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exclusive 15-page preview

Welcome to… N-Photo isn’t like other photography magazines – it’s designed solely for Nikon D-SLR users. Every month we’ll bring you advice on how to get great pictures, and tell you the best kit to use. We’ll guide you through the latest camera settings, techniques and editing processes, and back up our words with the exclusive live videos on our private YouTube channel. N-Photo is a magazine for the 21st century, and will be available in digital and print form. You can keep in touch via Facebook (, Twitter ( and our very own website ( Over the following pages we’ll give you a taste of some of the exciting content we have lined up for Nikon nuts when we launch on 24 November. Enjoy it!

Why N-Photo

100% Nikon, 100% independent

■ N-Photo is just for Nikon users, which means every guide refers to Nikon menus and commands, and we only review Nikon-compatible gear. Plus, we’re totally independent, so can say what we think.

Nikon-only tests Chris George, Editor

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■ The problem with general photography magazines is that their reviews are written for all types of camera, meaning you find Canon and Sony gear rubbing shoulders with Nikon kit. N-Photo solves this issue.

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is different to the rest…

Two ways to learn

Nikon software tuition

Advice from the pros

You help write it!

■ The easy-to-follow articles in N-Photo’s Nikon Skills section will teach you how to unlock your camera’s potential. Each has an accompanying live-action video on our reader-only YouTube channel.

■ N-Photo connects you with leading Nikon photographers, with inspirational imagery and insight. You could even enjoy personal tuition with a pro if you’re selected for our Apprentice feature.

■ N-Photo is the only title to offer advice for image-editing in both Photoshop and Nikon Capture NX 2. We’ll also help you with processing Nikon’s NEF file format, so your shots really shine.

■ Our community section is packed with stories, images and letters. You can get in touch via, or

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exclusive 15-page preview

learn from a nikon pro

■ Every issue, an Apprentice reader gets the chance to take an exclusive one-to-one masterclass with a top Nikon photographer. By reading about their day you’ll learn new skills, and if you apply to take part you’ll have the chance to learn from the very best too… Master any subject

We cover a different flavour of photography in every edition of The Apprentice, but one thing that doesn’t change is that each reader gets coached by a Nikon pro, showing off just how much they’ve learned with their Hot Shots

Anyone can take part! ■ You don’t have to be an expert to be in The Apprentice, you just need a Nikon D-SLR and lots of enthusiasm! If you want to be considered, email with your name, address, camera details and the type of photography you’d like to master – you could soon be enjoying a coaching session!

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Pro insight and advice

Our Nikon experts are selected because they’re acknowledged leaders in their field. Draw inspiration from their approach to photography, discover the secret gadgets lurking inside their kit bags and find out which camera settings they use to ensure they always nail the shots they want

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exclusive 15-page preview

master new nikon skills

■ Every issue of N-Photo is full of tips to make you a better photographer. We show you how to get the photos you want, and how to make them even better in image-editing software. Better still, N-Photo offers two ways to learn, with exclusive video lessons hosted online… Expert guides show you how

You’ll never run out of new things to try with our exciting Nikon Skills section. It’s packed with fun projects to help you take fantastic shots, learn creative techniques and make the most of Photoshop

Tackle a creative photo project

■ Nikon Skills is packed with great ideas for developing your photographic ability. Why not tackle one of our creative projects and discover how your home can become the perfect location for memorable shots, or learn how to edit and print photos to make sure you do your favourite pictures justice? Get inspired to try something new with our imaginative photography projects

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//Design Note: Please show polariser DPS large and CD cover + disc graphic//

//Design Note: Please show a grab of a video here// //Caption// N-Photo offers two great ways to learn new skills – read the article or watch the video lesson!

Free video disc (print edition only)

Every Nikon Skills tutorial comes with a video lesson so you can see how techniques are done in real time. You’ll find the videos on each issue’s free disc. Readers of digital editions can watch the videos on a special private YouTube channel

■ Watch a sample video at

from as little as £5 on page 14

exclusive 15-page preview

nikon-fit gear rated

■ You know the problem – you want to read about gear that works with your camera but when you open a photography magazine you have to wade through pages of irrelevant kit. N-Photo only reviews Nikon-compatible products, helping you buy the best! Tests you can trust

N-Photo’s Test Team has decades of experience with testing photographic products. We reach our verdicts through a combination of real-world and lab-based testing, and every camera and lens is benchmarked using charts and special software. Check out the test results in the mag and see for yourself just how rigorous our reviews are

In-depth lens tests

Lenses are the most important bits of equipment you’ll buy after your camera body, so N-Photo runs regular tests of all the options available for your Nikon. Whether you want longer glass or to get in close, we’ll find the perfect fit for your budget

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The latest Nikon-friendly gear

Every issue, N-Photo rates Nikon-friendly kit, helping you stay on top of the latest photographic products and make an informed decision about your next purchase. We even highlight the bestvalue buys to help your money go further

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exclusive 15-page preview

the ultimate nikon manual ■ Knowing how to get the most from your camera is essential if you want to realise your full photographic potential, which is why N-Photo’s Nikopedia section offers everything you need to master your D-SLR’s settings and understand the Nikon system… Learn techniques fast

Get to grips with the principles of photography and enhance your understanding of key technical subjects with Nikopedia’s plain-English guides. It includes clear diagrams and illustrations you’ll want to keep and refer back to again and again

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Nikon-specific software

N-Photo is the only magazine that runs tutorials on Nikon’s Capture NX 2 editing software. Not only will our plain-English guides show you how to get the best results from your NEF RAW files, there’s also a video guide so you can watch and learn

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exclusive 15-page preview

NIKON INSIGHT & INSPIRATION ■ N-Photo publishes the best of the best Nikon photos! Our Lightbox gallery will inspire you with its selection of incredible images from around the world, and you can get insight from the masters of Nikon photography themselves in our interview…

Incredible Nikon imagery

A photo has to meet two criteria before it gets published in Lightbox, N-Photo’s gallery section. It must be shot with a Nikon and it has to make us go, ‘Wow!’ Then you see the very best pictures taken by Nikon users around the world every month

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Send them to or post them on our Facebook Wall at and we’ll feature the best in the mag

Insight from leading Nikon pros

Some photographers have something special that sets them aside, and N-Photo pays tribute to the best Nikon pros in our Close-Up interview. We find out how they made it to the top of their game, uncovering the tips and tricks that enable them to stay there and get shots most of us only dream of!

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N-Photo Preview Edition  

N-Photo is the magazine for Nikon photographers. Read our sample issue and sign up to our great-value founder subscription offer and you cou...

N-Photo Preview Edition  

N-Photo is the magazine for Nikon photographers. Read our sample issue and sign up to our great-value founder subscription offer and you cou...