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Welcome to the VRM Super September event hosted by the Florida VRMA. Between September 14th and September 18th 2020, the Florida Vacation Rental Management Association will bring you over 20 online webinars and highlight over 60 local and national vendors that deliver the best in all products and services for the vacation rental industry. If you want to learn more about how you can grow your vacation rental business here in Florida, this is the place to be in September. Scroll through this e-book to learn more about all of our partners that support the Florida VRMA and sell amazing products and services to vacation rental owners and managers of all size properties. Are you looking for a specific industry product or a contact for any one of the services and products listed? Head on over to our exhibitor web pages and check out each marketplace vendor, videos and more at We would like to thank all of our supporters over the years that continue to rely on Florida VRMA as their one source for vacation rental industry news and education. We are only as strong as our members. So, if you are not a member, why not explore being part of the largest vacation rental association in the USA. Go to and see what Florida VRMA can do for your endeavors. Sincerely, Denis Hanks Executive Director – Florida VRMA

This isn’t a fair-weather partnership. We’re in it for the long haul. That means supporting our vacation rental partners through COVID-19 and beyond.

Ramping up your recovery We’re all about getting you back to business. Expedia Group has pledged $275M to help our partners rebound from COVID-19.

Empowering your business When times got tough, we didn’t force 100% refunds. We offered the option to refund, rebook, or issue credits. We get that this is your business — and you’re in control.

Sharing insights and data We’re generous with our data. Our partners get regular updates on what travelers are looking for as COVID-19 restrictions lift, plus research-backed strategies for recovery.

Explore our Expedia Group, Vrbo, and Escapia platforms to find the best solution for your needs.

Breezeway's operations platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed property care, and deliver the best service experience to guests and owners. Learn more at

Remotely Assign Work Based Upon Sta Availability, Location, Timing, and Department Defaults.

Proactively Communicate Important Cleanliness and Safety Information with Guests.

Leverage Mobile Apps to Perform High-Quality and Safe Work in the Field.

Track Property Readiness in Real-Time to Make Sure Properties are Guest-Ready.


For over 24 years Xplorie has proudly served vacation rental managers before, during and after the unexpected. Always here to help,

The Xplorie Family • 407-965-4253

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Short-Term Vacation Rental Program

Protect your vacation rental business All-inclusive insurance that replaces your homeowner’s policy. Custom-penned for the unique risks of vacation rental and Airbnb/VRBO rental properties. Proper Insurance® Policy Highlights: designed to replace your current coverage. Commercial Package Policy: coverage for building, contents, liability, and income. Building & Contents: special cause of loss (all risk), replacement cost (new for old). Liability: $1,OOO,OOO/$2,OOO,OOO in commercial general liability with increased liability limits available. Income: actual loss sustained business income coverage with no time limit. • Liability coverage enhancements for animals/pets, liquor, pools, hot tubs, exercise equipment, bicycles, small watercraft, golf carts, rec areas, + more. • Property coverage enhancement for theft and damage caused by a renter. • Vacancy clause removed with no standard occupancy restrictions. • Ordinance or law enhanced to building limits. • Bed bug extermination with lost business income. • Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, AM Best’s Rated A.

Designed to fully replace the current coverage on your property “What if a guest was injured while staying at your rental property and claimed you liable?”

“Do you have full lost booking income coverage?”

“Do you have full coverage if a guest intentionally or accidentally damages your property?”

Get a quote online and get yourself properly insured 888-631-6680


FAQ What is considered short-term renting?

In the insurance world, a property that is rented for less than 30 days at a time is typically considered short-term. A property in which the renter does not reside/live at the dwelling.

Why does my homeowner's policy not cover my shortterm rental?

All homeowner's policies carry a "business activity exclusion". In other words, any claim involving a "business activity" could rightfully be denied.

Is my short-term rental really a business?

Yes. More and more cities like Austin, Santa Barbara, and Chicago are now requiring short-term rental owners to carry and pay for a business license, pay occupancy tax, and carry business liability insurance.

How do I get covered for business activity?

You buy a business insurance policy. Our policy is a business policy. It covers your business property (rental home/contents), business liability, and the business income it generates.

If I insure my short-term rental as a business, can I also stay there?

Yes. There are no standard occupancy restrictions on a business policy. This means the property is insured while you stay there, friends or family, and of course paying guests.

My short-term rental is also my primary residence, can I still purchase the Proper Policy?

Yes. If the short-term rental home is also your primary residence, Proper simply adds $1,000,000 in personal liability and $50,000 in loss of use to relocate in the event the property is being rebuilt. This is very important if you do not carry a homeowner's policy elsewhere.

Yes. You have the same business exposure. We see every scenario imaginable. You live upstairs and short-term rent the downstairs. You live in the main home and rent out the guest house, etc.

What if I also live at the short-term rental, can I still purchase the Proper policy?

If I have the Proper policy do I keep my homeowner's or landlord policy in place?

No. The Proper policy is designed to fully replace the current coverage you have. You would cancel your current policy.

Get a quote online and get yourself properly insured 888-631-6680



Innovative Ideas, Stylish Designs Contact us 407-238-2389 f l o r i davi l l as er vi c es @o u t l o o k . c o m



by emailing a code that your guest directly enters on the door lock instead of picking up keys or using confusing lockboxes.

Expand management opportunities and remotely check if a door is locked at any property.

Elevate home security with a dashboard view of all entries and exits.

Increase revenue and prevent property damage by using the latest home automation technology including door and garage locks, sensors (door, window, leak and freeze) and thermostats.

Brivo Vacation Rental delivers security and convenience to improve property management, increase revenue and create a seamless guest experience.

ALL THE SECURITY AND HOME AUTOMATION FEATURES YOU NEED IN ONE PLATFORM Improve the rental process by automatically generating a new unique lock code for each new renter

Remove the need to rekey with keypad door locks that track all entries and exits

Track when guests first arrive by receiving a notification and logging their check-in time

Remotely manage vacant rentals with smart home technology to control thermostats and prevent damage with door, window, leak and freeze sensors

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Together, We Do Business Better Today’s world continues to change and we’re all navigating new ways to work and live. We’re here to change with you and to help your business thrive. As more travelers choose vacation rentals, the demand for travel insurance is reaching record highs. It’s never too late to start earning more revenue and help your guests protect their valuable trip investments. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Plans are administered by Customized Services Administrators, Inc. CA Lic No. 0821931 and underwritten by Generali US Branch NAIC # 11231. For details visit

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Minut helps you protect your homes from parties, noise complaints, damage & intruders. With automated guest communication, PMS integrations and award-winning hardware Minut has everything you need to manage your Florida Vacation rentals safely. Click Here save 20% on all Minut products using FVRMA in the discount code.

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