and pinch the edge to seal. Use a sharp knife to cut them into equally shaped rolls. 5. Bake for about 15 minutes, until soft to the touch. [Makes about 2 dozen biscuits] Olivia Field /highlights

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Casabe 305 Bistro: Venezuelan fusion Though its exterior resembles a small cottage, this restuarant is serving its customers high quality, unique and fresh Latin cuisine.

By Araceli Sanchez & Mia Tolpin STAFF WRITERS

Opened in March of 2012, Casabe 305 is a quaint bistro and a hidden gem among Coral Way’s bustling streets. The restaurant was originally opened in Choroni, Venezuela, a coastal town where Chef Diego Texera grew up. Drawing influences from Latin countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Carribean, Casabe 305 thrives off of serving sustainable, organic and locally grown foods. The restaurant resembles a small and modest cottage with humble decor. The walls are adorned with mismatched wall papers

and the cabinets pressed against the walls are packed with books and pictures. Jars and bottles of the ingredients used in the preparation of the cuisine also decorate the bistro. After your meal, Texera might even leave the kitchen and personally deliver a warm welcome into his restaurant, furthering the homey feel. The bistro’s prices are high, ranging from about $10 to $30, but the unique spin on classic Latin fare is worth the price. One of their most popular menu items are the Tostones, also known as “yucatecos,” which are fried green plantains served with ceviche, guacamole and refried black beans or a typical Venezuelan empanada sampler for $10. For

the main course, diners can enjoy shrimp with tamarind peanut sauce on top of quinoa couscous or yuca mofongo served with shrimp and cilantro, both for $19. All dishes are made with local and fresh ingredients, as Casabe 305 makes health a priority. Casabe 305 Bistro is open Tuesday to Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 5 to 11 p.m. The restaurant also serves Sunday Brunch from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Covered with trees, the bistro can be very hard to find but it is located at 1762 Coral Way. With its low key appearance and bold foods, Casabe 305 entices all types of foodies, especially health nuts and those who are in the mood for gourmet latin food.

All Things Thrifty: Rumors Boutique

Recently opened in Wynwood, this trendy thrift store is home to colorful button-ups, platform heels and other vintage finds. STAFF WRITER

visiting over 1,000 stores to pick up the “We love selling clothes to people who funkiest patterns and styles available. epitomize our friends and us. The big thing “Our clothes embody the styles of about Rumors is it’s really kind of for the classic T.V. shows like Prince of Belweirdos,” Santiago said. Aire and 90210,” Santiago said. “We draw in all sorts of customers, from burlesque girls looking for outfits for videos, to punk band members searching for leather vests.” At its inauguration, Rumors was not solely a hub for timeless fashion, but it was also a popular hangout for bands. To open up Rumors loan-free, Longer and Wyche lived in the store in a ON THE INSIDE: Clothing racks are lined with timeless apparel crawlspace, sleeping for both men and women, perfect for any stylish student. on the floor.

Sofia Viglucci /highlights

Nestled cozily on a nondescript street in Wynwood sits Rumors Boutique, a thrift store housing everything from bright pink disco-inspired platform pumps to vintage basketball jerseys for every major team. Take a step in and one is sucked into the world of all things thrifty; upbeat music occupies one’s ears while overflowing racks of one-of-a-kind apparel overwhelm one’s eyes. The crowded walls resemble that of a teenager’s bedroom, papered corner to corner with posters, and hung with flashy jewelry and horned animal skulls, accompanied by golden mannequins and trendy hats. Located on 215 NW 36th Street in Wynwood, Rumors Boutique is owned by Casey Longer and Marshe Wyche, who are best friends and business partners. The owners scavenge through the nooks and crannies of the world to collect enough merchandise to take up every square inch of their store. According to store manager Camille Santiago, they travel for four months out of every year to thrift,

By Sofia Viglucci

The Scene 24

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Eleonor Bauwens /highlights

Spring Chicken:

The newest addition to U.S. 1’s restaurants. By Sarah Galt & Eleonor Bauwens STAFF WRITERS

Although Spring Chicken is located on a major highway, as soon as anyone enters the inviting restaurant grounds, the noise fades away and customers are able to enjoy the location’s fresh feel, accompanied by a savory meal. The restaurant is based on the ideals of southern hospitality: a comfortable place to eat, delicious food and exemplary customer service. Stationed at 1514 South Dixie Highway, Spring Chicken is an up-and-coming restaurant, known for its flavorful cuisine and ability to create a sense of warmth and comfort for its costumers. The café-style atmosphere welcomes customers with a comfortable leather couch, wooden accents and barn-like props that recreate the feeling of home. The restaurant’s menu consists of salads, sandwiches, a whole section labeled “Chicken,” ranging from wings to tenders, a variety of shakes, drinks and pastries. Prices tailor to the average worker that comes in during their lunch break, and also accommodate those on a tight budget. For instance, while sandwiches may be

pricey at some restaurants, Spring Chicken’s sandwiches are below $10 and are just as tasty. Popular products include the “Yardbird,” which consists of crispy chicken thigh, house pickles, southern sauce, served on a toasted potato bun, for only $5.95, and the “Garden Club,” one of their vegetarian options, consists of avocado, cucumbers, lettuce, ripe tomatoes, southern sauce, salt and pepper and alfalfa sprouts. It is served on toasted whole wheat bread for $4.95. Their most ordered salad, another vegetarian option, is the “Super Food Kale,” which is made up of aged cheddar cheese, green apples, cranberries, toasted pecans and homemade biscuit croutons, with a cider vinaigrette for $5.95. Spring Chicken, which opened in January, is a branch of the corporation 50eggs, which also owns Swine in the Gables and Yardbird in South Beach. “I work at Spring Chicken after school and I love all the food. I would recommend anything on the menu; you can’t go wrong. The place is informal and I think this is why it gives off such a homey, comfortable vibe,” Senior Grace Howie said.

While the popular restaurant does give off a “homey, comfortable vibe,” be prepared for a crowd. According to Spring Chicken workers, weekends are the most crowded. Weekdays are much more calm, but certain times have waves of customers ready to dive into a flavorful meal, especially during lunch. Spring Chicken’s popularity continues to grow, thanks to its friendly feel and inexpensive, delicious Southern style comfort food. Eleonor Bauwens /highlights

SOUTHERN COMFORT: (bottom) Spring Chicken’s “Enjoy” mural encapsulates the restaurant’s motto of Southern Hospitality while also adding to the overall asthetic. (top) The “Super Food Kale” Salad is a trademark dish at the restaurant, as well as a possible vegetarian option.

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Issue 4, April 2016, Volume 56

Issue 4, Vol. 56  

Issue 4, April 2016, Volume 56