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Find out: Are campaigns the latest fad in Kerala?


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Exclusive Chat with Nivin Pauly


swimsuits for curves

Manish Malhotra

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Australia Five star luxury pads

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Aesthetics Vs Marketing uring the cover shoot, amidst a rain enforced break photographer Andres commented on how marketability of a product seems to be in the lines of ‘make the logo bigger’ mentality. In such a situation, everybody seems to have a say in design here from the CEO to the sweeper, from font color to corporate identities. The second is when the design is taken as ultimate, where even a single change is seen as an attack on the very existence of the designer. What everyone seems to forget is that both marketing and designing has to come together to result in creating a reaction from the audience. The difference between good and great design from the user’s perspective is that one paramount piece of the puzzle that trumps everything else. When a design finally hits the real world, stereotypes go out the window. Real people don’t fit into the neat little boxes that we try to put them in. They’re complex, unpredictable and each one different than the next.


Editor Abraham Tharakan



Photo Credits In the last Issue the article called Discover Roma, was not credited with the photographer’s name. It was taken by Atul George. The oversight is regretted. -Sd/-Abraham Tharakan

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` 100

Find out: Are campaigns the latest fad in Kerala?








DATE TRISHA ” If I was not married

Exclusive Chat with Nivin Pauly




on things other than fashion...

AUSTRALIA Five star luxury pads

Scan to watch the exclusive behind the scene 2013 OCTOBER video of The Cover shoot


Behind the Scene

Photographer Andres Gutierrez Model Nivin Pauly Make up Shabu Pulpally Production Maxxo Creative Cover Image Color-correction Sreerag Vinod

A power-house performer

It’s been a season of highs for Nivin who is the latest golden boy of Mollywood. Miffed with rumours surrounding, Nivin reveals to us that stardom indeed comes with a price.

20 True Glory Ditch the monochromatic look of your room and add a dramatic feeling with these awe-inspiring objects

24 beauty buys

32 sensuous scents

FWD’s perfect pick of products that will keep your skin in check this season

The alluring notes of these lingering fragrances are simply irresistible with a lovely lightness in them

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luxury abodes 80 Majestic of Australia

Blend of architecture, heritage, glorious bays, countless tourism attractions and extremely friendly people. children 106 destiny’s

Well-known personalities opting for adoption is common, but many celebrities are adoptees themselves in love 62 Fall with Monaco

The international aura of Monaco is indescribable; everything about this exotic destination is rich, colourful and flamboyant technology 94 Isthe new ‘home wrecker’?

The bedroom is supposed to be the place where you cuddle, make love and most importantly reconnect. But with the incursion of so many gadgets forget about love, people don’t even see eye to eye

interview with manish mahotra




104 animal kingdom

up the 96 Rev Range

life 56 fwd cover launch

FWD Life brings some uncanny real life stories from the animal kingdom

“Our philosophy is very simple. We give our best for people who expect the best.”

The September issue cover launch of FWD Life magazine was held at Hotel Dream Kochi.

100 Pranaah Launch Pranaah offers a complete package for the customers including the dress, accessories, hairstyle, clutch bags and even matching sandals.



64 34 national event South Indian film industry celebrates 100 years of Indian Cinema




Notes From Allover news A glance through the major happenings in April.

gossips Know the latest from the showbiz industry in case you missed it!

launch New ventures and products are being featured for your info.

Supercharged, Special Edition Coupe Muthoot Motors receives Kerala’s first Jaguar XKR.

HOT NEWS Kareena to build six pack abs for ‘Shuddhi’

While it is now common for actors to build six and more packs for their roles, Kareena Kapoor Khan will be the first Indian actress to build a six pack for her next film Shuddhi with Karan Malhotra. Kareena will be training in martial arts for her role that she begins shooting for in December. This romantic saga will see her paired against the hot Hrithik Roshan.

Yuvraj and Manisha bats for cancer awareness ‘The Simpsons’ to kill off one of their main character

‘The Simpsons’ have been entertaining the masses for a whopping 24 seasons and the hit show’s executive producer Al Jean has revealed that one of their main character will die in the upcoming season. The last major death came in Season 11 when the wife of Ned Flanders, Maude (The Simpson’s neighbour), lost her life at a racetrack by falling off the grandstand.



Two of India’s popular cancer survivors, Yuvraj Singh and Manisha Koirala came together to create awareness and spread the message that cancer is not the end. The duo shared their cancer stories, with millions of people affected with the ailment, asserting how one can overcome the disease if they have the will to do so.



tit bits Rahul gets his way, Cabinet kills ordinance The week-long drama over the controversial ordinance that created a political storm came to a predictable end in the evening when in a 20-minute meeting, presided over by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the cabinet reversed its September 24 decision aimed at overturning a Supreme Court judgment.

Universe as an Infant: Fatter Than Expected Astronomers released the latest and most exquisite baby picture yet of the universe, one that showed it to be 80 million to 100 million years older and a little fatter than previously thought, with more matter in it and perhaps ever slightly lopsided. Recorded by the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite, the image is a heat map of the cosmos as it appeared only 370,000 years after the Big Bang, showing space speckled with faint spots from which galaxies would grow over billions of years.

NASA finds plastic ingredient on Saturn’s moon NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected propylene, a chemical essential for creation of plastic, on Saturn’s moon Titan. This is the first definitive detection of the chemical used to make food-storage containers, car bumpers and other consumer products on any moon or planet, other than Earth. A small amount of propylene was identified in Titan’s lower atmosphere by Cassini’s Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS), which measures the infrared light, or heat radiation, emitted from Saturn and its moons. Propylene is the first molecule to be discovered on Titan using CIRS.



tit bits Katie Holmes hires confidence coach to move on Katie Holmes, who is struggling to get on with her life after her split form hubby Tom Cruise, has sought professional help in a bid to move on.The 33-year-old actress has given sole custody of the couple’s six-year-old daughter, Suri, in the divorce settlement. A source told Britain’s Grazia magazine after splitting from Cruise, Holmes is keen to find her own voice. So she has sought professional help and has employed a confidence coach, who she’s been seeing once a week to help her regain who she once was, the source said.

US teens’ obsessed with ‘thigh gap’ It’s the latest weight loss craze among American teens striving to emulate the models they see in magazines: the “thigh gap”, in which slender legs, when standing with feet together, do not touch. Experts say the cost of what teens see as an ideal body shape but really is for most unattainable -- is self-esteem problems that can lead to eating disorders, depression and even suicide. On Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook, “thigh gap” photos abound: close-ups of sometimes unbearably skinny legs published by young girls eager to show off their success or bemoan what they see as a failure to whittle away fat. to whittle away fat.

Shekhar Kapur gets candid in the Boss Dilogues The 5th edition of The Boss Dialogues featured world’s most well known film directors and one of the few directors who have worked extensively in India’s film Industry as well as in Hollywood, Shekhar Kapur. The director chatted with Indu Mirani about cinema and life at the country’s longest tapas bar, Escobar. At this edition of Boss Dialogues, Shekhar spoke on his lectures around the world including prestigious platforms like the World Economic Forum, water conservation, his intermittent work, his partnership with Gotham Chopra and AR Rahman. 2013 OCTOBER





A stunner, sure to turn heads! Arabic Lacha, full net, embellished with Swarovski stone work. The skirt features thread work and on the border, enhanced with velvet cutting. A delightful Arabic adaptation of the Indian lacha. Exclusively available in Lulu Celebrate.

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The Caspian Grande Lamp The Caspian Grande Lamp and the complementary Mali pendant make a wonderful statement in any space. It features a hand-blown glass by Italian artisans. The Moroccan-inspired shape of the Capsian Grande Pendant provides a dramatic backdrop for its unique lamping options. Available in antique Bronze, black, satin nickel and white. Price: ` 94,097 app.

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Forest essentials Facial Cleanser Mashobra Wild Honey, Lemon & Rosewater Pure raw honey, containing vitamins B and C along with active enzymes, hydrates and softens the skin Price `875

11 26


Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Eye Palette Eight skin tone-inspired shadows that includes sparkle, shimmer and metallic shades Price `3670 app.






Holiday inn


September Oktoberfest The two week long Oktoberfest was kicked off at Holiday Inn’s sports themed lounge Stadia on 20th September. The 200-year-old festival that is held each year in Munich is being celebrated at Holiday Inn this year over a span of 16 days with traditionally prepared eats like Chicken, Pork Knuckles, Grilled fish on stick, German Sausages, Potato bread dumplings and many more mouth watering German delights. It is one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world’s largest fair.

Cake mixing ceremony The age old Cake mixing ceremony was held at Holiday Inn Kochi on 20th September. There was loads of fun and fervour when the guests and the hotel staff enthusiastically participated in the ceremony mixing nuts and fruits along with high quality spirits.




Stadia The Sports Bar Happy hour at Stadia Buy one get one free on selected beverages, 1500 – 2000 hrs.

Masala The All Day Dining restaurant. Sunday Brunch at Masala (Every Sunday from 12001600 hrs) - City’s favourite Sunday Brunch at Holiday Inn Cochin. Try out the all new Sunday Brunch, the ¬first of its kind in the city from 1200 to 1600 hrs. Indulge in our live band and feast on the scrumptious buffet spread. Kids play area, unlimited mocktails, use of swimming pool, caricature, now you can shift gears from one week to the next in a neat jazzy way!

october Seafood Market at Roma Choose your choice of Seafood from the display & Menu. Experience the Italian style Fresh & different Seafood with authentic Italian flavours. From October 11 till October 20 2013




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Rhapsody Boho, Chic Vintage Inspired Handmade Watch Price `2,650 app.

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Gold velour floppy freeform hat with peacock feather Price `23,291 app

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Daisy Eau De Perfume Daisy for women has luscious freshness of wild strawberry and a luminous blend of gardenia and jasmine Price `5,000 app .

EstĂŠe Lauder Wood Mystique A unisex perfume Price `10, 800



Bond No. 9 Manhattan Eau de Parfum A sensual fragrance for women with fresh coriander, juicy Italian bergamot, gold saffron, cashmere wood, French genet and more Price `16, 800


Escada Especially Escada for women is a luxurious combination of rose and ylang ylang Price `5,250



Juicy Viva La Juicy La Fleur a flirty feminine fragrance with the essence of vanilla and caramel Price `4,300

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Tom Ford Ombre de Hyacinth a unisex perfume, the fragrance featuring magnolia petals and musk Price `12, 750


Flash Jimmy Choo with sparkles of pink pepper, tangerine and strawberry, this Eau De Parfum fragrance for women smells dangerously sexy Price `4,900


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For the bridal mane A beautiful bridal headpiece along with a gorgeous gown have the power to give you a flawless look on your wedding day, choose a one depending on the length and thickness of your hair Bridal organza flower hairpins with heat singed edges and rhinestones at the centre.

Red stone studded peacock comb headband

Bridal headband with crystal and pearls

Bridal fascinator handcrafted with goose, rooster and ostrich feathers attached to an alligator clip

Vintage headpiece with Austrian crystals, ivory faux pearls designed as leaves and flowers.



cover model



A power-house performer

A power-house


It’s been a season of highs for Nivin who is the latest golden boy of Mollywood. Miffed with rumours surrounding, Nivin reveals to us that stardom indeed comes with a price. Text Thabitha Marion Photography e said, “there are good times and bad or even worse moments in a person’s life”. But for him who said so,


time has been so blessedly impartial. From the time we part ways after the cover shoot last October, for Nivin there has been little time to turn back and think what’s next. With an amazing career

Actors whom you adore as family men…. Mammootty, Chackochan, Vineeth.

Excerpts Welcome back Nivin….. How has your journey in filmdom been post the cover shoot we had in November? Thank you…. FWD’s shoot has been the snazziest shoot of mine till date. As an actor, the last one year has been a fruitful flight. I had my pick of the crop. Opportunities that came my way got me to line-up with eminent directors; time skilled me to choose quality films and also made me fortunate to be a part of Kollywood. Veritably it was a ‘good

time’. 1983 is all set to release. As a cricketer playing on international fields for CCL, how easy was it to perform onscreen as one? In ‘1983’ I play a village schoolboy who is mad about the sport whereas in CCL I’m a professional cricketer. Playing cricket for ‘1983’ was fun, just like playing the sport with friends in an ordinary field. No targets or overs to watch out for.

graph, commendable characters teamed with excellent cast and crew and successful cross-border debut, he is an actor who thinks with his brain and acts with his heart, a fire ball when someone is

faking, yet a sensitive person who gets disturbed with ingenuity. FWD coaxes out some tangy revelations about the actor who charms the audience with his dimpled smile.

An actress whom you would like to date if you were unmarried Trisha…she is beautiful and an incredible actress

People are anxiously waiting for the movie ‘Om Shanti Oshana’ with the forethought that it is another version of the Tamil blockbuster ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaal’… I guarantee that ‘OSO’ is not an improvised version of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaal’. In fact ‘OSO’ is a romantic comedy, with fun as the building block and a narration primed with quite an atypical approach. 4) Tell us more about ‘OSO’

Directed by Jude Anthony, produced by Alvin and music by Shaan Rahman, the movie will have me and Nazriya pairing once again. Watching the movie I’m certain, all will have a hearty laugh. You are an actor who creates an excellent chemistry with all your heroines; be it Isha, Nasriya and now Nikki. What’s the secret? I suppose you ought to ask them about that. It could be because I never behave as an actor off-



cover model

screen. I never walk around pretending to be high and mighty. Being cordial to the utmost off-screen, indirectly reflects on my acting. Of the three, who is your favourite co-star? I just had a few shots with Nikki. Nazriya and Isha, they both are my buddies. Nazriya and I are friendlier beccause we share a lot of screen time, but I presume as a co-star Isha is equally friendly. The fake news about you not responding to Mohanlal’s call caught up like wildfire. Posting your apologies via social media, did you meet the actor in person to sort out the matter? It was an episode created, either due to personal vengeance or just to create waves in the industry. As the issue has been straightened out with the post of Mohanlal sir, I breathe peace. Afterwards I got to see Lalettan from a distance on the celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema held at Chennai, but as he was seated in front, I couldn’t meet him. But when we did talk over the phone, he consoled me saying that its part and parcel of showbiz. Turning back to a year’s successful career, which character do you find the most challenging? Just as I read the script of




A power-house performer

‘1983’ I was keyed up. Its narration was intriguing. I was prepared, but then when I discussed it with my friends; few of them opined that my experience was too little for the role. I didn’t get convinced. The thought of not doing the film was making me feel bad and so audaciously I took it up. You portrayed a negative character in ‘Da Thadiya’ that was highly acclaimed by the audience, when can we see you next taking up such roles? I love doing negative roles in films by prolific directors, provided the role has prominence. If not for a creative director like Aashiq Abu, I might not even have agreed to play the villainous ayurvedic guru in ‘Da Thadiya’.

I like Mammotty sir’s selections. I do closely watch his attire and accessories when he attends award nights. It’s your birthday this month…what plans? Most likely I will be on the sets of ‘OSO’ and if I happen to be in Kochi, I will celebrate the day at home with my family. Memorable birthday you

had….. That’s my previous birthday as that was the time when my career bloomed and the fatherly moments I got to have with my newborn. It was my first birthday celebration with my son Neil around. Libra, your sun sign says that you’re superficial. Are you? So far I’m not. I’m a person who gives my 100% in every relationship. Upcoming projects…. An untitled film by Anjali Menon, produced by Anwar Rasheed, a romance flick by Shibu Anthikad and two humorous Tamil movies are the ones in the pipeline. Have you ever cheated in a relationship? Not yet….but has got into misunderstandings. ost luxurious investM ment after you became a celeb….. Like anyone I too love to go around in a luxury car. But I’m withholding the desire to invest in better assets like properties. Something that distracts you…. Negative vibes and pretention puts me off If I sense that the people whom I’m close with are faking, I tell it onto their face, “Listen… you’re being fake”. But to others I bite my tongue.

A confident actor but an unsure driver….. I do drive but unlike other actors who love driving long distances, I enjoy relaxing on the back seat. A few say that you’re a proud peacock. Is it so Nivin? It may perhaps be my reserved nature that people misunderstands. I’m not the kind who takes initiative in starting a conversation and so my friends keep telling me that celebs need to be out going. But then can a leopard change his spots. An actor who is your fashion guru….. I like Mammotty sir’s selections. I do closely watch his attire and accessories when he attends award nights. Your favourite hangout in Kochi Cocoa Tree, Panampilly Nagar Favourite brands Zara, Pull & Bear, UCB Shopping destination Benguluru, Chennai Nivin’s food philosophy A strict diet only for films



Falu red V neck tee paired with torn washed denims.





Matters Photographer Andres Gutierrez Associate Photographer Jinson Abraham Model Nivin Pauly Makeup Shabu Pulpally Production Maxxo Creative Location Courtesy Alanta Residency,


Automotive Partner





Balancing Act Azure blue buttoned full sleeve t-shirt worn with faded blue jeans.



On a High Pink digital printed round neck t-shirt sported with folded denims.





behind the scenes


Creating the oomph Moments a sneak peek into the making of the FWD Cover & centerspreads

fashion crew Makeup : Shabu Pulpally Production: Maxxo Creative

photo - crew Photographer: Andres Gutierrez DOP: Abhilash Neelakandan

video - crew Direction: Chachu, Amarnath DOP: Sibu V. Sam Stills: Vishnu Sivanandan

Various stages of the photoshoot

Pro: Manu Joseph

Equipment used Cameras used : Canon 5d mark 2 Lens: EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM, 16mm f/1.8 II, EF70-200mm f/4L USM Lighting equipments: Bowens Duo 2400 & soft light beauty reflectors

Nivin checking out the photos

Our Associates



Photo crew busy discussing the shots with Nivin



Interview TR Shamsudheen

“I’m a director’s

producer” He’s a man with a midas touch, after a splendorous inning as a successful businessman; TR Shamsudheen is trying his hands on movie production. ‘1983’ his debut cricket themed movie is all set to hit theatres soon. Text Thabitha Marion Photos Shani R Shamsudheen is a world of yin and yang. In one moment he is a power-packed producer, the next minute he is a self-effacing man who simply can’t stop


showering praises on the ‘1983’ crew. He tells us that though new to the tinsel town he has an eye for good scripts. TR Shamsudheen who heads the Cochin College of Engineering and Technology in Malappuram

and Cochin Institute of Science and Technology at Muvattupuzha says being a businessman the only competitor he competes is himself and has always had ambitious plans for reinvention.

Quick Read Favourite Malayalam director… Anwar Rasheed... he is a director who can do wonders beyond the script in hand. Was Nivin Pauly the first preference for ‘1983’? Yes...the character suits him the best. The last time Sahmsudhin played a cricket match with friends for fun….. On the locations of ‘1983’ with cast and crew. If not a businessman, what would you have been? Just another engineer... Favourite hangout in Kochi… Matteo at Marine Drive Ever fancy acting or directing yourself…. you think I can do justice to it. Your brands.... Etro, Thomas Pink, Burberry,Hackett Gadget you cannot miss out on..... I-phone and Blackberry Porsche Shamsudheen is a producer.... .....who gives immense freedom to a director at work.



Excerpts Mollywood has had hardly any scripts on sports. What is your expectancy about the film at the box office? Yes, it’s true. Malayalam so far had only a handful of sports movies. Having said that ‘1983’ is not simply a sports movie. Though it shows the spirit of India winning the World Cup, the film portrays the years of a good student taking turns with cricket; with a tint of romance and fun. It’s a family entertainer that tries to sketch the fun element . Was the rage over CCL one of the reasons for the making ‘1983’? Perhaps I can call it one of the factors; people’s attention and gusto towards cricket when clubbed with celebrities. It is greatly accepted by the public and I think Kerala is a State that roared with utmost excitement and so I guess the movie too wouldn’t fail to engender the same. Your confidence in Abrid Shine, the talented fashion photographer turning a director with your debut movie …… For me the relation with debutante Abrid Shine kick started with the pho-

Will the movie gift its audience a spirit-filled sports anthem Yes, it all there are four songs in the movie. The sports anthem sung by Shankar Mahadevan is a peppy track and so I anticipate the song to go viral.

tography projects he had taken up of my educational institutions. Then on we shared our interests in film; my liking for production and his in direction. He discussed with me the script that took him a year to complete. I found it appealing. The self-assurance he shows and the creativeness he bears instilled in me the courage and so we went ahead with ‘1983’. Anoop Menon is an actor who is individually not too keen about hitting the gym. Being so, how effortless was it to prepare him as a cricket coach? He may not be trim but the actor’s marvellous efforts have helped to upgrade his character role to a better level, which we never dreamt of. His flexibility in experimenting and icy cool nature has got him through the character exceedingly well. Initially the director quoted that the movie being would cast Mollywood’s top actress. Does choosing Nikki Galra explicitly show the unwillingness of heroines to play the lead in a sports film? Definitely not ... It’s

because of date issues we couldn’t decide on many heroines. And moreover the script demands the heroine to portray the role of a school going lass who falls in love with Rameshan (Nivin). I suppose Abrid’s decision in choosing her is just so right.

In an industry where the whole lot primarily works on relationships, how do you deal with star egos? I’m in the early hours. So far I haven’t experienced anything of that sort, hopefully not in future as well.

As a young boy can you reminisce the day in 1983 when the Indian Cricket Team won the World Cup? Well, I’m an 84 born and so unluckily missed the ‘hearsay’ thrilling match at the Lords Cricket Ground. But now the actuality of producing a movie titled ‘1983’ gives me immense joy.

In the last few years the business model of the industry has changed massively. Supposedly do you think it’s a good time to be in movie business? There’s no time like ‘the best time’. For a film to be successful all that is indispensable is a good script and a well designed direction.

The script-writers have drawn parallels for Nivin’s character ‘Rameshan’ with Sachin Tendulkar. Was ‘Rameshan’ in anyhow influenced by Sachin ‘Ramesh’ Tendulkar? Yes, somewhere it has. And talking about parallel connections with the master blaster, if it was Ajith Tendulakar who supported and paved way for Sachin, in ‘1983’ its Vijay Menon (Anoop Menon) for Rameshan (Nivin Pauly).

What next for Shamsudheen as a producer and entrepreneur? A romantic flick by Shibu Anthikad starring Nivin, a thriller by director Salam Bhukaari starring Dulqar Salman and an untitled film by Roshan Andrews scripted by Sanjay Gopi. On the business level I’m envisioning about a world class township clubbed with a Medical college, Biz Park, Living spaces, Health care, Education and Hospitality. spread across 200 acres.



cover story

Are Campaigns the latest fad in Kerala?

Are campaigns

the latest fad in Kerala?



All that glitters is gold!! Text FWD Team

Photos Various Sources

t’s true that the glitter of gold and the sparkle of diamond never fades and so is Malayalis love for them. They never wait for an occasion to buy it. The spend¬ing bustle, be it a


marriage, betrothal or a baby christening is usually felt first at a branded jeweller. Soaring gold rates or a slight downfall hardly deter the rush to covet the yellow metal. When the market is such, jewellers felt

that there is a call for getting into a one-is-to-one relationship with the customers by offering something special during celebrations. Mining through customers’ requirements and trends in fashion they too

followed the marketing culture of hosting campaigns. Wanting to know more about jewellery campaigns, trends and brand strategies in the market, we got in touch with a pioneering mind in the jewellery sector.


The Almighty Gold As you all are familiar with, we are a world class jewellery group who proffers to our clients’, designs that are a by-product of incomparable gorgeous ideas and vicissitudes. Inspired by the timelessness of everlasting meticulous craft and modernisms of today, our collections can boast of opulent styles that fuse the elegance of diamonds, gold and platinum with iconic contemporary design. Although there isn’t much gap amid the choices of generations, we make sure that our designs come in different varieties; including the modern designs that is a brain wave of the customary motifs. For brides- to-be we have plethora of options that can gratify the fondness of wedding clients of all kinds. Considering our responsibility in catering the variegated interests, quite often we come up with novel campaigns for our walk-ins. We look upon it as the best promising means to serve our customers in purchasing the most outstanding mélange of jewellery. The last campaign we hosted was ‘Onam Mahotsav’ held throughout the festive season. Having been asked about the demand for gold deteriorating with the advent of stunning diamonds and platinum jewellery, I think the yellow metal still manages to retain its glitter inspite of people going gaga over diamonds and platinum. They even purchase gold at times of gold rate fluctuations. That makes it evident that mindset of customers has changed considerably from what it used to be before. There was an era when a sudden fall in gold rates would see customers flooding in and vice versa, but I think now people have overgrown all that.



cover story

Are Campaigns the latest fad in Kerala?

The Magic and Magnificence Time is an ever-changing factor and so are the innovations in the garment sector. Just as how we hit upon modish apparels in fad, the approach of them being catered to us is evenly important. Many a times we are in a fix to decide on the best season for shopping or maybe doubtful about grabbing the desired wear. Though we wouldn’t have taken note of this baffling situation, the textile tycoons discovered this shopping hitch in the textiles sector of Kerala. Initially the industry had started off with sales and discount offers, now the major players are endlessly on the go to make their best efforts in wooing the customers by incorporating campaigns; the kinds that emphasizes on collections that’s worth its designs and fabric. We had a conversation with the most enterprising and promising competitors in the industry and this is what they had to say.

Fabindia: The Elegance



We are indeed the pioneer’s in bringing India’s traditional handloom & handicrafts into the contemporary context, making them available on a mass retail platform. In fact the initiative has been copied by start-ups & established brands; that is a better example of our success in popularizing craft. Fabindia, as a brand and by virtue of its distinct products, finds easy resonance with Kerala customers. While we have a perennial customer base for our products, we do build campaigns by consciously not advertising with models, just to propagate the idea that Fabindia is for everyday and for everyone. The Linen Work-wear line in stores right now is one such campaign for the stylish & elegant. It’s a collection of linen clothing for men and women who are particular about comfort and class. For women we have tunics, short kurtas, shirts & pants with subtle detailing – a pleat here, a tuck there, embroidery somewhere, available in a natural colour palette as well as tangerine, turquoise and reds. Apart from the solid colour shirts in classic as well as seasonal palette, for men we have also introduced close-fit shirts in muted tone-on-tone small motif block-prints. And next in line we’ve a tightly curated showcase of heritage Banarasi Saris & occasion-wear jewellery in silver with gold plated accents in forms of Jhumkas and neck jewellery. Connoisseur of fine craftsmanship & lover of rich traditions would love the showcase of this limited edition that

begins by October 4th. There will be Jhumkas & neck ornaments complementing banarasi woven jacquard & zari saris bringing a forgotten motif idiom back in the reckoning. This will be followed by ‘Qaiser Bagh’, a festive collection that got inspiration by the rich opulence of ancient Mughal courts. Rich in colours and enriched with motifs in print & embroideries will be at all stores by mid-October.

of prints, designs and brands. So we set off with the ‘Feel Fresh’ campaign, a shopping extravaganza for our clients who trusts that they’re buying style and more importantly making an artistic statement with their purchase. For this campaign we popularized seven new brands for boys, nine brands for girls, five designer brands on salwar suits, varieties of Arabic Lacha, Swaroski saris and a latest collection on men’s wear. As such campaigns don’t occur all the time, so from day one it was a crowd puller. Professionals, house wives, kids and NRI’s were mostly to be found. And when it comes to shopping we saw two sorts of customers; one bagging a number of apparels and the others picking the minimum. The former clients were NRI’s who were on a holiday. For them visiting their city and shopping the kind of ethnic clothing they fancy happens only once a year. So their selections covered most clothing for their upcoming ceremonies and festivals lying ahead over the year. There were customers from different districts catching up trains, coming just for a day’s shopping. Customers who used to regularly visit our store in Coimbatore also visited the ‘Feel Fresh’ campaign to spot more varieties.

The Dazzling World of Designerwears

chennai silks:

The six-yard saga When we thought of carrying out a campaign, what we had in mind was a concept that would bloom freshness to each ones wardrobe. Month by month, there are a lot of them happening all around the year, and so our intention was to introduce a campaign that would build a colour riot and newness in terms

Gone are the days Keralites used to think twice before bagging a designer wear. Though it’s still on the way to catch up with label brands, the exposure people derive or the influences of celeb style statements have shaped an experimental element in many. With celebrities taking ethnic-inspired chic attire on red carpets and on the big screen, there has been a steady increase in buyer interest, which in turn has led to the launch of some prominent brands like Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul and handloom fashion fabrics like Fabindia. To put across individuality and identity on a high pedestal, each one of us are trying our utmost to look the best by being inimitable and beguiling. After all who wouldn’t love to be showered with compliments that surpass all superlatives? This is where designer wears steps in lending a hand in making each one a style icon of the city. They too are no less when it comes to promotional campaigns. So for our readers who are into designer wear trends in clothing, here we unveil some upcoming campaigns and more on how the market is thriv



cover story

Are Campaigns the latest fad in Kerala?

thriving in Kerala.

Ritukumar: Tailored to perfection We are not new to Kerala. The cities of Kerala have seen so much of us during exhibitions hosted all across the State. And while hosting these exhibitions we have noticed how keen fashionable women; be it Kottayam, Trivandrum or Calicut are to bag designer wear clothing. I personally feel that the level of exposure is far more today when compared to the trends and stylishness ten years ago. Their aspirations to be well dressed in exclusives have gone up to a higher echelon. Those who are familiar with designer

wear ‘without doubts’ are comfortable with the prices too as they have an idea about the specialty of the design and its value. When some new customers who aren’t much aware about the goodness of our apparel comes to us either at the store or for the exhibition, we take them around, knowledge them with the nature of style, handwork and designing involved in every piece, they get convinced. There again, though they love designer wear, Kerala is still hesitant to try out incredibly heavily worked suits and saris. Their tastes are more receptive to lighter karigari and subtle embroideries. If we look at the movement of ethnic wear in Kerala, it’s a mix of both; as youngsters aspire for designer wear while the elder customers have better purchasing power.



Happenings,Food, Page 3 & More In Kochi GET YOUR FREE COPY FROM ALL LEADING HANGOUTS IN KOCHI OR CALL 9809010111




Happenings, Food, Offers & More in the city. FROM

/whatsupkochi 2013 OCTOBER




satya paul: Haute Couture

Synonymous with signature prints, evocatively feminine designs and undying style, our collection is the interplay of vivid colors, fine couture, silhouettes and modishness that not only works on rich fabrics, superior embroidery and embellishments, but also a label that does give emphasis to accessories for men and women like classy scarves’, clutches, handbags and ties with daring and idiosyncratic prints adding to its glamour. In addition to it, bridal collection by Satya Paul stands out for its beauty and elegance creating a perfect trousseau every bride would dream of, for their most special day. We believe in trends n’ seasons and so the collections for Autumn-Winter 2013 is the ‘Old Street Neon Lights’, a collection that would explore the complexities of a young lady’s persona with unconventional prints defining her perceptions about life. It will comprise of four prints, conveying ideas and emotions of ‘her’ mind; lipstick symbolizing feminity, abstract print marks portraying the way of life, telephone booth representing her constant wait and ink drops depicting various changes that ‘she’ undergoes. Being asked about how complimenting Satya Paul’s collections for full-figured women are, I consider them to be just right as the assortments are exotic light weighted crepe silk, satin silk, georgette, chiffons, jacquard silks and tulles that makes the adorned look slimmer than what she is.



As per IRS Q4 2012 AIR DATA (unduplicated readership of TNIE + Dinamani + Kannada Prabha)


Make your brand the talk of the nation with The New Indian Express Group. One of the largest media conglomerates, the Group's bouquet of publications offer you an array of unmatched advantage over others. With a soaring AIR of 22.56 lakhs readers*, the Group's dailies, weeklies and magazines both in English & Vernacular provide you a perfect platform to reach out to millions of people across The New Indian Express | The New Sunday Express | Dinamani | Kannada Prabha | 2013 OCTOBER The Sunday Standard | Cinema Express | Malayalam Varikha | Sakhi | All that Glitters



pr es ents


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6 th September 2013 i n a s s o ci at i on wi t h


f eaturi ng

DJ Sekhar 6 t h September,



fo r m o re d eta i ls ca ll

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outdoor par tner

w in e p a r tn e r

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d igi t a l p a r tn e r

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p r o mo p a r tn e r s

ra d i o pa r tne r

e ne rgy pa r tne r

o n l i n e p a r tn e r

starry night The evening was perfectly set for an amazing soiree at Ava lounge, Dream Hotel in Kochi for the cover launch of September issue of Kerala’s first premium lifestyle magazine FWD Life. Celebrities and socialites descended in full swing to attend the bash. Actors and FWD cover models Unni Mukundan, Maria, Pearle Maaney and Anu Mukundan unveiled the magazine cover amid loud cheers.



fwd life cover launch The glitterati came in full attendance for an exciting evening at Dream Hotel for the cover launch of September issue of FWD Life Magazine.







private jet

Boeing Business Jet 2

When sky is the limit… FWD RATING Gone are the days when swanky cars drew the fancy of business celebrities. Today sleek jets and luxury yachts have become the eye candies of elite.

he world’s super rich is believed to spend more than half of their lives globetrotting in aircrafts and it’s no sin if they have a flying luxurious home-cumoffice abode specifically tailored in accordance with their requirements to maintain extravagant




life even in the midair. Mukesh Ambani, the business honcho who spearheads the Reliance Industries empire owns a fleet of private jets and frequently flies his older version of Global Express. Boeing Business Jet 2 carries a perfect mix of grandeur and 21st century technology with state – of – the – art -

327 crore approx

amenities. It is exquisitely and is royally designed down to the tiniest luxurious detail. Derived from the 737-800 airframe design, the plane is a veritable flying hotel-cum-boardroom. Powered by two General Electric/Snecma CFM56-7 engines, the BBJ2 can cover an astounding 6616.miles, with a top speed of Mach 0.82. Ambani’s BBJ2

includes a boardroom and plush executive seats. However, the aircraft comes with the additional option of creating personal environment. The cockpit is equipped with the state of the art Honeywell digital avionics system, along with Flight Dynamics HGS 2000 heads-up display. Its 1,004 sq-ft cabin can seat up to 78 passengers. Apart

from the Boeing Business Jet 2, in 2007, Mukesh Ambani had gifted his wife, Neeta Ambani, a Rs 242 crore (Rs 2.4 billion) Airbus 319 Corporate Jet on her 44th birthday. Ambani also owns a Falcon 900EX.

snapshot FWD’s TAKE Private jets provide scope for both leisure and business activities in equilibrium. According to research & consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, China has a total of 93 private jets and Japan has 76. Meanwhile India has 142, making it the country with the most private jets in all of Asia. India’s private jet ownership is expected to double by 2021, say manufacturers and analysts.


** on the road price , Cochin

Mukesh Ambani had gifted his wife, Neeta Ambani, a Rs 242 crore Airbus 319 Corporate Jet on her 44th birthday.


travel Monaco

Fall in love with

Monaco The international aura of Monaco is indescribable; everything about this exotic destination is rich, colourful and flamboyant

he existence of Monaco is inseparable from the Grimaldi royal dynasty and the legend of the iconic princess Grace Kelly. A country that preserves its rich history and yet beautifully blends glamour and culture




effortlessly, Monaco is a land of welcome and innovation. Strategically located, the Principality of Monaco is the starting point to visit both the South of France and the North of Italy. It’s an epicenter that combines the best of both regions that embraces harmonious devel-

opment. A destination to revere, the weather here is simply dazzling. The warm and temperate Mediterranean climate permits tourists to visit Monaco throughout the year, with late spring and early autumn being the most favourable times to

Quick Read Places to stay Monaco Suites de Boracay from $185 per night per person Le Monaco Hôtel & Thalasso from $109 per night per person Hotel Boutique Monaco from $88 per night per person Hotel Monaco from $73 per night per person Hotel De Monaco from $228 per night per person Hai Phong Monaco Hotel from $30 per night per person Monaco Center Inn from $66 per night per person

and Milan; ‘train bleu’ connects Ventimiglia and Paris; and the high speed TGV runs between Nice and Paris.

visit. July and August, are peak tourist periods in Monaco with temperatures peaking over 30 degrees Celsius and attracting innumerable tourists from around the world. With unparalleled splendor and opulence this tiny state celebrates life year round.

Moving Around

Getting Inn By Plane The Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport links the Principality of Monaco to more than 86 worldwide destinations.

By Train Monaco can be reached by railway services. The Monaco-Monte Carlo station provides good service to neighbouring cities in France and Italy. International trains ‘Ligure’ links Marseilles


Flying in helicopters is an exciting experience for international tourists to commence their tour of this beautiful landscape city-state. The fares for helicopter service may vary depending on the season and range from €100 – €300 in lean seasons and surge up to €700 or more during the heavy tourist season. An alternative, and perhaps much cheaper mode of transportation is renting a motor scooter in Nice – this way is a popular and very unique way to explore Monaco.

Things to Do

Situated on the French Riviera, this tiny peninsular country is a hub for everything flashy and splendid. From flamboyant clubs to extravagant casinos, from grand yachts to ultra luxury shopping, from rejuvenating spas to sumptuous cuisines from around the world this destination offers a holiday wrapped in utmost magnificence. Monaco is renowned for its glamorous and affluent setting and is the ultimate playground for the wealthy. It’s a galaxy of the world’s major casinos and one cannot escape the magic of gambling. It is a destination for those with the energy for partying, discovering today’s trendiest table games. Casino de Monte Carlo, Casino Café de Paris, sun Casino are some of the legendary casinos known for their glam factor.

Monaco’s nightlife is certainly a thing visitors swear by! Clubs, discotheques and fusion restaurants can be found everywhere. Jimmy’z, Stars and Bars, The Black Legend are some of the wellknown night clubs. The night life further extends with the fascinating operas in Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo offers some of the finest couture in the market. This locale has everything a label lover will be excited with – Hermes, Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada, Bulgari, Cartier and Chopard you name it they have it. With adventures and pleasures tailored for every individual taste, getting to know Monaco means surprises, discoveries and new experiences. So why not go in for an amazing tour of Monaco.

Monaco Grand Prix

Every year the principality hosts the Monaco Grand Prix, a Formula One motor race held on the Circuit de Monaco since 1929, it is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world. Royals and celebrities descend to watch the Grand Prix, sunning themselves in the rich city as the action heats up the street.



Interview Manish Malhotra

“The Traditioal Palette

Has a Lot to Choose From” Leading couturier Manish Malhotra is the man who rightfully deserves the mantle for reviving the rich legacy of Indian craftsmanship and popularising Indian prêt in the international fashion arena. Text Sunaina Hans he crème de la crème of both India and abroad, love to get adorned in his dazzling collection. And, it is a dream of every bride to get dressed in his de-




signs on their special day! Manish Malhotra, the famed name of the Indian fashion industry is very Indian at his heart and chooses designs and textures which are intricate and essentially Indian. With his great Indi-

an tang in creations, Manish has changed the outlook of Indian fashion which was looking at the West for style. Manish truly loves India with its rich culture and he exhorts every creative person to embrace it. His love

and passion towards the Indian culture and his career keeps him going on and developing great designs every time. With a unique elegance as his hallmark, he has created a number of amazing outfits.

Excerpts How the essential Indianness is preserved in your designs? From the beginning of my career I have been encouraging Indianhandicrafts very actively through my designs and collections. It is my humble way of accepting as well as respecting the rich heritage and culture of our country. My motive is wto make these crafts popular and urge people to include them in their lifestyle. One such is my Kashmiri collection- ‘Gulaala and Glitoor’, which is truly Indian and for which I had worked very closely

Who is your favourite of all Bollywood beauties? It is very difficult to choose from.... If given a chance I’d love to design for Mumtaz or Zeenat Aman

with many local artisans. Similarly, the phulkari, the famous Punjabi embroidery was presented in my recent autumn – winter collection titled ‘Threads of Emotions’. The chikankari work from Mijwan was one interested me a lot. What’s your take on the Indian bridal wear? The Indian bride is the most beautiful; my whole team agrees it. Our bridal collections are in amalgamation with various cultures of India. Recently, we acclaimed the legacy and magic of Phulkari and Bagh embroidery works

from Punjab which is very colourful and makes a bride look vibrant and lovely. The brides-to-be of South are very keen to hear your tips. Please tell Brides should look like a queen on their D-day. They should explore more with bridal dress than going by niches in terms of colours as well as designs. Of course, Indian bride needs to be dressed in a traditional way. But being traditional, still you can add uniqueness to your attire through colour combinations, some out of

the box designs, draping styles and more. But, care should be taken that with all this; the bride shouldlook elegant and at the same time sophisticated but should not go too much blingy with either dress or make-up. had used lot of georgette, chiffon and net fabrics along with various assorted textures and a splash of affluent colours like rich navy blue, deep yellow, deep rust, olive greens,strong reds and pinks. I would suggest brides to try these colours and textures.assorted textures and a splash of affluent colours like rich navy



Interview Manish Malhotra

Excerpts blue, deep yellow, deep rust, olive greens, strong reds and pinks. I would suggest brides to try these colours and textures. What are the top things brides and grooms should take care while deciding their D- day looks? I have seen many men dressing up too much and at the end look like part of the band group. I request them to keep a manly look by being simple in attires and add beautiful elements here and there. I’d suggest well fitted Sherwanis devoid of shiny fabrics for



What’s your take on International Fashion Industry? International companies like Dior started backing up designers as early as 40s. Our companies should back up at least five top Indian designers.

men. The key focus should be more on clean and simple cuts. As per my vision, a man looks his best in a sharp and dapper look. Brides can focus on volume and while choosing the jewellery, I’d suggest them to stay away from too much bling and go for something more stylish and traditional. They can also play with interesting embroiders and hues. Fashion and Style; are they same? Or how would you differentiate these two? Both are entirely different things and at the

same time complimentary to each other. Everyone should take care of both. Fashion is short-lived whereas style is constant. Style is the top most thing; the essence of one’s personality and which can be developed with time. Fashion faux pas happen when it lacks style. Every individual should strive to develop their own style; how you wear than what you wear. What are the kinds of clothes you love to work with? I prefer less fussyclothes; those which have symmet-

ric lines clean and simple cuts. I love being traditional, so of course Jodhpuris and bandhgalas would be my all time favourites. Youngsters can infuse their own style with tradition in an interesting way. And, nothing stands parallel to a basic pair of well-fitted jeans and good shoes. Before winding up, please tell us about your journey It has been two decades and for my label it has been more than six years now. I enjoy my work and every hectic day of my life.

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Quick Read

Triangle House

Simple, Smart and

Functional too... This home is unique because it is designed thoughtfully to be practical and at the same time keeping in mind the fun and functional aspects

A contemporary styled house with a mix of simple yet edgy elements Type Individual House Owned by Joju & Shelly, Thrissur Area 6 cents, 2500 sq ft Location Nellankara, Thrissur

Text Dhanya Menon Photos Ajeeb Komachi


Design Ar. Josna Raphael, Kavyam Designs, Kadavil Lane, Chembukavu, Thrissur. Tel: 9847632116

01 A visual impact is created with a multi-dimensional view for the house

02 A dash of freshness

is given to the dining space with a striped wall paper

03 Upper living space like a deck, with a complete view spaces below

04 A contemporary

red and black colour themed kitchen and breakfast counter

very project has different inspiration and are backed by different inputs from the clientele. According to Josna Raphel, the real challenge




is to match up to the client’s expectations without compromising her design philosophy. Simple and Functional, Practical and Delightful - that’s the style of this Triangle House named ‘Flinch’.

The Concept

interior work begins. There is a

Located in Thrissur, this ‘Triangle House’ in form was conceptualized as an interior-architectural project, where there is no clear distinction, where the architectural work ends and the

clever mix of several functional elements into the overall style of the house to take care of daily comforts. “The client’s brief was to create a home that veers away

for the stereotypes. The plot provided an interesting design potential with road on two sides and an open space- a paddy field on the third side. As a stand-alone figure, a visual impact is created with a multi-dimensional view as you see the house. The light blue shade of the house blends with the blue sky. The elevation is in different levels of triangles and in different directions. The direct evening sunlight from the south west is shielded with a projected balcony.


Interior Concepts The interiors are cool as maximum heat cut is envisaged by the design with no direct sunlight falling inside. The spaces are made vibrant with tryst with various types of wall claddings, wall papers, shades, beadings and an overall rustic finish. Interior spaces are clear rectangles, with a preference for

03 02

04 02

clear lines in the overall design scheme. There is a feeling of more space due to triangular shape, complimented throughout the entire house

Living Spaces There are two entrances to the house. The formal entrance leads to the formal living space. And a private entrance through the side of the porch to the informal living spaces. The informal and formal living spaces are in 2 levels with pockets in between ensuring maximum privacy. There is one more informal living space at the upper floor which is like a deck, as one get a complete view of dining and other spaces from there.




Triangle House

White and black is the dominant theme of formal living, while a dash of freshness is given to the dining space with a striped wall paper. Different wall claddings of natural stones are used in both spaces lending a dramatic effect and with different moods setting in.

Kitchen The kitchen island and breakfast bar form the division between the kitchen and the dining space. A contemporary red and black colour theme dominates the space to enhance a restaurant like ambience.

Bedrooms Each of the three bedrooms is set with three different moods. The master room with a lavender

tone, guest bedroom in a yellow-orange tone and the kid’s room with a splash of pink, all blends well with the personality of the users. The contemporary theme is extended here also with furniture as well as cupboards.


Other Spaces The house offers a formal sit out area, a semi formal and a private open space to unwind. The staircase area is the main focus area in the ground floor, with a small pebble court, false ceiling and green touches. In short, the Triangle House is a non-fussy, clear lined house with ample private spaces and with a delightful amalgamation of functionality as well as aesthetics.



08 05 Spacious bedroom in a contemporary style

06 Guest bedroom,

bright and lively

07 Kid’s room with an upper study area for less clutter

08 Different wall claddings of natural stones are used through out







Princess OCTOBER 2013

Collection Name : POLKAED MONOCHROME Designer : Shyamji Bhai Photography : Nidhin Radhakrishnan Model : Shruti Viswan Make-up : Sanathoi Leisangthem Headgears : Judy Joicy



English Rose ASleeveless black and white netted gown paired with netted flyaway veil. 74


Larger than Life Cap sleeved polka dotted black n’ white figure hugging long dress matched with a netted headgear. 2013 OCTOBER


The entire Indian film industry came together for a memorable four day event in Chennai to celebrate Indian cinema’s centenary year, from 21st September till 24th September. Chennai has been chosen as it is the birthplace of southern cinema. As many as 41 legends of Indian cinema such as Amitabh Bachchan and K Balachander were felicitated by President Pranab Mukherjee at the centenary celebrations of Indian cinema in Chennai. Artists from 12 industries - Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Odiya, Assamese and Bhojpuri were honoured. Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa, a former actress, was the first recipient of the award.

South Indian film industry celebrates

100 years of Indian Cinema



show biz

fraternity ilm f ian Ind uth The entire so emorate Indian comm to r e came togeth centenary Cinema’s 100th



automotive Renault Koleos

The Power Drive The premium SUV from Renault is one of the best buys in its Class


ex showroom Delhi

he Koleos is a very distinct looking SUV and looks fairly large on the road too. Its large chrome and black grille, a coupe type roof line, prominent design lines all round and slightly odd but standout design for the tail lamps, ensure it’s hard to




confuse with anything else on the road.

The Drive The freshness is equally evident on the inside. The dash design in particular is both modern and soothing. We also like the choice of colours which give the insides of the Koleos both a plush and airy feel. Quality

levels again, are one of the best in the segment. Even the operability is noteworthy, then be it the functioning of the climate control system or just the stalks that operate the lights and wiper. The highlight of the Koleos though is its equipment list and of course a high comfort co-efficient. It has everything

that the segment offers from electric windows, ORVMs and driver seat to climate control with effective rear AC vents, cruise control, steering mounted controls and lots of leather. But, our pick among it all is the Bose audio system. It sounds every bit as good as you have heard Bose systems do. Begin driving the Koleos,

and the first thing that strikes you is how comfortable the ride is on the Renault. It irons out almost everything that comes its way with the least bit of fuss. There’s very little body movement over rough patches either and the ride is quiet too. Then of course, it has large, cushy and comfy seats and with a light steering and reasonably good visibility all round, it is also quite easy to drive both within the city and on the highways. We don’t mind the handling too much either. Yes, it’s not as sharp as a sedan and it does roll more than we would have liked when driven around a hilly road, but it’s not scary. You can still point it in the direction you want to go and it will follow. The grip levels aren’t too bad either. And on dirt or gravel, with its predictive rear slides, it can be a great deal of fun too.




Premium Hotels Australia

Majestic abodes of

Australia Australia is a phenomenal blend of architecture, heritage, glorious bays, countless tourism attractions and extremely friendly people. Almost all world renowned hotel groups have their luxury abodes here that offer exquisite, stylish, large, safe, and comfortable suites, with extraordinary services to explore the country.


Emporium Hotel, Queensland Its Queensland’s first luxury boutique hotel conceived, designed and created to have a cocktail bar, Belle Époque Patisserie, roof top terrace with sauna and lap pool, an events centre, business centre, in-suite spa menu and 24hr concierge services. rating:


Qualia, Hamilton Island Situated on the secluded northern-most tip of Hamilton Island surrounded by all the splendor of the Great Barrier Reef, this world class luxury hotel has Leeward pavilion, windward pavilion or the Beach House to choose from for a relaxing stay. Swimming pools, yoga, casual and formal dining, a fully-equipped gym and a tranquil library.


Crown Towers Hotel, Melbourne Beautifully located on the southern bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Crown Towers is a hotel that truly understands the meaning of opulence. Lavishly appointed and offering an impeccable standard of customer service and attention to detail, all of Crown Towers’ 481 luxuriously appointed oversized guest rooms have spectacular views to the city or Port Phillip Bay and feature a truly unique level of comfort and finish. Each room has the latest in room technology.



The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne Located opposite to the Parliament, this treasured hotel at the Collins Street was once owned by a royal family and it continues to be the favourite of celebs and top class businessmen.


Thorngrove Manor Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia Thorngrove Manor in Stirling, Adelaide has been described as one of the world’s outstanding luxury hotels. A recipient of many awards, this is no ordinary hotel. Thorngrove Manor, Stirling is unique in both design and vision. There is imagination behind the decor, variations on a theme that renders each room a masterpiece in its own right.


Port Douglas Peninsula Boutique Hotel, Queensland Located at a beachside and offering the perfect stay in a quiet, peaceful oasis this retreat is for those looking for comfort and luxury combined with the friendliness. This multi award winning hotel offers apartment style accommodation. This unique style of accommodation in Port Douglas is most sought after and combines both hotel services with the benefits of self catering apartments.



Echoes Resort Blue Mountains, Katoomba, New South Wales Those who are wishing to truly experience Australian culture Echoes Resort Blue Mountains is the space that is spacious, elegant, and filled with opulence. Individual design traits pay homage to surroundings. The spectacular mountain setting, stunning views, and exceptional meeting and banquet facilities of Echoes Resort are ideal for your memorable event. Combined with our sumptuous surroundings, the exceptional dining venues entwine gourmet cuisine with indigenous flavour.

Park Hyatt, Sydney With breathtaking views, the Park Hyatt’s biggest draw is its waterfront address within the rocks, it brings a new level of contemporary luxury to the edge of Sydney Harbour. With an unrivalled harbourfront location between the world-famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, Park Hyatt Sydney offers guests an intimate, residential-style hotel with architecture and art that reflects the Australian landscape with highly attentive personal service.





FRINGEs VS MONOKINIS Hit the pool, make a splash and look uber cool in these trendy swim suits that can accentuate your hour-glass figure

Black Dip Dye Fringe Bikini Price `4,000 app

Black fringed halter neck monokini with tie fastenings Price `2,692 app

Turquoise halter neck monokini with diamante skull detail Price `2,792 app Tribal print bandeau one-piece with black fringe Price `9,406

Fringe Olive Bikini Price `3,015 app Monokini Swimsuit Halter Top Navy Paisley Price `3,700 app 82


Women’s Fashion Sexy Multipattern Wireless Beach Wear Halter Bikinis Price `3,014 Just Cavalli metallic monokini with rhinestone Price ` 15,277 app

There is more to stay than luxury& comfort

Now Get FWD life Magazine in leading luxury Hotel rooms in Cochin

available at




GoZzip Inauguration



If you are the one looking for endless gossips combined with the best gourmet in town, hit Gozzip, the latest eatery in town. Location Panampilly Nagar Cochin


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Latest timewear collection for watch connoisseurs




Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Ladies

Ulysse Nardin Caprice

Time and again Ultimate form of luxury that you can wear on your wrist

For Enquries Swiss Watch Boutique Ground Floor, Lulu International Shopping Mall, Edapally Ph: 91420 91420 86


Ulysse Nardin GMT Dual Time Executive Lady

Ulysse Nardin Lady Marine Diver



Swatch Piece of Art

Playtime Show the artistic side of you in these amazing time pieces. SWATCH 3 LADIES KALINKA-MALINKA

For Enquries Swatch Store Ground Floor, Lulu International Shopping Mall, Edapally Ph: 91425 91425

Swatch Time Never Dies




Swatch Store: Ground Floor, Lulu International Shopping Mall Edappally, Kochi - 682 024 Ph: 91425 91425




Oris Aquis Lady Date


For Enquries Swiss Watch Boutique Ground Floor, Lulu International Shopping Mall, Edapally Ph: 91420 91420 90


Perfect Timing A perfect companion for your dream date



Casio classic multi personalized watch

Casio Baby-G

On Time Mind blowing watches for a stylish night out

For Enquries Casio Store First Floor, Lulu International Shopping Mall, Edapally Ph: 91426 91426



Casio sheen multi dials

Casio Youth Silver/Pink Analog Watch

Casio Store

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impact of technology on relationships

Is technology the

new ‘home wrecker’? The bedroom is supposed to be the place where you cuddle, make love and most importantly reconnect. But with the incursion of so many gadgets forget about love, people don’t even see eye to eye hen was the last time you and your partner took a stroll down the lane or can you recall the day when you both had spend some quality time together? And finally when was the last time your partner initiated sex? If you can’t recollect any of these then your life may be heading towards some serious trouble and before you blame your lagging sex drive or your busy schedule for the lack of sparks in the bedroom, turn your attention to the innocuous little smartphone, tablet or laptop kept beside that could have a serious impact on your sex life. The constant connectedness, the beeping, buzzing and bleeping digital devices you carry around, are silently taking a toll on your relationships. The technology and the virtual world that was touted to enhance the real world




are actually killing the intimacy between people. Though we’re able to connect at greater speed, lower cost and reach out to people all over the world the communication between couple are dying out. According to a study conducted by Sleep Council in Britain a quarter of couples regularly sleep apart as British bedrooms are increasingly going hi-tech. A vast majority is using at least one gadget before bedtime and one in three made phone calls or sent emails in bed while one in five admitted to surfing networking websites such as Facebook, playing computer games or listening to a portable music player. With 24/7 internet access the bedtime routines are becoming busier. They are driving couples’ bedtimes and their bedrooms apart, opine experts. Of recently, studies

also show that people have become so obsessed with having a virtual presence that very few make it a point to socialise in the real world. This was evident when 98% of couples said they had never held a dinner party for friends, which was a common practice earlier. Couples now prefer to hangout with their friends on the net, using video conference or group messages. Though we cannot shun technology as it has become a vital part of our lives, we have to make an effort to ensure that we are not enslaved by it. No amount of gadgets can replace the level of interaction that you experience when communicating face to face with a person. So, before technology kills conversation and our relationship with our closed ones, go for a digital detox!

Quick Read Rekindle the spark

Plan for an ‘our time’ with your partner and make a conscious effort not to use a communication device during this time. Switch off your laptop or phone before going to bed, and while out for dinner with your partner, friends and family. Avoid browsing the net on your phone or laptop while having a conversation with your partner as it’s disrespectful. Heed the call for a Digital Detox

Digital Detox is a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices. Practising digital detox reduces stress and makes a person reconnect with real world. By simply avoiding online games and online feeds or by taking a tech-free holiday one can detox oneself from digital devices.

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luxury drift


Rev up the Range “Our philosophy is very simple. We give our best for people who expect the best.” - Dr. Dieter Zetsche Chairman of the Board of Management, Daimler and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars

Galaxy of Stars by mercedes- benz The New A-Class The pulse of a new generation It is an unbridled attack: on your eyes, on your heart, on that which you normally expect from Mercedes-Benz. The new A-Class is the car for a new era and a new generation. A car that wants it all and makes no compromises. A design that is the spitting image of the future? Here it is. Unadulterated agility and efficient with it? Of course. Comfort and technology in a breathtaking symbiosis? Climb on in and experience it for yourself. Equipment and appointments options which are geared to your personality and not vice versa? Just let yourself be guided by your style. And when you are then finally sitting in it and drive the first of many, many exciting metres, you will feel it in the new A-Class - the pulse of a new generation. The new B- Class

The luxury tourer The new B-Class is your perfect companion when you embark on luxury tours. Generous amounts of space demonstrate a great sense of order. The confident, sporty exterior and high-quality interior are stylish companions on every journey. Numerous assistance systems pamper you and ease the burden on you or help ensure safety. Efficient engines, combined with clever BlueEFFICIENCY measures, make being out on the road as harmless to the environment as possible. Because there’s no finer thing than a future. Because you are already thinking of tomorrow today. And because the next generation always has priority. The new B-Class - the luxury tourer.

The C-Class Agility and beyond The new C-Class allows you to experience the road like never before. The superior technology in the C-Class includes AGILITY CONTROL which automatically adjusts the vehicle’s handling at the touch of a button. Its Panoramic Sunroof offers a privileged view that has a charm of its own. Available in BlueEFFICIENCY petrol and diesel, the C-Class is the most dynamic way to rule the road. 96


The new E-Class

In top form The new E-Class is setting the standard for the luxury class of today and tomorrow. It is also making waves in terms of efficiency and ecology with its advanced technological features. From the initial visual impression to the tingling in the fingertips, and from the first to last moment of an encounter, it’s hard not to be impressed by the new E-Class. Once you’ve experienced its power and agility on the road, you’ll know why those initial emotions were so intense. With features like full LED headlamps with Intelligent Light System and ECO start/stop, the new E-Class is an exhilarating experience behind the wheel.

The S-Class Lead the way The S-Class is the car every other car aspires to be. And it is the car no other car can be- the ultimate symbol of automotive perfection. The S-Class is one of the safest car in the world with revolutionary features like PRE-SAFE® and ATTENTION ASSIST. It is also as luxurious as it’s safe. The Panoramic Sunroof, SPLITVIEW, massage function, Coolbox and many more such refinements make the S-Class a cut above the rest and the safest car in the world. The M-Class For those in control Being in control means being able to rise not only to the challenges of the present but to those of the future, too. Representing the next stage in the development of the SUV, the new M-Class embodies a strong sense of responsibility - a concept which we regard as an essential component of contemporary, superior mobility. This is why our vision was fixed firmly on the future throughout the development phase. We have been no less attentive to the other key aspects of the new M-Class: advanced engine technology, breathtakingly attractive design, outstanding comfort and a benchmark safety concept. Together, these qualities make every trip a relaxing experience which can be enjoyed from the high driving position that gives you a commanding view, on or off the road. The GL-Class

Absolute supremacy It’s at home on the street. In its element in offroad terrain. There’s hardly another MercedesBenz that is so versatile and at the same time so superb in the disciplines of dynamism, ride comfort and handling safety, plus individuality. Thanks to a series of pioneering assistance systems, and stylish equipment and appointments which set trends. The new GL-Class is manufactured to the highest standard of automotive exclusivity. And has set itself the standard of living up to your highest standards. Blaze new trails and command absolute supremacy.



luxury drift


The G 63 AMG Scintillating performance If the appearance of a vehicle hardly changes over three decades, yet its popularity remains unbroken, the manufacturer has done everything right. The G-Class is such a stroke of luck: its design demonstrates timeless distinction. The G 63 AMG is a part of this tradition, setting its own accents with subtle design modifications. Its face is characterised by the AMG radiator grille with dual lamellae and four chrome inserts, as well as prominent bumpers with large air intakes. Another feature that is characteristic for the AMG model is the fender flares. Optional stainless steel running boards and protective strips on the sides containing inserts with a brushed aluminium look complement the exclusive exterior.

The SLS AMG Racing in its blood If it were possible to pour a passion for automobiles into a mold, this would be the blueprint for the SLS AMG. The purist design is a breathtaking reinterpretation of the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. The style highlight is the gullwing doors, which give the SLS AMG its incomparable charisma. The long hood, the low passenger compartment that is positioned well back, and the short rear radiate dynamism, as does the long wheelbase, the wide track and the large 19 and 20-inch wheels. The front presents itself with a pronounced V shape and large air intakes. On the sides, the pronounced wheel arches and the prominent vehicle shoulder - which stretches like a taut muscle over the entire length of the vehicle - catch the eye. Dynamism and power can also be seen in the rear of the vehicle: the flat LED tail lights and the short trunk with the automatically extending wings ensure broad appeal.

The E 63 AMG In top form E 63 AMG boasts a pioneering new AMG design idiom, thrilling driving dynamics, a substantially extended scope of standard equipment and appointments. The more pronounced V-shape of the new “Twin blade” radiator grille optimizes the longitudinal proportion of the vehicle and so adds even greater visual emphasis to the attributes of aerodynamics and purism. A striking feature of the high quality, exquisitely crafted interior is the new AMG performance steering wheel. Further identifying feature of the new steering wheel are: aluminum shift paddles, the perforated leather in the grip areas and the three-dimensional design of the airbag cover with the “Silver Shadow” metallic trim element. 98


The C 63 AMG The heart of a top athlete The design of the C 63 AMG doesn’t leave any car enthusiast cold. The expressive styling indicates pure dynamics. The clear lines embody the overwhelming will of the vehicle to move forward with power. The dynamic radiator grille with the large Mercedes-Benz Star and the wing-shaped transverse lamella also provides for brand-specific accents, such as the aluminum hood with modified power domes. From the side, the wide fenders with the “6.3 AMG” logo and the titanium gray, high-sheen AMG light-alloy wheels with a twin 5-spoke design catch the eye.



Popular anchor cum fashionista Poornima Indrajith opened her exclusive boutique ‘Pranaah’ at Panampilly Nagar on September 15. The stunning couple Indrajith and Poornima along with their two daughters looked dapper and played the perfect hosts to the guests’ from filmdom who drove into the event. Poornima’s close girl pals Manju Warrier, Bhavana, Shwetha Menon and Geetu Mohandas graced the event. The inauguration was followed by a fashion show, titled ‘Pranaah Yaama’ that showcased her signature collection at Dream Hotel in Kochi. Actor Amala Paul was the showstopper.

Pranaah Launch



show biz

e for the cuspackag e et compl a Pranaah offers essories, hairacc , ess dr e th . tomers including matching sandals en ev and bags style, clutch




Continental Cuisines


delicacies Continental food is perfect for any occasion and is highly popular because there is less oil used while cooking and the food mainly consists of high protein items like eggs and meats. ontinental cuisine is a wide umbrella covering dozens of regional cooking styles of Europe


especially Western Europe. While classic cookbooks equate continental cooking with meat, butter and egg-thickened sauces, it also includes fresh salads, roasted vegetables, sumptuous

soups and grain dishes such as polenta and risotto. A typical continental meal includes a starter or appetizer, a main dish, one or more side dishes and a dessert.

Shrimp Mocktail Serves: 8-10

Ingredients Ketchup 1/2 cup Chilli sauce 1/2 cup Fresh lemon juice 2 tbsp Dash of Worcestershire sauce Salt to taste Lemon wedges (optional) Peeled and deveined, tails left on, cooked and chilled shrimps – 2-3 dozen

Preparation Combine the ketchup, chilli sauce, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and salt. Put some of the sauce in a small bowl or mock tail glass and arrange shrimp around the rim.



quick read Dieting Don’ts Stay away from snacking at work when you’re tired or bored. Let your eating plan be not too strict or contradictory to your lifestyle. Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite food for long; instead have them to the minimum. Try not to be a distracted eater. It makes you gobble food 10 times more. Reduce the number of eat outs a week. It’s a way to forgo all the extras and stick with the most basic options. Get more sleep as insufficient sleep can lead to excess weight and obesity.

Honey Baked Chicken Ingredients 1 whole chicken cut into pieces Melted butter - 1/2 cup Honey - 1/2 cup Prepared mustard - ¼ cup Salt - 1 tsp

Preparation 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Place chicken pieces in a shallow baking pan, skin side up. Blend the melted butter, honey, mustard, salt, curry powder and pour the mixture over the chicken. 2. Bake in the preheated oven for 75 minutes until the chicken is browned and tender and the juices run clear. 3. Serve it hot with some mashed potatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper and some butter if required.

Mutton Lasagna Cooking time: 15-20 minutes Serves: 4

Ingredients Lasagna sheets – 12 Olive oil – 2 tbsp For Bolognese sauce Mince mutton – 2 cups Olive oil – 2 tbsp Onion – 1 medium Chopped celery – 2 inch stalk Chopped garlic – 2-3 cloves Chopped carrot – 1 medium Salt to taste Crushed black peppercorns –4 Tomato – 2 cups Tomato puree- 5 tbsp Cheese sauce – 1 cup Grated processed cheese –1

Preparation 1. Allow water to boil in a large

pan and stir in the olive oil. Add the lasagna sheets and cook till al dente. Drain and refresh in cold water. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Heat olive oil in a pan, add onions, celery and sauté. 2. Add garlic and continue to sauté for a few seconds. Put carrot and mutton mince and continue to sauté for three to four minutes. Lower the heat, add half a cup of water and simmer till mince is tender. Stir in salt and crushed peppercorns, tomato, tomato purée and mix. 3. Line the base of an ovenproof dish with a few cooked lasagna sheets. Top it with some Bolognese sauce and repeat layers. Pour the cheese sauce over and sprinkle the top with grated cheese. Bake it for about 20 minutes and serve hot.






Strange stories from the

Animal Kingdom As children, we have loved reading stories about our furry, feathered, and finned friends. Some stories were wacky and some others weird. FDW Life brings some uncanny real life stories from the animal kingdom Bizarre Animal Facts Goldfish lose their color if kept in dim light. Similar to humans, they need sunlight to keep their pigment. Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue twice as much as to any other color Goat’s eyes have rectangular pupils, which allow them to watch over their broad, flat grazing area for predators. The giraffe has no vocal cords and communicates by vibrating the air around its neck. A snail can sleep for 3 years at a stretch. Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale. A rat can last longer without water than a camel Fish communicate with each other by rasping their teeth to make sounds in their throat, or by using their swim bladder to create sounds. Dolphins sleep with one half of the brain at a time, and with one eye closed. Honeybees have hairs on their eyes to help them collect pollen.


Dogs Sense Human Sorrows

Studies on dogs have come to conclusion making us strongly believe that dogs are an expert at human communication. Experts have found that dogs were more likely to approach a crying person than someone who was humming or talking, and that they normally responded to weeping with submissive behaviours.



Reptiles That Fly A new study by the researchers makes us believe that flying reptiles were rampant over the skies of England 110 million years ago. Pterosaurs, the winged reptiles were the largest flying animals to have ever lived. They had a wingspan of over 30 feet and weighed about 550 pounds. Recently a bunch of pterosaur fossils were unearthed at a site known as Cambridge Greensand, located in the eastern part of England.

‘The Weird’ That Re-grows

Axolotls have regenerative abilities. For them getting paralyzed is no fear. If they’re paralyzed in the back they can get better the functions of their legs by new neurons and new connections that allow them to use their legs again.

Deers’ shed their antler and it re-grows every year. The most interesting part about antlers is that, if it is surgically removed and grafted to another part of the deer’s body, antlers begin to grow there as well.

Sharks can biologically replace their tooth and so it’s estimated that a shark may grow 24,000 teeth in a lifetime.

Crayfish, just as in lobsters can get back their claws. The only difference being that regeneration happens faster among the young, warmer and the well fed.

Prairie Chicken on a Walkathon A prairie chicken walked 1,180 miles between April and August, covering parts of southern Iowa and northern Missouri and setting the record for its species. The birds are not known to be great travelers. Why it walked so far is still mysterious.

The Arty Chimp Brent, a 37 year old chimpanzee won $10,000 on painting a modern art piece at the painting competition held by the Human Society of United States. Of the contestants who took apart from various other sanctuaries, Brent’s painting with delicate smears of blue, violet, yellow and turquoise brushed using his tongue triumphed the judges.


Piss worth a £1,100

It was during WWII a bomb ripped through Juliana’s house. Watching something unfamiliar rolling next to her, Juliana in control of her nature’s call relieved her showers. Her timely gesture defused the bomb. Not knowing the greatness of her act, three years later she majestically attended the function that got her a Blue Cross Medal. Her fascinating story was brought to light only recently when the auctioneers conducted a house clearance in Bristol. The award and her portrait were sold at auction for £1,100; eighteen times more than its ore-sale estimate.





Destiny’s Children Well-known personalities opting for adoption is common, but many celebrities are adoptees themselves, who have climbed the ladder despite many odds Monroe 02 Marilyn This iconic actress born as Norma Jeane Mortenson spent most of her childhood in foster homes due to her mother’s mental illness. When she was seven, Grace McKee a family friend adopted Marilyn. Eventually, when the family suffered financial problems, Marilyn was asked either to be back at the orphanage or to get married. She chose to marry at the age of 15.

Jobs 01 Steve Jobs was adopted in 1955 by Paul and Clara Jobs, after being born to Abdulfattah John Jandali, a Syrian man, and Joanne Schieble, who was a graduate student at the time. He was raised in California. Steve’s biological parents eventually got married and had a daughter who became novelist.

Thomas 03 Dave ‘The Wendy’s Man’ was born to an unmarried teen. He was adopted by Rex Thomas and his wife when he was six weeks old. Unfortunately his adopted mother passed away when Dave was 5. Later he continued to live with his grandmother whom he bestows due credit for what he became.



Bill Clinton 05 President He was the only child of Virginia Cassidy Blythe and William Jefferson Blythe who died in a car accident three months before his son’s birth. Later his mother married a car dealer named Roger Clinton who adopted the infant. Later on during his teens, the boy officially adopted his stepfather’s surname, making it ‘Bill Clinton’.

Nelson Mandela 04 His father who had four wives and thirteen children, died leaving behind debts. Mandela was a just a child then. To repay the debt that lay between his father and a Thembu King, Mandela was informally adopted by a Thembu chief when he was nine.


Burton 07 Richard He was the twelfth child of his parents. His mother died after giving birth to the thirteenth child. As his father was working in the coal mines earning a meager amount, his teacher Philip adopted him. It was he, who encouraged this teenager to work in the theatres. Richard later on became one of the most famous actors of his time.

Leo Tolstoy

His parents died when he was young and so he and his siblings were brought up by their relatives. He left college midway and got busy with gambling that made him a debtor. To repay the debt he joined the army and discovered the writer in him.



Premium Gadgets FWD RATING 15,000/approx

NetAtmo Weather Station Have a personal weather station at home and control your atmosphere just the way you want it.

FWD RATING 9,000/approx

Crosley Traveller’s Turntable

Disclaimer: Price and features are subject to change. Buyers are advised to act on data after cross-checking

Brilliant design. Not just for the ears, for the eyes too!

FWD RATING 5,90,000/approx

Zeta Fireplace A portable fireplace. What more needs to be said!



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FWD RATING 11,000/approx

Geneva XS Sound System A portable sound system with true Hi-Fi output

FWD RATING 12,000/approx

Magno Wooden Radio Eco-friendly vintage radio, made completely out of wood!

FWD RATING 19,500/approx

iTouchless Fingerprint Lock Who needs keys, when you have your fingers



geeky GADGETs Sony Shake 6D Features 2400W Audio System (RMS) of power One-Touch Function DVD playback Karaoke Function Speakers with multicolor LED

Disclaimer: Price and features are subject to change. Buyers are advised to act on data after cross-checking

L.G G2



5.2-inch IPS LCD display Snapdragon 800 SoC , 2.3GHz and 2GB of RAM Camera- 13MP module on its back with optical image stabilization


LG 100 Inch Laser Display Hecto



Powered by

Philips Aqua Touch AT756 Features 100% water proof, can shave with foam 0.2 W stand-by power Washable shaver with




Pheed is a free social network for the wild at heart that lets you create, share and inspire your friends and others

Track flights with beautiful zoomable maps.

Shop and share trends from around the world of fashion

Qrcode Android

Qrcode iOS

Qrcode Android

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Qrcode Android

Qrcode iOS



quick rinse system

Did you know? Smartphone sales in India grew from 2.3 million to 19 million in the past 4 years!




How emotionally intimate are you?

How to Scoring system Answer ‘Red’ 3 points Answer ‘Blue’ 6 points

Take this 2-minute quiz to find out the intimacy level you share with your partner and how you can improve it ntimacy, both physical and emotional, is crucial in a relationship. It is important to share feelings and thoughts with one’s partner, in order to



increase trust and a feeling of security. A relationship, which is devoid of emotional intimacy, is prone to crack easily. Here’s a set of questions to check your emotional quotient with your partner.

It was a tough day at the office and everything fell out of place. When you get back home:

When you are extremely angry with your partner, you ensure:

You open your heart to tell your partner about it.

You give them an explanation why you are upset.

You shut up intentionally, and refrain from venting your frustration in front of your partner.

Your partner receives the silent treatment from you. You think he/she won’t understand what you feel.

Do you think you can communicate easily with your partner?

When your partner is not right about something...

Yes, I tell my partner what is on my mind

You walk up to him/her and make it clear that I disapprove of it.

02 No. I wish I could express myself better.

refrain from giving an opinion fearing how he/ 02 You she’d react.

If most of your answers are:

A’s: You are emotionally intimate with your partner and you know it’s the key to preserving your relationship. Confiding in your partner and letting them know what’s on your mind is important. Firmly suggest an alternative time for play B’s: You need to be vocal about what you think. Tell him/her what you feel. Don’t shut up because you fear his/her reaction. If you want the relationship to last, be frank with your partner. Start by giving them Ask her toyour stop day-to-day irritating accounts, and then, move on to the more important things in life.




113 113



The one stop

‘TEASTOP’ One of the first of its kind the TEASTOP offers a variety of tea and their speciality is the not so commonly available herbal concosion Camomile tea that can treat a variety of ailments ay a visit to TEASTOP at the Lulu Mall and discover why too many tea and authentic Kerala snack lovers drive up to Lulu Mall just for a sip of their very special varieties of tea. Located at Lulu’s food court, the tea and


snack joint always do have an appealing crowd who seems to be so enthusiastic about placing their orders and glancing through the snacks well packed and served hot. To start off with, it’s their 21 varieties of tea that needs a mention. Piping hot filter coffee which is a favourite of most coffee lovers, a handful

of flavours and varieties that lists in tulsi tea and ginger for those who like to go for an herbal spicy drink, organic tea, ice tea with flavours of peach, strawberry, lemon and cardamom tea are a few of their regularly ordered sorts. And to a great extend this has emerged TEASTOP as an import-

quick read The highlight of TEASTOP is the 21 varieties of tea available and the only place in Food Court that offers lip smacking typical South Indian snacks Location TEASTOP Food Court Lulu Mall

ant hangout-joint for the youngsters and elders. Another convincing factor for your appetite is their authentic Kerala snacks right from boiled eggs to banana fry. As it is well kept and served with utmost neatness, one can enjoy it without fear of hygiene and flies.

“This is just a start. Recently we had the launch of TEASTOP at Lulu mall. As it’s a crowd puller and the demand is high for our authentic snacks and varieties of tea, in the near future we intend to expand the business and convert it into a chain of tea joints,” says Sameer Hamsa, Director, Youniverse Ventures. 114




RNI Reg. No. KERENG /2012 /42759



Postal Reg No. EKM/728/2012-14

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