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20 & 21 SEPTEMBER 2020






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Bring your best shots to life with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK Known for our passion for photography and commitment to delivering outstanding print quality, we produce a huge range of personalised photo products. One of our most successful innovations is the award winning CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Combining your creativity with our craftsmanship is the best way to share the photographs you’re most proud of.

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Hi, and welcome to our Virtual Festival debut! The Photography Show & The Video Show has welcomed thousands of photographers and filmmakers to the NEC for 6 years. It’s all-change for 2020 and while we’re sad not to see everyone at the NEC in Birmingham, we’re delighted to be bringing everyone together online instead. Over the two days you will get access to over 100 never before seen tutorials, exclusive kit launches and demos; plus the chance to browse and chat to over 130 exhibitors, make those all-important choices about what’s next for your kit or your business, and take advantage of a host of special show deals – all from the comfort of your own home. With so much to see, where to start?! Why not begin by visiting your favourite brands in the exhibition halls? You can search by company name and by product category too. As well as hosting lots of information about their latest products and services, including live demos and ambassador Q&As throughout our opening hours, all of the stands have a team waiting to talk to customers – all you need to do is click on the CHAT button to say hi. All of our exhibitors are listed from page 33. Next, check out the Main Stage sessions (page 12). There are six programmes to choose from. Out & About covers photography and filmmaking outdoors, and Create & Motivate includes interviews with David Yarrow, Sarah Waiswa and Doug Allan, and a live session with Chase Jarvis. Editing & Post-production features a tutorial from Julieanne Kost, Connect covers essential business and marketing guides, and there are programmes dedicated to Photo Skills and Video Skills. From there, have a virtual wander round the galleries (from SheClicks, Gurushots, AOP, SPi Awards and our World Photography Day competition) or pop to the Analogue Spotlight to get some insight into the return to non-digital photography. Perhaps then navigate to the Exhibitor Academy (page 20) for some fantastic talks from the Canon Stage, Nikon School and Sony Alpha Academy, or to the Burst Mode Hub (page 19) to see brand new gear reviewed by our experts. Before you get started, we’d also like to highlight our charity auction, hosted on behalf of our official charity partner, the Disabled Photographers’ Society. Visit page 24 to find out how you can support the charity’s work and maybe get your hands on one of a selection of prints donated by some very generous professional photographers.

The Photography Show & The Video Show is organised by Future, Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. Tel: 01225 442244. All details in this guide were considered correct at time of going to press. The organisers reserve the right to change or cancel any details. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the information published is accurate, please note the organisers cannot accept any responsibilty for any errors or omissions or any consequences arising therefrom.

Now, get the kettle on and get comfortable…! Enjoy the show! • 3

YOUR VIRTUAL FESTIVAL HOW-TO GUIDE A quick guide to accessing and navigating the Virtual Festival

GETTING STARTED & ACCESSING THE EVENT To access the virtual festival, please visit photographyshow., click the login button and use your email address to access to the event. The event will be open from Sunday, 20 September at 10am. The event is accessible on your desktop, mobile or tablet (‘we recommend a desktop or laptop so you get the full benefit of the bigger screen) and from any browser. You’ll only be able to log in from one device at a time. If you’d like friends or family to access the link, they’ll need to register as well.

NAVIGATING AROUND THE EVENT Once you have logged in, you’ll be taken to the Welcome Area, where first, you’ll see our Welcome video. From here, you’ll be able to access the exhibition halls, talks, demos and galleries simply click on the banners or use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to navigate to what you want to see.

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HELP & INFO Our Help & Info point is bottom left of the Welcome Area. Just click on it if you need any technical assistance or information about what’s on. You can also access this area from the navigation bar at the top of your screen, at any time. • 5

THE EXHIBIT HALL Once you’ve accessed the exhibition halls, you’ll see 7 different product areas.



You can easily find specific exhibitors by clicking on the relevant product area where you’ll find an alphabetical list of exhibitors in that area, or by using the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the screen.

To view all of the exhibitors in a particular area, you can scroll along using the arrows on each side of the screen. If you find an exhibitor you’d like to chat to or find out more about, just click on the stand and off you go!

BROWSING BY PRODUCT If you’re not sure which companies you want to see, just click on the product area that interests you or search for products in the ‘Search’ bar.

To get back to the main exhibition hall, click on ‘Back to Exhibition Hall’ which you’ll see on the left of your screen. To explore elsewhere in the event, use the navigation bar at the top of your screen. to Chat Ensure r exhibito on the re e h w stands, eople re p there a lp g to he in it a w

ON THE STANDS Once you’ve clicked on a stand, you’ll be able to browse products and services as well as CHAT to someone on the stand, as if you were at a real event. LIVE CHAT To chat with an exhibitor, click on the red CHAT button to enter their chatroom. You can then click on one of the team members to talk directly to them. You can chat via messenger, audio or video call. REQUEST INFO By clicking this button, the exhibitor will receive your contact details, which means they can easily follow up with you after the event.


BUY Click on this button to buy from the exhibitor. You may be redirected to their partner retailers or directly to their website. Make sure you take advantage of show deals!


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WATCH DEMOS Some exhibitors will be running specific discussions and demos throughout the two days. Keep an eye out for schedules and information about these both on their menu bars (where the CHAT button is located) or in their chat room.

Each stand will have a variety of brochures and videos available for you to browse. Keep a look out for the ‘Add to Show Bag’ symbol - and add info to your Show Bag to look at later if you wish. Remember, you can access your Show Bag at any time by returning to the Welcome Area and clicking on Show Bag in the top right-hand corner.

STAGES / PROGRAMMES We have three stages at the show: • MAIN STAGE Our Main Stage features 6 different streams • EXHIBITOR ACADEMY This programme includes the Canon Inspirational and Educational Stages, Nikon School Stage and Sony Alpha Academy • BURST MODE HUB The Burst Mode Hub includes a by-the-hour programme of new kit reviews and demos All of these programmes are accessible from the Welcome Area and via the navigation bar at the top of your screen. The programme timetables can be found at photographyshow. com/talks-and-demos or in the show guide.

When you enter a stage, simply click on the main screen to join a session. You will not be able to join any sessions which have finished or which haven’t yet started.

Q&A If sessions are pre-recorded, the Q&A will either run alongside the video in text form, or will be hosted by the speaker or an exhibitor on Zoom (or similar) after the video has played. The details of Q&A will be made clear in the text box to the right of the video. If the sessions are live, the speaker may run a Q&A at the end of the session - the audience will be muted to avoid total chaos! You’ll just need to type any questions you have.

GALLERIES The galleries are accessible from the Welcome Area and the navigation bar. You will be taken off to a different platform but please don’t worry! This will open a new window so you won’t have lost your place in the show.

CHARITY AUCTION As with the galleries, the Disabled Photographers’ Society Charity Auction is accessible from the Welcome Area and the navigation bar. Again, this will open a new window so you won’t have lost your place in the show. • 7

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MAIN STAGE CONNECT Sunday, 20 September 10:00-10:30 Websites to get you work: Creating the perfect online portfolio Allie Astell Brought to you by AOP 10:45-11:15 The fundamentals of marketing yourself as a photographer Charlie Giles Brought to you by AOP 11:30-12:00 What is content creation and how can you make a living out of your passion? Dillon Osborne Brought to you by Sennheiser 12:15-12:45 Sharing a world that I love through social media Geraint Radford Brought to you by Olympus 13:00-13:30 So you want to be a vlogger? Jimmy Cheng Brought to you by Olympus 13:45-14:15 Basics of business on Instagram Ron Timehin Brought to you by Sony 14:30-15:00 Beyond the obvious: Telling stories with integrity in commercial and commissioned projects Emma Drabble Brought to you by Lumix

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15:15 - 15:45 Image copyright - your questions answered Richard Liebowitz Brought to you by Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC 16:00- 16:45 Creating your own identity as a photographer or videographer Angela Nicholson Brought to you by Women Who Photo & Film 17:00-18:00 Networking session Booking required. Angela Nicholson Brought to you by Women Who Photo & Film

Monday, 21 September 10:00-10:30 Creating a pictorial legacy as a wedding and social photographer Kevin Mullins Brought to you by Fujifilm 10:45-11:15 What comes first the followers or the paid jobs? Chio Fernández 11:30-12:00 Stop starving: Making money in photography David Hakamaki

12:15-12:45 How to explode your Instagram growth Estelle Keeber Brought to you by Mums in Business Association 13:00-13:30 Staying at the front of your field Elli Cassidy Brought to you by Fujifilm 13:45-14:15 How to be a successful influencer and content creator – we hear from the experts Gordon Glenister plus panellists Brought to you by Branded Content Marketing Association 14:30-15:00 Being savvy with YouTube Mandy Dhillon 15:15-15:45 Digital workflow; analogue world Dan Rubin 16:00-16:30 10 tips on how to start a food photography business Donna Crous / Bea Lubas 16:45-17:15 Shooting an international campaign Edmond Terakopian Brought to you by Lumix

CREATE & MOTIVATE Sunday, 20 September 10:00-10:30 want to be a photographer? Fabrizia Costa 10:35-11:05 Shooting a BBC documentary series on an iPhone Robbie Cumming / David McClelland 11:10-11:40 Changing the narrative of African society Sarah Waiswa Brought to you by Canon 11:45-12:15 The art of smartphone filmmaking Imran Azam 12:20-12:50 Personal projects: Designing your life around what you love and finding your style Tommy Reynolds Brought to you by Pixapro

15:50-16:20 Amplify your social presence by creating a content ecosystem Eulanda Osagiede 16:30-17:00 Game of Thrones stills photography Helen Sloan Brought to you by Nikon

13:30-14:00 SWPA award winner & Portrait stories Tom Oldham Brought to you by Sony

17:00-18:00 Unleash your creativity Chase Jarvis

14:55-15:25 Sharing is caring: The importance of sharing your creative process Tommy Reynolds Brought to you by Pixapro

Monday, 21 September 10:00-10:30 Going back to my roots Vicky Grech 10:35-11:05 Building creative resilience: tools to combat isolation and help harness your creative superpowers Emma Alexander

12:55-13:25 Flying high Caron Steele Brought to you by Vanguard

11:10-11:50 Student and graduation panel session: Where now? Paul Herrman / Sarah Fisher / Lauren Scott

13:30-14:00 Katachi - Photography and the soul of the creator Paul Sanders Brought to you by Fujifilm

12:20-12:50 Eyewitness: A global movement to preserve memory through the printed image Fabrizia Costa plus panellists

14:05-15:00 A journey through isolation David Yarrow

12:55-13:25 On assignment with Wiltshire Air Ambulance Terry Donnelly Brought to you by Sony

15:15-15:45 How to be a happier photographer Chris Ord

14:05-14:50 Big hills, cold waters Doug Allan Brought to you by Wildfoot Travel

15:30-16:00 Master your motivation - Business SOS Vicky Grech 16:05-16:50 How pictures can save a species Will Burrard-Lucas / Margot Raggett Brought to you by Sony • 11


Monday, 21 September

10:00-10:30 Get your edit on - tips to get started in editing Jesus Ramirez 10:45-11:15 Adobe Photoshop for photographers Tony Harmer Brought to you by The Design Ninja

10:00-10:30 Speed up your workflow with Affinity James Ritson Brought to you by Affinity Photo

13:45-14:15 How to reframe 360 video in Premiere Pro Shanil Kawol

10:45-11:15 Beauty retouching Iulia David Brought to you by Interfit

14:30-15:00 Audio set-up and edits with Premiere Pro David O’Dwyer

11:30-12:00 Editing with Capture One David Grover Brought to you by Capture One

11:30-12:00 Quick compositing James Ritson Brought to you by Affinity Photo

15:15-15:45 Creative editing techniques to add impact to action sequences and promos Emily Malden

12:15-12:45 Video editing for beginners Tony Harmer Brought to you by The Design Ninja

12:15-12:45 Calibration - getting colours right every time Glyn Dewis

13:00-13:30 Premiere Pro for beginners Ian Sayers Brought to you by Wacom

13:00-13:30 10 ways to organise your library in Lightroom Classic Julieanne Kost

13:45-14:15 Audio Editing for Beginners Alex Theakston Brought to you by RØDE Microphones 14:30-15:00 Adobe Photoshop for landscape photographers Tony Harmer Brought to you by The Design Ninja 15:15-15:45 Editing astrophotography images James Ritson Brought to you by Affinity Photo 16:00-16:30 Street photography - editing on the go Ross Grieve

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OUT & ABOUT Sunday, 20 September 10:00-10.30 In motion with Jim Cossey and Fusion Extreme Fusion / Jim Cossey 10:35-11:05 Improve your photography in 20 minutes Alex Laberge / Jane Hau Brought to you by London Photographic 11:10-11:40 How to find locations for fashion and portrait photography Jay McLaughlin Brought to you by Olympus 11:45-12:15 The art of backlight Andy Parkinson Brought to you by Nikon 12:55-13:25 Mobile and solutions journalism: Shooting the stories Dougal Shaw / David McClelland 13:30-14:00 Be unique: Seeing things that others don’t Levanterman 14:05-14:35 Down the garden path - back garden wildlife and nature photography Victoria Hillman 14:40-15:10 Lighting the landscape Marcus McAdam Brought to you by Skye Photo Academy, Kase Filters, Worldwide Explorers

15:15-15:45 Approaching wildlife photography trips like a pro Tom Mason 15:50-16:20 How to take better travel photos Laurence Norah Brought to you by Vanguard 16:25-16:55 From golden hour to blue hour: Working with natural light in landscape photography Nigel Forster Brought to you by Creative Photography Experience

Monday, 21 September 10:35-11:05 10 ways to elevate your street photography Brian Lloyd Duckett Brought to you by Fujifilm 11:10-11:40 Creative location portraits using strobes and ambient light Ben Bentley Brought to you by Interfit 11:45-12:15 How to fly a drone Carys Kaiser 12:20-12:50 In motion with Jim Cossey and Fusion Extreme Fusion / Jim Cossey

13:30-14:00 Great street photography on the fly Ross Grieve 14:05-14:35 See the streets differently Craig Reilly Brought to you by Olympus 14:40-15:10 Through the night Lara Platman 15:15-15:45 Light in the fast lane Nigel Harniman 15:50-16:20 On foot in Africa Nick Dyer Brought to you by Wildfoot Travel 16:25-17:05 How to grow on Instagram, become a travel photographer and work with brands Nick Heinimann Brought to you by Vanguard • 13

MAIN STAGE PHOTO SKILLS Sunday, 20 September 10:10-10:40 The art of seeing - crafting and composing your images Ben Brain Brought to you by Brain’s Foto Guides 10:45-11:15 Zero to flash Chris Ord 11:20-11:50 How to capture our beautiful world Christie Goodwin Brought to you by CEWE 11:55-12:25 Settings and exposure de-mystified Ross Grieve Brought to you by Lumix (Europe) 12:30-13:00 Explosive lift off! David Lund Brought to you by Sony 13:05-13:35 Multiple looks with just one light Hannah Couzens 13:40-14:10 Colouring in for added flavour and kaboom! Jakob Gronkjaer Brought to you by Interfit 14:15-14:45 50 tips for prize-winning close-up and macro photography Tracy Calder 14:50-15:20 Food stories - the inside scoop Kate Kirkman Brought to you by Sony

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15:25-15:55 Faces and places: Better street portraiture on your travels Jacob James Brought to you by Lumix 16:00-16:30 Better portraits start here Gavin Hoey Brought to you by Olympus

Monday, 21 September 10:10-10:40 Getting it right in camera Scott Johnson Brought to you by Fujifilm 10:45-11:15 Shoot close to home, get better pictures Matthew Maran Brought to you by Lumix

13:05-13:35 Portraits with atmosphere Gavin Hoey Brought to you by Olympus 13:40-14:10 “I don’t do group shots” and other myths about documentary wedding photography Jessica Milberg Brought to you by Olympus 14:15-14:45 Timeless portraits with minimal kit and limited space Glyn Dewis 14:50-15:20 Big assignments with the smallest of cameras Lea Tippett / Roger Reynolds Brought to you by Sigma

11:20-11:50 Going back to fun and engaging children’s portraits! Saraya Cortaville Brought to you by Fujifilm

15:25-15:55 Fast-paced editorial portraits featuring team Jamaica and team GB gymnasts! Ki Price Brought to you by Sony

11:55-12:25 Wildlife filmmaking from the perspective of a photographer Tesni Ward Brought to you by Olympus

16:00-16:30 Cinematic lighting - one light, two lights, three lights Tommy Reynolds Brought to you by Pixapro

12:30-13:00 The dos and don’ts of shooting a black model Jade Keshia Gordon

VIDEO SKILLS Sunday, 20 September 10:10-10:40 The importance of sound in visual storytelling Andy Burgess Brought to you by Sennheiser 10:45-11:15 Kit bag basics and simple video techniques Rick Bronks 11:20-11:50 Introduction to Wedding videography: moving from Photography to Video Mick Shah / Ash Davenport Brought to you by Sony 11:55-12:25 Audio for video 101 - audio explained for absolute beginners Alex Theakston Brought to you by RØDE Microphones 12:30-13:00 The magic of mirrorless Jim Marks Brought to you by Lumix 13:05-13:35 How to tell better stories with the production studio you already own – your smartphone Caroline Scott 13:40-14:10 How to use 360 cameras to capture epic stories with no crew Shanil Kawol 14:15-14:45 Shooting for the edit - wildlife filmmaking Tania Esteban Brought to you by Lumix

14:50-15:20 Big up your rig - taking your mobile kit to the max Rick Bronks 15:25-15:55 Understanding video based timelapse technologies Lee Fairbrother Brought to you by The Timelapse Store 16:00-16:30 Making a YouTube video... LIVE Luke Curtis Brought to you by Nanlite 16:35-17:05 Below the surface - the keys to underwater video Matt Jacobs Brought to you by Lumix

Monday, 21 September 10:10-10:40 Visual imagery and soundscapes: Capturing the raw feel of a wedding day Matt Thompson Brought to you by Fujifilm 10:45-11:15 Moving from wedding and corporate filmmaking to TV Carys Kaiser 11:20-11:50 How to set up multiple cameras and audio devices for a wedding ceremony Emma Wilson Brought to you by Story of Your Day & Evolve Videography Training

11:55-12:25 Add a camera or two Rick Bronks 12:30-13:00 Making your workflow work for you Mandy Dhillon 13:05-13:35 Workflow of a wildlife filmmaker Tania Esteban Brought to you by Sennheiser 13:40-14:10 Elevating your work with great audio Emma Wilson Brought to you by Story of Your Day & Evolve Videography Training 14:15-14:45 Doubling up Rick Bronks 14:50-15:20 Understanding codecs, compression and colour Richard Warburton Brought to you by Global Distribution 15:25-15:55 Multicam filmmaking John McGregor from Sennheiser asks the questions and also talks about multicam audio. Nick Driftwood Brought to you by Lumix 16:00-16:30 Travel filmmaking tips Ellie Cartwright Brought to you by Olympus • 15


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BURST MODE HUB A chance to see some of the kit from the big brands from a different angle.

Sunday, 20 September

Monday, 21 September

10:00-10:45 Be the first to see the versatile VEO 3+ tripod by Vanguard Ian Bywater Brought to you by Vanguard

10:00-10:45 Getting to know the Olympus Pro System Claire Harvey-May Brought to you by Olympus 12:00-12:45 How product samples can help to grow your business Brought to you by nPhoto

11:00-11:45 The latest Nikon cameras and lenses Neil Freeman Brought to you by Nikon 12:00-12:45 Introducing the new SureColor SC-P professional printers Dominic Gurney Brought to you by Epson 13:00-13:45 A New Concept is coming – First look with Sony and Ron Timehin Mark Baber Brought to you by Sony 14:00-14:45 An insider’s look at the X-T4 and XF50mm F1.0 lens Andreas Georghiades Brought to you by Fujifilm 15:00-15:45 Canon EOS R: What’s it all about and why did we do it? Dave Parry Brought to you by Canon

ANALOGUE SPOTLIGHT Head to the Analogue Spotlight stand to watch these sessions on demand! Type it in the search bar, or find the Analogue Spotlight floor tile on the main floor plan.

On Demand A primer into digitising film with a digital camera Hamish Gill pixl-latr / 35mmc

13:00-13:45 Interfit - to be revealed Joe Swift Brought to you by Interfit

Beyond black and white exploring the wonderland of film photography Paul McKay Analogue Wonderland

14:00-14:45 Having a look at the Sony AS7III Marc Baber Brought to you by Sony

Silverpan Filmlab - your film, your way Duncan Gammon Silverpan filmlab

15:00-15:45 Nikon D6: Leave nothing to chance Rob MacNeice Brought to you by Nikon

Chroma - the unique large format camera system Steve Lloyd Chroma Camera Kosmo Foto - a boutique British film brand, and a beginner’s guide to Soviet cameras Stephen Dowling Kosmo Foto A cyanotype printing demonstration Rachel Brewster-Wright Little Vintage Photography Setting up a darkroom for your first print John Whitmore Behind the scenes of a film photography podcast Bill Manning Breaking the myth of a good photographer Marina Llopis IFWEFILM How to take 3D pictures with your existing camera Tim Goldsmith • 17

EXHIBITOR ACADEMY CANON EDUCATIONAL Sunday, 20 September 10:30-11:20 Choosing your ideal compact, mirrorless or DSLR camera David Newton

15:30-16:00 Andy Farrer’s story, from image capture to image output Andy Farrer

11:30-12:20 The simple guide to lenses for wedding and portrait photographers Sanjay Jogia

Monday, 21 September

12:30-13:20 The challenge of beauty photography Tina Eisen

10:30-11:20 Choosing your ideal compact, mirrorless or DSLR camera See Sunday for more info. David Newton

13:30-14:20 Using the EOS R5 as a hybrid camera Simeon Quarrie

11:30-12:20 The pro guide to lenses for wedding and portrait photographers Sanjay Jogia

14:30-15:20 15 cool things about the EOS R5 and R6 David Newton

12:30-13:20 The challenge of beauty photography Tina Eisen

13:30-14:20 Using the EOS R5 as a hybrid camera Simeon Quarrie 14:30-15:20 15 cool things about the EOS R5 and R6 David Newton 15:30-16:00 Andy Farrer’s story, from image capture to image output Andy Farrer

CANON INSPIRATIONAL Sunday, 20 September 10:30-11:20 Last and next - a conversation with David Noton David Noton

14:30-15:25 Head to head: Sports photographers Eddie Keogh and Marc Aspland photo critique Eddie Keogh / Marc Aspland

11:30-12:20 My inspiration and journey in fashion photography Wanda Martin

11:30-12:20 Creative family portraits Helen Bartlett

15:30-16:20 My inspiration and journey in fashion photography Wanda Martin

12:30-13:20 Last and next - a conversation with David Noton David Noton

Monday, 21 September

13:30-14:20 Creative family portraits Helen Bartlett

12:30-13:20 Baja California: Realm of the great whales Mark Carwardine 13:30-14:20 In pictures: My ten year story Linda Blacker

18 •

10:30-11:20 Head to head: Sports photographers Eddie Keogh and Marc Aspland photo critique Eddie Keogh / Marc Aspland

14:30-15:20 Baja California: Realm of the great whales Mark Carwardine 15:30-16:20 In pictures: My ten year story Linda Blacker

NIKON SCHOOL STAGE Sunday, 20 September 10:30-11:15 On Set with Motion Picture Stills Photographer, Jasin Boland Jasin Boland 11:30-12:15 Being In-between: Taking Photography Project from Idea to Exhibition and Book Carolyn Mendelsohn 12:30-13:15 Creating Professional Images in Your Own Home Donna Crous 13:30-14:15 The Art of Landscape Photography Neil Freeman 14:30-15:15 Animals in their Environment – Capturing Images with a Narrative Andy Parkinson 15:30-16:15 Wedding Photography and Storytelling Froydis Geithus

17:00-18:00 Nikon Afterhours: Ask the Pros Nikon has invited a panel of professional photographers and creatives to answer any technical or artistic questions you may have. Between them, they have over 50 years of experience in the photographic industry and are sure to offer an insightful glimpse into the life of a photographer. Be sure to tune into the Nikon School Stand from 5pm to 6pm where we will be hosting this session, for free, via Zoom. Neil Freeman / Andy Parkinson / Donna Crous / Helen Sloan

Monday, 21 September 10:30-11:15 Creating Professional Images in Your Own Home Donna Crous 11:30-12:15 On Set with Motion Picture Stills Photographer, Jasin Boland Jasin Boland

12:30-13:15 Birds in Flight Ricci Chera 13:30-14:15 Being In-between: Taking Photography Project from Idea to Exhibition and Book Carolyn Mendelsohn 14:30-15:15 Animals in their Environment – Capturing Images with a Narrative Andy Parkinson 15:30-16:15 Wedding Photography and Storytelling Froydis Geithus 16:30-17:00 Camera, Lenses and Speedlights Q&A Neil Freeman / Ricci Chera 17:00-18:00 Nikon Afterhours: Ask the Pros See Sunday for more info. Neil Freeman / Andy Parkinson / Donna Crous / Helen Sloan

16:30-17:00 Camera, Lenses and Speedlights Q&A Neil Freeman / Ricci Chera • 19


Monday, 21 September

10:15-11:10 Journey from uni to workforce as a female sports photographer Tess Derry / Morgan Harlow

10:45-11:40 Sony Alpha Series - our fusion hero Kate Kirkman / Brent Kirkman

12:00-12:25 Interview & portfolio Alan Crowhurst

12:00-12:25 Easy poses and a system to get great couple photos Mich Shah / Ash Davenport Brought to you by MIKI Studios

14:20-14:45 London in lockdown Ki Price


15:40-16:10 Squirrels - using remote shooting options and behavioural observation to capture beautiful nature shots Terry Donnelly





The Powerful, Adaptable & Portable Miniature Lighting Studio The complete lighting solution for macro photography. Fast, simple and flexible. 1000’s of combinations to allow your creativity to flow.

20 •


SAVE THE DATE 18-21 SEPTEMBER 2021 NEC, BIRMINGHAM Keep up to date with the latest show news at • 21


OUR GALLERY COLLECTIONS A chance to take a look at several collections of outstanding images curated by communities and associations. SPi Awards 2020 Winner: Denis Cerim

World Photography Day competition. To celebrate World Photography Day, we asked for images captured that represent ‘looking forward’ to be in with a chance of winning goodies from Vanguard, Canon, Wex, Click Props and Interfit. As the UK continues to move past lockdown, this may be hopeful, family-filled or looking at the brighter side of the “new normal”. View the shortlist and winner at our gallery.

The AOP are delighted to bring you an exclusive preview of exceptional imagemaking from the AOP Awards 2020. Feast your eyes on these specially curated images from the Photography Awards, Emerging Talent Award and Open Award. Visit the Awards website to view all 340 finalists images. Winners will be announced at 11:00 Tuesday 13 October.

Winners of the Gurushots ‘Solo Single Subject’ challenge, who chose their subjects wisely and focussed on creating a powerful shot with a single subject in mind. From portraits to chiaroscuro techniques, they used light and composition to empower their subject. 22 •

Street Photography is the art of observation. Photographs taken candidly of extraordinary moments sourced from everyday life. The SPi Awards aims to celebrate the photographers with the best vision in this genre. This year we present the work of the winner of our fourth iteration of the SPi Awards, Denis Cerim, and the work of the fifteen finalists. They are all photographers with different approaches and styles, exemplifying how varied street photography can be, and how many different ‘eyes’ can fit into the genre. We hope you enjoy the galleries. Street Photography International thank Ricoh, Tenba Bags and The Printspace for sponsoring this year’s Awards.

SheClicks: Elena Paraskeva

SPi Awards 2020 Finalist: Patrick Heinscher

SheClicks: Wendy Davies

A collection of 50 images by members of the female photographers’ community, SheClicks. The images were selected by a panel of judges from over 2000 submitted via Photocrowd. This exhibition is about much more than the 50 photographs on these virtual walls. It’s also about inspiration, courage, confidence and support. The photographers involved were inspired to take part to demonstrate the quality of women’s photography, but also to inspire others and show that photography can be a hobby or profession for women.

A tour around the exhibition also confirms that women’s photography should not be pigeonholed. Women have a very wide perspective and shoot a huge range subjects using a plethora of techniques. Nor is women’s photography necessarily about identity or their place in society. It’s about whatever they want it to be about. It may be a special moment, complex emotions, interesting juxtapositions, stunning views, wildlife, fashion or current affairs. Anything. Some of the 868 photographers who submitted the 2,050 images seen by the judges had to step well outside of their comfort zone to put forward their images for selection. It’s a big step and one that was made with the support and encouragement of fellow SheClickers. Naturally, not all of those photographers’

images have made it into the final 50, but I hope they all feel a sense of satisfaction at taking part and challenging themselves. I’d like to thank Olympus UK for sponsoring the exhibition and making it possible. Thanks also to Photocrowd for facilitating the submission and selection process, and my amazing fellow judges who had the huge task of selecting the images: Tracy Calder, Amy Davies, Martina Govindraj, Kate Hopewell-Smith, Liz Jeary, Astrid McGechan, Beata Moore, Georgina Pavelin and Katie TeesdaleWard. Angela Nicholson • 23


Partnered with

SUPPORTING OUR OFFICIAL CHARITY PARTNER: DISABLED PHOTOGRAPHERS’ SOCIETY The Disabled Photographers’ Society has been our official charity partner since The Photography Show launched in 2014. In absence of their usual fundraising activities at the NEC we’d like to raise some funds to support their continuing efforts to make photography inclusive and accessible to anyone with a disability.

CHARITY AUCTION During the Virtual Festival, we will be running a charity auction on behalf of the Disabled Photographers’ Society. Anyone can bid on a selection of beautiful prints donated by professional photographers via, from Friday, 18th to 5pm BST on Friday, 25th September. Simply follow the relevant link and fill in a short form to bid. The highest bid will be updated at 4pm each day. Once bids have closed, we will contact the highest bidder for each print and ask them to donate the bid amount to our Just Giving page (including their name) within 24 hours. If the donation isn’t made within 24 hours, the bid will be lost and we will contact the next highest bidder. Once the transaction has been made, the print will be posted.

If you would rather just donate directly to our fundraising page, please visit and search for ‘The Photography Show’s Virtual Festival Fundraiser’

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5. Faye Yerbury – The Ruin Printed on Platinum Etching paper 285g. Size approx 10”x8” with an overmount to approx 14”x12”. Reserve: £75 6. Charlie Waite – Valensole Study II, France Shot in 2004, Archival pigment print 40cm square, Open Edition, Artist’s Blind Stamp. Value: £1,100 | Reserve: £50


7. Sam Christopher Cornwell – Mirrored Lunar Crescent 10’’ square, reflective print. Reserve: £60 8. Tim Rudman – Beached Ice, Iceland Limited edition 2/25 20’’x16’’ silver gelatine print. Printed on Ilford Warmtone FB, toned with selenium and thiourea. shipped signed and unmounted in archival sleeve. Value: £650 | Reserve: £50


9. Rachel Brewster-Wright – Lockdown Light on Leaves Shot on Adox CHS100ii film as part of a field test for Adox. Print size 10’’x8’’, Darkroom print. Value: £150 | Reserve: £50


1. Paul Hill MBE – Man against snow, Austria 1974 A4, signed, limited edition (25). Reserve: £120 2. John Claridge – Tommy Cooper, 1967 – Act 2 Pigment print, Image 24cm square on 42cm square paper. Titled, numbered and embossed on the front and stamped, numbered, authenticated and signed on the back, 310g archival fine art rag paper. Limited Edition: 100 + 5 APs. Donated Print: 62/100. Value: £250 | Reserve: £50 3. Clare Acford – Weight on My Mind Mounted size 50cmx50cm. Printed on Matt fine art paper. Reserve: £50 4. Nigel Harniman – Royal Enfield Pegasus A3 Fiber based paper, signed. Reserve: £50


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4.9 out of 5

Find out why we are rated No.1* • The best show deals • Huge choice of products from leading brands • Quality used equipment with 12-month warranty§ • Trade-in to trade up to the latest gear, we even offer cash for selected items • Finance available on orders over £250† • Free UK delivery on orders over £50◊ *Wex Photo Video is a Which? Recommended Provider Source: Which? members’ annual survey - June-July 2019. §Not applicable on items classed as ‘for spares’. ◊ deliveries to remote areas, Northern Ireland or items that are extremely heavy may incur a delivery charge. †Minimum order value £250 for orders made online, £300 if ordered in one of our stores. Finance is subject to application, financial circumstances and borrowing history. Warehouse Express Ltd trading as Wex Photo Video, 13 Frensham Road, Norwich. NR3 2BT. Company registration number 03366976 acts as a credit broker and not the lender. Warehouse Express Ltd only offers financial products from Barclays Partner Finance. Barclays Partner Finance acts as the lender. Barclays Partner Finance is a trading name of Clydesdale Financial Services Limited, a member of the Barclays Group. Clydesdale Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register number: 311753). Registered in England. Registered No: 2901725. Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP.

Visit us at

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WOMEN WHO PHOTO & FILM Celebrating and inspiring women across the photography and film industry • 27

WOMEN WHO PHOTO & FILM Women Who Photo & Film is a campaign launched by The Photography Show & The Video Show in 2018, to shine a light on some amazing female photographers and filmmakers in a maledominated industry. The aim is simply to encourage women in this field to shout about their work and their passion, whilst inspiring other women to get creating with these art mediums. This year, we’ve partnered with a fantastic group of 22 women, all of whom come from different backgrounds, are at different stages of their careers and specialise in different areas of photography and filmmaking. Each ambassador has her own story to tell take a look below.

Ami Robertson

Look out for the talks that our ambassadors are holding over the course of the two days, and don’t miss their panel session, ‘Creating your own identity as a photographer or videographer’ on Sunday, 20 September, 16:00-16:45 and the virtual networking session that follows from 17:00 onwards. Separate booking is required for the networking session. Theresa Macharia

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Cat Goryn


Ami is deeply passionate about helping women in business raise their visibility, something she is able to support via her brand, The Woman & The Wolf, which focuses on photography for female entrepreneurs.. One of her career highlights so far has been capturing portrait shots for one of the women receiving honours from the Queen for her contribution to closing the gender pay gap.

@the_woman_and_the_wolf /


Angela has been testing camera gear from all the major manufacturers since January 2004, she is a co-founder of Camera Jabber and has been Amateur Photographer’s Technical Editor and Head of Testing for Future Publishing’s extensive photography portfolio. Angela also founded SheClicks – a supportive network of women who want to learn, share knowledge, chat and enjoy photography either as a hobby or a profession – in August 2018.



Carys comes from a TV production background, having done everything from sound recording, working as a camera assistant and camera operator, to self-hooting PD (producer director). She has worked on science and historical films and on TV productions in the UK for over 17 years. In March 2015, she saw some footage online that made her realise that to move forward with her visual storytelling, she had to upskill and learn to fly a drone.



Ashleigh specialises in directing video content for the music and fashion industry. Originally she started as a photographer, over her career she has captured artists including Skepta, JME and Wiley as well as producing content for Kiss 100, Beats by Dre and Luxottica. In 2018, she directed H&M’s global Christmas campaign and since then her directorial catalogue has continued to expand. She’s alsoadded one of the most popular TV channels to he repertoire, Comedy Central and recently won her first industry accolade at the Brown Sugar Awards. @ashleighjadeeee


Cat is a sports and events photographer who is passionate about opening up this area of the industry to more women. One of her career highlights was photographing the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018, where only approx 4% of the official photographers were women. This highlighted that work needs to be done in improving diversity, and encouraging other voices behind this type of storytelling.


Image Credit: Ami Robertson’s headshot by Kirsty Mackenzie Photography


One of the world’s leading selfportrait artists. She photographs herself and becomes the characters of dreams inspired by a childhood of intense imagination and fear. After studying films in college, she realised her love of storytelling was universal. She started photography then in 2008, excited to create in solitude and take on character roles herself.



Dorothy is a 30-something creative commercial photographer and Content Creator. Currently four years into her career her clients include Vanessa Kingori MBE (British Vogue) and American actress Nafessa Williams.

@dorothy_______ • 29


Emma is a commercial and commissioned professional photographer. Trained in Marseille, France in the 1980s, Emma has an extensive documentary photography background and is a Panasonic ambassador and Getty contributor. She is committed to sharing her lifetime of knowledge as a working photographer through regular local, national and international speaking engagements and workshops.



Emma is a highly regarded international wedding filmmaker, based in Switzerland, who spent twenty years at the BBC as a newsreader and video journalist. She is a qualified videographer trainer and mentor, and also runs a corporate video production company – The Story Creatives – which engages audiences with creative filmmaking and powerful storytelling.



Jennifer McCord

Heather first started taking photos when she travelled around the world for two years in the 80s. She picked up the camera again in the early noughties to start shooting professional dancers and performers at events, festivals and competitions. Subsequently she moved into filmmaking, focusing on travel filming, wedding, corporate and social media videography. Heather went deaf at the age of three, but never let it get in the way of working as a videographer.


Iulia is a London-based photographer specialising in editorial, commercial and beauty portrait photography. Born in a family of artists she has always been surrounded by art and curious in knowing the latest trends, which has taken her on to work for clients such as Little Mix, Bobbi Brown, Little Mix Cosmetics and Lash Perfect.


30 •


Jade is an award-winning fashion and beauty photographer who works with fashion brands and bloggers alike, as well as high profile industry brands such as Manfrotto and Lastolite. Her career highlight was a 2017 campaign for Nike Curve shotting two plus size influencers. Jade was also a guest on the podcast Life’s A Bag, which is dedicated to empowering and celebrating women of colour. She will also feature as a speaker at this year’s virtual show.



Fabrizia’s passion for photography started when she worked as a fashion and beauty editor for some of the top magazines in Milan. Today she specialises in documentary photography and portraits, looking to capture stories and special relationships. She also coaches photographers, holds workshops and classes and is passionate about supporting women within the industry.



Indira is a photographer specialising in portraiture as well as motor racing. She’s shot celebrities from Mary Portas to Richard E. Grant and events including Goodwood Festival of Speed. Her current exhibition, Great British Racing Drivers (GBRD), on display at The Silverstone Experience, is a unique collection of new photographs celebrating more than 100 of Britain’s iconic and inspirational racing drivers, past, present and future, in settings and locations that link to their motorsport story or illustrate their personalities away from the track. @indiraflack


Jennifer is a music photographer who has shot for the likes of Ellie Goulding and Fall Out Boy as well as being an official photographer for festivals such as Reading, Isle of Wight and All Points East. She’s now working with Ellie on a long term basis and recently worked on a campaign for Jameson with Complex Magazine in December

as well as touring with Westlife and Oh Wonder.



Laura is a wedding photographer and founder of SNAP photography festival. In her career so far she’s worked on close to 300 weddings all around the world, capturing modern nuptial shots. She is also particularly interested in capturing shots of women and dealing with issues around non-conformity and body confidence.



Lilla is a London based video producer with a primary focus on beauty and fashion, she fell in love with photography during her time at university. After graduating from film studies, she started assisting on photoshoots and making behind-thescenes videos. She has now developed a niche as a freelancer directing, shooting and editing beauty and fashion films for companies who launch new products or seasonal campaigns, and has worked with Iconic London, Phlearn (US) and QMS Medicosmetics. @lillanyeki

Megan is a photographer and videographer who works across fashion, documentary, portrait and social content. She is also an associate lecturer at Northumbria University on the very fashion communications course that she studied! Megan has worked with brands from Nike and Selfridges to Vodafone with numerous events and fashion companies in-between. In 2018, Megan won Portrait of Britain which saw her winning image feature as part of a nationwide advertising campaign and in that year’s Portrait of Britain book. @megjepson


Shay is a young, Cambridge-based photographer. Her work includes fashion photography with contemporary and sports brands as well as portraits and landscapes. Shay is passionate about supporting better visibility for women in the industry as well as better diversity of minority backgrounds. A recent career highlight was capturing images of Sheffield’s outgoing mayor, Majid Majid, on his last day in office.




Paula is a 22-year-old, Nigerian photographer and director from South London. Paula has been shooting professionally since the end of 2017 and describes her style as a mix of all her favourite aspects of documentary, street and editorial photography. She enjoys photographing primarily black people in a relaxed and free way, as she’s always wanted her art to be a reflection of her race and its beauty rather than a reminder of their struggle. She is also the creative director of her own magazine ‘The Floor’ and has worked with The Boiler Room and Getty Images. @narcography


Tania is a zoologist and wildlife filmmaker, previously working on blue-chip natural history docs at the BBC, online digital projects for BBC, Netflix and WWF (Our Planet, Blue Planet 2, Planet Earth 2) as well as other indies. She is a qualified CAA drone pilot and is currently working at Silverback Films on a new 8K BBC landmark series. She is also a brand ambassador Panasonic and Atomos, and strives to raise awareness about conservation through emotive visual storytelling.



Theresa is a young London-based photographer, starting out in her career. Her work focuses on lifestyle blog photography and fashion editorial shots. Her highlights include shooting for The Moon Houses, a vacation home rental in Lamu, Kenya and shooting for musicians like Wretch 32 and WSTRN and lifestyle content creator Lydia Dinga. Theresa has also partnered up with two female filmmakers to create EyeSeeVisuals, a visual storytelling collective dedicated to the re-presenting of African and Caribbean countries through their experiences and that of natives. @theresamacharia • 31



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E XHIBITOR PROFILES There’d be no show without them – get the insider track on all our wonderful exhibitors • 33




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The Adaptalux Studio is a modular macro photography lighting solution that uses flexible lighting arms to provide adaptable and highly customisable lighting for any close-up photography.

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ATOMOS deliver ground-breaking technologies that enhance, simplify and demonstrate video content creation. Atomos devices take images directly from your camera sensor, bypassing limitations and unlocking your creativity.

“It’s the best!”....that’s the overwhelming opinion of those that have used the superb chemistry from BelliniFoto since it was introduced into the UK by Nik & Trick Photo Services in late 2016. Their C41 chemistry in particular now widely recognised as the best you can get for use at home and in business. In fact every single one of their products that we have brought in has gained an individual following including new ones that we have brought to market together.

BenQ offers a range of monitors designed for discerning photographers, videographers and designers that value quality, colour accuracy and consistency. Their state-of-the-art screens display colours so true that it makes editing a breeze by utilising superior hardware and improved technology for the most accurate display possible. If you’re looking for high quality at a great price, then BenQ monitors will certainly deliver.




The BCMA is the leading global member association promoting the value of branded content. It is designed for anyone involved in branded content. Through best practice it leads the debate on what makes great branded content and how brands, producers, agencies, platforms, media owners, publishers and influencers can engage audiences for maximum benefit and payback.

For 60 years, Broncolor has been at the forefront of manufacturing high quality, powerful flash and continuous light solutions for professional photographers – both in the studio and on location.




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Finland The Camera Rescue Project is coming to the show to BUY, TEST and SELL! We specialise in buying, testing and restoring old analogue cameras.

United Kingdom • 35



CEWE are Europe’s leading photo printing company. Known for our passion for photography and commitment to delivering outstanding print quality, we produce a huge range of personalised photo products. From photo books and wall art to cards and prints, we produce everything in our state-of-the-art production facility here in the UK. We’re dedicated to helping you share your work at its most beautiful or turn your memories into something you can treasure forever.

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United Kingdom Professional photographic printing and products including schools printing, digital press products, Renaissance digital albums, coffee table books, framing, online sales with ImagePartner and giclee fine art prints.

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United Kingdom


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United Kingdom Contour Design provides evolutionary products that allow people to work safely at their computers without the risk of physical pain or injury. Our products offer the highest degree of ergonomics and also inspire variation and improved habits. Repetitive strain injuries, and other mouse related injuries can be avoided with the right equipment, awareness, and prevention. Contour Design’s products are developed not only to relieve pain, but also prevent it.

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United Kingdom creativephotographytraining. Owned by Wales based photographer Nigel Forster, offering expert courses and workshops in landscape and outdoor photography from anyone from beginner to advanced level and professionals who wish to broaden their skills. Nigel is one of Wales’s foremost landscape photographers, a Master Photographer with the Photographer Academy and a regular editorial contributor in N-Photo Magazine.









We know that passionate photographers are always looking to improve their skills. Education and inspiration are at the heart of Nikon’s core values. That’s why we’ve launched Nikon School Online and On Location. You are investing in us. Let us invest in you. For more information visit • 37



A111 A111


38 •


Deity Microphones is committed to making unique microphones and products that get the job done. Launched by a TV location sound mixer, Deity Microphone’s roots are planted in knowing what kind of equipment working professionals need in their kit.


United Kingdom Digitalab are a multi award-winning professional photography lab with over 70 years of delivering consistently stunning work to the photographic industry. From our unrivalled C-Type Photographic Prints to our extensive range of Framing Options and Wall Art, the care and attention to detail evident in all of our products will help to set you apart from the competition.


United Kingdom The UK’s longest-running Professional Print Lab will be returning to The Photography Show in 2020. On stand G62, Dunns will be showcasing their handcrafted Albums, Framing and Wall Art plus professionals can get massive savings on all Studio Samples during the show. School and Nursery Photographers will be able to see the latest FlexSchools release before anyone else, with live demos, product displays and FlexSchool Champions on hand to answer any questions.


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We promote photography for people with disabilities, as individuals or as members of a disability group and for care workers and those with an interest in helping the disabled.


Switzerland Elinchrom produce the world’s most portable lighting gear for photographers, drawing from a heritage of more than 55 years of innovation. Based in Renens, Elinchrom continues to innovate with a product range that covers every photographer’s needs, from compact flash equipment to portable battery pack systems, reflectors, softboxes as well as numerous lighting accessories.


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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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We are excited to be exhibiting at the show and will be showcasing our award-winning Hähnel product range including the ProCUBE2 Charger, MODUS Speedlights, Module Speedlight Accessories and Captur Remote Control System. We are also the official distributors for ZHIYUN, Leofoto, Litra & Tokina and will be on hand to discuss all these brands too so make sure to stop by for a chat!



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United Kingdom

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Imagined by photographers, built by engineers, perfected by designers. Irix lenses and filters are designed to deliver top optical performance and match the demands of full frame matrix cameras. Swiss precision and ingenious Korean solutions make for a powerful combination.

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Professional photography accessories.

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Every decade has seen Kowa continue to innovate in the world of optical design and technology. See our new wide angle binocular, the affordable without compromise BDII-XD range at the show, learn all about digiscoping - the method of combining a digital camera with our spotting scopes to create an ultra-compact super telephoto system with focal lengths START AT 1000m!!

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42 •

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


United Kingdom




We are excited to share with that once again the UK’s largest independent photographic retailer, London Camera Exchange, will be part of this year’s Photography Show. Although you are unable to visit our stand in person we will still be bringing you some SHOW ONLY DEALS and famous TRADE-IN OFFERS.

From the new LUMIX S1H - part of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance - and award-winning S1 and S1R, to the highly respected G Series: we have the right camera for your creative toolbox.

United Kingdom

Show deals from all the major brands like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus and Panasonic on our exclusive show only website.

United Kingdom

Trade-ins - Part-exchange will be available if you want to upgrade. You can get an instant quote. Proud sponsors of The Photography Show Virtual Festival. • 43


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United Kingdom The leading spatial data company digitising and indexing the built world. The company enables anyone to create and share digital twins of the built world, which can be easily used to design, build, operate, improve and understand any space. These navigable virtual tours are presented in Matterport’s photo-realistic digital media format. Experience realworld spaces through Matterport’s interactive 3D digital twins as if you are actually there.


MyCaseBuilder is the ultimate tool for creating your own custom-designed foam inserts for cases of all shapes and sizes, with NO minimum order requirements. With our clean, webbased software package, there is no file downloading, no program installation, and most importantly – no hassle. With precision measuring aids and easy to use shape-manipulation tools, the only limitation to making the perfect foam-filled case is your imagination!



United Kingdom

Médecins Sans Frontières is the world’s leading emergency medical humanitarian aid organisation. We help people affected by armed conflict, epidemics and natural or man-made disasters, without discrimination.

Music Vine is home to some of the most esteemed and exciting production music creators in the world. We handpick and commission the finest, most contemporary tracks with one objective in mind: to empower video professionals to take their productions to the next level.



N-Photo is far more than just a magazine subscription; it’s a frontrow pass to some of the world’s finest professional Nikon users, providing authoritative expertise, tips, projects and buying guidance for photographers of all abilities.

nPhoto is a printing lab that produces high-quality, hand-crafted photo products for professional photographers. Having over ten years of experience, we are sure we can help you better your business and brand. Let today mark a new, better, beginning where together we explore #reasonstoprint.

United Kingdom www.myfavouritemagazines.




Nikon is a world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo and video capture technologies; globally recognised for setting new standards in product design and performance for an award-winning array of equipment that enable visual storytelling and content creation.

Visit Olympus to see the latest products while the Olympus team are on hand to answer any questions. Follow their social channels for more updates and offers!

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Omnicharge is a power solution company that delivers uncompromising portable power access for today’s tech-infused society. Our products power up any device, anywhere at any time to provide a reliable and versatile power source to complete any task on the go.

In 2014, we launched the Foldio, the world’s first magnetic foldable photo studio and started creating a simple but useful solution for product photography. Our mission is to continue innovation to enhance the photographic experience for our users worldwide.

For nearly sixty years Paterson have specialised in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the manual processing of silver based photographic film and paper. Paterson darkroom products are in use all over the world in schools, colleges, and professional and enthusiast’s darkrooms. The comprehensive range of products includes film developing tanks, measuring graduates, enlarger accessories, film and print washing equipment and 35mm and roll film enlargers.





United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

They make products that keep your gear organised, protected, and accessible, so you are free to adventure, commute, and create. Peak Design offers a full line-up of carrying products to suit the needs of the photographer, traveller, adventurer and for your everyday life. Products include everyday bags, travel bags, camera straps, camera clips and the unique travel tripods. The Peak Design UK team will be ready to provide you with live expert advise and exclusive offers with our show retail partners.

PermaJet offer a comprehensive range of award-winning inkjet media in sheets and rolls, with a range extending from the everyday gloss and matt to a wide selection of Fine Art papers and canvases. They’re also a leading supplier of Canon printers, print accessories and photographic training courses.



At photoGuard, we want to help you capture the moment providing specialist photography insurance for cameras and equipment to amateur photographers, professionals and everyone in-between. With cover that includes theft and accidental damage at home or on a shoot and Public Liability insurance, you can feel protected whenever you’re behind the lens.

Thoughtful, ethical, exciting, lifechanging photography experiences in the most incredible surroundings.

United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Pho.TEEs Clothing and Design is a UK-based multi award-winning company specialising in branded clothing and accessories to help market and promote your business. Pho.TEEs stocks a large range of inspired branded ‘uniform’ for men and women along with accessories including branded client print folios, personalised leather camera harnesses and camera bags. I hope that you like browsing through our range!


United Kingdom www.myfavouritemagazines. A subscription to PhotoPlus is a must-have for Canon EOS DSLR photographers. For beginners, enthusiasts and industry professionals, PhotoPlus remains an authoritative and cut-to-thechase voice for Canon news and independent reviews, as well as an inspiring source of hands-on tutorials and guides.




Photoxport will be bringing a wide range of products to the show. Our product range varies from dyesublimation printers from Citizen to Ink Jet printers from Noritsu.

Check out our website at www. Designed & Manufatured in the uk by the uk’s Leading Photo Booth Hire Company. We now offer our amazing product for sale and we can ship worldwide. PictureBlast Ltd have been hiring photo booths for over 11 years all over the UK and Europe. We needed a new and amazing idea to add to our booth range. We needed a stylish, light weight and easy to sell booth, this is where the Selfie Post Box comes in.

PIXAPRO EssentialPhoto is an online retailer and we are specialists in studio lighting equipment and accessories. We are proud to present our products to the digital, films and video industries worldwide, catering from the amateur to the professional.




If you’ve ever tried to digitise a negative or transparency with a digital camera, you’ll know that two of biggest headaches are keeping the film in place and flat; and backlighting it in a uniform manner. Pixl-latr is the new low cost, simple but effective way to solve both of these problems when digitising 35mm, 120 (up to 6×12) and 5×4 film formats.

Our bespoke leather portfolios, display and presentation books are handmade from the finest British hides. They can be customised to hold a variety of pages and objects that require a stunning leather casing. All our products can be personalised with debossed names and company logos.

We are one of the UK’s largest resellers of Canon imagePROGRAF & HP Designjet wide-format printer. This year on the stand we will be showcasing the very latest 24” & 44” photographic printers from Canon the PRO 2100 & 4100.




Canon’s latest range of PRO series printers offer a new LUCIA PRO pigment ink set that produces exceptional colour vibrancy and deep blacks, for striking photographic and fine art printing.

Rocky Nook is a small independent publishing company with the goal of helping photographers of all levels improve their skills in capturing those moments that matter.

RØDE Microphones are the industryleaders in fantastic sounding, easyto-use on-camera microphones and audio technology.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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The RPS is a charity that promotes the public appreciation of photography and its highest standards. Based in Bristol, UK, we hold exhibitions, talks and workshops, and support developing photographers across the UK and internationally. Membership is open to all, and by joining you will become part of community of over 11,000 people who share a love of photography.




Samyang UK are excited to be exhibiting the full range of lenses, including auto and manual focus lenses for photographers and film creators. This includes the Premium XP manual focus and the new lightweight professional Xeen CF cine lenses. Samyang’s advanced, high quality camera lenses are purposely engineered to enable every individual to fully explore their creativity and to tell their own individual story.

Capturing high-quality sound to go with the brilliant visuals is quick and easy thanks to our line up of audio for video products. Better yet, they’re robustly built to withstand the rigours of the field. Explore our line up of digital and UHF wireless microphones for video cameras, DSLR and mobile devices and discover how sound can make your video look better.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


United Kingdom

United Kingdom

SheClicks is a community for female photographers with a friendly, informative vibe.

ShiftCam was founded with a mission to reinvent mobile photography, making it even more convenient, compact and comprehensive. Its aim is to enable the most seamless transition from smartphone to professional camera.




United Kingdom

The SIGMA Corporation is a world leader in the optical field with top quality lenses and cameras being distributed through an impressive worldwide network of offices and distributors.

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United Kingdom

SilverPan Film Lab is a new smallscale (one-man) independent film photography laboratory. The lab uses state of the art film processing equipment, and the renowned Hasselblad Flextight X5 Scanner for pin-sharp high-resolution scans that retain the full character and nuance of analogue film.

United Kingdom

We provide a broad range of individually personalised pro products for you to market to your clients. We specialise in beautiful handmade wedding photo albums and photo books especially for pros. As well as an incredible range of photographic and fine art prints, we offer mounting and laminating and a variety of custom photo products and personalised photo gifts that are perfect to add to existing packages or to give as gifts to family and friends • 49



We’ve been making awesome photo editing software since 2009. Find out more about Luminar 4 for the most innovative way to edit photos.

Sony has something for everyone, Sony experts demonstrating the latest product range and an exciting array of talks. Terry Donnelly, Will BurrardLucas, Kate and Brent Kirkman will also discuss tips and technique for food photography and filming, Plus stand take-overs by SheClicks and Photography Farm. Plus get hands on with our 56th E-mount lens, the FE 20mm F1.8 G. Visit Sony at stands C51 + C32 at The Photography Show.




We provide design, print and binding services for photo albums to professionals – and we make them happy. The expertise and materials are from Italy.

Bringing you the very latest technology from Hewlett Packard with their new ‘Z’ series range of professional large format printers.

Visit Tamron to get even more familiar with our full range of lenses. Tamron is widely known in the market for their our award winning high-power zoom lenses for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Including the vastly growing line up of F2.8 lenses specifically designed for Sony E-mount full-frame cameras. So if you photograph landscapes, sports, portraits and more, Tamron has a lens to suit your needs. The Tamron UK team will be ready with live expert advise and exclusive offers at our retail partners.




A professional Association for all photographers with a fabulous community, regional groups and amazing benefits including a Copyright protection service.

Discover the UK’s finest landscape photography locations with our series of location guide books. Many photographers have discovered exciting new locations using ‘The Photographer’s Guides’ location guide books.

United Kingdom


United Kingdom Teamwork Digital are the UK and Ireland’s leading Phase One experts for specialist photography, cultural heritage and industrial solutions.

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom




Interchangeable lenses for your mobile phone. High quality, medical grade glass in a black coated aluminium housing teamed with accessories to take your mobile phone photography to a new level.

The Societies of Photographers are a group of organisations incorporating the interests of all aspects of photography. The membership is open to full-time professional, semi-professional and the serious enthusiast. Please visit The Societies stand and find out how being a member could benefit your photography and business.

The Timelapse Store is world’s leading online supplier full spectrum timelapse equipment. We offer the worlds widest range of timelapse products from an entry level 720p camera to a remote access 16K solution. We have launched the first universal remote DLSR controller with 4G access and cloud storage.



United Kingdom

United Kingdom Shoot, Upload, Sell. Beautiful websites for photographers with online sales, client proofing, and sales tools. theimagefile is the UK’s award-winning online image sales and website solution. Designed specifically for photographers to display, proof and sell images, we offer a cost-effective, cash-generating solution for your business.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

We specialise in high-quality lenses for today’s digital single lens reflex (DSLR) and mirrorless cameras to allow photographers to create true works of art.



Hello and Welcome to UK MODEL EVENTS! I have been modelling for ten years. After modelling for this long I have now decided to run events and find amazing shooting locations. I run group shoots for photographers all over the UK, ranging from studio shoots, weekend shooting holidays to location shoots.

uk.SHOOTERS is a passionate collective of photographers and videographers focused on bringing the UK’s creative community together, through our unique and energy-filled events.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Topaz Labs use the most advanced developments in imaging technology to create powerful software products for photographers.


Norway Here at Vallerret, we design premium gloves customized to fit the needs of adventurous photographers in their battle against cold hands. We work hard to offer the absolute best solutions for staying warm and comfortable. Come and see our full line of photography gloves sold and enjoyed world-wide by all types of photographers; from amateur landscape photographers to professional snowboard photographers. • 51



United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Vanguard World Ltd is the UK division of a global brand that has been designing, manufacturing and selling award winning photography accessories (such as tripods, bags and waterproof cases) and outdoor accessories (such as binoculars and spotting scopes) since 1986.

From wedding and school portraits to landscape and product shots, professional photographers turn to Wacom to enhance, retouch and paint on effects with a high degree of pixel-level precision and control.




Wedprint Pro is the perfect partner for any family or wedding photographer. We bring a FREE and elegant solution to building your brand and getting more bookings. We print ‘Thank You’ cards for newlyweds using the photographer’s images, and we also include all the branding of the photographer on the cards. We are essentially creating free focused business cards that will grow your brand exposure and result in more bookings.

Wenzhou Bolangte Photographic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. started to produce photographic equipment products in 2000. It is a comprehensive photographic equipment enterprise integrating product development, design, manufacturing, and sales. In the process of enterprise development, we always uphold the mission of providing customers with high-quality, diversified and technologically advanced photographic equipment products.

Regardless of your background or skill level, Wex Photo Video provides all the gear, guidance and inspiration you need to achieve your imaging goals. Visit us this year for the best deals at the show, impartial advice from our expert team and live demonstrations of all the latest kit from the top brands in the industry.




WILDFOOT Travel was born out of Arctic and Antarctica Bound, an organisation established for 25 years, where a dedicated team of wildlife and adventure specialists had the urge to expand their horizons beyond the Polar regions to encompass other spectacular parts of the world where those seeking out of the ordinary travel experiences wish to travel.

X-Rite Photo & Video offer a wide range of colour management solutions to fit the needs of photographers, videographers and image editors of all levels. From capture to print, there is a tool to suit everyone who needs and wants to perfect the colour in their workflow.

Expand your video and filmmaking experiences with XEEN cinema lenses.

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China As one of the world’s leading tech companies of professional stabilization system, ZHIYUN provides worldwide customers with a comprehensive set of innovative solutions and devices that redefines the way people record life.

Official charity partner





Eternal Spring of the Mind by Elena Paraskeva

Photo The fastest, smoothest, most powerful professional photo editor for macOS, Windows and iPad Find us on the Affinity Photo Live Stage (J11) at The Photography Show

Experience the new way to edit photos with a 10 day free trial:

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