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GATE 2017 Annual Conference President’s Welcome

Alicja Rieger, PhD Dear Conference Attendees, I’d like to personally welcome each of you to the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators (GATE) Conference here at lovely Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club. Our theme this year is “Preparing Educators for a World Beyond Imagination.” In a future world that might include self-driving cars, smart homes that tell occupants that they’re fresh out of milk, and other forms of communication that are still unimagined, we need to be prepared for very different social relationships with and among our students, and different ways of teaching them. That future is right around the corner. And if that’s true, how and with what tools are faculty going to prepare future teachers? The unimagined, by definition, is challenging to address. You know, it might be that in planning this conference we were too ambitious, thinking that we could address the unforeseen. But perhaps we can, after all. Sometimes, what we don’t clearly perceive can move us beyond our current paradigms and parameters of thinking. Our conference presentations here should give us some insight as to how we can formulate new ways of thinking that will enable us to prepare future educators for that world beyond imagination. It’s been my experience that efforts to automate things rarely reduce the work we have to do. So I don’t think that the many new ways in which artificial intelligence and robotics will assist us will result in less work for us; we will all find new ways that will emerge to both enhance and enlarge the greater amounts of information at our fingertips. And with luck, this greater knowledge and greater access to knowledge will result in greater opportunities for a greater number of people. Before I close, I’d like to thank each of your for attending our conference and bringing your personal expertise to our gathering. You as teachers, educational leaders, and professional organization representatives have the vision, the knowledge, and the experience to help us pave the way into this unimagined world. You are truly our greatest asset today and tomorrow, and we could not accomplish what we do without your support and leadership. Throughout this conference, I ask you to stay engaged, keep us proactive, and help us shape the unimagined future, especially the unimagined future of education. Finally, my personal respect and thanks goes out to all the members of the Executive Board, the dedicated volunteers, all of whom have worked tirelessly on this conference. I remain respectful of all of your efforts as Dr. Alicja Rieger, your President


GATE 2017 President-Elect’s Welcome

Keenya Mosley, PhD Welcome to this momentous event to reflect upon the remarkable work that enhances the field of education. Your time at the beautiful Lake Blackshear Resort & Golf Club will be well spent as we are Preparing Educators for a World Beyond Imagination. The Georgia Association of Teacher Educators (GATE) continue to be a critical part of the work in education that transcends teaching and learning that occurs in Georgia’s classrooms. This year’s conference embarks upon a time when resources are scarce and support for education is at the forefront of our community and state leaders. Yet, we celebrate the successes our teachers and teacher educators continue to have with student learning outcomes because we manage to do more with a lot less. The challenges and successes of our students are the focus of our very existence and because of this passion we strive to improve education every day. The GATE conference is dedicated to those who work in, advocate for, and support education. These individuals lead in the classrooms, meetings, and beyond the college, university, and school walls. These individuals are all of you. The work gets greater but the champions are restless and because of you, GATE is proud to provide this conference as an avenue to share your scholarship and offer professional development as well as networking opportunities. The diverse perspectives each presenter brings garner a toolbox of unique strategies to approach teaching and learning. We applaud your decision to choose GATE to share new knowledge among your peers in the field. More so, we thank you for the work you continue to engage in for the advancement of future generations. As catalysts for change in education, you will find research best practices throughout each breakout session. In addition, information will be shared on how to publish your work in GATEways

to Teacher Education, the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators’ refereed online journal. We’ve planned an extraordinary conference for your time with us, and we hope you enjoy each quality session afforded to you during the 2017 GATE Conference. Sincerely, Dr. Keenya G. Mosley GATE President-Elect and GATE Conference Co-Chair


Annual Conference Conference Co-Chairs’ Welcome Welcome to the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators’ Conference in Cordele, Georgia. On behalf of GATE, we greatly appreciate your participation in this year’s conference. It is an honor to host so many individuals who are dedicated to the teaching profession. We have packed two full days with inspirational presenters and speakers who support efforts to improve teacher education and advocate for K-12 educators. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to interact with each other and meet new colleagues from across the state of Georgia. As Conference Co-chairs, we are so glad we collaborate annually to celebrate and honor teacher educators and teacher education. More so, your input is essential in our continuous efforts to improve our annual conferences. Be sure to complete the survey to share important feedback on your conference experience. You will find information about how to access the survey at the end of Friday’s closing session, on page 28 of the program. Respectfully, Dr. Keenya Mosley and Dr. Barbara Benson, GATE Conference Co-Chairs

Keenya Mosley, PhD

Barbara Benson, EdD


GATE 2017

GATE 2017 Conference Committees: Awards: Janet Strickland, Chair Ewa McGrail, Charlease Kelly-Jackson

Children’s Poster Contest: Jan Witherington, Chair Sarah Mantegna, Charlease Kelly-Jackson, Susan McGlohon, Kelly Pilgrim Cassidy

Conference Evaluation: Nicole Maxwell, Chair Anete Vásquez, Shantaun Jones, Ardyth Foster

Conference Keynote Speakers: Alicja Rieger, Chair Judy Butler, Roben Taylor, Shantaun Jones

Conference Program: Alicja Rieger, Barbara Benson, Keenya Mosley, Kelly Pilgrim Cassidy Robyn Huss, Program Design/Layout University of West Georgia, Printing

Conference Proposals: Keenya Mosley, Chair Aline van Putten, Laura Smith

Conference Site Selection: Gwendolyn Middlebrooks

Exhibitors: Barbara Benson

Hospitality & Meal Selection: Janet Strickland, Chair Aline Van Putten, Laura Smith, Roben Taylor

Registration: Shirley Andrews, Chair Lisa McCoy, Nicole Maxwell, Ardyth Foster Anete Vásquez, GATE Treasurer

Reviewers of Proposals: Barbara Benson, Billi Bromer, LaTasha Jones, Andrea Lewis, Nicole Maxwell Dorene Medlin, Alicja Rieger, Laura Smith, Aline van Putten


Annual Conference





President President-Elect Immediate Past President Secretary Treasurer

Alicja Rieger Keenya Mosley Barbara Benson Nicole Maxwell Anete Vรกsquez

Valdosta State University Savannah State University Piedmont College University of North Georgia Kennesaw State University

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College Representative 1 College Representative 2 Public School Representative 1 Public School Representative 2 Representative at large 1 Representative at large 2

Ardyth Foster Lisa McCoy Shantaun Jones Sarah R. Mantegna Charlease Kelly-Jackson Aline van Putten


ATE/PS Rep/Delegate 1 ATE/PS Rep/Delegate 2 ATE/PS Alt Rep/Delegate ATE/College Rep/Delegate 1 ATE/College Rep/Delegate 2 ATE/College Alt Rep/Delegate

Kelly Pilgrim Cassidy Susan McGlohon Vacant Laura Smith Ewa McGrail Roben Taylor

Commerce High School, Commerce City Schools Bethlehem Elementary, Barrow County University of West Georgia Georgia State University Dalton State College

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Judy Butler

University of West Georgia

Appointed 2014

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Robyn Huss

University of West Georgia

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Shirley Andrews

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Janet Strickland

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Site Coordinator

Gwendolyn Middlebrooks

Spelman College (Retired)


GATE 2017 GATE 2017 Conference at a Glance: “Preparing Educators for a World Beyond Imagination” Wednesday, October 11: 3:30-6:00pm Conference Registration (Conference Lobby) 7:30-9:00 pm GATE Executive Committee (Lakeshore) Thursday, October 12: 7:30 am-5:00 pm Conference Registration (Conference Lobby) 9:00-9:50 am Opening General Session (Ballroom B, pages 8-9) Keynote Speaker: Mr. Casey M. Bethel, GA Teacher of the Year

10:00-10:50 am 11:00-11:50 am 12:00-1:20 pm

Break-out sessions A* (pages 10-11) Break-out sessions B* (pages 12-13) Awards Luncheon (Ballroom B, pages 14-15) Keynote Speaker: Ms. Terrie L. Ponder, Director of UWGLive

1:30-2:20 pm 2:30-3:20 pm 3:30-4:20 pm 4:30-5:30 pm 5:30-6:30 pm

Break-out sessions C* (pages 16-17) Break-out sessions D* (pages 18-19) Break-out sessions E* (pages 20-21) GATE Membership Meeting (Bluegill) Georgia Field Directors’ Meeting (Ballroom D) Guest Speakers: Dr. Karen Wyler and Dr. Kathy Reese

7:00-8:30 pm Friday, October 13: 7:00-8:00 am 7:30-10:00 am 8:00-8:50 am 9:00-9:50 am 10:00-10:50 am 11:00 am-noon

GATE Reception/Hospitality (Cabin 5) Newcomers’ Breakfast (Cabin 5) Conference Registration (Conference Lobby) Break-out sessions F* (pages 22-23) Break-out sessions G* (pages 24-25) Break-out sessions H* (pages 26-27) Closing Session (Ballroom B, pages 28-29) Panel Speakers: Dr. Lissa Pijanowski, Ms. Laura Gerlach, and Ms. Terrie Ponder

* Break-out Session Rooms:

Bass, Perch, Bluegill, Ballroom A, Ballroom D, Ballroom E


Annual Conference


GATE 2017 Thursday, October 12, 2017

9:00 am



Dr. Alicja Rieger, GATE President, Valdosta State University

Introduction of Speaker: Dr. Keenya Mosley, GATE President-Elect Savannah State University Keynote Speaker:

Mr. Casey M. Bethel, 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year Program Director, Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics & Computing, Georgia Tech "Igniting Passion in Students” As a beginning teacher, I was unsatisfied with the performance of my students. I knew that if I could get them to try harder and be more enthusiastic about their learning, they would exceed my hopes. But I couldn’t figure it out. My breakthrough came from the most unlikely source. One weekend, I got to a section in a new book that explained how building wealth is less about how hard you work and more about changing your mindset and behaviors. Aha! Then I realized that getting my students to succeed required me to invest time in building desired traits in them, like passion, persistence, ambition, and awareness. Over the years, I have figured out how to instill these character qualities in my students without losing focus on the curriculum and standards, and my students’ performance has skyrocketed. Now, I firmly believe that this approach should be at the forefront of how we prepare every new teacher.


Dr. Barbara Benson, GATE Past-President, Piedmont College


Annual Conference Mr. Casey M. Bethel

Casey Bethel is the 2017 Georgia Teacher of the Year. He is a passionate educator, an accomplished scientist, and a mentor to students of all ages.

In 2015, he was nominated for the Presidential Award of Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. As a scientist he now conducts experimental research in Biochemistry at Georgia Tech, hoping to find cures for Alzheimer’s disease and Inherited Glaucoma.

Prior to teaching, he earned a Master’s degree in Plant Genetics and conducted experimental research at the Center for Applied Genetic Technologies. During that time he published findings in various peerreviewed journals, including The Journal of Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

Throughout his year representing the teaching profession, he has written extensively about the need to recruit and retain talented young people to become educators and the important link to teacher preparation and ongoing professional development. Additionally, he has contributed to this topic on the national level through his work with The Center for American Progress and the Education Commission of the States.

“I enjoy scientific research, but it does not bring me nearly as much fulfillment as teaching does. I tried out education as a one-year experiment. Luckily I found my true calling, and I have never felt so alive.” Mr. Bethel is proud to be involved in science education on every level and lessons he designed have been published in The Journal of Chemical Education.


GATE 2017 10:00 - 10:50 am


Debunking ‘Fake News’: Preparing Preservice Teachers to Engage Students in Reasoning through Argumentation across Disciplines Dr. Brent Gilles, University of West Georgia Media jargon such as ‘fake news’ and ‘war on science’ highlight the importance of emphasizing critical thinking and reasoning skills in teacher preparation. The purpose of this roundtable is to discuss how secondary preservice teachers’ training in argumentation can be consistent in structure and vocabulary across disciplines.

PERCH People, Places, and Environment: Picture Book Explorations in Valle D’Osta, Italy and Valdosta, GA Dr. Deb L. Marciano, Valdosta State University; Ms. Jordan M. Rackley, Sallas Mahone Elementary School; and Mr. Gregory L. Vaughn, J.R. Lomax Elementary School People, places, and environments connect social studies around the world. Join us as we share Where’s Walrus? a wordless picture book used in our research in classrooms in Italy and here, in Georgia. We will demonstrate the universality of children’s literature for expression across the globe - Valle D’Aosta to Valdosta.

BLUEGILL Probing the Narrative Arc and Genre Elements of the Comic Book Dr. Ewa McGrail, Georgia State University; Dr. Alicja Rieger, Valdosta State University; and Dr. J. Patrick McGrail, Jacksonville State University Although comics are easy to recognize, they are difficult to fully interpret. This presentation will review the conventions of comics and narrative as well as strategies for analyzing them with the student. It will also introduce young readers to the basics of art criticism, the narrative arc, and critical analysis.


Annual Conference 10:00 - 10:50 am


Tears and Fears — Sighs and High Fives: Listening to the Words of Teacher Candidates after edTPA Submission Dr. Dawn H. Souter and Dr. Yvonne Hefner, Georgia Gwinnett College Success on the edTPA has become a ubiquitous theme in educator prep programs. At GGC we hear from candidates throughout the implementation process of their struggles and triumphs. A study of reflections of teacher candidates AFTER submission identified common themes that can provide opportunities for program enhancement and candidate support.

BALLROOM D Incorporating Worked Examples to Facilitate Peer Review in Online Courses Dr. E-Ling Hsiao, Valdosta State University This presentation is about a research study for examining student perceptions of incorporating worked examples to develop their abilities for peer review in online courses. Data related to student perceptions are collected through a 28-item survey and online interviews. Worked examples and study results will be discussed in the presentation.

BALLROOM E Pre-Service Teacher Attitudes toward Control: Middle and Secondary Education Teacher Candidate Reflective Practice as Evidence of Gap between Theory and Practice Dr. Robert W. Spires, Dr. Debbie Paine, and Dr. J. T. Cox, Valdosta State University This session will explore recently conducted research on pre-service teachers’ dispositions concerning classroom management as reflected through daily reflections while student teaching. What emerged were not the “student-centered” attitudes supported throughout the university program, but something very different in the area of control, student behavior, and classroom noise.


GATE 2017 11:00 - 11:50 am


ESOL 101: Using Data to Drive Instruction for ELs Dr. Holly Arnold, Kennesaw State University Designed for general education teachers, attendees will learn how to use the annual language scores of English learners to determine how to best differentiate based on language levels. A detailed framework that explicitly connects language levels to appropriate differentiation will be provided, and resources will be shared.

PERCH A Virtual Reality Experience for Exploring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with Cross-Curricular Connections Mrs. Helen Maddox and Dr. Debra Coffey, Kennesaw State University Take a virtual field trip to explore the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Literature and virtual field trips will personalize his life and legacy, and we will make cross-curricular connections. Participants will use goggles and iPod touch technology to take virtual reality to the next level.

BLUEGILL Engaging the Online Learner: Lessons from the Virtual Classroom Dr. Kate Zimmer, Dr. Melissa K. Driver, and Dr. Katie Bennett, Kennesaw State University This presentation engages participants in a critical dialogue on online teacher preparation and the implications for the learner, teacher educator, program, and institution. Presenters will share ways in which they have humanized online learning to facilitate and create an interactive learning environment. Discussion should yield bridges and barriers, along with future considerations, to enhance online teacher preparation programs.



11:00 - 11:50 am BALLROOM A

Discuss How Teacher Preparation Faculty Answer the Questions Explicitly: Can They Teach? How Do We Know? Can They Manage a Classroom? How Do We Know? Faculty Scheduling University Classes in the Elementary, Middle and High School Dr. John Hobe, Armstrong State University Come and discuss together how teacher preparation faculty can gather explicit evidence to answer these questions: Can they teach? How do we know? Can they manage a classroom? How do we know? BALLROOM D Planning Local, Implementing Global: Mentoring Doctoral Students to be Global Teacher Education Developers Dr. Gertrude Tinker Sachs and Mr. Hafeez Merchant, Georgia State University; Dr. Annmarie Jackson, University of North Georgia; Ms. Huan Wang and Mrs. Kathleen Zackery, Georgia State University This presentation will report researchers’ online communication in an action research teacher professional project conducted in the Bahamas. Forging the development of dialogic communities of practice involved the creation of communities, including one among researchers. This presentation will focus on the online interactions between the doctoral researchers and their mentor. BALLROOM E Valuable Informants: Teachers as Powerful Forces in Reimagining Student Success in Culturally Diverse Classrooms Dr. Natasha Ramsay-Jordan, University of West Georgia This presentation is designed to offer insight into teachers’ role in reimagining student success in their classrooms. It shows how teachers are primary forces in defining and promoting student success. Discussions could lead to practical meaning and assist teachers in examining new visions of student success and teacher effectiveness.


GATE 2017 Thursday, October 12, 2017

12:00 pm



Crisp County High School Band, Cordele, GA Mr. Andrew Bell, Band Director, with Noah Duncan (Trumpet and Vocals) and Robbin Hurt (Alto Saxophone and Vocals)


Dr. Alicja Rieger, GATE President, Valdosta State University

Introduction of Speaker: Dr. Judy Butler, GATE Executive Secretary, University of West Georgia Keynote Speaker:

Ms. Terrie L. Ponder, Director of UWGLive, University of West Georgia Keynote Title: How to Shift When Shift Happens As the use of technology is on the rise in the classrooms across the world, our students are on the cusp of an educational revolution. This educational revolution includes a continuously shifting technological environment and keeping up with the demands of this shift can be overwhelming. Preparing teachers and leaders for this shift is key to the future of education and student success.


Dr. Janet Strickland, GATEways Co-Editor, University of West Georgia Presenting the following awards on behalf of GATE: 2017 GATE Conference Program Cover Poster Contest Winner Miss Callie Koch, 5th grade, Oconee County Elementary School

Distinguished Program in Teacher Education Early Childhood Education, University of West Georgia

Distinguished Dissertation in Teacher Education Dr. Natasha Ramsey-Jordan, Graduate of Georgia State University Examining the Integration and Use of Culturally Responsive Mathematics Pedagogy in Preservice Teachers’ Reflections and Practice: Implications for Black Children Directed by Dr. Peir A. Junor Clarke, Georgia State University

GATE Supervising Teacher of the Year Ms. Ebony Robinson, North Columbus Elementary, Muscogee County

Distinguished Clinician in Teacher Education Ms. Stephanie Burnham, Dewar Elementary, Lowndes County


Dr. Nicole Maxwell, GATE Secretary, University of North Georgia


Annual Conference Ms. Terrie L. Ponder

Ms. Ponder holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Arkansas State University and a Master of Education in Secondary Education, a Specialist in Education in Media and Instructional Technology, and a Specialist of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of West Georgia.

Terrie Ponder is currently the Director of UWGLive, a simulation lab that uses state of the art technology to create virtual classroom and adult environments wherein participants can interact with a group of students or a parent, teacher, principal, or other professional. She is also a clinical instructor for the Department of Educational Technology and Foundations at the University of West Georgia.

Along with her academic and professional achievements, Ms. Ponder’s passion for the integration of technology into the classroom has led to many honors and awards including 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year Top 10 Finalist, Carrollton City Schools Teacher of the Year 2012-13, and Rome City Schools being named The Center for Digital Education’s 2017 Top 10 Digital School District. In 2013, Ms. Ponder’s classroom was featured for “Getting Creative in the Classroom” in West Georgia Living.

Ms. Ponder is a seasoned educator, having worked in several K-12 public schools as a middle grades social studies teacher for more than 13 years. Prior to her recent appointment as the Director of UWGLive, she was the K-12 Digital Integration Specialist and Social Studies Coordinator for Rome City Schools. While at Rome City Schools, she led the 1:1 Chromebook initiative ensuring that every student had access to a device and that all teachers were provided effective professional development in the 1:1 implementation process. Ms. Ponder is also the co-founder of Edcamp Rome, a former member of the State Superintendent's Advisory Council, a former Commissioner of the Professional Standards Commission, and a Master Teacher for Life Interrupted: The Japanese American Experience in World War II Arkansas.

Embracing the future role of technology in the classroom and the potential impact it will have on teaching and learning, Ms. Ponder continues to speak to groups, lead workshops, and present at conferences on this subject. She resides with her husband John in Carrollton, Georgia, and she enjoys traveling with him and their four sons in her spare time.


GATE 2017

1:30 - 2:20 pm


Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum! Dr. Lisa McCoy, Brenau University K-12 students should be reading and writing across the curriculum! This session will present a variety of reading and writing strategies that can be applied to learning in other curriculum areas including technology integration. This is geared for K-12 educators and for teacher educators to emphasize in teacher education courses.

PERCH You’ve Got the POWARR! Dr. Marquita S. Blades, Blades Consulting In this highly engaging session, participants will learn to use the POWARR Method© to encourage increased use of literacy in STEM courses. The POWARR Method© is a collaborative approach to writing, which requires students to evaluate their work through questioning and justification and can be implemented manually or electronically.

BLUEGILL The Art of Meaningful Peer Collaborative Connection with Global Impact Dr. Jasmine R. Gordon, Belhaven University Atlanta Campus Learn the art of meaningful peer communication and collaboration and identify strategies and ideas that will enhance professional connection with Global Impact. Acquire creative approaches to develop a sustainable collaborative relationship in the social and emotional context of teaching and learning from a global perspective.


Annual Conference 1:30 - 2:20 pm


All Things Google Ms. Terrie Ponder, Director of UWGLive, University of West Georgia Are you hesitant to jump into the Google Apps for Education realm? This workshop format session will provide you with an overview of Google Docs, Drive, Add-Ons, and Extensions. An added bonus to this session will include at least five tips that will make you fall in love with all things Google - guaranteed! Please bring your own device for this session.

BALLROOM D Mining the Internet for edTPA Nuggets Dr. Judy Butler, University of West Georgia Teacher educators continue to hone strategies to assist candidates in preparing edTPA portfolios. Creative educators across the country are, as well. This session focuses on websites we use in our classes to guide students in writing lesson plans and commentaries that express what students will do in their classrooms.

BALLROOM E Use Your Brains! Are You Connecting Electronically With Your Students? Dr. Linda Ann McCall and Dr. Beth Childress, Armstrong State University This session showcases research-based technology for all learners. This interactive session will offer an overview of the recent findings in neuroscience regarding the interconnectivity of the brain. Technology strategies which connect students to the required content will be described.


GATE 2017 2:30 - 3:20 pm


Integrating Literacy in Early Childhood Mathematics: Preparing Teachers for an Interdisciplinary Approach Dr. Melissa K. Driver, Dr. Kate Zimmer, and Dr. Katie Bennett, Kennesaw State University Children’s storybooks, including counting books, are a common component of early childhood instruction. In this single-subject study, early childhood teachers (N = 3) engaged in professional development and aligned coaching using evidence-based strategies to teach early numeracy concepts through storybooks. Findings hold implications for early childhood teacher preparation. PERCH Building Intellectual Capacity through Mindful Intervention Dr. Nancy Marsh, Reinhardt University Teaching teacher candidates effective methods to educate their future students regarding growth and fixed mindset can be beneficial for everyone. This session will provide engaging strategies and resources used in the research study I conducted last year. You will be provided with a Growth Mindset Assessment, resources for candidate teachers to teach Growth Mindset, and an intervention protocol to help students remember to use Growth Mindset.

BLUEGILL Stable and Consistent: Thomas University’s Training Protocol for Inter-rater Agreement Mr. Scott T. Grubbs and Dr. Susan Hagood, Thomas University Our presentation describes how Thomas University’s Education Division created a training program to ensure better data through increased inter-rater agreement on its program assessments. The presenters will share how TU created and implemented the training and the important lessons the EPP learned in the process.


Annual Conference 2:30 - 3:20 pm


Utilizing Digital Tools to Increase Student Engagement and Deepen Literacy Learning in the Content Areas Dr. Megan Nason, Dr. Danielle Hilaski, and Dr. Nicole Maxwell, University of North Georgia Literacy Educators will demonstrate how teachers can use digital tools, such as Nearpod, Padlet, Socrative, and Glogster, to engage students in authentic literacy activities within multiple content areas. The audience will have opportunities to share ideas for how they can use these tools in their own educational settings.

BALLROOM D Using Online Interactive Notebooks to Promote Transfer of Learning and the Growth Mindset in the School of Education Classroom Dr. Pamela Allen and Dr. Kimberly Swartzentruber, Georgia Gwinnett College Are you looking for active learning opportunities for candidates? We will share the interactive online notebook and present how the notebook is designed and utilized in the course. There will be a discussion of the supports, collaboration, and accountability promoted by this learning technique, including how it builds capacity in candidates.

BALLROOM E Technological Future of Teaching and Learning Dr. Steve Downey, Valdosta State University Thanks to Hollywood, artificial intelligence invokes a lot of different ideas and concerns. This session demonstrates how AI is used every day by students and teachers and how future changes will bring about radical reforms in education by 2050 (e.g., AI-based teachers and classroom-less schools).


GATE 2017 3:30 - 4:20 pm


Welcome to College: A School-University Literacy Partnership Dr. Tiffany S. Coleman, Dr. Jennifer Greene, Mrs. Christine Reilly, and Dr. Patrick Tiedemann, Georgia Gwinnett College Come join us to discuss how we’ve reimagined student success and teacher effectiveness in creating a unique school-university partnership where teacher candidates, PK-5 teachers, elementary students, and college professors all share college classrooms. View snippets of class sessions and hear the voices of members of our partnership.

PERCH Reimagine the Perfect Team for Student Success: Teacher and School Library Media Specialist Dr. Phyllis R. Snipes, University of West Georgia “Reimagine” library media specialists as well as libraries! The School Librarian Effectiveness Instrument (SLEI) was developed for that very purpose. It presents a clear framework of what a strong library media program can provide for teachers so student achievement can soar!



Annual Conference 3:30 - 4:20 pm


Effective Collaboration: How to Utilize the Talents on Your Team to Improve Instruction and Productivity Dr. Terri Seay, Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement This session is designed to help teams go beyond sharing ideas, surface-level data analysis, and managerial tasks. By identifying your unique talents, participants will learn how to increase their individual productivity and deepen their level of collaboration with others, leading to improved instruction and student achievement.

BALLROOM D Rethinking Teacher Preparation: Does Action Research Fit into the Transformation? Dr. Charlease Kelly-Jackson, Dr. Sohyun An, Dr. Raynice Jean-Sigur, Dr. Marrielle Myers, and Dr. Anete Vásquez, Kennesaw State University Action research “is a process of learning, in community with others, to think and act critically, to recognize and negotiate political systems, and to focus passion growing in one’s identity as a teacher.” What role does it play in teacher preparation? This presentation will share feedback from teacher educators. BALLROOM E Toward a More Interdisciplinary Program and Department: Practicing What We Preach Dr. Janet Strickland, Dr. Robyn Huss, Dr. Jill Drake, Dr. Judy Butler, Ms. Lyn Steed, Ms. Cindy Wadlington, and Dr. Natasha Ramsay-Jordan, University of West Georgia This roundtable session will share success stories and failures related to our department’s focus on working across disciplines, subjects, departments, and levels in an effort to improve our practice and to model interdisciplinary cooperation for our candidates. Our hope is for informal sharing of ideas with teacher educators across Georgia.

4:30-5:30 pm


5:30-6:30 pm GEORGIA FIELD DIRECTORS’ MEETING (Ballroom D) 7:00-8:30 pm GATE RECEPTION/HOSPITALITY (Cabin 5) 21

GATE 2017 8:00 - 8:50 am


Outcomes from Collaboration and Mentoring for Recruitment of New Teachers Dr. Keenya G. Mosley, Savannah State University Teacher education programs continue to plan recruitment activities to increase the number of admitted candidates. At a time when recruiting dedicated and passionate teacher candidates is essential, programs must address connecting these potential candidates with experiences that will bind them to the profession where they can be impactful. This session focuses on how collaboration combined with mentoring attracted teachers who were overwhelmed with enthusiasm about becoming teachers.

PERCH Ignite the Spark: Motivational Techniques in Higher Education Dr. Barbara Benson, Piedmont College This interactive session will provide attendees opportunities to learn how to structure teacher education courses that foster student motivation through a variety of motivational activities, guidelines, innovations, and discussions.

BLUEGILL Classroom Boredom Busters Mrs. Donna Malone, Griffin RESA; and Mr. Ralph Malone, Retired Educator When boredom creeps into your classroom stealing your students’ attention, who are you going to call? Classroom Boredom Busters! This session is the perfect antidote to help you banish boredom once and for all. Come play the Dating Game and see how music, movement, and competition can spark student engagement.


Annual Conference 8:00 - 8:50 am


Increasing Student Engagement for Digital Natives: Technology Tools You Can Use Dr. Rebecca Cooper, Dr. Amy Farah, Dr. Katharine Page, Dr. Tiffany Coleman, and Dr. Ruth Caillouet, Georgia Gwinnett College This session provides participants the chance to see a variety of digital tools, how they are used in the classroom setting to promote student engagement, and how they can be used to model best teaching practices. Participants will see authentic pre-service teacher work produced through these tools and be able practice using some of these tools during the session.

BALLROOM D Student Learning Through Social Media Dr. Roben Taylor, Dalton State College Social networking promotes interaction and potentially improves active learning in studentcentered constructivist environments. Not surprising is the overwhelming use of social networking sites in higher education. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular. Therefore, it makes sense to use Facebook as a learning tool because students are already engaging in it.



GATE 2017 9:00 - 9:50 am


Publish in GATEways: Meet the Editors Dr. Janet Strickland, Dr. Judy Butler, and Dr. Robyn Huss, University of West Georgia This roundtable session is an opportunity to have a conversation with those who negotiate the acceptance, management, review, and editing process. You can ask questions about topics of interest, learn about the process through which you might go to publish in the journal, and see what a finished copy looks like.

PERCH Which Comes First? The Curriculum or the Discipline? “Calling All Professors: You Too Can Transform Your Classroom!” Ms. Denise Gunter and Ms. Vickie Crockett, Transforming Classrooms Learn the formula to discipline with compassion. Teachers across the nation are dealing with low-level behavior problems that are robbing valuable teaching time. This session can help you transform your classroom with research-based strategies that will have you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

BLUEGILL Intentional Plan to Transform Clinical Experiences: Using Improvement Science to Enhance Co-Teaching-for-Student-Teaching Dr. Pier A. Junor Clarke, Georgia State University Utilizing research-based improvement science (Plan, Do, Study, Act – PDSA cycle) to frame and examine the development of preservice secondary school mathematics teachers and their mentor/cooperating teachers as they co-plan and co-teach (Sears, et al., 2017), a mathematics teacher educator provides an iteration of the process of co-teaching-for-student-teaching (CT4ST).


Annual Conference 9:00 - 9:50 am


edTPA and Professional Coursework: A Perfect Match? Mrs. Nancy Sartain and Dr. Shirley Andrews, Valdosta State University How can Educator Preparation Programs effectively integrate edTPA components into undergraduate coursework and field experiences to best prepare teacher candidates for the classroom? Presenters will share the process for aligning the features of edTPA to specific course objectives in an undergraduate program.

BALLROOM D Reimagining Equitable Worlds: A Service-Learning Project for Teacher Candidates Exploring Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy Dr. Morgan Faison, University of Georgia This roundtable discussion will share the methods of a social-justice based, service-learning project for pre-service teachers exploring approaches for culturally sustaining curriculum and instruction.

BALLROOM E Making the Reading, Writing, Technology Connection through Digital Storytelling: Connecting Teacher Preparation Coursework to the P-12 Classroom Dr. Gretta Wright and Professor Rebekah Ralph, LaGrange College Teacher candidates learn how to engage students in the process of reading and writing in a content area classroom through the use of a digital storytelling project.


GATE 2017 10:00 - 10:50 am


BASS Preparing Pre-service Teachers: Reimagining Student Success Through the Universal Design for Learning Model Classroom, KSU Experience Dr. Joya Carter-Hicks and Mrs. Helen Maddox, Kennesaw State University Tour the Universal Design for Learning Model Classroom at Kennesaw State University where teacher candidates learn how to enhance student success with Assistive Technology tools and strategies to support personalized learning. Explore high-leverage practices of infusing assistive technology and UDL to support all learners across the P-20 trajectory.


BLUEGILL 10 Instructional Technology Tools You Can Use Tomorrow! Ms. Kelly Pilgrim Cassidy, Commerce High School This is an inspirational session for multiple ways to use instructional technology in education. In this blended session, participants can create, explore or discuss these instructional tools with instructor support. Whether you are a novice or an expert, all will find something in the session that can be used immediately.


Annual Conference 10:00 - 10:50 am


BALLROOM A Teacher Candidates Making Discipline-Specific Connections with Global Partners in French Schools Dr. Judith Emerson, Georgia State University This session will present the outcomes of a study abroad program which took place in Montpellier, France during spring semester 2017. University students enrolled in a teacher preparation program completed their student teaching field experiences in French elementary, middle, and high schools. The goal of the program was to provide experiences related to culture, language, and education of the public school system in France. Teacher candidates were exposed to every aspect of the educational system in France to gain a global perspective of their practice.

BALLROOM D Nurturing the Next Generation of Teachers: How to Create a Human Pipeline Dr. Amy Farah, Dr. Cathy Moore, Dr. Rebecca Cooper, Dr. Ruth Caillouet, and Dr. Katharine Page, Georgia Gwinnett College This presentation will provide an overview of one public college’s strong P-12 Partnership and how the college and school district have worked together over the years to create a “human pipeline” where students from the school district are targeted in the college’s marketing events to promote the teaching profession.

BALLROOM E Flip or Flop: The Process of Flipping a Middle School ELA Classroom Dr. LaTasha Jones Adams, Dominion Education Consulting Ever wondered how to transform your traditional classroom to a flipped classroom? This session will discuss how one teacher flipped her classroom to impact student learning. The teacher will show an actual discussion board that she used in her classroom.


GATE 2017 Friday, October 13, 2017 7:00-8:00 am

Newcomers’ Continental Breakfast (Cabin 5)

8:00-8:50 am

Break-out sessions F (see pages 22-23)

9:00-9:50 am

Break-out sessions G (see pages 24-25)

10:00-10:50 am Break-out sessions H (see pages 26-27) 11:00 am


Panel Title:

Preparing Educators for a World Beyond Imagination: Perspectives from Leaders in Education In this panel presentation, speakers from leadership roles in education will share perspectives related to the conference theme.

Panel Moderator:

Dr. Judy Butler, GATE Executive Secretary, University of West Georgia

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Lissa Pijanowski, Founder/Chief Learning Officer, Innovate 2 Educate Ms. Laura Gerlach, 2017 Furlow Charter School Teacher of the Year Ms. Terrie L. Ponder, Director of UWGLive, University of West Georgia

Closing Remarks:

Dr. Alicja Rieger, GATE President, Valdosta State University

IMPORTANT: GATE 2017 Annual Conference Evaluation Survey Dear Conference Attendees, The conference organizing committee would like to invite you to take a moment to complete our conference evaluation survey at We appreciate your time in completing this evaluation as we use your feedback when planning future conferences and programs.

Thank you for a wonderful conference; we’ll see you next year! October 10-12, 2018 at the Unicoi State Park and Lodge in Helen, GA (details will be announced at 28

Annual Conference Panel Participants Dr. Lissa Pijanowski has over 25 years of experience and, in addition to her work as Founder of Innovate 2 Educate, serves as a Senior Fellow and Thought Leader at the International Center for Leadership in Education. Prior to becoming a consultant, she served as the Associate Superintendent of Academics and Accountability for Forsyth County Schools. Prior to working in Forsyth County Schools, Dr. Pijanowski served as the Director of School Improvement at the Georgia Department of Education. She has presented at numerous national and state educational conferences and is a published author. Dr. Pijanowski’s work with schools across the United States and Canada integrates her years of school improvement experience and curriculum leadership in standards-based education. Ms. Laura Gerlach works her teacher magic at Furlow Charter School in Americus, GA on the 4th and 5th grade team. She shares her current classroom with twenty-five 9 year olds, a 5-ft snake, a bearded dragon, a quiet tarantula, and, periodically, fuzzy white feeder mice. In previous years she taught in a 3rd grade homeroom and 3rd – 5th graders in the Science Lab. Ms. Gerlach was a co-director of the National Writing Project site held at Georgia Southwestern State University for nine years. She has been certified as a Georgia Master Teacher since 2010. She’s served on the Governor’s Advisory Council and the State Superintendent’s Advisory Council. The highlight of her career is actually a double feature: Top Ten Finalist for Georgia Teacher of the Year; Ms. Gerlach received this honor in 2011 and 2017. Ms. Terrie L. Ponder holds several Teacher Certifications, including Professional/T-6 Social Science (4-12), Reading (4-8), Gifted Endorsement, and Ed Leadership Technology Certification: Google Educator. Prior to her current appointment at the University of West Georgia as Director of UWGLive and Clinical Instructor, Ms. Ponder worked with Rome City Schools in Rome, GA as the K-12 Digital Integration Specialist and K-12 Social Studies Coordinator. Among many recognitions, Ms. Ponder was featured in West Georgia Living “Getting Creative in the Classroom” in 2013, has been awarded Carrollton City Schools’ Teacher of the Year 2012-2013, and was a 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year Top 10 Finalist. Panel Moderator: Dr. Judy Butler is Professor of Secondary Education at the University of West Georgia. She holds a doctorate from Vanderbilt University, a master’s from the University of Oklahoma, and a bachelor’s degree from Southern Arkansas University. In addition, she completed post-doctoral work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For seven years, she served as the educational consultant to then-Governor Bill Clinton. She serves as the Executive Secretary of the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators.


CALLING ALL PRESENTERS! Did you present at this year’s GATE Conference? Do you have a presentation idea for next year’s conference?

Turn your presentation into a publication!

GATEways to Teacher Education is the peer-reviewed, online journal of the Georgia Association of Teacher Educators. It is published twice each academic year, in October and April, with approximately six manuscripts accepted per publication. Your presentation topic could be just what the journal needs! Each issue is non-thematic, with articles relating to teacher education. The editors solicit manuscripts with topics that include teaching and learning, induction, in-service education, and pre-service education. Project descriptions, research reports, theoretical papers, debates, papers espousing a particular point of view, and descriptions of activities or issues in teacher education are appropriate topics for the journal; action research papers are encouraged, especially those involving school partners. Submissions should be sent electronically to Dr. Judy Butler by January 1 and July 1 of each year. The length can vary since this journal is online. Manuscripts should follow APA (6th edition) style guidelines. For more information:  attend the roundtable discussion during Breakout Session G (see p.24),  refer to the main journal page on the association webpage,, or  contact the journal editors: o Dr. Judy Butler,, 678-839-6079, or o Dr. Janet Strickland,, 678-839-6061

THANK YOU TO OUR CONFERENCE EXHIBITORS: Tayia Donald, Karen Jones, Refer to the flyer in your conference packet for details about the GAE Student Program.

Our Cover Artwork 2017 Conference Poster Contest Elementary students from kindergarten through fifth grade were invited to enter a poster contest for the cover of the 2017 GATE conference program. The students were asked to interpret through artwork the theme of the conference – Preparing Educators for a World Beyond Imagination. The winning poster designs were selected from over 100 high-quality, creatively engaging entries.

1st Place Winner Callie Koch, 5th grade Oconee County Elementary School Watkinsville, Georgia Callie and her parents have been invited to attend the conference luncheon to receive special recognition for her award-winning artwork. We are very impressed with this exceptional design and its level of artistic sophistication. Congratulations! We would like to congratulate the second and third place contest winners, whose beautiful art will be showcased on the cover of the association’s online journal GATEways to Teacher Education.

2nd Place Winner Jillian “Drew” Martin, 3rd grade Oconee County Elementary School Watkinsville, Georgia This artwork is featured on the cover of the October 2017 journal.

3rd Place Winner Georgette “Gigi” Epperson, 5th grade East Newton Elementary School Covington, Georgia This artwork will be featured on the cover of the April 2018 journal. We applaud all students who entered the contest and showed amazing creativity through their spectacular artwork. We encourage all of you to continue your interest in drawing and have fun and learn as you go. We especially thank Jan Witherington and the committee members; they contacted every superintendent in the state to invite each school system to participate, managed the contest successfully, and prepared the display of posters for us to enjoy during the conference. Thank you also to Barb Benson and Susan McGlohon, who helped with the judging.

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