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It’s election time — make your vote count on 21 August. Simon Copland looks at some of the important issues, the major parties and their policies.

20 Is your sex life in a bit of a rut? This month Hilary Caldwell talks candidly about spicing it up!

We chat to Lin Hatfield Dodds, the Greens Senate candidate for the ACT, about politics, human rights, the environment and GLBTI equality.





18 Gay ACT MLA Andrew Barr shares his thoughts on the coming election, and asks, ‘ has it come to this?’. Rodney Croome from the Australian Coalition for Equality writes about same sex marriage — who supports it and who doesn’t.


Political Buzz. Tony Hamlyn asks the important election questions — does Julia still get her BF to do her hair and would Tony make a good drinking buddy?



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I’D RATHER BE COOKING! Alexander Thatcher FUSE Editor

It seems to me that the most important race this election season has already been decided — with Adam Liaw winning the 2010 MasterChef title. Channel Ten’s culinary juggernaut is so popular with Australians that they actually moved the election debate from it’s original time slot so it did not compete — and just as well as MasterChef drew a whopping 5.74 million viewers (over one quarter of the whole Australian population). It was certainly no competition for this editor. I never even once considered not watching MasterChef. I could spend an hour listening to politicians spin the same-old same-old, with deception, false promises and distrust — or watch two genuine people do what they love, with integrity, honesty and friendship. What I also love about MasterChef (and Channel Ten) is that they’re inclusive, even to the point of standing up for gay equality by running a series of community service announcements during the finale calling for viewers to speak up for an inclusive Australia ( Makes you wonder how much better things could be if the political system could work on the same principals and ideals — and why the two main political parties are still against ‘a fairer Australia’ with current polls showing between 60-75% of Australians are in favour of same sex marriage and equal rights. So you may have noticed by now that this is our ‘election issue’ — but never fear, we’ve tried to make it as painless as we can and even fun in places! It was our goal to ensure our coverage was as fair as possible and we offered all the major political parties the opportunity to have a say in FUSE — some taking up the offer with real excitement and others just not interested in talking to us at all. So that being said, here we go.

Yasmin Element I’d rather be shopping!

We have a few political must-reads this issue: Make your vote count, which will give you a bit of background on the different parties and where they stand on issues such as the environment, asylum seekers, animal welfare and equality (p08); ACT MLA Andrew Barr talks about the progress of social change, the reforms achieved and the battles still to be won (p18); Rodney Croome, from the Australian Coalition for Equality, writes about some of the missed issues such as youth suicide and intersex discrimination (p24); we interview Lin Hatfield Dodds, the new Senate candidate for the ACT Greens (p30); and lastly we end with a bit of a laugh as Tony Hamlyn writes about the ‘real’ issues — Julia Gillard’s hair, Tony Abbott’s dress sense and who would make best better drinking buddy (p45). Of course it’s not all politics though. This month you can also find out how to spice up your sex life (p20), make your own fashion statement (p26), stay healthy during winter (p38) and get the low down on property investment (p42). And don’t forget to check out what’s on (p4) and the community pages (p46) for all the other stuff that’s going on in Canberra.

Christopher Powell I’d rather be sleeping!


Enjoy and happy voting, Alex

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By Brooklyn Hulands



If you’ve just moved to Canberra, welcome! You’ve already found the city’s best magazine, so you’re off to a good start.

It’s an issue that’s divided our local politicians. But those that will get the final say are sitting on the fence.

Britney, Paris, Miley, Vanessa. These classy ladies have proven a nude photo scandal is a must-have in Hollywood.

But there’s no doubt you’ve already been bitten by an issue facing all Canberrans — It’s bloody expensive to get a room here.

The ACT Greens want to see a needle exchange set up inside Canberra’s new jail, hoping to improve the safety of drug-addicted prisoners, as well as prison staff.

New figures from RP Data show it now costs more to rent a home here than in Sydney. In fact, the only Australian capital that has higher prices than us is Darwin.

Figures from the Alexander Maconochie Centre show that cases of hepatitis C are rising, a good indication that despite the Government’s best efforts, drug use is creeping in.

The company that compiled the data says low unemployment and high demand is driving Canberra’s hot rental market. There isn’t much choice out there, and those that want in, are paying a premium. Meanwhile, another report’s shown it now takes first home buyers in the ACT an average of 4.4 years to save for a deposit and get a home of their own — a time frame that’s rising. It all puts pressure on the Stanhope Government to do something. The chief minister will argue black and blue that his affordable housing initiatives are making a difference — keep that in mind next time your rent is bumped up.




Good for those who already own a home. Bad for those who think equity is something to do with gay marriage.



A needle exchange would monitor the use of syringes and keep them free from contamination. It’s done in other parts of Canberra, and has been adopted successfully in other prisons around the world. However, the Liberals say every effort must be made to stop drug use — not encourage it. They want more rehab programs and more energy spent trying to break inmates of the addiction. So what it will depend on is what the Government wants — it’ll hold the balance of power. The aim for the new human rights compliant prison was to keep it completely drug free. Great in theory, but authorities need to keep reality in mind. An inquiry into the issue will be held later this year — eighteen months since the jail was opened. The Government says it’ll make a decision after that.

Now the latest celebrity to be thrown into the spotlight is Ke$ha. A less than flattering photo (Google it if you’re so inclined) has been circulating on the net — showing the singer lying down after a dude has Blah Blah Blah’ed all over her chest. Dirty picture? Yeah… Mind you, her hands are perfectly covering her breasts. And we don’t see past the waist. And any suspicious fluids could quite easily have been Photoshopped. To be honest, it’s pretty modest when it comes to a naked celebrity snap. It also coincides perfectly with the promotion of Ke$ha’s latest single — with a rather appropriate name, given the circumstances… Dirty Picture. Wow. What great street cred for a supposedly drunken, fighting, Jack Daniels-brushing ‘partygirl’ to have her own dirty photo, right after she recorded a song about it! I think it’s called a public relations ‘happy ending’…

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The date has been set, the candidates announced and now it is time to decide who to vote for. I’ve always been a political person, and this year I have taken that to a new level through working for the Greens in the election campaign.


However, I know that not everyone knows who to vote for when elections are called. This article is an attempt at an unbiased view of what the electoral landscape looks like in the ACT, with a hope that I can help anyone, who doesn’t know who to choose, make that decision.

The ACT has four Federal Representatives: two in the House of Representatives and two in the Senate. Our two House of Representative seats, Canberra and Fraser, are currently held by Labor Party members, Bob McMullan (Fraser) and Annette Ellis (Canberra). McMullan and Ellis have both retired this year, leading the way for the selection of ANU economist Andrew Leigh and communications specialist Gai Brodtmann for the seats. The Liberals have selected James Milligan (Fraser) and Giulia Jones (Canberra) and the Greens have selected Indra Esguerra (Fraser) and Sue Ellerman (Canberra) for the seats. These House of Representative seats are extremely safe for the Labor Party. In 2007 both of the ALP candidates received over 50 per cent of the vote meaning it is very unlikely that either Andrew Leigh or Gai Brodtmann will be defeated at this election.


THE FEDERAL SCENE If you went back to this time last year and spoke to someone about the 2010 federal election, no one would have guessed what the landscape would look like now. In 2009 Kevin Rudd was at the peak of his popularity, Malcolm Turnbull had a relatively good hold on the Coalition and the Greens were cruising along with support just above what they received in 2007. Now, all of that has changed. We have two new leaders in Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard and the Greens have grown in popularity and influence. These stunning events changed the landscape of Australian politics dramatically, setting up a campaign that nobody predicted, but that everyone will enjoy. 2010 will be a year when history is made — both federally and possibly in the ACT.


The ACT Senate race however is much more interesting; the two Senate seats are occupied by Kate Lundy (the ALP) and Gary Humphries (Liberal). The ACT Senate is the most marginal in the country. In 2007 the Liberal Senator Gary Humphries was only 2,000 votes above quota. This means that if he had received 2,000 fewer votes, the preference flows would have meant that the Greens candidate, Kerrie Tucker would have been elected. The Greens have therefore taken a particular interest in this seat and this year they have nominated the former head of Uniting Care, President of ACOSS and ACT Australian of the Year Lin Hatfield Dodds as their candidate. With the seat being so close in the past and with having such a high profile candidate, there has been a lot of interest generated in the seat. The rise of Tony Abbott as the leader of the Coalition and his promised cuts to the public service have also caused troubles for Humphries as he has tried to distance himself from the unpopular leader.



With such a close race in the ACT, votes here are extremely powerful (well actually, no matter what anyone thinks, every vote is powerful everywhere). ACT Senators take their seats immediately (compared to the wait until next July for Senators from states), meaning that a change in Senators in the ACT would have an immediate effect on the shape of the Senate. In other words, if the Greens win the Senate seat, the influence of Stephen Fielding is taken out immediately. Each party takes a different perspective on the important issues, which align with particular value sets. The party you vote for should be one that aligns with the value set you hold to be true.

THE ISSUES These different value sets have lead each of these parties towards different positioning of the key issues that are important at the moment. Here are some points on some of the key issues:


CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE ENVIRONMENT In 2009 the ALP introduced the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme to ‘tackle’ climate change. The scheme legislated for five per cent cuts in national emissions by 2020 through an emissions trading scheme. It was voted down in 2009 after the Coalition swapped leaders (from Turnbull to Abbott) in order to defeat the scheme. The Greens have proposed an interim carbon tax to deal with this current impasse.



The Labor Party have a traditional working class background and have been aligned with the union movement. This has created a traditional focus on workers’ rights and social justice causes (including a major focus on health and education) for the ALP.

Whilst they claim their policies are different it is hard to distinguish between the ALP and Coalition on asylum seekers. Both are participating in what many call a ‘race to the bottom’ on the issue. The Greens support onshore processing for asylum seekers, ensuring that people stay out of detention centres as much as possible.

However, over the years, the ALP’s values have changed. Whilst there is still definitely a left wing element to the party, the right wing of the ALP has taken control in recent decades. This has created a greater focus on neo-liberal economic thinking and conservative positioning on issues such as asylum seekers, queer rights and climate change.

THE LIBERAL PARTY Whilst their name suggests a tradition of small ‘l’ liberalism, the Liberal Party in general does not live up to that name (although there are definitely small ‘l’ liberal elements of the party). The party is largely dominated by conservative elements, which focus their efforts on neo-liberal economic reform and conservative approaches to social and environmental issues. The Liberal Party are also largely backed by big business, which has an effect on issues such as climate change, where often the concerns of business come first.

ANIMAL WELFARE At this moment, neither of the major parties have a national animal welfare policy, nor are they willing to take any on board. Only the Greens show significant policy commitment to animal welfare, including goals to end cruel and unnecessary animal experimentation, and increased community understanding of the impacts of consumer choices on animal welfare and the environment. Furthermore, the Greens have put forward policy measure promises to strengthen national animal welfare legislation that prohibits cruelty and ensures that acts of cruelty are treated as criminal offences; phase out intensive farming practices in meat, dairy and egg production; and develop an enforceable Australian standard for free-range farming practices for all agricultural animals.

THE GREENS The Greens rose to prominence in the 1980s after the Franklin River campaign in Tasmania. Their leader, Bob Brown, was one of the most prominent activists in that campaign. The Greens have a tradition in environmentalism, but have always had a broader approach. The Greens values are based upon four ‘pillars’: environmental sustainability, peace and non-violence, social justice and participatory democracy. These values guide their policy platforms, which include taking a more compassionate approach to asylum seekers, strong action on climate change and equality for all under the law (including legislating for marriage equality).

SAME SEX MARRIAGE EQUALITY The Greens are the only major party that supports full marriage equality. These are only some of the policies available on the important issues. It is important to remember that when you vote this year, you make it count. Every vote is important, no matter whether you vote for one of the three major parties or you vote for someone else. So, make sure you get informed before you vote and make an informed decision, because who you vote for really does matter. To get more on the issues go to: : :


Simon Copland is FUSE’s political reporter and is currently working for the ACT Greens Election Campaign Team.





It’s that time of year — THE EMMYS! My favourite awards are upon us, and have you SEEN the list of nominees? It’s gayer than Christmas on wheels! The US television industry celebrated the nominations in early July and the results will be revealed on August 29. Whether prominently gay themselves, or simply playing out and proud characters, this year’s Emmys read like a role call at a Pride parade. And here’s a list of the homo (and faux-mo) nominees:

Jane Lynch — Glee

Ryan Kwanten — True Blood Zachary Quinto — Heros



By Tony Hamlyn





First up let’s talk Glee. It’s the great hope in the Comedy category this year, with a staggering nineteen nominations and will probably take home the Outstanding Comedy Series trophy, which will go to Ryan Murphy. Murphy is also up for Writing, and the wonderful Jane Lynch is nominated for Supporting Actress for her role as Cheerios coach and New Directions nemesis Sue Sylvester. Lynch also got a Guest Actress nod for her stint in Two and a Half Men. Chris Colfer has never publicly stated his sexual preference as such, but we all know and love him as the world’s gayest Glee Club tenor Kurt Hummel, and he’s got himself a Supporting Actor nomination, which is huge considering this is his first job. My future exboyfriend, Neil Patrick Harris, is nominated in both the Guest Actor for his Glee gig, as well as Supporting Actor for his regular role as Barney in How I Met Your Mother. The fabulous Modern Family, another of the shows that features regular gay characters, is also up for Outstanding Comedy Series with both Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the show’s happy gay couple Cam and Mitchell, both up for Supporting Actor. It should be noted that while Stonestreet is a straighty in real life, Ferguson is queer as a $3 bill (and, I should mention, has been seen out and about recently with none other than Zachary Quinto who you’ll know as Sylar from Heroes and more recently Spock in last year’s Star Trek remake).

True Blood is up for Outstanding Drama Series, which means creator Alan Ball might take home an Emmy to sit next to the Oscar he won for American Beauty, underachiever that he is! Homo hero Sir Ian McKellen has a nomination for Lead Actor in a Mini-series for a serious looking thing called The Prisoner. And the wonderful Wanda Sykes is up for Outstanding Comedy Special for her stand-up show called I’m a Be Me.

Modern Family

Other nominees that aren’t necessarily part of the Rainbow Connection, but are worthy mentions are always great Wil Arnett, whose role as closeted TV exec Devin Banks on 30 Rock has him up for Guest Actor in a Comedy. And The Amazing Race, which this year was won by a team of gay brothers, is up for Outstanding Reality/Competition Program.

30 Rock

So is it tokenism or coincidence that all the gays are representing this year? Have we merely become fashionable again? Were we ever unfashionable, for that matter? Who knows? Who cares? I just hope my future ex-boyfriend Neil Patrick Harris finally brings home something we can put on the mantle and admire.

SCISSOR SISTERS FOR RENT It’s all about Scissor Sisters right now, right? I mean EVERYONE I know is losing it over the brand new album Night Work, which was produced in collaboration with none other than Kylie and Madonna’s producer Stuart Price. Disco city! And their recent Aussie tour was a resounding success with all parties blown away by an extraordinary energy the band creates onstage. It’s such a shame they didn’t make it to Canberra, but reports from the Sydney gigs would have you believe it was tantamount to a religious experience. In what has to be one of the cleverest and most outrageous promotional tie-ins, Jake Shears, the band’s homo-licious lead singer, put up a personal profile on the website, advertising the album and subsequently himself. Any of you not familiar with the webpage (or just pretending you don’t know about it!) is for anyone interested in locating members of the oldest profession, and according to it’s homepage it lays claim to being ‘the world’s largest gay escort and massage site’. Jake’s ‘stats’ cleverly relate to the album’s release and the band’s tour dates (‘currently serving Berlin’, at time of writing) and the photos are of him semi-naked, with just a towel to cover his modesty, and it should be said are really very hot. Hot enough to get your average punter to go to iTunes and download the Night Work album — $11.95 according to the rentboy profile. If you’re keen to see the ad go to:

ARMISTEAD MAUPIN MADNESS! The most exciting thing to hit The Buzz workspace in forever is the fantastic news that the world’s greatest author, the incomparable Armistead Maupin, is back with a new installment of the Tales Of The City series. Mary Ann in Autumn is shelved for release later this year and, for those in the know, deals with Mary Ann Singleton’s bittersweet return to San Francisco in an effort to face her demons and reclaim her past. I don’t want to give away too much, but there will be a few of the old faithfuls we know and love — DeDe and D’Orothea, Mrs Madrigal, and of course the indispensable Michael ‘Mouse’ Tolliver — and, according to the Harper/Collins website, the series ‘rolls into a new age, still sassy, irreverent, and curious…’ I am going to DIE if I don’t get my hands on a copy before November! If you’ve never read the lives and loves of the residents of San Fran’s mythical Barbary Lane then please hand in your gay card at the nearest outlet, or alternatively you can go out today and buy yourself all six original books in the series. And afterwards I defy you to tell me your life isn’t forever altered. So magical, so wonderful, so beautiful is this everlasting saga (which just a few years ago spun off yet another chapter in the series entitled Michael Tolliver Lives) that you will want to re-read them again and again and then get everyone you know to read them as well, just so you have someone to talk to about them. If you’re not a reader then rent the DVDs of the first three titles, which are quite simply the most brilliant translation of book to movie in the history of mankind. And be sure to keep your eyes pealed for Mary Ann In Autumn out in November.




By now we all know the story of Mel Gibson’s latest crazy exploits. The leaked recordings of him telling the mother of his child she deserves to be gang raped; the photo of her with the broken teeth; and then there’s the origins of their relationship in which he left his wife of 26 years and the mother of his first seven children, to take up with a woman 24 years his junior.

BROKEBACK ROBBIE Living proof that dreams come true: It was announced the other week that pop star extraordinaire Robbie Williams has rejoined the Take That boys and the original five member lineup has recorded material due for release at the end of this year, and a tour to follow in mid-2011. That sound you hear is me screaming hysterically into my elbow. It all begins this September when Robbie releases In And Out Of Consciousness, a Greatest Hits package featuring a duet with Take That’s Gary Barlow (my Gary!) called ‘Shame’. The filmclip to ‘Shame’ reportedly has the two recreating Brokeback Mountain (you just know Gary is the Ennis, right?), though which scenes they’re attempting is still unclear. That sound you can hear is me and my elbow again. Critics have suggested Rob is out of money after all the drink and drugs and chasing UFOs around the square states of the US. But it’s doubtful even he could’ve spent all the money earned from the touring he’s done over the years. Other naysayers believe it’s the four remaining Take That boys desperate to make a comeback. Though the people saying that are obviously stupid as well as cynical, ‘cos the last few years have seen Take That experience the biggest comeback since Jesus Christ, in the UK and Europe at least. They sell out stadiums and are one of the few acts actually selling albums, so they are not really wanting for much at all right now. The truth is that Robbie has been very vocal about missing the camaraderie involved with being in a band, having really suffered under the pressures of being a solo performer. The five of them have been slowly patching up their differences over the past few years and are now giving this reformation a redhot go. And believe me — it’s going to be extraordinary. This will be the most important moment in British pop since John Lennon said to Paul McCartney, ‘So, you write songs too?’ Mark my words!


The press both here and in the US are in a feeding frenzy, and I don’t really have very much more to add. I mean, as delicious as it is to see a hideous and outspoken religious zealot go down so publicly, domestic violence is not really very funny so The Buzz will refrain from taking cheap shots and instead simply say this: The next time you hear somebody tell you how gay marriage is going to ruin the precious sanctity of the institution, just ask them if we could do any worse than what Mel Gibson has already done.

Photos Of Oksana’s Teeth Before and After Her Brawl With Mel at: /2010/07/world-exclusive-photooksana-after-she-says-mel-gibsonpunched-her-mouth


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awakens to find them in an intimate embrace. He could stay and confront them, or leave and start a new journey.

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“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” – Mum

Short Attention has amassed a library of Australia’s premier, award winning short films originating from the very best up and coming directors such as Elissa Down from The Black Balloon fame and many more.




In one of its ‘Made in Canberra’ series, where it commissions independent new works, the Street Theatre’s The Will to Freedom features author, performer, singer, Maike Brill and composer, pianist, Anthony Smith. In the monodrama, or solo cabaret, Maike plays Sophie Freibach, a 38-year-old German doctor who reflects on the story of her patient, Raja, an African Muslim woman fleeing a forced marriage. Sophie tries to understand what it has meant for Raja to become an independent woman. So as she talks to Raja, who tells her story, and becomes aware of the issues involved; different songs reflect this journey of discovery. Throughout the show Maike sings songs she has written with the music composed and played by pianist and musicologist Anthony Smith. An excitingly wide range of musical styles from late-19th-century European art music, through 12-tone music, tango and African drumming, to contemporary music are used. Although many of the topics may seem depressing, such as female genital mutilation, oppression and murder, it’s also ultimately life affirming as Raja has made the journey successfully. For the most part it’s a musical drama.




Excitement rises, my pulse is racing. We do not know what we are facing. But now it’s out, anyway: we are gay. In the last few months a lot of friends have died in many mysterious ways. I have to face it: I could be next, and just because I’m gay. Excerpt from ‘Basim’s Song’ from The Will to Freedom by Maike Brill. This song was inspired by a newspaper article reporting the discovery of the bodies of 25 men and boys suspected of being gay in Sadr City, Iraq.


The Will to Freedom was inspired by Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s autobiographical book, Mijn Vrijheid (Infidel). ‘The show tries to deal with what can only be described as human rights violations, without demonising Muslim people,’ said the show’s Director, Joanne Schultz. New York-based director Schultz, who is acclaimed for her socially engaged, hybrid theatre productions across diverse performance genres, describes this music-driven work as ‘part feminist fable, part noir-cabaret.’ It should be fun and also inspiring. Schultz is currently in Australia on an extended summer vacation and in the short time here, she’s devised a cabaret, The Black Angel Cabaret, about personal and political heartbreak using the songs of Burt Bacharach, in addition to working on The Will to Freedom. Her work of over twenty years has involved collaboratively creating hybrid performances in genres such as political theater, theatrical collage, new music theater, mask, puppetry and object theater, living history theater, as well as solo performance. New York’s The Village Voice described one of her productions as ‘. . . an endlessly inventive marvel . . . in an evening of continual surprise for the audience.’ THE WILL TO FREEDOM The Street Theatre — Tickets $25 8pm Thursday 19 and Saturday 21 August 6pm Friday 20 and Sunday 22 August Bookings 6247 1223 or


By Robert Henderson Photo of Maike Brill by Lorna Sim

Original, versatile and eco-friendly, Blu Box Fireplaces are easy to install, simple to operate – and look great too.

Enjoy the beauty of an open fire in any room, in any home, with your very own Blu Box. 8 good reasons why Blu Box is for everyone: 1. Open Fire – look great and present you with a beautiful lively flame 2. Chimney free – Blu Box Fireplaces do not need a chimney, flue or vent 3. Easy – No mess, no fuss. Just bring your Blue Box Fireplace home, assemble and place in any room you choose 4. Green – Smokeless and odourless, Blue Box Fireplaces run on denatured ethanol (also known as methylated spirits) – a renewable, clean-burning liquid fuel derived from agricultural and forestry products 5. Versatile – Select from our range of classic shapes and contemporary surrounds. Transform an existing space and breathe life into an old fireplace with one of our ready to install firebox inserts. 6. Effective – Heat is retained in the room, providing over 90% fuel efficiency. 7. Simple – Blue Box Fireplaces are easy and convenient to use and come with all the accessories you need to operate your fireplace safely. 8. Safe – Blue Box Fireplaces comply with the highest safety standards in the world

The choice is yours.

Visit or call 02 6280 6021 for more information. See our showroom corner Wollongong and Maryborough Streets Fyshwick ACT 2609 or email us at




ECO SMART PEN If you have not heard about Livescribe Smartpens, this could change your life forever! More than just your ordinary pen — the Smartpen is also a miniature computer and recorder of everything you do with it. You still use it like a conventional pen, however as you’re writing away, the pen will make a digital file of whatever you write or even sketch. The pen uses an infrared camera to read a code of tiny grey dots on the paper. But that’s not all, using a control pad at the bottom of the special Livescribe notebook you can also record all audio around you as you are writing (it’s ideal for work meetings, lectures, interviews or just your own daily notes) and when you are done simply tap the ink on the page to play back, save or share what was just recorded. The only downside to Livescribe products is the fact that you will need a special notebook to get the pen to work. But on a positive note, the paper is cheap, and you do not have to break the bank to get them for your smartpen. If you take a lot of notes and run from meeting to meeting all day, you are going to enjoy the efficiency and productivity that Livescribe brings to your everyday life. There’s also the ability to import and export pencasts, create custom notebooks using the Livescribe desktop software, and there’s an iPhone/iPad app that will let you access your notes on those devices. The Echo will cost $259 for the 4GB and $299 fo the 8GB.

DUFFLE BAG If you’re anything like me, your shoes always end up at the bottom of the bag and you have to drag everything out to get them — all that careful packing ends up a great big mess. Well some clever designer from Scotland decided to add a separate shoe compartment to make sure your shoes don’t dirty whatever else in your bag and they’re easy to get to — we like it! $120 online at, but shop around!

XTREMKEY Small key ring flash drives are renowned for breaking. This new rugged little flash drive however can deal with the most extreme conditions. The XtremKey is enclosed in a 2mm metal pipe that is sealed with wear-resistant screw threads and a rubber O-ring. It is made from super strong metals and is resistant to 5-meter drops, intense heat, harsh cold, and can even survive from the ruthless pressure of a 10-ton truck. All that for a tiny gadget that’s so small and fits right on your key ring. It comes out this month with capacities ranging from 8GB and 64GB. Pricing has not been revealed as of yet. Finally something only three-inches long that can do the job.



NESTING KNIVES Designed by Brussels-based Mia Schmallenbach, these nesting knives are nothing short of a work of art. Meeting is a set of kitchen knives: paring knife, carving knife, chef’s knife, filleting knife and a block. They all appear to be sculpted from a single piece of stainless steel. The proportions are determined by the Fibonacci sequence using the average width of a human hand as its base. Available at www.tabledirect. for around $900, or a slightly more affordable version that comes with a wooden base instead is $483. Not cheap but definitely FAB!

LOMOGRAPHY Get ready to be sucked into a 170-degree whirl of vividly-coloured, barreldistorted perspective as we bring you the Rip Curl Fisheye 2 Special Edition camera and it’s only $52. The Lomographic has collaborated with RipCurl to bring this special edition of Fisheye 2, with 170 degrees vision, comes in vivid colours and a built-in flash. Lomo emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. It’s hugely popular all over the world and characteristics such as over-saturated colours, off-kilter exposure, blurring, ‘happy accidents,’ and alternative film processing are all considered part of the ‘Lomographic Technique’. Users are encouraged to take a lighthearted approach to their photography, and use these techniques to document everyday life. Find out more about Lomo at Camera’s available at:

APRON COOKING GUIDE Coming soon from SUCK UK. This apron is full of useful information. Guide includes: numeric conversions, cooking times for vegetables, roasting times, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more. Stay tuned, this is a great idea, better than tit’s on... well... an apron.

This is our second mention of KeepCup. Because we are so keen on helping the environment and the Keepcup is popping up everywhere we thought we’d give it another little push just incase you don’t have one yet! Our love of take-away coffee is costing our environment dearly. Did you know that each year in Australia disposable paper cups account for an estimated 5,500 tonnes of landfill, 206,250 trees and 274,500 gjoules of energy — that’s enough to power 4238 homes for a year. Sadly most disposable paper cups are not recyclable. The paper cup is made from a composite of materials: kraft bleached paper sprayed with a polyethylene coating. Paper cups are often impregnated with toxic dyes which make them difficult to recycle and are probably not goof for you either. Plus the plastic lining in most disposable paper cups means they are not recyclable. In arid regions like Australia, biodegradation of a paper cup can take 50 years or more. It’s not just the cup and lid that go into landfill. Like everything it’s a choice. We can choose to destroy fewer trees and reduce landfill, CO2 and energy output. Small acts can make a big difference — for better and for worse. The environmental impact of all single use items is great. Through good design and a little effort we can easily incorporate reuse into our daily routine. So why not grab yourself a keepcup so next time you’re buying coffee you can say: I brought my own cup thanks! It often includes you first coffee too. Available at Milk and Honey in the CBD, the greenhouse Emporium in Fyshwick and other cafes & stores throught Australia! More info at:

INDIVIDUALISE YOUR CUP! Each KeepCup comes with a silicone band. All coffee preferences are embossed on this band. All you need to do is mark you individual preferences and there will never be a mix up at the coffee shop!




So what can we make of Election 2010? It has been suggested by some that this is another “Seinfeld election” — an election about nothing in particular. Already we’ve been bombarded with the slogans, the lines and the key messages that are an unavoidable part of campaigning in the 21st century.



So what is the election really about? For me, it is about some fairly stark economic and social policy choices that will determine what sort of country we will be. Prime Minister Gillard was spot on when she said the economic challenges of the future are ‘not a simplistic choice between the market and the state, but the more sophisticated challenges of market design so that we bring public and private resources together to deliver better services and increased productivity.’

So what can we expect in the future? Will there be further progress on social equality in the next Parliament? Speaking frankly myself now, the Prime Minister’s recent comments on gay marriage demonstrate that social change does not come easily and full legal equality for gay and lesbian Australians will take time to achieve.

It is difficult to think of any investment that will generate returns as enduring as our investment in education. What Government invests today to expand opportunity for Australian children, will be paying dividends for most of the century ahead through higher participation, stronger productivity and increased economic growth.

Marriage is a social institution, not just a law. Achieving equality will take more than convincing Julia Gillard — it requires a proper public debate about why it is wrong to exclude gays and lesbians from marriage.

In social policy, the Prime Minister has spoken of ‘speaking frankly… and seeking common ground consistent with the values that Australians share — values of fairness, respect for the rule of law, tolerance, compassion and responsibility.’


In recent years, the ACT Labor Government and Federal Labor Government have reformed more than 150 Territory and Federal laws to achieve equality for gay and lesbian Canberrans. These changes are important and provide further evidence of the social policy choice we face at this election. Does anybody seriously think that a Tony Abbott led Liberal Government would have delivered these reforms or will advance this agenda in the future?

Education is critical to this economic agenda because of the role it plays in developing the skills that lead to rewarding and satisfying employment and a high-productivity, high-participation economy.

That is why we can’t afford to lose momentum on Labor’s education reform agenda. In my view, better schools and better educational opportunities for all Australians is something worth fighting for. This election offers a clear choice on education.


This means that everyone should be entitled to participate fully in society and receive the support and protection of the law, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Convincing a Federal Government to change the marriage act requires a rock solid and loud support base. We don’t have that yet. However, I remain convinced that with ongoing community support, the campaign for full equality will succeed. I will continue to advocate for change in Federal Labor’s policy on marriage. In the words of Mike Skinner: ‘We’re on a mission, support the cause, sign a petition, summon all your wisdom.’


By Andrew Barr MLA ACT Minister for Education and Training






A few ideas that might help spice things up for those people who do want to enjoy sex more but have found themselves to be in a bit of a rut.

THE BEGINNING OF A LIST Don’t forget to add your own ideas!

• Connecting is important — sexual conversation can begin long before any touching, you could invent a new special language that is just about sex • Allow yourself to be lost in the moment • Use blindfolds to heighten the whole range of senses • Play sexy music that becomes a mind trigger and helps with rhythm

Sometimes, even if we know all this stuff we can get lazy and forget for a while, so it often helps to ‘come across’ a little reminder like this article, or even to have a list in front on you. You can get inspiration for more ideas from the internet, in books, magazines and newspapers, your friends and family, workmates, people in supermarket queues… Discussing such a list with your sexual partner could get some creative and perhaps other juices flowing! Everyone is different and enjoys different things, so some things might not appeal ever and others might not appeal today but will tomorrow. A list is something that you can take or leave and a long list gives plenty of scope for you or your partner to rule out or press pause on certain things — and of course, plenty of things that you are both happy to have a go at.

I think it is important to note that not all sex needs to be spiced up. If you are both (all) happy that sex is not happening right now, or that you occasionally have lazy — quick and efficient sex because it just ‘works’, then that is fine too. There is enough pressure out there to believe that you should be having much better and more frequent sex than your mates with fireworks every time; so, take it or leave it or add to it — but don’t be overwhelmed by a list of sexy ideas. There are many valid and varied reasons why people have sex and a quickie is just as useful as is an entire spiritual experience. We tend to forget that it is about the pleasure. It is ok to have lots of touching, giving and receiving without having the big O or even any sort of penetration. Relationship issues really do need to be sorted somewhat to be able to share intimacy — it is pretty hard to maintain loving feelings for someone who is lazy around the house and expecting others to clean up after them, or for people who don’t maintain minimal standards of hygiene (unless agreed upon), or someone who has been critical and nagging for long periods of time.

• Role play — costumes, accessories, scenarios, different voices or fantasy characters • Be playful and silly, tickle and laugh • Dare to vary the menu • Make lots of noise — or stay completely silent

• Exercise or meditate together first, maybe try tantra

• Make your own porn/look in a mirror

• Go out and buy new toys together

• Be unpredictable • Change the location or swap your usual roles



• Don’t be afraid to explore your sexual fantasies Written by Hilary Caldwell after a very enjoyable ‘brainstorming’ session with Jane.



MUSIC B.O.B MAGIC If I had a hit prediction symbol to put on one of the songs I’m reviewing, this would get it. The chorus contains B.o.B singing ‘every time I touch that track it turns into gold’ — not so modest, but definitely true! ‘Nothin’ on You’ and ‘Airplanes’ have owned the charts this year, with ‘Magic’ set to follow with a more upbeat and fun sound. It took me a few listens to love, so be patient!

HOOK N SLING FEAT. SNOB SCRILLA GOTTA MAKE A MOVE This is just so funky! A happy piece of house music, with some seriousness from the vocals of Snob Scrilla (the writer of Jessica Mauboy’s first hit ‘Running Back’). It’s the kind of song that needs to be well known before it can really burn up a dance floor, so get the earphones out and have a listen!

TOMMY TRASH & TOM PIPER THE BUM SONG Lol. Tommy Trash has gone for the lowest common denominator with this one, and it’s so freakin catchy! A mix of Wolfgang Gartner and the ‘Crazy Frog Remix’ — be warned, this will get stuck in your head. Everyone I’ve spoken to describes this along the lines of “annoying”, but it definitely makes you dance!

KANYE WEST POWER Yawn! If someone GETS Kanye West’s music, can you please tell me what I’m missing? This song takes me back to ‘Jesus Walks’, which at the time, I didn’t get. I love songs like ‘Gold Digger’ and ‘Touch the Sky’ — but listening to a whole Kanye album? Can’t do it. Power has the typical Kanye West slow beat and verging-on-annoying sample — classic Kanye if that’s what you’re into.



By DJ Brooklyn Ross —

THE POTBELLEEZ HELLO The trap that many super commercially successful Aussie DJs/producers seem to fall into (Sneaky Sound System, Bodyrockers...) is trying to replicate the success of their first hit. The songs are just as good, but we’ve heard it all before! I can’t say I hear many risks in this song from The Potbelleez, but I do like it. It’s being heavily promoted with high hopes from the record label. The next ‘Don’t Hold Back’? Maybe not — but maybe my expectations are too high.

ZOE BADWI FREEFALLIN’ I can guarantee you’ve danced to Zoe Badwi before. Her debut single ‘Release Me’ can only be described as a gay anthem, a true club classic that not only took over Australia, but made its way to dance floors across the globe (with a bit of help from TV Rock). Now Zoe is back with a followup single, and TV Rock have remixed it as well! A euphoric trance track with something our Aphrodite Kylie doesn’t have — an amazing vocal range. Watch this grow!

OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL DANCE THE WAY I FEEL If you haven’t heard this song, you’ve obviously been listening to too much commercial radio. It’s gotten massive airplay everywhere else, and for good reason! A dark baseline with über-cool vocals — it’s what I’d imagined MGMT’s new album would have been like (instead of the “we purposely made this bad” record we got). There’s some cool remixes of this song out now, so go find them and dance the way you feel!





EQUALITY MARRIAGE EQUALITY IS THE HEADLINE LGBTI ISSUE IN THE 2010 FEDERAL ELECTION. Unless they live in a cave, most Australians know that Labor under Julia Gillard is against it, the Coalition under Tony Abbott is very against it, and the Greens under Bob Brown support it. But there are many other national issues of concern to LGBTI Australians where the boundaries between the parties are not so stark. Some of these fall into areas where the Federal Government has primary responsibility. For example, the Federal Government should be leading the way on better treatment of LGBTI people in the many aged care facilities it funds. The problems faced by elderly LGBTI people, like invisibility and discrimination, have been highlighted by recent research. But the parties are yet to act on this research by developing comprehensive policies. The Feds also have responsibility for foreign affairs, and should be advocating strongly and consistently at the UN and in other international forums against anti-LGBTI persecution. All parties have an existing commitment to this, but all could lift their game.


THERE ARE THOSE AREAS WHERE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE LEADING BY EXAMPLE • It has a key role to play in setting standards for gathering national statistics on the problems still faced by LGBTI people, including hate crime. • It has a responsibility to develop national strategies to tackle unacceptably high rates of self-harm among young LGBTI people. •

It should be leading the way on eliminating discrimination against transgender and intersex people, including in official documents like passports.

• It has the resources to fund research and programs that focus on solutions to all this violence, self-harm and discrimination.

The Australian Coalition for Equality has put together a 2010 election survey, which asks all the parties contesting the election detailed questions about all these issues and many more.

Then there are those areas where responsibility is shared between the Federal Government and state and territory governments but where the former is lagging way behind.

Once the party responses are in — hopefully by the end of the first week in August — we will be rating the parties’ responses to each issue and posting them on the internet.

Some states now have policies and programs targeting homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools, but the Commonwealth’s educational initiatives have yet to follow suit.

This will enable all LGBTI Australians, and our friends, family members and supporters, to see exactly where the parties stand on the widest possible range of LGBTI issues.

Some states and territories now have committees through which different government departments formally liaise with the LGBTI community. The Commonwealth has no such consultative mechanisms.


All states and territories have laws comprehensively protecting LGBTI people from discrimination, but the Commonwealth has no such law despite years of lobbying by LGBTI human rights advocates.

The website address is Please visit the site in the fortnight leading up to the election for information on where the parties stand on the issues facing LGBTI people in Australia today.


By Rodney Croome — Board Member of the Australian Coalition for Equality.


The Street Theatre, Maike Brill and Anthony Smith present

THE WILL TO FREEDOM A musical journey about women, fundamentalism and freedom Director Joanne Schultz

THURS 19 & SAT 21 AUG | 8PM FRI 20 & SUN 22 AUG | 6PM

Book now! 6247 1223

looking out


k no


a free workshop for gay and bi men aged over 25

coming out self esteem



meeting people


Saturday August 21 and 28 10:00 am - 4:00 pm for more information, contact Keiran at the AAC on 02 6257 2855 or email FUSE 25


Are you confused about what’s “in or out” with fashion? Don’t really get trends unless the mannequin in the shop window is wearing something that you like the look of and that’s what you will go and buy? Here is what I think: If you really like something and you know it looks good, as far as I’m concerned it’s in. It’s great to follow trends and keep up with the times, but I find if you are constantly chasing the next big trend or trying to keep up with the latest looks, you soon forget what your own individual style is, and what you really like as a person.

My inspiration for style comes from my friends and the people I surround myself with. I also use fashion mags to get inspiration from but at the end of the day that’s just a guideline. I would never copy an outfit straight from a designer ad campaign or straight off the runway. To me that is too simple, anyone can do that. To me the challenge is to get inspired by what I see and to recreate it in my own style and to own it.


It really annoys me when I flick through mags and they give you a detailed look of a celebrity’s outfits and how you can get that exact same look. Yes that’s easy but it’s not unique, and ten other people will look like that too when walking down the street.

Sometimes one of my favourite things to do is to people watch, and look at what others are wearing and how they mix and match. Weather it’s the way they wear their hair or the way they have mixed up their outfit. Sometimes I can really pick the ones that have lost their way and are just following a trend that doesn’t really suit them — but they still continue and do it. One of the biggest trends that some are getting wrong this season is the baggy beanie. Yes it looks hot and yes it keeps your head warm but it doesn’t suit every one. If you know it looks a bit funny and it isn’t really your usual style, you probably shouldn’t do it. Just because every one else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to. Maybe you should try a hat instead.

I try and put aside what’s in and what’s out and just go with what I like and what suites me. If I like last season’s leather jacket I’ll still get it and I’ll style it up so that it looks like the leather jacket for the coming season instead. It’s all about how you wear something and not where it came from. I love to op-shop and I love to mix op-shop t-shirts or shirts with my favourite pair of nudie jeans. There’s nothing better than mixing up a $2 t-shirt with a $400 pair of jeans. You don’t have to look like you’re sponsored by a brand label.


By Chad Wijayatilake from Form Haircutters

At the end of the day, wear what you feel most comfortable in. And if you’re still confused about anything to do with style or hair send me any of your questions. I would love to answer them for you. Email


Anyway must run, off to New York to research next month’s article...



A Critical Stages and WHITE BOX production of

Listed by London’s National Theatre as one of the most significant plays of the 20th Century, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg is quite simply a modern classic. Compelling and heartfelt, the play bubbles along with exuberance, comedy and witty performances. Wed 11 August 8pm; Thu 12 August 8pm; Fri 13 August 8pm; Sat 14 August 2pm & 8pm ADULTS: $45 UNDER 26: $35 CONCESSION & GROUPS: $40 ‘The Q’ Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre Bookings: 6298 0290 or visit “It’s glorious theatre. Without doubt it’s a beautifully crafted work, wonderfully staged and directed” Sydney Stage Online



Stu from the FUSE team recently borrowed a Nissan Micra from Lennock Motors to bring you this report on a hot little car!


By Stuart Poole Stuart has been a car enthusiast as long as he can remember and greased up more moving parts than one can possibly imagine.

THIS FUNKY CAR IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST UNDERRATED MINI CARS ON THE MARKET. I liked the funky interior (that you just don’t see enough of these days) — chocolate brown seats with brown inserts, with magnolia coloured instruments and switches to offset the brown. It all worked very well for me, much warmer than the plain-Jane grey we are forced to accept from other micro machines. There was ample room in the driver’s seat, the back seat was also realistic for passengers once front seat occupants were comfortable. There was a very usable boot too. That could be expanded by moving the back seat through a variety of combinations. You sit quite upright in the Micra, which helps with visibility. Visibility is also helped by the trendy “froggy style” headlights, which serve well as a guide to where the sloped front is at. There are bubbles on top of the lights that illuminate at night, making parking a breeze. Overall, driving the Micra was a pleasant driving experience, and ease of parking was one of its strong points. The Micra I drove had the optional “City Collection Pack” that includes six airbags, fifteen inch alloy wheels and a six stack CD player — well worth the extra money in my opinion. The Micra curiously only comes in automatic, but it seems well mated to the engine and performed well throughout my drive. I would like to see a manual version, but I will have to wait to see if Nissan sees fit to release one in the future. The Micra is designed as a “city car” and Nissan calculated that most buyers of a city car would opt for an automatic, hence their decision to offer only an auto. Where automatics command a minimum $2000 premium from other manufacturers, Nissan effectively chucks it in for free, a big bonus at this end of the market.


The engine is a 1.4 litre jigger, and it moves the Micra along very nicely. The Micra is also great on fuel; My folks recently drove a rental Micra to Sydney and it achieved economy of 5.6 L/100km, which is great. Consider that a Hybrid such as a Prius uses about 4 L/100km but costs three times as much, and you would be miles ahead with a Micra. Also when you take into account the environmental considerations during production the Micra is miles in front of the hybrid “green machines”. In fact the god that is Jeremy Clarkson calculated that by the time a hybrid is built, it has done more environmental damage than a Landrover Discovery.

This is mainly due to the battery that is an environmental horror, and no hybrid retailer wants to talk about it. The battery is a nightmare in production and even scarier when it’s at the end of its life. Not that I am slagging Hybrids, they just have a way to go, and they aren’t there yet as far as development goes. They are the way of the future, without doubt. The Micra comes in a range of colours with city names, like “Paris Blue”, “London Rose” and “Rio Latte” to name but a few and I have to say that I like them all. The Micra comes with a three year /100,000km warranty for your piece of mind and if you’re quick they are on sale for $14999 drive away at the moment. For that kind of money you really couldn’t do any better than a Micra. Thanks to Lennock Motors, they would be only too happy to let you test drive one too. See you on the road, Stu.


MOTORING TIP With the onset of winter, keep an eye on your car’s battery. Also don’t forget to replace your wiper blades before the dodgy weather sets in. If you can’t do it yourself, ask at your next service. Supercheap offer a fitting service these days, for a small fee — you go girl!

Solar Solutions • Grey Water Solutions • Hot Water Systems • Recycled Decking • Worm Farms Greenhouse Emporium has been envisioned to be a portal and information centre for environmental information and solutions for home, business and industry. We endeavour to make awareness of environmental issues and environmental consciousness as easy and accessible as possible to our customers. By providing our customers with the information they require and the right solutions to suit them, we hope to help the community make the right choices when deciding to ‘GO GREEN’! WE ARE COMMITTED TO FINDING PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY THAT WORK AND ARE BENEFICIAL SOLUTIONS TO HELP PREVENT THE EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON OUR ENVIRONMENT.


Cleaning Products • Personal Care Items • Organic Baby Products • Environmentally Conscious Products You wont believe all the exciting environmentally conscious products we have at Greenhouse Emporium. Why not drop by, grab a coffee or lunch in our relaxed and laid back coffee shop (inspired by organic and local products) and see what’s new on the green market.





There has been lots of buzz about the new Greens Senate candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds and her strong support for GLBTI equality. With the federal election set for 21 August, we decided to sit down with Lin to find out what sort of person she is and ask about her chances of winning a Senate spot. Lin was the former head of Uniting Care Australia, which is the largest welfare service provider in the country. She was also the former President of ACOSS (Australian Council of Social Service) and was the ACT Australian of the Year in 2008. She is now campaigning to win a Senate seat in the ACT ­— the most marginal in the country, with the Liberal Party holding on to the seat by just 2,000 votes at the last election. If elected, Lin would take her seat immediately, having a dramatic impact on the Senate by instantly cancelling out the effect of Family First Senator Steven Fielding — if he gets back in.

Interview by Alexander Thatcher

Fielding is a supporter of mandatory internet content filtering and definitely NOT in favour of same-sex marriage, so to remove his power in the senate would be a major step forward in our efforts for equal rights in Australia. Lin Hatfield Dodds certainly has impressive credentials and I had heard a lot of good things about her community work. I wanted to find out for myself what kind of person she is ‘face to face’ though, and to see where she stood on important issues — the GLBTI community, equality for all people, and the big question if she becomes a Senator: will she stand up for our rights?


HI LIN, THANK YOU FOR TAKING SOME TIME TO CHAT TO US. I CAN IMAGINE THAT YOU MUST BE PRETTY BUSY NOW YOU’RE THE ACT GREENS CANDIDATE FOR THE SENATE. I thought I was busy as a Greens candidate but now that the election has been called, it’s clear that I didn’t know what busy was! It’s flat-out but I’m really enjoying getting out to so many community events and hearing from so many diverse Canberrans. We have a great community here and I love getting out and talking to people. YOU’VE BEEN QUITE INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY ON ALL SORTS OF LEVELS AND WITH HUMAN RIGHTS, CAN YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT THAT? Sure. I am very involved in the Canberra community, which is true for lots of people — it’s just that I happen to have been in roles that have a bit of a media profile. I am very committed to doing what I can to ensure that everyone gets a fair go, with no discrimination on the grounds of age, sexuality, gender orientation, ability, class, colour, creed or cultural origin. Diversity is what makes a community strong. Great communities celebrate everyone and respect the inherent dignity of each person. When you start with respect, celebration of diversity and zero tolerance for discrimination, you end up in a great place. Human rights are the foundation for this approach.


I’VE NOTICED THAT YOUR LIST OF ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS IS PRETTY IMPRESSIVE. WHAT IS IT THAT DRIVES YOU? I love people. I hate poverty, exclusion, oppression, discrimination and violence. I believe that change is possible if we are willing to hope and work toward it together. When I was growing up I learnt that you have a responsibility to do your part to leave the world just that little bit better off than it was. I wouldn’t say that I am driven; I would say that I am called on by a dream of a world in which every person belongs, is valued and can contribute in their community. SO WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE ON THE GREENS INSTEAD OF ONE OF THE OTHER PARTIES? The Greens genuinely try to do politics differently. The party is committed to directions being set from the grassroots and has a very inclusive way of operating that I really like. The Greens have a full suite of progressive politics (google Australian Greens to find out more) ranging from economics to the environment, to equal rights under the law, to opposing Internet censorship, to real climate action and a compassionate approach to asylum seekers. It’s a party that I feel very comfortable in.

Find out more about the Greens and their policies at:

I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOUNGER ME DAD TELLING ME, THAT IF I VOTED FOR A MINOR PARTY I WAS ‘WASTING’ MY VOTE, IS THAT A VALID COMMENT? Things have definitely changed. More than one million Australians, including one in five Canberrans, voted Green in 2007. If just 2000 people had voted differently, Canberra would have a Green Senator right now. Australia would have avoided the worst excesses of the Howard Government if the Greens or a similar group had held Senate balance of power. Instead the government controlled both houses of Parliament and rammed through poor legislation without proper scrutiny. The most recent parliamentary term has had no middle block resulting in chaos and uncertainty. The Senate really needs three stable voting blocks — including a ‘balance of power’ party — to provide stability. This means the government of the day would either have to deal with the Greens or the opposition, so that no party has a monopoly on the Senate. At the end of the day, if people vote 1 Green and the Greens candidate doesn’t win the seat, their vote goes at full value to the next candidate they chose. A Green vote is never a wasted vote. I’VE HAD FEW PEOPLE ASK WHY THE GREENS BLOCKED THE ETS (EMISSIONS TRADING SCHEME). Lin is a trained counselling psychologist, was invited to be a Torch Bearer in the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay but withdrew citing human rights grounds, was ACT winner of Australian of the Year 2008, was named by Bulletin Magazine in its ‘Power 100’ list of the most powerful people in Australia and won an International Women’s Day Award.

WHAT DO YOU SAY TO PEOPLE THAT THINK THE GREENS ARE JUST UNREALISTIC ENVIRONMENTALISTS, IS THERE MORE TO THE GREENS? Yes there is. Lots more. We are proud of our strong record on the environment. But we are proud of our record on social justice too — we have fought hard for a better deal for Indigenous Australians, for adequate payments for unemployed Australians, for a better deal on health care, to name a few issues. The Greens are known for taking a realistic and balanced approach across a wide range of issues in Parliament. For example, the Economic Stimulus Package was only passed with Green support and is estimated to have created at least 200,000 jobs, keeping Australia out of recession.

The Greens were clear that they would not vote for an emissions trading scheme* that locked in failure, and did not set us on the path to a low carbon future. At the time, the Government was not interested in trying to find common ground. Since then we have called for an interim arrangement that would make polluters pay through the immediate introduction of a carbon price, and set a national emissions target at a later stage in the context of an international agreement. * Emissions trading (also known as cap and trade) is a market-based approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants.


WITH NO AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS IN THE SENATE, CAN THE GREENS ‘KEEP THE BASTARDS HONEST’ NOW? AND DO YOUR POLICIES INCLUDE WAYS OF KEEPING THE GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENT AND ACCOUNTABLE? The Greens have never aspired to the cross benches. We will ‘keep the bastards honest’ as we go, but our goal is to govern. We have a suite of policies aimed at ensuring transparency and keeping the government of the day accountable. We just released an integrity and transparency package, which includes legislation to establish a national independent integrity and anti-corruption commission, legislation for a code of conduct for lobbyists, ministers and ministerial staff and guidelines for any Government advertising that goes over $250,000. SO YOU’LL BE RUNNING AGAINST LIBERAL GARY HUMPHRIES — A PRETTY POPULAR GUY IN CANBERRA, ESPECIALLY WITH THE GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY AFTER HE CROSSED THE FLOOR TO VOTE AGAINST THE CIVIL UNIONS OVERRIDE IN 2006. WHY SHOULD WE GIVE YOU THEIR VOTE INSTEAD? A vote for Gary Humphries is a vote for Tony Abbott’s Liberal Party — a party that is opposed to equal rights and recognition for all relationships. The fact that he had to cross the floor on the override bill says a lot: that he was a lone and ineffective voice within his party. Informed observers at the time said that the only reason he was allowed to cross the floor in defence of ACT self determination was that it would not change the outcome of the vote. If the ACT elects a Green Senator it will immediately change the balance of power in the Senate, and give Canberra a real voice — backed by the entire Greens party — on issues like gay and lesbian rights, the ability of the Commonwealth Parliament to override Territory self determination, protecting the quality of government services. And protecting jobs and incomes of public sector workers and retirees. WHAT IS IT YOU CAN DO FOR THE QUEER COMMUNITY IF YOU GET INTO THE SENATE? The simple answer is that I can be an effective voice for the queer community in the Senate. The Greens are the only party that believe in full equality for all people and we are committed to ensuring that equality is achieved both in legislation and in society. Unfortunately this is not something the two old parties believe in, meaning that having a Green Senator would mean the replacement of someone who doesn’t believe in equality for someone who does.


I’M VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE TREATMENT OF ‘INTENSIVELY FARMED ANIMALS’ (THE APPALLING CONDITIONS AND CRUELTY THEY ARE SUBJECT TO) AND LABELING OF FOOD. DO THE GREENS HAVE ANY POLICIES CONCERNING THIS? Yes Alex, the Greens definitely do have policies regarding this. The Greens have always stood for the better treatment of farmed animals as a key part of our environmental policy platform. For example, the Greens have moved legislation in the ACT Legislative Assembly to ban caged eggs in the ACT, which was blocked by both the old parties, but working with the other parties, have improved the labelling on eggs (free range, cage, barn) enabling consumers to make their own informed choices. Regarding food labelling, the Greens have been working hard to ensure that food is properly labelled to ensure consumers know what they are eating, particularly around organic foods and geneticallymodified foods. Knowledge is definitely power, and we believe that we consumers have the right to know what they’re eating, again, because this empowers them as consumers. The Greens also stand for the end of the live exportation of animals for consumption, pig stalls and the banning of animal use in circuses.

See the Greens policies on animals at:





Whilst I don’t think winning the seat is a certainty, it definitely is doable. Last election, the Liberal Party were less the 1 per cent away from losing the seat. That means that if 2,000 people had voted differently, we would already have a Greens Senator in the ACT. I believe we can make that happen this year. IF YOU DO GET IN, WHAT SORT OF THINGS WOULD YOU LIKE ACHIEVE? The key thing I want to achieve is to see a change in the way politics is done in Parliament House. Over the past years we’ve seen the old parties compete in a race to the bottom on issues such as taking action on climate change, having a compassionate approach to asylum seekers and treating disadvantaged people with respect. I think that to bring the Australian community together we need to bring compassion and evidence based policy back into our Parliament. I believe the Greens do this. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT AUSTRALIA HAVING A WOMAN PM? I think it’s exciting to have a woman PM. As a woman and a feminist I think it is great that we are at a stage as a country when women can get to positions such as the prime ministership. However, I don’t think this means that the fight for women’s equality is done. Women are still largely underrepresented in our Parliaments (except for Greens members!), as well as in powerful positions in business. Women also still do more housework than their male counterparts and receive less pay. So, whilst I think this is an important step forward, I think there is still a lot of work to be done!


Devine Café Gallery


For over 26 years Tilley’s has been famous for it’s breakfasts, lunches, and dinners... and of course its fabulous coffees. Tilley’s attracts not only ‘regulars’ but visitors from overseas and interstate who enjoy the all-day menu specials, and oh such lovely cake! Internationally renowned for legendary blues, jazz and classical concerts, Tilley’s continues to attract artists of international calibre who prefer the intimacy of a warm theatre atmosphere clad in red velvet, brass and dark timber booths. With a fully licensed bar, one can enjoy Champagne with breakfast, or in the evening savour our broad range of wines, spirits or boutique beers on tap.

OPENING HOURS 9am – 10pm Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm Sunday

Darren Hanlon @ Tilley’s Saturday 14th August 2010

Darren Hanlon released his new album ‘I Will Love You At All’ on 16 July 2010 via Flippin’ Yeah Industries/MGM and will take to our towns and cities this August. He will appear at Tilley’s on Saturday 14th August 2010. “Here is a man who loves words, not just the sound of his own voice. And he makes those words into stories that seem like conversations you’ve walked in on or lives you have lived, unaware that someone was watching while you did it.” — Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald Tickets available at

To reserve your favourite table or booth phone us on 6247 7753 Corner of Wattle & Brigalow Streets, Lyneham • FUSE 33


33 Petrie Plaza Civic, Canberra City


Homo High!

It’s time again for Homo High so get out your uniform, pull up your socks and jump on the school bus.

Featuring resident DJ Peter Dorree and up and coming drag queen Precious Mona . You’ll get FREE entry if you come dressed in theme and as always we’ll be giving away much more than just gold stickers to the very best dressed. Class starts at 9pm — don’t be late.




Cube is a home away from home with a sense of family so unique it cannot be compared. Canberra’s premier gay venue along with ARIA accredited resident DJs provide a mix of music beyond the charts.






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Rock Nation

3rd September Buffet Dinner and live music

The menu is a set menu with a vegetarian option. This event will be held every Thursday and the menu will change from week to week.

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Fine Dining at HUSH

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AMF Belconnen 1 Emu Bank Belconnen


Staying Healthy


Article courtesy of Alive! Health & Fitness



SO WHY DO WE GET SICK IN THE WINTER MONTHS? No matter how many times you ask this question you probably won’t get the same answer twice. We’ve all heard some of the wives’ tales about things that increase your chance of illness in the winter; dressing improperly and staying outside too long; going out in the cold with wet hair; and being barefoot. These are just a few examples. You can probably name several more. While these things might not be the smart thing to do, there is no scientific link between these activities and an increased incidence of cold or flu. While statistics do seem to support that we get sick more often in the winter than the summer months, the jury is still out on the definitive cause. But there are some good theories and some simple precautions you can take to help increase your chance of staying healthy during the cold and flu season.

• Wipe down exercise equipment before and after use, with disinfectant if it is available and bring your own towels • Bring a water bottle rather than using drinking fountains • For classes that use a roll-up mat, your own is best!

• Increased time indoors in close proximity to others leading to greater chance of transmitting an illness

• Wash your hands after exercising

• Increased stress causing suppressed immune function making the body vulnerable to illness

Prevention is the best medicine. It isn’t necessary to go overboard, simply be sensible and use reasonable precautions when possible. Getting active and staying active can go a long way to maintaining both your physical and mental health over the winter months.

• Poor eating and sugar suppressing immune function Another theory that is very interesting has to do with humidity. In the winter months the humidity or amount of moisture in the air tends to be much lower outside. The air is cold and dry. When we bring the air inside with heating systems we typically do not humidify the air so it becomes warm but even drier. As a result our sinuses may dry out causing membranes to crack. These very tiny cracks become a point of attack for any germs, bacteria or viruses we come in contact with. Further, because our nose, eyes, and lips can be dry and irritated, we touch our face more and bring the germs to the attack points.

WHAT CAN BE DONE: SIMPLE STRATEGIES While there are things that you can do once you are sick to decrease the negative effects of the illness, the best thing would be to avoid getting sick in the first place. Some simple things you can do: • Take any opportunity to get outside and get a bit of sun to increase vitamin D levels and exercise on a regular basis • Eat a balanced diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables to boost immune function and keep high fat and high sugar foods to a minimum • Stay well hydrated to combat the loss of moisture • Wash your hands on a regular basis to eliminate germs • Get plenty of rest to help keep the immune system strong


Further, stretching activities like yoga have an additional beneficial effect. When choosing an exercise activity choose one you enjoy and that you are you willing to stick with. Since exercise environments can be an opportunity for germs to spread, keep a few things in mind:


• A lack of sunlight from cloudy days and time indoors decreasing our vitamin D levels and suppressing immune function


Exercise can be an important part of staying healthy. Information from the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that psychological stress leads to suppressed immune function. Studies by the Mayo clinic have shown that as little as 10-15 minutes of exercise at a time on a regular basis can have a positive effect on reducing stress and boosting immune function.

• Change out of sweaty clothes quickly


THAT’S RIGHT YOU CAN JOIN ALIVE! HEALTH & FITNESS FOR AS LITTLE AS ONE DOLLAR! Plus we will also donate ALL Joining Fees that are raised throughout August to the St. Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal. ®

ALIVE! Health & Fitness

is at the leading edge of the health and fitness market, promoting wellbeing as a way of life. We remove the mental barriers to working out and provide members with the latest in exciting and invigorating programs. Our facilities are designed to encourage members to pursue healthier lifestyles in a challenging, non-intimidating environment.

Narrabundah Jerrabomberra Ave & Hindmarsh Drive 02 6295 9500

Health & Fitness


Queanbeyan 5-9 High Street FUSE 02 6297 7788 39


PASH I’M GOING TO ASK YOU TO CAST YOUR MIND BACK ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO. Now some of you may recall having seen an email come through from us at the AIDS Action Council via ACTQueer or the Westlund House Facebook group asking for your help to fill out a survey. Do you remember that one? No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Could I please be a little more specific? Well that’s not surprising really. I have been told that gay men are possibly some of the most researched, studied and surveyed groups of people in Australia. For the most part, this research is tied to HIV and the results contribute to our continued understanding of gay men and men that have sex with men. While all the time hoping that the entire gay male population of Australia doesn’t simultaneously get survey fatigue, we are always grateful for the contribution this information makes to the work trying to reduce the spread and impact of HIV, which in Australia is still predominantly amongst gay men. For this reason we have some of the best research of HIV produced in Australia. Now the reason I asked about the above survey is that in May this year at the AFAO (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations) Educators’ Conference the results of the Pleasure and Sexual Health (PASH) Study was launched with fevered discussion about the results. The survey was led by NCHECR (National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research — try saying that ten times fast!), other research institutions and stakeholders, looking at the interplay between gay men’s perceptions of pleasure and perceptions of risk. A total of 2306 men completed the online survey and forty were indepth interviews. A handful of quotes from Canberrans were captured in the final report.




By Keiran Rossteuscher Social Marketing Officer at the AIDS Action Council

SOME OF THE KEY FINDINGS FROM THE PASH STUDY INCLUDED: • There is little difference in education or self-esteem between men engaging in unprotected anal intercourse with casual partners (UAI-C) and men who always use condoms. • Many men struggle with the picture of HIV risk as portrayed by the HIV sector and believe they are not being told ‘the whole story’. • Men are generally very appreciative of health promotion messages and AIDS Councils, but a significant group of men are disengaged from these messages. • Many men appear to perceive health promotion messages from AIDS Councils as being about condom use even when they are not. • Greater convenience is the most important factor that would compel more men to test for HIV. Men engaging in UAI-C would be much more likely to test if ‘at home’ test kits were available. Being able to get results in a few minutes is a very popular concept. • Men engaging in UAI-C have closer contact with the HIV epidemic and think more about HIV, which again questions the assumptions about a ‘complacent’ population. • A culture of condom use is very strong with gay men and MSM in general. So much so that one third of men report that they would still use condoms even if HIV no longer existed. The results from the PASH survey add an interesting layer to the information that we already use to influence the work that we do here at the Council. Soon we will have the final results from the Gay Community Periodic Survey that was completed at community events throughout SpringOut last year — there are some interesting results filtering through already. We have also just completed a series of six focus groups interviewing 46 community members. The full report for the PASH Study can be downloaded for free at www.nchecrsurveys. where you can also find the link to the next phase of the PASH Study, PASHON. Launched in July 2010.

If you’re not too drunk to get it up, you’re sober enough to get a condom on.

Orginal concept by ACONFUSE 41




There is debate around the best investment vehicle: Is it property? Or shares? In my ten years in the financial services industry I have seen clients make good returns and create wealth from both investment products. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING AN INVESTMENT PROPERTY, THERE ARE SOME THINGS I WOULD SUGGEST YOU GET AN UNDERSTANDING OF BEFORE YOU TAKE THE LEAP INTO THE INVESTMENT PROPERTY MARKET. For most property purchases you will need to borrow funds to invest. When you are using this type of strategy, the plan should be to use someone else’s money to make more money than it costs you to borrow.


REDUCE THE COST OF THE MONEY! This can result in the following: Positively Geared = The income is more than the expenses. Neutrally Geared = The Income equals the expenses. Negatively Geared = The income is less than the expenses. The first step is to check the income return you will get on the investment. You can work out your annual rental amount then divide it by the capital value of the property. This is called your gross (before any expenses and tax) income yield or return. For example a $500,000 property achieving a $500 per week rental return would earn $26,000 per annum this would be a 5.2% income return. The next step is to look at the expenses associated with the property, body corporate, rates, insurance, and property management expenses just to name a few. Total these expenses and divide it into the annual rental amount (keep loan borrowing costs out of the equation at this stage).

As a general rule of thumb, if these expenses as a percentage of rental return are higher than 40% then the property expenses are high. I mostly see this happen where a property has been bought off the plan with body corporate fees being charged by the agent that sold and manages the property. Finally, from a numbers perspective, look at the cash flow after tax is applied. If you are negatively gearing or buy a new property, which has a high level of depreciation (more on this later) then you should get a good taxation return from having the property. Looking at the effect of tax on the property can provide you with your break-even point or cost of borrowing the money. This tells you how much capital growth you need each year from the property in order to be making money. Some suggestions for successfully creating a property portfolio: • Research and get an understanding of what you are getting into before taking the leap of faith. Read any contracts and get a good team of professionals around you; lawyer, accountant, estate agent, financial planner. • When it comes to an investment, keep emotions out of the decision making. Just because you like the colour scheme, kitchen or garden doesn’t mean a tenant will. Buy for return and only if the numbers stack up! • Do your numbers and if you are borrowing to invest, know what your breakeven point and real cost of borrowing the money will be. • Take action. Once you have put your strategy together and done your numbers, sometimes the hardest part is taking action. If the numbers stack up and you have done the research, move confidently forward into your new investment! If you need assistance in exploring these further, talk to a professional but most importantly start your journey to being free around your money and creating wealth with understanding.

Scott Malcolm ( is Director of Money Mechanics (ph: 6257 5557) who are authorised to provide financial advice through PATRON Financial Advice AFSL 307379.


The information provided on this document is of a general nature only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this information you should consider its appropriateness having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs.





By Robert Henderson



I’m often struck by how few modern plays become classics worthy of repeated productions. Most seem to be of a moment, fantasticaly apt, but after ten or twenty years, seem dated and irrelevant. Then there are a handful, such as Q Theatre’s latest show, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg that seem timeless. London’s National Theatre describes the play as one of the most significant plays of the 20th Century. Written by one of the UK’s great living writers, Peter Nichols, it’s a highly thought-provoking but very entertaining and funny play. It’s been loved by audiences worldwide and now you have a chance to catch it. Brian (Bri) and Sheila are a young married couple. They care for their daughter, Joe, nicknamed ‘Joe Egg’ and are the model of bravery and courage in the face of adversity. Joe Egg has cerebral palsy, confined to a wheelchair and is practically incapable of communicating. The play opens with Bri arriving home from work as a school teacher with Joe having been out with Sheila. We see how they are together, both working furiously hard to care and entertain Joe. Bri is a natural born entertainer. He performs songs, jokes, and other wit as they desperately try to keep the marriage together. But Bri really wants to institutionalise Joe, and be a real performer and entertains fantasies of murdering himself and Joe. Their barely contained tensions are made more stark with the arrival of two unwanted guests, who start offering unwanted help and asking unwanted questions. This national touring production by Melbourne’s White Box Theatre stars Canberra’s own Jonathan Gavin. Amazingly talented, he can sing, play piano, writes plays and shows and has won countless awards and plaudits. He toured nationally and internationally in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin with Musica Viva and 2 Pianos 4 Hands with Marquis Entertainment.

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg The Q Theatre. Wednesday 11 August to Saturday 14 August Bookings 6298 0290 or


More recently this amazingly talented gay writer was commission to write Bang, for White Box theatre, which premiered at Belvoir Street Theatre in June. If that’s not enough he’s currently Writer and Script Editor of Network Ten-Southern Star’s new drama Offspring, which began shooting in May. He’s gorgeous to boot! Music is critically important to this play and the production features original composition from Fuse cover star and writer/performer of the Warf review Pennies from Kevin, Phillip Scott. The score is full of wonderfully disintegrating Christmas Carols. Other members of the exceptional ensemble are Genevieve Mooy (Frontline, The Dish, Brides of Christ), Julia Davis (Bell Shakespeare, Wilde Tales), Drew Fairley (Bangers and Mash), Katrina Retallick (Comedy Inc, Crackerjack, South Pacific, Grease) and Sophie Webb (The Jungle). Award winning Kim Hardwick directs the show, which the Sun Herald said she had ‘got this just right... this is a handsomely produced show with designer Alexandra Sommer employing the now-trendy Parker-Knoll vibe without going over the top.’


By Tony Hamlyn


THERE’S BEEN A LOT OF TALK OF OUR PARTY LEADERS’ IMAGES AND RIGHTLY SO. Policy is piffle (that’s an actual bureaucratic legislative term — look it up!) and a load of boring buzzwords to supposedly appeal to our baser emotions (“Oooh, boat people scare me… Moving forward pleases me…” etc). What we need to talk more about is the importance of public perception. It’s as much about hairstyles as it is about handling the deficit. So The Buzz sat down with a couple of friends, both of whom are politically-minded individuals but who also value the importance of a well-cut suit during campaign time, and as a panel of experts we discussed the finer points of Tony’s and Julia’s finer points.



Love them, hate them, or just admire their tenacity, we are a nation OBSESSED with redheads. Julia got points off our panel for a selfdeprecating approach to the ‘ranga’ comments she’s endured. “Does her boyfriend still do her hair?” asked one of our panel, bringing focus to the well-documented detail that her other half was a hairdresser. None of us were certain he still did, and agreed that this might be why her hair’s looked healthier in the last twelve months than it has in the last twelve years. After lengthy discussion about the shade of red (the more important the event apparently the more vivid the colour) someone suggested it’s not the kind of Clairol rinse you find in the aisles of your local IGA, and we all nodded knowingly.

Lastly we discussed the true litmus test of a leader: would you sit down with them and dish the dirt over a drink or two?

We felt it necessary to acknowledge the long history of bad Liberal hair (Andrew Peacock, Bronwyn Bishop, etc) and everyone agreed Tony’s hair is pretty good, for a conservative, and got points in his favour. The problem is of course with the ears. A more lengthy style might obscure those sticky-out satellites but he insists on a well-kept short back and sides, and we had to say that we don’t mind that. A nicely groomed leader does well in negotiations.

“Does he even drink?” asked one disgusted member of our panel. Abbott’s abstinence could get in the way of a good gossip session, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that it’s also the Catholicism makes him… kinda hot. Does anyone remember The Thorn Birds? There’s nothing more tempting than an ex-priest with a washboard stomach, am I right? All that guilt and shame tucked tightly away inside a pair of budgie smugglers gets points from me. But Abbott’s appeal had us well and truly torn, with one of our panel finding him “revolting” and refusing him points for this category, as he’s “not really the kind of drinking buddy the gays are looking for”. Unless there was the hope of a happy ending.

JULIA 4/5 Prepare yourself for a fluorescent hue come election night!

“Julia’s one of us” insisted one impressed panel member. “She’s a friend you’d invite to a dinner party in the hope she might disgrace herself.” Even though she’s come out against the gays getting hitched — a sad disappointment — she’s not religious, she’s smart and sassy, and she’s Welsh so she’d drink you under the table.

TONY 3/5 Doesn’t quite cut it. Hahaha! Geddit? Geddit?


It’s harder for a man to make the same kind a statement a woman does with suit-wear. That being said, Tony brings it with a charcoal gabardine blend that always sits nicely, unlike John Howard’s messy tailoring. There’s a working-class quality to Mr Abbott’s dress sense. It’s not shiny or glossy, and he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and show those strong forearms. One of our panel gave points for his crisp white shirts and noted “he’s not afraid of a bolder tie colour”, which shows leadership.) JULIA 4/5 Alex Perry must be GAGGING to dress her.

TONY 4/5 Van Heusen hunkiness.


ATTIRE The panel was adamant that all gays love a gal in corporate couture. Her white ensemble at the press conference after she took the Labor leadership was elegant and adept, and don’t we all want that in a leader? Someone who can get things done in a smart pantsuit with a cinched waist and a sensible heel.





JULIA 4/5 If only to see those pale cheeks redden.

TONY 1/5 Nobody trusts a tea-totaller.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT… Julia wins our panel’s public perception poll with a total of 12 points, beating out a measly 8 from Tony. “But what about Bob Brown?” you might ask. “Left out of the debate AGAIN???” Naturally, the entire panel were unanimous that he would have easily won this poll with both hands tied behind his back, which we also believed he might actually be into. So whatever party you choose, at least now — thanks to The Buzz — your voting on August 21 will be fully informed.





Q RADIO ON 2XX FM98.3 Canberra Queer Radio Show. Saturdays 7pm – 9pm 2XX, 98.3FM Canberra’s own GLBTQ radio show.

CUBE NIGHTCLUB Canberra’s premier gay night club venue along with ARIA accredited resident DJs playing a mix of music beyond the charts.

DYKE DINNER & MOVIE GROUP More info on FUSE website or see Canberra Lesbians on Facebook. GAY & LESBIAN TENNIS Mondays 6pm – 9pm. Turner Tennis Club, Cnr McCaughey and Condamine Streets. Bring a tennis racquet, shoes and $5. GAY ACT SQUASH GROUP Wednesdays 6.30pm – 7.30pm. National Sports Club, Mouat St, Lyneham. For more info:


GIRL THING ON RAW FM 87.6 Wednesdays & Sundays from 7pm For girls who like girls. Presented by Tori Mac, an hour of sexy house and electro served up girly style. QWIRE WANTS YOU! Want to be involved with Canberra’s own gay and lesbian choir? Singers and non-singers encouraged. More info: RAINBOW BOWLERS Meet new people on ‘Gay Bowling’ Sunday nights at Belconnen Bowling Alley. 1 Emu Bank from 7pm.

RAINBOW BUBS A playgroup for same sex parents and their kids. Email Michelle at hoogied@yahoo. com for info.

ACTQUEER A free email list for LGBTI people in Canberra and surrounding region.

AIDS ACTION COUNCIL The AIDS Action Council provides information, support and services. More info:

BIT BENT YOUTH GROUP Meet other young people, get support or just hang out. Mondays at Belconnen Youth Centre 6pm – 8pm and Thursdays at the Woden Youth Centre 5pm – 6.30pm. For more info email:

ACTOUT ACTOUT is an informal outdoorsie activities group for Canberra’s gay and lesbian community. More details: UNI OF CANBERRA LGBTI GROUP A social group for all LGBTI students staff at the University of Canberra. Queer Space is located at the UCSA building 1 Uni of Canberra. Info email: LONG YANG CLUB ACT A social club for Asian and nonAsian gays and their friends. More info:


BENT LENSES Canberra’s very own Queer screen culture group.

FRUITS IN BOOTS A social and support network for rural GLBTI members outside the ACT. Email:

CANBERRA BEARS Bears at the Bar is held at 4pm, first Sunday of each month HUSH. For the bear facts: ; RAINBOW BUBS Rainbow Bubs and IVF Support Group is a playgroup for same sex parents and their kids as well as a support group for GLBTQ people who are thinking about starting a family. More info: hoogied@yahoo. com CANBERRA GAP GROUP Gap group is a monthly coffee/drinks group for same sex attracted women and gender diverse people. Contact:

33 Petrie Plaza Civic, Canberra City. More p34 THE HUSH LOUNGE Hush is a unique and stylish gay and lesbian (GLBTI) lounge bar. It has a friendly, relaxed and chilled feel about it with regular live music, shows and great food. Cnr Launceston & Irving Streets, Phillip. More p36 TILLEY’S DEVINE CAFE For over 26 years Tilley’s has been a gathering place for the gay and lesbian community. Warm and sumptuous, it’s famous for its food and fabulous coffees and cake. Tilley’s is a place for everyone. With a fully licensed bar, you can enjoy champagne with breakfast, or in the evening savour a broad range of wines, spirits or boutique beers. Corner of Wattle & Brigalow Streets, Lyneham. To reserve your favourite table or booth call us on 6247 7753. More p33 BAR32 Bar32 is gay friendly bar and nightclub with a mixed younger crowd. Indy and alternative dance music and bands. 32 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra City. CHAMPIONS MEN’S LOUNGE Canberra’s men’s space. Champions Lounge is located within Mustang Ranch and is a venue for men who want to meet men. More p47

Want to know ‘What’s On’ or be listed here, then visit us at

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Dear Rose, I come from a strict religious family. For years I have been trying to change, but I never stick with it. They will never accept a gay son, what can I do?



Name Withheld

If you would like to write to Dear Rose please email her at ~ letters are placed either here or on the Fuse website

Dear writer, The answer to this question is never easy and unfortunately never simple. You can: A. Never tell them and live your life the way your family thinks you should. B. Never tell them and lead a double life for the rest of their lives and probably yours. C. Come out of the closet and know that you may lose them forever or at least for a little while. No matter what happens, someone is going to get hurt, whether it is them or you. Whether it is now or much later on, the truth usually comes out. Think of the recent NSW Minister David Campbell who had to resign, after twenty years of public service, after being caught going into a Sydney gay sauna. All of those years of good work... gone, and not because he was gay but because he hid the truth. And then you look at people that have lived their life being honest with who they are, like the Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, a life dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in Australian Law and a public supporter of GLBTI issues. I guess the question for you is, how are you prepared to live your life? Remember, whatever choice you make, the people that love you and care about you will always be there by your side. It might be your family, it might not, but no matter what your choices are, you are who you are. Be proud!

Dear Rose, I’ve gotten myself caught in a total love triangle. I have met this wonderful guy who is in a long term ‘open relationship’. What started out as a casual thing is now much more. We don’t want to hurt anyone, what can we do? Love Struck Dear Love Struck, I hate to say this, Love Struck, a Love Triangle starts with three sides and those sides expand, whilst initially appearing to be equal! It’s lots of fun to be in an open relationship if you have the ability to not become emotional, unfortunately once you do develop strong feelings it is generally when the wheels start to fall off. Seriously though... my Dear Rose advice is that you are best to bow out and let your lover make the decision as to whether he wants to leave his permanent relationship for you. Ultimately it’s his long term relationship that will end, and if it is a long term relationship, generally there will be complications and consequences of him leaving. If he loves you enough the choice will be made for him.


Dear Rose, I am a recently ‘Out Mum’ but I have not yet come out to my two teenage kids, as persistence from my ex husband stops me. Should I go against his wishes? Out Mum Dear Out Mum, With all due respect to your Ex husband, he is your Ex and whilst he may have a say in how you bring up your children, he really is pushing it in persisting that you keep your sexuality to yourself and not be honest with your teenage kids. Coincidently, I have been spending some time with my teenage nieces and nephews, dubbed the ‘cool Auntie’, getting to know the things that are important in their teenage world. I have been reminded lately of what it was like to be their age. One of the overwhelming lessons I have learnt is, if you expect your kids to be honest with you, you need to be honest with them. Having them find out from someone else would be much, much worse! Sit them down, tell them and encourage them to ask you questions. They may be upset, they may be angry, they may laugh or giggle, but once the dust settles they will respect you more for telling them who you are. Give them some credit and trust them to understand and their ability to love you unconditionally. The greatest gift that you can give them is the ability to care about people no matter what the colour of their skin, gender or what their sexual preference is.



QUOTE OF THE MONTH A life lived in fear is a life half lived. (anonymous)


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Lin Hatfield Dodds SENATE CANDIDATE FOR CANBERRA Authorised by S. Copland for the ACT Greens, 8-10 Hobart Place, Canberra City, 2600

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