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SPC Champion!

Gynna Harlin

Spring 2013

Clinton Harlin ’14 SPC Championship winnning vault at 14 feet.

Track and Field

By Savannah Norman ’16 In the beginning of the spring sports season, Coach Mark Brady set two goals for the varsity track team: to surprise the competition and, most importantly, to have fun. Throughout the season, and particularly the weekend of SPC, the varsity track team exceeded these goals. Both the boys’ and the girls’ track teams placed in the top eight out of the 18 schools competing in the Southwest Preparatory Conference. Clinton Harlin ’14 was crowned SPC Champion in the boys’ pole vault. Several FWCD records were broken and re-broken, including the boys’ triple jump by Brandon Evans ’16. The Falcons competed in all relays offered at SPC in both the boys’ and girls’ divisions, including the 4x1, 4x4 and 4x8, where all teams qualified for the finals except for the boys’ 4x1. The varsity track team not only set out to achieve Coach Brady’s goals, but also aimed to achieve their own personal goals. In the heat of the competition, personal records in the 300 hurdles, 100 meters and 800 meters were broken, further adding to the success of the weekend. Coach Brady plans to develop the prominence of the track program in the SPC over the course of several years, but will never lose sight of the two goals that truly got the track team up and running in the 2013 season.

Girls’ Tennis

By Hannah Kelly ’14

This tennis season was full of improvement. The team was enthusiastic and worked hard, but lost several counter matches in a row at the beginning of the season. Despite a few disappointments, the team was able to stay positive, practice persistently and win the Division II title. I would say the highlight of the season was beating the two Oklahoma Seniors Fallon Appleton and Elizabeth Pruitt schools, Casady and Holland Hall, at SPC after losing to each of them earlier in the season. Continued on page 2

Keely Appleton

The girls’ tennis team won the SPC Division II Tournament. The team opened up play beating St. Mary’s Hall of San Antonio 4-1 followed by a win over Holland Hall of Tulsa 4-1 in the semifinals. In the championship match, the team beat Oklahoma City Casady 4-1 to take the title.

By Siddharth Gutta ’13 Boys’ varsity tennis enjoyed a successful year with the season culminating in the team finishing third in SPC Division II. Wins over All Saints’ Episcopal School and Houston Christian gave the team a semifinal match-up with the eventual Division II champion school, Casady. The Falcons lost 3-2 in a close match but saw FWCD No. 1 singles player, freshman Alexander Chieffalo, winning a three-set thriller. In the third-place match against The Oakridge School, a singles win by senior Patrick Dillon and a doubles win by senior Hamza Malik and sophomore Walker Wade clinched the match. Other highlights included a team second-place finish at the Aledo tournament with strong individual performances that included a first2

Jacob Edwards ’13


By Tyler Steele ’14 The Falcon lacrosse team entered the season with a new coaching staff, and the players were unsure of what to expect from the new coaches. The coaches were well prepared for the season and instilled a new system in a matter of weeks that benefited the team significantly. Despite early losses in the season, the team was able to recover and win some games for a morale boost heading into the middle of the season. We were constantly looking for ways to better ourselves and make the season as successful as possible. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the new coaching staff and overall change in attitude about lacrosse.

Even though the team struggled to come together at the beginning of the season, the girls came out in the first game in SPC at the height of their ability and played a hard game. We are looking forward to next season.

Boys’ Golf

By Bill Arnold ’86

Tournaments played this year included the St. John’s Invitational (thirdplace finish), the ASES Kent Henning Invitational (third-place finish), the inaugural FWCD Invitational (Shane Markwardt ’14 was a tournament medalist; first-place team finish), the John Cooper Invitational (Turner MacLean ’15 was a tournament medalist; third-place team finish), the TVS Chick-Fil-A Invitational (third-place finish) and the SPC Championships (seventh-place finish).

Lisa Koger

The Falcon boys’ golf team finished its best season on record. The young men on the team performed well due to the variety of practice opportunities, as well as team cohesion. Each week the boys practiced at Hawk’s Creek Golf Club, Shady Oaks Country Club and Leonard Links.

The FWCD boys’ golf team placed first in the inaugural FWCD Invitational at River Crest Country Club. Pictured are Turner MacLean ’15, Shane Markwardt ’14, AJ Ximenes ’13, JT Hodnett ’14 and Mason Beasley ’15. Senior AJ Ximenes served as team captain this year and will be greatly missed. However, with the rest of the team returning, 2014 is looking very bright.

Adele Elkind ’16


By Meghann Kasal ’13 The softball team started off its season with many setbacks and several injuries, but throughout the season, we came together as a team to compete in SPC. Freshman pitcher Adele Elkind grew as the season progressed and helped lead the infield to make consistent outs. In the outfield, seniors Annabeth Reeb and Meghann Kasal dominated the field and led the team through defeats and victories. At the plate, junior Reagan Smith made consistent base hits, earning many RBIs for the team. The seniors also had consistently strong at-bats as a power hitter and a lead-off.

Lisa Koger

Boys’ Tennis

Although the team is sad to see off four senior players, the future is bright for boys’ tennis.

Our seniors were great role models for the team and were a big part of the success the team felt this season. The team would like to thank and recognize all the seniors who played this year: Alex Allsup, Campbell Bishop, Stanley Brown, Stephen Buchanan, Jacob Edwards, James McKeachie, Morgan Pergande, Ethan Rohrbach and Andrew Ryan. Without their leadership and dedication, we never would have been able to do what we did this year. They will be sorely missed, and their accolades will be remembered. We wish them the best in their endeavors and hope they come back for a visit during lacrosse season in the future.

Maribeth Reeb

Senior Siddharth Gutta

place finish by Chieffalo in No. 1 singles and runner-up performance by senior Siddharth Gutta in No. 2 singles. Strong performances by senior Matthew Devine and sophomore Garrett Podell in No. 1 doubles helped lead FWCD to regular season wins at All Saints’ and Oakridge.

Frasher Hudson Pergande ’81

Lisa Koger

The overall experience at SPC in Houston was an awesome weekend for the team; everyone bonded and became a lot closer because our team was small. Winning our division was an amazing end to the season. We are looking forward to carrying our momentum into next season, but will really miss seniors Fallon Appleton and Elizabeth Pruitt.

Girls’ Golf Team: Coach Dean Barker, Haddy Self ’13, Leslie Tuggey ’13, Megan Ray ’13, Caroline Malanga ’15, Meg Moritz ’15 and Coach Mallory Alexander

Girls’ Golf

By Leslie Tuggey The Falcon girls’ golf team had a successful season! The girls’ golf program is unique because the golfers get the privilege of individual time to practice and improve their game. Practice takes place at different courses throughout Fort Worth and is helpful for the players to get a realistic practice session to prepare for tournaments. The tournaments usually took place on Mondays or Tuesdays, some here in Fort Worth and others in the Woodlands and Austin. There was a great amount of improvement as the season progressed, and each player’s scores continued to drop. At the SPC tournament in the Woodlands, all of the girls shot under 100 for the first time in FWCD history. The seniors, Megan Ray (captain), Haddy Self (captain) and Leslie Tuggey, all finished the season strongly. At SPC, Ray shot a 91, Self shot an 88, Tuggey shot an 84, and Meg Moritz ’15 and Caroline Malanga ’15 both shot in the 90s. The seniors Continued on page 6 3

Spring 2013 Postseason Athletic Awards Most Valuable Crosby Lipscomb ’14 Most Improved Jonny Clum ’13 SPC All-Conference Crosby Lipscomb ’14 SPC All-Conference Honorable Mention Caleb Rooker ’14, Reed Simpson ’14 All-Zone Crosby Lipscomb ’14 Caleb Rooker ’14

Boys’ Track and Field

Boys’ Tennis

Softball Most Valuable Adele Elkind ’16, Meghann Kasal ’13 Most Improved Libby Kerrigan ’15 SPC All-Conference Adele Elkind ’16, Reagan Smith ’14

Most Valuable Alexander Chieffalo ’16 Patrick Dillon ’13 Most Improved Garrett Podell ’15 SPC All-Conference Alexander Chieffalo ’16 SPC All-Conference Honorable Mention Patrick Dillon ’13 All-Zone Alexander Chieffalo ’16

Girls’ Tennis Most Valuable Madison Nelson ’14 Christina Paulus ’15 Most Improved Fallon Appleton ’13 Elizabeth Pruitt ’13 SPC All-Conference Isabella Chieffalo ’14 Christina Paulus ’15

Most Valuable Running Melody Rodriguez ’15 Most Valuable Field McKenna Breedlove ’14 Most Improved Running Eliza Wagner ’14, Lauren Wagner ’14 Most Improved Field Megan Murphy ’14 SPC Honorable Mention McKenna Breedlove ’14, Caroline Carvalho ’14, Annalyn Kumar ’15, Megan Murphy ’14, Savannah Norman ’16, Melody Rodriguez ’15, Madelyn Stripling ’14, Eliza Wagner ’14, Lauren Wagner ’14 All-Zone McKenna Breedlove ’14, Caroline Carvalho ’14, Annalyn Kumar ’15, Megan Murphy ’14, Savannah Norman ’16, Melody Rodriguez ’15, Madelyn Stripling ’14, Katelyn Tierney ’15, Eliza Wagner ’14, Lauren Wagner ’14 Clapsaddle Award Kathryn Kientzy ’14

Outstanding Freshman Athletes Adele Elkind, Brandon Evans Awarded annually to the outstanding freshman athletes who, in the opinion of the coaches, displayed athletic talents that significantly contributed the most to the entire FWCD athletic program. Outstanding Sophomore Athletes Melody Rodriguez, Mixson Staffel Awarded annually to the outstanding sophomore athletes who, in the opinion of the coaches, displayed athletic talents that significantly contributed the most to the entire FWCD athletic program. Dr. Bill Curtis ’67 Award J.R. Gideon ’14 Awarded annually to the outstanding undergraduate boy athlete(s) whose athletic talents significantly contributed the most to the FWCD athletic program. Richard Steed ’83 Award McKenna Breedlove ’14 Awarded annually to the outstanding undergraduate girl athlete(s) whose athletic talents significantly contributed the most to the FWCD athletic program. Class of ’72 Award Matthew Mathisen Awarded annually to the senior boy, who in the opinion of the coaches, has demonstrated consistent improvement in athletic performance.

Dr. Lawrence P. Kleuser Memorial Trophy Elizabeth Pruitt, Jonny Clum Awarded annually to that senior boy and/or girl who in the opinion of the head of School, head of Upper School and the athletic director, has in athletic endeavor displayed the qualities of character, sportsmanship, enthusiasm and team spirit, and who in so doing has contributed significantly to the general excellence of Fort Worth Country Day.

Tiffini Crum


Girls’ Track and Field

Don Welch Memorial Trophy Megan Ray Awarded annually to the senior girl who, in the opinion of the coaches, has demonstrated consistent improvement in athletic performance.

Tiffini Crum

SPC All-Conference Honorable Mention Meghann Kasal ’13, Annabeth Reeb ’13, Emily Wilkinson ’14 All-Zone Adele Elkind ’16, Emily Wilkinson ’14

Most Valuable Morgan Pergande ’13 Coaches Award Stanley Brown ’13 SPC All-Conference Campbell Bishop ’13 Morgan Pergande ’13 SPC All-Conference Honorable Mention Stanley Brown ’13, Stephen Buchanan ’13, Jacob Edwards ’13, Will Waltrip ’14 All-Zone Campbell Bishop ’13 Matthew Mathisen ’13


Tiffini Crum

Most Valuable Haddy Self ’13, Leslie Tuggey ’13 Most Improved Megan Ray ’13

Most Valuable Running Brandon Evans ’16 Most Valuable Field Clinton Harlin ’14 Most Improved Running Mixson Staffel ’15 Most Improved Field Jackson Hull ’13 SPC All-Conference Brandon Evans ’16, Clinton Harlin ’14 SPC Honorable Mention Cooper Baird ’15, Jackson Hull ’13, Matthew Mathisen ’13, Deep Nana ’14, Sawyer Stratton ’15 All-Zone Brandon Evans ’16, Clinton Harlin ’14, Sawyer Stratton ’15 Clapsaddle Award Deep Nana ’14

Tiffini Crum

Boys’ Golf Most Valuable Turner MacLean ’15 Most Improved JT Hodnett ’14, Shane Markwardt ’14 SPC All-Conference Turner MacLean ’15 Shane Markwardt ’14

Girls’ Golf

Varsity Awards Matthew Mathisen, Ethan Rohrbach, Leslie Tuggey Presented to the rare athlete who has lettered on 12 (or more in this case) varsity teams. Congratulations to these individuals for their leadership, sportsmanship and for the legacy that they leave to other Fort Worth Country Day athletes.

SPC All-Conference Honorable Mention Madison Nelson ’14 All-Zone Isabella Chieffalo ’14


William A. Landreth, Jr. ’67 Award Ethan Rohrbach Awarded annually to the outstanding senior boy athlete(s) whose athletic talents significantly contributed the most to the FWCD athletic program. Class of ’70 Award Haddy Self Awarded annually to the outstanding senior girl athlete(s) whose athletic talents significantly contributed the most to the FWCD athletic program.

Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Award Meghann Kasal, Morgan Pergande Awarded annually to that senior boy and that senior girl who, in the opinion of the coaches, most nearly epitomizes the ideal scholar/athlete by demonstrating academic excellence and outstanding athletic performance while attending FWCD. Rosacker Award (Outstanding Middle School Athletes) Ryleigh Rains ’17, Brad Chilcoat ’17 Old Sport Award Anne and Orlando Carvalho

FWCD finished sixth overall in SPC for the entire year as the highest ranked Tarrant County school. 5

J.R. Gideon ’14

Alex Allsup ’13


Lisa Koger


Turner MacLean ’15 was the first-place medalist at the Chick-Fil-A Invitational.


Tori Barrett McKenna Breedlove John Callaway Caroline Carvalho Mary Claire Ekstrom J.R. Gideon Edward Hudson Kathryn Kientzy Matthew Leonard Megan Murphy

Reign Parker Caleb Rooker Maddy Stripling Elizabeth Wilkinson Emily Wilkinson

Amanda Stephens Daniel Stokes Katelyn Tierney Akailah Warner


Katie Anderson Margot Berry Tekleab Beyene Cailey Bills Mary Catherine Bishop Breanna Brietske David Burton Carter Crockett Alexis Doswell Adele Elkind John Fredian Emily Hodnett Ray Mar-Villavicencio William Newton Patrick Nolan Savannah Norman Eric Petsche J.D. Robinson Preslie Sandidge Jack Sankary

Caleb Braswell Isabella Burnette Connor Cassady Devon Davis Sarai Dominguez Casey Hammett William Kleinheinz Kate Laughlin Caroline Malanga Gabriella Maldonado Connall McCormack Meg Moritz Laura Murphy Stephen Nolan Graham Pergande Quentin Pinto Melody Rodriguez Mixson Staffel

Lisa Koger

(Three-Season Athlete)

Austin Meadows ’13

Sawyer Stratton ’15


Alexander Chieffalo ’16

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McKenna Breedlove ’14

To order athletic pictures from the entire year, log in to the Falcon Portal, select Community Links and click on Athletics News & Information. Click on the Falcon Sports Photos link under the Falcon Club. Questions? Contact Lisa Parker, athletic administrative assistant, at

Lisa Koger

Stansbery Award Winners Campbell Bishop Jonny Clum Jacob Edwards John Ferguson Jackson Hull Matthew Mathisen Morgan Pergande Elizabeth Pruitt Megan Ray Annabeth Reeb Ethan Rohrbach Haddy Self Leslie Tuggey

Frasher Hudson Pergande ’81

are very excited for the next chapter of their lives and are going to greatly miss the Falcon golf program, Coach Dean Barker and Coach Mallory Alexander.

Madison Nelson ’14

Vicki Devine

Senior Haddy Self

Our team did not have great success this year. We did not end up where we would have liked to. However, we made strides in the right direction and saw a significant difference in where we began and where we finished. For our three seniors, Austin Meadows, Jonny

Annabeth Reeb ’13

Bailee Wallace ’14

Lisa Koger

This season was the inaugural year of a new culture of FWCD baseball. This culture focuses on the whole rather than on the individual. It means playing for the name on the front of the jersey and not the one on the back.

Vicki Devine

Maribeth Reeb

It is never easy for a young team with a new coach to repeat the kind of success that precluded this season as last year’s senior class of 11 left with four top five SPC finishes and four college baseball players. However, this year the team looked at its season from a much larger perspective, one that Coach Brady Benoit stressed over and over.

Clum and John Ferguson, it might be viewed as a disappointing way to go out. But as we all look back on our season, we all have to be proud about the direction Coach Benoit and the senior captains directed us throughout the season. We had a good time from day one, and that is something we can agree on, regardless of wins and losses.

Kimberly Ferguson

By Reed Simpson ’14

Gynna Harlin


Savannah Norman ’16 receives the handoff from Melody Rodriguez ’15. 7


Summer Weight Room Workout Schedule May 28 – August 2 (Monday – Friday) Closed July 4 8 – 9 a.m. Open Workout 9 – 11 a.m. Football 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Girls Only 12:30 – 2 p.m. Girls Only 2 – 4 p.m. Open Workout 4 – 6 p.m. Football 6 – 7 p.m. Open Workout

Fort Worth Country Day 4200 Country Day Lane Fort Worth, Texas 76109-4299 Address SERVICE REQUESTED

Save The Dates First Home Football Game Friday, August 30 Homecoming “Battle of Bryant Irvin” Friday, October 25

Preseason Information Fall 2013 (Please see team pages at for more detailed information)

Boys’ Volleyball Program Director – Missi Kovachev ’89 ( Start Date – Monday, August 12 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Cheerleading Program Director – Robin Willis ( Start Date – Monday, August 5 9 a.m. – Noon Cross Country Program Director – DeAnn Hall ( Start Date – Monday, August 12 (Upper School Circle) 7 a.m.

Field Hockey Program Director – Paige Chisholm ’87 ( Start Date – Wednesday, August 7 9 a.m.– Noon

Girls’ Volleyball Program Director – Butch Traeder ( Start Date – Thursday, August 8 9 a.m. – Noon

Football Program Director – Frank Gendusa ( Start Date – Monday, August 5 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. (Equipment will be handed 3 – 6 p.m. out the first day) Middle School Equipment Check-Out: Friday, August 16 (Round Gym) 11 a.m. (8th) Start Date – Tuesday, August 20 11:45 a.m. (7th) 2:35 – 3:55 p.m. *All Middle School teams other than football will start Tuesday, August 20. All K-12 Students must have a current FWCD Annual Physical Evaluation form on file in the nurse’s office before they are allowed to participate in any practice/conditioning program or game. Please contact any of the following for further information regarding annual physical: Nurse Lori McCormack Trainer Ed Chisholm Trainer Chelsea Procter

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