Futures and Options Annual Report 2018

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OUR MISSION Futures and Options empowers New York City’s underserved youth to explore careers and guides them to further their education and become productive citizens.

INTERN SPOTLIGHT JULIA LU HilltopSecurities, Summer 2017 Stuyvesant High School, Class of 2017 Babson College, Class of 2021

Cover Image: Back Row: Eliyakol Djokoto, Julia Lu, Beverly Joseph, and Solangy Juarez Front Row: Jose Otero, Alnaw Elnaw, and Yader Rivera 2



TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter of Thanks


Collaborations and partnerships drive everything


we do at Futures and Options.

employers in this year’s report because it is not







just their spirit of generosity that brings them Our staff are expert team players who work

to partner with Futures and Options: They also

together to build, improve, and deliver high-quality

believe that investing in young people is good

career development programs for New York City’s

for their business, for the economy, and for the

Our Impact 8

young people. We work with educators at schools

workforce of tomorrow. They join us to provide

and nonprofits across the five boroughs to find

essential career exploration and work experiences

Our Business Partner 10

motivated students who are eager to prepare

for our youth because we all have something to

for the work world. Our volunteers and donors—

gain from engaging with our future workforce.

individuals, companies, and foundations—are our

These employers lead by example, and we are

collaborators, sharing our belief in young people

honored to share their inspiring stories with you.

What We Do and Why 6

Accenture: Understanding Employers and Interns


Kirkland & Ellis: Professional Development and Confidence


Loews Corporation: Civic Responsibility Yeilds to Career Exploration


Maimonides: Work Ethic and Initiative 14 Mansueto Ventures: Communication and Personal Growth


Marsh & McLennan: Productivity with Exposure to Career Paths


Millennium Hilton: Career-Readiness and Reliability


Our Employer Partners 18 Off to College 20 The Places They’re Going 21 Aspiring to Higher Education 22 Young Professionals Committee 23 Leveraging Expertise 24 Our Financials 25 The Barbara L. Christen Founder’s Circle

and joining us to support their futures. Without our partners, we could not have reached And the students we serve? We are proud to be

1,486 New York City youth, a record number, from

their partners as they learn invaluable professional

183 schools last year. Our businesses partners’

skills, meet new people, explore education and

investment enabled 473 young people to work

career options, and discover more about their

in paid, mentored internships, and an additional

own strengths, interests, and potential.

1,011 students received our career- and collegereadiness trainings, supporting their paths to

We truly believe we are better together—and

educational and professional success.

this year, we give special thanks to our employer partners, without whom Futures and Options could

Our dedicated staff, Board of Directors, Advisory

not exist. Each year, more than 200 nonprofits,


government agencies, and for-profit businesses

along with our donors, nonprofit and school

hire Futures and Options’ interns, open their doors


for career exploration field trips, and offer their

partners make all we do possible; each receives

teams’ time and talents to the young people we

our profound respect and heartfelt gratitude.







serve. The resources these organizations share with our students are tremendous, and all of us at

As we move forward in the coming year, we know

Futures and Options are deeply grateful to them.

we need to prepare more young people for their futures, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you on our team. With our most sincere thanks,


Board, Advisory Council, and Staff 30

Stephen E. Hessler Chairman, Board of Directors


Patricia S. Machir Executive Director


WHAT WE DO AND WHY Futures and Options believes that all young people deserve a chance to achieve their potential in life and a career, and that New York City needs a diverse and prepared workforce. To this end, Futures and Options partners with the business community to provide transformative work and learning opportunities to motivated young people who lack the skills, knowledge, and access needed to succeed in the world of work.



By teaching valuable professional and life skills in engaging workshops

To provide opportunities for young people to acquire and practice essential work and life skills

By partnering with businesses and professionals to provide actual paid jobs, in addition to career exploration, mentoring, and networking opportunities

To foster their self-confidence and faith in their abilities

By supporting young people and employers while they work

To prepare them to be competitive in the labor market and meet the diverse needs of the business community

By learning and understanding what businesses need from the workforce By training other professionals to deliver high-quality career development programs


To enable them to experience firsthand the dignity and responsibility of work

Because early work experience has a proven positive impact on a young person’s long-term career and income trajectory



Career Essentials provides workreadiness training and career exploration to middle and high school students. Students attend weekly workshops on topics such as interviewing, time management, and resume writing, and go on career exploration field trips to different companies for a firsthand look at the working world.

College Guidance Initiative offers group workshops to prepare high school students for the college application and selection process. One-on-one assistance with college and financial aid applications is also provided.

The Internship Program provides paid, mentored internships and career-readiness workshops to teens 16 to 20 years old. Students acquire hands-on work experience, gain entry to small businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and multinational corporations, and earn needed money.

High School Success provides continued work-readiness and career exploration activities to high school students who have graduated from Career Essentials and the Internship Program; these students also work with a collegeaged alumna/ae mentor to help them navigate college applications, selecting a college, and choosing a major.

College Success supports our students in their first years in college by providing working professional mentors who offer guidance as the students navigate their way through college and plan for future careers. Students are also invited to attend events focused on networking, career exploration, and work-readiness skills.




Futures and Options reached 1,486 students from 181 high schools and 2 middle schools


Hispanic or Latino


Caucasian 4%

OUR FLAGSHIP PROGRAMS The Internship Program

Black or African American

Multiethnic 9% 473

Career Essentials 211

OUR SUPPORTING PROGRAMS College Guidance Initiative


High School Success


College Success 57



Other 3%

Female 58.6% Male 41%

On The Road 525

PROGRAM OUTCOMES More than 90 percent of our Career


Essentials and Internship Program


participants report positive growth in


these areas that are especially valuable


to a young person’s development and employability:



Live in public housing



Speak English as a second language





Qualify for free lunch

Are immigrants


Non-binary .4%



of seniors graduated from high school on time

of graduated seniors enrolled in college



would recommend The Internship Program to a colleague would hire a Futures and Options intern again




UNDERSTANDING EMPLOYERS AND INTERNS interests. Our process allows us to find the


right candidate for the employer, who makes the final hiring decision.


This high-touch matching process doesn’t just ensure that our interns are up for the job: good chemistry creates an atmosphere where truly

Futures and Options employer partners are small businesses, essential government


agencies, inspirational nonprofits, and multinational corporations. They publish





personal growth and relationship-building.

magazines, develop apps, invest in public infrastructure, negotiate corporate

Scarlet Zambrano (Aviation Career & Technical

mergers, save lives, and lobby for social change.

High School, Class of 2019) interned at Accenture in summer 2018 as a rising senior. Transitioning

At each of these employers, there are staff who collaborate with us to develop and provide meaningful internship experiences, create engaging career exploration and work-readiness activities, and offer guidance to our students on education and career pathways. These individuals are critical to our programs’ core functioning, and we are grateful for these caring, supportive, and enthusiastic partners who are committed to our mission and support our students’ successes. The employers featured in the pages that follow are just a small sample of the more

from high school to an office was difficult: Supervisor Andreys Herrera and Intern Scarlet Zambrano






for New York Local Tech Support at Accenture,




and Options interns for two years. Andreys knows in advance that each of his interns will be “motivated to work in the field and eager to be relevant” in the office because the Futures and Options team meets with every potential

than 200 that partner with us each year. Their impact on the young people of New

employer to understand their needs and culture,

York is positive, life-changing, and exemplary. We thank them for being role models

and interviews each potential high school intern

in the business community, and for sharing our belief that investing in the workforce

“I thought I wouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s difficult to speak up and take initiative when you’re surrounded by professionals.” As she realized her Accenture coworkers were embracing her as part of the team, Scarlet grew more confident in herself in a professional environment. By the end of her internship, she was even comfortable giving a presentation to Accenture managers about her experience. “I couldn’t be more thankful to have an understanding and welcoming supervisor.”

in person to get to know his or her skills and

of tomorrow isn’t just our social responsibility, it’s good for business, too. “Each and every time I receive an email or hello text from a former intern is rewarding. I know that the impact is deeper than a six-week internship.” – Andreys Herrera





skills are critical at work, not just to

of 2018) interning at Loews was

be understood, but to be easy to

an opportunity to explore the

work with, a better networker,

field she hopes to have a career

and a potential leader. Learning

in, and also to learn about

about in



herself and the real meaning




of interpersonal skills. Jennifer


has a hard time acknowledging

workshops while he interned gave her

Francisco the chance to practice space and bring concrete skills

receiving their feedback, she was able to see

to the office. His supervisor,

the importance of her contributions and how

Alumni Engagement Information

she can build on her achievements to grow

Specialist Baina Renaud, calls this

professionally. With increased confidence, her


interns I’ve supervised have become more confident and equipped.”


But Francisco isn’t the only one who benefited

hen Francisco Cruz (The Urban

from his internship. Hiring Futures and Options



interns gives Kirkland employees their own

Technology, Class of 2018) applied

chance for professional development. Diana


to Future and Options, he wasn’t just looking



by collaborating with her Loews team and


model life-changing: “All of the





Supervisors Diane Crocker and Baina Renaud and Intern Francisco Cruz






for a part-time job. He wanted help exploring

that high-performing staff can develop and

career options, feedback on his college search

exercise managerial and mentorship skills by

and applications, advice on how to be more

supervising interns, who are hungry to learn

professional, as well as a meaningful real-world

and truly appreciative of the team’s support.

work experience.

Diana remembers improving her own skills thanks to an intern who asked many questions

Through the Futures and Options Internship

about the context of a task every time he was

Program, Francisco gained access to an otherwise

given assignments. “I started giving him more

out-of-reach opportunity—an internship with

background information and learned that an

Kirkland & Ellis—as well as the guidance and

employee can do better work if they understand

support he needed to make the experience a

the bigger picture.”

success. Francisco tends to be reserved, but


networking skills improved, and she found

10 summers through the Urban Leadership

journey at Futures and Options became part

Fellows (ULF) program, a partnership between

of an unconditional network, especially my

Futures and Options and the Municipal Forum

municipal finance team.”

Supervisor Caroline Cruise and Intern Jennifer Gomez

aroline Cruise, Portfolio Manager

herself naturally introducing herself to new

at Loews Corporation, has been a

people at her internship’s closing ceremony.

supervisor to a high school intern for

“Everyone who supported me through my

of New York, which began in 1996. Loews, a diversified holding company based in New York and founded by the Tisch family, is committed to creating long-term value for shareholders, employees and the local communities where they live and work. Caroline says, “A sense of civic responsibility has always been intrinsic to how the company operates. Year after year, we look forward to hosting an intern from the New York City public school system.”

It is the opportunity to have this kind of lasting impact on a young person that keeps Caroline coming back to supervise a Futures and Options intern each summer. “Of course, interns learn new practical skills linked to their work. More striking and perhaps even more important, however, is the personal confidence they gain week after week. Being involved with the ULF program through Futures and Options has been a definite highlight of my time

For Jennifer Gomez (New Explorations

in the industry.”

Into Science, Technology, and Math, Class

he realized quickly that good communication

“The intern’s presence really elevates the morale and performance of your department. You are going to do your best work when you have an intern modeling their performance after yours.”

“The Futures and Options Internship Program can be as gratifying and impactful for the supervisor as it is for the intern.” – Caroline Cruise

– Diana Crocker 12




were there to help me complete projects to the best of my ability, and I shouldn’t have been afraid to ask for help when I needed it.” Kirk remembers, “There came a point when Grace became more comfortable and open with the team and was not afraid to ask questions. And then she enjoyed coming in to provide solutions and offer a helping hand—proactively.” That was the point when Kirk realized coming to Mansueto each day was more than “just work” for Grace. Supervisors Kirk Inocencio and Mario Guardado and Intern Grace Cuenca

Supervisor Alla Zats and Intern Brandon Hinds


ven in fields where it can be challenging

young people can work just as hard as any

to find work for young people, high

other employee.



interns Medical

have Center,




At and

Options interns receive invaluable exposure to careers in healthcare by supporting the hospital staff with administrative tasks and patient care duties.


Kirk Inocencio, Senior Account Strategist

Senior Account Strategist, who also supervised

at Mansueto Ventures, calls the staff at

Grace: “She started to become an independent

Futures and Options “growth enablers.”

individual on our team.”

Our combination of supported early work

Maimonides has hosted 30 Futures and

experiences with career development training

Options interns since 2015, and has more

creates opportunities for young people like

than 300 high school students interning and

Grace Cuenca (Stuyvesant High School, Class of

volunteering throughout the hospital in a

2018) to step outside their comfort zones and

year. Working with high school interns gives

into the space where personal transformation

Alla Zats, Director of Volunteer and Student


When Brandon Hinds (Bishop Loughlin

Services, the chance to watch young people

Memorial High School, Class of 2018) started

develop personally and professionally. “We

his internship at Maimonides, he realized he

watch them over time become more sure about

had a chance to change the perception of high

taking initiative, navigating difficult situations,

school students in the work place. Arriving on

and learning how to work with different

time, staying on task, and not being afraid to

types of people. We have had a mutually

ask for challenging work showed his team that

rewarding experience.”

“Young people help improve and contribute to compassionate patientcentered care. They are able to take initiative and own their roles.”

This is a favorite memory for Mario Guardado,

But Kirk knows that he, too, was empowered to grow thanks to Futures and Options. He became a better manager by learning “how to identify Grace’s strengths and weaknesses, and structuring her projects around improving those skill sets.” And he was able to leverage Grace’s point of view in his digital strategy work: “Young

Grace says that at the start of her internship,

people give a fresh, unique perspective of how

she had a tendency not to ask for help. “I didn’t

to problem-solve every day issues, which is

want to bother my supervisors. But as time

very important in the advertising and marketing

progressed, I realized that I would need to. They


Businesses don’t know it all—especially the massive potential and different point of view that the youth have to offer. They have a totally different perspective of seeing the world, and because of that we have so much that we can learn from them. – Kirk Inocencio

– Alla Zats 14






realize one organization has positions in sales, technology,


development, or human resources, an early work experience is bound to be eyeopening. Margaret Ozbay, Records Manager at MCC, appreciates that Futures and



high school students “to a variety of employment opportunities at a time in their life when they are trying to

Supervisors Raj Virani and Margaret McGowen and Intern Niloy Bilah


decide what career path to follow.” It’s part

Supervisor Aliya Owens and Intern Simon Tsui

imon Tsui (Stuyvesant High School,


Aliya Owens, Human Resources Director,

Class of 2019) joined the finance team at

has supervised Futures and Options interns

the Millennium Hilton for an internship

for two years. She says that while watching

in summer 2018. He had never interned before,

young people like Simon come out of their

Raj Virani, Niloy’s supervisor and the U.S.

but he says Futures and Options made it

shell can be the most rewarding experience

a big company, as well as his workshops with

East Region Manager of Real Estate Services,

attainable by helping him “every step of the

of the program, Millennium Hilton originally

Futures and Options, “to explore all sorts of

agrees that young people who are “hungry for

way—from interview attire to networking skills.”

partnered with Futures and Options when

the opportunity” are a fantastic resource for

Through public speaking and meeting other

they discovered the Internship Program’s high

any employer. “It was great to see how much

interns in his career development workshops,

rate of concrete success: more than 85% of

impact our intern had on our operations.”

he gained self-confidence, and it snowballed.

our interns complete their work hours, attend

“I realized that I shouldn’t be afraid of taking

their career development workshops, and

risks or making mistakes.” Simon felt more

receive a positive performance evaluation

equipped to share his opinion at work, use

from their supervisor. Aliya’s experiences have

his improved interpersonal skills to navigate

met her expectations. Her interns have been

a tricky relationship with a coworker, and

“consistently reliable, intelligent, and goal-

exchange phone numbers with interns in other

oriented. They are willing to learn and absorb

departments at a Millennium Hilton event.

as much as possible.”







of what makes the internship experience

McLennan Companies (MCC), Niloy

rewarding for our supervisors—that, and

Bilah (Stuyvesant High School, Class

of 2019) learned that “there isn’t one set career

having a productive extra team member who is “eager to learn, motivated, and enthusiastic.”

path.” Niloy was a part of the Real Estate team at MCC, but he says he used the experience at

careers to understand what my interests are.” It can be easy to take for granted how many job options are out there, but for a

“Futures and Options interns are ready to learn and contribute, every day.” – Raj Virani

“Futures and Options interns are professional, reliable, and eager to learn. They are an asset to a company.” – Aliya Owens 16


OUR EMPLOYER PARTNERS In FY2018, 204 public, private, and nonprofit businesses welcomed 473 Futures and Options interns.

INTERNSHIP SITES Abingdon Theatre Company Academy Securities Accenture Administration for Children’s Services and Education Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Adrienne Nicole Productions AlixPartners Amanda Bohan Marketing Amas Musical Theatre AMC Networks Inc. American Museum of Natural History Amy Fronczkiewicz Photography APCO Worldwide Assured Guaranty Attitude Inc. Baldor Specialty Foods Bank of America Merrill Lynch Barclays Capital Inc. Battery Dance Corporation Betances Health Center Big Bad Boo Studios Big Drop Inc. Big Sky Edit Bike and Roll NYC BlackRock Blenderbox Bleu Life Media Bottomless Closet - NYC The Boys’ Club of New York Brandy Joy Smith BRIC Arts Media Bright Power Brookie’s Cookies NYC The Brooklyn Cyclones Brooklyn Public Library Build America Mutual Caine Mitter & Associates Career Gear caribBEING Caring Across Generations Cause Effective Center for Children and Technology The Child Center of NY


Christodora Citigroup, Inc. CITYarts Citizens Committee for New York City City and Country School City Parks Foundation Cohen’s Fashion Optical CoolNerd Media Inc. Coro New York Leadership Center Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt, & Mosle LLP Dancing in the Streets Datonics Davidson Kempner Capital Management dbc Deloitte Denise Service, Attorney at Law Digital Girl, Inc. Elliott Berman Textiles Empire State Development Corporation Evercore, Inc. Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies The Field Finn Partners Fitch Ratings, Inc. Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto Futures and Options Ghost Robot Global Language Project GO Project God’s Love We Deliver Goldman Sachs The Good School NYC Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and New Jersey Group.BR Haute Hijab Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP HB Studio Hedaya Capital Hemamset Angaza Productions Hemophilia Association of New York

HilltopSecurities Housing Works i2 Learning The Impact Network IPG Mediabrands Jaftex Corporation Jefferies Financial Group Inc. Jenn Halweil Jigsaw Productions J.P. Morgan Securities Julie Friedman Realty Kenneth Gilbert Law Kids in the Game - KING Kirkland & Ellis LLP KNect365 K.S. J.A.M.M. Dance Troupe Lawyers Alliance for New York Left Forum Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Loews Corporation Loop Capital Markets, LLC Lower East Side Coalition Housing Development, Inc. The Lower Eastside Girls Club The Lucille Lortel Foundation Lupus Research Alliance MAC Presents Maimonides Medical Center Mansueto Ventures Margaret Sullivan Studio Marsh & McLennan Companies Marymount School of New York Maven Clinic Mental Floss Metro New York Millennium Hilton Millstein and Co. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Mizuho Americas Moody’s Morgan Stanley Museum of American Finance National Association of Scholars Neighbors in Action New Destiny Housing New Immigrant Community Empowerment New York City Department of Cultural Affairs New York City Department of Youth & Community

Development New York City Employment and Training Coalition New York City Housing Authority New York City Housing Development Corporation New York City Law Department New York City Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer New York City Office of Management and Budget New York-Presbyterian New York State Homes and Community Renewal New Yorkers for Parks Nick Clark Productions NYC Smoke Free at Public Health Solutions Office of the New York City Comptroller Office of the New York State Attorney General Onyx Equities, LLC Opening Act Pan-African Community Development Initiative Park Avenue Post Inc. The Parodneck Foundation The Pekoe Group Philanthropy New York PineBridge Investments PNC Bank Port Authority of New York & New Jersey The Possibility Project Prager & Co., LLC Prime Clerk Prospect Park Alliance/NYC Parks and Recreation Public Resources Advisory Group Quad/Graphics Rada Film Group Randall’s Island Park Alliance/ NYC Parks and Recreation Raymond James RBC Capital Markets Recycle Track Systems, Inc. Reelio Roosevelt & Cross, Inc. S&P Global Samuel A. Ramirez & Co., Inc.

Sat Nam babe Siebert Cisneros Shank & Co., L.L.C. SIFMA The Single Parent Resource Center, Inc. Stareable Step Up Storefront Academy Harlem Support Center: Partnership in Philanthropy Suyo TD Securities Teach for America TEAM First The Theater Center Thomson Reuters Thrillist Time Inc./Meredith The Times Square Alliance Two Bridges Neighborhood Council UBS U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission U.S. Bank University Diagnostic Ventura Associates International LLC Vineyard Theatre Voya Financial Wave Hill The Week Wells Fargo Securities West Side Campaign Against Hunger Worldview Travel Xavier Mission YAC YWCA Greenwich Zina Lanay

CAREER EXPLORATION FIELD TRIP HOSTS Our students visited 33 businesses to learn from their employees about career paths, education choices, and varied work opportunities Accenture AMC Networks, Inc. Center for Court Innovation Change for Kids Clarity CommonBond Compass Dropbox Duff & Phelps Finn Partners First Republic Bank Google Houlihan Lokey Infor IPG Mediabrands Kirkland & Ellis LLP M+R Marsh The Metropolitan Museum of Art Millennium Hilton Modell’s Sporting Goods NBCUniversal Office of Senator Gillibrand Penguin Random House PwC Reorg Salesforce.org SEVENROOMS Société Générale The Children’s Book Council Warby Parker Zenith Media Zurich North America





Adelphi University

SUNY Fredonia

Pace University

Alfred State College

SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Plattsburgh

Babson College

George Washington University

Pennsylvania State University

Barnard College

Georgetown University

Princeton University

Baruch College

Hampton University

Purchase College

Bentley University

Harvard University

Queens College

Binghamton University

Hofstra University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Boston College

Howard University

Boston University

Hunter College

Rochester Institute of Technology

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Institute of Culinary Education

St. John’s University

Iona College

St. Joseph’s College

Brandeis University

Ithaca College

Bronx Community College Brooklyn College

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Interning and attending Futures and Options

Buffalo State College

Johnson & Wales University

Skidmore College


Canisius College

Kean University

Spelman College

Solangy improve her public speaking, become

SUNY Canton

Stevens Institute of Technology


Carnegie Mellon University

Kingsborough Community College

Claremont McKenna College

Lafayette College

Syracuse University

Clark University

LaGuardia Community College

Temple University

The College at Brockport

Lehigh University

Thomas Aquinas College

also is more prepared to succeed as a college

College of Mount Saint Vincent

Lehman College

Tufts University

student thanks to her internship experiences.

The College of Saint Rose

LIM College

Union College

And, she was a prepared college applicant

CUNY College of Staten Island

Lincoln University

University at Albany

in part because she accessed Futures and Solangy Juarez (Brooklyn College Academy High School, Options for support during her senior year of Class of 2018) interned twice through Futures and high school. She attended to refine Options, first in workshops the Institutional Securities Group at her personal statement, learn about Morgan Stanley and then on thepaying Equity Project Strategy team at BlackRock. Interning and attending Futures and for college, and understand the admissions Optionssays career development process. Solangy that Futures andworkshops Options helped Solangy improve her public speaking, become more independent, helped her to feel “empowered and confident and practice building relationships with colleagues. throughout my college application process.” These skills are invaluable at work, but Solangy also is Solangy enrolled at Babson 2018. student thanks more prepared to College succeed in asfall a college She is majoring in business administration with to her internship experiences. And, she was a prepared

Colorado College

Long Island University

University at Buffalo

Columbia University

Manhattanville College

University of Chicago

Concordia College

Marymount Manhattan College

University of Miami

Connecticut College

Medgar Evers College

University of Michigan

The Cooper Union

Mercy College

University of North Carolina

Cornell University

Middlebury College

University of Notre Dame

The City College of New York

Monroe College

University of Pennsylvania

Drexel University

Morgan State University

University of Rochester

Duke University

Mount Saint Mary College

University of Vermont

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

New York City College of Technology

Valencia College

Fashion Institute of Technology

New York University

Whittier College

Florida Institute of Technology

Northeastern University

Willamette University

Fordham University

SUNY Oswego

Yale University

Brooklyn College Academy, Class of 2018 Babson College, Class of 2022 Solangy Juarez (Brooklyn College Academy, Class of 2018) interned twice through Futures and Options, first in the Institutional Securities Group at Morgan Stanley and then on the Equity Project Strategy team at BlackRock. development independent,




helped building

relationships with colleagues. These skills are invaluable at work, but Solangy

a concentration in finance.


college applicant in part because she accessed Futures and Options for support during her senior year of high school. She attended workshops to refine her personal statement, learn about paying for college, and understand the admissions process. Solangy says that Futures and Options helped her to feel “empowered and confident throughout my college application process.” Solangy enrolled at Babson College in fall 2018, an institution that prides itself on their focus on entrepreneurship and business.

School of Visual Arts

Stony Brook University

Wesleyan University



ur Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is a group of passionate young men and women who are committed to helping New York City underserved teens explore

college and career possibilities. Through fundraising, volunteering, engaging Futures and Options students, alumni and other young professionals, our YPC members use their talents and networks to make a positive impact for Futures and Options and the young people in our programs.

Left to right: 2018 Dream Big Barbara L. Christen Award Scholar Martina Amate Perez and Finalists David Salcedo, Alina Palacios, and Rose Leonard

ASPIRING TO HIGHER EDUCATION The Barbara L. Christen Scholarship









exemplary high school seniors who have participated in

Career Essentials and the Internship Program. The Barbara L. Christen Scholarship Panel, comprised of Futures and Options board and advisory council members, seeks to honor young men and women who embody the six hallmarks of a Futures and Options student: professionalism, leadership, teamwork, communication, integrity, and an interest in exploring careers. This college scholarship is named in honor of our founder, Dr. Barbara L. Christen, and is funded by our Young Professional Committee through its annual fundraiser, A Toast To Brighter Futures. Since 2012, Futures and Options has awarded $57,000 in college scholarships.


2018 Barbara L. Christen Scholar Martina Amate Perez, Aquinas High School 2018 Finalists

Alina Palacios, Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School Rose Leonard, Millennium High School David Salcedo, Bronx Academy for Software Engineering High School Left to right: Tori Irons, Chris Miceika, Zhe Zhao, Ben Spiegelman, Carly Taylor, and Mallory Humphries




Futures and Options provides Career Essentials and the Internship Program for its strategic partners,



Unrestricted Special Event:

leveraging our expertise in youth career-readiness, exploration, and college guidance, and allowing

Event Revenue



for more effective programs and increased opportunities for New York City students. This year, we

Less: Event Expenses



brought Futures and Options programming to the following schools and organizations:

Net Special Event Income






Government Grants



Interest Income



Release of prior year restrictions






Release of prior year restrictions



Total Support And Revenue



Career Development - Intern Wages & Stipends



Career Development - Other





Management and General






Total Expenses






Temporarily Restricted



MIDDLE SCHOOL PARTNERS M.S. 358 Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning Schools (WHEELS)

HIGH SCHOOL PARTNERS Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics Bronx High School for Law and Community Service Bronx Latin High School

BUSINESS AND NONPROFIT PARTNERS BlackRock Breakthrough New York Coro

Temporarily Restricted:

EXPENSES: Program Expenses

CTE Industry Scholars Program (Grant Associates) EHTP Here to Here IPG Mediabrands

Bronx School of Law and Finance

Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Frederick Douglass Academy

Morgan Stanley

George Westinghouse High School

Municipal Forum of New York

Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and

Opening Act

Total Program Expenses


Permanently Restricted


Increase/(Decrease) In Net Assets: Mathematics Independence High School Marble Hill School for International Studies

Reel Works




Net Assets, Beginning Of Year



Net Assets, End Of Year



Voya Financial Friends of the Children

High School of Language and Innovation

Generation Citizen

MESA Charter High School

Partnership for Afterschool Education

New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities III

Urban Word

FY2018 EXPENSES Program


Management & General




Summary of Financial Statements, dated November 29, 2018, prepared by Skody, Scott & Company, CPAs, P.C.



THE BARBARA L. CHRISTEN FOUNDER’S CIRCLE Futures and Options relies upon the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individuals to support its programs. The Barbara L. Christen Founder’s Circle recognizes our donors, who make it possible for Futures and Options to provide high-quality career development programming to New York City teens and to reach more students each year. The list reflects donations received in FY2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018). Every gift helps. We thank you for your generosity.

CORPORATE & FOUNDATION SUPPORT $100,000+ The Charles Hayden Foundation Ira W. De Camp Foundation The New York Community Trust The Pinkerton Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999 Kirkland & Ellis LLP JP Morgan Chase & Co. Solon E. Summerfield Foundation The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity NYC Human Resources Administration

$25,000 - $49,999 Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Capital One Goldman Sachs Voya Foundation White & Case LLP William T. Grant Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999 AlixPartners Barclays BlackRock Bulldog Ventures Ltd Centerbridge Partners, L.P. Centerview Partners LLC Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Elliott Management Corporation Evercore, Inc. Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP Guggenheim Partners, LLC


Houlihan Lokey HSBC Bank USA, N.A. The Hyde and Watson Foundation IPG Mediabrands Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP Latham & Watkins LLP Macquarie Matching Gift Program Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP The Patrina Foundation Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP PIMCO Foundation PJT Partners Inc. Prime Clerk Rothschild & Co Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

$5,000 - $9,999 Accenture Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, LLC Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP ATL Partners Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP The James and Judith K. Dimon Foundation FTI Consulting, Inc. GoldenTree Asset Management, LLC The Herbert and Sarah M. Gibor Charitable Foundation Jefferies Financial Group Inc. Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP KCC LC Knighthead Capital Management, LLC Lazard Marble Ridge Capital LLC Michael Tuch Foundation Millstein & Co. Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC

P. Schoenfeld Asset Management LLP The Rosenkranz Foundation The Stony Point Foundation Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Teneo Capital The Teske Family TPG-TSSP Specialty Lending University Diagnostics Vinson & Elkins LLP Zolfo Cooper, LLC Zurich North America

$2,500 - $4,999 BMC Group, Inc. Brown Rudnick LLP Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP Dacarba LLC Downtown Lower Manhattan Association, Inc. Drivetrain, LLC Epiq Filsinger Energy Partners Jones Day King & Spalding LLP King Street Capital Management, L.P. Kutak Rock LLP Lazard MAXIMUS Foundation The Meg & Bennett Goodman Family Foundation Morrison & Foerster LLP RBC Capital Markets Shearman & Sterling LLP Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP UBS VMG Digital & Pre-media Services

$1,000 - $2,499

Ankura Consulting Group, LLC

Baker McKenzie Beilinson Advisory Group, LLC Build America Mutual The Charles & Ellen Cogut Family Foundation, Inc. Chatham Imports Coda Advisory Group LLC Dine Technology, LLC Emerald Capital Advisors Corp. Fry Communications, Inc. Gap Foundation Garden City Group, Inc. Gibson Dunn & Crutcher Google GreenHill & Co., Inc. Leslie J. Garfield & Co., Inc. Lower East Side Coalition Housing Development Inc. LSC Communications US, LLC The Lucky Fund Merck Company Matching Gift Program Michter’s Distillery MidOcean Credit Partners Monarch Alternative Capital LP Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. Quad/Graphics Omni Management Group LLC Ultra Capital, LLC

$1 - $499 AllianceBernstein Matching Gift Program Amazon Smile American Express Matching Gift Program Bryant Rabbino LLP Buffalo Exchange CUNY Campaign for Voluntary Charitable Giving Global Strategy Group, LLC Greater Washington Community Foundation J.D. Moschitto & Associates, Inc. Jeanie Rodgers Caruso & Fiscal Advisors & Marketing, Inc. Marvin & Company One Brooklyn Bridge Park ReEnergy Holdings LLC New York State Employees Federated Appeal Travelers Water Island Development Company

INDIVIDUAL DONORS VISIONARIES: $25,000+ Stephanie & Stephen Hessler Jennifer & Jason New Frederica & Efrem Sigel

OPTIMISTS: $15,000 $24,999 Jennifer & Thane Carlston Debra Regan & Paul Wasinger

Lori & Paul Zemsky

BELIEVERS: $10,000 $14,999

Anne Benedict Debby & Ned Flynn Lynne & Stephen Goldstein Emily & Jimmy Keenan Hildy & Marc Sheinbaum Dave Trucano Vanessa Wilson

DREAMERS: $5,000 $9,999

Stephanie & Gregory Boyd Campbell Brown & Dan Senor Louise & Jerry Faust Susan & Tony Gilroy Lisa Grushkin Colleen Hsia Jennifer & David Johnston Patty Machir Edward W. Machir Katie & Patrick Machir Jill & Robert S. “Steve” Miller Erin Murphy & Sean Connolly Eileen & Robert O’Leary Lisa Rothblum Alison & Benjamin Schrag Allison & Roopesh Shah Hildy & Marc Sheinbaum Keleigh & Jeffery Spinner

CHAMPIONS: $2,500 $4,999 Vipul Adlakha Jeannine Ali Scott R. Brakebill Charles H. Cremens Anna Durrett & Daniel Magliocco Krisztina Geosits Colin Hannaway Will Iwaschuk Bethany & Ketan Kapadia Kim Koopersmith Hugh Nelson Phannee Noiplai & Steve Sperber Jennifer O’Neil Scott Porter Andee & Michael Rupe Christopher Snyder & Alexandra Hakim John Thompson Leslie K. Williams & James A. Attwood, Jr Nanar & Anthony Yoseloff

ADVOCATES: $1,000 $2,499 Danielle & Morris Alhale Yvette Auyeung Martha Battles Christopher Biasotti Claire Biernacki Amy Ciatti Courtney & David Corleto

Ali & Kenneth Goldstein Annette & Jonathan Goldstein Damini Ghosh Patricia & Lee Grissom Scott Hall William Henderson Tony Horton Ronnie & William Lane Sharon Martin-Toussaint Robert McHugh Cherrie Nanninga Carsten Otto Mark Patricof Terri Ann & Paul Quinlan Edwin Sagurton Irving Smokler Ben Spiegelman Reverend Branan Thompson Greg Thonsen Melissa & Wray Thorn Karen Freedman & Roger Weisberg Meena Thever Wojcik & Tom Wojcik Zhe Zhao

MENTORS: $500 - $999 Phillip Abelson Daniel Aronson Henry Balbirer Shreeya Bhatia Reena Bhatt Melissa Blankenship Glen Buchbaum Marianne & Steve Busby Susan Changar Catherine Christen Suzanne Christen Byron Cordes Sean Crow Jared Dawson Brian Empey Marc Esquenet Jose Esteves Brian Farrell Rob Fear Joshua Feltman Ethan Flaherty Louis Foundos Cheryl Fried Sarah Jane & Trevor Gibbons William Gorra Adam Gottlieb Francis Greenburger Mark Haley Gertrude Hannaway Miranda Harrrison Matthew Hart Jason Hedberg Cathy & Richard Herbst Robert Hessler Matthew Holtzman Junchan Hong John Hu Tori Irons Alexander Isik Philippe Jacob Michael Johnson


Connie & John Kane William Kim Marc Kirschner Jill & Barry Lafer Brett Lane Charles Lehman David Lehman Danielle Limer-Nies Josiah Lindsay Cynthia Marian Frank Martino Elizabeth & Richard Mason Rachel McCauley Chris Miceika Evan Middleton Joanna Munoz Mark Nagel Liliana Nunez Sumbo Ojikutu Nicole Perez Joan & Michael Salzman Poonam Shah Torrance Shepardson Scott Vogel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Walfish Dequan Walker Karen & Kenneth Ziman

COACHES: $100 - $499 Shani Abrahams Tosin Adesegha Hilary Agin Blair Albom Bradley Alfred Irit Altman Robert Ansell Jason Arvanites Michael Babakitis Elizabeth Bakarich Dustin Baker Liz & Adam Barnett Laurie Becker John Begley Michael Bellizzi Joseph Bennett Mandy Blackett Robert Bouvier Clayton Brancato Greg Brewster Dan Bruck Ryan Buerkle Stephen Burnazian Cathy Callender Scott Cantor Daniel Caplivski Shawn Cappello Marissa Carpinteyro Myrna Changar Hugh Chasmar P. Jean Chasmar Leslie Chasmar Man Wah Cheng John Chesser Nicholas Cipiti Sherry Clardy Thomas Colaprico


Vernaliz Co Amanda & Jon Cotchen Courtney & Tyler Cowan Emily Crossan Joe Daly Sarah Decosse Laura Dillon John Dougherty Elizabeth Dougherty Lily Downing Stacey Dube Elizabeth & Brian Duffy David Ehnot Anita & Steve Eichler Garrett Falzone Christine Farkas Denise Farrell Brendan Feinberg Michele Fenice Melissa Fenice Barbara & Lawrence Finkelstein Wayne Fitzgerald Douglas Friske Ross Garber Cherian George Caroline Giroux Jeff & Lisa Giroux John Gladysz Heather Godsmark Anne & John Goldsmith Zach Goodman Alexandra Gorman Susan & David Gorobetz Dipali Gupta Harriet Habert Amanda Hallack Kathleen Hanly Marina Harrop Eric Hemmert Emily Hepworth Paris Heymann Joseph Hill Cheri Hoff Lynn & Dale Humphries Judith T. Hunt Spencer Jennings Emily Johnson Noah Johnson Billye Kee George Kirsch Carol Kostik Ann & David Kurtz Meg Langan Courtney Leimkuhler Caroline Levy Eli Lipcon Dave Look Marisela Lopez Kevin Luchetta Naz Majidi Delilah Marto Rudolph Marto Mario Masrieh Richard McCarthy John Miletti Guy Miller

Anne Moore, MD Debra & Joseph Morelli Clare & Mike Mullarney Maureen Naughton James Nelson Aimi Nguyen Ashley Niness Lorenza Nunez Ignacia Nunez Colville Alexis Obernauer Kyle O’Hehir Nedu Ottih Karen Parker Clorinda Pasqua Nelson Pereira Steven Peyser Andy Powers Sylvia Qiu Navraj Rai Michael Riley Christian Robinson Julia Rogge Joshua Rounds Evelyn & Jeffrey Sabin Tapani Salonen Sean Sampson Arthur Samuels Jason Scheir Laura & David Schiff Julianne Scott Herbert Shepardson Betty Shepardson Keegan Shepardson Margaret Shergalis Erwin Shilling Mark Sinatro Lauren & Mitch Soiefer Judith Spalthoff David Spiegelman Nina Spiegelman Erin Stackowitz Liz Stackowitz Isaac Sutton Bob Szuhany Diane Taylor Carly Taylor Christie Taylor Tom & Marge Teske Scott Thompson & Jim Duplissie Morolake Thompson Gergana & Teodosi TrendafilovaTchoneva Lynette & Michael Tucker Alfred Turco Carlos Vazquez Patrick Venter Tracy Vo Bill Vrattos Mathew Wallace Shulin Wang Sean Wdowiak Michael Weinstein John Whitman Charles Whitman Jocelyn Wietfeldt Bill Williams

John S. Wilson Jasper Yang Louise Yelin Aparna Yenamandra Jane & Richard Zenker

FRIENDS: $1 - $99 Ramy Abouseif Talia Abraham Justin Abrams Amanda Adami Tom Alena Sunny Amrat Mathew Argudo Hitomi Asada Jackson Au Stephen Beckett Grace Berkery Farah Bernadin Chad Beynon Ekita Bhatia Japhet Boutin Michael Burguieres Sarah Carrier Kevin Charlton Ann Chasmar Michael Cline Karen & Gael Coakley Michael Connors Rose Cornelson Diana Corral Lorraine DeCastro Greg DiPrisco Gilroy DSouza Kathleen Ellis Anthony Espinosa Charles Failla Xiao Feng Skylar Fidel Deborah Formica Dawn Garcia Maureeen Geraghty Jonathan Gilbert Arlene Glatzer Charles Goldberg James Gurney Jacob Gurney Gilda Haynes Sharon Healy Kem Hinton Mary Humphries Mallory Humphries Veronica Ifrah Autumn Johnson Corinne Jones Melanie Jones Robert Jordan Elizabeth Jote Anoori Kadakia Anthony Kuzma Rachel Landau Josh Lavan Sarah Lee Josh Leon Nick Levine

Khrystyna Levytska David Liebschutz Yi Lin David Lipschitz Han Liu Beth Ann Loveland Sennett Winston Majette Kat Malek-Hood Lewis Mandell Christine Martin Peter Martin Joleen Martis Maria Mastronardo Andrea Mateer Lucy McLoughlin Peter McQuaid Erin Miceika Abraham Mizrahi Lisa Moody Jesus Morales Leonard Moschitto Heidi Muccifori Angela Newell Emily Oldenquist Mark Orsi Joseph Osei Debra Parenti Shaival Patel Shivam Patel Jill Penza Eric Peterson Christina Piazza Anne & Bernie Poteat Kate Powers Lou Powers Juliana Granados Quiroga Patrick Raab Stuart Radin Shyla Rivera Lori Robertson Katherine Roche Trista Rose Richard Rowe Elana Sable Sarah Salomon Justin Schleifer Amy Schmitt Gregory Scott Robert Scott Ryan Scott Joshua Seide Declan Shepardson Gail Sider Clement Sin Kathleen Sullivan Youjia Tian Karen Wang Erin Wang Amy Weber & Sheldon Goldfarb Allison Weiler Yichen Yang Peter Zarella Minqing Zhu


Anne Goldsmith Artichoke Basille’s Pizza Baked by Melissa Barry’s Bootcamp Bella Yacht Charters Blue Apron Bowlmor Lanes Brooklyn Cyclones The Brooklyn Kitchen Cat Baldwin Cate & Chloe Chef Angela Lowe City Winery Ashley & Curtis Taylor Jason New Equinox The Flatiron Room Fry Communications, Inc. Funbars (FB) Hospitality Group George Scribner HelloFresh Insomnia Cookies Jason New Magnolia Cupcakes mang’Oh Yoga Marquee Nightclub Melissa Joy Manning MindBodyAware MoMA PS1 Morris Alhale Neiman Marcus- Short Hills NJ Bon Vivants NY Philharmonic OM Factory Yoga One World Observatory Orion Trading LLC Rare Bar & Grill The McKittrick Hotel - Sleep No More SoulCycle SPiN Sprinkles Trina Turk The Dominick Hotel Vineyard Vines New York Water Taxi

Futures and Options makes every effort to ensure that our listing of contributors is complete and accurate. The donors listed contributed in FY2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018). If we have accidentally omitted your name, please call Nell Schwed at 646-880-6694


BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND ADVISORY COUNCIL OFFICERS Stephen E. Hessler Chairman Anne Benedict Vice Chair, Program Erin Murphy Secretary Christopher M. Snyder Treasurer Paul Zemsky Vice Chair, Strategy

DIRECTORS Cathy Bendert Thane Carlston Caroline Cruise Stephen Goldstein Lisa Grushkin Colleen Hsia

David C. Johnston Alex Kogos


Daniel Magliocco

Vipul Adlakha

Jason New

Yvette Auyeung

Jennifer O’Neil

Karla Esleeck

Daniel Pombo

Krisztina M. Geosits

Benjamin Schrag

Michael Grant

Matthew B. Settle

Ketan Kapadia

Roopesh K. Shah

Alan Koffler

Marc Sheinbaum

Hugh Nelson

Efrem Sigel

Patrick Machir

Paul Teske

Poonam Shah

John Thompson

Steven Sperber

David Trucano

Nicole K. Wright

Paul Wasinger

Wayne Wright

Patricia S. Machir Ex Officio, non-voting member

STAFF Patricia S. Machir Executive Director

Nancy Manket Chief Operating Officer

Meghan Becker Senior Program Coordinator

Willa Mayo Program Coordinator

Monet Bryant Assistant Program Coordinator

Joanna Munoz Program Director

Amanda Cotchen Program Coordinator

Priya Murali Program Coordinator

Catherine Dodge Grants Manager

Jacques Onanga Assistant Program Coordinator

James Gurney Program Manager

Lenisa Patterson Program Coordinator

Shamecca Harris Program Coordinator

Claudia Pelczarska Finance Assistant and Office Coordinator

Taylor Heideman Business Engagement Coordinator Sarah Kaufmann Senior Program Coordinator Krista Kee Program Coordinator Sasha-Lee Lewin Program Assistant Kathryn Malek-Hood Business Engagement Manager

Arisdehilys Reyes Program Coordinator Nell Schwed Development Assistant Michael Turay Business Engagement Assistant Simone Williams Alumni Engagement Assistant

William Iwaschuk



THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS Our career development program makes it possible for underserved, motivated teens to acquire applied skills and higher education to successfully contribute to a global 21st century economy.


120 Broadway, Suite 1019 | New York, NY 10271 Phone: 212-601-0002 | Fax: 212-601-0005 | Futuresandoptions.org

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