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Big World, Big Challenges - Can a Big Network help? at Social Media Week Hamburg, 17th February 2012 Tom Fries (Senior Project Manager, Bertelsmann Stiftung) Mario Sorgalla (Online Community Manager at Please tell us your thoughts, ideas and comments: http://pad.futurechallenges. org/p/Social_Media_Week_2012

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Our challenge? People respond to things that are small-scale, personal, local.

Our challenge? But we work on the macro scale, looking at global issues.

Our challenge? We are all about complexity.

Where we stand...

â—? Content : We need to add value to existing content and debates to establish ourselves. Creating awareness about global future challenges has been a first, important step.


...Where we want to go

â—? Participation in Policy Making: Raising awareness is not enough. We need to contribute to better cross-trend policy making. Question: how can we motivate people to take part in crowdsourcing policy ideas or making concrete actions?


Engagement in the Political Sphere

Engagement in the Political Sphere

Engagement in the Political Sphere

Crowdsourcing Policy Ideas – FutureChallenges

Crowdsourcing Ideas: Not an Easy Task!

Crowdsourcing Ideas: FutureChallenger

Your Ideas?

Your Ideas?

We asked our bloggers for some examples/ best practices in the Phillipines, the first social news network in the Philippines, capitalizes on crowdsourcing to get comprehensive on-the-ground news from different parts of the country. Filipinos contribute videos and information to, Rappler's social media arm. In the example above, Rapplers from the northern city of Baguio used Twitter to strengthen their campaign against tree-cutting. Purple S. Romero, Philippines

Reporters Without Borders

● Advocates freedom of speech online and offline ● Provides safe haven hosting for threatened websites ● Keeps monitoring of freedom of speech violations. Alexey Sidorenko, Poland/Russia

● A community of crisis cartographers ● Has a so-called „Stand By Task Force” – a network of volunteers who are ready to deploy a mapping solution, whenever emergency strikes

Alexey Sidorenko, Poland/Russia

Global Voices Global Voices Online helps bridge language barriers, technology gaps and media bottlenecks so people using citizen media everywhere get a chance to tell their story and have their voices heard.

"The bond between individuals from different worlds is personal, political and powerful. We believe conversation across boundaries is essential to a future that is free, fair, prosperous and sustainable - for all citizens of this planet." Global Voices Manifesto Juliana Rinc贸n, Colombia

Avaaz When you can tell that your regional problems are listened by millions and fought by thousands, then you can make a connection and support others across the world just by joining in their causes and concerns. A big step is taken then.

LucĂ­a Querejazu, Bolivia

"Social Media helped me start my own publishing house" "Nepal is pretty remote from most mainstream publishing and media in the West. Despite this, with the help of social media, I was able to promote and sell my book in Thailand, Singapore, HongKong and the USA. It is now available on Kindle and will soon be available on other eplatforms. Without social media, I as a writer and publisher from a small country would never have been able to get the word out about my book and business globally."

Sushma Joshi, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Pixel Project

The Pixel Project uses social media and other online avenues to advocate against domestic violence and other forms of violence against women.

Pixel Project is run by volunteers and they have partner institutions around the world, including Say No-Unite Campaign launched by the United Nations.

For more on Pixel Project, visit or follow @PixelProject

Bhumika Ghimire, Nepal/USA

Cambodia: new media for human rights

Sithi is a Cambodian human rights portal aiming at crowdsourcing and curating reports of human rights violations. Other NGOs and civil society start using new media as well to promote their social causes: Chak Sopheap, Cambodia ("I want peace") is an NGO devoted to gather notifications of crimes commited that may or may not have been denounced to the police as well as promoting the end of violence in Venezuela. Integrates twitter and direct posting. Based on a wiki. Relaunching on its way...

Kira Kariakin, Venezuela MakeSense is an open project which challenges people for social business HOW MakeSense animates creativity workshops to solve problems of social entrepreneurs WHO From >25 countries, we are a 250+ community passionate for social business ClĂŠment Renaud, China

Watch this short video

Mzalendo Open Data Project - Kenya

Mzalendo (‘Patriot’ in Swahili) is a non-partisan project started in 2003 whose mission is to ‘keep an eye on the Kenyan parliament.’ The Mzalendo project seeks to promote greater public voice and enhance public participation in politics in Kenya. Mac-Jordan Degadjor - Ghana

Groundviews From climate change to forced migrations, when any crisis is represented through the perspective of the people involved it becomes more complete. By granting access to people involved and aware, you can help towards a collective understanding of any crisis.

Rini Mukkath, Sri Lanka

The advocacy group has been using social media to promote issues such as gay and reproductive rights, as well as free speech.

Irwin Cruz, Philippines GMANews uses data journalism for its interactive map to prepare residents of Manila, a city heavily vulnerable to flooding Irwin Cruz, Philippines

Video: GMANews.TV launches interactive flood map for disaster preparedness

NGOs & publications helping Indians interpret the world India Together provides in-depth information & news on the issues that matter covering 15 major topics and over 15 states. Largely funded by readers, it ensures representation of public interest.

‘The great Indian clearance sale’ is one among a growing number of subversive communities on social media which takes strong stance in favour of an inclusive debate.

Lokayat is among many growing organizations devoted to reaching people through film screenings, workshops, outreach programs and digital media and attempting to listen to and share global happening that affect people’s lives.

Ajinkya Pawar, India

Netcitizen is a 'digital democracy' project to improve public administration and governance through improved access to public information.

The Social Media Revolution in India

Watch Sorav Jain's video on Indian media history merging with social media.

Anuja Upadhyay, India/Nepal


Kiva uses social media to locate new members and start discussions on microfinance. Kiva members have loaned more than $241 million to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Anneliese Guess, USA Collaborative map to help with the emergency caused by rains in Venezuela last year. Twitter and sms postings integrated. Powered by Crowdmap of Ushahidi. Kira Kariakin, Venezuela In Matad soum of Dornod province, Chinese invested PCDT company works 10 years under the product sharing agreement with the Government of Mongolia in the oil sector. The government earned big profit from this agreement, Local people and CSO's are demanding transparency regarding all mining but Matad soum stayed a very backward place: no industry in Mongolia. Social media help us to fight corruption and electricity and other bureaucracy essential factors for human development. "While we doing monitoring will make one step to the transparency of product sharing agreement between the Government and “Petrochina Dachin Tamsag� company, and create competent local group to participate or control for implementation social accountability." All information, interviews, reports collected from monitoring project are posted also in,

Otgonsuren Jargal, Mongolia

Fighting crime in Santiago with the help of social-media People have started to take collective action against the things that affect them the most. The Chilean community is participating in reporting any crime as a victim or witness. This data is used to establish real statistics and make the authorities react against a scourge that affects people as a society. Blanca Vera, Chile

The Arab Spring blew over to Indian shores People from all walks of life came out to protest against corruption. They showed their Anger, Frustration, Desperation and Helplessness. Android & Nokia apps, website, SMS, emails, Twitt er, Orkut, Google+, Facebook got people out on the streets. Rahul Kumar, India

BRAC Manoshi-mHealth Program Manoshi is a maternal, neonatal and child health program of BRAC, largest NGO of Bangladesh.The program equips health workers with mobile phone-based data collection software, allowing them to more efficiently record and report vital patient information in a simple and standardized format to reduce maternal, neonatal and child mortality.

Badrud Doza, Bangladesh

New possibilities for cross-national collaboration 8 May 2009: Students of Kyung Hee University (S. Korea) and the University of Pennsylvania present their vision of a green planet at a live video conference at the World Civic Forum 2009. Professors Euiyoung Kim (pict. right) and Don Kettl initiated the “Global Environmental Sustainability Collaborative� course in spring semester


Robert Schwarz, South Korea/Germany



CONTRIBUTORS Ajinkya Pawar, India, @thejinxedone Anuja Upadhyay, India Mac-Jordan Degadjor, Ghana. @MacJordan Anneliese Guess, USA, @DCAnneliese Bhumika Ghimire, Nepal, @bhumikaghimire Irwin Cruz, Philippines Purple S. Romero, Philippines @purpleromeropo Juliana Rincon, Colombia, @medeamaterial LucĂ­a Querejazu, Bolivia, @luciaquerejazu Rini Mukkath, Sri Lanka, @rinimukkath Sopheap Chak, Cambodia, @jusminesophia Sushma Joshi, Nepal, @joshisushma ClĂŠment Renaud, China, @clemsos Rahul Kumar, India Badrud Doza, Bangladesh Alexey Sidorenko, Poland/Russia, @sidorenko_intl Otgonsuren Jargal, Mongolia Blanca Vera, Venezuela Kira Kariakin, Venezuela Robert Schwarz, South Korea/Germany

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