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FEED YOUR IMAGINATION Opening Keynote: Duncan Wardle on what Disney taught him about empowering teams to innovate

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Aryanour Djalali

Tuesday 11 February

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Peter Prater

Thursday 13 February

Owen Ellis

Mike Blake

Friday 14 February

Sarah Joyce






uncan Wardle shares his D thoughts on future proofing in the age of AI ahead of his Opening Keynote

International Critical Control Rooms Alliance’s Peter Prater is set to chair the inaugural Control Rooms Summit ISE

lorian Rotberg, Digital F Signage Summit organiser, discusses the challenges posed by LED

Mike Blake highlights the hospitality opportunity

VIXA chief global officer A Sarah Joyce discusses the global strength of the pro-AV industry


Thursday show events

Speaker profile


Speaker profile

Speaker profile



VIXA Higher Education A Conference AV, XR Summit ISE and the Inavation Awards join the Control Rooms Summit in this packed day of events

BC keynote Aryanour S Djalali, architect, founder and CEO, DNA Barcelona Architects, talks 5G, IoT and the Intelligent Edge

Monday show events

Tuesday show events



Speaker profile

V User Group chair A Owen Ellis looks ahead to the AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference

Wednesday show events


ISE 2020 floorplan


Àngels Chacón, Minister of Business and Knowledge in the Catalan Government, talks diversity and inclusivity, and what attendees can expect from ISE 2021 in Barcelona

VR, projection mapping, the latest

Other show events

from the Main Stage and more…



Association news: AVIXA

eerless-AV’s Melinda Von P Horvath on the growth of kiosks and the DvLED opportunity

Association news: CEDIA

Executive profile

ew for 2020, the CEDIA N Design & Build Conference takes place alongside the returning Hospitality Tech Summit and AGORA



Executive profile


Digital cinema, digital signage and enterprise AV are on today’s agenda

mart Building Conference S and AudioForum return, and CEDIA introduces its Cybersecurity Workshop

Also Inside…

Speaker profile

Speaker profile


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Product spotlights


Exhibitor news


Executive profile


Executive profile

EDIA VP of industry C engagement Giles Sutton highlights the association’s extensive offering at ISE 2020


Friday show events a ttractionsTECH delves into the world of visitor attractions, while we say ¡Hola! to Barcelona with a special event in the RAI Forum

17, 25, 29, 34 Professional Development

Discover the CEDIA Sessions and AVIXA FlashTracks taking place on each day of the show

Executive profile

Joost Demarest and Casto Canavate from Presenting Show Partner KNX discuss the association’s offerings at ISE 2020

Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 3


Bigger and better

Mike Blackman, managing director, Integrated Systems Events, highlights some of the education sessions and events you won’t want to miss during ISE’s final trip to Amsterdam Welcome to the Preview Edition of the ISE Daily, the official newspaper of Integrated Systems Europe. It’s not long now until ISE 2020 is upon us. The show looks set to beat last year’s numbers, with more than 1,300 exhibitors and a registered attendee total expected to exceed the 81,268 we welcomed in 2019. We also have our largest show floor ever: the extension to Hall 5 has been increased in size since last year and made permanent. Once again, we are filling 15 halls at the RAI Amsterdam, where six Technology Zones will help you to find the specific solutions you’re looking for. We also have an Innovation Zone in Hall 14, where companies new to ISE will be showing their exciting new technologies. Hall 14 is also the location of two other important show features. The Main Stage is presenting highquality thought leadership sessions, produced by ISE, AVIXA, CEDIA, AV Magazine and sponsor Shure. Nearby, you can visit the ‘VR at ISE’ feature, which will feature VR collaboration technology as well as an exciting VR theme park ride. As well as being our biggest-ever show, ISE 2020 has our biggest-ever professional development programme, which we are promoting under the 4 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

heading ‘Learn. Discover. Be Inspired’. Beginning on Monday 10 February, we are hosting 13 conferences, including the new Control Rooms Summit. Nine of these conferences are being held at the five-star Hotel Okura, just a few minutes from the RAI, which proved very popular with our attendees last year.

‘We’ll be sad to leave the RAI, which has been our permanent home since 2007, but at the same time we’re excited about this next chapter in the story of ISE’ As ever, our co-owning associations AVIXA and CEDIA are playing a major part in our professional development programme. AVIXA is hosting conferences for the higher education and enterprise markets, as well as holding free 20-minute FlashTrack sessions on a dedicated stand. CEDIA has two new events on its roster: an all-day workshop on cybersecurity, and a new conference for residential

design & build professionals. It’s also running a fourday education programme, plus free CEDIA Talks on its stand. Another great learning opportunity is the Opening Address on Monday 10 February, at 18:00 in the Forum. Duncan Wardle, a consultant to Disney, will be telling us how we can ‘Think Different’ to make our businesses more creative and innovative. This is followed by a free-to-attend Opening Reception. As you’re probably aware, the show will be relocating after this edition. In February 2021, ISE will move to the Gran Via in the Fira de Barcelona – a state-of-the-art venue that can accommodate our projected growth for many years to come. We’ll be sad to leave the RAI, which has been our permanent home since 2007, but at the same time we’re excited about this next chapter in the story of ISE. You can find out everything you need to know about ISE 2021 in the ¡Hola Barcelona! Lounge between Halls 7 and 8. In addition, on the final day of ISE 2020, we will be holding a special event, also called ¡Hola Barcelona!, in the Forum, where we will bid farewell to Amsterdam and the RAI and also look ahead to what Catalonia, Barcelona and the Fira have to offer. A number of Catalan and Spanish dignitaries will be speaking on stage, including the Hon. Mrs Àngels Chacón, the Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge. You’ll find information on many of these events, along with interviews with key speakers, affiliated executives, and some of the latest exhibitor product news, in this digital publication. And keep an eye on the ISE website for the latest news in the run-up to the show. I look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam – for one last time – in February. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020


Time: Monday 10 February, 18:00-19:00 Location: RAI Forum

Three to watch: Wardle’s AV technology disruptors


Translation tools: Wardle thinks that AIdriven real-time language translation tools will eliminate simultaneous translation at conferences within a year.


Drones as fireworks: Wardle predicts that drones will eliminate fireworks in the next five to ten years: “There’s no question about that. If you think about the sheer volume of money Disney spends on fireworks, say for example in its four parks in Florida, just to blow up products to buy again the next day – well, what if I could use my own fireworks every single day of the year? What if there was no noise pollution or smoke pollution? What if my fireworks could be customised to spell ‘Feliz Cumpleanos Juan’ or ‘Congratulations David’ in the sky? The fireworks industry in and of itself will become a premium brand in the next ten years as it’s replaced by drones.”


Avatar speakers: A company in Barcelona approached Wardle to become its first avatar speaker. I don’t know that we’re ready for that yet – my first question to them was, ‘What if he robs a bank?’ I tell you, the next decade will be the most exciting and challenging of our lives because of the speed of change.

The Imagineer OPENING ADDRESS Too many companies are focused on the

bottom line and not the four key attributes that could future proof their existence in the age of AI, Duncan Wardle, former head of innovation and creativity at Disney and founder of iD8 & innov8, argues in his keynote opener According to Duncan Wardle it’s good to have a contingency plan. Disney’s former global PR head-turned-innovation and creativity consultant grasped the importance of this early on in his career, in his role as a character co-ordinator at the royal premier of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. “My job was simply to stand at the bottom of the stairs,” he says. “Roger Rabbit was going to come down the stairs, the Princess of Wales was going to come along the receiving line, if she chose to engage Roger, great, if she chose to go into the auditorium, never mind. “A contingency plan would tell you that the average length of a step on a stair is about the same length as your foot – unless you’re a six-foot rabbit with feet that are two-foot long.” As he tells it, somewhat inevitably the rabbit tripped 6 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

over himself and hurtled through the air towards the Princess – at which point he was taken out on the floor of the Odeon Leicester Square – with guns drawn – by two secret service officers. Wardle had thought he might get fired, but his boss turned out to be delighted with the publicity that this misfired stunt garnered. “I thought, ‘Wow, I could make a career out of this!’” And so began a glittering 30-year PR career at the helm of one of the world’s biggest and oldest entertainment companies. Highlights have included sending his son’s Buzz Lightyear doll into space; building an Olympic-sized swimming pool on Main Street for Michael Phelps to plough down during halftime at the SuperBowl; and placing a giant pair of Mickey Mouse ears on Concorde. Yet it isn’t the outlandish stunts Wardle seems most proud of but the opportunity to contribute to Disney’s

vision – be that his involvement in the creation of Disneyland Paris, from standing in an empty with a Disney ‘Imagineer’ right through to the opening, or thinking of ways to solve new pain points in the consumer experience, or inspiring Pixar storylines. At the heart of Disney’s culture, he says, is storytelling. This may seem obvious, but he adds that many firms that have pitched for work tend to get carried away by the spectacle. “We were designing a new complex in Florida, and the first three companies through the door had each spent huge sums on their pitch – and built these incredible architectural models and renditions of what this future design would look like. “When we got to the fourth room, there was nothing in it – except an old man and 12 rocking chairs. He said ‘Come on in, sit down, close your eyes – I want to tell you a story about a place called Disney Springs, where a young man called Walt met a young girl called Lilian in 1914.’ “He only spoke for six minutes. By the time he’d finished, we all knew which one we were going with.” As Wardle recounts these anecdotes it’s clear that he is something of a professional storyteller as well as a skilled motivational speaker himself. He left Disney two years ago, he says, after realising “God, I’m over halfway, I’ve got to go and do something different... and there’s a real gap in the market.” For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

SpeakerProfile That gap, he reveals, is empowering firms to foster disruption and innovation. “All the CEOs are saying, ‘I need you to think different’, ‘we need to disrupt’, ‘we must innovate’, and the employees are sitting there saying, ‘that’s great, are you going to show me how?’ And nobody’s doing the ‘how’.” Wardle says that all he’s doing is taking his design thinking toolkit – the best of what he’s learnt working with companies like Apple, Disney and IDEO – and essentially simplifying it to “make innovation easy, creativity tangible and the process fun”. Companies, he says, find it hard to grasp the ‘fun’ part of this equation. “They think it doesn’t imply quarterly results. Everybody talks culture change – but you can’t change a culture unless the employees choose to do it for you. “If you want them to innovate, you have to give them a toolkit that they want to use when you’re not around – so it has to be fun.” He claims too that innovation isn’t always easy to achieve in companies that are already highly successful. “The more expertise and the more experience we get, the more reasons we know why the new idea won’t work, and we immediately shut it down rather than considering how might we get it done,” he reasons. He calls this a “no-because” culture: “No because we tried that last year” or “no because it’ll never get past legal” or “no because it’s not a strategic brand fit”. Another issue, he adds, is that ideas are not

captured in an effective way to start with. To counter this, Wardle is teaching eight or nine creative behaviours and 16 innovation tools to firms, which are all designed to help staff think differently. One small exercise that firms can do, he adds, is to get staff to re-examine job titles. “If I were to say: ‘Are you a Receptionist or are you the Director of First Impressions?’ And if I gave you that second title, how would you go about your job differently? Are you a Marketer or a Storyteller?”

‘If you want [employees] to innovate, you have to give them a toolkit that they want to use when you’re not around – so it has to be fun’ The same toolset, he adds, led to the creation of Disney’s highly successful Magic Band innovation (see box below). He adds that it starts with getting firms to list the rules of their challenge, no matter how far-fetched these might seem initially. He uses Reed Hastings’ approach to founding Netflix as an example. “He used to go to Blockbuster, just like us. He had late fees, just like you and me. He listed the rules of going to Blockbuster: you had to be kind and rewind; you could only get three at a time; you could never get the one you want on opening day weekend; you have to drive to a physical store. “And he said, what if there was no physical store? It was an absurd suggestion in 2005, but he

said, imagine a world where I could actually make that work.” From this point, he adds, it’s about listing solutions that remove these rules and the barriers to watching content. “He thought ‘Well, What if I stream professional content rather than amateur content?’ No-one would have to drive to a physical store, everyone will get the one they want on opening day weekend, nobody will have to be kind and rewind, and I’ll change the rental period so that nobody pays a late fee’. “‘I’ll call it Netflix. I’ll take my idea to Blockbuster five times, they’ll turn me down five times, I’ll take them out of business in five years.’” He concludes: “It’s about giving people the tools to help them think differently.” Thinking laterally and creatively is something that we are all born with, Wardle points out, “but we’re told so often that we’re not these things that we’ve forgotten how to be like that,” he argues. And he adds that the reason why curiosity, creativity, imagination and intuition are all so important is because they are attributes that can’t be programmed in a world in which AI may start to strip away many other human capabilities. “AI will have the ability to think thousands of times faster than the human race by 2030… So actually the strongest skillsets, or the most employable skillsets, will be those four human traits that we’re born with. Those will be our superpowers,” he says. For Wardle, working out what unique human skillsets will enable us to compete a decade from now is the best contingency plan we can all make.

Wardle argues that while many companies believe that they are consumer facing most are still essentially product-driven, focusing more on their quarterly results than the end user. However, he adds that a consumer-centric approach can yield greater results and he uses Disney’s Magic Band innovation as a case-in-point. “We started out not by asking ‘How can we make money?’ but instead ‘How might we solve the biggest consumer pain points?’” says Wardle. Companies shouldn’t be afraid to ask absurd questions, he adds. “We asked ourselves: ‘What if we took away the front desk in our hotels?’ ‘What if we eliminated the gate at the entrance to our parks?’ ‘What if we eliminated the lines for attractions or character meet-and-greets or to pay for merchandise or food?’” Disney’s Magic Band allowed all these scenarios to happen. While Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) existed long before Disney decided to employ it, putting it in a little plastic band enabled it to be used as a multifunctional device. It became a room

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020


Disney’s Magic Band: a customer-centric approach to innovation

key and a theme park ticket. Customers could use it to buy fast track passes or to pay for merchandise. The upshot of this innovation, according to Wardle, is that the average consumer in a Disney park today now gets two hours of free time that they didn’t have four years ago. This, Wardle adds, has led to “record revenues.

Record food and beverage, record merchandise, record guest intent to return, record guest intent to recommend.” He adds that the data these bands yield also feeds into future design plans. “Twenty-five million visitors a year are live crowdsourcing the future design of a Disney park, simply by telling us where they go and what they like.”

Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 7

ExecutiveProfile Àngels Chacón, Minister of Business and Knowledge, Catalan Government

Next stop Barcelona Q&A

Minister Àngels Chacón, Catalan Government Minister of Business and Knowledge, talks about what ISE attendees can expect from its new home and the city’s reputation as a start-up hub

By Jo Ruddock Barcelona is welcoming ISE as of 2021. What does the congress mean to the city? First of all, the congress will give an overall boost to innovation in Barcelona. It is a great opportunity to strengthen a strategic sector of the Catalan economy such as the audiovisual one, an area closely linked to innovation and creativity and which is a driving force for other industrial sectors. It will undoubtedly be one of the year’s most important events in Catalonia: the world’s leading experts and opinion leaders will meet for four days in Barcelona to share their know-how and experiences on technologies that are revolutionising the way we understand business today and industry in general. For any first-time visitors to Barcelona, what can attendees expect from the city? They will discover an open city. Open to the world, to ideas and to new projects. Open to talent and innovation. They will discover the capital of a region, Catalonia, which has been able to combine a solid and local industrial base with a leading European start-up ecosystem and a significant presence of multinationals from all over the world. With a privileged geostrategic position, first-class business schools, pioneering technology centres and a specialised audiovisual cluster, Catalonia has become a unique environment for technological projects linked to innovation, and in 8 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

particular for the audiovisual sector. All assets that will undoubtedly be reinforced with the celebration of ISE in Barcelona as of 2021. And how will the move to Gran Via benefit visitors to ISE? The Gran Via trade show venue in Barcelona has become one of the most relevant in Europe and the world. It has experience in holding international events such as the MWC, the Smart City World Congress and Alimentaria Barcelona. With classleading infrastructures and connected to the centre of Barcelona, the venue where ISE will be held from 2021 will unquestionably help it grow and consolidate it as the most important worldwide event in the sector. Barcelona has become something of a start-up hub in recent years, how has the Government of Catalonia created the environment to enable this to happen and does hosting ISE feed into this drive for innovation? The Government of Catalonia believes strongly in public-private collaboration. In recent years we have supported a wide range of initiatives that have led to the creation and development of the start-up hub which Barcelona has become today. Ultimately, it is all due to a combination of assets: talent, first of all, both local and international, thanks to the high educational standards found at our universities and business schools, combined with advanced infrastructures

like the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre. On top of this, we must also add the region’s strong industrial tradition and a unique lifestyle in the world, with a powerful network of local and international investors and the growth of accelerators, incubators and classleading co-working spaces, as well as the existence of Pier01. In fact, if the CEOs of European start-ups were to establish their start-ups again, Barcelona would be the third place they’d choose. And I would like to stress the importance of those connections and synergies that are being established with the rest of the productive system. We are increasingly seeing more open innovation projects being generated between start-ups and local companies, clusters and multinationals. And, within this context, hosting ISE in Barcelona will play a decisive role, given that it can have a significant impact on this entire network of relationships. Sustainability also seems to be high on the agenda. Does technology have a role to play here? Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars supporting company growth and competitiveness. And this can no longer be separated from sustainability. In some cases, it requires a change of vision in order to rethink production and consumption methods, and here technology is essential to make this happen. Without technology we will not be able to design new models that go beyond present concepts of ‘extract, For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

ExecutiveProfile manufacture, consume and eliminate’, and that include sustainability criteria as part of their DNA.

The FIRA in figures

You’re taking part in the AVIXA Women’s Council event at ISE 2020. How important do you think it is to encourage diversity and inclusivity, especially across the tech sector? It’s crucial. Either we get women to have the same opportunities in the workplace as men or we will not be able to meet the challenges facing the new knowledge economy, especially in the current context of constant changes caused by digital transformation. In order to face the fourth industrial revolution, we need 100% of the talent. It is both good and necessary to have 50% of women where there is decision-making. Companies have amazing potential to transform society at all levels: unquestionably, we must create new female role models. That is why it is so important to have areas where female talent is shown, such as the one promoted with the AVIXA Women’s Council event.

The vast space of the Gran Via, part of the FIRA Barcelona, has eight halls, connected by a walkway. Currently boasting 240,000sqm of exhibition space, there are plans to extend this by 2024 with the construction of a new 60,000sqm two-storey building, in addition to a second space for offices and services. The Gran Via venue contains several spaces for congress activity spread around the different halls. One of them is the Convention Centre, located in Hall 8, a fully modular and versatile space with seating for between 3,000 and 12,000 people.

Is the Catalan government supporting any specific initiatives in this area? From the Ministry of Business and Knowledge that I lead, we are promoting actions, measures and policies on equality in the business field to make progress in gender perspectives. For example, we have designed a specific programme to facilitate the access of women managers to European funding and we have created a campaign to encourage STEM careers among women. We have also just organised the first business mission aimed exclusively at female executives: for a week, a delegation of women-led startups from Barcelona travelled to New York to look for investors and partners and to gain visibility. This is the path we must take. A pluralistic, inclusive and transformative path. Àngels Chacón will be actively participating in ISE 2020 as part of a group of leading Catalan and Spanish influencers and end users. She will be speaking at the AVIXA Women’s Council event on the Main Stage on Wednesday 12 February, and at the ¡Hola Barcelona! event on Friday 14 February

Facilities within the Gran Via are extensive, with 45 restaurants and 4,580 parking spaces, although the centre is also close to the airport and well-connected to the public transport network.

The green credentials of the Gran Via are also impressive as it hosts one of the largest rooftop photovoltaic plants in Europe, with 26,000 solar panels installed on the roof. This generates 5GW/h of energy per year and cuts the emissions of more than 2,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Take a 360 virtual tour of the centre at




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+ 44 (0)7767873080 Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 9

Monday 10 February

Inspired by nature Aryanour Djalali, architect, founder and CEO, DNA Barcelona Architects

Speaker Profile

‘Through the design of smart buildings, we will be able to create better urban environments and transportation’

By David Wood 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Intelligent Edge are some of the hottest tech buzzwords in the world of building design. They have already had a huge impact on the design and management of smart buildings and are being increasingly adopted as key features of the next Hotel Okura, Grand Ballroom generation of buildings 09:00-17:30 by the world’s most tech-savvy architects. Architects such as Aryanour Djalali, CEO of architectural practice DNA Barcelona, who will give the keynote at this year’s Smart Building Conference at the Hotel Okura, Amsterdam. Djalali and his multidisciplinary studio of over 30 architects have a reputation for designing structures inspired by the natural world and incorporating the latest advances in technology to make more efficient and more effective places to live and work. ­ Advances in connectivity and technology have ushered in a new era of high-tech energy efficiency and systematic, logical monitoring and management, explains Djalali. In an era of heightened concern about climate change, one of the key benefits of smart buildings are their lower energy use, he adds. “The design of buildings with renewable energy sources and with smart energy systems is an increasingly important trend. Smart building design becomes more popular each year as the implementation of smart technologies facilitates the lives of its users. “Nowadays, automation can be fully integrated into buildings so that all systems feed into the same cloud-based network. Building owners can monitor and control Distributed Energy Systems (DES) which includes electricity, heating and cooling, and renewable sources, thus reducing costs for the users.” The benefits of the design and construction of smart buildings go way beyond lower energy use and running costs. They have an important role to play in the wellbeing of the buildings’ inhabitants and the retention of employees, says Djalali. “Furthermore, through the design of smart buildings, we will be able to create better urban environments and transportation. These kinds of sophisticated cities will attract more people and offer intelligent advances which make life more comfortable, efficient and safe.” The efficiency of the building design process has also been vastly improved through technology, says Djalali. “At DNA we have acquired our own know-how and develop our projects from a centralised intelligent 10 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

platform where information is stored in a single threedimensional model,” he explains. “The implementation of 3D modelling systems such as [Autodesk’s] Building Information Modelling (BIM) is promoting a collaborative way of managing the construction and installation of projects. The BIM platform allows us to efficiently control every constructive process, using methods closer to the automotive industry than to the traditional construction business.” Speaking the same language These systems allow the process of programming, creating, building and managing data right from the start of a collaborative project, using technologies based on digital 3D modelling linked to a database that covers the entire life cycle of a building or infrastructure. Physical, environmental and commercial data are integrated, making sure that everyone across the building professions speaks the same language. “In all the projects where we have used this technology, every design stage has been improved, not just by working using a unique collaborative approach, but also by having a more rational management of the construction process. Nowadays, intelligent technologies reduce delays, costs and security risks, allowing the fast transfer of big data while developing a project or sharing it with the customer, saving time as all processes are automated and there is less need to manually work on it. Djalali’s keynote at the Smart Building Conference

‘Smart Nature, Smarter Buildings’ will discuss how DNA is inspired by the natural world, translating these ideas into real projects offering a contemporary and smart design using the latest technologies. “Natural elements allow us to find the inspiration and create buildings with organic shapes, colours and structures,” he reveals. “Considering a smart natural form such as a wave, for example, we can develop an iconic hotel shape, which will always remind the guests about ideas such as water, summer and vacation – meaning a smart building.” Djalali will present a selection of DNA projects, outlining the history and philosophy of each one, referring to the main source of inspiration, architecture and design details such as shapes, materials, colours and concepts. In 2021, Integrated Systems Europe moves to DNA’s home city of Barcelona, a fitting location for the ISE experience, according to Djalali. “Barcelona already has a reputation as a city of technological attraction and innovation. Every year it hosts dozens of important trade shows and congresses. “Fira Barcelona, the convention centre where it will be held, will be able to offer more space and the most advanced infrastructures, which will translate into more attendees, more exhibitors and a more efficient and comfortable venue to work,” he argues. “While at ISE in Barcelona visitors will be able to see the intelligent advances in diverse fields such as architecture, design, sport and social environments, and get the networked smart city experience including, for example, free WiFi in the streets.” For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Monday 10 February

Show Events

Duncan Wardle OPENING ADDRESS The former head of innovation and creativity at Disney will discuss how innovation can become part of the day-to-day working culture in businesses Duncan Wardle will draw on his 25+ years at Disney during his Opening Address, which has the theme ‘Think Different’, something which has very much characterised his career so far. Ten years ago, he became head of innovation and creativity at Disney and set about surveying 5,000 employees across Disney Parks, Imagineering, Lucasfilm and Pixar to identify barriers to innovation and creativity in organisations – and set about demolishing them. Top of the list was time, or lack thereof. “We don’t give ourselves enough time to think. That’s still considered the number one barrier to innovation.” Now an independent consultant, though still retaining his links with Disney, he speaks and runs workshops that give organisations the tools to develop and implement new business ideas. He explains: “All I’ve done is taken a design thinking toolkit, the best of what I’ve learnt from working with companies like Apple, Disney, Pixar and IDEO, and essentially simplifying it to make innovation easy, creativity tangible and the process fun.” The Opening Address will take place on Monday 10 February at 18:00 in the Forum, RAI Amsterdam. It is free to attend

Smart’s getting smarter Now in its eighth year, the Smart Building Conference 2020 will explore how the unfolding new technology landscape facilitates the deployment of smart technology within buildings in its new location of the Hotel Okura and in a new one-and-a-half day format. Under the heading ‘5G, IoT and the Intelligent Edge’, speakers will discuss how once disparate building systems have now converged into one smart system using IP. This brings the opportunity to save money, increase efficiency and improve the service to occupants. The packed lineup of speakers includes people from across the smart building landscape and beyond. Highlights include Angelica Krystle Donati, DIG CEO and Forbes columnist focusing on proptech. She’ll be sharing what’s new in this field and highlighting future trends that tie in with smart buildings. The end user

Creating Sound Democracy Putting the person and their wellbeing at the centre and transforming the use of sound into a complete, personalised listening experience is the focus of AudioForum@ISE 2020. Organised by Connessioni in collaboration with the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the full-day event is designed for both professionals with technical training – sound designers, system integrators, sound engineers, specialists in acoustics, multimedia production specialists, etc, – and those who come from the field of architectural and ambient design, such as architects, consultants and engineers. It will also be of interest to anyone involved in managing venues and facilities, such as hotel managers, administrators of schools, universities, public spaces and sporting or cultural facilities. The event will focus on the following subject areas: - the relationship between the environment, conditions and listening quality

12 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

- audio technologies and the perception of sound - environments, listening experiences and empathy - Democracy of Sound: putting the listener back in the centre. The event is open to all ISE participants. AudioForum@ISE 2020 takes place from 09:3016:30 on Monday 10 February in Room G103 at the RAI. For more information and to reserve your place, visit

angle will be delivered by Swiss Re VP smart building manager Daniel Carcedo Blanco, who will be discussing the value of a digital twin, while Daphne Tomlinson, senior research analyst at Memoori Research, will make her Smart Building Conference debut sharing and discussing different types of location-based technologies based on a new research report on occupancy analytics and in-building location systems. Other confirmed speakers include Paul Marsden, author of Digital Quality Management in Construction, who will consider how digital trends affect the construction industry; and Erik Ubels, chief technology officer, OVG Real Estate, will share his experience and expertise, having overseen completion of the EDGE Olympic building in Amsterdam (and having previously completed the renowned EDGE building, billed as the world’s most intelligent building at the time). Ken Dooley, technology director at Granlund, will discuss the company’s recent work on a Nokia Smart Campus, while Aryanour Djalali, founder & CEO, DNA Barcelona Architects, will provide global industry insights and perspective from the viewpoint of an award-winning international architect. Bob Snyder, editor in chief of Channel Media Europe, will once again chair the event, which is supported by Audio Partner Bose. Smart Building Conference takes place from 09:00-17:30 on Monday 10 February and from 08:45-13:00 on Tuesday 11 February at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to reserve your place, visit For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Monday 10 February

Show Events

Stay ahead with CEDIA’s cybersecurity workshop New for ISE 2020, the CEDIA Cybersecurity Workshop, supported by Audio Partner Bose, provides an indepth look at the concepts of network security and privacy. In the age of the Internet of Things, residential networks and connected devices have greater potential to be exploited. In response, the workshop will deliver content to help integrators deal with the growing proliferation of threats in this space. The workshop will cover all aspects of network security and privacy, and how these concepts have evolved to be critical Jeff Sonnleitner components of every system design, implementation and aftercare plan. “Security practices are becoming a necessity in every system design and installation, no matter the size,” commented Jeff Sonnleitner, a professional

network and security instructor with over 35 years’ experience, and the lead instructor for the Cybersecurity Workshop. “The home network has been a real starting place for cyber criminals, a cause for concern that needs to be addressed. This new workshop is open to everyone looking to create security policies, whether from a corporate or business standpoint, or as a safety protocol for end users.” CEDIA’s Cybersecurity Workshop will mix seminars and demonstrations with immersive and collaborative sessions. It will guide attendees through the most up-to-date examples of cybersecurity policies, allowing a company to ensure systems are implemented securely and customer expectations are managed.

By the end of the course, attendees will have created outlines for operational and user cybersecurity policies; be able to list the most critical network attack surfaces within integrated systems; be able to explain the benefits and importance of cybersecurity policies; and have an outline plan to create cybersecurity policies for their company. CEDIA Cybersecurity Workshop takes place from 09:00-18:00 on Monday 10 February at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to reserve your place, visit





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+ 44 (0)7767873080 Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 13

Tuesday 11 February

Taking control

‘I think that it’s a good time to expose ISE to the critical control industry – they are ready and poised to see what is out there’

Peter Prater, chairman, ICCRA By Ann-Marie Corvin Critical control rooms are generally behind the curve in terms of AV adoption, according to Peter Prater, a founding member and chairman of the International Hotel Okura, Grand Ballroom 09:00-13:00 Critical Control Rooms Alliance (ICCRA). AV kit in emergency service control rooms, hospitals and utility companies usually tends to be limited to a couple of “very large screens” at the front of each room, usually listing incidents and calls, he adds. “They might have Sky or local TV stations broadcasting – and there might be a CCTV camera display – but that’s about it.” New to ISE this year is a summit designed to introduce the sector to the potential of AV, and for ISE AV channel delegates to explore the fascinating and diverse word of the control room, which spans the gamut from the emergency services, transport and utilities companies to industries such as telecommunications, airports, water treatment and data centres. Prater – who is chairing the summit and attending ISE for the first time – also hopes to extend his personal knowledge of AV. “There is an enormous amount of techniques, interfaces and experiences being deployed by AV suppliers and systems integrators – I think that critical control room people will start to look at these and work out how they can harness these technologies in their own environments,” he says. Consolidation Prater has enjoyed a 35-year career in the critical control rooms sector: starting with his career in the British Army and then later as a consultant, and now as a supplier in his role as managing director of Hexagon Safety and Infrastructure. He observes that the control room landscape has altered dramatically over the past decade as organisations that once operated multiple sites with a small control room in each location are seeing how they can operate with fewer and larger control rooms. This has partly been driven by cost but also as a result of improvements in radio control systems, as they move from analogue to digital. “In policing, for example, most forces used to have between three and eight control rooms but now several will share one,” he says. The UK government is currently in the process of rolling out a new 4G-based Emergency Service Network, which will replace the current Airwave service, and deliver what it hopes will be an improved voice and data platform for first responders such as police, ambulance and fire. The aim, it says, is to create a single platform for sharing data and imagery. 14 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

Speaker Profile

In this context, Prater predicts that further rationalisation is on the way, with closer collaboration between different emergency services and other mission-critical utility services such as water or waste. “The idea of shared control rooms and greater collaboration between emergency services, utilities and local authorities is definitely one that’s gaining force as we move towards a smart city-type of environment. “It will prompt disparate agencies to start coming together in terms of sharing data but they will also have to consider different permission controls and levels of access,” he adds. Air traffic control Another trend is the growing use of off-site control rooms with air traffic control towers operating remotely, which are beginning to be trialled in territories such as Germany and Sweden. Remote and virtual towers are based on video sensor surveillance instead of out-of-the-window views, and is based on optical sensors that provide high-quality, real-time images of the runway, the airport ramp and the very nearby airspace. Images are typically displayed on large monitors that can provide up to 360º view. “You can see how small airports with fewer than ten flights a day might decide to use an off-site tower or use a tower based at a larger airport such as Heathrow. It could help with capacity, and you may see more than you can from an on-site tower – but there’s a lot of technology needed to make this happen,” he adds. Ergonomics High-stress environments such as air traffic control rooms, which see people stationed in the same space

for long periods of time, are also moving on in terms of ergonomic design, according to Prater. “We were talking with one control room about defining the soft lighting aspects of a design and it took six months to sort out the final colour. People are trying to do a better job,” he says. “You see some very clever tricks deployed in the commercial call centre environment and that’s another reason why I think that it’s a good time to expose ISE to the critical control industry – they are ready and poised to see what is out there.” Future trends Right now the industry is in its third generation of command and control systems, according to Prater, and he adds that IT trends have generally kept up with commercial trends in terms of cloud-based systems, touchscreen and graphical map-based interfaces. Future game changers currently being trialled are camera sensors and drones, which, he says, “are being heavily considered to support customer service and safety”. In terms of the Emergency Services Network and “next gen 999” platforms, Prater recognises that the human side of an operator being exposed to an emergency call that’s coming through as a live video stream also needs to be considered. It’s a further example, he adds, of how the industry is becoming more people centric in its approach to design. After all, he says, “what is the propensity of operators being exposed to crime scenes for up to ten hours a day? It’s one thing taking a report of a stabbing over the phone, it’s another seeing it on FaceTime. The wellbeing of staff has got to be an important consideration.” For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Tuesday 11 February

Show Events

Monitoring the control room sector New for ISE 2020, the Control Rooms Summit (CRS) will consider the theme ‘How better integrated AV will save and protect lives and deliver more efficient operations in the world of mission-critical command and control’. This inaugural event will address the latest trends in technology, design, ergonomics and best practice in this dynamic technology-led business sector. For those new to the world of critical control it will establish the current picture of the use of AV in critical control rooms and present the business case for new development. For those familiar with this sector it will provide a view on the art of the possible via a snapshot of the changing AV technology landscape. Control rooms are becoming increasingly multifunctional, with more data types being routed into them and more technologies being integrated. This added complexity places greater demands on operators, so more design emphasis is being placed on human factors: ensuring that operators have ergonomic workstations and intuitive user interfaces from which they can readily access all relevant information. A wide range of audiovisual technologies goes into control rooms: while displays are the most significant element, networking, signal management (including KVM), surveillance video, sensors and analytics can also be required.

New perspectives on AV in higher ed Following its successful debut in 2019, the AVIXA Higher Education AV Conference, supported by EUNIS and SCHOMS, returns to ISE 2020 to highlight a range of different perspectives on how to best enhance the learning and teaching experience through the effective use of AV technologies. The varied impact of AV on students, teachers, learners with special educational needs and remote learners will all be discussed, with VR, market intelligence and AV/IT systems on the agenda. Taking place in Room E102 of the RAI on the afternoon of 11 February, this half-day conference will help delegates understand the importance of AV in creating appropriate spaces for education and learning, offering practical tips and guidance for immediate application, reflection and inspiration to support their future developments. AVIXA Higher Education Conference AV takes place from 13:00-17:00 on Tuesday 11 February in Room E102 of the RAI. For more information and to reserve your place, visit

16 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

The half-day event will take place on 11 February at the Hotel Okura and will be staged in association with The International Critical Control Rooms Alliance (ICCRA) and supported by Signage Solutions Partner NEC and Audio Partner Bose.

Control Rooms Summit ISE takes place from 09:00-13:00 on Tuesday 11 February at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to reserve your place at the event, visit

Facing new realities with XR XR Summit ISE 2020 will explore the new technologies, strategies and solutions that are shaping this exciting and thought-provoking adjunct to the audiovisual sector. The conference will feature thought leadership from some of the world’s leading XR experts in panel discussions and presentations, while offering valuable market intelligence and highlighting best practice case studies. Keynote speakers include Steffan Armbruster, founder and CEO of FRAMED immersive projects, who will discuss the Magic of Spatial Audio, and Jan Pfleuger, founder and advisor at advisXR, who will look at Integrating VR and AR into Corporate Culture.

Integrating XR will be one of the main discussion points during this halfday conference – supported by Audio Partner Bose – as speakers explore how integrators can make the most of the opportunity as technologies become more sophisticated and the business benefits of an AR, VR, or XR solution become recognised across corporate and entertainment applications. XR Summit ISE takes place from 14:00-18:00 on Tuesday 11 February at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to reserve your place, visit

Celebrating AV innovation Now in their 14th edition, the Inavation Awards, powered by Inavate and ISE, have become a staple of the show, celebrating the work of integrators, consultants and technology managers from across the globe. This year the event moves to a new location, the Beurs van Berlage in the centre of Amsterdam. Also new for 2020 is the addition of a series of awards launched specifically for manufacturers of AV technologies. These will recognise outstanding achievement in aspects of

business that are vital to a company’s success, including client support, marketing and business growth. Some 25 awards will be handed out, including Industry Influencer, which will recognise an individual who has made a significant contribution to the AV industry. The Inavation Awards powered by Inavate and ISE take place on Tuesday 11 February. Visit for more information For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Show Events

Tuesday 11 February

Tuesday’s AVIXA FlashTracks FlashTracks are 20-minute education sessions that follow four tracks: User Experience, AV/IT, Design and Emerging Trends. All sessions take place on stand 13-N110 near Entrance C of the RAI. Delegates require an AVIXA basic membership to attend, which is free to sign up for at 11:00 Chuck’s Tool Kit: Things you need for proper needs analysis speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA track: Design 11:30 Demystifying the SRT Open Source Video Streaming Protocol This technical presentation will explore the SRT protocol, its open source software stack and how it accounts for latency, packet loss recovery, jitter, security, firewall traversal and bandwidth optimisation. speakers: Marc Risby, DigiBox; Marc Cymontkowski, Haivision track: AV/IT 12:00 AV Wellness Trends – Must know applications and their impacts create real world opportunity for integrators and end users Key trends, strategies, technologies and approaches that are currently available and are being driven through AV technology innovators. speaker: Jeff Day, North of 10 Advisors track: Emerging Trends

12:30 Dante AV An overview of Dante AV, as well as what is to come in the future of AV. speaker: Chris Ware, Audinate track: AV/IT 13:00 Twenty-Minute Tech Manager School: Developing a skills matrix – how to develop, what it looks like, how it’s helpful speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA track: Emerging Trends 13:30 AV Design Paradox How do we design great AV products to be both invisible and present at the same time? How do you make a design strategy around products with no interface? speaker: Brian Kyed, Airtame track: Design 14:00 Displays as Shared Infrastructure, End User Video Routing on Demand How advances in packetised, network-based video distribution will impact the professional AV market. speaker: Chris Jaynes, Mersive Technologies track: AV/IT

14:30 The New X Factor to Creating Dynamic and Engaging Live Events Attendees will learn how presenters can connect with their audience on a personal and more engaging level while creating a dynamic experience for the audience. speaker: Jim Seretis, Biamp track: Emerging Trends 15:00 Perils of the Open Office – How open offices drain productivity and what to do about it How to outfit work spaces to minimise noise in the open office by empowering different work styles and making the most of your meeting experiences. speaker: Chris Thorson, Poly track: User Experience 15:30 Twenty Minute NAVS School: How to VLAN for love speaker: Marcus Yarborough, AVIXA track: AV/IT 16:00 Trends in Technology in Museums and Theme Parks From arrival to departure, technologies that are being used to amaze, captivate and engage. speaker: Paul Kent, Electrosonic track: Emerging Trends

Tuesday’s CEDIA Sessions At ISE 2020, CEDIA is set to bring an extensive training programme to the show, powered by KNX, for technology professionals working with integrated systems across multiple residential and business applications 09:30-11:00 • Room D202 Science and Snake Oil: Deconstructing the high performance audio signal path This session will define the elements that come together to produce really great audio. speaker: Peter Aylett, Archimedia

11:30-13:00 • Room D202 The Future of Video Resolutions: A look at 8K Explore the applications, technological requirements, and how we’ll be able to distribute what could be a major leap forward in video signal. speaker: Kevin Iseli, Crestron

09:30-11:00 • Room D201 Future Technologies: The inside scoop from Silicon Valley A completely new perspective on stampeding technologies, their importance, and how they can make you more profitable. speaker: Rich Green, Rich Green Design

11:30-13:00 • Room D201 5G: Everything you need to know, but were afraid to ask What you need to know to prepare for 5G, and the knowhow when including it in your networking and device tool kit. speaker: Michael Heiss, M Heiss Consulting

09:30-12:30 • Room D301 Properly Securing a Residential Network: Methods and best practices A hands-on approach to methods and best practices for securing the network and protecting it from threats. speaker: Mike Maniscalco, Pytheas

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

14:00-15:30 • Room D201 Content Technologies Update An overview of the latest status from all forms of content and how this will impact your business. speaker: Michael Heiss, M Heiss Consulting 14:00-15:30 • Room D202 Completing a Project - The last five percent Explore the most common problems with completing projects and the techniques for conquering them. speaker: Simon Buddle, CEDIA

14:00-17:00 • Room D301 Advanced Lighting Design for Home Cinema How to correctly design lighting in high performance AV spaces. speaker: Peter Aylett, Archimedia 16:00-17:30 • Room D201 HDR Video and Projection High Dynamic Range (HDR) video seemed to explode from nowhere, but what exactly is it and why do we need it? speaker: David Meyer, CEDIA 16:00-17:30 • Room D202 Luxury Sales and Design Jan Martens and Rich Green will share their experience of working with some of the most challenging and rewarding clients in the world. speakers: Jan Martens, Woelf and Rich Green, Rich Green Design

A programme of free CEDIA Talks will also be taking place on the CEDIA stand each day of the show. Visit for more details Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 17

ExecutiveProfile be in,” she says. “It’s constantly changing and moving at such a rapid pace. As a manufacturer, we closely follow the areas that are growing, focusing on where there is a developing need and tackling new challenges in terms of our mounts and AV solutions. “When I take time to look back at the past 10-20 years, the innovation and development has been phenomenal,” she says. “Anyone who travels a lot will have noticed the massive changes in airport terminals, for example – from the rugged outdoor screens at arrivals, to the digital advertising kiosks in departures, to the giant videowalls in duty free and the modular freestanding videowall systems in the baggage reclaim. “Having witnessed this progression, when I think about what the future holds, it’s all about the integrated customer experience – the ability to create and provide experiences that initiate an instantaneous reaction or response from a particular audience.” She cites retail as a good example, with signage content becoming more automated in order to engage and adapt to customer behaviour, as well as creating more meaningful campaigns. “The integration of AI and AR will be key to drawing in more customers than ever before,” she adds.

‘When I think about what the future holds, it’s all about the integrated customer experience’

Embracing creativity Melinda Von Horvath, vice president – EMEA, Peerless-AV By Rob Lane An ISE Advisory Committee member as well as VP, EMEA, for Peerless-AV, Melinda Von Horvath has worked in the industry for over 20 years and is well placed to provide insight on developments in AV and on ISE’s ongoing success – as well as her thoughts on the event’s forthcoming move away from Amsterdam. “I’ve been to many ISEs now and always look forward to it,” she says. “There’s no other show in the world that compares in terms of size and success. Certainly, for Peerless-AV, it’s the chance to showcase our expertise in exciting growth areas such as LED, and it’s the time in the year where we get to see and learn who is bringing what new technologies to market, how they’re producing them and how we can support them.” As it is the last year in Amsterdam, Von Horvath reckons that every exhibitor will be going “all out” to make sure they have the best year yet and to leave a lasting impression. 18 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

“I always make time to walk the show to see which technologies are stealing the limelight that year,” she enthuses. “One product group we’ll be keeping an eye on is kiosks, specifically changes in styles and application requirements.” Kiosk sizes will also be of key interest to Von Horvath. The standard kiosk size used to be 55in, but in the past six months Peerless-AV has seen demand shifting towards 65in and above. “2020 is set to see more 86in products, and standard sizes will become 65-70in,” she adds. “Integration of further components to meet audience interaction requirements will also be of interest.” Von Horvath believes that the move from static to digital signage in the past few years has been a real “game-changer” for a wide range of sectors, including education, hospitality, transportation, retail and finance, and that the industry as a whole is an exciting one to be involved in. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best industry to

Von Horvath explains that a “major trend” in digital signage has been the transition from LCD displays towards more advanced Direct View LED (DvLED) displays. While LED display costs continue to decrease they are also becoming more cutting-edge, she explains. “DvLED displays are creating immersive experiences and are allowing for far more creative, custom implementation. Today’s precision engineered mounts can not only support curved configurations (concave and convex) and moveable (trolleys, pivots, floor and ceiling track), but adapt to a wide range of potentials, including recessed, front and rear serviceable, floor standing, floor to wall, floor to ceiling, ceiling suspended and more.” As an accessory brand, Peerless-AV works in partnership with most of the major OEMs as they dictate the market with new technology development, which Peerless-AV is closely involved in – anticipating demand and ensuring products are of the highest quality to match requirements before launch. Von Horvath explains that while she’s excited about ISE 2020, it will be a “shame” as it’s the final RAI-based ISE, especially as she’s an Amsterdammer herself. However, she says that the Fira in Barcelona is a “fantastic venue” and one that ISE can grow into. “2021 will be interesting for everyone as we all find our feet in a new venue and location. For this year, since ISE 2020 falls on Valentine’s Week, our theme is Love Peerless-AV! Come and see our stand and welcoming team.” Melinda Von Horvath is a member of the ISE Advisory Committee and has 22 years of experience in the pro-AV market For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Wednesday 12 February

Speaker Profile “And bigger customers are increasingly expecting integrators to work on a European or global scale, which is a big challenge for companies which are essentially national.” That’s one reason that this fast-changing industry has now begun to attract the attention of new players who are sitting up and taking notice of the potential of the market, recently predicted to grow by 5.4% annually with a value of $8.9 billion; new players such as IT integrators, professional service organisations such as Deloitte or Accenture and tech giants such as Microsoft and Google. “These big guys had ignored the market when it was just a few nerds installing screens but now the development of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) has changed everything and will be a big talking point at DSS ISE,” insists Rotberg. DXPs enable companies to move away from the pre-packaged approach and build their own, more flexible and integrated systems capable of serving a range of digital touchpoints from the web and mobile to connected devices. “Digital signage has always been about providing the best content to screens; from digital posters to digital signage suites the screen has always been the centre of it. But DXPs have a completely different

‘At the end of the day everything is moving towards platform thinking’

out of the box and putting them on the wall,” explains Rotberg, MD of specialist The growing complexity and sophistication signage consultancy invidis. “But planning, of the world’s digital signage industry building and integrating LED systems will be a key focus at this year’s Digital needs a totally different skillset. That’s Signage Summit (DSS) at ISE 2020. because LED displays are much more Discussion will be driven by expensive than LCD, plus they are not the Hotel Okura, Grand Ballroom two significant trends in signage; finished product but modules requiring the 09:00-13:00 technological change and the increasing creation of new digital interfaces.” amount of mergers and acquisitions The question is, are the digital signage activity as the industry continues to evolve. integrators which have historically provided solutions As digital signage expert and summit organiser best placed to implement the higher end and more Florian Rotberg explains: “Both technology and complex signage solutions of the future? Perhaps not. customer demand is driving this M&A activity. From a All the evidence suggests that the smaller players technological point of view the shift from LCD to higher need to grow fast and form partnerships if they are to quality and more versatile LED displays has presented survive and continue to compete. the industry with a big challenge – in a nutshell it “Projects that might have been worth hundreds of has made digital signage a more complicated and thousands of euros are now worth a couple of million expensive business.” and that really makes a difference in terms of finance With LCD life was more straightforward. “It was when integrators don’t get paid until the end of the basically all about getting digital signage systems install by their clients,” Rotberg reveals.

approach – for them data is the centre of things. It’s a seamless user experience capable of providing the same look and feel regardless of what platform the content is delivered on.” With this increasingly data-centric approach, signage is now attracting companies with a big reputation for data management, such as Microsoft and Google, says Rotberg. “At the end of the day everything is moving towards platform-thinking. It’s about who owns the customer, so we will see the big data companies such as Google and Microsoft moving into the DXP space and the systems integrators moving from having direct access to customers to the second tier, supplying their solutions to the big guys.” Rotberg adds that the summit will cover much more than highlighting the latest DXP thinking. Other topics will include best practice case studies, panel discussions, a market update with new numbers for the industry, plus a technology showcase of the latest in LED displays and digital projection. “Digital signage is also increasingly about the development of the back-end management systems needed to provide the connectivity and manage the data for the whole ecosystem, which really complement the core digital signage solutions.” While ISE delegates can find a huge range of signage solutions on display in Hall 8 of the RAI, some might find the choice a little bewildering. One way of condensing the latest in signage is the summit’s two-hour walking tour of must-see solutions, curated by Rotberg. Covering the latest developments in the industry from curved OLED displays to touchscreen, interactive and sensor technology, the tour takes place on the afternoon of the 12 February. Summit attendees get priority in signing up for the tour although numbers are limited and participation requires pre-registration. Visit to register.

20 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

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Deciphering the digital experience Florian Rotberg, managing director, invidis consulting By David Wood

Wednesday 12 February

Speaker Profile

Managing sustained change Owen Ellis, chairman, AV User Group By David Davies As the complexity and ‘mission critical’ nature of AV communications has continued to grow, so has the importance of those organisations established Room E102, RAI to support and promote 13:00-17:00 their use on a worldwide basis. The AV User Group (AVUG) can certainly attest to this trend, having seen its global footprint expand significantly in recent years. Now possessing more than 1,500 members and gathering up to four times per year in each of its operating locations, the AVUG provides a forum for those responsible for their organisations’ AV communications. Technologies covered include AV in meeting rooms, video, audio, data conferencing, streaming, broadcasting, signage, presentations and collaborative solutions. Owen Ellis, who is chairman of AVUG and chair of the AVIXA Enterprise AV conference, agrees that the AVUG has been helped by having a “very defined remit, which is to promote the effective use of AV communications technology within user organisations. Our main objective is to help managers, in whatever type of organisation, to maintain the skills and knowledge they require to successfully implement AV projects and manage service provision. It’s something that could hardly be more important in what is a period of sustained change [for enterprise AV].” A little under two years ago Ellis said that his aim was to “carry on growing the AVUG as far as we possibly can”. He has been true to his word, with this expansion manifesting itself in the increase in global membership and the addition of a fourth location – San Jose, California – to the existing trio of New York, London and Hong Kong. “This has been a great development for us in terms of expanding the reach of the AVUG, and we have already had a number of extremely productive sessions in the San Jose location,” says Ellis.

Formal meetings are always followed by informal evening networking sessions, described by Ellis as being “every bit as important” to the work of the AVUG as the daytime presentations and discussions. “It’s a brilliant opportunity for everyone to get together and share their experiences and ideas,” he observes. The AV User Group is only one (admittedly significant) facet of Ellis’ workload, however, as he is

‘There are now phenomenal opportunities to gather data about every aspect of the user experience in AV facilities, but the [science of] interpreting that data is still very much in development’ As with the other locations, these meetings invariably include a diverse selection of presentations including formal offerings from manufacturers, case studies, research findings and discussions on the pressing subjects confronting AVUG members. “Having a line-up of sessions that reflects the really critical issues at any given time is fundamental to our entire approach, so we are always keen to obtain feedback and use that to inform the programme,” says Ellis, noting that many manufacturers have also brought products to AVUG gatherings at a formative stage to ensure they are as closely aligned as possible to end-user requirements. 22 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

also the chair of the AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference, which will take place at the RAI during ISE on 12 February. Produced by AVIXA in partnership with the AVUG, the half-day event provides an opportunity for AV end users to explore the specifics of real-life projects, as well as the steps being taken to bring value to the customer experience. The 2020 conference has as its theme ‘AV in Enterprise: The importance of data & strategy in workplace design’. Reflecting the huge increase in the quantity and diversity of data, the event will show how effective data analytics can inform better business strategies and workplace/system design. Examples

of business interaction analysis involving email, IM and collaboration tools will all feature in a series of sessions examining how data can be harnessed to “determine better workspace design, system design, and ultimately provide more efficient and user-centric work and meeting spaces”. Of all the issues confronting AV specialists in the corporate world – from network infrastructures and security concerns to higher-resolution displays and increased interactivity – it is arguably the management and utilisation of data that constitutes the greatest long-term challenge. Ellis agrees that this is an era in which “the importance of data is more acute than ever before. There are now phenomenal opportunities to gather data about every aspect of the user experience in AV facilities, but the [science of] interpreting that data is still very much in development.” Ellis encourages AV communications professionals from all corners of the industry to register for an event that “will really lift the lid on data and data analytics, and explore its application to AV communications”. “In the years ahead there is a great opportunity to use data to develop facilities that are even more closely aligned with the changing requirements of customers,” he adds. “With the wonderful speakers we are lining up for the event, the AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference 2020 will provide invaluable insight into this important trend.” For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Wednesday 12 February

The future of digital signage As one of the most dynamic and competitive markets in the AV industry, there’s always plenty to talk about when it comes to digital signage. Taking the theme ‘The Future of Digital Signage – Technology, Platforms and Solutions’, the Digital Signage Summit (DSS) ISE will help attendees keep ahead of these changes. Of particular focus will be the future role of content management systems in a digital experience platform (DXP) world. A DXP solution is designed to control content and asset management on a large scale, which makes it ideally suited to organisations with multiple locations looking to communicate news, products, offers or services via digital signage. The important players in this market are large, blue-chip companies, that have recognised the opportunities in providing a DXP service to the market and seek to offer a wide range of services, rather than focusing on one area in silos. As this shift happens, opportunities are arising in the industry for service providers on a small, medium and large scale – and DSS ISE aims to highlight these. Delivering a content service to digital signage requires a specialist skillset; as projects increase in size and spend, the opportunities grow. With technology playing a vital role in digital signage projects, delegates will also be able to learn about the latest hardware developments, including LCD, OLED, LED, Micro LED and projection solutions. NEC is Signage Solutions Partner for the event, while Bose is Audio Partner. Digital Cinema Summit ISE takes place from 09:00-13:00 on Wednesday 12 February at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to reserve your place, visit

Charting the changing cineplex At the Digital Cinema Summit (DCS), presented by Integrated Systems Europe in conjunction with Digital Cinema Report, delegates will be able to gain answers to key industry questions, such as whether movies are still the focus of the cineplex; the impact of streaming on movie theatres; and what does the rise in event cinema mean for theatre owners, for Hollywood and for consumers? Taking the theme of ‘The Changing Cineplex’, digital cinema practitioners and technology experts from around the world and across the motion picture distribution chain will discuss these questions as well as exploring new developments on the horizon. The conference will also offer an excellent venue for networking. DCS is supported by Signage Solutions Partner NEC and Audio Partner Bose. Digital Cinema Summit ISE takes place from14:00-18:00 on Wednesday 12 February at the Hotel Okura. For more details and to book, visit 24 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

Show Events

Create value with a workplace data strategy At the AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference a panel of experts will highlight how careful analysis of business interactions across collaboration tools can be used to inform workspace and system design, delivering a more efficient and usercentric workspace. Organised in collaboration with AV User Group, AVIXA has a line-up of AV giants to share their projects and insights on the latest business technology trends. ISE provides the perfect opportunity to step out of your day job and learn and be inspired by other industry players. Sometimes all it takes is a half-day to spark a new sense of creativity or put the pieces together on a current project. From best-case corporate examples to practical advice on how to bring data analytics into the process of making informed decisions, there are many areas in this conference that are sure to capture attendees’ interest. Not only is there the opportunity to learn ways to expand business ideas and careers, but there will also be a focus on how to bring customers satisfaction and real value through projects. For those who want to hear motivating case studies and practical ways to apply ideas into projects, this is a beneficial way to spend a half-day. The AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference takes place from 13:00-17:00 on Wednesday 12 February in Room E102 at the RAI. For more details and to book, visit show-event/avixaenterprise-av-conference/

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Show Events

Wednesday 12 February

Wednesday’s AVIXA FlashTracks 11:00 Chuck’s Tool kit: Things you need for proper needs analysis speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA track: Design

13:00 Twenty-Minute Tech Manager School: Incident management – data analytics speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA track: Emerging Trends

11:30 5 Essential Considerations for Your Next AV Installation In this fast-paced session, our technical experts will put 5 essential considerations on your AV installation radar. speaker: Aaron Hall, Anixter track: Design

13:30 Mix-Minus – What it is and how to use it What is mix-minus, when to use it, and the basic concept of how to use it. speaker: Rich Zwiebel, QSC track: Design

12:00 The Need for Uncompressed 4K@60 4:4:4 The basics of high-quality transmission of uncompressed 4K@60 4:4:4 and how the HDBaseT specification addresses these major pain points. speaker: Yaki Sfadya, HDBaseT Alliance/Valens track: Emerging Trends 12:30 Utilising Surface Haptics to Cultivate Rich Touch Experiences & Heighten Customer Engagement Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of what surface haptics is, as well as various ways to utilise this technology. speaker: David Anderson, Mimo Monitors track: Emerging Trends

14:30 The Evolution of Assistive Listening Technologies Emerging technologies for assistive listening in commercial AV settings. speaker: Per Persson, Williams AV track: Emerging Trends

15:30 Twenty-minute NAVS School: Network traffic analysis for the purpose of troubleshooting AV systems? speaker: Marcus Yarborough, AVIXA track: AV/IT 16:00 How the Higher Education Sector is Embracing Pro AV Systems How the HE sector is embracing professional AV systems. speaker: Ahmed Algohary, Baud Telecom Company track: User Experience

15:00 The Next Phase of AV over IP The factors driving the convergence towards opensource standards for underlying core tech, and the expectation from end users of a truly ubiquitous interoperable AV-over-IP environment. speaker: David Chiappini, Matrox Graphics track: AV/IT

Wednesday’s CEDIA Sessions 09:30-11:00 • Room D301 New Lighting Technologies: The changing face of the dimmer rack Is the dimmer rack still the same? What new lighting technologies are there, and what will be their impact on the rack? speaker: Simon Buddle, CEDIA

11:30-13:00 • Room D302 Smart Home Technologies as Assisted Living Providing an understanding of market growth and exploring some of the ethical and safety issues that have acted as a barrier to the use of smart home technologies. speaker: Paul Doyle, Bush Co

09:30-11:00 • Room D302 Time is Money: Four tools to boost profits This course will examine four tools to boost profits in your own company. speaker: Leslie Shiner, The ShinerGroup

11:30-13:00 • Room D301 Avoiding Acoustical Mistakes Addressing the quality and control of sound in the design of commercial and residential structures is steadily increasing in importance. speaker: Steve Haas, SH Acoustics

09:30-11:00 • Room D201 How to Deal with Direct LEDs Assess where this new form of display screen fits into your business. speaker: Michael Heiss, M. Heiss Consulting 09:30-12:30 • Room D202 Cybersecurity Architecture of the Future Explore the arsenal of tools at an intruder’s disposal and how they use them; examine future intrusion technology. speaker: Jeff Sonnleitner, Moraine Park Technical College 11:30-13:00 • Room D201 Infrastructure Cabling and Connectivity in the 2020s The requirements, standards and best practices for which cable types to run for current demands and the foreseeable future. speaker: David Meyer, CEDIA For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

14:00-15:30 • Room D201 Death Match: HDMI v HDBaseT v AV-over-IP v fibre Experts in HDMI, HDBaseT, AV-over-IP and optical fibre discuss the pros and cons of each technology. speaker: David Meyer, CEDIA 14:00-15:30 • Room D301 Creating a Marketing Strategy for your Business The key areas of modern-day marketing that will drive your business forward. speakers: Geoff Meads, Presto AV; Jeff Hayward, Wildwood PR

14:00-15:30 • Room D302 Managing for Success How to successfully manage employees and become a better manager. speaker: Leslie Shiner, The ShinerGroup 16:00-17:30 • Room D201 Discounts: The kiss of death This entertaining and interactive class will address the issues around discounting head on. speakers: Rich Green, Rich Green Design; Jan Martens, Woelf 16:00-17:30 • Room D301 Bass Management in Media and Cinema Rooms This course focuses on the fundamentals of room modes and subwoofer placement for optimal performance. speaker: Peter Aylett, Archimedia 16:00-17:30 • Room D302 The Transformational Leader: Strategies for effective leadership in the workplace A discussion about leadership styles, issues in the workplace and common challenges leaders face every day. speaker: Samantha Ventura, CEDIA

A programme of free CEDIA Talks will also be taking place on the CEDIA stand each day of the show. Visit for more details Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 25

Thursday 13 February

Speaker Profile

Technology for better hospitality Mike Blake, CEO, HTNG (Hospitality Technology Next Generation) By Rob Lane The inaugural one-day Hospitality Tech Summit was a great success at ISE 2019, and it was also a first visit to ISE for summit organisers Hotel Okura, Grand Ballroom HTNG (Hospitality 09:00-18:00 Technology Next Generation). It is expected that the 2020 summit will be even more successful. “The 2019 Hospitality Tech Summit was our first year crafting a programme solely around AV in both hotels and the rest of the hospitality industry,” explains HTNG CEO Mike Blake. “Along with that, it was only our organisation’s first time attending the Integrated Systems Europe show. Since we now have a greater understanding of this sector from a production standpoint, I believe the 2020 event will have an even stronger programme for our audience.” Recognised as the leading voice of the global hospitality community, HTNG facilitates the development of technology models to improve the guest experience, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of hospitality companies and create a healthy ecosystem of technology suppliers. However, Blake believes that the hospitality sector still has some catching up to do regarding its use of AV technology, and he hopes that the 2020 summit can help to further educate hospitality professionals. “I believe we still have a lot to learn from other industries in regard to faster implementation on the AV front and throughout other sectors of the hotel,” he mentions. “If you think of a concert venue, or a sports stadium, their audiovisual capabilities are much further along than a hotel’s. Additionally, cruise lines have been able to really connect with the customer/ guest experience on the AV front.” Over the past couple of years, HTNG has added Bill Martin, CIO of sports events specialists AEG Worldwide, to serve on its Board of Governors, as well as adding Carnival Cruise Line and TUI Cruises as members. “We are continuing to develop these relationships and instill collaboration between our verticals so that we can each benefit one another,” adds Blake. “Hospitality has been slow to adapt to some of the new concepts around us. Although it is easy to implement in a new build, we find it difficult to retrofit. Because of this, we are holding on to old AV with outdated capability. We need to become more flexible in our capital investments around AV.” There are so many systems within a hotel that need to integrate both in the front of house and at the back of house. This means that it is a common occurrence that any new technology introduced tends to disrupt the whole ‘roadmap’. “Often, after the full analysis is taken on the ROI, there’s already a new technology on the market to consider, making it tough to stay on the cutting-edge ahead of the curve,” Blake adds. “Plus, we need to 26 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

‘Hospitality has been slow to adapt to some of the new concepts around us’

broaden our minds that this isn’t just one hotel we’re looking at; we need to take into account the larger chains, which have up to 1.5 million hotel guest rooms across the globe to make these decisions for.” Blake notes the proliferation of smart technologies in hotels, including smart TVs, smart displays, smart verbal assistants, smart robots and more. “AV technology in our everyday lives is what we have become accustomed to, making it something everyone starts to expect while travelling. We’re also seeing a need to focus on AV requirements for guest room entertainment, so we are in the beginning phases of starting that working group.” Virtual reality is “slowly but surely” making its way into the hospitality industry from headsets used within the guest room for entertainment to virtual tours of hotels prevalent on websites. “This is something we expect to see more use cases for in 2020,” says Blake. “Another disrupting technology we continue to see more and more of in the guest room is the range of smart assistants.” Hotels need to choose the most appropriate smart assistant products that implement into their current systems, he explains, while still considering safety requirements and regional regulations. “Another element to consider is the type of assistant. Do your guests use your mobile app enough to implement a low-cost chatbot, or do you purchase

a smart speaker for each guest room in the hotel?” questions Blake. “Instead of us explaining how we want to be treated, we expect smart assistants to already know and act in the way we want them to. It is both the jobs of the technology itself to continue to increase in its capabilities, as well as our organisation and members to build on what hotels and guests are seeking in result of the introduction of smart assistants.” HTNG recently led a group to help with these efforts, and continues to organise working groups to address the new and disruptive technologies influencing the sector. “As new technologies, disruptions and issues arise in our space, this is where our workgroups come into play,” says Blake. “HTNG has recently implemented a workgroup called ‘Converging AV and IT’ with the following purpose: audiovisual requirements, implementations and operations in hospitality are often an afterthought to hotel design and infrastructure planning. “Ignoring modern technology requirements, capabilities and integration needs has led to cost overruns in the guest room, conference space and public areas of many hospitality venues. In conference spaces especially, little oversight is given to the changing requirements of meeting planners and their audiences, often resulting in lost revenue opportunities.” For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Thursday 13 February

Show Events

Enhancing the guest experience HTNG’s Hospitality Tech Summit, produced in association with AVIXA and supported by Audio Partner Bose, will return to ISE in 2020 to dive into the latest AV findings in the hospitality industry. Attendees can expect to learn about a range of topics including 5G, AV and IT integrations, competing standards, digital signage, the future of hotel design, guest room entertainment, innovation, robotics,

seamless travel, trends in event AV and virtual reality. Topics up for discussion will include the challenges of integrating guests’ own devices, how hospitality companies can elevate the guest experience beyond anything they can experience in their own homes – and how to derive revenue from doing so. The conference will be chaired by two senior HTNG

The changing face of stadiums and venues As stadium operators look to grow their revenues by offering enhanced fan experiences, and as venues look to diversify into areas such as concerts or esports, AGORA will explore the benefits of the latest technology, trends and techniques, and analyse their impact on stadiums and sporting venues around the globe. Speakers will include Bayern Munich’s Benjamin Steen, who will share Allianz Arena’s journey into the digital age as the stadium prepares for the next generation of fans. Panels will also discuss the innovative technology used at the groundbreaking Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London and Amsterdam’s Johan Cruijff ArenA. AGORA will also consider how venues have started to adapt to expand opportunities and revenue streams beyond sport. This will include a discussion about the rapidly growing esports industry. Representatives from technology manufacturers, clubs, federations and venues will analyse why esports has taken off so successfully and what the future holds. AGORA takes place on Thursday 13 February in Room E102 at the RAI. For more information and to book, visit 28 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

figures; Mike Blake is the organisation’s CEO, while Armand Rabinowitz is senior director of strategy & workgroups. Hospitality Tech Summit ISE by HTNG takes place from 09:00-18:00 on Thursday 13 February at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to book, visit

The convergence of technology and design New for ISE 2020, CEDIA’s Design & Build Conference, which is sponsored by Control4, will take a deep dive into many facets of the home technology industry, and discuss how professional design and installation can lead to sophisticated aesthetics and lifestyle benefits. Taking place at the Hotel Okura and supported by Audio Partner Bose, the morning conference will be hosted by Giles Sutton, senior vice president of industry engagement at CEDIA. Sessions include Designing The Connected Home CPD, which will consider how technology can be integrated seamlessly into designs, how this affects the available space and what benefits it can bring, while a panel session will discuss what designers should know about home technology. The afternoon will end with tours of the ISE show floor accompanied by CEDIA members. CEDIA Design & Build Workshop takes place from 09:00 on Thursday 13 February in Rooms Otter and Esperance at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to reserve your place, visit For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Show Events

Thursday 13 February

Thursday’s AVIXA FlashTracks 11:00 Chuck’s Tool Kit: Things you need for proper needs analysis speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA track: Design 11:30 Going Global with an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Lessons learned, best practices and key concepts in architecting and operationalising such a global strategy. speaker: Byron Tarry, The Global Presence Alliance track: Emerging Trends 12:00 AI is Improving the UC Experience The improvements made using AI technology, as well as ideas of how implementing technology using AI can improve the UC experience. speaker: Holger Stoltze, Yamaha Unified Communications track: Emerging Trends

12:30 IT Over AV: A new framework Investigate the three main approaches to AV over IP and see how each one of them can (or cannot) map onto traditional IT infrastructures. speaker: Gareth Heywood, SDVoE Alliance/Semtech track: AV/IT 13:00 Twenty-Minute Tech Manager School: Developing a skills matrix – how to develop, what it looks like, how it’s helpful speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA track: Emerging Trends 14:00 AV Over IP Will Break Your Network How IT networks are traditionally built and why this approach is incompatible with AV over IP. speaker: Matt Dodd, Clavis Group track: AV/IT 14:30 Software Driven AV Functionality on a Single Device – AV platforms Reviewing various types of AV functionalities and

their platforms, challenges for installers, and tools to manage successful multi-device installations. speaker: Neta Lempert, Kramer Electronics track: Emerging Trends 15:00 AV-Standards speaker: Ann Brigida, AVIXA track: TBC 15:30 Twenty-minute NAVS School: How to VLAN for love speaker: Marcus Yarborough, AVIXA track: AV/IT 16:00 8K and 4K Video Transmission Challenges and Solutions speaker: Xiaozheng Lu, Luxi Electronics Corp track: User Experience

Thursday’s CEDIA Sessions 09:30-11:00 • Room D202 Lighting Scenes: The user experience behind the technology Learn how to deliver a pre-programmed lighting control system to create a great user experience speaker: Andy Bull, MDU Lighting

11:30-13:00 • Room D202 Beyond 4K Video Distribution Dissecting the HDMI signal looking at the actual wavelengths, how different distribution methods can change the signal and more. speaker: Matt Murray, AVPro Global

14:00-15:30 • Room D301 Change in the Workplace: Let’s do better This course delves into the struggles leaders face when trying to implement change into their businesses. speaker: Samantha Ventura, CEDIA

09:30-11:00 • Room D302 How to Design AVoIP Networks This class will help you to compare and contrast the flexibility and scalability of an Ethernet network against the traditional matrix, and much more. speaker: Laurent Masia, NETGEAR

11:30-13:00 • Room D301 The Rising Tide of Mass Sensorization How to tackle the constant grapple for subconscious control of our information, our wallets, our devices, our lives. speaker: Christiaan Beukes, Sphere Custom Design & Installation CC

14:00-15:30 • Room D302 Owning the Yard How to design reliable external detection systems that create trusted notifications and automated deterrents. speaker: Jason Hill, GJD Manufacturing

09:30-11:00 • Room D301 Managing and Mitigating Risk in the Estimating Process Providing the tools needed to manage risk by teaching you how to assess, measure and mitigate risk. speaker: Leslie Shiner, The ShinerGroup 09:30-11:00 • Room D201 Future Technologies: The Silicon Valley scoop A new perspective on stampeding technologies, their importance, and how they can make you more profitable. speaker: Rich Green, Rich Green Design 11:30-13:00 • Room D201 AV Design & Documentation This course will explore the arsenal of key tools at an intruder’s disposal, future intrusion technology, and the outcomes of potential system hacks. speaker: Keith Jones, Designflow

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

11:30-13:00 • Room D302 Integrating AV with KNX Working with an AV control system and need to interface with KNX? Find out how in this 90-minute course. speaker: Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg 14:00-15:30 • Room D202 Stop Selling Products, Make More Profit! Discover how you can leverage emotional engagement and refocus how to approach selling potentially complex systems. speaker: Hugo Fitzjohn, Meridian Audio

14:00-17:00 • Room D201 Planning For a Business Disaster Strategies to prepare your business for worst-case scenarios. speakers: Geoff Meads, Presto AV; Simon Buddle, CEDIA 16:00-17:30 • Room D202 AV over IP Methods Formats, and System Design Discover why distributing video over an IP network is quickly gaining preference over matrix or splitterbased distribution systems. speaker: David Meyer, CEDIA 16:00-17:30 • Room D301 The Future of Immersive Audio Where the immersive audio landscape sits today, and where we are going in the future. speaker: Peter Aylett, Archimedia

A programme of free CEDIA Talks will also be taking place on the CEDIA stand each day of the show. Visit for more details Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 29


On the crest of a wave Sarah Joyce, chief global officer, AVIXA By David Davies For a senior executive joining an organisation, finding that it is in the midst of a hugely successful period of growth is always going to be a welcome development. That’s certainly the scenario encountered by Sarah Joyce at AVIXA, who succeeded Terry Friesenborg as the association’s chief global officer in May. The continued worldwide ascension of the CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) standard has been especially striking. “There has been a great deal of growth within Europe, including in Germany – where the first course [conducted in German] was greatly appreciated – as well as in France and Spain,” she says. Indeed, there has been a notable pick-up in adoption across the Spanish-speaking world, with CTS accreditation on the rise in Latin America. But there is no doubt that the success of the CTS initiative in Europe has been especially impressive, with the news in spring that there are now 1,000 AV professionals with CTS certification in Europe receiving widespread plaudits. “It is wonderful to have reached that milestone, which underlines the maturity of the European market,” says Joyce. It also puts paid to the lingering perception in some quarters that CTS has been more of a US success story. A lot of work has been done to “improve industry awareness”, and as such there is now “strong growth throughout Europe”. Moving forward Joyce says the emphasis in the region will be on achieving “deeper penetration and the further development of the AVIXA team’s work across Europe”, encompassing presentations, online classes, volunteer training and other activities. Spain, Italy and Norway – where CTS has received a boost this year via a joint initiative with Nordic AV distributor Leteng AS – are among the countries projected to experience especially dynamic development during the next few years. Encouraging outlooks In strengthening a vision to support these growing markets, it hardly hurts that the forecasts for the overall European pro-AV market remain so robust. Joyce cites the prediction that the EMEA business will be worth $85 billion in 2024, “so we expect to see continued good growth across the region”. Corporate and media & entertainment are among the sectors projected to experience consistent growth, while the outlook is also strong for retail and venues. In terms of individual technologies, digital signage and conferencing and collaboration will remain among the industry’s most rewarding areas of expertise. Simultaneous with these developments AVIXA is continuing to increase its investment in data and research – the importance of which was continually underlined to Joyce during her previous career, which most recently included 12 years at Electrosonic. “Ultimately, data is everything when it comes to making business decisions,” she says. Companies that are able to access a broad cross-section of data – encompassing verticals, solutions and other critical 30 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

fields – will be best-placed to progress in the future, she suggests. Meanwhile, Joyce’s initial months in the role have already generated ideas about areas in which AVIXA can further improve its efforts. Going along to events and networking sessions has allowed her to “gain valuable feedback and opinion that enables us to deepen our conversation with members and our understanding of the challenges and opportunities [they are facing]. It’s been a huge privilege, too.”

‘Part of our work is to communicate with young people and show them the types of careers and opportunities that are available’ Strengthening skills Of course, the future health of the business depends in no small part on ensuring its appeal to the widest possible demographic of newcomers, as well as identifying and addressing specific potential skills gaps. To this end, Joyce places a major emphasis on the work of the AVIXA Foundation, which provides access to skills education, builds career pathways and encourages hands-on experiences to inspire the next generation of AV leaders. Pro AV is not alone in having “concerns about skills shortages, and we are always thinking about how best to address these through the work of the Foundation and our Tech Crew groups”. Contrary to some perceptions, AV is “a very broad and open community with a breadth of opportunity and a workplace that is

fully engaged [with a variety of issues]. So part of our work is to communicate with young people and show them the types of careers and opportunities that are available.” Expect, therefore, more activity around Tech Crew groups and related outreach, as well as “really inspiring” presentations such as the one given by Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen of Tech Girls Movement Foundation, Brisbane, at the recent AVIXA Women’s Council breakfast meeting in Melbourne. A little closer to her home base of the UK, Joyce is looking forward to her first edition of ISE in the AVIXA role – and the last before the show relocates to Barcelona in 2021. “I had the pleasure of being at the first show in Geneva, so it’s quite a milestone to be attending the final one in Amsterdam,” she says. “It will be a great opportunity to reflect on that growth and to also thank the city and everyone who has been on this incredible ride! I am sure there will also be great anticipation around the excitement of going to Barcelona in 2021, which is definitely palpable.” While there will be plenty of new technologies to attract the attention at the show, Joyce says her overall emphasis will be on “walking around the show and getting a sense for how exhibitors and visitors are feeling… It’s something you can always ‘sense’, I feel. It’s how I take the temperature of any event, and I look forward to doing that now I am with AVIXA.” Sarah Joyce will be taking to the Main Stage on Wednesday 12 February at 15:30 as part of the AVIXA Women’s Council session. For full Main Stage listings, see page 41 For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020


Innovating into the new decade Giles Sutton, senior vice president of industry engagement, CEDIA By Rob Lane After celebrating 30 years as the residential sector’s leading trade association at last year’s ISE, CEDIA is looking forward to the new decade with two brand new events at ISE 2020: the Cybersecurity Workshop and the Design & Build Conference. “As part of our commitment to raising the profile of CEDIA members among interior designers, architects, specifiers and other design professionals, the Design & Build Conference will take place in the Hotel Okura on Thursday 13 February,” explains Giles Sutton, senior vice president of industry engagement, CEDIA. “It has been designed to help this audience understand how the latest technology can be seamlessly integrated and concealed into the home to add more to the client’s experience, without compromising on design.” The Design & Build Conference programme will include CPD (continual professional development)accredited talks, a panel discussion and a guided tour of ISE 2020 – the latter focusing on relevant areas of the exhibition in AV, lighting, blinds and control, and automation technologies for the home. “Educating the design and build specifier is a core part of CEDIA’s strategic plan, and we’re committed to helping them understand how technology can improve their design schemes,” adds Sutton. “The new Design & Build Conference is a key part of this programme.” The new one-day Cybersecurity Workshop is aimed at integrators and will take place on Monday 10 February at the Hotel Okura. It will provide an in-depth look at all aspects of network security and privacy within system design, implementation and aftercare. Sutton expects IoT-enabled devices and higher bandwidth networks to be a big talking point at this year’s ISE, and CEDIA has placed great importance on this subject area in its education offering, with plenty of training to give integrators the tools to deal with the growing proliferation of threats in this space. The growing role of AI and voice control technology in the home is also expected to be reflected at ISE 2020. With the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Home making headway, devices such as these are pushing AI into the real world with increasing significance. “It might still be too early for AI-enabled voice interfaces, but they will certainly be a talking point at the show this year,” says Sutton. “We also expect higher resolution audio and video innovations to make 32 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

‘It might still be too early for AI-enabled voice interfaces, but they will certainly be a talking point at the show this year’ an impact on the show floor, including examples of 8K projection and screens delivering new levels of detail for the high-end home theatre. “Our industry is founded on that ability to provide the highest quality experience. For that reason, 8K and immersive audio innovation will continue to drive the market and be of significant interest to integrators visiting ISE 2020. “ISE 2020 will provide a great opportunity to see the global trends likely to impact upon our industry,” he adds, “not only with a range of new technologies on the exhibition floor, but through education too.” CEDIA provides an extensive training programme at ISE, offering a range of business and technical training classes that are invaluable to all visitors, with insights and advice from CEDIA’s global team of experts. The association continues to grow a strong and global affiliation, now with over 40,000 industry professionals from more than 3,700 member companies worldwide, and the residential market shows no signs of slowing down, according to Sutton. “With this growing market and the abundance of new technologies heading our way, it’s important for integrators to stay ahead of these developments and the ways in which the industry is set to develop.

“As part of our strategic plan, we are focused on the long-term health of the home technology industry. This is why we are continuously raising awareness of our industry as a career opportunity among jobseekers. The new Smart Home Technician Apprenticeship, which we helped develop in accordance with the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, will ensure that apprentices are qualifying with the right skills and knowledge, addressing skills shortages facing the industry.” CEDIA is also encouraging its members to develop and be the “best that they can be”, and the new CEDIA Member of Excellence Programme is designed to recognise those member companies that are consistently dedicated to excellence, with two designations: CEDIA Advanced Member and CEDIA Member of Excellence. “In addition, we recognise that it is CEDIA’s responsibility to deliver educational pathways to support the development of the residential industry,” explains Sutton. “By continuously updating our global education offering and making it more accessible, we’re providing the resources to help businesses grow and contribute to the outlook for the future of the industry, whatever it may face.” For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Friday 14 February An attractive proposition Sponsored by Barco and produced by blooloop, a news website for visitor attractions professionals, attractionsTECH is a half-day conference that will explore the latest developments in theme parks, museums, zoos and other location-based entertainment destinations in terms of enhancing the visitor experience through the use of technology. Delegates will hear from leading players in the attractions industry about how technology is informing the way they work and the rides and attractions they develop. Speakers include Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis, who will guide delegates through key decisions in the creative process; from themes and IP through to cultural considerations, storytelling metrics, operational requirements, budgetary elements, technology innovation and delivery. Renee Welsh, CEO of Embed, will talk through the advances and disruptors in global travel technology and look at how visitor attractions can stay ahead of the game, while Leander Werbrouck, segment manager, Pro/Events at Barco, will discuss how technology can enable award-winning immersive experiences; best practices to engage large audiences with big-screen immersion; and give a view of a hybrid future where virtual meets physical. Delegates will also hear about the innovative new developments and cutting-edge technology that are shaping the thrill rides of the future from park operator and manufacturer MACK Rides. Bose is Audio Partner for the event. attractionsTECH takes place from 09:00-13:00 on Friday 14 February at the Hotel Okura. For more information and to reserve your place, visit

Show Events

Friday’s AVIXA FlashTracks 11:00 Chuck’s Tool Kit: Things you need for proper needs analysis speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA track: Design 11:30 AV Networks: Which topology works best? Learn about spanning-tree protocol, link aggregation groups, daisy-chains, trunks and when to (or when not to) use them. speaker: Andy Cooper, Yamaha Music Group track: AV/IT 12:00 Identifying and Eliminating Process-Waste – Increasing profits Learn the steps to effective waste elimination. speaker: Brad Malone, Navigate Management Company track: Emerging Trends 12:30 Ubiquitous Design Approach to Modern AV/IT World speaker: David Buchholz, Intel track: Emerging Trends

13:30 Creating Experiential yet Functional AV Spaces in Esports and Hospitality Environments How to create exciting engagements and environments that meet and exceed what this industry demands. speaker: Jonathan McCune, Black Box track: Design

Event attendees will be given the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win an incredible two-night stay in Barcelona, including two tickets to see FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou. ¡Hola Barcelona! begins at 12:00 and is scheduled to last approximately 35 minutes. It is free to attend and will be followed by a networking lunch, when the prize draw will take place. Advance booking is not required, but attendees are advised to arrive early as places are limited.

CEDIA Certifications 10:00-12:30 • Room D201 CEDIA ESC-N Certification Exam The ESC-N (Networking Specialist) Certification signifies mastery of the fundamentals of designing, installing and configuring a network in the home for optimum performance.


34 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

14:30 Experiential AV – It’s easy A discussion about different setup options for experiential installations, content customisation, and the built-in remote management that makes it so easy. speaker: Tammuz Dubnov, Zuzor track: AV/IT

13:00 Twenty-minute Tech Manager School: Incident management – data analytics speaker: Chuck Espinoza, AVIXA track: Emerging Trends

Say ¡Hola! to Barcelona Friday will see a special event taking place in the RAI Forum to mark the final edition of ISE in Amsterdam. Integrated Systems Events managing director Mike Blackman will be joined by major Catalan and Spanish dignitaries, including Àngels Chacón, the Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge; and representatives of ACCIÓ, the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness; ICEX, the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade; Barcelona City Council and the Fira de Barcelona, which will be ISE’s new home in 2021. They will talk about the opportunities that ISE’s move to Barcelona will bring for attendees, exhibitors, the City of Barcelona and the AV industry as a whole. The event will also provide an opportunity for ISE, and its owners AVIXA and CEDIA, to say ‘goodbye and thank you’ to the City of Amsterdam and the RAI, and acknowledge their important contributions to the show’s phenomenal growth.

14:00 Securing Spaces, an IT Perspective A look at how to create a secure environment ready to take on AV and IT devices and provide the security measures to build out a resilient network. speaker: Kevin Iselli, Crestron track: AV/IT

10:00-12:30 • Room D201 CEDIA ESC-D Certification Exam The ESC-D (Designer) Certification signifies mastery of designing and managing the completion of an overall residential system with clients and design and installation professionals. 10:00-12:30 • Room D201 CEDIA ESC-T Certification Exam The ESC-T (Technician) Certification represents proficiency in the technical knowledge that is the foundation of the residential electronic systems industry. 09:30-17:00 • Room D202 HAA HT1 Adviser Certification This class will teach the fundamentals of proper Home Theatre acoustical design principles. It’s a must-attend class for theatre designers, AV sales people, project managers and integrators.

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

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OtherEvents Projection mapping spectacular to brighten up Elicium Visitors to ISE 2020 along with Amsterdam locals will be wowed by a specially created projection, set to be mapped on to the façade of the futuristic nine-storey Elicium complex at the RAI. Designed to amaze and delight the ISE audience as well as raise the profile of the show among locals, the extravaganza will take place each evening of the show.

Immerse yourself in VR at ISE New for ISE 2020, VR at ISE will give attendees the opportunity to explore the latest in virtual collaboration and experience an interactive VR ride. Joining the Main Stage and the Innovation Zone in Hall 14, VR at ISE will host two Digital Projection Multiview VR systems, showing how virtual reality can be used in immersive, collaborative spaces. One Multiview will enable attendees to walk around a virtual object, move it around, and remove and replace component parts. The other system will feature content that one might encounter in a visitor attraction. In addition, VR at ISE will also feature an immersive theme park ride. Attendees will be taken on an interactive ride through aquatic environments in a DepthQ VR attraction designed by Lightspeed Design. The DepthQ technology allows a game engine to tightly sync movement to picture in real time, and the rider can touch virtual objects, including in this scenario jellyfish and dolphin, thanks to mid-air gesture technology. The VR mapped content will be projected onto a curved Vioso Panadome screen by Digital Projection hardware, so the rider will not need to wear a headset. Additional spectators, also on motion seats, can watch with head-mounted devices. VR at ISE will take place throughout ISE on Stands 14-B100 and 14-B120 in Hall 14

The projection will be produced by ISE and the RAI, working in conjunction with seven event partners. The projectors will be provided by LANG AG, a long-time supporter of ISE. Augmenting the projected images will be white laser mapping from HB Laserkomponenten and illumination from an Ares XS LED Wash from CLF Lighting on the upper storeys. Green Hippo will be providing media servers. There will also be a compelling audio track, delivered via Biamp amps and speakers. The content will be created by Tenfeet, a specialist in lighting technology and show production, while Indyvideo will provide containers for the projectors and operators, as well as technical production support. The projection is expected to start at 17:00 on Monday 10 to Thursday 13 February, (16:00 on Friday 14 February), and to run until 22:00

We’re entering a whole new space Nureva is pleased to debut a new audio conferencing product at ISE 2020. It means Nureva fits in virtually every meeting space. Drop by stand 11-D160 to hear a live demo and to learn how every Nureva system brings you advanced audio performance, simple setup and seamless scalability.

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Standing for success The ever-popular Stand Design Awards will be running once again at ISE 2020. Created by Integrated Systems Europe to acknowledge ISE exhibitors and their standdesign efforts, the awards are managed by EXHIBITOR magazine, a print and digital publication featuring best practices for trade show marketing. As in previous years, every stand on the ISE show floor is automatically entered into the free competition and judged on site during ISE 2020. However, each stand that has previously won an ISE Stand Design Award and whose design employs roughly the same size footprint and/or reuses 50% or more of the previous winning stand is ineligible for the competition.

Stands will be judged in four size-based categories: Small (49sqm or fewer); Medium (50199sqm); Large (200-399sqm); and XL (400sqm or more). An independent panel of expert judges will score the stands against eight different assessment criteria points, including strength of communications and integration of technology. The Stand Design Awards run throughout ISE 2020, with the Awards Ceremony taking place at 16:30 on 13 February on the ISE Main Stage in Hall 14

Encouraging the next generation of AV talent

Catalan culture calls in ¡Hola Barcelona! Lounge

Ask pretty much anyone from across the AV industry what their biggest concern for the future is and recruiting talent is likely to be a common answer. With this in mind, AV Career Day returns to ISE and looks set to be bigger than ever. As in previous years, AVIXA and CEDIA will partner to host students and educators from around the world, helping them to discover the multitude of career possibilities the industry offers. Students will spend the day exploring the show floor, meeting with AV professionals and learning more about the technologies making an impact in the commercial and residential sectors. It is designed for young people (16 years old and up) who are exploring career options and are not already in the AV industry. The intention is to promote greater awareness of AV careers, while also building bridges between schools and companies seeking new talent. The event already has a track record of success with some 200 students and faculty visiting ISE 2019. Connections made at the event led to student internships and new pipelines for the companies involved. Participants were also connected with AVIXA training following the event.

ISE attendees are invited to prepare for the show’s move to Barcelona in 2021 by visiting the ¡Hola Barcelona! Lounge located between Halls 7 and 8 of the RAI. In addition to finding out about travelling to Barcelona, attendees can also enjoy a taste of Catalan culture with music, entertainment and complimentary food and drink served at set times each day. Video screens, supplied by InventDesign, will provide information about Barcelona as well as showing imagery of the city. Visitors to the ¡Hola Barcelona! Lounge, which is presented in association with Barcelona Tourism, can also enter a draw to win a free two-night hotel stay in Barcelona. One prize will be awarded each day of the show. For more detailed enquiries about Barcelona hotels, travel and attractions, the facilities in the Fira – Gran Via, and exhibiting at or attending ISE 2021, visit the manned Information Point where representatives from Barcelona Tourism and official Barcelona hotel partner bnetwork will be on hand to answer any queries.

AV Career Day takes place all day on Thursday 13 February at the RAI

The ¡Hola Barcelona! Lounge can be found in the walkway between Halls 7 and 8 and will be open throughout ISE 2020

A special effect A number of Special Interest Groups will be running at ISE 2020, bringing attendees from key vertical market sectors to the show and helping end-user technology buyers to meet vendors and solution partners. Special Interest Group visits are the result of formal agreements between ISE and a variety of associations, media partners, companies and consultants. These partners invite senior executives

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to visit the show and to participate in an organised ‘ISE experience’, with stand visits, presentations, networking events and dinners. Special Interest Groups at ISE 2020 will be organised by AV Solution Partner, a group of systems integrators from the DACH region, which brings around 150 AV end users; AV User Group, whose members are end users of audiovisual systems and

services from multiple vertical markets; SCHOMS, a group of UK and Ireland university specialists focused on the technology within learning and teaching spaces; and the SIEC (Systems Integrated Experience Community) Association, which comprises owners of architectural firms. In addition, and coming to ISE for the first time, is a group from the British Institute of Interior Design, organised in partnership with CEDIA. ACCIÓ, the Catalonian Government Agency for Business Competitiveness, and Grupo eventoplus, a media company based in Barcelona and Madrid, will also be in attendance.

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Main Stage listings

12:00-12:30 How to Leverage Innovation to Create Better Experiences presented by: ISE • speaker: Selim Morlevi, Create-4

The ISE Main Stage – sponsored by Shure – features free-to-attend thought leadership sessions from ISE, AVIXA, CEDIA and AV Magazine. It is located on Stand 14-B190

12:30-13:00 Future of Smart Home presented by: CEDIA • speakers: Simon Fulstow, SONA; Michael Sherman, HENRI


13:30-14:00 How to Avoid IoTageddon presented by: ISE • speaker: Bob Snyder, Smart Building Conference

10:00-10:30 Future of the Built Environment: Smart buildings presented by: ISE • speaker: Bob Snyder, Smart Building Conference 10:30-11:00 Is Your AV Under Par? presented by: Shure • speaker: Abigail Turner, Shure 11:00-12:00 5G and Edge Computing presented by: CEDIA • speaker: John Penney 12:00-12:30 Emerging Trends – Part 1 presented by: AVIXA • speaker: Sean Wargo, AVIXA 12:30-13:00 BBC Studioworks – Where ideas come to life presented by: AV Magazine 13:30-15:30 What is High-quality DSP and why you Shouldn’t Have a Video Conference Without it presented by: Shure • speaker: Paul Gunia, Shure 16:00-18:00 AVIXA Diversity Council Event presented by: AVIXA Featuring diversity advocate June Sarpong


10:30-11:30 The Experience Revolution - Expert panel discussion on how content and experience change everything in a brand activated world! presented by: AVIXA • speaker: Jeff Day, North of 10 Advisors

12:30-13:00 Home Theatre Design presented by: CEDIA • speakers: Nic Black, The Pyramid Group; James Ratcliffe, Homeplay; Christopher Mullins, Sony Professional Solutions Europe 13:30-14:00 Surrounded! How Immersive Technology Dominates the Experiential Market presented by: ISE speaker: Alexandra Hussenot, Immersionn 14:00-14:30 What IT Really Thinks presented by: ISE 14:30-15:30 Panel Debate: Best practice in visitor attractions presented by: AV Magazine • speakers: Graham Wickman, 767 AV Consultants; David Willrich, DJW; Leander Werbrouck, Barco; Peter Cliff, Holovis 15:30-17:30 AVIXA Women’s Council Event presented by: AVIXA Opening address by AVIXA’s Sarah Joyce and a keynote from the Hon. Mrs Àngels Chacón, Minister of Business & Knowledge in the Catalan Government

14:30-15:30 Panel Debate: Alternative realities in AV presented by: AV Magazine • speakers: Glenn Kelly, The Imaginarium Studios; Amelia Kallman, futurist; Badal Dixit, PearlQuest Interactive; Vincent McAtamney, Vintec


10:00-10:30 Emerging Trends – Part II presented by: AVIXA • speaker: Sean Wargo, AVIXA 10:30-11:00 VR/AR/XR presented by: CEDIA • speaker: Rich Green, Rich Green Design 11:00-11:30 Designing MDUs presented by: CEDIA • speakers: Eddie Shapiro, SmartTouchUSA; Chris Knight, Perfect Integration


11:30-12:00 What Do We Want? Better Meeting Rooms! The end user support group presented by: Shure • speaker: Antony Lovell, Shure

10:30-11:00 Future of Digital Signage presented by: ISE • speaker: Florian Rotberg, invidis consulting

13:30-14:00 Panel Debate: The workspace of the future presented by: AV Magazine • speaker: Robert Jeffrey Fairbanks, Bloomberg LP

10:00-10:30 Standards in Action presented by: AVIXA • speaker: Ann Brigida, AVIXA

11:30-12:00 Find out how Voice Lift Technology Makes Meetings Feel Like There’s no Technology at all presented by: Shure • speaker: Andrew Francis, Shure UK

11:00-11:30 The Imaginarium Studios: Mixed reality in theatre productions presented by: AV Magazine • speaker: Glenn Kelly, The Imaginarium Studios

12:00-12:30 Human Centric Design presented by: CEDIA • speakers: Peter Aylett, Archimedia; Rich Green, Rich Green Design

11:30-12:00 AV & IT Have Been Dating for a While. When will they take the next step? presented by: Shure • speaker: Chris Merrick, Shure

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14:00-14:30 Wellness and Biophillia presented by: CEDIA • speakers: Cinzia Moretti, Moretti Interior Design; Jeff Hayward, Wildwood PR

13:30-14:00 Panel Debate: AV over IP presented by: AV Magazine • speakers Mike Allan, Exterity; Justin Kennington, SDVoE Alliance; Daniel Shwartzberg, HDBaseT Alliance 14:30-15:30 Recruiting New Talent presented by: AVIXA, CEDIA, ISE, AV Magazine

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Digital Art Challenge to launch at ISE 2020 Content and technology are a vital pairing for an integrated experience. To celebrate this unity, AVIXA will launch the Digital Art Challenge at ISE 2020. The contest is open to digital artists – students and professionals – in the EMEA region. Participants will create a one-minute video with audio that creatively illustrates a theme visualising the combination of Art and Technology in a way that enhances the human experience. “AV is the canvas for digital art,” said Lee Dodson, senior director of international marketing, AVIXA. “Aligning AV professionals with digital artists will enable them to work closer together to create stronger message delivery and customer impact.” Entries for the Digital Art Challenge will be accepted from 11 February. The winning entries will be displayed at ISE 2021 in Barcelona, 2-5 February. To learn more and get a glimpse of the Digital Art Challenge, visit the AVIXA Stand 12-N110 at ISE 2020.

AVIXA updates CTS Exam Guide AVIXA is pleased to announce the release of its CTS Certified Technology Specialist Exam Guide, Third Edition. The guide provides a comprehensive look at the topics covered in the latest release of the CTS exam. For more than 30 years, AVIXA has administered the CTS programme, which is recognised worldwide as the leading AV professional credential. There are three CTS credentials: general (CTS), design (CTS-D) and installation (CTS-I). There are currently more than 12,000 CTS holders globally and over 2,000 of those are CTS-D or CTS-I holders. “In this third edition of the CTS Exam Guide, we’ve updated and extended the coverage of AV technologies, and at the same time, simplified the explanations of difficult technical concepts,” said Andy Ciddor, author of the CTS Exam Guide, Third Edition. “In addition to featuring even more of AVIXA’s ever-expanding suite of AV standards, the guide presents a more global approach to terminology and measurements.” The guide covers all current CTS exam objectives, including how to conduct a site survey, 42 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

develop an AV project scope, troubleshoot and repair AV solutions, and much more. Each chapter includes best practices, checklists, diagrams, photos and review questions with in-depth explanation. To deliver an enhanced educational resource for AV professionals, the new edition features several updates. The guide has been streamlined to better reflect the day-to-day work of a CTS holder. It also incorporates designated sections on AVIXA’s Display Image Size for 2D Content in Audiovisual Systems standard and Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols standard. “AVIXA is committed to the education of AV professionals,” said Amanda Beckner, CTS, vice president of learning, AVIXA. “CTS accreditation certifies that an AV professional has the technical skills to perform at a high level. The new edition of the guide offers enhanced features to help prepare people to take their CTS exam and join an elite group of AV professionals.” To learn more about the guide and to purchase, visit Amazon. A set of sample questions

will be available through publisher McGraw-Hill’s website. Login information is provided with the purchase of the book. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020


The CEDIA Designer updated

The CEDIA Designer (TCD), the award-winning software that helps integrators create technically perfect home cinema or media room design plans, documentation and models in minutes, has released a host of valuable upgrades, including: • T he documentation report can now be generated in Spanish •S oundbar products can now be specified within the tool •A new Project Progress feature is available The Project Progress feature allows users to demonstrate which stage the project is in. Project managers will find it beneficial for validating to customers the phase the project has reached, including sales agreed, trim out, first fix and second fix. “The addition of Spanish-language documentation, sound bar products and Project Progress builds on TCD’s status as the most powerful cinema design tool around. Integrators deserve software that responds to and evolves with their needs and these upgrades deliver,” said Guy Singleton, TCD creator. The new TCD developments follow several others recently announced, including immersive virtual reality render capabilities and the introduction of Samsung’s The Wall, a consumer modular MicroLED 146in display. “The Wall” will be included in the software’s Luxury Living room category that is accessible only to TCD users at the Cinema Room Pro account level. “TCD offers a complete and coherent package that 44 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

ensures designers and dealers can easily integrate our innovative products into their projects, with the minimum of fuss and doubt,” said Kris Hogg from Samsung. “The TCD team put additional effort into implementing Samsung’s The Wall and LED for Home products into the software. This showed us how flexible and valuable integration into the software is. The inclusion of the Samsung LED into TCD proved its value within 48 hours of the products going live, when a dealer completed a full design using The Wall.” In addition to a complimentary subscription to the Media Room tier of TCD, a CEDIA membership unlocks significant discounts to all other TCD tiers. Connect to more about the powerful software at ISE 2020. Experience The CEDIA Designer at ISE 2020 Join TCD creator Guy Singleton as he demonstrates the home cinema and media room design software at ISE 2020. Hosted at 14:00 on Tuesday-Thursday of the show, each 30-minute session will explore how this game-changing product allows you to create professional designs in a matter of minutes, that previously would have taken days. Attendees will also find out more about the access CEDIA members have for free, as well as the discounts on full software access. Tuesday 11 February – Room D303 – 14:00 Wednesday 12 February – Room D303 – 14:00 Thursday 13 February – Room D302 – 14:00

TCD in brief TCD allows integrators to enter room dimensions and materials, equipment choices and placement, producing a client-ready 30+ page cinema design proposal. Users are guided through the design process and the resulting design is complete in minutes, not hours or days. “From the sightlines to the seating and screen types to the projector selection and proper Dolby Atmos speaker placement, the documentation includes everything,” commented LED Systems LLC chief technologist, Lewis Franke. “TCD paid off for me immediately during the first project I used it. I delivered a more expensive proposal than the other bids, because the software helped me show the client the necessary changes and accommodations others were leaving out.”

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For more information on these products: Stand: 14-110, Ashton Bentley Collaboration Spaces

Transforming meeting rooms To enable more efficient meetings, the meeting table needs a makeover, believes Tony Leedham of Ashton Bentley Collaboration Spaces Telepresence Table for 8 + Dual 98in display The stunning 98in display is UHD 4K resolution and offers a huge area for content to be displayed without compromising clarity or performance. It’s available in single and dual configurations and supplied in three heights: Immersive, Standard and Tall. Pair with the AB Telepresence table for an impressive telepresence solution.

Tony Leedham Director Ashton Bentley Meeting spaces are usually thought of as elaborate audiovisual systems, with displays, speakers and other equipment. However, the humble meeting table is overlooked and yet it is actually a vital element for efficient meetings. Based on our experience and understanding of the way people interact with a meeting space, we realised that the table is more than just a surface to be sat around. Users want to charge phones/tablets, connect laptops for presentations and have microphones or phones correctly located, as well as seating positioned correctly to the displays and camera.

Huddle + 43in display The Huddle range has been extended to include a new 43in FHD display and attached tables. Catering for 3 to 6 people with the 43in display in single or dual configuration, with the option of Tall and Standard height chassis, this is a great addition to the Huddle range.

‘The table is more than just a surface to be sat around. Users want to charge phones/tablets, connect laptops... and have microphones or phones correctly located’ Most of the time we find a meeting table that is not built for purpose, often it’s the wrong fit and with a rats’ nest of cables everywhere – sound familiar? Ashton Bentley overcomes this by providing purpose-designed ergonomic tables that integrate seamlessly with our professional display solutions and integrated audiovisual system. Complete meeting space solutions. We offer a comprehensive array of table shapes and sizes specifically designed to deliver the best experience for video/audio calls and dynamic multimedia presentations. They are manufactured with environmentally friendly materials. Integrated, concealed power/data ports and table-boxes with retractable cables cover all the usual video inputs, including USB-C for both video and laptop charging, yet avoiding table clutter. Available in a selection of standard surface finishes, our tables are customisable to match any interior design. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

Collaboration Space Configurator To understand your meeting space requirements and provide the best solution, Ashton Bentley has created a Collaboration Space Configurator, which will be available online. It’s based on an interactive question-style form that, when completed, will provide the design specification of a fully equipped, complete AV meeting room system, including furniture. Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 45


For more information on these products: Stand: 2-C20, Crestron

Covering all the bases in smaller spaces The big changes we have seen in education have taught AV integrators to expect new challenges, but solutions are now available, says Crestron’s Josh Stene

New line of 4K DMPS Lite switchers and receivers (multisource-to-display) The Crestron HDRX-4K-510-C-E-SW4 and HDRX-4K-210-C-E-POE multiformat AV switch and receiver provides enhanced HDMI video switching and audio presentation capabilities in areas such as conference rooms and classrooms. Built-in scaling ensures a reliable, high-quality video image. Fully automatic operation and web browser setup eliminate the need for a control panel, control system, or programming.

Josh Stene Vice president of marketing Crestron We all know the workplace and university classrooms have changed dramatically: a dispersed workforce; open floor plans; AV on the network; active-learning spaces; and reliance on mobile devices – not just to communicate but also to present and collaborate. With these innovations come new challenges, including how to provide a consistent user experience in every space. In today’s market, there is a vital need for an intuitive and cost-effective AV solution for smaller classrooms and meeting spaces. Simple AV solutions make it easy to deliver a consistent user experience throughout an entire building.

‘There is a vital need for an intuitive and cost-effective AV solution for smaller classrooms and meeting spaces’

Enhanced 4K video switching and standalone web-based configuration (source-to-display) Mix-and-match versatile DM Lite transmitters and receivers to create simple systems for most spaces. DM Lite delivers a winning combination of low-cost, yet high-performance. Pair them based on form factor and the type of signals that need to be transmitted along with HDMI.

46 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

Providing integrators with the tools to design simple, scalable systems for smaller spaces creates a world of possibilities for end users. With a simple range of products, integrators can easily create spaces that feature 4K video, audio, control and more to build the desired user experience on one platform. The newest addition to the Crestron DigitalMedia family is DMPS Lite, a portfolio of multisource-to-display switchers, receivers and extenders designed to provide integrators with a variety of products that integrate seamlessly to build the perfect in-room experience. The DMPS Lite takes smaller spaces to the next level by providing end-users with a simple, cost-effective solution built to deliver exceptional audio and video switching, system control and source connectivity. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020


For more information on these products: Stand: 1-H50, LANG AG

Revolution of tailormade transparent OLED products With expertise in visual presentation, LANG AG has become the contact point for cutting-edge technologies. CEO Tobias Lang explains how the wholesaler aims to keep ahead of the curve Unprecedented transparency for any kind of creative installations The new SOLUTIONS4AV GhosT-OLED display series, which is formed by Full Kit, Half Kit and Touch Kit, convinces with its innovative transparent technology. In addition to vivid colours and a wide viewing angle, the displays primarily score with an impressive transparency of 38%. This allows media installations to incorporate real objects or spaces behind the displays into the content and thus into the image effect of the application. With the particularly long running time of 30,000 hours with 18/7 operation, the displays provide ideal conditions for any kind of creative installation and thus are a guarantee of fascination with a captivating effect on their viewers.

Tobias Lang CEO LANG AG LANG is one of Europe’s leading wholesalers – and rental partners – of visual presentation technologies. As a reliable and capable partner, we guarantee the highest quality in our product range and service. Due to our market independence and experienced specialists, both manufacturers as well as customers seek out LANG’s expertise in product development and project design for decisions prior to purchasing. LANG offers complete customer support and is the service centre for well-known manufacturers. These elements have supplemented sales with a complete range of services from LANG.

‘Functionality and high quality are the guiding principles from design to manufacture’ To ensure that the company is always at the cutting-edge of presentation technologies, it has been an exclusive distributor of the aspiring company EXACT solutions since the beginning of this year. Under the brand SOLUTIONS4AV, EXACT solutions develops, designs and produces individual product solutions for professional users in the AV industry. Functionality and high quality are the guiding principles from design to manufacture at LANG. All steps go hand in hand: electronics development, process engineering and software programming. In the end, the user has a custom-made, tested and certified product at their disposal. Made in Germany. Within this exclusive co-operation, we determine not to copy existing solutions in the market, but to detect market gaps according to the principle of ‘problem identification, problem analysis, problem solution’, and to cover these if possible. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

50,000 ANSI lumens for new standards in super high brightness projection The brand-new PT-RQ50K projector from Panasonic combines a peak brightness of 50,000 ANSI lumens with ultra-sharp native 4K resolution in a compact housing. It sets completely new standards in the field of super-high brightness laser phosphor projection. More brilliant colours coupled with 50,000 ANSI lumens, deliver breath-taking image quality and captivating images. A filter-less design combined with an encapsulated optical system enables maintenance-free use of up to 20,000 hours even under difficult conditions. With minimal noise, the projector offers flexibility for even the most demanding large venue installations. Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 47

ExhibitorNews Ashton Bentley divides and conquers at ISE headquarters ASHTON BENTLEY Stand: 14-110 ISE was looking to upgrade its Munich headquarters to provide additional seating for larger meetings and create additional rooms if possible. Already a user of Ashton Bentley, ISE turned to the company for advice. A new design was formulated to create a divisible meeting space. Two independent 12-seater rooms can be effortlessly transformed by moving a dividing wall into one large boardroom-style space for 30. Both spaces, and the large combined space, are capable of hosting video/audio calls as well as presentations.

ISE benefitted from a number of innovations. Large displays in each space, plus repeater monitors when rooms combined, meant that content could be seen by everyone. AV control for room combining was supplied by Crestron and programmed by Ashton Bentley. Audio is split across the spaces and combined when necessary, including Shure equipment. Finally, the two tables in the individual spaces could not be moved, so a simple-to-deploy in-fill table was designed to join them, providing one large meeting table when the dividing wall is moved, and rooms combined. Mike Blackman, managing director, Integrated Systems Events, said: “Thank you to the Ashton Bentley team for taking ISE out of the collaboration dark ages.”

Two independent 12-seater rooms can be effortlessly transformed by moving a dividing wall to create one large boardroom

Modern collaboration with Intel Unite Improved performance with updated DAC INTEL UNITE Stand: 11-A170

Today, business is conducted in a fast-paced, on-demand, globally dispersed environment. Maintaining a competitive edge requires cohesive real-time collaboration. Mobile workers, partners, vendors, suppliers and even customers expect to be able to work together seamlessly, both inside and outside Intel Unite collaboration is open, manageable and secure the firewall. But it is often challenging for businesses of all sizes to deliver high-quality collaboration while supporting a wide range of personal and business devices. Whether selecting the on-premises option or the new Intel Unite Cloud Service, the Intel Unite solution allows users to deliver an open, manageable and more secure business collaboration experience – creating intelligent meeting spaces. The solution is an open and extensible platform, supporting most common devices and operating systems, and many business tools and plugins. It enables meetings to start quickly, and users can wirelessly share content without dongles, adapters, or cables – and interact seamlessly with the touch interface. Hardware-level security and encryption features allow control of user access, and enhanced safeguards help protect data, content and file sharing. Integrated telemetry provides IT and facilities managers with advanced analytics on room usage. Intel Unite aims to deliver unified experiences in evolving workplaces. The company says it will enhance digital workplace initiatives, support mixed environments and meet demands for an easy, productive experience.

RME Stand: 7-W225 The RME ADI-2 digitalto-analogue converter is now available in a revised version featuring an AK4493 DAC that improves the signal-to-noise ratio from 117dB to 120dB (123dBA). Improved signal-toThe use of the AK4493 supersedes the noise ratio is among previous deployment of an AK4490. Meanwhile, the features of the distortion has been decreased by about 10dB, to revised ADI-2 DAC from RME -120dB at full digital level. There is an additional headroom of 2.5dB for the analogue outputs (XLR, RCA and IEM), which also raises the undistorted intersample peak limit to +4dBFS. While the basic features and functions of the ADI-2 DAC remain unchanged, the device comes with an extended infrared remote control, the MRC (Multi Remote Control), which can control up to four different future RME devices. At present only the ADI-2 DAC is supported.

Smart scheduling system reveals real-time workspace use UNISIGN DIGITAL SIGNAGE TECHNOLOGY Stand: 8-N360 The Bookreen smart workspace solution is being presented at ISE 2020 by Unisign. The Bookreen system is a booking platform that manages time and workspaces. It incorporates room booking, desk booking, reception screens and wayfinding displays. Meetings can be scheduled in the company 48 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

calendar, with Bookreen able to show the real-time usage of the required workspace. Also featured on the stand is the Liftreen elevator information system, digital signage developed specifically for lifts. Liftreen’s central management, communication platform and technology are integrated in the mechanism of the elevator itself. This system can broadcast presentations, advertisements, announcements, news, weather forecast, traffic information, markets and TV transmissions to elevator passengers.

The Bookreen booking platform integrates into company scheduling platforms

They are joined on the Unisign stand by the Feedreen digital survey system. This digital signage software is designed for educating users about products or services. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

ExhibitorNews Thin and curvy: the OLED revolution continues ALLSEE TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 8-C160

The FHD554-XZ-H/HR models feature a combined 0.88mm bezel width

Narrow bezel FPDs for control rooms CHRISTIE Stand: 1-H70

Two new Christie 55in Extreme Series flat panels are set to be on show at ISE, with a narrow bezel width of 0.44mm (0.88mm combined) and 4K@60Hz delivery. Said to be the flagship of Christie’s Extreme Series, the FHD554-XZ-H and its HR counterpart are equipped with HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 connectivity and an OPS slot to accept a variety of processing modules including Christie Phoenix EP for a complete solution. The company claims the panels are designed for missioncritical control rooms in military, government and utility environments, as well as visualisation labs. The new FHD554-XZ-H/HR models feature Christie’s latest generation of tiled LCD technology. The company says there are also improvements in optical properties and mechanical robustness. The FHD554-XZ-HR is Christie’s remote power model that is said to provide improved reliability while delivering mission-critical uptime and redundancy capabilities. For customers requiring an ultra-slim profile for a videowall, the FHD554-XZ-H/HR, combined with Christie’s ML25 mount, can deliver a total depth of less than 4in. Also on show will be the Christie SUHD983-P 98in flat panel, which can be installed in either portrait or landscape mode and is equipped with input connectivity supporting up to 8K. It features multisource viewing and scaling, eliminating the need for an external processor in the most common use cases.

From an indoor battery powered digital A-board to curved and ultra-wide stretched displays, Allsee Technologies will be previewing a number of new products at ISE 2020. Pleased by the reception of the company’s indoor version, Allsee will be presenting a new outdoor digital Android battery A-board. The IP65-rated A-board features an integrated lithium-polymer battery, supports 12 hours running time and is configured with a high brightness IPS panel. Allsee aims to be at the forefront of the OLED

The curved OLED videowall display can be created in both horizontal and vertical axes

revolution within the commercial display market. Its new curved OLED videowall display enables the end user to create curved video walls with a 1m radius in both horizontal and vertical axes. The product also has a 3mm profile and self-illuminating OLED panels that are claimed to produce vibrant colour on perfect black.

The Z1000 4K UHD is Zidoo’s new flagship media player

Double media player launch SHENZHEN ZIDOO TECHNOLOGY Stand: 15-D204 China-based media player specialist Zidoo is set to launch two new products at ISE 2020. The company says the UHD2000 4K HiFi Media Player is designed to appeal to audiophiles, with features including the ability to decode highdefinition UHD movies and master-level direct stream digital (DSD). According to Zidoo, its flagship Z1000 4K UHD

Media Player aims to break the traditional design of the media player, with a large LED display and a UHD video and audio decoding performance that is designed to meet the demands of audio and video enthusiasts. Zidoo, the main brand of Shenzhen Zidoo Technology, also specialises in commercial display, digital signage, industrial control equipment and HiFi audio. More than 80% of its products are exported to Europe, North America and South East Asia.


The Expert Imaging and Sound Association is the unique collaboration of 60 member magazines and websites from 30 countries, specialising in all aspects of consumer electronics from mobile devices, home theatre display

and audio products, photography, hi-fi and in-car entertainment. Now truly international, with members across the EU, to Australia, the USA, Canada and the Far East, the EISA Awards offer genuine global impact. WWW.EISA.EU

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Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 49 10/01/2020 09:50

ExhibitorNews Smooth 4K projected in rich colour with new range

Press call for audio distribution amp

PANASONIC Stand: 1-H20


Set to be demonstrated on the Panasonic stand is the company’s new PT-RCQ10 projector range, a 1-chip DLP and 4K-ready projector designed for the rental and staging industry, museums and theme parks. The PT-RCQ10 series, with a choice of 10,000 or 8,000 lumens, is said to deliver images in natural colours as a result of its The PT-RCQ10 is available in Rich Colour Harmoniser and Smooth Pixel Drive technology. 8,000 and 10,000 lumen versions Rich Colour Harmoniser expands the use of red light to improve colour reproduction. Smooth Pixel Drive is a newly developed imaging processing system that is designed to sharpen the characters and smooth out diagonal lines and curves to achieve an output resolution of 4,608,000 pixels (2715x1697). The PT-RCQ10 series is compatible with Panasonic’s range of 1-Chip DLP lenses, including the new Ultra Short Throw Zoom lens. This lens enables projection in extremely tight spaces and minimises on-screen shadows. The powered lens-shift and zoom enables wide-range calibration following projector installation. The new projectors feature the ability to accept 4K signals via HDMI and Digital Link and are equipped with Panasonic’s Slot NX to expand connectivity with new input connections.

New from AudioPressBox is a professional audio distribution amplifier suitable for both indoor and outdoor press conference applications. The APB-224 C incorporates two mic/line inputs (A/A + B/B) and 24 line/mic outputs, with each output being independently transformer-balanced and isolated. It is also suitable for bilingual conferences thanks to the inclusion of two separate channels, A and B. Each input can be routed to channel A or channel B, or both at the same time. Both The AudioPressBox APB-224 bus A and bus B feature 12 line/mic outputs, C lends itself to various press respectively. conference applications, including Incorporating a rechargeable AccuPack those requiring bilingual audio that allows it to operate independent of a power source for up to ten hours, the APB224 C is supplied in a heavy duty, waterproof Nanuk case.

European launch for live streaming encoder MAGEWELL ELECTRONICS Stand: 8-G475 The newest model in Magewell’s family of standalone streaming encoders, the Ultra Stream SDI, will be making its European AV exhibition debut at ISE 2020. According to Magewell, Ultra Stream encoders enable either non-technical or experienced users to easily live stream. Users can record or stream high-quality video with one click, using ondevice buttons, an intuitive smartphone app or a straightforward web interface. Streaming live to services such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Twitch or to a custom-specified RTMP server, users can simultaneously record video as

files to a USB drive or to the associated smartphone. Designed for customers with SDI input sources such as cameras and video routers, the Ultra Stream SDI model captures, encodes and streams HD or 2K video at resolutions up to 2048x1080 over 3G-SDI connectivity. Support for embedded SDI audio is augmented by an analogue microphone input and a headphone output for monitoring, while an SDI loop-through connection enables source signals to be simultaneously sent to a monitor or other equipment. The compact encoder comes standard with both WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity and also supports an optional mobile broadband modem. Nick Ma, CEO and CTO at Magewell, said: “Video streaming has become an essential tool in almost every industry and market, and users who aren’t video

12G amp aims for high-density distribution AJA VIDEO SYSTEMS Stand: 8-G110 The OG-12GDA-2x4 from AJA Video Systems is an openGear 12G-SDI distribution amplifier, featuring support for high dynamic range video and Ross DashBoard software for remote monitoring. Designed for critical broadcast, OB truck and live event production environments, it features dual-channel inputs for incoming 12G-SDI signals, with re-clocking of the distributed signals to dual 4x 12G-SDI outputs. In an AJA OG-X-FR openGear frame, this allows for 50 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

The OG-12GDA-2x4 is AJA’s first 12G-SDI openGear card

high density with up to 20 12G-SDI inputs distributed to a total of 80 12G-SDI outputs when fully loaded with ten cards. The OG-12GDA-2x4 is compatible with OGX, OG3 and DFR-8321 openGear frames, and DashBoard

Making its European AV exhibition debut, Magewell’s Ultra Stream SDI enables users to live stream with a single click

professionals want to minimise their dependency on IT and AV specialists for their day-to-day streaming needs. Magewell’s Ultra Stream encoder family is ideal for enabling them to stream self-sufficiently.”

software support on Windows, Mac OS and Linux for flexible device control, and monitoring over a local network or remotely. Nick Rashby, president at AJA, said: “To address the rigorous demands of modern production environments, we strive to provide our customers with powerful new technologies for more flexible and failsafe workflows. “We’re excited to introduce the OG-12GDA-2x4, our first 12G-SDI openGear card, to seamlessly integrate into higher bandwidth 12G-SDI workflows that support higher resolution, large raster content at higher framerates – with less cabling.” The OG-12GDA-2x4 was launched in December 2019 through AJA’s worldwide reseller network. Free DashBoard software is also available for download. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

ExhibitorNews Amps and speakers aim for custom installs MCINTOSH LABORATORY Stand: 5-T155 A range of amplifiers and speakers for the custom installation market will be showcased on the McIntosh ISE stand. The MI254 is a 4-channel amplifier outputting 250W per channel into 8 ohms or 300W per channel into 4 ohms, while the 8-channel MI128 outputs 120W per channel into 8 ohms or 150W per channel into 4 ohms. Both are 2U rack mountable and, as Class D amplifiers, they do not require cooling fans to maintain nominal operating temperature.

On the front panel, both feature multi-colour LED indicators to display the status of each channel. The MI254 also includes two blue McIntosh watt meters that display the summed power output of channels 1+2 and channels 3+4. On the back, the MI254 offers standard 5-way speaker binding posts while the MI128 uses 2-pole Phoenix-style push-in speaker terminals. The MI128 also includes back panel volume controls for volume balancing, along with two digital audio inputs (either coax or optical), and channel summing circuits for easy mono signal distribution. Also on show are the WS500 and WS300 in-wall speakers, and the CS200 in-ceiling speaker. All three speakers are voice matched to each other to create a

The MI254 4-channel and MI128 8-channel amplifiers will be on show

seamless and cohesive aural experience, claims the company.

Boxing clever T-WIN TECHNOLOGY Stand: 15-H125 Taiwan-based t-WIN Technology Service will be showcasing its range of TV and media display products at ISE 2020. For example, the iBOX 360° is an irregular video wall product that is aimed at meeting the demands of various environments and different requirements. Content can be displayed in static form or rotated VBOX shows what it can do for video content 360º both clockwise and counter-clockwise. The AiR²BOX is a dynamic irregular videowall box that includes the motor, extender and iBOX. HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, LVDS and digital interfaces. Also on display is the iMedia display media player, It’s joined by the VBOX 4K Ultra HD over IP extender, with a graphics processor that provides dual display which can be connected to a PC, laptop, console, DVD channels and supports output interfaces including player, digital sound base, TV or projector.

Verity Audio speakers are designed for all types of locations

Ambience offers sound style VERITY AUDIO Stand: 15-W275 French loudspeaker specialist Verity Audio, part of SAE Audio Group, is set to showcase its audio products for the professional market, with a focus on the use of proprietary, custom-designed components. On show will be the Ambience loudspeakers, which are designed for movable and fixed installation applications such as fashion or retail stores, bars and clubs, auditoriums, theatres and home cinemas. In addition, visitors will be able to check out the AC12.3P active arrayable and steerable column, the IWAC220P active two-frequency vertical line array speaker system and the Muse P active full-frequency sound box.

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Public debut of upgraded Velocity ATLONA Stand: 5-T50

no extra cost, including room scheduling, unlimited BYOD usage for AV control, integration with leading soft codec platforms (Zoom Rooms, Cisco WebEx), The Velocity IP-enabled AV control platform has AV asset management, and remote monitoring and been significantly upgraded with new features and management from the cloud. deployment options and will be demonstrated in public Also included are new hardware and software for the first time at ISE 2020. server gateways to support various room and The enhanced platform now has greater ability application requirements. This includes three new to plan and scale AV control system designs, from VGW-HW hardware server gateways to serve 1-3 systems to large, enterprise-wide installations. multiple rooms with AV control, room scheduling, and The new release also integrates new capabilities at configuration and management of Atlona AV devices at different scales. Additionally available is the VGW-SW software server gateway, which provides the capabilities of the VGW-HW hardware devices with the convenience of installation on standard IT server infrastructure. VGW-SW installations can be expanded to serve more rooms with one or more VRL-SW licences. Each server gateway includes a free Velocity Cloud Lite licence for remote configuration and management of AV control and room scheduling systems. The enhanced platform now has greater ability to plan and scale AV control system designs Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 51

ExhibitorNews From glass to glass

The XEED 4K6021Z 6,000 lumen 4K compact laser projector was first previewed at ISE 2019

CANON EUROPE Stand: 1-F50 Optical excellence is set to be a key theme on the Canon stand at ISE 2020, where the company will showcase its range of input and output capabilities – all benefiting, it says, from the same focus on precisionbuilt glass. Among the input devices on show will be the C500 Mark II and XF705. The EOS C500 Mark II is a compact 5.9K full frame cinema camera, featuring Canon’s new DIGIC DV 7 processor. Supporting 5.9K internal Cinema

Pleased to be seated FORTRESS SEATING Stand: 1-N80 Now in its 40th year of manufacture, such has been its popularity, is the Madison chair from Fortress Seating. Set to be on show at ISE 2020 upholstered in Luxtan Premium Leather, it can be extensively customised with an array of accessories – including many that can be concealed until they are needed. Also on display on the Fortress stand at ISE will be the Lexington chair. Constructed with a two-cushion framed back, the Lexington is said to have a slender profile and to provide ‘just the right amount’ of lumbar support. Like the Madison, it can be customised. According to the company, popular choices include motorised head and footrests, height-adjusting seat backs, pocket arms, cup holders, USB ports and power outlets, and touchscreen mounts to enable convenient control of a smart home automation system. Other options include lighted and cooling cup holders, tray tables, as well as custom fabrics, finishes, specialised hides and colour matching to maintain room design aesthetics. The Madison chair has been in production for 40 years

‘Best of both worlds’ with new cable series

Klotz’s CLAES3PTRUSS unites two popular cable products, CATLink and TrussLink

KLOTZ AIS Stand: 7-E210 The new CLAES3PTRUSS from Klotz combines the ‘best of both worlds’ – namely, its CATLink and TrussLink products – according to the company. A network cable sports four pairs of twisted wires, each with characteristic wave impedance of 100 ohm. As a result, the Klotz CATLink Series can handle four audio signals (analogue or digital) or four DMX signals. The internal wiring is naturally ‘digital ready’, ensuring interference-free performance of the CLAES3PTRUSS as a DMX or AES/EBU box. Meanwhile, the TrussLink’s paired parallel configurations of XLR connectors (XLR 3p. F/M) can be deployed as both inputs and outputs, maximising their flexibility and ease of deployment for professional stage work. According to Klotz, the CLAES3PTRUSS is suitable

for a range of roles, ranging from a small sub-stage box to a full-scale multicore system. Specific features include a rugged aluminium housing with non-slip rubber feet and laser-engraved labelling, as well as four safety lanyard holes and an M10 thread for use with a Manfrotto Super Clamp – making it easy to affix to rigs and trusses. Klotz recommends using a network conductor with overall shield, such as its RC5EE cable, as a connection cable to ensure that the four separate channels share a common earth.

Clearing up complexity GUNTERMANN & DRUNCK Stand: 10-R130, 14-M235 With the integration of a growing number of technologies, control rooms are becoming increasingly complex and multifunctional. Due to this, operators have to be able to monitor several processes simultaneously and, at the same time, manage signals and workflows. Therefore, ergonomic workstations and intuitive operating concepts are essential. Guntermann & Drunck will present its latest keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) products to show how they seamlessly interact with AV equipment. The company aims to ensure homogeneous installations

52 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

RAW Light and 4K 4:2:2 10-bit XF-AVC recording, the camera is the first in the range with the ability to record 5.9K Cinema RAW Light onto new, faster storage media – CFexpress cards. Equipped with the XF-HEVC format, the XF705 camcorder offers 4K UHD 50P 4:2:2 10-bit recording to SD cards. It features a 1.0 type CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV6 processing. On the output side, Canon is demonstrating the XEED 4K6021Z 6,000 lumen 4K compact laser projector, previewed at ISE 2019. The simple spigot lens fitting is compatible with seven interchangeable Canon lenses, including the recently launched RS-SL07RST 4K standard zoom lens which uses Canon’s precision-built glass ensuring, the company says, minimal distortion. The new lens offers 1.76x motorised zoom and +/- 73% vertical lens shift.

KVM: ControlCenter-IP can connect operators to remote computers

and the best possible interoperability in control rooms. Together with a series of IP extenders, ControlCenter-IP forms a powerful matrix with which any connected operator station can be granted access to any remote computer. Transmission takes place compressed via Cat cabling or fibre optic, via standard IP-based networks on layer 3, with a data transmission rate of up to 1Gbps per line. For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

ExhibitorNews Multiscreen display with continuous loop facility Metago presents detail with a high contrast ratio without glistening

Introducing conference collaboration 3.0 LIANTRONICS Stand: 12-E30

Conference collaboration has developed from projectors to LCD screens with higher and higher meeting efficiency and viewing comfort. But when it comes to larger conference occasions, the limitations of present displays – poor image contrast, obvious seams – have often stood out. To resolve these limitations, LianTronics has developed integrated LED display terminal Metago, which is customised for conference rooms of different capacity, to help the conference experience proceed into an era of ‘intelligent collaboration 3.0’. For large conference scenes such as lecture halls or auditoriums, a clear and sharp presentation wall is of great importance. LianTronics claims Metago can provide a 160° super-wide viewing angle to cover every attendee and present detail in high contrast ratio without any glistening. Pixel-to-pixel restoration of the original content enables a colourful world and clear vision without seams, according to LianTronics. Based on the brightening and dimming of ambient light, Metago can automatically and ergonomically adjust screen brightness from 100nits to 600nits, which the company claims offers a more comfortable viewing experience and causes no visual fatigue even after lengthy use.

AIYOS TECHNOLOGY Stand: 8-C456 Digital consumer electronics specialist Aiyos Technology will feature a new multiscreen bar display for digital signage. Intended for product promotion and advertising, and able to be fixed easily to shelves in stores and shops, the synchronised multiscreen display can play on autoloop for long and continuous periods of time. With screen sizes available from 4.3in to 10.1in, the USB 2.0 compatible display offers video/music/photo slideshow playback. Supporting formats such as MPEG 1/2/4, JPEG, MP3, AVI, VOB, DAT and Divx, the system

Aiyos’ new multiscreen bar display for digital signage is aimed at highimpact product promotion

is also programmable with an auto-on or -off function. In addition, the multiscreen bar display features a built-in speaker and is available in both black and white. Also featured on the Aiyos stand will be its doublesided digital signage. With 89° horizontal and vertical viewing angles and a contrast ratio of 3000:1, this display is compatible with MPEG-4 and supports up to 1080p. These displays, which are also available as a single screen, are available in sizes from 43in to 55in. The installed Rk3288 CPU has a 2GB RAM option and an internal memory of up to 16GB.

Improved connectivity, affordable price OPTICIS Stand: 5-T90 Customers looking for improved connectivity at an affordable price are being encouraged by Opticis to visit its ISE stand to find out about the company’s Active Optical Cable (AOC) product range. According to Opticis, its AOC Opticis’ detachable AOCs share the same cable products acquire HDMI 2.0 AOC, HDMI 2.0 Detachable AOC, DisplayPort 1.2 Detachable AOC and Display 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 design and options for detachable AOC provide, Converting Detachable AOC. The hybrid cables are according to Opticis, easier installation. plenum-graded and are capable of transmitting 4K Opticis detachable AOCs – HDFC-200D, DPFC-200D (4096x2160) video signals at 60Hz, extending up to and DHFC-200D – share the same cable, making 100m with neither data loss nor latency, the company it possible to change the video interface by simply says, and guaranteed compatibility. Their flexible replacing the connector.

Debut for Seven Generator AVPRO EDGE Stand: 5-T80 The Seven Generator will make its European debut at ISE 2020, with extensive audio and video testing capabilities. According to AVPro company Murideo, it’s unlike any other HDMI test and measurement equipment. Murideo is responsible for the Six-A Analyzer and DPL Labs certified Six-G Generator Field Test Suite. Said to be popular among the world’s top integrators and calibrators, the success of these products paved the way for the development of the Seven Generator. The video capabilities of the Seven include native

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020

10/12-bit BT2020 video output with over 1,000 patterns, including HDR, SDR, Dolby Vision and HLG. Test patterns are generated from FPGA or raw YUV files for a native experience and include video playback. The Seven includes the full suite of patterns from Diversified Video Solutions and other patterns and videos from Bill Wetzel, ISF, PVA, Portrait Displays and Spears & Munsil. According to Murideo, the device is an ideal solution for display calibration and evaluation. The test suite allows the user to construct a test signal with any video format and any audio format, then execute a test based on chosen parameters, and allows for reporting.

The Seven Generator is designed for display calibration and evaluation

Preview Edition ISE Daily 2020 53


Casto Canavate

Joost Demarest

Leading from the front Q A

KNX is once again the Presenting Show Partner for ISE 2020. & We spoke to Joost Demarest, CTO, and Casto Canavate, marketing manager, at KNX Association about the various KNX offerings that will be at the show

What is KNX’s mission? Our mission is to develop and promote the KNX standard to establish it as the technology to create smart home and building solutions all over the world. Our vision is to have KNX in every imaginable home, building, office or project. Meanwhile KNX is present in nearly every country around the world. KNX Association has thus successfully put into place a strong community for anyone wishing to benefit from the latest smart homes and buildings developments. KNX works to make access to KNX easier still. This is what drives us every day. What does KNX Association’s offering consist of today? KNX needs to innovate even faster in order to keep its leading position in the field for smart homes and smart buildings. Recent results are, among others, the development of KNX Secure to make KNX the most secure multi-vendor home and building automation technology worldwide. KNX IoT is the front runner in the merging of the world of smart homes and buildings with the complex world of IT. Also, the design, configuration and update of KNX 54 ISE Daily 2020 Preview Edition

installations is eased with every new release of the unique manufacturer-independent Engineering Tool Software (ETS). What are the different ways in which people can get started with KNX? If you are a busy person or travelling a lot, online training opportunities are your best option. If you like to sit at home and read more about KNX, there is KNX literature galore (even through Amazon). If you prefer hands-on learning, then visit one of our almost 500 certified KNX Training Centres all over the world, in this way becoming a true KNX expert. There are even certified courses offered beyond the basic course, such as the KNX HVAC specialist course. The world of KNX Training is as colourful as a rainbow; anyone can find the colour that suits his or her needs best. For those that cannot see the wood for

the trees, the KNX platform start@knx offers a good summary of all possibilities. How many KNX Members will be exhibiting at ISE 2020? Can you give us an idea of the breadth of their offerings? Since KNX signed the Presenting Show Partnership Agreement with ISE in 2018, the KNX trademark is omnipresent at the ISE show; also the interest from our members to take part has risen considerably. For ISE 2020, our KNX community booth at 9-F120 is completely sold out with 20 participating KNX Members, who will showcase their contribution to the currently 8,000 available KNX products. In addition to this, KNX expects around 20 more KNX Members with their own booth on the show floor. 2020 is the 30th anniversary of KNX. Will you be celebrating this at ISE? The 30th anniversary is accompanied by prior sneakpeeks, events and further surprises, all leading up to the ultimate celebration scheduled for 20 October 2020 – the day on which KNX will once again write history. If you want to learn more about what is planned, visit the KNX booth: see how KNX will create a festive mood that will make it close to impossible to wait for the great party. If you already want to share a glass of champagne with us, come to the KNX Celebration Party on Thursday 13 February 2020 at the KNX booth (9-F120).

‘The world of KNX Training is as colourful as a rainbow; anyone can find the colour that suits his or her needs best’ For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2020