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Success in the Classroom Summer Orientation Days 2010

Outline 1) High school vs. university 2) Note-taking and studying 3) Test Yourself!

High School vs. University

A Typical Course Breakdown 1) 2) 3) 4)

2-3 lectures/week 1-2 midterms 1-2 assignments Cumulative exam

A small number of important items!

Differences: Quantity

Differences: Quality

Overconfidence Do you feel prepared for 1st year college or university level courses in your chosen area of study? YES


83.5 %


A Surprise‌ What were the biggest surprises you had during your first year on campus? Extreme


My grades



The amount of reading



Amount of freedom



Can You Do It? Yes! As long as you’re willing to put the effort in from day one. Think about what strategies you can implement in advance!

Note Taking and Studying

Strategies for Success

What have you heard is the “strategy for success� to do well in university?

Strategies for Success • There is no one strategy for success! • Remember, everyone learns differently

A Few Pointers 1) Attend your classes – It’s worth it!

1) Pay attention – Why go if you’re going to sleep through it?

1) Take good notes – Find what works best for you!

Note Taking Possibilities 1) Take all notes in one notebook • Later, copy notes to individual course books • Advantage: Recopying allows for elaboration and thought

Pre-Posted Notes

Note Taking Possibilities • Organize material for self-testing • Advantages – Encourages elaborative rehearsal – Gets you thinking like a test writer

Key Word


Concept Question


Key Phrase

•-------------•-------------• -------------

Key Word


Demonstration Take notes on the following video You will be tested!

Sample Notes: Student #1

• Lots of unnecessary detail • Not very much thought • Very passive writing

Sample Notes: Student #2

• Thoughtful, concise • Asks questions, very active

Studying for Tests Start early! Make a study calendar Set goals Sleep!

Test Time! • A “high school level” question 1)What was the animal used in the experiment this clip was based on? a) b) c) d)

Cat Dog Gerbil Rat

Test Time! • A “university level” question 1)Of the following scenarios, which is most similar to the “Office experiment?” a) You train your dog to roll over on command by rewarding him for listening. b) Your dog learns to come to the kitchen every time he hears you opening a can of dog food. c) Your mother threatens to punish you if you don’t clean your room, so you clean it. d) You take an Altoid before every meeting because you don’t want your breath to smell bad

Be Flexible, Be Prepared! • The most important thing is that you find what works for you! • You will make mistakes! – Be prepared to adapt


Academic Success 2010  

Presentation by Dr. Joe Kim & Matt Pachai for the Summer Orientation Program 2010

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