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GATE 2018 Annual Conference President’s Welcome

Keenya G. Mosley, PhD It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to our 2018 Georgia Association of Teacher Educators (GATE) Conference in Helen, Georgia. The conference theme “ Cultivation, Collaboration, Rejuvenation” purposefully describes the climate in which our work must be done. Educators help to foster leaders during a time when service takes priority. We help Cultivate a learning environment that not only generates academic success but celebrates various levels of achievement in overall student growth and development. It is critically important for educators to Collaborate because their work must be done in conjunction with others. The commitment an educator makes to his/her students involves a team of others, and educators understand the pivotal points in which those connections must be made. Therefore, Rejuvenation becomes essential to the process of ensuring educators are prepared to meet their tasks refreshed, renewed, and with the confidence to assist all students in reaching their full potential. The 2018 Georgia Association of Teacher Educators Conference strives to be a beacon of light to those seeking opportunities to disseminate their research findings, increase their knowledge to enhance their practice as educators, and most of all network. We hope your experience at the 2018 GATE Conference on the beautiful grounds of Unicoi State Park & Lodge is filled with unlimited possibilities to expand the work you do in education. As we celebrate the dream students have that education can change the trajectory of their lives, we relentlessly celebrate those who have taken on the task of teaching the dreamers: you the Educators. It is my hope that your experience here at the 2018 GATE Conference provides you with new strategies and expectations in making an impact in education. The conference planners have made every effort to address your needs, so we hope you enjoy every aspect of this conference as it has been designed to make the most of your time with us. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities to connect with your colleagues and meet new friends. Also, consider submitting your work for publication in our journal, GATEways to Teacher Education, the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators’ refereed online journal. Thank you to the phenomenal officers of the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators who continue to provide excellent service to this organization. The work invested in coordinating a successful conference is no small feat, and I am tremendously grateful for your time and commitment. More so, I am grateful to each of you for choosing the 2018 GATE Conference for your professional development activities. Dr. Keenya G. Mosley, GATE President


GATE 2018 President-Elect’s Welcome

Ewa McGrail, PhD Welcome to the annual Georgia Association of Teacher Educators conference in Helen, Georgia. This year’s conference theme, Cultivation, Collaboration, Rejuvenation, invites us to celebrate innovative research and scholarship, best practices, and includes our diversity in the perspectives and experiences of the presenters, attendees, our membership at large, and in our profession. This conference theme also gives us the opportunity to engage in a discourse about accountability policies and measures. We teach in the midst of technological and sociocultural transformation, and it brings challenges to teacher education, schools, and policy. The poet William Butler Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” The life of the teacher educator should be that of starting fires, metaphorically speaking. I would like to think of this conference as an opportunity to strike some matches and allow our hearts and minds to catch fire, or more directly, as an invitation to revisit, rethink, and reinvigorate our ideas and practices to make our teaching, teacher education, and policy even stronger. We have a full schedule of sessions, keynote presentations, meetings, and social gatherings to encourage such discourse, to light some fires to see our way forward, and to nourish our profession and ourselves. Embrace this vision and enjoy the conference! Onward, Dr. Ewa McGrail, GATE President-Elect


Annual Conference Conference Co-Chairs’ Welcome Dear Participants, Welcome to Unicoi State Park and Lodge in Helen, Georgia, the site for this year’s Georgia Association of Teacher Educators (GATE) Annual Conference. Our conference is one of the leading educator events in the state of Georgia. We meet here to celebrate and share scholarship and innovative theory and practice in the diverse field of teacher education. Over the next two days, you will have many opportunities for the networking and sharing of knowledge and experiences with your fellow educators, practitioners, teacher education partners, and leaders around this year’s conference theme, Cultivation,

Collaboration, Rejuvenation. We hope you will find our conference keynote presentations and sessions to be rich, insightful, and informed by the unique backgrounds and experiences of the speakers and presenters from Georgia as well as other states. In this age of increased school accountability and high expectations for student performance, which carries with it increased expectations from teacher educators, we need to

cultivate those practices and pedagogies that improve students’ education and lives and reaffirm those educators who advance quality education. Collaboration is the key to advancing these important goals, but we also need to be rejuvenated. We need access to ideas, vision, connections, and the leadership that will enable educators to develop and sustain inspiring agendas and provide them with required resources. Get ready to inspire, collaborate, and be rejuvenated. Better teacher education and leadership start… here. Sincerely, Dr. Alicja Rieger and Dr. Ewa McGrail, GATE Conference Co-Chairs

Alicja Rieger, PhD

Ewa McGrail, PhD






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Annual Conference GATE Induction System for New Professors Thursday, October 11, 2018 9:30am-3:20pm in Fireside C The Georgia Association of Teacher Educators is proud to announce this year’s fall conference addition of a day-long symposium, launching the GATE Induction System for New Professors (ISNP). The idea for the ISNP was generated during the February 2015 annual ATE conference meeting of the ATE Association Development Committee, chaired at the time by Dr. Cindy Watson. The ATE Board of Directors granted permission to pilot the concept and subsequently approved the ISNP as an annual summer conference offering. The GATE-ISNP Team, consisting of six members of the ATE ISNP planning and delivery team from schools across the country, was delighted by the invitation of GATE President, Dr. Keenya Mosley, to present a state ATE unit version of the ISNP in Georgia. The ISNP was constructed with three main components: (1) a symposium designed to assist with key areas of the professorial induction process, (2) professional association mentoring in which ISNP participants are matched with experienced members in the same or a similar field, and (3) asynchronous online preparation and support for ISNP mentors. Participants attending the GATE-ISNP Symposium will be better prepared to:  transition to college/university teaching responsibilities,  explore essential expectations for a beginning professor,  analyze cultural norms of a new department and university,  apply research-based organizational lenses to real-life experiences, and  engage in proactive problem solving as induction phase faculty members. It takes a comprehensive community of teacher educators to provide induction for a beginning education professor. GATE members are invited to support the GATE-ISNP initiative by serving as mentors, forwarding research pertaining to professorial induction, and of course by enrolling teacher educators who are beginning years one through three of their professorial careers.

GATE 2018 Conference Committees Awards: Janet Strickland, Chair; Charlease Kelly-Jackson Children’s Poster Contest: Susan McGlohon, Chair; Kelly Cassidy Conference Evaluation: Nicole Maxwell, Chair Conference Keynote Speakers: Ewa McGrail, Chair; Shan Jones; Ardyth Foster Conference Program: Alicja Rieger, Chair; Barbara Benson; Keenya Mosley; Aline Van Putten; Robyn Huss, Program Design/Layout; University of West Georgia, Printing

Conference Proposals: Keenya Mosley, Chair; Aline van Putten; Ardyth Foster Conference Proposal Reviewers: Keenya Mosley, Chair; Barbara Benson; Billi Bromer; Sheryl Dasinger; Ardyth Foster; LaTasha Jones; Nicole Maxwell; Dorene Medlin; Alicja Rieger; Laura Smith; Aline van Putten

Conference Site Selection: Gwendolyn Middlebrooks Exhibitors: Kelly Cassidy, Chair; Roben Taylor; Judy Butler Hospitality: Janet Strickland, Chair; Laura Smith Registration: Shirley Andrews, Chair; Lisa McCoy; Sheryl Dasinger


GATE 2018 GATE 2018 Conference at a Glance “Cultivation – Collaboration – Rejuvenation” Wednesday, October 10: 1:00-5:00 pm GaPSC Updates (Masters Hall 1, 2, and 3)

4:00-7:00 pm 5:00-7:30 pm 7:30-9:00 pm

Dr. Bobbi Ford, The New Professional Learning Rule Dr. Angie Gant, Preparation Program Effectiveness Measures (PPEM) Ms. Paquita Morgan, Teacher Leadership in Georgia Conference Registration (3rd floor, Prefunction Area)

GATE Reception, Open to all conference attendees (Dogwood A and B) GATE Executive Committee Meeting (Fireside C)

Thursday, October 11: 7:30 am-5:00 pm Conference Registration (3rd floor, Prefunction Area) 8:30-9:20 am Opening General Session (Masters Hall 4, pages 8-9) 9:30-11:20 am Induction System for New Professors (Fireside C, page 5) 9:30-10:20 am Break-out sessions A* (pages 10-11) 10:30-11:20 am Break-out sessions B* (pages 12-13) 11:30-1:20 pm Awards Luncheon (Masters Hall 1, 2, and 3, pages 14-15) 1:30-3:20 pm Induction System for New Professors (Fireside C, page 5) 1:30-2:20 pm Break-out sessions C* (pages 16-17) 2:30-3:20 pm Break-out sessions D* (pages 18-19) 3:30-4:20 pm Break-out sessions E* (pages 20-21) 4:30-5:30 pm GATE Membership Meeting, Open to all members (Masters Hall 4) 5:30-7:00 pm Dinner on your own 7:00-8:30 pm GATE Hospitality, Open to all conference attendees (Dogwood A and B) Friday, October 12: 7:00-8:00 am 7:30-10:00 am 8:00-8:50 am 9:00-9:50 am 10:00-10:50 am 11:00 am-noon

Newcomers’ Breakfast (Dogwood A and B) Conference Registration (3rd floor, Prefunction Area) Break-out sessions F* (pages 22-23) Break-out sessions G* (pages 24-25) Break-out sessions H* (pages 26-27) Closing General Session (Masters Hall 4, pages 28-29)

* Break-out Session Rooms:

Fireside A and B, Dogwood A and B, Masters Hall 4



Annual Conference


GATE 2018 Thursday, October 11, 2018

8:30 am



Dr. Keenya Mosley, GATE President, Mosley Education Consultants

Introduction of Speaker: Dr. Nicole Maxwell, GATE Secretary, University of North Georgia Keynote Speaker:

Mr. John R. Tibbetts, 2018 Georgia Teacher of the Year “Grab a Partner!” Every day teachers make an impact on students’ academic success, their emotional well-being, and their outlook on life! Individually, teachers may not have the answers, but collectively we can have a magnifying effect that amplifies the abilities of the individuals to achieve greater results. Mr. Tibbetts will emphasize the importance of partnership in the classroom and among colleagues to elevate our efforts and enable us to achieve successful outcomes for teachers and for students.


Dr. Roben Taylor, ATE/College Alternate Rep/Delegate, Dalton State College


Annual Conference Mr. John R. Tibbetts

John Tibbetts is a 21-year-veteran of the US Army. During his military service, he was stationed overseas for more than five years; he served in combat as a Tank Company Commander during Desert Storm, was deployed to Turkey during the Iraq War, and saw service with NATO headquarters in Afghanistan. He was on duty in the Pentagon on 9-11.

Mr. Tibbetts notes, “Every day I get to teach a subject that plays an important part of the very fabric of our students’ lives and is relevant to what is ongoing in the world around us.” He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Masters of Military Art and Science from the Army’s prestigious School of Advanced Military Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He is a nine-year veteran of the classroom and has taught US and world history, geography, and government, in addition to Economics.

Since retiring from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2004, Tibbetts has worked in the private sector, but ultimately decided to pursue a teaching career – first in Tift, later in Dougherty, and at Worth County High School, where he currently teaches economics.

Mr. Tibbetts is the 2018 Georgia Teacher of the Year.


GATE 2018 9:30 - 10:20 am


Differences Shouldn’t Divide Us: Recognize, Accept, and Celebrate the Diversity of Your Students Dr. Yvonne Hefner, Dr. Dawn H. Souter, and Dr. Pamela Allen, Georgia Gwinnett College This session will offer suggestions to improve student learning and success through faculty engagement with approaches to enhance cultural heritages. Faculty will be encouraged to move beyond the personal exploration of culture toward action through changes in their daily practices. Approaches and guidance for faculty teaching across cultures will be provided.

FIRESIDE B Classroom Misbehavior – What Gets in the Way of Cultivation, Collaboration and Rejuvenation Dr. Peter Vajda, Center for Teacher Effectiveness Learn "8:00 Monday morning" research-based strategies of a fair and simple classroom management system that will eliminate unwanted behaviors by 70% or more.

MASTERS HALL 4 The Georgia Intergenerational Teacher Educators Project: A Festival of SelfRenewal and Mentoring Dr. Gertrude Tinker Sachs, Mr. Scott Cohen, Ms. Victoria Corr, Ms. Tanya Crawford, Ms. Kena Culver, Ms. Laura Efford, Ms. Gyewon Jang, Ms. Beth Marks, Ms. Lisa McLeod-Chambless, Ms. Latricia Oliver, Mr. Sundiati Omowaler, Mr. Brooks Salter, and Ms. Ya Li, Georgia State University In this presentation, novice teacher educators will reflect on their experiences as participants in the Georgia Intergenerational Teacher Educators Project (GA-TEP) along with their mentors, the veteran teacher educators. GA-TEP is a research project that was designed to study the professional lives of veteran and novice teacher educators in Georgia.


Annual Conference 9:30 - 10:20 am


Using Technology and Children’s Literature to Read the World: Critical Literacy Dr. Virginie Jackson and Dr. Stacy Delacruz, Kennesaw State University This session provides a brief overview of critical literacy and strategies that can be used during the reading block. Participants will collaboratively alter high-quality children’s literature in order to create a new version that uncovers what was previously concealed through computer coding technology. Laptops will be provided.

DOGWOOD B (Roundtables) Evaluating the Use and Misuse of Technology in the Classroom Mr. Ralph Menard, Mercer University Join this roundtable discussion addressing the benefits and limitations of technology in the classroom. Whether you are an advocate for increased use of technology or uncertain whether you believe that too much technology has its consequences, this program is for you. Intervening Factors: Toward Equity and Inclusion in Education Dr. Natasha Ramsay-Jordan, University of West Georgia This presentation is designed to identify and engage in critical discussion surrounding dominant forces that impact educators in ensuring equity and inclusion in K-12 classrooms. It shows how policies and practices are primary forces in shaping justness in classrooms. Discussions could lead to practical meaning and assist teachers in examining new visions of equity and inclusivity.


GATE 2018 10:30 - 11:20 am


Caring for New Teachers Ms. Elaine Tinholt, Covenant College Research highlights the positive impact mentoring programs have on new teacher retention. However, not all schools offer established mentoring opportunities for new teachers. This presentation will discuss ideas for how educators, administrators, and college faculty can support new teachers.

FIRESIDE B Do You Have Missing Data? What Perceptional Data Can Tell You About Mentoring and Supporting Your Teacher Candidates Throughout the edTPA Implementation Process Dr. Dawn Souter, Dr. Pamela Allen, and Dr. Yvonne Hefner, Georgia Gwinnett College This session will explore survey findings about the impact the edTPA has on overall student teaching experiences. Educational preparation programs have student data but what is frequently missing is student perception. During this session, the power of perceptional data will be discussed, and enhanced methods of support will be explored.

MASTERS HALL 4 The Development and Implementation of the Professional Behaviors and Dispositions Assessment Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Columbus State University and Dr. Mary Ariail, University of Southern Mississippi This session, a collaboratively created Professional Behaviors and Dispositions Assessment (PBDA), will focus on a carefully crafted assessment to measure the professional behaviors and dispositions for teacher candidates as well as new classroom teachers. These behaviors and dispositions are those that school district hiring reference forms and existing university educator preparation program dispositions assessments deem essential.


Annual Conference 10:30 - 11:20 am


UNG Alumni TEACH: Supporting New Teachers Through Induction Dr. Kellie Whelan-Kim, Dr. Jennie Jones, Dr. Nicole Maxwell, and Dr. Danielle Hilaski, University of North Georgia This presentation will describe the development of the UNG Alumni TEACH peer mentorship program designed to support recent graduates of the University of North Georgia Teacher Education Program through their induction years.

DOGWOOD B (Roundtables) Part You. Part Text. Part Machine. All Learning. Dr. L. Roxanne Russell, Emory University This session invites you to learn about how you and the teachers you educate can participate in the domain training of a machine learner used for literacy instruction. Machine learning is a powerful new approach to educational technology, and as we see the proliferation of personalized learning tools, we want to be sure that teachers and students are participants in their creation. Pedagogical Possibilities in Social Justice Education Dr. Charity T. Gordon, Georgia State University This presentation draws on data from an ethnographic study in which a teacher endeavored to enact a social justice curriculum. It describes a social justice spectrum to illustrate the various ways teachers may employ the tenets of social justice education in the classroom.


GATE 2018 Thursday, October 11, 2018

11:30 am

AWARDS LUNCHEON (Masters Hall 1, 2, and 3)


The Piedmont Winds, Piedmont College Ms. London Cochran, clarinet Mr. Ben Dean, French horn Mr. Luis Dunn, guitar Ms. Leila Findley, clarinet Mr. Martin Gravely, trombone Ms. Veronica Renteria, tenor saxophone Mr. Marcus Shockley, alto saxophone Ms. Vicki Pinson, Director of bands, trombone Mrs. Dianasue Walton, Instructor of woodwinds, clarinet


Dr. Keenya Mosley, GATE President, Mosley Education Consultants

Introduction of Speaker: Dr. Ewa McGrail, GATE President-Elect, Georgia State University Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Michaela D’Aquanni, Lindley Middle School Administrator, Cobb County School District

Keynote Title: The Road Less Traveled – Making a Difference in the Field of Education Within education, cultivation-collaboration-rejuvenation are ongoing daily activities required to keep ourselves grounded, connected, inspired, and focused on making a difference in the lives of our students. Over the last 33 years as a professional in the field, and for more years as a learner, the pendulum has swung many times, and experiences have influenced the educator I choose to be today. While I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, I had no idea about the ongoing challenges and the never-ending changes this choice involved. While traveling on this path I have learned that approach has everything to do with outcome. The opportunity to learn, grow, and change is what we want to impart to students and the gift of this field is that if we open ourselves to the possibilities, it too is what students do for us. My hope is that the story I will share will invite you to continue to reflect upon your own personal journey as a teacher and a learner: what has happened thus far and what you hope will occur down the road.


Dr. Janet Strickland, GATEways Editor, University of West Georgia Presenting the following awards on behalf of GATE: 2018 GATE Conference Program Cover Poster Contest Winner Miss Serenity Cardwell, 3rd grade, Bethlehem Elementary School

Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education Dr. Robert A. Griffin, Graduate of the University of West Georgia Motivating High School Latina/o English Learners to Engage in Reading: An Exploratory Study Directed by Dr. Hema Ramanathan, University of West Georgia


Annual Conference GATE Supervising Teacher of the Year Ms. Jo Smith, Winterville Elementary School, Clarke County

Appreciation of service to the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators Dr. Alicja Rieger, Immediate Past President, Valdosta State University


Dr. Alicja Rieger, GATE Immediate Past President, Valdosta State University

Michaela D’Aquanni, PhD Michaela D’Aquanni entered the field of education in 1985 as a special education teacher. During her tenure as a teacher, she has spearheaded inclusive education programs for children with different learning needs as both a special education and general education teacher in New York and Georgia. Over the last 33 years she has taught in diverse settings, been an administrator at the high school level, a statewide consultant for systems change across New York and Georgia, a university professor, and an educational resource - working with teams of students, parents, and educators to facilitate the development of effective educational programs for all students. Her areas of interest are in curriculum development and working to meet the needs of every student, particularly around issues of diversity, effective teaching practices, and reading and language development. She is also keenly aware of the connection between teacher dispositions and the acceptance of diverse students within schools and the partnerships required to form effective learning communities. Her philosophy of educating students with disabilities is woven from what she sees as the critical elements of every program: acceptance, relationships, teamwork, respecting each as an individual, and acknowledging that each of us has gifts. Her career in the field of education continues to broaden, especially after spending a

year in India where she assisted in the development and opening of an international school for children who brought with them a host of new challenges. Upon returning from India, Dr. D’Aquanni decided to take a leave from Kennesaw State University and return to the Public School setting in Cobb County as a general education teacher, with a goal to make the door of inclusion more accessible to students who speak English as a second language and students with disabilities. In 2009, she was recognized as Cobb County’s Elementary Teacher of the Year. Dr. D’Aquanni earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and Master’s degree in education from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education and her leadership degree from Syracuse University. Currently she serves the Schools of Lindley as the Student Services and Support Administrator. Within this role, she provides instructional guidance to teachers as they facilitate educational environments to support the needs of a range of students, as well as works closely with parents as they advocate for the needs of their young adults. An important component of her job and the work she enjoys most is the opportunity to guide students as they learn how to use their voice to articulate their needs and goals within their educational journeys.


GATE 2018 1:30 - 2:20 pm


Building Community Through Physical Engagement Mr. Rob Tinholt, Walker County Schools and Ms. Elaine Tinholt, Covenant College This presentation looks at one teacher’s initiatives in the K-5 Physical Education curriculum to foster community within the school setting. Through yearly events and celebrations, the teachers, administrators, and students get to participate in physical activities which help foster community and enrich the experiences of the students.

FIRESIDE B Augmented Assessments: Using Augmented Reality Applications to Personalize Learning Dr. Marquita S. Blades, Dr. Blades Consulting In this engaging workshop, the presenter will share methods for using Augmented Reality applications to create and administer formative assessments. Attendees will walk away from this workshop with templates and an action plan for using AR. Attendees should be prepared to download and work within multiple applications during this session.

MASTERS HALL 4 Making the Most of Collaboration and Co-Teaching Dr. Lisa McCoy and Dr. Brandi Worsham, Brenau University Collaboration and co-teaching is a popular trend and practice in schools that is beneficial for teachers, administrators, and teacher educators to be knowledgeable about implementing effectively. Participants will learn about co-teaching models, benefits, challenges, planning, and common pitfalls to avoid. Come learn to make the most of collaboration and co-teaching!


Annual Conference 1:30 - 2:20 pm


The Journey and the Destination: Student Support for edTPA Dr. Leslie Marlow, Dr. Karen Kurz, and Dr. Duane Inman, Berry College This presentation will provide an overview of the candidate support levels in the Berry College Teacher Education Program. Designed for novice, intermediate, and advanced audiences, the purpose of the session is to engage participants in a discussion and analysis of the four levels of Berry teacher candidate support. What’s My Job? Negotiating Co-Coordinator Roles within a Special Education Initial Certification Program Dr. Harriet Bessette and Dr. Katie Bennett, Kennesaw State University Preparing students to become special education teachers requires a strong clinical experience in conjunction with relevant rigorous coursework. This presentation will highlight the roles and responsibilities that were negotiated for coordinating the practice-based field component.


GATE 2018 2:30 - 3:20 pm


Using the SAT Suite of Assessments to Drive Student Success Mr. Cale Golden and Ms. Brandi Sabb, The College Board In this session, learn how the redesigned SAT Suite of Assessments aligns to classroom learning and state standards to provide teachers with a host of free digital instruction-focused and personalized practice resources that can be used to maximize student success.

FIRESIDE B 10 Technology Tools You Can Use Tomorrow Ms. Kelly Cassidy, Commerce City Schools In the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee, over 15,000 edu-related tweets have flown across the Twitterverse, almost 50 tweets per second related to education (Krikorian, 2017). Less than a year ago, there were about 500,000 education pins on Pinterest per day. Within the last year, 1.3 million pins related to education are now being added on a daily basis (Aslam, 2017). Come to this session and learn how to use Twitter and Pinterest professionally. The session will provide an overview of each one and access to tutorial videos and instructions so you will be able to use them later. Do not be shy – true beginners are welcome. The session will be differentiated for attendees, and advanced content will also be available.

MASTERS HALL 4 Making Content Area Instruction Meaningful with the Help of Comic Books Dr. Ewa McGrail, Georgia State University; Dr. Alicja Rieger, Valdosta State University; and Dr. Patrick J. McGrail, Jacksonville State University In this presentation, the authors will discuss comic books and their capacity to teach across the curriculum. The audience will be involved in hands-on learning activities with a selection of comic books.


Annual Conference 2:30 - 3:20 pm


Technology and the Brain: A Happy Merger! Dr. Linda Ann McCall and Professor Beth Childress, Georgia Southern University Technology and the Brain: A Happy Merger! showcases research-based technology for all learners. This interactive session will offer an overview of the recent findings in neuroscience regarding the interconnectivity of the brain. Technology strategies which connect students to the required content will be described.

DOGWOOD B (Roundtable) Stop Drinking from the Firehose: The Art of Curation for Teachers and Learners Dr. Lynn Rambo, Piedmont College Educators at all levels can harness the power of CURATION to differentiate instruction, allow students to demonstrate understanding, and manage resources toward greater utility. This technology-driven workshop will introduce curating in education, demonstrate varied applications, and involve participants in developing a curation and/or a curation activity for students.


GATE 2018 3:30 - 4:20 pm


Project AVATAR: Integrating High Leverage Practices into Teacher Preparation Programs Dr. Kate Zimmer and Dr. Melissa K. Driver, Kennesaw State University Project AVATAR (Advancing Virtual interaction in Teacher preparation for Actual Reality) responded to the critical shortage of highly effective teachers equipped to substantially improve the outcomes of students with disabilities. This session will share the findings and implications for teacher preparation programs, teacher educators, and in- and pre-service teachers.

FIRESIDE B The Importance of Self-Renewal: Lessons from a Mediocre Teacher Dr. Marquita S. Blades, Dr. Blades Consulting In this engaging workshop, attendees will participate in self-assessment activities using an escape room model to identify the source(s) of burnout and the conditions that allow them to be most effective. Teachers will leave this session with instructional strategies to increase effectiveness and daily strategies for overcoming burnout.


Annual Conference 3:30 - 4:20 pm


Ethical, Legal, and Pedagogical Issues in edTPA Teacher Preparation: Does Action Research Fit into the Transformation? Dr. Nai-Cheng Kuo, Augusta University In this presentation, the author addresses ethical, legal, and pedagogical issues in the use of edTPA. These issues include the cost of edTPA, implicit bias in scoring teacher candidates, marginalization in K-12 settings, property rights, privacy, and dis/connections between the real classroom and teacher candidates’ practice in edTPA.

DOGWOOD B (Roundtables) TEACH from the HEART: Activating Passion to Fuel Progress and Increase Equity Vickie M. Crockett, EdS., TEACH Educational Consulting and Ms. Denise Gunter, Atlanta Metropolitan University TEACH from the HEART is a student-centered instructional program designed to promote greater equity and inclusiveness through activating student passion. This program aids in reaching struggling, under-served students through programming that focuses on personal empowerment, cultural relevance, and authentic learning. It unlocks the inner fire that will ignite greater student success. Collaboration in Georgia: A Roundtable Discussion of Georgia’s Nine Regional P-20 Collaboratives Dr. Paige Tompkins, The University of Georgia; Dr. Karen Wyler, Georgia Department of Education; Dr. Angie Gant, Georgia Professional Standards Commission; and Dr. Walter Stephens, Houston County Schools Presenters will begin by sharing a brief overview of Georgia’s nine regional P-20 Collaboratives. A group discussion initiated through targeted questions will follow. Session goals are engaging in rich discussion around the topic, receiving targeted feedback, meeting and networking with colleagues with similar interests, and generating interest in participating in P-20 Collaboratives.

4:30-5:30 pm GATE MEMBERSHIP MEETING (Masters Hall 4) 5:30-7:00 pm Dinner on your own 7:00-8:30 pm GATE HOSPITALITY (Dogwood A and B) 21

GATE 2018 8:00 - 8:50 am


Positioning Pre-Service Teachers as Researchers: The Case of Studying Culturally Relevant Mathematics Instruction Dr. Marrielle Myers, Ms. Emily Holguin, Ms. Hanna Tadesse, and Ms. Sarah Walker, Kennesaw State University In this session a research team will share best practices about preparing preservice elementary teachers to teach mathematics for social justice. The focus of this presentation is studying preservice teacher growth as they learn to implement such pedagogy and the types of supports they need in methods courses and supervision.

FIRESIDE B Discussing Research-Based Effective Teaching Practices and Technology that Prepare Elementary Teacher Candidates for Successful edTPA Completion Dr. John Hobe, Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus Come and share ideas explaining how we can better prepare teacher candidates to prepare and submit an edTPA elementary portfolio using the effective research-based teaching practices and technology required.

MASTERS HALL 4 Fast Modes of Formative Assessment Dr. Karen Henman and Dr. Donna Cherveny, Brenau University Attendees will learn multiple modes of formative assessment that can be applied in higher education classrooms and K12 classrooms. Those interested in learning some fast ways to formatively assess your students through innovative practices should come prepared with device(s) to practice implementation of these fast modes of assessment.


Annual Conference 8:00 - 8:50 am


Building Collaborative Innovative Partnerships from the Ground Dr. Cora Thompson and Ms. Sade Campbell, Savannah State University Collaboration or Partnership? Educational experiences and lifelong learning need to be relevant. Which vehicle tool is the way for student teachers to grow and develop with efficacy? An education preparation program provider developed a structure to prepare, place, and support quality teacher candidates. This session will explore the assessment outcomes. Self-Renewal: For the Challenging Days Ahead! Dr. Roben Taylor, Dalton State College What keeps teachers from becoming closed-minded, from slipping into the ruts of their own expertise? Both teachers and administrators recognize the immense importance of selfrenewal. This presentation is a call for teachers to take action — to innovate the education process by reaching their highest potential through self-renewal.


GATE 2018 9:00 - 9:50 am


Go Digital! Fun, Free Ways for Teachers to Engage Their Students Dr. Phyllis R. Snipes, University of West Georgia Need some great ideas on how to engage classroom students in instruction? There are some very exciting, free online resources to help you help your students go digital. Tools such as Flipgrid, PowToon, Telestory, Voki, Blabberize, and others will be covered, along with great ideas for implementation.

FIRESIDE B Purpose-Driven Mentoring Stimulates Self-Renewal Dr. Jasmine R. Gordon, Belhaven University Atlanta Campus Learn to develop a sustainable collaborative support system through mentoring. When educators engage in mentoring, this strategy directly or indirectly stimulates self-renewal. Mentoring is an effective in-service and “best practice� model for teachers at all experience levels. In a mentor-mentee relationship, educators desire to share thoughts and resources and provide support to each other in a non-judgmental way.


Annual Conference 9:00 - 9:50 am


You Can’t Teach if You Are Dead! How to Prioritize Self-Care to Increase Effectiveness and Longevity Dr. Jessica K. McBride, Consultant Educators will explore aspects of the profession that cause the most stress and prevent the rejuvenation that’s required to avoid burnout and health-related issues. Next, we will focus on strategies for self-care during the school year and how collegial support and mentoring can help teachers find a healthy work/life balance.

DOGWOOD B (Roundtables) Mentoring Research on Higher Education Teacher Candidate Teaching and Learning Dr. Kathryn L. Haughney, Georgia Southern University The presenter will review examples of faculty mentorship and the support of preservice teacher teaching and learning research development across two southeastern universities. Funding opportunities, university-organized faculty learning communities, and available resources will be discussed. Participants may discuss their own experiences and explore applications for their own research. Modeling Collaboration for Successful Instructional Units for Teacher Candidates Dr. Paige Boomer and Dr. Tammy Foster, Emmanuel College Collaborative planning and cross-curricular projects provide exciting ways to connect the curriculum and learning strategies to real life practices. Find out how instructors worked together to engage students in literacy and real-life application in multiple college courses.


GATE 2018 10:00 - 10:50 am


FIRESIDE A Racing to the Bridges in Classroom Spaces: Reflective Structured Dialogue Dr. Barbara Benson, Piedmont College The goal of the presentation is to introduce Reflective Structured Dialogue and explain how it was used with teacher candidates in a fall 2018 introductory education course as a way to build bridges across issues of race. How can the college classroom space be crafted to structure dialogue around one’s racial justice journey?

FIRESIDE B FlipGrid – Do you Have #FlipGridFever? Ms. Kelly Cassidy, Commerce City Schools FlipGrid is an interactive format that is on pace to replace discussion boards. Students can video-respond to a prompt and then interact with other students on a discussion board. In June of 2018, FlipGrid made their platform free to all educators and since then, the world has #flipgridfever. Don’t miss out on this amazing platform. The session will be interactive and show participants how to use flipgrid as well as provide examples of how it is being used in K12 and college classrooms.

MASTERS HALL 4 Inspiring Writing with Partner Schools Through Tiger Tales Dr. Lisa McCoy, Dr. Tommye Thomas, and Dr. Donna Cherveny, Brenau University Come learn about a terrific writing project you could replicate, which results in young authors publishing a book through the assistance of pre-service teachers utilizing the writing process. This project provides a positive, worthwhile writing experience for both young writers and preservice teachers while providing ongoing partnerships with local schools.


Annual Conference 10:00 - 10:50 am


DOGWOOD A Publish in GATEways: Meet the Editors Dr. Janet Strickland and Dr. Robyn Huss, University of West Georgia This session will provide information and answer questions from participants about publishing in GATE's peer-reviewed online journal, GATEways to Teacher Education, which is published twice a year in October and April. The discussion may include ideas and suggestions for future issues. All conference presenters are encouraged to attend and learn the process for submitting manuscripts related to their session topics.

DOGWOOD B (Roundtables) A Preliminary Framework: High-Quality Feedback for Higher Education Dr. Kathryn L. Haughney, Georgia Southern University This session describes the process of one southeastern university’s efforts to create a standard for quality in edTPA practice task feedback. Based on a literature review of 70 experimental works, the presenter will demonstrate the development and applications for a framework for higher education feedback quality. Autism in the General Education Classroom Ms. Katie Selph, Ms. Nellie Maddox, and Ms. Bailey Thomas, Middle Georgia State University This presentation will address the many ways that educators assist students in the general education classroom who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder.


GATE 2018 Friday, October 12, 2018 7:00-8:00 am

Newcomers’ Continental Breakfast (Dogwood A and B)

8:00-8:50 am

Break-out sessions F (see pages 22-23)

9:00-9:50 am

Break-out sessions G (see pages 24-25)

10:00-10:50 am Break-out sessions H (see pages 26-27) 11:00 am



Dr. Keenya Mosley, GATE President

Introduction of Speaker: Dr. Aline van Putten, GATE Representative at large 2, Atlanta Metropolitan State College Keynote Speaker:

Mr. Richard Woods, Georgia’s School Superintendent Keynote Title: An Update on Georgia K-12 Education State School Superintendent Richard Woods will share an update on the state of K-12 education in Georgia, along with the programs and priorities of the Georgia DOE. He will give an overview of his efforts to transform the Georgia DOE into an agency that provides meaningful support to schools and districts, with an emphasis on child-focused, classroom-centered education policy and the ongoing work to ensure that the nearly 1.8 million students in Georgia’s public schools receive a holistic education that focuses on the whole child and prepares them for a successful future.

Closing Remarks:

Dr. Keenya Mosley, GATE President, Mosley Education Consultants

IMPORTANT: GATE 2018 Annual Conference Evaluation Survey Dear Conference Attendees, The conference organizing committee would like to invite you to take a moment to complete our conference evaluation survey at We appreciate your time in completing this evaluation as we use your feedback when planning future conferences and programs.


Annual Conference Mr. Richard Woods

Richard Woods was born in Pensacola, Florida and while growing up in a military family, he lived in California, Hawaii and Virginia before moving to Georgia. He graduated from Fitzgerald High School, and went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree from Kennesaw State University and a Master’s Degree from Valdosta State University.

For eight years Woods served in various administrative roles such as assistant principal, principal, curriculum director, testing coordinator, pre-k director, and alternative school director. Woods also brings a business background to the superintendent’s position, having been a purchasing agent for a multinational laser company and a former small business owner.

Woods has over 25 years of pre-k through 12th grade experience in public education. Woods was a high school teacher for 14 years, serving as department chair and teacher mentor. During his tenure, he was also selected as Teacher of the Year.

He and his wife Lisha, a retired 30-year educator, are long-time residents of Tifton and have been married for 27 years.

Thank you for a wonderful conference; we’ll see you next year! October 9-11, 2019 at the Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club in Cordele, GA (details will be announced at


CALLING ALL PRESENTERS! Did you present at this year’s GATE Conference? Do you have a presentation idea for next year’s conference?

Turn your presentation into a publication!

GATEways to Teacher Education is the peer-reviewed, online journal of the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators. It is published twice each academic year, in October and April, with approximately six manuscripts accepted per publication. Your presentation topic could be just what the journal needs! Each issue is non-thematic, with articles relating to teacher education. The editors solicit manuscripts with topics that include teaching and learning, induction, in-service education, and pre-service education. Project descriptions, research reports, theoretical papers, debates, papers espousing a particular point of view, and descriptions of activities or issues in teacher education are appropriate topics for the journal; action research papers are encouraged, especially those involving school partners. Submissions should be sent electronically to Dr. Janet Strickland by January 1 and July 1 of each year. Manuscripts should follow APA (6th edition) style guidelines. For more information:  attend the discussion during Breakout Session H (see p.27),  refer to the main journal page on the association webpage,, or  contact the journal editor, Dr. Janet Strickland, at, 678-839-6061

Our Cover Artwork 2018 Conference Poster Contest Elementary students from kindergarten through fifth grade were invited to enter a poster contest for the cover of the 2018 GATE conference program. The students were asked to interpret through artwork the theme of the conference – Cultivation, Collaboration, Rejuvenation. The winning poster designs were selected from over 60 high-quality, creatively engaging entries.

1st Place Winner Serenity Cardwell, 3rd grade Bethlehem Elementary School Bethlehem, Georgia Serenity and her parents have been invited to attend the conference luncheon to receive special recognition for her award-winning artwork. Congratulations!

We would like to congratulate the second and third place contest winners, whose beautiful art will be showcased on the cover of the association’s online journal GATEways to Teacher Education.

2nd Place Winner Elijah Terrell, 4th grade Bethlehem Elementary School Bethlehem, Georgia This artwork is featured on the cover of the October 2018 journal. 3rd Place Winner Peyton Blair, 4th grade Bethlehem Elementary School Bethlehem, Georgia This artwork will be featured on the cover of the April 2019 journal. We applaud all students who entered the contest and showed amazing creativity through their spectacular artwork. We encourage all of you to continue your interest in drawing and have fun and learn as you go. We especially thank Susan McGlohon and Kelly Cassidy; they contacted every superintendent in the state to invite each school system to participate, managed the contest successfully, and prepared the display of posters for us to enjoy during the conference.

Unicoi Lodge Conference Facilities

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