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F V M A ADVOCATE Issue 2 – 2012

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE I am honored to take office as your new president. A special thank you goes to Dr. Jim Kanzler for outstanding leadership this past year. We send him back to Denise and Alex with congratulations for a job well done. Thank you both for sharing him with us.

7 131 Lake Ellenor Drive Orlando, Florida 32809 Phone – (407) 851‑3862 Toll Free – (800) 992‑3862 Fax – (407) 240‑3710

As you can see in the following pages, we had another very successful Annual Conference in Tampa. Dr. Ernest Godfrey and the FVMA staff assembled an outstanding group of speakers on topics of interest to all com‑ panion animal practices. It is always good to see old friends and make new ones, but it is the quality of the program that drives this successful event.


Dr. John R. Bass President Dr. Jerry L. Rayburn President-Elect Dr. Richard B. Williams Treasurer Dr. James A. Kanzler Past President Mr. Philip J. Hinkle Executive Director


Dr. Charles P. Hall District 1–Big Bend Dr. Richard C. Sutliff District 2–Northeast Dr. Marc A. Presnell District 3–Central Dr. Donald H. Morgan District 4–Tampa Bay Dr. Mark D. Dew District 5–Treasure Coast Dr. Ronald W. Todd Jr. District 6–South Florida Dr. Richard M. Carpenter District 7–Southwest Dr. Michael Epperson District 8–Northwest Dr. Christine M. Storts District 9–Space Coast Dr. Ernest C. Godfrey AVMA Delegate Dr. Stephen Shores AVMA Alternate Delegate Dr. Corey Miller FAEP Representative to the FVMA Executive Board Ex Officio Dr. Glen F. Hoffsis, Dean College of Veterinary Medicine


Brenda Eggert Brader Communications & Public Relations Director Sandra P. Brooks Accounting/Membership Director Amber Coon Executive Administrative Assistant Ralph E. Huber Industry Relations Director Alssa Mathews Webmaster & Social Media Director Beni Jean Price Financial/Membership Coordinator Kevin R. White Multimedia Art & Design Director


One of my first duties was to attend the Sophomore Coating Ceremony at the University of Florida. My role was to present two students with scholarships in the name of Dr. Don Morgan. He has done so much for organized veterinary medicine and is a very deserving honoree. Our association is involved with all four classes at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Each class gets special recognition during the year, and no student graduates without knowing the FVMA has touched their veterinary education. My point is, this is an example of a program that was started several years ago and has grown as opportunities were presented. We serve as a model for the other states. A new addition to the program this year was a panel discussion in a mentoring, format instituted by Dr. Kanzler. These students are bright, engaged, articulate, and enthusiastic about their chosen profession. They appreciate the history of veterinary medicine and want to do their part in the future. As I look back on my career as a practicing veterinarian, I also look forward to what the pro‑ fession will become. Veterinary medicine is always in transition. The issues of today are different than the issues of 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Looking back, the past doesn’t seem as daunting as the future seems to be. The current issues are not better or worse, only different. Our profession will always be an evolutionary one. We have seen changes in the FVMA and its membership also. We represent more members and an increasing diversity of interests. Trying to keep all aspects of the profession together, under one roof, is complex, but that is one of our fundamental goals. I ask that you attend your regional meetings and make your leaders aware of your concerns. Why not become one of those leaders? The FVMA Executive Board, Mr. Philip Hinkle, and I are aware that information and ideas need to flow up from the regional associations. We are committed to this concept, and are avail‑ able to facilitate the flow of information. Please use the process and we will have a productive year. John R. Bass, DVM

IN THIS ISSUE 5 | Dr. John R. Bass Assumes

Office As FVMA President 6 | FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference Offers CE for Veterinary Team 7 | FVMA Honors Florida State Legislators 10 | Coating Ceremony Marks Transition into Clinical Rotations

15 | FVMA Foundation’s First Wine Auction, Tasting Benefits from the FullBodied, Flavorful Fundraiser 17 | FVMA 2012 Award Honorees 22 | FVMA Recognizes Its 2012 Membership Campaign Industry Partners for their Ongoing Support 26 | Classified Advertisements

PRESS RELEASES FDACS, USDA Remind Veterinarians To Sign Animal Rabies Certificates

Forgery of Health Certificates

ORLANDO – The Florida Department of Agriculture and Con‑ sumer Services (FDACS) and the USDA remind veterinarians to sign their rabies certificates. It was brought to the attention of the two organizations by shipping brokers that several rabies certificates have recently been submitted without signatures. According to the USDA, “these unsigned rabies certificates primarily have been accompanied with health certificates, (as that is who the shipping broker deals with), but it raised concerns if the same veterinarians who aren’t signing the rabies certificates for health certificates are also not signing the rabies certificates of clients who are not traveling abroad.” “I think the problem is a failure of the practice to furnish the veterinarian with the printed certificate at the time of vaccine administration, and to make sure that it is signed or stamped,” said Dr. Sam R. Lamb, FDACS, Bureau of Animal Disease Control Vet‑ erinarian Manager, Small Animal Programs. “This would poten‑ tially be a liability issue or a violation of the Florida Rabies Law.” Below is a reprint of Florida Statutes, Section 828.30(3):

TALLAHASSEE – Increasing reports or allegations of the forgery, alteration of Official Certificates of Veteri‑ nary Inspection, or issuance of fake health certificates are being brought to the attention of the Office of the State Veterinarian. The penalty for this is cited in Florida Statutes, 545.145 (3):

(3) Upon vaccination against rabies, the licensed veterinarian shall provide the animal's owner and the animal control authority with a rabies vaccination certificate. Each animal control authority and veterinarian shall use the "Rabies Vaccination Certificate" of the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV) or an equivalent form approved by the local government that contains all the information required by the NASPHV Rabies Vaccination Certificate. The veterinarian who administers the rabies vaccine to an animal as required under this section may affix his or her signature stamp in lieu of an actual signature. “As you can see, either an actual signature or a signature stamp is required,” Dr. Lamb said.

“A person who forges, counterfeits, simulates or alters, or who knowingly possesses, uses, presents or utters, any forged, counterfeited, altered or simulated official certificate of veterinary inspection or any other document relating to animal health requirements or substitutes, represents, or tenders an official certificate of veterinary inspection or any other document relating to animal health requirements of one animal for another animal commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.” Recently a person in Polk County, who is not a veterinarian, was arrested and charged with three felony counts involving falsification and forgery of an Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection required for an animal sale. To report a suspected or forged or altered health certificate, or any fraudulent use of the health certifi‑ cate, contact the Office of the State Veterinarian, Teresea Brown, Companion Animal Program by faxing a copy of the health certificate to (850) 410-0929 with a cover statement of the circumstances surrounding your sus‑ picions. Or you may also scan and email the certificate and statement to Feel free to contact the State Veterinarian’s office if you would like to discuss this further at (850) 410-0900.

In Remembrance John C. Dunn

John C. Dunn, DVM, 82, of Mims, passed away on June 6, 2012. He was born March 29, 1930, in Lasca, AL to the late Gena and John T. Dunn, Sr. For more than 30 years, Dr. Dunn operated Dunn Animal Hospital in Titusville. He was a member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Associa‑ tion (FVMA), the Indian River Masonic

Lodge No. 90, North Brevard Shrine Club "Hillbilly's," Sertoma Club of Titus‑ ville and Park Avenue Baptist Church. Dr. Dunn is survived by his wife, Kathleen Dunn; four children, Ashleigh Ruggles (Todd), Mark Dunn, Allison Carver (John), Amanda Coffy (Martin); five grandchildren, Erica, Lesley, Jonathan, Haleigh and Martin; four sisters, Maree Chapman, Jessie Stringer

(Winston), Goldia Hart (Jim) and Rose Esther Crenshaw; and one brother, David Dunn. Funeral services were held on June 9, 2012 at Park Avenue Baptist Church with the Rev. Richard Lord officiating. Burial was held at Oaklawn Memorial Gardens. Arrangements were made by the North Brevard Funeral Home in Titusville. Memorial contributions may be made to the SPCA of North Brevard, P.O. Box 5513, Titusville, FL 32783 or the Auburn University Alumni Association, 317 S. College St., Auburn, AL 36849.  |  3

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Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.

Dr. John R. Bass Assumes Office As FVMA President By BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Communications and Public Relations Director


r. John R. Bass of Port Orange was installed as the FVMA Executive Board President for 20122013 at the FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference held at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina on May 4-6. Dr. Jerry Rayburn of Winter Haven was installed as President-Elect for 2012-2013. An active member of the FVMA for more than 35 years, Dr. Bass joined in 1975 after graduation from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. He has served previously on the FVMA Executive Board for more than 16 years; six of those years serving as treasurer.

Dr. Rayburn, a 1982 graduate of Okla‑ homa University College of Veterinary Medicine, served as the FVMA Execu‑ tive Board Representative, District 3, Central for two three-year terms; and has been a member of the Executive Board since 2004. Dr. Rayburn has been a member of both the UFCVM Admissions Committee and the College Advi‑ sory Committee. He is the owner of the Carter Animal Hospital in Winter Haven and serves as secretary/ treasurer of the Ridge Veterinary Medical Society in his home district.

Dr. John R. Bass, FVMA President, addresses members following the installation.

Dr. Ronald W. Todd Jr. of Miami has been re-elected to fill a second threeyear term as the FVMA Executive Board Representative, District 6, South Florida. Dr. Todd owns and practices at the Derks Animal Clinic in Miami. Dr. Marc Presnell of Lakeland has been elected as the FVMA Executive Board Representative, District 3, Central, for his first three-year term. A 1986 graduate of the University of Florida, Dr. Presnell practiced veterinary medicine in Atlanta, GA from 1986-1990, moved to Orlando to practice in 1990 and then on to Lakeland in 1995 to practice at the Santa Fee Animal Hospital. He purchased that animal hospital in 1996 and continues to practice there today. Dr. Presnell serves as president of the Ridge Veterinary Medical Society in his home district. New members of the FVMA Budget and Finance Committee include Dr. Scott Richardson of Tallahas‑ see, District 1; Dr. Julia Jones Reynolds of Auburndale, District 3; Dr. Douglas Spiker, Belleair Bluffs, District 4, and Dr. Archie Gordon of Fort Lauderdale, District 6.

Gathering for conversation outside the Marketplace exhibition hall at the FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina are, from left, Dr. Jerry L. Rayburn, newly-elected FVMA President-Elect; Florida State Sen. Jack Latvala; Dr. John R. Bass, FVMA newly-elect President; Dr. Donald H. Morgan, Champion of Veterinary Medicine for 2012 and Representative for District 4 to the FVMA Executive Board, and Dr. Robert R. Hase, Co-Chair FVMA Legislative Committee.  |  5

FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference Offers CE for Veterinary Team


By BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Communications and Public Relations Director

he Florida Veterinary Medical Association continued to uphold its tradition of success‑ ful conferences with the presentation of the FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference that was held May 4-6 at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina. The FVMA welcomed a crowd of more than 1,100 attendees for sunshine and CE who heard 70 speakers present 315 hours of education. Attendees were given the tools and resources needed to build a dynamic veterinary team able to compete and thrive in this challeng‑ ing economy.


Veterinarians, Industry Partners and Florida University veterinary students gathered together May 4 to participate in the third annual “Closing the Gap” discussion sharing veterinary experi‑ ences and business operation informa‑ tion. Among the several opportunities for conference socializing was the FVMA’s Annual Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 4 where dedicated mem‑ bers of the FVMA were recognized for their contributions to the profession, and on Saturday when the annual Uni‑ versity of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni and Friends Recep‑ tion was held. continued on pg. 9

FVMA Honors Florida State Legislators By BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Communications and Public Relations Director


or the first time, the FVMA recog‑ nized Florida state legislators with the presentation of awards at the FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference Business Meeting Luncheon in Tampa on May 5. Dr. James Kanzler, President, presiding over the meeting, introduced the special guests, Sen. Jack Latvala and Sen. Dennis Jones. Both Sen. Latvala and Sen. Jones were recognized in appreciation of their contin‑ ued support and advocacy for the veteri‑ nary profession through the Florida State Legislature. The presentations were made by Dr. Stephen Shores, PAC Legislative Chair, and Dr. Kanzler. Joel Blackwell, author of “Keep on Voting, How Ordinary People Get What They Want from Government,” a grass roots manual used by many associations, was the guest speaker.

Left: Florida State Sen. Dennis Jones is presented a fishing pole in anticipation of some leisure hours. From left are Dr. Stephen Shores, Legislative Chair; Dr. James Kanzler, President, and Sen. Jones.

Right: Florida State Sen. Jack Latvala is presented an American eagle trophy by Dr. Stephen Shores, PAC Legislative Chair, and Dr. James Kanzler, President. From left are Latvala, Shores and Kanzler.

Nicknamed “the Grass Roots Guy,” Blackwell has worked for associations and corporations in 47 states and Washington, D.C., helping to raise PAC money and get out each group’s message to the public, politicians and the press. Two highlights of the business luncheon included the introduction of all the past presidents who were in attendance, and a

moment of silence observed to remember members who had passed during the recent year. The FVMA passing members who were remembered included Dr. Herbert C. Lloyd Sr., Dr. Karl A. Schmidt Jr., Dr. Jimmy R. Pea‑ cock, Dr. William “Bill” Jackson, Dr. Richard P. Draudt and Dr. Hannis Stoddard Jr.  |  7

continued from pg. 6 Juniors enrolled in the Florida Uni‑ versity College of Veterinary Medicine “closed the gap” among veterinarians, industry representatives and students by sharing dialogue focusing on topics created by the student members of the Veterinary Business Management Asso‑ ciation (VBMA). The annual “Closing the Gap” event is hosted by the VBMA and the FVMA. The Closing the Gap has evolved, in this third year, as a sharing of back‑ grounds, concerns and the exploring of the veterinary profession through the give and take of knowledge and advice of the practicing veterinarians. Students were given the opportunity to grasp an insight into how everyone goes through the same challenges and fears after col‑ lege graduation. More than $10,000 in prizes was awarded during the annual FVMA’s Cover-All Bingo Raffle on Saturday afternoon in the Marketplace where 128 exhibitors offered attendees a two-day opportunity for face-to-face contact with industry representatives. continued on pg. 14

Laura Seheult, left, graduating 2012 senior from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, is presented her Gold Star Award by Dr. Jan Hasse, master of ceremonies at the annual awards ceremony. Seheult also was presented the Charlie Bild Clinical Proficiency award plaque and a check for $1,000 at the annual UFCVM senior awards banquet held on May 25 at the university. The scholarship is given to the student who has outstanding clinical proficiency with both large and small animals. That award was presented to Seheult by Dr. John R. Bass, FVMA President.  |  9

Coating Ceremony Marks Transition into Clinical Rotations By BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Communications and Public Relations Director

The FVMA Foundation awards sophomore scholarships annually at the Coating Ceremony held in May at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. From left are Dr. John R. Bass, FVMA President; Kelly McGowan, scholarship recipient; Dr. Donald Morgan, 2012 Champion of Veterinary Medicine, and Dean Glen Hoffsis of the UFCVM.

Leah Mann received a sophomore scholarship at the Coating Ceremony. She was also awarded the presentation by Dr. John R. Bass, FVMA President. From left are Bass, Mann, Dr. Donald Morgan, 2012 Champion of Veterinary Medicine, and Dean Glen Hoffsis of the UFCVM.

Members of the Class of 2014 were honored during the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medi‑ cine’s traditional Professional Coating Ceremony on May 11 in the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The ceremony recognizes the sophomore class members for successful completion of the first two years of veteri‑ nary school and provides an opportunity for faculty and other mentors to present the students with professional white coats as a symbol of their transition into clinical rotations. Dr. Jerry L. Rayburn, newly installed FVMA Presi‑ dent-Elect, presented the keynote address on “Profes‑ sionalism.” He shared thoughts with the sophomore students. “Today you transition from the classroom to the exam rooms, from your books to the barn,” Dr. Rayburn said. “You may not think of yourself as a professional yet, but once you put on the white coat, everyone else will.” He advised the students that they are ambassadors for veterinary medicine. That they will expand their technical skills over the next two years while becoming comfortable with what it means to be a veterinarian. “Today you make another step toward joining an honored and respected profession,” Dr. Rayburn said. “This respect is earned through hard work by you, as well as those veterinarians who have come before you. The white coat you receive today symbolizes this honor. When you wear it, others will look to you for guidance and answers.” Dr. Rayburn pointed out qualities he stressed as important for those who care for animals and noted how the students have been influenced by special people who are important in their lives. “Each of you has known someone that has made a difference in your lives, now you will have an opportu‑ nity to be that someone,” Dr. Rayburn said. The FVMA annually presents two $1,500 scholarships to two sophomore veterinary students in the name of an FVMA-member who joins the honor roll of champi‑ ons of veterinary medicine. This year’s champion is Dr. Donald H. Morgan. Sophomore students who received the scholarships this year were Kelly McGowan and Leah Mann. Dr. John R. Bass, FVMA President, assisted by Dr. Morgan, presented the scholarships at the presentation. Photos courtesy of Allen Cheuvrent


Donald H. Morgan, DVM, Named 2012 Champion of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. John R. Bass, FVMA President, left, addresses students at the Coating Ceremony. Dr. Donald H. Morgan, right, is honored as the 2012 Champion of Veterinary Medicine.

The FVMA is pleased to honor Dr. Donald H. Morgan as the 2012 Cham‑ pion of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Morgan serves on the FVMA Executive Board as the District 4 Representative and has been an FVMA member for 45 years. He has been a member of the American Veteri‑ nary Medical Association for 48 years, the

American Animal Hospital Association for 35 years and the Pinellas County Vet‑ erinary Medical Association for 45 years. Dr. Morgan graduated in 1964 from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and later served three years in the U. S. Air Force Veterinary Corps. In 2011, he received the FVMA Life‑ time Achievement Award, the FVMA Veterinarian of the Year Award in 2007, and two Gold Star Awards, all for his outstanding contributions to the FVMA and the veterinary profession. FVMA benefits from Dr. Morgan’s leg‑ islative advocacy as he visits legislators in his home district and is an avid member on the FVMA's Legislative Committee. Civic and community activities hold a special place in his life. He has held offices in the Pinellas Animal Foundation, the

Greater Largo Chamber of Commerce where he received the Citizen of the Year Award for Largo 1977 , the Largo Jaycees, Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Asso‑ ciation where serves as the monthly news letter editor, the Largo Medical Center Board of Trustees, an HCA Hospital, for six years as chairman and trustee and is an officer of his local church St. Paul United Methodist Church of Largo. Professionally and now semi-retired, he has practiced and been a co-owner and owner of Bluffs Animal Hospital, a certi‑ fied American Animal Hospital Associa‑ tion hospital, in Belleair Bluffs for more than 40 years. Dr. Morgan and his wife, Dianne, have five children and eight grandchildren and have resided in Belleair for more than 40 years.  |  11

the FVMAcongratulates

continued from pg. 9 Dynamic and worldwide motiva‑ tional speaker, Steve Gilliland, “shares an interactive and entertaining speak‑ ing style that helps audiences connect and relate as he shows them how to open doors to success in their careers, their relationships and their lives.” He presented the keynote address on Sunday morning of the conference. Continuous Exotic Animal Encoun‑ ters were held in the Exhibit Hall. Joel Slaven’s Professional Animals, Inc. pro‑ vided an unusual selection of visiting animals including a cockatoo, ground‑ hog, red kangaroo and baby, sulcata tortoise, tamandua, capybara and red ruffed lemur. World-class speakers conducting a scientific selection of continuing education courses, an abundance of exhibitors and several opportunities for socializing fun are planned for the FVMA’s 84th Annual Conference at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa in Orlando. Be sure to save these dates – April 5-7, 2013.


FVMA Foundation’s First Wine Auction, Tasting Benefits from the Full-Bodied, Flavorful Fundraiser By BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Communications and Public Relations Director


uilding a funding base for a strong Florida Veterinary Medical Association Foundation is an ongoing and important part of the FVMA. The foundation supports student scholarships, funds research and public education; and provides additional sup‑ port for projects that promote the health, well being and the humane care and treatment of animals in Florida. To that end, the First Wine Auction and Tasting was held Saturday, May 5 at the FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina. Tickets purchased for $10 per person were sold at the FVMA Founda‑ tion Silent Auction Wine Table in the Marketplace. Hors d’oeuvres, supplied courtesy of the Tampa Marriott, were served along with the various wines for the tasting from 6-7 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom Salons C and D. Following the tasting, a wine, beer and spirits auction was held featuring an abundance of bottles of wine selections, beers and whiskey donated by Florida dealers that were sold to the high‑ est bidders. A tremendous success, the event raised more than $2,500 for the FVMA Founda‑ tion. The Second Annual Wine Auction and Tasting is already planned to be held in conjunction with our 84th FVMA Annual Conference at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa in Orlando on April 5-7, 2013. The FVMA thanks and appreciates the following donors, who, through their gen‑ erous support, made it possible to hold the auction and tasting, and add funds to the FVMA Foundation.

Those donors are: • Palm Ridge Reserve, Marti and Dick Waters of Umatilla; • Lola Wine, Jen Mellier, Marc and Donna Cripe and Seth Cripe, Central Café, Bradenton; • Cigar City beers, Cigar City Brewing Company of Tampa; • Swamp Head beers, Luke Kemper and Brandon Nappy, Swamp Head Brew‑ ery, Gainesville; • Dog wines, Christina and Eric Baker, the Wine Den, Mount Dora; • Karen Legato, University of Florida College of Veteri‑ nary Medicine, Gainesville; • Dr. James A. Kanzler and Dr. Denise M. Vondrasek of DeSoto Animal Clinic, Bradenton; • Jennifer Hoffman, Southern Wine and Spirits, Holmes Beach; • Courtney Shuckra, Senior Events Manager, Tampa Marriott, and Scott Fink, Director of Food and Beverage, Tampa Marriott.

The FVMA Foundation sincerely appreciates the time, energy, research and contact initiative that Dr. Denise Vondrasek, wife of Dr. James Kanzler, Immediate Past President, provided as chair of the First Wine Auction and Tasting. Through her dedicated efforts to seek donors, the auction contributions realized from the fund-raising event pro‑ vided a much-needed boost to the FVMA Foundation.  |  15

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By BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Communications and Public Relations Director UF Professor Dr. Paul Gibbs Distinguished Service Award Dr. Paul Gibbs, B.V.Sc., Ph.D. of Gainesville has been awarded the Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) Distin‑ guished Service Award at the FVMA’s 83rd Annual Conference held May 4-6 in Tampa. The award is presented for exceptional achievements and contributions by a member toward the advancement of veterinary medicine and the profession. It is reserved as a very special honor and is not given every year. Dr. Gibbs, a veteri‑ narian and virologist in the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine’s department of infectious diseases and pathology, was associate dean for students and instruction at the college. Dr. Gibbs has served as a member of UF’s veterinary faculty since 1979, when he became a founding member. He has been a full professor in the college since 1981 and also holds joint appointments with the College of Medicine’s Depart‑ ment of Molecular Genetics and Microbi‑ ology as well as with the College of Public Health and Health Professions’ Depart‑ ment of Environmental and Global health. He was instrumental in the establish‑ ment of a joint Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Masters of Public Health degree program offered by the colleges of Veterinary Medicine and PHHP in 2007. Between five and 10 freshmen enroll in this program every year. Dr. Gibbs is previous past chairman of the college’s curriculum committee and works with state and other govern‑ mental agencies to aid in the identifica‑ tion of foreign animal diseases, a subject for which he has developed an online continuing education course for Florida veterinarians. Dr. Gibbs also has developed a course in International Animal Health aimed at

veterinarians practicing in the developing world. In addition, he has helped Florida middle and high school students learn more about emerging diseases by part‑ nering with science teachers throughout the state to provide them with training tools on emerging diseases. From 1994-1999, Gibbs directed UF’s International Center, serving as the university’s chief international officer. As a virologist, his career focused on the international control and eradication of emerging viral diseases having epidemic potential. Dr. Gibbs retired from UFCVM in the spring. Dr. Henry F. Richter Presidents Award Dr. Henry F. Richter was pre‑ sented the President’s Award given in special recognition to honor his dedication and service to the veterinary profession and to his community. His award was presented by FVMA President Dr. James Kanzler and the FVMA Executive Board. A Floridian now retired and residing with his wife, Sue, on their farm in West Virginia, Dr. Richter was Dr. Kanzler’s mentor when Kanzler first began practic‑ ing veterinary medicine. “Hardworking, innovative and honest, he served his clients and patients well,” said Dr. Kanzler. “A consummate practi‑ tioner, he provided excellent care for all creatures. His guidance was invaluable and his enthusiasm for veterinary medi‑ cine was contagious. He mentored many young veterinarians.” Dr. Richter, a graduate of Auburn Uni‑ versity College of Veterinary Medicine, completed his preceptorship in Eau Gallie (Melbourne) FL and purchased his own practice in Palmetto on the Gulf Coast. “Without his support and encourage‑ ment, I would never have become a veter‑ inarian,” said Dr. Kanzler. “His guidance

was invaluable and his enthusiasm for veterinary medicine was contagious. For me, a day never goes by without being reminded of something I learned from Hank. Whether it is a surgical technique or providing compassion to my patients and clients, his advice and example still impact my practice. He was a blessing to me and is a credit to our profession.” Chelsea Bowman: CVT of the Year Chelsea Bowman, CVT, of the DeSoto Animal Hospital in Bradenton, was named the 2012 Certified Veterinary Technician of the Year. That award is given in recog‑ nition of the outstanding contributions made by a CVT to the overall success of the veterinary practice operated or staffed by an FVMA member veterinarian. Ms. Bowman has been at CVT in the practice of Dr. James Kanzler since 1997, earning her degree at the St. Petersburg College. “Calm under pressure, she has the ability to calm and control the most frac‑ tious of cats,” said Dr. Kanzler. “She is an excellent technician and her techni‑ cal skills are without peer. But her most important attributes are her attention to detail and organizational mindset.” Due to her efforts, inspectors are always impressed with our drug logs, radiography records and OSHA compli‑ ance, said Dr. Kanzler. She is responsible for ordering all of the pharmaceuticals and supplies, maintains a good relation‑ ship with the distributors and pharma‑ ceutical representatives who call on our practice and she works hard to make sure we have everything we need to provide proper care to our patients. “Chelsea is proficient at client commu‑ nication and tries to make sure our clients are well informed and satisfied with our service,” said Dr. Kanzler.  |  17

Shown are some of those participating at the FVMA’s 83rd Annual Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 4, including award winners, masters of ceremonies and newly-installed officers.

Gold Star Awards Gold Star Award recipients are FVMA members who have significantly contributed their time and energy to the FVMA or their local associations for the advancement of veterinary medicine. Many members have given time to community programs. To be eligible for the award, members must have been active in FVMA for at least the past three years. Dr. William Abbott Dr. William Abbott supports the Northeast Florida veterinary community as a dermatology specialist. Following a personal vacation to Africa, Dr. Abbott made a decision to return to Africa and volunteer his medical and surgical skills for two weeks to participate in a local spay and neuter program in underdeveloped and underserved areas.

Dr. Richard M. Carpenter: Dr. Richard M. Carpenters, FVMA Executive Board District 7 Representative, has been an active member of the Caloosa Veterinary Medical Society since joining in 1995. He has served as the secretary, treasurer and president. Dr. Carpenter has actively managed the Peter Piper Memo‑ rial Conference for continuing education since 1997 with his wife, Buttons.

Dr. Jan Bellows Dr. Jan Bellows, the first board certified veterinary dentist in Florida, is one of about 300 veterinarians in the U.S. who are diplomates of the American Board Veterinary Practitioners, and is certified in canine and feline subspecialties, said Dr. Ronald Stone who nominated Dr. Bel‑ lows. For more than 30 years, Dr. Bellows has lectured on his specialty at local, state and national conventions. He has several publications such as “the Smile Book” to educate veterinarians about dental care and has published more than 100 articles.

Dr. Jenifer Chatfield Dr. Jenifer Chatfield serves as president of the Pasco Hernando Veterinary Medical Associa‑ tion. She has led her community of veterinarians to become organized in obtaining continuing education and has been involved in issues that affect veteri‑ narians, their practices and the advance‑ ment of the profession. Dr. Chatfield has increased awareness of One Health education, as well as regional and national legislative topics that affect members and their hospitals. She also has been instru‑ mental in the training of veterinarians, veterinary care staff, government officials


and the public. Dr. Chatfield has led many of the PHVMA’s outreach projects, such as the PHVMA Youth Lecture Series that allows students to learn about agriculture, science and many roles of the veterinar‑ ian. She mobilizes resources to promote education, our profession, our commu‑ nity involvement and has developed new cross agency relationships among veteri‑ narians, government officials and health care professionals. Dr. Kathleen M. Deckard Dr. Kathleen M. Deckard is a skilled diagnostician and surgeon. Dr. Deckard’s dream was to use her veterinary skill to help care for and protect wildlife. Work‑ ing in conjunction with local wildlife rehabilitators, she has cared for thousands of injured birds, reptiles and mammals. Dr. Deckard has performed this labor of love while working full-time. She has been innovative with her repairs of shell fractures in gopher tortoises and other native turtles, has performed critical care management of juvenile otters, performed orthopedic surgery on raptors, and has extensive experience in treating bald eagles. Dr. Deckard is a supporter of her profession and the FVMA. Dr. Jay Erne Dr. Jay Erne has participated as an active member of the Jacksonville Veterinary Medi‑ cal Society for many years,

culminating in holding the position of President. His term occurred at a time when there was a great deal of active friction between the general practitioners in the society and the low cost heavily subsidized clinic in Jacksonville, accord‑ ing to Dr. Richard Sutliff who nominated him. Dr. Erne, from the perspective of a specialist practice, was a steadying voice of reason and was able to guide produc‑ tive debate. Dr. Michael Haworth Dr. Michael Haworth is a pas‑ sionate veterinarian who served as the Hillsborough County Veterinary Medical Society representative to the Animal Advisory Committee from 2008-2010. The Animal Advisory Committee is a liaison between the public and the board of county com‑ missioners. This is a forum to address animal-related concerns and has the ear of the Animal Services of Hillsborough County and the county commissioners. From 2010-2012 he continued as the HCVMS representative, as well as becom‑ ing the AAC President. During the past two years, Dr. Haworth has presided over the general monthly meetings and numer‑ ous subcommittee meetings regarding heated topics including community feral cats, dog tethering, rabies tags and related fees. Dr. Haworth is also an active member of the HSVMS board of directors and spends countless personal time in pursuit of the advancement of veterinary medicine and the profession. Dr. James Isom Dr. James Isom from Planta‑ tion has been a pioneer of change. He opened Plantation Animal Hospital in 1966 and for many years touched many lives -- his patients, his clients, their children and their children’s children. In the 1980s he found a need for a separate clinic for after-hour emergencies and was part of a group of veterinarians in Broward County to open their first emergency clinic. Two such emergency clinics are still open. He is past president of the Broward County Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Isom is known for his compassion and his unselfish personality. When sum‑ moned in the middle of the night due to a fire at a neighboring vet clinic, not only did he help remove all the animals, he

transported them to his hospital and then arranged to continue their care until the fire-damaged clinic reopened. Dr. Ronald Lyman A diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Dr. Ronald Lyman is the founder and president of the Animal Emergency Referral Center in Fort Pierce, after completing residencies in internal medicine, neurology and neu‑ rosurgery at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, at The Ohio State University (his alma mater) and at the University of Florida. For many years he has promoted the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the field of veterinary medicine and is a true pioneer in this field, according to Dr. Cindy Wasserman, who nominated Dr. Lyman. He lectures about hyperbaric therapy, and teaches free classes to professors and veterinary students about the proper use, safety and therapeutic benefits of the therapy. Dr. Cindy Miller For the past eight years, Dr. Cindy Miller has served the Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society board as treasurer that has helped ensure financial stability and continuity for the society covering invest‑ ment, University of Florida scholarships, and bimonthly business and quarterly CE meetings. Dr. Miller also chaired the website committee and helped design and implement a web presence for the JVMS that allowed the society to get comput‑ erized for a foundation of electronic communication. Dr. R. Michael Peak Dr. R. Michael Peak, a graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, completed a veterinary dentistry residency at the Dallas Dental Service Animal Clinic in 2000 and became board certified by the American Veterinary Dental Col‑ lege in 2001. He has served as president of the American Veterinary Dental College, chair of the examination committee, the fiscal and audit committee and the board of directors. He has been the program chair for the veterinary dental forum and chair for the Veterinary Dental Over‑ sight Group, a committee that oversees the operations for the Veterinary Dental

Forum. Dr. Peak is owner of the Tampa Bay Veterinary Dentistry, a veterinary dentistry referral practice in Largo, at the Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists, and of The Pet Dentist, Inc., a veterinary dentistry referral practice in Tampa. He is on the board of directors of the Pinel‑ las Animal Foundation and current past president of the Pinellas County Veteri‑ nary Medical Association. Dr. Amy Stone Dr. Amy Stone is the current secretary/treasurer of the Ala‑ chua Veterinary Medical Asso‑ ciation who sends out meeting notices, maintains financial records and chairs the executive board where future meetings are planned. She also developed and maintains the association website. Dr. Stone participates as a faculty advisor for Pets are Wonderful Support (PAWS), an organization that provides veterinary services to very low income and/or termi‑ nally ill animal owners. She also performs veterinary services in outpatient care onsite at Oak Hammock, a retirement com‑ munity in the Gainesville area. Each year she travels with the University of Florida vet students in the student International Veterinary Opportunities organization to provide veterinary care, including vaccinations and surgical sterilization, for several days each year on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Dr. Laura Seheult For the first time, a Gold Star Award was presented to a University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine student. Dr. Laura Seheult has been a student member of FVMA since 2008. She has been extremely helpful and an active liai‑ son between the FVMA and the UFCVM students, involved in establishing an open door communication between the two groups. Dr. Seheult was one of three UFCVM members who developed the concept and initiated the Closing the Gap program. This single event has proven to be a success and has been well received by the UFCVM junior class and by the FVMA members who share their exper‑ tise and knowledge with the next genera‑ tion of veterinarians. continued on pg. 20  |  19

continued from pg. 19 Kassie Glade: Pet Hero The 2012 Pet Hero Award is presented to a very special and affectionate six-year-old German Shepherd named Kassie whose abilities have made human rescue possible for the Islamorada Fire Department K-9 SAR, as well as Monroe County’s CART, the Child Abduction Response Team, where she actively strength‑ ens the human-animal bond. Kassie has been in active service since 2009 when she received her credentials and badge from the fire department and recently earned her certificate of training for CART. Kassie gets about 24 calls every year to go to work ranging from man tracking and cadaver location to apprehension of suspects. She was one of two canines from the fire department SAR that located a missing 70-year-old Alzheimer’s patient who was found in very poor condition and unconscious in a wooded area that was miles from her home. In addition to her rescue work, Kassie has performed com‑ munity service, given demonstrations for law enforcement and the fire department, participates in children’s read‑ ing groups, classroom visits, convalescent home visits and recently appeared in the Kid’s Theater Production of “Oliver Twist.” Kassie is the recipient of the 2012 Pet Hero Award that is given to the animal that has unselfishly saved and preserved human life, and served her community through rescue. Kassie Glade resides with her owner companion, Dr. Clifford Glade from Islamorada.

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FVMA Recognizes Its 2012 Membership Campaign Industry Partners for their Ongoing Support

By BRENDA EGGERT BRADER Communications and Public Relations Director


he FVMA takes great pleasure in recognizing our industry part‑ ners for their tremendous support of the FVMA’s 2012 Retention and Recruitment Membership Campaign. This year, with the help of Elanco, Franck’s Compounding Lab, Merial, Novartis, Owen Business Systems, Pfizer and VetzLife, the FVMA was able to offer its members $705,500 in wholesale free products. The FVMA is committed to its goal of continually increasing member‑ ships each year. The FVMA’s leadership is also committed and involved in all aspects of the profession from problematic legal to educational public relations, business and practice management issues. Membership in the FVMA is a vital element in achieving its legislative initiatives and regulatory changes that are favorable to the profession. Memberships are being renewed and new memberships are being welcomed every day. This is due to the hard work of the FVMA Execu‑ tive Board, Membership Committee, Budget and Finance Committee and the support of industry leaders like of Elanco, Franck’s Compound‑ ing Lab, Merial, Novartis, Owen Business Systems, Pfizer and VetzLife who provide free products to help members offset the cost of their dues investments. Our 2012 Membership Recruitment and Retention Campaign is under way and we are pleased to announce we have added more than 370 new members to the FVMA’s ranks, up from last year. The FVMA recognized the industry leaders who go the extra mile to support the annual membership campaign and the objectives of the orga‑ nization. The FVMA Industry Awards were presented to Elanco, Franck’s Compounding Lab, Merial, Novartis, Owen Business Systems, Pfizer and VetzLife for their significant contributions to the 2012 Membership Retention and Recruitment Campaign. The FVMA appreciates the continued support of industry leaders during the annual Membership Retention and Recruitment Campaign. As with any organization, membership strengthens the voice of that respective profession. Membership in the FVMA is what lends strength to the FVMA and its ability to protect and defend the future of veteri‑ nary medicine in Florida. The FVMA plays a vital role in influencing local ordinances and state legislation that is favorable to the veterinary profession. The FVMA’s goal for this year is to continue to closely monitor the legislative session. We are prepared to address any issue that threatens or may impact the veterinary profession. The success of any initiative will require active participation of all Florida veterinarians. Once again, FVMA thanks the industry leaders who, through their support, have offered $705,500 in wholesale free products to new and renewing members.


Elanco Animal Health was one of seven Industry partners of the FVMA honored at the annual awards ceremony. Eric Lane, senior sales representative, accepts the award from Dr. Jan Hasse, master of ceremonies.

The FVMA appreciates the continued support of industry leaders during the annual Membership Retention and Recruitment Campaign.

Novartis Animal Health was also awarded at the ceremony as one of the FVMA Industry Partners. Terri Stanart, territory manager, accepts the award from Dr. Jan Hasse, master of ceremonies.

Elanco: We welcome and recognize Elanco this year for its support of the FVMA’s annual membership campaign. Elanco has offered the FVMA new members $75,000 in free product as part of the membership campaign. Elanco presents each new member with a six-pack of the new product lines – Triflexis, Comfortis and Assurity – with a wholesale value of $150. The FVMA is pleased to have the gift from Elanco and thanks Eric Lane, senior sales representative.

Franck’s Compounding Lab: Next we recognize Franck’s Compounding Lab offering all new and renewing members a new compounded prescription voucher valued up to $50. The FVMA thanks CEO Paul Franck and Shari Godano and Gordon Wolfe, account executives.

Merial: A company who has given the FVMA continued support is Merial. This year, Merial has offered each new member one free six-pack of Frontline Plus and one free 12-pack of Heartgard Plus with a wholesale value of $111.00. Merial’s contribution to the Membership Recruitment and Retention Campaign is valued at $55,500 wholesale. The FVMA thanks Chadd Evans and Kin Sweet, district managers.

Novartis: The FVMA recognizes Novartis in participating with free products in the Membership Recruitment and Retention Campaign. This year, Novartis has offered new members one free Easy Spot or one free Parastar Plus with a wholesale value of $28. The value of this gift for new members is $14,000. The FVMA thanks Joanne Vance, district manager, and Terri Stanart, territory manager.

Owen Business Systems: Owen Business Systems has come onboard this year to participate in the Membership Recruitment and Retention Campaign. Owen Business Systems offered new members a choice of one 25-pad set of forms either for intrastate sale of a dog or cat, the forms for intrastate movement of dogs, cats and other non-livestock species, or forms for equine certificate of veterinary inspection with a $65 value and total value of $32,500. The FVMA wants to thank Howard Owen for the generous gift.

Pfizer: We recognize Pfizer for its support of our membership campaign. This year, Pfizer has offered new and renewing members $140,000 in free product presenting the gift of one free 10-pack of Witness HW with the wholesale value of $40. The FVMA presented Pfizer with an industry award in appreciation for its annual support. The FVMA gives a special thank you to Wakim Andre, Pfizer’s marketing manager/diagnostics, for supplying the product this year and to Juan-Carlos Liberos, area sales manager.

VetzLife: VetzLife decided to participate in the FVMA Membership Recruitment and Retention Campaign this year for the first time. VetzLife offered new and renewing members a free product of one each of VetzLife’s 2.2 oz. Oral Spray, 4.4 oz. Oral Gel Original, 4.4 oz. Oral Gel with Wild Salmon Oil and 4.4 oz. @- Eaze Calming Gel with a wholesale value of $61. The total package wholesale value is worth $213,000. The FVMA thanks Bud Groth for his participation in the program.  |  23

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SOLD Northeast Florida’s most beautiful coastal community 1 Dr. Practice in a beautiful brand new facility on a major 4 lane. Projected gross for 2011 approx. $625K. Call for more details. New Listing- Central Florida just north of Orlando. Solo Dr. with leasehold grossing a little over $400K. Great location with great clientele. Call for more details. New Listing - N.E. area of Orlando. Solo Dr. Practice in very nice retail plaza just off a major intersection. Owner pursuing other interests and is motivated to sell. ~2000 sq. ft. with 3 exam rooms. New Listing - Central Fl. Gulf Coast area. 1½ Dr. Practice with ~ 6000 sq. ft. office on a beautiful piece of property. 2011 gross ~$846k. New digital x-ray, lab equipment, and software. Very profitable. New Listing - Eastern Panhandle, well established 1 Dr. Practice. ~5000 sq. ft. office on major 4 lane. Experienced, dedicated staff. 2011 gross ~$540K. Prx. and R/E available ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Veterinary Practice Brokers focused on the financial success of fellow veterinary professionals. Contact Dr. Richard Alker for all of your practice sales or acquisitions in Florida.


Showcase Properties of Central Florida, Broker

We’re Anxious to Please! 813.933.8944 We treat your pet as we would treat our own pets. We treat you as we would treat a family friend. We treat your family veterinarian as our partner. Formerly Florida Veterinary Specialists, we are now BluePearl Veterinary Partners. Same great owners. Same great people. Same great service.

Tampa • Brandon • Clearwater • Sarasota  |  25


PT or Relief–Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, Former

multi-doctor practice owner. Experienced, Reliable, excellent communication skills. Comfortable working in high-volume; clinical & surgical facilities. Palm Beach County & Tequesta. Weekends okay. David M. Green, VMD, Home: (561) 747-4300 / Cell: (305) 613-4405 e-mail- (Exp. Issue 2/12:300)

Seeking part time or relief veterinary work in Central Florida. Have extensive experience of approximately 20 years in both

individual practices and emergency work. I am compassionate and caring both with the animals and their owners. I have worked well with staffs of all previous employers.

Contact Ruthann Conklin at 321-926-3677,or cell 1-805-272-5333 or E-mail or in writing at 172 Clear Lake Circle, Sanford, FL 32773. (Exp. Issue 2/12:17836)

Veterinary Relief Service: TAMPA, ORLANDO, SARASOTA

AND SURROUNDING AREAS. Short/long term positions accepted. Internship trained and in practice for 12 years. References available on request. Small animal, some avian, aquatics, and exotics. Enjoy working with staff and clients. Contact Martha Keller, DVM at (813) 434-3070 or (Exp. Issue 5/12:9212)


Small Animal Practice For Sale - Jacksonville, FL Thirty two year old small animal practice at the 5 point intersection of Normandy Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida, for sale. 7500 sq. ft. building, two story facing two streets, vacant site. Owner is retiring. Call Dr. D. Gopal (904) 786-4919 or Issue 4/12:1106)

“Practice For Sale” – South Florida-Well established 24 hour

facility. Small Animal-Emergency. Established 1976. Call (786) 459-0789 or email to (Exp. 02/12:940)

Small Animal clinic located in a free standing 1700 sf building in Winter Garden Florida, 2 exam rooms + surgical room. Approximately 18 new clients per month. Excellent motivated staff to remain with new doctor. Please contact or (Exp. 03/12:31634) FOR SALE: Popular small outpatient one doctor clinic for past 12 years in Boca Raton. Owner is retiring. Phone Dr. Lyday 561 395 2914. (Exp. Issue 2/12:6383)


Radiograph processor for sale. In very good condition. $3,000.

Abaxis Vetscan 200-1000 Classic Blood Gas Analyzer for sale. $1,500. Phone 407-628-8000. Email: (Exp. 02/12:13109)

Wanted: Used Veterinary Equipment, especially stainless cages – Shor

Veterinarian needed, experience preferred. Wages based on

Line or other. Contact Ami at (305) 251-2096 or fax list to (305) 254-3207 or email to (Exp. 02/12:940)


Florida Practices for Sale

percentage of gross with guaranteed minimum salary. Located in Northeast Florida, close to beaches, and Jacksonville. We are looking for the Veterinarian who is energetic, enthusiastic and motivated. Good benefits including 401k type of retirement with matching company contribution. Also buy in opportunities. Send resume to: 4 Paws Pet Clinic, 850594 U. S. Highway 17, Yulee, FL 32097 attn: Dr. Sheila Norstrud or to email at (Exp. Issue 2/12:4989)

Active small animal individual practice in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Looking for a relief veterinarian for 2 weeks in April 2012, 5 ½ days a week. Housing, car, and transportation provided. Salary negotiable. Contact A.J. Williamson DVM 340-775-3240 (Exp. Issue 2/12:17658)

Experienced small animal Veterinarian–Founded three hos-

pitals, excellent client communication, compassionate care and respect for your staff are of the utmost importance, anywhere in Florida R.A. Swiezy, DVM – 772‑418‑1939. (Exp. Issue 2/12:557)

PRACTICE OWNERS—We are selling new Florida listings faster than ever before and have buyers lined up! If you have any thoughts of selling your practice, contact us today for a free consultation. SOLD! North Miami SA, 1.5 dr. Only 5 months on market! (FL91B) SOLD! Space Coast AAHA, 1.5 dr. Only 6 months on market! (FL37E) NEW! Polk County Gross $1.8M+ with 22% avg growth rate in last 4 yrs. Impeccable 3,000SF facility on busy 4-lane hwy. Compensation to buyer $340K after-debt service! Prx & RE $2,530K (FL72S)

Experienced hard working DVM for relief work in Hobe Sound area. Proficient in general surgery. Call Todd Rieke @ 651-485-

North Gainesville Virtual tour video available! AAHA, solo, SA. 2400SF facility. Computerized, paperless, state-of-art digital equipment. Gross $769K. Prx, 2 acres, stable/barn $893K. (FL21A)

Experienced small animal veterinarian willing to serve Central Orlando, Daytona, Altamonte, Casselberry, Longwood,

Daytona Beach Area Virtual tour video available! Well-established solo, SA, leased facility. Very impressive equipment. 4.5 day weeks. Low overhead, highly profitable. $370K. (FL50A)

4778 or (Exp. Issue 4/12:17508)

Winter Springs and Oviedo areas. Other locations are negotiable. Excellent client communication, compassionate care and respect for your staff are of the utmost importance. Call Tiffany Lewis at 321‑332‑4949 or email: (Exp. Issue 3/12:10579)

WANTED RELIEF VET. Two weekends a month in Key West, Florida.

Enjoy the weather and work a little. Call 305-396-7628. (Exp. 04/12:15392)


Excellent opportunity/investment New Tampa Spay/Neuter

clinic is looking for the right DVM for a partnership. Interested DVM may also be hired to perform the surgeries and salary is additional to partnership gains. Great location in Palm Harbor and great potential. Please contact 631 949 2459 or Serious inquiries only. (Exp. Issue 2/12:30882)


Central FL Solo, SA. $590K gross. $114 avg trx chg! Loyal, uniformed staff; tidy, odorless 2720SF freestanding facility. Major growth in the area! Prx & RE $765K. (FL10A) UNDER CONTRACT! Jupiter Area. Solo, SA, $587K gross. 6000SF, new, 2 story building. Tremendous growth potential to energetic buyer! Prx & RE $895K. (FL4E) BUYERS—If you have a practice(s) in mind that you may like to purchase, we can help you too! Contact us for a free consultation to learn how. Also, check our website for other listings nationwide. 1610 Frederica Road * Saint Simons Island, GA 31522 Toll Free: 800.333.1984 * Email: Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker


LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION CHALLENGE: Dr. Fox’s veterinary practice was in the perfect location. And he wanted to keep it that way. His financing, however, was less than ideal. He needed a solution to stay where he was. SOLUTION: Dr. Fox had the Cash Flow Conversation with his PNC Healthcare Business Banker, who put his detailed knowledge of the veterinary industry to work. Together, they tailored a financing solution to free up cash flow. Dr. Fox also started accepting different forms of payment through PNC Merchant Services®1, getting those funds into his account the next day.2 ACHIEVEMENT: Dr. Fox’s practice is still in the same thriving location and has the financial resources to manage itself more efficiently. And Dr. Fox has more time and energy to devote to his patients. WATCH DR. FOX’S FULL STORY at and see how The PNC Advantage for Healthcare Professionals can help solve your practice’s challenges, too. Or call one of these PNC Healthcare Business Bankers to start your own Cash Flow Conversation today: CHRISTINE MOORE MIKE ESTES


The person pictured is an actual PNC customer, who agreed to participate in this advertisement. Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie’s success was due to a number of factors, and PNC is proud of its role in helping the company achieve its goa g ls. All loans are subject to credit approval and may require automatic payment deduction from a PNC Bank Business Checking account. Origination and/or other fees may apply. 1 Merchant Services provided by PNC Merchant Services Company and are subject to credit approval. PNC Merchant Services is a registered trademark of the PNC Financial Services Grou up, Inc. 2 Next-day funding on card transactions processed by PNC Merchant Services when deposited into your PNC Business Checking account. PNC is a registered mark of The e PNC PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (“PNC”). BBK-6492 ©2011 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC

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