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Stage, Special Effects & Presentation Showcase Lighting provided by PSAV

Lighting provided by Ambient Sound

The following catalog of elements exists to assist producers, AV teams and planners seeking the right elements & equipment for their program.

Lighting provided by AV Presentations

Future Affairs Productions has spent over 30 years working with event producers to headliners for events from corporate to general session rooms, meeting breakouts to special affects for arena needs.

Future Affairs Productions a call - our inventory changes very quickly.

Motivated Professional Innovative 95 Grand Avenue Pawtucket, RI 02861 401-722-8811



Lighting provided by Ambient Sound

If there are items you don’t see, give

Showcase Index Backdrops

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Carpets & Rugs

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Stage Accent Props

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Podiums & Easels

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Modular Panels

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Special Effects

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Custom Branded Signage

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Stage Design Gallery

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Design, DĂŠcor, Rentals & Production Endless Event Solutions 3

Lighting provided by Exfect

Diamond Backdrops & Chandeliers 4

Turquoise Backdrop






Screen Surround

Diamond Wall Room Divider

Diamond Arches, Chandeliers & Columns


Balloon Backdrops

Exploding Balloon Backdrop


SDS Walls

SDS Walls

Nautical SDS Walls

American SDS Walls

Balloon Walls


Pictures Courtesy of 3B Productions

Fabric & Hanging Backdrops

Aluminum Backdrop with Drape Illusion in any Color.




Diamond Crystal

Dollar Bills

Safari Backdrop

Metallic Circles


Snowflake & Crystal


Mylar Rain

Western Backdrop

Football stadium (6) 4’x10’ sheets

Icicle Header & Footer


Themed Backdrops

City Scape - 20’L x 12’T *All backdrops made from FR wood


Tropical 1 - 24’L x 12’T

Baseball Stadium 24’x10’

Brick Walls & Columns - Customizable Sizing

Tropical 2 - 16’L x 10’T

Green Monster Scoreboard with Lights & Bleachers

Natural Harvest - 8’L x 8’T

Green Monster Scoreboard - Customizable Sizing


White Harbor Windows 24’x10’

Harbor Backdrop 24’x10’


Maine Coast

Vermont Covered Bridge

Newport Bridge

New Hampshire Statue





Connecticut Park

Massachusetts, USS Constitution

New England Forest

Boston Skyline





New England Backdrops 13

Lighting provided by AV Presentations

Carpets & Rugs

Step & Repeat with Red Runner, Brass Stanchion & Red Rope


Red Runner 3’x70’

Red Runner 5’x30’

Red Runner 3’x24’

Red Runner 3’x10’

Red Runner 4’ x 25’

Red Short Runner 4’ x 8’

Orange Runner 3’x50’

Light Green Runner 4’ x 25’

Medium Blue Runner 4’ x 25’

Blue Heather Runner 4’ 4” x 36’ 10”

Blue Runner 3’x28’

Royal Runner 4’ x 30’

Purple Runner 4’x30’

Black Runner 3’x20’

Red Runner 3’x72’



Green Runner 3’x10’

Blue Runner 3’x21’

Blue Carpet 6’ x 8’

Blue Carpet 12’ X 19’ 10”

Blue Carpet 11’ 11” X 20’

Red Carpet 3’ x 8’

Red Carpet 4’ x 11’ 10”

Red Carpet 7’ 7” x 9’ 2”

Red Carpet 5’ 6” x 20’ 6”

Red Carpet 9’ 2” x 12’ 11”

Red Carpet 9’ 2” x 13’ 3”

Red Carpet 9’ 2” x 31’ 7”

Pink Carpet 3’ 5” x 10’ 6”

Pink Carpet 9’ 11” x 9’ 11”

Lilac Carpet 9’ 11” x 9’ 11”



Accent Rug 3’ 6” x 6’ 6”

Red Rug 7’ 9” x 10’

Area Rug 2 9’ 8” x 11’ 9”

Area Rug 3 5’ 7” x 8’ 4”

Area Rug 6 4’ x 5’ 10”

Area Rug 7 4’ x 5’ 8”

Orange Rug 4’ 10” x 9’ 3”

Area Rug 4 5’ 7” x 7’ 10”

Area Rug 8 7’ 2” x 10’ 8”

Area Rug 1 5’ 3” x 7’ 3”

Area Rug 5 5’ 7” x 7’

Area Rug 8 (Reversible) 7’ 2” x 10’ 8”


Carpets & Rugs

Grey Speckled Carpet 6’ 2” x 19’ 8”

Woven Seagrass Rug 9’ x 10’

Black Carpet 11’ 5” x 14’ 9”

Grey Carpet 11’ 11” x 20’ 8”

Astro Turf 8’ x 8’

Black Carpet 11’ 11” x 16’

Grey Carpet 12’ x 18’ 9”

Stone Walkway Runners 10’x3’ sections

Faded Piano Keys Carpet 8’ 8” x 42’

Astro Turf 12’ x 14’

Astro Turf 12’ x 15’

Astro Turf 12’ x 30’

Carpet Padding

Black Carpet 11’ 11” X 13’ 10”

Black Carpet 10’ 11” x 24’ 7”


Carpets & Rugs

Zebra Rug 5’ x 7’ 9”

Purple 24” Circle

Road Carpet 8’ x 32’

Scrabble Carpets 6’ 8”x 6’ 8”

Astroturf 5’ Circle

Ivory 24” Circle

Blue 24” Circle

Lime 24” Circle

Red 24” Circle

Red 8’ Circle

For furniture options to fill your stages and meeting rooms, check out our furniture catalog!

For a complete listing of all of our furniture collections visit: Future Affairs Productions - Bars & Furniture Showcase e-Magazine


This is a sample of some drape currently in our inventory. We have a complete Textile Department offering custom sewing. Any combination of drapery and/or custom panels can be created specifically for your stage needs.

All Drape is IFR or can be treated

Drape 20

Turquoise Sheer

Black Satin

White Nylon

Lime Green Sheer

Light Blue Sheer

Extra Light Blue Sheer

Sea Foam Sheer

Blue Poly Silk

Royal Banjo

Antique Gold Crystalline

Black Banjo

Black Mesh

Black Poly

Black Nylon

Black Sheer

Brown Satin

Brown Sheer

White Knit

White Satin

White Sheer

Silver Satin

Silver Molten Lava

Silver Banjo

Silver Crystalline

Neon Green Spandex

Bright Yellow Poly

Pale Yellow Poly

Orange Sheer

Red Velvet

Purple Crystalline


Bunting & Skirting

Cotton Bunting 1 5 1/2’ t x 3’ w

Cotton Bunting 2* 7’ w x 4’ t

Cotton Bunting 3* 5’ x 8’

Poly Bunting 3 8’ w x 44” t

Poly Bunting 4* 6’ w x 3’ t

Black Velour Skirting 15" t x 125" / 10' 5" w

Black Poly Blend Skirting 2' t x 184" / 15' 4" w

Burlap Skirting 25" t x 147" / 12' 3" w

* Styling Collection Piece features limited inventory

Aqua Lame Skirting 28" t x 10' w

Poly Bunting 1 6’ w x 38” t

Black Velour Skirting 22" t x 189" w

Aqua Lame Skirting 28” t - in a variety of widths

Poly Bunting 2 6’ w x 39” t

Black Poly Blend Skirting 2' t x 44" w

Red Knit Skirting 28" t x 172" / 14' 4" w


Skirting & Truss Covers

Red Knit Skirting 28" w x 252" / 21' w

Blue Knit Skirting 28" t x 212" / 17' 6" w

Blue Poly Skirting 29" t x 160" / 13' 6" w

Black Brocade Skirting 29" t x 258" / 21' 6" w

Heavy Blue Knit Skirting 30" t x 8' w

Black Banjo Skirting 34" t x 12' w

Blue Banjo Skirting 47" t x 14' w

Black Poly Skirting 55" t x 7' w

Bright Yellow Skirting 6' t x 7' 6" w

White Sheer Skirting 10' t x 7' w

Black Velour Truss Cover with Pipe Pockets 22” t x 189” w

Black Banjo Truss Cover with Pipe Pockets 34” t x 12’ w

Black Poly Blend Truss Cover with Loops every 12” 2’ t x 44” w

* Styling Collection Piece features limited inventory

Black Poly Blend Truss Cover with Loops every 12” 2’ t x 184” w

Truss Covers in a variety of spandex colors


Lighting provided by Ambient Sound

All Stretch Fabrics are IFR

Stretch Fabrics 24

Light-up Spandex Cubes - 8’ T x 3’ W

2’ Spandex Circles with options for Linking

Light-up Palm Trees

4 Point Sails with Light up Stage Cubes

3 Point Sails & Truss

Dynamic and adaptable spandex shapes can be used together as stage backdrops or as a single focal point, Stocked in white - perfect for dramatic lighting. Custom colors & shapes available. 18’ Spandex Tubes

Nautical Sails

10’ Fabric Tunnel


Lighting provided by Capron Lighting

Lighting provided by Port Lighting

Hanging Iridescent Snowflakes & Crystal Beads

Hanging Records & Cd’s

Zebra Print

All Tornados are IFR Freestanding fabric shapes that become an instant focal point for any event. Can be adorned with themed hanging decorations.

Uplighting available in any color. Height from 9’ to 16’ 9’ Top Diameter & 2’ Bottom Diameter


Lighting provided by Event Resources

Available in a variety of colors from white, silver, zebra to leopard.

Leopard Print

White Tornados with dramatic lighting


Foamcore Podium Sign

Vinyl Graphics on Interview Table

Custom Branded Step & Repeat One Republic - Jingle Ball 2014

Custom Designed Pillows

Branded Bella Lounge

Vinyl Graphics on Illuminated Podium

Illuminated Stage Cubes

Branding 27

8’, 5’, 4’ & 3’ Molecular Spheres

Inflatables 28

8’ Tall Balloon Columns

Inflatable Multi-point Stars in 5’ & 7’ with Internal Lighting

Inflatable Branded

Illuminated 10’ Black Light Towers

Long Inflatable Tubes for Dramatic Stages

Dancing Inflatable People



Cast Iron Base with pipe in a variety of sizes

10’ - 16’ Pin Upright

Light Stand


SDS Baseplates

Baseplate Pin in a variety of sizes

Threaded Pipe

Telescopic Uprights in a variety of sizes

Hook End Crossbars

Curved Crossbar

Curved Column Cover 3’ Diameter

30 lb Rubber Baseplate Weight

Baseplate Covers in a variety of colors

Square 10’ Truss

Triangular 10’ Truss



Rustic Wood Stanchion


Valence Hangers

Brass Stanchion

Silver Stanchion

Nautical Stanchion

Pipe Socks in a variety of colors

Rope in a Variety of Colors

Safety Cable

Rotating Motor

Battery Operated Turning Motor

Large Turntable

White Plastic Stanchion

8’ Tall x 3’ Wide Collapsible Aluminum Frame

Microphone Stand



Black Battery Operated

Silver Battery Operated

Battery Operated 6”

Spandex Covered 10” Light in a variety of colors

Battery Operated 10”

Battery Operated LED Lights

Spot Light

Square Puck Light

Chauvet DJ Light

Battery Operated Spot

Square Par Light

Strobe Light 1

Strobe Light 2

Silver Buffet Lights

Black Buffet Lights

* Styling Collection Piece features limited inventory


Industrial Work Light 1

Work Light

Mirror Balls in a variety of sizes

Layu Laser Light

LED Lights in a variety of light & cord colors

Rice Lights in a variety

* Styling Collection Piece features limited inventory

Grey Industrial Cage Light

Small Color Disco Ball

Led White Branches

Light Display

Large Color Disco Ball

12� Icicle Lights

Oppsk LED UV Bar Light

Rope Lights in a variety of colors

Icicle Twinkle Lights



13’ Tall Acorn Street Lamp

11” Glow Spheres (Many Light Colors, Floats)

Festoon Lighting in 25’ & 50’ Long Strands

7’ Tall White Lamp Post

3” Glow Spheres

Hanging Fire Bowl

British Lamps

6” White Sphere

Crystal Chandelier

4’ Tall Lamp Post

White Puzzle Lights

Iron Votive Candle Holder

Restaurant Style Light

Paper Lanterns Available in all colors & sizes

Gold Lamp


Lamps & Lanterns

Lighting provided by Shoreline Audio Visual

Round Black Lantern

Black Lace Lamp

6-sided Black Lantern

Black Lace Hanging Lamp

Square Lanterns

Wire Lantern

Cream Lanterns

White Lighthouse Lamp

Brown Lamps 12”, 18”, 24”

Lighthouse Lamps

We have a wide variety of Accent Lighting in stock - Lighting Decor Catalog Coming Soon

Accent Lamps to Battery Operated Candles, Lanterns in Paper, Wood & Metal, Chandeliers to Votives


Lighting provided by Exfect

White Stacking Columns with Flag Display - 14’ & 16’ Tall

Stage Accent Props 36

We have a large flag inventory including: 

Nations of the World



Military Raffle Drum

Flag Pole & Stand

Chrome Column

White & Black Pillar

White & Gold Column

Moroccan Up-Lit Pillar

Black & Gold Columns

Starburst Up-Lit Pillar



Grey Column

Brick Column

8’ Tall

4’ Tall

White Wood Pedestal

White Wood Pedestal


Screens, Columns & Room Dividers

Black Frame Screen with

White Lattice Screen

customizable Graphics

8’ x 8’

Wood Panels with

Wood Panels with

Hanging Votives - 8’ x 8’

Hanging Votives - 4’ x 8’

Boxwood Hedge

Bamboo Window with Hanging Votives - 6’ x 3’

White Window Set with Marina Backdrop

Brown Lattice Screen 8’ x 8’

Screens, Columns & Room Dividers

Miramar Up-Lit Pillars

Silver Folding Screen

Silver Folding Screen

Tropical Wood Screens

8’, 4’ & 2’ Tall

8’ x 8’

4’ x 8’

6’ 6” x 3’

Shoji Folding Screen

Shoji Folding Screen

Red Asian Screen

Nautical Truss Covers

8’ x 8’

4’ x 8’

8’ x 4’

10’ T

Stage Accent Props

Grey Stage Stairs - 2 Step 15” t x 4’ w

Black Stage Stairs - 2 Step 16 1/2” t x 4’ w

Cream Stage Stairs - 2 Step 17” t x 3’ w

6’ Stage Stairs - 2 Step 34”Tx 6’ W x 4’ D

Olympic Stairs/ Podium 24”Tx32”Dx72”W

White Square Planter

White Spaced Fencing

chicken wire fence

Black Fencing

White Stage Stairs - 4 Step Black & White Stage Stairs 2’ t x 3’ w 5 Step 40” t x 3’ w

Colorful wood frames

Brown Fencing

9’ Black Frames

White Fencing

Podiums & Easels

Antique Metal Easel

Black Podium

Black Podium with Video

Wrought Iron Easel

Antique Wood Easel

Folding Wood Easels in a Variety of colors

Grey Podium

Wooden Podium

Tiki Podium

Black Plexi Podium

Illuminated White Podium

Truss Podium

Covered Easel

Jungle Podium

Congo Drum Podium



Boxwood Hedge 4’x8’

6’ Ficus Tree in Black Decorative Basket

3’ Topiary Tree

4’ Topiary Tree

Peach Blossoms

Customized Flower Centerpieces

Potted Flowers

6’ Topiary Trees

Natural Palm Trees

2’ Ficus Tree in Black Decorative Basket

Potted Ferns

5’ Spiral Topiary

3’ Tall Copper Planter with Spiral Topiary

White Canvas Palm Tree

2’ Topiary Egg

Bonsai Trees

Japanese Maple

Bamboo Trees


Flocked Wreaths

Wild Wreaths

Tidy Wreaths with Ribbon

Hot Palm Trees

5’ Palm Trees

3’-5’ Birch Branches Available in White, Silver or Gold

Illuminated Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees with Ornaments

White Christmas Trees

Lighting provided by Ambient Sound


Wreath material

Modular Panels



Modular Chandelier





White Plastic Stanchion



Art Deco

Modular Towers

Modular Hanging Wall

Special Effects Photo by Bryan Lasky of BDL photography

Madison Square Garden, New Years Eve 2017 “Raining Cats and Dogs” won 2018 Special Event magazine Gala Award for ‘Most Outstanding Spectacle” & 2018 Esprit Awards categories for Best Technical Production & Best Industry Innovation


Hand Held Single Blast 1”Dx24”L Short Barrel Cannon

Hand Held Single Blast 1”Dx42”L Long Barrel Cannon

Confetti Spinners

Confetti Cannon Champagne Bottle

Confetti Skyburst Pods 360 coverage

Tissue Confetti

Tissue Streamers

Mylar Confetti

DMX Control Push Button 2”Dx24”L Cannon

Continuous Feed Confetti Cannon

Confetti Mover

10’ Revolutionary Confetti Cannons

Confetti Drop

Mylar Streamers

Vertical Diamond Banner Reveal

Katy Perry, Miami 2014

Indian Prime Minister Modhi, Madison Square Garden 2014

Phish, Madison Square Garden, New Years Eve 2019“

Balloon and Streamer Drop, San Juan Cruise 2018

Photo Credit Rene Humer

Special Effects

Cryo Jets with custom color lighting

Scent Machine

Heat-free Sparkler Units

Fog Machine

Snow Machine

Exploding Balloon Wall

BubbleMax Bubble Machine

Custom Branded Signage

Cut foam core signs & shapes for stage, large format printing, pop-up signs and more. No limit on size - if you can imagine it, we can create it. Giant Foam Core Shapes

Carved Multi layer sign

8’ Tall Adventure Map

Cut-Out Stage Signs

Street Signs

Large Stage Sign

Large Format Printing

Banners with Eye-Catching Props

Pop-up Display

4’ Tall Lettering on Drape with Tornados

Lighting provided by ALPS

Stage Sets

Celebrating 20 years of events with Mass League featured on these two pages

Lighting provided by ALPS

Lighting provided by ALPS

Stage Sets

Lighting provided by AV Presentations

Lighting provided by Ambient Sound

Lighting provided by AV Presentations


Lighting provided by Gordon Painter

Lighting provided by AV Presentations

Lighting provided by Capron Lighting

Stage Sets 5

Lighting provided by PSAV

Stage Sets 5


Lighting provided by AV Presentations

Stage Sets

Lighting provided by ATR Treehouse

Lighting provided by Ambient Sound

Lighting provided by PSAV

Lighting provided by AV Presentations

Design, DĂŠcor, Rentals & Production Endless Event Solutions Future Affairs Productions has been an Award Winning Special Event Decorating Company since 1984. We consistently provide special event services and decorations complete with detail, style and value. Where others chase trends, Future Affairs Productions sets standards and continually raises them. With over three decades of experience and multiple industry awards, we're the team that will listen and work with you to create an unforgettable event on any scale.

95 Grand Avenue Pawtucket, RI 02861 401-722-8811 ¡ 617-482-7096

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