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Ana & Antoine St. Thomas  U.S.V.I.   April  6th  2013  

Welcome! Thank you  for  joining  us   in  the  celebration  of  our  matrimony   on  April  6th,  at  Trunk  Bay,  St.  John  USVI.  We  are  honored  to   share  this  special  event  in  our  lives  with  you!  

This brochure   has   a   brief   description   of   all   the   activities   during   the   wedding   weekend   as   well   as   the   program   of   events  for  our  marriage  celebration.      

Preparing for  the  Big  Day!   Evening  Friday  April  5th:     Our  plan  is  to  have  a  relaxed   evening   at   Sugar   Bay   hotel   or   Frenchtown   area   in   downtown   St.   Thomas,   as   we   need   to   be   rested   for   the  big  day  the  next  day!          

Saturday April  6th:    

Our wedding   ceremony   will   take   place   at   Trunk   Bay,  St.  John  at  4:30  pm.    


Wedding Ceremony    

• If you   are   coming   from   St.   Thomas   you   need   to   take   the   passenger  ferry   that  leaves  from   Red   Hook   (St   Thomas)   and   arrives  at  Cruz  Bay  (St.  John).  The  trip  takes  approximately  20   minutes  and  there  is  a  ferry  every  hour  on  the  hour.  Check  the   schedule  at:  John   Passenger  Ferry:    Red  Hook  to  Cruz  Bay  


How to  get  there?  

• If   you   are   coming   from   St.   John,   no   need   to   take   the   ferry.   You  can  take  a  cab  and  meet  the  wedding  party  at  Cruz  Bay,   near  the  ferry  station.       • There  will  be  a  small  bus  waiting  for  all  guests  at  4:20  pm  at   Cruz   Bay  to  take  you  to  the  ceremony.  Please  ask  for  the  bus   coordinated  by  Ceremonies  of  St  John.    


• This   same   bus   will   take   our   guests   from   Trunk   Bay   to   our   wedding  reception  at  Cruz  Bay,  St.  John.   2  

+ Share with us after the

ceremony. Please join  us  for   the  wedding   reception  that  will   take  place  at  the   Jax  Lounge,  in  

Zozo’s Ristorante  

Cruz Bay,  St.  John,   from  6  to  10  pm   EST.   After  the  reception   we  will  walk  to  the   Ferry  station,  5   minutes  walk,  to   take  the  11  pm  EST   ferry  back  St.   Thomas  Island.  This   is  the  last  ferry  back   to  St.  Thomas  where   party  must  continue   for  this  day  of   celebration!    



Some other  things…   Details  to  consider.  

Dress Code?    

Sunday April  7th    

Beach Wedding.   Dress   for   the   elements   (sun,   sand   and   water)   bring   good   dancing/walking   shoes,   (yes   we   will   find   an   excuse   to   dance   to   celebrate)   and   something   to   protect   you   from   the   evening   breeze,   a   light  jacket  or  coat.  

If we   manage   to   recover   from   a   great   night   of   celebration,   our   plan   is   to   visit   the   St.   John   Natural   Reserve   Park   again   and   spend  the  day  there.      

Explore The   Islands!   The  US  Virgin  Islands  offer  an  ample   range   of   options   for   things   to   see   and  do  depending  on  what  you  are  in   the   mood   for.   We   are   enclosing   some   of   the   main   links   that   could   give  you  ideas  about  places  to  visit  or   things   you   would   like   to   explore   during   your   stay   in   St.   Thomas   and   St.  John.  


You  can  also  download  the   app  for  Ipad  or  Iphone,  MyVI  



Any doubts?   Contact  Us  

+ Contact  Information  

We are  staying  at  Sugar  Bay  Resort  &  Spa  in  St.  Thomas.     6500  Estate  Smith  Bay  St.  Thomas,  VI  00802  USVI   Phone:  877.894.4461    Toll  Free:  800.927.7100     Fax:  340.777.7200  

• •

Ana Lucia’s  cel  phone  is:    +1  704-­‐619-­‐4605   Antoine’s  cel  phone  is:              +1  513-­‐919-­‐2475  

We  can’t  wait  to  be  at  USVI  starting  the  celebration  with  you!  Sincere  thanks  for  sharing  the  beginning  of   this  exciting  chapter  of  our  lifes!!!  

Un abrazote,     Ana  Lucia  &  Antoine  


Ana & Antoine Wedding  

Brochure, Ana and Antoine Wedding at U.S.V.I. - April 6_2013