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and the winner is... by Lily Holsworthy

Awards season has come and gone leaving many disappointed. I had originally set out to do a nice little fluff piece on an award ceremony I had attended but changed my mind due to it being all too easy to abuse voting systems which was how the winners were decided. We can be honest here, we’ll vote for our friends rather than merit. This wasn’t your typical awards, it was a club in Second Life that decided to do something fun for its patrons and staff. When we think of awards we think of deserving people getting their due recognition for their hard work in their chosen fields and crafts. Though it was a great idea and incredibly funny, emceed by Lynn Wylder and Phil Kearny. The club that held the awards is more widely known as Ambrosia Dance Club. It was the first of what I’m sure will be many awards for the club. The sim was full for the black tie affair, so much so some of the winners could not get into the sim to accept their award. There is some great talent at the venues including, Ambrosia, Rez, Grind (slow jams if you’re feeling the bump and grind kind of night), Bad (80s and 90s throwback club), Aero (live mix club)and Steel (rock music club), all spread out over 4 sims. The difference between good DJs and great ones is simple, the showmanship. The opinions listed below are based on the show combined with music. Anyone can play music that’s the easy part, it’s the turning it into an entertaining show that’s the trick. Let’s face it, anyone can slap on a playlist of their favorite tunes if they just want to hear music. 12


I will list a few DJs here that if you’re looking for something new and entertaining that you should take the time to go see at the clubs listed above. I will also include the calendar website where all the clubs are listed and times. Please remember these are just my picks and I can’t put everyone in as these clubs have a large amount of DJs who are all worth the time to go see (I can only fit so many and are not in any particular order).

-DJ Xtreem (Phil Kearny aka the Boss) is the owner of all of these clubs. His shows are very in your face and entertaining due to not knowing what he will do next. You never know where his music will take you but you can be sure his strong personality will carry you right through to the end. Find him just at just about every club. -DJ Squin Canucci knows how to work a crowd and covers a wide range of music. She is a crowd pleaser and she even takes the time to take requests. She has a great on air personality and a voice to match. Check her out at Ambrosia, Rez, Grind and Bad. -DJ Bully (bully67) is a not to miss live mix DJ. His energy is amazing and he can mix anything (I did challenge him and he nailed it). You can catch him at Ambrosia and Rez. -DJ Spot67 (alanamich) has a profound love of music which she expresses at every one of her shows. Very high energy, she hooks her audience in and keeps them on their toes from start to finish. DJ Spot can be heard at Ambrosia and Rez.


-DJ Acey (Acacia Laville) is fun and plays a variety of music but what caught my ear was her library of RnB and Hip Hop. Listen to her at Ambrosia and Steel. -DJ Makistom is hilarious. Great music and an awesome personality. Always a great time at his sets. He can be found at Ambrosia. -DJ Alan (alan54321 Grut) loves 90s remixes! Look for him at Rez and Ambrosia. -Geemix (geemix Newall) a jack of all music trades. He’s a live mixing, request taking DJ. In one show he manages to cover most genres of music. He is a master of remixes and captivates his audience with his wit and accent. You won’t regret taking the time to hear one of his shows at Ambrosia. Due to space constraints I will mention a few others, DJ Lynn Wylder, DJ River, DJ Buck, DJ Jade, DJ Emma, DJ Tristain, DJ Jimmy, DJ Ela and DJ Claw. Just check them all out. There are new DJs coming in regularly so head on over and have a listen for yourself! is where you can find the calendar to catch all of the talent and check them out on Facebook: 






article by Compe Lockwood & photography by Arya Braveheart


It is a beautiful day in make believe Montana. The sun is shining, clear skies, lovely scenery, just perfect for a balloon ride. Up, up, and away. Lift off! Ballooning is common in Second Life. Seems like everything from opera houses to night clubs run one on the side. Unfortunately for many the experience is just like the balloon, full of hot air. Not so with Paradise Island. The creation of Patrick Playfair, this is a sim where ballooning immerses in adventure. “The ride familiarizes visitors with the lay of the land,” said Patrick. “From high above one gets a feel of what is down below.” It’s a lot. There are caves to explore, treasure to be claimed, romantic picnics to enjoy, all and more over breathtaking vistas of Montana or a tropical island. Only Second Live offers a balloon journey to Montana or ocean front property from the same launch pad. Paradise Island is three parts: A lower level, mostly beach; second level is tunnels, caves, and a maze. And the third is wilderness. All waiting to be explored with boots on the ground, or an inspection suspended above from a helium filled orb. Sit in the basket and select your tour – Ranch or Island. Both are about 15 minutes long, self-guided with commentary explaining the offerings below. Visitors can jump out any time for a more detailed visit to 20 destinations, or remain seated for relaxation and beautiful scenery. It is a good place to be, and others agree.


Paradise Island opened in September, 2014. Thousands have visited and since late December approximately 700 balloon trips have launched.


Lately it has become popular with couples. “I’ve had wedding couples spend their honeymoon here,” recalled Patrick. “I try to setup a great atmosphere for them with beach fog at night, things like that. I receive a lot of compliments and referrals.”

Part of the fun is the variety of activities. You can horseback ride, camp, hike, or watch the world drift by below. “It can be relaxing to just sit back and chat with your partner while the balloon takes over,” notes Patrick, in the understatement of the day. I’m writing this from onboard and the experience is intoxicating. Drifting is 15 minutes well spent. Coming in for a landing, I see fishing holes, a saloon, horseback riding, and so much more. The adventure is looking up, up from a lazily floating hot air balloon high above Second Life. 







get a taste for the

VILLA LIFE photography by Libby Farleigh

























All photography taken at MIT, click for a LM 39



dressing to

IMPRESS article by Jude Tatham & photography by Jordan Whitt


My avatar is my virtual Barbie doll and I use her to project my fashion moods, to model trends I enjoy and too often make statements and promote interest. Sometimes I might go retro, vintage or even boho, other times I dress sharp, smart and sophisticated. Occasionally I like to go casual, fun and even silly (I love costume parties!). But as I get older and as my regular haunts often involve liaisons with the opposite sex, I find that my style is almost continually leaning towards sexy, suggestive and dare I say it, revealing. Although I always try and look demure, often I catch myself getting frustrated because my outfit just doesn't have enough 'Va Va Voom'. But why? When did I stop dressing my avatar for me, shunning what the majority wears and trying to look edgy and unique? Why is showing off cleavage or my legs often the goal? So in my state of fashion confusion, I popped on something low cut (of course) and headed out across the grid to ask others 'do you dress only to impress'? Well the answer appears to be NO! I spoke to a mixed group of SL citizens and took in what they were wearing and asked them about their choices and what were their motives for dressing their avatar the way they do, if in fact they even have one. Not surprisingly everyone said they didn't have a motive and that there are lots of different reasons for dressing the way they have chosen.


Dressing to theme is popular especially if you are going to a costume party or themed sim, as roleplay often asks you to create a character and dressing to suit


the genre is as important as the roleplay itself. Another reason for dressing a certain way is that many clubs are becoming more formal and therefore nothing less than suits and gowns are accepted, whereas if you want to be a tad more casual, you can strip down to your perfect pink pixels and have a nude beach adventure. As we all know, sex is a huge social pull in SL and often we dress or undress in the name of copulating or meeting people to eventually copulate with.

Interestingly one person said that you might as well not log on if you aren't going to dress to impress – do they have a point? I must confess it does frustrate me when an avatar that is more than 12 months old looks like a newbie from six years ago, with cheap prim hair and bling on their shoes. But then I realise that there are people out there working on more important things and dressing their avatar is low on their priorities. But as I think back to what people said and what they were actually wearing, for some I did feel like they were a walking contradiction and that in fact although they wanted to believe they weren’t dressing for others, they quite clearly were. But in the end when it comes down to things, we are human and no matter how introvert or self assured we are, a compliment is always uplifting and whether we dress for ourselves or for others, the important thing is we care. 


Mesh b three extra layers. These layer, to wear tat then a clothing layer

We will not be discussing he The relevant thing is that mesh to us is: how do we get those pain

By using something called appliers. Ap communicate with the mesh body, giving i texture to apply over which of the available layer scripting system. This means that we would need mesh body, in order to use them. If we see an applier pr it will work with our mesh body/attachment, then we can that it will work. 44


Things You Need to Know About Mesh Bodies Part Three by Auryn Beorn Greetings everybody! We know, now, what a mesh body is and what we can expect with it. We also know that in order to use mesh clothes with a mesh body, we'll need to use a HUD that will hide slices of the body to avoid poke through.

bodies offer another alternative, for clothing. They may offer two or a layers, to wear painted clothes similar to the clothing system extra layers are usually organized like the SL avatar: a tattoo ttoos, or body make up... then an underwear layer, and r, which tends to be a little loose over the mesh body.

ere whether this is a step forward or a step back. h bodies do offer this option, and what matters nted clothes over our mesh body?

ppliers are scripted HUDs that will it specific instructions, i.e. which rs. Each mesh body has its own d appliers that work for our roduct that explicitly says purchase it, confident


Omega set of scripts allows clothing designers to create one applier HUD, and this will work in all bodies that support Omega. Maitreya Lara and Belleza Venus, two of the most used mesh bodies at the moment, support the Omega system. We have to purchase this set of scripts by teleporting to the Love N Lust Designs location (currently at, but double check in case they moved). Then either we spend L$99 for the kit corresponding to our mesh body/attachment, or we may join their group, and purchase it for L$1 or L$3. At the moment of this writing, those kits are on the first floor. Kits are also available on Marketplace. Just type omega system kit in the search box. Then, unpack the kit(s) in your inventory, if they were packed. Once we have the kit that corresponds to our mesh body/attachment, what do we do? The procedure is a little different, depending on the mesh body. I will describe the procedure for two of the three mesh bodies I had the chance to try out: Maitreya Lara and Belleza Venus. Maitreya Lara: The kit for this body includes a relay HUD. Simply, wear this HUD while at the same time you're wearing a HUD for your clothes. We do not have to click anything on this relay HUD. So we can resize it to a small size, like in the picture, so it occupies the least possible space on our screen. Make sure that you're showing the corresponding clothing layers on the mesh body. Toggle on/off if in doubt; the script could be 46

Notice also that whenever we select what we want to wear, by clicking on the HUD, a popup menu will appear, asking us to which layer we want the clothes applied.


remembering a wrong state for them, and all you have to do is toggle again.

Belleza Venus: This kit includes an installer HUD. This will be a one-time operation, and it will not be necessary to wear a relay when we want to use Omega appliers. This installer HUD is named Omega System Installer Belleza. First, we have to wear Belleza's body. After this, we wear the installer HUD, and click on it. We will receive the following message in local (nearby) chat, 'Thank you for Activating the Omega System!'. We can now detach the installer, and use the Omega appliers we own. At this point, we do not need a relay. The body is ready to show the textures sent by the Omega applier. One note, though: Since there are three versions of the body included, we need to activate the Omega system for each one of them. The three versions are: full body; body with hands but no feet, to use Slink feet, and body with no hands and no feet, to use Slink hands and feet. Using this body, we have to make sure that the corresponding clothing layers we click on the Omega applier are visible. We have to wear Belleza's body HUD, to make sure of this. Once we're sure, we can detach Belleza's HUD and just use the Omega applier. 


a r a R NY

I T S E D 48


article by Jude Tatham & photography by Xantheanne


We are delighted to have the beautiful live musician Rara Destiny as our cover star this month. I caught up with her at her beautiful lake side home. �Rara, you have been in SL for just over 7 years and performing live for most of that. What drew you to SL in the first place and what keeps you coming back? I started singing on Skype, back when they had "cast rooms". You could start a room with up to 100 people and some people made singing rooms and each of us would take turns singing one song. One day, one of that gang came in all excited about SL, and he bugged me to join. So I did and a week later, I was tricked into doing my first gig, and I suppose, I just got addicted like everyone else. The draw that keeps me here is the people. The connections you make in SL are as real as the ones you make in RL. �I understand your guitar skills are self taught, do you play any other instruments and what made you choose the guitar and not something else, like say the piano? I can play keyboards a little, and I read music, but that's it. The song, "Like A Star", by Corinne Bailey Rae inspired me to learn the guitar - I just heard it and thought, "I want to do that". It made me sit up and all the hair stand up of my neck - music does that to me sometimes. Also guitars are cheaper than pianos! So I got a guitar, and spent the next 4 months learning all the chords till I could play it.


�You have quoted the incredible Maya Angelou in your profile, who else inspires you both musically and personally, both in SL and RL? I think my biggest influence in SL is my best friend, Jukebox Diesel. He is the finest musician I know, and is always making me want to be better. He can play anything; it is like every cell in his body is tuned to music. Also, he loves me and I love him, so that helps. But all the musicians I know are inspiring.


�Tell us about where you are performing at the moment and when? I play regularly at a few places like Seaside Lounge, Nameless Cafe, and The Blarney Stone. I also have a Google calendar on the web tab on my profile or you can talk to my manager, Maia Rae. She is organised, and just plain lovely - I would be lost without her help. �Do you believe that live music in SL is as strong as it ever was? Yes I do. It is always changing, but that doesn't change its importance.

Music is like the universal language; it connects people, and makes us feel things. You may not understand someone, or not agree with them, but then a song can start playing and you both start humming along. I don't sing in RL....just here. I will be forever grateful to SL for letting me find this side of myself through live music. I sing because it makes me happy, not for any weird need to be known. �Finally, if and when you leave SL, how would you like to be remembered? Quite simply, I would want people to say "You remember that Rara chick? She wasn't an a**hole". But it will probably be something like my giggle they remember. I don't think I am that great a musician. I can hold a tune, and sing songs everyone knows. I think the reason people come to my gigs is that I like to have fun. I don't take myself too seriously, and I love music. I think that if someone has decided to spend an hour of their day sitting at their computer to listen to me, I should make it fun for them. You can see Rara's performance schedule on the web tab of her profile and to book her please contact her manager, Maia Rae. 





whale watching article by Compe Lockwood photography by Arya Braveheart


Where, but in Second Life, can one swim with whales from San Francisco, brought to earth by an alien probe and time travel, on Star Trek. Set a course for the Culture Museum, a division of the Star Trek Museum which depicts two of the virtual world’s most realistic humpback whales in the deep blue sea. Then jump in, the water’s fine. This is the home of George and Gracie (named for American radio performers, George Burns and Gracie Allen), two lumbering sea creatures that Star Trek’s Admiral James T. Kirk moved through space and time. Ironically, though based on Star Trek, the sim offers some of the most realistic eye-popping scenery available in inner space. The whales are pixeled renderings of real life counterparts, 45,000 pound mammals living large off the coast of California. And though it is based on fiction, visitors learn about marine science, conservation, and ecology applicable to and needed in the real world. But don’t try this at home. In cyber-world humpback whales live on a diet of nothing. In real world they eat 2 tons of shrimp daily. Stay with the one’s in Second Life, up close and personal, under the sea without getting wet.


Don scuba dear at the dock, in a land that is always raining. And pay no attention to that Klingon spacecraft hovering above the ocean. I’ve been here three times without an attack, except maybe a jellyfish sting. After a self-guided underwater tour, meet back at the Whale Observation Pier to learn of conversation programs on other worlds, like planet earth.


The sim, though inspired by an episode of Star Trek, is the labor of love of Wabisabi Matahari, who describes it as “a very expensive hobby.”

Cyber whales may not eat two tons of shrimp a day but they gobble pixels. “We do not receive any outside funding,” said Wabisabi. “We rely on the donations of visitors to remain open.” You will want to make return visits to see something missed the time before. One trip is not enough. The sim is PG, so bring the family. Visitors have swam by since 2006 for a whale of an experience. 


flirting when is it too much? article by Lily Holsworthy photography by Jordan Whitt

Flirting, we all do it. So what is the harm really? Have we really lost that much touch with relationship boundaries that this is an acceptable form of communication between adults in relationships? Is this just because social media puts a password on our lives and gives people a sense of having to be less open about things in a case of what we can’t see can’t hurt us? The best way to answer any of these is simply to ask yourself, if my partner saw my inbox or private messages would they be hurt. Everyone flirts, most times it’s innocent but sometimes it goes a little further. Unfortunately in Second Life there are very few who take the high moral ground. There seems to be zero relationship respect. If someone who is taken started “flirting” with you, where would you draw your line? The definition of flirting (pulled from 56


verb : to behave in a way that shows a sexual attraction for someone but is not meant to be taken seriously : To think about something or become involved in something in a way that is usually not very serious : To come close to reaching or experiencing something

Sexual attraction for someone but is not meant to be taken seriously? It’s all there in black and white. Meant to be taken serious or not when you are in a relationship someone is going to be hurt if you’re a serial flirter, which coincidentally enough usually warrants a response of “you knew that when you met me”. If you’re hearing far too often that something is none of your business usually translates to the truth would hurt you. Men often call women insecure because they have a problem with their man being overly flirtatious. If your partner would be upset by what they see in your box you probably shouldn’t be doing it. If your reaction to this statement is “It’s none of your business”, then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, yes it is being that there is a lack of respect and honesty hidden behind it. Make jokes, have some witty banter, smile, but when anything sexual comes up it’s time to draw the line. Always be honest with your partner. No one likes to be blindsided and yes this is SL, what you think is private to you and someone else is ALWAYS being shared, and there’s a chance that your partner will find out. If your friends are flirting inappropriately with you while you’re in a relationship, you may want to re-evaluate your friend. If they were really your friend they would respect your relationship and not even venture down that road. Be the better person, if your friend is flirting and it turns sexual, even sexual jokes can be misconstrued, remind them you are in a relationship. If they have a problem with that and can’t restrain themselves you should probably drop them like a bad habit. If you wouldn’t say or


do something in front of your partner then you probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. If your partner can’t control their flirting, don’t be silent about it. It doesn’t make you insecure or crazy, it makes you right. If something makes you uncomfortable you should be able to talk to your partner and they should respect it. The bigger the deal they make of your suspicions chances are it’s even worse than you want to know. If you’re a flirter, remember it’s called flirting with disaster for a reason. A little respect and honesty goes a long way and seems to be a lost art. If you’re in a relationship, try flirting with your partner and rekindle those old feelings of why you fell for them in the first place. Flirting between partners does more good than you could imagine. We all need a little reassurance every now and then without need to bust out the straight jacket! 






Fashion Editor N O T E

picture by Micah Kalinakov

I hope everyone had a safe and happy St Patrick’s Day.

IT’S SPRINNNNNNNNNNG!!!! And I’m so excited! The birds, the blooming flowers, the FASHION!! And it's the fashion that is being released makes me happy. We have revamped the entire section, and I’m eager to see what you all have to say about it. I also have some amazing news; I have enlisted the help of the amazing Micah Kalinakov to be the Fashion Editor’s Asst. She is a very talented photographer, stylist, and blogger. And I look forward to working with her in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me in world or via email,


st ra w be rr



cu sta rd


lucite green

highlighting the colors of the season


THE COLOR LAB Miranda Dress from Overhigh


Adaline Mini Dress from Breathe

Georgia in Lucite from Reign 64


Galla in Strawberry Ice from Glamistry

Daphne Set (Strawberry Ice) from Random Matter





Blouse: Ines Denim Shirt in Light from .: vive nine :.

Pants: Tee*fy Leah High-Waisted Skinny Jeans Floral Shoes: Khloe Pump in Naked from [Co57] Bag: Lipbag nr.2 in Witch from Pixicat

Bracelet: Bracelets and Rings in Love Pearl Charm from MG Watch: Opulent Watch in gold from Izzie's

Styled, modeled, & photographed by Drakkje Dailey




k c i t s lip&

LATEX styled & photographed by Micah Kalinakov

Dress - Vicio Vinyl Bondage from MVD Shoes - Tiffany from CandyDoll Earrings - Diamond Chandelier from Yummy Skin - Sia II from Glam Affair Hair - Hollywood from Little Bones 69

shoe FREAK 70


Greek Leather Heels from Zenith

photography by Kidman Latte 71

On Miele Bra - Brynhild breast from Death Row Designs Lingerie - Gina Black from Big Beautiful Doll Panties - Chaste Panties from Razor Corset and Skirt - Oh My Goth Scarlett from Etchaflesh Gloves - Fingerless Gloves - Shi Patch - Mechanics 1.Black from Shi Necklace - Nuit Metal from 22769 Hat and Hair - Magician from Rouge from Wasabi Pills On Dimitri Armor - Steampunk Armour from R3volt Pants - Maharishi Pants from David Heather Hat - Witch Hunter Hat Mask from Zenith Wings - Junkyard Devil Wings from Contraption Nails - Accessories Unisex Relax from Formanails Tattoo - Sacred Fresh from Bolson


Styled and Modelled by Dimitri Shinn and Miele Tarantal Photographed by Miele Tarantal 72



On Miele Dress - Snow Queen from Yasum Wings - Steampunk Butterfly Wings - Bad Bella Belt - Steampunk Heart from Twisted Trinkets Wings - Steampunk Butterfly Wings from Bad Bella Belt - Steampunk Heart from Twisted Trinkets Hat & Heart Monocle from Baii Maii Necklace - Steampunk "Dragonfly" from Pixel Box Hair: Princess - Rouge from Wasabi Pills Cigarette Holder - Rosewood/bronze from No.9 Nylons On Dimitri Jacket - Barroom Hero Armor Shirt from Reverie Pants - Joad from Deadwool Belt - Barroom Hero Belt and Sash from Reverie Gloves - Barroom Hero Gloves from Reverie Mask - 3D Eyes of the TechnoMancer Mask from Eudora Hair - GAS760 from BooN




DISSOLVING the drama By Jude Tatham Photography by Jordan Whitt




"I'm not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right!" ~ unknown Drama, I hate that word, but strangely only in Second Life. We know what it means in RL, but what does drama mean in SL? Quite simply it is people creating a negative atmosphere. It can come in so many forms from the most common, 'bitching' to being cruel, jealous or just plain attention seeking. Relationships in SL are often the main cause, as I have yet to hear someone fighting over a pair of mesh shoes or the music being played at a club. Whether we are friends, business partners or lovers, something happens either between us or with a third party and the hackles go up and there is talk of war. We know all this, of course, but how on earth can we avoid it, dissolve it and get on with our virtual lives unscathed? Well there are several ways to do this and here are my five suggestions: 1) Time out! When things get heated, words are said which are often not meant, and this only makes things worse. Take a break, log out for a while or go elsewhere inworld and don't speak. You will both simmer down and can resolve the issue better. 2) Never bottle things up. Now I don't mean moan and complain about every little thing, because lets be fair we don't do that in RL (or shouldn't do!). But if something is really bothering us, have a chat about it and you never know things might not be as bad as you feared. Either way you have gotten it off your chest and you can go back to being firm friends. 78

3) Distance yourself from troublemakers. There are a few people in SL who just want


to create and live in a bubble of drama and thrive on dragging people into it. Even if this person has known you since your rez day, say 'goodbye' and make new friends. SL is to escape the pressures of life, not enhance them with pixelated nonsense. 4) Write it down! Similar to number 1, if you try and have it out face to face, often you don't really get to say what you mean, and before long hurtful words are uttered and there is no going back. So write this person a letter, tell them WHY you are so upset and WHY you reacted the way you did. Stick to the facts and use it as a positive tool to dissipate the atmosphere between you, not as a handwritten insult. 5) Apologize! It is so easy to get defensive when you know you have done something wrong. Admitting you made a mistake can be hard, but we are all adults and if we have messed up then the best thing to do is hold up your hands and apologize. Have the guts to face the consequences of your actions, which is something we don't often do in SL. We are all human at the end of the day and when we hurt someone in SL, we hurt them in RL too. So make hay, not war and enjoy your time on the grid, as life, virtual or otherwise, is just too short. 





Fusion Magazine - April 2015  
Fusion Magazine - April 2015  

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