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of apps for Windows 8

Discover the best apps in the Windows Store with this essential guide


AZ The


of apps for Windows 8

Discover the best apps in the Windows Store with this essential guide


he Windows Store makes it easier than ever to work and play with your PC, laptop or tablet, with apps that you can launch directly from your Start screen. Once you've downloaded an app, the tile will be pinned to your Start screen automatically for easy access (though you can remove it if you wish, of course). The Store’s front page features the top free and top paid-for apps, as well as a whole host of others

The A to Z of Windows 8 apps

best choices for Work, play and more organised by category. So if you want an app for Twitter, for example, you can pay a visit to the Social category and check out what's on offer.

Some of our favourites

With so many fantastic apps at your fingertips it can be hard to choose the which to try first, so we've decided to offer you a glimpse of some of our favourites. You'll find everything from serious work apps to addictive games. And there's more; we've also selected some of the best Windows 8 games yet. We're sure you won't be disappointed with any of these apps, and most of them are free too, so you can download them and give them a whirl without opening your wallet. So kick back with our A-Z of apps and your Windows 8 device; it's time to hit the Windows Store and do some serious browsing!



We begin our roundup of the best apps with Adera, a free story-driven adventure game. Your job is to guide Jane Sinclaire through the city of Adera, where you’ll solve extraordinary puzzles, collect artefacts and explore new places to reveal the mysteries of this new-found civilisation. You can even pause the game on one device and resume on another! The story begins when Jane receives a desperate message from her long-lost grandfather. With only her wits and a strange stone orb to guide her, she sets out to find her grandfather before it’s too late. £FREE

Backgrounds Wallpapers

High-resolution backgrounds and lock screen images for your Windows 8 device. £FREE

Cut the Rope

This famous game will blow you away with its bright HD graphics and surprisingly tricky levels. £FREE





Google Search

Stuff How Works

This app gives you access to tasks, mail and calendars from a Microsoft Exchange server. £FREE

Make notes and add tasks to the Calendar app. You can add images to your agenda too. £FREE

ractal Photographer

Create amazing images with the Mandelbrot Set – a mathematical set of points that produces a fractal shape. This app lets you explore the shape, see it in different colour schemes and export the images to use as desktop backgrounds. This app comes alive with a touchscreen, with full multi-touch support including pinch-to-zoom and rotate. If you’ve used a fractal program before, you’ll be amazed at how things have improved. Fractal Photographer runs incredibly fast because it only renders relevant areas rather than making unnecessary calculations. £FREE

Search the web and access Google apps. The Chrome browser is available too. £FREE

A great collection of practical, interesting and downright bizarre articles. £FREE

Indian Recipes

This app collates the very best curry recipes. If you fancy an Indian meal tonight, start right here. £FREE



Kobo is a an e-reader and book store that puts a virtual library on your Windows 8 device. £FREE

etpack Joyride

This app from developer Halfbrick is one of the most fun Windows 8 games we’ve seen so far. Suit up with a jetpack of your choice and fly off as you become the wonderfully named Barry Steakfries. You’ll test experimental backpacks (you need to break them free first), and score points as you avoid bullets, lasers and other nasties. You can compete with your friends and unlock power-ups, coins and vehicles as you go. Customise your kit in the area known as The Stash, where you can trade items in to get various upgrades that make the game even more fun. £FREE

London Tube Map

An essential app with a map, route planner, departures and live status updates. £FREE


usicMaker Jam

This app lets you make musical mash-ups in a range of styles. Select the song parts and instruments you want to use, then adjust the tempo and make other modifications or additions. You can even add special effects to your music in real time. Everything is perfectly synchronised so your creations will always sound tuneful rather than jarring. MusicMaker Jam works brilliantly whether you’re using a touchscreen or a keyboard and mouse. You can even save your music as an MP3 file and listen to it later. £FREE (extra styles priced individually)

News Bento

map your photos

With support for Google Reader, News Bento is a great new way to receive and read RSS feeds. £FREE


Microsoft’s app will sync your notes to SkyDrive, so you can access them on any device you choose! £FREE

Popular Science

Popular Science, or PopSci, delivers all the latest science and technology stories. £FREE

for QuizMe Windows 8 Reversi Challenge players across the globe in this fun general knowledge game. £FREE


Play the classic strategy game against another person or your PC, with varying levels of difficulty. £FREE


Get the latest national and international news from Sky, including video reports for top stories. £FREE

The best videos from the incredibly popular TED (Tech, Entertainment and Design) shows, now in HD. £FREE


This RSS reader will automatically show you the web’s latest and greatest stories, arranged by category. £FREE


This is a stunning arcade game where the longer you play, the stronger your ship becomes. £FREE


X -O

A new version of noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe). Play against your Windows 8 device or a friend. £FREE

ouTube MP3 Y and Video Downloader


Search the WordWeb English dictionary and thesaurus for spelling suggestions, definitions, usage examples, synonyms and related words. The app contains references for over 85,000 words, phrases and derived forms. The word entry assistant suggests spellings as you type, and lists words that sound the same or are often mixed up, with support for North American, British, Australian and international English dictionaries. Once you’ve found the definition you’re after, you can then use the app to drill down for more information. £FREE

Watch YouTube videos, then download your favourites. £FREE


Control Miko the android, who must find out what’s going on aboard a space station. 99p

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The A to Z of apps for Windows 8  
The A to Z of apps for Windows 8  

Discover the best apps in the Windows Store with this essential guide