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We grow gardens to please the eye, soothe the soul, challenge the elements and enhance our spirit.



 Green roofs and vertical gardens help our world re-invest in its natural beauty.

We share the magic of watching gardens grow on buildings within our cities, for the joy of our whole community.

Bligh Street, Sydney second largest greenwall in Australia

Inspiring roof GARDENS , vertical gardens, green facades and planter boxes Fytogreen is Australia’s leading specialist in environmental extensive and semi-extensive roof gardens, light-weight intensive roof gardens, vertical gardens and green facades.

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We help Australian and International developers, architects and landscape architects seeking to create beautiful, environmentally sustainable gardens integrated into the architectural form. Fytogreen are proud to be Australia’s largest supplier to the roof garden industry. We have now installed and supplied over 500,000m2 of roof garden and roof garden media across Australia.

ROOF gardens

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flourishing gardens that offer substantial cost savings Ours is a proprietary technology, with 28 years of international research and growing experience, perfected to suit various climatic conditions around the world. With a number of environmentally friendly products, Fytogreen’s Fytowall and Hydrocell foams are both ‘open cell’ with excellent growing properties for their respective uses.


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The resulting performance is due to the excellent water and nutrient holding properties, which enable the gardens to perform extremely well in a sustainable manner.


Fytogreen Australia has supplied proprietary roof garden media components to approximately

500,000m2 of roof gardens throughout Australia. Fytogreen works with the majority of Tier 1 and Tier 2 construction companies, either directly or indirectly in the capacity as a sub-contractor. Our established expertise created over many years of collaboration with horticultural experts

allows Fytogreen a rapid interchange of experience, problem solving, commercial and technical

know-how, which continues to enhance our effectiveness and ability to service our clients’ needs. More than 200 successful vertical garden projects have been completed by the

Fytogreen Australia team, since 2002, across Australia and in international locations including New Zealand, Fiji, California, Singapore and Dubai. 4

The Corso Project North Lakes Library, QLD Fytogreen supplies the latest technology and systems for greening the built environment, including design, construct and maintenance services for:

Green roofs Vertical gardens Green facades Planter boxes Displays for trade shows, events or property sales

We also supply horticultural products for new garden establishment to the landscape industry, DIY vertical garden kits and preserved moss. 5

What makes Fytogreen the Industry Leader? Fytogreen thrives by working collaboratively with our clients, architects, landscape architects and consultant project teams. Our experience informs us that best results are achieved by: • Developing a thorough understanding of the project including the overall vision for the site, any possible constraints the site may impose, and local ecology. • Providing dedicated end-to-end Project Management. • Maintaining an on-going process of information gathering and dissemination so that each team member is thoroughly informed. • Providing comprehensive and client focused solutions that meet requirements and where possible, exceed expectations. Tower Four Collins Square Melbourne the tallest indoor vertical garden in the southern hemisphere

• Committing to Project Maintenance to ensure the long-term sustainability of the gardens.


Our Nursery... Unless you have visited the Fytogreen’s head office, you may not be aware of the diverse infrastructure that is required to develop a truly sustainable specialist livingarchitecture operation. Based in Somerville, on the Mornington Peninsula, Fytogreen house one of the largest ‘green wall specific’ greenhouse’s in Australia; now with over 2,200m2 of greenhouses, with 1200m2 being heated. Fytogreen are well equipped to meet the ever-increasing demand for our innovative products.

Since establishment of the Somerville nursery in 2008, Fytogreen now utilize over 850 species within our planting palette. A considerable number of plants are being propagated internally in an effort to continually expand the researched and tested species available, allowing Fytogreen to enhance the biodiversity in our vertical gardens. This is a vital operation, as the general nursery industry does not yet support the specialist vertical garden industry, which has an ever-increasing requirement to use specialised species rather than general terrestrial (landscape) species. Fytogreen have always focused on the environment around us, our nursery is, and will always have a sustainable focus; utilizing water from our multiple dams on the property for our irrigation systems. Our research and development (R & D) extends to our dams with the successful species trial on our “Floating Garden” modules doubling up in it’s function of de-nutrification of the dam water and effective water cooling actions.


Fytogreen’s nursery also allows the R & D programme to develop, test and adapt innovative products for the industry ensuring sustainability is achievable on all the products we offer. . Fytogreen’s 7 bay greenhouse, also hosts our Fytowall and Florafelt panels, ensuring that all our vertical garden panels receive an abundance of TLC when freshly planted. By pre-growing our modules, Fytogreen aids successful establishment, lowers plant loss and creates the ability to provide spectacular vertical gardens from the day that they are installed on site. Our propagation area is also notable, allowing us to provide species that simply are not available in bulk anywhere else in Australia, providing Fytogreen with a unique advantage when supplying biodiversity to our green walls. Fytogreen also has a further 10,000m2 outdoor area available for the pre-growth of our green facade and planter range ensuring that Fytogreen remains the leader in this emerging market sector. 9

Roof Garden Test Beds

Research and Development

Curved & Column Planters


Preserved Moss

Floating Gardens 10

Committed to the latest innovations Fytogreen is at the cutting-edge in our field. We are passionate horticulturists, always learning and experimenting with new types of plants in all sorts of climatic conditions. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTAT FYTOGREEN Fytogreen establish numerous different test beds and green walls at the Fytogreen nursery. We carefully document and evaluate growth rates, water usage and survival rates in various conditions. We do this to ensure we “speak from experience” when an architect asks us how a plant might perform. Fytogreen continue to lead the industry with innovative products, sustainability expertise and a down to earth approach. Under the leadership of Geoff Heard, Managing Director, Fytogreen has 30 years of horticultural industry experience and have been delivering green roofs, green walls and vertical gardens since 2002. We are proud to stand behind our product and with a 16 year proven track record in sustainable design, Fytogreen are the # 1 choice in green walls, roof gardens, green facades and planter boxes. Fytogreen has always, and continues to be committed and evolve its ‘research & development’ department to ensure that we can provide innovative solutions to greening the built environment.

we plant . we listen . we evaluate . we learn


Ebony Apartments Camberwell

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meeting a technical challenge to enhance nature’s expression Walls can become botanical gardens. Fytogreen’s vertical garden panel system, which uses our proprietary growing medium to deliver water and nutrients to specially selected plants, makes the living vertical environment a success. The complex process of species selection and placement has been honed by Fytogreen over many years to ensure the installed green walls are both successful and sustainable. The important considerations of testing sunshine hours through sun/shade modeling, light intensity, wind and the implication of the fractal factor on outdoor design. For indoor green walls, the importance of supplementary lighting and air exchange in the spaces are paramount. DESIGN & CONSTRUCT For a large commercial project, design should ideally be considered approximately 18 months prior to construction. Fytogreen offers both a design consultancy service and a full design and construct service for vertical gardens. CONSTRUCT ONLY vertical gardens

Fytogreen does undertake “construct only” projects. In instances where a garden has been designed or specified by the client’s Landscape Architect and Fytogreen has won the tender via the traditional tendering process, Fytogreen offers advice as to whether specified species are suitable for integration into Fytogreen’s proprietary growing medium. When species specified have not previously been trialled by Fytogreen, we offer similar alternative species.


MULTI AWARD WINNING PROJECT • 2017 NATIONAL UDIA Winner President’s Award • 2017 NATIONAL UDIA Winner Residential • 2016 QLD UDIA Winner Residential • 2016 QLD UDIA Finalist Urban Renewal • 2016 QLD UDIA Finalist Sustainability • 2016 QLD UDIA Finalist Retail & Public Realm • 2016 QLD HIA Winner Residential • 2016 QLD MBA Winner Residential (Regional) • 2016 QLD MBA Winner Residential (State) • 2016 QLD MBA Winner Sustainability • 2016 QLD AIA Winner Residential (Regional) • 2016 QLD AIA Finalist Residential (State) • 2016 QLD PCA Finalist Retail • 2016 SBID Finalist Design • 2016 APPA Finalist Best in Australia • 2015 Business South Bank Sustainability


• UDIA Six Leaf Sustainability Accreditation

Botanica Apartments, QLD Location Client Architect Completion Size

Edmond St, South Brisbane Aria Property Group Rothe Lowman White September 2015 318m2

The tallest and largest indoor greenwall in the Southern Hemisphere

Tower Four - Collins Square


Location Collins St, Melbourne Developer Walker Cororation Architect Woods Bagot Completion October 2016 Size 463m2


Warringah Mall, NSW


Location Brookvale, North Sydney Client Scentre Group Project Builder Tensile Completion November 2016 Size 450m2


Medibank Building, VIC


Location Developer Architect Completion Size

Docklands, Melbourne Brookfield Multiplex Hassell June 2014 400m2

MULTI AWARD WINNING PROJECT • 2015 WIN Awards - Winner Workplace Interiors • 2015 Interior Design Excellence Awards - Winner Workplace Over 1,000 sqm • 2015 Interior Design Excellence Awards - Winner - Sustainability • 2015 Inside World Festival of Interiors Awards - Winner Office Category • 2015 Australian Institute of Architects National Awards National Commendation for Interior Architecture • 2015 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (Vic) Awards Landscape Architecture Award for Urban Design • 2015 Australian Institute of Architects (Vic) Awards State Award for Interior Architecture

Caroline Chisholm , VIC Location Braybrook, Victoria Developer Behmer and Wright Completion January 2016 Size 17m2 22


Flinders Parade, QLD Location Project Builder Client Completion Size 24

50 Flinders Pde, North Lakes Wales Consolidated Glamco July 2017 58.8m2

A unique installation showcasing how versatile and innovative Florafelt can be Fytogreen installed 5 Florafelt vertical gardens incorporating 2 gardens on the large double gates and adjoining front fence, designed so the gated green walls open behind the fixed green walls. 25

Melbourne Residences, QLD


Location Developer Architect Completion Size

109 Melbourne St, Sth Brisbane Aria Property Group Tony Owen Partners December 2016 73m2 (3 x Fytowalls)

MULTI AWARD WINNING PROJECT • 2017 QLD UDIA Winner President’s Award • 2017 QLD UDIA Winner Residential • 2017 QLD UDIA Winner Urban Renewal • 2017 QLD UDIA Winner Retail & Public Realm • 2017 QLD HIA Winner Residential • 2017 QLD PCA Winner Retail


Stonnington Council Office


Location Malvern, Victoria Project Builder Harris Hmc Interiors Architect William Ross Completion October 2015 Size 20m2


Triptych Apartments, VIC


Location Southbank, Vic Main Contractor Lu Simons Landscape Architect Nettletontribe Completion March 2010 Size 206m2


Bligh Street, NSW


Location Bligh Street, Sydney Contractor Grocon Architect Ingenhoven Architekten & Architectus Completion 2011 Size 377m2

beautiful, bold and brilliantly green

Sydney’s first 6-star green office design


roof gardens 34

Fytogreen are known for our unique solutions to generate sustainable gardens for any built environment, creating excitement and adding amazing wow factor. Our projects range from the monumental 27,000m2 green roof at the Victorian Desalination Plant, the extensive 5,353m2 multi level Bendigo Hospital; through to compact and humble residential roof gardens accross Australia. Sustainable living roofs for healthy, ecologically responsible buildings. A roof garden or “green roof” is a flat or pitched roof surface that is planted using a growing medium over a waterproof membrane. Not only does a flourishing roof garden enhance the overall aesthetic, they also improve a building’s environmental performance, thermal insulation and climate responsiveness. Fytogreen specilizes in;

• Extensive Roof Gardens

• Intensive Roof Gardens

• Semi-Extensive Roof Gardens • Sloped Roof Gardens

Fytogreen has a proven track record in the industry, and has installed over 55,000 m2 of beautiful and sustainable rooftop gardens and supplied proprietary roof garden media components to 500,000m2 (approx) throughout Australia.

ROOF gardens

• Supplying Roof Garden Media and Components to the Horticultural Industry


Medibank Building, VIC


Location Main Contractor Landscape Architect Completion Size

Docklands, Melbourne Brookfield Multiplex Hassell June 2014 640m2

MULTI AWARD WINNING PROJECT • 2015 WIN Awards - Winner - Workplace Interiors • 2015 Interior Design Excellence Awards Winner - Workplace Over 1,000 sqm • 2015 Interior Design Excellence Awards - Winner - Sustainability • 2015 Inside World Festival of Interiors Awards Winner - Office Category • 2015 Australian Institute of Architects National Awards National Commendation for Interior Architecture • 2015 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (Vic) Awards Landscape Architecture Award for Urban Design • 2015 Australian Institute of Architects (Vic) Awards State Award for Interior Architecture


27,000m2 the largest roof garden in the southern hemisphere

Victorian Desalination Plant


Location Architect Landscape Architect Completion Size

Wonthaggi, Victoria Arm / Peckvonhartel Aspect Studios 2012 27,000m2

Fytogreen’s floating gardens designed to vegetate ponds, waterways and dams providing aesthetics, habitat production & water rehabilitation to reduce pollutants.

MULTI AWARD WINNING ROOF GARDEN • 2013 The 10th IFLA APR Awards for Landscape Architecture, Award of Excellence, Landscape Planning Victorian Desalination Project Master Plan and Green Roof Research • 2012 Green Roofs Australasia Design Award Victorian Desalination Project Green Roof • 2012 AILA Victoria Awards, Research & Communication Victorian Desalination Project Green Roof

• 2016 AILA Victoria Infrastructure Award for Excellence for The Victorian Desalination Project & Ecological Reserve • 2016 AILA National Award for Infrastructure Victorian Desalination Plant and Ecological Reserve • 2017 Green Good Design Award for Infrastructure Victorian Desalination Project & Ecological Reserve


Penthouse Apartment


Location Coppin Street, Mebourne Developer Cubo Group Landscape Architect John Patrick Pty Ltd Completion November 2012 Size 21m2


The Grounds Of Alexandria


Location Huntley St, Alexandria, Sydney Client The Grounds CafĂŠ Architect Acme and Co Completion August 2014 Size 170m2

A beautiful eclectic eco cafĂŠ, Sydney Geoweb was used to combat the 30O slope


Breeze Apartments, QLD


Location Developer Architect Completion Size

Mooloolaba, Queensland Aria Property Group Tony Owen Partners November 2016 74.5m2

Fytogreen also installed an additional 29m2 of vertical gardens, made up of 2 separate Fytowalls.


Banyule Council Building, VIC Location Architect Completion Size 46

Greensborough, Victoria Aspect Studios March 2017 110m2


New Bendigo Hospital, VIC


Location Bendigo, Regional Victoria Developer Lend Lease Architect Bates Smart Completion July 2016 Size 5,353m2

5,353m2 10 individual roof gardens ( 965m2 ) over 4 levels and 4,388m2 of stone ballast over 5 roof levels

MULTI AWARD WINNING PROJECT • International Interior Design Association, Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards, Healthcare, 2017, Winner • Premier’s Sustainability Awards, Large Business Category, Winner, 2017 • Australian Timber Design Awards, Interior Fitout - Commercial, 2017, Winner • Intergrain Timber Vision Awards, Best Commercial Interior, 2017, Special Mention

TH King Pavilion, VIC Location Glen Iris, Victoria Client City Of Stonnington Completion July 2014 Size 37m2 50

8m2 Vertical Garden Florafelt by Fytogreen

29m2 Roof Garden


38 Westbury Street, VIC


Location Private Residence St Kilda East, Victoria Client Bedlam Pictures Completion August 2015 Size 645m2


2016 Sustainability Awards “built environment - green roof in the city”


St Collins Lane Melbourne CBD

green facades & planter boxes 54

Green faรงades differ from vertical gardens by using climbing vines & creepers, planted in a lightweight and automated planter systems with climbing trellis. The key benefits of planting a green facade is to reduce building A/C energy costs, and reflective light and heat. The installation process of a green facade requires minimal equipment access, reducing installation costs.

Green Facades - Using web mesh, square mesh or cables to train climbing plants and shrubs to cover buildings and walls. This system is extremely cost effective and requires minimal equipment access. Pre-grown Green Facade Units - This unit overcomes the usual draw back with standard green facades, providing increased foliage cover at installation, instead of waiting up to 2-3 years. Our pre grown units are cost effective, significantly less prone to plant failure, independently certified for engineering suitability and have multiple attachment points; making placement safe and easy, reducing installation time. Planter Boxes - Fytogreen offer a range of Linear Low Density Polyethylene planter boxes, that provide a flexible container for both green facades and planter boxes gardens. Offering a vast colour range and the ability to cut, adjust and re-weld, our planter box range can provide unique sizes to fit any orientation specified.



green buildings are a mark of economically sound business 55

Platinum Apartments, VIC


Location City Road, Southbank Developer Brookfield Multiplex Architect Squillace Completion April 2016 Size 1,700m2

an iconic large scale green facade in Melbourne CBD


St Michael’s Grammar, VIC


Location 25 Chapel Street, St Kilda Project Builder Contract Control Cabel System Tensile Completion April 2016 Size 8m2


Teak Room - Crown Casino, VIC Location Contractor Architect Completion 60

Whiteman St, Melbourne CBD Isis Bates Smart September 2010

one of fytogreens first green facade installations ...It’s still thriving 7 years after planting! 61

Parque Apartments, VIC Location 555 St Kilda Road, Melbourne Developer Hickory Landscape Designer Paul Bangay Completion September 2016 62


William Street, Melbourne


Location 350 William St, Melbourrne CBD Developer Contexx Constructions Landscape Architect Tract Consultants Completion 2013 Size 180m2

designed to screen the carpark & create a green frontage



• 2015 WIN Awards - Winner Workplace Interiors • 2015 Interior Design Excellence Awards - Winner Workplace Over 1,000 sqm • 2015 Interior Design Excellence Awards - Winner - Sustainability • 2015 Inside World Festival of Interiors Awards - Winner Office Category • 2015 Australian Institute of Architects National Awards National Commendation for Interior Architecture • 2015 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (Vic) Awards - Landscape Architecture Award for Urban Design • 2015 Australian Institute of Architects (Vic) Awards State Award for Interior Architecture

Medibank Building, VIC


Location Developer Architect Completion Size

Docklands, Melbourne Brookfield Multiplex Hassell February 2014 1,638m2


Collins Square, VIC


Location Developer Architect Project Builder Completion

727 Collins St, Melbourne Walker Corporation Hassell Brookfield Multiplex October 2016


Kookai, Gold Coast


Location Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Broadbeach Waters, Queensland Architect Hamilton Heys Henderson Architects Project Builder Abri projects Completion July 2016 Size 17 Planter Boxes


Supplying our landscape, horticultural and civic infrastructure industry


Australia-wide people are saving water and money by improving plant growth and establishment rates with Fytogreen’s products. Fytogreen’s Hydrocell growing medium is tested in a variety of climatic and planting conditions. Typically Australian towns and cities are seeking ways to conserve water, and we are proud to have tested and proven our gardens as the most efficient water-saving systems available today. That’s why we were a finalist in the Save Water Awards in 2004.

Fytoclone - Growing Media The Perfect Cutting and Microgreen Propagator

Hydrocell Flakes Soil Enhancer, Aerator and Growth Promoter Hydrocell is a unique growing medium that is firm white foam, lightweight and 100% biodegradable. Hydrocell significantly reduces your water consumption while encouraging faster, stronger and healthier plants. • Environmentally Safe • Bio-Degradable over 10 years • Sterile and Inert • Lightweight • Easily mixed into the root zone

Fytocell delivers enhanced performance and better crops that can increase your yield. Fytocell is a pH neutralised substrate aminoplast resin foam, light and very stable, used by commercial and hobby growers for vegetable and flower crops. It is 100% environmentally friendly. Hydrocell RG-30 Water Reservoir Layer Hydrocell is a proprietary urea formaldehyde resin based hardfoam that is delivered in a pre-manufactured sheet composition. The dry weight is 1.5kg/m2,which is complemented by its ability to absorb water into the open cell structure to reach a field capacity weight of 18kg/m2. The Hydrocell RG30 layer is made up of interconnected small to medium cells or pore spaces, enabling the usable media volume to be approximately 99%. Available in 30mm, 60mm or 100mm depths


Fytoclone is an aminoplast resin foam, light but very stable, pH neutralized substrate that is impossible to over wet. It provides a perfect air/water ratio and ensures uniform moisture distribution. Manufactured in Australia, Fytoclone grows stronger, healthier, greater yielding plants.

Fytocell Hydroponic Soil-Less Growing Media


REFEREES PROJECT: Platinum Towers, Melbourne CBD - Green Facade Project CLIENT: Brookfield Multiplex CONTACT: Andrew Walter (03) 9553 3500 PROJECT: Botanica Apartments, Sth Brisbane - Vertical Garden Project CLIENT: Aria Property Group CONTACT: Michael Hurley (07) 3226 0106 PROJECT: CLIENT: CONTACT:

Envirodome - Roof Garden Adelaide Zoo Geoff Lugg (08) 8230 1219

PROJECT: ANZ Headquarters, Docklands, Roof Garden components for 1300m2 & 189m2 vertical garden CLIENT: Lend Lease CONTACT: Nicki Patton (03) 9643 0000 PROJECT: CLIENT: CONTACT:

Mona Vale residential home - Roof Garden EDAW AECOM James Rosenwax (02) 8934 0000

PROJECT: 720 Bourke Street, Medibank Building Roof Gardens, Vertical Gardens and Green Facades CLIENT: Brookfield Multiplex CONTACT: Tim Trimble (03) 9353 3500 PROJECT: CLIENT: CONTACT:

1 Bligh Street, Sydney Grocon Daniel Simicevic (02) 8249 7000

PROJECT: Victorian Desalination Plant - Roof Garden CLIENT: Thiess - Degremont CONTACT: Simon Ballard (02) 9332 9444 74

Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure that the information in this document is accurate, Fytogreen makes no representation about the content and suitability of this information for any purpose. Roof gardens, vertical gardens and green facades are delicate ecosystems subject to a range of growing environments. They can only thrive with the correct garden establishment and maintenance programs. People seeking to establish a Fytogreen garden and Architects wishing to specify a particular design or plant array should contact us for technical advice and assistance.

Fytogreen Australia head office 3 Webbs Lane, Somerville, Victoria ph.1300 182 341 e.

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Fytogreen Australia  

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