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AVIXA Women’s Breakfast Creates a World Like No One Has Seen Before

On Thursday morning, before the show floor opened, the AVIXA Women’s Council held its 10th annual AVIXA Women’s Breakfast. Sponsored by AVI-SPL and Q-SYS, a sell-out audience was on hand to connect and celebrate collected achievements, while welcoming keynote speaker Danielle Feinberg, visual effects supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios and “geek of many things.”

Before Feinberg took the stage, AVIXA Women’s Council co-chairs Christina Cruzeiro and Tammy Fuqua—Fuqua via a short video as she was unable to attend the breakfast—welcomed everyone to the packed North Hall conference room and reminded everyone of the reason they were there: To empower, support, and elevate women in Pro AV to create a more inclusive and dynamic industry. Cruzeiro proposed some ways to do just that, including to build your brand, build your network, teach people how to treat you, and constantly challenge yourself.

An advocate for diversity, Feinberg’s accomplishments at Pixar tell only half her story, a story she would tell in great detail over the next hour. Outside of the work she does for some of Pixar’s biggest hits—starting with her first role on Bug’s Life—Feinberg is a mentor to teenage girls, where she hopes to further engage future Pro AV-ers in coding, science, and math. She is also known for her 2016 TED Talk, The Magic Ingredient that Brings Pixar Movies to Life, which was one of the most viewed talks of that year.

While Feinberg talked a little bit about challenges, being underestimated, the “imposter effect,” and AI (“humans need art made by humans,” she


C8727 The Aurora RXT-4DV 4-inch desktop touch/ control panel with beamforming Dante microphone and an integrated speaker is part of the company’s ReAX Room. When each seat has an RXT-4DV, it creates a speaker array at the table and full microphone coverage for everyone, creating a well-balanced room. Learn more from Aurora’s Paul Harris.

offered), it was her journey that brought imagined worlds to life. It begins with early memories as “the lawnmower girl” in her high school, maledominated engineering class (where she was the only one to bring the lawnmower to life) to her Harvard computer science class, which took her to a 1995 film called Toy Story. She was one of a few female engineers at Harvard, estimating that those classes were 10% women, setting her up with a feeling that she didn’t belong.

After graduating from Harvard in June 1996, Feinberg found her way to Pixar by February 1997, and the rest is history…albeit the trail she blazed was not an easy one. She began as lead render technical director, worked her way to lighting, and eventually became a team leader—a team of which consisted of nine men and herself.

That’s what made her accomplishment on Turning Red all the more impressive. The movie was a daunting task, filmed during the pandemic and mostly remote. But that’s minimal compared to the impact the film made in the studio’s history. Turning Red was the first all-female leadership team in the history of Pixar. “Feeling the victory of what we had all done together…we delivered the movie several days early and under budget,” Feinberg recollected. “We had a crew that repeatedly said how bummed they were that the movie was over because they had such a great experience during such trying times.”

And impact is what Feinberg has always made and continues to do. When asked what her favorite movie was, she quickly pointed to Coco. Not because it was an amazing movie (because it is),

and not because The Land of the Dead was one of the more challenging universes to build, a world in which she said her team was tasked to “create a world like no one has seen before.”

Feinberg and her team were terrified about being Americans making a movie about Mexican culture and its holiday. On top of that, it was set to debut after horrific earthquakes hit Mexico City. After some debate about holding off the premiere, the show, as they say, must go on. “At some point I got this message on Facebook,” she said as she began to read the exact message she received that day from a teacher in Mexico City. “’You have no idea the positive impact that Coco has had on my country…. Watching Coco reminds us of how our culture, history, and traditions have the power to keep fighting for what’s good, keep positive in hard times, and to live the present to the fullest.”

One never knows the impact they can have on others. “When we walk our own paths, the one filled with the things we love and not what others think we should do, we find great inner strength,” she concluded. “To help us through days when the doubts can creep in and on the days when I find myself as the other in the room, I hope you will join me in being the brilliant pot of green among the sea of beige—ready to defy convention; ready to transform into the powerful beast that lies inside; ready to fight for yourself and fight for others, so perhaps we can create a world like no one has seen before.”


The SiliconCore product Mobile All-in-One Display featured on page 48 has an incorrect spec. The Display solution’s correct size is 135 inches.

Danielle Feinberg

Route any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD at the same time!

Blackmagic Videohub 12G-SDI video routers let you connect all your equipment without creating a complex cable mess!

Blackmagic Videohub routers support 12G-SDI so they allow you to connect and route any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD on the same router at the same time. Plus they have zero latency so are perfect for live production and broadcast!

Elegantly Designed Front Panel

The built in front control panel lets you route video, so you get the perfect solution for live production racks that don’t have the space for extra hardware panels. The front panel features a spin knob for browsing, direct entry buttons for speed and an LCD for displaying labels. As the panel is built into the router, you can also see live video on the LCD! The LCD also has menus so you can change router settings.

Change Router Crosspoints Visually!

With a built in LCD, Blackmagic Videohub 12G can show you live video of all your router inputs! This means you can see all router inputs as live video before you change a route. There are also labels displayed below the live video to make it easy to identify the input you are viewing. What this means is you can scroll up and down the router sources in alphabetical order and see each input as live video.

Advanced 12G-SDI

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Blackmagic Videohub 12G features advanced 12G-SDI connections which are multi rate so they support any SD, HD and Ultra HD video format up to 2160p60.

Plus Blackmagic Videohub 12G supports routing any video standard on the same router at the same time. 12G-SDI gives you high frame rate Ultra HD via a single BNC connection that also plugs into all of your regular HD equipment!

Features Full SDI Re-Clocking

Videohub includes built in SDI re-clocking on every 12G-SDI input. SDI re-clocking regenerates the video signal for maximum video quality. This is extremely important because longer video cables degrade the signal. With SDI re-clocking all of the SDI devices in your studio receive a regenerated signal with improved jitter performance. That means longer cable lengths, and no drop outs in your video.

Blackmagic Videohub 12G

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ATS-Pro Unveils WX

Pro Series Indoor LED System

BOOTH W3801 ATS-Pro, exclusive U.S. distributor for Taylorleds LED systems, is spotlighting the new Taylorleds WX Pro Series, a versatile indoor LED system that offers exceptional value and performance with a fully optimized version of the NovaStar A10s Pro Card as standard.

The WX Pro Series begins with an ultrathin, 960x540 mm base panel. The larger surface area means fewer panels and fewer areas to unseam when a larger display is the objective. The range also includes a selection of secondary panels in a variety of sizes, allowing AV integrators to easily optimize shape, orientation, and size for virtually any room.

Class-leading video performance includes a 16:9 aspect ratio for easy connectivity to virtually any Ultra HD video format without the need for scalers or external processing. Selectable resolution from 1.2mm to 3.7mm is standard. Advanced video capabilities come courtesy of NovaStar's A10S Pro Card.

New 3x1 Switchers Join Atlona Omega Series

BOOTH C7041 Atlona continues to grow its Omega Series of AV presentation and collaboration products with three new 3x1 switchers ideally

Jack Horry explains how using the company’s Quorum Meeting Control can enhance your meeting experience. Quorum uses a mark-based system that simplifies meeting production with a user-friendly web interface, allowing anyone to generate engaging, professional-grade content.

suited for learning and meeting spaces. Introduced at ISE and receiving their North American debut at InfoComm (C7041), the AT-OMECS31-SA (three HDMI inputs) and AT-OMECS31-SA-HDBT (one HDBaseT input and two HDMI inputs) both consolidate AV switching, USB routing, audio mixing, amplification, and control into a low-profile enclosure. Adding to the series at InfoComm is the AT-OME-CS31SA-C, a new variant providing USB-C input connectivity.

The OME-CS31-SA and OME-CS31-SAHDBT primarily share the same feature set, with key variances in AV switching and USB capabilities to meet specific requirements. The OME-CS1SA is built for local switching applications that place its inputs close to the switcher and display, such as a classroom where the instructor’s desk is positioned near the front wall. The OME-CS31SA-HDBT accommodates remote and local AV switching and is therefore most effective when an input is further from the switcher, such as at an instructor’s lectern in the room or if the switcher is mounted by a projector.

Atlona’s Omega Series AT-OME-CS31-SA 3x1 switcher ROSS VIDEO, BOOTH W2145 Ross Video’s Taylorleds' WX Pro Series stacked VANGUARD LED DISPLAYS, BOOTH W2701 The always stylish Michael Wiener shows off the latest wares from Vanguard LED Displays.

WL185 m , WL184 m , WL183 m


Available with a choice of polar patterns, colors, and connector types, the all-new WL18Xm low-profile lavaliers are 8 mm shorter and deliver improved specifications and sound quality than their industry-standard predecessors. Perfect for presenters and lecturers in corporate and higher education applications.

Discover more at shure.com/wl185m

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BOOTH #C8334

NEOTI, BOOTH W907 Neoti is at infoComm with its UHD Pro Series dvLED video panels. The TAA-compliant panels offer an industry-exclusive automatic calibration—when modules are replaced with spares or moved with a finished display, the new module’s calibration is automatically adjusted to match the surrounding cabinets. See it in action for yourself at booth W907 and ask Neoti’s Aaron Kipfer (left) and Matt Moscato for a demo.

Opticis Enhances Optical Connectivity

BOOTH W1945 Opticis is showcasing HDX-1F20TR, DPX-1F12-TR, DHX-1F4K-TR, and BR-600, which can transmit uncompressed 4K (4096x2160) at 60 Hz up to 300m over a single LC multi-mode fiber. HDX-1F20-TR supports HDMI 2.0, DPX1F12-TR supports DisplayPort 1.2, and DHX1F4K-TR converts DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 video signal. The BR-600 is a 19-inch 1RU multimounting rack that can hold up to eight units of Opticis optical extenders.

Unlike previous optical extenders, those four products boast new technology called Diagnosis.

This feature can check the operating status of products via GUI. Also, once installed in the BR-600, it can upgrade firmware and power on/off of products up to eight units at once.

JBL Adds HDMI, Bluetooth To New PSB SoundBar

BOOTH C8622 Harman Professional Solutions is launching its JBL Professional Pro SoundBar PSB-2, which expands its PSB soundbar lineup by adding HDMI and Bluetooth digital source inputs. As an evolution in soundbar technology, PSB-2 is engineered to deliver focused audio while minimizing sound transfer to neighboring rooms, making it the perfect solution for hotel rooms, cruise ship staterooms, meeting spaces, classrooms, and additional applications.

Specifically tuned for human speech, PSB-2 integrates a front-facing speaker that delivers significantly enhanced fidelity over internal television speakers. The improved clarity at low volume levels ensures that users can hear clearly without the need to increase volume unnecessarily, thereby reducing the likelihood of disturbing occupants in adjacent rooms. Additionally, a twoposition volume limiting switch provides further control over volume levels.

With room-focused sound, simplified digital connectivity, and durable materials and finish, the JBL PSB-2 is an ideal solution that's ideal for a wide range of professional hospitality, corporate, and education applications.

TASCAM, BOOTH C9079 Designed for the Sonicview 16XP/24XP digital mixing consoles, TASCAM’s IF-ST2110 Expansion Card provides full support for the SMPTE ST 2110 AV networking standard. Access to 64 input and output audio channels is provided, with full network redundancy according to SMPTE ST 2022-7 and support for NMOS, AES67, and SAP. While broadcasters are increasingly implementing SMPTE ST 2110 and AES67 AV networks, there are also situations where different IP protocols are used, and so connecting between multiple formats is a key benefit. Sonicview 16XP/24XP Digital Mixing Consoles are equipped with a built-in Dante network I/O, and by adding the IF-ST2110 Expansion Card, further AV network connectivity is available.

JBL's SoundBar PSB-2 The Opticis BR-600 optical extender

Lightware Launches Gemini GVN

BOOTH C8056 At InfoComm 2024, Lightware is unveiling Gemini GVN, a suite of 1G AV-over-IP extension devices. Engineered with a focus on scalability, flexibility, and rapid deployment, Gemini GVN revolutionizes audiovisual transmission with its cutting-edge features and seamless performance. The Gemini GVN offers a virtual matrix system that enables seamless switching of audio, video, and USB transmission with an indistinguishable delay of less than one frame. This ensures an uninterrupted viewing experience, making it ideal for applications where real-time responsiveness is critical.

Gemini GVN features 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 image quality, providing crisp image clarity. In addition to its exceptional performance, Gemini GVN is designed with versatility in mind, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and environments. Its seamless integration with existing infrastructure allows for effortless deployment and scalability.

Replay It Again, Blackmagic

BOOTH W2500 Blackmagic Replay is a unique new way of creating live-action replays for broadcasters. While using HyperDecks to record into shared storage, DaVinci Resolve connects to the same shared storage as a powerful playback engine. The power comes from having DaVinci Resolve handle the playback, because it’s not just replay, but an extremely powerful editor with multi-user collaboration features, as well as color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production. Now replays can be converted into promos, title sequences, and instant social media updates.

With Blackmagic Replay, users don’t need to throw away a replay after it’s gone to air because it can be converted into an edit timeline for posting to social media. Blackmagic Replay is more powerful than a traditional replay system because it’s built into DaVinci Resolve. This means replay operators can load camera angles into the timeline to edit, color correct, and add visual effects.

AVPro Edge Launches New HDMI Multi-Viewer Model

BOOTH C8642 AVPro Edge is introducing the AC-MV-41 four-input HDMI Multi-Viewer, providing integrators with the ultimate tiling solution for delivering as many as four separate HDMI 2.0 video sources simultaneously on any size monitor, television, or projector. The AVPro Edge AC-MV-41 is available now. The AC-MV-41 offers customized tile configurations with recallable presets, such as a primary picture with a "keep tabs" box in the corner, a quad-view with four equally sized windows, or custom layouts featuring window tiling arrays limited only by the user's imagination.

The AC-MV-41 is HDMI 2.0 compliant, with HDCP 2.3, for all four inputs and the solo HDMI output. Sources may include SD, HD, and Ultra HD up to 4K/60 fps and safely be combined into a single image for playback on the dedicated display. AVPro Edge's EDID management eliminates interface challenges, so systems function perfectly every time.

AVPro Edge's AC-MV-41 four input HDMI Multi-Viewer Blackmagic Design’s Blackmagic Replay
MAXHUB LED WALLS Booth # C8076 June 12-14 Captivate audiences with brilliant displays for any scenario from meeting rooms to auditoriums. MAXHUB LX Series o er unparalleled clarity and vibrant colors along with: •Easy Installation •All-in-one LED Display •Fine Pixel Pitch
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Meet AVA AI, Your InfoComm Tour Guide

Artificial intelligence is here, and it is not going anywhere. Topping the short list of biggest trends on the show floor, InfoComm is embracing AI—beginning with QSC | Q-SYS’s CEO Joe Pham’s keynote about what Pro AV can do to embrace AI and other insightful discussions from Pro AV thought leaders on where the advancements in AI are taking the industry.

And then there is AVA.

AVA AI, powered by Open AI, is new to the InfoComm app and is a comprehensive guide to the show floor. “Ask AVA” can help InfoComm attendees find exhibitors, educational sessions, each day’s full agenda, and where to find transportation—all of which are aptly timed with the ongoing construction making the Las Vegas Convention Center a bit of a labyrinth.

With AVIXA serving the Pro AV industry, it was pivotal to be part of—and stay ahead of—the AI revolution. “As an industry association, we wanted to be ahead of the AI ball game,” explained Kapil Kher, AVIXA’s SVP of IT, on AVA AI’s origin. “We launched something very external, which is a virtual assistant—a true virtual assistant. It’s not a chatbot, it’s not a guided chat structure. It’s literally AI, so it understands natural language. You can talk to it very normally as you would to each other.”

Located right on the app’s landing page, InfoComm guests and exhibitors can speak or type to AVA AI and, in a matter of seconds, have show-related information at their fingertips, facilitating a more engaging experience and easier trek around the show floor.

Per Kher, AVIXA wanted AVA AI to be very focused on InfoComm. In order to do that, Kher and his team, despite a few roadblocks, homed in on the most important verticals to start. “We took verticals of what we wanted to answer first,” he explained. “It answers transportation information because bus routes are complicated, and people are just looking for quick answers.

You won’t be able to “Ask AVA” anywhere else but the InfoComm app, as AVA is the brainchild of

AVIXA, designed for InfoComm and, eventually, its many other shows. “That was also one of our focuses,” Kher continued. “I brag about AVA a lot, but AVA is completely homegrown, home built, by AVIXA IT. It’s not an off-the-shelf product we took and customized for our needs. We built it on OpenAI’s large language model, but we built it completely ourselves.”

“So, it’s transportation, it’s exhibitor info, it’s everything about exhibitors, about the show, as well as education sessions and agendas,” he continued. Remarkably, as more people ask AVA AI questions, Kher has seen AVA get smarter over the weeks leading to InfoComm, and AVA AI is able to narrow its focus and lead attendees to, for example, five control solutions or five LED displays they want to see, while being completely unbiased and arbitrary.

AVA AI is just touching the surface, and Kher is excited for what AI will bring to the Pro AV industry. “It’s going to change the world,” he concluded. “My favorite [quote] is ‘AI won’t replace humans, but it will replace humans without the knowledge of AI.’ You need to be AI forward.”

JUST ADD POWER, BOOTH W845 Just Add Power’s Taft Stricklin shows off the versatility of the company’s video tiling capabilities, which combines up to four sources on one video output. LEA PROFESSIONAL, BOOTH C9249 LEA Professional is showing off its Connect Series Half-Rack models, which are now shipping. These smaller form factor, half-rack smart amplifiers deliver one of the most feature-rich experiences available in the industry. Features include onboard DSP, WebUI, Cloud Connectivity, third-party API control, and more.

At InfoComm, we’re connecting to you:

• AV over IP for higher ed esports

• All-in-one classroom presentation systems

• Simple, yet powerful keypad control for AV

• 4x2 matrix switching with HDBaseT™ endpoints

• Signal extension for 21:9 displays

• ...And more in booth C7041

Stop by the Atlona Esports

Environment to win one of two Spectrum™ Xpressions gaming chairs


Inside InfoComm’s Audio Demo Rooms, Part 2

The show floor at InfoComm is packed with amazing exhibitors, fascinating new products, workshops and events, and more, but there’s plenty to be discovered nearby at the Audio Demo Rooms. Exploring them alphabetically:

Fulcrum Acoustic (N102)

Fulcrum Acoustic is presenting features from the upcoming 1.2 release of its Fulcrum One software, including One’s ability to predict acoustical and sound system response and simulate acoustical treatments in a room model. It is also demonstrating new third-party control integration with the industry-standard OSC protocol and built-in support for the Blacktrax real-time tracking system.

Harman (N109)

Harman is showing off three distinct new offerings from its brands. BSS Soundweb OMNI is an infinitely scalable, turnkey solution that combines powerful, next-generation DSPs and flexible I/O expansion devices, and is managed by Harman’s new AVX unified software suite. Meanwhile, FLUX Immersive, a new member of Harman Professional’s portfolio of brands, is demoing Spat Revolution, an object-based and perceptual immersive mixing solution. JBL is demoing the latest in performance audio, including the SXR900 Series and the VTX Series, and more.



L-ISA 3.2, Mixhalo Translate, Milan Manager, and more are getting demonstrated each day. L-ISA 3.2 is the latest version of the company’s immersive production platform for the live sound and music creation markets. New enhancements include 16 free outputs in L-ISA Studio, Mixhalo subscription availability, Room Engine and Snapshot Engine improvements, and more. Elsewhere in the room, Mixhalo Translate is being demoed, as well as Milan Manager, a brand-agnostic and free-to-use software platform that simplifies the configuration, management, and monitoring of any Milan-AVB network.

Martin Audio (N112)

Martin Audio is sharing its space with TiMax, but for itself it is demoing FlexPoint, TORUS, and Wavefront Precision, plus there is a showcase of the immersive and spatial audio capabilities of TiMax. Martin Audio loudspeakers are one of the loudspeaker brands in the “TiMax Recommends” family of manufacturers proposing TiMax as their recommended immersive spatial processing solution.

Meyer Sound (N209)

Meyer Sound is demoing ULTRA-X80, the most powerful member of the ULTRA family. The ULTRA-X80 versatile point source loudspeaker draws on both the acoustic lineage of the ULTRA family, including the ULTRA-X40 and ULTRAX20, and technology moves behind the PANTHER large-format linear line array loudspeaker to provide precision, power, and clarity in a compact, simple-to-deploy package. Live demonstrations of the ULTRA-X80 alongside other products across the range in traditional and spatial configurations run each day on odd hours.

1 Sound (N108)

1 Sound is playing listening examples through most of its offerings, and is highlighting two new loudspeakers that are launching—the Level L38 and the Cardioid Monitor CM38. The Level L38 is a full-range loudspeaker with a progressive horn design that is meant to be mounted flush on a wall or ceiling (optimal at 8-15 feet high), standing only 8 inches from the surface, utilizing hardware that is already built into the cabinet. Meanwhile, the CM38 is a robust, bi-amped, high-performance cardioid floor monitor that has a tight and punchy sound with clarity, standing only 8 inches off the floor.

Q-SYS (N115)

Stop in at the Q-SYS demo room, and you’ll get to see an 18-minute demo covering the new Q-SYS PL Series performance loudspeaker folio (line array, point source, and subwoofer models) as well

as the PC and CA lines of speakers. The demo itself is fully automated and controlled by Q-SYS as well, handling control of lights, video, audio, and all else.

RCF/TT+ Sound (N101)

RCF is celebrating 75 years by debuting a host of new products for system integrators and contractors, including the Compact C 45, a multipurpose two-way point source speaker that is suitable for a wide range of near and mid-distance applications; S 29, a high-power double 19-inch subwoofer suitable for RCF Installed Sound system; and the HL 6, an ultra-compact passive two-way full-range system for small and medium-sized spaces. Also new is the NXL 14-A Column Speaker, the most compact model in RCF’s NXL Active Column Speaker Series; two portable subwoofers—the SUB 15-AX and SUB 18-AX; X Series Speakers; S Series Subwoofers; the Business Music Series; and its upgraded RDNet 5 Sound System Management and Control Software.

Renkus Heinz (N113)

Visitors to the demo room are in for a treat—this year they’ll be taken on a journey thanks to an active immersive acoustics system in partnership with Amadeus Acoustics. As the room acoustics are transformed from the hustle of an airport to the echoing halls of a cathedral to the vibrant acoustics of a concert hall, visitors will experience for themselves the transformative power of Renkus Heinz’s beam-steering technology. There is also live music courtesy of distinguished violinist Drew Tretick.

Theory Professional (N118)

Theory Professional is showing an all-new DLC distributed loudspeaker controller platform including three models: DLC-250.4d, DLC-1500.4d, and DLC-250.8. Intended for residential or commercial installations, the new models offer between 4 and 8 channels of intelligent power, full DSP matrix, TCP/IP control through a wired connection, or directly via its on-board Wi-Fi access point.

Void Acoustics (N120 and N205)

InfoComm 2024 sets the stage for soon-to-launch additions to Void’s product offering in North America, including the Venu 118 V2, Venu 218 V2, Venu 14 V2, the Cyclone 208i subwoofer, and the KROME finish. Void’s co-founder and creative director, Rog Mogale, is hosting daily Void demos in N120 at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. There will be no 4 p.m. demonstration on Friday.


ATLASIED, BOOTH C8634 AtlasIED is showcasing the latest additions to its Atmosphere audio processing and control platform, the AZMP8-DW 8-zone signal processor with an integrated 1200-watt amplifier and Dante in an all-in-one wall mount cabinet, and Atmosphere Cloud, which expands upon the established flexibility offered by the platform and allows integrators and end users to monitor and manage installations remotely.

AUDINATE, BOOTH C8012 The Audinate team shows off Dante Director, which enables the remote management of Dante devices from any manufacturer across the internet using a simple, convenient web dashboard. Dante Director provides a powerful, interoperable, manufacturer-agnostic IoT platform for the AV industry.

Audio-Technica Expands Digital SmartMixer Range

BOOTH C5619 Audio-Technica is expanding its range of Digital SmartMixer products with the introduction of the ATDM-1012 Digital SmartMixer, a flexible and easy-to-use solution for installed audio applications where mix-minus operation or audio pickup from specific zones within a space is required. Its powerful feature set makes it ideal for hospitality, corporate or demanding courtroom settings, and many more.

The ATDM-1012 is a 14-input/12-bus matrix mixer featuring 10 mic/line inputs with high-qual-

ity preamps, two stereo line inputs, USB audio I/O, eight balanced outputs, and two unbalanced stereo outputs. Ten additional digital inputs can be added either via Audio-Technica’s proprietary uncompressed multi-channel AT-LINK digital audio and

control connection, or over Dante, available with the Dante-enabled ATDM-1012DAN version. Up to two A-T ES954 Hanging Microphone Arrays or ES964 Boundary Array Microphones can be integrated with the mixer. ADVERTISEMENT

Audio-Technica’s ATDM-1012 Digital SmartMixer From left: AtlastIED's Michael Peveler and PJ Fourdree






aking everything we learned from the historic 4.8SP and 3.6SP Processors, mixed with the highly intuitive AquaControl software, the AQM408 is the best Speaker Processor we have ever made. The AQM408 allows control and monitoring from anywhere on the web (no cloud account needed!) to ensure everything runs smoothly. Its 4 x 8 I/O compliment and powerful DSP toolbox are capable of handling a wide range of applications like Houses of Worship, live performance, and education to multi-zone BGM distribution and paging situations. The AQM408 is always ready to deliver.

Come by the Ashly® Booth for a demo, get a FREE shirt! while supplies last

Booth #C9127 We’ve ever made AQM 408 NEW!

ACT Sets Green Hippo Solutions

IC24 Showcase

BOOTH C8034 Following its recent distribution announcement, ACT Entertainment is presenting Green Hippo’s Hippotizer Media Server range at InfoComm 2024. ACT acquired the Green Hippo brand in late 2023 as part of a larger acquisition that also included tvONE, a video processing and signal distribution server company, which will continue with its existing strategy.

With this partnership, customers can expect broader access and exposure to Green Hippo solutions and expertise, in particular the brand’s award-winning Hippotizer range, which provides real-time video playback for applications that span from TV and broadcast to installations and live events around the world.

Through this collaboration, both companies aim to enhance the entertainment experiences of consumers and businesses alike.

MAXHUB Spotlights Ultra-Wide 92-inch Display

MAXHUB’s 92-inch UW (Ultra-Wide) display

BOOTH C8076 As the newest addition to MAXHUB’s UW (Ultra-Wide) series, the 92-inch UW92NA ultra-wide 5K display provides stunning definition, resulting in more expansive communication and a significantly greater impression on the viewer. This makes it ideal for businesses that need to display detailed information or graphics to their clients or customers. The new UW92NA facilitates external control via IP or Serial protocols, including certification by Q-SYS, Extron, AMX, and others. This facilitates easy integration into existing systems and ensures that businesses can easily manage the display and control it remotely. The UW92NA is designed to accommodate 24/7 operation in either landscape or portrait mode orientation.


6 Output Channels Delivering 32 User-defined Mic Pickup Zones

Powerful Onboard DSP Automix, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction, Auto Gain Control, 4-band EQ

VISCA over IP Control PTZ Cameras

Voice Lift Technology Targeted Large Space Amplification

Audio-Technica’s ceiling array microphone packs powerful processing capabilities, 6 outputs, and 32 pickup zones into a small form factor that’s incredibly easy to install. Now with added enhancements of VISCA over IP and Voice Lift Technology, it’s the right fi t when space is at a premium and reliable, natural sound is a must.

ATND1061DAN Beamforming Ceiling
Small Footprint. Now with Even Bigger Impact.
Array Microphone
Hear it Live at Booth C5619 ONLY 8.98" (228 mm)
Learn More

Telycam: Meet+ 3 PTZ Camera

Vibrant Visuals With Yes Tech Mnano II Series

BOOTH C9176 Telycam’s Meet+ 3 4K video conferencing PTZ cam era is designed to seamlessly integrate into huddle room solu tions. HDMI and USB 2.0 outputs provide deployment versatility, including the ability to simultane ously output over both interfaces. Both output interfaces support 4K video at 30 frames per second for sharp visuals during virtual meetings on platforms such as Zoom, Teams and Skype. The Meet+ 3 can be powered via its USB-C port, enabling simplified installation with power, control and video delivery over a single USB cable. The Meet+ 3 is equipped with a 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor boasting 8.4 MP to deliver clear and sharp image quality.


BOOTH W3200 Yes Tech’s Mnano II series is designed in pixel pitches ranges from 0.78mm to 1.87mm and is powered by cutting-edge full flip-chip COB technology.

The Mnano II’s innovative black coating technology brings striking black consistency, ensuring visuals without glare or reflec tion. With HDR capabilities for 8k resolution, a 10000:1 contrast ratio, a cinema-quality DCI-P3 color gamut, 22-bit grayscale output, the Mnano II offers a natural and vibrant visual effect.

The energy-saving Mnano II series offers delicate presentation and high protection. It brings a cool screen touch with low power consumption that can mitigate overheating risks, ensuring enhanced safety and prolonged lifespan.

Meet+ 3 4K video conferencing PTZ camera
Yes Tech’s Mnano II Series


Flexibility that empowers.

Part of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Family, the TeamConnect Bar Solutions are scalable, all-in-one conferencing devices, designed to meet modern meeting demands with built-in camera, microphones and speakers.

With options for small (TeamConnect Bar S) or mid-sized (TeamConnect Bar M) meeting and collaboration spaces, the TeamConnect Bar Solutions easily integrate with your favorite meeting platform and can be further enhanced with other compatible products, including those from Sennheiser.

Scan the QR Code to book a demo!

Visit us at Booth #C5335 at InfoComm for a live demo of our TeamConnect Bar Solutions!

Marshall Features New Seamless Switch

BOOTH C8982 Marshall Electronics is featuring its VMV-402-3GSH Switcher at InfoComm 2024. The Marshall VMV-402-3GSH is a four-input, autoscaling, seamless switch that is designed to become a reliable part of any infrastructure.

The Marshall VMV-402-3GSH can be used in AV boardrooms, lecture halls, edit rooms, and can also be utilized as an Aux input for existing production switches. Simple command structure allows easy integration with Crestron and other control surfaces and automation systems via Ethernet or RS232. The switcher accepts four 3GSDI sources. Inputs 1 and 2 also accept HDMI.

Versatile New Stagebox In Neutrik Spotlight

BOOTH C9435 Neutrik’s NA-4I4O-AES72 4-channel AES72 compliant stagebox is designed for transmitting microphone levels, analog line levels, AES3, DMX, or even intercom over one single Category cable. Loaded with four male and four female XLRs in the same housing, the NA-4I4O-AES72 provides any combination of input and output signals such as 2-in/2-out or 4-in/0-out. Since input signals are also present at the XLR outputs, the device can be used as a splitter for monitoring and similar applications. The NA-4I4O-AES72 also features two etherCON ports for the Category cable connection. One is the primary; the other serves as a feedthrough to loop the signals to other devices.

Marshall Electronics’ VMV-402-3GSH Switcher

DN-300 Series

The Ultimate AVoIP Platform

The Future of AV Distribution is Here

The DisplayNet DN-300 Series delivers an unprecedented level of AVoIP performance, versatility and reliability; at a price point that defines a new industry benchmark for value. Based on the latest SDVoE technology, the DN-300 Series provides 4K/60 (4:4:4) video distribution with limitless scalability, zero-frame latency and zero image artifacts.

These units offer unique features that provide system designers with exceptional versatility:

 Switchable Transmitter /  Receiver operation

 Dual (copper /  fiber) network interfaces

 Auxiliary H.264/5 video output streams

 Powerful network security features

 Silent, fanless operation

 PoE+ support

 Long Range: 100 meters (copper), 30KM (optical)

 Versatile KVM Routing

 DN-300: full-bandwidth USB 2.0 routing

 DN-300H: USB HID device instant switching

DisplayNet also provides software-defined MultiViewer and Advanced Video Wall engines that power a wide range of applications without the expense and complexity of ancillary products. A highly intuitive web-based UI and API greatly simplifies setup and installation, as well as integration into third-party control systems.

Contact us today to see how DisplayNet can move your next AV system into the future.


sales@dvigear.com (888) 463-9927 www.displaynet.com

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LEA Features Connect

Series Half-Rack Models

BOOTH C929 LEA Professional is displaying its new Connect Series Half-Rack models at InfoComm 2024. These smaller form factor, halfrack smart amplifiers deliver one of the most feature-rich experiences available in the industry, featuring 96kHz DSP, WebUI, SharkWare, LEA Cloud Connectivity, third-party API control, over 3,000 speaker tunings, and more.

Each of the new half-rack models (CS34, CS64, CS124, CS34D, CS64D, and CS124D) is built with fully routable analog inputs, four amplifier channels with Low-Z, 70V, or 100V selectable by channel, while the D units also include Dante and AES67 connectivity. All models also boast three different ways of network connection.

MultiDyne Updates SilverBULLET Series

BOOTH C8228 MultiDyne is introducing the second generation of its SilverBULLET series. The newest version of the patented, miniature fiberoptic link and signal conversion solution is an evolution from the first generation, with new benefits including agnostic signal support from 5Mbps to 12Gbps.

MultiDyne’s SilverBULLET transmitters and receivers are ruggedized, highly portable and economical, making them equally useful for lastminute SDI video feeds and AES or MADI audio feeds. SilverBULLETs are also last-minute problem solvers that can repair a failed connection or address an unexpected transport requirement. Each device is encased in machined aluminum for optimal durability, which also makes them ideal for critical situations.

LEA Professional’s Connect Series half-rack smart amplifier MultiDyne’s SilverBULLET fiber-optic links

Fixed Lens 4K UHD Laser Models


Optoma Line

BOOTH W1009 Optoma is introducing two new fixed lens, 4K UHD laser projectors designed to bring high brightness, dependability, and cuttingedge image technology to the professional installation market. For ultimate installation flexibility, the ZK810TST is the first 4K UHD fixed lens short throw projector on the market, according to the company. With 8,500 lumens of brightness, the Optoma ZK810T and ZK810TST deliver accurate color reproduction with a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio and up to 30,000 hours of operation in Eco mode. With their small form factor and light weight at affordable price-points, these projectors are ideal for fixed installation scenarios.

Optoma’s ZK810T Series fixed lens 4K UHD laser projector

LYNN, BOOTH C7168 LYNN, a leading brand of custom fiber optic and copper cable assemblies from NSI, is launching the L-LOCK Universal Dual-Locking Power Cable Series during InfoComm 2024. The new series is now available. The L-LOCK latch system locks and unlocks with a simple finger press that’s ideal for high-density installations, with no clunky clips, brackets or additional hardware required. L-LOCK cables are an easy replacement for existing non-locking or single-locking power cables. “The patented LYNN L-LOCK Series eliminates accidental disconnects by securely locking both cable ends to electronics and power equipment, regardless of make and manufacturer,” explained Charles Hoskins, V.P. of Product Development.

Modern Control Rooms Simplify Your Command and Control Environment with our Award-Winning KVM & AV Products The industry's best KVM & AV products to extend, visualize, and control everything from the operator desk to the video wall. Scalable Flexible Secure Futureproof 1.877.877.2269 | blackbox.com Visit us at Booth #C9803 Radian Video Wall Enterprise-Level Video Wall Control Control it All with ControlBridge® Emerald® AV WALL Multi-Source KVM with Video Wall Control MCX 10G SDVoE AV Distribution MediaCento 1G AV Distribution

Crestron Strengthens Control

Portfolio Offerings

BOOTH C8100 Crestron Control brings different protocols and technologies into one unified system, offering cross-compatibility with all room configurations and vendors to enable an optimal and productive experience.

Video conferencing systems can natively use Crestron Control to expand their capabilities thanks to the Crestron Control App for Zoom Rooms software. Lighting, shades, AV solutions, and the Zoom Rooms software platform itself can be controlled by a single user interface quickly, intelligently, and securely.

Crestron is also now introducing Crestron Con-

trol for any Microsoft Teams Room on Microsoft Windows operating system in addition to support on Cisco Webex software and Google Meet software. Traditionally, Crestron Control could only be deployed on Crestron Flex systems, but now it can be enabled on any supported platform of choice.

The new Crestron Virtual Control Server 25 comes out of the box licensed to support 25 rooms, with the ability to scale to 500 rooms. This IT-friendly, cost-effective solution is designed to deploy and manage control across floors, buildings, and campuses and provides limitless possibilities for maximizing room functionality.

ProjX360 Software Solution for Pro AV Integrators

BOOTH C8572 ProjX360 is a complete SaaS Cloud-based project management software solution with features that commercial AV integrators love, including tracking sales pipeline, creating proposals, managing projects, and inventory. From the initial client contact to installation and warranty, ProjX360 software allows you to manage your projects effectively, achieving the results you want for your business.

Crestron Construct software has added support for authorization tokens, which allows users to launch Crestron Construct projects securely without logging into the control system.

Whisper-Quiet Live Production via ENCO Rushworks

The company’s latest milestone, V3, brings ProjX360 to the forefront of modern software design with the latest technology. A refreshed user interface and a back-end overhaul set the stage for upcoming feature enhancements. While V3 remains familiar to existing users, it introduces intuitive improvements such as a “flat” design UI and enhanced data management tools.

BOOTH W2711 ENCO brings ultra-quiet, smooth camera operation to InfoComm 2024, where the company is exhibiting its Rushworks PTX Model 3 PRO robotic pan/ tilt head. The Model 3 PRO incorporates several engineering advancements that make it ideal for use in any production setting including houses of worship, entertainment venues, and sporting events. Designed for larger payloads, the PTX Model 3 provides the torque necessary for smoothly controlling most professional-grade camera/lens combinations, including models from Blackmagic Design, Canon, Panasonic/Lumix, Red, Arri and Sony.

Configuring multiple PTX units on a network simplifies connectivity and control. Camera operators can use any joystick that supports the versatile and broadly interoperable VISCA over IP protocol to execute commands like pan, tilt, speed, ramp curves, presets and recalls, tally, and more.

EDC Acoustics Features Immersive Pro App

BOOTH C9140 EDC Acoustics’ Immersive Pro app utilizes Apple Vision Pro augmented reality to assist with audio prediction, simulation, and system commissioning. The software provides calibration of the EDC Acoustics plane array loudspeaker systems to ensure every listener within the space experiences the same frequency response and sound pressure level, with minimal interference and reflections. The fully immersive app ensures consultants,

installers, and users of the plane array systems can tailor system performance with both a visual and audible experience with complete freedom of movement in a space.

The predictive displays and audio playback of the Immersive Pro app is the ideal tool for optimizing system performance, functioning as a complete feedback loop during the design stage to compensate for any errors.

ENCO’s Rushworks Robotic Pan/Tilt Head EDC Acoustics’ Immersive Pro App
digitalprojection.com BOOTH #W1245 Read more about Digital Projection’s partnership with The Jacquelyn: JUNE 12 - 14 • LAS VEGAS WHERE BEAUTIFUL IMAGES COME ALIVE
Photos courtesy of The Jacquelyn

Navori Labs Integrates DS & Analytics

BOOTH W1957 This year at InfoComm, Navori Labs is showcasing a groundbreaking advancement in the integration of digital signage and real-time analytics to bring unparalleled benefits to global businesses. Navori Labs remains the sole provider of a comprehensive system that both automates and customizes content delivery through its QL digital signage software and offers precise measurement of audience engagement and the effectiveness of digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns with its Aquaji analytics platform. The Aquaji AI-enhanced computer vision analytics platform expertly designed to generate critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align

perfectly with the customer journey, enhancing the in-business experience. Aquaji’s sophisticated combination of software and hardware, including a new Aquaji USB computer vision camera, anonymously tracks consumer attention with impressive accuracy to gauge responses to both physical and digital stimuli.

Harman Features AMX N3300 Series

Encoders, Decoders

BOOTH C8622 Harman Professional Solutions is showcasing its new AMX SVSI N3300 Series Encoders and Decoders at InfoComm 2024. The feature-rich series offers greater streaming flexibility and interoperability, and is ideal for almost any streaming application but is especially applicable for colleges and universities, casinos, courtrooms, hospitality, and government applications.

The N3300 Series delivers the highest quality 4K60 H.26x and Dante AV-H video content at the lowest bandwidth to extend the reach of SVSI 4K60 networked AV solutions to the WAN for streaming, video to desktop, digital signage, settop boxes, or mobile device applications.

In addition to transmitting HDCP content from

Blackwire Designs

Updates Control4 Drivers

BOOTH C9869 Blackwire Designs is updating two of its Control4 drivers, MultiView Pro and VideoWall Pro, which now provide support for an easy-to-use interface for Just Add Power MaxColor and AVPro Edge MXNet systems using video walls or multi-view video tilers. The drivers integrate natively into the Control4 UI on both T4 touch screens and mobile/tablet devices and allow an end user to take control of these complex

N3300 Encoders to Decoders, they also feature recording of video to a USB 3.0 external drive on encoders, video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel, and enhanced support for high-security networks.

Dante AV-H is also supported.

systems with an easy-to-use, visually appealing interface.

Magewell Showcases

Director Mini System

BOOTH C5747 Magewell’s Director Mini is a complete portable production and streaming system that combines multi-input switching, graphics, streaming, recording and monitoring in one compact device.

Director Mini offers outstanding input source flexibility. Users can switch between two HDMI inputs and two USB AV inputs plus three simultaneous live IP sources including SRT, RTMP, NDI(r), NDI HX2 and NDI HX3. Up to three smartphone cameras can also be incorporated through the accompanying Director Utility app. File-based media including video, audio and images can be combined freely with live sources.

Director Mini’s intuitive user interface is accessed through its integrated 5.44-inch AMOLED touchscreen. Chroma keying enables the use of virtual backgrounds, while telestration enables real-time on-screen drawing and combines with instant replay and scoreboard functionality to support sports productions. PTZ camera control is also available through the touchscreen, simplifying single-operator productions.

With the update, the MulitView Pro Driver now offers support for the AV Pro MXnet 10G product family and Just Add Power’s MC-QX MaxColor 4K60 Warping and Tiling Transmitter. The VideoWall Pro Driver expands it support to Just Add Power’s 3G and MaxColor 4K60 lines as well as AV Pro Edge’s MXnet 1G and 10G lines.

Magewell’s Director Mini all-in-one live production and streaming
AMX SVSI N3300 Series encoders and decoders Navori Labs’ QL digital signage integrated with Aquaji analytics platform Blackwire Designs’ MultiView Pro Control4 driver

Luminex Spotlights

Updated Boundary Clock

BOOTH C9257 Luminex, distributed in North America by A.C. ProMedia, is showcasing its acclaimed Boundary Clock with GigaCore switches enabled by a firmware update for the new and legacy generations, allowing for a more flexible and scalable PTP protocol handling between PTP Grandmaster and PTP-client devices.

The advanced networking features in LumiNode and LumiCore let users easily and intuitively separate visiting guest setups from the main house setup, offering additional control and security for lighting setups.

New features in Araneo software now support the accurate monitoring of MANet3 devices and visualize session information, data streams, and more. Thus, additional information about essential parameters is added to those setups that use MANet 3 equipment.

Peerless-AV Features New SmartMount Flat Panel Carts

Peerless-AV’s SR860 HETMAapproved

SmartMount flat pane cart

BOOTH W1725 Peerless-AV is unveiling its new SmartMount Flat Panel Carts (SR898 and HETMA-Approved SR860). These carts are designed with all the requirements of a mobile display setup in mind, making them suitable for diverse professional and educational environments. The sleek, tubular design ensures a minimalistic and clean aesthetic by conceal ing all cables internally. Built with a 20-feetthree-outlet power cord discreetly stored in a rear compartment, this cart provides cable protection and easy mobility between rooms, while the rear ABS molded cover maintains a clutter-free appearance and convenient storage for cables, media players, or mini-PCs.

Luminex’s Boundary Clock

New Amp, Software Update at EAW

BOOTH C9149 Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) is introducing its new UXA4416 Amplifiers along with a companion update to its Resolution soft-

ware. UXA4416 represents a new generation of EAW four-channel DSP amplifiers, offering high-power class D amplification, innovative

RCF Displays New Compact M Series

BOOTH C9535 RCF is displaying the Com pact M Series multi-purpose two-way full-range passive loudspeakers, suitable for a wide range of applications from restaurants and retail shops to clubs, corporate spaces and venues. Compact M models are available in five sizes, beginning with the M 04, which features a four-inch coaxial woofer, one-inch neodymium dome tweeter, and 120-degree x 120-degree constant directivity coverage angle, while delivering 113 dB max SPL. The M 05 and 06 models feature a wave-guided 1.3-inch dome tweeter, 120-degree x 80-degree constant directivity, with five- and six-inch high-power woofers, and provide 115 dB/116 dB max SPL, respectively. The M10 and M12 cabinets have 10- and 12-inch woofers, a wave-guided 1.4-inch voice coil compression driver, 90-degree x 70-degree constant directivity and deliver 128 dB/129 dB max SPL.

processing and analog/digital audio management. Pairing seamlessly with the brand’s KF, MW and SB Series products, these new amps ensure stability and continuity for KF passive line source systems deployed at stadiums, arenas, houses of worship, amphitheaters, outdoor festivals and more.

UXA4416 amplifier presets unify the performance of all supported EAW professional speakers and arrayed systems with four processed channels of audio amplification, complete with a dedicated Greybox preset library.

The Resolution 2.11 update is a companion release that provides support for UXA4416.

WolfVision Enhances vSolution Matrix

BOOTH C5127 vSolution Matrix is an easy-touse AV-over-IP multi-screen collaboration system designed for active learning envi ronments, collaboration spaces, and courtrooms. It enables seamless com munication and collaboration by distributing video and audio signals over a network. This solution is distinguished by its flexibility and scalability, facilitating real-time interaction and content sharing among multiple displays within a room or across different rooms.

Key new additions include the “always on” Room View, which provides a continuous live view of content on all screens, eliminating the need to switch between multiple views. Additionally, the introduction of a second stream allows for the integration of a second main display screen within the Matrix setup. This expansion utilizes the capabilities of WolfVision’s latest vSolution Composer, enhancing the system’s flexibility and display options.

Xyte Expands HDBaseT Alliance Partnerships

BOOTH C8149 Xyte has deepened its partnership with HDBaseT Alliance members to empower and accelerate various business areas within the audiovisual technology industry. With new features like Xyte Connect, new capabilities like SSH Tunneling, and numerous other applications for asset management, remote support, and e-commerce and subscription management, Xyte Device Cloud (XDC) is simplifying and refining how HDBaseT

collaboration system

Alliance members serve their value chains.

Valens, a pioneer in AV and IT convergence solutions, leverages XDC to expand HDBaseT chipset monitoring capabilities, enhancing connectivity and device management for its HDBaseT chipsets and enabling seamless integration with an integrated cloud environment.

Xyte has since extended its collaboration with industry-leading companies in the HDBaseT Alliance such as Legrand, AVPro Edge and WyreStorm, highlighting XDC’s growing prominence across the AV ecosystem.

WolfVision’s vSolution Matrix AVoIP multi-screen RCF’s Compact M Series multi-purpose two-way full-range passive loudspeakers EAW’s UXA4416 amplifier

Key Digital Launches New Wireless 4K HDMI Extender

BOOTH C5550 Key Digital is introducing the KD-4KWHCEX HDMI 4K 60Hz 100-foot Wireless Extender KIT with IR to rave reviews. The KD-4KWHCEX solves a real-world problem by providing an effortless solution to HDMI extension in settings where running a wire is not possible. Whether for temporary or permanent installation, the KD-4KWHCEX is an ideal way to easily and cost-effectively get an HDMI connection from here to a hard-to-reach there.

The KD-4KWHCEX reliably extends up to 4K HDMI signals with the latest standard--18G, 3840x2160 60 Hz resolution, HDR10 at 4:4:4 chroma, and deep color. The KD-4KWHCEX supports HDCP 2.2 and features TMDS re-clocking and signal regeneration.

Leon, Mera Studio Team on Sound Sconce

BOOTH C8835 Designed by Leon in collaboration with Mera Studio Architects, the Mera Sound Sconce is a revolutionary fusion of highperformance audio and dimmable lighting in one artisan-inspired design that is sure to elevate the sound, look, and feel of any commercial space. Leon’s 33UX ultraslim speaker components work in harmony with diffused LED lighting by American Lighting to provide audiophile-grade immersive audio and unique dual illumination--with light emanating from both the shell and grille.

Featuring a cast-aluminum shell, textured powder coat finish and magnetic grille with custom-knit bouclé fabric, the sconce is available in three coordinating colorways: Linen, Black Sand, and Clay.

Key Digital’s KD-4KWHCEX transmitter/receiver kit Lifestyle shot of the Mera Sound Sconce installed

MIDDLE ATLANTIC, BOOTH C8600 Middle Atlantic Products is adding to its NEXSYS AV power distribution and backup platform, with the release of the NEXSYS Online UPS series. The NEXSYS Online UPS carries the reliability, protection, and control that the platform introduced to the market, now in new options to fit today’s most demanding and sensitive AV systems. Available in 12 configurations, the NEXSYS Online UPS series offers seven or eight outlets with bank or individual outlet control and in 15 Amp 1000VA and 1500VA, 20 Amp 2000VA, and 30 Amp 3000VA models.

Matrox Video Features

LUMA Pro Graphics Cards

BOOTH W1132 Matrox Video today announced it will showcase its Matrox LUMA Pro graphics cards at InfoComm 2024 in booth W1132. Ideal for control rooms and other mission-critical environments, these cards harness the power of Intel Arc GPUs to create robust baseband and IP-based video wall systems with advanced H.264/H.265 decoding capabilities.

Equipped with advanced GPU-based media codec engines and supported by Matrox Mura software libraries, these cards enable the decoding and display of over 40 full-HD streams per card. The LUMA Pro cards support up to two 8Kp60, two 5Kp120, or four 5Kp60 DisplayPort 2.1 monitors. Users can combine cards to create a high-density-

output video wall of up to 16 synchronized 5Kp60 displays. Framelocking up to four LUMA Pro cards simplifies the addition and synchronization of displays. Moreover, Matrox Video has engineered Mura C4K, a new quad HDMI capture PCI Express card for video wall use cases that require high-density HDMI streams up to 4Kp60.

Brentwood Baptist Church Chooses KLANG:conductor

BOOTH C9345 Working with Diversified, Brentwood Baptist Church recently completed a refresh of its main sanctuary’s AVL systems, and a new KLANG:konductor immersive in-ear monitor mixing processor serves as the finishing touch on the updated audio infrastructure.

Says Brentwood Baptist Technical Services Director Darby Gilmore: “We wanted to modernize, and the KLANG:konductor was part of that.”

“At first we looked at the cost of an additional console for monitors and the staffing cost of a dedi-

cated monitor engineer, and tossed around the idea of using a pair of KLANG:konductors instead,” he says. “However, the vocal team preferred having the personal touch of a monitor engineer, so we decided to go with a console and a KLANG:konductor; we can use the KLANG alone for the backline on smaller events and use both for full services. That way, everyone has the benefit of the KLANG’s audio quality and it gives us tremendous flexibility in terms of how we allocate our monitor resources. That was a huge benefit of going with KLANG.”

IHSE Spotlights kvm-tec Scalable Pro Line

BOOTH C5631 IHSE USA is displaying its kvm-tec Scalable Pro Line, which supports networked 4K multiviewer capabilities over a 10G network switch. It uniquely features the ability to control and manage up to 16 computer sources on a single display via a single keyboard and mouse. By simply moving the mouse inside the gridded cell and clicking, the operator has full control of the source. In addition, up to four Scalable receivers can be networkbonded to allow up to 64 sources across the four displays.

With the new kvm-tec Scalable Multiview Commander, up to 16 sources in full HD or 4K can be combined and displayed on a single 4K monitor and controlled via one mouse and keyboard. Compatible with standard 10G network switches and capable of supporting up to 2,000 endpoints, users can select any 16 sources and manage them directly via OSD menu shortcuts or directly through kvm-tec’s switching manager software.

Matrox Video’s LUMA Pro graphics card At Brentwood Baptisth Church Instrument and vocal signals are intuitively placed using KLANG:app’s 3D orbit view

L-Acoustics Previews AI-powered Mixhalo Translate

BOOTH C9035 L-Acoustics is showcasing new capabilities for the L-ISA platform with AI-powered Mixhalo Translate in InfoComm Audio Demo Room N107.

Mixhalo Translate combines real-time streaming capabilities with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, transforming the way interpretation services are delivered at live events. Attendees can now enjoy AIgenerated foreign language interpretation and transcription through their own familiar smartphones and headphones. The quality and accuracy of the translations are comparable to human interpreters, ensuring an intuitive, immersive and inclusive experience for all, without the need for expensive and cumbersome sound packs and headphones.

MSolutions Offers EntryLevel USB-C Extender Set

BOOTH W2153 MSolutions is showcasing its MS-6U1C extender set at InfoComm, where the company has a branded presence at the booth of channel partner Stirling Communications Supply (W2153). Receiving its North American rebut, the MS-6U1C is an affordable entry-level USB-C solution for extending a single USB-C data channel up to 100m (33 feet) over a single CATx cable. Part of MSolutions’ growing range of AV collaboration solutions, the MS-6UIC seamlessly pairs with USB cameras inside meeting spaces and classrooms of all sizes.

The MS-6U1C extender’s robust reliability removes bulkier cabling infrastructure and ensures that signal integrity is maintained even when peripheral devices are concealed from sight.

Mixhalo COO Corey LaPlante announcing Mixhalo integration into the L-ISA platform at the L-Acoustics keynote at the Hollywood Bowl MSolutions’ MS-6U1C extender set

DA-LITE, BOOTH C8600 At InfoComm 2024, Da-Lite is introducing Myriad, an all-new ceiling recessed, wall-, and ceiling-mounted electric screen system. Available with 16 feet (4.9 m) of the SightLine cable drop feature, which gives the impression of a floating screen, Myriad is offered in sizes from 14 feet to 16 feet wide in 16:9 HDTV and 16:10 Wide formats. Tensioned products are available with HD Progressive 16K ready and Parallax Ambient Light Rejection screen surfaces. Smart fabric and roller suspension system provides simple access for maintenance. Myriad is ideal for large meeting spaces, conference centers, lecture halls, large classrooms, houses of worship, and hotel ballrooms.

Humly Adds New Feature to Floor Plan Software

BOOTH C9277 Humly is taking one of its space booking solutions outside the walls of the corporate facility to help staff and visitors navigate the concrete jungle of everyday parking. Now live in Humly Floor Plan and making its debut at InfoComm 2024, the new feature provides a complete view of the open-air parking lot or multi-level garage. The software’s clear 3D visualization allows users to quickly identify available spaces for general, visitor, disabled and electric vehicle parking among other areas.

Humly Floor Plan addresses the challenge of booking workspaces in hybrid business environments with flexible, dynamic worker schedules. The product provides a comprehensive 3D overview of meeting room, desk, and now parking space availability on each floor, in each building, and in every garage, providing a true enterprise-level solution for any business office or campus.

Just Add Power Expands 3G Ultra Line

BOOTH W845 Just Add Power is launching its new 3G Ultra 4K 767AES transmitter, which joins the company’s award-winning AV-over-IP 3G Ultra series to bring HDMI loopout and compatibility for AES67 audio systems.

The Just Add Power 3G Ultra 767AES is a 4K transmitter with HDMI loopout that provides compatibility for AES67 audio systems with any Just Add Power AV distribution system. It features input for LPCM audio up to eight channels, AES67 audio send and receive up to eight channels, and AES67 audio injection into any Just Add Power network. Like many other transmitters in the Just Add Power lineup, it includes HDMI pass-through; control of endpoints via RS-232, IR, and CEC; and Image Pull, which allows users to preview an image from any source or display from any web browser or control system at up to 10 fps.

BLACK BOX, BOOTH 9083 Designed to cater to the diverse needs of small to large conference rooms, classrooms, training centers, and control rooms, ControlBridge offers comprehensive connectivity and effortless control over every aspect of your space. ControlBridge from Black Box enables users to seamlessly connect and control a myriad of devices, including multimedia, AV, KVM, and IP-enabled devices, as well as room automation systems.

Just Add Power’s 3G Ultra 767AES Transmitter
Humly Floor Plan software provides a complete view of the open-air parking lot or multi-level garage

AtlasIED Introduces Aimline ALX-D


BOOTH C8634 Earlier this year, AtlasIED made a significant addition to its technology catalog in the form of the Aimline ALX-D Series of digitally steerable column loudspeakers. The digitally steerable ALX-D column loudspeakers comprise seven models with state-of-the-art beam steering and Dante audio as standard.

Modern facilities often use highly reflective surfaces such as glass, marble, and stone, which create significant acoustical challenges. The digitally steerable ALX-D column loudspeakers were designed to address these acoustical challenges, resulting in optimal venue coverage and the best possible direct-to-reverberant ratio. Each transducer has its own DSP and amplifier channel, allowing beams to be tailored in very granular increments and providing acute steering capability.

AtlasIED’s Aimline ALX-D loudspeakers

Epson Spotlights New Fleet Management Tool

BOOTH W1800 Epson Projector Management Connected (EPMC) is a cloud-based projector fleet management tool allowing users, IT managers and integrators to manage projectors remotely.

With today’s hybrid work models and a greater prevalence of large fleets of projectors being used in schools, corporations and immersive environments, this solution enables easier, faster and more powerful management and control when remotely working with an immense number of projectors. Ideal for AV professionals, IT managers and systems integrators, this service allows for managing, controlling, monitoring, and receiving critical notifications from projectors remotely.

EPMC enables quick access to an unlimited number of projectors from any web browser anywhere, including mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone.



Analog Way LivePremier Range Adds 16K Systems

BOOTH W1833 Visitors to the Analog Way booth will see how the company’s wide range of products fulfills the video processing needs of every project, from small and medium-sized jobs to the world’s largest fixed installations and live events.

Three new products are introduced in the LivePremier series, advancing the range with Aquilon multi-screen and multi-layer live presentation systems supporting pixel canvases up to 16K: the Aquilon RS5, Aquilon RS6 and Aquilon Cmax.

With Dante, Barix Creates Bridge to Everywhere

With powerful new configurations, these six rack unit chassis (6RU) products offer up to 32 4K60p inputs (or 64 2K/Dual 60Hz inputs with 8-plug input cards) and up to 24 4K60p outputs (16 outputs can be used to drive Program(s) and the remaining outputs can be used to drive Auxiliaries). Like their siblings, they also have two dedicated multiviewer outputs and a Dante audio interface.

BOOTH C5069 The best in WAN and LANbased Audio overt IP has come together with Barix now supporting numerous applications for Dante-networked environments. With the integration of Dante networking technology into its IPAC family of hardware devices (Exstreamer M400, Exstreamer MPA400, Exstreamer MR400, Annuncicom MPI400, and the IP Former TPA400), users can now unlock diverse applications that include effortless bridging of Dante networks over wide area networks.

Barix’s ability to bridge two Dante networks through SIP connectivity will be emphasized on the stand (7C5068). SIP is a signaling protocol for VoIP that defines how messages are sent between endpoints for voice calls, video conferencing and media distribution. Barix has developed a way to enable unidirectional and bidirectional interconnection of two Dante systems, using Barix IPAC hardware devices to support SIP-based WAN bridging. The result is a simpler and lower-cost interconnection that removes the need for analogto-Dante conversion to bridge the two networks, and instead feeds SIP calls direct to Dante networks.

Analog Way’s new LivePremier Aquilon presentation system Barix’s Annuncicom MPI400

Luxul Now Shipping Updated SW Managed PoE+ Switches

BOOTH C8600 Luxul is now shipping the full updated lineup of its SW Series Managed PoE+ AV switches. The switch family introduces a refreshed user interface with a streamlined setup process, enhancing the installation experience in AV-over-IP (AVoIP) environments and serving as the cornerstone for the company’s forthcoming generation of products. The SW Series includes eight managed switches that allow systems integrators to quickly set up, install, and manage any AVoIP infrastructure with enough PoE+ to power many network devices.

The refreshed line of Luxul SW Series managed PoE+ AV gigabit switches feature an updated UI that simplifies setup and offers improved support for AVoIP installations.

PPDS Spotlights Philips QE-Line Displays

BOOTH W2544 PPDS is showcasing its new Philips Signage 3000 EcoDesign Series at InfoComm 2024, delivering uncompromised 4K UHD video and pic ture performance while running on half the power compared to other models.

This “slick and stylish” Philips EcoDesign display (also known as the Philips QE-Line) is available now in 50-, 55- and 65-inch variants, and can be configured to meet the needs of almost any indoor environment--including retail, education, corporate and hospitality) with no additional hardware requirements.


INDOOR 1.95mm, 2.6mm, 2.9mm; OUTDOOR 3.9mm

Anti-collision protection, curve lock systems for flexible screen designs, and superior panel stacking for quick and easy deployment.

Anti Collision Design

Designed for maximum protection during install and transportation.

Colorful road cases are easy to spot and retrieve from a sea of black boxes. Versatile Live Event Indoor/Outdoor LED. Elevated Graphics Capabilities.

The Philips QE-Line features a powerful 350 cd/m2 LED display and quad-core chipset ensuring smooth running and consistent performance. It also joins PPDS’s ever-growing Android SoC family of displays.

Luxul’s SW Series Managed PoE+ AV switches
Complementary Exhibit Pass Code — TAY167 www.ats-pro.com For appointments email: sales@ats-pro.com INFOCOMM Booth #W3801 June 12-14, 2024 ® Masters in the Art of LED
VE Pro
Visit Us at InfoComm! Come to the Taylorleds booth #W3801 at InfoComm to experience our stunning displays firsthand. See the difference for yourself!

SI Showcases New Zero G Pro CarbonBlack

BOOTH W3937 Screen Innovations’ (SI) new Zero G Pro CarbonBlack is an advanced ALR levitating projection screen that combines a massive size, up to 300 inches diagonally, with up to 16 feet of Levitation, and an immersive viewing experience with CarbonBlack technology for large venues installations.

Zero G Pro CarbonBlack Levitating Motorized Rollable projection screen deploys and retracts on demand as needed. If you’re not using it, it’s virtually invisible. This retractable screen

feature makes it an aesthetically pleasing choice for all places, such as stage, House of Worship facilities, auditoriums, restaurants, conference rooms, training facilities, military, hospitality and more.

The Zero G Pro CarbonBlack is available in screen sizes up to 300 inches diagonally with 16 feet of drop. The CarbonBlack screen fabric delivers the superior contrast, color accuracy, and sharpness of LED displays with the imaging flexibility.

RF Venue Intros Next-Gen RF Distribution System

BOOTH C8843 RF Venue is introducing the DISTRO5 HDR, its next-generation and highestperformance antenna and power distribution system for any brand or model wireless microphone system. The RF Venue HDR series delivers higher performance and more channels in less rack space, for the best value in wireless audio. Designed and built to advanced standards in RF Venue’s USA facility, the DISTRO5 HDR delivers a new level of RF performance for up to five channels of wireless mics from a compact half-rack footprint.

In addition to clean, low-noise RF signal distribution, the DISTRO5 HDR is a highly capable power distribution system for wireless microphone receivers or other 12V DC rack equipment. The available Octopus power cable uses the DISTRO5’s robust internal power supply to provide up to five amps of DC current to power devices, eliminate wall warts and save rack space.

Avocor Brings the Full Portfolio

BOOTH C5558 Avocor is showcasing its full portfolio of products tailored for workplace and learning environments, from interactive displays ideally suited for executive suites to Ultra-wide displays designed for group collaboration,

Avocor is unveiling its new line of professional, non-interactive displays at InfoComm 2024. These displays extend Avocor’s reach into environments where interactivity is not paramount, while maintaining the high-quality, dependable, and innovative experience synonymous with the Avocor brand.

In addition, Avocor is introducing an addition to its Ultra-wide category with the new E92 interactive display. With its generous 92-inch canvas, the E92 enhances the existing 21:9 range offered currently by the L Series, extending the Ultra-wide experience into additional space sizes. By broadening its range, Avocor is answering the call of today’s businesses and higher education institutions for a comprehensive approach to communication and collaboration needs.

Theory Previews New Landscape Speakers

BOOTH C9901 At IC24 Theory Professional is previewing a pair of yet-to-be-released new high-performance landscape speakers: the ic6-Bollard 6.5-inch full-range landscape speaker and iws12-Bollard 12-inch landscape subwoofer.

A discreet and highly capable solution, the ic6 includes a professional grade driver including compression tweeter. When integrated into Theory’s new elegant stainless steel and paintable ic6 Bollard housing, the ic6 becomes a full-range landscape speaker offering 360-degrees of flawless, uniform, coverage.

Known for deep, visceral bass that bellies intuition, Theory is now taking that same bass outdoors with the iws12-Bollard. Simply install the Theory iws12 woofer into the iws12-Bollard housing and install it in the landscape to create a truly astonishing highenergy environment.

RF Venue’s DISTRO5 HDR next-generation and highestperformance antenna and power distribution system0 Screen Innovations’ Zero G Pro CarbonBlack ALR levitating projection screen Theory Professional’s ic6-Bollard landscape speaker

Visionary Partners With Audiovision for Sweden

Wisycom Shows BFL Solutions

BOOTH C8801 Visionary has struck a partnership with Audiovision AB for exclusive distribution of Visionary’s network audiovisual solution in Sweden. Based in Karlstad, Sweden, Audiovision AB is a leading importer and distributor of professional audio and video products, representing many of the world’s best-known brands.

Established in 1984, Audiovision AB-distributed products and solutions can be found in over 35,000 meeting, conference and training rooms across Sweden. Audiovision AB brings extensive experience in designing, adapting and developing system solutions. The company supports integrators and resellers by providing attentive, hands-on resources throughout pre-sale, delivery and post-sale processes. As a result, customers and end-users receive the best overall support and experience.

BOOTH C9727 Wisycom is showcasing its BFL Portable RF-over-fiber interfaces. Comprised of the BFLR1 receiver and the BFLT1 transmitter, these compact, easy-to-set-up solutions offer an entirely new way for users to support RF coverage and distribution requirements without concern for cable loss. Expanding on Wisycom’s existing RF-over-fiber solutions, the BFL interfaces feature selectable filters, expanded dynamic range and a long-range Bluetooth 5 programming link, which make them easy to integrate in any setting. With connectivity options available for wireless IEM, IFB and wireless mic applications, the BFLT1 can move RF signals over traditionally unreachable distances to connect with the BFLR1 receiver, which translates the optical signal back to RF.

Wisycom’s BFL Portable RF-over-fiber interface


VuWall Shows Updated TRx Platform

BOOTH C8070 VuWall is introducing version 3.6 of its TRx centralized video wall management software platform. The new update builds on the innovations and capabilities of the multiaward-winning platform. The new release adds advanced KVM and video wall management features as well as enhancements to scripting and security. Version 3.6 of TRx introduces notable enhancements, including “Main Wall Control,” allowing operators to control sources on the main video wall and seamlessly transition to control other sources on their personal workstations with a single keyboard and mouse. This feature, unique to VuWall, gives operators flexibility and control never seen before in the industry. Another significant KVM feature introduced in 3.6, “Dynamic Window Switching,” streamlines operator workflows by designating a specific window for control.

Sony Enhances Glasses-Free 3D Spatial Reality

BOOTH W2201 Sony Electronics’ ELF-SR2 and ELF-SR1 Spatial Reality Displays, which provide highly realistic, three-dimensional content without special glasses or VR headsets, are adding Spatial Reality Display Plugin for Preview, which enables stereoscopic display of 3D data and expanded Autodesk Maya features for enhanced precision. The plug-in supports other software such as Autodesk 3dsMax, ZBrush, and Blender, providing a broader range of applications for highquality 3D content creation.

Additionally, the Spatial Reality Display Player, an application that provides effortless display of 3DCG models on Spatial Reality Displays, released version 1.1, offering optimization for events and product showcases, among others. Furthermore, Sony’s SDK added compatibility with OpenXR (OpenGL and DirectX12), expanding DirectX11 support and widening the range of use cases for Spatial Reality Displays.

Sony has also released the source code for the Spatial Reality Display Plugin for Preview (BL) on GitHub, as well as new partner applications for enhanced flexibility.

At InfoComm 2024, Sony is showcasing multiple Spatial Reality Displays to run one continuous 3D video as a tiled array, allowing for an additional

Rockustics Features Monument Series Speakers

BOOTH C8656 Rockustics, the original rock speaker since 1986, is showcasing the Monument series at InfoComm 2024. Crafted in the USA, these state-of-the-art, geometrically inspired speakers are designed to enhance any outdoor setting with visual elegance and exceptional sound.

Among these, the BlockRock model stands out as being compliant with the Buy American Act (BAA), supporting American jobs and adhering to rigorous standards of domestic manufacturing. The Monument series includes three distinctive models: BlockRock, Topozoid, and BlockTop, each crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and performance.

The BlockRock, an omnidirectional 2-way speaker, features a 6.5-inch coax woofer and .75inch dome tweeter, delivering 360 degrees of dynamic audio. Suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications, its construction incorporates UV-stable resin combined with marble dust, ensuring it can withstand adverse weather conditions.

The Topozoid and BlockTop models complement the BlockRock by providing discreet yet effective covers for the SubScape series subwoofers. These models guarantee that your sound system’s aesthetics complement its surroundings without sacrificing audio quality.

screen to simultaneously showcase up to four screens of related 2D content.

Audac Empowers Clarity ivn VEX0208

BOOTH C9257 Audac is introducing the VEXO208, a 3-way loudspeaker meticulously designed to deliver an exceptional audio experience across diverse environments. Audac is distributed in North America by A.C. ProMedia.

At the heart of the VEXO208 is a highoutput design, showcasing dual eight-inch drivers housed in a remarkably compact cabinet. This innovative configuration ensures a powerful and detailed signature sound that exemplifies the renowned VEXO family. Despite its sleek and elegant enclosure, the VEXO208 doesn’t compromise on performance, offering exceptional audio quality that defies the constraints of its compact size.

One of the standout features of the VEXO208 lies in its sophisticated enclosure, striking the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and unparalleled performance.

Sony’s ELF-SR-2 Spatial Reality display Audac’s VEXO208 3-way loudspeaker Rockustics’ BlockRock Monument series speaker

Audinate Unveils Dante Pro S1 System-on-a-Chip

BOOTH C8012 Audinate is introducing the Dante Pro S1, a compact and costeffective system-on-a-chip (SoC) for professional audio and AV equipment manufacturers to integrate industry-leading Dante network functionality in low channel count devices.

Dante Pro S1 is designed for compact and power-efficient audio equipment solutions requiring Dante network interoperability and meets the evolving security requirements for enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT), Unified Communications (UC) and advanced audio system implementations. The chip is a versatile TFBGA100 package (8mm x 8mm) and requires minimal external components to complete system integration. The underlying microcontroller is more power efficient than previous Dante solutions, resulting in low heat dissipation for space-constrained equipment designs.

Dante Pro S1 offers an alternative to Audinate’s Dante Ultimo chip for OEMs building low channel count devices. Audinate encourages OEMs to use the Dante Pro S1 as it will provide future features and capabilities that may not be supported by Ultimo-based products.

D-Tools Launches ‘What’s the Buzz’ Podcast

BOOTH C8257 The new Data by D-Tools has access to information about the low-voltage integration business that no entity has ever had before. In particular, the aggregated information gathered from hundreds of thousands of proposals created by more than 2,000 users of D-Tools Cloud gives the company advance insight into decisive industry trends long before anyone else.

It is that insight that D-Tools is providing for the industry as part of its new “D-Tools What’s the Buzz” monthly podcast series, which launched in May. The podcast, hosted by industry veterans Jason Knott, data solutions architect and evangelist at D-Tools, and Tim Bigoness, chief marketing officer at D-Tools, will dig deep into the data and discuss with industry leaders the upcoming direction integrators can take to stay ahead of the curve.

Audinate’s Dante Pro S1 system-on-a-chip
Visit Booth #W2516 to See Our Solutions in Action www.rgb.com The SuperView® IPX is a high-performance 4K multiviewer for displaying up to 8 signals in customizable layouts on a single screen. Superior image quality at up to 4K 60Hz resolution with display windows any size, anywhere on screen. High-Performance Multiviewers
Jason Knott (left) and Tim Bigoness

Transparent Displays in LG Showcase

BOOTH W2125 LG is highlighting its latest transparent digital displays at InfoComm 2024, including a 55-inch transparent OLED display and 55-inch and 30-inch transparent OLED touch displays that each turn static signage areas into open and interactive spaces.

LG’s 55-inch Transparent OLED Digital Signage Display (model 55EW5G-V) offers new ways to present information and attract attention, making it a valuable commodity for integrators working with clients in retail, hospitality, corporate offices and more. Featuring an expandable design

with two layers, the display offers 38 percent transparency while delivering accurate, vivid color with high contrast. To support long lasting efficacy and provide peace of mind to owners, the display features 3mm chemically strengthened protection glass that is anti-reflective and shatter-proof.

Touch-enabled 55-inch (model 55EW5TKA) and 30-inch (model 30EW3L-A) Transparent OLED Digital Signage Displays that offer 33 percent and 43 percent transparency, respectively, are also being demonstrated. These displays show how integrators, content designers and artists can

SILICONCORE, BOOTH W1059 SiliconCore’s 130-inch Mobile All-In-One Display solution brings the benefits of the manufacturer’s unique and patented technologies into a flexible presentation solution, ideal for workplaces, engineering environments, training suites and manufacturing factory floors. The 1.25mm pixel pitch display can be wheeled in its compact casing into any environment, then expands through a motorised display mechanism when in location to deliver a seamless S130inch, 2400 x 1350 resolution display. HDMI input facilitates easy BYOD connectivity and high performance is delivered through the 120hz and 240hz frame rate options, ideal for displaying and interrogating 3D datasets.

FUTURE READY SOLUTIONS, BOOTH C10157 The Xtreme Power P91 lithium-ion UPS, exhibited by Future Ready Solutions, combines game-changing lithium-ion batteries with the advanced power protection of online double conversion technology. When compared to typical lead acid batteries, lithiumion batteries provide more than twice the life, higher temperature tolerance, longer runtime, and faster recharge. Online double conversion technology makes the Xtreme Power P91 Li UPS ideal for protection of network, server, edge, and distributed IT applications and equipment from blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges, and noise interference. The P91 protects as it curbs energy costs and lowers heat output. Tower, rack, and wall mount options are available.

create interactive experiences to benefit museums, retailers, hospitality desks and corporate lobbies.

Listen Ships ListenWIFI Assistive Listening Solution

BOOTH C8935 Listen Technologies’ awardwinning, next-generation audio over Wi-Fi assistive listening solution, ListenWIFI, is available and shipping. ListenWIFI features new LWR-1050 Receivers, LA-490 Beacons, servers, and enhanced software. It is globally compliant with accessibility requirements.

In venues that offer audio over Wi-Fi assistive listening, guests can download the free ListenWIFI app on their smartphone, log into the venue’s Wi-Fi network, and stream audio to their phone.

LA-490 Beacons provide location-based audio for a fully automated and seamless user experience. Beacons are small, lightweight units that can be mounted on a wall and configured to transmit information to LWR-1050 receivers or smartphones running the ListenWIFI app when they are in range of the units. Venues determine coverage areas and channel access.

ListenWIFI is ideal for higher education, corporate environments, and houses of worship where noise and distance can make hearing clearly difficult. Applications include assistive listening, interpretation, video description, and settings with multiple screens.

A museum setting for an LG transparent display Listen Technologies’ ListenWIFI assistive listening solution

AIMS Welcomes Two New Members

Renkus-Heinz Spotlights OmniBeam Technology

BOOTH C6123 The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) is introducing its newest members: Kakadu Software (provider of the acclaimed JPEG 2000 development toolkit) and 7thSense (a leader in pixel generation, processing, and management technology).

Based in Sydney, Australia, Kakadu Software delivers a complete toolkit for users seeking unsurpassed performance across all image compression and manipulation, including video encoding, satellite image management, image archiving, and medical imaging. It encompasses all of Part 1 (ISO/ IEC 15444-1), Part 2 (coding and file format extensions), Part 3 (motion JPEG 2000), Part 9 (JPIP), and Part 15 (HTJ2K) of the royalty-free JPEG 2000 standard.

With offices across the U.K. and the U.S., 7thSense’s advanced products--from media servers and pixel processors to generative content solutions--enable storytellers worldwide to fulfill their creative vision. In 2020, the company expanded its portfolio to include show control technology after merging with Medialon, a long-established provider of show control solutions for museums, theme parks, and attractions.

BOOTH C9620 Developed over years of advanced technical research, OmniBeam from Renkus-Heinz radically simplifies the setup of beam-steering technology, instantly generating custom-tailored audio coverage that is precisely matched to the exact geometry of any space.

OmniBeam replaces Renkus-Heinz’s former UniBeam software by expanding on its coverage and control capabilities. With just a press of the “Snap to Audience” button, OmniBeam generates ideal coverage for each and every venue. All the beam-steering calculations, frequency adjustments and FIR filter calculations are completed in seconds by the software.

OmniBeam has been implemented in all of Renkus-Heinz’s steerable loudspeakers, including the recent ICLive X Series of modular, high-output arrays engineered for live sound reinforcement.

The Simple Answer to Your Ed Tech Questions

Remote Monitoring & Remediation

OmniBeam from Renkus-Heinz
Ask us about integrating Liberty security and surveillance devices to protect your students and faculty. Booth C5341 AVoIP Avoid multicast storms No programming to deploy or route signals USB USB over IP for interactive and remote learning USB-C extension for collaboration & presentation
Agnostic, single pane of glass Easy to implement and use Fix problems remotely Liberty Education Advantage Program FREE benefits and dedicated support Libertyonline com

Nanolumens Offers Ultra Tight Radius Display

BOOTH W717 Nanolumens is unveiling a new extension of its award-winning Nixel Series featuring an ultra-tight radius and narrow pixel pitch, which is making its debut at InfoComm 2024. The new Nixel Flex product is designed to elevate the standard for seamlessly curved displays with its unparalleled design and flexibility.

The new Nixel product builds on the success of the Nixel Flex, taking it another step further with a remarkable bend radius of 11.5 inches, in a 1.56mm pixel pitch cylindrical screen measuring 23 inches in diameter. The display boasts 100,000 hours of display life, alongside unparalleled image quality and vibrant colors. The Nixel Series displays are front-serviceable, super slim, lightweight and energy-efficient.

Nanolumens’ Nixel Flex Series is designed to bend and arch to create both convex and concave curved displays.

A Healing Sound Via Genelec for Gaia Nomaya

BOOTH C5034 Gaia Nomaya Wellness Center is a 7,000-square-foot music, wellness and arts space in Brooklyn, NY, dedicated to using music as medicine and art as therapy. The central core of Gaia Nomaya is its Wellness Womb, an island of serenity with a calming, immersive aural ambience created using eight Genelec 4430A Smart IP Installation Loudspeakers.

The Genelec 4430As are used to play continuous streams of soothing music and sounds that evoke forests, oceans and other tranquil environments. It’s the Genelecs’ ability to faithfully reproduce all of those sonic experiences that make

Aveo Systems Offers Room Control API

BOOTH C9556 Mira Connect’s AV control software has an application programming interface (API) that easily extends its room control capabilities to other user interface devices and applications. Any feature controlled with Mira Connect software is accessible through the Mira Connect room control API.

Applications and devices send simple “room control” commands to Mira Connect software. Mira Connect software handles all the equipment-specific details, including managing connections to the devices using SSH, HTTPS, Telnet, TCP, and UDP. Advanced features such as Wake-on-LAN are available by sending a simple power command to any device. API users subscribe to the status values they want to monitor, and Mira Connect reports realtime status updates as room states change.

Applications can dynamically create their user interface by discovering the room’s capabilities, including whether the room supports video or audio conferencing, the number of displays, the names of the video sources, mute and volume control points, and more.

them so valuable to Gaia Nomaya’s mission. “The beauty of the system is that it lets the music transport people to those environments,” says David Goldin, one of the space’s partners. “But they’re also excellent for all of the other things we do here, from having a DJ in to hosting jazz and other types of music. The Genelec loudspeakers do it all--and sound great doing it.”

DiGiCo Updates Quantum Pulse Software

BOOTH C9345 DiGiCo is now offering secondgeneration software updates for its Quantum 338 and Quantum 225 mixing consoles. Available for a nominal fee, the Mk 2 software packages, known as Pulse, increase the input channel and buss counts of each desk model, plus add other notable features.

On the Quantum 338, the new upgrade will increase the number of input channels to 156 (from 128), busses to 72 (from 64), Mustard Processors to 48 (from 36), and Nodal Processors to 72 (from 64). Other perks include the addition of Mix Minus functionality, plus a larger 36 x 36 Matrix on the “T” theatresoftware model of the console.

Similarly, Pulse will bump up the Quantum 225’s power and versatility, raising its input channel count to 96 (from 72), buss count to 48 (from 36), and Mustard and Nodal Processor tallies to 36 and 48, respectively (from 24 and 32).

Genelec 4430A loudspeakers have been installed at Gaia Nomaya Wellness Center in Brooklyn, NY

G&D’s DynamicWorkplace-CON

Limitless Possibilities With New G&D CON Model

BOOTH W745 The new DynamicWorkplace-CON can be integrated seamlessly with a digital G&D matrix system in an overall installation. It consolidates multiple CON modules and their associated monitors, creating an efficient and organized work environment. Displaying all relevant information on high-resolution monitors significantly reduces the physical strain on users and improves response times for critical decisions.

The multi-viewing feature of the workplace module allows simultaneous operation of up to eight sources on up to four monitors. Tailored for effortless integration into existing G&D matrix systems in demanding environments, this advancement greatly enhances the user-friendliness of KVM installations.

Fourier Audio and DiGiCo Plug In Live Sound

BOOTH C9345 Late last year, DiGiCo announced the acquisition of U.K.-based live sound software developer and manufacturer Fourier Audio. The deal further strengthens DiGiCo’s investment in live sound innovation, building on its acquisition of immersive in-ear pioneer KLANG:technologies in 2018.

Fourier Audio’s team of software engineers and sound designers are focused on delivering live audio solutions that enhance an engineer’s ability to create superior sounding performances. Over the last few years, they have been developing a new platform, now known as the transform.engine, that brings the power of studio audio software plugins to live engineers.

Fourier Audio founders Henry Harrod, Peter Bridgman, and Gareth Owen (CEO, CTO, CCO) state, “Knowing first-hand how successful and well regarded DiGiCo and the wider Audiotonix family are in the live market, this is a fantastic next step in Fourier’s growth. Being part of a global network of partners and clients that are at the top of their game-in live events, touring, and installed audio-gives us the opportunity to rapidly change the way that engineers and artists shape their shows.”

Your Signal

The Catapult System

Radial's Catapult range takes advantage of a little-known audio trick – but one which opens up endless applications – the ability to send four channels of analog audio over a single Cat 5/6 cable. This feature gives you the chance to streamline and economize your setups by a factor of four, by eliminating the need for bulky multi-channel audio snakes, and allows you to take advantage of pre-wired networks to connect from one room to another.

Catapult modules require no power to operate, and since they keep the signal in the analog realm, no digital conversion is necessary. Straight-wire connection from the XLRs to the RJ45 connector on a Cat 5 cable ensures that your audio passes through without coloration or distortion.

DiGiCo and Fourier Audio celebrating the deal (left to right): Fourier Audio CCO Gareth Owen, Fourier Audio CTO Pete Bridgman, Audiotonix CEO James Gordon, DiGiCo MD Austin Freshwater, and Fourier Audio CEO Henry Harrod
Simplify your Setup www.radialeng.com/catapult Catapult Rack 12 Channel Cat 5 Audio Snake
Over Cat 5 Catapult 4 Channel Cat 5 Audio Snake Catapult Mini Compact 4 Channel Cat 5 Audio Snake




Velocity AT-VKP-8E Keypad Controller

Atlona’s Velocity AT-VKP-8E keypad controller, an alternative to touch panels for AV control in smaller spaces and less complex applications, provides IP-based system control in environments where a simple and straightforward keypad interface is preferred, such as standard classrooms and small meeting spaces.


WN Pro Series Flip-Chip COB System

Designed in collaboration with Taylorleds, the Wafer Nexus (WN) Pro Series features Flip Chip COB technology. With its smooth surface, the WN Pro Series is designed for applications where touchinteractivity is the goal. The product features Taylorled’s most advanced Flip-Chip COB technology, offering more than 30 percent energy savings over more conventional panels without any loss to brightness or overall picture quality.


System 20 PRO Digital Wireless System


Tempo Flat Panel In-Wall Mount System

The Chief wall mounting system streamlines AV installations, ideal for large projects. Integrators can fit in-wall boxes during rough construction with the stud tabs kit, then add components after wall finishing. Storage boxes fit between 16-inch O.C. studs without cutting, supporting displays over 65 inches and up to 250 pounds, with Lever Lock plates for AV equipment clearance.


CUT4 Logic Interface

Designed to streamline installation and configuration, the CUT-4 Logic Interface, engineered specifically to work in harmony with Clockaudio’s

LED buttons, opens up a world of possibilities for control and customization. Gain the ability to connect to a DSP or control system over a network, while empowering users to effortlessly manage their audio environment with precision and ease.


1 Beyond Cameras

Audio-Technica’s System 20 PRO is a self-managing, plug-and-play 2.4 GHz digital wireless system that is scalable to 20 channels and delivers dependable, high-quality audio regardless of where you set it up. Designed for hassle-free deployment, the system overcomes many challenges of conventional wireless microphones.


Blackmagic Replay

Blackmagic Replay is a new way of creating live action replays for broadcasters. DaVinci Resolve handles the playback, because it’s a powerful editor with multi-user collaboration features, color correction, visual effects and audio post-production. Now replays can be converted into promos, title sequences and instant social media updates.



Passive Sub Bass Enclosure System

Optimized for use with Blaze Audio amplifiers, the BL18S is a passive sub bass enclosure system is configured for 1200w AES, 2400w Program, 4800w Peak power. Outfitted with an 18-inch transducer and a four-inch voice coil, the enclosure has a maximum SPL of 136dB.

Hybrid meetings start with seeing every participant clearly, no matter how far away they are from the camera. With optical zoom from Crestron’s 1 Beyond cameras, you can bring participants closer without losing resolution. Make even the largest spaces feel intimate and interaction immediate, in-person or remote.


M-27000 WU Single-Chip DLP Projector

The M-27000 WU from Digital Projection sets a design and performance benchmark for single-chip DLP projectors. Combining state-of-the-art electronics in a compact footprint, it achieves imaging quality normally associated with larger, more expensive three-chip laser projectors.



Series Outdoor Kiosks

Expanding its DK Series of outdoor kiosks, DynaScan is introducing models that integrate diverse display technologies to create more versatile, efficient, and dynamic display solutions. Customers will have the flexibility to select from LCD, DVLED, lightbox and ePaper displays, and seamlessly integrate these diverse components into a customized display solution that meets their specific needs.



Floor Riser Pro CineGrey 4D

Lecture hall and conference room presentations just got better with the new Floor Riser Pro CineGrey 4D from Elite ProAV. This portable Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting projector screen features CLR/ALR technology to combat the typical matte white washout effect and provide contrast-rich images.

ENCO W2711

ENCO Rushworks


21:9 All-in-One DVLED Display

Optimized for popular video conferencing platforms, LG’s 171-inch All-in-One DVLED display (model LAED015) offers the ultimate widescreen solution. With a 21:9 aspect ratio, it delivers an immersive viewing experience optimized for Microsoft Teams Rooms environments, matching conferencing formats, maximizing visibility, delivering natural details and eliminating wasted screen space.

ENCO’s Rushworks PTX Model 3 PRO robotic pan/tilt head incorporates several engineering advancements that make it ideal for use in any production setting including houses of worship, entertainment venues, and sporting events. Designed for larger payloads, the PTX Model 3 provides the torque necessary for smoothly controlling most professional-grade camera/lens combinations.


EB-PQ2010B 4K Projector

Touted as the world’s smallest and lightest 10,000-lumen 4K projector, the EBPQ2010B is ideal for engaging, immersive environments. With Epson’s 3-chip, 3LCD and new 4K Crystal Motion technology it fully realizes 4K resolution on-screen with extraordinary detail and color brightness.


4435A Smart IP Active IC Speaker

MAGEWELL C5747 Modator Modular IP Conversion

Magewell’s Modator family brings the reliability and low-latency performance of the company’s standalone encoders and decoders to a high-density, modular, rackmount form factor. Hot-swappable Modator modules work independently to convert between baseband video/audio signals and IP streams.


Raptor LX165V07 165-inch DvLED Wall Display

Raptor LX165V07 is a 165-inch diagonal integrated DvLED wall display designed for efficient collaboration. Supporting wireless screen sharing, including third-party protocols like Miracast, Chrome-cast, and Airplay—plus a wireless BYOM function—MAXHUB’s wireless screen sharing feature enables one to bring their device and connect to the display wirelessly.

Genelec’s 4435A Smart IP Active In-Ceiling Speaker offers audio performance of the highest quality, with the added ease of installation, system scalability and simple operation of Smart IP’s single-cable networked technology. Designed for discreet in-ceiling installation, the durable and functional 4435A provides exceptional long-term value for premium AV installations.


AMX SVI N3300 Series

Harman Professional Solutions’ AMX SVSI N3300 Series Encoders and Decoders comprise a feature-rich series offering greater streaming flexibility and interoperability. These products are ideal for almost any streaming application, including colleges and universities, casinos, courtrooms, hospitality, and government applications.

IHSE C5631

Tera Web Control

The IHSE Tera Web Control is the latest addition to its KVM matrix series and enhances connectivity for both single- and multi-console workstations commonly found in control room applications. In addition to fast hotkey and OSD menu control, which are particularly popular with power users, Tera Web Control simplifies the process of managing connections in an HTML-based graphical user interface.

MIDDLE ATLANTIC C8600 Forum Lectern

The Middle Atlantic Forum Lectern, part of the Forum Collaboration Suite, is ADA-compliant and electrically height-adjustable for higher education and collaboration spaces. Customizable with logo panels and worksurface options, it comes in four colorways and widths (42 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches).

NEUTRIK C9435 DLINE Interfaces

The Neutrik NA-2I2O-DLINE, NA-2I-DLINE, and NA-2O-DLINE interfaces are designed to connect legacy audio gear to Dante networks. The NA-2I2O-DLINE offers two inputs and two outputs. For environments where both inputs and outputs are not required, the NA-2O-DLINE interface offers two outputs only while the NA-2I-DLINE offers two inputs only.


MX6000 Pro

MX6000 Pro is NovaStar’s latest premium control solution tailored for high-end display applications like virtual production, studios, broadcasting, sports and large-scale rental activities. Featuring a versatile and robust hardware design, it allows users to customize I/O cards based on their projects thanks to its modular design concept.


Experience all the conversations, connections and inspiration of Xchange – in person at booth #W2847!


9:30-10:15 a.m.

AVIXA Certification Breakfast

10:30-11:00 a.m.

Wellness in the Workplace: A Focus on Mental Health

11:15-11:45 a.m.

AV Integration: Is Your Business Fine-tuned for Today’s More Competitive Landscape?

12:00-12:45 p.m.


Note that this schedule may have changed since printing. Scan the code to see the latest.


Stay Connected A er InfoComm

Continue the excitement about technology and connect with customers and peers a er the show on AVIXA Xchange. Sign Up for Free Today!



SEAMLESS Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System

The newly updated SEAMLESS Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System (DSLEDUNV) incorporates a 1:1 model that follows the “one display, one mount” universal strategy of LCD video walls. A new patent-pending, reusable universal spacer dramatically simplifies the installation of displays while offering future-proof adaptability.

PPDS W2544

Philips Tableaux ePaper display

PPDS’s new 32-inch (16:9) Philips Tableaux 5150 full-color ePaper display delivers 24/7 content while unplugged and power-free. Packed within the 2560 x 1440, 16:9 Philips Tableaux, E Ink Spectra 6 technology uses enhanced algorithms to provide a true print quality replacement for any paper sign.

RCF C9535

TT+ AUDIO GTX Passive Line Array Module


WattBox Multi-Function Trigger

The New WattBox Multi-Function Trigger accessory for the WattBox 800 Series lets end users control pre-defined outlets with customizable button presses. Easily integrated with OvrC, partners can configure functions for on, off, or resetting the unit through two distinct button actions.


Explore SE 4Kp60 PTZ Camera

Designed for high-performance production, Telycam’s Explore SE PTZ camera features a 1/1.8-inch 9MP CMOS sensor and 30x optical zoom. It delivers UHD video via 12G-SDI (with genlock), HDMI, NDI High Bandwidth and NDI HX simultaneously, and offers Brainstorm-certified Free-D for AR/ VR production; AI-powered auto-tracking; recording; and XLR with phantom power.


TeamJoin Meeting Space Solutions

The TT+ AUDIO GTX 12 twoway line array module by RCF, designed for large-scale, highdemand touring and install use, boasts eight best-in-class transducers for excellent sonics, optimized directivity and a max SPL of 148dB. Up to 24 of the sturdy weather-resistant enclosures can be suspended on a single fly-bar.


TeamConnect Bars

The TeamJoin TRS10 and TRS10-UB bundles are Microsoft Teams Rooms [MTR] Solutions, integrating hardware and software, and designed to optimize collaboration, video conferencing, improve productivity, and streamline communications. The ViewSonic TeamJoin TRS10 bundle includes a computing engine mini-PC and touch console, while the TeamJoin Plus TRS-10-UB bundle adds a 4K conference camera.


With options for small (TC Bar S) or mid-sized (TC Bar M) meeting and collaboration spaces, the TC Bar Solutions are true problem solvers with benefits like easy setup, brand agnostic integration, comprehensive management and control, high video quality, security, and sustainability. The TC Bar S features four microphones and two speakers, while TC Bar M has six microphones and four speakers.


Microflex Wireless neXt 2

Shure’s new addition to its Microflex Ecosystem, Microflex Wireless neXt 2 (MXW neXt 2), is a two-channel wireless system designed to offer a costeffective, intuitive, all-in-one audio solution for hybrid meeting, presentation and teaching environments. The handheld, bodypack, and boundary transmitters feature upgraded security, increased dynamic range and extended battery life (up to 28 hours) for all-day use.

Encolor T10 DMX Controller DMX Controller

Visual Productions’ new Encolor T10 DMX Controller is a non-programmable, wall-mounted, glass touchscreen controller designed for small, basic, single-zone, permanent installations. Featuring a clean glass surface, haptic engine and color-changing selection wheel, Encolor T10 facilitates easy and secure color selection of DMX luminaires.


ZyPer4K-XS AVoIP and SDVoE Decoder

The newest AVoIP decoder in ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K-XS value-engineered product line includes Dante AES67 audio and full USB 2.0 support among other features. The cost-effective unit allows for the distribution and switching of uncompressed 720p, 1080p HD, Ultra HD and 4K resolution content, audio and control via off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet switches.



To support a more equitable and sustainable future globally, the AVIXA® Foundation introduces the Brad Sousa Impact Fund. The Fund is dedicated in memory of Brad Sousa, CTO of AVI Systems and member of the AVIXA Board of Directors.

The Fund invests in initiatives and partnerships supporting the Foundation’s educational and charitable work. Contribute and create a lasting impact today!

IVE avixa.org /bra d-sousa-impa c t-fund

C2G Expands Superbooster USB

Extender Family

BOOTH C8600 At InfoComm 2024, C2G brings a major expansion to its family of Superbooster USB Extenders adding seven new models that support USB devices such as high-bandwidth PTZ cameras, solid-state drives, interactive whiteboards printers, and touchscreen displays.

Superbooster USB Camera Extenders have undergone extensive testing with industry-leading video conferencing cameras--including Logitech, Polycom, Owl Labs, Aver, Jabra, Yealink, Avaya, Bose, Vaddio, and others--to ensure total reliability and deployment confidence.

The plug-and-play C2G Superbooster USB Camera Extenders are designed with chipset technology that offers a higher compatibility rate than other USB extenders on the market. They provide reliable USB data extension from a computer to a USB camera up to 150 feet (45.7m) over a standard CAT-6 network cable, making it an ideal solution for conference rooms, command centers, classrooms, auditoriums, and medical facilities.

Superbooster USB Camera Extenders are available in three form factors: Single Gang Wall Plate to Single Gang Wall Plate kit (C2G54275), Single Gang Wall Plate to Box kit (C2G54276), and Box to Box kit (C2G54277).

elektraLite Paint Can Now IP65 Rated

BOOTH W1071 elektraLite’s original Paint Can spot/wash hybrid fixture has long been praised as a cost-effective, multipurpose workhorse. Following an update in 2019 that added a 200-watt Japanese COB LED offering a CRI of 95, the Paint Can has now become even more versatile with the new release of an IP65-rated version ideal for use any where, including outdoors. Available in Warm White, Cool White, Variable White, RGBW, and RGBWA formats, the Paint Can IP65 fixtures feature a highly robust, marine-grade chassis equipped with covered TRUE1 TOP connectors for flawless performance in even the most punishing environments.

Incorporating a zoom lens that ranges from 18-58 degrees, the Paint Can IP65’s electronic zoom maintains perfect beam shape throughout the entire transition. elektraLite’s iP65-rated Paint Can


Product Spotlight

Follows Direction: AtlasIED’s Aimline Series

The AtlasIED Aimline ALX-D digitally steerable, multichannel array loudspeaker systems for the commercial installation market are designed for applications with problematic acoustics. The combination of advanced steering algorithms, powerful DSP, and efficient amplification gives the system designer a unique set of tools for controlling sound in large, acoustically challenging, highly reverberant spaces.

Booth C8634 • www.atlasied.com/aimline

PlexusAV P-AVN-4: an IPMX transceiver

Discover PlexusAV's P-AVN-4: an IPMX transceiver, both encoder and decoder. With rapid 1 Gigabit connectivity, it delivers open standards-based transport using IPMX. Offering codec versatility (JPEG XS, H.264, HEVC), it redefines media experiences with cutting-edge technology and unmatched flexibility. Booth C9069 • https://plexusav.com/products/ipmx-jpegxs-fip-transceiver/

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Dante AV Ultra Encoder and Decoder DAV-01

ADTECHNO Dante AV Ultra Encoder and Decoder DAV-01 are the award-winning AV over IP product, powered by the Dante AV Ultra solution, allowing for lossless 4K Ultra HD video and extremely low-latency IP streaming over 1GbE network. It utilizes ProAV-optimized Colibri codec, preserving high-quality graphical content for 4K60 with perfect video and audio synchronization. Both the encoder and decoder come equipped with a 2.0-inch IPS screen, offering a preview of incoming video images, up to 8 channels of audio level meters, and Dante setting features.

Booth C6328 • https://www.ad-techno.com/en/products/dante/SP/

Lightware Introduces UC-over-IP

Lightware's new Taurus TPN enables seamless USB-C host switching and easy control of USB room peripherals. Leveraging SDVoE technology, the Taurus TPN’s supports HDMI 2.0 signals up to 4K60 4:4:4 video resolution and its provision of full bandwidth USB 2.0 allows high-quality data transmission across 10G Ethernet networks.

Booth C8056 • https://infocomm.lightware.com/taurus

Axis network audio devices integrate with cameras, intercoms, access control and more to offer complete solutions for a smarter and safer world.

Stop by booth #C8912 to see and hear how you can improve ROI with these solutions. Visit our booth and play our audio game for a chance to win a prize!

Booth C8912 • www.axis.com/audio • 1-800-444-2947

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight

LED Studio – VIVID

Experience unmatched visual clarity with VIVID MicroLED, featuring advanced Chip-on-Board (COB), Flip Chip, and Common Cathode Technology. With a pixel pitch as low as P0.75 and 16.8 million colours, VIVID delivers lifelike image reproduction. Enjoy superior DCI-P3 colour performance and up to 40% energy savings compared to SMD technology. The VIVID MicroLED sets a new standard in display technology, perfect for those seeking the best in visual experience and efficiency.

Booth W2771 • https://www.theledstudio.co.uk/product/vivid-microled

Canon Firmware

Canon has released a new firmware for the CR-N700, N500, N300, N100, X300 PTZ cameras, and RC-IP1000 Controller that provides a variety of new features and improvements. The built-in Auto-Tracking is enhanced for better tracking performance, and supported PTZ cameras now include a free, lite version of Auto Tracking pre-installed.

Booth C8763 • https://www.usa.canon.com/ptz

Fiber Optic Technology that Goes the Distance

DVIGear’s 4K HDMI and DisplayPort Fiber Optic Extenders are high-performance, cost-effective Optical Extenders designed to exceed the most demanding system requirements. They support uncompressed, high-resolution signal distribution over very long distances using only a single fiber optic cable.

A transmitter and a receiver compose the set. Light pulses are converted and transmitted over a single strand of Multi-Mode or Single-Mode fiber optic cable. They are converted back to AV signals by the receiver for displays and other downstream devices. Advanced fiber optic technology enables superior picture quality without any compression over greater distances than other extension methods. Features include embedded audio, bi-directional IR, RS-232 and two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports. Booth C8121 • https://www.dvigear.com/optical-extenders.html


4K Multiformat Cross-Converter

Ophit’s OMCC is a compact 4K multiformat cross-converter that converts HDMI or DisplayPort into SDI 12G, 6G, and 3G signals. It transmits high-definition signals through the SDI bypass function without compromising video signal quality. The OMCC also converts DisplayPort and SDI signals into HDMI and SDI outputs, delivering 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. A unique feature of the OMCC allows the user to select the video source using the push switch and the output format using the slide switch. This versatile product is compatible with various professional audio and video applications and easily integrates into existing installation setups.

Booth W1651 • https://www.ophitusa.com/

1 SOUND Releases their Free 3D Design and Prediction Software, Auralis

Auralis is a multipurpose 3D sound design tool with precise, high-resolution, full-color audio predictions. Auralis is streamlined and straightforward with clear direction to build/import your space, adjust system mechanical information, 3D acoustical mapping, SPL predictions, and phase coherency. Auralis is an accurate measurement tool for every 1 SOUND loudspeaker. Auralis generates concise reports with all the applicable information that can also act as an onsite deployment reference. Auralis supports various design application types, working with multiple loudspeakers, Tower arrays, and measurement microphones. 1 SOUND aims for Auralis to be an iterative free software. We also have a Demo Room #N108

Booth C9221 or Demo Room N108 • www.1-sound.com/auralis

zactrack® PRO High Performance Automated Follow System

zactrack® PRO is an automated Follow-System to fulfill all requirements for big projects. People and objects in motion are tracked with high accuracy and represented in a 3D model. High precision mathematics automatically control moving lights, video, and sound devices.

Booth C8034 • https://www.zactrack.com/zactrack-pro-system

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight

Meet SpinetiX iBX440 - Video Walls Made Easy

iBX440 is the award-winning digital signage player that makes video walls accessible to everyone. Four HDMI outputs, a cutting-edge Intel® Core™ processor, the purpose-built DSOS™ operating system, and user-friendly SpinetiX ARYA™ CMS all work together to enable impressive 4x4K video walls at 60 fps.

Booth W2007 • www.spinetix.com/ibx440

NEXX 12G Compact Processing Capable Routing Platform

Enterprise Broadcast is a growing application using traditional broadcast equipment. The NEXX is a compact routing platform supporting up to 12GSDI for UHD video formats and a matrix up to 384 x 384 in a 5RU frame. It offers flexibility with new processing modules for HDMI and Dante interfaces, expanding capabilities beyond routing.

Booth C5527 • evertz.com/products/NEXX

BirdDog MAKI Ultra: Where compact innovation meets powerful performance.

Introducing the new MAKI Ultra NDI® | HX3 camera. This little powerhouse packs in lightningfast autofocus and 4K60 capabilities to ensure you catch every moment with stunning precision. Intuitive physical buttons located on the side of the camera give you seamless control, dive into your creative zone without getting bogged down in technical stuff. 12x and 20x Zoom available.

Booth C5008 • https://birddog.tv/x1-overview/


SoundTube Launches US-Made BAA In-Ceiling Speakers

SoundTube is proudly bringing manufacturing back to the US with the introduction of the CM-BGM-II-US series, a new line of in-ceiling speakers that are Buy American Act (BAA) compliant. Ideal for government-funded installations and US-made product requests, the series launch includes three standard height models and one short-can model, each featuring Broadbeam ring technology for ultra-wide dispersion making them perfect for music or voice. See all our US-made products at InfoComm in booth C8656. Stop by to learn more.

Booth C8656 • https://soundtube.com/

Manage Your Entire Display Fleet with Planar WallDirector Cloud

Planar® WallDirector™ Cloud is a web-based monitoring application that enables organizations to securely manage their fleet of Planar LED and LCD displays from one centralized location. The simple dashboard has configurable views to suit the needs of the administrator, and offers the ability to monitor individual display health, perform routine diagnostics, send commands such as power on/off, troubleshoot and open Planar Support tickets with one click.

Booth W945 • www.planar.com/WallDirector-Cloud

Alcons Audio - LR15

The LR15/120 is a 2-way ultra-compact line-array, offering an intuitive 1:1 linear response with highest intelligibility and non-compressed identical tonal balance at any SPL.

By implementing Alcons’ pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies, a super-fast impulse response with up to 90% less distortion is achieved, combined with a precise “lobe-free” projection. The pro-ribbon’s power handling of 1000W and RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15, caters for a superb intelligibility and throw with a dynamic headroom reserve.

The LF-section features two next-gen 6.5” woofers with a 2-in. dual-coil motor structure with significantly-extended excursion, loaded by FlowVent™ ports for optimised breathing with minimal port noise and compression.

Booth C9715 / Demo Room N119 • www.alconsaudio.com and www.lr15.info


New Matrix Mix Engine, SONICUE Update at Dynacord

BOOTH C8901 Dynacord is featuring an upgraded model of the MXE Matrix Mix Engine with expanded Dante connectivity. In addition to its standard 12 analog Mic/Line inputs and eight outputs, the new MXE5-64 model features 64x64 Dante channels, raising the total channel count to 76 inputs and 72 outputs.

Building on the previous version, which introduced an open DSP architecture for customizable configuration, the latest 1.4 release of the SONICUE Sound System Software introduces advanced DSP

Wesco Features Suite of Pro AV Solutions

BOOTH C5115 Wesco International is featuring an expanded suite of global command and control, AVaaS, and broadcast solutions at InfoComm 2024. Command-and-control NOCs and SOCs have become vital resources for organizations needing a centralized environment to monitor and maintain network and security operations. Depending on an organization’s needs and goals, a decentralized approach may also be beneficial, as it enables on-site workers to address specific off-site concerns. The Wesco Pro AV team partners with manufacturers and integrators to deliver the command and control solutions end users need, where and when they need them.

Wesco’s suite of Pro AV solutions includes the global, subscription-based AVaaS Conference Room as a Service offering. Featuring remote monitoring and 24/7 live support, Conference Room as a Service enables customers worldwide to keep pace with rapid technological advances and manage capital expenditures. And unlike legacy AV systems, Wesco further streamlines the implementation process by testing and configuring equipment before it is shipped.

Wesco’s Broadcast Solutions team is on-site to showcase the breadth of services and solutions offered to support the unique Pro AV needs of sports stadiums, mixed-use venues, and broadcast studio projects. Wesco’s team boasts decades of experience, based on hundreds of successful projects, to help ensure that the right equipment is delivered on time and as intended.

blocks and includes user-friendly, efficient scene handling, thereby increasing audio performance and operational efficiency. The new MXE5-64 model is fully supported by this SONICUE release.

The new DSP blocks consist of an Auto Mixer with gain sharing, Ambient Noise Compensation

(ANC) that dynamically adjusts sound system output in response to ambient noise levels, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for balancing loudness variations across different input signals.

The free software update is available for download at www.dynacord.com

Apantac Launches openGear HDMI Extenders

BOOTH C8004 Apantac is releasing its newest HDMI extenders, the OG-HDBT3. These extenders offer reliable point-to-point 4K@60 Hz KVM extenders with USB 2.0 interface, supporting resolutions up to 4096x2160@60 Hz.

Designed with a high reliability and highdensity form factor in mind, the OG-HDBT3 extenders can fit up to 20 extenders/receivers in a 2 RU frame, making them ideal for applications requiring robust and scalable video

extension solutions. The openGear frame is a hot-swappable platform with an optional redundant power supply, allowing any OGHDBT3 card to be reomoved and replaced without shutting down the power. This feature simplifies maintenance during live events. Additionally, the built-in Dashboard control provides comprehensive live status monitoring and control for all the cards inside the frame.

E-V Unveils New EVID Series Ceiling Speakers

BOOTH C8901 Electro-Voice has introduced the next generation of its EVID Series ceiling speakers. Two new series are being introduced: The standard EVID-C-G2 series includes seven models and replaces the existing C series; the addition of five EVID-EC entry-level models further expands the previous product lineup.

Configurations range from 3-inch full-range to 8-inch two-way and subwoofer models, and include dedicated models for specific applications, such as low-profile, high-ceiling/high-performance, UL 1480, and CSA/ULC-S541:2016 and EN54-24 EVAC-certified models. The 3-inch entry-level model (EVID-EC3.1) is suitable for high humidity spaces and is IP45 rated. All C-G2 and EC models are UL 1480A and UL 2043 certified.

Whether used for background music or announcements, there’s a combination of EVID ceiling speakers to suit every space and application scenario—a go-to solution for elevating audio ambience and speech intelligibility in hospitality establishments, entertainment venues, educational facilities, houses of worship, retail spaces, places of business, and more.

Electro-Voice's EVID-C-G2 series ceiling speakers
FREE SUBSCRIPTION Mix , now featuring the award-winning editorial of Pro Sound News, is the go-to source for engineers, producers, musicians and technologists working in the many markets of professional audio, from high-end studio recording to live sound on tour, to the sound for blockbuster films and television production. Claim your FREE SUBSCRIPTION today at www.mymixmag.com Dr. Michael Santucci on Hearing Health ★ Craig Anderton: Profiles in Gear Lust March 2023 \\ mixonline.com \\ $6.99 MUSIC PRODUCTION LIVE SOUND • SOUND FOR PICTURE REVIEWED Massenburg DesignWorks MDWDRC2 Audix A127 Omni Mic PreSonus Studio One 6 THE HIT FACTORY REBORN Pictured in The Hit Factory Studio 2, from left: Slick Rick, engineer Kenta Yonesaka, Troy Germano, Mark Ronson and Steve Jordan. MIX555.cover_digital.indd Cruel Country ★ Top Studio Headphones ★ Classic Tracks: ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ August 2022 \\ mixonline.com \\ $6.99 > Dead & Company: Keeping It Live > RiseNY Thrills In Times Square > The Killers Rampage Across the U.K. > DAS Lara Debuts THE NEW HOME OF REVIEWED Focal Alpha Twin Evo Monitor PSP Impressor/Saturator Plug-ins PreSonus DM-7 Drum Mic Set GIK Acoustics Sound Blocks MUSIC PRODUCTION LIVE SOUND • SOUND FOR PICTURE WRITE, SCORE, MIX! BENJAMIN WALLFISCH’S DOLBY ATMOS PLAYPEN 14/07/2022 22:13 JBL EON One MkII Loudspeaker REACQUIRES RIGHTS TO LEGENDARY Spotify At Mateo Studios ★ The Resilience of Jeff Saenz ★ New Studio Consoles ★ John Fullbright Taps Tulsa October 2022 \\ mixonline.com \\ $6.99 THE NEW HOME OF REVIEWED UA Volt 476P Audio Interface DPA 4055 Kick Drum Mic Elk Live Audio Collaberation YouLean Loudness Meter 2 MUSIC PRODUCTION • LIVE SOUND • SOUND FOR PICTURE Blondie Blows It Up Live Inside Sphere Immersive Sound Panther Prowls Outside Lands Jacob Collier Roams the World DAVE STEWART ARTIST, PRODUCER AND STUDIO TRICKSTER BRINGS IT ALL BACK HOME ON ‘EBONY MCQUEEN’ THE CREATIVE GENIUS OF MIX550.cover_digital.indd 1 15/09/2022 22:37


Shuttle Information


Airport Shuttle


COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE SERVICE IS PROVIDED BETWEEN THE LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER AND THE FOLLOWING HOTELS: HOTEL ROUTE BOARDING LOCATION AT HOTEL Aria Resort & Casino 4 Tour Bus Lobby - Lower Levelt Bellagio Las Vegas 2 Tour Bus Plaza Caesars Palace 6 Colosseum Entrance Bus Area Courtyard Las Vegas Convention Center Walk Walk to the LVCC Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations 2 Walk to Planet Hollywood - Tour Bus Departures Area Embassy Suites Las Vegas Convention Center 1 Front Entrance on Paradise Rd Encore at Wynn Las Vegas 7 Tour Bus Curb Near the Main Entrance Flamingo Las Vegas 3 Linq Lane/Ferris Wheel Bus Area Fontainebleau Las Vegas Loop Take the Loop to LVCC Hampton Inn & Suites Las Vegas Convention Center 1 Front of Hotel on Sierra Vista Dr Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino 3 Linq Lane/Ferris Wheel Bus Area Hilton Grand Vacations Club on Paradise/Conv Ctr 5 Curbside on Karen Ave Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip 5 Outer Driver Main Entrance Home2 Suites Convention Center 1 Front of Hotel on Sierra Vista Dr Horseshoe Las Vegas 3 Tour Bus Ramp – Flamingo Road Entrance
Friday, June 14 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Every 10-15 minutes 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. No mid-day service* 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Every 10-15 minutes Location for
1-4 will stop at
first then stop
Routes: Routes
5-7 will stop
the West Hall first and then stop
Other Information: NO MID-DAY Service
may vary due to traffic & weather conditions Last bus leaves from hotels 30 minutes prior to end time with no return service.
By: Production Transport® (continued
Transportation Managed
on page
Service to Harry Reid Airport (LAS) from the LVCC Friday 11:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. Tickets $15.00 per person Shuttle departs LVCC on the hour & half-hour Advance purchase recommended. Purchase tickets at the Shuttle Information Desk.
here to track your shuttle:

Ways to Get Between Central and West Exhibit Halls

We have added shuttle service between Central Exhibit Hall and West Exhibit Hall. Take the Central-West Shuttle to save yourself a 10-15 minute walk.

Locations to hop on the shuttle:

Central Exhibit Hall- Silver Lot

West Exhibit Hall- Outside of West Lobby

Las Vegas Monorail

Let the Las Vegas Monorail be your Transportation Solution! The Las Vegas Monorail is directly connected to several Strip resort hotels as well as the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Monorail is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to get from one end of the Strip to the other in just minutes. Trains arrive every few minutes at each of our seven stations:

* MGM Grand Station

* Horseshoe/Paris Las Vegas Station

* Flamingo/Caesars Palace Station

* Harrah’s/TheLINQ Station

* Boingo Station at Las Vegas Convention Center

* Westgate Las Vegas Station

* SAHARA Las Vegas Station.

Hours of operation:

Monday 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Tuesday-Thursday 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Friday- Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m.

Take Advantage of Monorail Discounts for InfoComm! Make sure to purchase your discounted tickets at https://tix.lvmonorail.com/infocomm24

Vegas Loop at Las Vegas Convention Center

Looking to travel around the Las Vegas Convention Center campus? The Loop at the Las Vegas Convention Center quickly transports attendees, connecting West Hall and Central Hall. Typical walk time between the West Hall to Central Hall can take 10-15 minutes. The same trip on LVCC Loop takes approximately 2 minutes

Attendees can access Vegas Loop at Las Vegas Convention Center via four stations:

* South Station – Adjacent to South Hall, this station is located aboveground

* Central Station – Near the Central Hall Main Entrance, this station is located belowground and is accessible via escalator or elevator

* West Station – Adjacent to West Hall, this station is located aboveground

* Riviera Station – At the North side of the West Hall closest to Elvis Presley Drive, with direct access to Resorts World. This station is located aboveground.

INFOCOMM 2024 SHOW DAILY DAY THREE EDITION • 69 Las Vegas Marriott Walk Walk to LVCC Park MGM Las Vegas 4 Tour Bus Area Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino 2 Tour Bus Departures Area Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel Walk Walk to LVCC Residence Inn Las Vegas Convention Center Walk Walk to LVCC Resorts World Las Vegas Loop Take the Loop to LVCC SAHARA Las Vegas 5 Paradise Entrance Bus Area SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center Walk Walk to LVCC The Cromwell Las Vegas 3 Linq Lane/Ferris Wheel Bus Area The LINQ Hotel & Casino 3 Linq Lane/Ferris Wheel Bus Area The Mirage Hotel, Casino 6 North Entrance Shuttle Bus Area The Venetian Resort 7 Venetian Tour Bus Lobby Treasure Island Hotel & Casino 6 Siren’s Cove - Yellow Curb Vdara Hotel & Spa 4 Walk to Aria - Tour Bus Lobby Lower Level Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino Walk Walk to LVCC HOTEL ROUTE BOARDING LOCATION AT HOTEL (continued from page 68)
Hours: Friday,
14 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.







Adaptive Technologies Group W3477-MR

Adder Technology W2109 ADI C7019



C ProMedia a Division of A C Americas C9257

ABCCABLS technology ningbo co , ltd W2973

Absen Inc W2524

AceOpto Co , Ltd W3624

Acoustical Fulfillment, LLC C8283

Acroname C6815

ACT Entertainment C8034

ACT Entertainment N221

AcuRental W1672

Adamson Systems Engineering C9547

ADJ W959


Advanced Media Technologies W917

Advanced Mounting & Design W2352

Advanced Network Devices (AND) C5044

Advanced Robot Solutions C10125-B

Advanced Robot Solutions C10125-E

AeroWave N201

AFMG Technologies GmbH C9825

AG Neovo W2854

AI Photobooth C10125-F

AI Speech Co , LTD C6135


AIMS C6123

Air Comm Radio C8570

Airstar America, Inc W671

Airtame C6914

AIYOS Technology Company Ltd C9956

AJA Video Systems C8321

Alcons Audio C9715

Alcons Audio N119

Alfatron Electronics, Inc C9276

Alida LED W1773

Alleo C5055

Allied ProTech C9241


Always Bright Tech Limited W3936

American Music & Sound C10178

American Music & Sound C9127

American Music & Sound N201

American Music & Sound N203

Amino Communications Ltd W1461

AmTRAN Technology Co , Ltd C9177

Analog Devices C8949

Analog Way W1833

Analytix AV Solutions C5443

Anchor Audio, Inc C9313

Anfu Xinjieke Technology Co , Ltd W3634

Anhui Wenxiang Technology Co , Ltd C8578

AnyDesk C6235

AOTO Electronics Co , Ltd W1625

Apantac C8004

Appotronics USA W3845

Appspace C5151

Apron Teknoloji A Ş W3909

Arista Networks C5015

Artfox Electronics Co , Ltd W771

Arthur Holm C5169

70 • INFOCOMM 2024 SHOW DAILY DAY THREE EDITION Show: InfoComm 2024 Hall: Central Hall C10125 C10001 Core N107 L-Acoustics Jabra C6303 AWOL Vision C8634 AtlasIED (Mitek Communications Group) N115 Q-SYS C9925 Soundking Co., LTD C10300 Registration C10163 C8382 N101 RCF N112 Martin Audio Ltd. C8271 C8935 Huddly C8183 Digital Research C10415 Food and Seating Televic Peavey Corporation C5715 C5709 C9401 C8483 C5759 Humly C9083 N102 Fulcrum Acoustic C7019 ADI N106 Vizrt C9469 C5445 Inc. USA C8727 Aurora Multimedia Corporation C9656 Sonance ZeeVee, Inc. C9383 N113 Renkus-Heinz, Inc. Acoustic C7053 Newline Interactive, Inc C5027 LAWO C10348 Priority Sales C6235 C10063 C7087 AVI Systems C9535 RCF N116 DAS Audio Group N109 HARMAN C6203 N117 Eastern Acoustic Works C6803 Corporation C9771 InfoComm Esports Live 2.0 C9421 USA C5643 BZBGEAR WeiKing C7041 Atlona C9869 C9447 C5619 C8042 HP Poly Touchview Interactive Xyte C9547 Adamson Systems Engineering C7178 C7063 C9501 Group N118 Theory C9664 Corporation C7009 ClearOne AVPro Edge C5365 Logitech C5558 Avocor BARCO, Arthur Holm C5515 Clear-Com C8927 Professional N103 d&b audiotechnik Lume C9047 Mersive C5904 Registration N110 Electro-Voice & Dynacord C9265 Neat C6603 HCTek C8801 Visionary C6727-MR C9169 C8334 Shure Incorporated Microsoft C5141 Yealink C5349 Sound Control Technologies C5015 Collaboration Fasetto ScreenBeam Inc. C9257 C5018 Cyviz C9564 C5133 Datavideo Corporation C9819 Analog Huddly C8982 Marshall Electronics, Inc. C5309 BARCO, Inc. C5034 L-Acoustics C5527 EvertzAV C5055 Alleo C5041 C5127 WolfVision, Inc. N104 C5116 WyreStorm Technologies C7031 AVI-SPL Snap One C8622 HARMAN Equipson C9313 Anchor Audio, N111 AtlasIED (Mitek Communications Group) N114 Biamp Audio C5550 HDBaseT Alliance Meyer C5035 Heckler C8076 MAXHUB C8371 C9957 AIMS C9901 C9701 N120 Void Acoustics Research LTD. Avlex C5321 Q-SYS N108 1 SOUND Lenovo PureLink C8004 Apantac C9769 C8763 Canon U.S.A., Inc. Inc. C5533 Williams C9241 C5544 C9176 UNV C9735 C8963 C9526 Symetrix Inc. Group C9283 Owl Labs, Utelogy C9276 Audio C9627 Radio Design N119 Alcons Audio C8676 Technology Innovation Stage FBT Elettronica S.p.A. SOUND Shokz C5657 C6211 DTEN Snowsound C6311 Cisco C5151 Appspace TAIDEN C9919 Peplink Mfg. C8901 Inc. Structured Products, Salamander Designs C8327 Kramer C10119 Xilica C9335 Riedel C8835 Speakers C6703 C9069 plexusAV KTC PTZOptics C9183 Co., Ltd. C8034 Entertainment C5341 Liberty C8100 Crestron N105 C10215 C5159 PixelFLEX C9240 C8346 CVTE Ingram Micro, Inc. C9146 Eaton C5335 Sennheiser C9177 C9441 C9345 Digico C9127 American Music & Sound Neutrik Americas Vision C8135 Visix, Inc C9468 DANACOID C9483 Technology C8157 SDVoE Alliance DVIGear GROUP C9001 Biamp C8600 LEGRAND Audinate, Inc. C5115 Wesco C8482 C8741 C8022 Starin C9583 Vanco C9601 Ltd. C8227 FSR, Inc. C5651 Microphones, C9801 HOLOPLOT C8056 Lightware Engineering C10101 Audio C9327 Powersoft C5637 C5541 Inc. Lounge USA
As) Booth Number 1
C Lighting, a Division of A C Americas W1165
As of June 9, 2024


AtlasIED (Mitek Communications Group) C8634

AtlasIED (Mitek Communications Group) N111

Atlona C7041

Audinate, Inc C8012

Audio Visual Furniture International Inc C5509

Audio-Technica U S , Inc C5619

AudioPressBox C9721

AVA-powered by OpenAI C10125-C

Avalue Technology Inc W3373-MR

Avalue Technology Inc W3472-MR

Avalue Technology Inc W3620

Aveo Systems, Inc C9556

Aver Information C8371

AVgator Inc C10130

AVL Media Group C9807

AVL Media Group N104

Avlex Inc C5609

AVNation W241

Avocor C5558

AVPro Edge C8642

AWOL Vision C6303

Audio BV

AudioScience, Inc C8923

Audix Corporation C5021

AUO Display Plus C5558

Aurora LED, LLC W2937

Aurora Multimedia Corporation C8727

Autorobotics Co , Ltd W3625-2

AV Franklin W2001

AVGear com C9143

AVI Systems C7087

AVI Systems N242


Avid Technology, Inc C8482

Aviom, Inc C10120

AViPAS Inc C7079



Axis Communications C8912

Azar Pixel W3815

B-Tech AV Mounts W2855


Babylon Consolidated, LLC W2934 BARCO, Inc C5309

Inc C6629-MR

C6733-MR N239 C5069 C6103 N203 Bedrock
Beijing Mysher Technology Co , Ltd C5040 Belkin International C7063 beMatrix USA W1075 BENFEI Technology Ltd C9272 Biamp C9001 Biamp N114 BirdDog C5008 Black Box C9083 Blackmagic Design W2500 Blackwire Designs C9869 Blaze Audio C8741 Blaze Audio N105 Bluefin W1377 Hall: West Hall W1912 Exertis Almo W2544 Philips Professional Displays W2711 W3072W2973 Mimo W2101 BrightSign W1465 Yaham W645 7thSense W665 W2653 Guangzhou Co., Ltd W3845 W3265-MR W3611 Technology W1765 Insane Impact W3225 LED Co.,Ltd. Wentex W2265 W1024 Christie W3551 Spectrio W2516 RGB Spectrum W559 W101 rAVe W2855 AV Mounts W3936 W1759 Thomas Regout W664 W3734 W3053 Display Technology Co.,Ltd W3636 W3800 W1633 INFiLED W1059 Technology W945 Planar W1265 Drape W553 Pensar Kinglight W3253 W1657 W3857 Seating W102-W110 Registration W3136 W3801 Taylorleds W874 W3507 W644 W1645 W3200 YES TECH W1875 i5LED, W1065 W859 W3920 DSBJ W3559 Chip Optech W2556 AV Stumpfl Inc. DVS Led W3417 W2671 Coffee Cart W765 Froggys W2865 Ledtop Prysm W1625 AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd. Lounge AV Seneca, Company Cases W1745 TD SYNNEX W2625 SAVI Controls W1053 W3601 W3651 W3759 W733 Technology W3445 W3945 Seating W3353 Shenzhen SRYLED Photoelectric Co., Ltd. W659 LongRun Optoelectronic W753 W1225 Samsung Electronics W3408 Zhejiang Co., Ltd. W2145 Ross Video W1833 Analog Way W801 SurgeX W958 W2811 Brompton W567 Lighting BOE W3424 Fabulux Technology Co., Ltd. W1009 Optoma Technology, Inc. W845 Just W2955 Co., Ltd. W2915 W3333 Shenzhen Muxwave Technology Co., Ltd W2524 Absen Inc. W2173 W2565 ReveLux W2645 AVIXA TV Geephon W3911 W1721 tvONE W2847 AVIXA Xchange LIVE W2352 Advanced Mounting & Design VOD W3701 W1753 Technology rAVe W3125 Technology W3045 Colorlight Cloud Tech Ltd W633 W2045 W4025 Food and Seating W2117 Datapath Ltd. W2201 Sony Electronics, Inc. W2837 W2617 Daktronics W867 W2825 j5create W2109 Technology W3065 AVIXA W3721 Co., Ltd. W1452W1353 W1473 W3233 Dicolor Shenzhen LED Co., Ltd. W3565 Service Desk W2965 Fujifilm Corporation W2032 Lightking Co., Ltd. W1215 ViewSonic Corporation W2007 SpinetiX W1415 W2821 W1957 W558 W1365 W1445 Conen Systems W2365 W745 G&D North W907 W1245 Delta Electronics (Americas) LTD BOE W3745 W3133 digiLED W1173 W3309 W3637 W2701 Vanguard LED Displays W651 Lounge W809 W2500 Blackmagic Design W2345 Covid, W959 ADJ MPLED W2159 ClearLED W3345 W3871 Priority Sales W1859 W1673 W967 Lighting LED, W2816 W3400 QSTECH W2125 LG Electronics Inc. W3359 Intelligent Technology W1965 W953 Shenzhen Lamp Technology Co., Ltd W1725 Peerless-AV W1773 W2633 ROE Visual Co., Ltd. W853 Media Resources W3117 GCL Lighting W2053 W3709 W1553 W2153 W2936 W3037 W3659 W1172 Co., W725 Video W1573 W1800 EPSON America, Inc. W2901 NovaStar W3545 Konjump W1945 Opticis W1664 Commercial W1001 Draper, Inc. W1201 Sharp W3059 Magnimage Technology W825 W1713 W1016 Jupiter Systems W1165 A.C. Lighting, Division W1132 Video W3208 W919 W2359 Gloshine W1500 Panasonic Connect W920 W1559 W833 Shenzhen Mary ctricity Co., Ltd W1513 Unilumin Group Co., Ltd W2152 W2221 VITEC rp Visual Solutions W1032 LianTronics W717 Nanolumens W2321 Display CAILIANG W3317 LEDMAN W2759
As of June 9, 2024

Exhibitor Listings

(continued from page 71)

Bluesound Professional C9808

BlueZoo, Inc W2268

Blustream C9146

BOE W1977

BOE W3271-MR

Bolin Technology C9456

Boom Collaboration C5460

Bosch C8901

Bose Professional C8927

Bose Professional N106

Bretford C5067

BrightSign W2101

Broadata Communications, Inc C8157

Broadcast Pix C10177

Broadfield Distributing, Inc C5359

Brompton Technology Limited W2811

Bron Tapes, LLC W958

BuzzTV W3837

BXB Electronics Co , Ltd C6113


Cableorganizer com C8357


Calzone/Anvil Case Company W2820

Canon U S A , Inc C8763

Cartoni USA C9077

Catchbox C5663

CBI Cables C9731

CE Labs W1473

Cedar Electronics W3208

Chainzone W2915

Chauvet Professional W3277-MR

Chetu Inc C10071

Christie W1024

Christie - Broadcast and Professional Video Group W3651

Cinegy GmbH W3734

Cisco C6311

Clear Motion Glass W1458

Clear Touch W3601

Clear Tune Monitors C5071

Clear-Com C5515

ClearLED W2159

ClearOne C7009

Cleerline Technology Group C9483

Clockaudio C10007

Cobalt Digital C8483

CODA Audio USA C10113

CODA Audio USA N229

Coffee Cart W2671

Colorlight Cloud Tech Ltd N234

Colorlight Cloud Tech Ltd W3045

Commercial Audio Distributors C10114

Computer Comforts Inc C5759

Conen Systems GmbH W1445

ConnectWise W3800

Contacta, Inc C9918

Corporate Audio Visual Labor, Inc W978

Corsair for Business C10079

Covid, Inc W2345


Crestron C8100

Crimson AV W1657

CTI C5009

CTL C6231

CVTE C8346

CyberData C5019

Cypress Technology C5550

Cyviz C6323

CZUR Tech Co , Limited C8285

D-Tools, Inc C8257

d&b audiotechnik C9421

d&b audiotechnik N103

DaeHong Technew Corp W3625-1


Daktronics W2617

DAL W2158


DAS Audio Group C9501

DAS Audio Group N116

Datapath Ltd W2117

Dataton AB W1713

Datavideo Corporation C5133

dBTechnologies C9819

dBTechnologies N219

Delta Digital Video W1871

Delta Electronics (Americas) LTD C8421

Delta Electronics (Americas) LTD W1245


Design Huddle W1255

Dicolor W3233

DigiBird C6322


Digico C9345

digiLED W3133

DigiSynthetic Co , Ltd C8126

Digital Audio Labs C9222

Digital Projection W1245

Digital Signage Federation W2931

DirectOut GmbH C9464

DISPLAX Multitouch Technologies W2719

Display Devices, Inc W2321

Diversified W3265-MR

Domotz W1259

Dongguan IKinor Technology Co , Ltd C8279

DPA Microphones, Inc C9971

Drape Kings W1265

Draper, Inc W1001

DSBJ W3920

DSLatam Asociacion Digital

Signage Latinoamerica W3030

DTEN C6211

Durable USA, Inc W3701

DVDO C9870

DVIGear C8121

DVS Led W3824

DVSI Inc W1556

DynaScan Technology, Inc W825

easescreen America LLC W3264

Eastern Acoustic Works C9149

Eastern Acoustic Works N117

EasySignage W3813

Eaton C9021

ECS Industrial Computer Co , Ltd C8942

EDC Acoustics


EHP Solutions C6334

EIKI International, Inc W3745

Elation Lighting W967

Electro-Voice & Dynacord N110

Elektralite W1071

Elite Core C10001

Elite Screens Inc W3525

Ellisys C10176

ELP W3625-11

Enado Ltd C8478

ENCO Systems W2711

Ensemble Designs Inc C10162

Environmental Lights W1077

Epiphan Video C5544

EPOS C8177

EPSON America, Inc W1800

Equipson SA C9512

Ethereal C5168

Event Freight Logistics Inc W877

EvertzAV C5527

Excelsior Hardware & Plastic CO , LTD W3616

Exertis Almo W1912

EZ-AD TV W3755

FaitalPRO C9303

Fanvil C10106

Fasetto Inc C6529

FBT Elettronica S p A C9235

Fiasco Cases W677

Field Nation W3015

Fiilex W664

Fitness Audio, LLC C5106

FlatPanel Audio C10156

Flex Rental Solutions C6714

Fluke Networks W859

Fohhn Audio AG C9141

Food and Seating C10415

Food and Seating W4025

FOR-A Corporation of America W2821

Frank Audio Co , ltd C9924

FreeAxez C8749

Froggys Fog W765

FSR, Inc C8227

Fujian PanQ Light Technology Co Ltd W3911

Fujifilm North America Corporation W2965

Fulcrum Acoustic C9335

Fulcrum Acoustic N102

FunTech Innovation C8471

Future L-3

Future W242

Future Ready Solutions C10157

G&D North America Inc W745

G&S Acoustics (Golterman & Sabo) C8735

Gator Cases Inc C10126

GCL W3117

Geephon W2371

Genelec C5034

Georgia Expo Manufacturing Corporation W1577

Gesab C5058

Gigaipc W2936

GIS Corporation W1172

Glensound C5120

Global Display Solutions W3169

Global Outdoor Concepts, Inc W552

Gloshine W2359

Goldluck LED W3345

Good Way Technology Co , Ltd C9383

Google C10215

Google LLC W3808

Gowin Semiconductor Corporation W1352

GPO Display W1966

Guangzhou TouchWo Electronics Co , Ltd W2653

Guangzhou Zorsika Electronics Co , Ltd W648

Guifei Metal Products Co , Ltd C8379

Hall Technologies C5550

Hamilton Metalcraft C10021

Hangzhou Panjing Zhizao

Cultural Creative Co , Ltd W4014

Hangzhou Xianrui Digital Technology Co , Ltd C8615



Haverstick Designs C5049


HCTek C6603

HD Distributing W1553

HDBaseT Alliance C5550

HDFocus C5046

Head Sun Co ,Ltd W2274

Headwall Inc C9270 Hear Technologies C9307

Heckler C5566




High Sec Labs W1353

Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd W3266

HKC Corporation Limited C6803 Hollyland


W2777 Huddly C6129

Huddly C6623-MR

Huizhou Desay Intelligent Technology Co , Ltd W3359

Huizhou VisionX Technology Co , Ltd W2576 Humly C9277

HyLite LED W1361


I TEMP Technology Company Limited W3612

i3-Technologies C6509

i5LED, LLC W1875

iabm W301


IBASE Technology Inc W3659 Ideum W633

IDK Corporation C5146

IFP Connect C10158

Igloo Vision Ltd C9377



Impartner W3650

Heyuan LT Industrial Co , Ltd
Technology W3118 HOLOPLOT
Holoscape LED W3539 Holosonics C9709 HoverCam C5735 HP | Poly C8042 HP | Poly N231 Huasun Technology Co , Ltd
of June 9, 2024


InfoComm AI Experience C10125

InfoComm Esports Live 2 0 C9771

Ingram Micro, Inc C6335

Ingram Micro, Inc


Inner Circle Distribution W777

Innovox Audio C10101


Insane Impact W1765

Insta360 C10119

Intagleo Systems W1752

IntelliEvent W977

Intelligent Lectern Systems BV C6907

Intelligent Video Solutions C7062

Intertek C5542

intoPIX C8363

Ionthis Inc C5383

ioversal International W2764


iSmart Video C5757

iSolution Technologies Co , Ltd C7297

iWeiss W1674

IWORKHUB Limited W2059

J-Tech Digital INC USA C8183

J Solution W3625-12

j5create W2877

Jabra C6735-MR

Jabra C6809

Jabra C6834-MR

JAV C6703

JellyFish Lighting W976

Jetbuilt C5637

JMAZ Lighting W670

JNM Display Co ,Ltd W3625-6

JTS Professional Co , Ltd C9240

Juice Goose C9306

Juniper Systems W3705

Jupiter Systems W1016

Just Add Power W845

JVC Professional Video C5715


K-array USA C9447

K-array USA N206

KanDao Technology Co ,Ltd C5763

KanexPro C6204

Kensence (Shenzhen) Technology Development Co ,Ltd C10008

Key Digital Systems C5550

Keywest Technology, Inc W3519


Ian looks after your product so that your customers can look after their business.

Ian knows live event technology. He knows his products & customers and sees & creates the future.

We work with world-leading Audio, Video and Lighting brands and suppliers to help find top talent for their business and engineering teams in North America, EMEA and APAC. Interfacio connects professionals with world-leading pro AVL brands. Connect with us at InfoComm 2024.

www.interfacio.com connect@interfacio.com Americas: 1-800 578 0144 @interfacio

Electronics CO , LTD C6105 Kinglight W3031 Kitcast Inc W3072 Klippel
C9920 KMC Music C10027 Kommander W3268 König
C9321 Konjump W3545 KORBYT C6615 Korea Display Industry Association W3625-8 Kramer C8327 KSI Professional LLC C7174 KTC C9056 KUDO C10125-A KUDO C10125-D Kunshan Hongjie Electronics Co
Ltd W1971 ADVERTISEMENT Classifieds Behind
is an Ian.
& Meyer
every great brand

Exhibitor Listings

(continued from page 73)


L-Acoustics C9035

L-Acoustics N107

Laia W1777

LANGO Technology C9763


Lavoce Italiana C9820


LD Systems C10057

LEA Professional C9249

Leading Technology Ltd C9827

Lectrosonics, Inc C9401

LED Studio W2771

LEDEC Technology W3611


Ledtop Visual Ltd W2865


Lenovo C6635-MR

Lenovo C8143

Leon Speakers C8835

LG Electronics Inc W2125

LianTronics W1032

Liberty C5341

Lightking Tech Group Co , Ltd W2032

Lightware Visual Engineering C8056

Lilliput Electronics (USA) Inc W2152

Linea Research C9241

Link USA, Inc C9557

Linkx Electronics Co , Ltd C10017

Listen Technologies Corporation C8935

Litemax Technology, Inc W554

LiteTouch W1965

LiveU C7171

LMS Corporation W3625-4

Logitech C5365

Logitech N236

Logitech N238

Logitech N240

Lounge C6535

Lounge W1673

Lounge W2071

Lounge W3851

Lowell Mfg C8457

Lumens Integration, Inc C8757

Lumi Legend Corporation W2167

Luminatii Technology Co , Ltd W3737

Lumirah Pty Ltd W1253

Lumuh Lighting W577

Mag Daddy C9926

Magewell Electronics Co , Ltd C5747

Major Custom Cable C9406

Marani C10179

Marshall Electronics, Inc C8982

Marshall Furniture, Inc C5541

Martin Audio Ltd C9601

Martin Audio Ltd N112

Matrox Video W1132


Media Resources W2570

Megmeet W3759

Mersive C8721

Mertzcrew W1179

Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc C9701

Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc N209

Microsoft C6823-MR

MIEG Corporation C9301

Miller’s Presentation Furniture C5480

Mimo Monitors W901

Minrray Industry Co , Ltd C5047

Mockett W3931

Modus VR C7069

Moka Technology W733

Mount-It! PRO W1859


Multi-Caisses Inc W1073

MultiDyne C6229

MultiTaction, Inc W3037

MultiVIS W559

Mungsube Electronics Co , Ltd W3625-9

MVI AudioVisual Global B V C9815

MyCaseBuilder C8127

MyStage W875

NACE W1678

Nanolumens W717

Nationwide Video W725

Navori Labs W1957

NDI C10171

Neat C9265

Nelson Case Corporation W916

Nemal Electronics C8921

Neoti W907


NETIO products C10015

Neutrik Americas C9435

NewBlue W1257

Newline Interactive, Inc C7053

Newnex Technology Corp C5771

Nexmosphere BV W1476

Ningbo Intech Smart Technology Co , Ltd W1874

Niveo Professional C8157

NodesNow W1354

NOREL Systems Ltd W1964

Nova Lume C9115

NovaStar W2901

Novisign Signage Software W2659

NowSignage W3179

NSCA W2852

NST Audio Ltd C9542

NTI Audio, Inc C9302

Nuovo Film Inc C6210

Nureva Inc C5664

NUVEN C10168

OAK Amplifiers C9043


OKView C8359

One Display Limited W3116

One Firefly C6515

OnSign TV W2271

Ophit Co , Ltd W1651

Optic Edge W2177

Opticis Co , Ltd W1945

Optimal Audio


Optoma Technology, Inc W1009

OWI, Inc C8834

Owl Labs, Inc C9283

Panasonic Connect W1500

Panasonic Connect W324

Parker Group W1358

Peavey Electronics Corporation C8715

Peerless-AV W1725

PeerVsn W1459

Pensar LED W553

Penton Audio USA C7081

Penton Audio USA C9607

PeopleLink Collaboration Inc C6329

Peplink C9919

PepperDash C5725

Perdue Acoustics C10063

Philips Professional Displays W2544

Photool International CO , Limited C5030

Pinnacle Group W2758

PixelFLEX C5159


PK Sound N221

Planar W3365-MR

Planar W945

Platinum Tools C7168

Play Digital Signage W1872

plexusAV C9069

Pliant Technologies, LLC C5116 plus24 C6212

Podion Global C7178

Polar Focus, Inc C9314

Poppulo W3076

Powersoft C9327

Premier Mounts W1365

Premteco W1648

Press Paws Playground L-5

Priority Sales C10348

Priority Sales W3871

Pro DG America LLC C8916

ProCom Headsets C9868

Procraft Media C5035

Professional Audio Components Corp C9913


Projx360 C8572

Promethean Inc C9907

Prompter People W3751

Prosocoustic C5739

Protech Electronics & Technology Limited C9220

Protective Enclosures Company W2837

Provideon Wire & Cable C9268

ProX Live Performance Gear C9459

Prysm W3377-MR

PTZOptics C10107

PureLink C8662

Q-SYS C5321


C6831-MR Q-SYS C6835-MR Q-SYS C6930-MR Q-SYS C6934-MR

Q-SYS N115

Q-SYS N233

Q-SYS N235

Q-SYS N237

Qingdao Hisense Commercial Display Co ,Ltd W1664

QOMO C5657


Quest Events W1065

QuickLink C9169

Radio Design Labs C9627

Radius Display Products W1177

Raffar Technology Corp W3809

Rational Acoustics

rAVe L-2 rAVe W101 RCF C9535 RCF N101 RCI Custom C8614 REACH Media Network W2173 Realmotion™ W558 Registration
Rentex Audio Visual
Computer Rentals
Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co
Rev io
C9020 RF Venue C8843 RGB Spectrum W2516 RGBlink W2825 Riedel Communications C5109 Rite-Tech Industrial Co , Ltd C8463 Roadcase com C10163 Robe Lighting W567 Robin Powered Inc C6324 Rockbot W1549 Rocware Corporation C5476 ROE Visual Co , Ltd W2633 Roland Professional A/V W2045 Ross Video W2145 rp Visual Solutions W2536 RPM AV Services, Inc C5709 RTI (Remote Technologies Incorporated)
Salamander Designs
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics
Lights Inc
Display Technologies, Inc
Innovations W3937
Inc C9157
Alliance C8157 Seating C9735
Lighting & Power
Inc C9620 Renkus-Heinz, Inc N113
W322 Sanyi
W2625 Scalable
W644 Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH W2661 Screen
As of June 9, 2024


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Exhibitor Listings

(continued from page 74)

Seikaku Technical Group Ltd.


Seneca, an Arrow Company W1371

Sennheiser C5335

Seoul Viosys Co., Ltd W2377

Service Desk W3565

Severtson Screens W3839

SGM Lighting, Inc. W1176

Shanghai Creative Idea W3804

Sharp W1201

Shell Robotics Inc W3718

Shenzhen 8k-link Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. C5713

Shenzhen Apexls Optoelectronic Co., LTD W3507

Shenzhen BAKO Optoelectronics., Ltd. W3501

Shenzhen Besdled Co., Ltd. W2955

Shenzhen Bitvisus Technology Limited W3535

Shenzhen Chip Optech Co., Ltd W3559

Shenzhen Electron Technology Co., Ltd. W2816

Shenzhen Fabulux Technology Co., Ltd. W3424

Shenzhen Fionexx Technologies Ltd W1867

Shenzhen Friday Originality Technology Co., LTD W2755

Shenzhen Gemsign Technology Co., Ltd W3537

ShenZhen HDCVT Technology Co., Ltd. C5550

Shenzhen Heijin Industrial Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. C9863

Shenzhen Hi-Net Technology Co., Ltd C8385

Shenzhen Huajunsheng Technology Co. Limited (HJS OPS) C8378

Shenzhen Huaqun Century Photoelectricity Co., LTD W3628

Shenzhen Huarong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. W2866

Shenzhen JinJiuTianShi Industry Co., Ltd. C7173

Shenzhen Lamp Technology Co., Ltd W953

Shenzhen Lan Display Photoelectric Co., Limited W4030

Shenzhen Lecede Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. W3071

Shenzhen Leder Electronics Co., Ltd W3417

Shenzhen Lenkeng Technology Co., Ltd. C9183

Shenzhen LongRun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. W659

Shenzhen LPDISPLAY Technology Co.,Ltd W3830

Shenzhen Magnimage Technology Co. Ltd. W3059

Shenzhen Mary Photoelectricity Co., Ltd W833

Shenzhen Meiyad Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. W3636

Shenzhen MTC Visual Display Technology Co., Ltd W3053

Shenzhen Muxwave Technology Co., Ltd W3333

Shenzhen Only Co. Ltd. W3812

Shenzhen Pretech Industrial Co., Ltd W3635

Shenzhen Priva Tech Co., Ltd. W3551

Shenzhen Rcstars Technology Co., Ltd. W1753

Shenzhen S-Track Science & Technology Co., Ltd C8382

Shenzhen Scenico Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd W3136

Shenzhen SRYLED Photoelectric Co., Ltd. W3353

Shenzhen Uniview LED Co., Ltd. W2925

ShenZhen V-KING Technology Co., Ltd. C9142

Shenzhen XINTAI Photoelectric CO.,LTD W556

Shokz C5669

ShowPhaze W3531

Shure Incorporated C8334

Shure Incorporated N232

Shuttle Computer Group Inc. W3912

Signagelive W2065

signageOS W2264

SiliconCore Technology W1059

Silvertel C5550

Simpleway, Inc. C7066

Simply NUC, Inc. C5377

Simply45 LLC C8943

Simpro Software C5361

SinoEview Technology Co., Ltd. W1573

Skaarhoj C5006

Skedway C5051

Skykit LLC W3467-MR

Slang C6214

Smart Cabling and Transmission Corp. C5482

Smart Charging Technologies C5769

Smart Monkeys, Inc. W2665

SMART Technologies C8963

Snap One C9477

Snowsound USA C9163

Solid State Logic C9441


Solutions360 Inc C6504

Sommer cable GmbH C9041

Sonance C9656

Sony Electronics, Inc. W2201

Sony Electronics, Inc. W314

Sony Electronics, Inc. W315

Sony Electronics, Inc. W316

Sony Electronics, Inc. W3471-MR

Sound Associates, Inc. C9121

Sound Control Technologies C5349

Sound Devices, Llc C9467

SoundGraph, Inc. W3625-10

Soundking Electronics & Sound Co., LTD C9925

Soundtrack Your Brand W1560

SoundTube Entertainment, Inc. C8656

Spaceti Inc. C5118

Speaker Snap C9482

Spectrio W3077

Spectrum Industries, Inc. C8821

SpinetiX W2007

squareV W3125

Squirrels C10077

Squirrels C10083


StarBoard Solution Inc. W1951

Stardraw.com C8129

Starin C8022

STARS Labor-Management Software C6614

Stewart Audio C8849

Stewart Filmscreen W1645

Stirling Communications Supply Co. W2153

Strong MDI W920

Structured Cable Products, Inc. (SCP) C8943

Studiomaster C9957

Sumitomo Electric U.S.A., Inc C10006

SurgeX W801

Symbol Logic C9457

Symetrix Inc. C9526

Synaccess LLC C5745

Synergy Micro Solutions C9928

Synthax, Inc. C9015

SZ Tenveo video technology co.,LTD C5765

TableTalker, Ltd. W1357


Take1 Insurance W3529


Taylorleds W3801


TeamBoard W1559

Technology Innovation Stage C8676

Technomad Inc. C9300

TecNec Distributing C8128

TEKVOX, Inc. C5550

TeleDynamics C7064

Teledyne LeCroy - Protocol Solutions Group C8460

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik C8480

Telelogos W2164

Telemetrics Inc W2717

Telescript International W2835

Televic Conference C9614

Telycam C9176

Temas Technology LLC C5041

Tempest W919

The Light Source, Inc W1070

The Penn Group C10069

Theatrixx Technologies, Inc. W1415

Theory Professional C9901

Theory Professional N118

Thinklogical C8420

Thomas Regout Inc. W1759


TiGHT AV W1554

TiMax C9241

Tiun Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. W3654

TOA Electronics, Inc. C9912

Toner Cable Equipment, Inc. W1545

Touchview Interactive C6523

Tour Tough USA C9857

Trade & Show Manufacturing W1277

Transtech LED Co.,Ltd. W3225

Treble Technologies W1552

TriggerPoint Media W3637

Troy Acoustics C9757

TSI Touch W3065

tvONE W1721

Ultrapoe C9859

Under Cover C9540

Uniguest W2365

Unilumin Group Co., Ltd W1513

Unique Business Systems W4008

UNV C9965

US Broadcast Distribution W2810

Utelogy C6609

Valens Semiconductor C5550

ValueHD Corporation C5445

Vanco C9583

Vanguard LED Displays W2701

Vantron Technology Inc. W3915

VCONN Digital Interactive W2759

Vectorworks, Inc. C8948

Ventuz Technology AG W2766

Videri W2265

ViewSonic Corporation W1215

VigilLink LLC C7183

Visionary Solutions, Inc. C6822-MR

Visionary Solutions, Inc. C8801

Visix, Inc C8135

Vistech Technology W651


Vitex LLC W1453

Vivitek Corporation C8421

Vizetto W1644

Vizrt C10171

VOD W2771

Void Acoustics Research LTD. C9507

Void Acoustics Research LTD. N120

Void Acoustics Research LTD. N205

VPI Technology W3908

VuWall Technology C8070

Vyopta C6503

Wallboard Display-US, LLC W3175 Watchfire W637

WeDoInnov C6202 Wehead C5166 WeiKing C6715

Well Buying Industrial Co., Ltd. C5018 Wentex W1271



Inc. C9727

Inc. C5127 WyreStorm Technologies C8149 X-keys C5723

XDK Communication Equipment (Huizhou)Co.,Ltd. C9469

Xiamen Maken Tech Co., Ltd. W3513

Xiamen Qiangli Jucai Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. W3253




C8263 Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. W3721 Yaham Recience W3445

Yaham VMX Visual W1465 Yamaha Corporation of America C9664 Yamaha Unified Communications C9564 Yealink C5141

Yealink C6723-MR


Yuan High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. C8815

Z-Band Technologies W2053

ZeeVee, Inc. C8648

Zhejiang DGX Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. W3408

Zhejiang Tonoch Electronics CO.,LTD C9484

Zhejiang Yuli New Material Co., LTD W1750 ZonePro W867

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. C6727-MR

Zycoo Co., Ltd. C9408

Wesco C5115 Williams AV
Windy City Wire C5731
Industries C10164
Sense W1456
As of June 9, 2024

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ASHLY AUDIO, BOOTH C9127 Ashly Audio’s Jesse Ambrose (left) and Dan Szaba stand behind the new EcoTour amplifier—the company’s first new front-ofhouse/performance install amplifier in more than 10 years. Each amp in the EcoTour line features a super high-efficiency design that lets them run on full power all day and night—up to 120 degrees Farenheit. The eco-friendly design offers a small carbon footprint that is stable down to 0.2 ohms. Experience them for yourself at booth C9127.

SHURE, BOOTH C8334 The Shure Microflex Wireless neXt system, shown here by Ralf Klinnert, is an all-in-one audio solution for hybrid classrooms, training rooms, and lecture halls that provides superior audio for conferencing and presentations at the same time. It is available in bodypack, handheld, or boundary models. The microphones run for between 17-28 hours and drop into charging slots at the end of the day so they’re always ready to use.

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ESPORTS LIVE 2.0, BOOTH C9771 In yesterday’s Game 8, the Dega Esports took on Grand Canyon University (pictured). Who will take the top prize today?

Stop by our booth, W2845, to learn more about our renowned AV training, certifications, standards, market intelligence, and more resources and programs for people who work in the pro AV industr y.

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OF INNOVATION, ADAMSON CONTINUES TO SHAPE THE FUTURE OF SOUND REINFORCEMENT Adamson’s legacy and future are shaped by a deep passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence. This anniversary marks a period of deliberate transformation for the company. The future of adamson lies in the power of digital technology, set to propel system performance, control, and versatility to entirely new levels.
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