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Anthony Savona Content Director Residential Systems

TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 Snapshot: CEDIA Expo What to Expect at CEDIA Expo 2020 A Q&A with Ashley Sprengnether, CEDIA Expo Associate Show Director at Emerald Expositions. 5 Snapshot: Virtual Events Welcome to the Era of Virtual Events A Q&A with Brian Pagel, Executive Vice President at Emerald Expositions, on the future of virtual tradeshows. 6 Snapshot: CEDIA Education Guide to CEDIA Education at CEDIA Expo

hether in-person or virtual, CEDIA Expo represents a huge opportunity to see new gear, learn about the latest trends in the industry, take an abundance of classes, and network with industry peers and friends. And even though we aren’t gathering in Denver like we originally planned, CEDIA Expo is still happening — and the only traveling you’ll need to do is to your laptop! CEDIA Expo Virtual takes place on September 15–17 with a ton of opportunities to expand your knowledge and your business. To help you navigate this new way of tradeshowing, we have compiled this CEDIA Expo Companion. Here, you will find our Snapshots, which are thoughtful pieces from showrunners Emerald Expositions and CEDIA, as well as expert industry views from several manufacturers and a distributor. We’ve also compiled some of the products you will see on the virtual floor, and perused the many educational opportunities to highlight a few sessions that may be of interest to you. Finally, we end with 10 tips on getting the most from any virtual tradeshow, but especially CEDIA Expo. See you at the Expo on September 15–17!

Expand your expertise from anywhere. By Dan McGowan, Public Relations Specialist, CEDIA 7 Snapshot: CEDIA Membership Why Join CEDIA? Much more than meets the eye. By Dan McGowan, Public Relations Specialist, CEDIA

10 Snapshot: Power Power [Quality] to the People The country’s electrical infrastructure isn’t going to get better, so we need to prepare solutions for our clients. By Joe Piccirilli, CEO, RoseWater Energy Group 11 Snapshot: Distribution Powering Through a New Era of Distribution The pandemic offers challenges and opportunities for today’s distributors. By Dennis Holzer, Executive Director, PowerHouse Alliance

8 Snapshot: Smart Home What Does the Smart Home Industry Look Like in 2020? Insight from the recently released Z-Wave State of the Ecosystem 2020 Report. 12 Snapshot: Networking Dante and Residential One By Mitch Klein, Executive Year In Director, Z-Wave Alliance Audinate’s networking sys-

tem took the show floor by storm at last year’s CEDIA Expo. Here is an update on what has happened since. 14 CEDIA Shares Company representatives explain why you should pay them a virtual visit during CEDIA Expo 2020. By Megan A. Dutta 16 CEDIA Expo Product Showcase 24 CEDIA Expo Education Highlights 26 So Your In-Person Tradeshow Has Been Cancelled… 10 tips on making the most of your virtual tradeshow experience. By Anthony Savona



What to Expect at CEDIA Expo 2020


A Q&A with Ashley Sprengnether, CEDIA Expo Associate Show Director at Emerald Expositions.


HOW WILL THE VIRTUAL EVENT MIRROR WHAT WAS PLANNED FOR THE INPERSON EVENT? ASHLEY SPRENGNETHER: Education has always been a strong component of CEDIA Expo. CEDIA has done a phenomenal job in pulling together over 50+ live classes and 30+ on-demand sessions. We’ll also have TechTalks back for a third year, which are a series of inspiring and educational talks from technology experts sharing insights in emerging trends and what the future holds for the custom integration industry. We have also expanded our Design + Connection sessions, which will aim to help deepen the conversations and relationships between the CI channel and design/build professionals. There will be an Expo Hall highlighting close to 150 brands. There will be ways for attendees to meet in person with exhibitors, view new products, demos, trainings, etc. Attendees will also be able to network with each other during our events (TechBites + Happy Hour and #CEDIAStrong Benefit Concert featuring the CEPro All-Star Band) and in our live networking lounges and forums. WHAT DOES BEING VIRTUAL ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT YOU COULD NOT DO IN AN IN-PERSON EVENT? It helps us expand our reach to more technicians who may not have been able to attend the show in the past, international attendees, and additional design/build professionals. The platform will also be

We have expanded our Design + Connection sessions, which will help deepen the relation­ships between the CI channel and design/build pros. available until December 31, 2020, which will extend the life of the education that CEDIA put together and the content that our exhibitors and various partners created for the event. WHAT ARE THE WAYS THAT CUSTOM INSTALL DEALERS CAN CONNECT WITH EXHIBITORS DURING THE SHOW? There will be a schedule and meeting tool, meeting lounges in booths to view demos and speak live, and live group chat. Exhibitors are looking forward to showing off all their new products they have for the CI channel. HOW WILL ATTENDEES BE ABLE TO NETWORK WITH ONE ANOTHER? We will have networking lounges available, live in-person discussion in a Zoom room, where there will be a moderator guiding the conversation around various topics (i.e., Operations, Marketing, Technical, and Design/Build Relationships). We’ll also have forums where attendees can engage in various topics either by submitting a post, commenting on a post, or following a thread. CEDIA EXPO HAS WORKED TO INCLUDE PERSPECTIVES FROM OTHER TRADES SUCH AS BUILDERS AND ARCHITECTS. HOW IS THAT HAPPENING THIS YEAR?

We will have a Design + Connection track of sessions that is geared toward furthering the relationship between design build professionals and integrators. We also have a Design + Connection product category where the design/build professionals can visit exhibitors who have product they may want to learn more about during the event. WILL THERE BE TECH PAVILIONS AT THIS YEAR’S EVENT AND, IF SO, WHICH TECHNOLOGIES ARE COVERED? Unfortunately, the virtual platform did not lend itself to create pavilions. However, this is on our list to work with our platform provider for potential improvements to the software moving forward. DO YOU THINK THERE WILL BE A VIRTUAL COMPONENT TO CEDIA EXPO EVEN AFTER IN-PERSON EVENTS RESUME? Yes, we are looking at keeping the virtual experience part of the in-person event moving forward. We are still working out what this will exactly look like, but we believe it will expand the reach of our platform and provide more value back to both our exhibitors and attendees who may not be able to attend or may not have had the time to see all they wanted to see at the show. n


Welcome to the Era of Virtual Events A Q&A with Brian Pagel, Executive Vice President at Emerald Expositions.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR ATTENDEES TO GET THE MOST OUT OF A VIRTUAL EVENT? It is no different than coming to the physical event. We encourage attendees to have a plan — they should know what brands they want to see and what sessions they want to attend. WHAT ABOUT EXHIBITORS? HOW CAN THEY GET THE MOST OUT OF A VIRTUAL EVENT? For our exhibitors, it really boils down to two key items: 1. Promotion: What new programs, products, or innovations are they highlighting in the virtual event and what are they doing in support of that effort? What makes them different, and why should someone want to seek them out? Not unlike a physical event, successful exhibitors have a plan in place well before the event, leveraging social media promotions, eblasts, newsletters, blogs, etc. to drive interest and traffic. 2. Engagement: Once you have people

seeking you out, how are you going to make the most of that engagement? Keys for success include coaching your salesforce and partnering with marketing/PR assets. HAVE YOU MADE ADJUSTMENTS TO HOW YOU DO VIRTUAL EVENTS SINCE THIS CURRENT WAVE STARTED? WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED? We have paid close attention to virtual events that have been staged both inside and outside of Emerald. In addition to drawing our own conclusions on what worked and what didn’t, we have sought feedback from our exhibitor community and partners on what they have seen in the marketplace. What did they like and what didn’t work? This feedback is at the heart of our strategy. With a clear understanding of the markets’ wants and needs, we are highly focused on the overall experience, and we have placed an emphasis on creating industry engagement. DO YOU SEE VIRTUAL EVENTS BECOMING A PERMANENT PART OF EMERALD’S ARSENAL? IF SO, HOW DO YOU SEE THEM ENHANCING IN-PERSON EVENTS? When we started down this path earlier this year, we had always planned for a virtual CEDIA to work alongside the physical experience. The thought being that a segment of our audience might not be able to attend due to travel restrictions. Then of course we had to pivot to an all-virtual experience as the Denver Convention Center is being used as a temporary hospital for non-emergency cases

related to Covid-19. Along the way we have come to realize that a well-done virtual experience can accomplish a few key things. It’s an extension of the physical event and offers attendees an opportunity to revisit conference sessions and research brands that they might have missed at the event. A virtual experience provides yet another platform for CEDIA to engage with buyers and influencers in other aligned markets like home builders, designers, and architects. This also provides a unique opportunity to engage with people that, for whatever reason, aren’t familiar with CEDIA Expo. While a virtual event will never replace the in person experience, I do see believe that a digital platform like this will be a long-term complementary piece to CEDIA Expo. WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THE FUTURE FOR IN-PERSON EVENTS — HOW WILL THEY DEVELOP? Having been in the events business for over 20 years, I have never been more excited about the future of events. While we have all come to the realization that we can work remotely and leverage tools like Zoom to get our jobs done, I think we have also realized the importance of those face-to-face experiences that you simply can’t replicate virtually. We are by nature social, and people need to be around other people. It’s how we are wired. My guess is that as things begin to normalize, we will all be eager to get back out into the world, but, more importantly, I believe that we will appreciate the face-toface experiences a little more. n


WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF PIVOTING TRADESHOWS TO VIRTUAL EVENTS? BRIAN PAGEL: The most difficult aspect of transition from a physical to virtual event was ensuring we had a fully formed strategy in place before taking the concept of a virtual CEDIA to market. This included a lot of workshopping around defining what a virtual experience should look like and planning with our partners to ultimately develop the most meaningful experience possible.



Guide to CEDIA Education at CEDIA Expo


Expand your expertise from anywhere. By Dan McGowan, Public Relations Specialist, CEDIA



ne of the most important opportunities you can provide for yourself, your employees, and your business is building your skill set. This year’s virtual edition of CEDIA Expo has you covered with more than 80 courses — 10 in Spanish — for integrators at all stages: beginner to intermediate to advanced. Covering the first two days of CEDIA Expo, September 15 and September 16, the 2020 CEDIA Education schedule is jam-packed with technical, business, skills-oriented, and hardware- and softwarefocused courses. Learn a new skill or expand your expertise from your couch, hit a course while you’re on the go, or set aside work time to attend courses wherever you are in the world. CEDIA Education during CEDIA Expo 2020 is all virtual and megaaccessible. The subject matter includes topics most relevant to our industry. And (arguably) the best part? Every all-access pass allows learners to take an unlimited amount of courses delivered at CEDIA Expo on-demand through the end of the year. If you miss a course or want to take one over, the on-demand capability of CEDIA Education at CEDIA Expo 2020 is the answer. The CEDIA Education pass unlocks access to all courses for $199 — virtual, rigorous industry education delivered directly to you. There are dozens of courses to choose from, including: “Reference Level Cinema Audio – Defining The Paradigm” — HTE Partner and CEDIA Board Member Peter Aylett will cover a critical, forthcoming update on a more accurate system to measure the performance of home theater projects. “Process Process Process: Best Practices” — Learn from colleagues and a degreed process

engineer on the best, most efficient processes for peak client experience and profitability by exploring best practices relating to proven methods for business success. “Spatial Computing” — Rich Green will examine what he says could be positioned to be “the single most important development in the history of technology” — spatial computing. The course will provide insight on the revolutionary effects on your business, as well as potential impacts on entertainment, assisted living, user interfaces, and more. “5G: Everything You Need to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask” — With more and more uses for 5G emerging every day, Michael Heiss will help you uncover where the technology is heading, including virtual and augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and medical devices. “The Future of Video Resolutions: A Look at 8K” — Take a look at the next big thing in video resolution: 8K. This course will explore the applications, technology requirements, and cover how we will be able to distribute what could be a major leap forward into this impactful video signal. “AV-over-IP: What, Why, and How” — CEDIA’s own David Meyer will take a refreshed look at AV-over-IP in an in-depth course covering new developments and uses for the delivery highway that’s rapidly gaining in following and use cases. “Independent Living and Wellness Innovations” — Technology can make a world of difference in situations where you or a loved one wishes to age-in-place, and this course will explore advances in independent living, Internet of Things, and a host of advancements that can create a safer environment.

“Working Remote: Tools and Best Practices for Decentralizing Your Workforce” — We’re living in a world where the definition of “the office” continues to require mobility and flexibility, and this course will break down techniques and tools to help employers give their talent what they increasingly want: the ability to work remotely. “Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Standardizing the Design and Engineering Process” — Back by popular demand, Robert Ridenour returns with his “Wash, Rinse, Repeat” series with a course focusing on streamlining and customizing welldetailed, repeatable elements in the design and engineering documentation process. “Understanding Gender Difference in the Workplace: Thriving in Business as a Woman in a Man’s World” — Global thoughtleader Leslie Shiner will examine the complex world of workplace gender differences, discussing ways to create a business, build a reputation, and generate profit as a woman working in a man’s world. “The Secret to Winning With Architects” —This course will dissect what makes architects tick and how you, as an integrator, can learn how to understand architects better so you can unlock more business opportunities with them. “The Transformational Leader: Strategies for Effective Leadership in the Workplace” — CEDIA’s Samantha Ventura will take a comprehensive look at the many facets of the workplace and its culture that, when understood, can help you become a more successful and stronger leader, including leadership styles, developing soft skills, and common challenges leaders face. n CEDIA Expo 2020 is open for registration, as is registration for CEDIA Education courses.


Why Join CEDIA? Much more than meets the eye. By Dan McGowan, Public Relations Specialist, CEDIA


The CEDIA Designer Software… On the House CEDIA members receive access to the Media Room Level of The CEDIA Designer at no charge. This cloud-based software does in minutes what traditionally takes hours: helping you create technically perfect plans for dedicated home cinemas or media rooms. Designed by integrators, for integrators, TCD saves you time and allows you to provide relevant documentation to your clients and illustrate your shared vision for a great project. The top manufacturers from throughout the world partner with TCD so the results you craft are accurate and flexible, giving clients an opportunity to visualize true product comparisons of speakers, screens, and acoustic materials, taking into account the finer details of the room arrangement, sight lines, seating configuration, and many other variables. Who has time to pump 16 hours into creating documentation by hand? I doubt you do, so allow TCD to do

it for you with complimentary Media Room level access to the program and significant savings on other tiers with your CEDIA membership.


Volunteering: An Industry Connection Gateway Our industry is vast. Your time spent volunteering helps create connections that bring the world to you. There are numerous ways to give back to the industry with varying degrees of responsibility and commitment. Opportunities include: joining an advisory council, serving as a subject matter expert, participating in a working group, or completing an industry-shaping survey. In the end, you get back what you put in, and volunteering at CEDIA gives you a forum to help move the industry forward and keep you connected.


COI: Share Your Expertise, Build Your Brand You live and breathe your areas of expertise, now go out and show the world you are a thought leader. The CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) program is considered one of the most valuable benefits for members, as it provides the training and tools you need to teach courses on hot topics for integrators and, ultimately, parlay your pontifications into partnerships. The Americas region courses offered through the COI program are approved by IDCEC, AIA, and NKBA, and can be submitted to other partner associations such as NAHB for credit. The subject list includes: “Hidden Technology for the Modern Home,” “Lighting Control Illuminated,” “Supporting Green Lifestyles with Technology Systems,” and many more. Deliver a course as a lunch and learn or connect with local designers and builders on their turf to demonstrate your

prowess as a trusted expert.


Access to Cutting-Edge Research and White Papers One of CEDIA’s top strategic objectives is to be the global leader in standards and industry knowledge. One significant way you benefit from that is through our ever-growing menu of industry white papers. They’re heavily researched and rigorously crafted by industry experts to break complex subjects down for busy professionals like you. Best of all, as a CEDIA member, they won’t cost you a dime. CEDIA recently released white papers with the following titles: “Wi-Fi 6,” “HDBaseT for 4K & 8K Video,” “AV-Over-IP Systems,” “Quality of Power,” and “Workforce Development 101 for Systems Integration Industry Employers.”



etting everything you can out of your CEDIA membership involves much more than priority access and pricing to CEDIA Expo, reduced pricing on the best home integration education in all the land, the potential to win a coveted CEDIA Award, or the opportunity to qualify as a CEDIA Member of Excellence — although, those are great places to start. From behind-the-scenes initiatives to member-only savings to accessing a worldwide network of some of the best minds and innovations available, CEDIA provides countless benefits to boost your bottom line. Let’s explore five ways to squeeze the most from your CEDIA membership:


Darren, at Your Service One of CEDIA’s most valuable assets is not a what, but a who…you don’t always know he’s there, but he’s doing highly effective work behind the scenes that has a direct impact on what you can and can’t do as an integrator in the eyes of your state. That asset is one Darren Reaman, CEDIA director of government affairs. His job is to sniff out potential legislative hurdles and make sure the playing field for integrators is level. Darren also works to guide legislative language that could have a positive effect on your bottom line. If bills or regulations that affect the industry move through your state, CEDIA members are called upon to testify before officials. There are more reasons and advantages to your CEDIA membership than you can shake a stick at. Explore CEDIA.net for more opportunities to put your CEDIA membership to work for you. n



What Does the Smart Home Look Like in 2020?


Mitch Klein, Executive Director, Z-Wave Alliance presents insights from the Z-Wave State of the Ecosystem 2020 Report.



lot has happened since January 1, 2020, and the smart home industry has not been immune to these changes. The Covid-19 pandemic has had, and will continue to have, a major influence on the smart home industry as now, more than ever, consumers are spending more time at home and looking to new projects that can bring added convenience during these challenging times. The additional time being spent at home has consumers eager to invest time, effort, and money into home renovations and upgrades — and all of us in the smart home industry are in a unique position to sell and install the technology. Despite the opportunities for growth, there have also been numerous challenges — supply chain interruptions and retail closures, manufacturing impact, and social distancing requirements restricting physical installs have all caused a hiccup in smart home’s rapid growth. Insight from a recent ABI Research study found that smart home revenues will reach $85B in 2020, just a 4 percent increase over 2019. Although 2020 has brought unforeseen challenges, there are still opportunities for growth and places for everyone in the industry — manufacturers, integrators, developers, retailers, and others — to contribute to building a better smart home experience for consumers and end-users. Staying abreast of industry trends has never been more important, as the smart home industry continues to pivot and shift post-Covid.

While smart home has seen consistent, year-on-year growth in North America, it is in international markets that we expect to see some of the strongest opportunities for growth.

In our recently released Z-Wave State of the Ecosystem 2020 report, we examine smart home and connected technology — from both within and outside of the home — and explore the smart home landscape as it exists today, current and future trends, data compiled, and new opportunities with an emphasis on the role Z-Wave technology plays in the advancement of the industry. Let’s look at three major takeaways from the report. THE NEED TO SHIFT Although we began work and data collection

for the report pre-Covid at the beginning of the year, we recognized the significance of the pandemic and the ways in which it would impact the smart home market, along with the very way we live our lives. We asked experts on their thoughts for how the smart home industry would need to pivot post-pandemic. Ideas included a rise in demand for smart entertainment devices, as well as a need for stronger network capabilities, with more people spending time at home streaming entertainment content, working, and learning, and a renewed focus on using smart home


technology to keep people connected, both inside the home and at a distance. “In a post-pandemic world, I think the smart home’s greatest opportunity will be facilitating connections between people,” said Stacey Higginbotham of Stacey on IoT. “Instead of simply focusing on aging-in-place (for example), we should look for technology that helps people feel connected to their loved ones both inside the home and at a distance.”

Open standards and connectivity will accelerate the smart home and larger IoT.

see some of the strongest opportunities for growth. The same data from ABI Research found that the regions most primed for growth through 2025 were in Latin America and the EMEA regions. In Europe, strong economic growth, increased investment and interest in solutions like smart lighting and water from public utilities, and rapid urbanization are all contributing factors to industry growth. And in Latin America, reasons behind growth include increased investment from highly-populated countries like Mexico and Brazil in IoT and smart cities initiatives and policies, as well as projected economic growth. INTEROPERABILITY, EASE-OF-USE AND SETUP, SECURITY, AND NEW TECHNOLOGY LIKE AI WILL BE CRITICAL

The Z-Wave product categories most primed for growth (according to ABI Research) through 2025 are all-in-one devices, or smart devices with hubs built in, i.e., a smart security system or display that also functions as a gateway, smart doorbells, and water sensors.

Read more insight and industry takeaways in our full report, available for free download by clicking here. n


THE Z-WAVE SMART HOME CATEGORIES AND REGIONS PRIMED FOR GROWTH SUPPORT LARGER MARKET DEMANDS The Z-Wave product categories most primed for growth (according to ABI Research) through 2025 are all-in-one devices, or smart devices with hubs built in, i.e., a smart security system or display that also functions as a gateway, smart doorbells, and water sensors. This data supports the larger trend we’re seeing across the entire industry of security still being a leading category and opportunity for consumer entry into the smart home, but it also opens the door for new categories to experience growth. One reason for the predicted growth of smart water sensors may stem from new incentives to install the devices for premium or other discounts from home insurance carriers. While smart home has seen consistent, year-on-year growth in North America, it is in international markets that we expect to

TO THE CONTINUED SUCCESS OF THE SMART HOME — ESPECIALLY POSTCOVID. In our report, we surveyed industry experts and media (including Residential Systems editor, Tony Savona) across a wide range of verticals to get their take on the future of smart home — what they see as challenges, opportunities, and trends to come through 2020 and beyond. The majority of those quoted seemed to agree on what the industry needs to prioritize to ensure continued growth; device and network interoperability remains a critical point, as many consumers cite continued frustration with device incompatibility, which can lead to high return rates and disinterest. It can also contribute to device ease-of-use and setup — another common concern amongst consumers. The professional install community can leverage these concerns as an opportunity to show the value of professional vs. DIY smart home. “It is all about interoperability,” said Tony Savona in the report when asked about the greatest opportunities facing the smart home market in 2020 and beyond. “Getting everything in the house to talk to one another through one control system is key to greater acceptance and users moving to the next level.” Network and device security remain other important opportunities for manufacturers and developers to improve, and new technology, such as AI and contextual awareness, or the opportunity for technology to learn and execute on routines or room occupancy, are also cited as important considerations for smart home growth.



Power [Quality] to the People


The country’s electrical infrastructure isn’t going to get better, so we need to prepare solutions for our clients. By Joe Piccirilli, CEO, RoseWater Energy Group



e are hearing about power outages across the country with increasing frequency due to fires, storms, failing transformers, power line breaks, and, my personal favorite, planned power outages. Makes me wonder what century we are living in. Of course, there are also the anomalies that are not reported, such as voltage drops, voltage spikes, micro outages, and deviation in frequency. All these power issues can create problems for your home and business. At the same time, our homes and businesses are becoming more and more dependent on the ability to store, access, and analyze data. We are more and more dependent on our control, communication, and networked systems, especially for our entertainment. Microprocessors are the engines that make all these conveniences possible. Microprocessors function best and last longer in a stable power quality environment. As our need for power quality increases, power quality is diminishing. Utilities are scrambling to add solar, wind, and battery solutions to meet demand, yet they still cannot provide the consistency we need for our electronics to operate to their fullest potential. What will this look like in the next five to 10 years? This is a question we should all be asking. LET’S LOOK AT SOME TRENDS: • Our population is getting older. • Our population is shifting from colder climates to warmer climates, with Texas

and Florida now being number two and number three in population. • More and more people will be working from home. • Videoconferencing has become common­ place. • Streaming content is the new normal. • Bigger cities and coastal communities are going vertical (more high rises). • Cloud storage and cloud computing have become commonplace. • It is nearly impossible to build a new power plant (20 years just in permitting). • Renewable integration. As people become empty-nesters, they tend to cluster into communities with other emptynesters. We are now seeing similar migrations to suburban living from urban centers as people realize that work from home is going to be around for a while (or forever). These migrations increase population density, which in turn puts more strain on our energy grid. As states rapidly increase in population, they require more power. More power, more grid stress. As a Florida resident, I can attest to the power issues caused by this explosive growth. As more people work from home, residential power quality becomes critical to our economy. Videoconferencing is critical to the success and productivity of the home office. The music and film industries continue to move towards “in home” releases of new content. As people move toward vertical living population, density increases. As population density increases power demand increases.

The inability to build new power plants, coupled with the instability added by the integration of renewables (a subject of a future article), is already creating, and will continue to create, significant power quality problems. As bleak as this might sound, I believe the next five to 10 years will hold tremendous opportunities for power quality experts. Our population will not sit around and wait for a national solution for this problem. How long have we been promised an infrastructure bill? Individuals and businesses are beginning to look for power solutions now, and that trend will continue to grow. The solutions will involve inverters, batteries, generators, and some renewables. The solutions will be highly decentralized right down to individual homes. Highly decentralized solutions will make the grid more stable and our existing infrastructure more efficient. The solutions will require power quality integration experts. Those experts should be you. n Joseph Piccirilli is an accomplished consultant, strategist and speaker with four decades of experience that spans across the consumer electronics, systems integration, and energy industries. In his current capacity at RoseWater Energy Group, he oversees the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of leading new technology for residential power storage and handling efforts.


A New Era of Distribution The pandemic offers challenges and opportunities for today’s distributors. By Dennis Holzer, Executive Director, PowerHouse Alliance or large technology upgrades. Despite the uncertainty, market disruptions, and ongoing operational changes, the PowerHouse Alliance members have continued to deliver the high level of customer service, technical support, training, and order fulfillment our customers expect. Our dealers are our number one priority and we are here to help them weather whatever storm comes their way. Dealers can easily access the home theater, multi-room audio, networking, automation, and security products to equip any project from more than 50+ distributor member locations across the country. With hundreds of lines available locally, the PowerHouse Alliance distributor members are fully stocked with all categories including TV, speaker, remotes, wiring, and networking needs from vendor partners, including Samsung, Yamaha, Hikvision, Apple, Aruba, eero, Luxul, Ubiquiti, and others. In response to increased demand for home entertainment and networking products, the PowerHouse Alliance has also added several new lines to provide our dealers with more choice in brands, solutions, and access to the latest technologies. The PowerHouse Alliance will be one of the virtual exhibitors showing at CEDIA Expo 2020 and the group looks forward to discovering new products, categories, and potential industry trends. Despite being virtual this year, our vendor partners have shared that they intend to announce new solutions in the audio, video, accessories, display, networking,

smart home, and security categories. Even throughout the challenges that 2020 has presented thus far, the PowerHouse Alliance continued to see healthy growth through steady sales, which we anticipate will continue through the remainder of the year. To meet the demand, multiple PowerHouse Alliance members have also opened new facilities showing promise in new and existing markets: Member Pioneer Music Company recently opened a new location in Lenexa, KS; member Mountain West recently opened an additional location in Seattle, WA; member 21st Century Distributing just announced the grand opening of its new location in the popular greater metro area of Nashville, TN; and ECD added a new location in San Antonio, TX. Watch for additional new location announcements through early 2021. The custom installation market is always changing and PowerHouse members stay vigilant in monitoring those opportunities, challenges, and dealer needs, to quickly respond and provide excellent service and all the right products. And, as we do every fall at CEDIA Expo, we will dig our heels in to learn about the next-generation technologies from current and potential vendors, and connect with our residential dealers on product trends through this year and beyond. Our dealers should look forward to new vendor partners and innovative products on the way that will continue to ensure their success as we work together to power into 2021. n



ver the changing, bumpy course of 2020, the PowerHouse Alliance has learned a lot. The group of 11 distributor members have kept a pulse on unique changes and trends by listening to both our vendors and customers. Our members continue to be adaptable as the market changes, doing everything to safely provide the products and support that integrators need for their daily business. Through on-and-off city state shutdowns across the country, our members have introduced new health and safety protocols and new day-to-day operations. In addition to strict cleaning procedures and freight disinfectant, members also added additional local delivery and restricted will-call and drive-through pick-up areas to give integrators peace of mind while providing access to the inventory they continuously need to work without interruption. While the pandemic has presented challenges, opportunities have developed. Changes in consumer habits in response to social distancing are moving movie nights and happy hour into living rooms and backyards. The shift to learning and working from home has also taxed networks, with more devices running on a single system, causing issues with network speed and device drop-offs. These changes have become a new revenue stream for many dealers, who can reconnect with past and current clients to offer the upgrades they need as school starts, or even find new clients who may need small



Dante and Residential One Year In


Audinate’s networking system took the floor by storm at CEDIA Expo 2019. Brad Price, sr. product marketing manager for Audinate, gives an update on what has happened since.


the first few levels; Levels 1 DANTE MADE ITS DEBUT and 2 are sufficient for over AT THE 2019 CEDIA EXPO, 90 percent of people to get INCLUDING HAVING their jobs done and not have PRODUCTS FEATURING a problem they cannot solve. THE TECHNOLOGY IN OVER When we teach a group of 20 BOOTHS. WHAT HAS people, we might find there BEEN THE REACTION FROM are two who were doing home RESIDENTIAL INTEGRATORS installs, two more who are OVER THE PAST YEAR? doing something for a local BRAD PRICE: We’ve been theater company in their new delighted to see what our partners have been creating Brad Price, senior product marketing building, and somebody that manager for Audinate is working on a stadium. They with Dante for the residential market. All the products we saw at CEDIA all have different needs, but the underlying Expo 2019 emphasized the points about tech is the same and so the training has the Dante networking that make it a logical fit same essential value to all of them. Dante in the residential space — the high-channel really isn’t that tricky! count and low latency properties it has. It was all right there on display. WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF The reaction has been very good. We mainly RESIDENTIAL DANTE USE THAT YOU hear about it through our manufacturers, and HAVE SEEN? installers seem to really like working with it Right now, we’re seeing a lot of people because it’s so simple and straightforward. extending the technology that they’ve had on a They’re just running structured cable that is professional level at an office or a studio to the probably already there for other reasons, so home because everybody’s working from home. they might as well use it for this, too. There’s If it’s a broadcaster who now has to do his no problem using a single network for both or her show from the kitchen, we’re finding internet access and Dante. they bring it into their house using Dante because it’s small and easy. They don’t have to run a gigantic snake out to a truck. They can HOW IS AUDINATE WORKING throw an ethernet cable out the window and WITH MANUFACTURERS TO TRAIN it works great. Sometimes it uses an existing RESIDENTIAL INTEGRATORS ON THE network that’s in the house, and sometimes PROPER USE OF DANTE? We have had our training and certification it doesn’t — it’s just a cable stretched across program going now for several years, and the floor. We’re also seeing that in the conferencing it’s deliberately not targeted toward any specific industry. It’s quite broad, especially side as well, as businesspeople now must

conduct all their meetings from home and they’re seeking to up their quality level. Dante has had a lot of success in the recent years in outfitting conference spaces, because it’s high quality and incredibly flexible. You can put in as many microphones and as many speakers in a room as you want. It’s higher quality than what they’re getting down at the low USB end of the market. WHAT AUDIO TRENDS ARE YOU SEEING IN THE RESIDENTIAL MARKETPLACE? Networks today are better, easier, less expensive, and more reliable than any previous analog scheme. If you have a large home with multiple zones and many channels of audio, that is a nightmare of a matrix setup to do in the analog world. But in the networking world, it’s trivial. I expect we’re going to see a lot more high-channel-count, multi-zone installations that take advantage of Dante, and we’re going to see more multichannel installations where people are using it for spatial sound. A product like Dante is especially good for that because the time alignment in a Dante system is so absolute. If you’re creating audio effects that count on precise timing and phase alignment, Dante is the ticket. HOW IS AUDINATE PARTICIPATING IN THIS YEAR’S CEDIA EXPO? Audinate will be attending CEDIA 2020 as a featured exhibitor, and we’ll be doing a presentation in the Tech Bites section. We look forward to seeing everyone there, virtually. n


CEDIA Shares 2020


Megan A. Dutta asks company representatives why you should pay them a virtual visit during CEDIA Expo 2020.



RESI: Why should attendees connect with you virtually at CEDIA Expo? JEFFREY SINGER: Crestron was excited to announce our return to CEDIA Expo this year, after participating more as a member Q&A with Jeffrey rather than on the trade show Singer, Executive floor. But 2020 has included Director, Residential many twists and turns, and we’re Marketing, Crestron. excited to participate in this year’s Virtual CEDIA Expo. Demand for home technology is on the rise, especially now, as homeowners are planning renovations, enhancements, and home improvements in the new remote and at-home lifestyle the pandemic has created. At Virtual CEDIA Expo, dealers new to Crestron can discover us and our latest advancements, and our existing dealers will also be able to see what’s new. We’re planning virtual tours and a booth experience to

showcase our newest experiences, plus some new products we’re anxious to announce. Adjusting to a virtual event has its advantages, with an opportunity to create new experiences for our dealers. Our automation technology is best experienced in a home environment. We’re also planning live and recorded experiences at CEDIA Expo that could possibly be available to dealers later in the year. And, without the constraints of the booth environment and walls, and having to account for traffic, building codes, and fire hazards, we can create different room scenes and demonstrations. Instead of navigating a crowded booth, dealers can pop in to check out Crestron any time throughout the show and get an up-close look — we’re especially excited to get to know new dealers as they discover Crestron Home and new products on the way. The virtual venue will also give dealers more time and opportunity to connect with the Crestron team, as well as to hear from them in panels and video demos. RESI: What’s the one product you’re introducing that attendees should see and why? JS: Among some new products coming from Crestron at virtual CEDIA Expo, dealers will be able to discover Crestron Home, and new enhancements to our premium smart home interface. It offers ease and speed of deployment with no programming needed, giving dealers the ability to deliver the world-class user experience their clients expect with less work. In the last few months as the pandemic changed the way we live, work, learn, and socialize, Crestron merged our enterprise expertise and with our home automation leadership to create Crestron HomeTime. It’s the premium videoconferencing, home control, and unified communications experience that we envisioned and created in collaboration with Logitech and Zoom. We’re


VANCO INTERNATIONAL RESI: Why should attendees connect with you virtually at CEDIA Expo? MARK CORBIN: Although recent times have been uncertain, they are also very Q&A with Mark exciting for our industry. Corbin, President, Residential integrators Vanco International. have many opportunities for the rest of 2020 and beyond. What we’ve learned so far this year is that creativity is key. The first half of the year was a total game changer for our industry. The speed at which we have all had to adapt to completely new ways of working, learning, and socializing from inside our homes is something we have never experienced

before — personally or professionally. The transformation really showed us how much we depend on technology to stay connected and productive in our everyday lives. The pandemic made us leverage the tools and technologies we had available to us to perform our daily tasks, but it also made us realize just how much our in-home offices were lacking. Home office technologies such as IP cameras, beamforming microphones, HD monitors, and larger collaborative displays for vide conferencing, as well as good-quality speaker solutions for an enhanced audio experience are in extremely high demand as a result of the pandemic. At Vanco, we have no doubt that the home technology market will continue to thrive as dealers get back on their feet, and as a technology manufacturer, we have been working endlessly to innovate and build new solutions to meet their evolving needs. Though we will miss the face-to-face meetings with our customers and partners at CEDIA Expo in September, we are excited to start rolling out the new innovative technologies we’ve been working on at the CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience. RESI: What’s the one product you’re introducing that attendees should see and why? MC: We are hoping to make several exciting product announcements leading up to and during the virtual show, but we’re keeping most of those details under wraps…for now! But it wouldn’t be fair to keep everything a secret. One product that we’re looking forward to introducing to the CEDIA community is the Evolution EVO-IP LITE. EVO-IP LITE is a cost-effective HDMI over IP system developed from the awardwinning EVO-IP platform. It utilizes the same control box and GUI platform as the original EVO-IP, but with one less SKU that can be used as either a transmitter or receiver. It is the ideal solution for installers looking for a matrix, switching, and splitting platform for video resolutions up to 1080p @ 60 Hz. EVO-IP LITE also includes analog and digital audio breakouts, IR and RS232 passthrough, and full cloud control through

the current EVO-IP apps and interfaces for scheduling events, remote monitoring, and iOS and Android app control. This product is extremely relevant right now, not just in commercial applications, but inside the home as well. For example, our director of new product development at Vanco was using an on-screen display and scheduling through the EVO-IP solution to help keep his kids on track while they were learning from home and he and his wife were working from home. He created a personalized message that would overlay on each screen in the home with an image of him saying, “No TV Until Your School Work Is Done.” When the work was done, he would simply disable the OSD and the kids would be free to watch their shows until their next school subject began.


going to have some partners involved with our virtual CEDIA booth experience — stay tuned — and HomeTime is a key new experience that dealers should check out. On top of the growing demand for smart home systems, HomeTime is an entirely new category for the smart home. Videoconferencing is common in Crestron systems found in offices and corporate facilities around the world, and now homeowners, families, and executives can have HD audio and video conferencing in their living room or home office. Through the Crestron system, it’s easy to join Zoom meetings with a one-touch button on the Crestron remote or in the mobile app, so anyone in the family can collaborate with colleagues, learn remotely, or socialize via video. The ability to incorporate this new need into the Crestron smart home experience is a big opportunity for dealers, and we’re excited to show them all the innovative features HomeTime has to offer.

ACCESS NETWORKS RESI: Why should attendees connect with you virtually at CEDIA Expo? HALEY PATTERSON: CEDIA brings together like-minded professionals Q&A with Haley from all over the country Patterson, Director who are eager to learn of Business the latest and Development, Access about Networks. greatest technologies; energy is high and we’re able to develop new business relationships as well as connect with clients that we’ve been working with from the beginning. As we see greater adoption of Video over IP across the residential market, we’re looking forward to seeing what new solutions are presented at CEDIA. RESI: What’s the one product you’re intro­ ducing that attendees should see and why?




HP: This is the year of transformation at Access Networks. With the addition of our own product line of access points and a wireless controller, powered by Ruckus, as well as the addition of our new Core custom systems, price points are accessible to more of our dealer base at a higher margin and with improved support terms. We’re excited that with these new solutions, more residential integrators can offer their clients enterprise-grade networks.


PLANAR Q&A with Kim Brown, Senior Director of Marketing, Planar.

RESI: Why should attendees connect with you virtually at CEDIA Expo? KIM BROWN: We’re used to attending dozens of industry events each year, and while we’re missing the in-person connection, we’ve remained focused on finding ways to stay engaged with our customers and partners as much as possible. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we hear what our industry members are going through or looking to achieve. Similarly, it’s important for them to know that Planar is here and ready to help make their visions a reality. With this year’s virtual CEDIA Expo, we want our customers and partners to have the same experience they would have had by visiting our booth in person at the show. This means that they’ll not only learn about the latest industry trends and Planar innovations for home use, but also discover how our portfolio of display solutions can help address their needs of today and tomorrow. We may not be able to walk the show floor with them to demonstrate an interactive display solution being exhibited

for a home office, but, better yet, we can virtually direct them to an entire portfolio of products and information to help them find the solution that fits their needs exactly. Today, we’re embracing the opportunity to connect with the industry in unique ways, and collaborate and innovate like never before to help ensure we all make it through to the other side. RESI: What’s the one prod­uct you’re intro­ ducing that attendees should see and why? KB: Our new Planar HB Series Huddle Board offers customers a new touch solution for next-level collaboration. As a line of LCD displays optimized for quick and efficient collaboration, Planar HB Series is the perfect solution for executive home offices. Users can connect from anywhere and add a webcam, audio system, or microphone of their choosing to sync with colleagues, customers, or shareholders across the globe as if they are meeting in the very same room. The series features a highly responsive touch performance and stylus that accurately captures even the smallest of characters. Plus, Planar HB Series’ digital whiteboard enables image import for easy annotation over maps, web page screen shots, reports, and more to help professionals get the most out of each application’s individual features with the simple touch of the screen. During these particularly trying times, we understand people are stressed and feeling isolated, but also need a way to check in with their employees and customers to maintain business as usual. We’re extremely proud to offer our industry members a onestop solution that can take collaboration to the next level from the comfort of their homes.

D-TOOLS RESI: Why should attend­ ees connect with you virtually at CEDIA Expo? RANDY STEARNS: For the thousands of loyal Q&A with Randy customers of D-Tools’ Stearns, CEO, D-Tools System Integrator (SI), our flagship end-to-end solution, we always love connecting with you to hear how SI has impacted your business, and to gather ideas for ways that D-Tools can improve the platform even further. For newer customers who have embraced D-Tools’ next generation-web-based solution — D-Tools Cloud — offering sales pipeline management, on-the-fly estimating from any mobile device, interactive system design presentations, and procurement using supplier-authorized dealer-specific pricing, we look forward to hearing about your journey so far. RESI: What’s the one product you’re introducing that attendees should see and why? RS: D-Tools Cloud revolutionizes the way system integrators estimate and present their system designs. The process starts with subscribers gaining instant access to the products they sell along with supplierauthorized, dealer-specific pricing, which enables prompt and accurate proposal turnaround, even for brand new users. The click-to-add visual quoting interface transforms the way systems are designed, whether on a mobile device or at the office. Lastly, D-Tools Cloud brings proposal presentations to life with videos, photos, testimonials, and more. So please, come visit D-Tools and meet the future! n





01 Digital Projection Launches Satellite MLS Projector Solution After an attention-grabbing debut at last year’s Expo, Digital Projection is now launching its Satellite Modular Laser System (Satellite MLS). The keystone feature of this new system is the separation of the pure laser light engine, with the associated power and thermal management, to a remote location. This enables a compact and virtually silent projection “head” that only contains the primary optics. Featuring a fully modular concept, integrators can easily design custom configurations ranging from 2500 to 40,000+ lumens, powering up to four projection heads. This results in a lumens-per-volume and lumens-per-kilogram ratio that is far superior to any other projection system currently on the market, according to the company. Additionally, this design makes RGB laser illumination technology and REC 2020 color quality accessible, more deployable and more affordable to the wider AV market. 02 AudioControl Boosts Amp Lines with New Firmware AudioControl is introducing the Director 2.0


firmware that adds new features and an easierto-navigate graphical user interface (GUI) for the company’s complete line of Director Series and RS Series DSP amplifiers. The new 2.0 firmware adds important functionality and improves efficiency for integrators. The new user experience offers a clean look, providing easy accessibility to all features from a single page. The new GUI is also a responsive web page, making it easy to view on a variety of devices and screen sizes from phones and tablets to computers. The new interface is compatible with Apple and PC computer platforms as well as both iOS and Android mobile devices. The SDS switching (Signal Detecting Switch) enables users to seamlessly interact with smart doorbell devices, command prompts from voice assistants, and other devices, pausing entertainment content until the event has passed. AudioControl has added six additional parametric EQs for enhanced system tuning capability, channel metering for visual confirmation of signal levels (at the amplifier’s output stage) and a touch-sensitive webpage, enabling full system configuration from a phone, tablet, or other touch-enabled devices.

03 Vanco EVI-IP LITE Simplifies HDMI over IP Installs Vanco is showcasing the EVO-IP LITE, a costeffective HDMI over IP system developed from the award-winning Evolution EVO-IP platform, ideal for today’s residential installations. EVO-IP LITE utilizes the same control box and GUI platform as the original EVO-IP, but with one less SKU that can be used as either a transmitter or receiver. It is the ideal solution for installers looking for a matrix, switching, and splitting platform for video resolutions up to 1080p @ 60 Hz. EVO-IP LITE also includes analog and digital audio breakouts, IR and RS232 passthrough, and full cloud control through the current EVOIP apps and interfaces for scheduling events, remote monitoring, and iOS and Android app control. Amidst the recent movement towards working and learning from home, conferencing and video distribution products are in higher demand than ever before for residential AV installations, and EVO-IP LITE provides an ideal cost-effective solution.


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05 DISH Hopper 3 DISH will be showcasing the Hopper 3 wholehome DVR at CEDIA Expo, which lets clients watch and record up to 16 shows at once and store 2TB of programming. Integrators will be glad to find that the Hopper 3 supports autodiscovery for fast control system integration

with platforms such as Control4, Crestron, ELAN, URC, Josh.ai, Savant, and RTI. Plus, it also provides 2-way feedback for a better customer experience. The Hopper 3’s MultiView mode divides a display or video projection system into four quadrants, each displaying a different program to give the same experience of a sports bar at home. This feature works with live TV, as well as On Demand content and recorded TV shows and movies. Hopper 3 also allows for bingeing with apps integrated apps for Netflix and YouTube. The Hopper 3 supports HDR10 and gives clients access to an extensive selection of 4K content, including On Demand content, hundreds of movies and shows via built-in Netflix and Amazon Prime Video apps, football, basketball, and racing content with FOX Sports. 06 Samsung Expands Lifestyle TV Portfolio Samsung Electronics is launching The Terrace Smart TV, its first outdoor 4K QLED TV and accompanying soundbar. Available in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch models, The Terrace’s IP55 rating makes it weatherproof and durable against water and dust, as 2000 nits brightness and anti-reflective coating provide a clear, vibrant picture in any lighting. All features of Samsung’s QLED 4K experience are supported. The integrated Samsung

Smart TV platform Tizen delivers a seamless content experience and features like Samsung Health. Mobile viewing capabilities like Multi View and Tap View are supported, as are multiple voice services such as Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and the soon-to-launch Google Assistant. With its built-in HDBaseT receiver, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, The Terrace requires only an AC outlet and a minimal amount of technician labor in mounting. The optional Terrace Soundbar features audio tuned for outdoor environments, along with smart connectivity and the same weatherproofing features. For commercial applications, The Pro TV Terrace Edition is available in the same sizes and with similar specs. 07 Modus VR Debuts Modus Photo Modus VR is showing Modus Photo, a companion application to Modus VR that helps dealers instantly create project images; updated tools for editing floor plans and rapidly generating line drawings; and new design assistants for projector placement, reverberation, and Dolby Atmos speaker placement. Modus VR has gained huge momentum in both the residential and commercial custom installation market since making its debut at CEDIA 2018, where it was named a CEDIA Best of Show Award winner by Residential Systems and TWICE magazines. Over the last year alone, the company has added a host of new


04 Crestron Launches Cameo Universal Wireless Dimmers Crestron’s new Crestron Cameo Universal Wireless Dimmers are a smart, attractive, and cost-effective lighting control option that offers residential systems integrators the flexibility to design lighting projects before the load types have been defined. Cameo dimmers auto-select the ideal dimming voltage for LED, incandescent and magnetic, or electronic low voltage connections, so integrators no longer need to stress over what lighting fixtures will be in a home. Working natively with the Crestron Home app, Cameo Universal Wireless Dimmers are feature-rich with advanced flicker reduction for LED loads, customizable dim curves, reliable inifiNET EX wireless mesh communication, and include robust protection against miswiring, short circuits, and MLV saturation. Available in 12 Cameo designer styles and colors, the dimmers also offer customizable button layouts and engraving at a competitive price.









manufacturers to its database, including Acoustic Innovations, Artnovion, Barco, Bowers & Wilkins, Chief, Control4, Crestron, Episode by SnapAV, GoldenEar, JVC, HP Enterprise, iPort by Sonance, Origin Acoustics, Poly, Starke Sound, and Uber Displays. 08 Access Networks Expands Certified Access Points Line Building off a successful launch of the A750 enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6 certified access point, Access Networks rounds out its offerings with two additional Wi-Fi 6 certified access points. Joining the family are the A550 and the A650, designed for entry-level and mid-range residential projects, respectively. Combined with the higher-end A750, the two new additions create a complete family of Wi-Fi 6 certified access points, providing integrators with options to suit any size or scope of residential project. The new family bridges the performance gap from "gigabit" Wi-Fi to "multi-gigabit" Wi-Fi, supporting the insatiable demand for better and faster Wi-Fi as families strive to maintain their work and school obligations online. The Access Networks A550, A650, and A750 provide residential integrators with a way to begin upgrading customers’ homes to the latest Wi-Fi standard, alleviating bandwidth bottlenecks and vastly improving the user experience. 09 Legrand | AV Unveils Enhance On-Q Plastic Enclosures

Legrand | AV is introducing new On-Q enhanced plastic structured wiring media enclosures for wired and wireless low-voltage systems. Now made in the U.S., the plastic enclosures feature a new reversible hinged door with toolless installation, a free integrated trim ring, added structural rigidity, and other design enhancements that help residential installers save valuable time and money while providing a clean, centralized location for a home’s wired and wireless services. Besides an included trim ring for concealing imperfections in drywall, the new On-Q enclosures have a new hinge design that allows the door to snap easily and quickly into and out of the trim ring for faster installation without tools. Moreover, the hinge is reversible, so the door can swing left or right within a 180-degree range to maximize installation space. The door also includes new locking capabilities, with the option to install a lock and key to keep components safe before and after commissioning. The On-Q enclosures come in three sizes — 20-inch, 30-inch, and 42-inch — and can be purchased as a kit, separately, or in convenient five-packs. 10 Savant Offers Pro Remote X2 in Premium Finishes Savant is now shipping the Rose Gold and Jet Black premium finishes for the new Pro Remote X2. Pro Remote X2 features an all-aluminum

chassis, sleek, easy-to-press backlit buttons, and a 3.1-inch high-resolution glass touch screen. The remote delivers a full range of control for Services and Scenes, including Entertainment, Lighting, Climate, Shades, and more. And with Siri voice control, color control, Savant TrueImage lighting, plus the ability to select different video tiling layouts right from the screen, the remote experience blends power with simplicity. The X2 remote can be tailored for the functionality of the room or to the individual user, making interaction with smart home features a breeze for every member of the family. The Savant Pro Remote X2 is also designed to provide users with quick access to the all-new Savant Home App for Apple TV. For every X2 Premium purchased, Savant will donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, led by the World Health Organization (WHO). 11 Z-Wave Alliance Issues Ecosystem Report The Z-Wave Alliance is sharing organizational and technical updates, as well as findings from its recently released Z-Wave State of the Ecosystem Report 2020 at Virtual CEDIA Expo 2020. The report focuses on smart home and connected technology inside and outside of the home and how Z-Wave plays a role, with insight from industry experts and predictions for how technology will evolve, including for



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12 K1D Desk Clamp Mounts at Chief Chief says its enhanced K1D Dynamic HeightAdjustable Desk Clamp Mounts are the ideal monitor mount solutions for the home. Key enhancements have been made to Chief’s patented Centris Extreme Tilt technology for effortless fingertip monitor positioning. Their enhanced, three-step installation and quick-release monitor interface allows for easy mounting and maintenance, with included tool storage in the updated base. The monitor mounts float displays in the optimal ergonomic position above your work surface to create a more productive and comfortable workspace. 13 DISH Fiber Referral Program DISH Fiber is a managed Wi-Fi solution for

multifamily communities that gives residents immediate, property-wide access to premium gig-enabled Wi-Fi and live streaming TV upon move-in. Residents benefit from their own personal and secure Wi-Fi network with 24 channels of live streaming TV, and can easily upgrade their programming and entertainment equipment at reduced prices. For owners, DISH Fiber provides the opportunity to increase net operating income by offering internet and TV through a fee revenue model that beats traditional revenue-sharing every time. DISH Fiber also provides a common network for connecting property-managed smart devices that increase operational efficiency and make units more attractive to potential renters. The DISH Fiber Referral Program offers lucrative cash incentives to partners that refer MDU property leads which result in an executed DISH Fiber agreement. For example, based on the current referral program an integrator can earn $20k if they refer a qualifying 400room MDU and the deal closes. To learn more, integrators should make plans with their DISH Strategic Account Manager or the DISH VIP Concierge Team at CEDIA Expo. 14 New Huddle Board Ready at Planar Available in 75-inch and 86-inch sizes with Ultra HD resolution and 350-nit brightness, Planar’s HB Series Huddle Board allows users to see even the most detailed on-screen content. The series features a highly responsive

touch performance to recognize up to 20 simultaneous touch points from multiple users and an included stylus that accurately captures even the smallest of characters. Enabling image import for easy annotation over maps, web page screen shots, reports, and more, Planar HB Series allows users to maximize each application’s individual features directly from the touch screen. The series is also compatible with industry-leading collaboration solutions and includes an integrated Android operating system complete with whiteboard software to create a one-stop collaboration solution for users. For added flexibility, all Planar HB Series displays come standard with expansion slots that support Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), making them compatible with a variety of OPS devices. With embedded tools tailored to in-room and remote unified communication, Planar HB Series is the ideal option for conference rooms, study group spaces, design centers, or the executive home office. 15 Torus Power Intros AVR Elite Power Control Torus Power’s new AVR Elite is the ultimate power control system for high-performance audio-video systems. The AVR Elite isolates connected equipment from the electrical grid, ensuring clean power delivery to sensitive electronic components. High Current capability provides performance improvements that can be seen and heard in all AV systems. Advanced


the professional install industry. While conducting research for the report, the Alliance surveyed a wide range of industry experts and media to get their take on smart home trends, opportunities, and challenges. The report includes data around the top 10 Z-Wave categories primed for growth, including data from ABI Research that found that Z-Wave all-in-one devices, smart doorbells, and water sensors are the top three categories predicted to grow the most through 2025. The full Ecosystem Report is available for download at https://z-wavealliance.org/z-wave-state-of-theecosystem-report/ and will also be available in the Alliance’s online CEDIA booth.







Automatic Voltage Regulation protects against voltage fluctuations, and Series Mode Surge Suppression protects expensive equipment from power line damage. The AVR Elite features a powerful 32-bit processor and the all-new TorusConnect power control system. TorusConnect is a cloud-based system for control, programming, data logging and reporting that allows installers to remotely monitor and respond to user issues, and to control and reboot power zones. The TorusConnect WebApp works with all mobile devices and tablets and features an Installer Dashboard for power control of single or multiple installations. Wi-Fi connectivity makes firmware updates and feature enhancements easy to install. 16 Luxul Launches Epic Mesh Solution Luxul is showcasing its Epic Mesh wireless mesh solution to integrators. According to the company, Epic Mesh is the first wireless mesh solution designed for the integration channel. Providing a solid foundation for today’s connected home and easy and fast installation for integrators, Epic Mesh combines a mesh node acting as a router and additional satellite nodes that require no wired link between them. Each node in the network can talk to all the others, forming a point-to-point mesh for fast, reliable, truly wireless internet.

Highlights include: dual-purpose mesh nodes can serve as either a router or a satellite node; simple to install using the Luxul Easy Setup App; a tri-band (2 x 2, 2 x 2, 4 x 4) antenna array enables two 2 x 2 bands for client connectivity and a third powerful 4 x 4 5 GHz dedicated backhaul channel; provides eight SSIDs for networking flexibility; and utilizes MU-MIMO technology for high performance. 17 Satin White Phase Tech Model Joins MSE PC Line MSE Audio is showcasing the PhaseTech Premier Collection (PC) subwoofers, bookshelf, and tower speakers in a smooth white matte finish. The PC9.5 Tower Speaker is the jewel of the premier collection with PhaseTech’s most advanced technology and design profile. It sports three patented 6.5-inch tri-laminate Kevlar/RPF/Glass Fiber flat-piston woofers, a 1.5inch soft dome midrange, a one-inch soft dome tweeter, and Absolute Phase Crossovers. Two center channel options, the PC3.5 and the PC33.5, produce the bulk of movie dialog and helps audio effects transition from left to right and vice versa with the help of PhaseTech’s Absolute Phase Crossovers. Theaters are completed with in-wall, in-ceiling or on-wall surround speakers. The PC loudspeakers also include 10- and 12-inch wireless subwoofers.

The modern white Premier Collection products are available with a choice of white or black speaker grilles. 18 Middle Atlantic Ships Forward Install Solutions Middle Atlantic Products is now shipping its Forward installation solutions. Forward is designed around a new rackrail and Middle Atlantic’s patented universal hole pattern that allow the family’s blank and vent panels, cable management, lighting, and other rack solutions to be quickly installed without tools. The Forward family includes: • Forward Lighting toollessly mounts in the rack to illuminate the entire workspace. • Forward Cable Management and Power Bracket Solutions keep cable runs tidy with horizontal and vertical options, while the power bracket simplifies any button power strip installation, thereby eliminating the need for tools. • Forward Blank and Vent Panels achieve optimal rack design in minutes and without needing hardware. • Forward Small Device Mounting Clamps quickly mount and secure small non-rack mount devices vertically or horizontally using absolutely no hardware. • Forward UPS base comes preinstalled. Further simplifying the design process,

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BassDirector interface, channel input and output naming, and bass and treble and master volume control, as well as a configurable signal generator for system setup, diagnosis, and testing.

19 PRO Ships New Amplified Loudspeaker Controller Pro Audio Technology (PRO) is now shipping the ALC-3316 Amplified Loudspeaker Controller worldwide. The ALC-3316 includes a 96 kHz/32-bit DSP processing engine that uniquely combines the functionality of a multichannel DSP processor, high-power multichannel home theater or distributed audio amplifier, multichannel mixing amplifier, and high-resolution loudspeaker processor, with built-in matrix bass management, all packed into a stylish 1U chassis. Simultaneously, PRO is introducing its new companion Configurator Amplified Loudspeaker Controller software. Configurator makes the deployment of surround sound or distributed audio systems easy by integrating intelligent predefined DSP filters to address the acoustic challenges commonly encountered in such systems. The filters are identified in plain, easy-to-decipher English — no audio engineering degree is required. For advanced users, Configurator grants access to 160 parametric EQ filters (20 input, 20 output, per channel), input trim, output gain, delay, source routing, bass management via PRO

20 SurgeX Unveils UPS + Isolation Transformer Line Built with line interactive technology, SurgeX is introducing its family of UPS + Isolation Transformers, which are continuous power supply solutions with power conditioning to create a complete power management system. Available in three models (UPS-1440-Li-ISO, UPS-2200Li-ISO, and UPS-3000-Li-ISO), the compact solutions bring all the benefits of a large format UPS to the rack-level, containing low-impedance isolation transformers that constantly filter and condition power at the rack to create a stable power environment. The isolation transformer separates ground and neutral voltage, eliminating anomalies that cause lockups and downtime. The devices prevent high-frequency electrical noise from affecting performance, delivering clean, fully conditioned power to the source, and stopping harmful harmonics from reaching sensitive loads to ensure a safely managed interface between equipment and electrical supplies. Suitable for both commercial and residential applications with the power to manage environments from 15 amps to 300 volts, the UPS +

Isolation Transformer is so compact it can be rack mounted. It is also silent while providing a fast outage response time, 0.9 output power factor, true sine-wave output, and a hot-swappable battery. 21 Legrand Ships Nuvo P600 DIN Rail Player Legrand | AV’s Nuvo P600 DIN Rail Player is now available in kits for complete two- (NVP6002Z-NA), three- (NV-P6003Z-NA), or four-zone (NV-P6004Z-NA) systems. The kits include everything needed to provide customers with complete systems. Designed for simple installation in projects incorporating the international DIN rail mounting standard, the P600 provides any room with instant access to endless music options from networked collections or a variety of internet radio and streaming services and can be easily expanded throughout the home. The P600 supplies 2 x 20 watts of efficient, Class D digital amplification for a single zone of powerful audio. The streaming audio player is powered by the PW1060 24VDC power supply, which drives up to three P600s for a scalable system that can easily be expanded up to 16 zones. For users, convenient control is always at hand with the Nuvo Player Portfolio app, in addition to optional in-wall keypads and onwall touchscreens.


Middle Atlantic is also offering a BGR enclosure that comes preconfigured with Forward installation solutions and can be ordered using one simple part number.


Photo by John Staley


R E S I D E N T I A L S YS T E M S C E D I A E X P O CO M PA N I O N 2 0 2 0 | E D U C AT I O N

CEDIA Expo 2020 Education Highlights A look at some of the courses you can take during the event and ondemand after.


EDIA Expo has always been a great educational opportunity, and this year is no different. The only difference is that all the classes are online and a 20 of them will be available on demand starting September and staying up through the end of the year. For the full lineup of live classes, visit https://cediaexpovirtual.com/page/73814/ cedia-education. To see what is available on demand, visit https://cediaexpovirtual.com/ page/62369/cedia-on-demand-sessions.


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 NEED TO BUILD YOUR CLIENT A HOME RECORDING STUDIO? HERE'S HOW TO START LIKE A PRO… 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM EDT Track: System Designer Ability Level: Beginner Topic Category: Systems Engineering Instructor: Geoff Meads, Presto Audio Visual Ltd. So, your client wants to be the next Steven Tyler, Kayne West, or Tim McGraw? Wouldn't we all?! Recording a multi-Grammy award winning album at home is now a reality (just ask five-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish). What does it take to construct, wire, and

commission a recording studio in a client’s home that will ensure maximum creativity and deliver a release-ready recording? This deep-dive course is written and presented by a life-long recording artist who wrote, performed, and produced a No.1 selling album on the U.K. Country Chart from home. Explore everything from acoustic environment, technical requirements, and naming conventions to room types, signal flows, and processes that power a great modern recording space. HOW TO DEVELOP BUSINESS PROCESSES THAT WORK 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM EDT Track: Business Owner

E D U C AT I O N | R E S I D E N T I A L S YS T E M S C E D I A E X P O CO M PA N I O N 2 0 2 0

Ability Level: Beginner Topic Category: Strategic Planning Instructor: Jason Sayen, LK & Associates This class will show attendees how to develop a business process from the initial design stages and explore how to list the steps to documentation and implementation. There will also be a workshop session that allows attendees to participate and create their own business processes through group discussion. We will show participants how to document the processes, analyze for efficiency and improvement, and examine how to implement the processes into their business.

FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES: THE INSIDE SCOOP FROM SILICON VALLEY 1:30 PM - 2:20 PM EDT Track: System Designer Ability Level: Intermediate Topic Category: Research & Development Instructor: Rich Green, Rich Green Design This always-popular class will provide a completely new perspective on stampeding technologies, their importance, and how they can make you more profitable. With a focus on what is coming a few years down the road (and beyond), Rich Green will explore new technologies that will be emerging from the secret labs of Silicon Valley. REFERENCE LEVEL CINEMA AUDIO DEFINING THE PARADIGM 2:30 PM - 3:20 PM EDT Track: System Designer

and specifiers. Topics include: eARC; Fixed Rate Link; 8K and HDR video; Quick Frame Transport and gaming modes; compression; new cables; and some insight to the new CEB28 recommended practice. AV-OVER-IP: WHAT, WHY & HOW 7:30 PM - 8:20 PM EDT Track: System Designer Ability Level: Intermediate Topic Category: Video Instructor: David Meyer, CEDIA Distributing video over an IP network is quickly gaining preference over matrix or splitter-based distribution systems. This course delves into some of the most important aspects of AV-over-IP: What distinguishes it from other technologies, when you might need it, requirements for the Ethernet network and speed, and developments in compression codecs and standards to deal with advancements in UHD and HDR video and immersive audio. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

THE SECRET TO WINNING WITH ARCHITECTS 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM EDT Track: Sales/Customer Relations Ability Level: Intermediate Topic Category: Sales & Marketing Instructor: Randy Stearns, D-Tools, Inc. Many system integrators struggle to gain the attention of architects, and even fewer win their hearts. Like with most things in business and life, the secret is knowing and playing to your audience. This course dissects the psychographic makeup of architects and explores their business processes and priorities. The goal is to ultimately provide attendees with the key to unlocking a steady stream of new business. HDMI 2.1 UPDATE 2020 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM EDT Track: System Designer Ability Level: Intermediate Topic Category: Video Instructor: David Meyer, CEDIA This course takes a distilled look into the key technologies and applications that are starting to emerge from HDMI 2.1 in 2020, and what they mean to AV system designers

HDBASET: NEW SOLUTIONS & RECOMMENDED PRACTICES 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM EDT Track: System Designer Ability Level: Intermediate Topic Category: Video Instructor: David Meyer, CEDIA HDBaseT has for years been the go-to technology for the long-length extension and distribution of HDMI. But with ever-growing demands on bandwidth for UHD and HDR video, and the alternative of AV-over-IP for distribution, where does this leave HDBaseT? This session will take a look into the new HDBaseT 3.0 specification, a comparison of official vs proprietary interim compression solutions, HDR compatibility, and emerging video distribution trends. INTRODUCTION TO CONFERENCE ROOM AND PRESENTATION TECHNOLOGIES 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM EDT Track: System Designer Ability Level: Beginner Topic Category: Systems Engineering Instructor: Steven Rissi, CEDIA The CEDIA 2019 Size and Scope Survey shows


ENERGY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS HAVE INVADED THE HOME 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM EDT Track: Sales/Customer Relations Ability Level: Beginner Topic Category: Client Experience Moderator: Patrice Samuels, Parks Associates Panelists: Varun Nagaraj, Bidgely; Michael Wajsgras, Constellation Energy Energy management technology has worked its way deeper into homes, creating opportunities for savvy integrators. More than just smart thermostats, energy management solutions are entering a new phase in the home and this session will introduce you to crossover uses to help you attract new consumers.

Ability Level: Advanced Topic Category: Audio Instructor: Peter Aylett, HTE For years, as long as screen channel speakers were able to reproduce 105 dB at the reference listening position, many have given these systems a "Reference Level" badge. As part of its standards efforts, CEDIA is currently working with the CTA to update the current Home Theater Audio Recommended Practice and as part of the update, will be introducing objectively measurable levels of system performance. This course will outline these new "Performance Levels" and focus on some of the performance criteria and metrics that make up Reference Level performance beyond simply sound pressure level. Suitable for anyone involved in the engineering and sales of high-performance entertainment spaces (including manufacturers, integrators and calibrators), this course will introduce the most disruptive new element of the CEDIA/ CTA CEB22 Multi Channel Audio Room Design Recommended Practices.


  R E S I D E N T I A L S YS T E M S C E D I A E X P O CO M PA N I O N 2 0 2 0 | E D U C AT I O N


95 percent of integrators have performed work in commercial buildings, with the largest sector of opportunity reported as conference rooms. While this space offers significant potential for business growth and development, it also includes challenges that are different from those of the traditional residential market. During this session, participants will explore the use of technology in modern conference spaces and review the most common applications of technology for different room types. The course will cover key equipment and components used in various applications, as well as recommendations for successful user experiences when working with corporate clients.


REMOTE SYSTEM ACCESS METHODS, SECURITY AND BEST PRACTICES 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM EDT Track: Technician Ability Level: Intermediate Topic Category: IT Networking Instructor: Nathan Holmes, Access Networks Remote access capability and remote programming of control systems can greatly reduce resource-draining repeat service calls. This class offers a hands-on approach to learning about different methods of remote access, as well as proper implementation techniques. Learn about configuration, troubleshooting, and port forwarding and translation. This course is part of the CEDIA pathway to mastering the network and earning the CEDIA Electronic Systems Certified Networking Specialist (ESC-N) Certification. Before attending this class, students should have a working knowledge of IP addressing and subnetting, basic router configuration and port forwarding, basic CLI commands troubleshooting, IP device configuration (changing addresses, gateways, subnets, and ports), and WAN/LAN basic routing principles. INDEPENDENT LIVING AND WELLNESS INNOVATIONS 11:00 AM - 11:50 PM EDT Track: Business Owner Ability Level: Beginner Topic Category: Client Experience Moderator: Elizabeth Parks, Parks Associates Panelist: Lainie Muller, Alarm.com Customers are increasingly seeking answers on how adaptive technology can make aging in place

a more appealing solution for customers and caregivers. This class will help you understand advances in independent living, detailing Internet of Things and smart home solutions that can deliver cost savings and personalized care, while ensuring a safe environment. DEALING WITH DIRECT LED DISPLAYS AND THE DISPLAY WORLD OF THE FUTURE 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM EDT Track: System Designer Ability Level: Intermediate Topic Category: Research & Development Instructor: Michael Heiss, M. Heiss Consulting After years of being dominated by projection and video walls, the display world is about to make its first major shift in large screen presentation technologies in many years. DirectLED and microLED display systems are now within our reach. Will they replace projection? How flexible are they? What are the important things to know about specifying, installing, and maintaining them? This presentation by CEDIA Fellow and longtime CEDIA presenter Michael Heiss will help you answer those questions and more so that you may assess where this new form of display screen fits into your business. ASK THE EXPERT: NETWORK PERFORMANCE AND CONFIGURATION 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM EDT Track: Business Owner, Project Manager, Sales/Customer Relations, System Designer, Technician Moderator: Nathan Holmes, Access Networks Panelist: Shawn Lemay, Sound & Theater As part of the CEDIA Ask the Experts Series, this session will allow you to connect with and submit questions to industry veterans that can help you learn and solve problems related to real-world applications of wired and wireless local area networks. ON DEMAND SESSIONS BECOMING CINEMA SOMMELIER Track: Sales/Customer Relations Ability Level: Advanced Topic Category: Sales & Marketing Instructor: Sam Cavitt, Paradise Theater

Want to learn more about opportunities available in the world of high-end private cinema? This class will focus on progress in performance, design, engineering, and content options in the highest echelon of home cinema. It will also examine challenges such as raising awareness of what the luxury amenity can deliver for those who can afford it. Capitalize on your expertise in a uniquelypositioned corner of the industry. WHAT BUILDERS WANT! Track: Sales/Customer Relations Ability Level: Intermediate Topic Category: Client Experience Co-Instructors: John Galante, AE Ventures; Joe Lautner, JWL Associates; Earnest Morgan, AE Ventures Where are builders on tech? What kind of product assortments and applications are they looking to offer today and in the future? Which upgrade and option paths do they see as viable? Receive answers to these and many other questions on topics such as sales and marketing support from suppliers and integrators to facilitate options sell-through; what homebuyer training, retraining, and support builders want from integrators; and how fast and how far they want to go with tech. Highvolume and luxury builder subject-matter will be covered through research, anecdotes and expert advice. 2020 VISION: THE CASE FOR BUILDING A CUSTOM ELECTRONICS SHOWROOM HOME Track: Business Owner Ability Level: Beginner Topic Category: Client Experience Instructor: Gordon van Zuiden, cyberManor, Inc. Walking into a showroom experience center that automatically turns on lights, raises drapes, opens skylights, disarms security, and plays the client's favorite music simply by saying, "I'm home," dramatically displays the full power and breadth of our custom home technology services. This class will walk you through the key elements and how you can leverage a well-designed experience center for new and existing clients, vendors, and as a corporate research and development center. n



So Your In-Person Tradeshow Has Been Cancelled…

10 TIPS on making the most of your virtual tradeshow experience. By Anthony Savona


Treat it like real tradeshow. You may only be traveling to your home office or kitchen table, but to get the most out of the virtual event, treat it as though you just got off the red-eye and are rushing toward the convention center to make it to the keynote on time. Well, maybe not that real, but, at the very least, make sure you’ve turned on your out-ofoffice email reply so people know your attention will be focused elsewhere. Don’t forget to plan out your day.


Plan your day(s) in advance. Yes, planning was mentioned in #1, but it is vital enough to get its own entry. Prior to showtime, choose the sessions you want to attend and virtual booths you’d like to visit, make (and keep!) appointments with key contacts, and manage your time properly.



Familiarize yourself with the virtual event platform. Each event has its own platform, and most shows will offer a tutorial


video or a show preview to help you get acclimated before the event begins. This will save some time and confusion on the day of the event.


Keep a pen and paper nearby. Yes, the Notes option on your phone works, too, but the takeaway here is that you will be having a lot of information thrown at you throughout the event, and you will want to take notes on the important points and the things you want to follow up on.


Participate in chats. Ask a question, greet a colleague — just as in the real world, interaction with peers is how you learn, get ahead, and make new connections.


Educate yourself. If your kids can use the home as a classroom, you can, too. Take advantage of the show’s educational opportunities to learn a new skill, get certified, or grab some business advice.


Have fun. Sure, virtual happy hours are really just more time in front of your computer, but the casual setting makes for a different feel compared to the formal industry programming. Tune in and let your hair down with your peers if the opportunity should arise.


Continue the conversation on social media. Use the official show hashtag to post your comments, experiences, and questions, and also use it to see if you’ve missed out on anything you should check out.

9 10

Follow up. Act on those notes you’ve taken to make sure you’ve got the data you need to make informed decisions. Check back in. A huge benefit to virtual tradeshows is that they remain online and open for weeks after the event. If there was too much to see when it was live, log back in and check out what is available on demand.

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