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21 Carmen Sarjeant returns from the US and comes back with all the juicy goss on partying and kissing girls in New York and San Francisco.



The minute Lady Gaga stepped off her private jet in Sydney, freaks, fans and little monsters went crazy with excitement! FUSE went along to her amazing one-night-only Monster Hall gig where oversized claws and bizarre fashion reigned.


Simon Copland asks whether the GLBTI community should react to the constant barrage of wildly ridiculous and insulting comments spewing from the far right.


Andrew Barr, MLA believes all loving, committed relationships deserve to be treated equally, and thinks it’s offensive to be told that extending equality somehow undermines marriage.


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Sally Whitwell recently performed to thousands of very excited women at the Opera House event, ‘Lesbians in the House’. She took some time to chat to FUSE about music, pajamas and girls.

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❂ IN GOOD COMPANY As I start writing about same-sex marriage equality yet again, I take a deep breath and hope it’s the last time. I’m pretty frustrated with how long it’s taking the Australian Government to recognise my right to marry my partner of fifteen years, especially when I see marriage equality happening elsewhere around the world — including recently in New York. I’m even more frustrated hearing our Prime Minister’s constant and adamant opposition to same-sex marriage.

Alexander Thatcher Editor

However, when it comes to fighting for equality, we are in good company. In the past, many people have had to fight hard for their basic human rights: women and indigenous people just to name a couple. It also appears that it is always the same type of people (with the same old tired arguments) who often oppose equality and freedom. I wonder how much better the world would be without these fear-filled individuals. There is a definite pattern here — but the news is good because, as history has demonstrated, it’s only a matter of time before common sense prevails and we also receive true equality. I’m excited about the inevitable but I suppose I just wish it was not so damn hard to convince some people of the bloody obvious. On this topic, we have two great articles this issue: ‘Should We React to the Far Right?’ by Simon Copland and ‘Driving for Social Change’ by ACT Deputy Chief Minister, Andrew Barr.

Tony Hamlyn Entertainment Editor

But this month’s issue is not all about same-sex marriage and equality — we also have some other great features. FUSE was lucky enough to score media passes to see Lady Gaga at the Monster Hall in Sydney and IT WAS FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC. Check out all the goss and some awesome photos. p27. We also chat to this month’s sexy FUSE cover girl, Sally Whitwell, who recently performed at Lesbians in the House. Sally is a very talented, sassy and hip pianist, who is taking the classical music scene by storm. p10. Plus we’ve got a special FAB things for you — eco chic gay grooming essentials; the low down on Freddie Mercury Day in the BUZZ; Chad’s fashion bucket list; a film review on the must see Children of God; Scott Malcolm on protecting your assets and so much more. Enjoy, Alex

Simon Copland Political Editor

Leanne Staggard Any mag that puts a cute girl on the cover holding the words “spank me” and makes me wanna get a worm farm is a winner in my books! July 28 Thursday at 4:48pm Tammy Paks I found it interesting reading the Anti-Homophobia Conference article in the last issue. I wonder if the perspective of the educational institutions is that homophobia and homophobic acts are merely another form of bullying. July 31 Sunday at 1:37pm

Yasmin Element Associate Editor

Christopher Powell Creative Director



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Two more great queer films coming your way! SASCHA is a classic coming out story, which recently won the best film award at Basque Gay Cinema Festival Zinegoak 2011. VIOLET TENDENCIES is an outrageous romantic comedy, bursting with comical vulgarity. Check out dates and more details on p47 and the FUSE website for reviews and trailers. 5


By Simon Copland


ADD IT UP 45,000

The number of people who took to the streets on June 5th in rallies to support a carbon price.

More than 2,000

The number of ‘smart bombs’ estimated to have been dropped on Libya as part of a NATO campaign to remove Muammar Gaddafi (as of July 2)

84 Revellers went wild in front of the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan’s west village when the same-sex marriage bill was passed in New York by a vote of 33 to 29.

MARRIED IN NEW YORK! New York has become the largest state in the US to legalise same-sex marriage after a nail biting vote in June. After passage through the State Assembly, the State Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, voted by a 33-29 margin in favour of marriage equality. New York now joins Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Iowa to become the 6th state to legalise same-sex marriage. The vote has been praised around the country and has given a significant boost to equal marriage proponents in the US, Australia and around the world.

Obama has been under continuing intense pressure from activists in the US over his position of same-sex marriage – a position he now says is evolving. Julia Gillard was forced to respond to the New York vote, restating her opposition to same-sex marriage, saying that the Government was ‘not behind the times’ on the issue. With successful motions at both the Queensland and Western Australian ALP conference in support of marriage equality, and with the Greens now taking the balance of power in the Senate, Gillard is likely to continue to come under pressure to change her position.

WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! It all felt like an episode of The Simpsons, with Wendy Francis from the Australian Christian Lobby playing the role of Helen Lovejoy in a debate over some safer-sex advertisements in Brisbane. Francis began a campaign after the release of the ‘rip-and-roll’ advertisements promoting the use of condoms in Queensland. 6

The age of the Diamont Hotel in New Acton, Canberra, which was gutted by a fire in June.

Francis claimed that the advertisement, which showed two men hugging and had a small photo of a condom, was sexualising children. Following community outrage after the advertisements were pulled, advertising company Adshel were forced to reinstate the ads – hopefully helping play a role in increasing safer sex in our community.


The number of people that will be saved in the Rapture according to Harold Camping. With a world population of over 7 billion, it’s seems most of us ‘evil’ people will be left behind — that’s about 97%.

4 out of 5

The number of teenagers that engage in sexting. A recent survey from the University of Rhode Island also showed that 78% percent of students in the survey say they’ve received sexually suggestive messages and 56% say they have received intimate images.



THE END IS NIGH... AGAIN... If it isn’t the Greens taking the balance of power in the Senate that brings the world to an end, then it may come through the rapture in October. After initially predicting that the Rapture would occur on May 21, a day that brought no end to the world, eighty nine year old televangelist Harold Camping revised his prediction to state that in fact we would see the inevitable end of the world on October 21. If all goes to plan, the Rapture will begin with powerful earthquakes at 6pm in each of the world’s time zones. Two hundred million ‘good’ souls would then be beamed up to heaven, whilst the rest would be left to suffer an eternity of pain and suffering. If the Rapture does happen, don’t be surprised if most of the Christian’s are left behind?

Pastor Danny Nalliah’s new mantra is ‘protect children from homosexuality’. You may remember him from the exorcism he held on Mt. Ainslie in Canberra last year to force demons out of Parliament House — a lot if good that did! Well, now, if he has his way, we may need to host our own exorcism after the 2013 election. Danny Nalliah from ‘Catch the Fire Ministries’ wants to enter Parliament in a bid to ‘protect children’ from homosexuality. Nalliah’s new ‘Rise Up Australia’ Party is searching for 500 members who can register to contest the 2013 election. If successful Nalliah would focus on returning Australia back to its ‘Christian heritage’, which if he follows his own history will mean a campaign of vilifying Muslims blaming natural disasters on gay’s and anti-discrimination legislation.


Julia Gillard Australian Prime Minister

Many questions are also being asked about the climate change legislation that was passed by the Brumby Labor Government, which came into effect in July this year. The legislation, which mandates 20 per cent cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, has not been repealed by the Baillieu Government. However, many question whether the new Government will actively implement the law, or will just let it slide. One thing is for sure, progressive activists in Victoria have a long four years ahead of them as they fight against the fast-moving new Government.



It’s my view that the Marriage Act should stay in its current form and my view is unchanged.” Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard following the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in New York.

The new Liberal Premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu has recently caused an awful lot of controversy. Some of his most recent measures include the banning of swearing in public, placing armed officers at regional train stations after 6pm (who can search any person suspected of carrying weapons or tools for vandalism) and the reinstatement of legislation that allows faith-based groups to discriminate against others based on their gender, sexuality or religion.


A Democratic Congressman from the United States, with the unfortunate name Anthony Weiner, was forced to resign after he was caught ‘sexting’ a number of younger women, even though he was married. Weiner’s problems began when he ‘accidently’ posted a picture of his groin on the social media site Twitter – a photo he was supposed to direct message to someone. Weiner initially claimed that his account had been hacked, but after a pattern of ‘sexting’ emerged he was forced to resign from his safe Democratic seat. Weiner’s resignation has caused much controversy, with many asking why should someone who broke no laws, nor House ethical rules, be forced to leave just because it made some people cringe? obtained the pics Weiner took of himself using his Blackberry and a mirror and posted them online.

Society expects girls to be girlie, nice and pretty and boys to be manly, rough and outgoing... Egalia gives them a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be.’ Jenny Johnsson, a teacher from Egalia Primary School in Sweden, which is implementing measures to eliminate the gender binary.

Jenny Johnsson Primary School Teacher 7

OP.ED It seems as though almost every week a far right activist causes a storm by saying something extremely ridiculous, or insulting, about gay people. For example, in the United States, presidential candidate, Michelle Bachmann has made headlines for signing a pledge that implied that black children were better off under slavery because they were more likely to grow up in a family with a mother and father, which was now under threat due to the rise of queer rights. In Australia, the sister of Kevin Rudd, Loree, wrote a letter to all Federal Members of Parliament asking them to resist the ‘global gay Gestapo’ that was engaging in a propaganda campaign to legislate same-sex marriage. The response to many of these attacks is, understandingly, outrage. One must ask the question however, does engaging with the far right simply provide them with a platform to have their voice heard? Are we better off just ignoring these people instead of engaging with them? Many social movement theorists will tell you that ‘fringe’ elements of social movements, whilst they can provide initial embarrassment and shame to more moderate activists, provide essential cover to these people.

By Simon Copland

For example, with an established conservative such as Michelle Bachmann saying that homosexuality is a ‘health risk’, it becomes easier for other conservatives to make claims that we should not teach about homosexuality in schools. Bachmann’s statements make these more moderate statements look reasonable, in turn bringing people on side, and taking the debate to the right. It is a tactic that many are not so great at. Whilst we campaign for same-sex marriage rights, many often condemn those who speak out against the oppression of marriage itself, not because they disagree, but because they believe that any real reform to marriage is ‘unachievable’. This can often make it more difficult for progressive activists to achieve significant reforms to our societal systems, as the goals we set are often the easiest and therefore sometimes the least significant ones we can achieve. Whilst questioning our own tactics however, we also must question the positives of challenging the far right on their crusades. Does engaging with the far right simply allow them to take control of the narrative and leave more ‘moderate’ conservatives space to say what they want without criticism? It is a natural reaction to want to automatically react to the most conservative attacks we can find. When Loree Rudd says that there is a ‘gay Gestapo’, it is fair enough to be outraged and to want to have a go. Yet, when we engage with her, we may often give her, and other conservatives, breathing space to have their views herd. This is a debate that climate activists have had to face for years as they question whether they should engage with climate change deniers or whether this simply gives them legitimacy they don’t deserve. Many in the climate movement are now beginning to engage with these deniers as they are seeing that they are receiving media time and that by ignoring them they are letting their arguments go unchallenged. Yet for queer activists, we must ask whether people such as Loree Rudd would have received any media attention if we hadn’t reacted so strongly. Sometimes it may be best for the queer movement to ignore the senseless rants of many on the far right and instead engage with the more ‘moderate’ commentators. Next time you hear a far-right commentator say something outrageous, feel free to be outraged and say something about it – but don’t let your views on these people give cover to ‘moderate’ conservatives. We need to be sure that all anti-queer opinions are viewed with the disdain they deserve.







LOVE SONG 5-15 OCTOBER A fun, off-beat and sexy story about love, life and loss. Love Song explores the power of imagination, and questions perceptions of reality and illusion. It looks at what it means to love and the feelings and emotions love provokes. Is love a delusion, or can the desire and energy of new love generate its own reality?

‘Love Song is an enjoyable fantasy that dances along the perilous edge of whimsy’ Alison Croggan - Theatre Notes

15-17 SEPTEMBER The Lennon & McCartney Songbook. Three of Australia’s top cabaret performers are joining forces to take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through a collection of the finest pop songs ever written.


‘A full throttle cabaret show’ Adelaide Now

Direct from Las Vegas to The Q - OH WHAT A NIGHT! is an exciting musical revue written and directed by independent Motown producer George Solomon, and award winning producer/director Michael Chapman. Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like A Man, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, My Eyes Adored You, Let’s Hang On, and Who Loves You, are just some of the many hits you will enjoy from the songbook of those dynamic boys from Jersey, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.




A Musical Tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.


Born in Canberra, this month’s FUSE cover girl Sally Whitwell now lives with her girlfriend Glennda in sunny Sydney and she’s taking the classical music world by storm. Sally recently performed to thousands of excited girls at the Sydney Opera House in a concert titled Lesbians in the House and has recently released her new album Mad Rush, which features the music of Phillip Glass.

Sally took some time to chat with us at FUSE about her music, to tell us whether she wears pajamas to bed and who she thinks is the sexiest girl on the planet?

Interview by Alex Thatcher




I remember my grandmother’s piano: it sat in our living room in a quiet, leafy suburb in Canberra. It was an imposing beast of an instrument, one of those huge steel-framed uprights with real ivory keys (ivory wasn’t thought to be a problem in the days when it was constructed!).

My new album Mad Rush is a collection of solo piano works by American Minimalist composer Philip Glass. I recorded it on a revolutionary new piano developed in Australia by Stuart and Sons. It has 102 keys, as opposed to the customary 88, and due to various technical improvements, has greatly increased resonance and dynamic range. It’s uniquely crystalline clarity is perfect for this kind of repertoire.

My grandmother and I would sit around playing old songs like ‘Cockles and Mussels’ and ‘The Wedding of the Painted Doll’. It was my very favourite childhood activity, and it’s still my favourite activity now! SO WHY CLASSICAL? I’ve never really made much of the differences between genres. To me there are only two types of music, good and bad. I’m very happy listening to any genre at all as long as it is good quality, i.e. the composition is effectively structured and the performance is both technically proficient and emotionally connected. Things are slightly different these days, but in the 1980s if you went for piano lessons, a classical tuition is what you would receive. I am forever thankful for grounding in classical technique. DO YOU EVER PLAY OTHER TYPES OF MUSIC? When I’ve a few spare moments out of my crazy existence, I like to play and sing pop songs and jazz standards. I’ve performed a great deal in cabaret, which tends to incorporate a broad range of styles, from the esoteric to the popular. I’ve also done an awful lot of arranging and performing of popular tunes — for example, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir recently performed my arrangement of the ABBA song ‘Fernando’, which in truth is a beautiful story about two old men, reminiscing over their part in a revolutionary uprising. So many times after that arrangement has been performed people have said to me, ‘I never listened to the words of that song until today’. I’m proud of that. After all, it’s all about communication. 10

I was invited by the ABC to record the album over three intense days in November 2010. Over the years I’ve done quite a lot of session work at the ABC, so I’m a bit of a fixture there. I seemed to be the pianist they would always ask to do something slightly left-field, or crossover, or contemporary. It’s the kind of music that I prefer and I suppose it has become the strongest element of my musical ‘identity’. I love Chopin and Brahms just as much, but I doubt they would ever ask me to do something so traditional! WHAT OTHER PASSIONS EXIST IN YOUR LIFE? I am passionate about music education. In fact, I’ve just returned from conducting various ensembles at State Junior Music Camp for the Arts Unit of the NSW Department of Education. Talented kids came together from all over the state for a week of music making and it was absolutely wonderful. I conducted everything from medieval organum to folk songs, pop and contemporary Australian music (including a work I composed myself for children’s voices, string orchestra and piano). Children have no fear when it comes to being creative. I generally find that they are much more willing to take creative risks and it’s the kind of approach that I prefer. WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU


SO WOULD YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF BUTCH OR FEMME? I do occasionally like to play around with the whole butch/femme thing. For instance, if I’m working with an ensemble with whom I’ve never worked before, I’ll turn up to all the rehearsals looking quite dykey and then go super high-femme for the concert. I just like to see the looks on their faces. There have been a couple of occasions when I’ve not even been recognised by my colleagues!

GIRLFRIEND OR AVAILABLE? Girlfriend, or if you want to get technical about it, “Fiancée”.

FAVOURITE BATH TIME MUSIC? Any piano music by French composer Claude Debussy.


WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGE? Marriage is a privilege to which all should be entitled. Whether you choose to marry is up to you, but nobody should be stopped from making that lasting and public commitment if it is what they choose. My partner and I are lucky; she is from the UK so we intend to be joined in a civil union. SO WHAT’S NEXT FOR SALLY WHITWELL? I intend to keep working with young people — they give an energy that you really can’t find anywhere else. I’m also intending to dedicate more time to my solo performing career. I really didn’t know that Mad Rush would enjoy the kind of success it has had, but it has spurred me on to get my solo playing out there a bit more. I sometimes think of myself as “the reluctant soloist”!

FAVOURITE PARTY PAD? My place? I don’t party too much these days, but were I in the mood, Phoenix on Oxford St is where I would head. At Mardi Gras, my preferred venue is The Dome: Bears love me, though I’m not quite sure why.

I’m not strictly speaking qualified to do the things I do, ie. playing piano, conducting and composing. But I’m extremely grateful to have been given so many opportunities to learn-on-the-job, as it were!

WHERE ARE YOU PERFORMING NEXT? I’m performing a solo recital in Sydney on September 3. It will be a very special and intimate recital. I like it when I can see all the faces of the people in the audience. It makes me feel I can communicate with them really directly. I also enjoy having a bit of a chat with them. In my experience, I’ve found that too many piano recitalists are quite disconnected from their audience. I don’t intend to ever be one of those. AND LASTLY, YOUR BEST PIECE OF ADVICE? I know it’s a cliché, but be sure to stay true to yourself. And if you absolutely must compromise, make sure it’s just on little details and not your core personal values. Denial of your true self will always come back to bite you in the proverbial arse.

PAJAMAS OR BIRTHDAY SUIT? Pajamas, kind of. Let’s just say I’m sensitive about keeping my arms and shoulders warm (I’m a pianist!).

SEXIEST GIRL ON THE PLANET? My partner Glennda. Though we’re both fond of Kate Beckinsale as she appears in Underworld.

Sally Whitwell is a pianist, conductor, composer, arranger and occasional accordionist. Want to know more about Sally? Check out her website at: Photographer Rhydian Lewis


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SOCIAL CHANGE IT IS INSULTING AND OFFENSIVE TO BE TOLD THAT BY EXTENDING EQUALITY, RESPECT AND RECOGNITION TO SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS THAT GOVERNMENT WOULD SOMEHOW BE UNDERMINING MARRIAGE I BELIEVE THAT GOOD GOVERNMENTS SEEK TO LEAD ON IMPORTANT SOCIAL ISSUES. Good governments set the social agenda for their communities. They govern as leaders, not followers. So I’m proud to be a member of a Government that believes all loving, committed relationships deserve to be treated equally and to be celebrated. As the Deputy Chief Minister in the ACT Government, it is a matter of considerable pride that we have taken significant action in the Territory to recognise and strengthen relationships — action to support loving, caring relationships, regardless of the sexuality of those involved. After all, strong relationships deliver important benefits to everyone. We all define ourselves, in some way, by those we choose to share our lives with. Love, trust, intimacy and commitment are to be found at the heart of all good relationships. The ACT Civil Partnership laws represent an important step in the journey towards full legal equality for gay and lesbian Canberrans but they do not reach that goal — only full marriage equality does. Marriage is an important and valuable institution that enables couples to express their love and commitment to each other, celebrate with family and friends, and ensure that their relationship is fully recognised by our laws. Excluding some couples from getting married only entrenches difference.

By Andrew Barr — Deputy Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory and co-patron of ACT Rainbow Labor.

Allowing religious organisations to shape national marriage laws violates the principles of separation between church and state. Governments permit divorce, abortion, sex before marriage and childbearing out of wedlock. None of these things has affected the right or ability of people to live by their religion, and there is no reason why gay marriage will either. We have to ask why is it that gay issues are so often the exception to this sensible division between church and State? It is insulting and offensive to be told that by extending equality, respect and recognition to same sex relationships that Government would somehow be undermining marriage. What does it say about community perceptions of the institution of marriage if it could be weakened or degraded by acknowledging the strength and validity of same-sex relationships? Gay men and lesbians are part of our community. We are not nameless, faceless people who live on the margins of society. We deserve the respect and dignity afforded to others; we deserve equality. We deserve this equality not only because it is functional and practical but because it is also highly symbolic. It allows us to hold our heads up high as equal members of the community and to celebrate our relationships, confident in their standing. Social change in Australia is difficult to achieve. In the last century most significant social change has been driven by Labor Governments and championed by the rank and file membership of the country’s longest standing political movement.

It has fallen again to the rank and file of the ALP to champion gay marriage. Across Australia the Rainbow Labor movement has organised State and Territory Branch support of the following motion: “This Conference calls upon the ALP National Conference to amend the National platform to support the legal right of all adult couples in Australia to be married if they so choose, and for that marriage to be recognised and registered by law in Australia, regardless of the sexual orientation, or gender, of the parties to the marriage.” This motion and others like it have been passed by ALP conferences in Tasmania (July 2009), Victoria (November 2009), Northern Territory (November 2010), South Australia (November 2010) and most recently in Queensland and Western Australia (June 2011). The ACT Branch debated the issue in July and recorded the largest vote of support of any Labor branch. I am confident that the motion sends a clear signal on the values of the Labor Party and what it means to believe in equality, fairness and human dignity. In December this year, the ALP National Conference will consider the motions passed by State and Territory branches. The Conference has the opportunity to enable equality and ensure a progressive and inclusive Australia into the future. Rainbow Labor will be campaigning for this change. Our campaign website is now online: 13


By Robert Edward Smith

AHAVA PURESPA LIQUID SALT An uber-luxurious product from the banks of the Dead Sea in Israel. Spa brand Ahava have mastered the art of concocting a liquid-based body exfoliator and it’s an absolute delight to use. It takes just a few minutes for the Dead Sea salts to work their magic, turning dry, dehydrated areas into renewed smooth skin. Ahava have also revamped the formula to make the product paraben-free, and there’s a relatively high concentration of anti-aging ingredients like tocopherol, grapefruit peel oil, and dunaliella salina extract.

PEVONIA OXYGENATING MOISTURISER FOR COMBINATION SKIN This skincare gem is a melt-in, mattifying cream with a rich texture and soothing botanical actives. It’s infused with beta-carotene, super oxide dismutase and vitamin E for synergistic antioxidant benefits. It feels quite zingy when applied post-cleansing, seemingly energizing the complexion and correcting the sallow, lack lustre appearance of early-morning skin. I personally love Pevonia because it’s such an herbaceous force in modern day skincare.

thIngs FAB { }


Origins is a reputable nature-inspired brand, yet many of their flagship products like the White Tea Skin Guardian and MegaMushroom Soothing Face Lotion are littered with synthetic chemicals. Thankfully, they’ve finally cleaned up their act with their newest line of treatment products, because the Origins Organics line is USDA certified organic. The nourishing face lotion from this latest wave of products is a velvety, lightweight moisturiser infused with shea and cocoa butters to promote smooth, supple and give skin a healthy sheen. It also has an intoxicating scent thanks to a potpourri of organic ingredients, and is refreshingly free from parabens, artificial dyes and silicones.

AVEDA ENBRIGHTENMENT BRIGHTENING CORRECTING CRÈME Fair-skinned freckled guys & gals crave an even-toned and luminous complexion, and it can be achieved with the help of sunscreen, regular exfoliation and of course a topical brightening/whitening cream. Aveda’s Enbrightenment Correcting Crème is loaded with herbal actives like mulberryroot and ascorbyl glucoside (a vitamin C derivative) to tone and brighten the skin. It’s certainly a hard-working product that promises to minimise pigmentation and uneven skin, and even though it’s a little bit pricey, it will undoubtedly help your complexion to sparkle like never before.



GAY GROOMING ESSENTIALS The advent of winter and its whipping winds has arrived and top-notch skincare to combat dryness is essential for any beauty-conscious gay man. Based on my empirical research, here are this season’s top skin-salving, spa-grade products (fresh from Mother Nature) to fortify and preserve a youthful, dewy complexion.

JURLIQUE HERBAL RECOVERY NIGHT CREAM Mega-popular Aussie brand Jurlique continues to expand their Herbal Recovery line of products with this night cream entry. It’s incredibly light and breathable, so it won’t cause breakouts, yet it’s actually deeply nourishing and smoothing. Potent extracts of silica, sweet violet and chickweed hydrate and help reduce dermal inflammation. Upon waking I felt that my skin was calm and drenched in herbal actives, so it’s definitely capable of long-lasting hydration.

PURE FIJI ISLAND BLISS BODY BUTTER The ultimate pampering experience, Island Bliss Body Butter is a divine, rich cream that aims to soften fine lines on the body and improve elasticity. It’s chock-full of coconut milk derivatives and essential oils of lavender and patchouli, and smells like a dreamy tropical oasis. It is designed to give the upper-layers of the epidermis an intense burst of moisture, so bare in mind that it will absolutely soak your skin in goodness, and is recommended only for occasional use when dry-prone areas need rapid hydration.

Robert Edward Smith is a 24-year-old public relations graduate and a freelance writer.




By Tony Hamlyn

BUZZ ! FREDDIE FOR A DAY Finally a dress-up day we can all get on board with! The AIDS Trust of Australia is promoting a fabulous fundraiser where people raise money by dressing up as the late, great Freddie Mercury. Londoner Liz Swanton started Freddie For A Day as a one woman operation in 2008 so she could embrace her inner-Freddie and raise some money for AIDS charities. The idea caught on rapidly, with Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May getting on board, and it is now held every September to commemorate what would be the singer’s birthday. This year it’s going global with the AIDS Trust of Australia encouraging all of us to register. Get your friends and co-workers to sponsor you and then get your Freddie on for the entire day on Monday September 5th. Choose any period of Freddie Mercury’s illustrious career: Moustache and tight jeans Freddie; Crown Jewels live at Wembley Freddie; I Want To Break Free in drag Freddie… You can go all-out and wear a unitard, or dress it down and go with a simple Queen t-shirt. Just as long as you participate!

Get involved by dressing up as Freddie on September 5. Get your friends, family and colleagues involved too by having them sponsor you. It’s a sensational way to raise cash, have some fun, and celebrate one of the greatest and most iconic performers of all time. Register online at:

BEGINNERS BEGINNING SOON Keep your eyes peeled for a new indie flick called Beginners, the story of a 75-year-old man played by Christopher Plummer who comes out to his son shortly after the death of his wife. The always-amazing Ewan McGregor plays Plummer’s commitment-challenged son, and the story’s narrator, who deals with the pronouncement of his dad’s newfound homosexuality, on top of the news that he is also is terminally ill. While it might all sound a bit depressing, the film looks to be a kind of quirky family dramedy, with US film critic Roger Ebert calling it a ‘hopeful fable with deep optimism and a cheerful style that kids itself’. I firmly believe Ewan McGregor is not only the sexiest man alive, but also the greatest actor of our generation, who can seemingly handle any role thrown to him. 16

From Trainspotting to Phantom Menace to I Love You Phillip Morris, and everything in between, he is as diverse as he is talented and this looks to be a role tailor-made for him. But it’s Christopher Plummer, better known as Captain Von Trapp from The Sound Of Music, who apparently shines in this movie, playing a character coming out so late in life who, instead of wallowing in regret, relishes it all with a magnificent joie de vivre. Beginners will hit Australian screens at the end of August. Do not miss it! WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU

BUZZ ! EMMY TIME AGAIN! The Emmy Awards are television’s Oscars, and traditionally bring out the best and the worst of Hollywood celebs (Thomas Jane anyone?). Also the gayest! 2011 promises to be uber-gay, with the announcement that the host will be none other than celesbian Jane Lynch. Produced by Survivor creator and all round television legend Mark Burnett, the Emmys this year promises to be a camp carnival of all things small-screen. Burnett said of Jane Lynch hosting, ‘With her background in improvisation, her incredible comedic timing and a worldwide fan base that spans all ages, Jane is the perfect person to help us make this year’s show absolutely unforgettable’.

PERKY Available and free for your YouTube viewing pleasure, and making waves on the electric interwebs this month, is a new series called Perks. A kind of hybrid of Glee and Freaks and Geeks, Perks was dreamed up by New York theatre writer and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Tom Diggs, who appears to have pretty much come up with a fantastic idea and is slowly but surely getting it out there to the masses. Pitching itself as a ‘new musical web series’, the story is essentially a high school love triangle set to music. It might not sound hugely original, but this particular production is actually something quite remarkable. Unlike most other web series’, Perks doesn’t appear cheap or made on the fly. It actually looks and feels like a network TV series. The direction is slick and professional, the writing is wonderful, and the performances are great.

Nominees were revealed July 14 and they are a veritable celebration of Hollywood homos. Pretty much everyone from Modern Family has been nominated, including Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Furguson, who play gay couple Cam and Mitch on the hit show. The wonderfully queer Alan Cumming has a nomination for his role on The Good Wife. Not so much gay as gay-adjacent, Betty White gets a nod for her Hot In Cleveland stint. And fabulous Kristen Wiig, who ruled the big-screen this year with Bridesmaids, has a nomination for the extraordinary stuff she does with her regular day job on Saturday Night Live. Up for Guest Actor–Comedy is Nathan Lane as gay socialite Pepper Saltzman in Modern Family, as well as Will Arnett who plays the hilarious closet case Devin Banks in 30 Rock.

There are a few hotties in the cast (like Paul Cereghino, playing Matt — pictured) and of course an obligatory gay best friend character played by actor Alex Brightman, who is hysterical and showcases some excellent comic timing. The music looks and sounds like a proper musical, a little reminiscent of recent Broadway hits Spring Awakening and Thirteen. The first big production number, an original composition titled, ‘Absolutely Hell’, is really quite brilliant and includes possibly the funniest ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ reference ever put in a musical score. The pilot episode is eight minutes long and is clearly beginning to find its way around with so far just over ten-thousand views. Get onto this while it’s still fresh, because Perks has all the makings of a viral cult, if not a global phenomenon. Head to the website which has info on the production, or just go straight to their YouTube page and watch the pilot at

Jane Lynch is absolutely hilarious in Surviving Eden — a sardonic send-up of reality television and the culture that devours it.

Glee favourites Kristin Chenoweth, recreating her role as reformed drunk April Rhodes, and Dot-Marie Jones as Coach Beiste, are both up for Guest Actress–Comedy, though the award will most certainly go to fellow nominee Gwyneth Paltrow, whose work as substitute teacher Holly Holliday almost singlehandedly saved Glee from disaster this year. Both Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer, also from Glee, have Supporting Actor nominations, the latter being a shoe-in after his Golden Globe win earlier this year. The Emmys will air in Australia on September 19. 17





In 1981 a subversive, unusual and hilarious film called Polyester wandered into the psyche of gay popular culture. A tour de force from filmmaker John Waters, Polyester was a tribute of sorts to those women’s melodramas made by 1940’s Hollywood director Douglas Sirk, and quickly became a cult classic. It has all the hallmarks of a typical John Waters venture: Baltimore-based with outrageous characters and actors from his Dreamlander stable of regulars, including Mink Stole, Cookie Mueller, Divine and the strangely adorable Edith Massey. The plot deals with the spiraling life of Francine Fishpaw (played by Divine in one of ten films she made with Waters), who is wife to the manager of a local porn theatre and mother of two hapless and rebellious kids, Lulu and Dexter. Her own mother, played for wicked laughs by Joni Ruth White, is a manipulative shrew with a retail addiction, who not only continuously undermines her daughter with hateful verbal barbs, but who actually goes as far as attempting to steal her lover and defraud her out of her divorce settlement cash. As Francine tries to get her family in order – Dexter’s fetish for stomping on women’s feet gets him arrested, while Lulu becomes a pregnant teen thrilled by the prospect of having an abortion. Francine seemingly gets her own life together in the guise of a new lover called Todd Tomorrow, hammed up deliciously by gay 50’s movie idol Tab Hunter. Is Todd Tomorrow all that he seems…?

But it’s Edith Massey in the supporting role of Francine’s amiable best friend, Cuddles Kovinsky, who elevates Polyester to greatness. As the simple-minded housecleaner who comes into a great fortune after inheriting a client’s estate, Massey plays this with the comedic talents of a superstar. Deciding her new found wealth warrants her debut into society, Cuddles becomes the world’s oldest debutante and her hunt for the perfect dress is one of the film’s many genius moments. As an added novelty, and to tie in with Francine’s oversensitive sense of smell, the film introduced the bizarre, if somewhat disgusting, concept of “Odorama”. Theatergoers in 1981 were given a scratch’n’sniff card and when a number appeared on the screen they would scratch the corresponding part of the card and smell whatever scent was referenced in the story. There was a rose, old sneakers, gas, glue, pizza. Odorama was promoted with the tag line, ‘It’ll blow your nose!’ and Waters has been quoted as saying how fabulous it was that audiences actually paid ‘to smell shit’. Throughout his lengthy and eccentric film career, John Waters’ genius lies in his ability to bring together the strangest characters played to the hilt by Hollywood misfits. Never mind that Polyester is bizarre and made very cheaply. (It’s entire budget was $30 thousand; comparably his next film, 1988’s Hairspray, cost $2 million) Its a magnificent oddity that thirty years later still make it a standout piece of camp cinema and an essential piece of gay pop culture. See it today!

Francine Fishpaw (played by Divine, a 300 pound drag queen) is an upper middle class suburban housewife in Baltimore. Unfortunately for this good Christian woman, the money to support her lifestyle comes from her husband’s porno theatre the neighbors are protesting; her son is the notorious Baltimore Stomper; her daughter is knocked up by a local hoodlum; and her husband is having an affair with his secretary. Check out the trailer on the FUSE website.



1 st Prize:

2 nd Prize:

3 rd Prize:

Mac Book Air

PS3 Pack

Cannon Digital Camera


Talking to your kids about puberty, relationships and sexuality can be challenging. Parents can feel that they lack the conďŹ dence or resources to do this effectively.

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) is a health promotion charity that has been supporting parents & carers in Canberra to have these conversations with kids since the 1970s.

Our key goal is to minimise the risks and harms faced by children and young people, using an evidencebased approach to comprehensive relationships education.

For more info about how SHFPACT can support you as a parent or carer, phone us on 6247 3077 or visit our website at today.

Assisted with funding from the ACT Government.




LADY KISSING IN THE USA Above: The Lexington in San Francisco. Photos by Karen Eilon & Larissa Mills from Keep Drowning.

IT’S SUMMER IN NORTH AMERICA AND THAT MEANS ONE THING FOR THE GAYS: PRIDE! As New York voted in favour of equal marriage rights, Pride parties and parades were kicking off everywhere in the US — this year has been touted “Best Pride ever!” Or so Facebook tells me. Has all the publicity of Pride and gay marriage in New York this year got you thinking about joining the celebrations next year? Here’s a starter kit for two lesbian favourites in the USA – both are historic in the gay rights movement – New York City and San Francisco.


Be well-rested before you arrive in New York. There’s no time for sleep in this place and there’s usually a lesbo party to be had any night of the week, even when it’s not Pride Week. The variety of queer bars means you’ll never be able to say you don’t like gay bars ever again. There will be one for you. And a lot of the girls in NYC are either well-travelled Americans or foreigners, so the nightlife is multi-cultural and stereotype breaking. First of all, there’s no shortage of events. As well as having permanent lesbian bars like Rubyfruit Lounge and Henrietta Hudson, there are regular lesbian events like Creme de la Femme for a higher class of lesbian and Truck Stop for girls who like to take their clothes off. But it’s events like Domus that only a big city can offer, a queer house music party held once a month. The girls behind Domus “No Place Like House”, the Bobbsey Twins (Sir Sabrina & Nikki Tissington), run a host of Manhattan events but have made it their mission to organise events that appeal to women who don’t generally go out and dance to Gaga and Britney. Of course, we can’t talk about New York without mentioning that little bar on Christopher Street – that’s right, Stonewall Inn. Established in 1967, it’s where Pride began with the Stonewall Riots of 1969, after which it closed. Stonewall reopened in 1990 and it’s here to stay as a National Historic Landmark. The main lesbian event is upstairs every Friday night and it’s all about the go-go dancers at Lesbo-A-GoGo so keep those dollar bills handy. Those girls earn their bucks. The girls: bois and their bitches. These chicks are regulars at the weekly parties and know everyone in the big city. But they may appear cliquey because they only hang out in their own neighbourhoods: Manhattan stays in Manhatten and Brooklyn in Brooklyn — this results in fierce competition for party promoters and loyalty to a particular scene.

By Carmen Sarjeant


San Francisco the pilgrimage destination for many a gay. Most will flock to the Castro, but you might find a shortage of women if you don’t know where and when to look. It’s actually the neighbouring Mission area where you’ll find the hipster, bicycle-riding, vegan lesbians. Try hanging out at near by Dolores Park and on Valencia. It’s in the Mission where you’ll find The Lexington, just your everyday local lesbian bar. Wouldn’t it be great if your neighbourhood had a lesbian dive bar? Go in for a drink during the week or get the party started here. It’s small with a pool table, a jukebox and the whole range of lesbians and FTM transgender folks. After a few at The Lex you should head up to The Castro on a Tuesday to Trigger. At She Said..., you’ll find the exact opposite of a dive bar. There’s an attendant in the bathroom, celesbians, and a gay lady dancer for all tastes with the central object of desire swinging around in a cage. Its hard not to tip the dancers on the bar who are in your face as you’re getting drinks. Lots! These girls are glamorous and aggressive. The girls: Gender ambiguity. Heavily tattooed femmes with weighty bling earrings. Lots of hats. Bicycles. This is where the hipster was born. San Fran, NYC and LA all seem to attract their fair share of lady-loving ladies from all over the world. I can’t tell you much about the LA scene, but just check out The Real L World. By the looks of it, the degree of separation between the three ports is just one ex-girlfriend. More tricks and tips for NYC at: and 21

You can recognise the signs

ed notic u o y ? Havechanges any Has someone you know withdrawn?

Have the y stopp the thing s they eend doing joy? Lifeline Ph: 13 11 14 Kids Helpline Ph: 1800 551 800

Warning signs also include writing or talking about death, dying or suicide; increased alcohol and other drug use; a recent death or suicide of a friend or family member. The more signs = the greater the risk. What you can do: • Don’t hesitate to raise the subject, • Start the conversation, • Be willing to listen.

ACT Crisis and Assessment Team Ph: 1800 629 354 suicideprevention



COMMUNITY Mental health, and alcohol and drug problems affect one in four young people. Whilst the focus is often on the young person, the impact on family members, partners and friends is huge and can leave people feeling helpless and overwhelmed. It can be really hard to watch someone we care about struggle. Most young people will turn first to a parent or friend for help, however, other than listening, most of us really don’t know how to help. It is incredibly disheartening when we are trying to help but nothing seems to be making a difference or the person is rejecting our help. Sometimes it can also be difficult to identify ‘serious’ problems and make decisions about if and when professional help is needed. It is even harder to have this conversation and can sometimes feel like it is impossible to find someone who can help.

It’s important to keep in mind that you may need to try more than one type of help as everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. If you are really concerned about someone’s immediate safety then you should call the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (CAT Team) on 1800 62 9354. When calling this number you will speak with an experienced phone operator who can assess the situation and advise appropriate steps to help ensure the persons safety. If it is an emergency always call 000. Some people need some time or space before they’re willing to accept help. Just giving them information about where to get help can be useful.

All young people go through changes as they grow and develop an identity as an adult. Trying to determine what is ‘normal’ and what is a ‘problem’ can be a bit tricky. Generally you want to watch out for significant or lasting changes in mood, behaviour or thinking. For example, they might have been generally happy, but are now moody and withdrawn. They might sleep all day but find it hard to sleep at night. They might be hearing or seeing things that aren’t there, or be crying all the time and seem really ‘down’.They may stop doing activities they use to enjoy or you might notice changes in their actions, like their use of alcohol or drugs or their sexual behaviour. These changes could be an indication that there is something wrong and that professional help might be needed. Getting the right help can take a bit of time and effort but it is worth it. Whilst the help and support of family and friends is really important, professional help is sometimes needed to assist your loved one to deal with their problems and get back to their normal life. Parents and friends play a crucial role in helping young people access professional help. As someone who sees and talks to young people on a regular basis, you will be the first to notice any changes and as a young person trusts you they will seek your help first. If you feel comfortable talking to the person about your concerns, this is the place to start. Let them know what is worrying you and how you would like to support them. Once you have expressed your concerns it is really important that you know where you can go to get extra help. There are a lot of services that can help: • • • • • •

See your doctor who can help you determine what help might be needed. Visit the headspace website, for information and advice Contact headspace ACT on 02 6201 5343 or the closest headspace to where you or they are (check the website for locations). Talk to family members, or family friends about where they may have gotten support in the past. Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau on 02 6248 7988, for information and referral to all community services, agencies, support and interests groups. You can also talk to them about phoning help lines like Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 and Lifeline 13 11 14, which are anonymous and confidential, to discuss your concerns.

A recent study published online in Pediatrics has shown that

lesbian, gay and bisexual teens are five times more likely to attempt suicide than

their heterosexual peers — but those living in a supportive community might be a little better off.

The best help you can give is to continue being there, listen, and show that you support them. But remember to look after yourself and your needs as well, as it can be stressful when a loved one or friend has health concerns. Carers ACT offers free counselling for carers or people who provide support to someone with a health concern.

Check out

helping young people aged 12 to 25







If you owned a cute little robot that made you enough money to live each month, would you get insurance cover to protect him? Most people would say yes! You insure your house, car, TV and other house contents! I’ll let you in on a secret: that money robot does exist — it is actually YOU. Whether you’re as cute I can’t say.

Income protection can provide you with a monthly income payment after a waiting period (which you predetermine based on how much sick leave and cash reserves you have) for a benefit period of between 2 years or to age 65 (the longer the payment period generally the higher the cost). You can protect up to 75 per cent of your salary plus super contributions. Someone who is 35 and earning $80,000 per annum, could take out cover to make a payment after being sick or unable to work after a 30 day waiting period, with payment until age 65 for just $1.87 per day — that is about $681 per year, which depending on your situation, can be a tax deduction in your tax return! The cost depends on your age, occupation, if you smoke or if you have any pre existing medical conditions. This time of year is also the key time to be getting health insurance in place. If you earn over $77,000 per annum (as a single) or $154,000 as a couple and you do not have private health insurance you will pay the extra 1 per cent Medicare levy surcharge. This applies for the number of days you hold (or do not hold) the insurance during the financial year. Check out for some great calculators.

By Scott Malcolm

SCOTT’S TIPS FOR LOOKING AT YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS: SHOP AROUND. Get quotes from different insurers and compare what they offer. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. WORK OUT HOW MUCH AND WHAT YOU NEED. If you have existing cover or accumulating sick leave you may be able to extend your waiting period. CHECK EXCLUSIONS. Always ask what is and isn’t covered by your policy. If you have any pre existing conditions speak with an adviser who can guide you to the right sort of insurance company. BE HONEST WITH YOUR INSURER. Tell it like it is because your ‘duty of disclosure’ means you must tell the truth when you apply. If you leave details out, any future claim may be denied. CHECK THE BEST STRUCTURE TO HOLD THE INSURANCE. You may have insurance in your superannuation fund or your personal name. It can be cheaper for cover in super but there are more restrictions to gain access and these need to be weighed up as there is no point in getting the payment into super which you cannot access until age 60! If you need assistance in exploring these, further talk to a professional but most importantly start your journey to being free around your money and creating wealth with understanding.

Scotty’s Loose Change I want to congratulate two of my good mates in Canberra who have become fathers this month, welcome to the world Alexandra and Layla! Dare to have a dream as anything you set your mind to is possible! If would like to ask Scott any questions, you can email him at or call 02 6257 5557. ( Scott Malcolm is Director of Money Mechanics who are authorised to provide financial advice through PATRON Financial Advice AFSL 307379. The information provided in this article is of a general nature only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Visit Anita’s website at: Before acting on this information you should consider its appropriateness having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. Check out her lastest work at the very funky gallery The Urban Uprising in Sydney.




By Aaron Croker & Tony Hamlyn


JULY 13TH 2011 WILL NOW GO DOWN AS ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING, ANTICIPATED DAYS IN AUSTRALIAN POP CULTURE HISTORY: THE NIGHT THE ONE AND ONLY LADY GAGA THRILLED A SELECT GROUP OF FANS AND COMPETITION WINNERS AT SYDNEY TOWN HALL. FUSE HAD SPECIAL MEDIA ACCESS TO THIS INCREDIBLE EVENT. AARON CROCKER AND TONY HAMLYN GIVE US FIRST HAND TESTIMONY FROM THE MONSTER HALL. As darkness fell, the intensity of the Town Hall lights grew brighter, becoming a beacon for all the freaks, fans, and little monsters alike. They paraded the streets in their wigs, feathers and sequins, their oversized claws. Coke can rollers and lightning bolts, all sparkled against the red lights of the Monster Hall like moths to a flame, making statements through fashion. 27

In one of Australia’s most highly anticipated performances, Lady Gaga proved exactly why she’s the world’s biggest star. Exploding onto the stage for her GAGA LIVE performance at Sydney Monster Hall, Lady Gaga, her ‘Little Monsters’ and invited guests (including FUSE!) experienced a truly electrifying and unique event that will be a glittering landmark in Australian music folklore.

A big FUSE thank you to Universal Music, and to Take40, Austereo, Vodafone All-Time Prepaid, GO! and Channel V




FUSE GOES GAGA THE POP ADRENALINE, DEAD FOR TOO MANY YEARS, HAD KICKED IN AS EVERYBODY RACED THROUGH THE TOWN HALL ENTRANCE. GAGA competition winners were excitedly let in first, strutting down the red carpet in their costumes, working it for all the camera crews. Even the attending media were whipped into a frenzy when it came time for them to enter, rushing the gates, jumping benches, and pushing through the crowd. It was complete mania of the Gaga kind. The theme inside the Monster Hall was “futuristic renaissance” and an industrial, wrought iron crucifix with a glowing red heart was its centrepiece. LCD flat screens showed time lapsed video of the stage being built, along with images of the Lady herself inside of thick, gold gilded frames. Red light flooded the interior, and Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album was pumped out loudly, track after track, until ‘Gone Too Soon’ came to its end and the lights went down. As the intro began, her dancers slowly made their way onstage and finally Lady Gaga appeared wearing a diamante-encrusted leotard and a turquoise wig with side pony tail. As she stormed through ‘Born This Way’ the crowd in the Monster Hall were all on their feet, screaming. The dancing was slick and razor sharp, with her principal dancer Mark Kanemura leading the pack and making contemporary dance look like high fashion. Before launching into ‘Just Dance’ she thanked Australia for being one of the first countries to embrace her, vowing to come back with the official Born This Way tour next year. On this night there were no politics – it was solely about performance. All of the hits and all the couture came one after the other, with her belting out ‘Poker Face’, ‘Telephone’ and ‘Alejandro’ through numerous wig and costume changes.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, she rolled herself out onstage in a wheelchair to sing ‘You & I’. Clearly paying homage to Bette Midler’s Dolores Delago mermaid character, complete with black sequined tail, Gaga’s wheelchair look also took inspiration from Joan Crawford in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, with black veil and sunglasses and deadpan expression. We can only hope the reference wasn’t lost on too many of the younger monsters, as it was the highest of high camp. The current single ‘Hair’ was done acoustically and was undoubtedly the best display of this diva’s vocal abilities. Stronger than most artists, she can cut it live and accompanied only by piano. She then pumped through ‘Bad Romance’, topped off with video choreography. The “rahrah”s from the crowd were deafening, pushing the energy through the roof. ‘Edge of Glory’ saw her in vintage Versace and Cruella De Ville wig. Climbing up an elevated, spiked ramp she sang, ‘I’m on the edge with you...’, and promptly jumped off the stage into nothingness. The crowd went ballistic, begging for more, and so she returned to the stage to finish with ‘Judas’. It was an hour of pure pop happiness that nobody wanted to end. We were left dazzled by the diamond-beaded outfits, captivated by her voice, and lifted by what had been created through dance and performance. And as the Monster Hall energy subsided we were left empowered by her message, ‘love yourself for who you are, because you were born this way’ – and united by this next generation media mogul calling herself Lady Gaga. Bring on the 2012 tour! 29








Canberra based singer songwriter Katie de Veau is thrilled to launch her third studio album ‘Simple Life’ at The Street. Offering beautifully crafted songs with confronting, honest lyrics married to a timeless acoustic framework, resonating with the influences of Jewel, Amy Grant and Alison Krauss.

Acclaimed Australian folk jazz singer Katie Noonan and her trio Elixir are about to launch their long awaited second album ‘First Seed Ripening’. Considered one of the greatest singers Australia has ever produced, this is bound to be an exquisite evening of exceptional jazz at The Street Theatre.

Outstanding performer Lior has embarked on an intimate tour that presents fans with the unique opportunity to request the set list each night. Head to Lior’s facebook page: and nominate a track! A brilliant evening not to be missed.









TOP LEFT: Robert Pattinson wore a Tom Ford tuxedo on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

For your big gay wedding (when Julia Gillard let’s us). We suggest a made-tomeasure Tom Ford tuxedo. Slightly cliché, I know, but how can you resist? Not only are his styling and proportions impeccable, they fit like a glove — a really tight glove.

GUCCI KNITTED CARDIGAN For those chilled days or just relaxing at a nice cafe with your peeps, you can’t go past a Gucci knitted cardigan. This item is a fasion imperative, for every mans wardrobe.




LOUIS VUITTON WEEKEND DUFFEL BAG Perfect for a honeymoon, or weekend get-aways. Strictly speaking you can’t wear it, but we think it’s a wardrobe essential. A Louis Vuitton weekend duffel bag in black or grey damier is a bucket list must have! Go un-monogrammed as the ‘I’m-not-so-rich-butI-want-you-to-think-I-am’ monogrammed initials is just sad!




There is something damn sexy about metal studs. And that’s why the Hermès cuff made it into this bucket — they’re damn hot. Although the price tag on this is over $1,000, we found ourselves wondering if it’s too much to sell a kidney (you only need one, right?) in order to justify the expenditure?

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SPIKED PATENT LEATHER LACES These are so popular that there is a waiting list — Chad’s lucky number 34. Could anyone resist a pair of these babies? I’d wear them at my own funeral and they would literally make angels weep as I got to heaven.

So, for that every day wear, you just must own a pair of Balmain distressed motorbike jeans before you kick the bucket. The Paris label is undoubtedly one of the hottest of the moment and with a few rips in your jeans, and an ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude, the commoners will be hailing your arrival as a revolution.


RIGHT: ZacEfron sporting a pair of spunky Balmain Biker Jeans.



Designer Alexander McQueen’s Ts look more like impressionist paintings than T-shirts. His amazing designs often focus on the symbology of death, life and renewal, perfect for the last item on this fashion bucket list.

By Chad Wijayatilake Chad is a stylist at Form Haircutters


GIVE yourself

a pay rise


Smoking! For further information please contact the AIDS Action Council of the ACT, Westlund House Resource Centre

on 02

6257 2855





TIP.01 If they like the home and come out to view the property, it is then vital you capture the buyers’ emotions and make them fall in love.

A FEW SIMPLE TIPS CAN HELP De-Personalise. Pack up photographs and family heirlooms. You don’t want buyers to be distracted but imagine their own photos on the walls, and they can’t do that if yours are there.

PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING! When selling a home, overall presentation is extremely important. In most instances the internet is often the first port of call that prospective buyers get to view your home. A buyer will often disregard a home simply by how the photos appear and how the ad is written (this is where a good agent comes in handy).

De-Clutter. People collect an amazing quantity of things. Put all of the things not important away. The less cluttered, the better the feel and the more presentable the home will look and bigger the rooms will appear. Make minor repairs. All the little cost effective repairs you can do to fix the home, hairline cracks, patch holes in walls, burnt light bulbs, fresh mulch on the gardens, whatever you can do that will cost little but make a world of difference.

Make the house sparkle! Wash the windows, clean out cobwebs, clean out the fridge, vacuum daily, hang up fresh hand towels, new bars of soap, make sure the home is sparkling clean. Little extras. If you have a bit of extra time, it’s always nice to help out your agent by ensuring all the lights are on prior to the open house, nice soothing music playing in the background (Enya is always a good choice), and the house smells fresh. People buy with emotion and so if a buyer can fall in love with your home, chances are they will buy it! Happy Selling! TIP BY : JASON ROSES : REAL ESTATE AGENT & AUCTIONEER IN ACT & NSW

TIP.02 JUST KEEP PADDLING ‘One does not discover new continents without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time’ – Andre Gide. An alarming number of people go through difficult challenges to do with letting go of old baggage, habits and relationships. We are at sea, wondering where we are going, and desperately trying to find dry land. We can be left feeling, lost, disheartened and depressed but the truth is this is not really a bad thing as undergoing change is necessary.

Not all change is growth, but all growth is change. How you will end up is unknown – you cannot see from where you are, however, you can choose whether to feel frightened or excited. As children we were hurtled into the unknown and screamed with excitement. As adults we tend to think we’re scared. Are you really afraid, or are you breathless with excitement? For within the unknown lies the land of opportunity; within the words ‘I don’t know’ is the chance to learn something new. That’s not to say you are disloyal to the past and your memories – you will always have the experience. You are here not to learn but to experience. Just keep paddling, look for signs of land, and know you will reach your future. TIP BY : YVONNE WIGMAN : PERSONAL CHANGE AGENT


• Having a stressful day at work or home.

Don’t use food as a ‘pick-me-up’. Eating when you’re not hungry, or simply bored, can make those unnecessary calories add up. These are some common triggers that may lead to ‘mindless’ or ‘comfort’ eating:

• Having no plans for making dinner or lunch.

• Being in the mindless TV zone. • Working within easy reach of junk food vending machines. • Being dehydrated.

• Feeling tired or bored, and looking for food as a ‘pick-me-up’.

• Going to a drive-thru or fast food restaurant every day. • Working long hours without a break. • Relationship or family problems • Seeing your favourite snacks in the cupboard constantly staring back at you. 33



DJ Matt will be spinning only the hottest music at Cube’s 6th Birthday! Friday 16 September 2011

FACEBOOK Join Cube on facebook!



Cube is turning 6 and you’re invited to join in the fun! From 9pm till 5am on Friday the 16th of September with DJ Matt Chavasse and the fabulously gorgeous Miss Summer Salt. With free entry and happy hour until 11pm.





FILM REVIEW By Ronald Evans

CHILDREN OF GOD THE GORGEOUS BEACHES AND TOWNS OF THE BAHAMAS ARE THE SETTING FOR CHILDREN OF GOD, A STRONG AND TENDER ROMANTIC DRAMA FROM FIRST-TIME FILMMAKER KAREEM MORTIMER. PERCOLATING UNDER THE HOT SUN AND SAND ARE RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE, POLITICAL GRAND STANDING, FAMILY WOES AND HOPEFULLY ENOUGH LOVE TO CONQUER THEM ALL. Johnny is a slight, shy and sensitive artist, a landscape painter. He is also a beautiful out gay young man living with his father in Nassau in the Bahamas, who knows what he wants. He likes black men, and is uninterested in just having sex, instead seeking relationship and commitment.

Writer-director Kareem Mortimer, creator of this film, understands these profound cultural differences that conflict against the tropical splendour of the Bahamas. Actor Johnny Ferro brings a balance, poise and vulnerability to the role of Johnny that is captivating. Stephen Tyrone Williams, who plays Romeo, has boundless energy, caught between his role as a son to his mother and a pending husband to his future wife, while also on the verge of coming out.

When his art teacher gives him the keys to her holiday cabin on the nearby island of Eleuthera, she challenges him with a creative task: to paint a special scene from the southern most tip of the island. There Johnny meets Romeo, a likeable black musician, and the two are immediately attracted to one another. At first distant and self-contained, Johnny is pursued by Romeo who, though engaged to marry, has had occasional flings with other men.

One of the best scenes in the film is between Romeo and his friend Mo, a bartender and fellow band member. Mo is supportive of Romeo. ‘I can tell you really like the guy,’ he tells him. ‘I still think you’re cool. Just be yourself. All right. Don’t worry about the band or anything like that. Go do you.’

The Bahamas is gripped by a caustic wave of anti-homosexual bigotry, whipped up by Christian fundamentalists. Attacking “sissies” on the island, they oppose what they see as a homosexual agenda. Romeo moves closer to Johnny and draws the young artist out of his fear, teaching him how to relax and enjoy his life. All the while different cultures clash around them: men and women, blacks and whites, out gays and closeted, etc.

Produced by Mercury Rising Media, Children of God won numerous awards: 2010 Best Film at the Atlanta Out On Film Festival, 2010 Best International Feature at the OBC International Film Festival, and 2010 Best Film LesGaiCineMad. The Independent recommended it as the Best Film to Watch in 2010. There are no sex scenes here. Some scenes between Johnny and Romeo are acted and filmed so sensitively, however, that you realise only later they are scenes of intimate relationship between two men. The musical score by Nathan Matthew David is sparse and moving. Children of God is a first of its kind. It’s the story of an out gay young man who ventures forth, vulnerable and alone, in a hostile world. I do not want to give away the ending. The film’s message is simple. Bigotry has consequences. You will need to see it at least twice to realise the depth of hypocrisy here. And that’s praise indeed. What I can say is that Children of God has added to my life experience as a gay man. I recommend it wholeheartedly. You can view the film trailer and see more movie stills on the FUSE website. 37




By Tony Hamlyn

EAR CANDY NEW ALBUMS WYNTER GORDON WITH THE MUSIC I DIE She’s the current sweetheart of the dance floor and already has three of this year’s best and brightest singles under her belt with ‘Dirty Talk’, ‘Til Death’ and the incredible Freemasons track ‘Believer’. If you enjoyed those titles then let me assure you, this album will not disappoint. It’s a slammin’ jammin’ collection of catchy snatches, and the perfect upbeat antidote to the cold nights ahead — ironic, given her name is Wynter. There’s an occasional break at the end of her phrasing that is absolute genius, and intriguingly suggests our Wynter might know heartbreak almost as astutely as she knows dance clubs and vodka. ‘In The Morning’ and ‘Back to you’ are the highlights, but seriously there are no sleepers here — it’s all good fun, cheesy, girly stuff. But quality. Ke$ha had better watch her back cos her dance/pop crown is about to be snatched. We have two give-away copies — email

BEYONCE 4 Beyonce seemingly has it all: Beauty, talent, a successful relationship, adoring fans, she can sing, she can dance… The one thing Beyonce cannot do apparently is produce a consistent album. Like the three previous offerings bearing her name, 4 has flashes of brilliance but they’re wedged awkwardly between wavering moments of mediocrity. There is little cohesion between tracks, and in trying to be all things to all people, Beyonce has come up with a few very good, but ultimately disconnected songs. Despite all of this, she is a superstar of the highest caliber and the vocals here are possibly the best she has ever delivered. And a Dianne Warren power ballad, ‘I Was Here’, is the absolute saving grace and will earn her a Grammy, make no mistake. Thankfully that disastrous first single ‘Run the World (Girls)’ is not indicative of the album as a whole, and the better tracks take influence mainly from ghosts of R&B past like Stevie, Luther and Prince. ‘Party’ and ‘I’d Rather Die Young’ could easily have been lifted straight off Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the magical ‘Love On Top’ is a mid-tempo 80’s vibe that is so very early Whitney, complete with no less than four key changes. But sadly there’s too much style over substance, and the standout moments on 4 are just too few and far between. 38

JESSIE J WHO YOU ARE I miss the Spice Girls. They were funny and gutsy and ballsy and silly, but for every bizarre outfit or mad interview there was an amazingly crafted moment of pure pop like ‘2 Become 1’ or ‘Stop’. Jessie J isn’t quite there yet, but this debut album of hers shows that she’s got the stuff. And the playful public persona she showed off on her recent Aussie promo tour hinted that she’s ready to fill that the Spice Girls-shaped hole that’s been missing in the market. This debut offering is nothing short of brilliant. Her voice is superb and the girl has co-produced and written her own songs. And they’re good songs too, ranging from tender ballads, through to chunky R&B grooves with a Rasta flavour. The first single ‘Do It Like a Dude’ showcases this attitude in bucket-loads, but there are other tunes, like the album’s beautiful title track, that boast a little more melody and some truly delicious hooks. She had a big hit here and around the world with ‘Price Tag’, and the new single ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ is yet another masterpiece with rich vocals and a pop sensibility that could only come from an Essex chick. Add to that the general fabulousness she exudes so seamlessly, and you realise Jessie J is here people. And thank goodness for that. WWW.FUSEMAGAZINE.COM.AU



Café Gallery

TILLEY’S IS NESTLED IN TREE LINED LYNEHAM For over 26 years Tilley’s has been famous for its breakfasts, lunches and dinners... and of course its fabulous coffees. Tilley’s attracts not only ‘regulars’ but visitors from overseas and interstate who enjoy the all-day menu specials, and oh such lovely cake! Internationally renowned for legendary blues, jazz and classical concerts, Tilley’s continues to attract artists of international calibre who prefer the intimacy of a warm theatre atmosphere clad in red velvet with brass and dark timber booths. With a fully licensed bar, one can enjoy champagne with breakfast, or in the evening savour the broad range of wines, spirits or boutique beers on tap.


AT TILLEY’S ON SUNDAY 11 SEPTEMBER @ 10AM It’s on again, so come and celebrate a fabulous spring morning with your big gay family at Tilley’s Devine Café. Everyone is welcome!

THE CALL IS YOURS! TILLEY’S CAN DO IT FOR YOU! CORNER OF WATTLE & BRIGALOW STREETS, LYNEHAM Serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days • Monday to Saturday: 9am – 10pm Sundays: 9am – 6pm • To reserve your favourite table or booth phone us on 6247 7753 39






Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame has formed a supergroup of sorts called SuperHeavy. This eclectic bunch includes himself, as well as Bob Marley’s son Damian, Indian film composer AR Rahman, rock legend Mick Jagger, and soul chanteuse Joss Stone. A single called ‘Miracle Worker’ is out early July and an album follows in September.

VOULEZ VOUS MIKA? If Mika has been missing from your life you can now rejoice because the man has released a brand new single. And hopefully, like Mika, you are bilingual as the new song ‘Elle Me Dit’ is sung completely in French. It’s cute. Listen to it on the FUSE website.

SON OF HANKS Tom Hanks’ eldest son is attempting a music career under the name Chet Haze. A couple of videos have been posted since January, including a kinda cool urban track called ‘Hollywood’ produced by Alicia Keys’ hubby, industry heavyweight Swizz Beats. Listen online, it’s not too bad.

JOE JONAS SEE NO MORE Our Disney kids are growing up so fast: Miley is selling herself as a modern-day Joan Jett, Demi Lovato is punching dancers and entering rehab, and now Joe Jonas is going solo. But sadly ‘See No More’ is a disappointing foray into grown up pop, especially given it was written by Chris Brown and Brian Kennedy who are both revered in the R&B/pop world. The accompanying video has the hottest Jonas in all his chiseled jaw-line and tight t-shirt glory and makes the song almost bearable. Joe has talent and is ridiculously good looking, but this just blends in with every other mediocre white boy soul track spewed out over the past decade. Timberlake-lite, and that’s being generous.


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN JUDGE Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance is underway in the US and this year is all about the big celebrity judges. So far there’s been Megan Mullally, Kristen Chenoweth, and the promise of none other than Lady Gaga sitting at the judge’s table sometime in the next few weeks.

This is Bjork at her weirdest and most wonderful. Starting out like an electro lullaby of sorts, this song builds into a dubstep frenzy reminiscent of a chaotic LSD trip. Fans will be wetting themselves, as this is unpredictable and edgy but still maintains a melody, combining plinkyplonky bell sounds with that strong, ethereal vocal style we’ve all come to know and love. The album Biophilia drops in September with a multimedia campaign involving games and apps and live shows and everything! An extravaganza to look forward to. But in the meantime, have a listen to this single as it’s quite good. 41

qnet queer youth canberra


ur ce Ne s ws



en ts Ev


pp or Fo t ru ms Ar ti cl es

Canberra’s queer youth cyberspace - a safe space for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ‘not sure’ young people




By David Mills

TELEPATHY GETTING ON THE SAME PAGE ABOUT SEX WITHOUT CONDOMS Many of us have been at that stage in a new relationship where we’ve gone from using condoms one day and then not using them the next. I know from my own personal experience that sometimes this just sort of happens, maybe without a single word being said. Is this a sign of relationship telepathy, or a mix of desire and assumptions about what’s going on? Sex without condoms within a relationship is a pretty common decision. Almost two thirds of guys with a regular sexual partner report sex without condoms in the Canberra Gay Community Periodic Survey. It makes sense that two people with the same HIV status can have unprotected sex without a risk of transmission, but there some traps. In the early 1990s Sue Kippax and other researchers at Australia’s National Centre in HIV Social Research identified what probably seems obvious to you: Gay men in relationships would both get an HIV test and if they were both the same status they would start having sex without condoms. They gave a name to this practice – ‘Negotiated Safety’ – and called on the AIDS councils to start supporting gay men to make this practice as safe as possible. It wasn’t until 1996 that Australia’s, and the world’s first campaign that endorsed sex without condoms with regular partners was launched. ‘Talk Test Test Trust’ was controversial at the time – and it still is in many countries where condoning condomless sex is taboo. Despite being a simple premise it was one of the most complicated messages that we’ve ever tried to communicate. Briefly, the message is that couples should talk about what they’re doing so there are no assumptions (Are you going to have sex outside the relationship? Under what conditions?); they should then both get an HIV test, and then get another test in three months (after the ‘window period’, so that you can be sure the test is accurate) and finally the couple needs to trust one another to start using condoms again if there is a ‘slip-up’ (oneAnita’s of the partners unprotected sex outside Visit website at: the relationship, for example). Gotvery all that? Check out her lastest work at the funky gallery The Urban Uprising in Sydney.

The principle of the message is sound but it’s a clumsy execution. (I’m not saying I can do much better as I’ve been struggling with it at the AAC for seven years.) Perhaps because it is a difficult message to communicate, or perhaps because it’s old hat and unglamorous, AIDS councils around Australia have neglected ‘negotiated safety’ in recent years and the number of guys following the recommended strategy has been declining. Currently about 40 per cent of Canberra guys in regular relationships report some sort of spoken agreement with their partner about sex without condoms in their relationship but 25 per cent have no agreement about sex in their relationship and almost a third have no spoken agreement about sex outside the relationship. Often it’s tempting to skip the testing step, but it’s really crucial. I recommend getting a sexual health check-up at our popular STRIP clinics or at the Canberra Sexual Health Centre. Talk with the nurse about your plans to stop using condoms and your sexual history as often the second test isn’t really necessary. The bit that is the hardest is telling your partner when you’ve broken your agreement. If your partner gives you this news remember that it’s important to remember that he is protecting you by being open with you. You’ll have to go back to using condoms until he gets retested. In either situation, if you need confidential peer support or counselling, give us a call as we’re here to help.

Talk Test Test Trust

There are plans locally and nationally to rectify the lack of campaigns and resources on this topic and you’ll be seeing some new work in the coming months. Thankfully electronic resources make it possible to adapt our messages to your specific circumstances, something the sector couldn’t imagine fifteen years ago.

more info

For more information about making an agreement with your partner to not use condoms, check out our guide at: or call us on 02 6257 2855. 43






COMMUNITY DIRECTORY AIDS Action Council The AIDS Action Council provides information, support and services. More info:

Gay Dads Australia A resource for gay dads and those who are thinking of becoming dads. Check out:

A Gender Agenda A resource for transgender, intersex, gender queer and gender variant people.

Girl Thing ON RAW FM 87.6 Wednesdays & Sundays from 7pm Presented by Tori Mac, an hour of sexy house and electro served up girly style.

ACTQueer A free email list for LGBTI people in Canberra and surrounding region.

Long Yang A friendly social club for Asian and non-Asian gays and their friends. Canberra: Sydney:

Bent Lenses Canberra’s very own queer film culture group. Check out movie times online at — See ad p47. Bit Bent Youth Group Meet other young people, get support or just hang out. Mondays at Belconnen Youth Centre 6pm–8pm and Thursdays at the Woden Youth Centre 5pm–6.30pm. More info email: Canberra Gap Group Gap group is a monthly coffee/drinks group for same sex attracted women and gender diverse people. Contact: Canberra Gay & Lesbian QWIRE Want to be involved with Canberra’s own gay and lesbian choir? Singers and non-singers encouraged. More info: Dyke Dinner & Movie Group More info on FUSE website or see Canberra Lesbians on Facebook. Fruits in Boots A social and support network for rural GLBTI members outside the ACT. Email: Gay ACT Squash Group Wednesdays 6.30pm–7.30pm.National Sports Club, Mouat St, Lyneham.


Pink Tennis Gay & Lesbian Tennis Group meets Mondays 6pm – 9pm at Turner Tennis Club, Cnr McCaughey & Condamine Sts. Qnet - queer youth cyberspace Qnet is an online community for GLBTI people under the age of 25. Queer Scientists of the ACT For queer scientists of all disciplines for networking, support, socialising, and to combat discrimination. Email for more info. Rainbow Bubs A playgroup and support group for same sex parents and their kids. Email: hoogied@yahoo. com Rainbow Bowlers Meet new people on ‘Gay Bowling’ Sunday nights at Belconnen Bowling Alley. 1 Emu Bank from 7pm. South Coast Pride NSW From Wollongong down to Merimbula come out, come out, wherever you are! Email: Uni of Canberra LGBTI group A social group for all LGBTI students and staff. Queer Space is located at the UCSA building 1 at the Uni of Canberra. Info email:

✪ Drag Bingo Tuesdays at the Phoenix CANBERRA HANGOUTS Cube Nightclub Canberra’s premier gay nightclub venue. 33 Petrie Plaza Civic, Canberra City. Phoenix Pub The Phoenix is a chilled out friendly pub where everyone is welcome to drop by for a beer or some Drag Bingo! 21 East Row, Canberra City. Tilley’s Devine Cafe For over 26 years Tilley’s has been a gathering place for the gay and lesbian community. Warm and sumptuous, it’s famous for its food and fabulous coffees and cake. To reserve your favourite table or booth call us on 6247 7753. Cnr of Wattle & Brigalow Sts, Lyneham. Bar32 Bar32 is gay friendly bar and nightclub with a mixed younger crowd. Indy and alternative dance music and bands. 32 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra City. Ranch Mens Lounge Canberra’s men’s space. They are located at Unit 19, Molongo Mall in Fyshwick ACT. A safe venue for men who want to meet men. See ad p47.

Want to know ‘What’s On’ or be listed here, then visit us at



Sasha is young, handsome and living in Cologne, and has a secret crush on his hot piano teacher. A refreshing take on coming-out, with all the ups & downs of finding one’s own way.


When Violet arrives home from yet another disastrous date to find Luke has organized a gay sex party in her bedroom. Is it finally time she abandon her gay boys & find her own way? SCREENINGS AT CSIRO DISCOVERY CENTRE NTH SCIENCE ROAD, ACTON CANBERRA’S VERY OWN QUEER SCREEN CULTURE GROUP WWW.BENTLENSES.ORG

AIDS Action Council of the ACT Living Well Services

Vitamins & Supplements Changes to our Vitamins & Supplements Service have led to more affordable options for all people with HIV. We now provide quality items at discount prices to assist you to take control of your health and wellbeing. A note from your doctor or an HIV Dietician stating your requirements is all that is needed. For those people with a pension or Health Care Card, there is a small dispensing fee of $5 and for all others, including those in paid employment, products are available at 50% of our cost price. For further information on either of these services, contact the Living Well Co-ordinator on 02 6257 2855 or




Dear Rose, My parents refuse to let me visit them with my partner. They will not budge and we seem to be at an in-pass in regards to this and it’s very upsetting. Do you have any suggestions? Tina

Tina, @ Dear All is not bad Tina. Whilst it would be nice to visit your

parents in their home, try to be patient and wait for that elusive invitation! Getting that invitation is what you and your partner have the ability to work on. Invite them to your place for lunch; invite them out to dinner; invite them to a play. The point is to invite them to something that is in neutral territory. Allow them the opportunity to meet, get to know and like your partner as a person. Once they get to know your partner I’m sure a gracious invitation will be forthcoming! However if the fairytale ending doesn’t come to pass after all of your efforts, as much as it breaks my heart to say, you may find that it is better to respect how they feel about not wanting to associate with your partner and move on with both your lives. Sometimes we spend so much time wanting to be accepted by our families we forget that there are some extraordinary people around us that form another kind of family that gives us both the love and acceptance that we deserve.


Dear Rose, I have recently come out and find the scene to be bitchy and nasty, how do I get past that and find some nice people to hang with? Charlie

Charlie, @ Dear If it makes you feel any better, many people coming

out find that the scene at times can be bitchy and a bit narcissistic. When I first came out I was so excited that all I wanted to do was to go to every gay club and gay gathering I could find and surround myself with all the gay love out there. What I found was exactly what you have discovered. Over time I did eventually find some fantastic people out there who were just like me — out to get to know other people and in the process learn more about myself. I also started my own groups and events, which gave me the opportunity to create a space for others who, just like you, are looking to have some fun and to socialise with other gay folks. My best Dear Rose advice to you is, just keep getting out there, eventually with persistence you will come across gay folks, who just like you, want to make new friends and have some fun!


By Rose Pappalardo If you would like to write to Dear Rose please email her at


Dear Rose, I’m lucky (or not so lucky) to have two lovely guys wanting my heart. I actually like them both a lot. How can I choose — can I have both? Luke

Luke, @ Dear WhoooHooo, look at you girlfriend, two

lovely boys wanting your heart, lucky duck! You could have both but I get the feeling that monogamy might be more your style. So, when in doubt, I say DATE! There is no other sure-fire way to work out which is the one for you. There are several methods you could try. You could try the “best friend” method, which involves your best friend in checking them both out and getting their opinion on who you should go out with. There is also the “Cosmo method” where you get each of your potential suitors to fill in a questionnaire; the boy who answers the most questions right, would have to be your true love. Or you could go with my favourite “the list method” so before you start dating make a list of the “must have” qualities and then a “desirable but not essential”. If at the end of any of these methods, you are no closer deciding which one to date, I say, go with “rock, paper, scissors”. But seriously, no matter who you decide to go out with, be honest with yourself and both of them until you decide who wins the prize... your heart!

In response to a reader who complained that a gay couple was moving in across the street and wanted to know what he could do to improve the quality of the neighbourhood, Abigail Van Buren, from “Dear Abby” responded...

“You could move!” Abigail Van Buren











23 East Row, Civic Bus Interchange, Canberra | Ph: 6162 1581 | Freddy swings the Phoenix. Painting by Stephen Harrison.


WEDNESDAY 28 SEPT – SUNDAY 2 OCT 2011 – 6.30-10.30PM Outdoor films • Breathtaking lighting • Live music at the Butterfly Lounge Garnier World • Night markets • Comedy acts • Stylish Glow Bar

Buy tickets at or 13 28 49 $25 adult • $10 child/concession • $50 family (2 adult/2 child) • Children 4 years and under FREE Price per night. Transaction fees apply



FUSE24 : Marriage Equality… Gaystyle (Girl Cover)  

FUSE was lucky enough to score media passes to see Lady Gaga at the Monster Hall in Sydney and IT WAS FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC. Check it out on p2...

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