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Issue 159


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This issue, we’re very excited to bring you an in-depth feature on blend modes and the many ways we can use them to make our art look the best it can. You’ll notice some new touches, that may look like small additions, but hopefully give you a richer insight into how you can make Photoshop work to your advantage. This includes even more direct insight from our great range of experts, and a layer stack on selected artworks to show you exactly how some of the artworks in our feature are composed. This issue also comes with its usual variety of tutorials, such as how to create a fully fleshed out comic character (p28), how to turn a sardine can into a fully fitted – if a little snug – apartment (p68), and how to employ the brushes added to the latest version of Photoshop CC (p46), which has just come out. We hope you enjoy the issue!

Erlingur Einarsson Editor


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Essentials 06 FileSilo This issue there are over 290 free resources for you to use

gallery 08 Trending Check out some of the most stunning artworks trending this month

gallery 10 Readers’ Take a look at what your fellow

readers have been making this issue

12 Win the amazing new CrazyTalk Readers’ challenge

Rider fan art with Photoshop brushes

I Made 50 How Tavo Montañez on how masking fill

layers created a beautiful final effect in his image

56 Win amazing prizes by creating

Transformers competition awesome Transformers art

74 José Bernabé talks us through Project focus

incredible type tributes to his favourite musicians

Turn to page 34 to get this amazing deal. US page 76

a film noir poster 22 Design Use gradient maps, adjustments

and layers to create an awesome poster effect

a comic character 28 Craft Create your own character in

Photoshop using brushes and a little perspective

a vintage photo 38 Create Go retro with layers, masks and classic effects with this tutorial

effects with depth Build better projects 42 Text 14 Feature: perception with blend modes I Made 36 How How Tomás Oleksák created Ghost

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art with the new 46 Create Brush and Pen tools

Discover the CC 2018 updates to digital art tools with this tutorial

moonfalls 52 Magical Blend surreal elements into a

composition for a dreamlike scene

a halftone portrait 58 Make Unleash your creativity and build a comic-esque halftone image


90 Reviews Check out our latest hardware,


software and book reviews

96 Learn how Dexter Maurer creates Portfolio interview

artwork with this in-depth interview

interview 98 Reader Surreal photo-based tips and tricks

Advanced Photoshop

from Tom Cornish

a genius 62 Create caricature

Paint an amazing, exaggerated portrait of Albert Einstein from scratch to final render

room sardine can 68 Living Create an incredible miniature

scene within a can using layers and masks






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blend modes 68




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Elements creative closer look at 78 AElements 2018

This issue, our Tool Focus takes a peek at the brandnew version of Elements

80 Give your work the stamp of

Design your own stamp approval in this tutorial

the seasons 84 Change Throw the tone of your photos with autumnal colours and some slick adjustments

a Catzilla 86 Create composition

Bring about the destruction of a city, with layers, masks and a fearsome furry feline



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trending images

Check out some of the most popular artwork that’s been rocking the internet over the last few weeks, and take inspiration from what’s currently trending There’s nothing more inspiring than surfing the internet and seeing what other artists are creating, and we encourage you to do so. Here are some of our favourite pictures that caught our attention recently, created by some of the world’s most exciting artists and designers.

Johnny Cardoso

This is a piece Johnny originally uploaded to Tumblr, and we love how he’s used 3D tools in Photoshop as a reference for something flat. It goes to show that there are multiple ways to use every tool in Photoshop.

I made this illustration for an indie rock/electro party in my city, and the idea was to create a cosmonaut rider in space. I used the Photoshop 3D tool to make the motorcycle; I downloaded a sample bike, and set the position before sketching above it.


This work is made from a photograph. We cut the roads out to leave a smooth background, and then we played with multiple colour adjustments, curves and selective correction.

Retoka’s art is big, bright and often neon-coloured: something that’s really in right now. Among others, the duo have created work for Adobe MAX – returning this autumn – and this is one of our favourite pieces from them in a while.

Sometimes simple is best and this is a minimal yet beautiful illustration that’s captured attention online; 13,000 people have viewed this project, and Loris has been featured by Wacom, among others.

Loris Alessandria

I was lucky to work on this children’s interactive book with Wonderlust and also to understand how much beauty there is in the ocean. This was completely painted in Photoshop and is part of a much bigger project.


Neil Stevens

http://www. crayonfire.

Hue/Saturation within Photoshop helped me brighten the colours of this illustration and work out the best palette to make it pop. I added a 4% noise grain too, to give it that little bit extra.

Neil’s work has been seen over 700,000 times online and it’s no surprise; geometric art is hugely popular, and the way that Neil organises the elements within his images is flawless.

Anxo Vizcaíno

Kerem has over 200,000 online views, and this is a classic fantasy piece that caught our attention. The detail on both the subject and the creature is excellent, and the colour tone really completes the image.

I created this piece in Photoshop CC, using photos, vector Smart Objects and some 3D tools. The key was to apply the same finish to all the elements to get them integrated into a homogeneous artwork.

Kerem Beyit

I made this character design as a slot game illustration. My task was to design four characters, and this one is for the spring. I used Photoshop CS4 with my graphics tablet and I used photo references. Colour is striking in artwork, but the lack of it in this piece is equally as arresting. This is one of a series that Anxo created that received a badge from Adobe Illustrator’s Behance gallery.


Readers’ Images Welcome to an inspirational round-up of great Photoshop artwork created by none other than your fellow readers

get in touch

Send us your images now for the chance to appear in future galleries Create your own gallery online Upload your images to Facebook Search PhotoshopCreative Tweet us your creative artwork @PshopCreative

Alternatively, you can email:

Nova Villanueva

https://www. user/s899

Image of the issue The artwork was inspired by Argentina’s boating ports. I started on one layer drawing the boats, then added highlights and shadows on a Soft Light layer. An Overlay layer was created at the end to unify the image with fog.

Ann Wehner

This image was created with a start image of a subject and a nebula. Blend modes were important in bringing this image together, and the finishing touches consisted of adding Curves, Vibrance and Color Lookup.

Leonardo Lima

I made this with the idea that many people are unaware of the true brightness of the moon. On the moon I put internal and external brightness and used the Pen Tool to create cables. I added several scratches on the floor of the scene, too.


Robert Schlenker

https://www. photoshopcreative.

This image was set up in VUE Infinite 3D software. The motorcycle was added in Photoshop and brushes were added to create the tyre splash. The Motion Blur filter was used to give the composition a little movement.

Lucy Liew

https://www. user/lucyliew

This surreal image was done using masks and layers to create the perspective of a road shifting 90 degrees. I used a few adjustment layers to change the tones across the image.

Piotr Pozarlik

https://www. photoshop creative.

I take inspiration from the world around me. I merged a few of my photos in Photoshop using masking tricks, filters and gradients. I used High Pass to sharpen at the end.


Readers’ Challenge

Upload your images to

We challenged you In Issue 157, we challenged you to get creative with these four images. You were allowed to use any or all of the pictures, and whatever other resources you chose. Here’s what you created.

Challenge entries

The best entries and overall challenge winner


Readers’ Challeng winnere

1 Pamela Woerst

Earth - And Everything In It Images were taken from Pixabay and Unsplash, such as the tree and mountains, and were used in addition to the four start images in order to create a panoramic planetstyle composition.

2 Jim Ferran

The Encounter The landscape and dinosaur that were provided were used in the final image. The witch was my own picture taken in France in July 2017 at a medieval fair.

3 Jonathan Schieffer Corrupted By The Mountain All images were used plus a few more, and this was put together using masks and some filters.

4 Trevor Budd

A Dangerous Alien Selfie This image is made from just the four pictures supplied. As the man looked like he was taking a selfie, I decided to create an alien landscape feel by turning the ball into a planet. I also used the dinosaur as an alien creature and colourised the image.




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