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A trip down memory lane


Whatever I am today; I got it all from Thiruvananthapuram, my city in every sense.

Issue 1 Volume 1 January 2014

India’s First Print to Viral Tabloid

M. Jayachandran



In a freewheeling chat with Actor Suresh Gopi, Wtzup Trivandrum tracks the memory route. Ridden in nostalgia he talks about favorite places and few things for the betterment of the city.


Vizhinjam port is a Must for Trivandrum’s development

or me the most memorable time in Trivandrum was in the late 80’s to mid 90’s, after that there has been a certain kind of decline. My association with the city started primarily due to the shooting schedules later after mariage, settled down here. The historical and cultural importance of the city is tremendous, the Kowdiar area lends the royal touch to the city, and the already beautiful space now is enchanted by the park and Vivekananda statue.

was when I visited the city for a movie shooting in 1986, Actor Ratheesh in his car then, the Standard 2000 Rover took me to a thattukada in front of General Hospital. The flavor and taste of the food I had then was something I have not experienced ever since. It was also the first time I ate from a thattukada. The place has closed down now, but I used to make it a point to visit the same with friends and family whenever I had time.

Favourite places I love visiting all the temples in the city, Shangumugam Beach, the Zoo, the Public Library, the Fine Arts Hall and Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium all are places which have given many wonderful memories to me. The very first stage event organised by AMMA was in this city in 1995, and the Patriotic Solidarity event organised for the Kargil war, all these remains my favorites moments in the city.

improvements There are a lot of good things that is happening in Trivandrum but the government should make it a point to execute the Vizhinjam Port project.

Food The best food experience I had in the city

Every other development project should be aligned to this, thus leading to a holistic development and growth pattern for the city. The money for the project can be raised in the form of taxes, instead of bringing in private companies for funding. A special mention should be made about the roads in the city; they are wonderful.


Decaffeinated coffee

fibre is created unequal

Adding fat

Decaffeinated coffee is not caffeine-free. Most decaf coffee has some caffeine.

Not all fibre is created equal. To boost their fibre content, many packaged foods contain added fibre with names.

Adding fat to your salad can make it more healthful. Eating vegetables along with fat can help the body better.

Eat out

thought of the month


very lines...

15 years isn’t a short span of time. Being in the shoes of a reporter, Never stop the program producer, show director, short film maker, event organizer; roles played were many. The journey through the limelight so far was dreaming and nothing less than fascinating. Though were those ups and downs, without which no journey is termed as thrilling or adventurous. wasn’t late, had never Itstop trying. I realized I need to step up, look beyond my comfort zone and give it my For me, this is just best shot. So here I am, for you with Wtzup Trivandrum. Knowing what you want is already a great start!!! – Chetan Bhagat. I the beginning.... must say, I have always been inspired and motivated by the words of a great start!!! Chetan aiming great — many peopleBhagat. like him.I must Sometimes, itStill connects so high well and an answer to theand very question Iand may lots have more in mind then. say, I haveresonates alwaysasbeen inspired Lately the source of inspiration was the words quoted by mi querido Rafi.words of many people motivatedamigo, by the to come. Take “Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, like him. Sometimes, it connects so well chances and do be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and oneas chance to do all the you want to do. THISyou IS MYwant POLICY” and resonates an answer to things the very what to indeed, today I share with you, these very lines... question IYes may have in mind then. Lately do. Life’s stride Never stop dreaming and never stop trying. For me, this is just the the sourcebeginning.... of inspiration washigh theand words always Still aiming lots more toiscome. Takean chances and do what you want to do. Life’s stride is always an experience, be it the quoted bybest miorquerido amigo, Rafi. experience, be the worst, everything happens for a reason. Nothing is constant, move alongyou and BE YOURSELF. “Dream what want to dream, it the best or the So let me ask you guys, Wtz up?

Prathap Nair

15 Spanish platter T

Café Tapas, a restaurant specialising in Spanish cuisine is the preferred venue for enjoying a perfect meal with family and friends.

years isn’t a short span of time. Being in the shoes of a reporter, program producer, show director, short film maker, event organizer; the roles played were many. The journey through the limelight so far was nothing less than fascinating. There were ups and downs, without which no journey is termed as thrilling or adventurous. It wasn’t late, had I realized I need to step up, look beyond my comfort zone and give it my best shot. So here I am, for you with Wtzup Trivandrum. Knowing what you want is already

go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. THIS IS MY POLICY” Yes indeed, today I share with you, these

worst, everything happens for a reason. Nothing is constant move along and BE YOURSELF. So let me ask you guys, Wtz up?

raditional Spanish cuisines are simple and uncomplicated, and if you want to get a taste of this head to Café Tapas at Jawaharnagar, the only place in the city that serves authentic Spanish dishes. Café Tapas is owned by Mr George Kuruvilla and his wife Maria. According to Mr. George who is also the main chef at Café Tapas and holds an Associate Science Degree in Hotel Management from Switzerland, cooking is an art. With years of work experience as chef at various groups of hotels around the world, he believes that it’s important to present real and authentic flavours of other regions to his customers without compromising on the quality. Recently, the restaurant has introduced some new flavors to their menu called “Flavors of the World”. Café Tapas that functions from morning 10:45 am to 10:45 pm is the ideal place where one can enjoy a great Spanish tapas meal. The ambience of the restaurant is also worth mentioning as it beautifully decked up in a huge heritage house giving a feeling of openness. It features a conference room, a library and a gallery room, where one can exhibit his/her art works to public. The place is ideal for small parties and official get togethers. Café Tapas also has its food joint in Barcelona, Spain. Café Tapas ticks all the right boxes to be qualified as a must –visit place for Spanish food.

important phone list Ambulance Police Police crime stopper Fire Trivandrum city VSSC Central station Women helpline Childline number 1098 Consumer toll free helpline Nirbhaya toll free number Highway alert Blood banks Medical College Hospital Superior Blood Bank Electricity control room

91-471-2333101, 101 100 1090 91-471- 2333101, 101 91-471- 2563660 1090 1800 425 1550 1800 180 5522 9846 100 100 91-471- 2445270 91-471- 2331156 91-471- 2461331

Airlines Flight (Recorded) 91-471-2502323 Reservation and Booking 91-471-2310310 Airport enquiries passengers 91-471- 2501426 Airport enquiries cargos 91-471-2501538 Railway Information English General information Train arrivals Reservation recorded

Let high fashion spice up your style Time for some colourful fashion shopping. Find up-to-the-minute trends at Lulu Fashion Store. International fashion brands and accessories for the whole family.

34/881, Lulu Mall, Edappally, Kochi. Tel.: +91 484 2727722 Email:

1361 131 133 132

Roadways City Bus station, Fort Bus station, Thampanoor Information counter, Airport Information counter, Thampanoor India Tourist Information centre Information counter Airport UID/ Aadhaar Food jointse Dominos Pizza Keshavadasapuram Dominos Pizza, Sasthamangalam Dominos Pizza, Technopark KFC Restaurant Cafe Coffee Day, Kawdiar Cafe Coffee Day, Medical College Subway Technopark Subway, Style Plus The Ambrosia, Bakery Junction The Ambrosia, Technopark Chicking Fried Chicken, Vazhuthacaud Chicking Fried Chicken, Technopark Campus Chicking Fried Chicken, Vellayambalam

91-471-2463029 91-471- 2323886 91-471-2501085 91-471- 2327224 91-471- 2480101 91-471- 2501085 1800 -4251-1800

0471- 2558555 0471- 2316000 0471 – 2527701 0471-4000018 0471 327 0015 0471- 0471 327 8851 0471-3210785 0471-2727374  0471-2332211 0471-3043311 0471 319 8444 0471 322 7333 0471 310 0402

Party tips

Greet all your guests

Mix your crowds

We strongly advise used trusted make-ahead recipes rather than going for experiments.

Greet all your guests! This can be a challenge but worth no matter how large the event. This is so important to be a perfect host

Mix your crowds and introduce your friends. Don’t be afraid to do this.


Celebrities gather for ‘SARSAS’ Save A Rupee Spread A Smile event at Trivandrum

bash at vivanta

The capital city witnessed the ultimate madness recently at the ace property Vivanta By TAJ, Trivandrum. The park witnessed full house with music, dance and masti. Electronic tunes from DJ Karthik and Crowd puller VJ Sinta handled the gears for home crowd.

page 3

Trivandrum raised to the new era for fashion hideout with home town chicks walking on the ramp. P 4 Party pioneered the event with DJ Karthik and DJ Evan Ripping the console.

Kanye West

Karl Lagerfeld

After Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor and Freida Pinto, Katrina Kaif will join the list of spokespersons for L’Oreal Paris.

Kanye West revealed to audience at the APC Paris Fashion Week that he is a fashion victim.

Karl Lagerfeld designs a couture sports club and puts Cinderella in sneakers!


o keep up with the fashion is a bit tricky and its natural to get lost. Even with a wardrobe crammed with designer attire can make it hard for us to bring out that style statement in our everyday looks. Not to fear, though, because with our fashion tips and how-tos, you have expert advice every step of the way. Match your outfits When it comes to executing high fashion looks, a head-to-toe print is a must-have combination. You can also match your colors to give bring out the diva in you. White highlights Highlight your whites to your dark outfit. Dark and light is the spotlight of this season. Cinched waist Show off your shape with cinched waist with a chunky leather belt.

Complement the look with a high waisted skirt or pants, which is the way to stay ahead in the style stake this winter. Velvetty If you are opting velvet, stick to accessories like a belt or bag. As for clothing, velvet jeans, a velvet blazer, or a structured velvet dress is all stylish options. Add-on accessories Accessorize your clothing, as in this season it is all about balance and moderation. Fit and flare Go for fit and flare profile in form of a peplum top, full skirted dress or fluted skirt.

Next to Nilgiris , Museum Road, Palayam , Trivandrum Ph. 9447168555

Go rustic Merge your rustic looks with something badass- a leather boots for example.

Stride ahead with this season’s Must Haves

Health Matters pharmacies & diagnostics

techie corner


Technopark becomes the largest IT park in India

A trip down memory lane

Technopark is growing by leaps and bounds, with the inauguration of Phase III it has become the country’s largest IT Park.


erala’s IT hub Technopark has got a new recognition, after the inauguration of the Phase III it has officially become India’s largest IT Park. The newly inaugurated Phase III, developed on 92 acres of land has twin towers Ganga and Yamuna of total area one million square feet. Now, with a 333-acre campus and 285 companies, Technopark has become the country’s largest and the greenest IT Park. The twin towers are the first LEED Gold Rated IT Space of the Government. Technopark Phase III has the Smart Business Centres set up on the second and third floors of Yamuna with the aim of attracting youngsters for their entrepreneurial ventures. Already 30 companies have reserved space for their operations in Phase III. The third phase has both special economic zone and non-special economic zone areas. A Start Up boot camp has also been launched in the Phase III campus by the Kerala government to promote entrepreneurship among the youth in the state.


ith a commitment to conserve nature, a novel initiative- dedicated bird spaces for birds had its beginning with the aim of helping them to thrive in harmony with human inhabitation. The bird point has 10 bird huts, 3 bird baths and 3 feeders all conducive for bird life. Plans are on to plant bird berries and fruit trees in the vicinity to encourage bird life. Speaking on this occasion, Sugathakumari teacher said that the bird point should be called ‘Kiliyidam’.This initiative was organised by Allianz, a 10 year old company at Technopark. “Community spaces that encourage conversation, discussion or thought are all encouraged as vehicles of innovation,” says Rakesh Gupta MD Allianz.

Sugathakumari teacher inaugurates Bird Point at Technopark

Music composer and singer M Jayachandran shares some fond memories of his hometown Thiruvananthapuram, a place that has a royal charm to it


s a child I remember the times when I used to join my father and brother for the ‘darshan’ at the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple at 3 am. So peaceful and serene it was. But now that tranquility is absent. The temple stands out for its treasures more than devotion. For many the holy place has more or else become a museum. Apart from those, I also reminisce the craving I had for sherbets sold at shops in East Fort. There were umpteen number of sweet and sherbet shops. Though those shops don’t exist today, the taste still lingers and so does the nostalgia. And the ‘rasa vadas’, how can I forget them. The closeness to Tamil Nadu especially to Nagercoil had in itself created a cross cultural environment. As for me one of the biggest advantages of it was to get to have rasa vadas. Geographically too Thiruvananthapuram is unique as it is blessed with many hills. Kudappanakunnu, Kanakakunnu and even my own place Poojapura rests on an elevated area. Destroying its beauty with mountains of garbage, it’s disheartening to see the corners of the city rot. I wish Thiruvananthapuram would once again become the spotless city in the country with more double-decker buses for transportation and maintains the communal harmony at Palayam, where we have a mosque, temple and a church and also a capital were I hope to see the protestors take a separate space for their protest as an alternative for the commotion they form at the entrance of the Secretariat. I would wrap up by saying that whatever I am today; I got it all from Thiruvananthapuram, my city in every sense.





sony xperia

Lenovo launches two mid-range smartphones, S930 & S650

LG unveils curved smartphone, TV solving the problem of visual distortion and detail loss,

‘Pure Android’ Xperia Z Ultra, G Pad 8.3 launched combing tablet and smartphone factors.

Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 The 5in Android phone from Google has a smart screen, fast processor, 4G LTE and the latest version of Android. A premium phone at an affordable price.

Price: ` 29,000

Sony Cybershot RX100-II

capture every exquisite detail with the compact Cyber-shot RX100 II effectively with Revolutionary 1.0-type back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor with effective 20.2MP F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens with 3.6x optical zoom Multi Interface Shoe and Multi Terminal Tiltable, 3.0(7.62 cms) White Magic LCD monitor with a resolution of 1,229K dots Simple connectivity via Wi-Fi and NFCControl ring and intuitive interface with innovative step-zoom function

Price: ` 33,940

Smart gadgets

I Pad Mini

iPad mini with retina display is the catch of the season with its slimmer and lighter characteristics maintains its solid aluminum build. It has 10-hour battery life, high-resolution “retina” screen and powerful processor.

Price: ` 19,500

Lenovo Yoga

Sleek and versatile 11.6-inch convertible laptop with a 360-degree flip-and-fold design for easy conversion between laptop, tablet, tent and stand modes.

Price: ` 45,000


HTC One offers a crisp sharp look with its 4.7 in screen and the clad in aluminum look. With 4G LTE, a fast processor, 32GB of storage and the beats audio, the phone offers premium services.

Price: ` 41,802 *Limited period offer. All photographs are used for illustrative purposes only. Price & features are subject to change. Buyers are advised to act on data after cross checking.



happy journey


salala mobiles

Actors: Jayasurya, Aparna Gopinath. Direction: Boban Samual

Mohanlal, Bharath, Sunny Wayne, Bhavana. Gauthami Nair Direction: Sreenath Rajendran

Dulqar Salman, Jacob Gregory, Nazriya Nazim. Direction: Sarath A. Haridasan

Happy Journey The flick narrates the story of a young Fort Kochiite named Aaron, who loses his eyesight following an accident during school days. The movie revolves around his determination and how he manages to reach the National Cricket Team for the Blind. It is believed to be an inspiring tale garnished with comedy. Actor Jayasurya and Aparna Gopinath, the ABCD fame and Lal play the lead roles in Happy Journey, penned by Arunlal and directed by Boban Samuel.

1983 Though cricket is considered to be a nation’s passion, very few movies are made based on the game. Nivin Pauly starrer ‘1983’ is a movie that has Cricket as its central theme and focuses on a common man’s love for the game. The title of the flick also reminds us the triumph of Indian team against West Indies. Directed by still photographer Abrid Shine and produced by TR Shamsudeen under the banner of Shams Films, the movie also has Nikki Gil Rani as the heroine, Anoop Menon, Jacob Gregory, Saiju Kurup.

Dolphin Bar

Salala Mobiles Salala Mobiles is a Malayalam romantic comedy film written and directed by debutant Sharath A. Haridaasan, starring Dulquer Salmaan, Nazriya Nazim and Jacob Gregory. The film is produced by Anto Joseph under the banner of Anto Joseph Film Company and features music composed by Gopi Sunder. It narrates the love story between a mobile shop owner and a girl who is a regular customer at his place.

Koothara Mohanlal starrer ‘Koothara’ is an upcoming campus thriller directed by Srinath Rajendran, produced by Shahul Hammeed Marikar under the banner Marikar Films. This Mohanlal starrer will also have actress Ranjini of Chithram fame back to her startaction-camera routine along with the Tamil actor Bharath, Sunny Wayne, Bhavana and Gauthami Nair. The movie is expected to be released on the 14th of this month with a thrilling experience focusing on engineering students and the campus life of three friends twinned with their adventures.

Dolphin Bar starring Suresh Gopi, Madhu, Anoop Menon, Suraj Venjaramoodu is a Malayalam drama film directed by Diphan. The action hero Suresh Gopi appears in the role of a bar owner, Panayamuttam Sura, in this movie. The film tells the story of regular visitors of his bar. The film revolves around a Thiruvananthapuram-based bar named Dolphin, owned by Panayamuttam Sura (Suresh Gopi). Suresh Gopi’s appearance and dialect is the USP of the film. Another highlight of the film is the remix of the evergreen hit song, O Mridule.....from a film of the 1980’s. Dolphin Bar is produced by Sudeep Karat and Arun M.C and M Jayachandran scores music.




Jaguar South Africa Introduces a imited Edition XF with Carbon Pack.

Lamborghini unveils Veneno Roadster, whose most distinguishing feature is that it has no roof.

Bentley’s new Continental GT3 race car makes its competitive debut at the 2013 Gulf 12 Hours in Abu Dhabi on 13th December 2013



Renault Duster in Factory Customise mode, brings the sport suv look to the customer.


he Renault Duster is preparing itself for a makeover. With a whole new façade, the new duster joy is going to hit the roads soon. The compact muscular attitude paired with the charming exteriors is sure to impress the SUV lovers. Renowned for its compactness the SUV offers a smooth ride through the urban roads. It is an interesting piece of news given the kind of success enjoyed by the current Duster models. For the vehicle which has proved its muscle on several occasions, the expectation for the new façade is nothing more than a series of changes to compete both on the technical and performance levels. The French auto maker with no

intention of losing the loyalty of the customers will be launching the new duster in relatively same price. With a robust outlook and exuberant performance, the Renault Duster is one of the favourite vehicles on road. Renault is looking to turn Duster into a one favourite vehicle of all ages. It would also include features like parking sensors etc. popular for its attractive pricing the new Renault is coming out with supreme features such as elegant headlights, stylish grille, classic bumpers, tail lights fog lamp and BLAUPUNKT music system and the current options include paint jobs in bright yellow and apple green. The cruise control feature is the major

highlight of the model. The engine in the new model would be same as the existing one. The new model promises usability to its extent to stand out from the competing models. The custom design is created by the TVS team in India and the makeover additional are priced at 1.7lakhs

whatever’s penned down and clicked with the third eye is now open to share. Send your articles and photographs to Wtzup! Kindly mail them to


Pure and pristine Gavi, an eco tourism spot where visitors can see wildlife in their natural habitat.

TRANSFORM YOUR DREAM MACHINES! Near golflinks, Trivandrum Ph. 09946068507 09995151231


midst the lush greenery, that blankets the shores of the periyar tiger reserve lays the immaculate Gavi. Majestically holding the thick evergreen flora embracing a wide array of Wildlife including the tiger, elephants, leopards, bears, Indian gaur, sambar, barking & Mouse deers, lion tailed macaque, other varieties of monkeys, Nilgiri Marten etc the flora and fauna is at its best here. Gavi is an eco tourism project of Kerala forest Development Corporation and this project encourages the participation of the local populace to involve into various professions. This initiative provides an income to the locals and at the same time these creates awareness on conservation of nature. Gavi is the birdwatchers paradise where you can observe over 320 species of birds from the great Indian hornbills, sunbirds, woodpeckers, kingfishers etc. Gavi shot to fame after ‘Alistair International’ listed the place as the most desirable tourist destination in Kerala. This recent popular getaway is the most sought after hill station for visitors, far away from the hues and cries of the city. During forest safaris, one can experience wildlife in their natural habitat. Other leisure options like boating and trekking are also available here. En route to Gavi are places of interest like Mundakayyam, Kuttikanam, Peermedu and Vandiperiyar from where the road deviates to Gavi. This heaven on earth blanketed by the green tea plantations is a magnificent vista.The mystical aura that fills the atmosphere of this magical getaway is one of a kind and the place will definitely cast its magical spell on every visitor. If there is a place that should not be missed in one's lifetime its Gavi. And is a reminder that this untouched beauty belongs to the wildness.

How to get there By Road 28 Kms from Vandiperiyar ( a town on NH- 212) 51 Kms from Thekkady By Rail 128 Kms from Kottayam Railway Station 168 Kms from Ernakulam Railway Station 180 Kms from Madurai, Tamilnadu Railway Station By Air 160 Kms from Nedumbassery Airport Ernakulam 199 Kms from Madurai Airport


sunscreen a summer must have

lots of water, fruits are essential

It is important to use a sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 30 in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For sensitive skin, a mineral-based sunscreen is best.

The summer heat makes you more susceptible to dehydration. Start off your day by drinking two glasses of water and keep drinking at each meal.

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India’s First Print to Viral Tabloid


Printer & published by Jose Thomas Pattara, Muhamma, Alappuzha on behalf of Forward Media Private Limited from Bhagheeratha Square, Banerji Road, Cochin. The editor is Arun Balachandran. Printed at S.T. Reddiar & Sons, Cochin-18. All photographs unless otherwise indicated, are used for illustrative purposes only. Redears are advised to cross check the data before acting on the same.


Wtzup Trivandrum  

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