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Find out the best hangouts in the city along with the finest place to dine.

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Issue 3 Volume 1 March 2014


India’s First Print to Viral Tabloid








Krishna Kumar

Near golflinks, Trivandrum Ph. 09946068507 09995151231

Coach: Chandrasenan Nair

Madan Mohan

Arun Benny



Vivek Gopan

Owner: Priyadarshan

Captain: Mohanlal

Jawahar Nagar

P. Subramaniam Road


devil wears prada

calvin klein

The novel/movie The Devil Wears Prada is rumored to be based on the author’s real-life experience with the editor of Vogue

Calvin Klein was once described as “the supreme master of minimalism”

Louis Vuitton At the end of the year, Louis Vuitton will burn all their unsold bags to maintain the privileged of their brand



came to Trivandrum when I was 6 years old with my parents, as my father had to relocate for his job. I can still remember my first school ‘Sisuvihar’. The school was near to the place where I live and still remember all of us friends walking together. It was not at all crowded as it is now. The sight of occasional vehicles owned by the rich was a luxury and this amazed us a lot. Later on I went to MS College where I did my pre degree. I also reminisce the old college grounds and the classes like it all happened yesterday. As the college was near to Akashavani, we used to visit the place most of the time. Much like the film actors today, back then our favorite heroes where

the artists at Akashavani. We used to have endless discussions over music and the performances happening in the radio station. Akashvani was the place where I met my husband M.G.Radhakrishnan for the first time. We used to admire his charisma and his brilliance in composing astonishing melodies even back then. It was the beginning of an era in my life. As a writer, the city definitely has influenced me. The long road towards the school and the lush green hues surrounding the place has definitely brought out the writer in me. Though my husband and I are from different backgrounds, Trivandrum is the place that has molded us so I proudly call it as my hometown.

- by Arvind


at Healthy is the new mantra; but are we eating healthy? In the process of educating the community on living a healthier lifestyle, we would like to give you a clearer understanding of how general farming practices affect our health. Common Chemicals Used : Organochlorides, Organophosphates, Pyrethroids & Synthetic Pyrethrins, New Generation Chemical Molecules (With a load of associated chemicals as stabilizers & emulsifiers). Also all agro chemicals come with unknown additional chemicals called ‘iners’. These are part of formulations used and most of them are highly carcinogenic and hazardous. These chemicals are seldom screened – this is a big hidden threat which no one addresses. What’s the impact of these chemicals on our body? Government authorities have set safe limits but we often get products that are above the maximum residue levels. It is not possible to say from an annual analysis that these products are safe and those are unsafe which are propagated by national and social media. It changes from season to season, source to source. Inbuilt defense mechanism of our

”Life is a long journey. Meera, sometimes you will feel you are less. Kevin, sometimes you will feel you are less than Meera. Try to help each other to feel equal...” hat’s one memorable dialogue from the movie English Vinglish delivered by the iconic actress Sridevi. It was not the first time that I was watching ‘English Vinglish’ and each time I had to admonish myself that Shashi was not real. So much of realistic acting that one tends to contemplate on Sridevi’s fluency in English! After taking a sabbatical from cinema which she ruled for almost a decade, she is back with the same picture-perfect acting with not even a pinch of freshness and originality missing! In the next instant, I took a trip down my memory lane to Reliance Mediacity, Mumbai where I met the Queen Bee of India cinema in person. What was in store at Reliance Media City was a visual treat of a perfect couple in matching attires. Sridevi’s elegance exuded in a steel grey and black Manish Malhotra lehnga, complimented by her better half in an immaculate grey suit and black shirt. Reminiscing on the costumes of all the celebs I have met, black seems to be hot favourite amongst many! When I greeted the diva with a handshake and commented on her evergreen charm, the instant response from an animated Boney Kapoor was not to forget her handsome husband!! And soon I was in conversation with


body Our body is unique and sensitive. It has a complex mechanism to resist unwanted chemicals. The organs will store/absorb chemicals. These chemicals will be expelled by a metabolic process through various organs which create serious damage as well. Though once the toxin intake crosses threshold levels, it erupts into Neuro disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Cancer – Gastric/Colon, Leukemia Reproductive disorders, Fertility issues, Hormonal imbalances, Epidermal changes – Hair Loss, Skin disorders, Less immunity and more. Beware: 99.9 % of general farm products are sold in the open market without Pesticide Residue Analysis.

Think about that yours and your family’s health depends on you. You have a choice to buy – but remember your children do not have a choice.

An Aroma Group initiative.

the vivacious Pallavi & the charismatic Pooja (of Lamhe), the coy Anju & charming Manju (of Chaalbaaz), the savy Seema Sahni (of Mr India), the gorgeous Chandini (of Chandini), the cherubic Shashi (of English Vinglish).. (just to name a few)....all packaged into a super talented eternal diva called Sridevi !! ‘Malayalam airyumo?’ is what I asked next and she promptly responded ‘Kurachu Kurachu’ samsarikkum’ and referred to the artists who worked with her in Malayalam movies namely Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Vincent, etc. The mention of South Indian cinema added few more watts to her radiant face and she was as excited as a kid in responding to my questions. I mentioned that we would love to see the Sridevi-Kamalhassan combination back again on celluloid, for which her reply was a genuine smile. When I cited that her fans are waiting for a sequel to Mr.India, she responded with an angelic smile that it is too early to talk about it. To delve deeper into my interesting moments with celebs, please wait for the launch of my book titled ‘The legend I met’ The writer is happy to hear from you and you could reach him @ inand

google smart watch

Gionee Elife

Google-LG smartwatch specs leaked: 1.65-inch display, 512MB RAM, 4GB of internal memory

Gionee Elife S5.5 “world’s slimmest smartphone” to launch in China Moto X with wood panel to launch in India soon


nternational law firm, M/s. Musthafa & Almana have opened the first International Law Firm in Kerala. The first office started in Trivandrum in 2013 making it the first International legal consultancy firm in the state of Kerala and is to be followed by starting of offices in Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikkode and Kannur by 2015. The firm started in the year 1992 in India currently has 8 offices in India , two offices in UAE (Dubai , Ras Al Khaima ) , one office in UK ( London ) and in 2014 May the firm is entering USA by opening an office in New York. Founded by Mr Musthafa Zafeer and Mrs Almana Zafeer, who incidentally also belong to Kerala, the firm currently has 100+ lawyers and financial consultants under their banner. The founding partner Sr. Adv. Musthafa Zafeer O.V. is a pioneer in multi-jurisdictional issues and cross-border transactions. His knowledge in different branches of laws of India, the UAE and UK makes him one of the most sought after legal experts. Mrs Almana Zafeer, Senior lawyer and co-founder of Musthafa & Almana heads the UAE operations of the Firm jointly with Mr. Musthafa Zafeer O.V. Mrs. Almana is a prominent international Family Lawyer and specializes in complex multi-national family issues. Her breadth of experience enables her to offer a wide range of skills to meet the clients


ts quarter to 5, the meeting is due in next 15 minutes. Rahul is on his toes, racking his brain, pondering over data to finish his report, yet he never fails to take a sneak-peek at his smart phone, sliding the screen up and down every now and then. Little does Rahul realize that he has succumbed to the modern illness called FOMO. It’s a new term in the psychological circuit. FOMO –Fear of missing out is a social anxiety. This concrete and electronic world has left us with a lot of Facebook and Whatsapp friends. We come across many Rahuls in our day to day life who lives with the underlying feeling they would miss the world if they don’t

personal legal requirements. Mr Musthafa stated that “There is a lot of money flowing from the Gulf to Kerala for sure - Kerala has been given a very wrong picture in the business market, saying it’s not conducive for business investment, which is not fully correct according to me.” Further he added “It is a very, very litigation focused community and we want to create a new breed of lawyers,” he said. “Even though their educational and English language command is very good compared to other parts of India, very rarely are Kerala lawyers into drafting or arbitration scenarios.” Mr. Musthafa said that the offices would handle both in-bound works from the firms UAE offices in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, which focus primarily on corporate and commercial law, but that the South Indian offices should also be referring work to the Gulf. He said that particularly the tourism investment was on the rise, as Kerala was now among the five

must –see destinations in the World. “The real estate sector is also in very good standing even in that type of recession”. The firm will also target high net-worth individuals in Kerala who are looking to immigrate to Gulf/ UK/USA or to do business there. Musthafa & Almana has been appointed as the Legal Advisor in India for Dubai FDI, the Foreign Investment Office in the Department of Economic Department, Dubai to facilitate smoother investment in Dubai the legal way. Musthafa & Almana is also the registered corporate service provider’s for the two most preferred investor friendly free zones DWC (Dubai World Central) and RAKIA (Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority). The services offered in Kerala include NRI Legal advisory services, litigation management services in multiple jurisdictions (UAE, UK, India), Investment advisory guidance services, real estate investment and management services, corporate and individual advisory services, franchise setting up and advisory, cross border family disputes handling and advisory, employment and immigration assistance. For further information please contact : 1st Floor, Geethanjali Chambers, Vazuthacaud, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram +91471 3055568/ 3055569

- by Mini Manoj check Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp updates every minute. If you are in the habit of checking your social network more than 20 times a day then you are welcome into this new world of the most modern psychological disorder. Gone are the days when we used to hang around with our school- college mates, colleagues or neighbors cracking jokes or enjoying a hot sip of chai from a local tea shop. The common sight now - restless teens and adults texting most of the time while driving, walking, working, watching movies, worse even when engaged in a conversation. Not because the possibility of the social connection being so import-

ant but the fear of missing out makes them lonely and left out when the rest of the world is having a good time. One never wants to miss an opportunity of social interaction - peeping into the life of others, updating one’s own minute by minute status. It can easily dominate a person’s lifestyle, making it a burden instead of a fun way to keep in touch. This anxiety disorder FOMO eventually keeps you from being fully present and engaged in the work you do. So the next time you say “OMG! I must have missed the world in the last two minutes” cursing the slow network connectivity, remember you are a victim of FOMO!


techie corner

echnopark-Technology Business Incubator (T-TBI), in association with Technology Business Incubation Group (TBIG) celebrated International Women’s Day by conducting a first of its kind program titled “Empowering Women Together”. The programme witnessed more t han 50 entrepreneurs from in and out of Kerala and was attended by more than 150 aspiring women entrepreneurs. The programme was inaugurated by Smt. Rosakutty Teacher, Chairperson, Kerala Women’s Commission in the presence of alighted dignitaries namely Shri Joy Ommen. Chairman, Kerala Financial Corporation (KFC), Dr K C Chandrasekharan Nair, CFO, Technopark and Secretary & Registrar, Technopark TBI, Shri Sreekumar Nair, MD Zafin Labs and CEO Global Innovation Initiatives,Smt Hema Menon, Centre Head, UST Global Shri Anoop Ambika, CEO & MD, Kreara Solutions, Smt Anuradha Balaram, Member Secretary & Chief Economic Advisor, Planning Board and Smt Rina Vivekanandan, CEO & MD, Sinura Health Information Process Solutions (SHIPS). An engaging discussion named


Open forum featuring all the dignitaries was held later in the program. More than 100 ladies who are pursuing their education in colleges participated in the discussion. The discussion also witnessed the participation of more than 50 entrepreneurs from Trivandrum. The discussion explored the reasons for women shying away from entrepreneurial adventures and on how to convert the perceived disadvantages into opportunities for growth and self-sufficiency. The entrepreneurs shared the various struggles that they had to face during the growth of their venture. The discussion was moderated by Smt Saraswathy Natarajan. During the closure Smt Rosakutty Teacher promised all kinds of support from Kerala Women’s Commission for women entrepreneurs. The programme was supported by Kerala Women’s Commission, Kerala Financial Corporation, Muthoot on behalf of Indian Women Network, Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), Kerala Startups and Empowering Women in IT (EWIT). A caricature Exhibition by Shri Badusha was also arranged along with the programme.

n the eve of the International Women’s Day, the young techies of the capital’s IT hub tapped their feet to the beats of Zumba, the latest fitness trend at Technopark amphitheatre. They danced their way spreading the message to stay fit and healthy despite the stress and tensions that come by each day. The event was organized by eWIT (Empowering Women in IT) of Technopark, a group which was formed in the light of how quickly the country’s information technology (IT) sector was developing. It aims at expanding the women workforce in the industry, educate the woman employees here, empower them, and ensure opportunities for networking. The event started off with an empowerment oath headed by author Jaishree Misra that pronounced ‘Equality for women means progress for all.’ The programme was organised under the leadership of trainers from Talwalkars, the Zumba training centre in the city. “The focus of the programme was on how wellness and health are important for women. Zumba had participation of techies from different companies in Technopark,” said Rani Sasikumar, spokesperson of eWIT. Talwalkars has been conducting Zumba sessions, a blend of dance and aerobics for the past eight months. In this short span, Zumba has become a favorite among the corporate here for their mass programmes.

fahad fazil


ashik abu Director Aashiq Abu to direct wife Rima in ‘Oppana’

Fahad Fazil on a signing spree commits ten movies

nazriya nazim Nazriya Nazimto share screen space with Amala Paul for Paarthipan movie


t was a wonderful meeting with the Malayalam actor Suresh Gopi. Suresh Gopiji talked about several issues pertaining to Kerala and the cinema industry in the south,” Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s Prime Minister Candidate Shri. Narendra Modi tweeted after the meeting with Suresh Gopi. When asked about the excerpts of the meeting, Suresh Gopi said that he was humbled to have been chosen by the Gujarat chief minister for interaction as part of preparing a database for what was happening a the ground level in the last 20 years in the state and what all should be done in various sectors, including art and films. “We discussed for nearly three hours regarding various issues not only for the state but also for the country and my future vision for the nation. He also solicited my suggestions regarding the revival of the entertainment industry, including that of Doordarshan,” Suresh Gopi said. In the meeting, Suresh Gopi discussed the issues concerning Kerala, especially, Vizhinjam Port pro,the High Court bench at Thiruvananthapuram, modernising railway network etc. He also discussed problems faced by the cinema industry in the South and also requested Modi to make Doordarshan more effective in reflecting the cultural and artistic aspirations of the people of India. The actor said that he had no intention to be part of any political party or contest the elections. “I have already clarified that I do not have any politi-

cal ambitions,” he said. “I respect all political parties and do maintain a good relationship with the prominent leaders of every other party in the state. Whenever I get an opportunity to meet them, I discuss various issues we face now; about the people, safety of women and children in our society. Being a father myself, I feel that we should take strong measures to protect the rights of the children. I would stand by and support any individual who would work for the development of the society, the well being of the people, progress of the state, irrespective of the political party the person is involved in. Suresh Gopi emphasized “I believe in doing not in just saying”. Suresh Gopi also added, “I was so sad when the Vizhinjam Port Project was hijacked by other states, though now it’s in the hands of our government to see that it’s executed. Likely to be developed as the mega container transshipment terminal in South Asia, Vizhinjam Port would find its advantage over major ports like Dubai, Colombo and Singapore. When every other development is aligned to this, it would lead to a holistic development and growth pattern for the city.” He also added, “When Shri. Modi chose me as a representative from the state; I never saw the protocol he was following rather perceived him as a person who took interest in doing something for the development of the nation. For every issue we discussed, Shri Modi responded in a very positive way.”

aw Point is not the usual courtroom drama, says the director Lijin Jose.Though the title hints a courtroom drama, the movie unravels the brilliant mind-game that hardly finds any ingredient to fit the usual court drama. Kunchacko Boban essays the role of Sathya, who is a lawyer. He is well-versed in his profession and has triumphed at every stage of his career. He doesn’t mind manipulating the law if it’s the only possible way to win. Though, all goes for a toss after Sathya meets Maya - the movie Law Point begins here. The rest of the incidents in the life of Sathya and Maya articulate the story. Cast : Kunchacko Boban, Namitha Pramod, Prathap Pothen, Balachandra Menon, Nedumudi Venu, Praveena, K P A C Lalitha, Shari, Shekar Menon, Tini Tom, Joy Mathew, Sreenath Bhasi, Sunil Sukhada and many others Debutant Devdas has written the script for the movie. Law Point is produced by David Kachapilly under the banner of David Kachapilly Productions. Rafeeq Ahmed has penned the lyrics and the music has been composed by Gopi Sunder.

Jeanine Alexix Krausse


nnouncing the launch of the new fashion brand – AanDe, exclusively for women, soon to unveil at shops near you The way we dress has long been eyed as an indication of where we stand in the society. In today’s modern world, we have realized the change fashion can bring into our lives and to the perception of others. As such, catering to this trendsetting and growing demand for stylish attire, a new apparel brand is being launched -AanDe. AanDe is a unique brand of women apparels comprising of daily wear and corporate wear,

needled to suit their comfort, style and persona. AanDe focuses on the day to day attire hassles of women while at work, travel and even during motherhood; bringing out the best transformation possible, to suit the comfort zones. Looking forward to cater to the choices and preferences of every woman, AanDe is prepared to bring out the best in them. With the launching to happen this SUMMER, AanDe’s behind-the-scene work is gearing up full on to bring out the best!!! For more information, please visit: www.

married to Philip Krausse, she is a motivational life coach based in Mumbai. Modelling is a hobby which she would like to take to the next level. Hobbies are playing tennis, kickboxing, and reading.

Clicked by- Suraj Khan

hyundai Xcent

yamaha alpha

Hyundai Xcent compact sedan launched at Rs. 4.66 lakh Datsun to launch Go based sedan

The latest entrant from the stables of Yamaha is the Alpha, which Yamaha says is a family scooter that should appeal to both the sexes


mirates has moved its town office operations in Thiruvananthapuram to KEK Tower, 2nd Floor, Opposite Trivandrum Club, Vazuthacaud. The 24/7 call centre contact details of Emirates remains unchanged: +91 471 3377337

auto India’s First Print to Viral Tabloid


Emirates A380 showcased at the fourth India Aviation 2014 Airshow in Hyderabad.


mirates, a global connector of people and places showcased its flagship Airbus A380 for three days at the fourth India Aviation 2014 Airshow in Hyderabad. The popular double decker Airbus aircraft, standing over 24 metres high and with a wing span of nearly 80 metres, was on display between 12 – 14 March at Begumpet Airport, providing special guests the opportunity to view its interior and experience Emirates’ award-winning products in all classes of travel with a guided tour by Emirates’ cabin crew. A special flight from Hyderabad to Begumpet Airport also gave spectators a unique opportunity to see the aircraft in flight in India as it performed a oneoff flyover. Emirates’ A380 static tour at the India Aviation Airshow took the guests across the aircraft’s two decks, giving them a real-life glimpse of the


usic is the ID for our band ID. The concept is developed by the young, very talented, multi-faceted musician from Kerala, Ishaan Dev alias Shaan. He is a music composer, multi-instrumentalist, music programmer, singer-songwriter and stage performer an all-in-one package, who has shown his flair in all South Indian languages. Along with Ishaan, a group of

spacious seats and cabins in Economy Class, lie-flat seats in Business Class and the 14 luxurious First Class Private Suites. Guests got the opportunity to see the A380 Shower Spas and onboard Business Class lounge that are both fully set-up and equipped to portray an authentic inflight experience. Since Emirates launched its first A380 service in August 2008, over 22 million passengers have flown on the aircraft, and feedback from their experience has overwhelmingly positive. Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the A380 with 45 in its fleet and 95 on order, serving some destinations popular with Indian travellers using the A380 aircraft, such as London Heathrow, Toronto and Los Angeles. For further information about the Emirates A380, please visit:


outhGate Travels has become the top brand in Car Rental services, renting out premium luxury cars to customers. The pioneer in premium wedding cars, SouthGate Travels has been into operations since 1995. For those who avail the cab services, they ensure complete safety, quality,

gifted youth teamed up to bring wings to the senses, flight to the imagination and vital spark to every minute body in this universe adding a new vibe to the present day music. They have developed a unique style of contemporary approach in performance which gained rapid grounds among their fans.

timely service delivery and maximum customer satisfaction. They also provide onboard technologies like GPS, Wi-Fi etc. Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Benz are the premium luxury cars you get to choose from. Apart from them are the classy, stylish range of cars from other leading brands. The services include

Self drive and Chauffeur drive cars. To know more, contact - 9447086705/ 9249699996 Or Visit SouthGate Travels, Mukalel Building, Vikas L ane-43, Kunnukuzhy P.O., Trivandrum - 35


drinking water


Drinking water before and after a spa treatment, reduces soreness and helps to flush the body of toxins released from the muscles.

Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system.

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rose optical

Heera infocity 2BHK Apartments for sale located on the four-lane bye pass road close to INFOSYS Campus and is 3 kilometres (km) from the Technopark campus, Printer & published by Jose Thomas Pattara, Muhamma, Alappuzha on behalf of Forward Media Private Limited from Bhagheeratha Square, Banerji Road, Cochin. The editor is Arun Balachandran. Printed at S.T. Reddiar & Sons, Cochin-18. All photographs unless otherwise indicated, are used for illustrative purposes only. Redears are advised to cross check the data before acting on the same. Promoted By Media Syndicate.

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Wtz up Trivandrum March 2014  
Wtz up Trivandrum March 2014  

Wtz up Trivandrum March 2014