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2020 Source Book & Directory Annual Reference Guide and Supplement to Radio World

Streamline Your Purchasing Process It’s a New Year’s tradition: the arrival of a new Radio World Source Book & Directory! Some folks have asked me why Radio World still creates a printed and online directory. Well, even as we head into the third decade of the 21st century, it turns out that equipment buyers and sellers still want to find one another, and that buyers are always looking for ways to streamline the process of researching equipment and buying it. Although you or I can find any website with a quick Google search, there’s something both simple and effective about having a directory, particularly a hard copy, right at hand — especially if it gives a succinct summary of what that company does and how to contact them, something not all websites do well. So here’s your latest resource for professionals working in the U.S. radio broadcasting industry. The companies listed here are those that responded to our solicitations toward the end of 2019. You’ll find respondents listed alphabetically in the Vendor & Product Directory section starting on page 15.

4–11 Profiles in Excellence 12–14 Supplier Cross Index 15–32 Vendor & Product Directory 33–44 User Reports

Companies also tell us the type of hardware or service they offer; find those categories in the Supplier Cross Index starting on page 12. On pages 4–11, sponsors highlight key products in the Profiles in Excellence section. Starting on page 33 are sponsored reprints of product stories that originally appeared in Radio World in recent months. Radio World believes in the importance of a vibrant technology supplier marketplace. We appreciate all of the companies listed, and in particular those that advertise in Radio World, because they make it possible for us to continue to serve you. I hope you’ll find this directory of companies useful throughout the coming year.

Paul McLane Editor in Chief How may we serve you better? Email me at radioworld@futurenet.com.

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory


SUPPLIER CROSS INDEX This section helps you locate suppliers of types of equipment and service. Find contact information for these companies in the Vendor & Product Directory section. This list is based on information provided by the companies; suppliers are listed only if they checked a given category.

ACOUSTIC AND BUILDING MATERIALS Acoustics First RAM Systems ANTENNAS, FEEDLINE AND WAVEGUIDE Alan Dick Broadcast Ltd. Aldena Telecomunicazioni Srl Ampegon Power Electronics AG Austin Insulators Inc. Bext Corp Communications Technologies Inc. DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni Dielectric LLC Electronics Research Inc. Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers LLC Information Station Specialists Jampro Antennas Kintronic Labs LBA Technology Inc. meduci LLC Micronetixx Communications Myat Inc. Nova Electronics OMB America OnAir Medya Ltd. P-Cube Progressive Concepts Propagation Systems Shively Labs Telsat Srl Transcom Corp. ASSOCIATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS Audio Engineering Society Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations (Ampers) Community Radio Inc. National Association of Broadcasters National Association of Tower Erectors National Federation of Community Broadcasters Society of Broadcast Engineers AUDIO ACCESSORIES Acoustics First Angry Audio Barix Technology Broadcast Tools Inc. Energy Transformation Systems Henry Engineering Inovonics Inc. JK Audio Modulation Index LLC Neutrik USA Inc. Paravel Systems Progressive Concepts RAM Systems Sonifex Titus Technological Laboratories


AUDIO DELAYS – PROFANITY AND DIVERSITY 25-Seven Systems, A Telos Alliance Co. Axia Audio, a Telos Alliance Co. Eventide Logitek Electronic Systems Orban Labs Sonifex The Telos Alliance

DM Broadcast Eventide ESE Information Station Specialists Modulation Index LLC Orban Sonifex The Telos Alliance Thimeo Audio Technology

AUDIO DISTRIBUTION, BETWEEN LOCATIONS 2wcom Systems GmbH Arrakis Systems AudioTX AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH Barix Technology Calrec Audio Comrex Digigram GeoBroadcast Solutions Granite Telecommunications Henry Engineering Logitek Electronic Systems Moseley Associates Inc. OnAir Medya Ltd. Sonifex Thimeo Audio Technology Tieline Wheatstone

AUDIO ROUTING AND DISTRIBUTION WITHIN A FACILITY 2wcom Systems GmbH AEQ Broadcast International Inc. Angry Audio Arrakis Systems AudioTX Bohn Broadcast Services Broadcast Tools Inc. Calrec Audio Energy Transformation Systems ESE Lawo Inc. On-Hertz Sonifex Wheatstone

AUDIO LOGGERS Burli Software Inc. DM Broadcast Eventide OPNS Sonifex Summit Technology Group Win-Group Software Win-OMT Software AUDIO PROCESSING, ON-AIR 25-Seven Systems, A Telos Alliance Co. Axia Audio, a Telos Alliance Co. Axel Technology Barix Technology BW Broadcast Ltd. Calrec Audio DEVA Broadcast LLC High Sound Logitek Electronic Systems Omnia Audio OPNS Orban The Telos Alliance Thimeo Audio Technology Wheatstone AUDIO PROCESSING, PRODUCTION Axel Technolgy Barix Technology Calrec Audio DaySequerra

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

AUTOMATION, STORAGE AND LOGGING AEQ Broadcast International Inc. Arrakis Systems Axel Technolgy Barix Technology Broadcast Electronics Broadcast Software International Burli Software Inc. dcsTools.com DJB Radio DM Broadcast ENCO Jutel Oy Music 1 Inc. OPNS Paravel Systems Radio Workflow Inc. RCS Summit Technology Group WideOrbit Win-Group Software Win-OMT Software CLOUD SERVICES FOR RADIO Barix Technology Burli Software Inc. Digigram Granite Telecommunications Jutel Oy Marketron Broadcast Solutions Inc. On-Hertz OPNS Orban Labs RCS Securenet Systems/Cirrus Streaming

StreamGuys WideOrbit CODECS, HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE 25-Seven Systems, A Telos Alliance Co. 2wcom Systems GmbH AETA Audio Systems AEQ Broadcast International Inc. AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH Axia Audio, a Telos Alliance Co. Barix Technology Broadcast Bionics BSW Comrex DEVA Broadcast LLC Digigram GatesAir Logitek Electronic Systems Modulation Index LLC Omnia Audio On-Hertz The Telos Alliance Tieline WorldCast Systems Inc. CONSOLES, MIXERS, CONTROL SURFACES 25-Seven Systems, A Telos Alliance Co. AEQ Broadcast International Inc. Angry Audio Arrakis Systems Audioarts Axia Audio, a Telos Alliance Co. Broadcast Tools Inc. BSW Calrec Audio DM Broadcast JK Audio Lawo Inc. Logitek Electronic Systems Mooretronix Omnia Audio On-Hertz Progressive Concepts Radio Systems RAM Systems Sierra Automated Systems Sonifex The Telos Alliance Wheatstone Yellowtec USA CONSULTANTS AND CONTRACT ENGINEERS Alan Dick Broadcast Ltd. Au Contraire Software Ltd. Cavell Mertz & Associates Inc. Central Coast Electronics Expert Broadcast Electronics GeoBroadcast Solutions Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers LLC JMS & Associates Inc.

Kline Consulting Group LLC Kozacko Media Services LBA Technology Inc. Lightner Electronics Inc. Nova Electronics P-Cube Proaudio.com RAM Systems Summit Technology Group V-Soft Communications DEALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS 305 Broadcast Audio Pole Bay Country Broadcast Equipment Inc. Broadcasters General Store BSW Proaudio.com Progressive Concepts SCMS DIGITAL AUDIO EDITING AND PRODUCTION Digigram King FM Sonifex Summit Technology Group Wheatstone DOCUMENTATION TOOLS, SOFTWARE Broadcast Software International dcsTools.com Granite Telecommunications ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRIC COMPONENTS Energy Transformation Systems Expert Broadcast Electronics meduci LLC Novus Power Products LLC P-Cube Surcom Associates EMERGENCY SIGNALING AND ALERTING, EAS Digital Alert Systems DTS Audio Gorman Redlich Mfg. Co. GSSNet/Alert FM HD Radio Henry Engineering Information Station Specialists Sage Alerting Systems Xperi FACILITY DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE Acoustics First Graham Studios Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers LLC JMS & Associates Inc. Lightner Electronics Inc.


FACILITY DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE (continued) Omnirax Furniture Co. On-Hertz Studio Technology MICROPHONES AND MIC ACCESSORIES BSW Heil Sound Ltd. JK Audio MXL Microphones/ Marshall Electronics Sonifex Yellowtec USA MICROWAVE, STL AND RPU EQUIPMENT Bext Corporation . Comrex DoubleRadius Inc. GatesAir OMB America OnAir Medya The Telos Alliance Tieline Transcom Corp. MUSIC PRODUCTION LIBRARIES Arrakis Systems Benztown UncompressedMusic.com POWER PRODUCTS, GENERATORS, UPS Nova Electronics Sine Control Technology Sine Systems PROGRAMMING, RESEARCH AND RATINGS dcsTools.com MusicMaster Talk Shows USA UncompressedMusic.com PROMOTIONAL EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES Grace Broadcast Sales Sprite Media RACKS AND FURNITURE Arrakis Systems DM Broadcast Omnirax Furniture Co. Sonifex Studio Technology Titus Technological Laboratories


RECEIVERS 2wcom Systems GmbH BW Broadcast Ltd. DEVA Broadcast LLC Gorman Redlich Mfg. Co. Inovonics Inc. meduci LLC Novus Power Products LLC REMOTE FACILITY CONTROL AND MONITORS Bohn Broadcast Services Broadcast Tools Inc. Burk Technolgy Davicom, a division of Comlab Inc. GatesAir Henry Engineering meduci LLC Sine Systems Sonifex Sprite Media The Telos Alliance WorldCast Systems Inc. RF ACCESSORIES, CONNECTORS, TUBES Ampegon Power Electronics AG Bext Corporation . Coaxial Dynamics CPI - Eimac Operations Delta Meccanica Srl ECONCO Electronics Research Inc. Kintronic Labs LBA Technology Inc. Micronetixx Communications Myat Inc. P-Cube Inc. Surcom Associates Telsat Srl Transcom Corp. RF FILTERS, COMBINERS, CUSTOM COMPONENTS Alan Dick Broadcast Ltd. Aldena Telecomunicazioni Srl Altronic Research Inc. Ampegon Power Electronics AG Bext Corp Coaxial Dynamics Delta Meccanica Srl ECONCO Electronics Research Inc. High Sound Kintronic Labs LBA Technology Inc. Micronetixx Communications Myat Inc.

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

OMB America P-Cube Propagation Systems Tunwall Radio RF MONITORING 2wcom Systems GmbH Alan Dick Broadcast Ltd. Davicom, a division of Comlab Inc. DaySequerra DEVA Broadcast LLC Electronics Research Inc. GatesAir Novus Power Products LLC P-Cube Rohde & Schwarz V-Soft Communications WorldCast Systems Inc. SALES DEPARTMENT SOLUTIONS Kozacko Media Services Marketron Broadcast Solutions Inc. Radio Workflow Inc. RCS StreamGuys WideOrbit Win-Group Software SATELLITE INTERNET DISTRIBUTION DAWNco Granite Telecommunications LifeTalk Radio Network NPR Satellite Services SCHEDULING, TRAFFIC AND BILLING Arrakis Systems Music 1 Inc. OPNS Radio Workflow Inc. RCS WideOrbit Win-Group Software Win-OMT Software SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS Broadcast Bionics Futuri Media NeoGroupe Securenet Systems/Cirrus Streaming Sprite Media

SOFTWARE FOR ENGINEERING AND MAPPING Aldena Telecomunicazioni Srl Au Contraire Software Ltd. NeoGroupe V-Soft Communications STREAMING, MOBILE APPS, PODCASTS Arrakis Systems Burli Software Inc. Digigram Marketron Modulation Index LLC Securenet Systems/ Cirrus Streaming StreamGuys StreamS-Moduation Index Tieline WideOrbit STUDIO SUPPORT AND SIGNALING Energy Transformation Systems Glensound Henry Engineering RAM Systems Sonifex Sprite Media SUBCARRIER AND DATACASTING GSSNet/Alert FM TELCO INTERFACES AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH Broadcast Bionics Broadcast Tools Inc. Comrex Glensound Granite Telecommunications JK Audio Radio Systems Sonifex The Telos Alliance TEST AND MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT Aldena Telecomunicazioni Srl Davicom, a division of Comlab Inc. DEVA Broadcast LLC Glensound Novus Power Products LLC NTI Americas Inc. Rohde & Schwarz V-Soft Communications Wheatstone WorldCast Systems Inc.

TOWERS AND TOWER SERVICES HARDWARE Alan Dick Broadcast Ltd. Aldena Telecomunicazioni Srl Dielectric LLC Electronics Research Inc. FM Services Ice Krackers Inc. Jampro Antennas JMS & Associates Inc. TRAFFIC AND BILLING Marketron Music 1 Inc. TRANSMITTERS, TRANSLATORS AND EXCITERS Ampegon Power Electronics AG Armstrong Transmitter Corp. Bext Corporation . BW Broadcast Ltd. Davicom, a division of Comlab Inc. DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni GatesAir Information Station Specialists Nautel Novus Power Products LLC OMB America OnAir Medya Progressive Concepts Propagation Systems Rohde & Schwarz Telsat Srl Transcom Corp. Tunwall Radio WorldCast Systems Inc. VIDEO FOR RADIO AEQ Broadcast International Inc. Broadcast Bionics Comrex Insoft LLC MultiCAM Systems Sprite Media Summit Technology Group WIRE, CABLES, CONNECTORS AND CABLE MANAGEMENT Neutrik USA Inc. Transcom Corp.

VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY This section is an alphabetical listing of industry suppliers for the U.S. radio broadcasting community. To find suppliers by product category, see the Supplier Cross Index section. Suppliers, did we miss you? Email radioworld@futurenet.com so we can send you the data form next year.

25-Seven Systems, A Telos Alliance Co.

305 Broadcast

See The Telos Alliance

2561 NW 74th Ave. #16 Miami, FL 33122 United States Alfonso Lopez, Director +1-305-200-3322 Email: info@305Broadcast.com Website: www.305Broadcast.com Products/Services: Broadcast equipment dealer.

2wcom Systems GmbH Am Sophienhof 8 Flensburg 24941 Germany Werner Drews, Managing Director +49-461-6628300 Email: sales@2wcom.com Website: www.2wcom.com Products/Services: Working as a manufacturer, supplier and system integrator since the early ’90s, we provide versatile, reliable solutions, order development and first-class customer support. All products for AoIP, FM/RDS, satellite and DAB+ can be integrated into existing systems due to availability as box or software or even cloud-based. The portfolio includes high-quality encoders, decoders, codecs, modulators, demodulators and remote control servers.

Acoustics First 2247 Tomlyn St. Richmond, VA 23230 United States +1-888-765-2900 Email: info@acousticsfirst.com Website: www.acousticsfirst.com Products/Services: Acoustic treatment products and services.

AEQ Broadcast International Inc. 6355 NW 99th Ave. Doral, FL 33178-2719 United States Peter Howarth, Management and Business Coordination

+1-800-728-0536 Email: sales@aeqbroadcast.com Website: www.aeqbroadcast.com Products/Services: For more than 40 years, AEQ has developed solutions for the broadcasting industry: audio mixers, routing matrices, audio codecs, automation systems, intercom systems, etc. AEQ is a familiar equipment and service provider at international sports events. AEQ has a worldwide distributor network with offices in the USA, Mexico, Portugal, India and Spain.

AETA Audio Systems Immeuble Kepler 4 18–22 Ave. Edouard Herriot Le Plessis Robinson 92350 France +33-1-41-36-12-00 Email: info@aeta-audio.com Website: www.aeta-audio.com Products/Services: Developer of portable sound recorders, mixers and audio codecs.

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory


VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Alan Dick Broadcast Ltd. Unit 1 Bay 2, Andoversford Industrial Estate Cheltenham, Glos GL54 4LB United Kingdom Chris Randall +44-1242-820976 Email: chris.randall@alandickbroadcast.com Website: www.alandickbroadcast.com Products/Services: Your partner for FM HD Radio DAB solutions. Pioneer in the worldwide broadcast industry providing communication infrastructure solutions for over 40 years. A global leader in the manufacture of antennas, combiners, filters, towers and broadcast infrastructure services for digital and analog video and audio systems.

Aldena Telecomunicazioni Srl Via per Vighignolo, 6/8 Settimo Milanese MI 20019 Italy Carlo Perotta, Sales +39-02-9039-0461 Email: aldena@aldena.it Website: www.aldena.it Products/Services: Radio and TV antennas, tower spines and mechanical structures, patch panels, filters and combiners, RF accessories and EMLab antenna design software. Services include in-factory antenna pattern certification/tests, antenna design, network planning, on-site support and commissioning.

Altronic Research Inc. 621 Hwy 202 W Yellville, AR 72687 United States Doug Starkey +1-870-449-4093 Email: dstarkey@altronic.com Website: www.altronic.com Products/Services: RF coaxial dummy loads from 1 kW to 1500 kW in water-, air- and oil-cooled and self-contained heat exchangers. Resistors available for most all other dummy loads.

Ampegon Power Electronics AG Kreuzweg 11 Baden 5401 Switzerland Simon Keens, Sales & Business Development Manager +41-58-7104-400 Email: info@ampegon.com Website: www.ampegon.com Products/Services: Ampegon is a specialized company with more than 75 years of activity and experience in broadcasting and high-power RF engineering. The core business is the design and development of high-power digital AM/DRM shortwave broadcasting transmitters.

Angry Audio 128 Holiday Court, Ste. 118 Franklin, TN 37067 United States +1-615-763-3033 Email: answers@angryaudio.com Website: https://angryaudio.com Products/Services: Angry Audio builds the gadgets


Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

that solve common problems found in broadcast audio. Our line includes ground-loop eliminating audio balancers, distribution amplifiers, silence detectors, switchers, monitor controllers, headphone amplifiers, on/off/cough/ talk control panels for studio guests, logic interfaces for on-air signs and more.

APT See WorldCast Systems

Armstrong Transmitter Corp. 4835 N. St. Rd. Marcellus, NY 13108 United States Kevin Smith +1-315-673-1269 Email: kevin@armstrongtx.com Website: http://armstrongtx.com Products/Services: Armstrong Transmitter produces AM transmitters up to 1000 W, and FM exciters and FM transmitters up to 25 kW and 950 MHz STL transmitters and receivers.

Arrakis Systems 6604 Powell St. Loveland, CO 80538 United States Ben Palmer +1-970-461-0730 Email: sales@arrakis-systems.com Website: www.arrakis-systems.com Products/Services: Arrakis Systems designs and manufactures broadcast radio consoles, automation software, AoIP systems and furniture.

Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations (AMPERS) 1881 Munster Ave. St. Paul, MN 55116 United States Joel Glaser +1-651-587-5550 Email: jglaser@ampers.org Website: http://ampers.org Products/Services: AMPERS is an association that represents 18 independent community radio stations throughout Minnesota that primarily serve communities of color, Native American and rural communities not reached through traditional media. AMPERS is the largest association of its kind.

Au Contraire Software Ltd. 18121-C E. Hampden Ave. #216 Aurora, CO 80013 United States Cris Alexander, Managing Partner +1-303-489-3454 Email: info@aucont.com Website: www.aucont.com Products/Services: Au Contraire Software strives to provide engineers and others in the broadcast, wireless and land mobile industry with the information and tools they need for accurate allocation, design and construction.

Audemat See WorldCast Systems

Audinate 1732 NW Quimby St. Ste. 215 Portland, OR 97209 United States Ervin Grinberg, Director of Marketing +1-503-224-2998 Email: ervin.grinberg@audinate.com Website: www.audinate.com Products/Services: Audinate’s Dante media networking technology has been adopted by OEM manufacturers and is a dominant networking technology in the professional audio/visual industry. Dante is used for live events, commercial installation, broadcast and communications systems.

Audio Engineering Society 551 Fifth Ave. Ste. 1225 New York, NY 10176 United States +1-212-661-8528 Website: www.aes.org Products/Services: The Audio Engineering Society is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Founded in the United States in 1948, the AES has grown to become an international organization that unites audio engineers, creative artists, scientists and students worldwide by promoting advances in audio, disseminating new knowledge and research along with setting international audio standards.

Audio-Technica U.S. Inc. 1221 Commerce Dr. Stow, OH 44224 United States +1-330-686-2600 Email: mediaproduction@atus.com Website: www.audio-technica.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of wired microphones and wireless microphone systems, headphones and turntables.

Audioarts Engineering See Wheatstone Corp.

AudioScience Inc. 42 Reads Way New Castle, DE 19720 United States Nicole Santiago +1-302-324-5333 Email: nsantiago@audioscience.com Website: www.audioscience.com Products/Services: AudioScience designs and manufactures advanced DSP-based digital audio peripherals for the OEM, broadcast, installed sound and entertainment markets. We support industry standards such as PCI, PCI Express, MPEG audio compression, CobraNet, Livewire and AVnu AVB audio networking, and Windows and Linux operating systems.

VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Austin Insulators Inc. 7510 Airport Rd. Mississauga, Ontario L4T 2H5 Canada Patrick Warr, President +1-905-405-1144 Email: sales@austin-insulators.com Website: www.austin-insulators.com Products/Services: Austin Insulators designs and manufactures base insulators for guyed/self-supporting towers, safety core/failsafe guy insulators, static drain devices, bushing insulators tower lighting transformers and red LED lighting systems for medium wave (MF), long wave (LF) and very low frequency (VLF) antennas. Users worldwide include radio, naval, navigation and timing broadcasters.

AVT Audio Video Technologies GmbH Nordostpark 91 Nuernberg 90411 Germany Wolfgang Peters, Sales Director +49-911-5271-0 Email: info@avt-nbg.de Website: www.avt-nbg.de Products/Services: AVT provides IP, ISDN and E1 audio codecs as well as VoIP, POTS and ISDN talk show systems/telephone hybrids and complete DAB/DAB+

Axia Audio, a Telos Alliance Company

Your Custom IP Audio Device Engineering is the driver of BARIX –excellence in building a device in a maximally cost-efficient way that lasts. If you have a special requirement to implement IP audio transmission, we have the engineering power, the technology and the experience to make it possible. Write us however difficult or easy it is to get it done: challenge@barix.com headends. The telephone hybrids are available for one to 16 caller lines with screening function, HD Voice, pretalk streaming and recording possibilities. New features include Dante/AES67 and Ember+/DHD Set Logic for remote control purposes.

See The Telos Alliance

Barix Technology 1324 Helmo Ave N. Oakdale, MN 55128 United States +1-866-815-0866 Email: sales@barixusa.com Website: www.barix.com Products/Services: Barix moves audio and provides building blocks to address a variety of audio applications. Music on-hold; background; live encoding and audio streaming; broadcast; paging and intercom; audio surveillance; SIP/VoIP paging; automation and control.

Bay Country Broadcast Equipment Inc. 7117 Olivia Rd. Baltimore, MD 21220 United States Steve Scarborough, Owner +1-877-722-1031 Email: sales@baycountry.com Website: www.baycountry.com Products/Services: Sales of quality used radio broadcast equipment.

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory


VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Belar Electronics 1140 McDermott Dr. Ste. 105 West Chester, PA 19380 United States Mark Grant, CEO +1-610-687-5550 Email: sales@belar.com Website: www.belar.com Products/Services: Founded in 1964, Belar Electronics Laboratory manufactures modulation monitors. Used by radio and TV stations globally to monitor broadcast signals, Belar products are known for accuracy and reliability.

Benztown 100 W Broadway #200 Glendale, CA 91210 United States Masa Patterson +1-818-842-4600 Email: mp@benztown.com Website: https://benztown.com Products/Services: Benztown is an international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voiceover services company with 2,300 affiliations on six continents. Benztown offers the highest quality imaging workparts for 23 libraries across 14 formats, including AC, hot AC, CHR, country, urban, rhythmic, classic hits, rock, news/talk, sports and Jack-FM.

Email: sales@bionics.co.uk Website: www.bionic.radio Products/Services: Developers of Bionic Talkshow, Bionic Social and Bionic Director. The industry standard in exceptional audience engagement and communication for radio and TV. Global leaders in software development, Broadcast Bionics innovates products that have transformed our industry, continually delivering some of the world’s most compelling broadcast content.

Broadcast Devices Inc. 3199 Albany Post Rd. Ste. 122 Buchanan, NY 10511 United States Bob Tarsio, President +1-914-737-5032 Email: bob@broadcast-devices.com Website: https://broadcast-devices.com Products/Services: BDI offers RF power measurement, RF switch controllers, antenna protection systems, remote control systems in addition to a variety of digital and analog audio switching and distribution equipment. AES3 and analog audio solutions available for broadcasters and sound contractors.

Bext Corporation 1045 Tenth Ave. San Diego, CA 92101 United States Andrea Hill, Paola Fregoso, Dennis Pieri +1-619-239-8462 +1-888-239-8462 Email: bext@bext.com, bextmarketing@bext.com Website: www.bext.com Products/Services: Bext Corp., founded in 1985, supplies and services RF broadcast equipment including radio transmitters, RF amplifiers, exciters, translators, boosters, off-the-shelf and custom broadcast antennas, RF combiners, RF filters, radio STLs, stereo generators and RDS encoders, RF accessories, RF connectors, RF adapters and equipment for custom or special projects.

Bohn Broadcast Services 313 Hwy 336 Chelsea, AL 35043 United States Josh Bohn, President +1-844-549-2646 Email: josh@bohnbroadcast.com Website: www.bohnbroadcast.com Products/Services: MaxxKonnect provides single-carrier, prioritized high-speed internet service designed for transmitter sites and remote broadcasts.

Broadcast Bionics The Barn, Hurstwood Grange, Hurstwood Lane Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH17 7QX United Kingdom +44-1444-473999


Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

Broadcast Tools Inc. 131 State St. Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284 United States +1-360-854-9559 Email: support@broadcasttools.com Website: http://broadcasttools.com Products/Services: Design and manufacture of innovative and affordable problem-solving tools for the broadcast industry including high-quality analog and AES audio switchers and routers, dial-up, serial and webbased remote controls, DAs, mixers, silence monitors and program schedulers.

Broadcasters General Store (BGS) 2480 S.E. 52nd St. Ocala FL 34480 United States Mary Schnelle +1-352-622-7700 Email: sales@bgs.cc Website: www.bgs.cc Products/Services: Broadcasters General Store is a leading source of broadcast equipment and services. Since 1979, we have supplied equipment to the broadcast industry ranging from legendary stations to the smallest facilities. Whether it’s a complete studio rebuild or a handful of connectors, BGS takes care of everything. Now providing professional equipment and services for the streaming and podcast communities.

BSW Broadcast Electronics Broadcast Electronics

4100 N. 24th St. Quincy, IL 62305 United States +1-217-224-9600 Email: bdcast@bdcast.com Website: www.bdcast.com Products/Services: Broadcast Electronics, a member of The Elenos Group (Elenos, BE, PTV, Itelco), offers studio automation and complete RF systems for radio and TV. BE manufactures AM, FM and HD Radio transmitters and studio systems for managing audio programming and automating radio text. BE has been a global company since 1959.

Broadcast Software International 909 International Way Springfield, OR 97477 United States Marie Summers, Sales Manager +1-888-274-8721 Email: sales@bsiusa.com Website: www.bsiusa.com Products/Services: Radio automation software, playout and multichannel logging/skimming solutions. Developed and supported in the United States by a dedicated team of broadcast professionals, our software has helped BSI become one of the leading suppliers of radio automation with distributors on every continent.

2237 South 19th St. Tacoma, WA 98405 United States Shannon Nichols, Sales Manager +1-800-426-8434 Email: sales@bswusa.com Website: www.bswusa.com Products/Services: As a broadcast equipment supplier, Broadcast Supply Worldwide offers thousands of products. For over four decades, broadcast and audio professionals trust BSW for all their equipment needs — radio, podcast, video, TV, voice-over and more.

Burk Technology 7 Beaver Brook Rd. Littleton, MA 01460 United States Matt Leland +1-978-486-0086 Email: sales@burk.com Website: www.burk.com Products/Services: Burk Technology designs and manufactures high-quality transmitter facility remote control systems for the broadcast industry, with thousands of radio and TV installations across the U.S. and around the world. Burk brings over 30 years of innovation to transmitter remote control, setting the standards for reliability, flexibility and ease of operation.

VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Burli Software Inc. 4664 Lougheed Hwy. Ste. 264 Burnaby, British Columbia V5C 5T5 Canada +1-604-684-3140 Email: sales@burli.com Website: www.burli.com Products/Services: Burli offers a range of tools built by journalists, for journalists. Its newsroom systems have powered radio newsrooms in dozens of countries worldwide for more than 20 years. The company continues to innovate with mobile, hosted and social media tools that make radio journalism faster and easier than ever. With Burli you can capture, edit and publish your news, anywhere.

BW Broadcast Unit 27 IO Centre, 57 Croydon Rd. Croydon, Surrey CR0 4WQ United Kingdom Brendan Lofty +44-208-253-0290 Email: info@bwbroadcast.com Website: www.bwbroadcast.com Products/Services: Innovative, award-winning and industry-leading FM transmitters, audio processors, FM receivers and amplifiers. BW Broadcast products can be

found in all corners of the globe. Designed and built with an emphasis on efficiency, innovation and reliability. You can trust BW Broadcast to make your station number one in the market.

Calrec Audio Nutclough Mill Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 8EZ United Kingdom Dave Letson +44-1422-842159 Email: enquiries@calrec.com Website: www.calrec.com Products/Services: Calrec is a leading designer and supplier of audio broadcast mixing equipment, relied on by the world’s most successful broadcasters. Calrec’s dedicated Type R radio console is the most configurable radio console available, adaptable to any workflow and with soft panels, which can be configured on the fly.

Cavell Mertz & Associates Inc. 7724 Donegan Dr. Manassas, VA 20109 United States Lucinda Cavell +1-703-392-9090

Email: ccavell@cavellmertz.com Website: www.cavellmertz.com Products/Services: Experienced and innovative professionals who have spent much of their careers as broadcast chief engineers, technical project managers, technicians, licensed Professional Engineers and integration specialists. FCC licensing; repacking planning and assistance; microwave long-haul and backhaul system planning, licensing and installation; broadcast station and technical facility prepurchase due diligence; technical facility rebuild, upgrade and new site build support; technical project management; and frequency channel searches for broadcast and microwave.

Central Coast Electronics Lincoln City, OR 97367 United States James K. Thorusen +1-541-992-3416 Email: jthorusen@centcoast.com Website: www.centcoast.com Products/Services: Broadcast engineering support — specializing in transmitters and RF. Please see our website for details.

Whether you’re rockin’ or hiphoppin’, Texas two-steppin’ or blastin’ the classics, Dielectric has the antenna with the perfect power, price and profile for your station. GET YOUR RADIO ON: CALL 800-341-9678 TODAY!

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory


VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Coaxial Dynamics 6800 Lake Abram Dr. Middleburg Hts., OH 44130 United States Sales Dept. +1-440-243-1100 Email: sales@coaxial.com Website: www.coaxial.com Products/Services: Leading manufacturer of precision equipment for the measurement and termination of RF power since 1969. Products include RF loads, filters, wattmeters, line sections and plug-in elements for analog and digital applications.

Communications Technologies Inc. P.O. Box 1130 Marlton, NJ 8053 United States Laura Mizrahi +1-609-451-5296 Email: lmizrahi@commtechrf.com Website: http://commtechrf.com Products/Services: Broadcast engineering and telecommunications design services are provided by the firm for AM, FM and TV broadcast stations. Includes allocation studies to assess potential for new or improved, facilities; site selection assistance; antenna system design and preparation of the engineering portion of FCC applications for construction permit and licenses.

Community Radio Inc. P.O. Box 30 Mena, AR 71953 United States Chris Daniel +1-479-234-5428 Email: communityradio@live.com Website: http://kawx.org Products/Services: Community Radio Inc. provides technical and regulatory consulting for noncommercial and LPFM stations.

Comrex 19 Pine Rd. Devens, MA 01434 United States Chris Crump +1-978-784-1776 Email: chris@comrex.com Website: www.comrex.com Products/Services: Comrex designs and manufactures cutting-edge hardware for live point-to-point audio and video over IP. With a foundation in IP audio codecs for remote or STL use, Comrex also builds VoIP guest interview solutions, VoIP hybrids, VoIP IFB solutions for television stations and IP video codecs for ENG and sports coverage.

CPI - Eimac Operations 811 Hansen Way Palo Alto, CA 94304 United States Linda Di Lorenzo +1-650-846-3580 Email: linda.dilorenzo@cpii.com


Website: www.cpii.com Products/Services: CPI Eimac offers tubes for AM, FM and shortwave radio applications as well as UHF and VHF television, providing broadcasters with good value and reliable, efficient products for over 80 years.

Davicom, a division of Comlab Inc. 2272 Leon-Harmel St. Quebec City, Quebec G1N 4L2 Canada Louis-Charles Cuierrier +1-418-682-3380 Email: dvsales@davicom.com Website: www.davicom.com Products/Services: Davicom designs, manufactures and sells robust, intelligent remote site management systems.

DAWNco 7111 Dixie Hwy., Ste. 118 Clarkston, MI 48346 United States John Joslin, Director Sales & Marketing +1-248-391-9200 Email: sales@DAWNco.com Website: www.dawnco.com Product/Services: Satellite dishes, related equipment and accessories.

DaySequerra 7209 Browning Rd. Pennsauken, NJ 08109 United States Mike Pappas, Vice President Business Development +1-856-719-9900 Email: sales@daysequerra.com Website: www.daysequerra.com Products/Services: DaySequerra provides high-performance audio solutions for live performances, radio, TV and internet broadcasters and content creators worldwide. Technology applications include audio processing, loudness measurement and control, multichannel surround audio, and digital radio processing and monitoring.

DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni Riviera Maestri del Lavoro 20/1 Padova, PD 35127 Italy +39-049-870-0588 Email: info@dbbroadcast.com Website: www.dbbroadcast.com Products/Services: DB Group, founded in 1975, is the lead company of a corporate group specializing in broadcasting and scientific applications. Thanks to its 40 years of experience, DB Group is a world leader providing FM transmitter and TV transmitter, broadcasting products, systems and services for government and private customers.

dcsTools.com 8494 Saratoga Ln. Eden Prairie, MN 55347 United States Rich Habedank, Owner +1-952-949-9450

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

Email: rich@c-rmedia.com Website: www.dcsTools.com Products/Services: XStudio radio automation system supports live, local automation, satellite and a unique emergency mode of operation. Software tools for legacy DCS and Maestro automation systems, including voice-tracking, log editing, web billboard, RDS and merging of music and traffic logs.

Delta Meccanica Srl Via Fontanelle di Bardano 20 Orvieto, TR 05018 Italy Marco Longo, Co-Owner +39-076-3316222 Email: info@deltameccanica.com Website: www.deltameccanica.com Products/Services: Delta Meccanica designs and manufactures RF components: filters, combiners, switching systems, both motorized and manual, dummy loads, analog or digital. We deliver and perform installations for turnkey projects worldwide.

DEVA Broadcast LLC 7782 NW 46th St. Miami, FL 33166 United States Todor Ivanov, President +1-305-767-1207 Email: sales@devabroadcast.com Website: www.devabroadcast.com Products/Services: DEVA Broadcast was established in 1997 and is now a market leader and international provider of user-friendly, cost-effective and innovative broadcast products. DEVA Broadcast develops and produces a wide range of modulation monitors, remote controls, off-air monitoring receivers, RDS/RBDS encoders and decoders and other systems.

Dielectric LLC 22 Tower Rd. Raymond, ME 04071 United States Cory Edwards, Global Sales +1-800-341-9678 Email: cory.edwards@dielectric.com Website: www.dielectric.com Products/Services: Dielectric is an innovative, customer-centric organization with a long history of engineering excellence in designing and manufacturing high-quality broadcast solutions.

Digigram 84 allĂŠe GalilĂŠe Montbonnot 38330 France Xavier Allanic Sales Manager, EMEA & Americas +33-4-76-52-47-47 Email: sales@digigram.com Website: www.digigram.com Products/Services: Digigram pioneers audio innovations. We design, develop and manufacture products that allow broadcasters focus on what really matters: delivering quality audio content. With over 30 years of

VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY experience, Digigram offers soundcards, powerful AoIP codecs and secure cloud applications for broadcast, AV and industrial applications across the world.

Digital Alert Systems 100 Housel Ave. Lyndonville, NY 14098 United States Bill Robertson, Vice President Business Development +1-585-765-1155 Email: sales@digitalalertsystems.com Website: www.digitalalertsystems.com Products/Services: Single-box EAS/CAP solutions for broadcasters with the FCC/FEMA-compliant DASDEC family.

DJB Radio 3651 Lindell Rd., D466 Las Vegas, NV 89103 United States Ron Paley, President and Sales Manager +1-702-487-3336 x 1 Email: sales@djbradio.com Website: www.djbradio.com Products/Services: Since 1995, DJB Radio has developed and installed affordable radio automation supported by industry professionals.

DM Broadcast


Via degli Orti 1 Funo di Argelato 40050 Italy +39-051-817657 Email: sales@dmbroadcast.it Website: www.dmbroadcast.it Products/Services: Broadcast solutions for turnkey radio and TV systems. A tailor-made service that includes research and development, production, installation and training, assistance and DM Academy.

1318 Commerce Ave. Woodland, CA 95776-5908 United States 800-532-6626 Email: econco-sales@cpii.com Website: www.econco.com Products/Services: Power tube refurbisher.

DoubleRadius Inc.

Electronics Research Inc. (ERI)

2022 Van Buren Ave. Indian Trail, NC 28079 United States Jeff Holdenrid +1-704-927-6085 +1-866-891-3602 Email: jeffh@doubleradius.com Website: www.doubleradius.com Products/Services: DoubleRadius is an IP STL and wireless broadcast solution provider. Founded in 2001, our team’s purpose is to serve as your trusted partner, helping your station succeed in today’s high-tech content marketplace. Beyond supplying your cutting-edge IP STL and wireless equipment, we also offer consultation, integration, support and financing.

7777 Gardner Rd. Chandler, IN 47610 United States Bill Harland +1-812-925-6000 +1-877-375-5463 Email: sales@eriinc.com Website: www.eriinc.com Products/Services: Television and FM transmitting antennas; RF filters and combiners; towers; grounding and lightning protection products; installation, structural analysis, inspection services; rigid transmission line and UHF waveguide systems. ERI is also the broadcast master distributor for CommScope HELIAX, accessories, pressurization products, and terrestrial microwave products.

Ecreso See WorldCast Systems

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory


VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY ENCO Systems Inc. 29444 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI 48034 United States Ken Frommert, President +1-248-827-4440 Email: sales@enco.com Website: www.enco.com Products/Services: ENCO is a premier global provider of automated broadcast solutions. The award-winning DAD is the most flexible, powerful and reliable radio automation system available, with recent innovations in cloud-based production and visual radio. Thousands of radio stations rely on ENCO for their automation, playout, scheduling and distribution needs.

from IT software and infrastructure, analog audio and video, studio and transmitter site design, installation and repairs, to component-level electronic repairs. Based in North Texas and serving the U.S. coast to coast.

FM Services

performance for multichannel, mission-critical services. Powering over-the-air networks worldwide with unparalleled reliability for nearly 100 years, GatesAir leads the industry in innovation and design breakthroughs, improving efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership.

Wilkesboro, NC United States +1-336-667-7091 Email: info@towermonitor.com Website: www.towermonitor.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of TLM-1 tower light monitor.

GeoBroadcast Solutions

Future Plc


142 Sierra St. El Segundo, CA 90245 United States +1-310-322-2136 Email: ese@ese-web.com Website: www.ese-web.com Products/Services: Master clock systems, digital and analog displays. GPS, NTP, modem, crystal or line frequency-based units. Standalone clocks and timers. Audio level interfaces and indicators.

555 11th St. NW Ste. 600 Washington, DC 20004 United States Paul McLane, Managing Director of Content, B2B Media Technology brands and Editor in Chief of Radio World +1-845-414-6105 Email: radioworld@futurenet.com Website: www.futureplc.com Products/Services: Parent of Radio World and Radio World International. Our mission is to connect audiences to authoritative, informative and compelling content in print, digitally and in person, along with offering unsurpassed value and innovation to our advertisers, sponsors and business partners. Brands also include TV Technology, Creative Planet Network, The Video Show, Broadcasting & Cable, TWICE and many other leading professional titles and events.

6 Brooks Place Maidstone, Kent ME14 1HE United Kingdom Gavin Davis, Managing Director +44-1622-753662 Email: sales@glensound.co.uk Website: www.glensound.co.uk Products/Services: Designing and building the highest-quality audio systems for the broadcast and commercial audio market.


Futuri Media

One Alsan Way Little Ferry, NJ 7450 United States Ray Maxwell +1-201-641-1200 Email: rmaxwell@eventide.com Website: www.eventideaudio.com Products/Services: Eventide offers the industry-standard 80-second profanity delay, the BD600+. The BD600W+ integrates seamlessly into a WheatNet network, and the BD600E+ features extended remote capability for easy integration into automation systems. Eventide also offers the Anthology XI bundle of 23 software plug-ins for production.

4141 Rockside Rd. Ste. 300 Seven Hills, OH 44131 United States +1-877-221-7979 Email: VIPsupport@futurimedia.com Website: http://futurimedia.com Products/Services: Futuri Media is at the forefront of developing social and mobile audience engagement technology for broadcasters. We pride ourselves on providing turnkey solutions for your busy team that won’t blow your budget. And our 24/7 support team is the best in the business.

Energy Transformation Systems (ETS) 43353 Osgood Rd. Fremont, CA 94539 United States Sylvia Presley, Sales Account Executive +1-510-656-2012 Email: sylvia@etslan.com Website: www.etslan.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of audio, data and video interconnects and networking equipment such as converters, baluns, splitters, snakes, patch panels, etc.


Expert Broadcast Electronics 1749 Conrad Circle Carrollton, TX 75007 United States Steve Benzer +1-214-542-3388 Email: rfsparks@verizon.net Website: www.facebook.com/steve.benzer Products/Services: Complete technical services,


Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

GatesAir 5300 Kings Island Dr. Ste. 101 Mason, OH 45040 United States Keith Adams, Global Marketing Communications Manager +1-513-459-3400 Email: information@gatesair.com Website: www.gatesair.com Products/Services: GatesAir Inc. provides transmission and STL solutions for over-the-air radio and television broadcasting, leveraging wireless spectrum to maximize

875 North Michigan Ave. Ste. 3708 Chicago,IL 60611 United States Hal Keller, VP Global Sales & Business Development +1-941-347-8415 Email: hal@geobroadcastsolutions.com Website: www.geobroadcastsolutions.com Products/Services: Proprietary products and solutions to enhance radio station coverage areas to maximize both coverage and revenue, as well as the ability to zone audio (pending FCC approval) and RBDS/RDS.

Gorman Redlich Mfg. Co. 257 W. Union St. Athens, OH 45701 United States James Gorman +1-740-593-3150 Email: jimg@gorman-redlich.com Website: www.gorman-redlich.com Products/Services: EAS encoder-decoders for radio and TV; NOAA weather receivers with SAME decoding and digital antenna monitors (Model CMR) for directional AM antenna arrays.

Grace Broadcast Sales 225 SW Skyline Dr. Pullman, WA 99163 United States Rod Schwartz, Owner +1-509-332-8423 Email: rod@gracebroadcast.com Website: http://gracebroadcast.com Products/Services: GBS has been helping radio stations sell more advertising for over 25 years. The company provides :30/:60-second audio features (“sales boosters”) for holidays, special events, retailers and professionals. Free demos and sales materials at https:// gracebroadcast.com/sales-boosters.

Graham Studios 1805 E Lincoln Ave. Ft. Collins, CO 80524 United States Rod Graham, Founder +1-970-225-1956


Email: rod@graham-studios.com Website: www.graham-studios.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of studio furniture.

Granite Telecommunications LLC 100 Newport Ave. Extension Quincy, MA 02171 United States Thomas Read, Senior Account Executive +1-561-868-8186; Cell: +1-561-414-3648 Email: tread@granitenet.com Website: http://granitenet.com Products/Services: Nationwide network provider of telecommunications services. As the largest CLEC and wholesaler of phone and internet solutions in the U.S. and Canada, we have the ability to be your one-stop telecom shop. My team and I will devise the ideal telecom solutions for your radio and TV broadcasting stations. We also specialize in reducing annual telecom costs on existing services in your stations via a cost and savings analysis. Services include fiber, broadband, SIP, VoIP, PBX, T1s, PRIs, ePRIs, POTS, toll-free, MPLS, SD-WAN, mobility/cellular, SIMs, eSIMs, managed services, cybersecurity, firewalls, Wi-Fi backup, along with a nationwide network of integration techs.

600 Jefferson St., Ste. 1102 Lafayette, LA 70501 United States Matthew Straeb, Executive Vice President +1-954-850-6606 Email: mstraeb@gssnet.us Website: www.alertfm.com Products/Services: GSS provides EAS and FM RDS technology to radio stations as part of its emergency notification systems available to states, counties, cities, tribal nations and colleges/universities.

Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers LLC 9500 Greenwood Ave. North Seattle, WA 98103 United States Stephen Lockwood, P.E. +1-206-783-9151 Email: hatdaw@hatdaw.com Website: www.hatdaw.com Products/Services: H&D is an engineering consultancy specializing in radio communications and applied electromagnetic physics. The firm performs work in broadcasting, public safety, industrial, transportation and military communications; frequency allocation;

medium- and low-frequency antenna design; RadHaz; and multiuser site problem solving are among the firm’s specialties.

HD Radio (part of Xperi and DTS Audio) 3025 Orchard Parkway San Jose, CA 95134 United States +1-408-321-6000 Website: https://xperi.com Products/Services: Xperi Corp. (Nasdaq: XPER) and its brands, DTS, FotoNation, HD Radio, Invensas and Tessera are dedicated to creating innovative technology solutions that enable extraordinary experiences for people around the world. Xperi’s solutions are licensed by hundreds of leading global partners and have shipped in billions of products in areas including premium audio, automotive, broadcast, computational imaging, computer vision, mobile computing and communications, memory, data storage, and 3D semiconductor interconnect and packaging.

Emergency Alert System

Need CAP/EAS? * Call Sage Alerting Systems 914-872-4069 * Our Sage Digital ENDEC is easy to use, so we’ve made our ad easy to read. Sage Alerting Systems, Inc

800 Westchester Avenue, Suite 641N, Rye Brook, NY 10573 info@sagealertingsystems.com


Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory


VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Heil Sound Ltd. 5800 N. Illinois St. Fairview Heights, IL 62208 United States Sarah Heil, President +1-618-257-3000 Email: info@heilsound.com Website: www.heilsound.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of microphones and booms.

Henry Engineering P.O. Box 3796 Seal Beach, CA 90740 United States Hank Landsberg +1-562-493-3589 Email: henryeng562@gmail.com Website: www.henryeng.com Products/Services: “We Build Solutions” is our motto because our products solve problems. For 37 years, Henry Engineering’s products have solved problems of audio interface, distribution, mixing, logic and system control. Our new SportsCaster solves the myriad of audio issues of doing live play-by-play sports event TV and radio broadcasts.

High Sound Paroissien 2236 2 Floor, Office B CABA Buenos Aires C1429CXH Argentina Humberto Savoca +54-11-4703-3199 Email: info@highsoundbroadcast.com; highsoundbroadcast@gmail.com Website: http://highsoundbroadcast.com Products/Services: The company is dedicated to the manufacture of analog and digital audio processors for broadcasting in AM and FM; antenna systems for AM; ATUs; antenna diplexer systems; static dampers; directional antenna design; technical advice; and engineering projects.

Ice Krackers Inc. 273 Circle Dr. Springfield, IL 62703 United States Jim Newbanks +1-217-529-8921 +1-800-747-8921 Email: icekrackers@comcast.net Website: http://icekrackers.com Products/Services: Production and sales of guy wire ice protective device.

Information Station Specialists, Inc. PO Box 51, 3368 88th Ave. Zeeland, MI 49464 United States +1-616-772-2300 ext. 102 Bill Baker Email: bill@theRadioSource.Com Website: www.TheRadioSource.Com Products/Services: Information Station Specialists offers low-power transmitters, antennas and antenna supports, groundplanes and associated items for use


by AM broadcasters, typically in auxiliary or emergency applications. The company also offers complete Travelers Information Radio Stations, licensing services and associated LED/beacon signage, often utilized by government agencies in emergencies or for general public information. Packages can be fixed or portable and can include audio gear and professional recording services.

Inovonics Inc. 5805 Highway 9 Felton, CA 95018 United States Gary Luhrman +1-831-458-0552 +1-800-733-0552 Email: sales@inovonicsbroadcast.com Website: www.inovonicsbroadcast.com Products/Services: For over 46 years Inovonics has maintained its position as a market leader of cost-effective and innovative radio broadcast products. Inovonics specializes in high-quality audio processors, RDS encoders, AM/FM modulation monitors and off-air monitoring equipment for AM/FM/HD/RDS/internet radio.

InSoft LLC 20725 NE 16th Ave, A17 North Miami, FL 33179 United States Alex Bonello +1-786-292-2811 Email: info@insoftus.com Website: insoftus.com Products/Services: InSoft LLC is a U.S.-based company that specializes in radio solutions. As a pioneer in visual radio, our company has been helping hundreds of broadcasters from all over the world enter the era of visual radio, allowing them to increase their market share, while making extra revenue from visual advertising, VOD contents and social media monetization.

Jampro Antennas Inc. 6340 Sky Creek Dr. Sacramento, CA 95828-1025 United States Sonia Del Castillo +1-916-383-1177 +1-866-452-6770 Email: sonia@jampro.com Website: www.jampro.com Products/Services: A complete broadcast solution partner for FM HD Radio DAB solutions and broadcast antenna company, with over 65 years of experience. A global leader in the broadcast industry offering integrated RF broadcast systems; broadband FM antennas, combiners, filters, rigid transmission line, towers and field services.

JK Audio 1311 E 6th St. Sandwich, IL 60548 United States +1-815-786-2929 +1-800-552-8346 Email: info@jkaudio.com Website: www.jkaudio.com

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

Products/Services: Audio interfaces for broadcast professionals — phone hybrids for interviews and talk shows; field mixers for remote broadcasts; wired and wireless interface tools for mobile communications.

JMS & Associates Inc. 521 E. Mehring Way #2607 Cincinnati, OH 45240 United States Jim Stitt, CPBE +1-513-289-6277 Email: towerjimsk@gmail.com Website: www.jmstittassociates.com Products/Services: Broadcast facility design and installation, tower site development and management, consulting and contract engineering

Jutel Oy Elektroniikkatie 4 Oulu 90590 Finland +358-207-476-200 Email: sales@jutel.fi Website: www.jutel.fi Products/Services: Developer of automation software.

KING FM — Production Director 10 Harrison St. Ste. 100 Seattle, WA 98109 United States Mike Brooks, CBRE/SBE – AES +1-206-691-2976 Email: michaelb@king.org Website: www.king.org Products/Services: Talent available for commercial narration, video voice over, audio editing, audio restoration.

Kintronic Labs P.O. Box 845 Bristol, TN 37621 United States Tom King, CEO/President +1-423-878-3141 Email: ktl@kintronic.com Website: www.kintronic.com Products/Services: Kintronic Labs is a world leader in design/manufacture/installation of analog and HD/ DRM-capable AM/MW broadcast transmission systems for 1 kW to 1.5+ MW. KTL also offers FM combiners, outdoor racks, isocouplers, isocoils and patch panels for FM translators.

Kline Consulting Group LLC Atlanta, GA 30339 United States Gary Kline, Owner +1-470-285-2855 Email: gary@klineconsulting.com Website: http://klineconsulting.com Products/Services: Consulting engineering firm specializing in capital budget management and cost cutting; corporate and enterprise engineering support; telecom expense reduction; studio and facility design; visual radio; cutting edge technologies; vertical real estate advice; unlocking land value underneath towers; transmitter

VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY site design; signal upgrades; audio processing; podcast technology; assets technical diligence; staff recruitment; and signal/pattern measurements via drone.

Kozacko Media Services 6890 E. Sunrise Dr. #120-40 Tucson, AZ 85750 United States George Kimble +1-520-299-4869 Email: georgewkimble@aol.com Website: www.radiotv4sale.com Products/Services: Whether owning your first station has been a life-long dream, or you’re growing your existing group, Radio For Sale is your first step to finding the radio station that matches your needs and budget. Contact George Kimble, Dick Kozacko or Pat Anderson and put us to work for you.

Lawo Inc. 99 Hudson St., Fifth Floor New York, NY 10013 United States +1-416-292-0078 +1-888-810-4468 Email: info@lawo.com Website: www.lawo.com

Products/Services: Lawo designs and manufactures pioneering network, control, audio and video technology for broadcast, developed and manufactured in Germany to highest quality standards. Lawo radio products include digital mixing consoles, virtual radio applications, and both traditional and AoIP routing systems, all designed to provide more capability for less cost.

LBA Technology Inc. 3400 Tupper Dr. Greenville, NC 27834 United States Mike Britner, VP Sales +1-252-757-0279 Email: LBAgrp@lbagroup.com Website: www.lbagroup.com Products/Services: LBA Technology supplies and fabricates RF and antenna equipment for AM medium-wave stations worldwide. Our systems include ATUs, diplexers, folded unipoles, mobile towers, FM/TV isocouplers, ground systems and more. LBA makes AM radio towers and masts more effective and efficient to “Reach further, sound better!”

LifeTalk Radio Network P.O. Box 7150 Riverside, CA 92513 United States

John Geli +1-805-955-7630 +1-800-775-4673 Email: office@lifetalk.net Website: https://lifetalk.net Products/Services: LifeTalk Radio is broadcasting God’s message of love and redemption 24 hours a day. Programming designed to strengthen spiritual life and family values. If you are looking for Christian programming for your station, give us a call.

Lightner Electronics Inc. 1771 Beaver Dam Rd. Claysburg, PA 16625 United States Matthew Lightner, President +1-814-239-8323 Email: sales@lightnerelectronics.com Website: www.lightnerelectronics.com Products/Services: Lightner Electronics Inc. is a full-service broadcast engineering, audio/visual integration and equipment supply firm providing design, repair, fabrication, sales and installation. We offer professional bench repair of all types of broadcast equipment. We also offer an online store that specializes in refurbished broadcast equipment.

Voice: 610-925-2785 Email: Sales@Studiotechnology.com Web: www.studiotechnology.com

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VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Logitek Electronic Systems

Modulation Index LLC


5622 Edgemoor Dr. Houston, TX 77081 United States John Davis, Sales and Support Manager +1-713-664-4470 +1-800-231-5870 Email: northamericansales@logitekaudio.com Website: www.logitekaudio.com Products/Services: Logitek has been an innovator in broadcast audio for more than 40 years. The first company in North America to offer a router-based digital console for radio, Logitek today makes networked audio consoles that run on audio over IP technologies. Our mixIT and Helix touchscreen-controlled consoles, as well as the virtual console Helix Studio, offer versatile networking options including AES67, LiveWire, Ravenna, Logitek JetNet and optional Dante. Call or email us for more information.

1249 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. #314 Diamond Bar, CA 91765 United States John F. Schaab +1-940-206-7702 Email: john@streamindex.com Website: www.streamindex.com Products/Services: Dedicated to enterprise-level and high-quality audio streaming with the latest Fhg codecs for the entire AAC family including xHE-AAC with HLSdirect and world-class audio processing from Bob Orban and Greg Ogonowski.

8330 LBJ Freeway, Ste. B1050 Dallas, TX 75243 United States Jerry Butler +1-469-717-0100 Email: sales@musicmaster.com Website: www.musicmaster.com Products/Services: MusicMaster is the most flexible music scheduling software for radio and music-television stations, fitting any format or platform from an enterprise to a personal level. MusicMaster features dedicated support and unparalleled customizability, including a user-defined database and open API that delivers enhanced real-time integration between MusicMaster and third-party systems.

Lynx Studio Technology 190 McCormick Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626-3307 United States +1-714-545-4700 Email: sales@lynxstudio.com Website: www.lynxstudio.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of digital audio interfaces and computer audio cards.

Marketron Broadcast Solutions Inc. 101 Empty Saddle Trail Hailey, ID 83333 United States Website: www.marketron.com

meduci LLC P.O. Box 2 Boyertown, PA 19512-0002 United States Jeff Deck +1-407-879-0002 Email: amstereo@meduci.com Website: http://meduci.com Products/Services: An international manufacturer, meduci LLC is the largest producer of AM stereo tuners and C-QUAM decoder boards. We are an entrepreneurial and innovative organization. We produce in prototype quantities up to large scale manufacturing.

Micronetixx Communications 70 Commercial St. Lewiston, ME 04240 United States William Ammons +1-207-786-2000 Email: info@micronetixx.com Website: www.micronetixxantennas.com Products/Services: Full line of FM antennas from lowto high-power, including LPFM antennas, and TV. Rugged stainless steel design. Wideband FM models available. Log periodic antenna — choice of aluminum or stainless steel. FM combiners.


Mooretronix 5311 S. Green Ave. Fremont, MI 49412 United States Bob Moore +1-231-924-7818 Email: rrmoorejr@aol.com Website: www.mooretronix.com Products/Services: Mooretronix specializes in the sale and service of Pacific Recorders & Engineering consoles, modules and accessories for the broadcast community.

Moseley Associates Inc. 82 Coromar Dr. Santa Barbara, CA 93117 United States Bill Gould, Broadcast Sales Manager +1-805-968-9621 Email: sales@moseleysb.com Website: www.moseleysb.com Products/Services: Moseley is a pioneer and a leading manufacturer of digital audio and video microwave links. The first to bring a totally transparent studio-to-transmitter link to the crowded, hostile RF environment, Moseley has over 15,000 microwave systems in service around the world.

Music 1 Inc. 210 W. Sierra Circle San Marcos, TX 78666 United States Steve Warren +1-512-392-2415 Email: Steve@music1.pro Website: https://Music1.pro Products/Services: MusicONE scheduling software has an innovative scheduling and editing algorithm designed for maximum song-play reliability and category rotation consistency. The TrafficONE app for traffic and billing was introduced in 2012. The MusicONE/TrafficONE combination is a total-solution scheduling package for radio broadcasting. The apps are tightly integrated and work smoothly with all automation systems. The company also offers Music 1 SE, a scaled down scheduling software designed for internet radio stations.

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

MXL Microphones/Marshall Electronics 20608 Madrona Ave. Torrance, CA 90503 +1-310-333-0606 Email: inquiries@mxlmics.com Website: www.mxlmics.com Products/Services: Microphones and accessories.

Myat Inc. 360 Franklin Tpk. Mahwah, NJ 07430 United States Dennis Heymans +1-201-684-0100 Email: dheymans@myat.com Website: www.myat.com Products/Services: RF products for radio and TV. Myat’s products include rigid coax transmission line and components from 7/8 to 9 3/16, motorized coax switches and N+1 switching matrix, patch panels, directional couplers, adapters and reducers to N and DIN.

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 1771 N St. NW Washington, DC 20036 United States +1-202-429-5300 Email: nab@nab.org Website: www.nab.org Products/Services: The National Association of Broadcasters is the voice for the nation’s radio and television broadcasters. As the premier trade association for broadcasters, NAB advances the interests of our members in federal government, industry and public affairs; improves the quality and profitability of broadcasting; encourages content and technology innovation; and spotlights the important and unique ways stations serve their communities.

National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) 8 Second St. Watertown, SD 57201-3624 United States Todd Schlekeway, Executive Director +1-605-882-5865 +1-888-882-5865 Email: nate@natehome.com

VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Website: https://natehome.com Products/Services: The National Association of Tower Erectors is a nonprofit trade association providing a unified voice for tower erection, maintenance and service companies. Annual convention.

National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) P.O. Box 806 Paonia, CO 81428 United States Sally Kane, CEO +1-970-279-3411 Website: https://nfcb.org Products/Services: Founded in 1978, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) works to enhance the field of community media and develop and promote initiatives that contribute to innovation in public media’s service. NFCB provides customized services that optimize organizational capacity and help stations navigate change.

Nautel 10089 Peggy’s Cove Rd. Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia B3Z 3J4 Canada +1-902-823-5131

Email: sales@nautel.com Website: https://nautel.com Products/Services: Nautel offers a broad portfolio of digital/analog solid-state radio transmitters: 1–2000 kW AM/MW and 300 W–88 kW FM transmitters; VS300LP for LPFM and solutions for HD Radio. Nautel transmitters offer comprehensive monitoring and control instrumentation via touchscreen or web, outstanding reliability, compact footprints, high efficiency, easy maintenance and 24/7 support.

NeoGroupe 14 rue des selliers Marolles-en-Brie 94440 France Philippe Halin, CEO +33-972-23-62-00 Email: philippe.halin@neogroupe.com Website: www.neogroupe.com Products/Services: Software solutions for radio and television broadcasters. Applications include call screening, promotions management, budgets/purchases and assets inventory solutions dedicated to customers ranging from high-profile talk shows to major public organizations. New functions focus on VoIP, social media and smartphone applications.

Neutrik USA Inc. 4115 Taggart Creek Rd. Charlotte, NC 28208 United States +1-704-972-3050 Email: info@neutrikusa.com Website: www.neutrik.com

Nova Electronics Box 740482 Dallas, TX 75374 United States Mike Vanhooser +1-214-725-5621 Email: sales@novaelectronics.net Website: www.novaelectronics.net Products/Services: We design, build and repair station facilities. Specialists in AM and directionals, elevated counterpoise, tower erections and service, generators and green energy. From microphone to tower lights and everything in between, including all aspects of design and construction, we are your onestop shop.

More than JUST a SIGN


WWW.TITUSLABS.COM Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory


VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Novus Power Products LLC 201 N. Forest Ave., Suite 525 Independence, MO 64050 United States Bill Kurple +1-866-313-9401 Email: bkurple@novuspower.com Website: www.novuspower.com Products/Services: Novus is a manufacturer of precision frequency and timing reference products and related equipment. 10 MHz references are the most popular with products that are OCXO, TCXO and Rubidium based can be configured to be GNSS locked. Local and remote monitoring with SNMP. Low phase noise and stabilized PPS platforms.

NPR Satellite Services 1111 North Capitol St. NE Washington, DC 20002 United States Dan Riley, Sales Representative +1-202-513-2624 Email: driley@npr.org Website: www.nprss.org Products/Services: Satellite content uplink services, systems and equipment dealer.

NTI Americas Inc. PO Box 231027 Portland, OR 97281 United States Brian MacMillan +1-503-684-7050 Email: ntisales@ntiam.com Website: www.nti-audio.com Products/Services: NTI manufactures and distributes Exel and Minstruments handheld audio test tools and Flexus modular engineering and lab audio analyzers. Our Exel line includes the XL2 audio/acoustics analyzer, the DR2 digital audio generator and the DL1 digital audio analyzer; MR2 & MR-PRO analog generators.

OMB America 3100 NW 72 Ave. Unit 112 Miami, FL 33122 United States Rafael Arreaza +1-305-477-0974 Email: arreaza@omb.com Website: http://omb.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of FM radio transmitters, STL links, antennas and related transmission equipment.

Email: philip@omnirax.com Website: https://omnirax.com Products/Services: What differentiates Omnirax from other furniture manufacturers is our balanced blend of style, functionality and ergonomics, our Dynamic Interactive Design process and fanatical attention to detail. Intuitive custom solutions at near-production prices. Trust us with your next project and become a customer for life!

OnAir Medya Ltd. Yukari Dudullu Mah. Necip Fazil Blv.Keyap Sitesi D1 Blok No: 44/56 Umraniye Istanbul 34775 Turkey Lütfi Aysan, CEO +90-216-5407045 Email: info@onair.com.tr Website: http://onair.com.tr Products/Services: Design and manufacturing of FM and TV transmitters, microwave links, FM-VHF–UHF pallet amplifiers, antenna systems and professional radio studio products.

On-Hertz Ave. Saint Pancrace 18 Kraainem 1950 Belgium Benjamin Lardinoit, Co-Founder +32-493-81-03-75 Email: intercom@on-hertz.com Website: www.on-hertz.com Products/Services: On-Hertz is the virtual audio specialist for broadcast and media industries. We bring broadcast and media production workflows to a new era through a powerful virtualized audio engine, a modern web-API and ergonomic user interfaces. Taking advantage of the computing power of off-theshelf IT equipment, our multimedia solutions come either as all-in-one applications — e.g. a mobile radio studio — or as a modular audio core for custom implementations.


See The Telos Alliance

Rue Theodore Verhaegen 196-202 Brussels 1060 Belgium +32-2-542-87-87 Email: broadcast@opns.net Website: http://broadcast.opns.net Products/Services: Thirty years of experience in broadcast solutions: Traffic management for networks (Digiplan), playout for networks (CastLan), universal logging/archiving for analog/digital AM/FM/DAB and internet (AudioSpy), automatic content recognition (SoundID), dynamic audience measurement (SoundID Audience)

Omnirax Furniture Co.

Orban Labs Inc.

P.O. Box 1792 Sausalito, CA 94966 United States Philip Zittell +1-415-332-3392 +1-800-332-3393

7209 Browning Rd. Pennsauken, NJ 08109-4602 United States +1-856-719-9900 Email: sales@orban.com Website: www.orban.com

Omnia Audio, A Telos Alliance Co.


Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

Products/Services: For over 45 years, Orban has been the benchmark for audio processing worldwide and continues today to provide absolute state-of-the-art audio solutions for live performance venues and content creators, as well as radio, TV and internet broadcasters. Technology applications include audio processing, loudness measurement and control and multichannel surround audio.

Orban Europe GMBH Moneposstrasse 55 Ludwigsburg 71634 Germany Peter Lee +49-7141-22660 Email: pjlee@orban-europe.com Website: www.orban.com Products/Services: For over 45 years, Orban Optimod has been the benchmark for professional audio processing and continues to provide state-of-the-art audio for radio, TV and internet broadcasters.

P-Cube Inc. 2 Karen Dr. Westbrook, ME 04092 United States Spencer J. Smith +1-207-318-3349 Email: spencer@pcube207.com Website: www.pcube207.com Products/Services: P-Cube Inc. supplies RF components from 100 W to 100 kW for both radio and TV. Our products include filters, patch panels, couplers, combiners, power dividers, up to complete output systems from the output of the transmitter to the input to the antenna.

Paravel Systems 41 W. Lee Hwy., Ste. 59, #124 Warrenton, VA 20186 United States Fred Gleason, President +1-877-447-2728 Email: sales@paravelsystems.com Website: www.paravelsystems.com Products/Services: Paravel Systems is a leading provider of innovative broadcast solutions, like the WallTime NTP Clock and Notification System, winner of Best of Show Awards from Radio World and Radio magazine, and the open-source Rivendell radio automation system.

PHF COM Morocco Angle rues Jules Verne et Régraga, Résidence la corniche Casablanca GH1 20040 Morocco +212-522-473-185 Email: salesma@phfcom.com Website: www.phfcom.com Products/Services: PHF COM Morocco is a distributor and systems integrator of audio/video solutions for the broadcast industry. The company operates in all French-speaking African countries. Major brands

VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY represented include Telos, Axia, Omnia, Linear Acoustic, Infinity, Genelec, Newtek (Tricaster), Audio-Technica, Yellowtec, EVS, 360-Systems, ST Engineering (ex Newtec), Calrec, DEVA Broadcast, Ghielmetti, Gorgy Timing, Kathrein, SIRA, RAMI, 2WCom, Skyware, and NJR Company.

PR&E See Wheatstone Corp.

ProAudio.Com P.O. Box 155999 Ft. Worth, TX 76155-0999 United States Mark Bradford +1-972-343-9231 +1-800-433-2105 Email: sales@proaudio.com Website: http://proaudio.com Products/Services: We are a company devoted to broadcaster equipment needs. Our broadcast roots go back to the 1940s, and we provide the best in pricing and service to our customers. Whatever you need, contact us. We love to help!

Progressive Concepts 305 South Bartlett Rd. Streamwood, IL 60107 United States Eric Hoppe, Owner +1-630-736-9822 Email: sales@progressive-concepts.com Website: www.progressive-concepts.com Products/Services: FM radio broadcast and LPFM radio broadcast transmitters, coaxial cables, antennas, towers, microphones, mixing consoles, audio processors, accessories and more. Also distributes D&R radio broadcast consoles, RVR transmitters.

Propagation Systems Inc. — PSI 719 Pensacola Rd., P.O. Box 113 Ebensburg, PA 15931 United States Doug Ross, President +1-814-472-5540 Email: sales@psibroadcast.com Website: www.psibroadcast.com Products/Services: FM and TV broadcast antennas, combiners, filters and transmission lines. Also available are antenna designs available for all power levels, directional or nondirectional, pattern optimization, customization and multi-station requirements. In addition FM and TV turnkey transmission systems are available.

Radio Systems 601 Heron Dr. Logan Township, NJ 08085 United States +1-856-467-8000 Email: sales@radiosystems.com Website: www.radiosystems.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of hybrid and digital consoles, distribution amplifiers, clocks and timers, telephone interfaces and StudioHub+ Cat-5 complete studio wiring systems.

Radio Workflow Inc. 3201 Pacific Ave., #3 Wildwood, NJ 08260, United States Robert Maschio +1-855-973-1145 Email: info@radioworkflowinc.com Website: www.radioworkflow.com Products/Services: First browser-based radio traffic software.

Radio World 555 11th Street NW, Suite 600 Washington, D.C. 20004 United States Paul McLane +1-845-414-6105 ENGINEERING EXTRA Email: radioworld@futurenet.com Website: www.radioworld.com Products/Services: Radio World is the leading news analysis and career resource for radio technologists, managers and engineers, serving the global broadcast and new media marketplace. Visual radio, digital media, INTERNATIONAL streaming, IP audio, newEDITION transmission standards, tech tips, newsmaker profiles and more. We are now part of Future plc, the global platform for specialist media and market leader in consumer tech, gaming, music and knowledge. AMÉRICA LATINA

RAM Systems

27992 West Route 120, Ste. 138 Lakemoor, IL 60051 United States Ron Mitchell, President +1-815-679-6574 Email: sales@ram68.com Website: www.ram68.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of studio furniture, acoustic treatment products. Also distributor of Dixon System mixers; Studio Items booms and accessories; and Torpey Time clocks and displays.

Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory


VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY RCS 445 Hamilton Ave. White Plains, NY 10601 United States Diana Stokey +1-914-428-4600 Email: dstokey@rcsworks.com Website: www.rcsworks.com Products/Services: RCS has a proud history of innovation, holding 45 patents in the field of broadcasting. Inventors of computerized music scheduling with the legendary Selector, RCS continues to lead the way with multiple award-winning products such as Zetta radio automation, GSelector music scheduling, the groundbreaking 2GO series of mobile solutions and The Zetta Cloud. New is Revma; an affordable and complete online professional streaming solution. With guaranteed reliability, 24/7 support, professional audio processing and integrated listener reports.

Rohde & Schwarz USA Inc. 6821 Benjamin Franklin Dr. Columbia, MD 21046 United States +1-410-910-7800 Email: info@rsa.rohde-schwarz.com Website: www.rohde-schwarz.com/USA Products/Services: See Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG Muehldorfstr. 15 Munich 81671 Germany +49-89-4129-0 Email: customersupport@rohde-schwarz.com Website: www.rohde-schwarz.com Products/Services: Rohde & Schwarz has been an innovator in broadcast and media for over 70 years. The product portfolio covers the entire signal processing chain for digital video and audio content from ingest and playout to encoding/multiplexing, from contribution to satellite and IP networks to terrestrial transmission.

Email: bobc@scmsinc.com Website: https://scmsinc.com Products/Services: SCMS has been your broadcast/av equipment solutions provider for 43 years. There are 16 sales reps and 10 field offices throughout the U.S. and Latin America, plus the N.C. corporate office. Customers from professional radio, audio/visual, and television broadcast call SCMS for skilled, knowledgeable solutions and great broadcast gear.

Securenet Systems/Cirrus Streaming 356 SW 12th Ave Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 United States Diego Baeza +1-954-481-9402 Email: info@cir.st Website: http://cir.st Products/Services: All-in-one streaming and podcasting solution for stations and broadcasters all over the world. Offering several player options for live streaming and podcasting/on-demand that are equipped with full control ad serving, a programmatic ad network to earn additional revenue, and free mobile streaming apps.

Shively Labs 188 Harrison Rd. Bridgton, ME 04009 United States Angela Gillespie +1-207-647-3327 Email: agillespie@shively.com Website: www.shively.com Products/Services: For 50+ years Shively has developed FM products that set us above and beyond. We have a full line of FM antennas that will meet demanding needs in both pattern and environment challenges, as well as custom filter and combining to make the best-performing units for your site.

Sierra Automated Systems

800 Westchester Ave, Suite 641 North Rye Brook, NY 10573 United States +1-914-872-4069 Email: info@sagealertingsystems.com Website: www.sagealertingsystems.com Products/Services: Emergency Alert System and Common Alerting Protocol hardware and software for the international broadcast industry. Our flagship product, the Sage Digital ENDEC, provides combined EAS and CAP support in a fully certified solution. Sage has provided EAS solutions since 1996.

2821 Burton Ave. Burbank, CA 91504 United States Emilio Gomez +1-818-840-6749 +1-800-840-6749 Email: emilio@sasaudio.com Website: https://sasaudio.com Products/Services: SAS manufactures IP, digital and analog audio network routers, consoles, studio control panels, intercoms and loudness meters. SAS uses Dante and AES67 for IP networking and provides solutions for remote audio. SAS also markets on air phone systems utilizing VoIP and/or POTS.


Sine Control Technology Inc.

10201 Rodney St. Pineville, NC 28134 United States Bob Cauthen +1-704-889-4508 +1-800-438-6040

P.O. Box 3796 Seal Beach, CA 90740 United States Hank Landsberg +1-562-493-3589 Email: hank@sinecontrol.com

Sage Alerting Systems Inc.


Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

Website: www.sinecontrol.com Products/Services: PowerClamp by Sine Control Technology Inc. provides the best protection against power line spikes and surges. PowerClamp Surge Protective Devices (also called TVSS) clamps most transients to within a few volts of the AC waveform, preventing serious damage to transmitters and other electronic equipment.

Sine Systems 4835 N. St. Rd. Marcellus, NY 13108 United States Kevin Smith +1-315-673-1269 Email: kevin@armstrongtx.com Website: http://sinesystems.com Products/Services: Sine Systems produces the popular RFC-1/B remote control and the RAK-2 web interface remote control, temperature sensors and AC current monitors for transmitter sites.

Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) 9102 North Meridian St., Ste. 150 Indianapolis, IN 46260 United States John Poray, Executive Director +1-317-846-9000 Email: jporay@sbe.org Website: www.sbe.org Products/Services: The Society of Broadcast Engineers is the only organization devoted to the advancement of all levels and types of broadcast engineering. With more than 5,000 members and 114 local chapters, the SBE provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information to help technical staff keep pace with our rapidly changing industry. The SBE also amplifies the voices of broadcast engineers by validating skills with professional certification, by offering educational opportunities to maintain and expand those skills and by speaking out on technical regulatory issues that affect how members’ work.

Sonifex Ltd. 61 Station Rd. Irthlingborough NN9 5QE United Kingdom Richard Butlin +44-1933-650700 Email: sales@sonifex.co.uk Website: www.sonifex.co.uk Products/Services: Sonifex is a U.K. manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment for AV integration/installed sound and broadcast/radio/TV. Focusing on Dante and AES67 AoIP network audio products, solutions exist for talkback/intercoms, commentary, audio mixing, routing and monitoring. New products include multichannel Dante interfaces and the AVN-DIO range of audiophile quality Dante audio break-outs.

VENDOR & PRODUCT DIRECTORY Sprite Media Inc. 71-15 Loubet St. Forest Hills, NY 11375 United States Jeff Schick +1-646-893-8040 Email: info@sprite-media.com Website: www.sprite-media.com Products/Services: Sprite Media offers state-of-the-art video displays (digital signage) for the radio industry as well as industry web design. We provide digital signage for lobbies, studios, newsrooms, sales departments and staff. The content for each display is custom designed using each station unique colors, logs and presentations.

StreamGuys 2212 Jacoby Creek Rd. Bayside, CA 95524 United States Jonathan Speaker, COO +1-707-667-9479 Email: info@streamguys.com Website: www.streamguys.com Products/Services: Live and on-demand streaming, podcasting delivery and software-as-a-service (SaaS) toolsets for enterprise-level broadcast media organizations.

StreamS-Modulation Index LLC 1249 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. #314 Diamond Bar, CA 91765-4122 United States Greg Ogonowski, President +1-940-206-7702 Email: info@streamindex.com Website: www.streamindex.com Products/Services: Audio streaming encoders, both software-only and systems for both Legacy ICY and new StreamS HLSdirect, eliminating the need for costly media servers. PAD:Bridge PAD distribution software, IODigi2 AES to USB interface, AoIP audio master clocks, RadioDJ playout automation and Free HLS HTML5 players.

Studio Technology 529 Rosedale Rd. #103 Kennett Square, PA 19348 United States Vince Fiola +1-610-925-2785 Email: vfiola@studiotechnology.com Website: www.studiotechnology.com Products/Services: Studio Technology designs, constructs, delivers and installs technical furniture for radio and television stations. We provide true custom-built furniture, not a cookie-cutter solution that is customized. Our goal is to develop a design and provide furniture that fits your budget and operational needs.

Summit Technology Group 3261 Orchard Lake Rd. Keego Harbor, MI 48320 United States Paul Stewart +1-248-706-6963 Email: info@summittechgroup.com

Website: www.summittechgroup.com Products/Services: Summit Technology Group is the broadcast and communication industry’s foremost regulatory compliance provider, with software products for compliance logging and recording to compliance inspections and filing services. Let our team of knowledgeable consultants help you to maintain compliance without compromise.

Surcom Associates Inc. 5674 El Camino Real, Suite K Carlsbad, CA 92008 United States +1-760-438-4420 Email: link@surcom.com Website: www.surcom.com Products/Services: A stocking distributor of vacuum, ceramic and mica RF transmitting capacitors.

Talk Shows USA 30 Mobray Ct. Colorado Springs, CO 80906 United States Skip Joeckel +1-719-579-6676 Email: skip@talkshowsusa.com Website: www.talkshowsusa.com Products/Services: Syndicates programming for talk radio stations.

Telsat Srl Via Ezio Vanoni, 6 Paderno Dugnano 20037 Italy Paolo Marantonio, Bus. Dev. Mgr. +39-348 0180 456 Email: marantonio@telsat.it Website: www.telsat.it Products/Services: Telsat sells/distributes DTV and FM Transmitters and high-quality accessories, by some of the best manufacturers such as Commscope-Andrew, Spinner and Kathrein. DTV Transmitters are manufactured by the German PLISCH GmbH. FM Transmitters are the Markoni series, manufactured by Telsat itself. Telsat completes its offer with strategic activities such as: Design and Realization of radio and TV antenna systems, complex area coverage analysis, network planning, site engineering and highly specialized technical support for installation, assistance and training.

portfolio of brands includes Axia Audio, Linear Acoustic, Minnetonka Audio, Omnia Audio, Telos Alliance, Telos Infinity, Telos Systems and 25-Seven Systems. Telos Alliance also now exclusively offers Jünger Audio branded solutions worldwide.

Thimeo Audio Technology B.V. Liessentstraat 9a 5405 AH Uden, Netherlands Hans van Zutphen +31-6-4718-5781 Email: mail@thimeo.com Website: www.thimeo.com Products/Services: Thimeo Audio Technology produces hardware and software for FM, AM, streaming, TV and file-based audio processing, including RDS/stereo coding, audio restoration software, microphone processing and low-bitrate STL links.

Tieline 7202 East 87th St., Ste. #116 Indianapolis, IN 46256 United States Dawn Shewmaker, VP U.S. Operations +1-317-845-8000 +1-888-211-6989 Email: sales@tieline.com Website: www.tieline.com Products/Services: Digital audio codecs for remotes, STLs and multipoint audio distribution. Delivering broadcast-quality FM audio over cellular networks, wired IP, SIP, Wi-Fi, ISDN, POTS and satellite. Codecs include the revolutionary ViA with built-in Wi-Fi and record and playback, Gateway, the Genie and Merlin families, Bridge-IT, Bridge-IT XTRA and Report-IT apps.

Titus Technological Laboratories 77 Kreiger Ln. Glastonbury, CT 06033 United States Lawrence Titus, Owner +1-800-806-8851 Email: sales2@tituslabs.com Website: www.tituslabs.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of analog and digital switching equipment, warning light fixtures and custom electronic equipment for radio, television and network stations/facilities.

The Telos Alliance

Transcom Corp.

1241 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114 United States Cam Eicher +1-216- 241-7225 Email: inquiry@telosalliance.com Website: www.telosalliance.com Products/Services: The Telos Alliance has been a global leader in audio for more than three decades. The company’s exclusive focus is to deliver innovative, intuitive solutions that inspire the creation of exciting and engaging audio experiences. The Telos Alliance

P.O. Box 26744 Elkins Park, PA 19027 United States Martin Cooper, President +1-215-938-7304 Email: transcom@fmamtv.com Website: www.fmamtv.com Products/Services: Transcom has been providing used transmitters to the radio and TV broadcast industry since 1978. In addition, we offer new antenna, cable, STL/MW and other RF equipment.

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WorldCast Systems Inc.

15250 NW 50th Ave. Trenton, FL 32693 United States Steve Tunwall +1-330-995-9642 Email: info@tunwallradio.com Website: www.tunwallradio.com Products/Services: Manufacturer of switch and transmitter controllers since 2004. The TRC Series offers single- and multiswitch designs compatible with all switch types. Custom designs and AM directional systems are also available.

19595 NE 10th Avenue Suite A Miami, FL 33179 United States Tony Peterle, U.S. Manager +1-305-249-3110 Email: ussales@worldcastsystems.com Website: www.worldcastsystems.com Products/Services: Advanced and innovative systems for broadcasters worldwide. Encompassing leading brands APT, Ecreso and Audemat, WorldCast Systems offers everything from audio codecs and mobile network access for remotes and OBs, RDS encoders, audio processors, FM transmitters, monitoring, test and measurement solutions through to a unified Monitoring & Control (M&C) software solution.

UncompressedMusic.com 307 Brown St. Waxahachie, TX 75165 United States Dave Scott +1-972-937-6040 +1-844-726-8878 Email: orders@uncompressedmusic.com Website: http://uncompressedmusic.com Products/Services: Music libraries for radio, highest-quality uncompressed WAV files, automation-ready with metadata and Excel table of contents.

VoxPro See Wheatstone Corp.

V-Soft Communications 128S. Chestnut St. Olathe, KS 66061 United States Doug Vernier +1-319-266-8402 +1-800-743-3684 Email: info@v-soft.com Website: www.v-soft.com Products/Services: V-Soft Communications provides computer software and support for AM, FM and TV propagation programs. Included among our programs is Probe 5 for FM and TV analysis, AM-Pro 2 for AM day and nighttime skywave analysis and FMCommander for full-service FM stations, translators, LPFM and boosters.

Wheatstone Corp. 600 Industrial Dr. New Bern, NC 28562 United States Jay Tyler, Director of Sales +1-252-638-7000 Email: jay@wheatstone.com Website: http://wheatstone.com Products/Services: Wheatstone Corp. designs and manufactures professional broadcast audio equipment under the Wheatstone, Audioarts Engineering, PR&E and VoxPro brand names. Products include audio consoles and control surfaces, audio over IP systems, streaming and codec appliances, plus studio furniture, audio editors and signal processing for on-air and studio applications.


Radio World 2020 Source Book & Directory

Learn more about WideOrbit’s full suite of broadcast and digital audio solutions including media operations, station automation, content monetization, and business insights. radiosales@wideorbit.com digitalsales@wideorbit.com www.wideorbit.com

WideOrbit 1160 Battery St. #300 San Francisco, CA 94111 United States Danny Tankersley +1-415-675-6700 Email: radiosales@wideorbit.com, digitalsales@wideorbit.com Website: www.wideorbit.com Products/Services: iTrusted globally by more than 2,000 radio stations, WideOrbit helps stations monetize their digital and linear content by optimizing ad revenue and listener experience, seamlessly reformatting linear content for digital platforms, and reducing costs by streamlining ad operations workflows and automating station programming.

Win-OMT Software Inc. 280-1630 Ness Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 3X1 Canada Greg Boyd, Sales Manager +1-204-975-0794 +1-888-665-0501 Email: gboyd@imediatouch.com Website: www.imediatouch.com Products/Services: Win-OMT Software is a solutions provider to the broadcast industry worldwide. Core products include iMediaTouch Radio Automation System and radio’s number-one-selling digital logger, iMediaLogger. By leveraging the latest in technology advancements and feedback from our clients we continually strive to provide broadcasters with leading-edge software.

Xperi 3025 Orchard Parkway San Jose, CA 95134 United States +1-408-321-6000 Website: www.xperi.com Products/Services: Xperi Corp. (Nasdaq: XPER) and its brands DTS, FotoNation, HD Radio, Invensas and Tessera are dedicated to creating innovative technology solutions that enable extraordinary experiences for people around the world.

Yellowtec USA LLC 3630 Tivola St. Santa Ynez, CA 93460 United States Jeff Williams, General Manager +1-805-931-6081 Email: jeff@yellowtec.us Website: www.yellowtec.us Products/Services: As an innovator in product development, Yellowtec is committed to transforming complexity into usability. Continuously striving for a higher standard of engineering and design, Yellowtec manufactures intuitive broadcast solutions. For various fields of applications Yellowtec sets new standards in terms of technology, usability and esthetics.

PRODUCT STORY Reprinted from July 3, 2019

Arrakis Is at the Beginning for Humana DARC digital console is cornerstone for company radio station ◗ BY MATTHEW LANGSTON AV Technology Technician AV Services, Humana LOUISVILLE, Ky. — On May 6, the Humana Audio Visual Services team launched Humana Radio, an internally streamed radio station, featuring music, podcasts and wellness breaks, in Louisville, Ky. Humana Radio is broadcast to the nationwide employee population of Humana Inc., composed of almost 50,000 employees. In 2017, AV Services began an overhaul of space and technology within their headquarters, which gave birth to the Video Enterprise Collaboration Suite, a location where any and every employee was invited to bring their talent, passion and creativity to work on video and audio projects with their teams. The suite included a green screen studio, edit bays featuring Adobe products and an audio booth, all available for checkout and training. As employees poured in to use the available services, many teams began creating podcasts to share internally with their teams at Humana. AV Services Manager Trey Pennington along with Kellie Stephens, myself and other members of the team began to brainstorm a solution and spark a vision for how these informative podcasts, many containing information which could be beneficial to Humana as a whole, not just specific silos, could be shared company-wide. We wanted to deliver interconnectivity to our company, regardless of location, and we wanted to inform, encourage and empower each member of our Humana family. From there, Humana Radio was born, and the podcasts on a plethora of different topics began to flow in greater numbers than they ever had before. Along with finding the correct

personnel to help man the station, our equipment had to meet the needs of broadcasting 24/7 as well. We began looking for a great solution that would be powerful yet graceful, and are proud to say that we arrived on the DARC console from Arrakis Systems. We love this product because it was easy to learn for both novices as well as experienced radio professionals. We didn’t have to be absolute experts on the situation, as we learned the ins and outs of the DARC. We were able to set it up according to our own personal needs, inputs and styles to help us accomplish the task of generating a new form of communication within Humana. Everything from having routing control of specific channels, along with having the physical board working in collaboration with a digital setup to how seamlessly it matched up with Arrakis’ Apex automation

made our installation a breeze. We were excited to learn and to take our project to the next level, and for the questions we did find ourselves wondering about, the customer support at Arrakis made us feel like family. They were there to make sure we had all the tools we needed to be successful for our launch and into the future. As we look to the next phase and coming months and years of Humana Radio, we have no doubt in our minds that we made a smart choice by choosing the DARC system along with Apex, to help us facilitate discussion, real talk, diversity of thought and creativity, from, with, and for all employees. For information, contact Ben Palmer at Arrakis Systems in Colorado at 1-970-4610730 or visit www.arrakis-systems.com.

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PRODUCT STORY Reprinted from August 1, 2019

iHeartMedia Builds Audio Transport Platform With Barix SIP Opus codecs cover all the bases in transition from ISDN ◗ BY STEVE GEORGE Senior VP of Engineering, Upper Midwest iHeartMedia MILWAUKEE — iHeartMedia is America’s number one audio company, and with over a quarter of a billion monthly listeners, has a greater reach than any other media company in the U.S. For over 20 years, iHeartMedia has relied on ISDN circuits for moving audio between our studios, transmitters and other remote field locations. In recent years, however, telephone companies across the country have warned us they will discontinue their ISDN services. As such, it looks likely that ISDN will go away for everybody in the near future, so we have embarked on a company-wide project to transition our legacy audio connections to IP. TRANSPORT While IP audio transport is well-established, a key hurdle we needed to overcome was ensuring that all of the codecs we have in the field would be able to talk to each other seamlessly. We wanted to avoid being locked into any particular codec manufacturer, so multivendor interoperability was critical. We decided to use the open, royalty-free Opus audio codec combined with the SIP protocol as a common “handshake.” Many manufacturers have been moving towards Opus as the preferred codec for interoperability, and we liked that it can combine low latency and excellent audio quality, with built-in error and jitter correction, all at reasonable bitrates. SIP similarly facilitates interoperability while enabling us to get away from needing public, static IP addresses at each end. Endpoints don’t need to know each other’s IP addresses; they just “dial” a registered SIP address to start the connection process. By eliminating the public IP address, we can


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keep everything behind the firewall, significantly increasing security. We developed the back end of our new architecture first, spinning up a software-defined codec with 24 SIP Opus modules that we have been rolling out in our studio locations. We then turned our attention to choosing a field codec that we could standardize on for communicating with the Wheatstone Switch-

blade — and other manufacturers’ codecs — to bidirectionally transport high-quality audio. We brought our requirements to Barix, whose Instreamer and Exstreamer products we have used for over 15 years. We like Barix because their boxes have been fairly bulletproof; they’re simple devices that generally perform one defined task, but do it very well. We had confidence that Barix devices would reliably do what they are supposed to do, and do it cost-efficiently. HARDWARE Barix recently launched its next-generation hardware platform, and quickly tailored devices to meet our specifications. We approached Barix in December 2018, and they delivered beta code running on the new hard-

ware in just six weeks. The studio side took us roughly 24 months to develop, but with Barix we went from concept to having hardware live in the field in just over three months — an incredible turnaround time. We currently use two Barix SIP Opus codec models — the MA400 mono encoder/decoder, and the M400-based stereo decoder — for a variety of applications. We have installed them at TV station partners for contributing live news and traffic reports; at transmitter sites for backup STL; in on-air talent’s houses for doing shows remotely and more. Since we started rolling the Barix units out in March, we are constantly finding new ways we can use them, and their affordability has made them our first “go-to” box. When completed, this project will span multiple sites interconnecting our 850+ radio stations. We started in locations with the most ISDN circuits, and so far have deployed in 50 markets. We already had many Barix Exstreamer units in the field for disaster recovery, backup STL and other IP audio applications, and the new Barix SIP Opus codecs can also be configured to be backwards-compatible with these setups. This makes it easy for us to phase in our next-generation platform. We can change the Exstreamers out immediately, and switch the new models into SIP Opus mode when the headend in that market is ready. While our move from ISDN to IP was forward-looking and technology-motivated, we are also already realizing immediate cost savings. The Barix units pay for themselves in less than two months with what we save on ISDN circuits. We see Opus and SIP as the future of interoperability in our industry. Barix’s flexible new hardware and phenomenal responsiveness are enabling us to reach that future faster. For information, contact Barix Technology at 1-866-815-0866 or visit www.barix.com.

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KHNS Derives Efficiency From ENCO DAD Mobile device access and a plethora of features please Alaskan broadcaster ◗ BY MARLEY HORNER Program Director KHNS(FM) HAINES, Alaska — As the Voice of the Wilderness, public radio station KHNS(FM) has been broadcasting to the Alaskan Panhandle communities of Haines, Skagway and Klukwan since 1980. Situated near majestic mountains and the Upper Lynn Canal, our listener-supported station is a source of music, news and programming from networks such as NPR, BBC World News and Alaska Public Radio. Our staff has been downsized from 10 to four full-timers over the years and our budget remains tight — now even tighter with Alaska vetoing public broadcasting funding in June. But we’ve managed to maintain a highly-efficient and reliable broadcast operation in large part due to our ENCO DAD radio automation system. Over several generations and system upgrades, DAD has supported our operation in what I would call a flexible, hybrid configuration that lets us to choose when and how our station automates playout. While DAD is programmed to deliver our 24/7 playlist, we are only fully automated overnight and on the weekends. Since DAD continuously plays out our playlist as a background process, it’s always there and ready to go should we need it. Like our turntables and CD players, DAD has its own slider on our control room board. At the start of their shifts, our DJs pot down DAD, do their live shows and then pot DAD back up when they’re finished. DAD plays anytime there isn’t a DJ sitting at the board, running through a daily playlist that has backup programming if a volunteer can’t make a regularly hosted show. This flexible DAD setup allows our DJs to deliver a fresh, original show, playing music from our two turntables and CD players — as well as a DAD mini-array — as they’ve always done, and more im-

portant, preserving our station’s unique, regional sound. While we chose DAD for its comprehensive functionality, we’re still discovering valuable features and capabilities. One such recent upgrade is ENconveyor, which automates the download of audio files, such as syndicated shows, from various web or FTP sites on the internet, and delivers them to our DAD media library, with metadata. DAD’s DropBox application, also a recent upgrade, scans a watch folder associated with our own FTP site. When new media files arrive, DropBox retrieves them according to rules-based criteria. Together, these two new features save considerable man-hours and labor. The ability to access the DAD system remotely from any mobile connected device, is another big time-saver. For instance, for our 1950s big-band retrospective, “Melodies and Memories,” our producer can access the DAD system remotely, from a

desktop application in her home, to upload the latest show for broadcast on Sundays at noon. Whenever a problem occurs while I’m off-site, such as satellite network disruption or weather emergencies, I can remotely access DAD using an iPad or smartphone to turn on weather advisories or technical difficulties messages. That flexible remote accessibility eliminates the long drive to the station. For every KHNS department, including KHNS Local News, DAD is a vital platform underlying all that we do on a daily basis. We find the ENCO DAD system to be reliable, user-friendly, intuitive and for our lean operation, crucial for delivering the on-air product that our listeners rely upon and enjoy. For information, contact Ken Frommert at ENCO Systems in Michigan at 1-248827-4440 or visit www.enco.com.

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WKGC Plays Through Hurricane With GatesAir Transmitter Compact size and reliability mean a lot to Gulf Coast station ◗ BY STEVEN YOUNGBLOOD Chief Engineer WKGC 90.7 FM PANAMA CITY, Fla. — WKGC is a student-operated, 100 kW, NPR member station broadcasting from Gulf Coast State College in the Florida panhandle. We play NPR in the morning and the afternoon, and air student shows in the evenings and on weekends. WKGC operates three HD Radio channels in addition to its main FM signal, with the option to set up a fourth HD Radio service in the future. Two years ago, we evaluated transmitters that would provide the headroom we required to accommodate HD Radio multicasts and other digital services. We also wanted a transmitter that would reduce the maintenance requirements of our aging tube transmitter from another vendor. The higher efficiency of a modern solid-state transmitter was certainly on our minds. Our evaluations led us to a GatesAir Flexiva FAX30 transmitter. The 30 kW transmitter has certainly provided the headroom and the maintenance reductions we sought. Our signals are also clearer and more robust, extending our FM coverage north to the Alabama line and blanketing the well-traveled Interstate 10 with our HD Radio signals. Reliability has been the most important benefit — a benefit proven by its performance during Hurricane Michael in October 2018. The HD Radio processing and distribution architecture can be delicate, yet the GatesAir Flexiva importer and exporter have proven highly stable with no dropouts. This is an especially impressive feat with four audio channels and visual art moving over the E2X (exporter-to-exciter) connection. The FAX30 design has paid dividends on efficiency, particularly from the footprint and maintenance perspective. The transmitter is much smaller than our tube unit, freeing space for a new UPS unit that otherwise would not have fit inside the building. The


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compact build also accelerated the installation process, with an easy lift and quick connections to the existing conduit. The interior of the transmitter is clean and open, with plenty of room to work inside. The filter boards are accessible, and power amplifier modules and power supplies are removed and replaced with ease. Maintenance is limited to keeping the air filters clean, and keeping an eye on the air conditioners. SURVIVING HURRICANE MICHAEL When power or phase changes happen, the FAX30 automatically adjusts and stays on the air. This reliability proved instrumental to our station and surrounding communities as Hurricane Michael came ashore. This

was the worst storm to ever hit our region, with wind gusts exceeding 200 miles per hour. We made our final checks at the transmitter site and our studio, which is located in our Emergency Operations Center, as the storm made landfall. We fully expected, reasonably so, to lose our signal. Our generator tripped 30 minutes into the storm, which was an ominous sign. The generator wouldn’t phase correctly, and we immediately went off the air. Although we were only a quarter mile away, we had to cut our way through downed trees to reach the generator. The FAX30 was back on the air immediately after hitting the reset button. The FAX30 operated as usual from that point forward. The transmitter adjusted its power up and down as the phases went lower and higher. We were live on the air from the EOC during the first part of the storm, and delivered important news and information to our listeners through the entire storm and beyond. We were the only station on the air for the majority of the storm, and a critical lifeline for many listeners. We are looking at ways to further reduce our operating and energy costs. We have certainly reduced the time and money associated with changing tubes and other maintenance requirements that solid-state technology eliminates. Looking forward, we intend to purchase a GatesAir Flexiva FLX30 liquid-cooled transmitter, which will substantially reduce our current cooling loads at high power. We also plan to install another FAX10 transmitter on our backup tower for additional on-air redundancy. For more information, contact GatesAir in Ohio at 1-513-459-3447 or visit www.gatesair.com.


Nautel Simplifies FEBC Operations Transmitters bring efficiency, flexibility and potential for 24-hour-operation to Filipino broadcaster ◗ BY NOEL UBOD Chief Technician Far East Broadcasting Company MANILA — Far East Broadcasting Company has a long history with Nautel. Almost all our transmitters are Nautel (except for some shortwave systems). Starting with the ND Series in the early 1990s we’ve since purchased XL Series, XR Series, NV Series, VS Series, NVLT Series and GV Series. We choose Nautel transmitters because of their track record of reliability and high efficiency. Our most recent acquisition, a GV10 transmitter, was commissioned in March 2019. The installation was both simple and easy. Currently we are in the process of acquiring an NX50 transmitter to replace an XL50. DOCUMENTATION, RESOURCES Prior to working with Nautel transmitters I had maintained an analog vacuum tube transmitter, so the thought of working with a Nautel solid-state transmitter was exciting. But it was a combination of excitement and fear as I was concerned whether I could adjust to this new technology I wasn’t used to.

Noel Ubod pictured with FEBC’s most recent acquisition, a Nautel GV10 transmitter.

I had maintained the analog transmitter for more than 20 years, so I had to study how such state-of-the-art transmitters operate. I am very impressed with the Nautel transmitter manuals. They contain everything I need. They are very extensive from pre-installation to installation then operation and lastly troubleshooting manuals. I have never seen such an complete set of manuals before. Other points that have caught my attention are Nautel’s helpful webinars, videos and tutorials on their website and the Tips and Tricks from Jeff Welton (thanks, Jeff!) All these resources are very practical and helpful for us maintenance crew. Another thing that I recently experienced is Nautel’s great customer service. They provide very good support to customers. On several occasions I’ve asked for assistance and Nautel Tech Support was there to help me every time. Very impressive. Although the information is there in the manuals, asking for help from Nautel customer service is faster than re-reading the manuals — my apologies for that! My sincere thanks to Scott MacLeod who is always patient enough to assist me. I can’t water down the importance of good customer service. If I’m evaluating equipment to buy, my highest criteria is customer support. Does the equipment company have good customer support? Nautel has that. BUILT-IN FEATURES In the Philippines one of our dilemmas is that there are very few technicians available to maintain broadcast equipment. Because of this there were times when we had to cut our on-air broadcasting hours because of lack of personnel to man the (vacuum tube) transmitter. With Nautel transmitters lack of personnel is no longer a problem. We started operating our new GV10 transmitter automatically using the built-in features; it will turn on/off at the specified time without human intervention. Again, thanks to Scott who helped with this set up. The transmitter AUI metering is also very

extensive. Everything an engineer needs for evaluating the operation of the transmitter is available on the touchscreen. Currently I am working with the AUI’s web-based remote monitoring and control (using port forwarding on the router) as we are contemplating 24-hour operation. Our potential for 24-hour operation is only possible given the transmitter’s high efficiency. This gives us a lower electric bill compared with our previous vacuum tube transmitter, which had very low efficiency. This lower electric cost enables us to consider expanding our hours of on-air broadcasting. Thank you, Nautel! Nautel transmitters are reliable, highly efficient and versatile. There are many features to accommodate your broadcasting needs. Thanks to the engineers at Nautel who are behind this great design, you did an excellent job. Kudos to all of you. Congratulations Nautel for 50 years of service! For information, contact Nautel in Nova Scotia at 1-877-662-8835 or visit www.nautel. com.

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StreamGuys Helps Atunwa Digital Help Broadcasters Streaming services and tools maximize digital revenues for international audiences ◗ BY MAC MAISON, Partner and MAMUNA OYOFO, Partner Atunwa Digital NEW YORK and GHANA — Headquartered in New York with key personnel based in Africa, Atunwa Digital is a digital network that advises media enterprises on monetization strategies. We develop full-scale digital marketing and advertising strategies, helping clients from planning to execution and analytics. Two years ago, we launched our initiative to help African audio content publishers better leverage digital distribution and advertising opportunities to get the most monetization value from their content. We find that while a lot of African media enterprises have loyal, global audiences listening to their content regularly, they do not possess the in-house technical expertise nor advertising capacity to fully realize its built-in value. We were seeing a trend where many of these organizations were leaving revenue on the table by receiving only a small percentage back from their streaming or podcasting service provider. COLLABORATION We set out to address this issue by helping creators of African content reach both their local and diaspora audiences through online streaming, with the ability to serve geo-targeted advertising to their listeners, all while taking control of their digital future. To do this, we needed to find an audio streaming technology provider who could supply not only the tools and infrastructure needed for online delivery, but also the support and expertise that our customers would need as they develop their own digital media autonomy. We wanted to work with a company that we could depend on for support, while collaborating with us to design the optimal streaming workflows for our clients. A recommendation from one of our part-


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ners led us to StreamGuys, and we determined that they would be an ideal fit. In addition to having great tools, technology and support, they were willing to deal with us on a collaborative level. We now use the complete suite of StreamGuys services and solutions, from their robust content delivery network to their analytics tools.

At Atunwa, our advertising offerings span both programmatic and direct sales approaches, as we have established relationships with both multinational and local brands looking to reach the African demographic globally. StreamGuys’ integration with industry-leading ad platforms allows the insertion of dynamic, server-side, targeted advertising into our clients’ live streams and podcasts. The targeted addressability of the ads is particularly valuable in capitalizing on revenue opportunities from the African diaspora living in the United States, Europe and other markets, as that audience receives spots that are relevant to them. Another significant challenge faced by African content providers has been unauthorized redistribution of their content. It is crucial that content owners regain control of their streams and have visibility into their daily earnings. Unauthorized usage leads to revenue being taken away from the original content owners. StreamGuys’ tools including the SGPass-

Key system enable our clients’ streams to be restricted to authorized distribution partners and are also integrated into StreamGuys’ embeddable SGplayer media player, giving us end-to-end security for both affiliate and consumer delivery. The SGrecast live stream repurposing system enables our clients to turn live productions into on-demand podcasts, with automatic template-based publishing ensuring they are submitted correctly to aggregators. The fact that StreamGuys’ dynamic advertising capabilities are unified across both live streams and podcasts is advantageous; rather than managing two separate systems, podcasts just become a seamless extension of live operations. The results of working with StreamGuys have been impressive. As an example, they have enabled us to deliver over tenfold growth in the monetization of radio content online for respected Ghanaian media organization Multimedia Group Limited, as well as significantly growing their digital traffic by taking back control of their content. Across five key MGL stations, monthly total listener hours increased by 152% and monthly cume by 96% in their first month of full operation with StreamGuys, and both metrics more than tripled over the past 18 months. There has always been significant value in African content providers’ programming. Our goal with Atunwa is to build a digital network whereby we become the most trusted monetization source for African content publishers and the resource for brands/advertisers looking to connect with African audiences globally. StreamGuys’ streaming technology and expertise have allowed our clients’ digital media operations to become more independent, unlocking that value through the power of digital advertising. For information, contact StreamGuys at 1707-667-9479 or visit www.streamguys.com.

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StreamS Shines for Family Life Radio Broadcaster likes in-house control and lite platform BY ETHAN GEERDES Broadcast IT Manager Family Life Radio

TUCSON, Ariz. — At Family Life Radio, we have developed a strategy to put more resources into our online streaming platforms. We explored many fine products, providers, services and distribution methods; but in the

it due to the notorious reputations of some Windows updates. However, upon further discussion, I learned that Modulation Index uses a professional specialized, slimmeddown version of Windows 10 called LTSC [Long Term Servicing Channel] with which they then utilize a script eliminating even more unnecessary functions, making it more of an OS skeleton to house their product.

at StreamS-Modulation Index got us up and running quickly. We have a stream set up securely sending an HE-AACv2 HLSdirect stream at 32 kbps via FTPS to a cloud-based server we rent from VULTR and have leveraged Cloud Flare as our CDN. The changes we are implementing are not only driving our financial overhead down but this solution consumes

end, we opted to host the online radio stream ourselves so that our product wouldn’t change if we changed provider. My colleague Michael Bové introduced me to a friend of his, John Schaab at Modulation Index, which is turning our vision into a reality. When I saw that the StreamS encoder was Windows-based, I initially was turned off by

The StreamS encoder does not need the same maintenance as a typical computer would, which alleviates the problem of installing updates upon a reboot of the machine. After we got our demo unit, the configuration process was easy to accomplish with the documentation provided. There was minimal troubleshooting, and the expertise

less bandwidth for our listeners, allowing for them to listen longer on their mobile devices or favorite music platform. We are still in the process of launching our new product and we have never been more excited. For information, contact John Schaab at Modulation Index at 1-940-206-7702 or visit www.streamindex.com.

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MultiTech Installs Tieline Codecs for Steadfast STLs Variety of codecs and features builds long-term relationship ◗ BY TIM NEESE President, Founder and Senior Engineer MultiTech Consulting Inc. SWANNANOA, N.C. — I started in radio in an on-air capacity while pursuing an engineering degree and, while still in college, transitioned to a station engineering position. In the years following, I served at several facilities in roles from maintenance engineer to director of engineering. Since 2001, I have operated MultiTech Consulting, offering a full range of services tailored to the broadcast and information technology industries, including facility and system design, installation/integration and equipment performance verification/measurement. We have clients throughout the U.S., and some of the networks I have consulted with include Relevant Radio, VCY Networks, Salem Communications, and ABC television O&Os to name just a few. I have followed the progression of Tieline ever since they advertized the original Commander in Radio World 15 or more years ago. Since that time, I have installed a range of Tieline codecs including Genie STL, Merlin, Merlin Plus, Bridge-IT, Bridge-IT XTRA, Commander G3 Studio and Field, and i-Mix G3. Primarily, the codecs have been used as STLs, but also for remote contribution. We recommend Genie STL codecs to customers because of the range of features and built-in redundancy options. Key features that are significant factors in our recommending the product include configurability, the IP distribution options, and backup features like SmartStream Plus, ISDN and POTS. That, coupled with the customer support Tieline has always provided, makes the selection easy. Our typical configuration is a single-IP


stream, either unidirectional or bidirectional, as well as multiple peer-to-peer IP streams, or several multi-unicast streams. We have also configured multicast connections for clients. REDUNDANCY STRATEGIES So long as properly engineered networks are implemented, we have found IP connections to be extremely reliable. Redundancy requirements vary from client to client, but

are largely fulfilled by the built-in redundancy afforded in the Genie: redundant power supplies, SmartStream Plus redundant streaming, and failover to a backup connection, etc. Larger clients may implement an N+1 configuration to ensure complete redundancy and utilize the Genie’s built-in PSU failure, temperature and connection loss alarms, or more elaborate external silence detection and network traffic monitoring. We have also started to utilize SNMP traps for SNMP monitoring. Our clients utilize everything from DSL to point-to-point fiber, or microwave IP transport. It is dependent upon location and

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availability. The most popular options are cable modem for general use and metropolitan area Ethernet networks for our “hardcore” clients. Noticeably, a growing number of studio and transmitter sites are unable to be linked via traditional RF point-to-point methods, or face the ongoing sunsetting of the ISDN and T1 infrastructure. As more and more “real-time” traffic is carried by IP networks, I believe QOS and dynamic bandwidth allocation will require more planning and attention. We frequently utilize MPEG 2 encoding for its transcode and cascade resilience. Where bandwidth allows, such as with metro Ethernet circuits, we use uncompressed audio. For field work/remote broadcasts, etc., we find AAC and Tieline Music/Music Plus algorithms work well. Contribution and STL encoding bitrates are usually at 256 kbps or greater, and remote broadcasts at 64, 96 or 128 kbps. With cellular connections we used to employ 32 or 48 kbps, but with the cost of bandwidth almost constantly decreasing and the reliability of mobile networks increasing, we rarely, if ever, still connect at those bitrates. As clients have transitioned to IP operations, most have adapted to the slight amount of latency that is inherent within the digital environment. Where latency is critical, such as with IFB or comms channels, choosing an appropriate low-delay algorithm like AACLD or G.722 is key. We use a mix of auto and fixed jitter buffering based upon the application; however, we find for most situations auto works quite well. FEC is also a valuable tool for mitigating packet loss. The Toolbox web GUI interface has alTIELINE Continued on 41 

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Hofstra Picks Wheatstone FM-55 Processor Academic David takes on commercial NYC Goliaths ◗ BY ANDY GLADDING Chief Engineer WRHU(FM) HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — WRHU(FM)/88.7 MHz has been the voice of Hofstra University and the surrounding community for 60 years and is Long Island’s oldest noncommercial radio station. As chief engineer of WRHU, it is my responsibility to make sure that our 430-watt FM signal remains technically competitive in the New York City market. Tasked with upgrading our aging air chain and transmission paths, I needed to find a processing solution that was superior to our competitors and also cost-effective while being capable of handling a variety of formats and styles with minimal supervision. After doing much research, discovery and listening trials, I felt that the Wheatstone FM-55 was the best tool to accomplish our goals. The FM-55 is an easy product to install and configure and has a powerful GUI that provides access to all the advanced machine functions. We have found these features to be essential to competing in the New York City market. WRHU, part of Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, has a diverse staff of more than 230 students

From left, Hofstra University’s Chief Video Engineer Joseph Valerio, WRHU Student Technical Engineer Jon Sanelli and WRHU Chief Engineer Andy Gladding

and community volunteers and is the only college station in the country contracted to produce, broadcast and distribute games for a national sports franchise, the New York Islanders. With the FM-55, our sound is now superior to our much larger peers in the

 TIELINE Continued from 40

ways been straightforward and easy to work with and the transition to the HTML 5 interface has made remote configuration and control from virtually any browser even easier. We recommend clients take full advantage of the built-in security options, have a schedule for password changes and make use of a firewall. The ability to implement SSL security certificate connections is a great addition to the feature set and in many cases removes the need for a VPN connection to securely administrate the codec. For point-to-point connections, we recommend limiting, via a firewall, the IP addresses that can connect to the codecs. In all situ-

NYC market and helps us maintain our edge and presence. For information, contact Jay Tyler at Wheatstone in North Carolina at 1-252-6387000 or visit www.wheatstone.com.

ations, we advise they open only the necessary ports, maintain and review logs of connections and connection attempts, and implement firewall monitoring that generates alarms for excessive traffic on administrative addresses/ports. Clients who use the Genie for STLs often compare it to their former RF-based systems. We most often hear: “Just like the old system — we set it up and forgot about it. It just works.” That level of reliability allows them to focus on other day-to-day tasks without worrying about the STL. For information, contact Dawn Shewmaker at Tieline in Indiana at 1-317-845-8000 or visit www.tieline.com.

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Wheatstone’s SwitchBlade Addresses ISDN Challenge iHeartMedia needed to settle on companywide codec/installed audio network solution ◗ BY ANDY MIKA Assistant Director of Engineering, Cleveland and STEVE GEORGE Senior VP of Engineering/Upper Midwest iHeartMedia Engineering CLEVELAND — ISDN is out, audio over IP is in. Major telecom companies have announced plans for the sunset of ISDN and the service has been terminated by several providers in the U.S. in the past 18 months. In place of ISDN is a wide variety of audio over IP solutions. Even though AoIP has moved studios into the IP realm, converting that IP audio into a routable codec solution has been a clunky bolt-on solution. In many cases, broadcasters have had to resort to running separate codecs or software on computers in the studio with sound cards wired directly into the console. By 2016, VoIP was making an enormous difference in corporate telecommunications, both in terms of speech quality and in the range of services available. SIP was already being implemented across different codec manufacturers for interoperability, so a solution of SIP-enabled codecs combined with the Opus open source codec seemed to hold the promise of being a reasonable replacement for ISDN distribution. We were looking for a way to take WheatNet-IP audio in our studio facilities and seamlessly integrate bidirectional codec functionality into the architecture. The ideal solution would operate natively in both environments — presenting fully-connected AoIP channels on the studio audio side and functioning as fully-featured AoIP SIP/Opus (VoIP) codec for audio connectivity outside the studio facility. Nothing like this had been developed before, so we enlisted the help of Wheatstone and its partner Radiomation, an Irish company that had already been doing pioneering


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work linking Wheatstone equipment to existing ISDN and POTS telecommunications equipment. SOLVED The result was SwitchBlade, an AoIP appliance that seamlessly integrates 24 remote AoIP connections directly into the WheatNet-IP audio network at the studio. SwitchBlade is a single 1RU unit chassis with a 24 software codecs routed to any source and destination on the WheatNet IP-Audio system.

By the end of October 2017, SwitchBlade had been demonstrated as a proof-of-concept at the iHeartMedia Engineering facility in Cincinnati. After NAB in 2018, SwitchBlade’s next stop was the iHeartMedia studios in Cleveland, where we performed beta testing and drove further development, resulting in a widespread deployment across iHeartMedia in 2019. SwitchBlade has allowed iHeartMedia to proactively migrate away from ISDN to audio over IP for remote audio connectivity. Standardizing on the open standard of SIP for initiating the connection, and the wide adoption of the open source Opus codec, has resulted in interoperability with many different existing codecs in the field. SwitchBlade has the intelligence to be controlled using all the WheatNet-IP programmability. All 24 internal modules can be individually controlled by custom console interfaces; the Wheatstone ACI;

ScreenBuilder, Wheatstone’s widely-used programming environment; and integration into RCS NexGen and other automation systems for automating the various remote AoIP connections for each show. Among the many unique qualities of this appliance is its ability to dynamically assign and pass any of 78 GPIO closures, and have serial network cues associated with satellite-delivered program travel with the program audio, arriving at the remote end still perfectly synchronized with the content. This was achieved by embedding the signals

directly into the audio stream so that signals and content are always perfectly synchronized regardless of any delays to the signal path. Being driven by the iHeartMedia Engineering team for the past two years has made SwitchBlade into a world-class solution — a fact recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters, which gave it the “Product of the Year Award” in the Audio Production, Processing and Networking category at NAB Show 2019. SwitchBlade has not only met and exceeded the “ISDN-Replacement” challenge, it has changed our thinking on everything from satellite program distribution and telephone contributions to inter-facility content distribution. For information, contact Jay Tyler at Wheatstone in North Carolina at 1-252-6387000 or www.wheatstone.com.

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Free FM Makes AoIP Leap With Wheatstone’s IP-12 New IP-based equipment provides leg up for current and future needs ◗ BY MIKE WILLIAMS Program Director and PHIL GREY, Station Manager Free FM HAMILTON, New Zealand — Free FM, a community access radio station, is part of the Community Access Media Alliance, a network of 12 stations around New Zealand. We have been operating for 28 years, for many as AM-only, but on FM for seven years and are making strong inroads in transmedia delivery. We are a not-for-profit entity, governed by a charitable trust and we operate as a non-commercial broadcaster. We have a small staff and content is created by approximately 80 volunteers, representing a very diverse range of communities, individuals and interest groups in our broadcast area (the greater Waikato region of the North Island — population almost 470,000). Free FM is partly funded by New Zealand On Air (a government agency) to provide access to broadcasting facilities for individuals or groups with ideas, opinions or cultural needs which may not have the opportunity for expression through the mainstream commercial broadcast industry. The purpose of stations like ours is specifically described in the New Zealand Broadcasting Act. Access radio is, in essence, radio “by the people, for the people,” where the freedom of expression of ideas, values and beliefs is valued and protected. Many of those who come to make content with us have English as their second (or even third or fourth) language and we frequently have people involved who have physical or intellectual challenges. Much of the content created at our studios nowadays is in the form of prerecorded 30-minute or one-hour programs. Our philosophy at Free FM is also to stay ahead of the game, by adopting emerg-

ing technology where it is clear there are new opportunities to enhance what we do. While radio broadcasting is still our major activity, we have over the last 10 years become our sector’s leader when it comes to digital content delivery and embracing new developments (such as smart speakers). We are always keen to see and evaluate what is coming over the horizon in terms of how listeners are accessing content and what they want to do with it.

It had become painfully obvious that our analog studios were barely fit-for-purpose. There’s a limit to how far you can push things and much of what we had was well used before it came to us back in the 1990s. It became obvious that a complete refit was necessary, replacing decades of add-ons, patches and mis-matched equipment. Naturally, we wanted to find a technically advanced solution, but budget was also a major consideration. In doing our homework, we looked at all the available digital consoles and audio delivery systems available and considered how they might work for us. One of the big factors to consider was robustness and ease of use for nonprofessional people. And because of language considerations, we were also keen to find products that were intuitive and easy to understand. In our search, Wheatstone kept coming up as a front runner. Marcus  Bekker from

Southern Broadcast was already known to us as someone who completely understands our sector. He became an invaluable advisor when talking about our specific needs and wants. We did comparisons at every level, and everything we saw reinforced the view that adopting Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Blade technology would provide us with not only what we need right now, but also form the foundation to support whatever future direction we may take. We locked onto Wheatstone’s IP12 console as an affordable way to get us into the IP audio world. It had the ideal number of channels (12), and it was easy to navigate. We liked that each input module has an LED source display that we could name and that the meter bridge has easy-to-read bargraph meters and a prominent onboard timer. Because the IP-12 is a WheatNet-IP audio networked console, it gives us an in to an entire ecosystem for controlling, automating, processing and routing audio. It’s a very powerful system, and we now we have the capacity to develop other options if we wish, such as video, real-time social media content, or other input sources, with relative ease. What is important to the future of Free FM, and stations like ours, is that we remain relevant and responsive to our changing environment. Digital delivery options are perfect for what we do, and it makes great sense to be at the sharp end of that platform as it grows and changes. We are very pleased with the bang-forbuck we get from our new infrastructure as it is, and we look forward to the coming years with confidence that we have made the right choice. For information, contact Jay Tyler at Wheatstone in North Carolina at 1-252-6387000 or visit www.wheatstone.com.

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PRODUCT STORY Reprinted from September 25, 2019

WideOrbit App Puts Remotes in Charge AFR Mobile app makes remote control simple — even for DJs ◗ BY TROY WYLIE Broadcast Specialist Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Jim Pattison Broadcasting operates 47 radio stations in four Canadian provinces. Twenty-two of our stations use WideOrbit Automation for Radio Version 4.0. One of the main benefits of WideOrbit V4 is AFR Mobile, an iPhone and iPad app that allows full control of WideOrbit from anywhere. AFR Mobile gives our users full control of the on-air product, including the ability to start and stop events, play hotkeys, make changes to the playlist and record new audio files. But for most of our users, the voice-tracking function is the most useful. Like most broadcasters today, our on-air talent is responsible for recording voice tracks for our stations in our other markets. We have found that AFR Mobile is faster and easier to use than other voice-tracking solutions, including WideOrbit’s Distant City Voice Tracker. We have purchased 14 iPads for use by our staff to record voice tracks, and we have installed iPad holders in our production studios to hold the iPads. The iPads are integrated with Axia Livewire network for the best audio quality, and connect to our Wi-Fi for connectivity to our LAN. The DJ can quickly connect to the remote station and record all of the voice tracks for their shift. We also have one remote DJ that records voice tracks from their home studio. We supplied this DJ with an iPad that connects to our infrastructure via our VPN over an LTE cellular network connection. Voice-tracking works great even when used with only a cellular connection. In addition to voice-tracking, we have used AFR Mobile for remote broadcasts. Earlier this year, during the opening of a new children’s hospital, we used AFR Mobile to record drop-ins from the hospi-


tal. AFR Mobile uploaded the drop-ins to one of our local stations for broadcast, and WideOrbit’s Friendship Server automatically distributed the drop-ins to our other markets for broadcast. This works well but we found that we had to test our audio levels before the broadcast. This was because

Tieline audio link, virtual Axia faders, and AFR Mobile. Installation of AFR Mobile is easy. The app is available as a free download and it connects to our infrastructure via our own VPN, so we have control of who can connect to our system. If one of our AFR Mo-

AFR Mobile does not normalize audio after recording. A useful improvement to AFR Mobile would be the ability to normalize audio after recording. Now that our users are comfortable with AFR Mobile, we have also used AFR Mobile for five live remote broadcasts without a board operator. The DJ uses hotkeys on AFR Mobile to turn their microphone on and off. In the next month, we plan to adapt this work methodology for a mobile studio for use in remote broadcasts. Our goal is to give the DJ the same experience in the remote studio as in the main studio, with a

bile users leaves their job, we can disable their access to our automation system simply by disabling their VPN connection. We have shared some feedback with WideOrbit about improvements that could be made to AFR Mobile, In addition to normalization, our users have found that the dark colors of AFR Mobile are difficult to see in bright sunlight, so a “bright” mode would be helpful.

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For information, contact WideOrbit in California at 1-415-675-6700, Option 2, or visit www.wideorbit.com.

PRODUCT & SERVICES SHOWCASE In stock, available for immediate delivery

GORMAN REDLICH DIGITAL ANTENNA MONITOR MODEL CMR — Remote Controllable Digital Antenna Monitor — 2 tower Price $3950 additonal towers $200 each

The Model CMR is a state of the art instrument of unequalled accuracy and stability. With typical modulation, the CMR’s true ratio readout is a factor of 10 more stable than instruments that measure normalized amplitude. With a 15kc IF for the measuring circuit, this monitor is ideal for diplexed arrays.

• True Ratio reading. Non-Reference and Reference amplitudes are separately measured and divided electronically to give an accurate digital reading. • Stable, accurate phase reading with automatic phase sign. • Amplitude or True Ratio may be selected for measurement with a front panel switch. • Dual Surge Protection.

Gorman redlich 257 W. Union Street athens, oh 45701 Phone: 740-593-3150 jimg@gorman-redlich.com www.gorman-redlich.com

eBooks: Tools for Strategic Technology Decision-Making Radio World’s growing library of eBooks can assist you in maximizing your investment in an array of platforms and tools: licensed transmission, online streaming, mobile apps, multicasting, translators, podcasts, RDS, metadata and much more. The eBooks are a huge hit with readers. They help engineers, GMs, operations managers and other top radio executives — radio’s new breed of digital, cross-platform decision-makers — understand this new world and thrive in it.

Visit radioworld.com/ebooks

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